What Is The Point Of Christianity?

Peace and blessings to you all from our Lord, Jesus Christ.

As most ROK readers are doubtlessly aware, Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the Western world today. Criticize Islam and you will be branded a “xenophobic white supremacist.” Criticize Judaism and you become an “anti-Semitic Neo-Nazi bigot.” Criticize Christianity, however, and you might get yourself a nice little Hollywood movie deal. Its morality is attacked every moment of every day, by every branch of mainstream “education” and “entertainment.”

Those who oppose it constantly seek to undermine and subvert its foundations… and the persecution of its followers around the world gets nothing but deafening silence from “humanitarians.”

Indeed, the enemies of our civilization have succeeded in brainwashing most young people today away from even considering Christianity as a guiding light in their lives. Therefore, today’s article is for those of you in the audience who remain open-minded enough to consider what Christianity actually is before you decide whether to partake of its mysteries.

What Is Christianity?

Some people will tell you that Christianity is about morality. Others will tell you that Christianity is about love, and still others will tell you that Christianity is about Jesus.

While these are all correct answers, I’d like to zoom out a bit today and show you the umbrella under which all of these answers fall. Once you can start to see the bigger picture of what Christianity actually is, I believe you will begin to understand the extraordinary benefits it can offer to both you and your community.

To understand what Christianity truly is, we must begin with its view of the world—and mankind’s place within it—before it was plunged into its present darkness.

This is not what God intended.

In his prelapsarian state—the state of the world before the Fall from Paradise—man had no need. He had no desire, no longing, no void or sense of emptiness which might cause him to “seek answers.” There were no answers needed, because no questions were asked.

According to Scripture and patristic commentary, the prelapsarian cosmos contained no death. There was no decay, no sickness, no conflict, and no predation. Animals lived together in peace, and healthy food grew effortlessly for the entire kingdom of Paradise to enjoy.

Man’s soul existed in perfect union with God’s divine energy, which filled him to overflowing with mercy and grace. He did not want, he did not fear, and he lived in perfect dispassionate harmony with God and His natural law. This, in the Christian worldview, is the true meaning of human nature. Not some animalistic competition for dominance and riches, but perfect unity with God and each other.

What we experience on a day-to-day basis, rather than the truth of our nature, is a complete perversion of God’s intended order and design for our lives. Rather than order, we experience chaos. Rather than health, we experience disease. Rather than joy, we experience conflict and the need for constant self-preservation.

In this fallen state, you seek material wealth because you feel like its lack makes you “less than” others. You seek women and sex to fulfill raging biological urges and the need to conquer and dominate. You seek endless attainment outside of yourself to fill the void within. You take drugs to feel good, because you don’t feel good naturally. This is the difference between man as God intended and man in his present state; one is whole, and the other is empty.

God—recognizing this darkness and wanting nothing more than for us to return to perfect harmony with Him—came to us in human form in order to show us the way back. The God-man, Jesus Christ, came to show us what perfect submission and unity with God the Father looks like.

When His Resurrection defeated death by death, Jesus trampled on the gates of Hell and pulled mankind out of the tomb of the fallen world.

By following Him and seeking to be transformed into His image, we restore our true nature bit by bit and degree by degree. It is difficult, it can be lonesome, it requires a complete transformation of the mind and heart… and it is also the only path which produces genuine spiritual fruit in our lives.

What have all your efforts gotten you thus far? Does that girl you’re sleeping with heal the pain of a wounded heart? Does that car you’re so proud of help you sleep soundly and soberly at night? Or are you finally ready to recognize that you have built a life on shifting sand instead of solid rock?

The Power Of Christianity

Once we move away from our self-created pain into God-created harmony, our entire lives change for the better. Should you choose to follow Christ instead of the standards of the dark world around you, make no mistake: you will have to give things up.

To discover who you truly are, you must sacrifice everything you are truly not. Sometimes this entails the loss of a relationship, the end of a career path, or complete separation from your lifelong social circle.

Having been through exactly such experiences on my own journey, I can tell you this without a moment of hesitation: whatever it is you give up for God, He will grant you something better in return.

You will not know what it is or be able to see what He has in store for you, but faith in His goodness will be amply rewarded. Though you cannot see the very next step in front of you, God has already designed a full and perfect plan for your life.

The only way to materialize God’s plan for your life, inevitably better than the one of your own creation, is by giving up control and allowing Him to steer the ship of your fate. By such an act of submission and faith, God will break the shackles that bind you to falsehood and illusion. He will show you who you are not, and guide you back to who you are.

Christianity, therefore, is the path back to that original state of spiritual perfection. It is a path to wholeness of mind and soul, to your many divided parts becoming One. It is the end of internal division and dissonance, and the path to harmony of heart.

This is not something you can do by your own efforts alone. Your therapist cannot fix you, your mother cannot fix you, and the knowledge of your professors can do nothing for you soul. It is only by becoming “partakers of the divine nature” (2 Peter 1:4) that we can slowly but surely be restored to true humility and balance.

Most importantly for the young seekers on Return of Kings, you must understand that this is not something that philosophy alone can do for you. Logic and reasoning are certainly important, necessary tools by which we can make better sense of our world and solve problems that need solutions.

They can even convince you that a certain ideology or standard of behavior is superior to another, for reasons ranging anywhere from idealistic to pragmatic. However, philosophy reaches a plateau that only God can break through. This is one of the reasons St. Paul warned us in Colossians 2:8:

See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which rely on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world, rather than on Christ.

He gave this instruction to the Church at Colossae specifically, among other reasons, to combat the idea that philosophy itself was the highest point a man’s mind could reach. There is a flooding of divine wisdom, into the mind of man, which is only possible and knowable through God’s grace. That same grace not only harmonizes the mind and heart, but it restores the soul and gives the experience of what it means to exist closer in our original condition: “in the image and likeness of God.”

This is why terms like “culturally Christian” are meaningless. People who logically agree with the moral tenets of the faith, yet do not have the humility to fear God and accept His Lordship, are not being restored to anything. They are simply giving lip service to Christianity for their own political reasons, and that is not enough to bring mankind back to the state in which God intended. You must empty yourself completely and allow God to fill you instead.

Therefore, Christianity is much more than a religion. It is more than being a good person, and it is more than going to Church. Christianity is the art of becoming human.

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156 thoughts on “What Is The Point Of Christianity?”

  1. Amen! I can’t wait until God sends Putin and Kim Jong-Un to send nuclear missiles into Gay cities like San Francisco!
    Homosexuals, feminists, lesbians, trannies and those who support those lifestyles will be nuked into oblivion under God’s wrath like Sodom and Gommorah! Vladimir Putin, please save us from these LGBTQ+ monsters! The only way that God will eliminate the homsexuals, lesbians and feminists is through nuclear war.

    1. Okay dude that is not cool. In fact it is very soy. First of all, I live here in San Fran. You should dream of one day invading and ejecting the gays from California instead of asking a fat Asian boy to nuke it.

      1. Unfortunately when God sent angels to acquire a second option as to whether Sodom and Gomorrah should be welcomed with fire and brimstone, the decadence was severe that nearly every citizen of those sodomite cities were 100% gay and sexually immoral, excepting Lot and his family.
        Sodomy will become pervasive that like in the days of Lot, even when leaving Sodom and Gomorrah before the brimstone, Lot’s wife was tempted to join the sodomite cities, that she became a pillar of salt after being zapped by fire and brimstone, because she wanted to go back to the city to either join the sodomites or support the sodomites.
        When you see a city becoming sodomite that 8-year-old boys become trannies and 5-year-old girls become rabid feminist dogs who serve to persecute God-fearing men through false accusations of sexual crimes, then you will understand that we are living in the last days.
        Trannies didn’t exist 100 years ago except for those who swapped clothing of genders. Today we have 4-year-olds choosing surgery that can turn them into the physical features of the opposite gender, but God will withhold his anger until he is convinced to send fire and brimstone on those sodomites. Those sodomites will not be saved because they hate Jesus Christ, even though Jesus Christ does not hate anyone.

      1. That’s the kind of pantywaist belief that is common in Christianity today. Jesus never forbade any such teaching either.
        On top of that, far too many of Jesus’ teachings can very easily be seen as advocating passivity. For the sake of brevity, I’ll limit it to one: “If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.”
        If someone strikes me anywhere, I’m going to beat his ass in self-defense. You can claim that He didn’t mean it literally, but how do you know? Can you read His mind? Do you have a special translation that the rest of us don’t have? No.
        But by all means, explain it, Witcoff. I for one want to see how you defend such a statement.

        1. I can’t speak for Michael, but I believe the “turn the other cheek” admonition was intended to give the offender the benefit of the doubt. In other words, did the striker INTEND to do harm, or was done out of a lapse in judgment or an error?
          All things equal, that verse is grossly misinterpreted, just like the “judge not lest ye be judged.”

