5 Reasons Why You Should Never Work With Women

Working with women will always end in disaster. Over the last five years, I have been working as a freelance for a little translation company owned by a woman. Everything went well until my mission was ended unilaterally by my female client.

Here are the reasons why you should tread lightly before considering working with a woman…

1. When The Professional Relationship Becomes Personal, You’re Screwed

After several contracts abroad, I decided to return in my homeland, where the opportunity to work with a character I’ll call “Mina” came up quite quickly. She was in her mid-forties by this time. In her prime, she would have been a solid 8. I already knew people who worked for her, and I decided to ignore some red flags concerning Mina, namely that she was a single mother who left her former companion high and dry. But all things considered, she had a good professional reputation and I needed the money.

Mina and I started developing a personal relationship, looking much like a friendship. One day, she told me that I was like a brother to her, making me feel really comfortable with her. Retrospectively, I should have avoided this situation because I let emotions sneak into our professional relationship.

She assigned me to increasingly complex translation jobs, which I had no problem fulfilling. My efforts led us to land some good contracts, making cash flow in on a more regular basis. Everything was fine. I was 100 percent dedicated to her, even doing unpaid extra time. This prevented me from looking for other contract opportunities elsewhere, to cover my back if anything happened, another mistake.

2. You Are More Likely To Have Endless Conversations About Gossip

Gossip was part and parcel of our collaboration. Her former companion was the primary object of Mina’s gabbing because “you know, he was so bad at everything.” Out of curiosity, I tried to dig into the reasons why their relationship ended, naively thinking that gruesome stuff happened, but I only got answers like “he was spending too much time in the garage repairing his motorbike” and “he was too close to his parents and childhood friends.”

I just tried to point out that this guy was the father of her seven-year old daughter and shouldn’t be tossed away so casually, but she didn’t care. From then on, I acquiesced to everything she said.

3. Her Female Friends Are More Valuable To Her Than You

Her female friends were “her world” and she was very serious on advising them on how to handle relationships. Of course, if a relationship was failing, she would be kind of delighted, blaming the man for not being better. She even started a “divorced and happy club,” consisting of them sipping wine while bitching about men, and occasionally flying abroad with her friends to enjoy a cock carousel ride.

4. Women Make Decisions Based On Stupid New Age Crap

Mina was into parapsychology and astrology. Every time we met, she had some new fad going on. While I am quite spiritual myself, it was really hard to swallow stuff related to energy vibrations and planetary alignments. One day, she was down because some fortune teller saw that negative things would be happening to her in the future. The next, she was totally ecstatic because of a reikki lesson.

In her personal quest to find her “inner self,” she was totally influenced by the teachings of famous psychics, spending a considerable amount of money on their books. I listened to her constant babbling about the signs she saw in nature, sometimes trying to give my input on her nonsense.

5. Political Debates Are Always A Dead-End

While Mina’s New Age crap would make me smile or laugh, her views on politics would leave me totally clueless.

She was a diligent reader of the mainstream media and her thinking was molded by left-leaning columnists. Unsurprisingly, Trump was an ugly white male she feared. Our discussions in the aftermath of terror attacks usually revolved around her fears of nationalism and bigotry. Countries needed more women in charge to cure the mess that evil white men have left. On the other hand, she admired an angry spinster friend of hers’ who had gotten a job working in a migrant camp.

The money was too good for me to engage in a contradictory debate with her: she was naturally immune to real-talk.

In The End, It Doesn’t Even Matter

This quote from Linkin Park pretty much sums up our relationship. Over the course of our collaboration, I was assigned to more jobs and received high praise from Mina. Everything was supposed to run like clockwork and the future seemed to be bright. However, in the last two months, out of the blue, she started being increasingly critical of my work. In that case, it was totally unjustified, for I have more than ten years of experience in translation.

I tried to be resilient, and I even started working at nights to get more things done, but everything I delivered was not good enough for her. I had absolutely no clue on what was going on, but she fired me in the middle of a mission, explaining with a straight face that my services were too expensive. All that after five years.

