How To Transition From Casual Pickup To Marriage

In this article, I’d like to discuss the strategic differences between pursuing a woman for sex versus pursuing her for marriage. In particular, I want to talk about how excelling at the former can lead young men (and women) into a trap of being a perpetual “fuckboy” (or carousel rider). When you start playing the game for the sake of the game—and forget why you started playing it in the first place—endless casual relationships are the result.

If we’re going to hold on to Western civilization—if we’re ever going to see a return of kings—it is up to us to rise above the current state of affairs and become patriarchs who raise the next generation properly, in healthy marriages. But to understand where game went wrong, we need to understand where it went right.

David Givens, an anthropologist, and Timothy Perper, a biologist, have spent hundreds of hours studying couples in bars, confirming what RoK men already know in their bones: that the most successful pickups happen when the woman initiates. To the casual observer, this seems counter-intuitive. After all, it’s the men who approach the women; active masculinity working on passive femininity.

But what Givens and Perper noted was that even though men played the active role, the most successful approaches came only after the women had pre-selected them with flirtatious eye-contact. In other words, seduction—from the Latin se + ducere, “to lead astray”—is anything but.

All the more intelligent women that I know, indeed, are unanimously of the opinion that no girl in her right sense has ever been actually seduced since the world began. — H.L. Mencken, In Defense of Women

The man who excels at game isn’t tricking women into sleeping with him: he’s finding the women who want causal sex and presenting himself as a man who’s offering it good and hard.

Moving To The Extreme

The problem with this is summed up by the acronym TANSTAAFL: There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

Both participants are presenting themselves as something they aren’t. The woman is selling herself as a fun time gal, offering free, no obligation sex for a man who meets her criteria. Simultaneously, she’s also presenting herself as territory to be conquered; she don’t need no man, and she certainly won’t admit to having initiated things with her glance. She never asked for your attention. You just came over and raided the free buffet.

For his part, the man is pretending to be half clown and half psychopath. On the one hand, he’s dancing around for her amusement. On the other, he’s utterly indifferent to her and is incapable of having his feelings hurt by rejection. Both parties are feigning disinterest and emotional invulnerability.

To a certain degree, this is just how social interaction works: we feign disinterest as we test out the waters, so that plausible deniability can smooth over hurt feelings. But with the ongoing erosion of social mores and the deregulation of the sexual market, the game moves to the extreme. It can be summarized as:

1. Adopt the swagger of a fuckboy.

2. Find a woman who’s making eye contact.

3. Dance like a monkey to entertain her.

4. Have sex.

5. Deny that either of you have any emotional investment.

Our personas—the “best face” we show to the world—are mutating into narcissistic shells: fake personalities which we wear like the masks in Eyes Wide Shut. The result is summed up by the Salon writer Tracy Clark-Forty in her article “What Happened When I Had Sex With My Favorite Porn Star“:

It’s exactly what I had breathlessly watched him do many times before, but this time it seemed mechanical and theatrical. Instead of being entertained, I was doing the entertaining, and I suspect he was too — but for whom, exactly? We were the only audience.

All of which is to say: It was like nearly every casual hookup I’ve ever had. Here were two strangers connected only by their fantasies of who the other was.

Note that this article was written in 2012. Since then, the narcissistic shells have grown even more exaggerated, to the point where #MeToo women brag about shutting down famous men under the guise of calling out rape.

War Of The Sexes Or Mating Dance?

Despite the bulk of society spinning off into narcissistic delusion, there is a growing minority who are seeking out the love and stability of traditional social norms. Here we are running into two major stumbling blocks.

First, that the marketplace is overrun with thots and Chads. It is a case of Gresham’s Law (bad money chases out good) applied to the sexual market. It’s even present in churches. Instead of sex, religious thots offer the chance of dating a “righteous” woman, and instead of performing coitus for an imaginary audience, the two of you perform acts of false piety. The women domineer, the men sneak and manipulate.

The second is that we’ve forgotten what a healthy relationship looks like. The man who has mastered the skill of spotting thots—or the woman who only has eyes for Chad—won’t be able to see the decent man or woman in front of them. Similarly, when you’ve mastered playing the clown (or the bitchy sex slut), it’s hard to break out of that mold and exemplify what your sex is supposed to be.

A word of caution: far too many young people see the thots and Chads, and in rejecting them, they reject virility itself. The men become soyboys and the women become born-again virgins, who don’t do that icky stuff anymore. This is the mirror extreme of the Chad/thot dynamic, and it’s equally unstable.

Seeing Beyond The Surface

We need to develop new eyes for seeing one another, eyes that see beyond the immediate and look into the future. Chad knows how to spot the woman who’s looking for sex right now, but he lacks the eyes to see the woman who will be a good mother, who will be faithful, who will be obedient. Similarly, the thot can spot the flashy Chad, but she can’t see the man who would fight to defend her, or slave away to support the family, or be the rock who will comfort her when she cries.

We need to develop four dimensional eyes, and to do that, we need to practice the virtues unique to our sexes. As men, we must develop our strength, fortitude, and stability; women need to focus on their chastity, nurturing, and responsibility. Masculinity engenders femininity and vice versa, and as we grow more virtuous, we become better at spotting virtue in others.

To find a good wife, you must be deserving of a good wife. Boys spend their time chasing skirts (and girls waste theirs seeking attention on Instagram) while men look to build empires. They look for opportunities, allies, and good raw materials with which they can create an edifice which lasts the test of time.

By reorienting our thinking, we recalibrate our vision. There is no simple tactic for finding a good wife, a checklist of attributes which promises a high probability of success; instead it’s about learning to see things as they are, including other people. Keep your eyes open for a woman who would complement your empire, and then when you find her, that’s when you use game the way it was meant to be played.

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101 thoughts on “How To Transition From Casual Pickup To Marriage”

  1. White women are generally over-rated. White women do awfully in IR marriages and white men do well. This link has some of the data but misses Hispanics with whom white guys have a much lower divorce rate that with ww, and with whom white women have a far higher divorce rate than with white men ( obviously ). It should be noted also that white women are also dropping rapidly and ain’t what they were even ten years ago. They are the black men/players/not serious group amongst women.
    There is a graph. It seems like the worst pairing is BMWF which divorces at triple the rate of wmwf and the white men are obviously the one group that does better with IR marriages than with their own kind. Be careful men. Don’t marry hoes.