        2. @ Gouv
          Saying to ONLY pray, or ONLY o have FAITH in God is incredibly unbiblical….yes Jesus specifically asks for us to be kind in heart and spirit, but not for us to fold our cards and not do anything whatsoever
          “God does everything by faith alone” is a non-denominational / protestant fallacy – its incredibly unbiblical – point is we ARE required to participate, we need the grace of God to be ‘saved’ and to cooperate with that grace….
          point is in self-defense we CAN and in many cases SHOULD defend ourselves…God will not magically jump in and SAVE everyone left and right, we participate in God’s grace – He expects us to work as hard as we can, and it is are duty to act accordingly….no sane Catholic should
          advocate complete passivity, you have a right and a DUTY to defned those who cannot defend themselves…the Crusades are obviously a large manifestation of this and how that concept became slightly warped over time, but the overall point here is Chritianity is NOT a passive religion, not by a long stretch…the pesduo-christian nondenominational wannabe christians will tell you Jesus was some ‘feel good hippy’ but this is missing the point altogether….if someone needs help and you can help them than follow your gut and do the right thing, this agonizing over EVERY little minutia detail in Christianity is pure insanity…people KNOW what is good and bad, if they claim they don’t they are lying to themselves.

      2. Hi Michael, have you read this website? Lot of men who say they want feminine women who are family oriented but then say to visit countries and have sex with those same women. One author said white men should visit the Philippines and groom (Catholic) Filipino women into “demon sluts”
        How do you reconcile your message with this website’s message of encouraging men to travel to other countries and corrupting women instead of encouraging them to be more religious or family oriented?

        1. I believe it is a Christian’s duty to shine Light in dark places, and to help lead others away from error and towards the truth. I am very grateful to Roosh for allowing me to do so on Return Of Kings, as I believe that young men seeking guidance should hear about the Gospel at least as much as they should hear about any other topic.

    2. Well said man!! Problem with Christianity in the USA is half these liberal groups don’t follow any of the biblical rules and shit on the bible eg the Roman Catholic Pope and Arch Bishop of Canterbury. Christianity is cucked by feminism these days but Paul was based AF

    3. Your statement doesn’t follow Christianity at all. Yes they are lost in their sin but our job is to show they through our actions that there is a better way. It is not ours to condemn them. Your paragraph sounds angry which is not love as Jesus defines it at all.

      1. Jesus says anyone who is not a heterosexual Christian who wait till marriage for sex wish be tortured forever.
        That doesn’t sound like love.

    4. Actually, useless cities such as SF won’t have any nukes wasted on them. They will be spared, so that Russia has someplace to send it’s soldiers for R&R.
      The atrocities committed will be shocking. Not like they will have even the respect given to real whores.

  2. Witcoff is a straight up heretic. He is part of some bull offshoot of Catholicism. Why does he write about Christianity when he has no idea what it is? He is part of some order which eons ago was crushed with a crusade because its members were cannibals, pedophiles, engaged in satanic rituals, etc. If you you want real information research the history of the Catholic Church and its scholars not this harlot selling snake oil.

    1. Jesus Christ will give Vladimir Putin powers to send 5 megatons of nuclear fission directly at faggot pride parades in North American cities like San Francisco and #MeToo Los Angeles.
      Vladimir Putin is our salvation to put an end to this homosexual and feminist Satanic revolutions; not some Hindu country like India which is the feminist capital of Asia. I’ve heard that China wants to nuke India.

      1. Stupid troll. If you’re such a tough guy why don’t you just admit it – you hate Christians. And why? Is it because you watch too much tv? Are you a conformist? Do you fear being left out and have a burning need to be accepted? We’re you a loser in high school? Are you a loser right now? Perhaps you’re gay? If so, are you conflicted with Christ because he paid attention to cripples and not you? You feel slighted because of this? You feel you are just as much a “victim” as an invalid and need sympathy too? Or are you just ignorant? Because Christianity does not wish to nuke anyone. But you must know this already because you’re a genius, right?

      2. @54:
        The days of Sodom when God rained fire and brimstone on the sodomites? Up to this day, the ancient city is inhabitable; no life form exists there. Screwing another man in the shithole while encouraging sodomite causes results in total annihilation from God.
        However, please don’t wish bad on the innocent. God will never allow nuclear missiles to target a city even if there is one righteous person. When the day comes that San Francisco is infested with 100% sodomites, then it is justified to pray to God that he send judgment on the entire sodomite city.

        1. Note that Abraham had the temerity to argue with God – that if as few as ten righteous men could be found in Sodom and Gomorrah, God would spare the wicked for the sake of the righteous. Again, in the New Testament, in the parable of the enemy sowing weeds among the grain, the landowner allows the weeds to grow, lest the grain be destroyed in trying to remove the weeds, and then at the harvest, they would be separated. So thinking that God would rain down fire and brimstone on San Fran in the form of nuke-tipped ballistic missiles seems to me to be counter to biblical teachings.

        2. ” Lot’s wife was tempted to join the sodomite cities, that she became a pillar of salt after being zapped by fire and brimstone, because she wanted to go back to the city to either join the sodomites or support the sodomites.”
          Is that not an accurate synopsis of the Genesis passages? it was the sodomites and their supporters and those who wanted to stay among them, that were destroyed. i dont see the problem?

      3. Putin is a Megaladon King of all Whites. He owns Half the worlds land mass and will surely rebuild a great civilization on it. I hope the liberals don’t collapse his pro-white pro-family government and replace it with some suicidal one. Why the fuck are all these Americans against him? WTF did he ever do wrong but save his people from rape by oligarchs? I think thats what they hate as they want whites finished. Democracy seems to be a way of creating elections that can be controlled by interest groups and fast-track destroy your culture and people even when every opinion poll is massively against immigration and its almost the biggest issue for every citizen polled in UK but the politicians are too cucked by the leftist pressure groups. It ironically gives no power to the people in terms of results. You need a strong masculine man like Putin who actually cares about the men of the country and looks smartly at what the people need such as a viable religion.

      1. Thanks for sharing your article Michael, I appreciate your work for Christ, His Kingdom, and our society.
        I will add that Christ did more than “…came to us in human form in order to show us the way back”.
        Jesus Christ Himself is the Way back. The God-Man fulfilled all righteousness for us (believers are credited with Christ’s positive merit), and He bore the wrath we deserve on the cross (took our guilt away). Our sin was imputed to Him, and His righteousness is credited/imputed to us. The Great exchange! Praise be to God!
        Jesus Christ is not only a Great Teacher, but is The Great Savior!
        “For He hath made Him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him.” 2 Cor. 5 :21
        He is our High Priest, now seated at the right hand of the Father, where He constantly intercedes for His people. (Book of Hebrews)
        He is The Prophet! The Priest! The King!
        He is absolute Lord of the Universe. He will reign forever and ever. All who hope in Him will be raised to eternal blessing.
        All who reject Him will be utterly doomed forever.
        The Glory of God in the Lord Jesus Christ is the point of Christianity.

        1. It is not. The nimbus (or halo) is a sign of transfiguration, or beaming with the pure light of God’s un-created energies. It happens to various prophets in Scripture, Christ revealed it to some of the Apostles at his Transfiguration, and the Saints are depicted with it as well.

    2. michael previously identified as a freemason and then as a cathar I think. The catholics church wasn’t particularly keen on either of them. Presently I think he’s eastern orthodox. There are some interesting discussion in respect of all of the above with respect to the issue of perfection & the return to God, on whatever basis. Michael may wish to correct me, but my suspicion would be that the one thing he wouldn’t be inclined towards is catholicism?

      1. Both the Roman Catholic Church and the Greek Orthodox Church have made pronouncements against Freemasonry, and the Roman Catholic Church went on a crusade against the Cathars.
        I am not particularly inclined towards Roman Catholicism, but if I were I would be a sedevacantist due to the Vatican’s current “leadership.”

        1. thanks for the reply and clarification michael. Am still trying to get my head around the implications of theosis.

        2. If you haven’t already done so, I’d encourage you to read some Protestant works. If course, I don’t generally mean the wimpy folks alive today, but real old-school Protestants like John Calvin, Martin Luther, John Bunyan, Charles Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards, John Owen, John Knox, etc.
          If course you don’t need those guys anyway. Everything we really need to know, God has provided in the Bible.
          Hit Hebrews, Romans, John, Galatians, Ephesians, etc. hard.
          I’d also spend a bunch of time in Deuteronomy, as Christ and His apostles always seem to be quoting it.
          You know that Jesus is the God-Man, sent from Heaven to save. That is the main thing. Blessings on you.

  3. Homosexuals and feminists cannot be stopped through Mahatma Ghandi peace. Speaking of which, why do Hindus preach non-violence, but they mob anyone who eats beef or is accused of false complaints from a Hindu feminist?
    Indians, SEEK JESUS and DISOWN HINDUISM! Hinduism is a lost cause. India is the feminist capital of Asia that China will have to nuke sooner or later to prevent that ungodly strain of feminism from spreading into China and Russia.
    JESUS SAVES! Not some idol like Lakshmi or Kali. Women were never intended to be idolized as Gods. Hinduism causes a loophole to turn women into Jezebels. No wonder Pakistan and Turkmenistan want to nuke India. India is a feminist hell for Asia.

