3 Essential Beliefs For Being Successful At Day Game

Poor vibe can be a major sticking point for men practicing day game after the basics have been nailed down. Even after your body language, eye contact, smirk and flirtations have been mastered, a poor mindset can manifest itself in insecurities and weirdness which the girl will pick up on, especially on dates.

Quite often—but not all the time—problems with vibe originate from incorrect mindsets that the aspiring day gamer has adopted: one’s core beliefs will always find ways of affecting the behaviour which everyone else sees. Take the mindset of the beta male as a key example: they often believe that asserting oneself is disruptive and selfish, which manifests itself in submissive, non-masculine actions such as passive-aggressiveness, an unwillingness to question the status quo and supplicating, needy behaviour.

There are three key mindsets which I have adopted along my day game journey which have greatly improved my outlook and have thus had positive effects on my behaviour in general. Prior to this, I found myself struggling at key points, often after the five-minute mark in set, and especially on the date. The further down the interaction you go with poor mindsets, the harder it is to cover them up.

In this article, I shall examine three mindsets which I have found to be essential in improving vibe and the day game experience in general.

1. You Are Doing God’s Work

“The Lord said unto thee, go forth and approach!” – Corinthians 2:23

Day game is natural. It has been practised since we were cavemen and is a completely moral, efficient, and masculine way to convey your intent to women. Day game is also free of guile or underhanded pretense: the day gamer has no means of leverage over the girl, no screen to hide behind, no social circle to protect him, and no money or status to use as subtle bribes.

Unfortunately, we live in an age where the natural and the moral is perceived as weird and even slightly dangerous. Day game is viewed by many millennials to be threatening and constituting sexual harassment, despite it being nothing of the sort. It is for this reason that day gamers will be scorned, ridiculed, and looked down upon by others, in the media and on the street.

Throughout my day game adventures, I have been yelled at, threatened, and laughed at by strangers. I was even stopped by the police last year in-set after successfully taking a girl’s number and questioned for my behaviour. I was interrogated at length and my personal details taken. My vibe suffered for a long time afterwards as a direct result of this.

A police officer, yesterday.

In order to overcome the disapproval of others, you must be certain in your mind that what you are doing is 100 percent right. If you do not believe this, the bad reactions from women, the mockery of others, and the failures will significantly damage your vibe, increase your approach anxiety, and even dissuade you from running game at all.

2. You And The Girl Are On The Same Team

There is a poisonous belief held by some that fast sex is fundamentally damaging to women: it supposedly lowers their value, makes them sluts and affects them psychologically. The problem with this belief is that it reduces the role of the day gamer to that of a trickster: an individual who tempts women into acting against their best long-term interests for the sake of short-term gain.

The truth is that day game is not a series of cheap tricks; it is a pact between a male and a female, working hand in glove to pursue a perfectly healthy relationship away from the envious gazes and judgmental prejudices of the brainwashed majority who believe only in the bland, socially accepted forms of dating. The day gamer is an opportunity for the girl to get a break from the vanilla monotony of the 21st century; it is not a fiendish temptation for which only the gullible sluts of low value fall.

The vibe of the cooperator is vastly superior to that of a swindler: the cooperator acts honestly, confidently and is fully self-assured, whereas the swindler exhibits creepy behaviour which people will suss out. Think of the vibe of a dishonest politician like Theresa May or Hillary Clinton; their malicious intent comes across very clearly. It is therefore crucial to adopt the mindset of the former as opposed to the latter.

3. Your Game Will Be Imperfect

The repertoire of day game infields on the Internet is both a blessing and a curse. They function as highly useful learning tools designed to teach and inform, improve technique and provide good entertainment.

One problem with them is that they often display a highly idealised version of day game: sets seem to hook immediately, there is no stuttering or awkward body language, and the entire interaction tends to flow far more smoothly than normal. Some of them have even been exposed as fake. Anyone with in-field experience can testify to the fact that day game sets are often far from flawless.

Me in a flawless set, yesterday.

It is therefore imperative to release yourselves from the shackles of perfection: you will say stupid things, mix words up, and fall far short of what the professionals on the Internet are displaying. It is highly detrimental to one’s vibe to beat yourself up over sets which go poorly.

Furthermore, a clean, highly polished set can often come off as suspicious, especially if lines and routines have been memorised by heart. It is far better to sacrifice a bit of perfection for authenticity: tailor your sets relative to the girl to whom you are talking, rather than create a one-size-fits-all flawless model which is used on everyone.

It is far more masculine to be aware of one’s own shortcomings and imperfections than it is to try and brush them under the carpet. Eventually, the girl will notice that you are trying to hide something and that will come across as creepy.


Vibe is critical in day game and the way to improve it is to adopt the correct mindsets before hitting the streets. As I have previously discovered, it is possible to get away with it in the first few minutes of the set: performing the basics correctly is often enough to take contact details.

Problems with mindset will often pose problems as the interaction progresses: anything short of the unequivocal belief that day game is an honourable, natural process of meeting women will translate into creepy behaviour. It is precisely this sort of behaviour which should be eliminated right at its source by being secure in one’s core beliefs and mindsets.

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66 thoughts on “3 Essential Beliefs For Being Successful At Day Game”

  1. It’s not really hard, if you are young and look normal, it is perfectly acceptable to daygame and approach girls, nobody will tell you anything.
    The problem is when mature men, 30+ people who work and have bellies and are bald, try to approach young girls in their early 20s or even teens. It is obvious that you will be seen as a potential rapist, someone who will use brute force to kidnap girls or to drug them and use their bodies. Obviously people will question your behavior to check how much “normal” you are when talking to them. It has nothing to do with “the matrix” or whatever conspiracy theories.
    In the real world, normal people get laid a lot in school, in their early twenties, they go clubbing and go to holidays and have lots of sex with lots of girls.
    Then you have the insecure men who grew up without dad, the “nice guys”, who need to google answers for their solitude, by googling stuff like “how do I get laid” or whatever, they stumble in pua websites, self-improvement, nofap etc. and that stuff is like crack to them. It waters their deeply rooted beliefs that they are not good enough to get laid.

