In Defense Of Marriage

Western civilization was built upon three pillars: marriage, Christianity, and family. All three are under assault by Western governments, public and private education, the media, and the entertainment industry. The consistently negative portrayals of marriage in the entertainment industry are giving young people a skewed perception of marriage that is contributing to the decline in marriage rates in western countries.

This is unfortunate, because study after study shows that people—men especially—are happier when married. Children fare much better when raised in a stable household by a married heterosexual couple.

Married Sex Is The Best Sex

The TV and movie industry usually portray marriage as unhappy, with one or both spouses looking to cheat. There are virtually no portrayals of happily married couples. Is this a sinister plot to undermine the institution of marriage? Maybe. It could be that the entertainment industry has given up on good writing and the sexual encounters of single people, and cheating couples are easier to write.

No doubt that sex with a new person is exciting. But is it always good sex? Men are relatively easy to please, but women are all wired differently. It takes time—sometimes years—to figure out what a woman wants and what is going to satisfy her. Oftentimes, women don’t even know what they want, so over time, sex becomes an exploration process for both partners.

Sex for women is much more emotional and cerebral than for men. In a marriage, women have time to develop the emotional attachment and trust for a man that allows them to relax and fully enjoy their sexual lives.

More important than sex is the bond of trust that develops between a man and a wife in a good marriage. While many spouses consider their partner to be a good friend, the bond between man and wife is different, and much stronger than friendship.

Contrary to most media portrayals, most married couples are not looking to cheat. Married women in particular are not looking for opportunities to cheat on their husbands. Despite the hook-up culture prevalent in young people and the easy access they have to dating websites, woman don’t want to hook up with married men. Ashley Madison, the website purportedly for married cheaters, had almost no women members. The vast majority of female accounts were found to be fake.

Sexual fidelity is much more commonplace in marriage than media portrayals, but that’s just one aspect of a trusting marital relationship.

The Marriage Bond

A good marriage requires financial fidelity. Most married couples share everything, so being able to completely trust your spouse with the shared money pool is essential to your well-being. Financial fidelity is important to both partners for slightly different reasons. In most marriages, the man makes more money, so it’s important his wife spends money wisely. Otherwise, she’s not valuing the time, effort, and sacrifice that go with having a full-time job and providing for a family.

Women have more of a nesting instinct and are interested a little more in financial security. Women value the security of a paid-off home, life insurance, and money in the bank so she and their kids will be provided for if the husband loses his job, gets sick, or even dies. Women value a husband that provides all these financial securities and doesn’t squander the money they make.

According to marriage counselors, sex and money are the primary reasons couples fight, but there is more to trust than sexual and financial fidelity. I trust my wife to behave appropriately in our community of friends, relatives, and co-workers. I don’t worry about her saying something inappropriate. She won’t air our dirty laundry with outsiders. She won’t drink too much in an inappropriate situation. She won’t dress immodestly for the event we’re attending. It’s a great relief that I never have to worry about these things.

If you have a good wife, you shouldn’t have to worry about her behavior. Conversely, a good husband will honor his wife by behaving appropriately in public as well. He’ll support his wife, take her side regardless of the situation, and have only kind, supportive words for her. A good husband will never engage in behavior that would bring shame, dishonor, or embarrassment on his wife or their family.

I’m amused and annoyed by sitcoms and rom-coms where dating couples and recently married couples are portrayed as being hopelessly head over heels in love with each other. How would they know? They practically just met.

Go through the excitement, fear, and physical pain of pregnancy and childbirth with someone. Then you’ll know what it means to love another person. Bring home your first baby, a baby looks like the two of you, and realize you’re responsible for keeping this little thing alive now. Spend the night with your wife in the emergency room waiting while the doctors put one of your kids back together again after a major injury. Then you’ll know what it really means to be hopelessly in love with someone.

Grow old with your spouse and watch as your bodies deteriorate in ways you never imagined possible, and realize you’re not one bit less attracted to her.

People aren’t perfect, so no marriage is perfect. God gave us free will because he loves us and wants us to share in the joy of his creation. People with free will are going to make mistakes. Spouses need to be forgiving.

Additionally, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to making marriage successful. Since everyone is different and imperfect, spouses need to figure out what works well for them. Little things like the division of labor in a household and division of responsibilities for child-rearing can turn into big problems if spouses aren’t kind to each other and accommodating.

Media culture provides no good role models for married couples. Hyper-feminism has trained a generation of women to be terrible wives. The lack of good role models and the modern welfare state has produced a lot of immature men that don’t understand the responsibilities of being good husbands. It’s hard, but the benefits of a good marriage are certainly worth it, not only for yourselves, but for the children you need to raise.

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  1. Im christian,and thats the only reason I will get married,because fornication is a damnationworthy sin.that said,I see no benefit in marriage froma secular viewpoint or reallife viewpoint.

    1. “It takes time—sometimes years—to figure out what a woman wants ”
      Who cares what a woman wants?
      Next ………..

    2. Did the apostle paul go to hell? He committed far worse sins, repented, and became an apostle. If God can forgive someone for mass murder, he can forgive you for inconveniencing a woman for 3 minutes every now and then.

      1. How the hell does this get 5 downvotes. The only unpardonable sin, according to the Bible, is blaspheming the Holy Spirit. You guys need to crack open the Book you claim to believe in more often.

        1. Bingo.
          Thank you for saying this.
          All sins are equal in the eyes of God. Except for blaspheming the Holy Spirit. Which actually isn’t a sin but rather – a rejection of forgiveness from sin by Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. A weird way to think about it.

