5 Reasons Why Russia Invading Sweden Would Be A Good Thing

Sweden, concerned about a potential Russian invasion, has sent out war preparation pamphlets to nearly five million households. For most Swedes and certainly Swedish men, however, a Russian annexation would actually be a good thing.

Decades of cultural Marxism, destructive immigration, and criminal madness from minorities have reduced Sweden to a vassal state of globalists like George Soros. Ironically, the indigenous Swedish culture would be better protected and respected under Russian rule than it is by its present “Swedish” government. If civilian casualties during a Kremlin-ordered invasion could be minimized or avoided, what would Sweden have to lose?

Here are five reasons why Putin needs to consider invading Sweden and why Swedes should embrace any Russian incursion:

1. Sweden’s migrant crisis would be solved in record time

Absolute hordes of migrants, thousands of them pretending to be children, have passed into Sweden with impunity since 2015. Their numbers are in addition to those of routinely troublesome “established” immigrant communities coming to the country from the 1970s onwards.

This is how no-nonsense police in Moscow, amongst Russia’s most “cosmopolitan” and “tolerant” cities, firmly deal with the issue of illegal immigrants:

By contrast, here’s a police commander in Sweden having to speak to the press because officers dared go into a church to retrieve migrants residing there illicitly:

What causes a scandal in Sweden is done every half hour by police across the Russian Federation.

2. The streets of crime-ridden, demoralized Swedish cities would be much, much safer

The police can’t–or won’t–touch these people effectively in charge of Sweden’s streets nowadays.

This is heavily related to both the migrant crisis and Sweden’s appalling preference for radical feminism. Do you really wonder why residents are calling many Swedish neighborhoods massively unsafe and Third World-like when (female) police responses resemble this?

By letting economic migrants masquerading as legitimate refugees run amok, tolerating first and second-generation immigrants who spit on Swedish customs, and enforcing braindead gender quotas in the police and military, Sweden’s politicians and feminist/SJW apparatchiks are ensuring decades of crime and social instability.

Would Putin–or any future Russian leader–put up with riffraff like this? No and no.

3. The false rape hysteria of Sweden would be ended

Sweden has long been a hotbed of fake rape drama. The socialist government is now looking to expand the definition of rape under the absurd euphemism of “yes means yes.” Swedish men increasingly need notarized consent forms, lest some jaded female lover accuse them of impropriety and land them in jail.

The proposed widening of “rape” will involve feminists skulking about, further encouraging pumped-and-dumped women and other vengeful souls to reinterpret a consensual sexual dalliance as unmitigated “sexual abuse.” Probably the only thing that can save Swedish men is the serious threat of Russian invasion (beyond current concerns) or an actual invasion.

4. Swedish feminists would generally just shut up—or be made to shut up

What the hell is that?

Sweden needs its feminists to pipe down as their dumbassery knows no bounds. Swedish men, similar to men across the Western world, are much more likely to endure true suffering (think, say, homelessness), yet hapless feminist social engineers in Sweden have been busy at work, creating services like a “mansplaining hotline.” If a male colleague doesn’t agree with your stupid idea at work, why not call this number and denounce him to the authorities to alleviate your trauma?

I could go on and on, but a Russian invasion would stall and then reverse this journey into insanity. For example, in winter the new Russian overloads would make sure Stockholm and other cities had efficient snow removal programs, as opposed to the chaos feminist-inspired municipal politicians created a year ago. All in all, feminists would be rightfully viewed as morons whose only contributions to public debate might be demonstrating what farcical viewpoints used to exist in Sweden prior to Moscow taking charge.

5. Sweden’s neighbors and allies would grow the hell up

Responsibility-free Danish participants at a SlutWalk circle jerk.

Would Norway, Denmark, and Finland (or France, England, and Germany) be really concerned about such trivialities as mansplaining and manspreading if Russia invaded Sweden? I think not. The taking of Stockholm would finally force European states to extract loyalty from all their residents for the first time in decades. No more minorities sucking on the teat of economic largesse whilst simultaneously burning their host country’s flag.

Hilariously, in order to prepare for any suspected Russian aggression against them, cucked Western states would have to become more like Russia–politically incorrect, masculine-dominated, and culturally proud. Who would have thought?

