How To Date Women Much Younger Than You

I’m in my late forties and I only date 8s and 9s under 30, usually under 25. I don’t do 10s, mainly because the cost-benefit ratio isn’t worth it to me; they are too expensive and dramatic.

Younger women are appealing for many reasons, such as their beauty and fertility, plus millennials, due to their porn addiction, are simply better in bed. Though sexually inexperienced, many are surprisingly mature with men, whereas some of the most prudish and childish women I’ve ever dated (in my blue pill days) were self-entitled, jaded, nagging forty-somethings.

The List

As others at ROK have written, in much of the world, age gaps in dating are a non-issue and in some countries such as Ukraine and the Philippines, they are outright encouraged. In the U.S., however, winning at this game requires the following qualities.

1. Above-average to very good looks.

2. Good-to-great physical conditioning. This includes sexual stamina and endurance levels comparable to 20-something men.

3. A sense of adventure that is backed up by your travels and online presence (“Indiana Jones” game).

4. Something extraordinary about you with respect to accomplishments, life insight and experience.

5. An exceptional seductive skill and charm. Of key importance: you need a deep understanding and acceptance of the female psyche, while also maintaining firm control over it.

6. An above-average bank balance. You either need to be in the top ten percent of income earners or have very low overhead to compensate.

7. Access to or directly providing exciting and entertaining options generally not available from men in their twenties.

8. A very high emotional intelligence and calm demeanor. You need to be the alpha male lion that protects and reassures a young woman when her swirling insecurities kick in.

9. A high IQ and social competence. This includes dress, style, dance, self-defense, management skills, your friends (who should also be similarly accomplished and charming), and female social proof.

Know Your Audience

Very few of us have all nine of the above qualities, but even having just a few of them combined with bulletproof fearlessness opens up a new world of possibilities.

While this is true for all men, it is essential for age gap dating in the states. Roughly 30 percent of American women will never date an older guy, 40 percent will consider it based upon hypergamy, and 30 percent actually prefer older men. Of this coveted 30 percent, all will be looking to you to save them, mainly from twenty-something guys who have no clue.

So it better be obvious that you’ve got life figured out. You also must take very good care of yourself with respect to diet, exercise, and regular detoxes for that youthful glow!

Often, young women will be genuinely attracted to you because you are bringing life experience, safety, and sexual skills to the table that they cannot get elsewhere. This is evidenced by the fact that many of the most popular male porn stars, such as Rocco Siffredi and Shane Diesel, are in their late forties or early fifties.

It takes about twenty adult years to figure out how to manage hot women effectively, so if you take care of yourself—and completely free your mind from the feminist Matrix with no hesitation or apologies—your forties and fifties can be a golden era of red hot nights with steamy young sexpots.

Personality wise, expect the proverbial “hot mess” daddy issues, great women without a strong family connection, and finally, women who are gifted, accomplished or artistic with very high IQs, the latter of which are my favorite.

Using A Provider Frame

Many women in their twentiess are struggling like you were when you were younger, and there is something deep in a woman’s sexual psyche that unlocks when she feels taken care of. All great seducers know this, and mastery here produces mind-blowing sexual rewards, often for less than the cost of a dinner date. Alpha framing assumed, it’s amazing what paying to fix a flat tire or buying lingerie can do.

Research and Strategy

I recommend three books: Troy Francis’ Still in the Game, Dean Cortez’s Dating Younger Women, and The Professional Bachelor by Brett Tate.

You will also need real field experience to “red pill” this. The best options for getting started are the EDM nightclub or rock music scenes, and bodybuilder/trainer/UFC/fitness: cultures that are most accepting of the age gap/Playboy lifestyle. Make friends, watch the best seducers, and learn from them. As I am in entertainment, I started here, avoided all the drugs and kept my good looks, then moved to day game and online dating with higher quality women.

Some of the best relationships you’ll ever have are based upon initial “fake it till you make it” embellishments and omissions. Online, everyone “fudges” about something: with women, it’s usually kids, illness, RX drugs, smoking, “poly” boyfriends and age (over 25).

Ergo, select your lowest plausible age to get your foot in the door: just as her embellishments don’t matter to you if the sex is awesome, once a woman is attracted to you, 90 percent of the time it doesn’t matter to her that you’re older than you originally said… so long as you deliver.

Freeing Your Mind

My last three long-term live-in girlfriends were 24-26-year old stunners and I was adored by their families (circa 1970s ”Ted Nugent” game). I’m currently dating a very bright 22-year old who loves shooting porn with me and a 19-year old engineering major, athlete and concert pianist who enjoys Fifty Shades of Grey role play.

Never let anyone tell you and the person who is happy with you how to live your life; other people don’t have to live it… you do! This is the essence of the alpha mindset; embrace it fully and leave all that “agey/smagey” garbage for pouty basement dwellers and feminists with cats. Good luck!

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        1. A fair criticism however, I cannot divulge info as I am in entertainment where right leaning politics can be a career ender. However, tune in for the next article which should build some authenticity.

      1. This might interest you Bryon:
        RAADfest Sparks First Telomerase Clinical Trial: Hear Dr. Bill Andrews and James Strole
        Published on Dec 14, 2017
        “James Strole, Director of the Coalition for Radical Life Extension, organizer of RAADfest, and Dr. Bill Andrews President of Sierra Sciences, speak on first ever Telomerase human trial targeting Alzheimer’s and aging.”

        He ( Dr. Bill Andrews) says the first human subjects are expected to be treated around mid this year; the results he doesn’t know how long it will take for them to show up afterwards.

    1. Amazing the hatred the author is getting around here!
      For a Man….age is irrelevant. His Status (and his frame) as an Alpha male is what counts….NOTHING ELSE.
      Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, George Clooney etc…………all of them over 50…… ANY woman in the world would gladly spread their legs for any of them (INCLUDING your girlfriend/wife…if you have one).
      As yourself one question: IF you see an older man with a hot young girl…how do you feel?
      1. Anger?
      2. Pleased to see an Alpha male doing what an Alpha male is supposed to do.
      If you feel Anger and “age-appropriate” indignation (like a post wall woman would)….you are just an Alpha Male wannabe loser. You don’t have the right frame and you are NOT (and may never become one) an Alpha male.
      If you tell yourself….”Well he is rich…and the girls are simply after his fame/status/money”… are just an Alpha Male wannabe loser. You don’t have the right frame and you are NOT (and may never become one) an Alpha male.
      See Gianluca Vacchi… (….Most of the hatred he gets comes from Men (envious resentment) and post wall women (envious resentment).

        1. “Famous” + “money” + a perceived “Alpha Male” frame.
          Do you know ANYTHING about the Female Nature?
          So….once again:
          For a Man….AGE IS IRRELEVANT. His Status (and his frame) as an Alpha male is what counts….NOTHING ELSE.
          The girlfriend you love so much (along with every female on the planet) …would gladly chainsaw YOU in half during your sleep….for a chance to bang (and marry) any one of these guys.

        2. Which complete is contrary to what the author claims . I have no problem with trying to make money lots of it , but I doubt I will get there though I have tried . Again he claims he doesn’t need money to pull dozens of 9s

      1. Phaggot,
        The fact these men with wealth and status need said wealth and status to be considered sexy proves the point that age fucks everyone over.
        Men in their 20s need no money or status to get laid or lusted after. Their SMV is much higher.
        The same women you lust after (jailbait) lust after men in their 20s. They decide a man’s SMV, not you

        1. @ Fritz
          Indeed. Even Roosh in his article that addresses when a man peaks stated that when he was in his early twenties and broke he had no trouble getting laid. But Roosh now states that financial incentives are going to be needed to entice attractive, young tail now thst he is older. And even then with all the aged millionaires running around there will be stiff competition at that – as Roosh mentioned that there will be no free lunch.
          Kinda ironic – this cosmic joke played on us by evolutionary biology that men desire something that has no interest in us outside of material resources (money, drugs, fame, status, etc). Men spend waay too much time trying to game Stupid when he could better spend that time being more productive and contributing to the develipment of society and humanity as a whole. I see sex as something akin to the need to take a shit. Imagine an existance where one could not defecate unless he was able to successfuly act like a clown and jump through hoops just to entertain someone / some entity; yet that’s exactly what it is with regard to sex.
          Either create men to have the same sexual desire as women, or make women have the same desire as men (and yes I’m aware of the existance of female sex addicts but those are very few and far inbetween and none of these types of women are actually attractive) but it’s a real biological mismatch as the way things are now.

        1. The last chick he was banging is a 21yo former Miss Colombia I think……the one before that was a 24 yo model (he is in his 50’s).

        2. Gian lucca is worth $450 million thanks to inheritance , daddy owning industrial companies while growing up . He’s a near billionaire but I’m sure he pulls babes , Single mom , not because of his money but because of his alpha frame and seduction skills

      2. Real Alpha males don’t use bullshit terms like “frame” or even the term “alpha male” for that matter.
        Also looks

        1. “Real Alpha males don’t use bullshit terms like “frame” or even the term “alpha male” for that matter.”
          Spoken like a true Beta cuck…(or a chick)!
          Does the term “Alpha Male” offends and upsets you?
          Alpha hatred is the hallmark of Beta/Omega losers.
          “Also looks”
          This proves you know F**All about women.

        2. Sure they do. In any sales meeting you have to own the frame. And demonstrate alpha value. That’s what convinces people. Any good salesman will tell you this.

  1. “Roughly 30 percent of American women will never date an older guy, 40 percent will consider it based upon hypergamy, and 30 percent actually prefer older men.”
    I’d say your percentage of those who’d never date an older man is too high, at least if you mean a man in his 30s.
    In addition, in my experience, every single girl who did openly express skepticism about older men to me also invariably turned out to be into mudsharking, for some odd reason.

    1. “every single girl who did openly express skepticism about older men to me also invariably turned out to be into mudsharking”
      There could also be unusual circumstances – like a sorority initiation that requires their pledeges to have sex with an old guy.

  2. If your a man of modest income & influence, it’s very hard to date women who are at MAX 10 years younger than you in most western countries. And if you are relying on online dating/Tinder alone, it’s really just more in the direction of 5 years only.
    Any additional 5 year gap gets exceedingly difficult to formulate or maintain. Too much negative pressure being placed on the woman’s friends and family etc. if anything else.
    Parts of Asia and Latin America you can do 15-20 year age gaps since your value there skyrockets compared to most local men (Vietnam, Philippines, Dominican Republic, etc.) but 20 years is often the max age gap where a relationship can be taken seriously.
    A 45 year old man who has his shit together can wife up a 25 year old in certain parts of the world and it’s hardly controversial, but good luck with that in ‘Murica, Australia, or Sweden.

    1. A 45 years old dating a 25 years old in the west will cause so many problems around you, yet a porn scene where same aged men bang 18 years olds are so fine. Kinda makes you sad and laugh at the same time.

      1. Easy solution. Be said old man by traveling to college campuses and paying girls $500 to fuck you on cam. Upload the vids online and then make a killing. Repeat process over and over again.

        1. “Be said old man by traveling to college campuses and paying girls $500 to fuck you on cam. Upload the vids online and then make a killing. Repeat process over and over again”
          Good point.
          Its ironic – it is essentially illegal to pay a female for sex UNLESS a video camera records the act and it is made available to the public. One can be assured that, whever you see a low budget porno, the guy bank rolling the whole thing is also the star male actor in the movie.

      2. Haha yeah. I’d say the MEDIAN age of male porn stars is around 43, while it’s barely 23 for the women.
        Makes perfect sense. Youth and beauty are women’s greatest ever assets and contributions to the sexual marketplace, while male consumers of porn don’t exactly want their on screen avatar being some acne faced 19 year old guy.

        1. REALITY
          Nobody cares what Rocco looks like as long as his penis is over 9 inches long and reliable.
          Rocco got into the business in Paris at age 23 while working as a waiter and was recruited by a female porn star in her 30’s (Orlowski).
          Peter North entered the business at 25.
          Many male porn stars are washed-up at 30 from the coke, the debauchery, the travel schedule.

        2. @ DB
          If you read Peter North’s wikipedia page, it says he entered the business as a “flaming homer”. God only knows what these freaks have to do to break into that business.

      3. The trick is to be great arm candy and also a protector. A great example is Jared Leto. He has a timeless, ageless look and takes very good care of himself and you take someone like that with no celeb status but who is a charming protector and you put them on a dating site or in a nightclub or certain gyms in tinsletowns or out in the country with few available successful men and women in their 20s will flock to them. I am still friends with most of my exes and all my exes families who never batted an eye at my age. They were thrilled their daughter was happy and wasn’t dating a loser as they had in the past.

        1. If they were so great and hot why are they your exes ? Sounds like reality does not match your bragging ?

        2. Great question “hammered.” Relationships run their course in general and entertainment is a tough biz for staying together as the celeb marriage divorce rates clearly show. Beyond that, I will offer two quotes:
          “I never got married because I never met a woman who could make me stop looking at all the others.” — Lemmy Kilmeister
          “I have loved women to point of madness, but I always loved freedom better.” — Cassanova

        3. If you have to keep looking at different women , the ones you had were not so hot after all . When one reaches a hot girl , 8+ above it is difficult to get more and take quite a bit of time to get another .

    2. Most don’t want to hear that. Try spitting this truth at Rollo’s blog, or Chateau Heartiste. The commenters there are intensely delusional about this: they believe male SMV rises with age. Its baffling.
      It gets harder to get younger girls as you age. This is such an obvious fact that it hardly needs to be said, yet it is controversial in the manosphere because the rationalization hamster for age is so strong.

      1. Men’s SMV peaks at 28, not 38 so many at Chateau are trying to claim. Around 35 is when I’d dare say it starts tanking. Much in the same way Women’s SMV peaks at 21 and starts tanking past 25.
        I’m almost 35, and not only does the thought of clubbing anymore make me shudder, it’s increasingly rare when flipping through Tinder than women will be anything less than 27.

        1. I mean listen to Roosh in his latest call-in chat. He said he went clubbing this past weekend, just a few months shy of age 39, and pretty much said “I just can’t do this anymore, this is a young man’s game”

        2. @ Reality
          First off, regardless of age if your clubbing youre only going to find garbage girls – I would say a mans physical fitness and or bravado and overall health peaks as 28, but his SMV doesn’t – look around you, how many 28 year olds have their ENTIRE shit together??? Very few even own homes if they aren’t living at home with mom and dad while trying to payback student loans – the ones that do look like they have it together (i.e. lawyers / doctors out of college) are also in crazy debt – point is a mans SMV does actually peak later – probably around 36 when he has steady income, decent enough life experience, and the maturity to not fuck around with a girls shit

        3. “Reality,” your time in clubs should be spent as a lab experience studying and befriending the guys who are great at it, then get in that social circle. It is WAY easier once you are part of a group, which trumps all other “lone wolf” factors. Your primary focus should be women who are new to the scene, have a day job, or are going out after a fresh breakup and won’t be single long. Get social proof pics, learn how to work guest lists, then use this excitement factor to woo girls who live 35+mi outside the city limits online or in the scene. I should add that I have never, ever bought bottle service and am drug free. In fact, I usually drank for free and/or was paid to show up. Anyone can do this, it just take time, effort and patience.

        4. I think the difference is men make their own reality while women just go with the flow.
          The younger men are, the more they are like women; just waiting, chickening out and thinking there’s always gonna be a tomorrow.
          Older men are more confident, take themselves less seriously and jump at opportunities more.
          For women their theoretical and actualized SMV is about the same but not for men. While men’s theoretical SMV goes down with age, they grow more confident with age and their actual close rate improves especially if they spent their youth being wall flowers. Men also become more congruent internally while women simply let go and allow betas through their defenses to get some attention as they age. It’s the opposite for men; men with self-esteem go back to hitting on the girls they were afraid to hit on 10-20 years ago (obviously not the same girls but the new generation) until they do better than they did the last time; even if that means just talking to them.
          That’s why I think it’s mostly in the mind. Schlubs start getting nostalgic about stuff even in their early 30’s but it is not necessary for a man to be like that; it’s a choice.

