Why Do Women Have Rape Fantasies?

Hey kids, let’s talk about rape! It’s apparently all the rage nowadays, with the shrieking yentas that run the world in the 21st century never ceasing to stop talking about the awful awfulness of our rape culture in the rapey rapeosphere that is modern Rapemerica.

And while greatly exaggerated thanks to paranoia, there is some truth to this: the recent revelations coming out of Hollywood with the old “casting couch” suggest that, at the very least, some industries have a problem with sexual harassment and assault, despite the constant exhortations for us to “listen and believe” and what have you.

Apparently, we didn’t do this enough.

And yet, despite all this hysteria over rape and how women are all in fear of it… they really seem to fantasize about it one whole hell of a lot. Yes, even in these enlightened times of strong independent womyn, these same strong women flocked in droves to bookstores and movie theaters to “enjoy” (wink, wink) works such as Fifty Shades of Grey, practically sliding on a mollusk-like mucus trail of sheer vaginal ejaculate.

And this is hardly a new thing: as I’ve pointed out in this article, the 1919 novel The Sheik is essentially the exact same story as Fifty Shades of Grey, except for the fact that the studly Dark Triad man is an Arab rather than a white man. And that too had a silent movie franchise funded by millions of women with drenched panties.

The reason I point all of this out is that, clearly, women—or at the very least a small subset of women—luuuuurve them some violent sexual fantasies. The question is: why exactly is this the case? And more importantly, how can you use these fantasies in a law abiding manner to your sexual advantage?


Researchers at the University of North Texas asked 355 undergraduates of all races and socioeconomic backgrounds whether they had had various types of rape fantasies of both heterosexual and homosexual variants, and two-thirds of women had at least occasional fantasies of being violated against their will.

Needless to say, I nor any of my neo-masculine peers—despite allegations of the contrary—advocate the actual forced violation of a woman, nor do most men period, so it’s not likely a woman who uses common sense and avoids shady and/or violent men will get raped. Thus the old theory that the fantasies were merely sublimated desires to actually be raped that men would act upon is likely not true.

In researching this issue, two explanations in particular seem to be quite prevalent in the various studies I read for this article; one being that rape fantasies tap into a woman’s desire to avoid sexual blame, and the other that women enjoy being an object of desire by men.

The former essentially states that women are “shamed” for feeling sexual desire and fantasizing about sex, thus they sublimate that patriarchal guilt into fantasies of being “forced” into it, thus allowing them to fantasize about getting plowed without feeling like a slut for “wanting” it.

While there may have been some truth to this as late as the 90s (what else were those trashy supermarket romance novels with Fabio on the cover targeting?), I highly doubt this is the case nowadays. If the 21st century is anything, it is not, in the West, at least, a century that oppresses women’s right to their sexuality. In fact, they’re pretty clearly flaunting it.

So no, I don’t think the lumpy slatterns participating in SlutWalks feel guilty for having sexual fantasies. And let’s not forget that in most cases the people shaming women for being sluts are and always have been… other women.

Instead, I think that the other explanation is much closer to the truth: that women like to imagine themselves as maddening objects of desire that can drive men to acts of animalistic sexuality. Women fantasize about their bodices being ripped rather than having the man politely ask to take it off, after all.

It’s not titled “Highland Yes Means Yes Consent Form,” now is it?

In truth, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the root cause of the “rape culture” hysteria: while there is that element of wanting to control male sexuality that I have discussed, women believe in rape culture because they want to believe in it. If we live in a culture where rape is common and celebrated, then that means the streets are just teeming with sweaty, brutal men that all will froth at the mouth and fight tooth and nail just to take yon fair damsel over the nearest table.

Presumably any women reading this just got a little hot and bothered at reading that last paragraph.

I don’t care what you say: this title is amazing.

Using It To Your Advantage

To explain how to use rape fantasies to your advantage, we first have to list one more possible explanation for them, which is my own theory that still vaguely ties into the last explanation. My theory is that rape fantasies are an extreme exaggeration of what you actually want in your sex life.

