“Micro-Cheating” Is The Newest Feminist Bludgeon To Control Male Behavior

The latest fixation of feminists is “micro-cheating.” Their very loose and fast definition states that it is “a series of seemingly small actions that indicate a person [read: man] is emotionally or physically focused on someone outside their relationship.”

“Dating expert”

Micro-cheating is merely a watered-down version of the ridiculous #MeToo craze, an instrument that attempts to micro-police male behavior for the “benefit” of women, both real and made-up. Such a label is not one women will retrospectively apply to themselves, but certainly many of them will enforce it on men.

My colleague Ted Deveer wrote a recent article about the rate of women cheating now exceeding that of men. Whilst we can argue about the numbers and which gender does more of what, female infidelity has always been high enough to warrant concern. Yet there is a paucity of instances where women are regarded as moral actors when they cheat.

Do women ever take responsibility for full-fledged cheating?

The examples of them doing so are slim to none. I thought of that ditzy Twilight actress Kristen Stewart sheepishly half-apologizing after bonking her director behind Robert Pattinson’s back, but that’s basically it. In the celebrity world as much as the real life one, there is next to no shaming of women for outright sex with a man who isn’t their partner, let alone for so-called micro-cheating.

When I googled “apologizes for cheating,” almost all the hits were about men issuing a mea culpa, like the diminutive comedian Kevin Hart and rapper Jay-Z (in one of his albums). Of course, there’s the epic apology Tiger Woods “had to” make after plowing many female fields. Ironically, this did him no good anyway as he lost tens—if not hundreds of millions—of dollars after the news of his straying broke.

If a woman cheats, as many do, they have ready-made excuses that other women and white knights are allergic to calling out. “He was abusive,” “he didn’t give me enough attention,” “I felt lonely,” or “I didn’t mean it” are just some of the tropes women in relationships spout to evade responsibility after bedding another man. Alas, women’s defense of their micro-cheating is going to involve either the same sort of hamstering or full-blown denials. No amount of CosmopolitanElle, or Huffington Post feature articles about this new fad can suddenly turn disloyal women into introspective paragons of virtue.

What we are left with is the near certainty that only men face being held to account for micro-cheating. When women “micro-cheat,” it essentially overlaps with shit-testing her current man or, if he’s absent, indulging in run-of-the-mill hypergamy. In the second category, a girlfriend or wife flirts with another man as she is trying to gauge whether his value is superior to that of her long-term mate. If someone can explain to me how micro-cheating will be used across the board to admonish both men and women, I’m all ears.

It’s related to #MeToo as well

For a start, laugh at it.

Shaming only men for cheating, applying micro-cheating to boyfriends and husbands alone, and dubious accusations of sexual impropriety—they’re all related. The commonality is that they seek to constrain, police, and embarrass males for their sexuality, reading immorality or even criminality into it, while pretending to do the same for women. Especially with #MeToo, a strong element of attention-seeking exists alongside the attempt to manipulate male actions in a relationship, sexual or otherwise.

Here’s the present range of ways women can try to control (and punish) men through sexuality:

Notice that none of these cases mentions any responsibility to be taken by a cheating woman whatsoever. In fact, they all perversely blame a man for any events (or imagined ones) that transpire.

Choo-choo goes the “victim” train

Here we are again, watching some new excuse for female hamstering and the fabrication of allegations of sexual malfeasance against men. Despite Western women being the safest and most pampered group of people on the planet (if you exclude the presence of the migrant rapists that feminists and other SJWs foisted upon our societies), they continue to find new and increasingly microscopic things to complain about.

To avoid triggering feminists, be sure not to engage any woman in a conversation or other interaction where you can be accused of micro-cheating on your wife or girlfriend. Remember, that’s emotional abuse, misogyny, and domestic violence!

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66 thoughts on ““Micro-Cheating” Is The Newest Feminist Bludgeon To Control Male Behavior”

  1. Why are feminists using the term “partner” to refer to husbands and boyfriends? I thought only gay men use that term?

    1. David G. Brown ………. Dude, someone made a cartoon of my life!
      You get my personal “Article of the month” award just for the cartoon, which I am stealing and using to illustrate my life. The final panel even included my dog!

    2. Remember kids…
      Micro-cheating will soon be considered one of the 50 shades of “sexual misconduct,” if it isn’t already.
      That alone is woman’s justification to put men’s balls in a vice to take away his freedom, his rights, his money and possessions. So stop micro-cheating, IMMEDIATELY!

    3. Damn. Looks like white men will be wearing cock slings and chasity belts to keep them honest in the near future. Oh well, this good BBC awaits much white pussy. Ahhhh!! **creepily smiling**

    1. which will lead to 3rd world living standards once your bitches micro-cheating leads to full blown cheating and you then find yourself out on your ass.

