3 Ways To Sleep With Women At Your Job

The average white-collar man spends eight hours a day and five days a week slaving away in his office, department, or cube farm, and in-between the endless rows of soul-dead man-boys, he can find some young, lush, and nubile babes. Don’t lie and claim you aren’t checking them out.

Unfortunately, thanks to third-wave feminism, #MeToo, and a litany of manufactured “isms,” your masculine instinct to ask your female co-worker on a date could easily become a career-ending move. In the Clown World that is the modern American corporation, these “isms” hold powerful sway in the HR departments that hold the keys to the kingdom. They are glorified shariah courts, and fat girls, feminists, and bluehairs are their mullahs. One wrong move? Off with your evil white Christian male head!

The future of Western jurisprudence.

So how can you bag and tag that hottie who always wears tight dresses to flaunt her assets? How can you chase these girls and fulfill your God-given duty to fornicate with beautiful women? Answer: you must make the girls chase you. Here’s how…

1. Be Discrete

Worried about dipping your pen in the company ink? Putting men and women together in the same room for eight hours a day, five days a week makes the spark of attraction inevitable. While most companies have rules regarding employee relationships, they generally tolerate them, with most policies managing supervisor/non-supervisor affairs. You just need to be smart about your torrid office romance.

For starters, when talking to your beau, never use any form of communications that involves your company. For example, don’t exchange love notes via your employee email addresses. Texting on your own phones? Go for it, but make sure you don’t send any messages that would fail the Jumbotron test, and save everything just in case. How about lunch? How relaxed is your office? If it’s chill, eat in the break room together. If not, go out. Keep your relationship on the down-low and no one will care.

2. Dress—And Act—Like Your Own Man

Before you charge out the gate like an average chump, take stock of yourself and what you have to offer. In particular, take a look at your wardrobe. Most ‘men’ in the office don’t even dress in snappy attire, preferring badly-fitting slacks, poorly-chosen ties, and sneakers. Sneakers! With slacks! Even worse, in some companies, the dress code is so casual that shorts, flip-flops, and eating cereal at your desk are either the norm or quickly becoming it.

That’s how my cube farm operates. As I started my Matrix/Neo-like awakening, I knew coming in one day wearing a three-piece suit was just too much, since I was a jeans guy. So how did I transform myself?

First, I took a look at who I was. I’m outdoorsy, I ride horses, and I like camping. That meant no more $30 hiking boots, worn-out jeans, or stupid T-shirts. Over time, I purchased nice cowboy boots, good Wrangler jeans that I never let get worn out, and nice classic Western snap shirts. But what really pulled it together? Crazy as it sounds, it was the nice, not-too-flashy belt buckles. No cowboy hat. Never go full in. Ever.

Over time, my wardrobe expanded: sports jackets that matched, a tan ball-cap with a flag, and so on. I am known by a lesbian informant in a female-heavy department as “the really handsome cowboy.” I went from safe, cheap, slovenly, immature, and nondescript to masculine, matured, serious, and noticed.

Huh. Tough choice, ladies.

After dressing the part, you have to learn how to walk and talk the part. So much of the man-boy mentality intrudes into modern male life that most men even walk that way: short, nervous strides, or slow but sloppy strides, head down, looking at their cell phones. It’s weak and cowardly and that is what you are projecting to these bouncy babes you dream of bagging.

You need to walk like a man. Good strides, purposeful, hands empty of cell-phones, arms swinging, head looking up, and comfortable. When people pass—the babes most especially—you briefly and confidently lock eyes and smirk. Do not smile. Smirk, say hello, and move on. Watch any Bruce Willis movie to learn how to smirk the right way.

Hi, I notice you. Barely. Carry on.

The trick to all of it is framing your mind. When you walk, you are not the man-boy who is busy thinking of insufferable man-boy Will Ferrell movie quotes. In your mind, you are the VP of the company going from point A to B. Your body will follow as you are now projecting confident, mature, masculine, and comfortable energy.

Your cubicle must follow as well. Into movies, video games, and sportsball? Get rid of that garbage ASAP. Clean your cubicle. Take down your sportsball team pennant and those utterly ridiculous Funko Pops I see around. Remove your ironic and in-joke coffee mugs. And learn to dust! Your current cubicle projects a weak, cowardly, and sloppy little man-boy.