        5. Social proof pics? Bud you’re better off telling men how to spend time on becoming more handsome than playing a woman’s game of social media whoring.
          Men using social proof pics like a bunch of women is cringe af. “Look at my friends!” or “look at how cool I am!” lmao
          You are better off hiring s pro photographer for an online dating website that pathetically using internet marketing strategies to impress girls. An ugly guy with social proof pics is gonna get like 14 likes or upvotes on his pics. It doesn’t work the same for men. Meanwhile guys like Nick Bateman post a picture alone in the car and girls are masturbating.
          Working the online game as a guy is about how good you look on a camera. Not who your friends are. Use them as networking tools. Social proof can actually hurt a guy if he isn’t good looking. Pose with a ton of girls and get accused of being a tryhard. Pose with guy friends and girls ask you who your cuter friends are.
          This is the way reality works. Not the early 2000s way of PUA snake oil.

      2. I’m new to this shit..
        I left my wife for a year and reconciled. But during that year, I banged A LOT. I am 45.
        I could not bang a woman more than 10 years younger than me. If I remove that single data point, every woman was my age, some a little older, and some a little younger (ironically, the hottest woman was 49 years old).
        But out of almost 2 dozen women, all of them were 38-46.
        Many of the young women who I could talk with *hated* that I had kids. They simply would not go with a man who likely was never going to have children. This was an issue that came up again and again. At this time i was a spineless fucking beta pussy so I didn’t think to keep pushing (but I think I could have done much better with the young chicks)
        And, seriously, fuck I hated having to talk to the young things. So there was some hesitation on my side.
        Anyway, yes, can confirm; women under 35 generally WOULD NOT give me the time of day. I’m not bad looking, been lifting for years, drive a 100,000 dollar sports car and I’m fun as fuck. Nope couldn’t do it. I live in Northern California, which is the land of feminists and SJWs.

        1. hated that you had kids because likely your money was already tied up to them and not freed up for their taking. hated that you had kids already because their insurance money plans were already divided because your resources would be set aside for their interests and support FIRST. AWALT. they would tell you the smallest grains of truth if they could telecast their agenda into you plans…via shit testing.

      3. jackmeg
        It was EASIER for me to fuck 45 – 50 year old Cougars when I was 25 than it would be now in my mid-40’s.
        Go to some party where a bunch of divorced middle-aged women are with your 25 year old friend.
        He is going to get laid. You’re not.
        Older women who simply want to be fucked would rather have a lean 25 year old with a great deal of stamina who has not been worn down by age and experience.

        1. Why is a guy that supposedly looked like Marky mark messing around with droopy, saggy titted, withered, leather skinned, pox marked, blown out vagina’d 40 – 50 year old women.
          It makes absolutely no sense. If men actually sought out these women in the real world because as you say “sexual experience” they would be commanding much higher prices in the sex industry than the in high demand younger less experienced women.

        2. Why would any man in his right mind want to fuck 45-50-y-o women?
          I mean, I’m 53 and the thought of that makes me cringe. No way in hell I’d have done that at 25, at that age I was nailing hot 19-y-o’s. I find your perspective here quite odd, Dick, though I do agree that older divorced women are going to put out for a younger guy, but who cares?

      4. I do women in their 20s all the time, 1500 pesos. When I was 20 I got nothing, no matter what I was prepared to spend. You guys are just living in the wrong country.

        1. JOHN
          You live in Thailand or the Philippines. One one hand some of your references are to Chang Mai and others to Pesos.

        2. Dick,
          I move around a lot, no need to stay in just one country, flights are only $50. Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia. SEA is an all you can eat lady buffet.

        3. Hey John. Is there anyway of contacting you via email or on the rooshv forum? I have some questions to ask you about SEA. If not, then no problems.

        4. So you are using *paying for pussy* as evidence that it doesn’t get harder to bang younger girls as you age?

        5. Jackmcg,
          Unfortunately I’ve never been a player …… I’ve always been a payer.
          My entire skillset is reaching into my pocket and pulling out $25.
          I don’t talk much so all the ‘game’ is out of the question.
          “Play pool?”, “Another beer?”, “Back to my place?”
          Sorry, that’s all I’ve got (or ever had).

      5. Probably to a point. A man can improve physically even into his mid 30s. Although, if not for exceptional genes and keeping in shape, aging does start to show. I find early blooming guys tend to age sooner, late blooming guys can hold onto their youthful appearance longer.

      6. @jackmcg
        “It gets harder to get younger girls as you age. This is such an obvious fact that it hardly needs to be said, yet it is controversial in the manosphere because the rationalization hamster for age is so strong”
        Yup. Although I quite admire heartiste writing skills – he is way of base on many things including the notion of older men being desired by younger, hot, females.

    3. REALITY
      When I was in my 20’s I fucked a few “sugar babies”. They may want an older man to take care of their needs but they need young dick.
      Rarely, unless a woman has severe Daddy issues, is she going to be desiring an older man as a life partner.
      And if it comes down to bird-dogging College bars because you are 40 and can by the 19 year old girls drinks…you might as well use the professionals.

    4. A 45 year old man who has his shit together doesn’t need to wife up with any woman. He’s best not to and just play with hot young women. The women will chase him.

    5. its not that hard actually. You have to be good looking and look younger than your age to compensate for lack of money and status

    6. Yes, this is true but you have to analyze the actual cost. You must master the language, culture, the expense of travel, jet lag, and many other factors. I have friends who do this and I was quite the hit in Spain myself last summer. Just realize that there’s hustlers in all these other countries too and the only place that’s all out Sodom and Gamorrah is Southeast Asia. So yes, the women are generally nicer and you will move decimal points but hypergamy still exists and when you correct for all these things, I’m not sure that its cheaper. Best to go where your tastes lead you and then adapt.

  3. That is a tricky issue sometimes, or often. Cute girls from the 1990s and early to mid-2000s that you have banged or made out with have rarely been caught on lense. Also ONS’s are rarely photographed.
    What writers can offer, though, are a significant number of pics of more recent women with covered eyes/face, but that will mean that a crucial component is left out.
    But even that could lead to problems if it was getting some viral attention. Pretty high price to pay for the attention and potential positive feedback from anonymous guys, although I am all for other writers to do that. We’ll see. I will make some efforts in order to collect pics from cellphones, computers, FB, Instagram etc and can send them to reliable readers if that will come into question.

    1. WILLIAM
      Gen Y stupidly equate celebrity with royalty.
      In the 1990’s MALES were paid $1000 a scene to do porn. Now every guy with a dick and a cellphone to bang it on uploads images of himself in sex activity free.
      Gen Y has no private life.

    2. Unfortunately I cannot do that as I am in entertainment and write under a pseudonym for many reasons. Also, go posting pics of your girls on men’s sites on you’ll be blacklisted quick and you will not get any more hot dates. The hotter the women, the more important confidentiality. I have more articles coming which will lend cred to this one. stay tuned

      1. Not true you can make the pics unsearchable easily with microsoft paint in a few minutes . Just move some pixels around and since you’re so good at gaming 8s and above who cares if you lose them you should be able to get more there playa

  4. Bryon, if you think that any of the women in your pics (apart from the redhead in the grass) is an 8/9, I have bad news.
    Bare-knucled entertainment business, as in actual bare knuckle fights or the entertainment business where competition is rough?
    I hear your arguments. But playing the provider frame as a North American in Ukraine, you are going to get fleeced for high notch sub-par girls. Careful with that.
    I second Camel jockey on pics or proof.
    Nonetheless I am not yet in my forties so all advice is good to hear.

  5. Just LOL @ being 40+ and still “running” any kind of “game” aside from money game.
    Jerking off or banging a high quality sexdoll is more goddamn dignified in old age than trying to “game” chicken-brained, social-media-addled nubile females with your snake-oil-salesman RSD tactics.

    1. As a young Incel, all through my 20s and early 30s, I had to PAY women for fucking.
      (I found the Red Pill at 35. I was an Incel paying hookers to fuck util then)
      All I want now is to get my money back, plus fuck 20 to 30 years old girls, young girls with whom I never had a chance during my Incel youth.
      No “Beta Provider Game” for young sluts from me.
      is the way to go…

      1. First, you weren’t an “incel” through your 20s and early 30s if you were fucking women, unless you were paying these whores you speak of to peg you or give you lame, sterile massages.
        Second, the emotional, soyboy beta provider simps of the world (hordes of them) pay even the most basic, toxic bitches to stay. The Jeffrey Epsteins of the world pay beautiful, submissive young bitches to go (hordes of them).
        Third, if you snapped out of your self-proclaimed “inceldom” at 35 and are now fucking young sluts “for free” without having to make a monkey or emotional tampon out of yourself then you really should write an article with some concrete information and advice about this wizardry.

        1. The apologists if the author cite gian lucca as an alpha male but he’s worth $450 million . I’m sure it’s all alpha game and zfg for him

      Born in 1974 here.
      There is such a vast generation gap between Gen X who came into their prime in the 1990’s and Gen Y women.
      They are shallow, have really brief attention spans, listen to awful music, are vapid.
      When I have met people 15-20 years younger than I am BORN in the 1980’s or 1990’s I have found that there is a huge generation gap between them and people that came of age in the 1990’s.

      1. I often think about the subject of music when considering dating a young woman for I cannot stand EDM or anything close to that genre. We would constantly be fighting over the radio dial.

  6. “I’m currently dating a very bright 22-year old who loves shooting porn with me and a 19-year old engineering major, athlete and concert pianist who enjoys Fifty Shades of Grey role play.”
    wat ?

  7. I have said it before and will say it again. The commenters of ROK are miles ahead of many of the article writers. I know some writers also comment but honestly I come for the comments whenever articles like this are made.
    If you’re 40+ and still trying to game it’s just laughable. Lol @ being this old man hanging out with a bunch of kids just to get his dick wet. Why not just make it easy on yourself and NOT get involved in a bunch of children’s circles full of people with little to show you and just play the sugar daddy game? Rent a broad and send her on her way rather than having to deal with all the bullshit that women in their 20s bring to the table.
    The only difference between a 17 year old and a 47 year old is bone structure, skin quality, and lays. That’s it. They are both mentally the same age and will give you as many headaches.
    Jfl if you are 40 and still worried about “game” and seduction. I am barely in my 30s and have already been redpilled as to the futility of “the game”. Just go the sugar daddy route/pay escorts/or fly overseas and bang girls who value wisdom and experience vs Western girls who want some lesbian looking pretty boy with “swag”. I lol @ 40 year old men playing the feminine social media game. That shit is for bitches. Just like trying to play a teenager’s game.
    If you really want to go that route (since this is all about banging and no actual relationship) just fucking lie about your age. Girls are stupid and if you take good care of yourself you are realistically going to be able to fool women about a decade’s worth. I am in my 30s and fraud my age as being 23 on Tinder all the time. I just shave off my facial hair and stay in good health so frauding as a kid is believable. After all no one is into one night stands because of ethics lmao
    I did bang a 19 year old but she actually was into old men herself. Good luck trying to use “experience” as a tool to seduce though. In the West the land of feminism that shit gets you laughed at. We live where 40 year old women feel entitled to men in their 20s so you will have a tough time selling 17-25 year old women on “your experience” as if she was a potential employer. Just like potential employers, age is a liability in the West. It certainly isn’t an asset nor is some Justin Bieber worshiping jailbait going to give a fuck about your “experience”.
    If you ever google images for modern day romance novels, the “men” on the covers look like passable transsexuals anyway. Western women basically view the masculinity that comes with age as “gross” and “creepy”.
    Tl; Dr version: either pay for a sugar baby/ escort, go overseas, or just fucking lie to women about your age because no one cares about your wisdom and “muh refined masculinity” in the West, grandpa.

    1. Also, live-in girlfriends? Are you fucking insane? I gave ONE girl a key to my apartment once (not even living privileges) and I was sweating all the time from such anxiety and lack of independence.
      No sane man in the West today should EVER have a live-in girlfriend. The laws are NOT on your side and I have seen cases of women screwing men over their lawn homes due to tenant laws. Best to just avoid the situation altogether. You really are asking for it when you give a woman THAT MUCH power in a society of “you go grrrl”

      1. Fritz always get current legal advice. Have her sign the sublet agreement. Talk to a lawyer who specializes in this area of law. Live-ins are dangerous today. The state(providence) want to exploit you. Avoid dating too.
        As far as youth it also depends on how young you look. The best to have is what the times say is mark of success. Money, high status I phone,car etc. Go to the clubs and bars where the wealthy women go. Wealthy women usually are not looking for poorboy outlaws. A wealthy educated woman will enhance your experience. Young wealth is good to. Forget being the white knight and rescuing the damsel in distress. Poor girl in trouble will be your problem very quickly. They are not worth the headache or legal troubles

    2. you’re focusing on the 70%. You have to strategically target the 30% that the fake media doesn’t cover who prefer older men.

      1. Yeah, Byron, and the reason your article sucked is that you failed to offer any real, practical advice as to HOW one strategically targets this 30%. Moving to LA, getting into the “entertainment business” and hanging out in EDM clubs and/or gyms is hardly practical advice in a supposed “how to” article, Byron. Not by a longshot.
        All your article accomplished was to reduce enormously Roosh’s editorial skills in my eyes for having run it. If you actually knew WTF you were talking about you would have supplied solutions to the most glaringly obvious problem men in their 40-50s face in dating much younger women, to wit: How one accesses them in the wake of the major dating sites’ efforts to exclude older men. Come up with a solution to that giant roadblock and you will have an article with some value, unlike this piece.

        1. Perhaps you’re upset because nothing I list is EASY and I didn’t give you a quick “life hack.” That’s because there isn’t one. Read the books I cited, find the dating sites that work (which vary by personality and change constantly with trends) and then get out and do the work in the scenes watching and befriending well… guys like me. I used to be just like you and with all due respect, negativity never sells and complainers never win. You’re trashing me and list a 100 reasons why you CAN’T and not a single reason why you CAN. And you will be blown out every time over and over by men who put in the effort and have a great attitude. Once YOU do the work and invest 100% in yourself, then you can contact me directly and I will give you personal and private tips.

    3. FITZ
      See how women would react to the most desirable males of my youth-Leonardo Di Caprio? I doubt many girls who were born the year TITANIC came out would fuck him (He aged badly). Brad Pitt? He looks like a hillbilly now. Mark Wahlberg? No girl born the year Boogie Nights came out would want to be near him.
      When I was in my 20’s I had sex with a few women who were 45-50 who were just seeking a sexual experience.
      If I and a 25 year old male go to a party with some 45 year old women THESE COUGARS ARE GOING TO FUCK THE YOUNG MAN FIRST. I guarantee you.
      Go to a swinger’s party with an 18-25 year old male. The older women want him.
      He’s got no lines on his face or body, he’s lean, he’s got stamina. He’s a younger model.
      When I was young in Arizona I went to some swinger’s clubs and some raucous parties. The older women there wanted to fuck a younger guy, not a man their age with a “Dad-bod”.
      And even if you keep in top shape, you’re still leathery at 45. Your face is gaunter. You don’t have that youthful male prime any longer.

      1. A man in his 20’s is better off jerking his dick than fucking 50 year old broads. Fuck me that shit is gross

      2. the older women want a 25 year old guy cause men her age don’t want her. Young women want handsome successful man not average older men. The handsome successful guys have higher value than handsome poor men.