      2. That statement about forgiveness is why Christianity is bullshit. Even Hitler could enter Heaven if he repented.

        1. Of course.
          Because God (being God) wouldn’t be able to tell that the whole time you were thinking “I’m just going to follow my sinful desires for as long as I live and then upon the moment of death ask God to forgive me and He’ll totally buy it!”
          Grace is not a licence to wilfully sin. If it was, Jesus would have told the woman caught up in adultery “You know what, you can go on whoring and I’ll forgive you for it. Off you go, back on the carousel.” Instead, he told her that while she was forgiven, she was now to turn away from her previous lifestyle.

        2. Indeed, that is the great moral fault of christianity, the forgiveness doctrine. The idea that a crime can go unpunished as long as the criminal say: “I am sorry”.
          But if the victim keep harboring heart feelings after that, said victim goes to hell for not forgiving…

        3. Repenting would be the only thing that would keep AH out of heaven. Repent for what? That in itself would be a blasphemy so great on his part as to ensure his ejection from heaven.

    3. Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intellect.
      Second Marriages are the triumph of hope over experience.
      -Oscar Wilde
      Just a thought.

  2. I think it’s very important that this is what marriage looks like when you marry the right kind of girl. A cock-carousel-riding “girlfriend” isn’t going to look at marriage the same way. I agree with the other commenter: there is no reason to get married unless you’re a Christian. Everything’s a big meat-market nowadays, and any guy is going to value the convenience way over the effort it takes to get married. Also, secular women only get off the cock-carousel when they want to have kids.

        1. “Concubines like Solomon”
          That’s still marriage. Its just that you buy a slave wife instead of paying the brideprice for a free woman. Still legitimate marriage according to the Bible

      1. Well, the powers that be are trying to stop us from reproducing. We’re the center of the culture, and they don’t like it. I actually came to this realization after reading a “Christian” article about dating, and then found some of these blogs.
        I personally don’t judge a guy who’s a Christian who made bad decisions, because sex and drive is different for guys than girls. I am the minority there, because to other girls like me, that’s usually important. I’d prefer a guy who was a trucel, but I’m more looking at the issue like, “what are my best realistic options”?
        The truth is, I may never meet someone, and I get that. At first that’s not a problem, when you’re a girl. It’s not great at all, but you’re equipped to deal with it. As you start getting older, it’s really terrible. I don’t blame Christian women who lose their virginity after 30, even though I wouldn’t do it.
        I can’t really give any advice about what works for a Christian guy that I didn’t hear from a Christian guy. Work on your career, keep younger women as options. If worse comes to worse, don’t marry the first girl you sleep with. There are two types of girls, and it’s “better to remain single” than end-up with the wrong kind.

      2. Sometimes I think it’s a good idea to just think in terms of correcting the information that’s out there and trying to save other well-meaning, devout Christians from the same fate. I think people got in there on purpose and are trying to weaken the church with bad dating advice and bad theology.
        It’s sort of like the Christian Blackpill: maybe we won’t meet someone, but we need to be concerned with preserving what’s left of marriage. Without Christian marriage, there isn’t societal stability, there isn’t Christianity in the U.S. Evangelism without discipleship kind of stretched the fabric of the church in the past few decades, and note the similarity to the globalist immigration model. As the Bible says, “They will deceive many”. The mindset that needs to be taken now is the opposite: quality over quantity. Preserve the last functioning cogs in the machine to keep it running.
        I think it’s easier to get through what someone once described as the “grinding celibacy” when there is a spiritual mission in your life. That’s how the monks and nuns got through life, and were able to accomplish so much.

      3. Burton, that’s a question that I can’t answer, and this coming from a never married 60 year old Christian man too. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve suffered job loses, financial woes, toxic psycho people and family members, so I’m not immune to life’s troubles. But, I thank god everyday (literally) during my private devotions that I was at least spared that “excrement storm” of marriage, modern self-actualized demonic women, and an inevitable divorce. The laws have to change, and I’m not sure if the women’s advocacy groups, and the feminists, have that much muscle and money? I wonder where the men are to fight to change these archaic laws and attitudes? There’s a men’s rights movement, but how vocal and effective are these guys? I went to a seminar for men going through divorce put on by one of the largest heavy hitting law firms in my city. They only represent men. Both male and female lawyers shared countless gut wrenching accounts of men, from all walks of life, who’s lives, children, careers, businesses, freedom, and assets were devastated irreparably by the divorce courts, judges, ambulance chasing attorneys, and women’s advocacy groups. They showed statistics where 80% of divorces are filed by women (must be a lot of unhappy women out there). I walked out of this 3 hour seminar nauseated by what I heard! I saw the faces of dozens of men, both young and old, who looked like wounded animals begging for a bullet to the head. God help us men all. Remain single is my only advice.

        1. @Antonio Zoli I can’t help but wonder if this shamble of a society is not partly due to foolish men at the same time. During the dating/courting process you’d think that most guys would have the wherewithal to screen for women properly and withhold marriage until he is supremely satisfied that she is “the one”. Unless women have become very good at deceiving men as of the last decade, I find it hard to believe it is only their fault. Are we marrying for the wrong reasons? Are we letting lust blind our deepest intentions and desires in life? Difficult questions to answer but coming from a man who is just entering what we would call “adulthood”, I am more than weary about putting a ring on a woman’s finger. I also could not lie to myself and pretend I wasn’t actually interested in finding a loyal wife. In this day and age it’s like looking for a unicorn at the local zoo.