    1. If you are an educated guy of any race I think that Asian is a huge category but that the best amongst them are the East Asians and that within Europe avoid Spanish and Swedish women. German women are also often very self-hating so I couldn’t be with one.

        1. very hard leftists in their nation, and very strong feminist nation. They have amongst the worst thot reputation in Europe and a strong clubbing culture. If you get the ones from the catholic families sure but otherwise be careful!

      1. “However, a 2009 study a year later by Yaunting Zhang and Jennifer Van Hook on behalf of Journal of Marriage and Family using a larger sample size than the previous study produced different results with Asian female/White male marriages shown as the least likely to divorce of any marriage pairing”
        We knew it was the happiest union from seeing our friends in these marriages and now the data is showing this now and as WW keep dropping it becomes hard to justify marrying them .Trick is to get East Asian not a thai ex-hooker

      2. Why avoid Spanish women?
        As for German and Swedish women the problem there is their bone structure. Their strong boned faces look wonderful at 20 but when they hit 40 they all look like Nick Nolte-all jaw and bulging cheekbone and Clint Eastwood lines down their face from the sun.

        1. Known bastions of extreme feminism. South America swallowed that hard, and they are very influenced by them. The feminist cancer metastasized and it took really took root over in Spain.

        2. Its not only stronger boned but the overall height of the face and in particularly the forehead is typically longer among Nordic or Germanic women compared to Slavs and Spaniards. Most people (men in particular), regardless of gender, their face height increases in length as they age.
          Anyways, Germanic or Celtic women (which includes Americans and Canadians) have a nasty predisposition towards their own men. Even towards those men that hold down a job and pay bills.
          Summary: The modern world is getting nasty and ugly (not physical appearance) out their. If you’re a red pilled white guy age 25-45 out there, even worse.

      3. Spanish women from Spain are white women. Agreed, feminism there is going nuts. I was there in the summer.
        Latinas are a different breed. Latin America is still a mans world. I saw a woman get punched in the face in mexico a couple months back. Nobody did shit! Nobody said shit!

        1. I don’t think we should celebrate violence though. Celebrating men being leaders is good. I’m sure you agree, just wanted to clarify the point.

        2. Violence is a core part of masculinity lost.
          Much of the manosphere is too cucked to defend it.
          A man who hasn’t had a fight at some point is beta. Like a man who believes David Icke almost by definition cannot be much of a critical thinker.

        3. Spanish women are in the buffer zone of what constitutes Whiteness. Most of them pass as Latinas when tanned anyway. The issue isn’t whether they are White but whether Spain is cucked. And it is. But cucks can be ethnic too. Just look at the gay Muslim movement.

        4. Spanish girls are not similar to Latinas which is a hybrid including native american blood. They are the Mediterranean race and more similar to northern Italians, only with zero culture.

        5. Not similar in culture but in appearance many Spaniard women pass for Latinas. Just google “Iberian phenotypes” and see exactly what I mean.

    2. Of course white women are overrated. Most of them make up most of the White and just about every degenerate group anyway. They can all go mud shark for all I care and I really hope the white men just go full-blown yellow fever or something like that just so those vagina hat-wearing air-heads rot in the sidelines with their mulatto kids and fake oppression.

      1. I meant, most white women make up most of the WHITE LEFT (i.e. alt-left, extremist left, whatever). I miss that edit option.

        1. Why would you want to enter a family with a woman aligned with a group whose core ideology believes that this is a thing of oppression?

        2. Spot on, MavericTrump!
          White Women do not have an unalienable right to have Patriarchal opression in their lives.
          They have to work hard to please a man to deserve it, to prove first that they are worthy of it!

      2. NUKEA6
        We will see that Brazilification, actually. At the bottom will be a vast underclass of Mulatto children of dim white females and absentee Black Alphas.
        Towards the top will be a Beta class of Eurasian kids born from marriages of Euro-american middle-class white-collar males and say, Japanese or Korean-American women. This group will be small in size and their kids will be neurotic types like Elliot on average but will be provided for and will function (If they choose) in society.
        Jews will stay more or less where they are.
        Also, we will have a “new Italian” race of white working class females who marry Chicano males and have children that look and act like Al Pacino.
        Poor rural whites will become like Brazil’s Indians living in the rain forests. They will live in places like Northern Minnesota or Northern Main or the Smoky Mountains that other races regard as the bush. These other Mestizo and Mulatto races will scoff at these whites as indigenous primitive rural people and if by chance the Mulatto or Mestizo races seized the controls (It would probably be Mestizos and not Mulattos, same as Brazil) they would shoot them to take over their raw materials like Brazilians shooting Indians in the rain forest for rubber.

        1. ? you’re just making this stuff up. Towards the top will be Eurasians?
          Do you have any evidence or support for this idea? You could just as easily say Braziliasians or Hispasians or Whispanics… etc. How do we know one idea is right or wrong?

    3. lol-you forgot to look at the other half of an IR marriage-the males. Suffice to say black, mestizo and other mixed males are not exactly known for their ability to keep an maintain intact family units.
      No broad wants to stay with a guy who can’t earn money, goes out drinking with his buddies every night and bangs/impregnates other thots left and right.
      Those marriages fail because both parties are not suited for it.

      1. Why do the white women with Asian men at such high rates? 59% divorce in ten years and under 30% of WMAW do. Sure BM often don’t get the moral cream of the crop WW but Asian guys get the best white women ( when they marry ) and yet it often unhappy and fails? That was the smoking gun for me personally. Why the divorce rates between WM with Hispanic women and black women so much lower than even with women who are the same as us culturally, and genetically?
        I am a WM who divorced a feminist WW and I am just trying to help a fellow white brother. White women are self declared tip of the feminist Spear. Don’t get impaled ..

        1. I agree that they often marry unsuitable dudes and IMO if they had any sense they’d marry like other cultures and marry a man their father thought was a good idea out of respect and common sense but thats different. WM need to understand that WW are a risk and all the data supports that.