    1. sterilize yourself and your entire fucked up church if you are born sinners
      Life is for pleasure – we Hindus and related creeds are Divine and Immortal.
      sterilize yourself desert creed adherents – fuck off the planet earth bhenchod
      Death to demented desert creeds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      projectjoshua is project hindu genocide –
      ONE DAY INDIA WILL RETALIATE AGAINST ZOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. When humanity turned it’s back on paganism, that’s when the world began to evolve. Evolution is not always growth, however. We did change and allowed Western cultures to flourish and dominant. It brought on the industrial revolution that gave us modern day lifestyles. Yes, with the good is also the bad. We are healthier, we live longer, we live easier and are more proficient.
        Yet we also are obese, we have lost the knowledge to survive the natural world, we have weapons capable of decimating the entire human population. We have also lost track of our role and place with nature. Before the industrial age, the monotheistic belief that humanity is the only important and chosen species on the planet didn’t have too much of an impact. We were still an intricate and dependant part of the world. Now that we have separated ourselves from nature that many of us do not even know the first thing about hunting and foraging, we have lost complete and total respect and understanding of the natural world. We decimate it completely. Animals are facing the seventh great extinction and it is due to pollution and habitat loss directly in relation to human development and industrialization. Yet, there were peoples of the world that are still living in traditional, tribal ways. Preserving some of Humanity’s most pure and original cultures and traditions. These people live harmoniously next to animals both deadly and are domesticated friends. Most of these people happened to live in areas like China, India, Indonesia, the Amazon basin, and Africa.
        Christianity is not perfect. It paved a way for globalization and evolved the human experience, but at what cost?
        This group of men talk a great deal about perseverance of the European people. Yet without a healthy planet, what is the point? It is European invention, culture and economics that is changing the world so rapidly that it cannot sustain the 7.5 billion of us simply due to how we disregard it.
        When Humanity turned away from the gods and goddesses of the earth and look towards a being that didn’t even belong on this planet or even this realm, that is when we began to separate ourselves from the fact that we are still part of this world and completely dependent upon her.

        1. “Pure and original cultures?”
          Living with animals?
          Ever seen any of those “Pure and original cultures? People living in squalor, brown drinking water, babies dying like flies?
          They would trade places in a heartbeat, then beat you with sticks for enforcing their isolation so you could feel smug about it

      2. Little hugger, did you not comprehend the rest of what I wrote or simply zeroed in on the fact that ancient cultures that still survive today are, in fact, pure and original?
        Yes, the Western world evolved the world. It had advanced our species I to the space the and created in just 100 years a complete change in the human experience and a population explosion for the human kind as a whole. However, not all those outside the influence of the modern world exist in horrid conditions either. Many have homes, plenty to eat and entertainment. These cultures show a clear and working definition between men and women. Even after the age of feminist, these tribal people still show a healthier balance of roles and expectations between the two. Men in these tribes tend to be extremely fit, skilled warriors. They spend a lot of time male bonding and father’s take special care of raising their sons to be warriors and leaders.
        The Naga of the Himalayans were once the head hunters of yesterday. It was how young men established their dominance and earned the right to take a wife in his tribe. They felt pride and strength for himself and his people when he was successful in hunting. Today tribes men have intense wrestling matches as the place in the world for murder in this fashion are gone. In Western cultures, men are reduced to “game” with women you’re likely sharing with many other men without your knowing. Attempting to establish alpha and dominance with money but not with tribal power and physical capability. It is no joke that women become keenly interested in the fit and socially powerful man. These are natural instincts and is seen in ancient cultures both long gone and still alive today.
        Yet these people, no matter how violent and strong, continue to respect the land and not take more than they need. Their cultures are still grounded in religion, of course, as culture always has a religious footing. Yet, the cultures that embrace gods of earthly means without the tainting of Westernized thinking, are honestly the most sustainable and resourceful. This cannot be denied.
        You wish to be king but are inheriting land stripped of usable resources and the beauty is polluted. Yourself is polluted and so are your women.

    2. Ghandi is a lucky guy.
      If Nazis had defeated Russia in WW2, India would have drowned in its own blood with all its non-violent resistance.

  4. It use to be about passing on wisdom and knowledge, and preventing people from being nihilistic animals with no drive in life, but now it just seems to be this annoying cult that accomplishes nothing, believes in nothing, and has no balls to do anything anyways. The church is mostly run by cucks, especially the Catholic church. I also think people take religious teaching way to literally. Knowing the stupidity of people I am sure that the “magical” aspects of religion is pure horseshit, but unfortunately people are not able to get past the old style of story telling and get at the moral of the story itself. Adam and Eve can be taken literally as it is where Adam was born out of the ground and the devil was a snake that talked, or you can view it from the perspective that gullible and complacent men will get taken advantage of by ignorant and childlike woman.

    1. WES
      Science had made people fairly nihilistic. Men are not created particularly equal when we face up to HBD realities. Monsters often live forever and martyrs die young. Meek and mild who are not cunning end up with zero.
      What we have seen since the 70’s is a total acknowledgement of this.

    2. Catholics are the least cucked. Ethnic Whites like Italians, Irish, White Cubans, ect. are generally Catholics and not cucks. The church itself is cucked though.

    3. Speaking of snakes that talk, have you seen the pope’s (fairly) new meeting hall? Talk about words from the mouth of a serpent!

    4. @ Wes
      Wow, such a superficial interpretation of Christianity. Your believing it how YOU want to believe it, rather than actually what it is. It is still a tool, still useful, and still enlightening.
      What, you can’t believe in a little ‘magic’? Your telling me that living on Earth right now isn’t ‘magical? Everywhere else in the universe where is there life like on Earth? Point me towards it? Show me? They say there are other ‘earth-like’ planets….show me the pictures, lets go right now! Oh, wait, we can’t….dude, the Earth is about as ‘magical’ as could possibly be….the rest of the known univers e is a massive MASSIVE death zone / wasteland…to think you aren’t ‘special’ or ‘magical’ is a fools errand….you can believe Earth is ‘normal’ but you can’t believe in talking snakes??? The Catholic Church is the most legit institution in human history, no other human institution has lasted 2,000 + years…America a baby in comparison and were ALREADY talking about its inevitable demise and the DOWNFALL of society…zzz….the Catholic Church isn’t going anywhere, get use to it ladies.

  5. The economist Professor Michael Hudson says we have been interpreting the bible incorrectly. And he has written an entire book about it. Rather than sex and sin, both Christianity and Judaism is preoccupied with debt. As it turns out, Jesus was a socialist activist who paid the ultimate price fighting for the reinstatement of regular debt jubilees. In fact, the rulers of classical antiquity who cancelled their subjects’ debts were overthrown with disturbing frequency and tended not to live that long…
    The Long Tradition of Debt Cancellation in Mesopotamia and Egypt from 3000 to 1000 BC

    1. that’s really interesting. I’ve actually found myself thinking about something similar…..although not in the respect you seem to be suggesting, which looks like it relates to the Shemitah

  6. Christianity is the means to speak to God without any priest, hierarchy, tradition, or man-centered organization.
    A sacrifice was always made to speak with God. The last sacrifice was made by Jesus, and paid that price for all time. Regardless of all the doctrine, dogma, or tradition, your channel to speak to God is always open when you’re a Christian through the blood of Jesus’s sacrifice.
    That’s the point of Christianity.

    1. Yes, we experience God directly. However, Jesus instituted a church with priests and a hierarchy in order to guide the flock, edify the sheep, and keep people from wandering into false teachings and error. I do not see them as mutually exclusive.

        1. I think it’s different for different people. For me, I am very acutely aware in any given moment of whether what I am doing, about to do, or thinking about doing is something which God is OK with or not.
          If what I’m doing / thinking about doing / about to do goes against God’s will, I feel a constriction in my chest and a distance from the peace which He normally maintains in my mind and my heart.
          Other times, I will get a swell of inspiration out of nowhere and just feel as if He is directing me to go talk to a specific person, or say or do a specific thing. It’s hard to describe…the deeper I get into the faith the more I learn to just trust it when these things happen.

