My Wife Suddenly Divorced Me After Inheriting $400,000 In Cash

So there I was, driving the minivan, family buckled in, heading down the road to my father-in-law’s funeral. He was a hard-drinking, hard-cussing Navy vet, but a Korean War injury and hard living finally caught up with him in his old age. My wife knew the end was coming. I was proud that I let her go down to be with him for his last couple of months while I worked, took the kids to and from school, fed them, and loved on them while their mother was taking care of her family.

I thought about how two years before, we’d made this same trip. Same town, same funeral parlor, same minivan, but the first time was for her mother. There also, I had taken one for the home team and let her go down there for three months and take care of her mother, who was wracked with pancreatic cancer.

As we got near the town where her mother grew up, we were talking about what was going to happen. Her grandfather, a man with a third-grade education, had worked hard and had amassed a sizable rural empire. Her grandmother, then her mother, and then her father had all taken their turn pissing it away a little at a time after granddaddy died, accumulating bills and then selling a piece of property at fire sale prices when the bill collectors started howling.

Her folks had finally sold their prize asset a few years prior, a popular if ill-maintained fishing pier, and presumably some of the millions they had received was left. “I wonder how much money I’ll get?” she said, as we turned into the funeral parlor. “I wonder what I will do with my money?”

My Money, Not Ours

Friends, I am a trained and experienced investigator. I have investigated all sorts of crimes. I have put men in prison with these skills. I like to think that I am pretty sharp. But it never occurred to me that I had to be on my toes and parse out the language that my wife of fifteen years had just spoken. That she had said “my money” and not “the money” or “our money” did not register at all with me.

This was the same wife who wanted to stay home with the kids and not work. This was the same wife who worked exactly one day of full-time work once our son was born ten years prior to this, thus making me work a full-time job and lots of side gigs to pay the bills. This was the same wife who had lots of jewelry from deceased relatives, including a set of pearls that was worth $20,000, but who refused to sell them merely to ease the strain of my back and the weariness from working almost every day.

That same wife, the beneficiary of many years of my hard work, had just said “my money” and not “our money,” but I had not noticed that glaring red flag. Later, I would mentally replay that conversation and wonder just when she had decided to release herself from the dreadful bondage of marriage to a hard-working man.

I’ve done public work since I was 14, cut grass, and run paper routes before that, and have always taken care of my business like a man should. I had not married for money. In fact, when we got married, her family didn’t seem to have any. Instead, I married thinking about how my 25 year old self was marrying a cute 19 year old who couldn’t get enough lovin’.

I was thinking that this woman, who had agreed to give me the large family I wanted, would be such a good mother, what with her degree in Child Development. I was thinking about how it would be cool to be able to come down to the pier and fish for nothing with the sons that I was going to have while my daughters played on the beach as I sat by to shoo the little boys away from them. I was thinking lots of things, but getting my hands on her family money was never one of them.

The Accounting And The Shock

About a week after the funeral, she had tallied up her newfound swag. She had inherited about $400,000 in cash, a Lincoln, and a share of several million dollars worth of coastal real estate. About a week later, she shocked me by telling me that she wanted a divorce.

A divorce? What? She was not the perfect wife, and I will not tell you that I was the perfect husband. I think I am a swell guy, but some may feel that I’m asshole, though I really don’t care. But either way, I was just a wiser and more shop-worn version of the man that she had married.

I had survived some crazy things along the way, including a couple of on-duty shootings and subsequent investigations as a ghetto cop. I had survived catching my wife cheating when I was out working 17 hours one day so she could stay home. This forced me to take away her cell phone and limit her Internet access for several years, but I stayed married to her for the sake of my son.

I thought that I was being much more than fair, as I neither killed her, beat her down, nor kicked her out. Of course, after that, I was not exactly emotionally attached to her like I had been before I found out that she was a whore. I sure didn’t kiss her ass or anything after that revelation.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Naively, I thought that my good deeds as a husband would be reciprocated at some point. Red pill men, go ahead and laugh. I can take it. I have had people legitimately try to kill me several times and survived. I can take the well-deserved laughter if you want to dish it out.

In any case, I had no idea what to expect, but I had been thinking that a windfall would allow us to put the kids into a moderately priced Christian school and let me back off to just working one job. I did not expect that she would give her two-weeks notice.

I tried to figure out what the deal was. Was she seeing someone? Investigations proved she was not. Was she just in a brief funk of sadness? Negative. Had I done something, anything, worthy of being put through this? Nope. I asked her why. She merely said, “Momma took care of me, then you took care of me. I never have taken care of myself. I need to go off on my own and see what its like.” It’s tough surviving on your own with hundreds of thousands of cash earned by someone else, I am sure.

I think that she was resentful of the perfectly reasonable set of rules that I had enforced to keep her from stepping out on me again. I think that she also resented my reasonable expectation that since she didn’t work, my house should stay clean and that a meal should be ready soon after I came home from work. Who knows. I really never figured it out. In any case, what is done is done.

Finding My People

During these depressing times, I somehow found our beloved manosphere. The scales on my eyes fell off and I started to figure some things out. I figured them out too late to save my marriage of course, but was an aging, unfaithful, lazy shrew who had developed a beer gut worth working hard for? My education progressed rapidly as I ravenously devoured information about the true nature of women, and picked up enough game to keep me pleasantly entertained.

One afternoon, we signed the separation papers at 4:30 pm. I was balls deep in a much prettier girl at 6:30. (As a gentleman, I had to go clean up and change out of my uniform, hence the shocking delay.)

I now have a more realistic view of women and a set of tools to deal with them. I am no super PUA, and I have remarried. My knowledge of game kept me right where I wanted to be between marriages, and it helps my manage my wife to good effect now. I found a unicorn: younger than me, with a very low notch count, and who makes enough money that I could put my feet up here at the ranch if I wanted to.

We have been married almost five years, and she is thus far proven to be a valuable ally. She knows that all her friends want me to bang them and that I could get something going pretty quickly if she were to fail in her wifely duties. A little jealousy goes a long way to keeping a woman on her toes.

The Best Revenge Is Living Well

In the mean time, the ex has pissed away all her cash, sold her property, and also pissed away the proceeds. She had grown up on the other side of the tracks than me. I think she figured that all of the guys who may have been options for her at 19 or 20 years old would still be interested in her now 35-year old fat ass. Nothing doing! She moved in a Mexican who is fifteen years older than her who sells cable TV in the barrios. He won’t marry her.

I will not go into all the details of what it has cost me in attorney fees to see my kids, or what it costs me in child support each month. Many of us have a story about how we were screwed by that system, and mine sucks, but is not that remarkable.

She has lost the respect of my children and alienated many of her upper-class friends. She had thought that she could live on interest income of the $400,000 that she had received, and was deflated when she had to actually get a job to maintain her drinking and Walmart habits.

Meanwhile, I am happy, I have prospered, and I am closing in on living the life that I want to live.

That big family I wanted? I never got it. The harpy closed the womb after two. Those two are teenagers now. To keep from repeating the cycle of the blue pill, I am passing down what I have learned to my son. I do not want him to be entirely cynical while still in high school, so he doesn’t get everything. I just want him to be happier than I was when he goes out into the world on his own.

All my dad told me was, “When your dick gets hard, your mind gets soft.” True enough, but hardly sufficient. A journeyman’s knowledge of what women are and how to deal with them is part of being able to build your life as you see fit and be a man among men.

A Call To Arms

I now ask you, men: what are you doing?

Nobody expects you to quit your job and make it your life’s work. But have you talked red pill talk at work, or are you scared of the HR fatties and faggots? Have you talked with your friends from your church men’s group, or has your lesbian pastor forbidden it? Have you talked with your sons or nephews or the other young, unschooled men that you know? Or have you just kept the whole thing a secret because you are scared because your wife might not want you to be the man that you are called to be?

If you have been sharing the red pill, bully for you. Keep it up! But if not, whatever the excuse, wake up tomorrow and resolve to take action. It doesn’t have to be world-changing action right off the bat. You can be subtle and make the message match the environment. Regularly hit some singles, and you will eventually find yourself across home plate. The future of our sons, the men that you care about, and the future of your country depend on us all!

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181 thoughts on “My Wife Suddenly Divorced Me After Inheriting $400,000 In Cash”

  1. So basically, you were a cuck and forgive her… and then you are surprise of her getting a money stack and ghosting ???? Another beta male bites the dust.

