Roosh Live #5: Thirty White Knights In The Club

Last weekend I did my fifth call-in live stream. Here it is…

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12 thoughts on “Roosh Live #5: Thirty White Knights In The Club”

  1. Want proof that having an alexa top 25,000 can’t make you enough money? Roosh having to spange for cryptocurrency.
    Makes me think that Kyle Trouble and his empire (not even top 300,000) is lying his ass off when he claims to pulling in $10k a MONTH.

    1. Roosh is banned from Google Adsense and all that stuff. Probably it’s the main reason.

      1. Google Adsense pays garbage anyways. RevContent has been the main ad setup here for quite awhile and they pay among the best.

    2. Yeah its not size that counts, its the most in the sjw ocean. Roosh would be crazy rich is he could monetize and cut deals with brands and stuff but he cannot even get on adnetworks

      1. Small sites that are financial advice sites such as moneysaving expert make huge money. They sold for like $200M since they have affiliate links for mortgages, insurance and earn big commissions on articles.When you are dissident right any size and you’ll hardly get enough to pay for the hosting if your followers don’t financially donate a bit.

  2. Roosh doesn’t have all that “Buy now to learn the 7 secrets of getting beautiful women to beg to be allowed into your bed! Limited time offer!!” crap that has, plus of course he’s settling more crap about how to really make that $10K/month, since the free videos don’t give all the details, and then when you buy those real secrets, theres presumably another level after that, and so on. Once you find a sucker, milk him for everything he’s got…

    1. I was thinking the same. I listened to Alex Jones earlier and noticed how he breaks in to plug a product. Roosh should stop in the middle of the program to plug some products.

  3. Either way, works for me. At this point in my life it’s encouraging just to know there are many men out there who think similar to myself. Crips, my mom watches television 12 hours a day. So my sister. Have you guys been exposed to the daily diet of pop drivel t.v.? It’s very disheartening, women in this country watch daytime tv, dr.phil, Samantha bee, some black chick with big tits( I forget her name). What do you think is going on in mind of someone taking in this crap day in day out.
    It’s really a lost cause, don’t try to change the culture, don’t get angry.
    And don’t marry an American woman.

    1. How in the hell do you NOT get angry? How do you not curse God, curse the .gov and the fem-bots that surround you?
      Do you just walk around numb, given up, and half dead?
      I’m serious. I want to know how you cope with what ‘life’ has become in this God-forsaken country?

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