Japan Is Proof That Successful Pop Music Doesn’t Have To Be Degenerate

The current state of Western rock music is total disarray. Old guard and true-to-their-roots legends such as Tom Petty, Malcolm Young, and Lemmy Kilmister have all been dying in quick succession. Meanwhile, middle-aged veterans such as California’s Green Day, Sweden’s Millencolin, and Ireland’s U2 (even more so than ever) have been reinventing themselves as cringy SJW cuck-rockers to try and stay relevant.

Most insultingly, whenever a newer and younger 20-something band gets any media rotation, it all seems to be dominated by bland indie-rock soy boys who probably live in Portland.

In a world where hypersexual and profanity laced hip-hop and “skank pop” have otherwise taken over the charts, things are not looking too bright for aficionados of good ol’ rock n’ roll. However, there is indeed an overseas alternative. Enter Japan.

“Are you ready to rock?”

As if they aren’t struggling enough to not do anything wrong with their society, Japan still recognizes that there is a valuable place for un-cucked and non-degenerate rock bands in the domestic market.

Most surprisingly, there are a number of very talented all-female groups in the country who manage to keep their skin tattoo-free and their hair (most of the time) devoid of unnatural/degenerate colors or butt-ugly buzz cuts. We’ll now take a look at three of the most popular in recent times, with each hailing from a different genre.

Scandal (Pop Rock)

While sonically different in many respects, Scandal can be summed up as the Foo Fighters of Japanese chick rock. They easily fill up arenas, they’re mostly radio-friendly, and while they might not be anywhere close to people’s top ten favorite groups, they are disliked or despised by hardly anyone. (That’s Nickelback’s job.)

Formed way back in 2006 when the girls were only in high school, all of the group’s members are still under thirty, and yet have been giving several mini-generations of fathers in the country a valuable alternative to the utterly degenerate concert experience offered to their counterparts in the United States.

Would I prefer that my daughter listens to Scandal’s “Harukaze” (“Spring Breeze”), a song about love, loss, hopes, and dreams? Or would I prefer she listens to Ariana Grande’s “Side to Side,” which regurgitates the joys of getting a “wrist icicle” and riding a “dick bicycle?” You know the answer. The answer is that the United States needs more Scandal.

Band-Maid (Hard Rock)

Now this is my kind of music. Band-Maid are technically impressive, delightfully crunchy, and never for a second forget they are Japanese, by imaging themselves after the local maid cafe culture for stark visual/sonical contrast. From a marketing standpoint, it works wonders.

The singer/guitarist Miku Kobato (with the dual ponytails) was formerly an employee of these quirky cafes in Tokyo’s famous Akihabara district, and a fairly straightforward Internet search lead to the recruitment of lead guitarist Kanami Tōno. That lead to Akane (drums), Misu (bass), and Saiki (lead vocals) joining in to complete the lineup.

Presto! Pure rock fury! Their second full length album World Domination will be released in February 2018, and I don’t mind in the slightest if they achieve that goal.

Silent Siren (Kawaii Rock)

For those who have never been to Japan or are totally clueless to the local culture, kawaii simply means “cute,” and cuteness is a pervasive motif throughout Japanese society. Silent Siren is essentially a cutesy rock band, with soft-spoken songs ranging from teary ballads to only-in-Japan hyperactivity.

I wouldn’t be caught dead driving around to this kind of music, but I can appreciate and recognize the immense talent these young women do have. Furthermore, the meaning and message behind a lot of their songs is what I (and you) would thoroughly applaud.

For instance, the song “Akane” (either “Deep Red” or “Angry Child” depending on context) is a ballad about the now-adult singer reaffirming her love and appreciation for her father, after undergoing the typical phase of quasi-rebellion and bouts of unrequited love during her adolescent years. Where is the love and appreciation for fathers in the West?


No, no, no! Send your daughter to my show!

The United States can take some advice from Japan in how to promote genuinely good female musicians instead of walking sperm buckets like Miley Cyrus, both for the sake of society and the blissfulness of the airwaves.

