Tonight: Tradthots Call-In Live Stream With Nick Fuentes, Laura Loomer, Davis Aurini, And Myself

Many men have asked me to a live stream around the topic of tradthots, a topic I did a video about nearly two months ago. I’ve enlisted the help of three tradthot experts to discuss this cultural phenomenon. We’re going live tonight at 6:45pm EST.

If you would like to call in during the show, check out the description box of the above video on YouTube for details.

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10 thoughts on “Tonight: Tradthots Call-In Live Stream With Nick Fuentes, Laura Loomer, Davis Aurini, And Myself”

  1. A lot of these chicks have deep voices. Not attractive. And if a girl is talking and I can hear her a mile away, not attractive.

  2. I wanted to wish everyone on the livestream well..
    –but for some reason I got queasy and had to log off…
    I can’t explain why but it seemed so oddly staged.
    OBVIOUSLY tradhots are fake.. its like an oxymoron even as an idea.
    Everyone acts cleverly informed but no REAL answers to life’s problems are ever discussed..
    Its all platitudes and self-promotion..

  3. Shitty stream, shouldn’t have been any women there, because 90% of it was Laura and Faith yapping about how they’re “not like other girls” in order to do damage control.
    This stream alone proved why you shouldn’t invite females into male spaces lol

  4. ROK is really turning into crap just like all the other poop out there. All this grandstanding about not having women in the movement and then these dumb bimbos come on. What is next trannies?

  5. I don’t know why Roosh et al are bothering with re-inventing the wheel. The topic they are addressing (I won’t use the word “problem” because it implies there’s a solution) is as old as fire.
    Wherever and whenever women under the age of 75 have had any say, the entire group devolves to petty base politics. That being said, I would sooner urge to forget the term “tradthot” in favour of just “woman”. Because its that simple.
    This is true of sports, martial arts, social circles political movements and so forth. However, for some reason it seems that what is today termed as “alt-right” is plagued with more than just attention whores. I’ve been around long enough to be wary of people using language such as “solve the problem”, “part of the movement” , “our people” or individuals calling for some kind of mass action. Usually these individuals have some personal psychological issues that they’re hiding, or trying to escape from. If they’re female and finding themselves on the political fringes, you can be damn sure its a walking definition of cognitive dissonance + a heavy heavy case of borderline personality disorder and God only knows what else. I speak from experience. Sorry I cannot take Laura or Faith seriously, nor clowns such as Beardson (the pitch of his voice tells you everything, rivalled closely by the verbal diarrhea) and I’m sure Roosh has a good reason for entertaining this … circus of a livestream.

  6. Overall, the most striking thing is that Laura Loomer appeared on this stream. The reasons behind why Roosh had her on and what she brought to the stream were obscured by her as a symbol.
    I thought the interview was interesting, and that she made some decent points, and 30-40% of her points weren’t as strong. I think the gossip was really interesting, surrounding the Alt-Lite. But to most people on here watching, Laura Loomer being in the stream is 80% of the overall noise, and everything else is 20%.
    The audience only sees that she stands for casual sex, being opinionated, and seeking fame, and that she gets rewarded with alpha attention for being these things. Of course, this is silly, and it doesn’t really matter, in terms of the actual dialogue. Her character does not really matter, because she brings a lot of interesting information and conversation. But then again, all of her hard work, intelligence, and insider information doesn’t matter in terms of the stream, because most of the audience isn’t paying attention to her statements. They are paying attention to the fact that she is the symbol called “Laura Loomer”.

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