3 Steps To Save The American Family

The decline of Western civilization is a precarious topic. It already seems so definite that many have chosen to become MGTOW or take the black pill. Still others think that Western society, despite its flaws, represents the greatest way of life and is worth saving. It has been rightly observed that lower middle-class families today live better than most of humanity has lived throughout its entire history.

We have so much wealth and so many technological advancements in America alone that 80 percent of the wealth can go to one percent of the population and the other 99 percent can still lead decent lives.

That’s not a justification for such drastic wealth disparity. In fact, history has shown us that such great wealth disparity leads to disaster. Quintus Curtius can better speak to that topic, should you choose not to believe it.

It is precisely because we are able to live so well that Western culture is worth preserving. But what is causing the decline? The short answer is the dismantling of nuclear families.

Wealth single mother home

A glimpse of life in broken homes.

How is that being accomplished? The complete story explaining this could take a book. Here are a few highlights that members of the red pill community have mentioned:

  • No fault divorce
  • Birth control pills
  • Women’s suffrage
  • General acceptance of alternative lifestyles
  • Increased dependency on the welfare state

The list goes on.

In this article, Roosh proposes that the decline can be stopped if women’s suffrage is ended. He makes a compelling argument. Here I propose a three-step legislative solution to restore the prominence of nuclear families, thereby halting our civilization’s decline.

1. Pass A Law Stating That Only Biological Fathers Can Be Held Financially Responsible For Their Children

Men know that regardless of what any law states, this is morally right. If men choose to care for children that aren’t theirs, they still can. But at least they can’t be obligated to.

Unfortunately, some men are forced to pay for kids that are not theirs. This guy below is an example.

Wrongful paternity

Every man’s worst nightmare

2. Pass A Law Limiting A Mother’s Ability To Rely On Social Welfare Programs

These two steps work in tandem to ensure that the mother and biological father are financially responsible for their children. What enables broken families to exist is the cultural acceptance and financial provision afforded to them by the public. These two laws, should they ever become laws, make a statement: broken families will not be accepted without good cause.

Perhaps exceptions can be made for widows.

Until recently, the South Korean government made being a single mother there very difficult. In addition to social shame, single mothers had to pay higher taxes and were often denied jobs because of their situation. The South Korean government needed people to start breeding the next generation (the country’s birth rate as of 2015 was just 1.2 children per woman), so they started being less strict on single mothers.

But until then, it worked. Just 1.9 percent of children are born out of wedlock there. To put that in perspective, in Sweden in 2013, 54.4 percent of children were born to unwed mothers.

Social shame and financial hardship worked to prevent single motherhood in South Korea. If Western governments were to implement financial hardships on single mothers (by not providing welfare programs), a single mother stigma could very well follow.

Singapore has a similarly low unwed mother rate.  They likewise create more hardships on single mothers by denying them social welfare.

3. Mandate Paternity Testing At Birth To Find The Biological Father

This is key. What it ultimately does is make cuckoldry highly unlikely. It’s possible that the thirstiest of betas would stay with a woman who gets pregnant outside of their relationship. Thanks to this step, however, no man can be fooled by a woman over paternity.

It also discourages women from promiscuity. If some guy hooks up with a ho and she asks him to take a paternity test nine months later, he is going to refuse. There could be ten other guys who boned that ho that week. Why would he accept the test? This puts her in a bad position financially thanks to steps one and two. You think any woman wants to be like this woman?

It also would discourage men from sleeping with loose women. Remember, the test is mandated to find the biological father to then take financial responsibility of the child. If a guy sleeps with a ho, gets a subpoena to take a paternity test, and it comes back a positive match, his life would be boned. Now he’s that ho’s baby daddy. Even if he loved the child, he’d still have to deal with the ho for 18 years.

Some cuck wouldn’t be responsible for the child. The state wouldn’t be responsible for the child. He would. That is a strong incentive for a man to only spend his time creating families with a worthwhile woman. The technology to make this possible hasn’t been available until recently. But evolutionary psychology has much to say about the importance of paternal certainty.

Long story short, we evolved to be more monogamous than our primate ancestors because mothers need fathers to support them and their children. Fathers wouldn’t spend their time investing in children unless there was a degree of paternal certainty.

As a result, we evolved certain traits (i.e. concealed ovulation) that signaled to a male that he could be sure a child was his with some reasonable security. This gave him a reason to invest in a child, rather than going off to bang tons of other girls. The same evolutionary principles apply today, though now we have better technology.

The Overall Effect

If these three laws are passed, women will have a much stronger incentive to pair bond than to hook up. Men will as well. Ironically, single mothers might actually make the best wives under these laws. A woman would have to be a really great wife and mother if she wanted a new man to care for her and her child. A man wouldn’t have any other reason to be with her. He’d be free to leave if she stopped being a good partner.