    1. I’m an early 30’s guy approaching mid 30’s. I was put on disability pension last year to my surprise, though I have received psychiatric treatment since I was 13.
      I grew up in a fairly normal home but I do remember my parents fighting; I believe my mother fell pregnant with me by accident or at least my father never intended to have a kid at 24. My mother once quipped she forced my dad to marry her when she fell pregnant and I sometimes almost feel guilty of being born but that would be an exaggeration. My family was pretty reserved and when I was hitting puberty, my father started telling me about birds and bees but sort of broke down and left the room before getting into specifics. It was one of the two times I’ve seen my father tear up or something close to it. The other time I was in a psychiatric institution at the age of 17 and there was a meeting between the treatment staff and my family.
      I remember I started to get really sad and anxious and had bouts of crying and a feeling of being orphaned when I was 13 and I have felt gloomy ever since. When I had to switch to a school in the city, I started to get bullied in school and it did not take long for my circle of friends to dissolve completely. My only friends in my teens were a borderline retarded adopted guy, who was extremely mean, jealous and controlling; he once beat a protected animal to death before my eyes and held a knife to my throat in another friend’s apartment. The other friend was an adult already and the spineless cunt always took the side of the adopted guy subtly enough (instead of kicking his ass like he should have) and they would laugh behind my back. After receiving a death threat from the adopted guy at the age of 18 by text message I have not had any male friends in my country of birth ever since, though I have made attempts.
      Living in a backwards hick town with few people believing in my strengths I was nearing mid 20’s when I moved out, was diagnosed with an autism sprectrum disorder and started socializing and trying different fields of study, which has certainly led to some interesting memories and knowledge, although I’m still an invisible man in the job market despite that because I don’t have a degree. I go to clubs every week, participate in a lot of societies, volunteering, send open work applications to congregations and I’m working on getting a functional grasp of my 12th language (B1 or better). My body is in the top 10% of men due to religious bodybuilding and I even do a bit of day game; last week I asked a girl in a library if she would like to accompany me to a grocery store. She politely declined and seemed happy for the attention.
      Because of my financial situation I’m stuck in a mid sized town the university of which does not cater to my interests very well, though I’m distance studying social work, theological matters, youth work etc. in addition to languages. If I make the choice to graduate with a degree instead of going to open uni, there’s a good chance my disability will be cut for life, which basically means I might have to function as unpaid labor infinitely unless I happen to find meaningful employment; it seems safer to network, improve my skills from a position of stability, although my social status remains very low. I would be very much open to working menial jobs part time to get more money for open uni as well as translators’ exams but have had little success in getting them. At the moment I’m acutely aware of how time flies and am not in a position to plan ahead and fail an exam that could cost me a semester’s worth of hobbies in money and consequently many memories from my still lingering prime years.
      Unless you’re some kind of an unsinkable island and an army of one, the lesson I keep coming back to is that you need to have meaningful friendships or/and mentorship in your growth years; the more and the more diversified the better. I lost out on that as a person who would have sorely needed that support and my life was framed through a medical setting. I don’t have any single isolated dream I’m hell bent on pursuing at the expense of everything else but have multiple small dreams that I keep realizing every year; getting my first non-traumatic sexual experience is also in the horizon.
      My past of bullying left me what I’ve described as a ‘fear of happiness’. Whenever I seem cheerful and feel like smiling to people on the street, I get flashes of my rat faced friend jealously grinning at me and putting me down because X, although it’s a bit of a cultural thing too and I know guys who have not internalized self-improvement can get insecure and resentful of seeing other guys with swagger and not being a wall flower. Because of my social situation, I’ve also got into dangerous situations in clubs where white trash alphas have tried to assert dominance over me and basically abuse the plausible deniability provided by the club environment where they feel comfortable getting in your face because you happened to have the guts to hit the dance floor, dress the way you like or talk to strange people without having friends kissing your ass and backing you up.
      Had my life taken on a different direction, I would probably have picked up LTR’s from uni and respectable social circles instead of having to predispose to myself to these gutter environments but I’ve adapted my thinking into seeing myself as some sort of a counselor who just might get a number or hook up himself. I’ve also had some ‘counseling’ experiences in clubs where I unknowingly built rapport by forcing myself to monkey up on the dance floor and would have bigger guys come to confess their fear of girls to me and ask me for advice.

      1. Its still no too late to find friends unless that knife toting psycho is you ;)!
        Friends, mates is very important, something people relise when they get older!
        Good luck with career building!

      2. DEPRESSED
        You’re already in your thirties and still in university.
        Let me tell you about what happened to your parents who were born in 1958 or so back in 1983 when your mother was knocked up.
        In those days AIDS was unheard or regarded as a disease gays got and the last days of Disco in 1982 were raging. The Sexual Revolution and the sixties actually stretched on from 1967 until 1982 when Reagan was elected and John Belushi died.
        So many young people born in the late 50’s had sex a great deal because in order to watch porn you had to sit in a sleazy theater and jerk off.
        However, there was still some morality and tradition remaining in the early 80’s. Especially in small towns. To be born out-of-wedlock was horrendously disgraceful even into the early 80’s.
        So as a result, many young people were born to white small town kids who were not intending to marry but did so because it was expected of males if they impregnated a female.