However, with the self-destructive pathway that the U.S. insists on following, we are unlikely to see a turn of the tide anytime soon. In the meantime, the land of the rising sun is just having too much fun winning the culture war. Well done, Japan. Well done.

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94 thoughts on “Japan Is Proof That Successful Pop Music Doesn’t Have To Be Degenerate”

    1. And with those strong hands, I bet she gives a great massage too.
      With happy ending of course.
      BTW, I’d WB them all.

    1. I’ve been to South Korea. I liked it there and would have stayed if things had worked out better on a personal level.

        1. Sure they have. That’s why all the footage from Japan shows plenty of Jap couples walking hand in hand. The Western media wants you to think things are worse elsewhere without realizing just how terrible things are right here in the West.

        2. @The Peach Bandit no, there is indeed a massive problem happening currently with men in Japan. A large proportion of men stay inside all day long either playing video games, watching porn, engaging in sexual activities with various robotic/synthetic sex toys or all the above. This is not a joke nor an illusion. Japan’s birth rate has been steadily declining.

  1. Great article. Japan is one of my absolute favorite countries in the world. It took me not longer than a couple of hours to find a thin, pretty and extremely feminine girl, quite akin to the would-bangs in Scandal, on the dancefloor in Shibuya. As for j-rock I loved several songs that I heard in the subway speaker system but unfortunately I didn’t always find out what the name of the groups were.
    To live permanently in Japan and try to integrate long-term in an ethnically homogenous country appears futile. Bring her to your home country, like the U.S. or Sweden – it may be worth the risk. Japanese girls are generally pretty well off so they don’t marry for money.

    1. “Japanese girls are generally pretty well off so they don’t marry for money”
      Damn! OK, so Japan is off my list then…

    2. Agreed. Japan strikes me as a great wife hunting country for men in their 40s who don’t want to settle with a fattening baby-rabies ex carousel-rider 35 year old in western nations or a quasi passport hunter from poorer places (though the former is certainly a lot worse).
      Especially if you unconcerned with having children, it’s hard to think of a better place to just have a pleasant and lovable partner for the 2nd half of your life.

      1. The problem is that as the west declines in so many ways the women aren’t keen to move. They used to go to anywhere but these days they aint moving to some shithole town in USA/EU as happily only a better good one. You need to be offering more and more to get a decent one to move ie lets see is a macdonalds worker can take one home.

        1. East Asian women outside of Chinese peasants don’t run for white guys to marry quite like before. West is a bad bet they think. The sheer numbers of millions of women white men lose to black/muslim men ( rapidly growing). Black women aren’t into the lower white men and hardly the top ones as less masculine men/more masc women. Thats largely mutual same as with white women and Asian men. Muslim women are banned. Female shortages around extreme IR dating ratios could cause WW3 imo. If Asian replacements ran dry it would kick off.

    3. I know guys who have moved there and they just befriend the other expats. even if the expats are under .1% in your town thats still enough of them to make friends with. If there are 20 other southern European men, for example, in the city and you are greek then there are plenty to be friends with.
      The issue is that the Japanese firms expect you to work 80-100 hours a week often off the record sometimes. The work culture is the thing western men, or any other men, struggle with. They do have marriage work visas unlike China, Vietnam or Thailand or many other asian countries whose marriage visa systems are designed to only allow in housewives for the men.

      1. What?
        I wouldn’t hang out let alone call the bottom 1% friends in my own country, certainly not going to do it in a new one.
        Exactly what jobs are Western men working 100 hour weeks? Certainly not a managerial or consultant role. The call to vacate your home and become a depressed Japanese salaryman must be greater than I realised.
        And China does in fact have a ‘work’ visa which allows you to ‘work’ for a family owned company belonging to your wife’s family. I’ve dated girls who’a families and they themselves owned successful companies. I sure as shit can do better than wifing up some rice farmer from the Guangdong hinterlands.
        Know how you tell which guys will breakdown and leave in 2 months? The guys with no local friends, don’t speak the language who’re at the foreign bar twice a week.