The point of the three laws is to undo all the damage done to Western families. These three laws combine to provide strong incentives to find a mate and stick with them. They don’t discourage serial monogamy (aka dating), just promiscuity and hookup culture. When nuclear families return to the forefront of Western culture, the decline will cease and the ascent will begin anew.

Of course, nothing would be instantaneous. Birth control would slow the process, but not stop it. See the women in that Maury clip? Birth control was available to her too, yet one of sixteen guys still got her preggers.

Like Roosh’s solution, this one is unlikely to become a reality. But if we ever come to our senses as a people, it’s there for use. You can hail me as a prophet if that time comes.

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100 thoughts on “3 Steps To Save The American Family”

    1. Or add a federal “covenant marriage” law that would be voluntary (if we can have gay marriage, and student loans that can’t be exited short of death, we can have covenant marriage). Basically the 1960’s definitions, the AAAs, Adultery, (felony) Abuse, or Abandonment. Filing for state divorce (no-fault) would be considered Abandonment. The at-fault party would owe alimony, child support, would get no cash or part of the marital estate, and no right to visitation.

    2. 1. Needs to change to Custody awarded to the parent that can financially support the child.
      2. No welfare as it is now, segregated barracks style workhouses, where anyone can stay and eat, if they’re that desperate.
      3. Paternity testing at birth, sensible but no women and some royal families wouldn’t like it.

      1. I like the idea of #2 but the left will fight to the death to keep Welfare on so that their voting base will continue to breed and vote Democrat

      2. JOHN Workhouse Days
        In the old days, most of the derelicts in the workhouses were completely tramped-out alcoholics that NO WOMAN would procreate with.
        Homeless and jobless males have always been around but in the old days women were not FUCKING smelly winos.
        Even when I was a young man in the mid-90’s if a male had no job he was not going to be reproducing with the average white middle-class female.

      3. JOHN
        At what point did women decide they wanted to start procreating with jobless male tramps?
        Why WOULD a young woman want to have a baby with a derelict male with no job and no qualifications anyhow. What would be so attractive about him?

        1. I’ve never met a woman who wants to reproduce with worthless tramps. Drug dealers and gangsters, yes ….. but that’s a different option.

  1. But your Grandfathers fought for this results. David Rockefeller needed more taxpayers. So every woman should Workshop. The City of London and the FED need the laws they paid the politicians with your money. Please stop this articls! They are against (((humanity and the whole mankind)))

  2. Get rid of people’s right to vote when they are feeding at the public trough of welfare. If you’re on the dole, you don’t get to vote yourself more money!

      1. Anyone who takes public assistance of any form, including free school lunch, is unfit for inhabitance in a first world society and, honestly, should be gassed for the betterment of that society.

        1. AUTOMATIC
          I can agree that poor people can clean a church to get soup and a sandwich or stay in a homeless shelter.

  3. No. You ought not retain the Right of lawfull Citizens to vote based on that trap. The Dude is right. With the State absolving individual responsibilities the culture crashes. We have The Great Society to prove that notion straight up. With limitless money going to dead beats, (More anchorless kids, expanded drug cultural, rotten role models, unproductive citizens, an increasingly sick education system, a physically unhealthy subculture, over policing, under community ownership.., where does one stop?) image what America could become to offer in greater advances is science, technology, philanthropy and human liberty if the tap was turned off. A morally and militarily strong United States makes for safer and stable World due to the endless march of the wicked.

      For the record the Immigration Act was aimed at stopping Italian cartels from battling it out over Prohibition territories.
      The average Mexican-American like Cheech in the barrio comes from a family whose been in America twice as long as Donald Trump’s (Father CONCEIVED in Germany, though born in New York).
      Trump’s father was from Queen’s German district and Frederick did not LEARN ENGLISH UNTIL HE WENT TO GRADE SCHOOL.
      States like Vermont and New Hampshire and Maine have always had French-Canadians and French-speaking districts. So did Michigan, to some degree.
      The worst barrio inhabitants have been in the US for longer than Trump’s family or whoever.

      1. Hi Richard!
        Some good points on here but New Hampshire and Maine do NOT have French speaking districts.
        Some Quebec-ers go ‘down’ to the States to buy certain items then have them shipped home.
        But they do NOT stay. There is nothing there to stay for.
        Trump’s father was a HIGH LEVEL MASON and spoke English and German leaving Donald HUNDREDS of Millions of Dollars of Lubavitcher stolen NY assets!
        The Immigration Act was 100% a systematic Roman plan to DESTROY the USA.. and it worked perfectly!
        Immigration DESTROYS value.
        Of property, employment, business, assets of all type….
        Originally Immigrants (like the early USA) were valuable in the growth-building period of a new society.
        Now Immigrants are weapons of war that carpet bomb stagnant countries into skyrocketing debt.
        America had ‘accidentally’ developed an aspirant middle class, and the Banks had to get rid of it.