      3. Depressed
        To be honest, you’re kind of at a disadvantage because in a college town you are 10 years older than the single white coeds you wish to meet.
        Remember, that most women your age are married.
        So it is not you necessarily, but being the age you are and where you are.

        1. JOHN
          How things have changed. When I (And I assume you) were young the song “Fat Bottomed Girls” was about having sex with a 40 year old woman when you were 17.
          Porn was something in cheap magazines that 12 year old kids looked at in the park, like nicking Dad’s cigarettes. Now these men are 30 years old and wanking everyday like 2nd form kids who found a stack of Club Mags in the dumpster.
          WTF is going on with society.
          And they will all accuse me of being a “Beta” and a “cuck” for living in Asia but if I want to get some sex, I do.
          Sit around some local club on a Saturday night with the same old “Sweaty Betty” slags hoping to have some quick mechanical sex in your Mum’s house in the dark?
          Let me give you an example: one day I was in the Philippines in a subdivision and this Asian woman of 45 who’d made her money as a bar girl and then made money as a money lender came over and gave me a blowjob.
          Okay, she was a “MILF” and not a “9” but still, it was a living breathing woman.
          Gen Y are just basically tossers. There is no other word for it. One of them on here even described his routine to me “Easy to wank to porn, make a sandwich, wank some more.” What kind of sad fucking existence is that in the West?
          Maybe I might have made more money in a union factory (Doubt it though, it was mostly outsourced) or using my degree.
          But what kind of life is that? Go to the gym for a homoerotic session with other scantily-clad men leaning over “spotting” you and then sit in the fucking “club” with blue balls and a drink in your hand hoping some slag will let you buy her drinks all night for a “shag”.
          What is this, man?

        2. @JD
          He needs to concentrate on attaining a skill that will allow him to make $$$. With $$$, there will always be tight young pussy. Easy.
          But then again, I just may be what he describes as “an unsinkable island and an army of one”…And so can anyone else if they get their mind right.

        3. @Dick Boner I don’t find Asians to be all that attractive to be quite frank. In all honesty, they all look the same to me.

        4. Dick,
          Can’t understand sitting at home and whining, walk, cycle, hitch hike round the world, work doing odd jobs in bars and farms as you go, teach English to Chinese kids, bang some foreign girls. There’s loads of young guys actually getting out there and doing something, even it it isn’t earning them loads of money. Force your way out of your safe zone …… there’s a whole other world out there just waiting for you to find it.

        5. BURTON
          The males that are in Asia simply to get laid are older guys in Southeast Asia.
          The ones under 45 like me live in Asia because it is more pleasant than whatever shit hole rust belt state they are from.
          Mine is a worst-case kind of scenario, of course. In college I belonged to a Frat and a young woman was raped in the upstairs room and the police questioned the entire frat to such a degree-though I was not present I was on the premises-that I blew town. A friend gave me a job in Dubai where I could simply lay low far away from a drawn-out case (I was a witness, not charged with anything) and while I was in Dubai Bush was elected and the US went straight into the shitter (In two years actually). I discovered that London and Dubai and Asia have few Hood Rats or Cholos so it was a more appealing place to be a white male of modest means. Meanwhile the US went further down the shitter during the Bush era. I returned for business to LA for one week in 2007 and was shocked at what a second-world country the US had turned into-whites homeless all over and a Banana Republic type police state presence and people reciting Goebbels-type PC/SJW propaganda. I fucked off back overseas and finally found my way to Southeast Asia.
          I live overseas because the US is shithouse, essentially. None of the townies, Millennials still living at home in Cincinnati or somewhere who’ve never traveled, hicks or minorities on this thread can notice this because well, they don’t have a passport and don’t travel so they do not know the extent to which the US has gone downhill.
          And yes, in Asia if a man seeks sex or a blowjob he does not risk a SWAT team bursting into his hotel room because Vice was monitoring Craigslist. The only legal prostitution is the porn industry and if I were into ZOG fantasies I’d say that US prostitution laws were engineered so that porno people could make heaps of money off horny Millennials who do not want to get arrested or killed by Crips trying to pay $50 for a blowjob from a crack whore in the ghetto.

      4. Autism is the biggest death sentence for a man other than turbo-manletism.
        You blame lack of help but you gotta accept that the issue was hard-coded into you and some older dude saying a few things wouldn’t have changed that and made you certainly appear regular to a woman. The dude above saying that its easy is really only talking for himself and similar men not a turbo-manlet or autistic.
        In most the world if you have a career/job as an American you’ll be like a dream husband. East Asian women seem to almost prefer these autistic men over chad, if they earn, as they crave betabux and work well. There are good women out there but you have to be cynical. Pussy can be blinding.

        1. If you’re talking about Northeast Asian women in Asia, they seem to prefer the refined Chad to the über-Chad or hypermasculine Tyrone that seems to get 18 – 35 y/o women wet in America. Asian-American women tend to prefer the same Chad that Becky does, but with a little more leeway for less-than-perfection, although you do have girls that believe that “any White guy will do.” Showing up as a complete schlub is not really the way to win over the more attractive girls in developed East Asian cities, even for the super-duper White guys.
          For Black guys, if you have some nerdish tendencies, Asia (at least Japan, China, and Taiwan, based on my experience) will be a much more inviting place for you in the dating scene than America. Yes, there is White worship and anti-Blackism, but believe it or not, you’ll probably do better there. You cannot be an über-geek going on and on about capeshit and anime though. You, more than anyone else, must put forth a refined image. Unless you’re going for the hip-hop fetish hoes, it is best to dress professionally, be well-groomed, and be in shape (visible muscularity, but not hulking like KaliMuscle).
          It’s still Alpha fucks when it comes to Asian women, their concept of Alpha is just more “traditional” (for lack of a better term) in that some form of stability, resource acquisition, and ability to acquire more is important to them rather than the “chaotic” Alpha male brah.

