10 Things I Learned Working As A Male Domestic Violence Counselor

Not too long ago, I worked as a domestic violence counselor in Canada. I worked with thousands of victims and perpetrators relating to domestic violence. During that time, I helped a great amount of people and I worked with some wonderful people, which were not most of my colleagues, but the victims of violence or victims of the legal system.

Here are ten important things that I learned working as a male domestic violence counselor in Canada.

1. The Legal System Is 100% Biased Against Men

Men are presumed guilty and almost always arrested after the accusation is made. The arrest is based upon the accusation, not on evidence. Police will still do an investigation, but an arrest for males is almost guaranteed after a complaint is made. If the female victim claims abuse in her statement, then almost always the male is going to jail.

A man must then prove himself innocent either to the prosecutor (crown) or to the judge in a trial, not usually to the police. There doesn’t need to be any evidence to arrest a man, just an accusation.

If a woman is charged with domestic violence, the police often do more of a thorough investigation or there is overwhelming evidence to support that the woman is a perpetrator. However, what often happens is the woman will claim self-defense and her accusation will cause the man to be arrested, even if the man was the one who was the victim of the assault.

2. Domestic Charges Do Not Have To Be Physical For A Man To Be Arrested

Many men charged with a domestic charge never laid hands on a woman or caused any bodily harm. A threat or act of violence such as punching your hand in the wall or destroying your own property in front of a woman is grounds to be arrested. So, for example, you find out your girlfriend stole all your money, get upset, and punch a wall. If the police are called, you can be charged with domestic violence.

The police lay the charges, not the victim, so a hole in the wall and a neighbour hearing yelling can lead to an arrest.

3. Most Men Who Are Arrested For Domestic Violence Don’t Fit The Stereotype

Most of the men charged with domestic violence do not fit the stereotype of guys in white wifebeater shirts, unemployed, or have low IQ’s. In fact, most men I worked with loved their families, believed that violence was wrong, and were employed. Some were police officers, doctors, and even professional athletes, but most men were regular Joes.

4. There’s No Race Bias In Domestic Violence Arrests

If you’re accused of a domestic charge, you will be treated the same way as any other man. Guilty ’til proven innocent! Your colour, age, or religion doesn’t matter: it just takes an accusation from someone with a vagina to get arrested.

5. Most Staff Working At Domestic Violence Programs Do Not Like Men And Are Not There To Help Society

The stereotype that most domestic violence counselors are feminists that hate men is 100 percent true. Most of my colleagues looked like Big Red and had the same type of mentality. The organizations that operate the men’s rehab program are almost always run by feminist women.

Most women I worked with enjoyed yelling at the men and saw it as their opportunity to get even. Some even had the goal to see men cry or to get them to leave the group so they would be charged by police for not completing their court sentence.

6. There Is No Support For Male Victims Of Domestic Violence

If a male victim reveals that he needs financial assistance or a safe place to go, there is often no support from the community. Males are left to fend for themselves completely.

Ironically, men are also charged a fee for the program and women usually were not. If a man is on welfare, the taxpayer—who is already subsidizing the program—would have to completely pay for his mandatory training.

7. People Are Profiting Off Of Programs For Domestic Violence

Organizations and feminist groups state they want to end violence towards women and blame domestic violence on men’s behaviour. However, once you mention spending money on programs for men, they shut the conversation down.

Prevention programs, education groups, and support programs to assist young boys or to help men having problems would help prevent domestic violence. Hiring male role models or having programs to support dads or open shelters for male victims would also alleviate the amount of incidents. Feminists groups only want spend on themselves or on women, and their solution for men is jail time.

8. Drug And Alcohol Abuse Are Common

The two most common factors present when people admitted they committed domestic violence were drugs and alcohol.

9. Women Who Admit Guilt Or Are Found Guilty Are Treated Completely Different Than Men

Females convicted of domestic violence are treated like victims, not perpetrators. They are given shorter sentences and have greater access to housing, money, and free counselling.

Women’s mandatory education groups are free and are run like support groups where they are not yelled at but instead given cookies, coffee, and hugs.

10. Domestic Violence Programs Don’t Work Using The Current Model

The methodology is flawed, service delivery is defective, and the approach is misguided. There is nothing good about the current domestic violence prevention programs.