    1. Some of the greatest men in history have been cucked. You might realize there is more to life than whether your bitch is faithful or not. If she wants to walk, let her walk. You’ve got options, right? If she stays then take her for what she is- a whore raising your kids and cleaning house. Get a concubine too.

      1. One mistake is fine we all make them , but I have no respect for men who get cucked twice because they need pussy .

      2. If you get a concubine, the concubine is likely to be more loyal that the hobag wife. There has to be an honors system with your women. The whoring wife must be bumped down a notch. She goes down on the totem pole and the concubine becomes the primary respected woman – the one you want to show face and present to the world. The whoring wife must be banished to the house for her whoring indescretions. This way all has to be enforcible. THE WAY WILL COME I tell you!
        But the ‘concubine’ . . eeh that sounds so . . medieval. ZING why not just call her the new SISTERWIFE. Heck there are shows all over the place “sisterwife this” and “sisterwife that”. But the pop MSM shows lack something. They lack true patriarchy where the man commands his women with the snap of his fingers. Cody Brown sits and listens like an emotional tampon for 1 hour every show to his 4 frumpy gals. He should spank them every night and do 4somes. They’re all basically respectable and haven’t whored so they’re all roughly equal on the totem pole.
        Maybe it’s just too unkosher to depict on TV that those gals all partake nightly in a polygynously polygamous ritual for their patriarchal master and climb on top of each other, forming a fine corsage of flesh, tits, elbows and multiple holes to visit – something like resembling one of those deco style condominium birdhouses that you see in some old ladies yards. You know it’s too rank for the j00 editors to combine whiteness, family and turbo charged reproduction with an icing of orgy fandango that runs domestically ON TAP for supreme patriarch daddy. Well that’s the way it is. One dick in the house – two or more pussies stacked like a rueben sammitch – and there’s a hair of a chance that the west just might make a comeback.

    2. “I thought that my good deeds as a husband would be reciprocated at some point.”
      Briffault’s Law in action. The past means nothing to a woman.
      A lazy woman who didn’t want to work, you were only there to provide money and resources, once she didn’t need you to provide, you were gone.
      Yep, my former (English schoolteacher) wife was the same, 30 years and 4 children meant nothing to her, only the money I provided. I think the EXTREME warning we both failed to miss was them failing to work and earn their own money even though they had qualifications and career opportunity.

      1. I was on the way out the door with a 3.5 month fling @ 32. I’d literally planned on a Monday to leave her on Friday. She was 24, it got stale, and I really wasn’t super attracted to her. Up until then, having banged apx. 80 women or so in my life, I wasn’t inexperienced in women’s wicked ways, and never even had a pregnancy scare or STD scare. Then on Wednesday the awkward statement came; “Wait, I don’t think I’ve had my period.” Fuuuuck. So, to stay online with my plans and make a clean break, I ran out immediately, got an OTC pregnancy test. Blam! Positive. In light of the daughter on the way, I did my best to try to make it work out, change my outlook on our little fling, and frame it in a different light… if for any reason, the child. 3.5 years after that, we split while engaged, never got married. And just 3 months before my daughter was born, by dad died. After apx. 2 months of pregnancy she dropped it on me. “Something I think you should know…, my family is really wealthy.”
        You wouldn’t have known by her late-model Honda Civic, average clothes… yet always had a nice purse, like really nice ($2000+). hmm. I asked what do you mean by “wealthy?” She said; “My grandfather is the CEO, and held every C-Level position, in the 2nd largest firm in his industry, in the world.” GULP! Whaaaaa? I pretty much knew shit was doomed then.
        We rented an apartment, then a house, then once the child was born, he bought her (not us), a modest but nice house. My exact words to one of my best childhood friends when we were moving in. “Dude, if this bitch uses this house as leverage over me, no way in hell are we getting married.” After working a horse-shit job in lower management at his business empire for 2 years, like clockwork, the recession hit and we were through in a snap. Just like tossing out the garbage, we split, she kicked me out, lawyers on both sides involved, courts, child services, cheating, shadiness, child support, all the ugliest mixture of the female demons the USA and money injection can give.
        So I can empathize with the Author, and in a few ways sympathize. I also got to see the inner workings of just how ugly the extremely wealthy can be, how some think, the extreme hypocrisy, and the downright evil resultant of stupidity, selfishness, wealth, and cunty female cunning can damage entire families and children’s future…. all supported and driven by the same legal system our author was an investigator for. Ironically very sad and funny at the same time. I hope you enjoyed my story.

        1. They get a much bigger divorce split if they ‘gave up their career to have your children’ which is what all the non-workers claim in divorce court.

        1. New wife has a low-notch count…..
          lol… poor guy
          this guy is really a good guy
          he still has not learned a major rule
          how can you know if what she said is true…..

    3. Let’s see:
      -Gets married because he imagines his children “Fishing for Free” off of his In-Law’s pier. Ditto the kids in the white beach sand.
      -Catches the Wife messing around on the side. Takes away her cell phone, but doesn’t dump her.
      -She dumps him instead after she inherits. I don’t know exactly what state he lives in, but usually community property laws in divorce proceeding after a lengthy marriage say half goes to each spouse. Yet, evidently, he doesn’t claim half – or a large portion anyway -of the pier, beachfront, monies as his own.
      -Still on the hook for child support. (Are they even his BTW? Has he ever wondered?)
      -Almost immediately goes out and remarries. (Does he even have a prenup this time? Did he even think about it?) Claims she’s a “Unicorn,” forgetting that Unicorns are imaginary beings. Smug because supposedly all his new wife’s friends want to fuck him.
      Idiot! The man is an idiot!! This, the above article, are the musings of an imbecile. Learn, Gentle Readers, by *not* following his example.
      Oscar Wilde was right:
      First Marriages are the triumph of imagination over intellect.
      Second Marriages are the triumph of hope over experience.
      Just a thought.

    4. Truth. After all the bravado about telling us what a badass he is…and a swell guy on top of that –> long story short, your woman took you for a ride. Cheated on you, you let her get away with it and then she made off with her inheritance. Then she squandered it and is now shacked up with some Messican. (Sounds like perfect wife material…I wonder if there’s more backstory we’re not getting?)
      Cheers on a life well lived. Our lives are 90% the product of the actions we take…even those we don’t. (chalk 10% up to time/chance) You should have booted her to the curb once you caught her sharing another man’s bed. Everything after that ….is on you cowboy.

  2. You took away her phone, restricted her internet access and wonder why she used the first chance she got to get rid of you? And you only determine your second wife to stick with you by feeding her jealousy and insecurity?
    Yup, you are scum.

        1. The remarriage was her idea most likely. Why do you need legal marriage to seal any deal? The state won’t enforce the union. It will undermine it at every turn. You have to show the woman that you alone are prepared to enforce (govern) her in marriage with or without some stinking scrap of state issued marriage certificate paper. Who needs the state? Fu<k the state. Marriage is a blood bond to your breeder woman and is solidified by your blood progeny. It is YOUR bloodline. It’s YOURS. And the wife is YOURS as well capiche? She is your property. Yes I said property. Say it three times or a hundred. Chew on it. It’s the way it is. Get used to it.
          You really do have to show her that you’re able to enforce her total allegiance to you. You make that dive and procreate by her – be mindful that you’ve entered a war zone with predators hell bent on gutting your ass and it’s all in the name of rendering an atomized populace under state control – with women and children being held as pawns.
          No one said it would be easy, but for every new road paved, for every new branch of the western tribes to spring forth, the roadway has to be cleared for the surviving line to be strong and robust. The path has to be chopped, boulders and obsticales SMASHED and hammered flat below foot. SMOOTH and gradiated, THE ROAD OPENS UP once again for the great western creed. SIEZE thee women and pound that trail all you swinging western dicks. THE TRAIL blazes ahead.

    1. Maybe you missed that part where she betrayed him by having an affair behind his back despite him being a dutiful husband. Or are you just a man-hating cunt?
      Tell me, worthless shitbag– does a woman ever do a man wrong? Or is everything the man’s fault?