      4. Burton, as a Christian man, you should find and marry a woman who is a Christian, and a virgin.
        Both are pretty much non-negotiable as far as I am concerned.
        They are rare, but that is what you should look for. Don’t settle for less. Go abroad to find one of you have to. Were I a young single man, I’d look for home-schooled young women. That is no guarantee. They still may well be messed up. Our society is deeply degenerate. They just seem to be the best young women America has to offer.

        1. Yeah, the homeschooled ones are what to look for. Not all of them are who they say they are, but that’s a good place to start. All the virgins I know were homeschooled.

        2. Bart,
          Did that, didn’t make any difference to her cheating and divorce rape.
          There is no escape, apart from not to marry in the western world, under the western court system.

        3. I will say, that is not the girl you try to go all the way with. They’re great people, and deserve respect and to have their boundaries respected. They have strong morals.
          Also, I have to add that I know girls who are in their late twenties and early thirties who are virgins. They’re like that because that’s what they believe and how they were raised.
          I’ve seen homeschooled girls who were total thots too, but it had nothing to do with the wait and everything to do with the mindset. They were out there in their late teens early twenties acting slutty. They just decided that’s what they wanted to do. A lot of them got married, even though they are terrible human beings for deliberately doing something they knew was wrong and deceiving people.

      5. Burton, I think you’ve hit on a valid point. Some men are complicit in divorces. An example of this. I have a good friend who made some poor life choices, and one of those choices was selecting damaged and toxic women. This guy spent more time, and discernment, car shopping, than he did screening women as potential mates. It didn’t help either that he’s an atheist. There’s nothing greater outside of himself, so that seems to me, to be a recipe for marital discord. The guy is very intelligent, talented, and hardworking, yet he picked women who were literally mentally ill. He went through a costly and messy divorce, paid thousands of dollars in legal fees, had to raise two daughters himself, paid years of alimony, lost 50% of his 401K, and paid years of health insurance benefits to a woman diagnosed as schizophrenic, and was also an indigent and ward of the state. She eventually died from cancer. But it didn’t stop there. He met an older woman of dubious character on line. He soon moved this woman into his nice home and acreage to cohabitate with him. She had difficulties holding down minimum wage jobs, and soon moved her three deadbeat unemployed adult children (mid-late 20s) into his home. His father died, and left him $80,000 clear and free in one lump sum. A year later, he was near bankruptcy. He had a good job as a millwright, and I asked him what happened to the inheritance he had received. He’d spent it all on bail bonds to get her kids out of jail on DUIs and marijuana possession charges, paid for their legal defenses, bought them used cars that they kept wrecking, paid for vet bills on animals they could neither afford, nor adequately care for, etc. I don’t get it! I’ve never heard a divorcee (nor an out-of-wedlock single mommy) admit to fault in a failed marriage, or in making poor life choices. Never! It’s always the man’s fault, and the man is always the spawn of Satan. To your point, as well, women (both young and old) have become very adept at masking toxic behavior, hidden agendas, and ulterior motives, but especially the older ones. I’ve found older women to be polished at being very sneaky, and this coming from an old man now. I’d warn any decent young Christian man like yourself, or any young man, watch out for these predatory old cougars that are hunting for young guys. I see them in their packs like hyenas, out and about in my city, especially at the first of the month when alimony checks arrive.

        1. @Antonio Ziolo Cougars aren’t going to be the problem for me. I’d ideally prefer to marry a woman a couple years younger than I but around the same age is also preferable. I’ve also witnessed some terrible divorce-rapes as well, one specifically about my former coach who was essentially lied to his entire life by his wife who eventually dropped the truth on him about a decade and a half into marriage. It’s instances like your story and my coach that really put a damper on life and the future. Perhaps I need to look for possible partners elsewhere or look someplace that wouldn’t seem obvious.

    1. ” there is no reason to get married unless you’re a Christian”
      Disagree. Companionship, financial savings due to dual incomes, etc.
      Of course a BAD marriage gives you few reasons to get married. A good marriage is a force multiplier. Since getting married I have been doing way better at work, I have upped my research output (side activities), spent more time having fun, etc. Being single and 40+ would be a drag, to be honest. Then again I have a great wife. Things aren’t always perfect, but life is in general far more fun.

      1. You didnt see the stat above? 80% of divorces are filed by women. If youre gonna talk about finances, youd better assess the RISK.

      2. jbwilson,
        “Being single and 40+ would be a drag, to be honest.”
        Being 50+ and homeless is much, much worse.

        1. JOHN
          We’re going to see more of that.
          Career potheads in casual labor, ravers that could not put the E tablets down at 30 back in 2000 and spun records, radicals who hung around campus preaching radical Marxism and storming Churchill’s restaurant in neck beards, thugs in and of jail, wide boys.
          Males who lived from gig to gig, essentially.
          We’re also going to see more females of this sort in fact. Strippers and crack whores on the game since they were 16 in 1992 finding out that they can no longer latch onto a man, the hard druggies, hippies, lesbians who never married and have no property to steal.

        2. That would depend on your skill set and location, John. For example, an ex-corporate slave, too old and passed over to be running on the wheel, living down and out on the streets of Glasgow is not an atttactive thought. However, being able to repair vehicles, electric goods, houses, furniture etc etc and roaming Queensland withput a care in the world, or even your neck of the woods, seems almost like paradise.