    4. I think the idea that “looks dont matter for men” come from the observation that some times, you see pretty girls with men who exude masculinity even if he isn’t objectively the most handsome. I mean, women are attracted to masculinity to the point that many straight women will leave a man they perceive as being less masculine for another woman who they perceive as being more masculine and convince themselves that they were lesbians all along.
      And many of those very butch, masculine type of lesbians aren’t very attractive. Many times they aren’t the butch dike version of “Chad”. I’ve never seen a man who exudes masculinity who had a problem getting a woman. I think this is because in ancient times, in order to survive, women needed a mate who was more than a piece of arm candy, but one who could guarantee her survival and the survival of her offspring, as much as it could be guaranteed. So from an evolutionary sense, it would be logical from a survival POV for a woman to be with even another woman who could provide for and protect her and her offspring over a man who could not.
      As far as the age thing goes, a lot of what we find attractive is innate, but some of it is shaped by cultural influence as well. Women are much more susceptible to cultural influence because women have evolved to go along with the group. In ancient times, a woman who voiced a contrary opinion to the group and was subsequently banished from the group, did not survive. So the women who kept quiet and just agreed with whatever the group decided were the women who survived and had the most offspring.
      Now, men are susceptible to cultural influence too, just not as much. There was a study done where men were asked to rate the attractiveness of a female in a photo. Most of the men rated her as very attractive. Then they were told that she was 15 (or 16 it was one of those) and suddenly, their judgement on her attractiveness dropped. They considered her less attractive than they had just moments before. Why is this significant?
      Because, in our western culture, 18 is pretty much what many consider to be “adult”. Also in western culture, large age differences between men and women involved in sexual relationships are generally frowned upon when the woman is young, we’ll define young as under 30. I’m around 30 and if a man my age was dating or having sex with an 18 year old girl, many would look at it as almost pedophilia. In their minds, I may as well be having sex with an 8 year old. And this gets drummed into our heads since forever.
      Now if cultural influence can get men to deny the attractiveness of a female, how much more do you think it could get a female to do the same?
      Just a few hours ago, someone asked me if I was “in school” because I live in a university town. This person believed I was in my 20’s and young enough to be a university student. Now I could meet an 18 year old girl today and she could be interested in me, until I tell her my real age. The suddenly, she loses interest. So it’s tough to explain that on looks alone. If she thought I was handsome just 10 seconds ago when she thought I was 23, 24, 25 but now she finds out my real age and suddenly i’m “ugly”. It probably has more to do with the fact that the age difference may seem “weird” and she thinks it’s something wrong with it because of what those around her will say. I mean, how will the older female relatives of an 18 year old girl likely react if they find out she’s seeing a man in his early 30’s?
      Also, if her mom had her at a young age, say her mom was 18 when she was born. Well her mom would be 36 now and so if she knows how old I really am, she may think of me as “almost old enough to be her dad”. And as per what western culture says, you should date/be interested in people your own age.
      The guy who plays Superman, Henry Cavill, is 33 I believe, slightly older than me, and many women think he is very good looking. And this goes for many young women in their prime. But if he were just an ordinary guy with the same looks who worked at the Post Office, he’d probably be banging or with a woman who is more or less in his same age group. Not that he couldn’t get an 18 year old or 20 year old, but he’d likely have to go out of his way to do it and then he’d still probably have to portray himself as being younger than he actually is.
      For example, I heard this one girl say that when she was 15, she lost her virginity to a guy who was 28. But at the time she met him, she thought he was 22. And she said she found out after he slipped up and mentioned his “little brother” who was turning 25. But she said if she knew at first he was 28, she wouldn’t have ever messed with him, but she did when she thought he was 22. She ended up staying with him though after she found out because she had already lost her virginity to him.
      I know it’s a long winded post, but that’s kind of my take on the whole age thing.

  8. #1: Say your age is as low as it plausibly could be.
    If your just “shooting porn” with them, wtf does it matter if you lie a bit?

    1. He probably did fraud his age. I don’t know why that is looked down upon. Many times we can’t even be sure that women even give us their real age much less anything about themselves. Since when is the “game” supposed to be about ethics? PUA theory is all about fake it till you make it but THAT is supposed to be where we draw the line? Just LOL @ some narcissistic, nihilistic, hedonist trying to school people on “morals”.
      Oh wait, it’s just more badass to be a certified old guy with hot young ass right? Because after all SMV increases with age so it only makes it easier.
      But so many guides on how to get laid past 40.
      I thought your SMV went higher? I thought women value experience?
      Just kill yourselves you snake oil peddlers. You know damn well your audience of insecure needs to be lied to in order to get your money. Because if you really did believe SMV rises with age, you’d not be including all of this fucking advice about how to APPEAR YOUNGER to women.

      1. FITZ
        Let me tell you about a swinger’s club in 1998 with cougars.
        I went to ENCOUNTERS in Phoenix and fucked 3 Cougars in one night when I was 24 and looked a bit like Mark Wahlberg-first was a 50 year old white woman, then a 40 year old black woman who was in the Navy. Finally an old Cholita came up to the hot tub room-probably about 50-and started saying “I like to suck young hard cocks”. And when she was done with me and rather sullenly spat all the jizz on the floor she started hissing “I suck young hard cocks” again and another young man was shoving his cock into her mouth to shut her up.
        Do you know what the older guys did?
        They sat around staring. None of them women wanted THEM. They came to be fucked by young men at the prime of their youthful virility.
        At that time I was on a bender because my college sweetheart broke off with me but it was a good thing…I managed to have many sexual experiences in the decadent 1990’s. A great time to be in your teens and twenties.
        The problem too is that technologically and societal-wise Gen X has nothing in common with Gen Y. They regard us as gloomy lethargic cynics and we think of them as mindless “joiners” who live in cyberspace.

        1. “A great time to be in your teens and twenties.”
          If a young man was reduced to hanging out at sexual deviant clubs to pick up well expired 50 year old pussy scraps then it doesn’t sound like a good time at all.

        1. No it doesn’t. The fact success is a prerequisite to be considered means you need asexual means to appear sexualized. The college jock in his 20s is greater sign of virility and SMV due to the fact he is preselected by the very women the men on this site lust for. The women this article is about all prefer men in their 20s by far. The fact that old men need to draw attention to their asexual successes means their SEXUAL value is lower due to lack of preselection. Nobody writes guides for 20 yr old jocks on how to slay teenage girls. They don’t need it.
          Stop fooling yourself old man. You are just better at selling your shit and buying pussy but girls don’t preselect you. That is SMV not your money.
          Men cope trying to pretend the rules are different for us. If they were, the manosphere wouldn’t exist. The very reason men at old age need to be rich and influential is because they no longer have preselection in their favor. Unless girls actively chase you for your sex appeal (not asexual appeal like money), you don’t have a high SMV. A broke college kid would outslay you in a college bar without effort. You may still get laid but his stories will be better.
          It is simple. Guy in his 20s needs:
          Guy in his 50s needs
          So who really is the “alpha”. The guy who sits back and girls come to him, or the fucker who has to compete the hardest? From an animal kingdom perspective, the one with the most preselection for mating is the alpha. Not the guy who has to repeatedly prove his worth to skeptical women who “expect more” from him. It is basically women saying “you are almost dead and have little reproductive value. So you need to show me you have something else”.
          Also, from a physical standpoint your average guy in his 20s could physically dominate the older males most of the time. The young bucks have more virility, stamina, muscle, and striking power. From every single perspective youth is more valuable for EVERYONE. Stop coping and thinking men are affected less. The same amount of women find 20 year old men attractive as men find 20 year old women attractive. It just works that way. Men who have to buy their way to a woman being impressed enough to fuck are NOT high value.

        2. a college jock aint shit out of the college environment unless he becomes a pro athlete. once he is out of college and working at enterprise he is nothing. a pilot would make more pussys wet than some broke college kid who never made it pro. of course a college jock has the advantage in that environment but he is not shit in other environments. a 40 year old Delta airlines pilot would bang 20x more young hot chicks than a college aged loser when the college guy is out of that environment. and if a pilot went to a college bar dressed in his uniform there is no doubt in my mind he would easily pick up college aged girls.

      2. Thanks Fitz, interesting point. It’s a bit like skydiving, they Mae you jump out of the plane in tandem one after another with no time to think. Once a woman sees your finer qualities she doesn’t care about a number, but you don’t want o give her any reason to disqualify you on impulse. Put another way, Show me a person who submitted a 100% truthful job application with no embellishments and volunteered all their flaws in an interview… and I’ll show you someone who never gets hired!

      3. I’m in my early 30’s and can pass for 25-27, especially with a good haircut and shave. In fact, I can go to a college party and blend right in. But it’s funny with younger women and the age question. I can talk to a 20 year old girl who’s into me as long as she thinks I’m 25, tell her my real age and suddenly she thinks I’m “too old” for her. So I just lie about my age now. I think some of it has to do with it being drilled into her mind that an older guy with a younger woman is “creepy” because he should be into women his own age so it must be something wrong with him.
        Especially when it comes to the reactions she’ll likely get from her older female relatives. Now days, a man my age with a 20 year old girl is looked upon as a borderline pedophile.

        1. Harold, here is my suggestion: 1) A college party is the wrong setting 2) You’re trying to blend in with younger men and pretend you’re one of them. You’re not, your body language probably says you’re not, sooner or later you will say something that dates you anyway and women can smell all of this a mile away. This is not a disadvantage, it’s an ASSET, but you have to frame it that way and OWN it. 3) People are looking at you as a “borderline pedo” because you are not confident in what you are doing and have doubts about it yourself. Elsewhere in the world this is a non issue and this is America’s problem, not yours. 4) Vitality and charm will disarm 90% of naysayers. 5) Re: the other 10% — a true alpha male doesn’t give a flying fuck about what people think.
          you may contact me directly at [email protected]

  9. I’m a half-century old.
    When I went back to college to finish a degree after more than a decade some male students were talking about Britney Spears (this was the early 2000s remember), then one actually asked me if I would have sex with her. Aside from being intrigued that someone would ask someone else twice his age such a question, I replied no since I was old enough to be her father.
    They were all baffled into silence by such a reply.
    I’m sorry, but once past a certain age going after girls that young is just wrong. Older yes I’m not talking about a few years, but not something like twice as old.

    1. I guess this all depends on one’s own individual moral compass. It’s fine if you do not want to bang younger women or if you want to stick to older ones.
      But one thing we can’t deny is that 18 year old girls are way prettier than a 40 year old who has hit the wall. Men throughout our history have always gone for girls half their age, from politicians, to celebrities to royalty, and to criminals. It is what it is.
      If you take care of yourself while you are in your 20s and 30s, if you eat well, train well and sleep well, then you should look 10 years younger in your mid 40s compared to most men today. So why not go for a younger chick if you look the part?

        1. Welcome to ROK, Mr. Flynn. Animus is nature of the beast here, I’m afraid.
          I’m now 60, and thankfully never married. Women my age are old biddys and sea hags. Yuck! Many are delusional and see themselves as princesses on a pedestal still, rather than wall victims. You can be a MGTOW monk (not all bad), date old bags (give me an air sickness bag), or date the younger women who are agreeable (which is difficult to obtain). I date a much younger, decent looking woman. She loathes Jimmys and frat boys her age. I’m no Jerod Leto either. The younger woman/older man dynamic is great when and if you can get it.

    2. Male rationalization hamster.
      You are unable to get girls that young, so you are telling yourself its your own choice. Its not. Don’t delude yourself.
      Teenage girls are the most beautiful. Its never “wrong” for a man to be attracted to them. Its normal.

      1. ‘Teenage girl’s??? I realize that ‘technically, a teenager is a person between the ages of 13 and 19. However, as 18 is the general modern age of adulthood, teenage has come to mean the lower part of the rannge ages 12 to 17 (compare to “school age”). ” – whenever I think of ‘teenager’ I think like 12 – 16 roughly – Personally if up to me I would make 17 the legal age of consent – in some states it is BUT there’s a ten year age gap law – for example if your 17 you can date a 27 year old but not older – regardless the point is if it was up to me I’d make 17 legal age of consent – although the ten year age gap law seems sufficient. Anything younger, like less than 17 is getting into freak zone almost – If I had a gun to my head to accept the youngest I’d allow girls to date it would be 16, but that’s still sort of a stretch sometimes – some girls develop (mentally and physically) faster than others – I’ve met 17 year old girls who you’d think were 19 or 20 and can keep up with the ‘game’ the same – realistically younger (as in 17) is only better in terms of marriage material – to just fuck around with a 17 year old is kind of messes dup, you end up creating a pretty fucked up girl if you don’t have your shit in order or know what your doing in terms of having a relationship with her – guys need to realize you end up inadvertently creating sluts and problem for other men if you don’t have any real intention to date such a young girl and only to bang her out – she’ll end up becoming fucked up mentally (which is pretty evident in society right now) – too many guys banging out girls just for kicks and not bothering with the actual time investment dating requires. Some guys just want to be able to fuck whatever they wanna fuck, generally speaking that’s probably not the best way to live your life. Regardless thinking a ‘teenage’ girl is hot is a bit on the weird side, I would clarify and simply say a 17 year old could be hot, but say ‘teenagers’ makes you sound like a pedophile because the implication is you think 12 year old girls could be attractive. Younger isn’t universaly ALWAYS better either – the prime age is like 17 – 23. Around that age you know more or less what she’s going to look like. To say ‘teenagers’ can be attractive is to not understand biology and that the girls boobs and butt will change and even her facial structure sometime – once a girl hits her peak then you know what your dealing with and its also way more attractive than a 14 or 15 year old hands down. A 14 year or 15 or 16 year old is still such a child, there’s no sexual appeal at all – girls change a lot at 16 – 18 is a pretty rational legal age of consent I think – anything younger is simply not as biologically attractive – I personally think 22 – 23 is ideal. Anything younger than 17 is just plain wrong.

        1. 16 is the AOC in my state, whether the other partner is 16 or 60. As far as creating sluts, this is 2018 not 1958. I’ve heard of girls losing their virginity as young as the 7th grade. In 1998, when I went to the 7th grade I was 11. This isn’t 1958 in some all American small town USA where every girl unless she’s hideous is married by the time she’s 21 to a man she’s going to be with for the next 50-60 years until one of them croaks.
          These girls aren’t thinking about marriage and many won’t until they’re 30-40. In the meantime, these girls are going to be having more sex than a lot of men do. Now days, it’s easier for a 16 year old girl to get laid by a woman if she wants than it is for many 26 or 36 year old men. Especially if she’s even a little bit attractive. I feel no guilt if I have sex with a girl that young as if I’m spoiling someone’s future wife. Odds are, she would have been spoiled anyway. Got to play the hand you’ve been dealt.

        2. @ Harold
          Sounds like youre rationalizaing – the time period (1958, 1901, 1202, 2021, etc…) doesn’t matter man – girls psychologically can’t handle multiple partners – sure maybe she’s been fucked when she was younger but why reinforce the problem??? Your rationalizing hard man. Youre trying to justfy getting notch counts without taking yourself into the equation. It bares repeating – girls CANNOT handle multiple partners – psychologically it fucks them up major – men CAN handle multiple partners – some guys have notch counts in the hundreds and they ar emor eor less ‘normal’ – any girl with notch over 20 and she’s a fucking mess and will jerk ANY guy around the rest of her life. The point is if you fuck that bitch have a gameplan in mind. Society is fucke dup cuse men don’t want to take responsabilty for fucking girls and not committing. Obviously its a slippery slope at this point because so many girls are broke beyond repair – but if shes young (sure maybe shes had sex once or twice) but don’t reinforce that fucking problem, jesus, fucking common sense.

    3. As long as she’s at least 18, the only time dating or shagging a younger woman is inappropriate is if she’s younger than your eldest daughter (if you have one).
      That’s just plain weird in that scenario.

      1. “That’s just plain weird in that scenario.”
        Why do you say that?
        Guys want fresh young poon.
        I don’t have kids, but if I did, a daughter’s age would make no difference to me in any way.

        1. Well we’ve already established that you don’t mind chasing trans types in Thailand John Dodds, so we take whatever you say with a grain of salt.

        2. REALITY
          You’ll get laid WITH WOMEN more often in Thailand than going to the same club on “Ladies Night” in the West in the suburbs sitting there with your drink and hoping some slag will put out in the darkness of your bedroom and worrying how you will get rid of her in the morning when you wake up.
          “Oh, wait…let me take a selfie”.
          Sorry bro, but I was 20 in 1994 and I am not going to go back to the college meat market to (Maybe) get sex.
          What is the alternative? Marry and try to meet the demands of a white woman for 20 years and then she divorces you and goes to the Cougar Bar on your alimony or some sex vacation to the Bahamas to get fucked by black pool boys?
          Hang around the most dangerous parts of your city trying to get blowjobs from crack whores in your car and hoping some patrol cop won’t cruise by and arrest you and charge with some minor sex offense? Go on Craigslist and hope it is not a police entrapment? Fuck a pale white junkie stoned on Oxy or some rude black crack whore and hope you don’t get AIDS or Hep C? Maybe a blowjob with a condom on.