Experience has taught me that professional relationships with women are doomed. A lot of articles at ROK show the difficulties of working in a mostly female environment. If you have the opportunity to work for a woman, be careful. In a blink of an eye, a woman can get rid of you with no regrets and it will always be for external and irrational reasons.

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83 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should Never Work With Women”

  1. I rather enjoyed reading this article.
    I just have one problem.
    “You Are More Likely To Have Endless Conversations ABOUG Gossip”

    1. Never discuss anything but work with female co-workers.
      Nothing about your home life, hobbies, friends, activities, politics, holidays.
      Everything you say to a woman at your place of work will be taken down and used against you.

  2. Women also tend to work and make decisions slightly worse under pressure comparative to men. That’s just been an observation I’ve had albeit I haven’t been in too many workplaces. When shit hits the fan and things become chaotic, a man tends to put his head down and work piece by piece whereas from what I’ve seen, a woman tends to look around, panic and call for more people. Just like anything in life, you can’t paint everyone with the same brush though. I’m sure there are many women out there who can outwork lots of men in stressful conditions.

    1. slightly? Women under pressure enter in survival mode, in survival mode they seek the guidance of men or whine about it until men solve it. There was a study that was burned in the memory hole that is impossible to find about female rulers, the data suggest that women rulers, queens and leaders were more likely to commit act of wars, women are more likely to commit genocide and more likely to kill other women and children. Men have a soft spot for women and children, historically conquered women marries the invaders and children under 12 were converted. Remember when opra winfreid said that the solution for racism was to kill racists (aka whites). There was another Chinese study burned in the memory hole, about how the gender distribute resources. They give children candy and stuff for only boy and boys decide how to redistribute the candy and to whom, then they reverse the genders. When boys had the power they redistribute the candy more equally than girl, girl were nice with the boys to obtain the candy and boy were happy to give. In contrast when girl have the power, well, they were more bitchy about it, a parapeto principle was implemented were only the more popular and attractive boys receive candy, with girl the redistribution were unequal and unfair, now translate that to the working place, women being more likely to wage war, more likely to take bad decision under stress and more likely to be unfair what you get?, A HELL OF A WORKING ENVIRONMENT!!

      1. Exactly, they panic and get paranoid quite easily, when that happens, they will, without blinking an eye, betray your (the co-worker) even if you have been working together (usually that means mostly doing most of the heavy lifting)
        on something a while. When I experienced this first, I thought that particular woman was just a biatch, it took many hits before I discovered AWALT.

        1. There is a grammar/spelling/punctuation nazi on the prowl lately so I am trying harder:
          Exactly, they panic and get paranoid quite easily. When that happens, many of them will, without blinking an eye betray you (the co-worker) even if you have been working together – usually that means you doing most of the heavy lifting. When I experienced this first, I thought that particular woman was a bitch. It took many hits more before I discovered AWALT

      2. “The data suggest that women rulers, queens and leaders were more likely to commit act of wars…”
        Totally contrary to the SJW ‘wisdom’ if only women (gays, etc..) ruled the world.

      1. Examples of facts include “Mike Atherton has scored 7,728 runs in Test cricket” or “Richard Nixon was the 37th President of the United States.” Examples of opinions, by contrast, include “Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest footballer of all time” or “Snoop Dogg is a bad rapper.”
        Every day, the helpful folk at Return of Kings teach me something new. For starters, today, I found out courtesy of Sean O. that “Any time spent with a woman outside her vagina is wasted” (q.v. Gonad) is a fact. Cheers, guys(!).

  3. Women should not be making decisions that can affect someone elses money, employment, health etc. And yes they crumble under pressure. Does not matter if they are 18 or 58. The same emotional immaturity is always there.

  4. In a perfect world though, women would not be placed in the position of having to do this.
    They would be using their minds and mouths to give blowjobs to a man who needed one after a long hard day of running the world.
    Because in the end, women could no longer run the world once the oil needed changing.