Put up one or two nicely-framed pictures. For example, I have a framed pic of me riding a horse and another of my squad in the Army about to board a helicopter. Masculine. Remake your cubicle as you have remade yourself: confident, comfortable, clean, and neat, but above all, masculine.

3. Engage In Short But Frequent Bursts Of Interaction

Now that you’ve made it this far, how do you interact with that crazy-hot redhead (or other girl you have your eye on)? Turn a corner and almost bump into her? Don’t panic! Control your frame, lock eyes, smirk and say “excuse me.” Then you turn away first and continue on. Never look back.

Standing in line for coffee or at the vending machine? Lock eyes, smirk, and confidently ask her, “what looks good to you today?” You are in control. Chit-chat, smirk, get your item, then a simple “bye” is sufficient.

Nice proposal you’ve got there, sir.

Taking part in a team-recognition event? Do the same: lock eyes, smirk, say hello, be confident, chit-chat, and leave. Never linger. After enough practice and interaction, the time will come when you and a group of co-workers will go to a bar after work. That is the time to linger, to really talk rather than chit-chat. But always stay in frame. And then the phone number comes. But that’s for another time.

In short, make yourself worthy of being chased by women and set yourself apart from the rest of the males in your office. Realize that most of them are man-boys. Make yourself an island of maturity and masculinity in a sea of man-boys. Frame yourself confidently and interact with girls with confidence, and they will come.

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119 thoughts on “3 Ways To Sleep With Women At Your Job”

    1. Do not interact with women at work. No jokes, don’t reveal any details of your home life or social life. Any and all personal details your reveal will be used against you at a later time.

    2. Exactly, that is the dumbest thing you can do … u get a quick fuck, then a lot drama, then you are fired … go to a prostitute man !

    3. After shagging three women where I work, the babysitter and a nun at church, I perfected the Bruce Willis smirk so bagging my divorce lawyer’s paralegal was a snap. Now, I’m weathering a killer crotch rash alone, but the bright side? I got some real smoking belt buckles. Next, I’m working on getting an office dike to think I’m handsome.

    4. I’ve had success at work. One time it got a little dicey but nothing terrible. Another time it became something lasting and awesome. However – especially these days – it’s wise to keep things under the radar. Be very indirect, for one thing.

  1. Sleeping with colleagues is great advice… if of course you are looking to get fired and possibly sued.
    Keep your private life private and as far away from the office as possible. Your employers want driven people who can drive profits and get the job done. Sexual issues in the office do nothing except divert from and retard those efforts.
    The best way to combat #MeToo hysteria is living well, and for most guys that’s hard to do without a paycheck. When your office romance fizzles out, and eventually it will, you open yourself up to all kinds of #MeToo claims. This is unwise.
    Your interactions with the ladies at work should include all conversation relevant to the job at hand, plus “Good Morning… Good Afternoon… See You Tomorrow…,” and that’s it.
    I enjoy RoK but advising young men to bang women at work is very bad advice.

    1. Hold up you assume the corporate model is efficient and profitable? Lol no
      We all heard stories of bosses taking advantage of their positions or people getting fired for being too good. Stop putting your faith in these institutions, you’re too trusting. Let me guess Banks are for you to store your money in.

      1. Yep I’ve got money in multiple banks and a diverse investment portfolio. And I put in a 110% effort at work, caring little if that is seen as “too good” whatever the fuck that means. And I don’t sleep with anyone at work. And I interact with the women at my job professionally and with minimal conversation regarding anything that could be considered personal or off-topic from the task at hand.
        If I’m going about this all wrong than I’m willing to listen to a counter argument. That of course means using reason and evidence and not just spouting platitudes. I’m all ears, buddy…

        1. It’s as good as gone when the next financial crisis hits. Stock market is even worse(despite me using both on a daily basis) Cryptos are where the money is at(Up 300% just a month you should try it.
          Now you have to ask yourself, are you smarter than your boss? Then yes you’re in an unfair environment. What’s to say you won’t get fired for making your superiors look or “feel” bad? It’s a hierarchal type environment more about status or birthright than merit.
          These same institutions also dehumanize us why is it we cannot be ourselves at our jobs all while expected to put in max productivity?
          Why do you have to be autistic in regards to interacting with women?
          If you’re worried about getting fired you got bigger things coming your way assuming you planning to do the same ting in 20 years

        2. those crypto u trust so much will crush and burn the powers that be have enough money to create tens of thousands of server farms which they probably are doing once everyone is enjoying the crypto profits when the currency is a household name then what they will mine like there is no tomorrow and leave u in the public holding your dick in your hand thats how it will feel.
          I would not be surprised if its them buying up so much and driving price up. it does not hurt them at all after all they just print money if they want it.

