How Charity Organizations Are Scamming You Out Of Your Hard-Earned Money

I was recently employed to survey the structure of an existing building in central London for the design company that I offer my services to as a structural engineer. This building was the host of a charity company that, and I quote: “exists to make this country a place where all the people have the same opportunities as everyone else. Until then, we’ll be here.”

Whenever I enter these kind of buildings, I like to get the feel of the environment and see what the drones are up to during their slave hours. From being greeted by a fake ass smile receptionist boy to being surrounded by hundreds of leaflets and posters that promote their object of work, I soon realized that my simple observation of the surroundings would turn into a frustrating experience.

A three-story office building entirely occupied by these jokers confirmed my guess that charities are one big scam for people to make easy money by doing nothing… nothing except being annoying with leaflets and smiles.

Being Approached On The Street To Have A Go At Your Hard-Earned Money

You know these guys. They approach you like some wanna be pick-up artist with the sole purpose of taking your money and putting it in their pockets. A charity that is run like a business is a sad, sad thing. When you see hundreds of people in big cities, all with special hoodies and fake smiles, you suddenly realize how much money is being wasted instead of actually helping those in need.

Charities Are Run Like A Big Corporation, Without The Downsides

These chuggers then return to their three-story corporate office building, but unlike other corporations where people actually slave away to produce something of worth, they just enjoy the perks and none of the downsides of the corporate life style. A charity that has its office in central London right next to the Tube station is a big thing.

Another perk that these jokers were enjoying was the professional expresso machines and big meeting rooms where young people were sitting around the table with their lattes in hand discussing over some pictures or a website. That has to be so stressful. Laughing and looking on their phones, these locusts manage to “work” by doing nothing and wasting the money of the gullible fools that actually do donate.

Probably some of the big philanthropists that do donate do it for the sake of being seen as generous individuals, not for the act itself. I guess they deserve it.

Still, there were several meeting rooms with people “working” doing nothing, and then the big offices with colorful badges and hoodies and bags and leaflets, where no one was doing any actual work. It was one big ass joke. And you could walk in and out without a problem. It isn’t even a secret anymore. It is the norm to spend charity money on nothing.

The Pareto Principle

This brings me to Pareto’s Principle. Apparently it is true. 20% of the population produces 80% of the goods. Yes, that means that 20% of us work to sustain the other 80%. And with the new wave of feminism and equality between everyone, it will be even worse. What is the percentage of white men in the world? 4%? Same with sex. 20% of the guys fuck 80% of the girls.

Like locusts, these kind of do-gooders decided one day that work is difficult stuff, and so charities were created. It is important for these charities to be approved and recognized by the general population via media influences, so that anyone who dares say anything about them ends up being lynched.

I had a friend. She was working for another charity company. Her directors earned hundreds of thousands of pounds per year. They set up their own salaries. Benefits and expensive trips were the norm. The internal organization was that of a corporation and the sole purpose was to bring in even more money, and while providing actual charity services to people in need, more than 70% of the funds were directed towards the “development” of the organization, salaries and benefits.

The Real Charities Out There

This takes me to another scam charity organization: the government. The parliaments are full of individuals who never work. They talk. And everything they do is to further a personal agenda, or a group’s agenda. Millions of pounds are wasted every month so that the needs of these individuals are met.

The military does nothing but pretend they exist to protect us. Big Pharma, the Masonic lodges, the activists, the feminists, the personal development gurus, and the Brussels Parliament Group all have one big thing in common: the people that are part of these groups do not like work, and so they have created their own organization that leeches of from the actual hard working people of this planet.

One of the biggest scams of the 21st century is perpetuated by another group of people who do not want to work, such as fake spiritual life coaches and personal development gurus, though there are some cases where the help they provide is genuine. The richest and proudest people should be the ones who produce the most vital and essential elements for our survival: food and shelter. All the other stuff we don’t need is simply a color of contrast.

Yet farmers are pushed out of the way and are struggling to keep up with their expenses. Countries like Greece, Spain, and Italy export the majority of fruits, vegetables and meat to the “rich” countries such as Germany and England. The charity countries like England, Germany, or Norway like to talk, to fill in paper work, to move bonds from here to there, and to exploit poorer countries that actually do work for a living.