Please attack Sweden, President Putin

Make Sweden Great Again, Mr. Putin. Invade Sweden.

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93 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Russia Invading Sweden Would Be A Good Thing”

    1. The Euro trash zone, where people can go for Riot tourism like people go to the far east for sex tourism….

    2. i’ve been travelling in the whoe country a couple of times… this place is a joke, people are retarded and clueless, pretty much like in a third world country! their days are numbered.

  1. Funny how we grew up 60s thru 80s (and earlier) with “The Russian” fear of attack, nuclear war etc…
    But, it wasn’t really Russian people/country, but Communism.
    And then the hysteria ended.
    Because, the communists came in thru the sewers and took over the institutions…in every Western Country.
    now the Russians are our only hope.

    1. russians dont give a fuck about swedes or any other cucks of the west, get your heads out of your asses
      its actually the grubby, degenerate west that keeps attention and reaction seeking behaviour
      towards Russia and other Slavic nations

      1. You may be right – I know nothing about Russia except anecdotes from various Russian and former Soviets in New York City.
        Its a large geographic area, and many millions of people, rich and diverse histories.
        What, though, I think many of us admire is the “look” of an individual Russian Man -> Stoic, tough, hardy , no-nonsense.
        Compared to the feminist shrieking liberal numales we are forced to tolerate in the west.
        100 years ago during World War 1 there were about 70,000,000 men fighting each other, from Russia, Europe, British Empire, USA.
        Rich mans war, poor mans fight.
        perhaps we should not – anymore

      2. I really think Mexico and South America should be worried.
        What has Sweden got that Russia would want? Mountains and snow and worthless parasites!
        I bet Russia is sick of all that, and casting envious looks at all Those beaches and babes.

      1. Please elaborate. I want to know why the cultural Marxist Western prison is superior to Russian conservatism. I know economically Russia is still pretty weak, so if that is your point, OK.

        1. Russia is anti-Russian matriarchal state. Your lovely Putin doesnt give a fuck about its citizens. Caucasian and other migrants OWN Russians. They fuck Russian sluts and kick Russian men. Kadyrov is a real owner of Russia and Putin best friend. Russian government is pro-migration.

        2. Duncan,
          It’s a translation fault.
          We call Chechens, Dagestani etc – Caucasians… Cause they live close to Caucasus mountains.
          They are middle-eastern looking Muslims and have a great amount of radicals amongst them.

        3. Duncan, you say so because you dont know a shit about Russia. By Caucasian people I mean people from Caucasian region – Chechen Republic, Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkaria, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan. These people OWN Russia

        1. Пацаны, не ругаемся.
          Держимся бодрячком!
          Прорвёмся! С нами Бог

      2. Everything is relative and the sheer percentage of women western europeans now lose at every club every night to foriegn men, with nothing in return, is uuuge. Nobody cares about GDP its all just a proxy for women. In Western European men are losing their grip of their own and being offered none by the muslims/blacks. Many now find their counties intolerable. Putin looks a better option than Merkel.

  2. If Russia was ever a threat to Europe, or anywhere else, it could have quite easily rolled over the whole place back during the Cold War. It was an real eye opener for me during a class on the Geneva Conventions during the Cold War, when the lads were bragging how we would spank that Russian bear (this was British soldiers) and our Intelligence Corp officer/instructor casually informed us that we wouldn’t last 5 minutes against the Russians and occupied West Germany (by NATO) was mearly a buffer to slow the Russians down so TPTB could get on the horn to warn any further expansion would be met by a nuclear strike. Maybe Cayce was right, Russia is the only hope for the world. Oh and excellent article David, there’s hope for ROK after all!

    1. I was a Naval officer back in those days. I had strategic briefings that stated with certainty that the best we could hope for if the Soviets plunged through the Fulda Gap was to stop them at the Pyrenees. That is conventionally. It would have gone Nuke in a heartbeat (I also handled the nuclear go codes back in those days). Of course the Soviets knew that too, so it never happened. It was kind of a joke that the briefings were considered top secret at the time. If the intent was to keep it secret, it was a massive failure, but the whole basis of MAD was to have the other guy know you could and would launch if he crossed certain lines, so probably not.

  3. Sweden should be much more like Switzerland. Thus we need a massive national conservative reform and long-lasting hegemony, which is the golden mean between ethno-nationalism and leftism.