        3. LMFAO You don’t even know how it works.
          Nodes which anyone can run not miners control the network.
          You’ll need 51% of nodes approval to approve anything.
          You assume the elites are gods? Guess the propaganda worked. I’ll be happy to send you some once SHTF though I’m a nice person.

        4. Working hard in a company gets you nowhere. Do the minimum you can get away with, never work overtime unless it’s paid at a premium rate, same as all the women are doing.

      2. This is the best country in the world to start a business. One of the freest economies, and the freest speech. If you don’t like the corporate world, start your own business and incorporate yourself.

        1. hahahhaha freeest speech? where u get fired for saying things like I dont like to date fat woman ? or if u say publicly that u hate perversion.
          even third world countries are now better at free speech that north America and western europe

        2. What you are saying is true because most of us work for corporations but at least some activists don’t have to worry or we don’t worry on the web that we’ll be tracked down for anonymous comments. Anti-free speech legislation especially especially when ambiguous has a chilling effect on actual debates and in the USA such legislation cannot pass easily.

        3. Maybe in the past, but not now. Regulations in the USA are way out of control. Look at how much pain is involved in setting up a restaurant, for instance.
          The USA is declining in terms of economic freedom, sadly.

        4. What version of the matrix are you living in?
          Freedom? Freedom to keep your mouth shut. Freedom to pay your taxes to a government that hates you and uses that money to make laws and social policy that works against your interest.
          Freedom and mobility are dead in this culture.

    2. I don’t know, what the author is really advising is to make yourself super attractive and then let the women chase you, and document it all (keeping all text messages). That’s relatively safe. But this only works if you make yourself attractive enough that women will chase you.
      Of course, the existence of this author combined with most men now believing and behaving as you do is actually playing exactly into women’s hands and turning the office environment into what they want.
      Let me explain. Most guys are seen as losers to women. And thus, they will think it is great if most guys do not ever hit on them. Then, somewhere between 1 and 10% of men will be like and behave like the author. In the long run, they will hit it with a lot of ladies, which is what the ladies want. Access to the most attractive men without all other men there simply as polite support elements.
      But there is a better answer. Find someway to help getting women back out of the workforce. Find a way to get more women back into the home, married, having several children and working to nurture their families. This is the only long term answer, as the author is correct. Placing men in women into cramped offices 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year for most of their adult life is going to lead to a lot of adult situations no matter what we advise other people to do.

      1. “document it all ”
        You think a paper trail is going to save your ass when the HR harridans come for you? All one of the girlies has to say was she felt “uncomfortable” and, boom, to the curb with ya.
        Or even more likely, one of the slobbos you don’t have anything to do with will complain of an “unsafe work environment” created by your “predatory” behavior and, boom, to the curb with ya.
        As Frank says below: just don’t do it, ever.

        1. More than likely the woman will sue the corporation, not the individual. That’s what any lawyer would advise. But it will ruin the man’s career when he gets fired or at least give him a bad reference.

      2. “…is to make yourself super attractive”
        just waiting for the (same) guys who think men who care about their appearance are fags or something like that. There’s always some specimen lurking in the comments section.

    3. Discrete — individually separate and distinct.
      Discreet — careful and prudent in one’s speech or actions, especially in order to keep something confidential or to avoid embarrassment.
      Is anyone proofreading these articles?
      Also, I don’t recommend fucking woman you work with. It’s a worthless endeavor. The world is filled with women far less worthless then the ones we are now forced to pretend are our equals at work.

      1. MaxP, I think the author meant “discrete” as in one at a time. Never fuck two office babes at once. That will certainly lead to trouble no matter how many dikes like your belt buckles.

        1. Robert…please read the section again. The author meant keeping things confidential and not don’t fuck more then one at a time, although in an office scenario might not be bad advice despite the whole article being terrible advice on the whole.

        2. MaxP, after rereading the article, I realized that the author meant only shag two colleagues at once when wearing your cowboy outfit. One can be the milk maid and the other the stoic squaw. Don’t forget your belt buckle! Gitty up!