  5. Just imagine we almost had a woman become the President of the United States. WW III could’ve happened due to one of her bad hair days.

      1. She was the then President’s whore, and was waiting to cache in later. She failed miserably after waiting 20 years to do just that. She crumbled under pressure like a cheap whore that she is, because of the great Trumpening.

  6. I am a 26 year old girl chemE and started working in a team with one guy and 4 other women about a year and a half ago in Pharma. I have been miserable ever since and my last day at my job is next Friday. Prior to joining this company, I worked in a team of 11 men and I was the only girl. I learned a lot and looked forward to going to work. Men get shit done while women gossip, talk about their pets/ kids( I love kids but I don’t want to hear about every little detail of people’s kid),brag about buying coach bags, backstab, brag about not being able to cook, insult their husbands, want equal pay but don’t do shit. After women with the regulatory group (there is no man in that group) at my company, I promised myself I will never work for a woman boss, and I will never join a team where women outnumber men.
    At this point of my life, I just want to learn and grow. You can never do that with women.

      1. That’s the plan. I am making good money and saving all of it so that when my fiance and I buy a house. We can pay cash, and then I would be able to stay at home.

    1. You seem cool. I sincerely hope a hot doctor sweeps you off your feet and gets you out of that mess!!

      1. Lol a software engineer has already swept me off. We are getting married next year and will be buying a house cash soon after that. Then I can stay at home and have kids. I mean I had really good grades in school and loved school, but I don’t want to deal with work politics anymore.

  7. haha, rok is trying to be PC, censoring a comment lol
    “Any time spent with a woman outside her vagina is wasted!”
    What you disagree, you fools?

  8. Workplace Sex
    Invariably what happens when men and women work together is that two people sneak off together to have sex.
    Pretty soon, you’re worried that you’re going to stumble in on somebody fucking someone.

    1. They wanted to make a Lesbian my boss, I retired along with all the other men in my department. We weren’t having any of that.

  9. Muslims have it right. Men and women should be totally separated and only come together in the family’s fuckroom. Because woman will always try to manipulated the man with words, body seduction or sex prohibition. So the less the sexes talk to each other the better.

  10. I’ve done a similar job at a company headed by women. The thing that I couldn’t stand is all the emotional decision making. If they are emotionally happy with you or with themselves, then that is projected on you and your work. If they aren’t emotionally unhappy with you and themselves on a given day, that too is projected on you and your work. Objective measures of performance are, you know, oppressive and mean.

    1. During a performance review, male bosses will give you the scoop straight up. If you’re lousy, he’d tell you as it is. A female boss will sugarcoat it to not hurt your feelings. You won’t get an honest critique of your performance.

      1. Unless the male manager is a feminized mangina, then he will play the same games as women. I’ve seen a trend in jobs over my 60 years of life now where the workplace is becoming more and more feminized. Men, including white knight mangina managers, behaving like 10 year old girls at a slumber party. The white knights enable the women to behave badly, and run amuck like feral animals.

    2. “If they are emotionally happy with you or with themselves, then that is projected on you and your work. If they aren’t emotionally unhappy with you and themselves on a given day, that too is projected on you and your work.”
      Like how a menopausal woman will think your work is obsolete.

  11. A man Working at an office job surrounded by women, what a meaningless existence, these dudes need a super male vitality overdose.

  12. 5 Reasons ROK Needs an Editor
    1. Spell check. “Aboug”?
    2. Punctuation. “friend of hers’”?
    3. Grammar. “return in my homeland”?
    4. Proofreading Read a writer’s submitted work before clicking “Post.”
    5. Frequent bad writing says something about the site.
    I’m no grammar/spelling nazi, but the lack of any editorial oversight really leaves me with a poor impression of ROK’s writers.

    1. I’m sure ROK would appreciate your help. Seeing as this website isn’t profitable due to being banned from traditional forms of website monetization.