Feminists created and designed an anti-domestic violence model called the Duluth model with no insight into men’s behaviour, no understanding of counselling or therapy models, and as a result, domestic violence programs are complete failures.

The rehabilitation programs and legal approaches currently being used are not preventing violence, not rehabilitating offenders, and not keeping anyone safer. Often, repeat offenders keep attending the same programs as they learn nothing in group when the facilitator is just there to yell at them.

Until the system is rebooted—and men actually have a voice in the discussion—nothing will change. Feminists should not be in charge of men’s rehabilitation programs.

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    1. In M.E. They say, beat your wife in the morning, at midday & in the evening ??
      If you don’t know why ??
      Don’t worry, she knows why ??

    2. I worked with law enforcement in Wisconsin briefly and there it was the state law that a person was to be arrested on accusation of perpetrating domestic violence. In practice, it meant men accused of DV, but the official way the law was written, it was supposedly applied to male and female. In reality, it was anything but.
      And the cops are hamstrung by the law, because if they fail to make the arrest and then something happens to the woman, they’ll be fired, the city will be sued by the woman or her next of kin if she’s murdered and not only that, the cop himself can be personally sued. So to err on the side of caution, the cop just arrests the man because if the accusation is credible and he makes the arrest and then he gets out of jail and stabs her to death, then the cop will be in the clear because he did what the state law required of him.
      If he doesn’t make the arrest and the woman gets stabbed to death, then the cop will have hell to pay. Under some circumstances, he could be criminally charged on top of all of the above that will happen to him. Now, if a man makes an accusation against a woman, then rarely, unless there’s solid evidence, like the police pull up and witness her chasing him with a knife, usually she won’t be arrested.

    3. Just as a hypothetical example, if you beat a woman for no reason at all – – get this and I’m serious – – she still knows the reason she deserved a whooping.

        1. “Some apocryphal accounts state that at the time of her betrothal to Joseph, Mary was 12–14 years old, and he was ninety years old, but such accounts are unreliable.[66] According to ancient Jewish custom, Mary could have been betrothed at about 12.[67] Hyppolitus of Thebes claims that Mary lived for 11 years after the death of her son Jesus, dying in 41 AD.[68]”

        2. HAHAHA cukced by god, not only that, Joseph was going to leave her and make Mary a single mother, but an angel convince him not to do it

    1. But by sanctioning polygamy of up to 4 wives and enforcing all sorts of draconian rules on sexuality – male and female, they royally enslave all but the most alpha men and turn them into cannon fodder in their barbaric wars against everyone for all sorts of ass-backwards reasons. Muzzies are barbarians and have nothing to teach us. Yes their control over their women is enviable but that is only one part of the story.

  1. One thing I’ve noticed is that domestic abuse is beta relationship behavior to the Nth degree. Constantly tracking her movements via GPS, spending every waking hour with her, carefully poring over her receipts, etc. Honestly who has time for this shit?

    1. Lol really?
      Then what’s alpha behaviour?
      Feigned indifference?
      That facade again? Lol
      Women love violent men, that’s why they welcome refugees.
      Men who are “good” at domestic violence don’t get ratted out by their bitch.

      1. White wimmens are the only ones who call cops and claim DV. Blacks? Nope. Beans? Nada.
        Makes ya wonder…

      2. A high-status male can easily secure another mate and his girlfriend/wife knows it. His confidence and aloofness are a form of insurance against cheating. I’ve found the silent treatment works for most other cases. They think being ignored is the worst thing in the world which is why they always try it on us when they’re mad. I’m not sure what to call controlling your partner by staking out her workplace or threatening to kill yourself if she leaves if not insecurity.
        And don’t get me wrong, I’d be okay with slapping some sense into a woman who was extremely out of line and/or hysterical. This would follow the same guidelines as spanking a child(no lasting injuries and it’s about discipline not revenge). DV is a totally different matter, however. It’s more about control than discipline, this is why abusers seem so unpredictable. They don’t really think she’s cheating because she was 5 minutes late, they just want an excuse to keep her in a state of fear.

      3. Alpha behavior is booting her ass out if you think she’s cheating on you and replacing her with a younger hotter model!

    2. Problem is what do you do when you are married to such a women? These shit partners are the ones many chumps, for lack of better choice, get stuck with. They delude and jump warning lights because they lack enough options to twist.