        1. Chinese visa from marriage is only family reunion one with no rights to work. Maybe a family business may be a tiny exception I didn’t know of. If your career is x whats the chances of your Chinese wifes family having a family business with career x as an opening? Or any successful business and decent opening? Its possibly 1000/1. I was accurate.
          I would I only know of the Japanese thing ( where in Japan they they have 100 hour weeks ) through a friend with a Japanese wife who was warned about the extreme work conditions and was scared for a long while. He moved anyway and I haven’t heard from him since.
          I heard that Asian men shun the white expat men often and hate them for taking women so they just make friends with other expat men but maybe thats wrong.

        2. I know some guys in China, teaching English, some have set up their Chinese wife up with a business. But they aren’t American, the Chinese want to make it hard for Americans. For most white guys, Chinese VISA $30 ….. for Americans same VISA $120 (I was there last year).

        3. MICK
          You’re mostly talking to townies who married fairly young, have not traveled extensively, are wrapped up in their high school team winning a championship and going to the same Sports Bar twice a week.
          As for foreigners who live in some foreign bar they are living in Asia to get away from whatever they dislike about their own country, not to be native.

    4. “To live permanently in Japan and try to integrate long-term in an ethnically homogenous [sic] country appears futile. Bring her to your home country, like the U.S. or Sweden – it may be worth the risk.”
      I would advise to proceed with great caution in finding a girl in Japan just with the intention of taking her to the west. Cultural differences are real but sometimes difficult to detect and/or handle, and Japanese women can be quite difficult, particularly if you do not understand the ways of their people.
      I can personally testify to the bad influence living in Sweden can have even on a girl who was previously unaffected by the evils of feminism. It honestly surprised me to see how quickly she changed. Not to become a feminist, but she started to have ideas that staying at home was bad for her, and occasionally even questioning my authority. Now we are back in the East, and she is not leaving the kitchen any time soon.

  2. I hate the ‘Cute kuwai’ culture. Adult women wearing Minnie Mouse t-shirts, rucksacks shaped like animals and carrying teddy bears with their 5 year old girls haircut.
    It communicates ‘I don’t want to take responsibility, I want to live a child’s life’.
    Shit, some of them don’t even leave that phase until they’re 25.

    1. edit: homogeneous
      It’s a balance. I like pink stuff, like toenails, bags, tiny leather jackets, shoes and other overly feminine stuff that you find on many Japanese girls, but Minnie Mouse and similar stuff seem silly and not attractive. Normal guys want women who are or look like 18-25, not 10. A girl who I met was 26 but looked like 16 but let’s split the difference.

      1. Still, I need to go. I’ve come across several Korean and Taiwanese in China, but still haven’t found a j-girl to have my wicked way with.

  3. It is true. I married a middle class Asian woman at 40.
    No need to worry about raising kids in Detroit and they attend public school and daughter becomes a single mother.
    Or son a wannabe.
    Pleasant life with no fear of teen children on the streets of shitty exurb.
    My life was pleasant because I fled.
    The townies on this site who are 22 will call me a coward but I had a better life in Asia (and even Dubai).

    1. So the townies think hanging around East Podunk for life is an act of bravery? If so, it’s gotta be the oxy talking…

  4. I was in Tokyo recently.
    Honorable people, felt very much at ease there coming from nyc. However, is homogenous society(why they have such honor) and wouldnt live there.
    I had japanese gf for 6 years. In NYC and other western countries. Zero chance of her becoming decandent- her dad(honor) has control. He even sent me letter(via interpreter) asking when i was going to marry her before she is ruined(traditional requirement).
    So i released her back into the wild.
    I will return to tokyo next international trip for bit more long time look for respectable, tight, clean fit honorable women.
    I love the smell of sushi in the morning