  13. I worked with women boss (31 years old, not married) and women coworkers at bank a few months ago and this was my worst experience ever.
    Just after a few days my female boss started to have a short interviews with me maybe two times per day about my feels and what I think about that work.
    Just after week other female coworkers started saying very untrue and fake stories about me when they were on the smoke breaks. They also told my boss that I yelled at one of them and that was absolute bullshit.
    After only one week my boss talked to me again that 3 female workers said bullshit stories.
    It was all about gossiping and hating. They have like 10 cigarrete breaks per day with very shitty working ethic despite they all said how much work they had.
    That day I quit and said that is not professional to behave like that. She just completely turn around and started to telling me that I should sta that everybody there is great friend etc….I just opened door said bye and left.
    Now Im working with 4 males and one female and it is compeltely different because we talking about actual work and not about how somehow feel or what I thinking about someone.
    Best decision last year.
    Sorry for my english Iam not native.

  14. I get you Dawg, I worked in a pharmacy my freshman year of college under a female feminist. That women had mood swings like crazy. One day she would hate me for breathing and some days she would make a lot of sexual innuendos and certain days she would bring home cooked meal and feel sorry for my mom abandoning me all day long.

  15. I could write a book on the horror stories I’ve had with working with women, especially in the last 20-25 years. I’m now 60, and I’ve seen a very noticeable change in workplaces becoming feminized in this time. Case in point, in the summer of 2010, I was caught up in a mass layoff after my employer was purchased by Nucor Steel. Best job I ever had. I was then 52, and thought I’d bounce back in a reasonable amount of time. But, the months passed, UI and severance ran out, and my savings were depleted. Against my better judgement, I finally found a job with a small woman owned company at 50% less wages. The owner looked like a 70 year old version of Lena Dunham. She forced male employees to attend company sponsored meetings with a liberal democrat female senator, breast cancer awareness rah-rah meetings, touchy-feely sensitivity training, and other stupid functions. She bounced a couple paychecks (AG in my state doesn’t go after employers when they do this) while she and her attorney husband were on month long Caribbean cruises. She also hired inept women, manginas, gays, and an inept 24 year old Indian male M.E. This kid was a trip. Graduate of the University of Missouri, Rolla, School of Mines & Engineering. Worked for BMW for a short stint until they fired him for being inept. He spent most of his time listening to Coldplay and doodling on AutoCad. One day, I showed him a print with holes punched with an iron worker on 1/4 x 2 x 2″ angle parts with holes spaced 6″ center-center. He argued with me that this was wrong, whipped out his tablet from the My Little Pony backpack he carried (yes, literally), and punched out Calculus formulas. The holes were wrong. He scrapped dozens of parts, so I had the welders fill the holes back up with MIG electrode wire, grind them down, lay them out correctly, and repunch them. Another time he called me in to tell me the welders were not global citizens, and that they did not think globally, and that we must force them to think globally. Huh? I told him they were welders, blue collar men, not tree huggers, and that you can’t force your agendas on them. Then there was the CFO, who had bankrupted his two previous employers! After one year, I had the most stellar performance evaluation I’d ever had in my life, so I asked for a raise. I was told my job was reward enough. I started searching for a new job. One month later, I found, and gave my two weeks notice. The old bag insisted on an exit interview. I told them the kid M.E. was inept, slothful, and a liability. They refused to pay me the two weeks vacation I had earned (legal in my state), so I walked out the door then and there, and started my new job early. They fired the Indian M.E. shortly after. The kicker is that an anonymous call went into OSHA and the EPA. This hag had been dumping Toulene and paint waste in the nearby river for years, and had dozens of major OSHA safety violations. I’m sure she faced heavy fines and jail time on that one.

    1. I read your story and it just makes me want to see the Apocalypse come that much quicker. The time has long passed for filthy invaders like M.E. to sent back to the wonderful world of castes, curry and crap in the water….from whence he came.

      1. Yes, Forest, it was a real turd factory. For the sake of time and space, I did not mention about the many vendors (steel suppliers, welding suppliers, paint suppliers) who cut the old bag off because she had payables out 1-5 years past due. I mean thousands of dollars that she owed these suppliers. Bouncing your employees paychecks, and not paying your vendors, but then going on month long Caribbean cruises. Really ethical. So much for women being nobler than man. Yeah right!