      3. Most of these idiot commenters would reply to that by saying the following:
        ” ‘A BAD marriage gives you little reason to get married.’
        HAHAHA. You didn’t need to specify ‘bad marriage,’ since it is redundant. You could have just said ‘marriage.’ All marriages are, by definition, bad.
        And you actually believe there is a such thing as a ‘good marriage’? LOL, I never thought I’d see this cuck blue-pill shit on ROK.”
        Really, though, a lot of these commenters are idiots. some guy in the comments section yesterday actually said to another guy “You seem to really love your wife. Which is why she will eventually leave you.”
        What kind of shit is that? What kind of man says that to another man they’ve never met? Some people here seem to take the leftist accusation that we are “misogynists” super seriously. These people will call you a “cuck” if you don’t legitimately hate women.
        I’ve seen people on here respond to comments encouraging men to marry virgins by saying “Virgins are even worse than sluts when it comes to marriage. They will spend their lives wondering what they’re missing, and they will eventually leave you to go ride the cock carousel.”

        1. What kind of man says that? The kind of man who has seen it happen, time and time again, to GOOD men. The kind of good men a lot of us aspire to be. The kind of good men the world needs most right now. Good, family men that were faithful, stable providers who had their ass handed to them by the women they married. Many times, ironically, the reasons the women left are the same reasons we would consider them to be good men. They were stable providers, not abusive, very supportive and encouraging of their wives.
          The very kind of good man who probably wrote this article…
          The worst of it is, the women will leave and betray these men RIGHT at very moment in life the woman’s support is needed the most. I’ve seen it, they will leave during a job loss, a difficult loss of a family member, a scary health diagnosis, etc.
          I honestly don’t know why you are so upset at what I wrote. The fact you would bother to come back a day later, and quote me tells me I really stuck a cord. It should. It’s ugly. It’s also reality, at least for now.
          All you got from my words was that I hate women? I hate what women have become, sure, but I actually love women. Why do you think I hate what has become of them, and as a result, men? It’s because I care, believe that or not, makes no difference to me.

      4. I’m a woman who stayed a virgin and I don’t feel that its fair to say because she was a virgin that marriages ended up in divorce. oh well maybe i read something wrong. I mean its hard enough to find one, appreciate her once you do. Of course, the best way to understand her is to date the family. Hang out with her brothers cousins uncles and so forth to find out how she really is like, then ask to date her and see where it takes you. If she shows her true colors to you according to what you heard of her, then you know she is who she says she is. See how she is with God and you take it from there. Fathers should do the same and check out the guy before the girl dates him and then let his daughter date him to see if they feel compatible, you just don’t jump into a relationship and think you have all the answers. Do the screening well so you don’t have regrets later. At least if something doesn’t work out, you won’t blame yourself for not trying. Marriage is like a lotto ticket, Sometimes you hit the jackpot, and sometimes not or your not 100% lucky but at least try. If two people have the holy spirit , it should work!!! Be Spartan warriors and don’t let anyone or anything come in between you except for GOD. Blessings to all to have a pleasant courtship to lead to a successful marriage :D!!!

    2. Studies have shown that once a woman has had 3 or more sex partners (at least of the opposite sex) it dramatically increases the odds of divorce. No such correlation was shown for a man’s number of sex partners. The thing is, how long can you realistically expect a woman to stay a virgin? Today, women are encouraged to put off marriage and “find themselves” at least until their late 20’s even as late until age 40. No normal person, man or woman, is going to remain a virgin from say age 16 until 29-40 years old. It’s just not going to happen.
      So typically, most women have had 3 or more sex partners by their late 20s-40 years old. Today, many women have much more active sex lives than men. An even a little bit attractive 16 year old high school girl is in a better position to have a more varied and active sex life than your average 9-5 40 year old beta male office drone with a diversified portfolio and stock options. If they both put up profiles on Tinder, I’d wager to say that she could probably meet more women than he could if she wanted to.
      But being pumped and dumped and going through relationship after relationship with different men isn’t what women were made for. Notice how after a woman has had sex, especially good sex with a man, she almost instantly bonds with him. Emotions are chemicals, there’s nothing magical about them. So everytime she bonds emotionally with a man, then has that bond broken, she becomes less sensitive to those chemicals. Not only that, a woman can never be satisfied with having a man she considers “less than” once she has been with a man she considers “higher status”.
      It can be anything. If she’s had a man with a 10 inch penis, a 9 inch penis won’t do. If she’s had a man who’s great in bed, a man average in bed won’t do. If she’s been with a very rich man, a regular 9-5 average Joe won’t cut it. I read about a guy who’s girlfriend, who was 19, went on a trip with boxer Floyd Mayweather.
      That relationship is effectively over. He just took her to have fun with her. But after tasting the wealth and status that a rich man like Floyd Mayweather can provide, she’s never going to look at her average Joe boyfriend the same again. And it’s probably ruined her chance to bond with any man who isn’t worth 100 million dollars or more, but what are her chances of getting a man with that kind of wealth, except to be his overnight plaything?
      I think there was a reason why girls were expected to get married early.

  3. It’s all a big business. The diamond wedding rings ritual (Jewish created and controlled), the catering, the wedding photographer (one of the most overpriced and overpaid professions per hours worked and training required), the wedding dresses, the venue rental, the florist fees, the pastor/priest service fee.
    And then there’s the divorce industrial complex…..