  2. Advice from an Eastern-European male: if your woman calls the cops, accusing you with domestic violence, beat the shit out of her during the five minutes you have until the police arrives.
    Then at least you will not be persecuted unjustly as an innocent man.
    I mean, if whatever the case you are considered guilty and will be punished, then you are better off if you really beat her up, for the good of your soul.

    1. Perhaps that violence will act as a deterrent against women frivolously misusing this draconian and unjust law. The violence then is justified.

    2. Better yet, claim self defense afterward. Handing her a rolling pin to hold until the cops arrive will bolster your case.

      1. Not necessarily. I had a buddy that his wife came after him with a kitchen knife. He punched her once in the face and disarmed her. She was out cold. He ended up calling police knowing full well she would call them as soon as she awoke. Police show up, she denies trying to stab him and despite the knife being right there he still gets arrested and charged with felony domestic assault. He ends up trying to fight it and the charges get dropped on the day of the trial because his ex-wife didn’t show up to testify for the prosecution. Self-defense does not work for men vs. women cases in my experience.

    3. I like your thinking tavareesh,
      You may as well teach her a lesson for being a cunt.
      You will go to jail, but you’ll at least instil a healthy legacy of ongoing fear in her and the thots around her

    4. I had a black jamaican friend that told me how his dad kept his bitches in line.
      He told me he would beat their feet. Literally. No marks, or anything to incriminate. Smack them with a stick.
      To me, its not worth it. Silent treatment or go out and do something with my friends and tell me to clean the house when I get home, or else.

  3. So you can be charged for a punching a wall? Crazy!!!
    Feminists are running mens rehab groups.
    Thats like asking vegatarians to plan a moose hunt or asking a homosexual if he likes it a juicy vag when hes banging a broad.

    1. It’s even worse. You don’t have to be even remotely physical. Following her spending habits can be classified as abuse.
      “Financial Abuse: How to tell if your partner is a money bully”
      Domestic violence is roughly divided in 9 categories:
      1. physical aggression (hitting, kicking, biting, shoving, restraining, throwing objects), or threats thereof
      2. sexual abuse
      3. emotional abuse
      4. financial abuse (withholding money or controlling all money, including that of other family members)
      5. social abuse (restricting access to friends and/or family, insulting or threatening friends and/or family), controlling or domineering
      6. intimidation
      7. stalking
      8. passive/covert abuse[29][30] (e.g., neglect)
      9. economic deprivation
      Notice how most of these categories are totally subjective.

      1. saying no to hers tantrums is emotional abuse. Also is Canada, the second most cucked nation after Sweden, I bet saying not to her wanting to have sex with poor black north African is emotional abuse.

      2. Any type of action that’s domineering in any way is wrong in a relationship unless if it has been verbally agreed upon on both sides. It really isn’t that hard of a concept to understand.

  4. Doesn’t mention the constant nagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnagnag
    …that the regular Joe put up with and despite repeated requests for her to stop she kept on and on and on and on and on and on with until he finally explodes with frustration and does something he immediately regrets but by then it’s too late, she’s got what she wanted and is now a victim…which immediately boosts her options by 1000%. While the poor schmuck who did nothing but get up before the sun everyday to put a roof over their heads and food in their bellies gets fucked over by the system.
    But women are all innocent little snowflakes!

    1. Almost all those women in shelter are violent themselves. They nag and nag, bite and scratch and women bodies gets bruisers and mark just for holding them, blocking their attacks and pushing them away from, you will try to calm her holding their hands, and the police will find the mark of your hand in their arms, now you are fuck you will push her away when she tried to bite your eyes, and and you will leave mark in her shoulder, she will stupidly harm herself and you will blamed for it.

    1. I’m Canadian and it’s actually embarrassing at this point.
      Leftists have completely taken over all three of our cities.

  5. Thank you for this article. I have been in this situation myself.
    The wife pulled up a knife on me. I was naive and thought I’d call the police to scare her and make her come to her senses. I didn’t finish the call and didn’t even give them the address but of course they tracked the number and a minute later there was a big bang on the door.
    Guess who got arrested?