What I mean by this is the fact that intellectually, women don’t want to be beaten down and violated, but emotionally and vaginally, they certainly don’t want a meek, mewling soy eater who gives them boring sex. Indeed, being the latter is worse than being the former; women will leave a boring, pathetic beta male long before they leave an abuser (no, I am not advocating you abuse women). What they want in reality is sex that’s rough and “high-energy,” but not to the point of actual violence.

Similarly, men may fantasize about something like being locked in a royal harem and plowing every one of those concubines, but were this to occur in real life, the man would have sex with two or three of them and then humiliate himself when he failed to get it up any more. That would kill the mood really quick, and that’s why it’s a fantasy.

So how do you use the rape fantasy to your advantage? It’s simple: get a little rough and wild in the bedroom, and use the acrobatic and aggressive “three-way dance” maneuver. Perhaps do an actual rape role-play. The key to remember is this: don’t be a boring beta male in bed. If you remember that women have fantasies about idealized, extremely violent sex, modulate it a little bit and use it to keep the women coming back!

If women do have this psychological quirk, why not use it to your and her mutual benefit?

Read More: The Guardian’s Nicole Silverberg Tells Men to Believe All Rape Claims and Always Apologize to Women

76 thoughts on “Why Do Women Have Rape Fantasies?”

  1. 50 shades isn’t a good example because Christian didn’t take her captive. Dude actually had the bitch sign consent forms and a ton of other RP shit from what I hear.
    Liking violent (aka normal) sex =/= rape fantasy though.
    I don’t deny women have these fantasies, but using an example of fictional characters practicing light S&M doesn’t really fit this discussion.

    1. So after you’ve played a few choking games with her, she goes along to the police to report you for rape, and the evidence is on her neck. That really isn’t a good idea IMHO. Any woman that wants a rape fantasy can have it with another guy.

      1. Negative, Dodds. Reserved, suburban-types that cook meals for evening supper don’t want to be choked, per se. They do, however, get very turned on when you slide a hand around the throat while standing and exert a very slight amount of pressure. Smashing while doing that is like adding electric current. The sudden shock of fear of the unknown combined with the grind will bash her through her maybe-gasm glass ceiling.

  2. “Why do women have rape fantasies?”
    Lol Only with the stud Alpha dudes of pure unbridled masculinity and *FRAME* who put “fears of lust” in the tingles of womankind; but at the same time it’s “mutual” that the woman instinctively know the man does not intend to “harm” her but to *DOMINATE* her in her natural joyful feminine SUBMISSION of being *DOMINATED* by a natural strong, masculine dominant man.
    It also definitely helps if said man got a good “morality of heart” that makes women swoon for how “good a guy” he is; comical and good-natured: a sure win with the ladies.
    AKA *SUPERMAN*, beeches! *SUPERMAN*! *A-MAN*!
    ~ Bro. Jed

    1. I’ve heard from women, all my adult life “Women want to be TAKEN”. It’s baked into their DNA. They don’t necessarily want to be raped, but they want strong dominant men to seize them as a sexual prize. The idea of being claimed sexually by a strong man is what turns them on.

    2. Bitches don’t deserve that. Hell, they don’t even deserve the soy boy incel. Who are they to even have the gall to think they can judge a man’s worth. They should be elated they receive any attention at all and show pure appreciation to every man who gives it.

  3. The best reasoning I ever read was from a scientist who studied the subject and reluctantly came to the conclusion that rape fantasies were common for women. He said, “that although rape is wrong, there IS something to be said about being wanted so bad by someone that they cannot control themselves.” I’ve taken this knowledge and applied it in the bedroom with STRONG results.

    1. The whole idea of “consent” as pushed by modern feminists in its modern understanding is just another failed shit test by men that we accept it.

      1. Assuming you’re not a sarcastic troll or an infiltrator, then yes. “Consent” being pushed by feminists is not practical. What always happens is that the guy makes moves and you either get a no or you don’t, and often times a no really means “not yet” so be persistent. A hard no is a hard no though.