        2. ADMIRAL
          I live in Asia.
          Blacks are not terribly popular since one reason that Asian women like white males is because their own culture has eroticized Caucasian facial features.
          If some guy who is hung like a mosquito tells you that “size does not matter” and “its the motion in the ocean” than visit Asia where 7 inches makes you Johnny Wadd and you will grasp that some Asian women also take penis size into consideration…but cannot handle the way that Africans smell so a white is maybe slightly less Alpha but not (In their mind) so simian.
          Not many East Asian women want to go to the US any longer and nobody will marry you for a Green Card. The days when East Asian women were willing to marry an GI to go to the US are gone…which Tokyo girl wants to live in North Jersey or Detroit? The economy has shifted to East Asia anyhow.

      5. Depressed, thanks for sharing but remember a few things:
        1. Fuck your feelings. Depression is from boredom and pampering. Youre just spoiled by a first world society. Hard work, nutrition, water, sleep, and more hard work will cure anyone of depression and banish those useless thought loops. Dont believe me? Use one of those supposed 12 languages you learned and go visit a third world country. They have jack shit but are happier than all of us with a can and a stick.
        Number 2: Get off disability. It creates dependency and you will reject life’s biggest opportunity in an attempt to stay comfortable. Dont believe me? Go visit any black neighborhood, anywhere. (Sorry brothers. Dems got you fooled.)
        Number 3: Theres nothing wrong with you socially. For the majority of history, being a strong man would promise you a faithful woman at the age of 15. Now, modern woman is in control and has no idea whats good for her. So we’re all playing this fucked up clown game to lock down a hot girl temporarily until the next shiney trend comes along. Then she comes to her senses, maybe, when shes old and wrinkly and will look for a beta provider to pay her bills. Nope! The bright side is, if you DID get married in college ten years ago, you’d probably be divorced with $100k in debt like some of my heartbroken buddies and relatives. You are free!
        I recommend you pay for sex. Its normal in 191 out of 195 countries on this planet. Most guys bragging anout being alphas are just banging craigslist hookers, or instagram “sugar babies.” Tell some girl your dumb problems if you want. Start with a bj if you want. Pay her, tip her, see her again until you feel comfortable. Everything will be fine. It will be 10 times cheaper with 100 less drama than having a girlfriend.

        1. DAVID
          No doubt. And also, many poor women who begin their life as prostitutes are able to parlay this into a career in real estate or in Asian countries start a micro-business.
          You’re not really “abusing” a woman by getting a blowjob from her. However, you should travel to Mexico (Or Philippines or Thailand) to do this because getting a blowjob from crack whores in the US cities is so dangerous these days. Also, it is against the law.
          If you just go over the Mexican border you can get blown by 3 Mexican hookers at the same time.
          Let me tell you about myself as a younger man. In 1994 I went to Amsterdam at the age of 20 and paid for my first sexual encounter.
          After that, when I returned to college I saw all the sad fucking local losers sitting at the “Wayside” (The local college meat market) trying to get laid with no success. They had no idea what it was like to have porno-style sex with a beautiful woman.
          Later, in Arizona, I would go down to Van Buren for doggy style sex from Mexican hookers who would let me finish in their mouths Hoover style. Meanwhile my roommates were spending all their fucking green on this callow, shallow white young middle-class women to get some lame sex in the dark in the missionary position.
          The reality is that women are at the peak of their beauty at an age when they are callow, shallow and do not give a shit about the feelings and needs of males.

        2. DAVID
          If every white male (Barring the dim white trash who cannot) moved to Asia and took his life savings with him, US society would collapse in a putrid heap of BLM protesters, police state tactics, smelly white feminists with pussies that are huge caverns anyhow, Jewish leftist nuts like Sanders, Mexican drug cartels, Asian techies fleeing through the SF airport for their homeland, Cholos trying to cross the border to get TO THE OTHER SIDE, young white women fellating Alpha black studs in the road, mixed-race children running through the streets like Brazil favelas and on and on.
          Travel and sex with foreign women will make you never want to return to the United States.

        3. @David You’ve obviously never been depressed. Good for you. But depression is often caused by chemical imbalances in brain , lack of a certain element like magnesium etc so it’s not just thoughts , mentality and stuff like that. And you can’t just do start doing stuff because depression does just that , it paralizes your ability to do things and lead a normal life. It’s like telling somebody who broke his leg to just start walking and he’ll be fine. My advice to guys suffering from depression or other mental messed up things is to seek help immediately , like within 1-2 months , don’t let it drag on , anti-depressants or therapies whatever works for you , get rid of it and move on with your life.

        4. @ David
          Agree on all points. Great advice that you give to this guy. Especially point (2).
          Collecting disability checks is no life for a man. A former friend of mine went on SSI in his 30s and turned into a 270 lb useless blob of sh*t.

        5. @ Guts
          Could not disagree more.
          David is correct.
          I have seen what anti depressants can do. And its not good. The 270 lb blob of sh*t I referenced in my response to David used to be my best friend. I knew since we were kids. He got a job as a utility worker at 19 and at 20 got into a fight on the job with an older guy who was giving him shit. He threatened the guy with a “hook” (what they use to remove manhole covers) and the company suspended him and sent him to the company shrink. They prescribed lithium and like an idiot he took it. He did not tell me that until years later. If he had mentioned it to me I would have told him to quit the job and tell the Dr. to go to hell. The lithium and all the other drugs they gave him eventually turned him into a useless load. And drove him nuts too. He’s a useless, crazy, parasite now, and impossible to be around. What a waste. Never take psycho drugs/sickie pills. Never.