You could say that the microcosm vs macrocosm relationship applies here as well. 20% of the countries produce for 80% of the other countries. Yet those 20% are poor and struggling.

Whether we like it or not, the more charities there are, the higher amount of working hours we, the 20%, have to put into to sustain everyone else.

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84 thoughts on “How Charity Organizations Are Scamming You Out Of Your Hard-Earned Money”

  1. Anyone else been getting charity robocalls lately? I got one on a landline in my server room the other day. The number’s not listed anywhere outside of company directories. It scared the bejesus out of me because the guy sounded really authoritarian and I assumed I was being tested by boss’ boss’s boss until he started laying on guilt about disabled firemen or something.
    Anyways, just wait until the European charities take a cue from United Way here in the States. These assclowns kiss up to management in any company that will hear them out. Soon there’s special parking places in the lot only for UW donors and HR/management is hassling the non-donors. I don’t give the parasites a dime, of course.
    Oh, something else fun I just learned. Ever hear the Kars-4-Kids jingle on the radio?
    The proceeds go to Jewish summer camps(and 6 figure incomes for all the middlemen, no doubt). Apparently they’ve been sued because people hear the jingle and just assume their car is going towards a children’s hospital or something. I guess the lesson there is to do your legwork and be suspicious of any charity that floods the airwaves.

    1. Pareto’s Principle in the 21st century …..
      20% of the Chinese population produce 80% of the goods in the west.
      Fixed it for ya.

      1. The corect statement would be….20% of the Chinese population produce 80% of the goods in the West with 100% Western design and engineering.

  2. “One of the biggest scams of the 21st century is perpetuated by another group of people who do not want to work, such as fake spiritual life coaches and personal development gurus”.
    I had a brief fling with one of these types of chicks. She was a tantra massage therapist or something of the sort, and charged like 3x more per hour than a full-on prostitute for doing nothing more kinky than just giving a “lingam massage” (penis massage) where the whole idea wasn’t to even orgasm in the first place.
    She was a few years older than me, and I think she’s like 37 now and out of the business. Makes sense, if guys are going to be fleeced for a bit of intimate touching, they want a nubile 20-something and not some pre-middle aged has been.

  3. Even in the Churches giving the money is often used for bs. At the Dutch Church every year endless white women wanted to go on a missions trip to Africa, they expected you to donate a few 1000 to pay for their 2 week trip of who could take the most selfies with the nuggies.
    Many would go year after year (presumably sexing them too)
    Why would anyone donate to this?
    Even logistically what could be accomplished in two weeks; you could accomplish much more sending the money with a white person to use it to feed the beasts or build shelter for them.
    Never trust any travelling woman; heathen or Christian, they only go to sex strangers.
    The worst case I ever read was this “Christian” woman, she was engaged. Went to Africa. Comes back marries soyboy Joey Joe Joe. She has a baby with him. Turns out the baby and the husband now have AIDS as she does too.
    How did she get Aids? Back in Africa she had sex with 3 Africans.
    The more one searches the more everything points to the fact: there is no such thing as a virtuous woman.

    1. “soyboy Joey Joe Joe”. Man I’m stealing that one. One of my Ex’s had this 50 pounds overweight omega-male orbiter friend named Joe whom I begrudgingly befriended for the sake of keeping my relationship well oiled.
      Once the relationship tanked, ‘Joey Joe Joe’ as I would privately call him like that character in the Simpsons, got unfriended faster than lightning.

      1. Reality,
        Their friends are NEVER your friends.
        Best to not even meet them, or let her meet your male friends.
        If she can’t split you from your mates by fucking you, she’ll split you from your mates by fucking them.

    2. Endless numbers of white women go to help out in Africa, and few men. Its an open secret that this is sexual tourism to a greater extent than even ESL teachers in Asia. Does a single one not go for the sex ? They are sexual migrants.

      1. A lot of male ESL teachers are in Asia for nothing more than they couldn’t get a job in their field in the Anglosphere, or just flat out despise living in the west.
        Fair enough.

        1. REALITY
          So you are from Detroit or some Southwest city becoming a barrio.
          You don’t have the credentials to move to Manhattan or the West Coast and you’re not a farmer.
          What is your choice?
          I’d rather be around Asians than Hood Rats or Cholos as an English Teacher.