  3. Authors quotes and my responses to them
    “I now have a more realistic view of women and a set of tools to deal with them. I am no super PUA, and I have remarried.
    Well there you go, didn’t learn your lesson the first time around (don’t feel bad, I got wrong a second time too. If you think the first time was an outlier….well guess what buddy, AWALT. Its not a matter of IF but when…
    “My knowledge of game kept me right where I wanted to be between marriages, and it helps my manage my wife to good effect now. I found a unicorn: younger than me, with a very low notch count, and who makes enough money that I could put my feet up here at the ranch if I wanted to.
    I guess you didn’t learn the FIRST TIME AROUND about her money and OUR money problem…so you made the same gross mistake twice, but hey, you at least admitted to it while trying to sell us you were Red pilled…..
    Sure you did…a “unicorn”…….. You didn’t learn squat. If your relationshit was worth anything, It would be worth living WITHOUT A MARRIAGE CONTRACT and would be meaningful without you wearing legal enforced bonds and shackles but that is a moot point at this stage…that you will also lose again ultimately in court but you already SURRENDERED AGAIN to that tyranny, before you even started…that is a textbook BLUE PILL move.

    1. I got screwed over hard, and a second time too, but to the point of marrying a putrid cunt? Not even I am THAT stupid. If he says he got a prenup, then by all means it’s fine I guess.

  4. …she probably immediately took a trip to Jamaica or Latin America with some female friends and they hit the male strip clubs and beaches where she got laid with pool boys.

    1. I actually think quite a lot of women don’t want sex after producing 2 children. Most just seem to want a solitary life with a house full of cats.

    1. GOUV
      I was 25 in 1999 so I have been a young man for longer than you and fucked many, many cougars.
      Trust me, I’m more informed about women’s post-marital behavior than you.

  5. Stop scolding this guy and start accepting the idea that we’ll have to do something beyond “game” and stealth dominance tactics and simply openly take our society back and impose proper order. Take over, set rules, punish misbehavior. This will go a long way towards improving things, rather than expecting every single guy to navigate the whims of his woman; make the whims legally powerless to have any effect in the world. Yes, this is more effective than any jedi mind tricks of “game” technique. Game is fine, but we should have moved beyond that by now. Start thinking big chaps.

    1. JJ
      We live in a capitalist secular society where porn stars are worshiped and Manson will be a folk hero far longer than Eisenhower.

    2. Spot on. Marriage today is no longer warrantied or user friendly. The marriage contract has to be enforced with your bare hands and the enablers engineering the undoing of marriages have to be beat back with your bare fists too. You’re on your own but you will fare well maintaining the cohesion of your blood clan with a grasp of what is right and what needs to be done.
      Women’s empowerment comes at a very steep price whereas patriarchy is a natural default position in a civilized society that is on the build and one that is rising from a base state. The enforcement of loyalty with women works like company policy when the growth and output of the society begins its incline. Conversely 80/20% or higher buxfux is default for both pre civilized and declining civilization in retrograde.
      Dominion over our women has been supressed far too long and the bar has been far exceeded by the sheer number of men ready to outright revolt. There is an undercurrent surfacing now to depose every last vestage of the imposed bitchstate and the upwelling is potentially explosive. Should the war chants commence, try to keep any purge clean and surgical folks. The bitchstate needs rooted but leave the marvels and crafty structures constructed by men intact please. Numerous whip witch women have their hands on levers to destroy all but just try to concentrate on breaking their fingers – not breaking the hard infrastructure itself.
      The default position to patriarchy is eminant so long as infrastructure and technology remain intact and operable. Men created civilization and men thus define civilization. Women cannot define civilization but if permitted, they will share trade it into insolvency. Get your hands back on your women men – and your dicks back into them. BLAST THEM with a steaming wadload and a stern backhand smack across their ass. The ORDER of patriarchy cometh.

      1. No wonder women think the Handmaiden’s Tale is a likely future scenarion.
        Watching the first episode with my wife I thought it was a comedy she thought it was a horror.

        1. Women flake as frequently as an average person sneezes. Think about it. A married woman gets cold feet as often as the flu bug rolls around each season. With some women, they’ve been so primed with soap operas and women’s channel that their inner voice says “run Jane run. Run away from that man and desert your nest. Look at the Ellen show. So many ha-a-appy divorced women wearing bling and smiling.”
          It isn’t hard to trip the wire of a woman who is already half comatose and who doesn’t hear a patriarchal command or discussion from any man around her ever. She forgets quickly and is molded and corrupted by input from any questionable source.
          In the Mennonits/Amish communities, divorce is 0%. The women have no options for divorce rape and these women are some of the happiest females in the western hemisphere. They watch a flick like “Handmaiden’s Tale” and root for the patriarchy – because what else is new. It would be like military brats in the 50s watching ‘Red Dawn’. You know which side they’re on. They’ve been raised right and it shines through.
          They had another older movie (1970s-early 80s) ‘Not Without My Child’ where an educated western working woman marries a Muslim man, has baby and travells with him back to his country for a visit. He tells her “We’re staying here now. Leaving is not permitted”. Suddenly she shits herself realizing she is bound to marriage and motherhood. She panicks and the cinematography is unreal. When hubby exclaims the words “You’re not leaving”, the movie shows her having a crisis moment screaming “Oooh nooo” looking like Mccaulay Culkin as her face spins in the center of the screen. There’s psychadellic music as her facial image spins center screen like a top. The movie is gold for that scene alone.
          Shit Amish women LIVE the wonderful dream of motherhood and commitment daily and forever after. So shut up and BREED, TIT FEED and SERVICE thy patriarchal master ladies.

        2. Fuck I hate that show, you can tell it was written by a woman because it was so drawn out and boring. I can’t for the life of me make out why the media backed it so much. I won’t be watching season 2 even at gun point.

  6. $400,000? That’s it? Why that’s not enough money and will peter out quickly, especially in the hands of a woman. LOL!

      1. No sh**. he thought he was done with her….not when she gets done in the courts…not even by a stretch. She will be back for more money.

    1. Putting it in the irrational/emotional hands of a woman is like giving it to a drunk. When they have gone woooo and blown it they often return.
      They do not accept responsibility, apologize ( women rarely do that ) or take blame or even acknowledge that they blew it, just casually mention that its less than before. I know several men this has happened to.

    2. I could live for 20 years on $400k, and there was beachfront property as well.
      That’s supporting 3 adults and 1 teen and 1 child, and paying the mortgage.

      1. I agree with you on this one Dodds. $20k USD per year in southeast Asia is plenty. A single guy has a serious budgeting problem if he can’t live comfortably on that amount in Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, etc.

  7. ” I had survived catching my wife cheating when I was out working 17 hours one day so she could stay home.”
    Stopped reading right here. You deserve everything you got.

    1. Look at the point you catch her cheating some men realize that if they divorce then you can add robbery to her list of assaults on you. Bring back jail for a womans adultery – which is far worse than a mans as he cannot cu-k a woman and deceive her into raising another womans child.

  8. Thanks for the article. I’m glad that you have moved on from your bad circumstances but you still have a long way to go. Surprisingly you have remarried, which is an interesting choice regarding your experiences, but it is what it is. The lesson from this is that a man must make his own success. Lots of modern kids are brought up under this welfare mentality, if not literally then with copious handouts from relatives. Sadly that is no preparation for the rigours of life, where you will find out firstand that after 25 or so nobody gives a shit about your circumstances, only what you provide. Focus on financial security, relationships on your own terms, and an attitude of self reliance to get the most out of your life. Livingyour life for women only leads to dissapointment and a shattered bank balance.

    1. JOE
      When I was young 25 year old in 1999 I fucked a German divorcee in her forties, pure Eurotrash.
      It was some party.
      Afterwards in bed, she told me about her life. How she had been a young nurse in 1970’s Germany rescued by an older US officer who married her.
      She moved to Arizona and had two kids and divorced him and lived off his money and was bored.
      It occurred to me that this man was aging somewhere and depressed and she was out getting the shit fucked out of her at raucous parties by young men.
      Whatever you have sacrificed for a woman means much more to you than her. Women are often depicted as deep and reflective but more often many are shallow and males read more into their looks than is actually there.
      This German Eurotrash woman would have been smoking hot at 25 in 1978 when she met the US officer (Fuck me these cougars I screwed back in the 90’s are getting on now!). I am sure he read poetic meaning into blue eyes and black hair and beautiful smile.
      But someday she was another aging woman who got fucked by young men at beer bashes.
      I remember I shot a big load of semen on her stomach and she rubbed it on her face saying it was good for the skin.
      Women are no angels.