        6. Most Americans are happier in the Philippines, it’s almost like America, everyone speaks English, but it’s full of slim, small brown women.

        7. Guts,
          Depression is caused by having too much time on your hands, and not enough physical labour. Sit around all day doing nothing and pretty soon you’ll be suffering from depression.

        8. JOHN
          White Americans on a modest income like the Philippines because:
          A) certain inner-city groups cannot leave their US environs so you do not meet them in the Philippines. That is one reason to be a white American in the US. You are safer on a modest income in the Philippines than many US cities.
          B) you don’t pay taxes.
          C) $500 goes further. A retired Navy guy I knew was trying to get by on $1000 a month in Florida. He was living in an apartment building with crackheads and gangs. Now in the Philippines you can have a bungalow, a girlfriend, a good time.
          D) If you flee in the US to a rural environment for safety it is INCREDIBLY ISOLATED AND REMOTE. In the Philippines you can be in some facsimile of civilization while not being stomped by Filipinos.
          The UK has its Chavs of course. Its own urban centers where the South Asians and Caribbeans have settled are bedlams. But the US has two of the worst groups on the planet earth and entire cities are lost to them.

        9. JOHN
          One American guy observed that I wanted nothing to do with Americans in the Philippines.
          “You’re an AMERICAN, you served in the National Guard, you went to college in the US.”
          He was seeking some solidarity with me, I don’t why.
          “I live overseas,” I told him.
          “I LIVED IN IRAQ AND IT DOESN’T MAKE ME IRAQI” (He’d been a contractor of some sort there).
          The truth is that Americans move to the Philippines to get away from the United States and to get away from minorities in the US. Life is the Philippines is cheap and pleasurable. I’m not sure whether JOOZE are as influential and malevolent as they are purported to be by other Americans BUT THIS GROUP NEVER LIVES IN THE PHILIPPINES.
          You’ll never meet a white woman in the Philippines. I fucked one female white sailor in all my time in the Philippines. White women and Asian women do not really get along that well, although Asian men do not usually rape white women (Because their pussy is too big, probably).

      6. Depressed,
        You express yourself well, and you seem to know the sources of your troubles, if not your money (disability was disability pay, right?). If you don’t have kids, find a bar or pub that is not a pickle-jar and make it a usual haunt. Claim some place and have a usual drink (think about weight, of course), and be at home. Know your exits and your waiter. That’s your best place to meet people, or some place where people are going to have fun. Also, never talk about the Autism. People are dumb as fuck, and they’re scared of what they don’t know, and your condition is haunted by stigma. They’ll have thoughts and opinions before you can explain, and even so, women HATE when men explain stuff. So let them ask, and if they do: most Autistics are fucking skilled in a couple areas. “Mr. Normals” are out there, some of them are plebs, hobos, burger-flippers, or living with ugly girlfriends. You belong to what makes you exceptional, not some label scientists slap on nearly 1 in 4. Never give up, and way to go getting fit! There’s no sword shaper than comparison, and there’s no reason to wield it by the blade while no one is qualified to hold the hilt. You are no one but you, and you will find friends and kind women. It’s a matter of time. It’s odds. People like familiar faces. Get out there and get seen two or three times. Shake hands lightly; collect names.

    2. The problem is the insecurity. Go out and talk to just about anybody, don’t worry about outcomes. Then your geniality becomes second nature and fun.
      Shy all my life, with approach avoidance, I am just starting this work at an advanced age. (Working on the muscles too.) Thank you RoK and the forum.
      Today I chatted with a male Kenyan immigrant and two teenage girls, a waitress and a salesgirl. It was lots of fun for all and I got a discount at the store.

      1. Insecurity is bad, and can come from ‘planning’ which can be seen as creepy. I like to treat each approach as an opportunity for a girl to tell me about herself, if that’s possible, and look for indications of generosity and patience. I learned that from Roosh. She can’t reject you; she doesn’t know you. She can only tell you about herself. Any meanness she has that hurts me is a lucky shot and an indication of something to reflect on or get over. Like me, getting thin hair now. Remember owning a weakness, admitting it, and exaggerating it. “Oh, yeah, I’m so bald. I’m glad you noticed. I consider it the paragon of my fine appearance to date.” Or further reversing it. “Oh, bald is ugly? No it’s not, it’s sext as hell. You can tell I’m not 20.” or “There’s a pantheon of attractive balding men, and I’m not just the president.” If she gets you to hurt she owns you on some level. Insults are a shit-test. Soldier on and smile harder. Find out if she’s selfish, and if she’s not: good to go. If she is, ask her for money. It’s fantastic. Try it. Ask for ten bucks. Best way to run off an annoying woman.

      1. I bet it’s in your head that you come off that way. It’s okay to chase companionship. You have a lot to give (especially as a neomasculinist). My projection is that I’m lanky.
        If a girl thinks you’re a rapist, that’s her fault, and it’s her loss, and rejecting your advancements will be the first mistake of many to come.
        Go talk to the next girl.

    3. @omgkvis Any solution to that? Supposedly there are guys in their 30s and 40s who post here who swear that getting younger females is easy because younger chicks deep down want more masculine men and are sick of skinny jean beta faggots. But maybe the older dudes chiming in on the discusdions at rok are just basement dwelling bullshitters.