        2. REALITY
          You’re right.
          I’d rather live in East Asia than Detroit. I don’t have an iota of patriotism and do not believe that the US 1% gives a single shit about the squirming peasants.

        3. REALITY
          Nobody has an fucking money in my rustbelt state for my particular industry (Not teaching English) and I am not going to work with 15 year old kids in a fast food drive-thru wearing a paper hat when I am 44 years old.
          Live in a tropical part of Asia and “get by” and be married to a passably attractive Chinese woman 9 years younger than I am and feel safe walking down the street…or live in a neighborhood where property value is worth jack shit between the Section 8 and whatever latest drug craze (Crack, Crocodilius whatever)?
          Do you feel more comfortable walking past Asian teenagers or Hood Rats and Cholos?
          Even overseas the Cholos and Hood Rats act like shitbags and the MP’s can barely control them (I briefly served in the military myself).

      2. Women cannot be criticized in the modern world so its not so often told, and women don’t boast. There are many starving children in India and they find it hard to recruit women to go out and help them ( not into Indian men ) kek

        1. Sex & migration: I figure some third-world goatherder watches Baywatch and wants to move here.

      3. wristcel
        …You’d get AIDS for sure. I knew one guy who got AIDS from having sex with prostitutes in Kenya (Brit pilot in Dubai).
        He ALWAYS wore a rubber.
        But the virus was hot down there it ate through it, figuratively speaking.
        A person IS MAD or CHASING THE BUG to be a sex tourist in Kenya.

        1. Dick,
          Your Brit pilot was a homo …….. you don’t get AIDS banging women.
          (CDC stats say 4 in 10,000 chance of catching AIDS from heterosexual sex with an infected woman)

        2. John Dodds is right, it’s extremely difficult to contract HIV from female vaginal intercourse. It’s far more likely your friend is a closet homo or a intravenous heroin user, higher probability he’s gay

      4. I wouldn’t be surprised…. they’re after that big black cock.
        However, sex tourism is Africa is extremely dangerous because people their don’t use contraception and there is rampant AIDS.

    3. White women basically get white men to pay for their sex tourism these days. The white man even pays to raise the children produced through cu-koldry with Africans through welfare.
      I think that reflects poorly on both groups TBH but the brazenness of these women never ceases to astound.

      1. wristcel
        Look at Brazil. You have a load of Mulatto and poor blacks in the slums; a Mestizo middle class descended from Portuguese males and Indian women; a small elite pure white and some Portuguese Jews running things.
        Welcome to the America of the future.

        1. I don’t doubt america will be like Brazil in some regards. The difference is that at the top they have Med whites who can hardly hold a society together when homogenous since they are lower. America will have higher anglo/nordic whites who will hold it together better.

        1. Women in charity work has long been shown to be mostly trying to help Arabs/Africans and mostly about getting sex in the process. They often organise female only teams for African sex jaunts. White men need not apply. Don’t judge.
          They will no sooner admit it than Bill Cosby will but several male volunteers than have to newspapers spilled the beans that most women are in this game for the same reason men learn Manderin. Why are they almost all men doing Asian ESL? These women are in their untouchable hay-day like Weinstein in the 80’s and are screwing around across Africa like Gods on the generosity of others.

        2. In the link you’ll see half of these women are charity workers with arabs and the same or worse happens with African charity.

        3. In several of these linked articles the womens defence is that all women involved in Migrant charity work are having sexual relations. These men wouldn’t look twice at these often hideous beasts outside of this situation.

        4. wristcel
          Why White Men Work in China
          * What if you were a white boy born in Detroit like me or some Southwestern barrio city? You have a teaching degree. You can get a job in a public school in say LA teaching Cholo gang bangers. Or you can move to Montana or Alaska into remote places that minorities won’t go. Those are the working middle-class white man’s choices.
          * Is getting sex from Chinese/Asian women more pathetic than going to your same local “Club” every week on Ladies Night hoping that maybe one white woman will get so drunk that she will go home and have sloppy sex with you in the dark? Gee, that is a sensual sex life.
          * Any Gen X guys remember those leftover Lebowski-type hippies in 1992 our parents age that sometimes hung around college campus and how pathetic they seemed? That is how the average 40 year old today seems sitting in a “club” to Gen Y.
          * Would you rather live around Asians or blacks or Hispanics? Point blank question for the white working middle-class man on this site.
          * My brother called me overseas to tell me that our family property was worth jackshit when my grandmother died. Property in cities between New York and Chicago is going to keep declining.
          * No SJW madness in China.