    1. Switzerland is the money laundering land and playground of the rich. This is the main reason why (for now) it’s being left alone by the globalists – nothing to do with its mainstream politics.
      Plus, the Swiss people are a soulless bunch (apart from the Italian part in the South).

  4. Holy shit! That video clip blows my mind! No wonder migrants don’t give a shit and just do whatever they want. The police there is a complete joke. I had no idea it was that bad. If that happened in the US he would have been shot in the first min of that clip.

        1. Ummm….well no, there is no epidemic of muzzie shootings in the US, in fact the most shootings by police that can be pointed to are often white folks. If there were an epidemic of deserving muzzie shootings, it gets ZERO coverage or it would 24 hours daily coverage because lefties loves em sum muzzie rapefugees. SO what does one believe the truth to be is NOBTHING is ever said of any deserving muzzie shootings? IT DONT HAPPEN IN AMERICA AT ALL. End of story.

        2. The police here don’t give a shit if you’re Muslim. They would have opened fire as soon as he bent down to pick up the first rock.

    1. Им не объяснишь. Бестолку. Как легко боготворить Путина, если ты ни разу не был в России!
      Когда эти умники спустятся в Московское метро, их будет колбасить , и не от количества славянских баб, но от количества агрессивных приезжих.
      Пусть поучатся в Москвоских школах, тогда они реально поймут, что такое дискриминация против мужчин.

      1. Pa6a, Benny, mog bi pisatj kirilicoj, da oshibok budet mnogo(not my native, but fluent AF), no, karoche, soglasen s vami, eto polnij pizdec, kakoj tupoj narod tut krutitsa vokrug etih statjei, v Rashke(nehochu nikogo obidetj, jesli vi nastojashie patrioti svoei strani, a ne etogo botoksnogo karlika Putina) nehuja nebivali ili tolko kak turisti s dahuja babkami v karmane, no, blin, gorlanitj na vesj svet, 4to, mol, Putin i Rassia eto, tipa, blagj, fucking saviours of western civilization, prosto ahujetj mozhno, i escho nazivajut sebja ahujennimi krepishami, tipa red pillami srut v sartire.
        Karoche, Putin huilo I viderzhki vam v Rossii vistojakj protiv chernoti! Ja ne rasist, no to, chto vizhu is istochnikov v nete, chornih nado gnatj nahuj v tu zhopu, iz kotoroj oni vilezli!

  5. As has been said before, feminism is an enormous shit test by white females to their men and we failed. The mistake we made wasn’t the emancipation of women itself, but giving in to their demands . In red pill parlance we lost the frame, and we have been losing it ever since.
    Nearly all of todays problems in Sweden and elsewhere are caused by too many women in positions of power where male pragmatism is desired above female intuition. A police officer dealing with viiolent men should be a man at least capable of a similatr reactionary ability of his own. Only a broken society would dream of sending women to fight mens battles.
    The cukced Sweden we know will of course die, and stronger men will take it over. You are right, better Russia than militant islam, nature will not allow weakness to succeed at the expense of strength.

    1. “The mistake we made wasn’t the emancipation of women itself”
      Really? Women themselves hate it being emancipated because it means responsibilities and making decisions.

    2. All true – except I do not agree that “men” have failed and “women” are the instigators.
      It is more the rulers empowering the female imperative. And the women run amok – and men are hobbled.
      perhaps the reason most great civilizations fail from internal rot.
      My favorite “Empire” was Ptolemaic Egypt. Ptolemy Soter (Alexander’s general) started it after Alexander died. And his great, great…n grand daughter lost it – Cleopatra…with all that romantic Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, Augustus bromance.

    3. Who started feminism? Who financed it, encouraged and nurtured it through their media propaganda? Who set up the laws enabling all this shite? Who opened the borders? Who refuses to even acknowledge the problem. There’s no such thing as grassroots, it’s all top down oppression, social engineering and mind fuckery.You think split arses woke up one morning and said, I know, fuck nature, lets start shit testing men and completely overturn human nature. Fuck rubbing salve on your rash, get to the root cause and tear it out.

    4. That feminism is a failed shit test is well established by now. Female led societies are unnatural as men use dominance to guarantee paternity, and tribes where the men don’t get paternity must cuck another tribe up and thus cannot survive easily . Feminism is a failed shit-test and these societies have no hope unless then men can reassert.