  2. I don’t subscribe to that observation, OGM. Daylight operations tend to place people together in broad daylight, in common spaces and in common circumstances. You get to meet in a way that isn’t overly perfumed and powdered like everyone was getting ready to hit the city. Being casual and simply pleasant, ever-so-slightly drops a woman’s guard to engage with a stranger. Especially in a public setting. Since most intuitive folks have their antenna out, and suspicious people plainly give off a “smell”, it has been my experience that this type of engagement is a nice first step without that notion of “the hunt” being involved. And gives the objective of your interests the afternoon to dwell on it.

    1. This is the grand contradiction within the manosphere:
      Some readers want women to be easier to fuck. Others call them sluts for being easier to fuck.
      I want them to be easier to fuck. You can call them sluts, but in that case, I love sluts.
      In the US, Marriage is dead and any man looking for the unicorn relationship is ignoring plenty of evidence that its a LOSE LOSE for men.
      Right now Im career focused And im gonna love retiring to latin america with sluts 20 years younger than me while American women my age spend their last 40 years with cats and huffington post.

      1. DAVID An Odd Slut Experience
        When I was 24 I was living in Tempe and this Mexican guy named Fernie pulled me into a Memorial at an apartment. To be polite, I went. At the memorial was an older woman, a pure Aztec of 45 with a decent body, wearing a black dress. She was stinking drunk.
        I got separated from Fernie and she pulled me by the wrist to her unit and threw me on her bed and just start giving me a blast-off deep throater. Finally she got on her back and I flicked her panties aside and thrust my cock into her and humped her crudely. I do not know whether she came or not but she fell asleep and I shot a huge Peter North wad all over.
        Then I did not want to wake her so I walked off.
        A few days later a Chevy drove by and a Cholo of about 20 was staring at me furiously. I could not understand why. Then when I saw Fernie he said I should “get out of here”.
        The Cholo was the woman’s son. He had entered the apartment they shared and his mother was on her back passed out with her underwear pushed aside and a man’s spunk all over who had pulled his trousers up and walked off.
        I left the complex that next morning. Never came back.
        But it goes to show that one man’s slut is another man’s mother.

    1. There are so many available women where I live, I’ve got tired of banging them and usually just go home and bang the wife after a night out.

  3. John Dodd, I generally like your offbeat commentary, and that you’re an older guy like me (I believe you’re 62, and I’m 60), but I don’t get this love affair with the Filipina broads??? Today I went to my dentist, a nice Puerto Rican guy. In network with my insurance. Always spot on with usual and customary charges. Keeps Saturday appointments, so guys like me don’t need to miss work. I normally get this Filipino hygienist. 48, divorcee, no kids, and major pain in the butt. Thank God, today she was off. I had a 22 year old hygienist today. Not cute, but polite and quick. The Filipina is bossy, demanding, intrusive, and very annoying. Asian women get on my nerves!!! She keeps trying to hook me up with her 48 year old divorcee Filipina friend, and I keep declining. She claims she’s a Christian woman (a plus for me), but I’m not interested. I have a vapid ditzy 21 year old college girl I’m casually going out with (never married 60 year old guy here, thank god). Solid 8. Filipinas are so annoying. That’s my two cents. I told her to knock it off. I like the dentist, but I can’t stomach this Filipina!

    1. ANTONIO
      John lives in Thailand, not the Philippines.
      As fellow Westerner (He’s a Brit, I’m American) I’ll run it down for you:
      1) It is possible for a white guy to actually have a sexual relationship with a 20 year old young nubile in Thailand or the Philippines. This is IMPOSSIBLE in the West-I’m 44 and have nothing in common with Gen Y college girls. How would you go about meeting a 23 year old Gen Y white girl and entering into a relationship with one? They’d snicker in disgust.
      NB If you willing to pay for sex this is a dangerous activity in the US-cops monitor Craigslist or you go to some ghetto and in any event the women selling sex in the West are always junkies who want their next fix and hate every minute of it.
      2) Your money goes far. Try living on $1000 in the US.
      3) Are you more scared to walk past a bunch of Asian teenagers or Hood Rats. Don’t get me wrong, I was mugged once in the Philippines. It is not safe for a white to walk around at night.
      4) On that point as middle class white there are few choices to live unless you have a great deal of money in the US. You can live in cities that are ghettoized/barrioized or you can move far into the sticks in some remote place-this is a bad investment and also you are more isolated on a ranch in rural Montana or the Arkansas mountains than in Bangkok or Manila where a cab is available in 20 seconds, you can always get laid, whatever.
      5) The West is a SJW/PC shithole anyhow.
      6) You can say whatever you want, nobody cares. They don’t care what you think. You could call anybody in name you wanted, there is no punishment. You do not even have to put on pretense of giving a shit about anything.
      7) There are no white women around. White women just have no value in Asia to anybody. Their pussy is a big cavern to the average Filipino so he is not interested in sex with her. Nobody gives a shit about her demands or expectations.
      8) The West is actually getting worse economically because the economy is shifting to Asia.
      There’s 50 billion other reasons I just cannot think of them.