      2. im with you on this one. im 50 and its creepier than shit to think chasing girls 2 generations in age from me. its just so pedophiliac. my kids would be disown me if i were banging their friends. i joke with my oldest about how much her friends want me, but thats just to good naturely mess with her because some actually do. but no, they are too neurotic crazy and often fat n out of shape vapid airheaded sofa muffins….uuuugghh. no hard on material at all. when i do see a young hunny i tell em so.

        1. My son in England caught me in bed with one of his former classmates.
          He was quite shocked at the time. I was better at banging his peers than he was.

    4. @Allanon
      Generally speaking I think your right – it gets to the point where if your 55 and dating an 18 year old whats the point other than just getting laid or something – I don’t think double the age is an issue – realistically the reason of a girl’friend’ is to have a wife and kids, that’s the ideal scenario – if your 50+ years old you might be past the point of even bothering with having kids so the age becomes a non-factor – what guy at even 50+ wants to have his first kid? by the time the kid is 10 your 60, by the time the kid graduates high school your almost 70…that shit doesn’t even past the common sense test – sure men can have kids at almost any age almost but its a disservice to your offspring to have them so late – point being that I think once you hit 50 a man should forgo the idea of having kids and just call it for what it is – if he wants to ‘date’ a young 18 year old, sure it looks weird as hell cuse its obvious theyre both just in it for the sex – generally speaking those kinds of ‘relationships’ aren’t the norm anyways and they hardly ever last because there’s such a generational disconnect – anyways my point is I think if your under 45 and younger I don’t see a problem with it – once you get past 45 and get to 50 though you gotta ask yourself what the hell are you doing? You in it just to get laid or would you actually not mind having a kid with some 18 year old? I think the answer is obvious. Realistically 45 and younger is a greenlight in my book if your actually considering dating an 18 yr old – anything older than that you might as well just get a prostitute and don’t bother with all of the bullshit drama attached to a young girl.

      1. Yeah, if you’re 55 and get on the hook for child support you’d wind up paying until you’re 73, and in any case it doesn’t seem fair to the kid. Kids in old age is something for aging rock stars, etc.

        1. lawl – you got issues bud – you wont even be able tot have a beer with the kid until your 77 – I think your pulling my leg, but regardless you got problems

        2. John Doe,
          I used to take my son to a hooker bar when he was 2, he always used to want to sip from my beer mug, usually while being cuddled by one of the girls. He had a better time than I did.

    5. I’m with you, Allanon. I’m late 40’s, and I just don’t want to deal with younger women. Yes, I see a lot of them that are very attractive and would bang them if the opportunity presented itself, but I generally can’t stand to be around them. Most younger women, and now even older women are slaves to their iphones and social media, single moms, tatted up, feminists, career girls, riding the cock carousel, listen to crappy music, or just plain high maintenance. It might have been different 40-50 years ago, but not in today’s society.
      One can say that I bring nothing to the table for them either, but I don’t want to bother trying to do things I don’t want to do just to impress them or get in their pants. I’ve experienced enough women that there’s not much novelty to it anymore. Trying to game or work a young woman is pretty much a fool’s errand, and is basically “clown game”. And paying for hookers or escorts is for losers. It’s putting the pussy on a pedestal and surrendering your power to them. These days, I either get a woman on my terms, or not at all, and am fine with that.

      1. Heywood, here is my take: Do you wear a suit and tie to work or a Sex Pistols T shirt? I’ll bet you’re very good at what you do, I can tell by how you write. And I’m guessing you don’t wear that T shirt b/c you know it won’t play to your audience! So if you do this everyday in business, why do you have an issue with doing it for women? Men want a woman to rock their world, wear handcuffs, deep throat them, scream “hurt me daddy” on all fours, wear skimpy pink outfits, MAC makeup and stilettos that hurt their feet. And for the right man they DO all of that and love it! That’s because they’re different than us. And in exchange, all they ask for is that you deal with their swirling insecurities, social proofing & attention whoring, their obsession with Shiny shit and iPhones and listening to very bad music and not criticizing them for it. Have you ever asked yourself how much a woman does things she has no interest in… simply because she loves being with you? For TWENTY years, I bitched about women and their “stupid” stuff, same as what you’re saying, but it didn’tt change my love life one bit. As James Carville once said, “being right all the time isn’t always a good thing.” And the moment I stopped thtat shit and started accepting women unconditionally for who they are is when my sex life rocketed to Pluto. Pun intended !!!!

    6. Actually I will be honest and say I think teenagers are hot in different ways than some older broads. I would be lying if I said i wouldn’t bang many famous post prime actresses like Jennifer Garner. Are Hollywood broads atypical? Depends where you look. But with enough money the wall can be delayed or at least frauded significantly. And if you don’t find them why the fuck should I care lol. I think many oldcels who get zero pussy hamster it by telling themselves they reject women of their own age just to cope with the fact it is the other way around.
      So of course they will unashamedly play the sugar daddy to a jailbait game (and no judgment there either because that is cool to have like a semi permanent escort) but at the same time, you also have to realize that if that’s the game you NEED to play, then women already rejected you anyway. Chad doesn’t need to be sugar daddy. Stacy might even bail him out of jail when she is broke lol.
      Every man hamsters at times. We all play a game of coping. But I barely if ever see any old guy have some young tail without it being a sugar daddy dynamic. Her SMV is infinitely higher than his. He is buying so she is selling. But by the nature of these comments said old man couldn’t really be there any other way.
      Pussy is pussy and oftentimes the guys who bitch about older broads aren’t any sort of attractive themselves any way. I find that to be kind of ironic. Ugly men deriding women of their age for being equally ugly. But they wanna act like the agepill doesn’t hurt them. It Fucking does. Saying women hit the wall ignores the fact you’re a coping incel who took the agepill himself.
      And if you magically happen to be an old man who looks young for his age and pulls teenagers, then I am jealous of you because I cannot pull that off. If you are but pass as a college stud then good on you. This is what I mean by young. As in young and virile not underdeveloped which really makes one look sick and weak.
      But if you look like an old man and you bitch about women being post wall just realize your hypocrisy. How can men expect women to keep their figure and neoteny when we can’t pull that off? Lots of guys go into old age as lazy and weak fucks. They have no right to bitch about women their age looking like shit. It’s just that these guys have nothing going for them and so the girls their age who are hot actively reject them. Then these same guys brag about paying for young tail as if that took any skill, effort, or even looks.
      Let’s be honest most guys who are with 17 year old girls are like 22 max. Old guys may WANT the young girls but can’t get them. So it doesn’t really make sense to hate on women your own age when you yourself look like shit most of the time.
      Really what most of us hate about older broads is they think they have bargaining power. Older broads are BY FAR lower quality in terms of averages. I will not lie about that. I also will not lie that being 17 is hotter than 57 or even 37. On average it is.
      But what I also won’t cope with is pretending that there aren’t hotties who fool me about their age and acting like it’s only women who look like shit after 30. Most people look like shit after 30, guys or girls. It is part of life. It just makes no sense for men to cope with their own aesthetic subhumanity by acting like women of their age are beneath. Buddyboyo unless you are in the 70th or higher percentile in terms of looks of people your age you CANNOT expect women to be attracted to you when they are hot regardless of age.
      It’s just that since men’s SMV drops like a motherfucker it is easier to cope by saying you have less options since YOU reject them rather than admitting you have less options because of you. I am honest in saying I have less options as a balding fucker than when I had a full head of dark thick hair. But is me bitching about women being post wall going to help anything? Fucking no. It deludes into believing I am the shit and then getting frustrated when I have to resort to money to buy pussy.
      If you got it naturally though, go the fuck ahead and hate on old broads all you want though. After all a 16 year old church virgin is waaaaayyyyyyyy fucking hotter than some 36 year old single mother raising Tyrone’s kid. But me bitching about the old broad doesn’t change the fact the chance of me fucking the 16 year old is abysmally lower. I deal in the real world, not in the world of copes of bitching about the quality of women around me when I can’t get laid myself. Just lol

      1. FITZ
        I would not want to spend a gazillion hours in a college meat market bar hoping to have sex in the dark with some drunk chick you have to get rid of the next day.

      2. There is some truth to what you’re saying. My dad will be 60 this year and for a man his age, looks objectively better than most men in his age group. He’d probably could look up to 15 years younger if he dyed his facial hair black instead of leaving it grey. Now, if my dad were single and not married to my mom, he probably could date younger, but younger in this case would probably be a woman in her 40’s. Maybe, just maybe, mid to late 30’s.
        But the truth is, even though he has much more in the way of money than me or my 28 year old brother, compared to us, he’d have a tough time more than likely, getting an attractive woman in her 20s unless he was being a sugar daddy for her. If there was some magic formula that could make him look the way he did the year I was born in the 1980’s, that would be the best thing for him to do to get most women in their 20’s.

      3. Fitz, well put – men definitly need to be realistic in terms of what they can get themselves – but mens SMV ‘should’ peak in his early to mid 30’s man – by SMV I don’t mean looks but also his wealth, knowledge, comfort around girls, wittyness, etc….most guys with high SMV (good looks – which doesnt matter as much as you think unless he’s sickly or overweight – money, influence, knowledge, confidence) those kinda guys are in their 30’s AND they are also married. MSOT guys who know game and are adapt and have natural game and a decent job and have solid social skills with girls and activly have a life ARE ALREADY married. At least from the men I’ve encountered. High SMV men lock-down the hotties and you don’t see them actively out gaming like chads.
        “Let’s be honest most guys who are with 17 year old girls are like 22 max.” – Nah man, not always – granted there will always be exceptions, but most guys barely have enough game to get a girl their age, but if you have solid game you can get a girl of almost any man – no joke – I was 26 and dated a 17 year old – girls ‘game’ mindset peaks around 21-22 but they are still WAY more adapt at game than men even at 17 – 19. A 19 year old girl can game a guy just as well as any girl. From 16 – 18 she’s still a bit unsure of herself typcially, but by 19 she’ll have aquired alot of the main skills needed to take down most beta men.
        The point is girls don’t change after around 19 – their game skills will roughly be the same the rest of their lives – alot of men are delusional in thinking they can game a girl simply because shes younger, but its irrelevant for the most part – her game skills with men are at their zenith from 22 – 23 – after that (which is her sexual peak and the height of her smv) she won’t learn any new game skills because she won’t be getting hit on as much or propasitioned for sex as often.
        Theres an obvious doublestandard for men wanting young girls when the men themselves are old as shit and don’t take care of thesmelves, so how can he expect the best when he’s not the best? Obviously that doublestandard happens with men from time to time, but all I’m sayin is men’s SMV peaks in his mid 30’s so to me its not strange at all if a man in his early to mid 30’s goes after (and intends to date and marry) a young 18 year old hottie.
        The ideal scenerio is the mans SMV peaking at (or entering the start of his glory years) at 33 and the girls SMV peaking at 23 – THAT ten year age gap is the ideal age a man and woman should be at to enter into a relationship. Her SMV will have peaked (so it’ll ONLY go down from that point forward so less of a concern for her cheating) AND the highpoint of the man’s SMV will just be beginning. So, essentially the man lets say, is starting or at the height of his main career goals, and the girl gets to tag along as the man is beginning to win at life. The girl feels validated and rewarded because she’ll notice the man is more or less making constant progress (getting a good job, buying a house, buying a new car, buying his girl shit) – but its not just about being the provider and her liking THAT aspect, its that he looks like he’s ‘going somewhere’ in life, which is enough bait to really keep a girl for at least a good 20-30 years. Regardless the point is that those two peak ages (23 for the girl and 33 for the man) are more or less ideal. The guy will feel he snagged the hottest girl because she’ll be in her prime and the girl will feel she got the best guy cuse he’ll be in a more or less constant uphill state of winning and success; i.e. more success than men her age or younger than 30 she’ll have noticed.
        Essentially older men dating younger girls skews the natural balance going on. Girls AND guys generally want someone close to their age. When a guy feels he’s snagged something younger (i.e. to him younger almost always = better) and when a girl feels she’s snagged a guy around her age who is financially stable and just now peaking at his career (to her career isn’t whats sexy to a man, but that he looks like he’s winning at life) both will be satisfied because they will both believe they’ve gotten better SMV partners than what they’ve been dating (people their age, or people way out of their age group).

    7. In European culture traditionally the ideal age for a mistress has half your age plus seven years. So if you’re 50, you’re looking at 32 years old as the *ideal* age for a mistress. This is not for a girlfriend or long term partner. That’s young enough to be enjoyable and easy to please while still being mature enough to not want to eat a bullet after spending a few hours with her.
      That being said, if you got propositioned by a 20 year old and turned it down, you’re a damn fool.

    8. When I was a young man I went to a few parties with people my parents age and the reality is that most women over 40 who want no-frills sex would rather have a 20-25 year old male.

      1. thats not even remotely true. those 40 year old women want a Clooney type guy and will choose that guy over a Beiber type boy. Women want to say they banged a pilot or ceo not some broke loser that works at Enterprise

        1. RP
          NONSENSE. I fucked adult women beginning at the age of 17 and their husbands were well-employed.
          Hit a cougar bar.

      2. lol..there are no guys worth a shit attending a cougar party. which man in his 30s that is worth a damn would go to those ? only young broke horny guys who get off looking at a sears’ catalogue would. you don’t think if a (30s-40s clooney) clooney type guy at those swinger parties that the women would choose him over the beiber douchebag kid ?

    9. All I can tell you is ZFG. If the girl of legal age is into you and shows interest, make a move on her and see how she responds. If positive, proceed further. If she responds negatively, then NEXT her. ZFG.

    10. If that’s your value system fine, but not everyone shares this opinion especially the women mentioned here. Realize that all of my exes post breakup dated guys older than me, not younger. The 30% i mention don’t date their age period, whether you think they should or not. So the only question is: do you want to date them… or lose out to someone else?

    11. Allanon, Yeah, I’m 53 and I see this 180-degrees differently than you do.
      So what if a woman is young enough to be your daughter? That is a concern that OLDER WOMEN have imposed on you in a desperate attempt to prop up their SMV, it is NOT something with any rational basis. Evolution has shaped us to be attracted to women in their years of prime fertility.
      It is distressing to talk to men in my age bracket who think they do not deserve better than older women and/or single moms, settling for those is a huge waste of the one trip you have through life.
      Do this, go look at the writer/cartoonist Scott Adams (@Scottadamssays on Twitter). He is 60 and dating high IQ, classical pianist and model Kristina Basham (IG: @kristinabasham ), who is easily young enough to be his daughter. Are you telling me he should not be doing that? How is what he is doing somehow wrong?
      The answer is: It isn’t. You have been influenced by the horseshit of older women and led to believe you need to settle. Do yourself a favor, take the red pill.

      1. Matt, same age here and totally agree. difference? I stopped worry about other dudes in my age group. heck, I don’t even have friends in my age group since they can’t deal or wives don’t want their hubbies hanging around me. don’t care, the cuties keep me company and entertained.

    1. go to the scenes I mentioned and look around. there aint much theory going on there ;-). if they can do it, you can do it!

      1. Byron, the fact that you actually used an emoticon in a conversation with other grown men about your article suggesting men in their 40-50s hang out in EDM nightclubs and gyms to meet younger women speaks volumes.

        1. Maybe it’s a habit he’s developed from texting young dumb hotties. Obviously lame amongst men, but doesn’t disprove his article.
          His list seemed reasonable to me. If you want young prime when you’re past physical prime, you have to be outstanding. Even then, there’s no guarantee. But if you don’t want worthless >30 women, you either try or give up.
          So many here acting like it’s impossible, but it’s not impossible, just highly improbable for all but the absolute best. Which is basically what the article says.