      1. Men are the innocent bambies who are wet behind the ears in most divorce cases. Women are red-pilled by core nature because men have the strength so they have the scheming nature to counter that. Men must learn to acquire at least a healthy distrust of white women.

        1. Not many white men view our women as anything but hoes and tramps. We look to other groups with envy. Other men chase our women because they are easy and then throw them for being sluts after a couple of kids are pumped out.
          Do they realize they are a global laughing stock amongst women-kind? And that the reputations they don’t care about are now lower than black mens for awful playerish behaviour?

      2. Ffs, this shit is painful to read even when you already know of the true nature of women.
        I don’t know if i’ll Ever be able to have a real relationship with a girl again. I just can’t do all that lovey dovey stuff anymore like taking romantic walks in the park and saying dreary shit like “you are the sunshine of my life”. I want the companionship of a woman but, at the same time I want to stay away from them after knowing what they are like.
        Nature fucked us over.

        1. The third world is your only answer. Countries where she gets nothing after a divorce and no welfare. If she’s too lazy to work and earn her own money, she must fuck you for it. Of course, you can never take her to your home country where she will get the same entitlement as every white woman.

      3. @John Todds
        The problem with going down this route is that you know that those third world girls are glorified prostitutes. You know very well that they have the same butte as any western girl. Where’s the satisfaction knowing that your prized possession (third world girl) would screw you over if she had the chance?
        All that love and caring nature is a facade. I just can’t get over that. My blue pilled brain wants a relationship where all that romantic bullshit is involved, AND for it to be genuine. But since swallowing the red pill, you are distrustful of women and always questioning their real motives. Therefore you struggle to love any women, whether they are from the East or the West. At least that’s the case for me.

        1. SabbyS,
          I think the problem is AWALT (glorified prostitutes). If you want to have something resembling a family life, you just have to settle for the ‘facade’ you can live with in relative financial safety. My 3rd world wife may not love me, but our children do, and the wife isn’t in a position to kick me out and keep everything. Which is what happened to my wife (and my former children) in England.
          I’m now running in damage limitation mode.

  9. Women are naturally black-pilled they don’t a movement.
    Ever seen a blue pilled women spending years supporting some idiot?

    1. Blue pill “good man” “romantic” brain washing of men was part of the monogamy movement which now makes no sense since that society is gone. Feminist white women undermined monogamy at every juncture with alimony, child support, no-fault divorce, welfare and government housing along with intense black-pilling of women in every female oriented magazine. They should have been singing the praise for the one institution of society which most helps kids, and keeps men involved in their children’s lives ( hence making men happier ) instead of lobbying for every perverse incentive.
      You can get every benefit from a man whilst living as a proud slut why bother? Marriage with white women is for cu-ks. We cannot keep saying western women thats like saying globalist and internationalist BS if you believe that “western women” or “feminist women” stuff just say what you really believe and name the white woman! Saying “western women” is just being politically correctness

      1. We must top is viewing women as innocent – that time has passed – since they are far more manipulative than men. Men are often viewed as evil and women as flowers in any court case.
        In divorce cases they are rarely ever truthful, and usually manipulative liars, and yet they are presented as innocent flowers.
        Men are more violent – but society keeps that in check – but womens manipulative streaks are actively fostered, without acknowledgement of their existence, by the modern legal and social paradigm.
        Women have stronger verbal skills when tested. Men stronger physical strength. That difference underpins the natural order of relationships where she nips the heals with manipulation, nagging and verbal strength but the fear of that force and need for protection – not that it was ever needed to be used – kept her in check and was the natural balance. A mans blue-pilled love for her stopped him being violent, and her black-pilled understanding of relationships kept her from getting stuck with a loser.
        We cut mens testes so to speak regarding their physical dominance, and thats fine, but this tipped the balance of relationships against men. To then simultaneously foster womens manipulative streaks through the modern legal and social paradigm was suicide regarding the family unit, which is falling/failing fast amongst whites globally.

      2. Why single out white women though? All women are like that. All women divorce rape their husbands if they think they can gain significantly from it while losing nothing.
        Divorces are on the rise in India, Indonesia, China, and probably most other places, with women initiating most of them.

        1. I have gone over this before but in America the data was that white men were the only men to do better in IR marriages of every class than their women, and the only group to actually have lower with most classes than with their own women.
          The data with hispanics isn’t mentioned but also white women do awfully and white men far better and actually better than with white women. WW are also dropping rapidly and more generations away from tradition.
          The Northern traits like blonde/red hair, blue/green eyes and other neonatal features are recessive white features and evolved with men in extreme shortage and women extreme competition. many more men died when they moved north as they left the. bases to hunt. They had to do anything to get men and hence why they will grab men in iceland/finland and not even check their verbal dominance/intellect/group position just grab for seed as seed was always short. I believe this “culture” is maybe like blacks love for dance and is genetic!
          We are quick to point to label black mens differences being race related and it be the differences between black/asian DNA as to why Africa and Asia are going in different directions ( which is true ).
          Maybe they evolved to pump and dump and grabbing seed wherever. Its often noted that they get less attatched to a man than say a higher estrogen and testosterone black lady ( can’t remember why that affects how much you love though just heard that ).

        2. Well said. Pussies of Hindustan are arrogant, opportunistic, bitchy, slutty, cunning and ungrateful; especially from the past 20 years.
          The dirty vote bank politics, western manipulations & de-stebalizing tactics, foreign funded NGO’s etc. etc., added to the “worst” attitude of pussies.

    2. wristcel
      As a young man I could look at a dead snake and get hard. I screwed a few cougars.
      But the German Eurotrash woman stuck with me. Here this older American had fallen in love with her as a young German woman, took her AND HER MOTHER to the US, had two grown sons with her and in the end…she divorced him and was attending raucous parties and screwing young men.
      She talked about him and her life as if it were boring.
      Males will read a great deal into women. She’s the mother of my children. We had a life together. Blah blah.
      But in reality, girls just wanna have fun.
      Black males seem to understand this better. It is why they can pimp women out and maintain really shallow relationships with them.

      1. Dick,
        “Males will read a great deal into women. She’s the mother of my children. We had a life together. Blah blah. But in reality, girls just wanna have fun.”
        This is essentially true, men are the ones who desire families and children, women just don’t give a shit.

    3. It’s far from the norm, but I did know a careerist/STEM woman supporting the NEET husband she’d known since high school. I dropped off something at her house on a Saturday and this guy staggered out of the bedroom at noon. I’d assumed she was a single mother until that point. Funnily enough, she was a complete ballbuster to all the “lazy” guys at our work. So maybe having them as whipping boys was what kept the relationship functioning.

      1. Thats the exception that proves the rule. Most dumped their high school sweetheart the second they thought they would earn more than him.

      2. Is she ugly? STEM women are usually very ugly and without the feminine graces that would attract men in the meat, er. dating market. That could explain why she puts up with this arrangement. Also you don’t know how stable the arrangement is and how long it will last. So it may not be an exception to the rule, only that it is too early to tell.

  10. a REALLY well-written article and an interesting story.
    I’m glad things have worked out for you. I wish your ex luck with that desperate beaner she’s with now. She’s gonna need it.

  11. My Dad passed away a year and half ago. He was the President of a company and saved a fair amount of money. My Mom is still alive and relatively healthy.
    Hilariously, my brother’s wife left him last year and fully assumed she was due half of my brother’s inheritance. Several people, including her lawyer, had to point out that my mother was alive and his inheritance was zero. And, even if he had inherited, that property wouldn’t be part of the divorce.
    So she inadvertently exposed herself as the gold-digger she was, while screwing herself out of ever getting anything. Enjoy working for the rest of your life.

    1. Marriage law is wrong at the moment since divorce is a reality but in a pressure group society where men have no pressure groups if it is reformed it will only happen if it can be done to screw men worse. Because it screws men is why it hasn’t been changed and why feminazis support it begrudgingly.
      My brothers wife doesn’t even know about his investments and thats the smartest move you can make.

      1. Jamie,
        The smartest move he could make would be not to marry her.
        In the words of WoPR: The only winning move is not to play.