        1. Good for you. You saved yourself.
          How can anyone stay married after “the law” has been called in?
          Any trust that existed before is gone; you’ll live your “life” in fear that if she has so much as a hangnail, she’ll call “the law” again – and then you’re really fucked.

      1. She found some bruises on her thigh and blamed it on me.
        When the shit hits the fan the woman becomes extremely selfish and would do anything tom save her own ass.

        1. Thabk you. I have a question. Voxday suggested that if a woman has her man arrested by claiming victim after he calls the police, then the thing to do is calmly return home and beat the living shit out of her.
          If you had beaten the living shit out of her for this, what would have been the penalty?

    1. This is where “The Gift of Fear” mindset should kick in. Most guys have an intuitive sense about a person or situation – in this case a female – early on, but they choose to ignore it, are socialized to ignore it, because it’s not “Fact Based.” They pay for it down the line as the threat that they sensed but ignored materialises itself in due course.
      I suspect that @Been There Done That! had plenty of warnings about this woman thrown his way even before he got married. But he ignored them because they weren’t fact based, just little twinges, and besides we mustn’t flee from challenge, and all that. Not his fault, socialisation and all that, but now he probably knows better in hindsight.
      Guys, listen to your inner voice, the Little Voice. If something is wrong or off -situation, relationship, whatever – and your Little Voice, the one that’s level, calm, cool and rational when it speaks to you, tells you that something is wrong about something, then get out and away in a hurry. Hunt for the reasons why later. Just leave, distance yourself and don’t look back.
      Follow your Little Voice and you’ll rarely if ever go wrong.
      Just a thought.

        1. Respectfully, it was your boner that got you in trouble in the first place.
          I’ve seen sooo many guys get themselves into trouble for the sake of a piece of ass. Better to pause, take a deep breath, wait for the horndog shakes to subside a bit, and then ask yourself if it’s going to be more trouble than it’s worth. You’ll be happy you did.
          Just a thought.

    2. To be fair, that was a beta bitch move on your part.
      Next time (with a different wife), leave. Then come back with an eighteen-year-old girl and fuck her in front of your wife***.
      ***Feel free to use a younger girl where permitted by law. In some states, age of consent is sixteen (examples: MA & NV).

  6. Plenty of career oppurtunities available for professional women (glorified secretaries) thanks to the cultural black hole that is destroying the west. Only a total collapse will sort out the parasites.

    1. The only way to stop this is total BOYCOTT.
      Don’t work with women, do not do them any favors, don’t fix their phones, laptop, computers, etc and most importantly don’t fix their fucking toilets! Let them drown in their own shit.
      It’s men who keep this world function so we need to withdraw all our support and let the whole thing collapse.

      1. If society were to collapse, young, fertile women would revert back to their natural role. The middle-aged, spinster cunts (career women) would starve and rightfully so.

        1. Not trying to be mean, but if you really think that’s going to happen than that’s not really that smart.
          Just remember that men wouldn’t be able to survive without women simply because they come from a woman. You wouldn’t be able to start a family without one. You’re acting like men don’t need women but that’s actually inaccurate. Both men and women both need each other for different things.
          If men were to withdraw support from women the women will just rebel against them and refuse to do what men want them to do. It’s just human nature.
          If men think that all I’m good for is having babies with him, then that would be the one thing I will not do for him until he respects me as a human being and appreciates what more I have to offer.

      2. Not enough. This is a “sneaky fucker” sexual reproductiin strategy. By encouraging total degeneracy, low rated males, “gammas”, and females in general, hoped to gain access to mates they would normally have no chance of approaching.
        The lie that sold this was that all men were promosed easy access to sex. But when social mores are removed, 80% of the women prefer to share the top 20% of the men. And “top” does not refer to what most men would consider to be “top”, but “top” by female standards. And by female standards, a “top” male is a sociopathic cannibal suffering from megalomania.
        Which means that the longer this system is in place the more destruction it is going to cause.
        Fellas, this can be reversed. But if you dont reverse it, you’ll die off and a better group of men will have to replace you.

      3. You don’t fix anyone’s toilet for free, fucker. You get paid to. If you don’t like earning money, don’t choose this job, retarded piece of shit.
        Nobody would want to get even with you assholes without being bruised heavily in the first place, by human garbage like yourself.