  4. Signing a law that would eradicate feminism from the galaxy is a good start. Publicly shaming women attempting to pull a fast one is also good.

  5. This article makes so much lohical sense, it is guaranteed to not be taken seriously. you will never in your lifetime see these three laws or the ones most needing repeal, happen, UNFORTUNATELY.

    1. That’s because it doesn’t fit in with the plan: turn the white middle class into a matriarchy which will be utilized as breeding stock for a new sub continetal underclass. So much change has happened so quickly that it has been undoubtedly planned in my opinion. Why would you destroy arguably the greatest civilsation we have ever seen? Not for altruistic purposes I assure you.

  6. …logical……goddamn it, this comment system sucks nuts. it needs an edit function to be the top priority of any comment board function that is compatible with smart phones access.

  7. You should’ve added the idea of a marriage benefit, like more in taxes or programs, or the dangers of long term cohabiting couples

    1. F*ck programs!!!
      That’s what has this country in such bad shape!
      America is about rugged individualism.
      Sink or swim by your own accord.
      If you can’t hack it, fall by the way, and let the ones who can have the clear path.

      1. I can see the same “welfare baby” has been downvoting me in this thread. So what’s your name? Tyrone or Jose?

      2. AUTOMATIC
        In white Socialist countries like Finland the derelict alcoholic males on welfare DON’T REPRODUCE.
        When I went to pre-Muslim Sweden you would see a few grossly intoxicated welfare males in public chugging a bottle of vodka.
        But no females wanted to reproduce with them in their foul vodka bottle-strewn apartment where they sat watching hockey games all day.
        We can complain about how women in cold climates are a bit frigid and materialistic but my guess is that this some sort of evolutionary adaptation in Japan or Northern Europe.

      3. AUTOMATIC
        You’d have Hood Rats eating your grandmother and her poodle. Look at famines in Africa. People go into the cannibal’s pot. Some of the tough guys out there are going to talk about how big and tough they are but if 9 Hood Rats jump you intent on eating you this is a different matter.

      4. PROGRAMS
        I am from Detroit and when those programs started in the 1930’s the Jews and later the Asian children would manage to utilize them but for other groups there is little they do.
        Can you teach your dog calculus?

  8. Even if all of this happened, the American woman would still be two generations away from evolving back into proper feminine women. US society is in decline. Accept it and hopefully the collapse won’t mean an invasion of barbaric Muslims who’ll replace us.
    My personal solution would be mass importation of traditional women from other countries and a mass rejection of native-born American women. That way, American women would just be replaced and the culture return to more traditional times. One can dream…

    1. Mass impotation !? So you are a OK with “mass immigration” if it were pussies !!??
      What a shame! It was you pale skin guys who Pedestel the pussies, gave them Undue credit and made them arrogant, bitchy & ungrateful!
      As the saying goes; you reap what you sow !!

  9. Point 2 is excellent. Limit social welfare benefits for single mommies. Unfortunately, women voters, feministas, and the limp genital politicians who capitulate to theses women, prevent something sensible like what’s been implemented in South Korea. I’ve worked at two different scrap metal yards over 11 years now in the heart of the urban core of a large crime infested midwestern city. I’ve worked with numerous lower-class white mudshark women, who have broods of trophy bastards by multiple black baby daddies. The drama, sloth, theft, frequent absenteeism, frequent tardiness, substance problems, abuse, ignorance, and toxicity brought into these work places by these wenches has been mind numbing and so problematic. Like flies to excrement. The white knight mangina managers, and even the owners, think they are social services rather than profit making businesses. The kicker is, in addition to receiving a wage (granted, generally low), these women also receive UBC (one woman with 2 children was getting over $1,000 monthly), low rent HUD housing, utilities assistance, and state sponsored Medicaid (they opt out of company group health plan). We all know, or should wise up and know, who’s paying for this! Single mommies are a plague and curse on modern society.

    1. ANTONIO
      I’ve mentioned this before but what is odd is that the white trash males I knew dodging child support would be arrested on the street or at work like they were Al Capone and would do a fair amount of jail time whereas I knew employed blacks in the National Guard reserves (Mostly gun-runners in fact) who had children with stupid white trash left and right (like 2,3,4) who were never going to PAY A SINGLE CENT.
      I knew one pimp named Darius who had 8 children with a variety of white women (Some his string of prostitutes) he’d fed crack cocaine-this was at the height of the crack cocaine era in the 90’s.

      1. Child support is a red herring. It shouldn’t exist, if the woman wants the child, her body, her choice, her responsibility. If she needs some sort of support, give the kid to somebody who can afford to bring it up.
        Child support is another name for welfare.

    2. ANTONIO
      I’d like to see a system where welfare receivers agreed to be sterilized. You want to live off welfare. Fine. You want to fuck your head off with AIDS infected Hood Rats. Fine. You want to be a crack whore and let random males blow loads into your vagina. Fine.
      As long as you are sterilized.