      1. 3rd world !!??
        …so what is 1st world !? is it:
        -Mass shootings !?
        -Shootings in the University !?
        -Looting Shops/Malls !?
        -Drugs & Underworld !?
        -Marching and killing on-duty (MALE) Police Officers !?
        -Pussies walking bare-chested !?
        -Pink saturdays !?
        -Slut walks !?
        -Pussies showing dis-respect to the elected President !?
        -Pussies relentlessly accusing MEN for false rape/abuse/groping !?
        -More than half of the population living on Tax Payers Money/Welfare !?

        1. Try infrastructure that does not work and shit on the streets. We haven’t fully gotten there yet.
          But we’re getting close.

  2. is that the case women micro cheat all the time. If the woman is a 6+ they are approached every time and everyday, attraction is not an option sooner or later one of those guys will be a chad and attraction is not a choice, the same as if a cute busty girl in cleavage suddenly talk to us, of course we will feel a traction, we are humans, but men get an obvious and visible erection, women only get wet under their skirts. of course their hamster will say that well the men talk to me is not the same (not asking for it), and you as a man you talk to her, SHAME! well the answer is simple men and women are not the same, if women want equality in the micro cheating, they will required to inform withing the first minute of an interaction with any male that she is married or taken, and refuse and reject any advances like any conversation outside of talking about work. According the definition is seems that the greater micro cheaters are women, you don’t known how many women I met who forget to mention the boyfriend or accept a drink or favor from men (advances), and countless of women who love just to flirt with men and love the attention but never really cheat with those men, and how about the countless beta orbiters they keep around with the hopes of someday or not now, or maybe later but keeps them there close anyway so now those women are micro cheaters_, I doubt the liberals feminist and soyboy will shame any woman for it.

  3. If a woman accuses you of “micro-cheating”, simply laugh at it. You won’t need to accuse a woman of doing it. Other women will accuse her for you.
    Remember, slut shaming are done mostly by women towards other women.

    1. “If a woman accuses you of “micro-cheating”, simply laugh at it.”
      NO! If a woman accuses you of “micro-cheating”….ditch her immediately!
      If you allow women to use you like a doormat cuck is it any wonder that they WILL treat you like a doormat cuck?
      NEVER accept disrespect or drama of any kind from any girl you are banging…you are NOT a babysitter!
      Have some self-respect and DON’T bring toxic individuals into your life…this includes feminists!

  4. Since you mentioned c–kolding making a man raise another mans child unknowingly as their own, and depriving him of all genetic future, is a wicked crime. Laws do not punish female crimes and in marriage this should be a crime, especially if she conceals it.
    It affects a high percentage of men. A lot of these men never recover upon discovering the truth often after years of providing. From a reproductive ad biological perspective its far worse than rape. When cuckoos do it they are decried as evil but when women do it apparently it is fine.
    Feminism has always been antagonistic towards marriage and families. As they get provisions for single moms raised by enough eventually having children for men will also move to full 80:20. Twenty percent of men will impregnate 80% of women, the rest only paying, as is seen in Africa.
    It does begin to follow that principle with single-mother produced children whether through prolific sperm donors, or local alpha studs.
    Feminists look through the lens of “is this good for female domination” at everything and this micro-cheating included and will push this concept if it helps undermine family life or increases female power over men. It will otherwise discard it as being incorrect, misogynist and lacking evidence.
    Best critique of feminism/multiculturalism is a book called animal farm by George Orwell.

    1. @jamie, bless you! The number of down-votes is a “crystal clear” indication that ROK is a “pain in the ass” for femicunts !!

    2. Jamie,
      20% of men have always impregnated 80% of women. How else can you explain 1 in 200 of the world population being descendants of Genghis Khan.

      1. Well monogamy IS reproductive socialism. Socialism is reproductive Capitalism on steroids.
        Male fertility distributions were quite flat a few generations ago during monogamous times. Socialism is very capitalist when it comes to fertility distributions amongst men.
        In a pure capitalist society it wouldn’t be so extreme since women would opt for childless men because they would be better able to provide rather than single-moms who often do not care since the government is the provider.
        I am sure its varied depending on the individual society and never been exactly 80:20 which is more of an idea than an exact distribution.

      2. That’s all Asia though. And I think 1/200 is too low. Can anything similar be said of Europe? Did 1 in a few hundred descend from a Roman emporeror any single other male? I’ve never heard of it.