  4. I understand the responsibility of being a good husband, and all the things that entails…it’s just the women could literally give a rats ass about those hard to develop qualities earned through struggle, self-sacrifice, discipline, etc. Women today give zero fucks about being a ‘good wife’. Try bringing up that ‘good wife’ crap in any sort of conversation with any western woman and I guarantee she will do one of two things…
    1) laugh in your face
    2)lose her shit and make a scene, if in public
    Good luck with your wife, you seem to actually love her. Which is why she will eventually leave you.
    Nothing I wrote even remotely makes me happy to disclose. It’s just the way I see it, anymore, after so long, and having seen so many examples.

    1. “2)lose her shit and make a scene, if in public”
      This is more likely to occur than anything else really. They’ll go on and on about how “archaic” and “oppressive” you are.

    2. Most women in the west, yes. But not all.
      “Good luck with your wife, you seem to actually love her. ”
      You can love without giving up your independence or identity. My wife and I fit very well together. We have similar goals, similar future plans, similar dislike of Muslims and Jews (ha ha). She was very clear about what she wants in life, so was I. We both know that divorce is expensive and draining, and that life will be better if we get along and have similar plans. If we do drift apart, fine.. we’ll settle it amicably. I didn’t marry a drama queen.

      1. JBwilson,
        “You can love without giving up your independence or identity.”
        But you can’t marry without giving up your house and home.

    3. 1) laugh in your face
      This is a shit test.
      Never take a woman as your equal or seriously.
      2)lose her shit and make a scene, if in public
      This is a shit test.
      Its in fact a sign of attraction and if you pass it (be the oak), she will be more attracted to you.

    4. Why cant any of you see that the destruction of the family unit is what’s at stake here. Marriage lost any of it’s moral/religious meaning long ago, if it ever had one. We’re all surplus to requirements now, the last stage before our chosen leaders finally get rid of those pesky unwashed masses!

  5. Like has been said before marriage only makes sense if you’re religious and don’t want to fall in sin. In that case there is no other way. If you’re not religious marriage has little to offer you. The big difference between traditional marriage and contemporary scam marriage i.e. scarriage is the former being a protection against loss of wealth…today the opposite is true. Current day marriage is extremely risky with: no fault divorce, high legal fees, division of assets, high female initiation, alimony, child support and an environment that actively encourages divorce as an expression of female empowerment.

    1. I never thought of that before: secular marriage only existed for money reasons, and that’s why marriage is now gone.
      People think they became so “great” without Christianity, when in reality, they only scraped-by on Christian good will. They got to reap the benefit of the moral effort that Christians put in by also having marriage.

      1. Yes, the financial situation is different, but so is the moral situation.
        However, let’s not confuse ‘surviving’ with ‘succeeding’. Yes, a woman can be a single mom and rake in welfare bucks. She is not going to excel by being on welfare. Find a woman who wants to excel in life, but not one that is a typical western left-liberal ‘career first’ idiot. She’ll appreciate ambition.

        1. “So a woman who wants half a career and half a marriage as a goal?”
          No. You shall only have one god.
          A ship has one captain; serving two masters is no good.

    2. yep I agree. Answer is those who are with God and marry under GOd have more chances of a successful marriage than those just getting a temporary partner and marrying for the money or the glamour.

  6. “Good luck with your wife. You seem to really love her. Which is why she will eventually leave you.”
    You’re a jaded idiot. You obviously spend all your time chasing sluts and have never been with a real, trustworthy woman (they do exist).
    This article is beautiful. I say this as someone who has been with my woman since she was 17 and a virgin, have lived overseas in her country, and am in the process of sponsoring her for a resident visa in the US.
    The author forgot to mention one thing, though. In order to have this type of beautiful, trusting bond with a woman, she must be a VIRGIN. Having a “low notch count” is not good enough. A woman will emotionally attach herself to the man who takes her virginity. If that man is not you, then there will always be some other guy’s dick in between you and your wife. She will never be truly yours, as she has already given a part of herself to the man who took her virginity.

      1. Tbh, societal issues related to gender that are discussed in forums such as this have stemmed far more than a handful of decades. A lot of the issues we talk about today stem back from things that occurred over a century ago, with the primary thing being the initiation of women’s suffrage in the mid 19th century.

      2. The issue among women isn’t so much “premarital sex”, as it is whoring.
        When a woman has sex with more than one man, she is whoring.
        My point is this, back in the 50s-60s, some young women had sex with their fiance/boyfriend before they got married (but they only had sex with that one man – the one she married).
        The sex was premarital, but the woman was a virgin when the husband found her and he took her virginity. She may not have been a virgin when she went down the aisle, but it was a totally different thing than being a carousel rider.

        1. But then he decides he doesn’t want to marry her. This happens a lot in Christian communities, where the pair will date seriously for two or three years, and then break-up. So then another Christian guy will get her second or third. And these people run in the same circle.

        2. The Bible requires marriage when a man takes a woman’s virginity.
          The “one flesh union” of Genesis two refers to sexual intercourse creating a unique bond between a man and woman.
          This is further confirmed and reinforced in Exodus 22:6-17, and Deuteronomy 22:28-29.
          It is my conviction that this is a universal moral law, applying to all people, at all times. In reference to this issue, I recommend the book Thelyophthora by Martin Madan.
          Some of the Mosaic law is specific to Old Testament Israel (the ceremonial law, and laws relating to the theocracy of Israel). The Old Testament laws regarding sexuality are also confirmed in the New Testament.
          Sadly, most pastors and teachers today either do not understand this principle, or they are too cowardly to teach it.

        3. So true. but back in the old days they knew when two people wanted to be together so they rushed the engagement and made the wedding so couples didn’t wait too long to be with each other so there was no need to make the premarital sex to begin with.