      2. RODERICK
        This is the reason whites and Asians and Jews as a society do not have the same degree of social pathology as other groups.
        Peter Lim or Saul Lipowits or Cecil London the Beta is so grateful for any pussy he can get once a week that he remains in a marriage and follows all the traditional rules deemed socially acceptable-no affairs, no outside children from mistresses, limit the number of children (Because Jews, Asians and White females are less fertile anyhow).
        Now Octavio Dominguez or Tyrone Da Bone is an Alpha who gets the chicks pussies vibrating with his crude masculine charisma and Alpha fearlessness. He has a “side kid” and then a wife or main Cholita/main Sista he lives with. In all, he has 4 children.
        As an Alpha stud the Black or Hispanic is more successful but more kids end up on welfare or in juvenile court or just roaming the streets like stray dogs from the random lusts he stirs up in females. He has finite resources.
        The Beta male-white or Jewish or Asian-has less children simply because he is a beta.
        This is why Switzerland or Japan do not have the challenges of out-of-wedlock births and attendant juvenile crime/violence/single mothers.
        Sure, many white males or Asians end up being loners or incels. A few are dangerous and we will always have our Elliot Dodgers as a result.
        But overall, Japan and Switzerland will never have a South Chicago.

        1. I think you are making huge generalizations to be so heavily reliant on race. There are racial differences for many reasons, socioeconomic, political and historical, etc. But it’s hard to over generalize like this. Identity politics, which is what the radical left does (trying to put people into groups to explain their behavior) minimizes the individual and also minimalizes our freedom of choice / personal responsibility in our actions. The far right is starting to do identity politics also – instead of doing it with LGBT, trans, black rights, they are doing it to explain racial differences. The reality is people are individuals who all have a lot of control over their actions and behavior that can’t simply be explained by race (although like I said, there are many pressures, cultures, socioeconomic and perceptions – as you have – that can influence people’s behavior).

      3. RODERICK
        Black male and white female couplings rarely get to the point where he is doing this. He simply dismisses the pregnancy. Or is locked up. Maybe the state garnishes his wages but it is rare.

    4. White women’s days are numbered. When men start waking up to the bullshit they pull and the sense of entitlement they have, then White women will be in perpetual spinster mode until they clean up their act or die out.
      The thing is, it is a catch 22 for a former slut. Sure, cleaning up her act makes her more feminine and noble but by then for us it is too late. So now that you clean up your act I get to have the prude version even though we really know you are a whore. So women like this are in the toughest predicament. Not that men won’t simp over them because they will.
      We need to stop with the whole shaming men for having less sexual experience. This makes men feel like they must achieve some sort of “game level”. So they end up taking a lot of the garbage women out of a desire to measure up to Chad. Just understand some men weren’t made for that life. Chad for the most part didn’t have to try. Women made it easy for him. If this isn’t you don’t feel like you have to rack up a high notch count for yourself because you undoubtedly will find yourself settling for less than you deserve (since your standards dropped less and less just to “gain experience”).
      If you are really a guy trying to find a good girl, then understand that is what you want and going out to the clubs won’t get you there. You will rack up notches but with nothing to show for it. These girls view it as a game more than you do even. You may be their 3rd guy that week. When I wad living as a dark triad fuckboy I came to find some really ridiculous shit about women. You really start to feel like your player skills didn’t mean shit once you realize she would have slept with anyone that night. You just were in the right place and right time.
      Notice I am not knocking legit players. I am speaking to the men this article targets. If you are looking for your good girl you better understand that you need super high standards. If all you want is notches, you need not care about her values nor her virtues. You also need not care she may be a “player” herself.
      In 2018 where girls are proud sluts PUA types shouldn’t really be patting themselves on the back. Western women are easy. Something is wrong with you if you can’t lay one. Women proudly wear the slut label today so do you REALLY think your mad PUA skillz got her in bed? Be honest with yourself.
      So my point is this. If you desire a high notch count, realize it is easy to get. But don’t think it is a prerequisite to finding your good girl. You can still get your high notch count just realize it won’t get you any closer to your good girl because players don’t hunt for good girls when trying to get notches. The point of a good girl is that you want her because you don’t want the PUA route. Awalt is true but the good thing about good girls is that if she becomes a slut at least you know that you were the first in line.

      1. FITZ
        The real sluts cannot really carry on the act for any length of time.
        I knew a former crack whore named Dana who’d met a rich sugar Daddy dancing in the New York strip clubs. She was German-Polish blonde slut whose Dad was a German barber that she claimed molested her and she ran off to dance at 16. At 28 or something she met Carl, a Swiss half-Jew mining company owner.
        I rented an apartment from her as he bought her a skeevy rundown building. It was okay for a while but instead of being faithful, she would fuck men her own age. Finally Karl packed it in and left her to her own devices.
        The apartment building could have been enough but she started smoking crack again.
        I moved out with people coming in and out of the building. Let her keep the old security deposit. Just wanted to get away from her.
        Years later I would read that she had been busted selling a huge amount of meth and they tossed her into jail for years.
        My point is that the sluts usually cannot reform. They will continue a cycle of destroying relationships with slutty behavior until they are in their 40’s.
        At this point, they become the easiest cougars around.

        1. Dick,
          Too true about the cougars. Easy and free bangs for guys with low standards.
          In my Opinion though “low standards” is just a meme and a cope. If you as a guy are ugly and you fuck ugly women, you aren’t lowering your standards. You’re being realistic.

      2. @ Fitz
        “Western women are easy. Something is wrong with you if you can’t lay one.”
        You have left something out of your argument.
        Your statement is true ONLY if you are willing to bang low end 6s and under. Now, try to make your statement with only 8s and higher in mind. It completely falls apart. They all want “Chads”, but the low 6s and under will settle for less than Chads. Regular guys who want to bang beautiful girls for free are shit out of luck.

        1. Fair enough Automatic. But why should ugly guys feel entitled to hot girls? It’s the same as a fat bitch feeling entitled to Chad.

    1. White South African women are very naturally red pilled about race. Despite the country being like 85% black, they DON’T sleep with the brothas much.

      1. However they are more likely to be in an IR marriage than the WM in ZA. Without a welfare state the toll is too high. Township life would be tough otherwise they’d be honest.

        1. Generally they have far more options than WM, and as they import men by huge numbers to europe thats WM are becoming in many places incel-teir. We have better options where we have them, and asian wives are getting wealthy quickly also, and WE ARE better options. We should shun WW in Europe and always seek to import since they have imported so many men – yeah feminists called them in.