    1. Hands down? More like thumbs down – its fuckin kiddie metal man, I get the appeal ok man, its got high production value and shit and is ‘catchy’ or whatever the fuck, but fuckin serious dude? What the fuck is wrong with guys, fuck man…let this kind of gay shit go, music is intrinsically subjective and fairy-tale wish fullfill-ment; its a fuckin waste of time and like videogames and porn and other bullshit is just a fuckin waste of time…find a new genre of music or better yet, just stop listening to music altogether…I guarantee if you leave the trash metal addiction behind for a few months and come back to it later you’ll realize how faggot and gay it really is..heres some more gay shit metal for you:

      ‘Catchy’ faggot shit huh? Your degenerate society goes hand in hand with this gay fag shit man….that includes metal music…shits about as pseudo-masculine as it gets

  5. Currently I’m working as an ESL teacher in Vietnam. Women here are feminine, friendly, marriage minded, and they dress classy. They are easy to approach and fun.
    No need for game. Just be yourself and good things will happen.
    No tattoos, no piercings, no blue hair, no
    feminism, no SJWs.
    Girls rarely drink alcohol and don’t smoke at all.
    Food and drinks are good and cheap, people are great and the economy is booming. I just love Vietnam ! Screw the West…

    1. Yeah? Well Vietnamese women don’t date Honkies. Get this through your thick skulls: The most beautiful Vietnamese girls would rather date a 5ft tall Vietnamese guy who rides a moped than a 6ft tall White male model who drives an Audi. Just because your own women despise you doesn’t mean women o all races lack racial loyalty.

      1. I’m married to a Viet girl and I put a bun in her oven. She’s due in August. The bigger threat than us honkies marrying Vietnamese girls are the thousands of them that leave the country every year to marry South Korean men, who they end up divorcing more often than not because of neglect and physical abuse.

    2. I can second that Vietnamese girls don’t drink much or not at all, keep their skin clean, dress feminine and are family first.
      Vietnamese men drink heavily, smoke and gamble. Bear that in mind if you raise a son here.

      1. Seriously? What the fuck is all this shit…men need to recapture music…its painful seeing this shit from guys who want the best out of masculinity…metal is barely acceptable, as far as a genre of music its right down there with ghetto rap trash…music is instrinsically secular and subjective, forget just ‘pop’ music, must all of this shit is fuckin garbage…theres very few genres that are even worth your time and metal and pop are not one of them.
        Return of Kings? More like Return of Clowns….this site is okay every once and a while, but seriously, half the guys on here act like there in fuckin middle school or high school still, metal is about as shit as rap or pop…hell I would 95% of music is fuckin garbage and a waste of time…no wonder cultural collapse is invesitable…fuckin ‘men’ listening to kiddie shit-core

        1. So what should be listening to? The flight of the bumble bee in D minor? Peter and the Wolf? Keep disparaging White heavy metal music; meanwhile, Blacks are establishing Beyonce and hip hop as actual courses and majors at college.

    1. Dude its all shit….metal is what angsty teen boys listen to cuse their dad raped them in the asshole…most music (like 95%) is a fuckin waste of time…wonder why society is such shit cuse all the ‘men’ hooked on bullshit pseudo dopamine fixes: too much videogames, too much internet, too much porn, too much ‘music’…its all trash and a fuckin waste of life…95% of the shit you see, hear, or read is not even worth the time of day…including this faggy metal bullshit

      1. As opposed to faggy flute playing music? The flight of the bumble bee? Perhaps some rustic jug blowing? I wouldn’t recommend classical music cuz you honkies don’t own that anymore: that belongs to the Asian piano and violin savants and virtuosos.