      4. The hard part of that tactic is convincing the 95% of the regular blue-pill “normies” to adhere that mindset. Good luck with that.

  7. The articles concludes saying that current programs do not keep anyone safer. Well, they do keep women safer through coercion. Men grow increasingly afraid to act upon women or answer their stupidity, provocations and unbearable banter with some drastic physical violence. They are making men effeminate instead of giving them consolation or directing their energy into something profitable. This is what men essentially end up doing rejecting long term relationships with women altogether and just having sex randomly paying or when women are open to it.

    1. You misunderstand the situation. Women seek out violent men. If you discourage violence through heavy handed social conditioning, there will still be that 1% of psychotics who are too insane to relate to the conditioning, and those maniacs will eb the ones getting the pussy.
      Why do you think women consistently vote to bring in retarded male psychopaths from rape prone countries?

    1. Its not “unfair” any more than it would be unfair if 4 year old children would vote to have mean parents shot and that the water fountains would be replaced with chocolate milkshake fountains.
      Women are CHILDREN. They have no control. Giving the, the vote was the most disgusting thing the West ever did. All of this, every last bit of this nightmare is because Western men arrogantly gave theor women the right to decide what the men would do.
      Because thats what the vote is, Francesc. It doesnt matter what society says, in the end, its men who die in war, men who die in the sewers, its men who get killed on construction jobs. Meaning we are the ones who build all of this. Voting is about a collective decision on how to spend our time and energy.
      Giving women the vote was a terrible crime.

  8. The system is completely biased, the burden of proof has been reversed and yet, we still have to deal with even more demands from fat feminists. It makes u yearn for the patriarchy doesn’t it.

  9. Why not do what Dr. Phil does with problem couples, and have cameras and microphones installed throughout the house? Great way to get to the bottom of who the real problem is.

  10. Thanks for writing on this subject, but to be honest none of this is surprising. I think most Western men at least intuitively know this.
    Tell us about the thots you counseled, and how they were secretly turned on by their violent partners and how when all was said and done they still came crawling back to their “abusive” alcoholic boyfriends. Those are the red pills we want to OD on.

    By the time I met Clinton Macbeth in the Philippines he was homeless.
    I asked him about his life in Connecticut.
    He told me.
    Following the break up of his marriage in Connecticut, he stalked his wife.
    They jailed him for it. At one point he tried to produce a receipt to prove that he had not been at Dunkin’ Donuts and not around the condominium his wife lived in and the judge locked him up saying he could have found it in a dumpster.
    At this point, he managed to get a job as a contractor in Iraq. But he started stalking some co-worker he disliked and was fired.
    He moved to Lapu Lapu, Philippines with a fair amount of money in 2007. He met another woman, a younger Filipino female, but they had quarrels and she broke up with after he had supported her for some time.
    I met Clinton Macbeth in 2012. He was on the street by then. He did have a return ticket to the US but refused to leave the Philippines.
    Finally, he started to stalk another American. I do not know what that was about.
    They deported him.
    So now, I assume, he is 60 years old and homeless in his Connecticut city.

  12. How many men end up dead because of these false allegations?
    Whether it’s straight suicide or gradual via drugs and/or booze – this shit is killing men.
    And my family and friends that are in law enforcement have told me several times that at least 90% of “domestic calls” are complete bullshit.
    Where’s the outrage? “crickets”

      I was stalked by a mad ex-girlfriend as a young man. We dated briefly and I broke it off.
      At one point SHE BROKE IN to my apartment and the police told me “Don’t touch her!” as they arrested her.
      This was in Ontario, Canada.
      If ever you are stalked by a woman, believe me, she can come into your house with a knife and the police will let her go the next day.

  13. Q: What’s the first thing a woman does when she returns home from the battered women’s shelter?
    A: The dishes, if she knows what’s good for her!

  14. You may not know why you are beating your wife. But she knows why!
    -Arab saying
    (meaning: she must have done something, so even if you’re not sure, it’s a good standard practice.)