    1. He seems like a guy who chases sluts. They are addicted and they learn to like the pain. I doubt he’d be satisfied with a marriage. It’s how dating is for millennials.
      I don’t think a “low notch count” is good enough. Every notch is a traumatic emotional experience. There isn’t a woman who went “meh” about the first guy she had sex with, even if that’s her story. If the girl only had sex once, there’s maybe still a woman in there, depending on the experience, but after two times of being abandoned by a sexual partner, a woman isn’t going to be the same.

      1. Donovan Sharpe has mentioned that he thinks a woman gives 100% of her soul to the first man she has sex with. If that doesn’t work out, then she only has 50% of love/soul to give to the second man. If that doesn’t work out, then she only has 25% for number three, 12.5% for number four, 6.25% for number five, 3.125% for six, etc.
        Most women today have no ability to bond left.
        I think that makes sense. I’m glad that I was number one, for my wife (she was number one for me too). Marriage is hard enough when you have 100%. Going into it with a <1% woman is incredibly dangerous.

    2. I think that of women aged 21 today its a totally different world to those aged 21 ten years ago in which IR dating is much bigger, tinder and social media culture is much larger, and the number of decent women has dropped again. The women also as a function of all these non-white options are becoming more and more entitled.

    3. So I’m a jaded idiot who chases sluts merely because my life experience hasn’t been the same as yours?
      Who’s the idiot here?

    4. Matt,
      What she needs is to have never lived in a western country. Once you take her to America, she’ll upgrade as soon as her green card appears.

    5. “This article is beautiful. I say this as someone who has been with my woman since she was 17 and a virgin, have lived overseas in her country, and am in the process of sponsoring her for a resident visa in the US.”
      PLEASE, for your own sake, DO NOT do this. If there is one piece of advice taken from RoK and/or Roosh that you desperately need to internalize, it’s that you need to keep women in their respective homelands. Once you bring them overseas, all the power in the relationship is now in their hands, especially if its legally recognized as a marriage.

      1. Yes, it’s a risk. My wife is Russian, and she hasn’t been grabbing for power or anything. She’s pretty chilled out though.

    6. I haven’t heard one good reason for a man to get legally married. Not one. The ‘but muh religion’ excuse is garbage as well. Early Christians were being fed to the lions by the Romans. Do you think they notified government enforcers of their religious ceremonies such as marriage so they could all be literally crucified?! No way in hell.
      Also I don’t understand how tradcons want to allow only one woman to totally control their sex life. Many great men of the bible had a harem of women. For example: David, Abraham, and King Solomon (who god called “a good and wise man”) all had multiple wives.
      Have a ceremony, get married by a preacher, live together in a state that doesn’t recognize common law marriage, and wear a wedding ring. But if you’re stubborn enough to still sign on the dotted line after being repeatedly warned; then don’t come back here afterwards to whine about how you were divorce raped.

      1. Had a girl stay at my house in Australia for six months, kind of a live in fuck buddy. Told her to sling her hook and bingo, she gets half my house, good thing I hadn’t paid off the mortgage, she got 15 thousand dollars after I was forced to sell it, it was an expensive mistake but thank God it was before the market went through the roof. I will never buy another house or have any investments again. They cant take anything off you if you have nothing to take. And if you are worried it gets you no leg overs? Just remember bullshit baffles brains.

      2. That is the old testament. I ‘m not into the old testament, I’m into the new testament The old testament has too many bad things. If we are suppose to follow the old testament, its only parts of it and not all that sodom and gomorah stuff. Just the things that did not conflict with Jesus teachings.

  7. PS: Finding a virgin wife means you have to start dating her when she is 18 or younger. This means you will have to be in your early 20s when you meet her. Girls 18 and yonger are not marrying men in their 30s.
    If you wait till your 30s, you will 100% have to settle for an older, non-virgin woman. That’s just a fact of modern society.

    1. I’m an older-ish non-virgin, and I have friends who are, but my brother is dating a woman who’s way younger than him, so I don’t have a bias against it. I’ll say that it’s difficult to spot virgins and people who want to date them, because you really can’t even talk about it in this culture.

    2. Find a shy religious girl, preferably home schooled. Look at that oldest Duggar girl. I imagine she is a virgin. She is at least 25, reasonably pretty, pleasant personality. She’d probably make a good wife.

      1. Or maybe she’s not shy, because women who haven’t had sex have different personalities as well. The danger in stereotyping girls is that girls look for stereotypes to emulate to trick you. Look at Mrs. Duggar, for example. Her type is always like her: prudish, overbearing reformed slut. Not good wife material, but she nails the stereotype. I would always find out about women like her cheating, back when that kind of religious movement was popular.

    3. “Girls 18 and yonger are not marrying men in their 30s.”
      Hey, go to afghanistan and convert to islam. you can marry a 13 year old when you are 55, and you can keep her when you move to sweden as a ‘refugee’.

    4. I’m a young virgin and I would honestly prefer a man in his early to mid-thirties. Men in their thirties don’t want to date young girls though, and would definitely not be willing to wait several years to take her virginity on their wedding night, which is what I want.