    3. It’s not excellent Antonio.
      This will lead to an increase in abortion and kids raised in orphanages at the mercy of complete strangers.

    4. Just like a pustulent virus…..You don’t win by trying to eliminate the tons of new viruses that the principle virus created, you kill it at the source. Amen dude. You target and eliminate the SOURCE of the problem.
      You can PUNISH the hell out of amoral/IMMORAL/ IRRESPONSIBLE conduct….and if society WOULD go back to doing exactly that, all aspects of life would IMPROVE drastically, especially CIVILITY. Liberalism is CANCER.

    1. Then stop beating your wife, you piece of horse shit. No police intervenes if a dude is watching TV with a beer in his hand.

      1. Then stop doing over action, you pile of shit!! Stop pretending as if you are doing a favor, by sleeping with your MAN; you are getting/enjoying on-demand, un-conditional and absolutely FREE Se*!
        You are not doing any favor by cooking, cleaning, laundry etc. etc. You are also eating, shitting & staying under the same roof, you bitc* !!

      I was poor as a young man in college. I had to join the National Guard Reserves (I’m not a patriot at all) and work shit jobs just to get a Bachelor’s Degree.
      I also screwed girls but used a rubber. If you have a kid in the rust belt young and poor that kid will go to public schools where the blacks will pummel it and it will become a Mud Shark or Eminem simply to survive. If you cannot afford tuition for private school in any US city your kid is fucked.
      I had to leave my shitty rustbelt city because there were never going to be any jobs there in my field or much above minimum wage. I could do this because I was unmarried and had no dependents.
      You can get out of poverty if you get some sort of degree that is useful, don’t have kids until you are making money and don’t get married at 20. Finally you have to be willing to move ANYWHERE that you can make money. If you are a townie who is going to hang around your city even if it means working a teenager’s job waiting for “the jobs to come back” then you will be poor.

      1. @ DB
        “You can get out of poverty if you get some sort of degree that is useful, don’t have kids until you are making money and don’t get married at 20.”
        Then you did it the right way. Good for you.
        So many lazies out there who don’t even try.

        1. AUTOMATIC
          Everybody in my middle-class neighborhood left. I don’t know anyone, including my brother, who remained in Detroit or even in the region.
          Once the council and local politicians became minorities that was all she wrote, the place went into the shitter completely.
          The stoners I knew who started getting high too young to actually go to college or join the military and got stuck there ended up in a pretty bad situation.

  10. Natural consequence of abandoning God. You cannot force a political or legal solution to a spiritual problem.

    1. Pedestal the pussies, give them freebies, no consequences, no accountability and no shaming. And then you talk about God & Spirituality!!
      Blame goes to the manginas, pussy maniacs and so called whiteknights.

    2. But you can PUNISH the hell out of amoral/IMMORAL/ IRRESPONSIBLE conduct….and if society WOULD go back to doing exactly that, all aspects of life would IMPROVE drastically especially CIVILITY.

  11. Well, you can bash me all day long.
    But I believe a good family is a religious family.
    A major religion like Orthodox Christianity provides arguably the best guide for stable family.
    The above-mentioned 3 things are good, but they deal with symptoms of “diseased” family, rather than fixing the “disease” itself which is indeed a deliberate destruction of traditional(patriarchal) family by liberal values.
    So, take liberalism away from women and replace it with religion.
    As religion proved to be the best stabilizer of family that mankind has ever had.

    1. Ok, fine. But for God sake, do not keep on popping out!! In the name of; God is giving..We are popping out !!

  12. So, the if those three amazing things somehow got implemented in real life, they couldn’t “save” the family.
    They perhaps would be able to force women/men to be more responsible and thoughtful when it comes for sexual life.
    Or, the worst key scenario, women who are no longer given a legal self-indulgence in reproductive sphere will simply stop any reproduction. In other words, they will stop having babies at all, if “daddy-government” stops providing them with all the benefits for refusing to have a normal family.

    1. BENNY
      Racial Differences
      White trash will have a child (Max 2) out-of-wedlock at 20 or 22 but that is the end of that. I’m not sure if it is harder for them to get welfare or if even with an IQ at the bell curve of 95-100 it sort of sinks in. I’ve never been on welfare and I would have to suspect that it is tougher for white women to get as many benefits and they have to alternate with menial jobs of the worst sort.
      Black women will have 3 or 4 kids. As will Cholitas. The first is usually at age 20 and then when they are 38 they have a final out-of-wedlock baby who is not much younger than their own grandchild.

      1. Neal,
        Don’t expect anything from government, schools, legislation. Their main goal is to keep the family institution in ruins.
        As a father, you are the one responsible for raising your kids properly and keeping your family healthy.
        I believe you are doing a good job at it.