        1. @Peach
          I’d prefer you listen to nothing instead of filling your mind with utter shit….modern music is hyper unnatural, like everything else in this garbage culture…humans throughout the course of their evolution never listening to music nor indulged in frequent dopamine fixes like they do today…it has nothing to do with the ‘genre’ per say and everything to do with the constant outpouring of white noise…music throughout human history was used for ceremonies or used in short doses to make a person or group of people cheerful or happy or to help them get through the ‘drudgery’ of life….i.e. think of slave songs, or sailor chanties, or Irish music…here’s a fun fact for you: music is a huge part of Irish culture, the Irish (in the past) would sing songs to eachother for one of their yearly gatherings and those new songs they would have the next year for ‘themselves’-i.e. essentially they sang to themselves and only would have a few songs to sing and every year they would learn a few more at different intervals in the calendar year, but the point is the Irish had it hella hard, their lifestyle demanded tons of labor and work to get by ok, music was their personal outlet to relieve the sorrow and stress of truly demanding lifestyles….sure old traditional music is better, no doubt about it, but part of the point is Americans have lost their traditional music and culture and are embracing other cultural sounds…but the main point in all of this is that people use music as a means to ‘calm the noises in their head’-how many people in modern society could even stand a couple days straight of absolute silence? They’de lose their fuckin minds….the constant ADHD society of shitheads listening to their shitty music. Classical music is just as bad, all ADHD bullshit because people need distractions from their pathetic existences.

        2. White metal music is about as pseudo masculine as it gets…they tryin to hard to be as ‘badass’ as they can be…its so fuckin laughable…any guy can grow a beard…this white Viking metal bullshit is the height of fake alpha cunt shit…they hav no clue as to what real masculinity is…waste of life

        3. @ Peach
          “What should we be listening to? What should we be listening to? What should we be listening to?” —-uhhhh, fuckin nothing man….just because you have the means to do something (listen to music) doesn’t mean you HAVE to listen to music…this is a perfect example of what the fuck is wrong with society and people in general – they feel like just because they CAN do something (listen to shitty metal) that they SHOULD do it….the same logic is applied to fuckin literally everything else in society that gives people a dopamine fix…”CAN I watch porn? I CAN, so I SHOULD!” – “Can I eat as much as I want? I can, so I SHOULD, and I WILL!” – “Can I wear whatever I want? I can, so I SHOULD!” – “Can I listen to whatever I want? I can so I SHOULD!” – It’s fuckin childish logic but its how most people rationalize their fuckin shitty lives…just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean its suddenly a virtue…like HOLY FUCK, its like fuckin retard-ville over here…Return of Kings??? Really??? Practice some self-control…how about this…DONT listen to anything…and let me know how that goes for you after a few months – or you can just continue to fuckin brainwash yourself and seek answers for self-help on ROK…”What should we listen too? What should we listen to? What SHOULD we LISTEN TOO!” – you make it seem like you HAVE to listen to something, for Christ’s sake, don’t listen to anything you fuckin drone….and bytheway…when I said 95% of music is shit…I meant it…and guess what…75% of music is ‘classical’ so don’t think I meant ONLY modern music….MOST music is subjective lala-land bullshit– if there’s no real purpose to music (like a ceremony, or a slave chant because your life is actual slavery) than you don’t HAVE to listen to fuckin anything…you’ll live if you don’t listen to music…trust me, you’ll be ok…but most people won’t listen to me here…PUN INTENDED* MOST people will bawk, “But I love music, it DOES have a purpose, it makes me FEEL GOOD” – Well whoopdie doo da fuckin day, maybe grow a pair and abstain from fag music for a while at least..or do you not care for self-improvement…is indulging in shitty fagot metal really what men need to aspire too? The answer is a resounding no.

  6. I’ve dated quite a few Japanese chicks and from my experience they’re fucken retarded man. Obsessed with cats and mickey mouse… and everything is “kawaii”. I took one to Steve Irwin’s wildlife park here in Australia and she’s looking at Taipans and Death Adders and going “Kawaii! Kawaii!” Generally they’re sub-par spear-time too.I’d take a Philo cock monkey any day over a Jap chick.
    Now… you cunts need to listen to some more crushing music if you want to be a gentleman when you get older. Start with Mastodon – Crack The Skye or The Hunter.

    1. Mastodon is great. I started the listen to them in 2002, when their first full-length album, “Remission”, was released. Their best album is “Leviathan”, which centers around the Mody Dick theme.

      1. I can’t honestly wrap my head around your taste in music. I’m an old guy, and I didn’t attend Juilliard, but all this metal thrashing music sounds the same, seems to have the same few cord progressions, and vague short lyrics. Also find it bombastic and annoying. I also find the SJW libtard indie music even more vapid and banal.