    2. I’m sorry but you botched the exit interview I always state the company is great but I have a kid on the way or am about to retire or need to pay off debts something personal about you not bitterness on the company. Since they got rid of your old manager it probably wouldn’t be such a bad gig if they hired you back with more pay but you burned that bridge with your bitching.

      1. I disagree with your capitulate to employers philosophy. I burn bridges like a kleptomaniac. Why would a reasonable person want to return to a toxic turd factory with an an owner that bounces paychecks, imposes a SJW agenda on her male employees, and dumps toxic waste illegally into a river that the city uses as a water source? Your puts thinking is really wrong, in my view, but I see this on ROK. Sign of the times.

      2. @Nick
        I ALWAYS refuse an exit interview. The exit interview is just make work bullshit for the HR twats and drones. Nothing changes EVER due to an exit interview.

  16. So, let me get this. Just because you had ONE nasty experience with ONE woman – who gave you steady cashflow, before she had objections to your work – people should never work with any women.

    1. Are you illiterate or do you just lack basic reading comprehension? Stop playing coy with the readers – you little shit.

      1. Good article, Mr. Vargas. Very insightful and factual. Seems like you have to walk some of these readers through everything. This broad didn’t get the gist of my account of working for a woman owned company, and yes, Ms. liberal feminista, I broad brush with a large brush, and most all women owned companies are a train wreck waiting to happen, if they have not already derailed. Same for working with women. I can’t count on one hand the number of women I’ve worked with in my now many years who had a work ethic, and did their jobs, instead of causing drama and harassing their colleagues.

  17. The only time I had some horrible experiences with female coworkers was primarily during the early 2000’s (2000-2003) when I was in my early 20’s. The jobs I chose after the early 2000’s had me working with men or by myself in manual labor positions. Also, sexual harassment was still new around the turn of the millennium and making a false allegation against someone would just give you a slap on the wrist. Today, if you make false claims, you might do prison time for destroying another person’s livelihood.
    I do like this site but to be frank, from all the 8 and 9’s the millennial authors of this site claim to be banging in exotic locales in Bratislava, Prague, Budapest, Dubrovnik, Kiev, Sofia, Manila, and Sao Paolo, I have no doubt you inherited some wealth from your babyboomer parents and then invested that money in various commodities such as real estate, precious metals, cryptocurrencies, etc…
    That’s good and I could care less but I don’t like when your commenters feel obliged to attack people that struggled to rake in Lethal Weapon 2 style cargo containers filled with cash.

  18. As a woman, I’d venture to say that your experience is naive, cushy and not typical.
    If you are a woman with nothing to lose, because you have parents with money, a good degree, or are married, “working” with other women is not a big deal. The worst thing that could happen is you’re let go of and then find another high-paying job.
    But when you’re a legitimately single woman at a lower income level, you can’t afford to be as idealistic in your thinking. You have to learn actual street smarts. You avoid working with large groups of other women, because it’s not stable, and your income needs to be a stable factor in your life. Otherwise, you won’t have a place to live. Boom. Done.
    It’s like someone telling me Santa is real, when I’m buying my own presents.