    A Typical Example of a Poor Rustbelt Shit-
    Scott was my college pot dealer. His family was from Kentucky, part of the Appalachian migrant community in Detroit.
    He was very intelligent but had dropped out of school at 16. He was smoking an ounce of pot a week in junior high. Still, he was quite articulate.
    Scott was on the run from child support. I met him at 22 by which age he had a two year old daughter with a Mexican girl he’d fathered at 20.
    Also, his pit bull had bitten someone and he faced a negligence charge. Scott was always fleeing warrants.
    Between his straight job in a call center (He was fired, however) and selling drugs he got by but never paid money to his daughter. Finally the cops caught up with him at work and arrested him and transported him back to Detroit.
    Scott dated a slightly better-off German-American girl. She fucked his best friend, a Marine who had visited Scott, behind Scott’s back. Scott was heartbroken and fought his friend Carl the Marine in a bar over her. Carl beat him up.
    Scott started carrying a knife after that, aged 22. One night back in Detroit at a House Party he was being his cocky self and some hulking Polish-American football player stomped him in the kitchen of someone else’s house. Scott stabbed him in the balls and ran out of the house. Like some slasher in a film, the Polish giant got up, followed Scott into the front yard and attacked him from behind. Scott stabbed him again with his butterfly knife. The Polish guy got up again and as Scott was on the sidewalk attacked Scott A THIRD TIME. Scott stabbed him a third time.
    Scott went to prison for 3 years from 1998 to 2001.
    When he got out the Meth craze was in full-swing and he tried meth. Soon he was pulled over for drunk driving and possessing a controlled substance and sent back to prison for 6 years.
    Years later I would ask his old girlfriend what happened to him and she said that Scott lived in a trailer with his mother.
    Not long ago I Googled Scott and saw that he had moved from Detroit back to Kentucky and had been arrested at the age of 43 for DUI and had a knife on him and was going back to prison for a long sentence.
    I bet Scott’s kid is a fucked-up slut. The poor girl never had a chance. Her Dad was a white trash thug who had bad breaks himself and her mother was a Mexican immigrant.

  14. POOR SHIT: A Female Story
    Tasha’s story.
    Tasha was about 20 and was white trash girl who brought her mother to a party where a bunch of us were drinking and smoking pot.
    During the party Tasha and her mother quarreled and Tasha left.
    Sometime later a 17 year old went into the room where her mother-45 maybe-was fuming and fucked her.
    In those days, grown women could fuck 17 year old boys and it did not matter. People thought it was funny, that was about all. If a 16 or 17 year old male went into a police station to state he was stat raped by a cougar in her 40’s the cops laughed at him.
    In my experience with white trash women it is a sexual “hothouse” of sorts where mother and daughter are both nymphos.

    1. “In my experience with white trash women it is a sexual “hothouse” of sorts where mother and daughter are both nymphos.”
      Yeah, I’ve seen that too. Sometimes the sicko mother will even use the daughter as “bait” to bang the leftovers. I live in a “so-so” NYC suburb, 10 mins over the city line and really more like an outer borough than a suburb. For a long time when I would get off the train at night there was a mother and daughter pair waiting for the train on the other side, to go into Manhattan. Both all gussied up like they were going “clubbing” together. The daughter was hot in a trashy sort of way. The mother was a hideous old bag in her forties. I woudn’t have touched the old bag with a tennis racket, but plenty of horny idiots out who would.

    2. The key point of your story is the mother grooming her kid to be as nasty as she is, grooming her to be open legged and easy and manipulating but also allowing her to be a CO-DEPENDENT LEECH on her daughters peers…ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING.
      When I was a kid/teen, I never once saw a situation with a mother child “best friend” situation where they tagged teamed along to events, and even if they did, it is disgusting in my own mind ( I am revolted to no end to even consider if my Mom had EVER acted that way) and openly chased kids their own kids age for sex or drugs or alcohol…nor was there ever a “mom” who was that hot (nor any of the teachers for that matter, and the male teachers all seemed like perverts anyway).
      F**ing nasty people… I would kick the sh** out of my own kids if I ever caught them doing that around me or their mother, but thankfully they respect me enough and are disgusted enough of their mother to act decent with a shred of self respect.

  15. “Perhaps exceptions can be made for widows.”
    I’d extend this to abuse victims, and women who are abandoned by their husbands without good cause. But women who choose to be single mothers should receive zero help from the state.

    1. MARCUS
      You have not been to India or the Philippines or other lovely welfare-free societies.
      The US would look worse than these because low-income white women are more amoral than Indians or Filipinos.

    2. MARCUS
      Hood Rats would, in the Eastern cities, go after Jews and cannibalize them at this point. Wall Street would crash as a result.
      Black women would go after white women. When white women still lived in Greater Detroit they would be garroted by Hood Rat females for the pearls around their neck. This happened when I was growing up. Grocery stores would be looted and a few Korean owners on top of them with rifles would not stop this. Cemeteries would be trashed as freshly buried bodies were eaten.
      Its happened before in the Ukraine and Africa.
      Prisons would be emptied of dangerous grown males as juveniles were jailed for stealing food on their mother’s orders. In fact the prison system would not cope for very long.