  15. One of the funniest things happened between my ex and I while we were together. She was at my place, and had just decided to hit me in the face while I was sitting down at the bottom of the stairs. I responded by shoving her away, and she tripped over a chair leg on her way backwards and fell.
    She then proceeded to call her friend in front of me, asking her for a lift from my place, and then telling her that I had just beaten the shit out of her.
    The problem: it was around 2 a.m. on a Saturday morning (Friday night), and her friend was too wasted at an extremely noisy club to understand her. I could hear the booming music coming from the phone even though I stood a few meters away from the ex, and watched as she dejectedly hung up. She took a few moments to stare at the floor, before softly giving me an apology for her behavior.
    She stayed over at my place that night, but I had already mentally checked out of the relationship by that point, and broke things off with her once she was out the door the next day.

  16. Stop being such a god forsaking faggot john. After the purge here the stink of this type of shit is strong. Go talk shit about Mohammed or some video game.

  17. When it comes to domestic violence charities, I do not give.
    And people ask… WHY?!? Do you hate women? Are you in favor of abuse? Are YOU an abuser yourself?!?
    And I say, no, no, and no. Who picked the man? It wasn’t me. I’m a nonviolent person who believes in the nonaggression principle. I also believe in privacy and handling ones own business. No amount of television ads or wardrobe ribbons or hashtag campaigns will stop abusive men and the women who are completely in love with and turned on by them.
    If laws have been broken, it’s up to the authorities to handle that. Not me. I’ve committed no crimes so please leave me alone.

    1. all charities are scams. 90% of money is spend in salaries, rent and travel expenses, because you known those gals will take anything below 5 stars when they go to that conference in Australia and they will need taxis and food there, also those angels who help in Africa of course will be in luxurious hotels for the rich while they help the poor, and paying ubers taxis, rented cars and fancy restaurant in their sex tourism trips, I’m sorry their peace and loving Charity trips to give 3 sack or rice they need 15 women to travel there. the selfies prove it.

  18. I represented 150 “domestic violence” suspects and am extremely familiar with this biased system.
    OP is 100% correct in everything he says.
    Feminists have completely taken over the domestic violence racket and have turned it into a way to beat up males. These vile harpies in charge of these programs DESPISE men. The obvious penis envy would be hilarious were it not so harmful.
    I have had male clients with glass embedded in their skulls, bloody scrapes down their face that required stitches, and even had a couple knocked out with a bottle. In each case the aggressor was the wife. In each case the man was arrested.
    I also represented 3 (yes THREE) women accused of DV. One shot her husband in the back as he was trying to get away. We argued that she was “afraid of him” and pled the attempted manslaughter down to unlawful discharge of a firearm (and probation). Another had a husband with fractured skull after she broke a bottle over his head at a party. 40 witnesses saw her attack him but the police found a tiny bruise on the woman’s arm and were handcuffing the man when the drunk abusive wife saw her husband being taken into custody and attacked the cops with the same bottle. They left a MUCH larger bruise on the woman before uncuffing the man.
    He left out the sad fact that many of these “abuse” victims are repeat abusees. It is amazing to see. Men VERY RARELY abuse multiple women while women are VERY COMMONLY abused by multiple men. What could be the common denominator? It is the women! Most of these “abuse” victims are sadistic, evil harpies. They seek out men they can manipulate and emotionally torture and then they launch a campaign to push his buttons until he breaks. They get in his face screaming and spitting like a viper. They pinch, scratch and attack hysterically. Then when the man pushes her away because she is hurting him suddenly she falls down and collapses (often banging her arm on a door to deliberately create a bruise). Often she will repeatedly punch herself in the eye to create a black eye for the sympathy votes.
    The truth is, domestic violence is very, very rare and when it does happen, almost all of the time it is the woman who not just “started” it but who continued the abuse, sometimes for hours, days, or weeks, until she breaks the man and he strikes out. Most of these women are NOT victims. They feed on the drama of being a special “abused” snowflake.
    The system is completely broken and plenty of women are so insane they literally need to get the shit slapped out of them just to calm them down enough so they are not a danger to themselves or others.