  5. Micro cheating……FFS the SJW and PC crowd randomly throwing words together and call it some new transgressions….a large meteor strike cant happen soon enough and all this nonsense will instantly stop, and any that doesn’t will get an instant retaliation of undeniable reality. Try being offended when NOBODY ELSE cares at all.

    1. A meteor strike would be significant but I don’t think you even need to go that far.
      Look no further than Hurricane Harvey when so many men performed heroic feats, rescuing others and procuring precious resources (such as clean drinking water) to ensure the survival of their family, friends, and neighbors.
      But the tipping point is drawing closer. If we did have a large-scale crisis such as a meteor strike, how many able-bodied men would take on a don’t-give-a-fuck attitude and tell the nearby feminists and SJWs to go fuck themselves and dehydrate somewhere else?

      1. I’m referring to a society changing circumstance ( we may yet get a nuke war or real pandemic) whereby people will simply one day abandon the old thought process we use NOW and we revert to pure practicality mindset and no/zero/nada tolerance for all the BS we live with now. Those who insist on trying to remain in this current mindset will get suitably vicious smackdowns as their only warning that what was is no longer. if they insist, well, dirt naps are cheap, survivors will have no time for senseless PC bullsh**T

        1. Well, yeah, we agree! While you are describing a more permanent scenario, my example of Hurricane Harvey was more of a temporary phenomenon.
          In both cases, people revert back to instincts.
          And when such a scenario comes to fruition NOBODY (and I mean, nobody) cares about mansplaining, #MeToo, transphobia, Islamophobia, etc. etc. A new heirarchy emerges, and victimhood no longer pays dividends, financial or otherwise.

        2. Call me cold AF, if a major calamity occurs, I WON’T be helping these people, they’re on their own… like they deserve to me. They can cannibalize themselves for my entertainment value.

      2. My friend, that is the factor few consider.
        What would men do NOW?
        What would they do after decades of hostile feminism, being “divorce raped,” being belittled and condemned in the media, seeing false rape accusers pandered to, living in a society where “girl power” is being pushed non-stop, etc.?
        Many women would learn a hard lesson in reality.

  6. If you’re not legally allowed to keep women in line, it’ll be a fucking circus and there will be no end to these rediculous scenarios.

  7. As a preface, I am not a fringe “conspiracy theorist” guy. That being said…
    The criminalization of the normal, heterosexual male is a strategic response to MGTOW, game, and men choosing the route of marriage-and-kids avoidance.
    Political, educational, and media elites are at their wit’s end. The balance of power in the sexual marketplace was for centuries designed to achieve some kind of equilibrium, ensuring long-term monogamous relationships and steady population reproduction. Unfortunately that is impossible in modern society. Special interest groups have taken over our government and our media, and they all want to be placated–from radical feminists to universities to divorce lawyers. They’ll never admit that the playing field is as level as it can be, because a level playing field would put most of them out of a job.
    These brokers of modern day totalitarianism have beliefs similar to their predecessor movements in Germany and the USSR. Minor problems are masqueraded as widespread social crises, requiring a “revolutionary” response, and when the response happens, a new minor problem is masqueraded as a crisis–rinse and repeat. Ergo, the “revolution” never really ends.
    For example, rape (meaning forced sexual intercourse without consent) is a crime we already have laws against, with strict punishments. #MeToo claimed it’s mission was to stop rape… but upon examination of the cause it had NOTHING to do with stopping rape! Think about it… this was simply a way for women to point out that quid-pro-quo arrangements that proved so profitable in the past were no longer as beneficial to them.
    “Sexual harassment” clearly does not belong in the workplace and the vast majority of men don’t partake in it. An actual solution would be to fire those who do… but the society isn’t interested in solutions. It’s more beneficial to criminalize the other 99% of men by making them undergo forced leftist indoctrination sessions (disguised as “training”) where they must acknowledge their privilege under the threat of dismissal and financial peril.
    And now we’ve got “micro cheating”…. which also encompasses the idea that *glancing* at another person constitutes infidelity or harassment. The next step isn’t going to be anything “micro,” it’s going to be “nano”… and by that I mean that heterosexual *thoughts* are going to be discouraged.
    I must say I feel bad for the young guys out there. This is a very confusing world they are growing up in, and they need older guys’ guidance now more than ever.

    1. The Red Herring is older guys need to give so many disclaimers to younger guys, if they can even get to them before the censorship stops them, otherwise in this vain, the guy giving the advice can be held accountable for thought or look-rape accusations towards their pupils. We’re already approaching the stage were there isn’t a country to move to that isn’t adopting the Totalitarian bend. Thus, self-improvement and bettering one’s physical condition, finances and location is becoming decreasingly effective until this social volatility, which is now nearing total legislation globally, passes. I’ve not given up, but I’m very weary of interaction with females. Just the way I interacted with women 2 years ago, compared to now, I’ve changed significantly. I’m really not in a position to absorb that risk right now, and probably not for a few years to come. Just being pragmatic here.