  6. My favorite part is when he smashed the windshield the THIRD time and just nonchalantly walks away! Lol I just can’t get over this clip. Thank you for making my day David G. Lmfao

  7. Or the part where he breaks free after 3 cops subdued him and then decks one right in the face while the other 2 just stand there and watch. I can’t decide. Too many parts to this that are so amazing lol

  8. Lol, Russia has much more illegal immigrants from Ukbekistan, Tajikistan etc. than you can imagine. Sweden has its big problems with Muslim refugees, but it’s far from what Russia has to deal with.
    As a Russian man, I really wonder where do you get all the information that turn you into Putin’s supporter, David?
    RT? YouTube?
    I can tell you have never experienced life in Russia. Men are much more disadvantaged in Russia than in Sweden, at least for now.
    You generally write very good articles.
    But you put to much hope in Putin in this one with no objective reasons.
    It’s really tempting to support Putin if you have never lived in Russia. The guy appears righteous and charismatic until you see his real deeds towards his own people.

    1. Perhaps David is just trying to show that Europe needs to man up and find their balls, sometimes you need a full on invasion to drive the point home, rather than this deceptive invasion with mission creep. Like throwing a frog in boiling water instead of slowly turning up the heat. I’ve yet to meet or see any politician give a shit about people and I think most people are starting to realise that fact.

      1. I know! Kinda want to travel to Sweden and throw a rock at a police car and slowly walk away while giving the middle finger

  9. What about canada? same shithole!
    Just when you thought that this world could not get any more absurd
    Transgender father Stefonknee Wolscht leaves family in Toronto to start new life as six-year-old girl
    and gets adopted by another family to give their daughter a “little sister”.

    1. Yeah the white liberal west will die. This is insanity. It all started with the homos and the slippery slope into insanity led us here and white people as a whole rationalized all of it along the way. Nobody defends poz and cutting your wiener off as a virtue like whites.

    2. I don’t know what is more sick, the trannie or the “adoptive” parents….Both cases warrant why NORMAL people need to up their situational awareness where they live for whent he freak show goes full sex predator.

  10. Why would Russia have any GOOD reason to invade Sweden? They would have none. if they want to take it by force they have to do NOTHING as it is imploding from its own stupidity by importing muzzie invaders. All Russia would have to do it sit tight, sacrifice NO Russian lives at all and let Sweden continue to implode, then walk in and claim the smoking ruins left from the invaders after they get done raping and slaughtering. Russia’s best weapon against the world, is letting the Marxist influenced and infiltrated governments CONTINUE TO DO WHAT THEY ARE DOING (sovereign suicide), and then they win. Just like when the USSR collapsed, the West didn’t have to do anything but let the Marxists destroying Russia from within, do their thing. Now Putin is letting the west do the same thing as it is entirely infected with the same virus and dying just as messily.
    FACT, end of story. Current events worldwide prove my case for me.

    1. They’re all part of the NWO agenda, I think the Russians commenting jere prove it’s the same shit different location.

    2. All I have heard from Russians I know is that they are laughing their heads off and cannot believe their enemy is capitulating. They have no interest invading western europe they are more likely eventually to build a wall around russia like the chinese one.

    3. I agree. I think this is their current strategy, but with Trump slowing America’s collapse and some conservative pockets growing within Europe, the Russians may get impatient waiting for implosion. With things currently, Putin may not get his chance for glory before he is dead or out of office and may decide to make a move hastily.

  11. This all thought is result of majortiocracy touted as democracy .Now majority would elect legislature deemed to be a right thing which is fundamentally not a right thing .Because of this women votes all elected leader would tilt towards feminism despite of them being wrong.Any one not adhering them would be thrown out .West also tax too much .So their is no Personal freedom ..One is not deciding his/her action on the cost and benefit to himself/herself.So now all things would be decided by a majorty rather truth and rationality .