    1. “Men VERY RARELY abuse multiple women while women are VERY COMMONLY abused by multiple men”
      You just admitted here that men in fact abuse women. This is the problem with this mentality. If you don’t want women to make abuse accusations against you then simply don’t abuse them thinking you would get away away with it, because obviously you can’t in this day and age.
      “The truth is, domestic violence is very, very rare and when it does happen, almost all of the time it is the woman who not just “started” it but who continued the abuse, sometimes for hours, days, or weeks, until she breaks the man and he strikes out.”
      A guy I dated punched me in the face because I forgot to turn off the sink in his house. Do you think I was evil or sadistic by making a mistake? Domestic violence is common because of how so many men try justify it by saying the woman deserved it. I already know that I did not deserve to get punched in the face. I would have been more than willing to pay for his water bill for accidentally leaving the water running. That would have been a fair consequence. If he would have just said that to me I would have agreed with him and stayed. Physical violence to make me fear him was what made me leave him.

  19. In the past centuries, men who were beaten by their wives were subject to public shaming and scorn. Funny how nothing’s changed.

    1. Ideally both men and women shouldn’t be beating each other. It would be shameful for the woman who stays with an abusive man just the same

  20. Men I got a story for you. My partner,for my construction company I own he is the architect and he was gone for like a month and when he came back to work. He told me that he got arrested for the crazy wife jumped out of his car and acused him of punching her which he didn’t and two days later they arrest him and put him in jail for like a month until he got his bail money. He took this to trial and had recordings of the cunt threatnin him. But the judge didn’t except it and he still got convicted and was innocent. This system is broken and need to fix it.

  21. The system is against us. Same shit happened to my dad, AND me. My own mom accused me of bullshit lies and abusing her when I was 12 lol.
    Yet another reason to expatriate.

  22. Domestic Violence is a
    Multi-Billion Dollar Industry
    The only way to starve it is
    men going their own way
    until men finally perfect
    the human cloning pod.

  23. Sluts with borderline personality disorder routinely wield the law against their victims. If you find yourself with one of these things RUN. Get out ASAP no matter how perky it’s tits are, extricate yourself immediately. Don’t hesitate to use blackmail if you can, play them at their own game until you can get yourself free, and if you do get arrested state that she’s a junkie alcoholic with a personality disorder and you want a restraining order against her. Don’t ever be drawn into hitting/shouting at her, that’s what the nutty bitch wants.

  24. “Most of the men charged with domestic violence do not fit the stereotype.”
    What stereotype? Just by being simply a man you already fit into the stereotype unfortunately. Just being honest. This site kind of proves that too since every guy on here seemingly encourages beating or degrading women in any way just for the hell of it. And women probably already know this and take advantage of these men’s own way of thinking against them. I think it’s ironic. Men encourage beating or mistreating women yet complain when women speak out against it, and then think the solution is to beat them harder. You would think the solution would be to simply stop beating women.
    And if a guy were to beat me physically I wouldn’t want to press charges against him since I don’t think it’s worth my time, but I would leave the relationship immediately. And I’m speaking from experience since this has happened to me before. I actually have self respect so this fear and controlling tactic just doesn’t work with me.
    I don’t mind being told what to do if it’s reasonable, but I do mind being told what I’m supposed to think because of my gender. I’m not that easily manipulated, so I’m sad that a lot of other women are.

  25. Cucks. Loads and loads of cucks.
    If my future wife ever cheats on me, she’ll find herself and her lover tied up facing two 6′ deep graves out in the middle of the Mojave desert, literally the middle of nowhere for hundreds of miles, in the middle of the night, getting what they richly deserve.
    Don’t ever take shit from women, especially not those who’ve chosen to be with you, or vice versa. Never even give feminists the time of day; they’re abominations that even God has no respect or time for, and they all burn in hell eventually anyways.
    If you can’t be masculine and dominant, you’re just pathetic. No, I don’t mean some bench-pressing faggot at the gym trying to hide his insecurities; I mean someone who’s naturally masculine and naturally dominant on the inside, (i.e. someone raised conservative and proud of it, not ashamed to be a manly man). Women will respect you if you exuberate a dominant, intimidating and calm personality, the kind of man who you should always be “nice” to and treat with courtesy, “just in case” something should happen….you all know what I mean. Women will respect you, fear you, and love you. It’s really that simple.
    If you’re a fucking pussy-whipped beta bitch blue-pill white knight shill, then you’re not worth anyone’s respect, not even the gross hypocritical feminist sluts that prowl all over the West.

  26. If it is really that injust, why don’t people successfully resist arrest? Why don’t neighbourhoods stand up against the police when one of them is arrested for no reason other than accusations?
    Don’t you have more guns than you have people in the us?

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