    2. You’d know if she said instead, “You’re alright mate!” She’d be a keeper.
      Don’t reckon much to this ‘new’ metal, but you can’t go wrong with a bit of AC/DC.

    3. Captain Fever,
      I’ve generally found Thai girls much better in bed than the Filipino girls.
      Not sure why because the PI girls a smaller and prettier with larger breasts.

      1. JOHN
        Disagree, Filipino hookers seemed to half-enjoy it but Thai hookers are “on the clock” entirely.
        I attribute this to the basic Filipino genetic makeup-some passionate Latin Spanish blood in there.

  7. I respect Japan for being a country whose population has not allowed Cultural Marxism to pollute everything.
    For example, there is a manga magazine called Shonen Jump whose motto is literally “Friendship. Effort. Victory”. By reading the likes of Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya or Naruto (published by Shonen Jump), the kids and teens in that country learn about the importance of team work and perseverance and how they lead to accomplishments in life.
    Now answer this question: Would you prefer your kids to read the likes of Rurouni Kenshin, Fist of the North Star, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure or Bleach (also Jump’s IPs)? Or the SJW propaganda Marvel and DC have been turned into?

      1. How about reading an actual book instead of looking at pictures? I was reading real books at like age 4 and these grown as men are reading manga and comic books? Pathetic.

        1. You can still read books and like/appreciate manga and comics. Give some harder anime/manga, such as Berserk, Vagabond, or Akumetsu to name a few; a look.

      1. I think from a Western point of view understanding the popularity of Manga for many Americans is a shock. Americans work longer hours than europeans and Japanse men work much longer. !00hrs 7 day weeks are not uncommon as the strict rules on deportment would be another shock.
        Coming home late at nigh when eveyone is in bed and dinner is in the fridge is the lot of many if not most salarymen. There is not enough time to delve into a deep novel. Many manga do have deep stories, however, they are written for a Japanese audience. The manyvariations might be an problem too as there are many niche for the audience.
        Oh yes, the Asian music scene is very highly regulated and regimented. Think of the American studio system of the 1930’s on steroids.

  8. None of this shit is masculine…I respect Japan as a country for being hardcore isolationist and keeping to themselves generally speaking, but I don’t give a fuck about any of this metal pop anime gayass faggot shit….none of it is masculine…art is inherently subjective, men are objective creatures…were not suppose to conform ourselves to the lackluster faggot music, art, videogames, society spews out….you guys are eating up this shit like its all you have…fuck all this trash, American society of ‘men’ have no culture of their own to cling to (they use too) so now they cling to every subjective bullshit they read or see….what the fuck…get back to your real roots, and forgo this faggot shit…its fine to respect another culture or whatever, but your forgetting your onw in the process

  9. Thank you for sharing these music recommendations. I also found myself watching more and more Japanese, Chinese, Korean and even Mongolian music (search for “Domog” on youtube) in recent times. For anyone who might be interested, here are my recommendations:
    1. Waggaki Band – what is really cool about this band is that they mix traditional Japanese music with Western hard rock/metal. The singer sings in a special style called shigin which was a vocal style to interpret Japanese poems in the past. My favourite musical instrument is the shamisen, a stringed instrument that is plucked by something that looks like a carpenting/painting tool to my eyes

    2. Garnidelia – a pop/rock duo that is perhaps more famous for their speedy and happy songs. I especially like their slower sad ballads though. I think the singer portrays a sense of longing/yearning in her voice that all MGTOW’s who are going through some tough times (red pill rage etc.) can relate to
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrxjDP6MRL0 (my favourite song “Further” is about 1 hour 35 min into that concert video)
    3. Babymetal – kawaii idol music intertwined with Death Metal.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUkzu1IJW4w Most of their songs are quite fast and loud but they can also hit the quieter notes in their (few) ballads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGJunhe9S2w

    1. Buddhist MGTOW,
      Babymetal is a fake girl band assembled by (((Simon Cowell))) from fake TV show ‘Britain’s got talent’ ……….