  12. Got out of the first dysfunctional cycle, and promptly jumped right back into the same dysfunctional cycle all over again…That’s pretty “brave” of you to write an article about your failures TWICE in a row, and claim you “learned from your mistakes” by managing your second wife “better”…Actually it is not brave at all to admit to f**ing up the first time and then doing the exact same thing all over…its actually pretty stupid, especially as the author tries to sell us in the “manosphere” that he learned something, has ‘game” and offers his “advice” while using the comment “I found a unicorn”….and expect anything but derision and ridicule. Glutton for punishment much, Mr cop Masochist?
    You aren’t managing anything except the progression to your second divorce raping that you ASKED for. Hopefully your kid learns from your ACTIONS and not your words of “wisdom”..May he NOT do the same things you do.
    This article is a great example of how NOT to write an article to the manopshere. Thanks Roosh! One cannot learn if you don’t have good examples of what NOT to do when writing to a target audience. We know now a blatant example of failure to comprehend personal experience much less relate it to others, failure of an author to understand his own BLINDSPOTS and interpretation of negative events and their lessons learned (or not in this case). You have taught many aspiring writers through this example, and it is much appreciated
    Sorry, HANS, you failed but were a great example. Your call to action was spot on though.

    1. What I learned from my first divorce was not to marry in a western country. It isn’t ultimately about marriage, but the rules of the country in which you live.

  13. “Moved in with a Hispanic who refuses to marry her”
    I sometimes wonder if the standards we had up to the 1960’s were imposed upon society because many (Though not all) women have NO SENSE.
    Left a normal functioning man to move in with a Mexican illegal who won’t marry her (Basically saying that he regards her as a “pump”). Brings her children up in a FUCKING BARRIO where gangs jump Cholos in at age 13.

    1. I d have shot her if she were to do that with my kids. You can’t take the kids to a ghetto and expect me to let it slide. There is a limit on how retarted you can go … If she does that on her own, fine. But don’t drag the kids with you to the filthy ghettos.

    2. From a upper middle class hottie in a respectable marriage to a penniless, over the wall concubine slut in a barrio, where even the barrio man wont consider her for a wife. Talk about stupidity and self-destruction. They are just children and if empowered and let loose – like they are now a days – they will not just wreck homes, they will wreak our entire civilization. One unexpected side effect of my red-pilling is I have developed a tiny amount of grudging respect for the Muzzies. Just a little bit. They are still barbarians and need to fought. But a little more understanding.

    Why did women in US society get THIS STUPID since I left in 1999? What happened after the cynical and distrustfully wary nineties that people just started behaving this crazily.
    Leave your honest upstanding husband for a fucking Mexican illegal in the BARRIO? And the courts let her kids LIVE WITH HER in some Hispanic slum and the husband is police officer? And the Mestizo won’t even marry her? Just a shack-up and she is allowed to take a man’s children into that situation…in some Chicano slum?
    Where did all the common sense in America go?
    We still had some in the Clinton era.
    Having lived overseas for 20 years and having been a young man when I left I cannot help but reel in shock at the sheer pile of idiotic shit that America turned into.
    Was it Bush?
    What happened?

    1. F*** if I know, I’m at as much of a loss as you are to understand the corner we rounded into abject insanity… but then again gynocentric society catering to feminist fringe is devoid of logic….soooo its not tooooo much of a guess.

        Back in the 90’s we kids thought we had it tough because Mom and Dad divorced.
        Now Mom is getting fucked by some Cholo and forces you to live in the barrio with her and her lover.
        As late as 1985, the courts would have demanded a sanity hearing for the woman in addition to barring her from having her children.
        What was going to happen to two white kids in the Hispanic barrio attending some school full of Cholo “bangers”?

        Can you imagine doing THAT in Mexico. Shack up with some Mexican Federale’s wife and live off his alimony and say to her “I won’t marry you because you’re a fucking whore I just want to pump” (Clear primitive logic of the low IQ, actually) AND YOU TOOK HIS KIDS TO LIVE IN THIS HOUSE OF DEBAUCHERY.
        …An Anglo who did that in Juarez would not have the life expectancy of a fucking housefly.

    2. Purposeful dumbing down of the educational system. I went to what was considered a great public high school(low crime, high college acceptance rates, options for smarter kids) and graduated very early in the 00’s. It was completely dumbed down. No grammar, lenient math requirements, and there was even a hybrid class you could do that counted as both history and English(IE, you’d read “Of Mice and Men” and get a little context about the Great Depression).
      Regarding the ex-wife’s new beau, a lot of Hispanic dudes seem to have pregnancy and MILF fetishes. So I suppose getting that kind of attention when you’re used to dealing with more stoic men and have lost confidence in your body after giving birth could really sweep a woman off her feet.

    3. In short: Cultural decay and civilization decadence.
      End result of throwing one cherished and hallowed cultural foundations of Western civilization out of the window after the other and replacing them with cultural Marxism. Patriarchy, Christianity, capitalism, rationality, family, community, patriotism and masculine values of duty, loyalty and self-reliance have all been discarded and replaced by self-indulgence, feelz, narcissism, entitlement and victim-hood.

    4. Like a great deal of what you post here this seems disingenous at best.
      Let me help you with “this one SIMPLE trick” to show what happened to your nation. Of course, if my assumptions are correct you already know this.
      Here to help…

      View post on

      1. APEX
        I’m not of the Hebrew faith. I don’t quite know what statement I have made that convinces you otherwise.
        However, if life in the US for white men has come down to their wives leaving them to shack out-of-wedlock with some Cholo in a Chicano slum ALONG WITH HER KIDS I will drive down to Hunt’s Point, Bronx and get a blowjob from some Amy Winehouse crack whore TODAY.

    5. Women’s minds started to become poisoned by shows like Sex And The City.
      They went off to live their fairy tale single life like Carrie Bradshaw while looking for a man like Mr. Big to take care of them.

    6. Dick,
      Can’t be Bush ……. ‘cos the UK (and Australia and NZ and Europe) are exactly the same.
      I blame welfare, which appears to be the common theme of every fucked up country.

    7. Some of it was brought on from unintended consequences from no fault divorce. In the early days it was usually men that wanted a divorce, to trade in their aging bag, for a younger prettier model. Usually the only people who got divorced were movie stars, wealthy celebrities, but they popularised and made it acceptable for the average person.
      The “Pill” was another major factor. It sounded great for men, before the pill you pretty much had to be married or at least engaged to get sex from the average woman. A woman knew that if she had sex, sooner rather than later she would get pregnant, and didn’t want to be stranded with a baby as a single mother. No ring = no sex. Being a single mother used to be shameful, and was financially crippling.
      At first the pill was only for married couples. But it didn’t take long for it to become available to all women. All the romance, commitment evaporated out of male/female relationships, when they realised they didn’t need marriage to have sex.

    8. Welfare and court system incentivize women to bexome single mothers and push men away. This creates crime and poverty for their children and the cycle continues. Media reinforces the alpha female complex and here we are.

    9. Shit went south after giving women voting rights. The destruction has been on the increase ever since. I’m 100% sure nothing will be fixed until that colossal mistake is fixed.
      It’s absolutely hopeless for any decent man such as the author of this site. I can’t believe he remarried, to be honest.

  15. Has any guy ever had a good experience with taking back a chick who has cucked him?
    I get that you stayed for the kids, but you should have been surprised if she DIDN’T stay once she got the chance to leave.
    She had no respect for you and treated you accordingly.
    The better question is why on Earth did you remarry? If you understand thots now and claim there are dozens of them dying to sleep with you, why wife one of them up?
    How does it benefit you?

    1. Pretty much this. He’s gone through a divorce and has kids. He should have enjoyed the rest of his life maintaining a relationship with his kids and living the best life possible as a single man while pumping and dumping the occasional slut. He’s done himself no favours here…
      I guess pussy simply has too much of an allure over most men, no matter how irrational that may be.

      1. Most men regardless of what they know about female nature think that if its even 50% that they’ll maintain this pussy for life they will marry. life-time Divorce rates in almost every country is under 50%.
        Sluts may come around only every year or so for these men but once a year fling is nothing for most mens needs. The data shows that “Less than four
        per cent of cohabitations last for ten years or more” so cohabitation is the least likely to succeed or last. It rarely even lasts 2 years.
        Even understanding all of the nature of divorce-rape, female lack of ability to love a man as a man loves a women, and the core of a womans brutal nature a man can look at the raw odds and decide that marriage is still the best option on the table. That is the paradox of the red-pill.