      1. Michael, I enjoyed your article. But couldn’t you pretty much substitute traditional Islam or Orthodox Judaism and arrive at similar conclusions?
        I seem to recall that you had a Reform Jewish upbringing. What experience(s) led you to Christ exactly? And did you explore Orthodox Judaism before making this drastic switch? If so, what has Orthodox Christianity offered you that you weren’t able to find in more traditional forms of Judaism? Now that you’ve converted, do you ever have doubts?
        Thanks and best to you…

        1. Thank you and great questions.
          The problem with following Judaism, after the Incarnation of Christ, is that all of its prophecies and ceremonies have been fulfilled already. For example, if Christ is the ultimate Passover Lamb–the one to Whom all Jewish Passover services were pointing, and Whom they were foreshadowing–then why would you still celebrate Passover?
          The Epistle To The Hebrews goes into great detail explaining how and why the old Jewish ceremonies are now fulfilled and obsolete, and I agree with that conclusion.
          The (primary) problem with Islam is that it began as a Christian heresy, as I understand that Mohammad (assuming he existed) was taught by an Arian heretic that Christ was not actually God.
          Islam and Judaism both deny the Incarnation of Christ, the Gospel, and the Messianic role Christ played in on Earth. I think each of them has some things that are potentially true or useful, but why follow the shadow instead of the substance?
          My conversion to Christianity is hard to explain, but I had a very “Damascus-Road-like” moment where either Christ or an angel actually appeared to me while I was in the depths of my darkness and sin. I will never know which it was, I suppose, but either way that experience ripped my spiritual blinders off and showed me the truth.
          The transformation of my heart and mind that occurred as a result of that experience is what convinced me that I was not the highest authority of my life, as I had previously believed, but an absolutely tiny part of something much bigger. The love and grace I felt in that moment proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is good, that God is real, and that Christ is the vehicle through which God came to save our souls.
          Though I fall constantly in my efforts to be who God wants me to be, I never have a single moment of doubt as to the truth of Who He is and the mystery revealed to us by the Incarnation, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
          I ended up becoming an Orthodox Christian (though I am still a “catechumen” in the learning phase) because I got disillusioned with some of the blatantly false teachings of mainstream Protestantism and was seeking something deeper and more traditional.
          And then once I really started studying Orthodox theology and the writings of the Saints and Church Fathers, I decided to stick around and partake of the Holy Mysteries which they held in such high esteem.

        2. Thanks for your thorough explanation Michael. Last question, if you had to choose one or two books to help build a relationship with Christ, what would they be? Thanks again and blessings…

        3. My personal favorite spiritual book, outside of Scripture itself, is “Victory In The Unseen Warfare.” It’s a small part of Lorenzo Scupoli’s bigger work called “Spiritual Combat.” Scupoli himself was Catholic, and I believe it was then edited by a couple of Orthodox monks.
          Every page of this book contains profound yet simple wisdom, I hope it brings you as much joy and understanding as it has brought me:

  7. All organized religion is a form of social control to attempt to keep stupid people under control and not let those upety peasants get rich.

  8. But before they lay down, the men of the city, even the men of
    Sodom, compassed the house round, both old and young, all the
    people from every quarter :
    and they called unto Lot, and said unto him, Where are the men
    which came in to thee this night ? bring them out unto us, that we
    may know them.
    And Lot went out at the door unto them, and shut the door after

    1. In the name of Jesus Christ, please don’t follow the ideas of the sodomites!
      There si nothing to fear when 8-year-old Lactita, a tranny from Montreal,Canada will one day look up at the sky and taunt the Lord, ” God, I am a transgender girl and we rule Canada. If you disagree with us or offend us, we will charge you with Canadian hate speech codes and imprison you for transgender misogyny”.
      God will respond by sending brimstone and fire from the sky, and Lactita will look in horror as those fiery elements rain down severe like hail onto the sodomites.

  9. Yes I remember this dude saying he was part of sect. Some sect that was in a region of France which said it was Christian but engaged it some really occult stuff then it was destroyed. Creepy profile pic very occultic dude probably hangs out at Hot Topic.

    1. I considered myself a Cathar for a few months last year, and studied their writings and ideas quite deeply. The more I studied Scripture and prayed over it, the more I came to understand that dualism is wrong. So I ended up as an Orthodox catechumen instead.

        1. I did ultimately reject Catharism, though I still believe most of the charges against them were made-up. Very similar to what the Roman Catholics did to the Knights Templar…see a group you don’t like, bear false witness against them, then commit violence. Very un-Christian if you ask me.

        2. Due to financial difficulties which resulted from many military campaigns of his father’s as well as his own, the French king, Philip IV, in his search for money hijacked the papacy and put a new, French pope in Avignon after hounding out Pope Boniface VIII. Then he made the new Pope declare the Knights Templar heretics to seize their wealth, they were responsible for resurrecting the banking industry in medieval Europe and one of the richest institutions of their time, and therefore a prime target. That was a case of a politician using religion to his benefit, when religion still had a big impact on social and political life. Politicians will always make captive religious leaders bless their actions if that’s what they need when his subjects take religion seriously. By no means was the Church independent, and should not be blamed.

      1. You said you feel God when you do something good or a construction in your chest when you do something bad. So basically you’re a woman. Congrats, you haven’t proved God.

  10. Brother Michael, thanks for writing this.
    God is our *CREATOR* and He saved us by sacrificing His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to *SAVE HUMANITY* back to Himself.
    God wants all people to be saved.
    Thanks for giving us all a “reminder” of the Faith. Amen.
    (P.S. Let’s get connected online if you want.)
    ~ Bro. Jed

      1. KJV 1 John 3:7-10,
        7 Little children, let no man deceive you: he that doeth righteousness is righteous, even as he is righteous.
        8 He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.
        9 Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.
        10 In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil: whosoever doeth not righteousness is not of God, neither he that loveth not his brother.
        KJV 1 John 4:2-6,
        2 Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God:
        3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, wherefore ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.
        4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.
        5 They are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them.
        6 We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error.
        Soxmis, only the people who trust in *JESUS CHRIST* are “children of God”.
        It’s not too late for you to join too. Amen.
        ~ Bro. Jed

  11. Lol yea he does look like a hot topic dude. His wallet is probably on some yuge chain hanging off his gothic pants lol

  12. The sodomites threw beer at Roosh in Montreal, but don’t they fear God’s anger and wrath reaching a boiling point that God will eventually resort to raining fire and brimstone onto this city of sodomy?

    Our Lord Jesus Christ, please have the courage to save that youngster from fire and brimstone! Canada is a sodomite country, but if the young cannot be saved, all we can do is pray for Jesus Christ to return.

  13. The way I see it is we don’t know why we are here, why the universe exists and where we’re headed and why or why not. As living animals we seek comfort and safety. For simpler animals it comes more naturally but for humans it’s more complex. Even though humans are seemingly more complex than hamsters, we all have a big hamster in our heads that’s constantly trying to regulate the stream of information, emotions and insecurities that we’re tasked with dealing. We tend to talk about the hamster as something women have to make sense of their actions, the world and to regulate their inner self. Since men seem to be more philosophical than women, men presumably originated religion to satisfy the male hamster seeking equilibrium.
    I’m saying this with 0% smugness or disregard for religion and do feel sentimental affection for christianity. I do also feel sentimental affection towards movies and games from my childhood and reflecting on them is a spiritual experience for me. Religion, like other media, provides us with stories that help us structure our lives and identify with them.
    My personal spirituality is a mixture of stories and images derived from christianity as well as other media; even actual human destinies from my extended family as well as childhood memories. I’m hoping to some day unify it all into a book or a sloppy philosophy of some sort regarding truth seeking.
    At the moment I’m trying to learn a lot, be influenced by everyone and everything but not fall in any single frame; no single faith or creed can do all the thinking for me.

  14. Here’s on of the theories in ethology:
    Even if you don’t believe in God, a religion is the best tool ever “invented” (or “given”, if you are a religious) to compensate the absence of the inborn morality in humanity. Inborn morality is when “heavily armed” species don’t kill their own kind with claws, poison, horns for the whole species to survive. Humans, who weren’t “heavy armed” had manually created their first weapon by their quickly developed brains, therefore the evolution didn’t have time to synchronize and grant them an inborn morality before they completely kill each other in conflicts, ignited by his basic set of animal instincts.
    A religion, especially Christianity, has proven its effectiveness in battling the set of animal instincts which are interpreted as “sins” – stealing, formicating, killing…
    Christianity till the most recent times had been a guarantor of stable (patriarchal) family and society in general. Matriarchy, as we know cannot naturally survive.
    “If God didn’t exist, he should have been created” -Voltaire

    1. You know, that’s like saying, if hunger didn’t exist, we would have to invent it
      It completely twists and misdirects the issue. Since Voltaire was utterly unable to cogently argue his point, he chose mockery.
      No one invented hunger, or God. We all hunger for God as a part of our existance, as we hunger for food, because thats how we are made, by God.
      Those hostile to God and Christianity KNOW this. Which is why they choose to mock instead, and to deliberately miss the point.
      If you can’t argue away the elephant in the room, ignore it.