      1. Hey Richard!
        The problem with MASS expatriation is that the (((overlords))) would notice if all their debt collateral, aka WHITE MEN, suddenly started leaving!
        Exit taxes, VISA tracking, Banking permissions, Customs, ad inf. are all expensive bureaucracy not so easily overcome.
        I have traveled but I always have to return exhausted to CrapTown USA because its impossible (for me) to sustain foreign living (strategically/mentally , not monetarily).
        You, Richard, left Detroit with nothing decades ago and are content with your humble life in Asia.
        My life however would be IMPOSSIBLE to export as I have equipment and technology that would be taxed, tariff-ed, Customs-blocked and stolen on both sides.. and I could not secure it all even if I could leave!
        I am TRAPPED.
        The Philippines, even with Duterte, is prone to instability and crime because it is essentially OWNED by the United States!~ Given enough of a concentration of whites the US would simply false-flag the place into martial law and then your life is nothing- MINUS!
        Worse the North Asians (JAP. SK. CHN) I know DESPISE the “jungle asians” as if they were blacks.. and they wonder why anyone would even visit there! And if you defend it then YOU are “one of them”.. Not a good position to be in!
        The world is not stable enough to project your future life as an old man upon a foreign culture. What good would you be to them then (other than money)?
        Thailand is ALREADY shifting considerably.
        You see lots of girls with tattoos and men chain-smoking!
        Some bars have more ladyboys than real girls.. and they are much harder to detect!
        That was not common 5 years ago!!!
        When WW3 begins this year I still feel I would rather die in my mountain hometown than be stuck in grid-failure Jakarata without viable cash!
        All the best! 🙂

        1. Wyatt,
          You mustn’t let your stuff own you ….. There’s nothing you NEED, you can’t buy in Asia. It’s all made here. Agreed Jakarta is a shit hole, so don’t live there.

      2. @ DB
        I agree with many of your 8 points, and have considered taking my FU fund and laving the US for Asia on occasion. But as for your first point:
        “NB If you willing to pay for sex this is a dangerous activity in the US-cops monitor Craigslist..”
        This is just plain incorrect. I have been doing this for 32 years and have never once been arrested or even brought or questioned by LE. Back in the 80s when I used to get streetwalkers, I did have cops knock on my car window while getting a hummer, that happened to me twice. I zipped up and they told me to get lost. I suppose so they could take the girl’s money before arresting her.
        When I switched to escorts & AMPs & Brothels in the mid 90s, I have never seen hide nor hair of LE. That’s not to say these places don’t get busted. They do. But the clients are not bothered. And the businesses always pop up again. Its completely safe, IMO. Here in NYC, anyways.

        1. AUTOMATIC
          It is odd. In the Philippines years later a female commercial vessel sailor came ashore to the bar I co-owned and made it clear she was horny and wanted to drink and screw so we did. She was about 40. But I could no longer get into white women after so many years.
          When I was rousted by cops in Detroit pulling over to a prostitute it was a humiliating experience. They hauled me out of my car and told me “You’re lucky she didn’t get in buddy” and then ran my license for warrants and the white cop mocked me the entire time singing “LOOK-IN FOR LOVE IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES”.
          Not that I was going into political sciences, but even a misdemeanor conviction can screw up your life. What do you tell your Lesbian boss 20 years later? “I just wanted to pay for some sex.”
          The one local brothel was run by the mafia and when some guys who look like Stallone and Gandolphini give you rough looks on the way in the door it is not conducive to your erection. You got the idea that they were aching to break your legs with a bat.
          The experiences unnerved me.
          Years after college I tried going to a meat market bar at 31-I had money by then and was modestly successful-but the girls were 18 or 19 and ignored me.
          I also tried screwing strippers (In Canada). This I did not pay for but Tracy dragged me to a hotel room for 3 hours where she did heaps of her cocaine (I did not touch the drug) like life imprisonment felony weight and then we did poppers and the next day I woke up in her hovel in the middle of nowhere. I wanted to get away from that scene as quickly as possible.
          Finally, you do not have to go to prostitutes in Southeast Asia. You’ll find a woman. I do not even recommend hanging around girly bars.

        2. AUTOMATIC
          My stripper experience.
          My buddy declared that you did not have to pay for it because these strippers at a bar called the Railroad put out to anybody, more or less.
          I was introduced to Tracy. When we into the hotel room things really unnerved me. She was carrying felony weigh cocaine. Like five 8-Balls. Some surveyors were freebasing she met. I was the only one not doing coke, they gave me the “He’s a narc” look (I don’t give a shit if people snort Drano).
          We went back to her spooky hovel in the country. Her Dad kept a pet wolf that was frothing at the mouth when we went in her trailer (Her parents lived inside).
          She insisted I do poppers. They nearly killed me. The next day I took a cab and it cost me $60.
          So much for my “I don’t pay for it” routine. I quickly went back to hookers.

        3. @ DB
          “Her Dad kept a pet wolf…”
          That must’ve been some night!
          Regrading your other post about being harassed by Detroit police and having them run you for warrants. I do know that cops are different around the country. NYC cops don’t sweat the small stuff. I once was pulled over in the Bronx after I sort of “blacked out” at the wheel and ran two lights. DUI without a question. They let me go with a ticket even after slipping and catching their hood to keep from falling down. They let me know they smelled alcohol and told me “get your ass home”. They let me go. They had more important things to do. Now I won’t lie, it MAY have had something to do with my last name ending in a vowel…as did theirs.
          But still.
          Contrast that to cops in CA, where I lived from 90 to 92. I was stopped in LA
          for JAYWALKING! That NEVER happens in NY. So yeah, I can believe in other areas, they would break your balls for seeing a pro.
          I’ll likely give that Asia thing a try one day…just not that fed up with the US yet. I’ll get there.

        4. @ DB
          Forget to mention.
          That non-DUI arrest happened when I was 21. Right after I graduated college and right before starting my first IT job.
          Could have really F-d me up.