        1. I’ve been around for a while I am not a troll. No I generally look to history and see that a better model of consent is for it be also be required from a womans guardian to give away a woman and still is amongst Haredi Jews and Muslims with their wali concept where a guardian must consent. To make it only about a woman consenting is to let her pick a man only around tingles ends up with her ignoring the aspects a wise father would look at with years of understanding of people/life. Feminists prefer women to choose husbands drunk based on them having a nice butt and wonder why it all goes wrong.
          She is the vesicle of the families genes/future. Thats the view that feminists have that only she should choose ends up crushing the family unit. The anti family ideas of feminists such as child support, maintenance, welfare and general hatred for the family at every turn is an open attempt by feminist puppeteers to undermine monogamy at every stage. Many openly write about crushing the nuclear family. I don’ agree that a woman on her own she be able to consent without a male guardians permission.

    2. And as for you mentioning social science you should mention common sense of serious men as being more important because social science when thats accepted as truth is dangerous. Its more controlled what may be studied than any main stream media outlet and what it may publish. Only leftist studies hoping to find SJW conclusions are allowed these days and yet they still struggle for evidence. Common sense cannot be censored yet social science in big institutions like universities clearly can and is.

  4. MY current girlfriend hasn’t specifically asked for a rape fantasy but she wants me to tell her beforehand when I’m going to break in to her place . She hates to be on top and specifically told me she likes to be dominated . Now I’m a nice guy but when I fuck her I thrust As hard as I can

    1. Understand she is a slut and treat her accordingly. She likes to be slapped on the face, spanked, bound. I’m a dom to most women I meet these days. They are so tired of beta males.

      1. Worst advice of the day.
        My friend, on the one hand people here say how chaotic the female mind is and how women are walking contradictions, and then it’s all about slapping and binding? The moment she gets angry at you or just wants to get rid of you guess what (obviously) happens next?
        You can be strong, even dominant, but NEVER EVER use actual violence with sex. That’s just begging for a one-way ticket to prison.

    2. Thats how you do it. You can tenderly caress her after you bound her in place on the bed, all 4s streched. That will get her gina wet …

  5. One thing I noticed, the more you act like you are raping her in the bedroom, the more she will try to see you again and not leave you alone.
    In this bullshit Matriarchy, women do not want to be in charge. They desire muscular energy from a real man and to be treated second class just like a child needs that secure energy from their parents.
    I don’t blame women cheating on men as much as men cheat today. It’s hard for her to find a real man with so many soy boy Leftists around!

  6. “…the streets are just teeming with sweaty, brutal men that all will froth at the mouth and fight tooth and nail just to take yon fair damsel over the nearest table.”
    Sounds like Europe or Minnesota nowadays.

    1. my understanding stops at concepts like hypergamy, narcissism, shit test and asd.
      All i need to understand is there. The rest is just litterature for soyboys and betas.

  7. I’ve never raped a girl but wouldn’t feel the slightest bit guilty about raping some typical slut from the Western world. They’ve had tons of dick. How bad is one more that they just didn’t want? That’s all rape essentially is with most sluts nowadays who lost their innocence way back in middle school. Giving a woman something she doesn’t want but sometimes enjoys anyway.

    1. I agree. Western women are so trashy. I’m so disgusted with most , rape from a handsome White man seems too good for them… The more disgusted I am the more they want me but I genuinely loath Western whores. We need to startover, rebuild civilization from Appalachia or something….

      1. Actually many religions such as Islam allows sex without consent of unchaste athiests. Its advocated and explained twice in the Quran if you Google rape religion of peace. The debate is in Islamic jurisprudence is whether or not one is permitted to cum outside of these ladies, with the minority view being that you may withdraw if you really want. The Muslims came to Europe being promised freedom of religion and many practice this part of their religion openly.