    4. Completely agree. I remember starting a new job and attending the first team meeting, only to have a penelope cruz lookalike walk in the door. We ended up dating and more. Once it was all over, it was damned uncomfortable at work.

    5. Good advice. Plus you never know if your boss or the top CEO also want to lay the girl you’re screwing. When he finds out, he could make your working hours a living hell.

    1. I am surprised he didn’t also recommend putting your nuts in a vise and turn the crank with an impact wrench…. people really can’t be that stupid (I hope)…
      this isn’t the roaring 20s or depression 30’s or wartime 40s…, this is 2018 and the feminist cults and communist sabotuers are really working overtime to cause the West to fall.

    2. The author might as well recommend posting a video at the company’s message board just in case you’re not completed screwed by weeks end.

    1. That oversight is right in line with the absurdity of the rest of this “how to ruin you life over a bit of pussy” article.

  2. 3 ways to be holy sh1t dumber than hell…..
    Dude, just jump off a tall building if you really want to suicide
    Its smarter than engaging in stupidity like article sh1tting where you eat.
    God, I hope that was spoof article by a blue pill mangina of the worst caliber.

  3. “Expert in various Martial Arts such as: Boxing, the Army, and Divorce Fu. Currently posted as a Forward Observer deep in America’s largest battlefield: the Corporate Cubicle Farm. And the female natives sure as hell are hostile.”
    If he is so much the “expert”, why is he giving such insanely stupid advice unless he is a Judas Goat leading morons straight into hell….

  4. I highly advise not to sleep with co-workers. Speaking from experience. If you do. Be prepared for the fallout. Have another job lined up.

  5. I would never recommend ” dipping that pen in company ink” these are none the less good steps to follow if you want out of that cubicle and into your own office.
    Another point is that the word will get out beyond your workplace as these women talk with their friends from other organizations. Nothing ups your stock like positive female gossip.

  6. I think it’s generally a risky idea to have a romance at work.
    However, if you feel like doing it – remember to use a damn voice recorder all the time. To avoid false accusations and other heresies.
    In most countries you are allowed to record anything as long as you take part in conversation.
    So just press the button, put it in your pocket and then all you gotta do is to make sure your cock doesn’t jump out of your pants at a wrong time

    1. Not here. You must inform them that you want to record, and they can ‘deny’ you permission. Matter of fact most secret recordings are inadmissible in court.

      1. Yep and there are some states that are require consent to record someone in private settings. Violating that is a felony in itself.

        1. Well guys, here’s what you do with that recording. If she gets bat shit and makes accusations, just make sure you call her at a time when you know she will not answer the phone. Hit the play button and leave her words on her voicemail. Trust me, it works. Please don’t call from your phone where it can be traced.
          She will the know what the score is.

  7. Women today are toxic, in or outside your work place. Don’t engage in casual sex with them at all. Work on your higher self and eventually settle down with a virgin woman to raise a family.
    If you can’t do that, forget about women altogether. Just visit the whorehouse for a monthly relief and stick with your own life.

    1. I visited whoes in Montreal and they are toxic and stole my Benjamin bills! When feminism infects even the hoe industry, then that’s surely a sign of the times. I would have been better off booking a flight from Miami to Colombia instead….American whores cost too much and Canadian whores have attitude and they steal your money without you knowing or they upsell you.

        1. I feel for Canuck men living in that homosexual sex-prison state. Ironically, gay men are being murdered after gay orgies on Gay Hookup apps. It’s easier to fuck a faggot in the ass, or to get fucked in the ass by a faggot in cities like Toronto, than to even meet a girl. It’s terrible these men tell me, but they have no savings to even leave the city, or they’re in debt and divorced paying child support.

  8. This ain’t the mid-2000s my friend…This is 2018 where a faggot homosexual is celebrated for inserting xits vaginis or pussyenis into a 5-year-old boy’s anus for Justin Turdeau’s world pride parades.

  9. Anglo Chanty Binx Sarkessian feminism indoctrinated countless women worldwide to hate on men that 5 to 10 year old boys have a better chance of getting laid with an Angloskank that a grown man in college. Some of the stories I read about empowered womyn forcing 5 year old boys to eat their snatches or ‘teaching’ those very young boys how to sex is distrubing but that’s the Angloskank homosexual agenda.
    They celebrate indecency at World Pride, but if a female chooses to be naked inside her own condo to earn extra cash, armed thugs kick down her door and arrest her for obscenity and prostitution, but Justin Turdeau claps his hand when a lesbo or homo shows their gendertals at young children at Pride.
    God needs to reset this earth and give North Korea and Russia power to send a missile to a faggot, lesbian and feminazi.