      2. Neither do white females anywhere else.
        Less than 5% of white females are willing to date blacks. And the ones who do are usually either fat, ugly, old or have drug problems.
        It is really not that prevalent. Walk around in a Manhattan “nightlife” area on a Friday or Saturday night an see how many white females are walking with black males. Hint: not that many.

        1. London (and the whole of the UK for that matter) is a different case. Most mixed kids in this country are black/white. At least 50% of Caribbean blacks impregnate white women here. And the number is about 30% for African blacks. Everywhere you go where blacks are present (and they are pretty much everywhere now) they either have a white girl on their arm or their caramel coloured child beside them. This has been a thing for as long as I have remembered. Back in the 90s when I was in primary school, there were plenty of mixed black/white kids but other combinations were mostly non-existent.

        2. @ SabbyS
          The English women you speak of who date the blacks. Are they attractive? Or 5s & under? I am guessing they are not so attractive. Maybe single moms in their 30s and 40s?

        3. its known that most children in london schools have black fathers, and thats an actual statistic. When the migrants get settled in the rest of the EU that will be the same.
          The sexual replacement of the European white male is in full swing and preceedes any population replacement and somehow they leftists only aim is that it is not talked about.

        4. In western European states the West African/Caribbean males amongst the lower classes rule the white women and the white men get the leftover. In USA/ZA thats different because there isn’t the welfare so the women still want lower white males. Go to Paris or London and its not 5% in many parts its over 50% of kids with white women are mixed black. Thats no exaggeration if you actually went to the suburbs of Paris or the South of London.

        5. The aim is that these sexually genocided men must be silenced even though all chances of having children was removed by other groups whose women wouldn’t reciprocate.

        6. Half these migrants are hear because they heard how easy it was to get women from the other Africans. If they have a job its similar to white guys in Asia for them only there are far more of them.

  2. Your 5 step process describes a man with no game. I approach regardless of eye-contact and have never danced like a monkey for anyone. If I waited for girls to give me eye-contact I would never talk to anyone. In fact, even cases where I have received eye-contact I have gotten nothing out of the interaction.
    Waiting for a girl to show you she likes you is a mugs game. And in my experience, the girls that do show you they like you are the worst girls of all.

    1. Get back in your time machine and fly back to 2004 with your mASF shit buddyboyo. We deal in current reality over here.

  3. Before reading comments – well written article, rather well balanced, with putting some responsibility on both sides, yet not getting blue’ish/betta’ish!

  4. If you plan to get married for love, that is a naive thought. You should be looking for a woman who will be a good mother to your children. Have your finances in order before you plan to get married as well, as well as having her sign a prenup in the event things go wrong. There is a lot of risk for men to be married. However, you should plan to protect yourself with out making a announcement that you are doing so. Lastly, if you live in the US, look for a woman internationally you will find a marriage worthy woman much faster.

  5. Marriage is no longer viable. The sex and fun times drop off over time and arguments, excessive spending and loss of masculinity come with any woman. Most if not all woman have slept around, expect to be treated like princesses and do not offer the aspects of family life when it use to work. Able to cook, clean, and care for men regularly. You guys that wish to get married. Good luck, most of you will learn. And maybe a lucky few might find a unicorn, but increasingly rare. If you want kids, get a surrogate.

  6. While I think it’s admirable that a lot of you gents are trying to stave off the tide of collapse of the West, I still feel it may be futile. The US has become increasingly leftist on damn near every issue across the board which will hasten the collapse. Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician if that tells you anything. In fact, collapse and rebirth might be the only real option at this point. Just my 2 cents…

    1. We have to fight. Battles have been won from all kinds of losing positions historically. Things can turn rapidly especially if America/Europe begins to fail.
      The biggest issues were when the left wrongly dismissed many truths around race which, although they were not perfect, were better than this “culture is everything” total pack of lies of the modern left. Culture is a fraction of what separates the races. It is very often differs because it is derived from different genetics.
      Would the African high-T males have ever come up with meditating Buddhism? Culture and genetics are not completely separate entities as culture is a direct result of genetics. Different cultures come from different genetics. You cannot expect reconciling all these different subspecies in the same society without a multitude of issues arising, and that may destroy the West. Many issues won’t be suppressible.

      1. Pick your battles. When the collapse happens, people will be begging for the solution. That is your time to strike. It also is the same strategy Hitler used to become a dictator. Offer people in the dark a path to the light and they will follow, but wait until they lose hope, otherwise they will still resist.

        1. People always systematically overestimate the amount of change that will occur in the short term, and underestimate the amount that things will change in the long-term.

    2. What I think would be necessary to stem, if not reverse the tide would be the following:
      1) Successfully meeting a sufficiently desirable woman of strong enough character to run a traditional or conservative household. The marriage should remain intact, of course.
      2) Reproducing above replacement level—in other words at least 3 kids.
      3) Shielding the children from leftist indoctrination while positively imparting values to them. This means removing them from the public school system, for the most part, through highschool, at least. If they go to college at all, it should be on a budget and only involving majors that have a return on investment, with minimal to no chance for leftist indoctrination.
      4) The children should have ready access to dating amongst a pool of children who were reared with similar values, and are likely to themselves implement the above steps.
      5) There are some faith communities that accomplish the above, but not all faith communities are created equal, so investigate. The redpill “community” of men and women will not likely reproduce the effects of some of the most successful faith groups in this regard, because systems of thought that rely only on evolutionary insights into social dynamics are impotent at producing altruistic individuals. You have to hitch your wagon to a system of thought that trains children with the idea that human beings also have a “higher” nature, and can choose between following their animalistic impulses, versus acting altruistically, while simultaneously funnelling the animalistic impulses into behaviors that build-up society (such as stable family formation, rather than promiscuity). A life of faith in a higher power, and corresponding moral duties, but laced with redpill insights (as the Old Testament actually contains) is likely optimal.
      Whoever produces the most babies, following a certain ideology, wins. The Achilles heel of the left is that their ideology produces sterility and death, even though they are effective at indoctrination.

  7. Ahh the incels are strong in this one. The article is good but I would not try this on any bar girls. Save it for a nice woman you meet outside of the bars.