        1. some people think that hundreds of guys acting together at train stations was coincidence, and the media refuses any questioning of this, rather than being an actually coordinated effort

        2. You misunderstand Islam. There is no concept of consent under Islamic law, she is you wife and you can have sex when you want, she is not your wife and you will be imprisoned or killed if you have sex. Outside of marriage sex is forbidden, she can’t give consent, it is never hers to give.

        3. That model is only for Muslim wives, read about those whom your right hand possesses, and its fairly clear if you see the quotes.

      2. “Rebuild civilization from Appalachia”
        The trouble with this is that the West and East Coast are going to continue to be the ports of entry and also the financial/cultural centers and especially NYC due to its proximity to the Beltway.

    2. Well some of the chubhoes with the thot rings, tats, dyed hair, and piercings(and other alt sluts)like my ex(even though she had no th0t ring but all the rest)have pussies so loose your dick falls out! Gonna have to go in her ass. The tighter they are, the more fun it is.

      1. It is funny you mention that. I once had sex with a Spanish young woman who asked me if I would fuck her in the ass. It was a new thing for me, so I tried it.
        I was surprised to find that her asshole was looser than her vagina.

    3. 10 years migraine free….what they really want is the power to punish a man if its not all the envisioned, and that you surrender your/some resources to them after the fact. all women are prostitutes, AWALT.

    4. FYI, I’m a white American man. I’m not some Muslim from a shithole trying to rape white women. Granted, it doesn’t make me that upset hearing about these euro sluts getting raped by them.

  8. Most women I have fucked I have slapped, choked, and pounded hard. I got to the point I didn’t even ask. Many times they said things like “I really loved it when you slapped my face!”. And eventually they would put their hand on my wrist so as to make me choke them.
    Women cum hard from brutal fucking. If you leave her with marks she may call you again and again. I know other men can verify this. I stopped making love a long time ago. Now I always make women see sex as me exerting my powerful body against them in unpredictable ways. I also like fish hooking, and slapping a girl repeatedly as she sucks on my fingers. I then use my hand with her saliva and alternate front and back hands so as to rub saliva on her face with forceful strikes. They yell things like “fuck me harder” and cum really fast that way.
    If you are anal fucking a girl, try and fish hook her while alternating hair pulling and smashing her face against the bed/floor or whatever.
    This is all light shit too by S&M standards. But you don’t need to go all dungeon style. Just enough to make her feel weak, pathetic, used, and like you are better than her.
    Because women truly deep down want to feel that way. To feel weak against a strong man who could kill her but doesn’t gets women off more than anything else. My comment above about sex being naturally violent rings true for all men who have opened Pandora’s box. The more pathetic and humiliated she can feel when you fuck her, the harder she will cum.

    1. “Just enough to make her feel weak, pathetic, used, and like you are better than her.”
      “Because women truly deep down want to feel that way. To feel weak against a strong man who could kill her”
      true true.
      Dungeon style SM is just pure intellectual bullshit for boring people who pretend to be superior in some ways to others.
      Raw crude and humialiting fucking is the real thing they crave deep down in their submissive wired brain.
      It is better to “make love” only when you are tired. Otherwise, fucking should be like a fucking domination sparring workout.

  9. More or less this sounds right. A rape fantasy is an exaggerated version of a woman being desired, an exaggerated example of the exertion of strength and dominance. I also think it is doubtful that they actually want to be raped. It could be that many modern women are sexually deprived in many ways. Deprivation can produce exaggerated desires. Like if I go hiking up a steep mountain and I am without food for 6-8 hours, I start imagining a plate of smoked bacon, fresh whole grain sourdough bread, and sauerkraut (yes my hungry daydreams get THAT specific) put on a table in such quantities that no man would realistically be able to (or should) eat it in one sitting.
    Some of you may be thinking that it is a strange idea that many women are sexually deprived nowadays considering how promiscuous many are shown to be. However, that doesn’t mean all of them are having sex in the same amount, at the same age, or even that the sex is satisfying. Why would I suspect this? Well, I came across a website where people discuss having what is essentially a traditional male-female relationship, and they go on about how hot it is, and that they are worried about being thought kinky. Now in what world is that kinky?
    Take a look if you don’t believe me. http://www.takeninhand.com

    1. There’s hard-rape and soft-rape. Soft-rape (rape fantasies) are when Tarzan glides in, swings you off to his tree house, and ravages you while you gently protest, but only to maintain your virtuosity.
      Hard rape is when you’re walking back through a seedy part of town, and a nog jumps out from behind a dumpster, bashes your head in with a bottle, rapes you and leaves you in the trash.