  12. Yes because starting world war 3 would be awesome! Yay redpill, lift bruh, up your “game” etc. Fucking morons.

  13. White leftists are scum of the earth. these high IQ white people waste their intelligence on rationalizing their own self destruction. What a waste of life. I prefer Sweden become an islamic republic run by 80 IQ retards from africa and the middle east. These white people deserve it. Russia needs to save itself. Fuck sweden and most of europe. Pussies

  14. Wow, if that’s what Swedes look like, they are fully deserving of their adopted muzzie rapefugees, keep on shipping them to them…..ecchh…The world does itself a favor by sending them to Sweden…..When did Sweden become the land of freaks looking so bad…We can see Canada deserving as well from its slut walks…..maybe the USA SHOULD import them also, under strict control that they damage nothing and attack no males that look like males, but can have all the mangina they want…save a horse goat and camel, take a free mangina.

    1. What, we cant tell the truth. Feminism is the embodiment of parody of real life. Sweden is invaded by muzzies, and the useless female officers in action, BOTH SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. If they wont step up for themselves, they deserve what they get. And yes, the women were CLEARLY AND PAINFULLY INFERIOR.

  15. I speak to succesful expat Swedes on a quite regular basis. They moved out to start businesses abroad in tax havens and places like NY and Singapore because they can’t start and run a proper business in Sweden. This has led to them pulling their intellectual friends from Sweden which in return lead to a gigantic human capital leak. This resulted in idiots and women running the country and they do feel bad about this.
    They are talking about this new guy on the block, appereantly some policitians they seem to have high hopes with. But structurally I don’t see any change happening soon.
    On my travel list I already categorized Sweden in “Middle East” next to Germany and France, because that’s where it is and where it will be headed.

    1. tijs
      Interesting – I moved to New York City and started several businesses thru the 90s.
      I’m still friends form same industries who also began back then with very limited budgets -hands on, boostrapping.
      Now they complain that the burden of bureaucracy is overwhelming, and we could not have started our businesses in this climate(with our small budgets).
      I have another business now – but completely hobbled because I need an “extra” paperwork. Which will cost $100k-200k, and 12-24 months waiting just for permits.
      And Russians I know in NYC state that it used to be like that in Russia now its reversing….More paperwork/taxes in USA than where they came from…
      Curious if any of the Swedish have found similar changes occurring for them in USA….
      Seems Sweeden would not be small business friendly.

  16. Women’s sacred mission is maternity.
    By God’s plan or by nature, if you don’t believe in God.
    So, it’s either maternity( unless, you are physically disabled for it) or nunnery…women should stop fooling themselves: they cannot compete with men in men’s spheres of life in a fair competition.
    there is no other way for women to be happy and prosperous expect living a Christian lifestyle. And there’s no other religion that treats women as good as Christianity.
    So Western women will end up either as Christian wives who are beloved and unique for their husbands, or as Muslim ones- wives who will be used as a submissive and miserable tool for reproduction; and there will be three other women to share your husband with. Lol

  17. I wish my full time job was murdering immigrant Muslims and sniffing out globalists wherever they are. Europe needs a bunch of Dutartes, I would happily fulfill that role.

  18. Wow, now that’s what I call an article! Sponsored, maybe?! For the naive ones…ask the German women from East Prussia how was it having the Red Army around.

  19. Russia Has a GDP the similar to Canada, they’re a non-contender, GDP per capita is lower than Greece and Hungary, a fucking joke. There is no way Russia could ever invade a western country without the backing of the east Asia axis, they simply would get fucked. Defend Russia? Yes, invade other countries? You’re out to lunch.

  20. For a person living next to russian border in Finland it sounds pretty hilarious how some people are seriously admiring the country. Probably those people have never visited in Russia, or if yes, they have just gone to Moscow/St.Petersburg. Even in Nigeria the Capital is quite nice place…
    But when a person crosses the border of Finland and Russia one sees maybe the biggest difference on standard of living at once. Mexico/USA border is the most comparable one. Similar headline to this article would actually be that “why Mexico invading California would be a good thing” :D.
    But dont get me wrong. I know and like Russians as people. They usually integrate very well into western society and also add value to others. The problem comes when you add too many russians in one place. They somehow appear to turn the place into shithole. Another Russian is the worst enemy of another Russian goes a saying and Finnish people have seen that (too close) already for hundreds of years. Hope though that I’m wrong concerning Russian future!

    1. Why would Russia try to annex Alaska? What’s new or special in Alaska for Russia? Oil? Gold? Snow??? We’ve already got plenty. Nothing to fuck with the world’s 1st economic and military machine about.

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