  8. If you are a man and want a wife (something which I do not think is an unobtainable goal nor one modern men should reject out of hand) I recommend you stick solely to religious communities. And by that I mean traditional religious communities, not your local Catholic Church which has already been corrupted 16 times over, or the Christian “church” with a 20 something pastor playing a guitar. You have to find on old institution. They are out there. Just far and few between.
    Never really tried the foreign spouse route, so can’t comment on that. I know a guy or two who did and went with Russians. They were fine before the kids started to get older (10+). After that they would just say “meh I am done….go find yourself a mistress”. Not bad if at the age of 50-something that is where you want your life to be at.

  9. Traditionalism is dead and it’s not coming back. The future of the world will be far less religious, far more mixed race, and more robotic. This will be the world 50 years in to the future. I’m sure there will be some traditional communities across the USA, but every other First world country will let go of the old order.
    I think there is a high probability that Japan will begin to accept mass immigration in the next two decades owing to their huge elderly problem and their shortage of skilled and unskilled workers. And I think eventually other Oriental countries will follow suit as they come to face the same problems.
    It will be interesting to see if artificial wombs and fully functional sex robots become viable and mainstream within this century. Whether you think this is good or bad, it’s the direction the world is hedging towards.
    Africa will still be a shithole even in 2100 because of their sub 75 IQ population, and this time there will be four billion of them.

    1. Nothing ever dies. “Progressive” values are as old as humanity itself. Everything cycles. Religion has never died and there is no reason it will. Wishful thinking but it ignores history

      1. But things do die. All the time. Paganism died in Europe and was replaced by Christianity and the horse drawn cart died almost a century ago and was replaced by the car. This time it’s Christianity’s turn. In Western Europe it is already largely irrelevant and it’s fate will be sealed within 50 or so years when there may be more Muslims than Christians in countries like the UK and France.
        Sure, religion won’t die. Muslims will rapidly increase in population, but Europe’s traditional faith will soon be gone. It might still live on in places like Russia and the Ukraine.
        The main reason that you can find more traditional girls in America is because America is still religious…for the time being. Western Europe however is completely gone.

        1. Paganism never died. You have those Nordic LARP types who still pray to Odin.
          Hell the fact that the manosphere, a previously hedonistic group of phaggy nerds is starting to at least be sympathetic to Christian revival is telling. 14 years ago we were all exchanging cube game and push pull theories. Now you have Roosh quoting the Gospel of Thomas.
          I am not saying Christianity will make a revival in Europe anytime soon, but know that throughout history Christians have chimped out in dire moments and said chimpouts were what produced Western civilization today.
          Of course Christians will dwindle in number. This has historically happened anyway. But Christianity is the only religion in the world to get stronger when oppression and persecuting is at its heaviest. Soft Christians are apostates. Hardened Christians grow the Kingdom.
          Those of us who believe know that throughout history, our toughest times produced the best soldiers. Islam has to rely on ideal circumstances to survive. Christianity thrives under duress. It always has.

    2. Religion is growing because they have the children and children are the next generation. Its that simple. You are stuck in a bubble because Western Christianity and reform Judaism are folding and so its assumed that other groups also are. Haredi Jews are exploding and so is Islam. Many leftists still think their movements are “right side of history” towards some type secular “end of history” type scenario where everything will work out.
      We are witnessing the death of secular “liberal” civilization before our very eyes at least those watching Europe are seeing that. Where Europe goes America usually follows ( although that’s not guaranteed ).

      1. GloboLesboFeminism isn’t gonna one day wake up and stop fighting when they reach equality. They are like the military industrial complex ( needs feeding ) and they will always find the discrimination they need to find to keep pushing. It will only end when we fight back. Men are physically stronger and dominated a dead world where physical strength mattered. Women are verbally stronger and now we are moving to a world were nagging dictates policy they are handing us our ass on a plate.

    3. JAPAN
      Japan imports Filipinos on 2 year contracts and makes sure they leave and cannot ever get residency or a permanent visa or anything else.
      Even their Blowjob Bars are staffed with young Filipino women. One time an ex-“Japa-Yuke” came to my rented villa in Cebu and gave me a blowjob. I asked her life story and she told me that in 1981 when she was 16 she had gone to Japan to work in a bar and suck Japanese businessmen off for 2 years.
      This is perfectly legal in Japan.
      What Japan will NEVER DO is import Muslims, Mestizos or any other problematic group. They have never really wanted US blacks and beans and white trash on the army bases but despite the perimeter restrictions sometimes rapes and theft happen.

      1. Asians males are naturally red-pilled AF and anybody thinking they’ll accept migration of male sexual competition to take their women is smoking crack.
        The leftists make every simple crazy excuse as to why white nations will collapse without third-world migrants when we all know that they are lies. They will see these migrants into the west as having been more like the migrations that finished Rome.
        The infrastructure is split between the number of people so if the population does drop the upside is that they will have better infrastructure verses the population. Your nation works not by raw numbers of people but average quality of them. If you import trash the average quality and functioning of your nation drops very easily. If they open up to migration it would be Asian migration.

        1. MAVERICK
          Asian males do not care about me, but I married a divorced businesswoman anyhow. No male was going to want a divorced businesswoman in China anyhow.
          Asia does not have contiguous boundaries and unpleasant immigration policies (Do YOU want to end up in a North Korea or Chinese labor camp for immigrating illegally).
          Because I despise the US I moved to Canada (Legally) and worked there for 2 years (Legally). There is very little “under the table work” in Canada although some African-American pimps from Detroit make a go of it in Windsor in the flesh or cocaine trades. The US has a fairly well-organized underground economy, for whatever reason.
          As an American who has spent his entire life working in other countries because he detests the United States, I can tell you that you’ll be picked up eventually in Australia or Canada working under the table if you could find a job.

        2. MAVERICK
          Well you have never lived in Asia or you would know they do not ever allow Filipinos (Used to be Koreans) to become citizens of Japan. I could not be a citizen of the Asian country I live in. Forget it.
          The US in particular has a contiguous border with a Third World country with a White Supremacist Elite who deport their Redskins to the US. Essentially the “immigration” problem is the Red Man vs. White Man conflict as all the Indians (Or Mestizos) flee to wherever will give them more crumbs.

        3. No but if the Japanese would take immigrants it would be higher asians over whites anyway. Not a single person in Asia believes this culture rubbish that we are separated by culture rather than genetics!