    2. Of course they want to be raped, why else do they fantasize about it? You only ever fantasize about things you want to happen.
      Do you ever fantasize about eating a shit sandwich?
      Do you ever fantasized about being BTFO with a baseball bat?
      Do you fantasize about being audited by the IRS?
      How about using a traffic cone as a chair?
      Didn’t think so.

  10. NONE of those hollywood “metoo” scenarios are rape accusations. They’re just women admitting they fucked a guy for their career… No one will go to jail because the women are admitting consent. The crazy thing is they are saying even IF a woman is consensual, it’s wrong for a wealthy or famous guy to have sex!? WTF?
    We should start a #metoo for all the guys who spent thousands of dollars on women who pretended they were interested in us. That scenario is 1 million times more likely than actual rape.
    I even read a study saying 70% of rapists can’t get an erection during the rape. It was still considered a rape each time… Uhhh… Again, WTF? That’s a slap in the face to women who are literally, actually raped, like with actual real human sex happening!
    THAT’S the problem with these new buzzwords like “sexual assault.” Some guy can be called a rapist for kissing a girl if she regrets it… or finds out he’s rich.

    1. that would be epic. a #meetooMEN where all the divorced raped men post this stories and comments, that the conniving bitches took their shit and kids and left them destitute.
      talk about fighting back against the feminist trash and their lie campaign.

    2. Yep…….
      It is much more common for men to spend hundreds or thousands on a woman only to get nothing in the end. And when was the last time you heard women taken to task for this?

  11. I actually appreciate this comment. I occasionally visit this website to read other viewpoints in an effort to gain a more well-rounded perspective. I believe the article made some interesting points but I would argue both sexes wish to feel useful and desired. Just because an individual fantasizes about being strongly desired does not mean they hope to experience real rape. Rape is a dehumanizing act that robs an individual of their personal power and leads to feelings of hopelessness and shame. I think unless rape is something that you’ve personally experienced it can be hard to fully grasp its significance.
    P.S. Ararat, I love long hikes. Do you have any good recommendations?

    1. I’ve been raped twice by women. I said no and they carried on going ……. can’t say it was that bad. In fact, I would call it a trivial offence.
      No means no!

      1. JOHN
        Now when we were young, boys were often the victims of a stat rape.
        Nowadays a 17 year old has sex with a 40 year old she is put in jail.
        It is ludicrous.
        Yet at the same time the porn Gen Y consumes is rough ugly stuff that Elliot Dodger would make.
        None of the cheeky-cheery Ben Dover made when I was young in the 90’s.
        You sense a great deal of impotent anger in young males.

        1. Bilbo
          I’d rather have been 20 in 1994 than today. At least we were not living at home with mumma when we were 23 years old and jerking off to internet porn all day in the bedroom we were born.
          We did not walk around trying act black when we were white as snow.
          We could find a decent job instead of working as Bistro with a degree.

        2. I preferred the 80’s.
          Music was awesome, we were kicking Soviet ass, Reagan slaughtered the Left, women were kinda hot, Trump was on his way up.
          The 90’s were a total reverse.

        3. CORINTH
          I’m not sure if it was Clinton but between the Fall of the Wall in Berlin and 9-11 life was a bit better than now.
          Oh, I struggled some as a young man of course, doing shit jobs to get through college. Crystal meth was turning white trash into spastic morons and crack cocaine was finishing off Hood Rats but for the middle-class who could walk and talk life was bearable.
          When you watch Beavis & Butthead now you feel downright nostalgic.