  16. Those are good, and relatively mild steps to take that might be palatable to the voting public.
    Ultimately, you will need harder steps.
    -Eliminate legal divorce, but allow for the death penalty for adultery (at least female adultery).
    -Eliminate all government welfare programs, except in the form of benefits to military veterans (if that can be counted as a welfare program at all). The role of providing a social safety net will be provided by families, extended families, charitable organizations, and insurance companies.
    -Give parents ultimate sovereignty over their children. That includes everything from education, dietary, medical, legal decisions, discipline, and anything else that can be thought of. Public schools should not exist, they are a bottomless hole to throw money into. The money that a family can save in taxes can encourage single-income families that wish to homeschool their children, or pay tuition to an educator or institution of their choice which will be more directly accountable to them.

    1. There are so many problems with that.
      Why should divorce be illegal?
      What if you want a divorce?
      Why only female killed for adultery?
      Are you a Arab /Muslim?
      If so, even islam allows divorce.
      I’m just assuming you are Arab bases on the point you made on adultery. But if the man commits adultery?
      2 No. Listen, we need welfare. Because No one deserves to sleep on the street. I’m not saying they must just chill and.not get a job, I’m saying some people need assistance.
      No welfare equals higher crime, higher abortion rate, suicide rate, poverty rate, depression rate, abuse rate.
      Again, I’m not saying give them everything, just some help.
      3. Are you insane?
      Not all parents good parents. Some are liberals. Some rape their children. Some belong to a cult.
      I’m against this

  17. Notes –
    Government welfare programs are essentially legalized bribery. The potential for abuse should be clearly visible to everyone now.
    Yes, as an early, soft step leading up to the harder steps, do whatever is necessary to prevent voting by those on public assistance. After that, many things will be much easier to accomplish.
    Idea that I haven’t thought through as much —
    What do people think of restricting the vote to those who were registered for military combat in times of emergency and perhaps those who were U.S citizens going back at least 1 generation (in other words, only if you are born in the U.S and your father was a citizen). Full disclosure – I am a first-generation immigrant.

    1. First Generation Immigrant
      Nobody cares in the US if somebody is a first generation immigrant from…Norway. My grandparents were immigrants. Trump’s father is an immigrant.

    2. Europeans and SOME Asian who work in the US do not even want to remain there and if they did want welfare, it is probably more generous back in Germany or Canada or Tokyo.

    3. ARARAT
      I lived in Kerala (You may be Indian, I suspect)
      Most Indians are glad to get the hell out of the US except for the Gujarati merchants and Old-Money Brahmin who would be living large whether in Jo-Jo or in Edison.
      I’m German-American but work took me (For a short time) to Kerala and most IT people think of California as a hardship post. Show me one Indian IT tech (Or any other kind of immigrant) who wants to live there for the rest of their life. They want to take their money and leave.
      None of them are enamored with, shall we say, certain entrenched minorities.

  18. I have a better idea:
    Just make sex before marriage illegal for men and women. No kid born out of wedlock except for rape babies. NO prostitution either.
    paternity testing good idea.
    About your second point, I have to disagree with your point 100%.
    South Korea govt is stupid. Their birth rate is almost the worst out of every nation, along with Japan and Germany.
    This law led to women committing suicide, aborting babies and abandoning them.
    Anyway, that law you propose Is not good, women are just going to abort or abandon the Kid.
    And why is this law only aimed at women? Why don’t men just abstain until marriage, have kids then?

      …I was scandalously promiscuous all of my life (White male, German-American) and did not have children out of wedlock. If you use 2 condoms with vinegar between them it is impossible to get a woman pregnant. Men impregnate women because they are careless and irresponsible and like the added sensitivity of not using a condom. If it is relationship, the woman should use the pill or an IUD. Pregnancy is avoidable.
      …Men are part of the problem, I agree. Probably more so, since few males who have recreational sex intend to have a child with that partner-making the price of 20 minutes of good fun high.
      …I personally would not have wanted to see prostitution outlawed when I was 20 years old. Porn is repellent to me but I do not care if people choose to do make it.

      1. Dick,
        Good Catholic boy here, every time I have sex, I’m hoping for a baby …… else I wouldn’t be doing it. Don’t really care about the mother, would just like the baby.