        5. wristcel
          Sex tourism in Africa?
          Why not play Russian roulette with an automatic.
          AIDS kills you slower.

      1. NOBODY
        See, I left the US in 1999 at 25. “PC” was tolerable then and even made A BIT OF SENSE because homos were still getting gay bashed in public and so on.
        So SJW seems like insanity.

        1. You say there’s no SJW shit in China but a lot of ESL teachers I have met here fit that criteria exactly. I nearly went batshit crazy in an expat bar and wanted to slaughter a group of these little turds after they were banging on about refugees, gay rights, feminism blah blah blah and how wrong China was for wanting to preserve their culture etc etc. Still, had the last laugh, its who you know here not what you know, nobody wants these fucking cancer cells teaching their kids.

  4. Here in the United States every legitimate charity is a tax exempt 501c3 organization that is registered with the IRS. You can easily verify this registration on the IRS website. If the organization is not there, it does not necessarily mean it is not charitable or gives away your money it means that it is (1) probably not legit and (2) your donation is most likely not tax deductible. Unless it is some small community group that can’t manage the admin/paperwork I would never give money to an organization that was not a 501c3. It will probably, at the very least, squander your money if it is not a straight up fraud operation.
    Also, ask any charitable organization the percent of their budget that goes to programming. This should be around 80% give or take a little depending on the type of programming. Anything lower then 80% smells and should at least be questioned further.
    Lastly, never donate in cash. Other then the church collection plate that you might throw a few bucks into there is no reason a legit charitable non-profit should request a cash donation. If you do say run into a street solicitor and feel moved to support his cause, get the address of the development headquarters and mail them a check (or donate online, etc). Never hand any representative who claims to be representing a charitable org cash. It will probably just go into their pocket and not to the cause anyhow.

  5. No such thing as a genuine charity any more, they are staffed by paid employees not volunteers. Directors are often celebrities that take an income of several hundred thousand dollars per annum, telling you that you have to give more money to save the starving children in Africa. FUCK THESE CUNTS!
    Its all sales psychology to guilt trip you into giving them your credit card number.
    I have no problem lying to these people, who are as they author said are parasites.
    I always let these spruikers do their speil, thinking they have got another victim to sign up. When they ask for my credit card details I say I never sign up anything straight away, I want to do some research online. Never had anyone call back, not once.
    Then you get the professional pan handlers, that do it everyday. They have a hard luck
    story, and want a few dollars for some nebulous reason. As soon as you say “I don’t have any change on me today” their eyes will go dead, and they are on to the next potential victim. Never give them money, if you think their story might be genuine and you want to help, actually buy them a meal.

      1. You’re lucky he didn’t attack you. About 8 times out of 10 if you try to give them food, they will curse and throw it back at you. If you offer them your pocket change, they will curse and throw it back at you. If you give them a dollar bill, they will rant and rave and may get violent because it’s “only a dollar” and they need more than that. It’s nice of you to try to help, but be careful while you’re doing it.

  6. This article is on point. Everyday on my way home from work I pass dozens of these cunts trying to trick the punters of their money with a feel-good story. You have to treat them like beggars from 3rd world countries; don’t make eye contact, maintain a staunch pan-face and focus on the horizon.
    I know there’s some religious crew here in ROK but I have to say I’ve never encountered a bigger group of parasites than the catholic church. In some countries I’ve been to, you’ll encounter a sprawling ghetto and in the middle of it will be a towering palace with marbled floors and stained glass windows. Outside will be 1000s of wretched severely impoverished peasants lining up in the 40c degree heat to get in. The the father (or what ever you call them) will rock up in a brand new Toyota SUV with the aircon blasting. Then they go about fleecing the congregation of their last peso. Worst cunts man.
    You can’t have one hand caring for a man’s heart whilst the other is on his wallet.