  16. The only problem in that article was:
    “I had survived catching my wife cheating when I was out working 17 hours one day so she could stay home.”
    It should have been a swift kick to the curb and a scorched earth policy. But I can understand that the son and the blue pill goggles influenced the decision.
    That’s the sole critic I will make. I will not laugh at someone that knows the mistake he made and, more importantly, came back on top.
    The most important element of the article:
    “The Best Revenge Is Living Well” 100% red pill truth. Add indiferrence for those who betrayed (once they are neutralised) and you have it all. I see that you are happy and do well. Stories like you shows me that our words somewhere, somehow, bring a positive change.
    “men: what are you doing?”
    I spit red pill with every breath to those who listen, and inoculate uncomfortable truths in the brains of the liberals I come accross, driving them insane I hope.
    I exhort every young man I meet to be strong, learn how to fight, hit his TV with a pickaxe and I direct them towards resources that show the real nature of women. I also explain that once the pain of truth is here, it will go away and it will be all right because in the end, truth will triumph.
    Eye-opening story man. Thanks for that.

    1. Best revenge is living well is cu-k philosophy propagated by women and blue-pills. Best revenge is served cold, and repeatedly.

      1. So now seeking happiness and balance is a cuck mindset and it should be entirely wasted on someone else’s life and neglecting your own?
        It is not productive, weak and the mindset of a woman.
        Become the overman and focus on you and your circle.
        Jamie, stop throwing cuck around because you saw it on Reddit. Grow up.

        1. “the best revenge is not taking revenge” is what that really says. You either believe in revenge or you don’t. Its a mindset taken, and a piece of advice given to discourage people from taking actual worthwhile revenge. I take real revenge when I get the chance and love it.

  17. And this is where the problem starts. Fathers raising entitled “Princesses”. Men that do not call out their daughters and give them whatever they want. All she could see was $$ signs over her fathers cold lifeless corpse. This is why women begin life with no respect toward men.

  18. The second bitch will leave you too.
    Some people never learn so let me spell it out for you:

      1. Read the followijg statements:
        1. Hey all Muslims are violent terrorist and should not be welcome into the US
        2. Black men in big inner city ghettos are violent and dangerous and need to be avoided
        3. prostitutes and whore cannot be trusted.
        Now ask yourself the following the questions:
        Are these statement true 100% of the time with 100% certainty? No.
        Is going about life and (drawing up national policy) having these assumption prudent and will countless people a shit load of trouble in the long run. Hell Yeah!
        So that is what AWALT is all about. Women are AWALT until the unicorn is discovered.

      2. Sscience is all about trends and generalizations without having counted the days every dog is alive i know that dogs live between 0 and say 25 years so it won;t be 5000 years old. Feminists are rarely logical like men who revealed and uncovered the way nature works and science and evolution as women would never have been able to.
        The core nature of men is the same across all men and all the core organs also work the same. Thats all awalt means. its an understanding that the innocent flower view of women that was pushed a generation ago is now completely useless as a way to view women, and we have a different understanding of their nature.

  19. He did kiss her ass when he didn’t divorce her for taking another guy’s cock in her mouth. YOU GAVE HER A PASS.

  20. Good article.
    You were blue pilled like the rest of us but came out ahead through diligence and “smart” work.
    Glad things are working out for you now.

  21. “I think that she was resentful of the perfectly reasonable set of rules that I had enforced to keep her from stepping out on me again. ”
    No. Resentment (borne out of boredom it seems) is the reason she stepped out on you the first time. You staying made her totally lose respect for you.
    She provided you with THE alibi and you didn’t take it…communicating that you don’t have options/are of low value.
    There is only one reasonable thing to do after your wife cheats….file for divorce (don’t leave the house, make her leave). What you did isn’t reasonable at all it’s profoundly desperate.

    1. ace
      There is only one reasonable thing to do after your wife cheats …… kill her and hide the body. Even if you get caught, after you do your time, you will still have the house and children.

      1. Glad I live on a boat. Lots of deep water nearby. And cinder blocks.
        Who, that bitch? She ran off with the pool boy or something, I guess. No one has seen her for years.

  22. One useful comparison is to hold up your current relationship next to your current job.
    If herself does something that you would not tolerate from an employer,don’t tolerate it from her.
    Modify this comparison by reminding yourself that vaginas ( given that there are about 4 billion of the things,in round numbers ) are a lot more common than paychecks.

  23. She cheated, but then you took away her phone and restricted internet access. I doubt that was ever going to be viable. You can’t force these things and you certainly can’t force loyalty in any real sense. When she betrayed you the onus was on her – if she actually wanted to save the marriage – to demonstrate that she could be a loyal wife. By forcing the issue you took that burden on your own shoulders and removed it from hers. Instead of agonizing over where her wifely duty lay and worrying about the possibility of betraying you a second time, as soon as the inheritance came into play her thoughts gravitated towards being free. Sure, she was disloyal, which is indefensible, but in trying to repair the situation by controlling her you gave her an excuse to leave you. Shame for the kids.

  24. I think the first red flag with blinking neon lights and a brass band announcing it was when she cheated on you.

  25. I don’t know what state you live in, but in most states, income derived during marriage is community property. Had she filed prior to the divorce filing she might have a case, but not now. Even if she technically filed before the transfer of assets, a judge would probably rule in your favor for a 50/50 split. Given your income history and hers (zero), I would give you great odds on getting the 200k and 1/2 share in real property.
    Don’t back down on this, as many men do. You can use this as a bargaining chip for spousal and child support.

    1. Its too late, the ex already BLEW all the inheritance …gone finis. The author was and remains an idiot.

    2. This comment is for future husbands/divorce victims. I realize he’s done. Typical men facing divorce don’t fight back hard enough. Take her for everything you can. She will.

      1. Jim crowe was fairer to the blacks than the current legal system to men. Women get full custody about 90% of the time in custody cases and they get about 96% of alimony. You are fighting a legal system designed to destroy you!
        Men stay at home: lazy fuck off and work
        women stay at home: home-makers 50% of everything
        You lose whatever.

  26. This article started out well and quickly went downhill. At first the author had my sympathy, but lost it by the end. I’ve certainly made my share of blue pill mistakes, but through trial and error, as well as through the manosphere, I’ve taken efforts not to repeat them.
    First off, once wife number one cheated on you, it was over. Second, you remarried? Third, you think you found a unicorn? And now you’re going to preach to us about red-pilling other men? Physician, heal thyself!
    I’ve found that you can’t make others swallow the red pill. I think we all have the family member or friend who could use a good talking-to, but most simply aren’t willing to listen, or if they do, they really don’t take any necessary steps to correct their erroneous behavior. It’s something a man has to seek out himself when he realizes he has a problem. It’s like trying to force an alcoholic to quit drinking. You can talk to them until you’re blue in the face, but until they admit they have a problem and decide they can’t live like that anymore, you’re just pissing in the wind.
    I wish the author well, but I still think he’s walking with his blinders on.

    1. The story rolled pretty well, too well to be true though, good reading, however, too artificial, unless the cheating whore passage was left out of the story, it would seem that its a 100% made up story.