  10. girls don’t give a shit about age – this is another example of male-centric mindset being applied onto women – guys like younger girls so they assume the same is true for women – if you have tight game, aren’t a dumbass, play cool and calm you’ll be fine at any age – obviously some physical looks are relevant and having money in the bank is an obvious one too, but on a whole this is sort of misguided fantasy shit – only bit of take away from this article worth mentioning is using ‘Indian Jones game’ – older guys tend to get in a rut never deviating from the norm, they don’t go out or do anything even remotely adventurous – take up travel obviously and some kind of thrill seeker mindset hobby and you’ll be set as long as you know what the fuck your doing if the girl tags along

    1. if you read the books I cited and then get in the scenes I mentioned, then stick with it, you will have great success. you must be present to win 🙂

  11. As a young woman,it turns me off to fuck with a man who needs a little blue pill to get a boner…..I rather go for a good looking young man with tight skin who’s not gonna die years before me because of health issues that comes with age….
    Sorry for my poor english.

    1. @ Genny
      Newsflash – you’ll probably never see him die because you won’t be with him forever – realistically its incredibly rare a guy 50+ settles down with an 18 year old or a girl in her early twenties – I can’t speak for all men, but generally speaking I doubt having a family and kids is his motivation – of course maybe oyu could go the route of never having kids with the guy and staying with him if you like him; if that’s what your implying…? Normally the generational gap is to big to be crossed – I don’t have a problem with a guy 45 or younger going after 18 year olds if he actually has an intent to be with her – to just screw around with a young girl I think is a disservice to the girl – at any age its a disservice, but all the more so the older you get because the older you get the more and more obvious it is that the older guy just wants sex and not a relationship. If the girl is down for it than whatever, but those kinds of ‘relationships’ normally don’t even last. Ideally you almost always want the guy to be older than the girl but you have to be realistic in terms of intentions and what you want out of it – this article is mostly just about how old dudes can snag young tail and keep her interested – but its never stated what the point of doing any of this would be – if the guy is 50+ you can throw having a relationship with her out the window – but if he’s maybe early or mid 40’s this style of game and this article is relevant – point being that this article and Indiana Jones game and shit don’t matter if your past 45 – just hire a hooker and don’t waste your time with all the extraneous shit.

    2. GENNY
      When I was 25 I had sex for 2 hours with a 50 year old woman celebrating her birthday. A young man can do that. I could not possibly do that now at 44.
      Biology is unfair for men but let us be honest that even much-older women would prefer a sex partner to be a male in his prime.
      In the 90’s as a very young man I had sex with some of the “Girls of the 60’s”.
      But if I were to hit a club now at 45 the girls would be grossed out by a slightly overweight guy their Dad’s age wanting to have sex with them.

      1. The difference is, men tend to more or less stick with their preferences while women are more fluid and that’s not just in the sense of willingness to be with another woman. A woman may prefer a certain type but sleep with a guy not of her preference easier than a man will sleep with a woman not of his preference.
        Take the late Hugh Hefner. 91 years old and surrounded by girls young enough to be his great granddaughters. As of 2017, when a 21 year old college co-ed was born, that would have made Hefner already 70 years old. My great grandmother was 70 years old the year I was born. She lived to be 87 and by that time I was 17.
        Now, because of his money and status, girls that young were willing to suck it up and open their legs for the old man. On the other hand, where’s the female version of Hugh Hefner? The wealthy 91 year old woman with handsome young men willing to serve her? There isn’t one. Because the overwhelming majority of handsome young men would rather drink arsenic than be the play thing of an elderly woman old enough to be his grandmother’s mother , regardless of how much money she has.

        1. “Because the overwhelming majority of handsome young men would rather drink arsenic than be the play thing of an elderly woman old enough to be his grandmother’s mother , regardless of how much money she has.”
          That’s probably one reason but not the only one. The other one has to do with female sexuality and their arousal mechanism. Women cannot really objectify men and enjoy them for what they are; even in sex men have to be doing something to interest them, even if it’s just getting an erection and a young man cannot get an erection for some old hag regardless of how fit he is.
          Women literally get off on attention even in bed and they need to feel desired.
          Men are far more realistic, cynical and kind of accept things the way they are and stop wondering what might be going on in the head of a girl half her age when his gut wiggles against her ass from behind when he’s railing her for a fee.
          The idea of some old bag dreaming about playing with some young stud’s shaven balls for any other reason than some bizarre feminist empowerment or the very strong assumption that it will arouse him is silly to me. Women and men are just too different; the old bag would just end up crying if the guy was not grinning in pleasure and excitement because women need to feel powerful through being wanted or else they’ll feel really miserable; think about how they’re ashamed even when they know they are arousing a guy with value. Now imagine how fucked up they feel when they’re diddling a guy who does not care. That’s sort of like the bottom of the barrel for females and desperation on the level of men seeking girls below the age of consent online.
          This has been a really difficult thing for me to accept and it took my entire 20’s to male hamsterize this polarity to the degree where I don’t give a fuck. My philosophy now is basically that it does not matter what a girl is thinking because that will change and be inconsistent anyway and even more importantly validation cannot be derived from her words. You have to enjoy the moment for what it is and take pride in the fact that she slept with you without reaching your wallet, even if you still have to ‘pay’ by providing value but that applies to all relationships beyond the immediate family.
          This also leads me to understand that not caring (on a good level, I don’t mean becoming an undisciplined drifter) is a deeply masculine quality.

    3. Genny,
      So what? You are in the percentage Byron cites who are not attracted to older men, BFD. So we won’t bang you, fine. Go and be well.
      Next issue!

  12. Yeah that’s right. When it comes to relationships the best is when the two people are in the same place in life in my opinion but whatever people do is none of my business. What i know for sure is that alot of younger women like older men for benefits other than sex….Money,traveling etc
    It is also true that there’s older women who prefer young mens….Which i don’t understand either. Going for someone just because he’s alot younger is pretty weird i think…I mean if someone looks good and you’re attracted just go for it.
    I read few articles and im laughing so hard (yes as a woman lol ) Do men really think that we don’t see you comming with these “tricks” ?

    1. @ Genny
      If you are actually a girl…then to answer your last question, the answer is yes…why yes, because a lot of the time it works

    2. GENNY
      No idea of your age but if a woman is simply seeking a climax she is better off with a younger man. It is all about stamina and a trim physique and a hard-rock erection for an older woman.
      Whereas a woman who is older brings ALOT of experience to a sexual encounter compared to a 20 year old club girl.

      1. Bahahahahahaha
        “An older woman brings a lot of experience to a sexual encounter”
        Lol you are either a woman or a brainwashed subservient cuck.
        Men with hard cocks and stamina want nothing to do with old ‘experienced’ women and salivate at the thought of fornicating with fresh young fertile untainted women.
        I mean what kind of seriously desperate fuck that apparently looked Like Marky Mark is fucking 50 year old women. It reads like some old washed up hags fantasy trying to make men jealous.

        1. CAPTAIN
          Which 20 year old woman is going to have the fuck-performance and head-giving skills of a 45 year old Cougar in a Swinger’s Bar?
          Especially on a first encounter. You’re not going to (Or could not when I was young in the 90’s) meet any Sorority Ho in a College Meat Market who is going to deep throat your shit and do doggy anal.
          I did not SEE these cougars again. It was sportsfucking.
          But you don’t know anything about that. You’re 23 or something and live at home.

        2. truth
          this whole older women are more experienced trope is totally b.s. cuz the younger ones have been exposed to porn and sex competitive sporting like no other generation. the head I get from younger women and the level of sexual adventure is right out of porn tube sites, like back door is almost aways on the menu at some point. and while enjoyable, it’s clear they are not your traditional marriage material cuz their ain’t and will be not loyalty or commitment glue what that mileage and cock carousel riding

      2. I am a young women but for most of you looking for very young ( even teenagers ) and for the marketing i am DONE hahaha Which i don’t mind at all, with no pretention i know i am a good looking woman and i want to look beautiful and fresh,there’s no need to look much younger than my age and i have alot of other things to offer than my face and body. I take care of myself for my well being not to be some sex material but all men outside.
        What you say is true and all the dislikes you get are probably from men who don’t like that because they also know it’s true.

      3. Jesus fn christ, you worthless piece of shit. Saying old hags are valuable because they have experience?! How dare you bring that shit in here. Keep your perversion for desecrated soiled sullied tainted blown out sagging 1000-cock-stare carousel veteran party girl burnouts to yourself. You sound like a (((propagandist))).

      4. Sex isn’t rocket science, especially for women. I’d rather have an inexperienced 20 year old girl than a very experienced and “mature” 50 year old woman. The 20 year old will be experienced after a few tries.

      1. Nope. I have a good radar and when my man only want my ass he’s not getting it. I’m worth more than that.
        This might be why i have a hard time understanding women who get caught in these games.My theory is that they are very insecure and are craving any kind of male attention or on the contrary they just take advantage of your money or status.

        1. Genny,
          You are worth 1,500 pesos for the night if you are under 30 years old and under 45Kg in weight. I get the idea you might not be worth that much.

  13. Oh really ? It works ? Wow. I don’t know what to say. My theory is that these men just go for naive women because they can’t play games with women who are more intelligent,confident and independant.

    1. My 24-26yo gfs were engineers, makeup artists, and graphic designers. All stayed 2 years or more, all dated older than me, all tried to get me back when I broke up with them. You can wear a mask for 1-3mo, after that “games” don’t cut it.

    2. Independent women don’t exist. Intelligent is debatable too. Confident, sure there are a lot of those, lol.

  14. Some guys in their 50s can bang women in their 20s. Most guys can’t. The ones who can’t do it naturally won’t learn to do it from any article. When it comes to women (of any age) either you have it or you don’t.

    1. not true. go to a nightclub and look at the older men with hot women all over them. I grew up without a father and had no game in my 20s. But I showed up and learned from the best, exactly what I outline here. Anyone can do it; it’s simple elbow grease 🙂

      1. Idk about what clubs you go to but over in my big American city most girls flock around 20 year old boys who are baby smooth skinned, White, nice full head of hair, low inhibition, tall, and good looking. Older guys don’t even bother. They know they BC can’t compete.
        In the US old men are really seen as just that. Now I will say in my 30s I get more female attention than my 20s but I am a rare case of late maturation because my bones developed into my 20s as opposed to teens.
        Honestly though most guys my age look like shit. There is a reason women avoid them. I am not saying 30 year old+ guys don’t get looked at but the fucking stars have to align. My bone structure is way more developed but for most other guys my age they start to lose that robust look by now. It isn’t pretty for them. They also go bald more than Grey which means they don’t even look distinguished but just Fucking ugly and weak (old). They have no muscles, their skin looks like shit, and they have all sorts of body hair.
        In the US, men aren’t really praised for getting old. The few who do like George Clooney usually have amazing hairlines and have maintained a good thin body. But most old American men don’t look like this at all but rather a skinnyfat dadbod type that only fat feminists can cope with by liking. Actual prime women don’t go for that shit.
        The agepill is the hardest to swallow. Most of us want to believe we only get better with age but the truth is we just get better at buying pussy. Jailbait girls with the highest SMV for the most part choose the 20 something football star who works at the video store to pay for college as opposed to the guy with the 6 figure income and diversified portfolio who is 50. Women determine a man’s SMV not the manosphere and his own delusions over at Heartiste forums. At least in America. Elsewhere I can’t comment on but other men have told me that old White men have a mass appeal in the 3rd world. I mean that is always a possibility for those who missed their All American Chad opportunity. I think the same can be said for British men and other Europeans as well. Western women have the upper hand and if they decide some 19 year old baseball player on a scholarship is who they bang then deluding ourselves that our SMV is higher is a ridiculous cope. I can bang younger women but it becomes increasingly harder unless I pretend to be on my 20s. Luckily I can pass but when I was on Tinder as a 31 year old I literally got nothing but 5s, 6s, an occasional 7 but that’s it. Even 8s and 9s who are 30s and higher will do whatever to fuck the young bucks with the stamina and muscles. I can pass for 1 but if women set their parameters for 20s guys I can’t compete.
        Basically my point is that you have to pass as 20 to really have the highest SMV for a male. This whole “men in their mid 40s have the highest SMV” is a meme. That’s it. If that was true High school and college girls would clamor to fuck us. But they don’t.

        1. FITZ
          If you are 45 and go to some Cougar bar, YOU are not going to get laid. The 20 year old guys are. Women would prefer sex with a man between 17 and 30 AT ANY AGE.
          Look at the teen idols of yesteryear. Could Charlie Sheen get laid unless he paid thousands for it? I doubt it. A girl born the year the Titanic came out would not have sex with Leonardo Di Caprio if he went into the average college Meat Market bar. Mark Wahlberg has kept his physique but no, he could not get laid.
          George Clooney was considered a hottie in 1999 when I left the US. I doubt any girl born in 1999 would want anything to do with him today.
          The teen idols of yesteryear are considered “gross” and “eww” by young women.
          A 45 year old woman who is going to fuck out of sheer no-frills random lust will do so with a 20, 25 year old.
          When I was young in the 1990’s women from age 20-50 gave me blowjobs out sheer lust. If you are over 40 NO WOMAN is going to give you a blowjob out of sheer lust.

        2. FITZ
          George Clooney could not possibly get laid in the average Meat Market bar with a 20 year old. Show me one 20 year old who has HIS picture on her wall. Even in the 1990’s when he was at the prime of his heartthrob status he looked badly aged from his lifelong alcoholism.
          Pretty boys like Di Caprio fare worst as they age because they were never rugged-looking so they simply look soft in their 40’s.

        3. @ Dick Boner
          About Clooney, Idunno man, he seems like he’s got some natural game, I bet even if he wasn’t a celeb he could do a lot better than you think – girls that ideoloize ‘boy bands’ and shit and have pics of guys on their wall are in fantasy lala-land and wanting ‘to be loved’ because their need for high status validation to justify their worthless existence is on their mind – but in reality an older guy (like Clooney) whose smooth and calm and cool and collected and witty will still slay hard while the 23 year old chad will be the ‘obvious’ one night fuck that will make her slut-radar go crazy and it won’t happen – older guys who are smooth as shit and don’t act like little girls and actually know how to seduce can slay hard I think

        4. The clubs I go to are in the Philippines.
          The ‘ladies’ generally say the older white men are the only worthwhile customers.
          Young men want it for free (no chance)
          Asian men want to haggle all night.
          White men 50+ pay the asking price.

        5. Same thing is happening to Wahlberg and Damon. Pretty boys in their young age, now just creepy old men due to less robust features and just a bunch of decaying babyfaces. The agepill hits neotenized flat faced men the worst. Least men with coarser features have a bit of a buffer to work with since their bones support the skin much better.
          And you are right about your cougar experiences. Even they have more bargaining power than a man their same age.

        6. JOHN
          My college date thought Matt Damon was to die for. No girl would think he was hot today.
          Remember that those guys were playing younger than their years in the 1990’s. Clooney was grey and looked 40 in 1997 even though he was only 35.
          Mark Wahlberg did not convince me he was 17 in Boogie Nights.
          Possibly you’re right that Clooney is smooth enough to pull a 20 year old.

        7. the girls flock to the guys who own the club not the losers that go inside it. If you ever see an owner of a club walking around the club ,you will see girls congregate around him

        8. Yeah I’m a late bloomer too, hence why I look younger and I religiously work out, so honestly I look better now than I did 10 years ago in my early 20s. Although what I don’t get is if a 20 year old girl will mess with me as long as she thinks I’m younger, why won’t she do it knowing my real age? I still look the same if that’s what it’s all about?

      2. I’m not disputing that older men can bang hot young women. I’m one of them. And like you, my game is infinitely better now than it was in my 20s. But I think it takes some natural charm and innate confidence. Sure, you can pick up a few things here and there and I often have younger guys ask me for pointers. But some guys are just hopeless.

    2. true. only a small minority of men in their 50s can bang younger women without having to pay for it. these guys usually look like jared leto, tom cruise, keanu reeves, etc etc. guys that are good looking and have aged well and most likely have some type of financial success.