    1. A country’s shithole status has nothing to do with the presence of the Catholic Church, think Austria, Bavaria, parts of Switzerland, Ireland. The poverty and ghettos result from the politics of a country and that is a function of the population- it’s no exaggeration to say that every Mexican in the US voted for Hillary, and she’s been stealing all her life. In shithole countries people get the politicians/cleptocrats they deserve, it reflects the mindset of the general population. People give to the Church voluntarily, they don’t face a tax sale of their property like when they don’t pay the dues to the politicians. And in the case of the Catholic Church, at least the church members get a nice, awe inspiring church building, filled with pleasant art in return for their donations, and the priest gets a reliable car. I suspect a protestant minister, some reverend Lovejoy, would keep most of the money to himself and his gay husband, and build some eyesore, cheap shack for the congregation. Then again, if one wants to see the biggest contrast between the things sacred and profane, he should look at India which is not a Catholic country, but no one should blame the religion for India’s poverty either:
      Nearly 50% of people defecate in public
      Up to $1 trillion worth of gold in Hindu temples:

        1. Irish-Americans are not poor compared to ANY ethnic group in the US.
          They hold their own against the Jews in NYC just fine, thanks.

        2. It wasn’t a shithole, their success is because of their tax policy which attracts business from around the world. The EU actually demands big multinationals pay Ireland higher EU-level taxes, because Irish taxes are “unfair”.
          The point remains- the Catholic Church is not a barrier to prosperity. Spain peaked in the 16th century, and build spectacular churches, they’ve never been as rich again but haven’t turned into a shithole.

        3. The Indian culture of street shitting is huge and should be celebrated. Why not organize a festival of street shitting in the west to celebrate this diverse practice?

        4. My view is that the ability to have a strong society all boils down the the ratios of different races in the society. If you give any culture to a group that cannot even maintain family units, and gift them any society, it will be Zimbabwe in months. They had all the western culture, all the western buildings but the place looks like its an abandoned cities from apocalypse and its degrading every year as the infrastructure gets worse. I believe that as whites leave Africa further it will keep declining and that it peaked a long time ago. In 100 years these will be considered the best years and the future will be thousand times worse once the population quadruples.

        5. The point remains- the Catholic Church is not a barrier to prosperity. Spain peaked in the 16th century, and build spectacular churches, they’ve never been as rich again but haven’t turned into a shithole.
          This example is not really relevant because until the 16th century there was only Catholic Church. In fact it suggests the opposite – that with Reformation (16th century!) the Catholic Spain has never been rich again.

        6. This example is not really relevant because until the 16th century there was only Catholic Church. In fact it suggests the opposite – that with Reformation (16th century!) the Catholic Spain has never been rich again.

          What I say is the Church does not hamper economic prosperity. I thought I made it clear enough. Spain was an average country before 1492, then became an empire with the flow of the New World’s silver and gold, and later declined when the financial center of the World moved to Amsterdam in the 17th century. Spain remained Catholic in good times and bad. Poland has always been Catholic, we peaked in the 16th century, later various noblemen became Protestant in an attempt to gain even more independence from the central authority, their oligarch antics eventually brought the country to a collapse at the end of the 18th century. The Austrian Empire rose and declined as a Catholic country, they had the biggest stock exchange in the World before WW I. While everything counts to a degree, some factors are disproportionately more important for economic success, regardless of religion, throughout history empires have risen and collapsed. The US is losing its status due to socialism and bad politics of anti-Catholic Democrats’ (though most “Catholic” Hispanics vote for them) and the RINOs’.

        7. And don’t forget, before Spain, in the 15th century, the Catholic Portuguese Empire was number one in the World. It lost its supremacy to Spain long before the Reformation and later, the Thirty Years’ War. South Africa is Protestant, and look what a shithole it has become, would you blame the Anglican Church, or the Dutch Reformed Church for this situation?

      1. Since Reformation no Catholic country has been in the top. There are many possible reasons: Catholic Church hinders development, “smarter” countries or populations became Protestant, or many others. But the fact remains. When there is reasonable comparison available, a Catholic country is worse off. Southern Europe vs. Northern Europe, Italian and French Switzerland vs. German Switzerland, Poland vs. Germany. Of course Ticino is lightyears better than Ghana, but that is not a reasonable comparison, is it.