  27. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I think it is important that other men hear stories such as this. It helps get the “red pill” out there. I think it is a shame people are ripping on you for simply telling your tale and warning others.
    Had a friend who was in a similar circumstance, except he ended up funded his wife’s grad school. He had been going out with this girl in college and a year afterward. Things were going good. He wanted kids. She claimed she wanted kids too BUT only after she secured her grad degree because once she was raising kids she would not be able to do so. That is actually pretty reasonable, both were in their late 20’s, so they had a few more years, so agreed and they got married.
    She promptly quit a job she hated a few months later and enrolled at the local state school in what was supposed to be an 18-24 month program. Her tuition is only partly covered by the school so husband is paying the difference and all the household expenses. They were doing OK, but then the debt started adding up. First it was a few thousand on the credit card to make up for monthly gaps in expenses vs. income. Then the wife “needed” a new car because her current one was not “reliable” enough to drive the 120 miles roundtrip 3 days a week to her externship site. So there was a new car payment now. Then around month 12 the “18-24 month” program became a “24-36 month program” with the addition of some certification option. The husband made a decent salary but they were living beyond their means with only one income earner so around year 2 debts were consolidated using student loans and monthly deficits were being made up with more student loans. So about $40,000 in debt now and at month year 3 of marriage, month 30, of graduate program, the wife tells the husband that the drive to the externship site is become unbearable and will be 5 days a week. She wants to rent a “tiny condo” in the area for a few hundred a month and he can “visit her a few weekends a month but she really needs to dedicate time to finishing up her program”. (Yup you see where this is going). He agrees but only if she cuts some of her increasing personal expenses such as eating out and they think about downgrading the car to something more reasonable if she isn’t doing the drive. OK the wife says. No problem.
    Six months later the “tiny condo” is a luxury one bedroom that was supposed pre-furnished and the new car is still not sold. Husband has only visited a few times as he is taking on extra work to help keep the debt down. Credit card bills seem to just be getting higher and he hasn’t had time to break them down to find out why (she was going out more and buying more clothes, not doing what she promised). Then he gets a bill for the first installment payment for a loan for furniture. The “pre-furnished condo” was actually furnished for around $5,000 by his wife taking out a line of credit she did not tell him about and the six month grace period on payments had expired.
    Once he figures this all out, angry, spends two days trying to call wife. Gets either brushed off or sent to voice mail. Finally he takes a day off and drives to the condo by the externship site. She isn’t home. Wife isn’t answering her phone. So he decides to wait for her. A few hours later she comes home with her “study buddy” dude in tow. Shocked to find her husband she initially starts to lie, blah blah blah, you all get the picture.
    Turned out she decided at about the beginning of Year 3 of the marriage she wanted out. She talked to a lawyer. The lawyer ADVISED HER to spend the next 6-8 months to establish her own residence and place any reasonable expenses to do so as lines of credit so it was MARITAL debt and thus would probably be split in divorce. (That is legal marital debt in most states btw).
    So husband immediately files for divorce to protect himself from incurring any more marital debt taken out by his wife. It ended up something like this after about 2 years of proceedings:
    1. The wife’s program always was intended to be a 4 year program. She was just lying about her intentions when she enrolled in the 2 year program then “added on” the certifications.
    2. Husband shouldered almost all the household expenses for the entire marriage, wrecked his savings, and took on massive debt.
    3. Wife gets lucrative grad degree, husband gets no financial interest in it
    4. Wife did get hit with 60% of the marital debt and 80% of her student loans, but husband got the rest
    5. Wife avoided alimony despite entering a field with a much higher salary then husband while proceedings were pending
    6. Husband is in debt about $60,000 total after legal fees
    7. Ex-wife marries “study buddy” about two years after marriage is dissolved.
    Pretty shitty deal for three years of “marital bliss”. Friend said the real result, other then all the emotional angst, wasted time, etc. is he will have to halt most retirement savings for 4-5 years and has had to significantly downgrade several things in his life. That gap in retirement savings in your early 30’s is going to hurt in the long run and living in the not so nice side of town in a rental when all your friends and colleagues live on the nice side of town with the easy commute and are buying property is pretty rough.
    And not to make it sound like the wife got off “scott free”. From what I heard, granted third hand, is the judge was none to kind to her when it came to the actual allocation of the debt and she got all the high interest lines of credit since she was a beneficiary of the charges and even though the husband got a small chunk of the student loans the wife’s lawyer convinced her she would only have to take 30-40% instead of her 80% assignment.
    Moral of the story here is both party’s got pretty screwed. Wife trying to be manipulative and use husband she was planning on leaving probably just resulted in both of their lives being worse in the end. Wife might of got a moderate advantage for a few years, but just created a shitty circumstance for both. If you get married (1) get a pre-nup to protect yourself to the extent permitted by law and (2) only get married if you can agree with your spouse that if you ever decide you want out you will tell them at that time and not drag it on to try to take advantage of the situation because no one is going to win if that happens.

  28. The author is a full retard. He tries to convince us and mostly himself that he “learned from his mistakes” knows about game and is now red-pilled. Bullshit.
    He is still a bloody beta, hence why he remarried, + he even uses the very textbook beta male excuse “he found a UNICORN” (NAWALT) HAHAHAH.
    FFS. I thought we wanted to make RoK Great Again?
    Sorry, but WTF is this bullshit?

    1. I think its more like I said. This is an example of how NOT to write an article to the manosphere. It didn’t take but one reading to figure out the dude was bullshit and at the very points you mentioned.
      For writers, DO NOT WRITE LIKE THIS CUCK. He fooled no one.
      I will also say, if you are red pilled / black pilled, the one word that should NEVER being your vocabulary is MARRIAGE. You categorically DO NOT need to accept the unconditional surrender terms of your rights by getting MARRIED and wear the yoke of a CIVIL CONTRACT that codifies your lifelong SLAVERY to your female partner. You are an IDIOT of the worst CALIBER to do so for ANY REASON.
      You want kids? Make sure you are there when the birth certificate is made and have your last name put on it for your kids last name. END OF STORY. DNA test to verify your parentage.

      1. Edit: this commenting system needs an editing function of some sort so commenters can fix spelling mistypes after posting. My spelling is immaculate if it weren’t for the tiny keyboard on my wristwatch smartphone.

    2. So then – write your own article for ROK . Put yourself out there – share your own life experience.
      Come on stud muffin – show us all how its done.

  29. You got married again after you already had a son ? You’re still not redness pill . I’ve been married once , won’t do it again ; not that stupid

  30. Wow! some of you commentariat scallywags have given the author a pretty harsh roasting for this honest account. More credit to the author. Bravo, Hans! Long may you be happy and your children prosper. I hope the vitriol here doesn’t dissuade you and other writers from contributing to RoK.

  31. Well, the reality is that is was her money. Under the law, money inherited from family is not community property, it is the sole and separate property of the person who inherits it from family. The same would be true if here the husband’s family had left him an inheritance: it would have been his money and his separate property.
    It is too bad what happened here, but this guy married a dishonorable woman to whom he did not stay close enough or bonded enough to know her heart and mind. It is also better to make sure the wife works, earns income and is capable of supporting herself.

  32. >I had survived catching my wife cheating
    Yeah. You should have left right there.
    Should have pulled a woman and gone after half that 400k too.

  33. It’s my historic and continual observation that very few men and women see clearly / are “on to” themselves. With regard to the example in this story, I’ve seen it happen BOTH ways, not one. You’re in s rebound. How long you think that will last?

  34. Shouldn’t you have gotten half the proceeds of her inheritance? You were married when she received the money.

    1. Actually, inheritances are not community property. My now-ex also divorced me after an inheritance. And she too pissed it all away in a short time. I have NOT remarried, but she has. The poor fellow should have known better.

  35. Real chit chat – should of divorced her with proof of adulterous, cheating behavior. You could of gotten out of the relationship with your wallet, and could of been on to a sexy, later 20 year old.

  36. Feel bad for you, guy. That’s a rotten break.
    But this:
    “I had survived catching my wife cheating when I was out working 17 hours one day so she could stay home.”
    – Never, and I mean NEVER, forgive a female that has dishonored you. You probably already knew this, and decided to make an exception that one time. Big mistake.
    I sure you will never make it again. Good luck with things.

  37. “I now ask you, men: what are you doing?”
    I’m drinking cheap booze and banging hot escorts at least 3 times a week. And yes, I do try to talk to some of the younger guys at my job about “red pill” stuff from time to time. One of them listens very carefully. Especially when I tell him to steer clear of old bags.

  38. ‘I wonder how much money I’ll [or even if “we’ll”] get?’, said arriving at your Dad’s funeral, is a huge red flag to me.

  39. Money doesn’t change people, it merely unmasks them. If a person is naturally selfish or arrogant or greedy, the money brings that out, that’s all.

  40. I can relate very much to this authors journey..having experienced a somewhat similar one myself.
    As for trying to red pill the Christian mens group…good luck. Ive tried -its futile .It isn’t the women, in the church, who are the problem its the white knights and the “only real man here” attitudes found among most of the participants. Ive learned to just shut my mouth and chuckle when they talk about servant leadership and all kind of other useless shit.
    As for $ 400,000 being enough to live happily ever after on. Only a financially illiterate loser would think this way….400K is pretty much nothing these days.

    1. Forest
      As I previously stated, $400k would last me and my family (5 of us) about 25 years, and that’s including the mortgage repayments.