    1. Kim Jong-Un Mr. Rocketman please send a nuclear missile to that faggot who downvoted my comment.

  10. No, please. Even if you ignore fatties/degenerate/in relationship, almost all women who work in office are 21+. My primal nature wants <20.

  11. Read title. Immediately knew it was a stupid article.
    Don’t “sleep” around with women on your job; do your work and then go do your own thing!
    Marry a young, attractive feminine woman and build a family for yourself.
    Stupid “fornication” only causes stupid problems. It’s *SIN*.
    ~ Bro. Jed

  12. Game veterans only. And even then I wouldn’t advise it, gotta understand the office female dynamic. A superior is a safer bet than a lowly intern or receptionist- they have a reputation and more to lose if it gets out.
    Ever heard the saying ‘Don’t shit where you eat’?
    Had a job where I was the only full time gent in the office (though I was outdoors most of the time) and one of my duties was to take reports and paperwork to the head office of the city by hand every few days where I’d flirt with the receptionist til the manager came out to receive them, but nothing more. One day a bluepill part timer came with me, sat down and watched me work my magic and encouraged me to pursue her.
    “Hey, she’s in a different department, this couldn’t backfire on me!” I thought.
    Took her to a romantic coffee shop, kissed her, had her hands all over me and made plans to see her again in a few days closer to her place. Date came, had some nice spicy food and took her for a walk in the park, wouldn’t kiss me. “Later” I thought.
    As we were sat on a bridge over a pond I’m about to make my move when she answers her phone.
    “Yeah, I’m having a great time, I’ll be in soon” she said happily. “Do you… Live with your parents?” Puzzled, I ask “No, my… Boyfriend… Can we still be friends?” she answered sheepishly.
    The fucking whore!
    Told her precisely what she was: an attention seeking whore, with no concept of respect, friendship or loyalty, that there wasn’t anyone who would benefit from friendship with her, and stuck the knife in and twisted it around by telling her she was a toxic person and I’m happy I know it so I wouldn’t waste another minute on her.
    Left her on the bridge while she was crying to ‘go back’. Tbh I wasn’t even that pissed off that she wanted to be ‘just friends’, I might’ve been able to turn that around. I was pissed at how she thought it was acceptable to treat people this way and lost my cool for once.
    A week later, I returned to her office and was nervously greeted by a new receptionist who sent for the manager. She came and asked me to come to her office, “Fuck” I thought to myself.
    I’d had drinks with her at a whiskey bar before as well as some of the other well off girls in the office, she was usually pretty chill, but was on edge today. Still, wasn’t gonna take any flack off her, I was ready to walk.
    “About that receptionist, she wanted to report you… But we decided to suspend her and move her back to the office” she said with some effort. Pretending that’s what I had expected her to say, I replied ‘Ah, well I won’t have to file that report then” and handed her the paperwork. “Yeah, you shouldn’t have relationships with colleagues… And not when you already have someone…” She said sadly. Now it made sense, she was in her 30s and didn’t have anyone. She was cool and decent looking, but well on her way to becoming a cat lady. Helped me that we were kinda friends too. Got away by the skin of my teeth, any other useless hr woman would’ve fired me on the spot, only thing the saved me was her jealousy.
    We actually went on to become good friends, whenever I’m back home I tell her about my adventures in Asia. Hope she can find someone. Such is the plight of career women.

    1. You rejected her that way when you found out? Bad move right there, you should have known better in today’s climate.
      You should have said you would NEVER have asked her out if you had known, she should have said she was in a relationship already, because it is wrong to meddle with anyone in a relationship. Make it absolute, firm, but stress without being a weakling that it is how you do things- the moment you called her names you almost sealed your fate; you were very, very lucky.

    2. Erm, who cares who she was living with? You missed out on a no strings bang and had a hissy fit like a bitch. Even Roosh never asks whether they are single! Remember, she isn’t yours it’s just your turn!

      1. Have you forgotten that all a woman has to do is accuse you of anything and you are guilty until proven beyond innocent?
        What if her boyfriend got mad if (when) he found out? Guess what she would say happened? That’s right- you raped her. Sorry, that’s drama no man needs these days.