  19. Women are incapable of real work. All women in the workplace I’ve seen take maybe 3-4 hours to do what a man can do in 1. The rest of the time they are gossiping and trying to find ways to back stab each other.
    The sex thing is right. At my work there is this office woman who is known to be very loose. People say she has no gag reflex. That she has dated about 20 of the workers over the years and cheated on several of them. One time the one bf took her to a party and she slept with another worker at the party and the two guys became enemies with each other at work. Lots of weird stories like that. Rigging company functions to give prizes to the current men she is sleeping with. That she sucked her way to her promoted job. All kinds of messed up stuff.
    Otherwise she is known for being addicted to drugs (lost like 50 lbs in 2 months, her hair balding ) and everyone says she is currently on meth; she is always fidgeting, scratching and has “wolf eyes” when she is. She gets paid about 60 000 a year and spends about 7 of the 8 hours on facebook.
    You can often hear moaning in the woman’s bathroom too. In her case she is probably paying one of the dudes for a quick thrill.
    They see her at break times leaving in tinted cars (different ones each time) and coming back 5-10 minutes later. Saying she is trading her no gag reflex for some drugs using craigslist ads. She has a bf currently too.
    You also read endless stories of women in the army having sex with every man imaginable, women don’t really have any other real purpose.
    Women do not possess a conscience and probably not a soul. They are incapable of using freedom for anything but evil. We must take away their rights for their own good. The more you learn about women the more disgusted you become.

    1. It also makes the environment where if you don’t sleep around, you could lose your job. I try to avoid working with other women.

    1. Behind every woman is a weak willed cuck ( or three or four or…..) enabling her.
      There fixed it for you.

  20. Ive got ONE reason why you should never work with women that will make sense, and has come to be the reason of the day / year / century.
    #meetoo……( all the lies to ruin your life).

  21. You’re going to find more and more women in positions of power. Women outperform men at certain tasks and some can be great to work with. What you will often encounter however is that the good looking ones will have clouded judgements based on a attractive man’s real time reactions to her, and the ugly ones compensate for the lack of attractiveness by being on a power trip. There are ways to deal with them effectively, and every individual is different but in general, if you cannot work with them, you must begin to make long term preparations to be in business for yourself.

    1. Trying hard to understand the bitches eh? Don’t, they are all bitches. it is biological, psychological reality exacerbated by the sociological. Most women are weaker in body and/or spirit and/or the mind than men, so without the patriarchy to safeguard them they become bitches, whores and prostitutes. Simple.

  22. I work in a male dominated tech field, but as luck would have it I’ve worked with a disproportionately large number of women, even in majority-female teams with a female boss. The experience wasn’t entirely negative, they were competent for the most part. But the DRAMAS.. holy shit. The chicks tended to form buddy pairs, and every week it was WW3 between this pair and another. Once we have 4 Asian women on the team, 2 Chinese and 2 Vietnamese.. the Chinese chicks behaved so badly, they literally made the Viet girls quit in disgust. Me and the one other dude learned early on to keep heads down, grab popcorn and enjoy the show. We did managed to get our projects done, but God knows how.
    Of course this was back in my 20s, when my dick would afford women and their stupidity a lot more latitude than they deserved. No way I could put up with that bullshit now.

  23. I work in the engineering field. Like other posters, I have experienced the drama of women:
    – managed a team of mostly Chinese team of women. Thankfully I did not have to deal with cross cultural issues, but I did make a rule that there would be no more Mandarin arguments in the hallways / cubicles – English only. The biggest bitch in my group was a middle aged male developer 😉
    – If you cry, go home. I am so tired of people crying when they know their code is crap.
    – I don’t want to know about your menopause, hot flashes or any other bodily issues.
    – I don’t want to know if you are having a hormonal issue with another woman. I can’t say, but you’re probably reaching that time of month (true story).
    Today, I work in a cave, all guys, we yell sometimes, but we all sort of get along.

    1. I am a mechanical engineer and software developer. The China born Chinese bitches are the worst. The white bitches may be equally bad, but there are fewer of them so I don’t have enough experience to conclude one way or other.

  24. I don’t think you should work with woman is most are just plain mentally slow and usually pretty dumb. Maybe 1-20 are worth talking to.

  25. I don’t want to agree 100% with this article, but what I can share is that working with women at a school where women were the majority (75+%) it was difficult for me to express myself, and long story short, led to my ultimate despise.
    As David Deida said “women cannot handle criticism,” and after I began respectfully criticizing the practices I saw here I was ousted from my doctorate program. It was rather unacademic but I am much happier now doing what I do.
    This experience reinforced that working with women can be a problem and they should not be the majority.

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