  10. I’ve been looking for a serious relationship for the past few years. When you find a ‘good girl,’ it typically takes a month or two before you start fooling around. Unfortunately, the women are used to Chad and will be unable to reciprocate intimacy honestly. They will quickly drop you if the sex is not there! It’s a huge wasted investment. The most damaging thing an ex ever told me was ‘I’m not ready yet. I really care about you. I’d just sleep with a guy if he didn’t matter to me.’ They put unnecessary tension on the relationship when they expect you to be a Chad when they want you to be a Chad but also a beta when they want you to be a beta. And even if you assert what they’re doing is screwed up, they’ll say ‘I know. Bu I just want what I want.’ Since then I’ve dropped two women who I thought were real significant girlfriend material for acting as if I have to pay to earn the right to eat them out, without them even reciprocating. It’s pretty sad but that’s where I’m at. So I’m essentially forced into MGTOW, waiting for a woman willing to stick around for years to prove she actually cares.

    1. Dude!
      C’mon, man!
      1 – Filter a Good Chick using your Best Instincts
      2 – Spend SOME, not a lot, of time with her
      3 – If a deep love and passion is not there
      4 – Fucking leave!~
      Who cares why bitches are confused?
      Who care what vague shit they want?
      Who cares how confused they are?
      Let them live in the gutter with cats!!
      Hahaha! 😉

    2. Do MGTOW but add in a little PUA and some international dating. Maybe even some PFP. This way you can get your release on occasion and get back to self development, starting a business, etc.

  11. Women act based on how much society allows them to. Under our current societal structure, women are free to run buck wild whether its sleeping around or ruining men’s lives with false accusations. Whether its the girl at the bar, gym, church, or book store, they’re all the same thots until men regain authority over them.

    1. ONCE
      If white women were as fertile as blacks or Mestizos we’d be fucked. In fact the Celtic women of the Appalachian stock are slightly more fertile than the WASPS or North/Central Euros who make up the Yankee population which is why they have a higher problem with out-of-wedlock pregnancy etc.

      1. Sexual revolution and reproductive rights allows women to have babies without marriage. We need a patriarchy again.

  12. If you’re trying to find a good girl, basically ignore every PUA tactic out there. Attraction is all or nothing and there are no switches you can turn on or any of that bullshit. The author is right. Get off monkey games and just be a man about yours. Good girls respond to men comfortable with themselves and will respect a direct approach much more than club girls whom practically get off on making guys display some tricks for her affection. A good girl will respect you more as a man when you treat her sexually and don’t play the aloof shit. And if she isn’t interested guess what? Move on and find one who is. Since we can’t control how women react to us we can control our approach and who gets it.
    I am not in any way saying to be the asexual Christian “friend’s first” mangina. You may soon later find out that Chad who doesn’t read his bible got all up in that ass. Or best case scenario he just is the one “courting her” (lol) and you are sitting at home with your girl who is a solid 5 (fingers).
    But know what’s worse than a club skank? The born again virgin who was a club skank. You find out she gave Chad a rough sex, threesomes, and licked his cum off the floor and now she expects you to work for it. My advice with these women? Don’t even consider them. They will bring you pain and drama. They still are sluts at heart but chances are if she says she wants to “wait with you” that you are wasting your time because she wants to be treated like a 17 year old Jailbait church virgin even though she has the n-count of a Black cheerleader at an SEC college. Sorry, Tawanda. But once you made your bed you lay in it. Your hymen isn’t there and your meat lips pussy probably provides no sensation. Let her take what she can get as she has NO bargaining power whatsoever. The *only* situation I can foresee this working out is if she finds a Chad who is done with his fuckboy days and can tell stories for days. I wouldn’t recommend any mild mannered gentleman with low experience even waste his time on women like this. I don’t recommend Chad to do it either but he is smart enough to know what he is getting into. I say let a seasoned player decide what poison he should take whereas the good boys should understand this is a waiting game and that anything worth it (like a feminine good girl) takes time to find.
    Many weaker males (myself included) have at times let our loneliness get the better of us so we settled for born again virgins or Chad’s leftovers just so we can get experience. My advice is: no experience is better than bad experience. Learn from my mistakes and don’t make your own. Some lessons aren’t worth learning. It is a horrible blow to the ego when the born again virgin ends up revealing all the nasty shit she did for Chad all while saying that’s “not for her anymore”. No man deserves to know his girl was a slut for everyone except him. Would rather know she never got the chance to do it and then make her my own slut. Women who have been turned out do not make any kind of marriage material unless you figure your notch count is so astronomical you have redpilled yourself into such a jaded view of women that they all seem like whores anyway. Those of us who never got to that point, let’s skip the bullshit and let a more experienced tosser deal with the shit mire.

    1. FITZ
      All these young incels should just go to hookers and get a blowjob. The feelings of sadness and emptiness would still be there but they would not be as pissed off as Travis or Elliot.
      Of course while it is legal for a Jewish woman to be paid 1500 dollars to be fucked by 15 blacks in Bukkake Pt 5 out in San Fernando if the average frustrated male in Ohio tries to pay for a blowjob at a truck stop he is jailed and his car impounded.
      Which is the sort of stupid thinking that led me to leave the Midwest at 24 and never return.

    2. What if you actually are a female virgin and you’re waiting until marriage because it’s your beliefs?

      1. It just sounds like I’m getting a bad deal here. If I don’t put-out and betray my beliefs, I get put in the same box as the former club sluts.

  13. Major truth, women do the choosing. Once you understand that you can stop wasting time and bang chicks that want to get banged.

  14. Americans may see or hear about the closing stores, rising debt, Obamacare, food stamps, regulations, offshoring, homosexuality, endless US wars, increasing taxes, illegal immigrants, nanny state laws, security cameras, license plate readers, checkpoints, redlight cameras, speed cameras, FBI facial and voice recognition, curfews, gun bans, NSA wiretapping, the end to the right to silence, free speech bans, searches without warrants, private prisons, mandatory minimums, 3 strikes laws, DNA databases, CISPA, SOPA, NDAA, IMBRA, private prison quotas, no knock raids, take down notices, no fly lists, terror watch lists, Constitution free zones, stop and frisk, 3 strikes laws, kill switches, National Security Letters, kill lists, FBAR, FATCA, Operation Chokepoint, TSA groping, civil forfeiture, CIA torture, NDAA indefinite detention, secret FISA courts, FEMA camps, laws requiring passports for domestic travel, IRS laws denying passports for tax debts, gun and ammo stockpiles, laws outlawing protesting, police militarization, and Jade Helm, but they’re not connecting the dots that all these seemingly unrelated issues are part of the plot to destroy the USA.
    Americans are so brainwashed, divided, distracted, degraded, and demoralized now that they might even think these trends are necessary and proof that the US is improving.