  8. Of course their newest problem is another one with micro in the name because feminists will find every petty thing under the sun and make a crisis out of it. What they all need is some macro-neglection. That will solve everybody’s problems.

  9. Well, in this case Western women “micro-cheat” 24/7.
    Using the same logic – posting a bikini picture in Instagram so beta orbiters can salivate is considered cheating. If she has a boyfriend already, why is she trying to sell herself for a better price at sexual market?

    1. A neo-player would allow such a girl believe he’s her boyfriend. Even if he’s not Trumping her shady shit with similar behavior, he knows at drop of a dime, she’s an unworthy hoe, and dumping her will have almost no emotional attachment. And yes, Instagram et. al is just soft prostitution, there’s no law or even social shun for self-promotion, even if half naked. The problem is, the thirst really does empower her…. it isn’t a mirage. If you’re not top 3% Alpha in her subconscious mind, it will not work. Period. Or, you’ll be getting a very low ROI for your time, money, & emotions. That’s why if I’m dating just one “woman,” I maintain the mindset I’m dating “women.” Just dating a single woman is dating all women by processing the stimulus we see women projecting into the world.. simple scientific method applied.
      Any guy who’s successful with women, will have by at least is 10th bang have one of them tell him;”You don’t understand women.” The successful guy will know this is female code speak for “he understands women’s (our) shifty ways, God damn it!),,, and I mean this in the red-pill sense (before the term became mainstream), and by understanding women, you already have the skill set to understand any single woman individually, but most guys don’t key into the fact they already know Murphy’s Law applied to dating, IS the law, whereas the Golden Rule applied to dating was a joke, but is now exploited by make-up faced demons.

    2. Ah, you poor, naive person, don’t you understand? It’s only MEN who can do bad in relationships.
      Did you ever see that show “My name Is Earl?” The main character, “Earl,” is married to a total psychopath named “Joy.” She is verbally, physically, and emotionally abusive, had not one but TWO children with other men, BUT- in one episode, when he finally left her, everyone, including his own family sided with…you guessed it, Joy.
      The show even had a brief glimpse of a television with an image of a pig on it- directed at him.
      This reflects real life. Tell me, in any really bad relationship, when did you last hear the woman take the real blame? Me neither.

  10. micro cheating, micro agression… what’s next ? micro discrimination, micro sexism ?
    well just micro problems they invented to cope with the macro bullshit they have in their head.

  11. I micro cheat all the time on my girlfriend and yeah she argues with me but I don’t care because I’m not cheating like they say you can look but not touch. Fuck feminist and their crazy conspiracy theory’s and eventually they will cease to exist in the. Future and I’m praying for this to happen.

  12. If a bitch blew an airhorn in my ear and I felt it did damage, I’d grab the upper part of her arm and knock her the fuck out. Then I’d curl up in a ball while the mob stomps me.

      1. No dispute about that, but I do think maybe not that much, but his girlfriend is hotter than the chick he’s ogling.

    1. If someone intentionally did anything to damage any of my senses (sight, hearing, etc.) I’d crush them. You should crush them, if you don’t, you’re a faggot.

  13. David G. Brown
    I can’t begin to express my appreciation of this article. You are RoKs top writer, please write more.

  14. Idiotic Terms like this only apply if you play into them.
    If a girl indicates the use of such a term.. DELETE her from your life.
    ALWAYS have a clean escape plan! ;-/

  15. I once had a GF who I had gone out with for about a year. We had dinner at mine and I broke it to her that I had to accept a transfer to another city, about 4 hours away, to keep the same job. There were no alternatives others then leaving the company. Told her I had 30 days to wrap up my affairs here and find a new place to live in the city and that she was welcome to come on weekends or work remotely from my new place. She went hysterical. I didn’t say I was dumping her, just I wasn’t going to leave my job over geographical location. This happens to a lot of newer couples and if she got her shit together and moved we could talk about moving in together. Her biggest “positive” on why I should stay and quit and we should stay together – “….and I never cheated on you!!!!”. Wow is all I said to that. Laid low the next few weeks, found a new place, and got my movers to take the furniture in the dark. Told her after my apartment was cleaned out that we were done and her stuff was management office. Oddly, never heard back from her. Management office called me six months later asking if they could donate the box of clothes, etc. Said “sure”. About a year later she apparently showed up and flipped out that her stuff was not still there. The cops were called and escorted her off the property. Never did hear directly from her again. Social media tells few lies though and a friend sent me a screen shot of her latest “status update”. She had put on 20 pounds and just got engaged to a fat dude with a beard.
    Takeaway – if the best thing a woman has to offer for a continued relationship is “I have never cheated on your before” just end it. Also, tells you what modern women think about relationships and their value.