  15. This is an interesting thread with some very strong opinions, presumptions and convictions. It would be a shame for otherwise desirable men to go without hot women simply because they because of their own beliefs about what isn’t possible. I can tell you all honestly that I have never straight up paid for sex and I would point out that I’m not trying to sell you anything. What many of you seem to be missing is that there is a shortage of worthwhile young men which makes it easier than ever to have success with young women in America as an older man. You can thank feminism for that which goes to show that no matter how harsh the dating environment, every action has a reaction and the most determined will find a way to rise to the top. If you follow the tips listed here, you can be scoring hot 20s women in 6mo or less. However I should stress one thing emphatically. What is presented here works, but I never said it was easy. If you want the 20% hottest women, you must put in 80% more work than other men. But I can honestly tell you I date hotter women now than I ever did when younger. My first night score rate is over 90%, the majority of which is on video which I’ve never paid a dime for. I would encourage you to withhold your skepticism until my next article drops as I think you will it find most insightful, raising the bar on insider tips and turning conventional wisdom on its head. In the meantime feel free to contact me with any serious dating questions, I am more than happy to help. Please be constructive and cordial. Thanks for reading!

    1. Dude you sound like a bitch…”Please be constructive and cordial” – is that what you tell the bimbo your having fifty shades of grey sex with and the sluts you make porn with? Shut the fuck up – you put your words out there and were gunna slice and dice if it sounds like bullshit, which some of it does, so accept that fact or move on

  16. I have seen different type of older men who goes out with younger women actually. There’s the one who think since you’re young you must be naive and easily control,the one who thinks you’ll love his money,the weird one who’s looking for teenagers only and the decent one who goes for a woman he like for other reasons than just her age.

    1. Genny, yes thats true. However it’s a forgone conclusion that out of shape old men can just throw money around and get gold diggers. What I’m referring to is the best kept secret: women who actually prefer older men. As mentioned in a comment above the ideal archetype I am getting at here is a no celeb version of Jared Leto.
      There’s an evolutionary basis for this, click on this link:

      1. Byron,
        I think it is clear that Genny did not actually read your article. She references “tricks”, something you did not advocate, and here she clearly ignores the key point upon which you built your thesis: “Roughly 30 percent of American women will never date an older guy, 40 percent will consider it based upon hypergamy, and 30 percent actually prefer older men.” You are saying that only 30 percent have that preference and that an additional 40 percent can be swayed if various conditions are met, which makes complete sense logically. Genny seems to ignore what you actually wrote and instead–like many, perhaps most, women–uses this an an opportunity to express her various feelings and anecdotes on the subject.
        Speaking of anecdotes, I happen to agree with your 30/40/30 percentage ratios, just based on my own observations, but I wondered if you have a citation to some authority for those numbers of if they are just observations of yours. I do not dispute them and it is fine if they are just your personal observations, but at age 53 I obviously have a huge interest in this topic and there seems to be a dearth of hard data available (Given feminism’s control of academia this comes as no surprise).

        1. I believe I first saw this in “Dating younger women” by Dean Cortez and I have since seen it elsewhere. I don’t have exhaustive research on it but my personal experience validates it also and I can tell you there is no shortage of women who are just starved for an older man who knows what he is doing and can handle their personality quirks. I actually downplayed it a bit in the article; one of my girlfriends was the most beautfiul woman I’ve ever seen, which was echoed by many friends. She was so attractive that she couldn’t go to clubs with friends her age because she would get mobbed by creepers and couldn’t take Uber because the drivers would hit on her or show up two days later wanting a date. I’ve dated a couple like this and you have to be alpha enough to back off all these advances and not be intimidated when they show you email invites from CEOs on a private jet asking her to be their “wife” for one night for $50,000. Almost no guy in his 20s can handle this, a key reason why some of the most beautiful women prefer older men…

    2. GENNY
      In the world of prostitution there are 50 year old women who can go out and compete with 20 year old girls because to males it is all about skill and experience.
      How many 45 year old Gigolos do you see? When a man passes the point of his boyish appeal at 30 that is that. There has never been a “call boy” or “kept man” who could trade his body to older women past the age of about 25.
      Whether a woman is 20 or 60 she desires a man in the prime of his virility between say 18 and 28 when it is a matter of random lust. You know it and I know it.

      1. In what world do 50 year old hookers compete with 20 year old ones????
        “To males its all about skill and experience” Fucking LOL! every man sound of mind would prefer the touch of an inexperienced young woman than that of a well worn and ridden grandma

      2. @ Dick Boner
        Not really. There was a study and I’ll find it if you want, that the money call girls and hookers make drop as age rises. I.E. a 20 year old hooker makes more money than a 30 year old hooker who in turn makes more than a 40 year old hooker. This was studying call girls in Las Vegas I believe.

    1. GENNY
      A sad fact of lust:
      Lot’s of 16 year old boys lust after Angelina Jolie but no girl has had Brad Pitt’s picture on her wall in 20 years.
      A female sex worker who is 30 can probably earn MORE than she did at 20 or as much.
      But a Gigolo? Forget about it. Once a man has past his boyish prime at 25 he is not going to be getting wealthy older widows to support him.
      MOST grown women have feelings of lust at one time or another for 17 year old males more than a 40 year old man there own age with a potbelly and a receding hairline etc.
      MOST grown women control/suppress these urges but occasionally they don’t and you read about women being jailed (Ridiculous because all those 17 boys know exactly what they are doing).
      Biology is unfair to males. A middle-aged woman can maintain a lubricated vagina and be attractive (Enough to have sex with) to a 20 year old man. A 50 year old man and a 20 year old girl? Forget it.

      1. Hiya Richard!
        Actually Angelina Jolie is an AGING MTF and George Clooney is MARRIED to an AGING Lebanese MTF (Amal).
        He is a FRAUD.
        He is, and always was, a Harvey Weinstein puppet-queen.
        You forgot ONE important point!
        Being a BETA pretty boy Teen Idol is GAY.
        Selling your youthful childish femme face to haggard old cunts?
        Like a chick?
        No thanks!
        SOME American college whores will SJW-mock you for being old but when I pull up in my new R8 you can SMELL the wet young whores from the driver’s seat! 😀 ……….
        Past 30 if you ACT like a DADDY-FUCK, not just a sugar-daddy, but a MAN..
        — there will be then SOME young girls who will faint from orgasms as they kneel on the ground naked worshiping you !
        Middle age crisis to have money and a hot car?
        Bitches are WIRED, STILL, to like such shit.
        Drive them around in your R8.
        Fuck them at the beach.
        Make them walk home!

  17. As soon as women get their periods, they are fuckable. Anyone who disagrees with this is a cuck who is playing by societies rules. Not saying I would do it because the consequences are dire but if no one for sure found out then yeah 14 years old sounds pretty good (coming from a man in his early 20s).

    1. Agree. And I am way past my twenties.
      AOC laws in the US are ridiculous.
      They made much more sense in the 50s.
      Or even in the 80s in Georgia, anyway.

  18. Yeah well in muslim societies that’s acceptable. After all their disgusting prophet of 53 years old married a 6years old little girl but since he’s a good guy he waited for her to have her period at 9 years old.

    1. GENNY
      Icky Reality.
      At the dawn of time young (Maybe teen) males and 40 year old females would have sex because psycho/biologically a young man’s sperm count is higher and an older woman has lower fertility so the possibility of reproduction between a 16 year old boy and 45 year old woman is higher.
      This is gross but it is also why grown women are attracted to boyish males.
      Most of women will not act on it, but a few do.

  19. “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind of man can achieve”- Napoleon Hill.
    So all things considered, I don’t think it’s a stretch for a man to attract girls 10+ years younger, provided he takes care of himself and is financially stable. Being rich definitely helps, but I think a lot of guys use it as a convenient excuse as to why they don’t get the women they desire…

    1. Right! You need to be in shape, have some money to have fun, have a great attitude and disposition and lead an exciting life.

    1. GENNY
      On the street where males PAY for sex 80% of them will seek out the prostitute 35-50 before they seek out an 18 year old.
      This is because from a functionary POV women who are older are going to be able to bring more experience to sex and men see this the way you’d see a 50 year old carpenter vs. a 20 year old one.
      No question that 20% of males have fetishes for girls 15 to 17 but if you were TO VISIT a brothel you would find that women 30-40 are most in-demand because they are neither old nor inexperienced.

      1. @ Dick
        While your stats are questionable it sounds about right – a guy knows an older women will simply fuck to fuck and that can be arousing in and of itself – whereas a girl his age or younger might not have the experience and won’t give off such a vibe of sex as = to merely utility

        1. JOHN
          1998 – 1999 was a good time to be 25 because the Cougars were in the Southwest were all Flower Children and Disco Queens of yesteryear.
          These middle-aged women did not fuck around, especially in the Swinger’s clubs-they banged teeth, semen out of penises in a frenzy or smeared it on their faces, rammed their tongues up assholes, spread their anuses wide open as a visual aid in doggy sex, did 2 ways and so on.
          There is no way that if I went into ENCOUNTERS Swing Club or the booze and pot parties of Phoenix TODAY I would ever have that kind of action.

        2. JOHN
          The cougars of youth in the 90’s were the flower children and Disco queens of yesteryear and they did not fuck around.
          They banged teeth, sucked semen out of your penis in moaning frenzies, rammed their tongues up anuses, smeared jizz on their faces, spread their anuses as visual aids in doggy sex.
          Never happen to me today with a 45 year old Gen X woman.
          I must reflect sadly that the flannel-wearing whimsical Angelina Jolie alternative hottie of yesteryear or sexy Goth today would rather fuck a 20 year old Justin Beiber type.

        3. JOHN
          The Lovelace Trick
          Cougars in the 1990’s had been young in the seventies and they ALL did the Deep Throat trick.
          By the 1990’s Lovelace was gone and I was born after 1972 and nobody had heard of Deep Throat under the age of 40 so I was shocked when the first cougar I experienced sex with conscientiously pushed my penis past her gag reflex.

        4. COUGARS and YOUNG MEN
          At 25 I was shocked OUT OF MIND to see a woman (This 40 year old Black career Navy enlisted woman) smiling with HER EYES OPEN as I shot a load all over her jaw and mouth and genuinely trying to eat it.
          Gen Y guys have to remember that there was no internet porn available in 1998 and you did not see things like that.
          Up to that point I had attended college and mechanically poked a few girls my age in the dorm in the dark.
          But it was not until I went to Swinger’s Clubs and parties in Arizona that I actually experienced hardened middle-aged nympho sluts.

        1. ROLLO
          My alternative universe is better than sitting around some College Meat Market bar hoping to pick up some drunk girl who will lie in the dark and let you poke her in missionary-style position.
          Listen to a wise Gen X-
          You will never get a blowjob from a 19 year old as good as the one you get from 40 year old. Its a fact of life.
          Ah, but what do you know Gen Y. You’re 24 and probably still live at home like most of your generation and save all your money to go to the club once a week on “Ladies Nights” to watch the same old snotty and bitchy Gen Y girls twitch on the dance floor, all of them knowing they have their pick of dick.
          At the end of the evening you go home with the rest of the sausage fest.

        2. ROLLO
          I went to college and was 20 years old once.
          You go to the local meat market bar and hope some callow, shallow, snotty chick will go home with you.
          You try to buy beer for the homeliest girl there and hope she’ll go with you.
          Some dreary sex in the dark in the old missionary position.
          Maybe next week she comes to you and says she is “late” for her period but then a week after that it blows over.
          You’ve never lived, that is all. Like most Gen Y you live at home at 20, 22, 24 and hope that your mother does not walk in while you are jerking it to internet porn.

      2. Go to strip clubs. The oldest stripper I’ve ever ran into was 42 and she was exceptional for her age. Most strippers are in their late teens to maybe mid 30’s, with the majority being in their 20’s. Why? Because those are the type of women men want to see naked. If 35-50 year old women were they type of women men wanted to see naked, there’d be more of them at the strip clubs. But any strip club that mainly hires women in that age group won’t be in business long. Women on the lower end of that age range can still be considered sexually desirable by a majority of men, but not at the upper part of that age range. Not by a long shot.
        The only reason why men even pretend to have interest in “cougars” is because it is relentlessly pushed by media and in western culture, it is almost a grave sin to prefer women significantly younger, at least if the woman is in her prime. I knew of a 70 year old widower who remarried to a 45 year old woman. No one cares about that per se. But if a 33 year old man bangs an 18 year old girl (who’s having sex anyway), suddenly it’s “creepy”, “weird”, “he should date women his own age” (of course that doesn’t apply if he wants to date older women) etc. Despite the fact that the first instance was a 25 year age gap and the second one is a 15 year age gap.
        For example, Prince Harry, easily one of the most eligible bachelors in the west or even in the world, at 33 is engaged to a woman 3 years older than him. It’s not that he can’t get a girl in her late teens or early 20’s, who’d die in order to be an actual, real life princess of her own country. Or that he can’t find a girl that age who is at least as attractive as his older woman. Or that he wouldn’t want a younger woman. It’s that he’s following the social norms of the west which says that he should date/sleep with/marry/desire women his own age. Younger is only acceptable if the woman is well past her “sell by” date.
        In 1981 when his dad got engaged to Diana, he was 33 and she was 19/20. Of course, times were saner then so that was to be expected. Imagine the uproar that’d occur today if his son at 33 was engaged to a 19 or 20 year old in an “age inappropriate” relationship?

  20. Is there literally anything this site knows to write about except variations of the same old-same old ‘how to date younger girls’ trope? There are multiple articles across this site repeating the VERY SAME advice so many times, one fails to see the point.
    Also, “My last three long-term live-in girlfriends were 24-26-year old stunners and I was adored by their families (circa 1970s ”Ted Nugent” game). I’m currently dating a very bright 22-year old who loves shooting porn with me and a 19-year old engineering major, athlete and concert pianist who enjoys Fifty Shades of Grey role play.”
    Yeah, sure. Very believable. If you actually had the “alpha” and the “game” to be dating girls like these, you’d have far more productive things to do than write on this site.
    A real alpha is one who does not give a fig about people’s opinions on who he should or should not date, be it an 18-year old, a 28-year old, a 45-year old or even a 70-year old. It is his CHOICE. Not that the real alphas of the world read this site anyway.

  21. For all the hatred you “men” spew about women on this shithole site, you continue to be obsessed with us, don’t you? There’s the odd article about idiotic techniques to cook rice or do squats or similar crap before you return to women. Since you hate us so much (and that is very clear), why not just give up on women altogether? why still obsess?
    You talk about “thirsty beta male orbiters” yet you basement dwellers/old, beer-bellied, baldies/mid-life crisis afflicted geezers earning less than 100K a year/loser teenagers with dishwashing and security jobs/20s guys coming home from dead-end jobs wanking off to porn seem to be the thirstiest of the whole damn lot. Continue to live in denial about who the real “betas” and “cucks” are; those who respect women and treat them as HUMAN BEINGS and not as dolls with holes to stick their three-inchers in as long as they are under 30 years of age, or people like you who spin fables on the “Manosphere”

      1. No, it is female honesty. A man with a menial job and a 3 inch penis is of no value as far as most women (On the most primitive level) are concerned and these males might as well kill themselves for all the value they represent.
        It is a primitive but fairly accurate summation of the most base criteria of females-resources/penis size/trim physique.

      You could not live in a world where all men were gay. Women would run around like stray dogs homeless and ragged if all men in the world went gay tomorrow.
      For you and all other women society would become like a Woman’s prison with big black butch Lesbians ruling the roost if males were not willing to marry and provide for women in exchange for sex and procreation.
      Would not bother MEN at all. George Michael and Ricky Martin are not unhappy as gay men.
      If sex work were not a venue of employment for deadbeat and shiftless women from the lower-classes than female junkies would be stomping middle-class women for money to get drugs or simply mugging them because they are too anti-social to work as a waitress. So female on female violence would skyrocket.
      As for porn it exists because the average woman doing porn is middle class and has some humdrum qualification like vet assistant or dental nurse but would rather earn $1000 a day doing sex acts so gross that her male performers have to be paid to do them.
      Young women in this day and age from the middle-class are so spoiled and unrealistic half will be living in Dad’s house for the rest of their life anyhow and probably never marry.

      “Three inches”
      That is typical of the base low-intellect female sexist to reduce a man to the size of his penis.

        1. AUTOMATIC
          Reducing a man to the size of his penis as the fundamental value of males while complaining about sexism is an interesting dichotomy.
          All women are sexist, let’s face it. They want a guy who is as rich as Trump and hung like John Holmes.
          Looks do not matter as much to women because to them the most important thing is the size of the tool that produces a climax and his resources.
          Therefore to the average woman if a man makes “Under $100 K per year” and has “a three inch penis” he is totally useless and might as well kill himself.