      2. Dick
        No. It’s both the man and woman’s responsibility to.ensure they don’t get a. Baby out of their sex.
        Why only the woman’s fault if it takes two people to create the child?
        Get a vasectomy or something

        1. Dick
          You know what work better than women being abstinent?
          Men being abstinent!
          Women don’t have the organ to penetrate. Men do. Physically, it’s not truly possible for a girl to start sex.
          Therefore, make sex before marriage illegal for both sexes and if not, at least sterilize Men who have sex outside marriage.
          That’s a better option

        2. You know what, Jennifer, women (i.e. single out-of-wedlock mommies) need to step up to the plate, admit they screwed up (they never will), and take responsibility for themselves and their broods of trophy bastards they irresponsibly popped out with some urban core gangster thug bro-brother (like I slug it out with daily at my job). This argument of the results will be abortion/foster care/abuse/think of the “children” social welfare is old, invalid, and washed out (this coming from an old man now who’s heard this mularky far too often). Their toxicity, sin, and foolishness is not my, nor any other hardworking man’s, problem or responsibility, and no self-respecting man would touch such a soiled unclean woman with a ten foot pole. Women are incapable of wrapping their head around this. I mean if you want to vote for Oprah in 2020, or some other democrat broad, by all means, exercise your right. Just know that many white males will come out in droves to vote for the opposition, and even be it a wishy-washy RINO type.

    2. @ Jennifer
      “NO prostitution either.”
      Are you FREAKING INSANE???!!!!
      What good would that do?
      Rape would SKYROCKET!!!
      OK, you don’t want prostitution?
      Then legalize polygamy, lower the age of consent to 14 and allow men to purchase daughters from their fathers.

      1. AUTOMATIC
        I think porn is actually damaging young males more than going at age 20 and having sex with some 25 year old bored hooker who is far past an age when she is going to be traumatized or degraded.
        When I was a young man in the early-to-mid 90’s males who haunted porn stores or theaters jerking themselves off (Remember Pee Wee Herman) were considered weirder than ones who went to a brothel.

      2. AUTOMATIC
        I don’t want women on welfare. If they can make $1000 a day and contribute to the economy simply by letting men pay to shaft them that is better than nothing.

      3. Automatic slim
        What good would that do:
        Less unplanned pregnancy and STDs
        If you got urges use your right hand.
        You don’t want your sisters and daughters to become prostitutes right?
        So don’t be hypocritical.
        Rape would skyrocket. Maybe. Best women defend themselves with guns.
        No, marriage rate is 18. Should stay like that.
        Alright then, legalise polygamy. There’s nothing wrong with it. Muslims and Mormons and many cultures are just fine with it

        1. Go to help. I didn’t work hard my whole life to have my income and disposable cash to use my right hand. I need hot young girls to relieve myself. And I can afford them. So I get them. You sound like you have loads of issues. Have you tried a hobby like baking or knitting?

        2. JENNIFER
          Legalize polygamy.
          This is one reason why Muslim, African and other societies are culturally and economically backward.
          What then happens is that 6 or 7 women will orbit around one Alpha male who lacks the resources to provide for them. Once the nuclear family is gone, society is destabilized.
          Also, there will be a huge population of half-neglected kids.
          You see this in the US ghetto where STD among teenage girls is higher than the average white male 40 year old porn star because these girls become concubines of the Main Brother.

        3. JENNIFER
          “Become prostitutes”
          Well males are going to part company with you here because of course most of us will interact physically with whichever woman is willing to consent.
          So few males want to see prostitution outlawed. It is too much fun. Personally, I find pornography to be more repellent myself.
          Muslim and Mormon and Ghetto societies are all screwed up for the same reason-the lack of a nuclear family.

        4. Most men can’t financially afford to keep one wife and family these days.
          Polygamy is a shit offer, that only works for a few rich old men that don’t even have a high sex drive anymore.

        5. Jennifer,
          STDs are another red herring, I’ve been banging prostitutes without protection for the past 10 years, never caught anything that couldn’t be cured with a $1 course of antibiotics (purchased over the counter from my local supermarket). Less trouble than catching a cold.
          That’s the truth about STDs.

    3. Jennifer,
      I was forced to abstain after marriage, getting married is like buying a jumbo jet because you like eating peanuts.

      1. JOHN
        That’s odd. Irish women in the US are not known for being frigid. But I do not know the nationality of your ex-wife.
        Here’s the thing. She probably flew to Jamaica a week after your divorce with her divorced friends for a hen vacation and went to male strip clubs and maybe had sex with some local gigolo.
        On your dime.

      2. But you can’t have it both ways.
        Expect your wife to be a virgin but you been with many women.
        What happens to those you ruined?
        Either you both virgins or neither of you are.
        It’s not fair to demand your wife to be pure when you not.
        For that reason both genders must be abstinent. Solves the illuminate baby problem too

        1. JENNIFER
          The women that roam around like alley cats initiating sex are not going to be ruined by whichever male is seduced by them.
          Some of them are crazy however, and males would do well to avoid them and remain monogamous.