    1. What was a minimum requirement, i.e. not cheating in a relationship, is now consider as a great sacrifice by these sluts. Amazing.

    2. It doesn’t make sense to stereotype all women into one category because of one experience with one girl. Other than that, I agree you made a wise choice in leaving her. She seemed mentally unstable.

      1. Except if you check out feminism on campuses, the workplaces, etc. it implies ALL men are abusers and rapists, it’s just that some haven’t been caught and punished…yet.
        Quite frankly, I’m not interested in women saying “not all women are like that, don’t judge us all…” because my reply is always “well, what did YOU do about those other women? Did you ever vote for a feminist politician, go along with it?”
        I know women who insist they are not feminists while being a part of NOW. That’s like joining the Klan and telling them you’re not racist.

  16. Followed the link from the following…
    ‘If you want a man to be your boyfriend and he doesn’t take the bait, you can accuse him of “sexual misconduct” (and bad sex).’
    …to read about some bug-eyed East Asian creep Aziz Ansari. Not sure how it illustrates the point, or how his behavior is any sort of exemplar.

  17. I hate these people and don’t give half-a-shit what they say or think.
    Turn off the lights and food, and this shit will be cured in thirty days.

  18. I never heard of this “micro-cheating” before, but I agree that the examples as explained in article aren’t actually considered cheating. Flirting isn’t cheating, smiling at someone isn’t cheating. Unless if you are in an open relationship, it’s having the actual affair that’s actually cheating. Neither women nor men should be excused for it. I do think feminism is a problem, especially now. However, even if women get away with things like this with men in legal aspects, they’re still not going to be respected by their peers. Women do get shamed for cheating probably just as much as men do.
    Also, I don’t think I would like it if my bf lied about our relationship status to other people. That just automatically makes me think “why does he want to keep me secret?” I can’t see how a man wouldn’t mind their gf lying about their relationship status either. Thats just an odd concept to me. If you’re too embarrassed to tell people you’re dating someone then why are you dating them? You better off being single.

    1. No.
      When a man cheats he’s a lowlife piece of trash.
      When a woman cheats there are “explanations” (usually faulting men) for her “indiscretion” or “mistake.” Even if she gets pregnant by another man, lies about the paternity for years, and is finally caught after something happens (the kid is injured and a medical test revealing his blood type before surgery proves he cannot be the man’s child), it is still a “mistake” and how wrong it is to berate the woman.

  19. I like to hit these types of women where it hurts. If any woman today wants to be in any type of relationship with me past the level of friends with benefits, she must invest financially in me up front, either in the form of property, or otherwise. If she can’t get the money, then sorry, no relationship. It’s too risky to deal with these females who have nothing to lose because they have government support, social support, and can also find a man to replace you one facebook message after you dump her.
    However, if she has money tied up in you, she will be forced to think about some of her actions. Sure, she will still cheat, but who cares? Let those guys have her filthy STD trap. The beauty is that the other guys won’t get any property, and you can stop having sex with her and her and get a younger girlfriend, wash and repeat.

  20. It’s really about something akin to acceleration in a car.
    When you put your foot on the gas to pull onto a highway there is that rush from the sudden acceleration. But when you drive mile after mile, hour after hour, at that same speed it becomes boring. The only way to feel that “rush” again to to go even faster. What counted as “extreme” sports in my day certainly wouldn’t today, much like television and music (in my day Judas Priest’s “Breaking The Law” was THE heavy metal song that was going to ruin my generation- today it seems like elevator muzak).
    Feminism is especially addicted to “more and more.” Although the most hyper-privileged group in the planet’s history, feminists need more and more to complain about to continue to seem relevant. The problem is the more they get the more they have to nit-pick until eventually the possible existence of men somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy will be reason for complaint.
    This in turn causes cognitive dissonance. Women in the Western world KNOW they are the most privileged group around, yet at the same time they keep complaining as though they have it as bad as Spartacus did. This can only mean an increasing inability to deal with reality.
    It’s all an interconnected vicious cycle.

  21. And again, to all you young Millenial men out there: for crying out loud use today’s technology to protect yourself. If you are interested in a girl first check out her social media, and if that reveals her to be a feminist then nothing else matters here, there are no other factors: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GET INTO ANY KIND OF RELATIONSHIP WITH HER.

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