  7. The ones that use children are bad I avoid any business that allows these parasites to exploit kids to try to steal your funds.

  8. NFL players could turn africa into a utopia.. If Black Lives really mattered! But I keep getting bombarded with aspca pity parties and that poor armless boy in the schriners club that jumped in a pool
    (unwillingly) but i think he should be shot outta a carnival cannon in leu of his armless aerodynamic attributes .

  9. Hard work is for chumps and troglodytes. The U.S. and Western Europe have the best jobs because we economically enslave countries like Bangladesh who make a ton of our clothes for a small fraction of what it would cost to make here. Same goes for electronics, toys, etc. The guy who invented the horsedrawn plow didn’t like work either I’m sure but humanity is better off for having him. Personally, I don’t enjoy giving about 40% of my time that I’m awake in a given week to someone who’s exploiting my labor for profit. Profit by definition goes mostly back to people who didn’t work for the money but I think everyone knows you don’t get rich by hard work.

    1. Globalizations IS eroding the standard of living though, and I’d dare say faster in the US compared to most other western countries.
      What we have working against us is a very long border with a highly populous 3rd world nation (Mexico), while most other advanced economies share their borders with OTHER advanced economies or at least places not very culturally dissimilar (northern europe, Australia/New Zealand, Northeast Asia, etc.)

      1. REALITY
        US declined like you would not believe to an expat who simply never returned between 2001 and 2007 (My last trip home).
        During the Bush era the US economically went directly into the fucking shitter. You never saw homeless white people in the US in 1998.
        Also the US became massively barrio-ized during the same period of time. Mexicans were a minority in Phoenix when I lived there in the late 90’s.
        This MIGHT have been because of Clinton however.
        The US is FUCKLOADS more second-world looking that Australia or New Zealand.
        If you told me in 1998 that cities would simply become like Detroit or St. Louis I’d have not believed it.

        1. And oddly enough a few cities have actually gotten WHITER since the year 2000. Atlanta and D.C. being the most prominent examples.
          Both were among the least white large cities in North America back in the 1980s and now countless other cities have white demographics not all that dissimilar. Like a 35-40% large minority or plurality population at best etc.
          How things can change.

        2. REALITY
          The 1980’s was the height of the crack epidemic. Hoodrats and white trash are stupid and will get addicted to any new drug that comes along (Though oddly, not the SAME drugs) and an epidemic will play out for a while.

      2. Australia is done and dusted, chap. I go back every couple of years and it breaks my heart. Late last year was up the Sunshine Coast, Noosa. Whole tribes of muslim women parading up and down the beach, head to toe covered up throwing dirty looks at anyone not covered up. I thought why’d ya go to a place if you know it offends you. then the penny dropped, next step will be protests, then riots until they get what they want.

        1. SOXMIS
          The Lebanese and Turks never really immigrated to the United States in large enough numbers to really pose an organized threat. I don’t know why.

    2. Before we met these “people” they had low stable populations! And now because of rising standards of living and because our medicines are letting their babies survive they have booming populations. Get real Africa had what a couple of hundred million people when we found it or how many? The fact its bitcoining upwards in a clear bubble is because we are feeding and medicating them.
      If there were better local options they wouldn’t be queuing for sweatshop jobs. The more of them that arrive in our societies the further living standards fall.

  10. Nowadays all charities are scams, ( it looks like in the US they get most of their money in the form of government grants, and that is what keeps them afloat, so your taxes support many fraudulent operations even when you don’t explicitly give them any dough. The Clinton charitable foundation even paid for Chelsea’s wedding, and when Hillary had lost the election all foreign governments wanted to rescind their donations and the Clintons had to practically close the “shop” and lay off most of the staff. In Poland, many former communist functionaries that had captured state owned assets in the 90’s and thus became rich, run charitable foundations to have tax free access to their money, and to be able to transfer this wealth to their heirs painlessly. A nice take on the topic of charities is here: , I read it years ago but thought the same since long before then.