  15. Thank you for writing this. It provides a fresh perspective and is helping me reconcile life in a world driven by the feminine imperative, the new age movement, and globalism.
    The blue pill paradigm is whoremongering when you think about it. It reduces women to prostitutes: resources for sex. Men are literally programmed to feel morally superior for what is in truth begging women to become prostitutes and take their money. Even worse, their dignity. The elite’s push for goddess worship begins to make so much more sense in light of the feminine imperative and the accompanying progressivism.
    While an alpha male will still lust for sex and power, there is something to be valued in a man who can value principle and truth over the sentiments of a woman. Man worships his own self in vain, we are witnesses to our own decay. Other than the self and the one true Christ, there is only the Goddess-or at best the androgynous image of the beast.
    At this point, though I am still a lustful sinner, at the very least I can make the vow that no desire for social acceptance, security, money, power, or sex could ever compel me to be ashamed of the truth that is in Christ Jesus.

    1. We are all sinners my brother. It is not the sin for which we are judged, it is our lack of repentance and acknowledging it as such. God’s boundless grace and mercy are an endless fountain of love and forgiveness to those who know their own sin and repent for it constantly. Then our task becomes to treat others with the same forgiveness and long-suffering with which God treats us–and that is where the REALLY hard work begins.

      1. This is the meaning behind angelic apparitions that have always begun with “Penance! Penance! Penance!” Because that is what the New Testament and Jesus’s salvation is about…Penance & salvation.
        Satan and his demons will never waste their time attacking false doctrines. This is why Christianity is the only faith under attack. Because it is the only true faith. Jesus is real. There is a reason why the Marxist elites hate Christianity so much…but they never say anything about any other religion.

      2. We are sinners because God made us sinners. He made Adam knowing he would eat the fruit, and punishes us for it.
        Would you punish a child for the s

  16. 1. Occam’s Razor suggests that the world never “fell” in the first place; a simpler model of the universe cuts out the Rube Goldberg story in Christian theology by assuming that it has always looked haphazard. No one “designed” it perfectly, and then it fell into ruin.
    2. If you don’t believe the claim that Jesus has terrifying supernatural powers, and that he’ll use them to punish you in the afterlife, then what does he have left?
    3. The Christian world view offers no explanation for how god’s creatures can rebel against him, nor what keeps this from happening again and again. For all we know, C.S. Lewis in heaven could turn away from god and become Literally Screwtape.

    1. “If you don’t believe the claim that Jesus has terrifying supernatural powers, and that he’ll use them to punish you in the afterlife, then what does he have left?”
      Jesus is a path you choose for your own salvation, he is not a “tool” for punishment

    2. He’ll is not God’s punishment….its the devils reward. “For the wages of sin, is death”
      Actually, Eden still exists. Mankind was tossed out.
      It would all make more sense to you if you stop deliberately twisting the story to support your hostilities

    3. Genetic decay is an oft ignored scientific fact. With each generation, our genes break down more and more whether it be from mistakes in replication or epigenetic pollutants. Natural selection can only use what genes already exist and filter them so only the fittest survive, though they are still decaying. Hence, survival of the fittest. Genetic mutatation is a laughable explanation for the ordering of the genetic code: one reason is because for even the simplest phenotype to emerge, millions of base pairs would have to spontaneously and simultaneously mutate, and also because it’s never been observed even once in 50 years of genetics. And if it theoretically did exist, the rate of genetic decay is so fast that 500 bad mutations to one good mutations is extremely generous.
      All science points to order before entropy. Occams razor is a believers best friend.

  17. Christianity is just judaism for the goyim.
    > b-but muh jesus was an aryan! Menorahs, passover, and murdering greeks and romans is white AF! Ha! Checkmate.

  18. “The Christian world view offers no explanation for how god’s creatures can rebel against him, nor what keeps this from happening again and again.”
    It does, it’s called a free will. It’s one of the major concepts

  19. Christ is the living expression of God on this Earth ; The Greatest Gift -an example life!
    Christ himself said even He so not fully good; Only God can be
    Christ showed us the way; We must TRY to be good
    Christ said “All that you do is known” ; Our intentions and suffering are KNOWN
    Christ said he came with a SWORD ; We pray to be good enough but we commenters here on ROK have NO IDEA how evil and sick the world is despite all our grousing…!
    Any good person can FEEL an END is approaching!
    We pray with Christ that we are worthy for God!

  20. I love seeing how christians tear each other new one’s over who has the Dogma nailed down better – yea christianity will never unite or save us, keep dreaming.

    1. @ Othmar
      ha, man clever…
      nah dude, its really simple discussion actually, if you aint a part of the ‘in crowd’ it might look like nothing is getting ‘solved’ but the zeitgeist is a truckin right along…lemme fill you in:
      Catholics (Roman Catholic) and Eastern Orthadox might as well be one in the same compared to every other Christian denomination…they have DOGMA, for all of the little girls out there, yes, DOGMA = RUles, sorry if rules scare you ladies, but the Church has rules.
      As far as ALL other Christians go, well…they don’t have any rules because they believe in this term called SOLA SCRIPTURA – which means they get to interpret the bible however they want…BUT, ALL of the other denominations want you to believe they have rules because they are ALL interpreting scripture (the bible) however they want – so …. you can start to see how the shit looks confusing on the outside..you have a bunch of ‘Christians’ saying whatever they want, and then you have the dogmatic Christians who are following a strict guide who are disproving their idociy left and right…
      So there you have it…essentially you have a lot of Christians saying whatever the hell they want because of SOLA SCRIPTURA, while on the other hand you have a lot of Christians saying what has always been said by Jesus. So its essentially God’s word versus some people thinking they know how to interpret the bible. Take your pick.
      On the outside looks cahotic, but realistically the nondenominational ‘Christians’ are subjectivists, and the Catholics and Eastern Orthodox are objectivists in line which natural morality and God’s objective natural plan.

  21. You are a huge cuck if you if you still buy into religion and Christianity. Have you ever noticed that praying is a lot like talking to yourself? Oh wait

    1. Well, of being a gullible atheist makes you smarter, I am proud to be a “dumb” Christian
      Christianity is the highest form of sanity.

      1. Gullible and atheist mix like vinegar and oil lol. What’s gullible is being told there is a being in the sky watching your every move ready to reward or punish you when you die. Sounds an awful lot like Santa Claus wouldn’t you agree?

        1. Gullible- Is thinking you have all (if any) of the answers to life
          Atheism- Is pretending life just invented itself.. which is impossible
          The Father exists within you AND beyond you.
          Life is not a policeman issuing a reward/fail test… it is a nurturing of your ability to leave all this behind and, in worthiness, JOIN The Father!

    2. Have you ever noticed that praying is a lot like talking to yourself?
      So? What is wrong with that? I talk to myself because I am one of the few people smart enough to understand what I am saying half the time.

      1. The point I was making is few people don’t recognize that praying is talking to yourself. I talk to myself all the time which is not inherently bad. Talking to yourself while thinking it’s “praying” is what I was highlighting as a foolish thing to do.

        1. Shadow!
          “Dear Father, thank you for the gifts I have been given, thank you for remaining with me in all times of trouble; accept me despite my mistakes & imperfection so that one day I can return to you in glory.”
          You consider this “foolish” ????

    3. @ Shadow Troll
      Ever heard of the logo’s? The metaphysical property that connect sall things together. Basically its the same shit that keeps your hearting beating and also my heart beating. Maybe your more of these materialist who thinks everything is clay and putty and just random energy, either way, same ‘energy’ beating your heart is same thing beating my heart….why it keeps beating yours is beyond me…but the point is to ‘pray’ is yeah, talking to yourself, but you aren’t just yourself, the metaphysics of life which holds everything together is connected to everything else….so when you pray your actually praying to everything…I’m sure you’ll have to re-read everything I wrote cuse your too stupid to understand it the first time…anyways nice try trolling though noob troll

  22. When I read that man gets closer to God degree by degree I knew something was up. I sense the authorn is a widow’s son. 🙂

    1. Used to be, but left in June 2017. I was specifically referencing 2 Corinthians 3:18…”And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit”…but I suppose the terminology never really leaves you 🙂

  23. Among the chief tenets of Christianity are Truth and Love. Try going through your day without uttering a single lie either to yourself or to others. It’s terrifying at first and then liberating. “Truth will set you free.” It will show you the world as it is, instead of as you wish it to be. Once you stop bullshitting yourself, your self-respect and self-esteem will improve. You will no longer be ashamed of yourself but hold your head high. The tenet of speaking truth is not found in all of the world’s religions, by the way. The tenet of truth allowed Christiandom to evolve at a fast rate, engage in scientific inquiry and achieve excellence. Christianity also allows the separation of state and church, which again resulted in people’s ability to focus on science and excellence. Christianity puts responsibility on the individual and discourages the blaming of others for your own faults, mistakes or shortcomings. This forces you to work on yourself. Christianity promotes forgiveness over revenge, which helps you cut ties that keep you fettered to your past tragedies and thus allows you to move on. I believe this is why we don’t have sectarian conflict among Christians much any more. Finally, the doctrine of love. Love over hatred, that is a powerful message. Hate consumes you, takes you farther away from God. It also leads to a never-ending cycle of revenge. The only way to stop it is by not playing that game. Stop hating, start loving… You must first love yourself before you are capable of loving others. You can only love yourself if you speak and live truthfully. … Even if you don’t want to read the Bible or follow the doctrine, you can at least look at Jesus Christ’s example. If you emulate him, you will end up being a very good man. He was above the sin of the common man, so to speak, and really no sin can be pinned on him. I know that the Catholic Church is nothing like he was — he would probably kick them out of the temples today — but if you focus on his life’s example, you can’t go wrong. You will end up a truthful, responsible and loving man whose back is straight and whose conscience is clear.