      …Not if you have lived overseas since 1999 when I accidentally accepted a job offer in Dubai.
      I don’t know why but when Bush was elected the US went straight directly into the shitter.
      I’ve only been in the United States once in 15 years during a 2007 one-week business trip to Los Angeles.
      I was shocked out of my mind how things had changed since 1999 when I left at the tail-end of the Clinton era-
      * More ordinary functional WHITE PEOPLE are homeless. In 1999 only the hardcore mentally insane and winos were on the street.
      * White people who are 40 years old are working in menial labor jobs. In 1999 only high school kids and ex-felon convicts worked in a Burger King. Today college graduates (Albeit with useless liberal arts degrees) are working in a Burger King. Forty year old men wearing a fucking Dairy Queen hat and delivering newspapers.
      * Racial tension got worse. Even if more white women are sharking-a rather rare thing even as late as 1999-the tensions are worse.
      * Some cities no longer function. Like Flint or Detroit. The government sends the place into Escape From New York territory and it simply collapses. No longer even a pretense to do something about the water supply.
      * There is way more antipathy between Red and Blue States. It existed in the nineties and your average Chicagoan thought someone from Alabama was a redneck and someone from Biloxi thought a Californian was a fag or a Manson-type but it has gotten WAY WAY worse.
      I could go on and on but if you did not live overseas for the last 20 years you would not observe how the US had plunged into the shitter.
      Its become a police state as well.

      1. Hey Richard.
        Wait till you see my upcoming articles!
        Soviet America is OVER.. by design.
        Govt Debt and corporate plunder have already sealed THE END!-
        By the way I was just in Dubai last Fall.. which is the Muslim-Las-Vegas-Babylon.. where you have a Ferrari tax-free… but if you start it during the wrong part of Ramadan the local Gestapo show up!
        The “vibe” there also has shifted.
        As the Sino-Ottoman empires rise Westerners are no longer useful…
        If you go there for “work” you are thought of as less than the IT rejects from Dehli…
        Very Creepy.

        1. WYATT
          I never met my Arab boss. He paid well enough. If he thought I was lower than the dick of a maggot I did not care personally.
          Nobody was moaning about people that look like Amy Winehouse or Ron Jeremy running their life out of 30 square miles of NYC and Hollywood. Never saw these folks. Curiously, Arabs and Indians are not overly affected by the JOOZE. None of them give a shit. Somebody here though is going to tell me they live in a trailer park and make a shitty wage because the Mud-Slims and the other minorities are a tool of the JOOZE. Could be.
          With no Hood Rats and Cholos and no White Trash any society is cleaner and safer. Dubai was splendidly clean and safe compared to Southeast Michigan or to a lesser extent Phoenix.
          The only white women I met were Russian prostitutes I paid for sex acts. That was cool. There were one or two Australian women in my company but they were married.
          People did all sorts of drugs and drank but not on the street. That was actually quite nice. Cocaine is popular with rich Arabs and I myself smoked hash from time to time there but unlike Phoenix’s spastic tweakers there not idiotic junkies everywhere or crack houses.

    2. Exactly!
      Brilliantly said!
      You also might include-
      5G Span Technologies, GRINs technology, ICANN future provisions, Agenda 21- 2030, SJWs, MeToo/TimesUp Child-Gender Issues, Corporate HR Policy, Internet Morality Code, ‘Targeted’ individuals, Climate Manipulation, Religious Unification, AFTT 2018, Currency Convergence, Global Automatic Taxation, Africom, UNICOM, UNICOL, SATAI, Operation Double Raid, Energy Use Permissions, Citizen Scoring, and especially all Psy-Ops False Flags and ID 2020!

  15. Sorry. I like Davis sometimes but I had to STOP READING at-
    “David Givens, an anthropologist, and Timothy Perper, a biologist, have spent hundreds of hours STUDYING IN COUPLES IN BARS”
    My heart fails at the thought of the (((‘researchers”))) getting paid from a Obama Govt. Grant sitting in a dark incel corner waiting for Chad to find a level 5 skag-ONS.
    Nail a bitch or stay home.
    GAME is OVER.
    It is NOT SCIENCE.

    1. Ah! Good Catch.
      The SALON based Tracy Clark-Flory had a -FAKE- story about meeting a pornstar.
      Put YOUR OWN NAME into the nervous fan character and add your fave FEMALE pornstar.. or even highschool sweetheart and you’ll realize how worthless the story is.
      “We met, then had a one night stand”
      Anything on the SALON website is HuffPost-level crap and should be dismissed.
      Davis using it as a reference does NOT illustrate any point of the premise.
      He fell right into the olden-times ROK trap.
      eg; False Advice-
      “Western relationships are fucked up, therefore you should go White Knight to the Nth Degree and be a meek husband cuck”
      What a truly idiotic suggestion!

      1. I don’t know that anyone here believes being a meek husband cuck is any good idea.
        More like marriage with the right woman and starting a family is a better option than the hedonistic PUA route of the last two decades
        The manosphere is shifting its old hedonistic tendencies. Fron wanting to be fuckboy Chad (who never had to learn seduction which is bullshit like the author said) to a more traditionalist “keep the bitch in line” approach. In none of this is there a necessity to be a betabux, weak pussy type. People conflate the two because outside of the PUA community every married guy is seen as a cuck. But I see it as in 2018, women are proud sluts and have no shame about bedding 100s of men. So who is really the cuck? Women nowadays have made it well known they will sleep with us randomly. Just proves the whole seduction meme was just that. When women become liberated seduction becomes easier. Which really proves all this has done is created a generation of thots we should not have wasted our time on.
        As far as where to find said wife, this is the predicament of the Western world. They are out there. But your average manosphere reader or writer may not even know where to find them.