  19. Some damn smart suggestions here, out on Rookh’s Anglobitch site they’ve been talking a lot about legal changes to US marriage and divorce to save the family. What they arrived at, the best way is to make it more like civil law, the kind that dominates in Latin America and Europe. It’s like the civil law automatically paves the way for these family protections and more. The discussion got deep, lots of expats with game and even family law experience, convetioneering and sharing ideas,, thing is they had some from Latin America and Asiatic honeypot places. But tons from Europe too except UK. Flourishing there not worrying about divorce, even if it happens you keep your shit, share the custody, ex doesn’t get alimony. Happens that way in France. east Europe, Austria and the Club Med countries, crazy thing is’s cool too up in Germany, Benlux and the Nordics I always thought had feminist fail. Even Sweden the guys were doing fine, divorce doesn’t wreck you, no prison for “support”, no crazy judges, no alimony. Since CS is capped and low, and a divorcee has to work, you don’t get the gold-diggers there and it’s safe for guys with game and money to marry and start families Plus they laugh off the #metoo shit especially the women in France, they’re still cool with flirting and making out, nudity, sexiness in general. The solution they were saying, it’s the civil law there. It’s like a built-in prenup because it means a divorcing spouse can’t take you to the cleaners, there are set capped limits even for child support. So less incentive for divorce, less divorce, no vulturing from the lawyers and courts.
    The problem is US, Canada, UK all have this common law system that gives divorce court judges too much powers and sway to cite anything. Family courts attract the feminazi judges, who cite feminazi journals and theories, now with #metoo it’s there even for dating and simple male-female interactions. Presto, the Angle-Saxon countries become misandrist shitholes. While the civil law protects against it by putting a leash on the judges and keeping things rational. They mediate for divorce and no profit from it.
    A lot on there but damn do they go thru the gamut. We just gotta go the civil law route here, change away from the puritan bullshit and we solve a lot right there.

    1. LORD
      Phoenix was as close to Latin America as I would want to be and it was not altogether lovely.
      I would not live in a country RUN by Cholos.

  20. FWUW after reading that font of knowledge from the expats I’m thinking of going expat myself. Always knew Brazil, Chile Argentina and the LatAm places had that special something something, sweet girls and better marriage and families. But damn, Europe’s looking a whole lot better than I ever imagined, other than UK at least. Sane and rational marriage and divorce systems, civil law, non frigid women. Not perfect but when you have to juggle all that with a good job in your field and good pay, seems like sweet options on the other coast of the Atlantic.

      Spend a week in the US Southwest before you decide to sell the farm and move to Mexico or Latin America.
      Its a rough place. In fact Mexico is worse than Afghanistan at the moment because of drug violence.
      Southeast Asians are kind of mellow and Northeast Asians are sort of like whites but I would not really move to Juarez if I were you.

    2. LORD
      It is not THE END of your career to move overseas. I held better jobs in Dubai and Asia than I could have gotten in Detroit or Southeast Michigan. If the economy of your region goes into the shitter you can be a nuclear physicist but when the jobs are not there what are you going to do?
      Stephen Hawkins and Anthony Hopkins would be working a teenager’s job in Detroit. It is the only job available. You cannot CREATE an economy in a place that does not have one.
      Einstein had to move to the US to get a job, if you remember.
      So actually I held better jobs overseas.
      The economy of the entire planet is shifting to Asia.

  21. Every father should have a paternity DNA test these days. Even if you have to do it secretly. If it turns out you are the father then no foul, your woman is a good one. If not you get the heartbreak now, not 18 years later. Remember, a bringing up another man’s sperm is the most denigrating thing a man can do to himself (unless you also have children from another woman). Imagine your life legacy turning out to be the result of a seedy one night stand when you were out of town. Protect yourself.

  22. This would be perfect to stop the decline of the West because the west is best when woman go back to being traditional. Stop no default divorce and child goes to the one that makes more money. Children grow up better with a single dad more than with a single mom.

  23. A few Commenters here get it.
    Remove Single Mother Welfare.
    Watch the ‘desirability’ of the charcoal hoodrats plummet to zero.
    Any society of merit should have the hard lessons baked-in.
    You gotta have that unemployed addict felon’s mistake?
    You wanna be a mudshark baby-momma?
    Welcome to the gutter forever, skank!

    1. WYATT
      Mud Shark’s Tale
      Claire was a pretty stoner I knew in high school. Her Dad was a professor. Parents divorced. She lived in another country at one point.
      She started smoking pot fairly young (For the 90’s) when she was 14. By the time she was college age she was doing cocaine.
      The Hood Rats always had it.
      At 20 she was the mother of a black man who went to jail for selling pounds of ditch weed a second time.
      She worked as a waitress and her child actually went to her weary parents in their late 40’s.
      Around the complex other small time dealers used her sexually.
      Then one day I heard screaming and it turned out…..she had been gang-raped. In Detroit in 1998 if a coke whore was gang-raped who was fucking Groids anyhow nobody cared.
      I later heard she joined the army.

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