    1. Is gets harsh.. but truth can be brutal!
      The principles of true Christianity are unequaled.
      Asian religions get so passive and non-committal that even the most successful there can engage in serious immorality without the slightest pause.
      Middle Eastern religions get so prideful and disdaining that casual murder is not considered wrong.
      Ancient religions are pure exercises in authority and lack sympathy & mercy.
      Pagan religion is so idolatrous that there are no helpful words to live by.
      It is TRUE.
      NO religion held by man can be perfect.
      But Christ makes real the notion of our struggle on earth as being worthwhile and transformative!

    2. @ Madre
      your non-denominational, ‘feel-good’, relativistic Jesus rhetoric is disgusting, stop while your ahead
      “I know that the Catholic Church is nothing like he was — he would probably kick them out of the temples today ”
      Uhhh, no, He would probably kick your ass for making Him out to be some ‘feel good hippy’ – how this idiotic is getting ‘thumbs up’ is beyond me, nondenominational Christianity = relativism…”OH! The BIBLE makes me FEEL SO GOOD, I LOVE GAWD!” – God, shut UP! You sound preachy and half baked, Jesus’s message is yes GOOD NEWS, but its NOT some FEEL GOOD bs conjured by nondenominational whores of Babylon who have no comprehension of biblical prophesy or how to accuratly interpret it. If you actually followed the bible you’d realize your message of ‘peace and love’ is a relativistic concept. Yes, yes Jesus preached ‘peace and love’ – OBVIOUSLY, but He also OBVIOUSLY preached for a Church and a dogmatic, yes DOGMATIC structure. Your making a mockery of the religion, so just clam down hippy.

      1. @ Joey Doey: “Your making a mockery of the religion, so just clam down hippy.”
        I do not mock, unlike you. God makes himself known to us on the level we understand. Jesus Christ took for his disciples fishermen (among others), not experts on the religious law. It’s because the latter were too proud and self-absorbed to listen to him.
        Your ‘holier than thou’ attitude is boorish. Your words drip arrogance and contempt. Jesus Christ walked on earth, not in the clouds. He came to serve mankind, not rule it with an iron fist, and he was humble in his attitude. You should try it sometimes.
        “You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.” ( Jeremiah 29:13)

  24. Michael, thanks for this great article. I hope it will help to guide some guys into the right path…
    Having faith in Jesus Christ and having the holy spirit living inside will give someone internal piece and joy. There is nothing else in this world which can do that and have such a power.
    In good times you have somebody to thank for. And in bad times you have somebody to give you hope and strength. Without god and christ you are merely an (intelligent) animal living in this world.
    Better seek for your creater and his wonderfull gospel… and love him with all your heart.
    And im glad you adressed the problem with people who are just ‘doing lip service’. I think many “christian” politics fall into this category and must be treated with caution.
    Everything you experience in this world will pass away… but christ will be forever.
    29 But this I say, brethren, the time is short: it remaineth, that both they that have wives be as though they had none; 30 And they that weep, as though they wept not; and they that rejoice, as though they rejoiced not; and they that buy, as though they
    possessed not; 31 And they that use this world, as not abusing it: for the fashion of this world passeth away.
    1 CORINTHIANS, chapter 7

    1. And for those who are struggling with believing in christ, as they are decievied into thinking that christianity is old-fashioned, foolish, outdated, man-made, ….
      I recommend you read gods word with an open mind and heart and let it sink in. Or just go to a church and listen to the gospel and sermon.
      There is nothing to be compared with the power of gods word…
      12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged
      sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.
      Hebrews, chapter 4
      Dont be decieved by the world and end up in unbelief…
      22 For the Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom: 23 But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumblingblock, and unto the Greeks foolishness; 24 But unto them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God. 25 Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.
      1 CORINTHIANS, chapter 1

    2. Amen! And as Elder Paisios of the Holy Mountain said,
      “What I see around me would drive me insane, if I did not know that no matter what happens, God will have the last word.”

  25. The “point” of Christianity is to let people know that not everything in the Old Testament is accurate, true, etc. Jesus was forever saying something like: “It was said… but I say…”

    1. And moreso Christ is the -higher expression- of the foundational elements of the Old Testament.
      Christ was beyond mere rules.
      His message was to find and serve God by LIVING and BEING with Him in daily life. From the greatest to the simplest detail. Striving to improve oneself without stress or false pride.

  26. @Michael Witcoff
    “Ah, my mistake for taking your question seriously. It won’t happen again.”
    So now you’re just going to ignore me because you don’t want to accept that I’m right.
    You said you FEEL God. That doesn’t mean anything, because feelings change constantly. Ask any woman. Hamster alert.

    1. There is a difference…. Its more than just a feeling, which can change constantly.
      Of course you can feel gods glory very intense, for example when you praise him in songs and psalms, when you follow his path,… its not uncommon to have tears of joy.
      But you are able to back up your feelings and even intense them by using your mind and spirit (first). After you understand gods glory with your mind and connect with your soul and are in the spirit, the feelings come. He gives you peace and joy in mind, body and soul.
      Even when you feel very bad for yourself, suffering through hard times… you can allways found an ‘escape’ by having faith in the lord. Its stable and grounded. He is there for everyone, reaching hands.
      Think about it man. Salvation is there for you too!

      1. Here you can watch an one hour sermon from abaptist preacher on the subject of ‘feelings for god’ and how there is more than just feelings… backed up by scripture. I recommend you watching it, as it pretty much directs your ‘concerns’.

        1. No man…
          You can understand it fully rational (first). But the last step to complete it is FAITH… not evidence. Faith is required, god is only pleased by faith.
          After understanding and having faith you can fully use your emotions… because you LOVE what you UNDERSTAND… all backened up, based on a rock.
          Im glad you are responding and once again really recommend you the sermon, its very detailed. This might be the best day in your life…

      2. Faith is belief without evidence and is therfore completely irrational.
        You’re a woman. An emotional, irrational woman.

  27. “The Late Great Planet Earth” is what threw me out of theology, not Jesus.
    Though I have gained an interest in spirituality, in general. Exploring altered states of consciousness, or meditative states, using various techniques. Plus mind/body practices, such as switching to body-weight strength training instead of weights, deep breathing, and manifested healing. Among other things. All fascinating topics I use to dismiss as nonsense. Which I now know are not. The question is, are these experiences due to “Real Magic”, or science disguised?
    The Christian obsession with The End Times, and the return of Jesus to smite all the doubters, remains dispiriting, and revolting to me. Truth is something to be curious, not dogmatic about. Something skeptics and atheists of various stripes taught me just as much about as religion.

    1. Religion consists of revelation and dogma. Jesus brought revelation, his followers enshrined it in dogma. When dogma gets too restrictive, too heavy, it’s time for new revelation. It’s the cycle of all religions, except those that claim to have been perfect from the start. In Christianity, God is the judge but also the redeemer. He judges you (tells you what you did wrong) but he also gives you a way to redeem yourself. I read the New Testament and the lines where Jesus warns people about the day of judgment. He was just reminding them that they should not be putting off the betterment of themselves — they should do so now. He constantly reminded people to find God in their hearts, not in rituals, form or religious laws. He was an amazingly honest man, a genuine person.

      1. @ Madre
        Spoken like a true nondenominational relativist. “Oh my Gawddd…theres too much DOGMA!” – “Its sooo restrictive.!!” – “I hate taking orders, find Gawd in YOUR HEART” – i.e. subjectively invert your feelings to make yourself FEEL better – “When DOGMA gets TOO restrictive” – BE QUIET wretch, everything Jesus preached WAS dogma, to say otherwise is to misinterpret the message completely- get out of your non-denominational subjective ivory tower and go read some DOGMATIC philosophy which accurately interprets scripture; i.e. go read some Augustine or Aquinas, guys who actually devoted their entire lives to understanding scripture and not just believing Jesus was some ‘feel good hippy’ – “He was an AMAZING and HONEST and GENUINE man” – agreed, agreed, agreed, but its obvious your just a ‘feel good Christian’ – hate to tell you, but Jesus will have nothing to do with your subjective fairy tale feel good emotions if they aint grounded in his law and logic…goodluck breaking out of the ivory tower you constructed

    2. @ MattTarngo
      You can be both cuprous about truth and ALSO dogmatic at the same time ya know.
      Not to mention, you sound like you might have a guilt complex. Normally when people bemoan the fact that Christians are ‘obsessed with the end times’, what they’re really saying is they can’t stand the idea of God ‘judging’ them and as if THATS ALL LIFE IS is too be judged…hate to be the one to tell you this, but that’s a big portion of what life actually IS, is to be judged by the creator…we are the creation being judged…would you not judged your creation?
      If you made the universe would you not ‘test it’? Would not poke it and pry at it, and if it went against what you did (aka sinned) against you, wouldn’t you wnt to train it to be better? No matter what you think of Christianity its undeniable nature ‘tests’ itself – everything in life is molding and mixing into everything else and attempting to make sense of itself, to me it only seems logical there’s a creator (God) carving out His creation. Would seem ignorant to think otherwise. Everything in life attempts to understand and DO ‘something’.
      Anyways man, point is you sound caught up on Christians guilt tripping, sayin they are all worried bout the end times or whatever, I would have to disagree and simply say its natural to be judged. You don’t learn anything if you don’t have someone telling you how it works, well, maybe you do, but nature has its own set of laws, if you can’t submit to whats natural than your living in a fairy tell subjective lala-land.