      1. J, On the contrary, I believe there are plenty of men well into their 30s who’d be eager to meet a nice younger woman, especially when her preference is for older gentlemen. When I hit my 30s (quite awhile back now), I had an epiphany of sorts. Women in their 30s were mostly single mommies with children by multiple baby daddies, divorcees with a chip on their shoulders like a telephone pole, washed out club trollops, psychos, and delusional post-wall cat ladies. I decided then and there to abstain from ever dating women much past 30 or so, and for this, I received animus from friends and their wives, and from the toxic “wimmins ” folk in my family (who are now dead to me). I once knew a young woman , who at age 22, had remained a virgin, maintained a faith based tradition, graduated from nursing school, and worked as an RN in the pediatric section at a hospital. She was of Italian/American heritage, cute, dark, slender, feminine, and pleasant. She earned extra money babysitting, was frugal, and saved her money. She didn’t drink, smoke, do drugs, sleep around, or club, and for this, she was mocked incessantly. But she persevered. A friend of mine owned some cigar shops. He hired her to work part-time running the till. The place was frequented by mostly conservative/traditionalist older men. She wanted an older man, and one of my friends, a 39 year old guy, caught her eye. He was a hardworking blue collar man (aircraft mechanic), a Christian, who lived in his house with his three Rottweiler dogs after his self-actualized wife decided to find herself and sleep with every toy boy jimmy who’d lay with her. She married him, had two children, and she happily became a stay at home mom. Keep yourself healthy, maintain a healthy weight, keep your appearance up, stay sensible and moral, be sweet, stay away from clubs, seek out Christian men, and I guarantee you’ll have plenty of good age 35+ male suitors.

        1. I don’t think so. Like I said in my reply to AutomaticSlim, men in their thirties over here don’t want to date young girls. Most aren’t single, or are single but have children. They start to build up their family early here. No man wants to wait until his thirties.

        1. They don’t take us younger girls seriously, most of them are married or with girlfriends that are their age or older. We are seen as immature. And an “older” man being with a woman who is 15 years younger than him isn’t socially acceptable, at least not where I live. I suppose it’s different over in America though.

  8. If to the right woman, marriage is indeed better than being single. However, the caveat is that you must find the right woman. A bad marriage to the wrong woman is infinitely worse than not being married at all (if you don’t have kids).
    Marriage (to the right woman) is essential prerequisite to having kids. Imagine a venn diagram. A larger circle represents all of the people who are married. A smaller circle represent all of the people who have kids. Ideally, social policy should be such as to get the smaller circle to be located entirely within the larger circle. Religious fanatics are obsessed with the unreasonable objective of trying to make the circles the exact same size AND with making them include all people. This latter, of course, is delusional.

  9. The problem is, the quality of current women is severely lacking, and the media encouraging women to be massive hos and to ride cock-carousel non-stop until their late thirties.
    I haven’t managed to meet any decent women in the US in years. On the other hand, it has ramped up my appreciation of latinas quite a bit.

  10. I would say in modern western society, the minimum or reasonable to expect/demand for a man to date and marry in terms of chastity is a woman who has not lived by herself, especially in large cities like NYC. Virgin? That would be very nice, but for most of us late-bloomers/reconverted betas this is too rare too find. Low notch? The only way to prove this is not having lived by herself. A girl who did college by commuting is better than one who lived on whorehouse campus or “by herself”.
    Also, I would like to point out that, in the current regime of 24/7 hyperpromiscuity, marrying a virgin may have its own risks. She may be lead to believe at some point that she may be “missing out” something in life. This is fatal Kaputt, my friends.
    I just married recently to a mid-twenties woman, who just left her parents home. No time for shared whorehouse apartments which is what shared apartments for 20 somethings are these days. And obviously, she is NOT a Western woman.

  11. The blue pill dream on rok? Very dissapointing. Marriage, especially Christian !marriage means male authority. Without that you don’t have marriage any more than you can be a Christian without Christ.

  12. We need a patriarchy. As long as women are liberated, then as a man you are signing over all your assets to the state when you sign that contract.
    Marriage in a Babylonian secular world is like running through a mine field.

    1. Although I am married, I agree about re-introducing some elements of patriarchy. Matriarchal societies do not function well.

  13. Good piece. Good luck with your continued marriage. As coincidence would have it, I found a related piece online just yesterday. A riff on a Philip Larkin poem, a life long bachelor. For those unfamiliar with the Larkin poem here it is:
    Sexual intercourse began
    In nineteen sixty-three
    (Which was rather late for me)
    Between the end of the Chatterley ban
    And the Beatles’ first LP.
    Up to then there’s only been
    A sort of bargaining,
    A wrangle for the ring,
    A shame that started at sixteen
    And spread to everything.
    Then all at once the quarrel sank:
    Everyone felt the same,
    And every life bacame
    A brilliant breaking of the bank,
    A quiet unlosable game.
    So life was never better than
    In nineteen sixty-three
    (Though too late for me)-
    Between the end of the Chatterley ban
    And the Beatles’ first LP.
    -Philip Larkin
    Sexual intercourse went wrong
    In nineteen eighty-four
    (Which was for me, rather a bore)
    When the AIDS virus came along,
    Just after the Falklands War
    Before that everything had seemed
    Like folks were having a ball:
    A lust-crazed free-for-all,
    Except for those like me, who dreamed
    Of getting laid at all
    Then all at once the good times ceased;
    The active took more care,
    And though it wasn’t fair,
    My failures, due to risks increased,
    Seemed ‘socially aware’
    So that was when it all went wrong
    In nineteen eighty-four
    (And still I couldn’t score)
    Once the AIDS virus came along
    Just after the Falklands War
    Of course, I could have posted Larkin’s “THIS BE THE VERSE”, but its theme is quite the opposite of Mr. Bowie’s.