  13. Sink your claws in at work, but don’t actually fuck her until you no longer work together. Get her number, facebook, private email, instagram, address, meet all of her friends, etc

  14. “For starters, when talking to your beau…”
    A beau is a man. You really do need editors. Or was it a Freudian slip?

  15. It’s not a good idea to go down this road with your permanent place of employment, but it can work in semi-permanent settings. If you’re a consultant on the job for a few months, that’s exactly the sweet spot. You’re the new guy in town and you’re around just long enough for them to get curious but not so long for them to get bored or for any post-sex vibes to get weird.
    You can make this happen by doing exactly as the author suggests, then by the time you’re banging her you’re almost out of there anyway. Been there, fucked that. I’d do it all over again under the same circumstances, though today there’s other political risks to consider – got to be even more careful.
    It definitely isn’t the BEST get-laid plan in the world, but if it’s gonna happen the only way to do it is minimize your risks as much as possible – hit it and split not long thereafter.

    1. Sounds like you live in a make believe world in which a semi-permanent consultant’s career can’t be demolished by an ex-coworker.

  16. While I’m all for hunting pussy anywhere and everywhere, this article is a bit reckless in the current climate. Women are emotional and unpredictable. What happens when the coworker you banged develops “feelings” for you and you’re not interested in a relationship? Suddenly the fling that she pursued just as eagerly was you “using” her. And that’s if you’re lucky and she doesn’t completely mischaracterize it as something much worse. Even skanks “fall in love” when they encounter the right combination of looks, money, and sexual prowess. You always need an escape plan.

  17. How did this article get approved to be on this website? This site is going down hill and this article puts the nail in the coffin. Please do not take the authors advice. I fucked a coworker at work before and everyone will find out! Women cannot keep secrets.

  18. If even a CEO or manager has to step down from false accusations, then what secures the average joe? His dick size? Please…
    Best advice on this topic is “don’t shit where you eat”.

  19. Don’t skeet where you eat…I’ve seen this go badly for some fellas several times. Also, agreed with how fucking stupid those funko dolls are…like what the actual fuck. If you’re gonna spend money on toys get something practical like fucking Legos.

  20. Work is not where you get your dick wet. Work is where you get the resources to attract high quality (well, hopefully) women to get your dick wet. Even before the current ridiculousness, I advised against using the office to get pussy. Carousel riders are everywhere, keep your job safe and as drama free as possible. Who wants to go to work when you have to face the ex-you-used-to-bang-in-the-ass-that-can’t-get-over-you-banging-someone-else-so-she-acts-like-a-bitch all the time?
    Fuck girls from anywhere else, leave the pussy at work to other players.

    1. Here’s the hard part. We know that women dress up to compete with other women. She always had to one up the others to make them envious. Then they lead YOU on to get your attention to make the other women envious of her. You are just a tool she uses.

  21. Certain categories of people simply are off limits:
    1. relatives
    2. ugly chicks
    3. fat chicks
    4. elderly chicks
    5. retarded chicks
    6. colleagues
    2 to 5 can be summed up under the name ‘feminist’.

        1. I’m talking full-retard. Though I’ve never seen a retarded 10. Dumb girls turn me off when they are loud and obnoxious, not a dealbreaker though if she looks good.

  22. Getting involved with a woman at your place of employment is like the perfect crime – there are STILL about a thousand things that can go wrong that you can never foresee.
    Not a fan.

  23. Dear GOD…. why not have an article about hugging & kissing snakes. It’s be far less hazardous and stressful, than banging some waif who’ll run straight to HR the moment you stop responding to her texts.
    Next up: “Resurrecting your dead career after the sexual harassment suit.”

  24. Of course, I’m just waiting for the time when NOT paying attention to women at the workplace- which is always called “harassment”- will be called “dehumanizing women,” and will be considered just as bad.
    One way or the other…you lose. And that’s the whole point with feminism, isn’t it?