  16. No, white women are not overrated, simply cause the white genes are attached to them, if there were other methods through which white babies could get born, then yeah, then white women would be overrated.
    College fucks up a lot of the white females, there they become more entitled, social welfare is what helps prolong their views on white men, Mexican bitches don’t have that attitude cause they love stable providers(associate whites with wealth), their cultural background hinders feminism somehow & they are more poorly educated than white women.

    1. Any man dating a white feminist is like a black female dating a klansman! They are a hate group hating the core aspects of a testosterone-based-personality as toxic.
      They try to persecute men for sitting with legs apart since we have nuts to keep cool! Theres no logic to it. men sitting isn’t some major issue vs crime and this causes no issue its just hate and the bbc, cnn, msnbc and ttytn are the drivers of this hatred.

    2. “More poorly educated than White women”?

      Are you a manosphere reader or a feminist? Since when does a woman’s “education” matter?A truly educated woman is smart enough to submit to a man and to male authority.
      So, White women must have some of the lowest IQs in the world. If we consider how stupid they act. When does education even make a difference with a woman? Women live through men and because of men! Are you Scandinavian at all? You type like a Nordic.
      But hey keep up with the goddess worship and “muh superior genes”

      1. It matters and it doesn’t. A more educated wife leads to more educated spawn with higher IQ, and who wouldn’t want offspringthat looks similar to yu, and is closer genetically to you with more genes that you carry. As a wife excluding that I would want a less educated one that is docile as well for an easy life. More important is to get one with a good income to mitigate divorce risks. Sadly the more educated are often more radfem which is very very sad and is the turn off with educated women – which i disagree with on principle. Education in a secular world pays no heed to inculcating a woman with any morals or self-respect, if anything its quite to the contrary.
        White woman aren’t good options and are genetic sloots ( yes race accounts for that IMO ) and get bored easily so need a lot of entertaining/ clowning where a china girl is happy if you are being productive ( making money) . China girls also save money rather than spend. WGs like to spend woooooo party – thats your fucking money though

  17. Men need to remember the real purposes of marriage as it relates to them:
    1. Institution that provides for the rearing of children.
    2. More efficient household unit.
    3. Probably will have a caretaker in old age as men tend to die/get sick before women and the 1-3 times during your life you suffer from an extended illness or disability.
    The liabilities of marriage should be well known to men, especially of this forum.
    That is it. If you can find everlasting love that is a bonus. But if you want more then the above

  18. As a 30 something virgin marriage is my last concern; having one non-traumatic sexual experience is my priority now.
    I have had two traumatic ONS experiences neither one of which included even as much as digital penetration. The first occurred when I was early 20’s and a huge omega-aspiring beta; my self-esteem was negative, I was bitter and even ashamed of being male. A much younger but barely legal girl gave me a hint to travel to see her and tried to put my hands on her chest and groin and make out but I was ashamed to do anything and could not even have a proper erection. I don’t want to share any more cringy details but that was the end of my relations with her.
    The other time I was late 20’s and a girl of similar age grinded me in a club. She basically invited herself over, immediately reached for my fridge for alcohol upon arriving and acted shocked over the messy state of my apartment which was admittedly very messy and I had warned her about that. I tried to stroke her hair and she shit tested me asking what kind of a man I am and claimed to be frightened. She then proceeded to leave without saying anything and I went after her as I took her to be very drunk and vulnerable and even paid for her cab fare quite generously.
    I remember lying down on my sofa watching the wall or ceiling and being very confused and dazed; did not know whether I should be angry, content or something else that I did at least have an attractive guest with zero effort who gave me nothing for my sensitivity.
    I feel very red pilled now and am MUCH more confident and in better shape physically, though my hair is receding and I have incipient wrinkles; still look several years younger than my age but have been called out by 18 year old boys in clubs trying to make fun of me in a group.
    Since I don’t want the stress of kids in my life, I don’t see the point of marriage at all; once you have had to settle for literally nothing in your prime years for such a long time even a week long fling would probably give me highs I could not imagine but I also feel mature enough not to let the break-up disintegrate my ego integrity so I would just shrug and ‘game’ the next female and enjoy the good memories ahead.
    Knowing that I can stand seeing a female walk away from me and knowing the anguish of loneliness I don’t have that much to fear; I can only gain experiences during this ride that’s life and I still reserve a blue pill for myself in the sense that during those emotional highs I’m willing to look past a girl’s flaws, the raw mechanics of sexual attraction, the back breaking labor to improve my market value etc. and just enjoy the moment like a naive teenager (sure it’s never going to be the exact same but you get the idea) until it passes as I’m sure it will.
    I don’t have wealth or status, just a relatively hard body and experiences to share before she gets bored and wants to chad up or settle down with a better off beta. She cannot con or game me into improving her lifestyle or put me in shackles unless she’s literally jail bait age and I’m too dumb to find out.

    1. Woman here. I had a shy boyfriend and I myself was very shy. So we took it really easy. We went on trips together, mostly hiking in mountains and exploring caves. The shared adventure gave us many things to talk about afterward. We were good friends first, intimate partners last. Once we felt our relationship was solid, we took the next step. Our first union was beautiful and it felt completely natural. There is nothing wrong with being a virgin. I rather appreciated the fact that my boyfriend had saved himself for me. It made me realize I was someone very special to him as well.
      As for your self-esteem, look at it this way. At this point in time, are you the kind of man a woman would want to date? If the answer is no, then change. What have you got to lose? Work out. At work, give it your best, take on more responsibility and you will get a promotion. Dress in a way you want to be perceived. Clean up your messy room! (It’s a big turnoff for orderly women.) Expand your area of competence by learning something new (language, skill, etc). Do something for your community, like volunteer firefighting. You are bound to meet a woman who will take note of all that you are doing and who will admire you for it. Yes, we women are attracted to status but we are drawn even more to competence and pure male spirit. My husband was not rich when I married him, but I was able to admire him as a person. You can have the same thing. I sincerely wish you good luck in your endeavors.

    2. Women are shallow and go mostly mostly on looks, history of violence, social dominance around other men, money, status, race, height, and lack of autism. Face is the biggest thing and the rest are extras. “good guys” and being honest and caring is not something they give a shit about, in fact its a total turn-off to most women, but when they find chad they want to tame him. Women like men with money and face. Get to Asia and avoid white women they are the plague.

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