  11. Masonic Lodges are parasites?
    Whoa, you need do your homework and find out the history of private charity in America and Europe.
    Freemasons, Rotary, Elk’s, Odd Fellows, etc.
    -a Brother from Acacia Lodge #243, California

  12. Yet another charity scam…
    Your ‘friend’ also owns a charity that does the same job as yours does.
    You ‘donate’ money to him. Hey we used money for charity work! this counts!
    He takes out money for expenses.
    He donates some back to you. Hey we also used money for charity work!
    You take out some expenses.
    Repeat until there is no money left. You keep it all. But on paper x% went to ‘charity!’
    best fucking scam ever.

  13. Uh, I’ve been a Mason since the mid 90’s. We’re a men’s privately funded, charitable (Giving and supporting, that is.) organization. I’ve personally never solicited donations from anyone. If this is another swipe at the Illuminati – Masonic Order gig, trust me when I say, I have NEVER personally experienced a situation where middle American farmers, ranchers or local businessmen have ever participated in, or suggested activities that involve satanic rituals, nekkid women- since they are not allowed inside unless on special occasions involving wives or rare auxiliary, or planning sessions to support the NWO. Most members at over 65 and enjoy playing pinocle after meetings. I think they’re great handicap is being too secretive for a Christian based and civic-minded fraternal order.

  14. Instead of giving to some Mega-Corporation charity, I suggest you spend some time giving your time and money to local charities and civic groups.
    Go to your local soup kitchen or homeless shelter and volunteer. Help animals in need at the ASPCA. See what your churches need and provide it. That’s real charity–and you can see with your own two eyes the tangible results!
    And if you want to help #MAGA you need to focus your efforts here. Help your fellow men in need. You can find them in your own community.

  15. Q: How do you tell if a charity is a scam?
    A: They’re all scams.
    Simple as that. Charity execs have six figure salaries, cushy benefits and no accountability to deliver any results.
    I stopped giving to charities years ago. If you want to help people, volunteer locally.

  16. Never, never, never give a single cent to any charity, full stop, no questions. They’re a big fucking scam, with the top charities being the worst (oxfam, world vision, anything with UN in the title). I volenteered for UN project through the military back in the day, the project creamed 10 million pounds with nothing to show for it. In Australia sponsoring kids in the third world has been very popular until the mugs realise that the photo they have of little Coco Umbongo is bullshit and the yearly drawing and letter is mass produced to feed all the other mugs fantasy guilt trip.

  17. I guess since Roosh opened up RoK to anybody who can pound a keyboard with two fingers this is the quality of article we can expect. And the quality of comments to follow. I don’t blame the commenters. They’re just trying to contribute to the article in any way they can.
    My problem? This article had the feel of a comment rant on YouTube. No specifics (and there are loads of specifics online. DuckDuckGo is your friend!), so of course, no Citations. No memorable stories – I’m saying memorable because I can remember next to nothing. Something about sex tourism by women through volunteer organizations. Not a shred of evidence to back up this claim. Might be true. Could be true. This is the manosphere so we certainly BELIEVE it’s true. But come one! You’re writing an article for RoK! There have been high standards set.
    And why the hell are you mentioning Masonic Lodges with Big Pharma? It’s downright retarded.
    Oh, and as a member of Toastmasters, International, I resent you using a picture from a Toastmasters meeting to decorate an article that has NOTHING to do with them. Toastmasters is NOT a charity in any way, shape, manner, or form. We are a service organization like the Lions or the Kiwanis. We DO good works or create tangible value for peoples lives. The Masons, through the Shriners, build HOSPITALS to treat children whose parents cannot afford it.
    Do your research. RoK readers deserve better.

  18. But wait Libertarians…aren’t charities the private “muh private sector, muh efficiency” entities that are suppose to take care of the poor when government welfare systems like medicare, medicaid, and food stamps get taken away? LOL. BTW, the only reason our welfare systems are failing and are so huge is thanks to our vibrant diversity, lack of nationalism, and feminism. So, whatever.

  19. “The military does nothing but pretend they exist to protect us”…
    Wow! Douche much?

  20. @DickBoner, I dont think the Lebbos and Turks have been much of a problem in the past, these Muslims are full on Arabs, I mean black head to toe with just their eyes showing, and Ive never experienced the numbers, not even in my native UK.

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