      1. Joey Doey- Interesting. Hadn’t thought of it like that. And I just might have some kind of guilt complex. Could be.
        You mentioned ‘nondenominational’ to Mare there. That’s the kind of thing that got me thinking more spiritually. Guys like Wayne Dyer, Greg Braden, and even David Hawkins. But it does leave you hanging, doesn’t it? On the other hand, thanks to Wayne Dyer, I succeeded with manifested healing. God or nature, saved my damn life for some reason. Just can’t figure out why.

      2. @Joey Doey
        Just realized I didn’t put one of my points across effectively enough. I’m not just afraid of being judged, I’m afraid of the the end of the world. That’s the one Christian’s are so big on, that I don’t get. I fear that, and the mind set, more than being judged by my maker.

  28. Wow! This is one of the best articles written here. On point and precise. I can affirm that what the author is saying here is true, as his words match my own experiences as well. This is the process of sanctification, a pruning of one’s “branches” so that a man may produce “good” fruit in his life again, the way it was always meant to be. This leads to a joyful heart and a peace that the world cannot offer you and never will. Although I am still learning and at times come into contact with my own rebellious nature ( doing things I know I ought not to do, which leads to death; emptiness, void, etc..), God’s grace and mercy overrules in which we acknowledge the truth of our nature and being…We become a witness to ourselves as we really are in our “fallen” state, catching a glimpse in the mirror of the fractured image we posses. We come into contact with our own lies and deceit, thus creating a life of something like an “imposter” or “counterfeit” of the real person that we were originally created to become. We know something is “off” but we can never quite put a finger on it, until we come to the end of ourselves and turn away from our own self-rule; pride of the mind and heart. We were never designed to live apart from God, the I AM, the one whom spoke things into existence. Jesus is the spoken Word in human form, in the flesh, in which his revelation of himself reveals us back to the Word which spoke creation into existence. The only way for things to change for good is for men to change for good. The only way men really change is if their heart’s change thus transforming their mind into alignment of Reality as it really is, not as we manufacture it to be. The heart can only be changed by an act of God which was Christ crucified and resurrected, proving the veracity of Christ’s promise and fulfillment in his role of mankind …If the resurrection did not happen, then Christianity is nothing and it is no different then any other form of ideology or morality or religion that has been brought into the world already. Christianity’s purpose was not to turn bad people good again, no, it was to turn dead people alive again, here in the now and forevermore…!!

        1. Evidence of God? What sustains and beats your heart? What keeps shit held together….just random energy? Life itself is intelligent, clearly, if it wasn’t we wouldn’t have intelligence in the first place – proof of God is simple, its all around you, everything sustains itself, if life was just random chaotic energy there would be no such thing as concsciousness or intelligence or anything able to be kept together, it would just be all random matter and bullshit flailing all over the place
          Proof of a God is found in Plato’s theory of forms and also in the stoic concept of the logo’s, but its ultimately manifested and learned through Jesus who was the speakerhead for the logo’s and universal energy of life – before Jesus God (the energy of life, the metaphyscis of life) talked in all kinds of random ways; i.e. the burning bush, etc. With Jesus he was bale to speak to us directly as we understand other humasn….
          Ultimatly the ‘proof’ of God is simply that we exist and we can call life ‘existence’ – if there were no divine meta energy of life the universe would just be random chaotic bullshit and 2+2 would equal 1 or -184928, or 2+1 would = 45e9e39 – there’s describable logic, that’s why we can come to the knowledge of a creator as best as our knowledge allows. If no of, than none of this shit matters and life has no purpose. But its obvious some shit matters and other shit doesn’t. I don’t know why acknowledging monotheism is so difficult, its by far and away the most logical thing you could accept. People are willing to suspend disbelief for al kinds of random subjective bullshit but they won’t do it for the divine…zzz…talk about overthinking it.

        2. The evidence is that I feel no ill will towards you despite your mean comments, which would not have been the case before I gave my life to God. A couple of years ago I would have called you names and engaged in a long and drawn-out conflict with you. Now, I feel no anger and hope that you will someday also get to learn what living by grace feels like 🙂

        3. Wticoff’s reply believe it or not actually gets to the ‘heart’ of the matter – there is an ‘undercurrent’ of natural reactios and ‘goodness’ which people have and which is most evident in probably children. He does have a point, ‘finding’ the divine is ultimately to find self-peace…’peace’ is essentially what all men are after…not your ‘passive’ peace which some guys think Christianity means being a pacifist, but a calm peace within yourself which is a natural reaction to being at peace with yourself. The point is humans have natural traits such as peace and love etc which is really what were all after, but they get distorted and abused because of human sin and thinking we can do anything – being at peace with yourself is a very blessed thing to be…does it prove divinity…meh…Idunno, its a stretch to make that claim, but ultimately I can connect the dots llike I sort of already tried to do. I would say proof of the divine in this context is that all humans have a universal ‘base’ of ‘feelings’ which every human can relate to, and every other subjective emotion distorts those base emotions. For example, like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, all were content and satisified, but once ‘knowledge’ was acquired, humans began to distort their universal emotional traits…anyways, I dunno, I think at the end of the day deep down everyone wants the same things and this natural longing for peace can justify a creator, but its a tough thing to try to justify divinity this way is all I’m saying.

      1. Once again you use FEELINGS as “proof”. In thought ROK was all about logic and seeing the truth of the world.
        Argument from Emotion, Leading the Rvidence, Circukar Reasoning, Argument from Design, Argument from Ignorance.
        Not very rational or logical guys.

  29. It should come as no surprise that religion and philosophy and Christianity in particular are the very tools men must use to be complete. Anyone whose ever had an existential crisis can account to the fact that when your lost, alone in the woods, and you think your going to die that you wish there was something ‘greater’ out there. We all want an afterlife, you’de be an idiot to think you don’t want to go to Heaven. “Oh, yeah, I’m cool with being nothing when I die.”…zzz….only ignorant ‘scientific’ atheist talk like that. Ask any animal (other than humans), would you want to live forever? Every animal would universally say, “Hell YES!” – but NO! Your ‘smart’ materialists and scientists all want to simply be putty and clay and matter and be nothing when they die…zzz…
    Christianity is essentially advanced stoicism, and or the completion of stoic ethics + platonic ideals. If the metaphysics of the universe (i.e. the logo’s) is an actual reality, and Jesus is the Logo’s (aka the speakerhead for the universal energy) than it should come as no surprise that we should follow what the universe is telling us to do. In truth it would be illogical to not do what nature is commanding; i.e. it would be relativistic for us to think we can do whatever is contrary to nature and to not follow nature’s laws. In the end you either ‘buy into’ the idea that Jesus is the speakerhead for the universal metaphysics of reality (the Logo’s) or you don’t. But if someone was giving me a universal lottery ticket to cash in for eternal life and all I had to do was to follow what is already naturally moral and true and proper to a T, than I’d cash that lotto ticket in for sure.
    Its unfortunate that we have had that confirmation already given to us, nature has already spoken to us through Jesus and many people don’t listen. This is unfortunate because deep down, without the divine, we are nothing but matter. I encourage any man to not only read the Bible, but to follow it. The bible isn’t merely some book you read to make you feel good, its a practical manual to live by, and it has a foundation and an institution behind it (Catholic Church, obviously). I’m sure many guys will find this all preachy, but it can’t be stated enough that your soul is literally gone after you die if you don’t have the Logo’s as a part of you. You will become nothing if you don’t make yourself part of the Logo’s. Were all part of the logo’s of life, but unless you eat of Christ you have no life in you. I know, for the skeptics its a tough black pill to swallow, even the skeptics of Jesus’s time didn’t care for what he was saying.
    John 6:52
    At this, the Jews began to argue among themselves, “How can this man give us His flesh to eat?”
    John 6:53:
    53Jesus said to them, “I tell you the truth, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you. 54Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day. 55For my flesh is real food and my blood is real drink. 56Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in him. 57Just as the living Father sent me and I live because of the Father, so the one who feeds on me will live because of me.” (John 6:53-57)
    How do you expect to resurrect when the son of man returns?
    Corinthians 15:13
    “If there is no resurrection of the dead, then not even Christ has been raised.”
    “And if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain.”
    Being Catholic I accept the fact that I could be wrong, but you’de be a fool to not want a winning lottery ticket for everlasting life, so I’ll gladly preach the word and happily embrace Christ. To not do so would be illogical.