        5. AUTOMATIC
          It was actually scary. I was trying to do a “I don’t pay for it” resolution and Tim took me to THE RAILROAD strip club.
          He knew Tracy being a man-about-town (Local musician) and hooked us up but she was carrying felony (Like 5 years) cocaine on her.
          She was 23 and lived in a camper behind her parent’s house in the boonies and they had a big wolf on a leash. Her camper was filthy.
          I did some poppers with her to be polite. The next dat I felt liked my brain was damaged. Her house was WAY out in nowhere.
          This was before cell phones and I had to go in and use the phone and her Dad was an old lumberjack who glared at me as I called a cab to get the fuck away from there.

      3. DIck,
        I walk around the barrio late at night in PI, but I probably don’t look like the kinda guy they would want to have a go at. The guys sitting outside their homes at 2 am in the morning, all extremely polite as I walk by, “Good morning sir”, “Enjoy your stay boss” are the only comments I ever hear.

    2. Antonio,
      You named the problem she’s 48, WHF would want a 48 year old woman. When I’m in the Philippines it’s strictly under 34 and under 45Kg. I usually manage to hook one around 30 years old and about 42Kg for my holiday bed friend.

  4. WYATT
    You can pay your credit card overseas. I knew one malinger from Chicago named Cedric on a disability who claimed to have hurt his back but the number of Filipino prostitutes he was fucking indicated no problem with his back at all. Some guys manage to fake an SSI and get their brother to cash it.
    The last white woman I screwed in the Philippines was a female sailor and she was 40. It was not great sex but I had not fucked a white woman in 15 years at that point and she got off a ship and wanted to drink and screw. So we did.
    How stable is the US? Not property value, that is for sure. Eight years into my 19 overseas my brother told me he had sold our grandmother’s $400,000 condo (Bought in 1986) for $80,000 so my Dad’s ne’re-do-well sister could get out of Greater Detroit before she got killed (She bought a trailer in California). Entire regions of the US are turning into unstable places.
    I have not been in the Philippines since before Duterte. I honestly dislike tweakers myself. They are spastic assholes. When I lived in the Philippines these German bikers were selling meth and got put in jail. I’ve heard that is not a 5-star hotel in the Philippines.
    The Philippines depends on American retirees. Lately the Philippine government has been doing Medical Tourism (I was connected to this). Shooting meth heads in the park does not generate much revenue.
    The US government could care less if you live overseas and unless you make $80,000 a year you do not have to declare it. If you have a problem overseas, you’ll be amazed how little the Embassy gives a shit. Once you are out of US territory they don’t care. Maybe if you commit a felony and lam it.
    You should have a neutral-country bank account. Mine is HSBC.
    I tried to immigrate to Australia and New Zealand. It is much harder to leave the United States than your average liberal thinks. I have a niche profession but unless you are a brain surgeon they don’t want you.
    Canadians treat US Army deserters and dissidents like complete shit. As one Canadian told me when I lived in Ontario (Because I was employed there) “what if we needed you guys to fight for us”. Unpatriotic Americans are detested in Canada.
    I made pretty good money in Dubai and was working within my trade but if you are one of these guys who decides to teach English for 30 years on $500 a month and return to your country at age 50 with nothing but your last $500 paycheck you are in a bad, bad situation. No friends. Relatives deceased. No house. What are you going to do? Show up at the doorstep of that guy you roomed with in college dorms and ask to crash? Probably you’d end up at your siblings.
    Back in 1999 when I moved overseas being American and having a college degree still opened doors. Today it is probably different.

    1. Dick,
      If you return to the USA age 50 with nothing, what you will have is a lot of memories of sex with lots of young slim Asian women. Which is probably better than being 50 in the USA after having very little sex, a divorce rape and paying alimony.

      1. JOHN
        The one time a rather slaggish Navy chick came into my bar and got drunk and we screwed was a bit of a downer actually.
        She got really drunk and tried to dance on stage. In the US, she would have been considered “fit” but looked rather rough by Asian standards-the Filipino males did not even look at her.
        At one point, really drunk, she tried to do a lesbian thing with a Filipino dancer who was uncomfortable with it. Bisexuality has not really caught on with Asian women, thankfully.
        I took her to my house but it was the sort missionary sex in the dark that was not hot.
        So after many years overseas, sex with white women was not that great.
        Also, her snatch was a HUGE CAVERN after years of Asian women. Not that I have a micro-penis, but there is not friction with white women.

  5. ” I was even stopped by the police last year in-set after successfully taking a girl’s number and questioned for my behaviour. I was interrogated at length and my personal details taken.”
    Where was this? I’m assuming it was the UK? Was there a complaint made against you? You have to know your rights if and when the police stop you for anything. Never talk to the police. You should have responded with “Has there been an offence committed?” and “Are you detaining me?” and “Am I free to go?” If they have no reasonable belief that an actual offence has been committed then they cannot detain you for any reason. To do so is illegal and you should take civil action against them or at the least reported them.
    I’m guessing they were playing white knights and Officer Save-A-Ho.

  6. Quote : “Throughout my day game adventures, I have been yelled at, threatened, and laughed at by strangers. I was even stopped by the police last year in-set after successfully taking a girl’s number and questioned for my behaviour. I was interrogated at length and my personal details taken. My vibe suffered for a long time afterwards as a direct result of this”
    May I inquire what city and state this shake down took place? This sounds pretty extreme even for Wasteland U.S.A.

  7. First, excessive sex and with multiple partners does devalue and make sluts out of women.
    Secondly, author – where are you located? How can police stop you for doing nothing wrong?
    – to the rest of the rp manosphere, see, f the Blue lives matter bs (in exception to the Bible Belt/ Midwest/southern state police officers who don’t confiscate your guns, stop you for talking to skanks, etc).
    Big city police are a cucked private army of the elites. You think they give a shit about our plight? As long as pension exists, they’ll follow the agenda.

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