  25. It is confusing. At my work there is this hot, seductive broad. She will flirt quite often and then stop for periods of time. Once I was over payed by quite a bit and went up to her to have it corrected. She took me aside gave me those gazing eyes, put her finger on her lips and said shhh let’s keep it a secret between you and me.
    Another time she was acting lame and brought me a bottle she had obviously already opened, asking for me to use my strong muscles to open it. She exclaimed that if it wasn’t for me she would have died of thirst.
    Another time, she was giving me a demonstration of a pedometer device, she joked about her friend who scored steps my wearing it while giving a handjob. She then demonstrated with vigorous motions, with her eyes wide opened and with this huge smile on her face. She did it several times and it ingrained the imagery in my head.
    These interactions among many others have caused me to think forbidden thoughts of lust towards her. I imagine though that such seductresses exist and if you ever give in they will try and destroy you.
    I am religious and try to be celibate, but when women act like this it makes things more difficult. I write this with an ice pack on my genitalia in order to raise my testosterone as I go to box.
    What would you do?

    1. No touching the coochie …
      No seriously, that sounds like a bad idea. How comes a woman that hot needs to resort to such measures to get attention ? She will get plenty at the next bar by wearing pretty much anything …
      On another hand, we have this cute coworker, she must be a mid 20’s I guess. Always dressed classy and stylish but since we have that new trainee that is considerably younger then her, the dresses are getting shorter and more sexy by the day … Now I wonder if there is a connection … She must not like competition 🙂 Still no touchie. Not even a good morning kiss as usual over here …

    2. Ignore and avoid her as long as you are colleagues. That’s what. You should treat her like she’s your sister. But maybe you’re so horny you’d fuck your sister. If she starts in with the innuendo, there’s a million things you can do, like say jokingly something like “HR, HR calling HR” or “Thaaaaat’s greaaaat, hey I’ll catch you later….”, something, anything and make a graceful exit. But my guess is you smile a SEG, bug-eyed, and listen and hang on her every word.
      If either of you resigns, then by all means ask her on a date and bang the shit out of her.

  26. Three ways to date at the office
    1. Don’t
    2. Don’t.
    3. Don’t.
    Seriously. There are plenty of women everywhere else . There is no way to end it well.

  27. This is degenerate. Go to church, find a nice virgin, marry her, have 4 kids, don’t cheat on her ever, don’t let her cheat on you, die happy.

    1. @Doctor, this appears to be where forward thinkers in the manosphere are heading. A gent named “Sergey” over at ZBlog put it well: Either you contribute to the delinquency of sluts by banging them and walking away, and accept the world is going to shit, Western Civ is doomed, and you’re just ‘enjoying the decline’ -or- if you want to save your white peeps and Western Civilization, you have to marry and have lots of white babies. Demographics is destiny.

      1. Hahaha! 😀
        Burner! Dude you are the best!I You always make me laugh!
        This envelope of –
        Don’t Fight with the Declining System: Enjoy Your Poverty
        You need to have 12 children to Compete with Muds who Ruined Your World
        -This has to be the Elitists’ ultimate joke.
        For 2018 it is becoming clear:
        1- No More Game
        2 – No Having Children to Restore Demographs
        3- No More Overcoming Tyranny by Learning New Skills
        4 – No More Fixing Corporate Oppression by Working Harder
        Enough with the Animal Farm! 😀 haha

  28. It’s easy for me not to bang girls from work.
    I work in IT.
    90% male.
    And the 10% female is either stinky Indian girls or ugly Chinese girls. And the occasional cute Chinese girl is a hyper-westernized, yappy chatterbox.
    Note that I am not saying all Indian and Chinese girls are ugly (well, not all Chinese girls anyway). I meet plenty of cute Chinese girls at the AMPs/brothels.

      1. Very, very true.
        By all the techie beta-cucks who have never banged a hot girl. They FAWN over the fatties, uglies and plain janes. It’s off putting, to say the least.

  29. Relieved to see that almost everyone here realizes this is monumentally and catastrophically bad advice. Mein Gott. There is only a small chance this would be successful, and not result in a sour relationship with the woman you’re banging, maybe only if you got married to your office fuck buddy.
    Also speaking from experience, if things go south and you have to go through the HR shredder, it is just like @Deplorable Neal Jensen so eloquently put it. Exactly the same.
    Better advice is for all professional men to adopt the Pence Rule, and keep all office thots at arms length. Also speaking from experience, adopting the rule will NOT result in women thinking you’re a prick. Quite the opposite I have noticed they all treat me with reverence, and a kind of admiration. It’s because you act like a boss, while all the other beta suck-ups act like high-school noobs in comparison.