    1. You might be interested in Hieromonk Damascene’s book “Christ The Eternal Tao.” It is excellent.

      1. Yeah man, haven’t read that one, looks like a good read I’ll check it out for sure. People forget that Christianity is the religion of the logo’s which is essentially a pantheistic concept – not that Christianity is pantheism obviously, but people forget how intertwined Christianity is with nature itself…but yeah the case for the Tao being a precursor to Christ is really like peanut butter and jelly; Idunno how else to put it, they go together really well. It becomes really easy actually to draw the conclusion that the Tao and Christ are one in the same if you have a clear understanding of the origin of Christ and the logo’s that is. I think most people (in the West – America; being traditionally a monotheistic culture) they don’t see the connection to the East that clearly. But yeah, I’ve read the Tao The Ching and have always felt they are connected so I’m glad to see someone pointing out this book you mentioned and making a comment on it becaue the similarities are really striking; Logo’s = Tao. I’ll have to give the book a look, but I hope he mentions the dualism which is present in Christianity just as much as it is in the Tao; dark, light, etc etc. I’ve ‘heard’ (read somewhere) that its possible Jesus traveled to Egypt or Asia at some point, but as far as I k now there’s no proof of that. Regardless I do think Jesus was the universal manifestation of the logo’s so to me its no surprise that Him and the Tao would have such strong similarities. The Tao is really about the ‘heart’ I was mentioning in my prior comment about you. Point being that humans have an underlying subset of ’emotions’ which are universal but become distorted. Love, for example is the most obvious form of this – no one in real love really knows how to explain it or put it in words. The Tao is essentially the same thing more or less, there are no words for the Tao, its everywhere but nowhere – its essentially metaphysics and Plato’s theory of forms etc. I would say Jesus showcases the Tao the best – he rarely asked people outright for somekind of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ reply, everything He did was an effort to bubble forth the persons true motives from within them.

        1. Self correction: I heard somewhere Jesus traveled to INDIA or Asia, thought I haven’t seen or read any proof of that – though pantheism is like essentially the world’s oldest religion right next to monotheism, the similarities between Jesus and the Tao are really striking.
          As a side note, I would like to simply say for the sake of the overall discussion that Jesus from a philosophical point of view (as far as I know) was the first ‘philosopher’ to really preach the idea of ‘love your neighbor’ – that idea was not a bedrock for philosophical inquiry before Him, which seems worth mentioning. I believe this is even mentioned and acknowledged among many of today’s secular philosophers: The book ‘The Great Conversation – by Norman Melchert” mentions this, which is worth a read by the way.

        2. It is not a syncretistic book, and does not make the argument that Taoism and Christianity are the same thing. They are certainly not. But it does make many interesting points about how “Tao” means “The Way,” and how living in accordance with the laws of Nature is what Adam and Eve were doing before they sinned. The basic premise (which doesn’t begin to cover the depth and beauty of the book) is essentially that, before Christ the Incarnate Logos came to Earth, Lao-Tzu was basically as close to the true God as a pre-Christian could get. And that Christian living is truly living the Way, the Tao, of harmony with God’s laws.

        3. Interesting..ok…yeah I’ll have to give it a read none the less…so essentially Lao-Tzu was a ‘sage’ then I take it? Seems humanly impossible but I’ll give it a read nonetheless. I fall into the stoic camp when it comes to philosophy in general, but I’m also Catholic, it makes for a killer combo – I don’t mind syncretism as long as it doesn’t contradict…but yeah, in terms of if whether an actual ‘sage’ ever existed I think that title goes solely to Jesus…but yeah, form what I read in the past of the Tao Teh Ching I did find ‘enlightening’ for the most part.

        4. For clarification’s sake, I would simply say being a ‘stoic sage’ is the ideal human condition and more or less what Adam and Eve were before the ‘fall’ – regardless I think there were several great philosophers who were close to being an actual ‘sage’ – I would even throw most Desert Fathers into that group – but realistically being a ‘true sage’ is essentially like being in line with nature 100% and always ‘choosing’ the best course of action which is in line with nature, the discussion can become incredibly abstract, but needless to say I think Jesus was an actual true ‘sage’ because He was literally a part of the logo’s, and so He had no other choice but to make the ‘right’ choices 100% of the time, anyways, for the everyday man becoming a ‘sage’ is to literally abandon everything you think you know…like less than 1% of men will ever venture down that road, I basically side with Cicero in that, “every non-sage is mad.” Becoming a true ‘sage’ is black or white, there’s no middle ground.

  30. While many of the points are true, they do not paint the real reason for why Christ came to earth. Jesus Christ is the only way that we can be reconciled to God, through his vicarious death and resurrection for our justification. While He showed us what a godly life looks like, simply following His example will not save us, because we simply cannot. He was sinless, and we are all sinners. His death on the cross for all of our sins, and simple faith in Him as the only means of salvation, saves us from the wrath of God. We need the only Son of God, Jesus Christ, for the forgiveness of our sins. Only the gospel of Christ can save humanity, and when we bear fruit in keeping with repentance, then we are able to do good works.

    1. The only part of your comment that I disagree with is that faith alone is the fullness of salvation. I agree that faith in Christ can cause miracles to happen in your life. But what if there is more than that, which mere faith alone cannot do without participating in the life of the Church? What if that initial justification is just the beginning of what God has in store for you?

    2. Also, the Gospel is about much more than saving people on an individual level. It is about the total redemption of all creation, and the deification of the cosmos itself. The union of the human soul with God is the most important step in that process, since it is only by that union that Adam was able to maintain Paradise as such. Paradise only fell once Adam broke that union with God. And through OUR union and re-unification with God, so through us will all the cosmos be deified. So yes, Christ came to save our souls. But it is about more than just us as individuals.

  31. Christianity is a noble’s religion, like any successful venture into spirituality, it becomes visible at the top of human hierarchy. Christianity becomes far less successful when in the domain of common people. Allow this explanation, when morality withholds daily necessities from a populace, those necessities become wants. This is asceticism, a discipline, which becomes more than earthly in noble hands, but degrades to a self-destruction in the hands of the common people. For Christianity to become what it once was will require great leadership.
    And hey, I took that advice on turmeric to eat it with peppercorn, perhaps it should be ground, unless having an erection the size of a horse while taking a shit sounds fun to you.

    1. @Sphincter Eater
      “Christianity becomes far less successful when in the domain of common people.” – False, Christianity is ALL about the domain of the common people. Your explanation of morality is like equating apples with oranges.
      “…But Jesus called them aside and said, “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their superiors exercise authority over them. 26It shall not be this way among you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, 27and whoever wants to be first among you must be your slave…”
      Jesus was King because He made Himself servant to all, and served every person. That is what it really means to be a king…’lording’ over people in the cliché manner of having servants and minions isn’t how a real king acts, a king is someone who helps his people. If you have a ruler, you want your ruler to be just and to help those in need, not to simply dish out orders left and right….All Jesus did was help others and this is why he is king of all.
      Christianity is visible because literally any person can relate to it, not just the ‘nobles’ – your sort of threading the needle I think in trying to make the claim that Christianity is only well-known because it eventually had ‘nobility’ behind it, but the whole reason for Christianity’s success if because it was and is a natural religion to adopt because its useful for any person in any station of life.

      1. It’s difficult enough to pull thoughts together, so let’s not attempt to instruct eachother. Now, I’ll just say, nobility is scarce and kings are far.

  32. Literally all issues complained about on this website would not exist in a Christian world. No adultery no divorce have kids honor and obey your husband BUT it will be torn apart on this website because the fornicators who publish articles don’t want to trade their cheap pussy for a committed relationship even if divorce was off the table.

    1. It is true that traditional, patriarchal Christianity is a bulwark against every single issue that the Manosphere is (rightly) complaining about. However, I choose to believe–and I acknowledge I may just be projecting here–that most men do want a genuine, fulfilling, loving, meaningful relationship with a woman.
      The problem in the Western world is that the enemies of our society have used their massively disproportionate financial and energetic resources to hinder and destroy anything that could potentially lead to such a relationship.
      And that goes for both men and women. Any trait which the other finds attractive, the powers that be will do their best to stamp out. It is all very deliberate, and a tale as old as time.
      So in regards to the kind of men usually drawn to Return Of Kings, I prefer to see them as trying to make the best of a near-unworkably-bad situation, rather than having an actual preference for degeneracy over wholesomeness.
      The solution is the same. For society to be restored, the enemies of God must be rooted out of their positions of power. Then genuinely God-fearing men must take their places, and enact social policy based on Biblical principles rather than the fleeting whims of individualism.

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