      1. Oh but when you guys reduce us to pussy,cunt,sluts that is perfectly ok lol You don’t like it but we should like being treated like less than human beings and ask for more even. Yeah lol

    3. So gentleman, I’m going to use this as an illustration. I’m not sure this is directed at me but let’s assume it is. I’m not going to call her names, acknowledge her outbursts or even address her points. The punchline? I get more online dating inquiries from feminists and SJWs than any other demographic to the point I’ve had to put in my profiles that I’m not interested due to irreconcilable political differences. Notice that in spite of everything she says, she is on this site. This is because subconsciously she is fascinated by alpha males, because her indoctrination says that they are taboo so they are the forbidden fruit. Always focus on a woman’s actions, never her words. Anyways, email me darlin, and we’ll have lunch 🙂

    4. “Since you hate us so much (and that is very clear) . . .”.
      HOW is that clear, exactly? What actual evidence-based argument can you make that all these discussions about how to attract high status women actually reflect a hatred of these women?
      You also say “us”, as if all women are in a common pot and equally sought by men here. In fact, that is not the case. Men focus on high status/SMV women, not “all” women. Given that you self-identify as a feminist I would be quite surprised if you possess any significant combination of the traits, most of which are physical, that attract men of anything but very low status/SMV.

  22. “I’m in my late forties and I only date 8s and 9s under 30, usually under 25. I don’t do 10s…”
    I’m in my early 50s and I do the same — substituting “bang” for “date” of course. Except I do bang the 10s on occasion. And yes, they are very expensive. $600/hr and up. Although I won’t pay over $800/hr on principal. 7s are $300 and 8s/9s are $400/hr here in NYC.

    1. In manhattan that’s all but required. That’s high dollar escorting which is an option of course, particularly with corporate execs and celebs — but I personally avoid that as I like a personal connection and some level of chemistry, plus I cannot afford those prices even if interested. Everyone pays in one way or another, but I prefer to do the things listed in the article. My blackout zipcodes btw are NY, LA, Miami, Vegas, SF as it’s too expensive to play ball and those girls are “not my thing.”

      1. Fair enough.
        I’m not an exec but an independent consultant.
        I live in a studio apt and drive a 12 y/o Camry.
        My disposable income goes to my “extra curricular activities”. But just the income. I do not touch the FU fund for that. The FU fund did very well last year, BTW. Thank you President Trump!

  23. Re. Your 9 points…
    HOLY CRIPES! That seems like a lot of work.
    Using disposable income to bang escorts is so much easier!

  24. Fitz,
    Hahaha, why? Did the truth hurt you, basement dwelling troll? This site is full of deluded lying halfwits like you. Get out of the house and get a life for a change, you’d be surprised how many people form happy, functional relationships irrespective of shallow attributes like you people vomit over and over again.
    Not every successful, good looking man is looking only to date 9s and 10s below 25. Not every modern, educated woman you see is a gold-digging slut.
    Delusional writers here like Tuthmosis, JB Poqueliche, and especially that Matt Forney guy…such ugly, cucky looking losers. Ugh! Yet they expect the best of the best, only to be replaced one after the other when they are bored. And then you idiots wonder why Western civilisation is getting ruined. Bunch of idiots, all of you need to be thrown in an asylum and electrocuted there.

    1. “Not every successful, good looking man is looking only to date 9s and 10s below 25. ”
      If he is not, then he is probably a faggot.
      Who else should he be dating, a fucking infertile ugly hag like you?

      1. BENNY
        I’ll have sex with any woman who enjoys it, more or less.
        As a young man I had sex with 50 year old women and they have a great deal of performance skills compared to the average 20 year old callow club girl with teen idol posters on her wall.

        1. Having sex doesn’t equal dating.
          If a young man is seeking to be in relationship with “50 year old woman” he should seek a professional psychiatric help

        2. BENNY
          As I have related on this site earlier if you go into a licensed “Swinger’s Club” what you will see is a bunch of young males 19-25 in a sexual frenzy with 45-60 year old women.

        3. @ Dick
          Careful with your words there – “any” woman is a dangerous thing to say these days, for all you know she’ll have a dick sewn on – but yeah I see the point and mostly agree – if a 50 year old is hot I don’t see the problem with it – its one thing to have insane high standards and ONLY bang out young cuties, but realistically you really limit your pool of choices by ONLY going after young hotties – most young girls have WAY HIGH defenses up nowadays for fear of of slutting it up – going after a cougar just to bust a nut is about as sensible as it gets these days – less stress and potential police phone calls and harassment – but yeah I put the age limit of do-ability at 18 – 50 – anything over 50 is really pushing the envelop a bit and probably not gunna be all that enjoyable – some guys on here are scoffing at banging out an older cougar but I suspect that’s cuse they haven’t done it yet – there is a pretty big difference actually between and older and younger girl

        4. Sure in a perfect world what guy doesn’t want the young hottie ok, the point is that its easier to get laid with older ones a lot of the time and less stressful too

        5. Dick,
          I’ll have sex with any non-white woman under 30 years old and weighing less than 45Kg (more or less). Old age has made me a bit more picky.

      If you truly believe that the world would be a better place for women if all men were effeminate gays then watch “Orange Is the New Black” to see what an all-female society with zero patriarchy is like.
      The most ruthless and biggest Dykes would rule the roost.
      This is not to reduce the position of women in society to “Two (Or three, depending on the woman) holes” because this is false.
      But a society of gay men would only run until the oil needed changing.

    3. thankfully all the genetic material worth saving is expressed solely in the Y chromosome and is reflected across all the religious texts. if it werent for the womb, Mother Nature made sure women had no other purpose.

  25. That’s great that you’re getting laid and all good sir, but if you are intending to reproduce at all, then let these women loose to reproduce with guys their own age; you can even openly instruct them to do so. Thanks.

    1. Why would he “let them loose to reproduce with guys their own age” when he could just reproduce with them himself?
      You have not made an actual evidence-based argument, which makes me suspect you are either: a) female; or b) male, but were raised by a divorced/single mom.

  26. Idiots, I never said the world would be a better place without men. Plenty of sensible guys of real value around. The world would be a better place without MEN LIKE YOU. Glad I have made that clear.
    To whoever asked whether I don’t have a pie to bake, why, come over. I’ll bake one out of your danglers and feed it to the others here. LOL.
    Someone also said men who don’t always want to date 9s and 10s under 25 is a faggot, you ignoramus, I never said no man wants to do that. However, there are droves of men far more successful, functional, influential than any of you losers who don’t reduce their assessment of a woman for a potential partner down to mere numbers. Like she’s cattle or something.
    Why, the basement-dwelling founder of this site openly begs for money!! And he still thinks he deserves an 18-25 year old who is a virgin, will stay at home, cook and clean, and clean the lice out of his beard. LOL. Delusional idiots. You don’t even deserve an “ugly infertile hag” like me. You deserve a bear trap for your junk. Oh wait, that will be WAY too big.

      Again with the ugly female sexism reducing males to their penis size as if they were life support systems for a vibrator.

    2. Feminist,
      And yet you need a man to build your home, maintain your car, provide your utilities. Name one useful item (beyond a ceramic vase) in or around your home that was manufactured by a white woman?
      We made everything you need and use to live but you have nothing we want beyond a hole to cum in.

      1. JOHN
        I’d expect A BIT MORE from a woman than simply for her to lie on her back like a dead fish for that kind of commitment.

  27. Quite the engaging article. Thought provoking. Look at all the comments. I think the List of what you have to be too date young is a great standard to amount to at all. Definitely some goals on there for me as a low-to-mid 30’s man.

  28. Feminist.
    We rate you as 1 out of 10.
    One point is given for your ability to type non-sense.
    Thus, you are a little bit smarter than an average ape, but never more attractive.

  29. Benny,
    What makes you think your rating matters to me? I’ll rate myself. For men like you, I am a minus 100. There, does that make you happy? The day ratings given by men like you start mattering to me, I will … oh wait, that day will never come even if I am thrown into the seventh circle of Hell.

  30. good tips but out dated plan.
    1. this is THE REASON they invented sugar daddy sites, so older guys can get younger tail; it’s also a good way to get unrusty or brush up on your social skills / game to connect with younger babes. younger guys pooh pooh older guys for “paying for it”, but who gives a f* what other ppl think and it’s cheaper than a wife or gf cuz they are always driving you to spend cash to do something or to buy stuff you wouldn’t need as a bachelor.
    2. get real, go MGTOW and pay for the poon cuz younger women just are quality LTR or marrying type anyway, so get your emotional needs met elsewhere
    I’m a divorced bachelor in my 50s, and definitely can’t complain about the number or quality of my female encounters before getting married, and have never screwed with anything over 32. as long as. my boner works, it wants young tail, so I gotta feed the monster one way or another… and it’s well fed.

      1. dick bone head, you obviously miss the relationship dynamics:
        i’m screwing chad’s hot and playdates
        and the reality is even as an older guy, you still have to have alpha status, resources, game, which definitely distinguishes yourself from other guys in your older age group.
        many of you younger guys needs to realize that you too will age through the years, and in every one of those years you will want good quality young tail. and just like guys in your age group, some guys get it, others don’t. so plan, prepare and think through how you will persevere and succeed. like instead of dinging on feedback from older guys, may be learning for their experience, and shortcomings could help.
        right now I’m spinning a few plates: got massively blown by a blonde hot 28yo last night, a 26yo cutie that we’ve had weekly encounters for a couple of years, and a 29yo hot latina in another city I’ve “known” since she was 25 that may soon become very much more relationship-wise, a couple of cute mid-20s again at friendship with sex potential. all involved with me on deep background, great connection.
        my role model: J. Howard Marshall and Anna Nicole Smith. Fellas, max out your 401k and IRAs cuz that will be your getting laid funds as an older dude, and if that isn’t enough incentive for your to sock it away, good luck.

      2. dick bone head, you obviously miss the relationship dynamics:
        i’m screwing chad’s hot and playdates
        and the reality is even as an older guy, you still have to have alpha status, resources, game, which definitely distinguishes yourself from other guys in your older age group.
        many of you younger guys needs to realize that you too will age through the years, and in every one of those years you will want good quality young tail. and just like guys in your age group, some guys get it, others don’t. so plan, prepare and think through how you will persevere and succeed. like instead of dinging on feedback from older guys, may be learning for their experience, and shortcomings could help.
        right now I’m spinning a few plates: got massively blown by a blonde hot 28yo last night, a 26yo cutie that we’ve had weekly encounters for a couple of years, and a 29yo hot latina in another city I’ve “known” since she was 25 that may soon become very much more relationship-wise, a couple of cute mid-20s again at friendship with sex potential. all involved with me on deep background, great connection.
        my role model: J. Howard Marshall and Anna Nicole Smith. Fellas, max out your 401k and IRAs cuz that will be your getting laid funds as an older dude, and if that isn’t enough incentive for your to sock it away, good luck.

  31. Lol @ ur criteria and Lol at all this mental masturbation over looks, money, status, IQ etc… as if ur gonna bribe some girl into fucking you.
    Pathetic and evidence of your incompetence with women.
    You need none of these things and you can score any woman of any age if you have courage and authority. That’s it.
    Courage to give an opinion, courage to reprimand bitch behaviour, courage to defy feminist social norms, courage to APPROACH rather than some peacocking faggot trying to attract women. Hahahahaha
    Anyway, enough of that.
    Those who know don’t need to be told and those who need to be told will LIKELY never know.

  32. All ROK articles SPIN in a circle.
    Try to attract cunts.
    Try to get away from them.
    Rinse. Lather. Repeat.
    No matter how old you are
    No matter how poor you are
    No matter what shithole town you live in
    There is always SOME pussy to be found.
    The Equation
    Horniness Level
    Hotness of ACTUAL fucking
    Amount you spend on the bitch (pro or not)
    The PRIMARY Caution

  33. WYATT
    The Cougars in the Swinger’s Clubs WERE old and a bit haggard but man, they did not fuck around with young pretty males.
    I went into ENCOUNTERS in Phoenix.
    These Mom’s banged teeth, sucked spurting semen out of penises in moaning frenzies, tried to jam their tongues in assholes, did twosomes and even group blow jobs, smeared jizz all over their faces.
    They were all employed-enlisted career military, pharmacists, rental car managers-acting out the most base fantasies women will have with younger “Non-threatening males”.
    Of course I did not intend to marry the black servicewoman who liked doing twosomes with white males who barked out “bust your nut on my face I want to taste it”.
    …But a young man should experience a Cougar once.

    1. There’s a reason “50 shades of Grey” sold millions of copies. young women are starved for someone with whom they can safely act out their fantasies. And it’s usually not the buff frat boy on campus with an IQ of 100 who has no idea what he’s doing and will stalk her if she shows her wild side…

  34. Wait, all that work only to get laid with pussies half of your age? Pussies around you should be a side effect of your lifestyle, not the end goal! PUA´s are just bad clowns.

  35. Out of curiosity: What do you consider 8s and 9s – since you claim you date them on a regular basis? At least from judging the girls on the pictures of this article in my opinion there is not a single 8 visible.

    1. that is in the eye of the beholder. I purposefully did not put all 10s on here because it would look contrived, and i’m already getting accused of fakery! But yes, other than the sugar 101 pic, I find all of these women quite attractive. thx for reading!

    2. Villy, I strongly suspect the images in the piece are stock photos. In Byron’s defense, it would be crazy to post photos of him and/or the actual women he dates (Which I take his word for unequivocally, it is beyond plausible that as a man in the entertainment industry in LA he is scoring young 8’s-9’s). Given the hatred SJWs have of this site and the violence they have engaged in against Roosh, were Byron to display real-life images then he’d be setting himself and the women up for potentially very dangerous doxxing and worse. Remember what happened when ROK was going to have meetups in various cities? Roosh had to cancel them because there were so many threats of violence against our side.

      1. Precisely. I do not need the personal attention as I get that elsewhere and revealing myself would limit what I can say. I’m very grateful to the ROK community and to Roosh for keeping this site alive under brutal sustained attacks as I have learned so much. So this is my way of giving back and also an outlet to share. You’d be surprised how much knowing what I know limits you in the male friends department!

    1. thank you! Notice folks, written by an athlete and personal trainer, and motivational speaker i.e. great attitude!

  36. Useless article, the real problem with dating younger women is that the primary dating sites have shut out older men. Accessing them is a HUGE obstacle, and he FAILS to address that. I’m sorry, get real, does he actually expect men in their 40-50s to hang out in the “EDM nightclub or rock music scenes, and bodybuilder/trainer/UFC/fitness” cultures? Sure, because that is where we will find young “women who are gifted, accomplished or artistic with very high IQs”.
    This is USELESS advice, why waste our time running this guy’s boasting as a How To article, Roosh? Why don’t you think about your readers, to older guys this is a HUGE issue, yet you treat it like it is a fucking joke and run this is downright insulting. If you are going to tackle this subject, and I encourage you to do that, then you need to put yourself in the shoes of the ROK reader in his 40-50s who has plenty of ability with women but has been shut out of OKC, POF, etc. because of their (somewhat) new age restriction policies. Running a bullshit piece by some pompous guy who lives in LA and works in the entertainment industry is NOT helpful! OF course a guy like that is going to have easy access that most men do not, why would you not run an article by a man more representative of your actual readers? Very disappointing.
    Think more highly of your customers, Roosh!

      1. ROLLO
        Why would I want to hang around clubs and bars when I am 44 years old?
        That looks kind of pathetic and the young chicks will look up from the cell phones giggling.
        “Can you like believe that guy, he’s like, old enough to be a Dad.”