      2. I most certainly agree with you John “no means no!” I’m surprised that you consider being put in a submissive position where you were rendered powerless by a woman to be a trivial event in your life. I know many men and women who feel differently.

    2. Regarding good hiking places… depends on where you live or plan to visit.
      There are some good areas in northern California and around San Francisco. Although I cannot remember the names of the locations, that part of the U.S is very beautiful, green, and alive.
      I am more familiar with the areas around southern California. There is a very pleasant hiking trail around Malibu that is not as hot as the inland trails during the summer because the ocean is one giant heat sink that also brings in cool air.
      Mount Wilson is challenging for most people. However, it is very satisfying to reach the top, and you can even perceive the curvature of the Earth very easily (bring some food and water… and perhaps a wide hat). There are other areas that are decent around Burbank (a short trail but it is local for me and my hiking companions), San Gabriel Canyon Road (after East Fork Road, you will find a hard to spot entrance to a small green canyon which leads to a waterfall), Eaton Canyon (which also leads to a waterfall, although there are more people who go there, which may or may not be a good thing for you and those whom you hope to take.), and so on.

      1. I hiked to Doi Suthep yesterday morning, just under 4 hours including 25 mins for lunch for the round trip. 1100m elevation gain/loss, 15Km along jungle paths.

  12. Women LOVE being wanted by Big dangerous men.
    A woman needs the rape in her fantasy, cause if the men aren’t willing to take her by force that means the dudes aren’t dangerous & that’s a big no, no for them.

  13. Womens LOVE being wanted by Big dangerous men.
    A woman needs the rape in her fantasy, cause if the men aren’t willing to take her by force that means the dudes aren’t dangerous & that’s a big no, no for them.

  14. Womens LOVE being wanted by Big dangerous men.
    A woman needs the rape in her fantasy, cause if the men aren’t willing to take her by force that means the dudes aren’t dangerous & that’s a big no, no for them.
    No danger, no wet pussy

  15. Fuck her in her sleep. But put her in a headlock and use the choke-hold to restrain her. WAY better than the 3 way dance move! Get her from behind and gag her to make her feel totally helpless.

  16. I would like to suggest a third explanation: by nature, women are designed to be the non-dominant partner in a relationship. The Russian term for “being married from the viewpoint of the women” indicates this very clearly: it is “za mooshom”, i.e., “being behind a man”, which includes that the wife takes cover behind her husband in situations of danger. Obviously, I do not need to explain in this forum why this makes sense.
    However, this healthy and natural drive for an inferior rank is completely suppressed in our society … we are all equal, you know. But the suppressed drive does not disappear but comes back as a perversion, as the phantasy to be dominated not in a protective but in an unhealthy and violent way.

    1. Polyhistor — I think you expressed it better than I did. I said that deprivation can produce exaggerated desires. However, I like this way better –
      “However, this healthy and natural drive for an inferior rank is completely suppressed in our society … we are all equal, you know. *But the suppressed drive does not disappear but comes back as a perversion*, as the fantasy to be dominated not in a protective but in an unhealthy and violent way.:

    In Europe, Max Hardcore’s female fans throng at the airport to have them sign his autograph. This is a man who became famous hooking a tube from a woman mouth to his penis to urinate into it.
    What was odd in the documentary is that these women, unlike his performers, are not teenagers or young adults. They are in their 30’s and 40’s.
    Here is my theory.
    Forcible sex or slightly dirty sex makes women feel young. Most women lose their virginity as young girls in an urgent situation, like behind a tree in the schoolyard. This first orgasm triggers their brain to associate the pleasure with the setting. I remember getting my first blowjob on the hill beside my school playing field and forever on I will associate that hill with the place where I got my first blowjob. Time went on and I got better blowjobs and more kinky ones from women who swallowed and did facials…but there is something about that first sexual experience when you are young. The furtiveness etc.