    2. Sure, $400k is not much money if you plan to live on that for a decade or two, especially if you factor in inflation. The common sense thing to do if a goldmine like that (quite literally) falls is to invest around $350k and keep $50k for your own expenses and recreation.
      I think it would be a good idea to invest most of that money in to a strong index like the S&P 500 and place a small amount in to bonds or and emerging markets index. And you could maybe use an even smaller amount – say $10k – to buy cryptocurrencies to try and get a lucky 1000% increase (which you could just as likely lose). At least those are things I would do anyway to retire very very early.

  41. Good story. I’m not laughing either. But getting remarried? Good luck. About half way through your piece, I knew my comment was going to be for you to wait and watch her run through her money. But no need. Karma is reality. Want to enjoy some more? She was red pilled about Latino’s, the first time she got the crabs.

  42. Hi , First of all thank you for taking the time to write your article.
    Unlike the pussy 20 somethings that are fucking their hands and typing shit to you, I’ve seen enough pain in my life to keep my nasty comments to myself.(if I had any)
    The trolls on this site now are incredible. Hard to tell how many are paid trolls, and how many are stupid kids.
    It’s not even worth responding to anything they write. Like the internet was around when we made our mistakes. I’ve forgotten more stuff than these kids have ever learned, yet all they can do is call names and preach shit like they have ever done anything in their lives, much less raise kids.
    But to you Sir, I say thank you.

  43. Shorthand for ROK Readers Who Could NOT Get Thru This Article-
    Beta marries Pig
    Caretakes Pig’s Parents but They HATE Him
    Wife Cucks Beta with Mexican
    Beta Loses Everything in Divorce
    Beta GOES BACK FOR MORE with New Pig!
    Shorthand Description of Article in One Word-

  44. This is why the red pill is useful for women, too. A woman could become so deluded as to think that there would be options waiting for her at 35 with a gut. Poor her, honestly.

  45. “I think that she also resented my reasonable expectation that since she didn’t work, my house should stay clean and that a meal should be ready soon after I came home from work.” – married life is GRRRTT

  46. I’m sure a lot of other guys have said this but I stopped reading at “survived my wife cheating” wtf did you expect?

  47. I’m not familiar w/the divorce process so I don’t understand why he had to pay child support when she divorced him at a time she obviously had more income than him. Can someone explain?

  48. I love a story with a happy ending, Hans.
    You’ve definately come out of this ahead – in a much better situation than if she hadn’t taken her money and run off on you.
    Four hundred thousand dollars well spent, I would say!

  49. This is an all too common story. In my case, I’ve had 5 LTRs, put 100% into all of them, broke up with all of them when it was clear it was mot scalable to marriage. all tried to get me back and a key reason why was because several of them had never lived on their own. They blamed ME for what is simply living life and when they had to do it on their own and saw their other dating options, well, I’m not perfect but they saw the light. On top of that while a man is hard at work providing all day, a stay at home wife with no financial skin in the game is watching daytime talk shows everyday that tell her you suck and being hit on by the UPS driver. It’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong; marriage in most cases being a terrible “business model.” Much is made of notch counts but it’s important to find someone who has enough experience to know that it’s not better with someone else. So I’m rather fond of this article which details the music relationship between Rob Zombie and John 5.

    With women, I have found that the person who is willing to leave first and has the most attractive options with the opposite sex has the upper hand and that equality simply doesn’t work. As with bands, every relationship should have a benevolent dictator. It tends to work best when that person is a strong and kind man. A woman will challenge a man who shows weakness, it is simple wolf pack order dynamics. We tend to forget this in traditional LTRs but unfortunately evolution does not disappear when wedding vows are uttered. It sounds like you are in a much better place and that it’s the best thing that ever happened to you: though the signs were there all along, the money inherited revealed your ex wife to be common bar trash (i.e. sunlight is the best disinfectant). You now have wonderful children and are scoring prime trim. In the end, people usually get what they deserve. Fate sent you a “get out of jail (mostly) free” card. Enjoy it my friend 🙂

  50. He sounds like he loves work more than women – “I caught my wife cheating after working 17 hour days” – surprise, surprise

  51. As far as a cheating girl goes: if you don’t notice her shit tests and game and snuff that out early on then it’ll come back to bite you. Most young guys don’t know how to stand up for themselves – that goes for baby boomer men and a lot of other men raised within the last 50-70 years – if you don’t tell that bitch what is what when she does some stupid shit or even alludes to cheating in some way or something you don’t like then the odds your screwed are pretty astronomically high. If she does soem shit you dont like you can’t be a bitch and stick around, you gotta be MORE THAN WILLING to WALK the fuck out of that relationship.
    Problem is guys think being provider = her liking you – girls don’t give a shit about your job or how many hours you work as long as you have one and are doing ‘something’ productive. Working 17 hours a day is just as bad – why even have a wife if your going to grind insane hours…its idiotic. Girls care about you having a job simply because of social stigma and they want to have perceived power over you – girls know if you have a job then its an excuse for her to get pampered. Most men on here will disagree with me on this but she should be working in some way. Girls (especially nowadays) BITCH about men ‘needing’ jobs because they want to USE men. Girls complain men need work because THEY want the easy life, they know men will support them, and so its an easy blame game tool to launch at men – not to mention a double standard girls use. Honestly men should be PROMOTING women to work (at least part time) and do SOMETHING – why? Because A) economically your not gunna be able to support a large family if your under 30 (almost guaranteed, in the U.S. if your under 30 you most likely can barely afford to live on your own let alone support a wife AND kids) – and B) its too late to try to turn back the clock and roll back women suffrage, accept it and move on and work with reality instead of fantasizing about the 1930’s – I would love if it was still old school ‘leave it to beaver’ shit and the man was the breadwinner, but you gotta be fukin realistic – obviously I don’t want my boss to be a woman for several reasons, but I don’t give a shit if some girl wants to work part time somewhere to support the family – ideally you want to rollback ALL women working to give men those jobs, but that’s fantasy shit, society way too far gone for that to go down, Trump would have to make it an executive decision and even then ‘good luck’. Realistically I don’t care if the wife works if its part time or some shit or something she legitimately enjoys and is good at (think nursing, vet, therapist, etc). If she doesn’t have to work and you make bank then you NEED to be having tons of kids to keep her ass occupied.
    Wives cheat because they are bored, they have no kids, no job, no hobbies, all they do is watch movies about women cheating and talk to other shitty girls about cheating, and the husband is married to his work so she ends up cheating – its not rocket science. She HAS to be doing SOMETHING – if that means working part-time to support the family or having lots of kids than THATS what it means. To want to lock her up at home thinking she’ll never cheat and can never work in any capacity is ASKING her to cheat, she’ll resent you and you’ll be divorced. Ideal hands are the devils workshop – all the more true for women and girls.

  52. No laughing here. The only thing different in this story from mine is the lack of inheritance. I too was saddled with a lying whore whom I stayed with because 1) with a 9yo son I was afraid of divorce rape and 2) naively thought it could be worked out.
    Needless to say 4 years later, my son lives with me (he saw what a whore she was and decided she can love in her own), i had her sign over the house, and no visitation schedule.
    Today’s women are a fucking mess. I hope many of these whores die miserable, fat, and alo…. oh wait. They are. Fuck em.

  53. Author of this tale wants you to think he’s NOT highlighting the fact that he’s some LEO. Like he deserves any praise or sympathy due to his chosen occupation. All LEO’s are terrible people because they self select based on immunity of compassion for Human suffering. The fact that he got cucked twice isn’t surprising.

  54. Interesting read, but you definitely haven’t learned your lesson. If you slam the car door on your dick once, you never do it again- EVER. If you do, you must enjoy it. Get my drift?
    I work in a lucrative area of financial services, and horror stories of divorce rape are everywhere and are almost always identical. Dutiful and successful providers bust their butts doing 12-14 hour days to support their stay at home, or “involved in the community” wives and cater to all of their wishes for 5 to 10 years, then divorce happens and wife gets the house and massive child support &/or alimony payment.
    All of the guys who get divorce raped are “good guys” who believed in relationship equity and being great fathers and providers- IT DIDN’T MEAN JACK TO THEIR WIVES. Once she lost the “feels” and hypergamy started rearing its head in, she was out. Every dirty trick in the book was used to rape the husband: he was abusive, he was workaholic, he drank too much, didn’t spend time with me, didn’t love me, had mistresses, verbally abusive etc.
    The money that men lost in their divorces, and settlements they have shown me are absolutely mind blowing. Their emotional, physical, and mental sacrifices were completely invalidated by their wives.

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