  30. Unless you want to shake your death rattle, and land on the unemployment line, I would suggest not defacating where you sleep. Especially in our current white heterosexual man hating culture. Take it from old guys like John Dodd and I. The juice is not worth the squeeze. Young men, for god’s sake, look at the trades, entrepreneurship, or any unglamorous, dirty, nasty, or even dangerous work that’s relatively free of women, feminists, white knights, SJWs, and manginas.

    1. This half-century old Generation Xer seconds, thirds, and fourths this advice. It is NOT like it was even in the mid-1980s.

  31. LMFAO…my dad and my mom told me not to ” date ” people work with, before got first job or knew what my dick was for. You’re basically in jail with coworkers, so interactions are brought in bullshit to begin with. Any natural dynamics are shot in the head. Have a bad date, then see the bitch 40 hours a week hahaha no. Even if could work, it don’t. No mystery, no leverage, nothing but drama and your money getting fucked off. I suppose there are exceptions…….have fun trying to be one.

  32. The quality of articles at ROK has become so uneven. I would advise phasing out the “game” articles completely or making them as rare as possible. Roosh, ROK and the world in general has evolved to a place where “game” is becoming less relevant in the general scheme of things. We are now entering an era where it is essentially illegal to be a normal heterosexual male. Focus on building wealth, strength, character and preparing as much as it is possible for the coming meltdown of the once might Western Civilization. Have as many irons in the fire and options available possible. If you don’t have any now start building them and men need to start building friendships and alliances. Worrying about banging some chick the office who may end up costing you your job and ruining your career is to say the least counter productive. It’s going to take a long time and a lot of painful effort to put the feminism genie back in the bottle.

    1. I’m busy and I type too fast. Can we get an editing feature so I can be able to bail my ass out? Should read “have” evolved to a place and once “mighty” Western Civilization.

  33. Look, the single biggest problem is vulnerability.
    The government, the media, and so now the workplace is OVERWHELMINGLY pandering to feminism. This boils down to backing the woman.
    Too many people do not understand how the power dynamic works these days. The wimpiest kid on the block isn’t going to get beat up by the biggest bully in his school if he happens to be walking his 100-pound Pit Bull “Attila.”
    Too many women are like that kid. In a “Mad Max” society they wouldn’t act up the way they do against men, but folks- we are NOT in a Mad Max society.
    Thus a woman in the workplace isn’t just holding all the aces, oh no- that can be beaten by a straight flush. Feminism has arranged it so she is holding the whole deck, and the little cardboard box it came in too. She KNOWS she can destroy a man just by running to Human Resources (i.e. the government- how do you think HR got to be so powerful?), so if for any reason the man displeases her she can have him fired or even jailed. The moment she approaches you in the workplace ALWAYS know that SHE knows that she has all the power.
    Therefore, why would anyone be foolish enough to take such a chance even if he is a James Bond (Sean Connery one) alpha? This will soon extend even to Pence’s Rule; treating her as a “non-person” will be “mental rape” and she can destroy a man who doesn’t even pay any attention to her. Sound crazy? If I was a kid again in the 1970s and I told people where society would be today that’s exactly what they would have said.
    So- do not meddle with women at your workplace. EVER.

    1. Great post Allanon. The analogies are spot on and yes if you told us in the 70s how this would all turn out we would have said you’re crazy. We were just happy that “women’s liberation” meant we had a better chance of getting laid. Little did we know where this was all headed.

  34. Another Article of Brilliance!
    -Here are a few more Genius-level Ideas-
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    14- Dating Democrats: A Sign of Bisexuality?
    15- Depending on Advice from $10 Bitcoin Articles: The Path to Success!

  35. This is not a good idea. Ever! Is this supposed to be a sarcastic article? I have a problem with that like Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory.

  36. There’s nothing wrong with asking a woman out on a date. It’s when guys start acting like dirty-old-men, saying or doing something even though you can tell the woman is uncomfortable and doesn’t like it (something you wouldn’t want your sister or daughter to go through) – that’s the problem.
    “God-given duty to fornicate” ? Haven’t you heard of one of the ten commandments that says thou shalt not commit adultery?
    I wouldn’t recommend getting socially/sexually involved with anyone at work. If it ends, it can cause a lot of awkwardness at work. If you acted like a dick, she may tell everyone what you did. If you dumped her, she may go all ‘Fatal Attraction’ on you. Women (generally speaking) take ‘hook-ups’ seriously. If you want a one-night stand or a casual affair, don’t be a cheapskate – hire a hooker.

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