  10. Let’s not kid each other. We know that Japanese pop music isn’t depraved or defiled because the Japanese entertainment industry isn’t controlled by er…um…well, you know who. That’s the difference. Those not to be named (and I don’t even have to name them, do I?) instinctively seek to defile whatever culture they find themselves in.

    1. KENS
      That would explain the vast Japanese porno industry. I mean obviously Winehouse and Jeremy started that to defile whites too.
      Andrew Dice Clay and Mike D were such a threat to humanity with their dirty nursery rhymes. “Hickory Dickory Dock, some bitch is sucking my…”

    2. KENS
      Oh come now, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath were not Jews. The original Death Metal shit came out of England with the metal bands while Jews in the late 60’s were still in Doo Wop bands.
      And Japanese porn is not run by the J man.
      A demand creates a supply.
      The reason that Americans from the US interior are so totally debauched as oppose to Irish-Catholics in NYC or Koreans in LA living neck and neck deep with JOOZE is because they are unworldy fuckwits.

    3. KENS
      It is hard to really get that sympathetic to debauched white townies. When I was young and around them in Phoenix (Prior to getting the hell of the states) they were smoking meth and wearing Pantera t-shirts. Now they are dressing like Hoodrats and smoking Oxy. Ten years before that they were wearing Judas Priest t-shirts and smoking crack.
      They are always stupid.

    Is this Author on crack?
    Are the Commenters turned on by this -mentally ill-?
    J-Rock and J-Pop represent the most MANUFACTURED and DEGENERATE music in the world!
    Do you know what Kawaii really means as Sex Slang?
    Do you know what Harukaze actually means as Sex Slang?
    Do you know what Baby Metal is as a SEX PRACTICE?
    No, of course not.
    ,,,,You probably used Google translate or some crap Facebook page which led to your ridiculous claim that this music is so sweet and lovely.
    The MAID CAFES in AkiHabara are NOT for girls… they are for LADYBOYS!!
    Even though this is only part of the Story Check out this DEGENERACY below-

    Mark Ratering was destroyed by the Philippines in a way that was hilarious and because he was a thick-skinned Western idiot I have to share his sorry life story:
    Mark moved to the Philippines in 1996 when he was 40 years old. He was a cameraman by trade and had saved $300,000.
    He met a young girl of 17. Mark liked girls who were around barely legal age. Her name was Suzette. He got her pregnant and they had a Eurasian child (Mark was of Dutch heritage).
    After their daughter was born, Suzette became addicted to Shabu and gambling and left Mark for an Iranian carpet salesman. This is common for Filipino women. She moved to Dubai.
    Mark was left with their baby daughter Anna. He lost money and moved to less expensive housing.
    In this subdivision, a Filipino man molested Anna on frequent occasions while Mark was busy doing a variety of jobs. Mark actually pressed charges against the Filipino, a Shabu addict (Meth addicts are common in the Philippines and always do crazy things). The cops did not care.
    Mark haunted the girly bars and one night 5 Filipinos jumped him and put him the hospital.
    Mark moved to Negros, a different and more rural part of the Central Philippines.
    At 12, Anna was molested again. By now she was simply sexually hyperactive and was having sex with everyone. Filipinos laughed at Mark.
    I hired Mark for some work and on one occasion asked him why he did not return to the US. He pointed something out. “What am I going to do, clean chicken coups? I’m 51 years old.”
    Mark continued having sex with teenage girls. One rainy night he was on his way back from visiting one and had a motorcycle accident, breaking both of his legs and partially crippling him.
    He spent six months in the hospital as a result.
    When he got out, his girly bar had failed and he was essentially retired.
    Anna had been so severely molested that she displayed the common hypersexual traits of those who have victims of early genital stimulation. She was fucking everyone.
    Now Mark was 60. He had spent 20 not so wonderful years in the Philippines. He hated Filipinos. But he could not leave. His money was no longer enough to get by in the US. He was crippled and unemployable. All he could hope for was to simply waste away in a tiny villa in the Philippines.