        1. @ DICK
          dude you need to not give a fuck about what other people are thinking – you don’t kow what the fuck is going through a girls head, and half the time she doesn’t know either – you think cuse 44 is ‘old’ you can’t snag a young hottie, but unless the dude is some crippled grandpa with a cane almost any man with the right game can swoop in and snag her, jezzz, no faith (or game) man, how could you EVER game a girl if your worried about how she’s acting or how she percieves you? – you couldn’t

    1. It sounds like you’re wanting a entire book in a 1,000 word article. 1) If I told you the sites I use, they either wouldn’t work for you or even worse, you’d get blown out, your wallet emptied, your heart broken and your clock cleaned in a week because you do not yet have the skill set I am telling you to first acquire here. 2) If you talk to women the way you are talking here, that is a big part of your problem 3) I’m not engaging any of your personal attacks, which really proves my point above about having the right disposition. I’ll make you a deal: check off 3 out of 9 items on my list and spend a little time in one of the three scenes I have outlined, then contact me directly and I will help you further. Everything you need to get started is in this article and I am offering to invest in you further… if YOU are willing to do the work and first invest in yourself. Good luck!

      1. zzz….dude what game are you playing here? I realize your trying to help (presumably) but you sound like a con-artist man

        1. John, the higher you climb up the ladder, the more people will hold your feet to the fire and they will not budge an inch nor be fooled unless you are already investing in yourself. You basically did one thing, you gave me half props then did a 180 and labeled me a “con.” You did that without 1) Reading any of the books I recommended which will cost you about $75 or less 2) Doing any recon in any of the scenes I told you to go survey. If you instead come to me and say, “Hey man, I read these books and checked out the scenes and cultures you recommended, pretty f**king cool, what’s next?” I’ll walk you through how to get in top clubs for free, how to dress like a millionaire for 30 cents on the dollar, and how to number close with women who turn down guys with Bugattis and A list actors… because those guys are assholes and you’re not! But I’m not giving you the “Mystery Method” where you put a flashing dildo on your head or something that sounds easy… because it’s NOT. The women you want are not dumb when it comes to men; they are sharks and see right through half ass BS and I’m just being honest with you. Read Robert Greene’s books: “There are no shortcuts.” I’ll make you a deal: read the 3 books I recommended and I will answer 10 questions from you free of charge. Which gets to the elephant in the room: How can I be “conning” you if I’m not selling anything? Do you really think a guy as sharp as Roosh who’s gone head to head with the world’s greatest hustlers, fake news misinformation masters and psy op manipulators and is STILL standing would give me a shot to write on here if what you’re saying is true? Go to Vegas, go to Miami. Get in those clubs, look at who’s there and then come back here and tell me I’m “conning” you… [email protected]

        2. lawl – “read my books and I’ll answer 10 questions FREE of charge!” all while saying “I’m not conning you” – haah oh my god man…its how you write dude, it sounds phony is all I’m sayin man, regardless of any ‘methods’ you think you have –
          —“Do you really think a guy as sharp as Roosh who’s gone head to head with the world’s greatest hustlers, fake news misinformation masters and psy op manipulators and is STILL standing would give me a shot to write on here if what you’re saying is true?” – yes – just a month ago he was advertising for pretty much anyone to write to be paid in cyrpto – besides that’s not much of an argument to make; i.e. goin off some other guys word
          And why would I read your shitty books when going out and learning is 100x more educational – you make it sound like number closing is a big deal…your material might be ‘fine’ for a guy who just needs a self-esteem boost via but its not reality – your writing is like ‘overly happy!!!’ – what guy writes with so many fuckin exclamation marks? dude its just drool man – real life experience is 100x more valuable than anything your going to read – sure, reading osme shitty pua book will give you some ideas but if your not doing insane approaches, have your life together already, and know some common sense it won’t matter how many ROK articles or books you read

        3. Never been to Miami (no desire to) – been to Vegas a few times, meh – its whatever – and hate to break it to you Bryon but you don’t know the women I want – your assumptions are haphazard and bias towards some weird notion that men only want x, y, or z…’Oh, ALL guys MUST want girls that turn down guys with Bugattis and A list actors.” – sigh – its not worth even arguing over.
          “I’ll walk you through how to get in top clubs for free, how to dress like a millionaire for 30 cents on the dollar, and how to number close with women who turn down guys with Bugattis and A list actors.”
          “I’ll walk you through how to get in top clubs for free (social circle game), how to dress like a millionaire for 30 cents on the dollar (for starters how about just get a decent job), and how to number close with women who turn down guys with Bugattis and A list actors (go under the rader and don’t act like your hitting on them – meet them at photoshoots or whatever..zzz..).” – I don’t give a shit about amything you just listed – there’s a term for what your doing, its called creating a ‘fake alpha’ – sure sure, fake it til you make it riiiight??? Obviously looking the part sort of helps, but at the end of the day your makeshift attitude will evaporate and leave you with a foul odor which any girl will sniff out a mile away. If the guy doesn’t have HIMSELF together everything your trying to do falls down like a house of cards.

  37. Dick Boner wrote like half the replies here under different names..wouldnt be surprised if he also wrote the article

    1. Remember that article Alex Jones did 5 years ago about sexless frogs due to hormones in wastewater? Everyone laughed but it turned out to be true. Not all news is fake…

  38. What amaze me in the comments is that most of these “men” have absolutely no respect for women, yeah we are all unintelligent,naive,sluts ( funny how you want us to look and act like sluts but then you punish us for it lol ) and all that stuff but still you want us lol Just to fuck i know but still. You reduce us as an object and you are offended when a feminist reduce you to a penis ? So you don’t like that ? Why should we like to be treated like less than human beings ?
    I am so glad i had a wonderful father who warned me against men like you. There are plenty of nice,respectful men out there and women who know their worth go for them and they don’t need tricks to “get us” because they know how to create a real relationship based on respect even if it’s only for sex since it’s clearly the only thing that you guys care about.

    1. For the record Genny, I am friends with all of my exes and their families except one, and helped two of my GFs start their own businesses. I never gave them money or did it for them but I empowered them via learned skill sets.
      “Thirty-two years I do this business. If I hated women, I’d be in a mental hospital.” — Rocco Siffredi

      1. I believe you but i was more reffering to other comments. These men who think they are so manly by calling all of us sluts and thinking they can give us orders. Kind of remind me of these muslim monkeys and how they treat women….
        Funny i know a man in the real world who is not really a women lover let’s say (he lost alot in a divorce) but he really like me and respect me because of my moral. These trauma seems to be the case for alot of men and unfortunately we (good women) get to pay because of these women..
        I as a woman believe that you can get younger women but you look younger and in good health. It’s all about the first impression.
        I remember as a teenager (and still these days) seing these old stinky men stopping close to me in their car showimg me their dicks i mean what do you expect lol Of course we’ll think you’re a freak….My father would not allow me to go with men who were nuch older than me because he knew what they wanted from me and he wanted better. Of course i was flattered to be called pretty and all that and i felt “grown up” and yes my body was but not my mind. I am happy i didn’t do it as my father told me because today as a woman i understand.

  39. women do not care about age. they only care if you are successful and/or good looking and have aged well. if you have no experience with younger women then stfu and don’t speak of what you know nothing about. Some guys here younger women have come on to them and these guys know whats up.

  40. Some bring good points but overall it looks like the most important is to look good and in shape and to have an exciting life,being active…Let’s not forget the money aspect for some women.I have no problem personnaly with a 40 something years old as long as he’s in shape and good looking but we are all human in the end.At some point you will look and feel old,you might get sickness that comes with age and it’s a fact t hat at a certain age a man erection problems. That’s life. When it comes to sex only that’s a problem…I prefer being with a man around my age for a relationship,build a family etc
    Also for the defense of “old women” i am a yoga instructor and i have seen women in tjeir late thirties to mid forties who look STUNNING ! In better shape than some very young. Because they eat right,avoid beer and wine and caffeine and move alot and take care of themselves ! They are truely beautiful just like any man who take care of himself at that age.

  41. Yeah a woman don’t deserve respect for the only reason of being a woman,that’s also true for men. People deserve respect but you can’t walk around and call every vagina’s owner a cunt simply because you want too. That’s not how decent people live in a society. Now it’s the internet i guess some of you needs to vent because of some bad experiences or trauma in life…..
    Just for the record i am not a feminist lol

  42. For those who feel they need photographic proof, you guys can all ESAD…
    Bottom line, staying in shape will get you more women than if you’re a whale. I’ve seen the 300 pounders plus in many of the expat villages in SE Asia, all looking for that 18 yo who will shack up with them, while the guys who maintain their physical fitness well into their 60’s (me) get all the attention. It takes effort and time but the payoffs are worth it. I might also add the US based medical profession is nowhere near helpful in keeping men in shape. I could write several articles on proper cholesterol levels, issues with low testosterone, and proper physical exercise (not what you think). I’m dating 24-38 yo on a regular basis. I’m going to breach a subject that doe does not get much traction either, your sexual performance, it matters. Most women are fine with an age gap but really would like you to have some performance in bed, a topic that does not get talked about much between couples.

    1. Thank you Andrew and you are 100% correct. I did not mention that directly in the article because as you can see, I’m already being accused of being a self aggrandizing narcissist haha. But yes, if you’re not paying, you better be taking a young woman somewhere sexually she’s always wanted to go, but that inexperienced young guys cannot pull off. That is a topic for another column and btw, cheers to your success!

      1. Thanks, and I’ll bring up another point since you’re being torn down. I have been going to Thailand and the Philippines for a long time and I’ve always tried to spread the word. But for many men (most really), they just will not or can not step out of their conform zone. Bottom line, it means they stay home and tear down anyone who can, with any success, date younger women. Once you’ve done it, you gain confidence and that shines thru.

  43. A challenging comment from yesterday made me think a great deal and I slept on it overnight: If some women really prefer older men, why do you have to lower your age? The answer is that in real life, women make split second filtering decisions based on looks and body language, which shows that age is not the top priority. If it was, that would be the first thing asked or we would all have to wear a number on our shirt! And guess what? In real life I have never been asked once how old I am before a woman has sex with me. However, online everyone filters by age. So just as I filter out single moms, women filter out older guys. But lemme tell you, some of the hottest sex I’ve ever had is with a couple of hot mommies who didn’t tell me up front. It should be the same with you: the first thing you learn in the highly competitive world of entertainment is never give someone a reason to exclude you. Age shouldn’t matter but online it does, mainly because young women are especially susceptible to social conditioning. this is much less so with high IQ women, a big reason they are my target demographic. In all the years I have dated online do you know how many women have been upset that i was older than stated? TWO. One kept dating me anyway when I explained myself, the other did not and do you know why? Not because I was a “creep” but because she had already developed romantic feelings for me but felt that she could never sell her parents on it…

  44. Thank you for all the comments — even the negatives as they made me clarify my views and refine them — and for reading my first article. If you’ve read this far, you can email me your thoughtful questions and I will answer. I am most interested in hearing from those who are already making substantial efforts on their own but are not getting the results they want, as these are the people I can best assist. Please, no trolling: it won’t change my lifestyle or ruin my day one bit and it doesn’t help the troll score hotter women. thanks!
    [email protected]

  45. Half of my notches are from after my 40th birthday. A 21 year old, a 27 year old personal trainer and a 32 year old are the last three. Women want a confident, mature man. I rock the Indiana Jones game since I am a mountaineer, Rock climber and I play the ukulele. I’m average looking and in pretty good shape but not hulking.
    It’s two words, listen carefully….BE INTERESTING!
    Learn an interesting hobby, have an interesting job, travel someplace, learn a fucking joke, smile, dress nicely, pick up a ukulele, build or repair shit. Put down the video game and then off the fucking sports.
    If you can’t do two or three of those then you don’t deserve pussy. It isn’t that fucking hard.
    Quit bitching and making excuses like, “ya, whatever, he’s lying,” or, “American women are too damaged,” or, “it’s too hard.”
    Fuck you and your excuses, quit being a little bitch; actually fucking try. Listen to Troy Francis and the other writers.
    It is so possible.
    You probably give up because it wasn’t easy. Well guess what? If it were easy, everyone would get laid.

  46. I dunno, it gets a lot harder after 40. I was a very youthful looking guy in my 30s…. people would guess 6-8 years younger. I was in a LTR with a 25 year old when I was 37, and then a 24 year old when I was 39. Dated women in Eastern Europe between 21 and 30 years of age, and they were all very interested despite my being honest about my age (39). Got married at 40 to a 28 year old.
    Now I’m 42. I’ve lost a bit of muscle tone due to lack of time and insane career demands. Still, I’m relatively good looking compared to most men, fit, and very social.
    I also have the advantage of being married, which takes a lot of stress off and makes one more attractive to other ladies.
    Despite that, fading powers of attraction. I don’t think I could land those 25 year olds now at 42. It becomes more difficult to meet them and seduce them. Sure, there are some women who love older men, but you have to find them and compete for them.
    I much prefer being married, to be honest. My wife is awesome, caring, fun, and not left wing. I’d rather have 4 kids and do my part for the white race than chase young women around. If my wife ever dies before I do, I’d rather just go to montreal or toronto and bang young hotties. You can find 21 year old escorts there for very reasonable prices.

  47. You make the unfortunate assumtpion that every guy reading this shit must not know how to game girls – when I would say its probably closer to half and half – there’s quite a few regulars on here who if they are only a quarter as witty and honest as they are in real life probably do ‘okay’ generally speaking with girls, and then there’s some other guys who only worry about theory bullshit and then some other dudes who probably actually game hard – your sort of preaching to the choir here – don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there’s tons of dudes on here who will email you begging for help but I would say your presupposing makes you not look just arrogant, but idiotic and socially inept. I respect the fact that you wanna help dudes and have an overly ‘positive’ vibe but its like getting mixed signals from you. Just sounds wack. I’ll stop hounding you here man, but I would really rethink some things if I was you.

  48. Definitely never try to be younger. Erodes frame badly. I’m 37 and engage women like a grown man. Plus trying to act younger puts you in a position to hang out with annoying people in their 20s.
    Another observation I’ve made, and one main reason I date younger, is that a young broad hasn’t been given enough rope by life to hang herself with yet.
    Kids, stupid high partner counts, crazy acts of degradation, spit roasts………… All hasn’t happened yet.(maybe)
    I’m painting with a broad brush here but you just don’t find that with chicks about 32 on up

  49. I am 64 and sex drive still strong. But, I like girls under 25. Even though I am reasonably well off (more or less a millionaire ), work out, highly educated (PhD) and well traveled, no luck in US. I love the massage parlors in Thailand. I would like to get quality young girls locally. Is it impossible in your 60s?

  50. Travel to Latin America, Southeast Asia or Eastern Europe for a few weeks to hook up with young women (If you are decent looking and take care of yourself, they chase YOU due to your perceived status in the majority of these cultures.) In the long run you’ll spend less money and get more tail without having to go through all of the hoops that the author espouses above. You’ll also get the benefit of experiencing other cultures – rather than the toxic culture that is America. The game he is describing is basically being a rich sugar daddy, which statistically most men will not achieve. All of the data points he is describing other than #6 will not overcome the one thing young women are looking for – a thick wallet. A 10 in her 20s is not going to fuck a 45+ guy with an average income. the Author (assuming he is being truthful) is rich – if he was not rich he would not be scoring 10s.

  51. Nope, can’t say I agree about the age thing. I have dated several much much younger girls now — regular girlfriends, not the sugar daddy thing — and I think you have to be totally honest about your age up front. These girls are looking for someone they can totally trust, and if you lie to them about that anything is fair game. I’m 53, and let’s see in the last five years I have dated 33, 24, 20, 19, 19, and 19 year olds so I think I am somewhat qualified to weigh in on this. Don’t be fake! Just be real. The age thing just has to get out there right away, and you never have to discuss it again. Sure, for many girls it won’t work but still.

  52. Lots of discussion about men in their 30s and 40s as “older”. But, I am in my 60s and still have strong sex drive and still want girls in early 20s as we men are biologically driven to do. I have been successful and am pretty well off. I find that any girls I get friendly with really view me as a grandfather type. A kindly (as I am very friendly and nice) sugar daddy. sure they would like me to take them on a trip to Europe or Hawaii, but as soon as they realize that I expect sex just as a man in his 20s would, they treat me like I am a leper. I get the “I just vomited a little in my mouth at the thought of sex with an old man” type of comment. I stay in shape, am highly educated, widely traveled, enjoy arts and culture and would be a desirable companion except that I am old. Any advice for me? Or is it hopeless after 60? Yes, I do use prostitutes when I go to places like Thailand and Amsterdam.But, it would be nice to get some action at home.

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