  18. Ian Fleming, in his James Bond books FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE and ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE, unequivocally states that ‘all women want to be raped’, esp. western women by more exotic types (a Russian Turk and a Corsican, respectively) . Fleming was, and is, 155% correct.
    Darko Kerim: “An interesting lesson in female psychology, my friend.”
    Ian Fleming should be read by all men. He was a Red Pill prophet.
    I may have to do a write up article for RoK.

  19. Woman expect to be subjugated by their men. If their current in-group fails to subjugate them, they are deemed unworthy, and women will demand that a foreign group of men replace them.
    While this is ancient, tribal, throwback behavior, you can watch this scenario unfold in places like Germany and Sweden. Japan is really lucky they’re an island society, or they might face the same fate.

      What is funny is that the refugees are starting to rape MEN! If that does not say something about Beta Cucks I don’t know what does! I came to your society and walked into your house and FUCKED YOU UP THE ASS.
      In a weird way, life is turning into one great big prison for the white Beta Cuck. More aggressive races grab him and bend him over in public and fuck him in the ass.

  20. If you read the book of bonecracker it talks about rape fantasies as a cover for what she really wants. They want it for real. They marry then and have kids with them.

  21. Umm maybe women fantasize about being taken roughly by a man like Khal Drogo or Chris Hemsworth or some big macho man. But no one wants to be raped. No one likes to be forced to do something they don’t want to. It’s our culture that glamourizes rape. Also pointing out that women might feel pleasure during rape is stupid. You’re body responds to sex. Period. It’s not a choice you have. If you’re being held down and tickled against your will does that mean you like it if you’re laughing? No!!! But what would you know about women want? You’ve probably never been with one.

    1. Found the secret internet fatty.
      Trust me, no one is raping you, fattie. So sleep soundly.
      Next to your copy of 50 Shades on your nightstand.

    2. Saying our culture glamorizes rape is insanely stupid, sorry but that’s what it is. We live in a society that is increasingly making ANY kind of heterosexual sex, even attraction (“OH HUMAN RESOURCES HE RAPED ME HE HAS A BIKINI POSTER OF JUNE CHADWICK FROM THE 1980s ON HIS CUBICLE WALL FIRE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”), into rape.
      As a Generation Xer who has been on this planet for half a century now I have to ask someone like you- and this is a serious question- if you have any idea what is actually happening out there these days.

  22. The problem is, in a way it usually isn’t about “rape” at all.
    If a woman fantasizes about the dashing pirate breaking into her family’s mansion, making off with her, and then they have sex in his ship’s cabin, the fact is- and here’s the difference- she WANTED sex with the dashing pirate who was willing to fight two guards off with a cutlass and one-shot pistol.
    Few women fantasize about being grabbed in a dirt city alley at night and being forced against her will to have sex with someone with a switchblade at her throat.
    It seems as though they actually fantasize about “real men”- strong and commanding, like James Bond or Captain Kirk- rather than some revolting criminal.
    If you had fantasies about women when you were young- Mary Ann or Ginger, Kathy Ireland, etc.- weren’t they always willing? Hence you never had rape fantasies either.

  23. This was a topic I became deeply interested in after observing first hand how women (from all over the world) responded to being dominated aggressively in the bedroom.
    After living this phenomenon through personal experience (while using it to my advantage), I decided to look more into it and found an excellent book called “A Natural History of Rape” by biologist Randy Thornhill and anthropologist Craig T. Palmer. These guys go into the “natural” reasons for rape and how it has shaped our history. You’d have to look into evolutionary psychology to understand where these guys are coming from…
    After reading this book I came to the conclusion that “maybe” just maybe there was some part of rape ingrained into women’s DNA which explains why they respond so positively to aggressive domination during intercourse.
    Of course, I have to add (for all the ignoranus’s out there who don’t get it) that rape is NEVER ok. But short of that, women will ALWAYS prefer being taken aggressively than romantically (softly). Yes, even the innocent little angel who’s only had her guts tickled once or twice will prefer being bent over and fucked mercilessly.

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