  13. Hmmm, while I agree with the content of the article, you should give credit to Amy Lee’s Evanescence though. She is one of the few singers left who doesn’t whore herself out in videoclips

    1. Come now people, don’t you remember the trials of Judas Priest in the mid-80’s? GG Allin the punk rocker who took shits on stage? Jim Morrison showing his cock on stage?
      This is not the first decade of indecent musicians. Half of them are dead by 30.

  14. I love Japan but I would not overestimate the women. Japan is ground zero for the 40 year old virgin cat lady. And the ones who speak English and like foreign men are generally the least desirable. Foreign men, especially Americans, are also seen as weak so they are sought after by women there looking for a doormat husband.

    1. IGOR
      Going to Asia simply to marry an Asian woman is a mistake. You cannot build a life overseas around simply getting married or getting laid.

  15. Living in Korea for 2 years, I’ve noticed Japan does rock really well, but Korea does pop better.
    A lot of the Japan Pop is nearly as degenerate as the American stuff. Last week I saw a top 10 jpop song video, where one of the groups, called Femme, had a song called F–K Boys. Get Money, and their video had that phrase on repeat. It was painful to witness.
    For good kPop, I recommend Mamamoo, Orange Caramel, Laboum, and GFriend. All solid groups, though you could find about 10 more easily if you tried.

  16. While I have absolutely nothing against modern music like pop and rock, I would surely like to ask this question: Why not take refuge in Western Classical Music (and Indian Classical as well, for those interested)? Classical Music is the living embodiment of ancient traditions, and listening to it also helps one become a more culturally refined person, as opposed to the modern-day degeneracy around us, as all ROK readers know only too well. I am Indian, and although I have been listening to Indian Classical Music (both North and South) since childhood, I have now also started listening to the music composed by Western masters like Beethoven as well, and it saddens me to see how so many Westerners ignore their great traditions. As someone who has heard both systems of classical music, I feel that a synthetic tradition made up of both Western and Indian classical music could possibly be the solution to the current degeneracy in ‘music’. London’s Philarmonia Orchestra collaborated with Darbar festival for one such initiative. The idea behind this is explained here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcEjSktlY0M&list=LLc9I4gEmpLkBxgK7zmckWsQ&index=8&t=156s

  17. Good choices though Japanese lyrics (not sure if that’s how the whole language or just the music) tends to screech a lot

  18. I was astonished to read this article and the lack of awareness behind it. If you had any knowledge you would know that the pop culture there is dominated by women aka « idols » and the main demographic are men of all ages. Idol culture is extremely toxic as it pedestalizes women to an extent where some men pay hefty sums of money just to shake hands with their idol and spend thousands of dollars on any type of goodies that has their faces on it. Absolutely everything you can think of is monetized. It goes without saying that many of these men have little to no idea of how real women work and are extensively catered to by this industry in order to keep them in a state of delusion. The list goes on but imo there is more degeneracy in Japanese pop culture than in Hollywood. I would say that for japanese women, it is very profitable to be beautiful and feminine, as there are thousands who will worship you for doing the most mundane things.

  19. Japanese music is actually difficult to follow. Many tunes are not listed on You Tube (I understand its a technical issue), and do not become available on I-Tunes (of all of AKB48’s many many hits, the only one you can find on I-Tunes is off a US movie soundtrack). If you purchase CD’s directly from Japan you’ll find your CD player might be limited to the protocol available to North America (region 1) (Japan is region 2, of 5). At this moment I don’t look for anything interesting from the Japan music scene.
    If you are looking for good Japan rock, strongly recommend 9mm Parabellum Bullet.
    Meanwhile, gentleman, just across the Korean Straight, the hotties of K-pop are very much available and want your attention. Could have something top do with the founders of Korean media companies as former US university grads. Lots of listening to K-pop.

  20. One of the best articles on this topic is listed below and details former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman’s rise to icon status in Japan. Not surprisingly, he has a Japanese wife. Enjoy this sole link to this radical leftist rag of a so called magazine (originally founded by communist subversives) as it is not likely I will drive traffic to it again…

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