  14. Here I was stoked on a thought provoking and meaningful article and comments above are by and large negative and devoid of hope. Maybe instead of pointing a finger outwards at the breed of women you find fault with, you try to remember that three if those digits are pointing back at you.
    My marriage is generally secular, our relationship evolved as did our lives with kids, job changes, a couple of cross country moves and the normal shit the happens in a persons life. But we made it a point to work things out and hoping for the best.
    We roll over 37 years on the odometer soon- 42 years total time together. It ain’t perfect, but by God it has been a pretty swell ride.

    1. Your on the wrong website if your looking for ‘thought provoking and meaningful articles’ – try rational male – rok mostly just ‘locker room talk’
      This doesn’t get old

    2. Good for you! But the world was a much different place in 1976 then it is in 2018.
      No instagram where thirsty betas blow women’s heads up.
      No facebook which allows a wifey to easily message her ex’s.
      No cell phones allowing her to secretly message other men.
      Most states didn’t have no fault divorce.
      Single motherhood and to a lesser extent divorce was still considered shameful.
      Wives were still expected to cook, clean, and keep the house in order.
      Domestic violence was largely considered a family matter. I don’t advocate beating women. But even the possibility of the husband being able to legally use physical force kept female hypergamy in check, enforced household discipline, kept women more submissive, and reduced incidences of adultery.
      In many states child support wasn’t a legal concept. In the states that did have child support it was almost totally unenforceable because technological limitations made enforcement logistically impossible.
      Most houses had only one car and nosy neighbors. Meaning that a wife couldn’t sneak out somewhere during the day or after work for an adulterous relationship.
      In other words the environment was much more conducive to marriage and child rearing. There were also still some benefits to getting married for men, and legal protections built into the system to prevent men from getting divorce raped. Any man who gets legally married in the current legal environment is a fool.

  15. Marriage is for cucks. It means NOTHING in this day and age.
    Have children, but keep ur bitch on a very tight leash. If u think a marriage will magically accomplish this then ur fucked.
    I hooked up with some slut in a club; she was married with children. But what a nice fucking ass under that loose dress. She was grinding up against me good. There was no place I did not touch. Her husband was a fucking beta cuck faggot for even letting his wife go to a club. Hahahahaha!!!
    Marriage requires socially-enforced propriety; which post-modernism destroyed. So unless ur alpha, good luck checking her feral female instincts. The concept of marriage will do FUCK ALL for u if ur a beta fag.

    1. You come across like a low IQ knuckle dragger. We’re hardly going to take advice from someone so illiterate.

    2. Having children is much more dangerous than getting married. Ask any man who was unable to keep up with his child support payments due to illness, injury, or unemployment and as a result was thrown in a steel cage with ‘Tyrone the anal rapist’. But I do agree that at least with children the man gets some benefit.
      Assuming that he wanted children and the mother allows him to see them of course. Getting married confers literally no benefit to men.

      1. Your child get a bruise, and some low IQ thot with a useless degree at school can call Social Services and send more useless low IQ thots with even more useless degrees to COME INTO YOUR HOUSE – jeez – and question your ability as a dad! Then the apple of your eye – your teen daughter – gets pregnant and every low IQ thot in the school and community will know about her abortion before you will. Fuck this. WTF did men (cucks) ever agree to laws like this?

      2. Children are a necessity; marriage isn’t.
        Marriage is nothing more than a coronation ceremony of female narcissism, and any man who shows up to be her prop has automatically proven himself a beta cuck faggot with anarchronistic delusions.
        If ur wife threatens to scuttle ur family out of spite, then u scuttle her miserable life out of justice.
        U go to jail, but with honor. Honor never dies and your children onwards will respect u forever.

    1. Married or not has no impact on your sex life.
      If you are a weak, feminine beta who is afraid of the police, the laws, the goverment, sickness, guns and lives a vegan life – you will be an incel no matter what you do.
      If you are a natural born alpha asshole of epic proportions you will have as much sex as you desire in your life. Be it married or not. Be it with your wife or not.

  16. Only problem with marriage is it involves women and the state.
    Save Yourself, you don’t know what you’re missing
    until you are no longer single.

    1. I’ve heard signing a Bible proves marriage but isn’t a contract with the State. I wonder if this it true or not, or if there’s any benefit in doing things this way?

    2. In fact marriage is a legal contract between three parties, you, your spouse and the effing State. It is a effing legal contract with the biggest jerkboy off all – the state – jumping into bed with you

      1. in Oz you dont even have to be married to be classed as de facto. The girl you’ve been happily banging and cooking your breakfast needs only to prove she has been co-habiting with you for 6 months (though Ive heard it’s dropped to 3) and your nuts are in the vice chap. It’s sad to admit it and I feel for any young guy that dreams of a traditional family but it simply is not worth it, pump and dump seems the course of action until that is outlawed. Of the many hundreds of guys Ive known throughout my life I can only think of one who has had a successful marriage and there’s time for that to change. The only reason I got married was it was at a late stage in my life and If my missus decided to bale she’d lose far more than me, and she knows it.

  17. Great article and true to life. This site is finally getting beyond the “bang 100’s of girls” appetizer phase and onto the meat and potatoes of life.

  18. I LOVE all this talk about “finding the right woman”. They are ALL the “Right Woman” when walking aisle. They are ALL The One. They ALL love you for Who You Are. They ALL promise to love you forever….until she makes that magic phone call. Then you’re just another piece of shit to be flushed in the toilet of family court. The problem isn’t if she is a Good Girl or not. The proponents will say, “You just need to find a good girl with good morals who wouldn’t do that” However, the problem isn’t Would She or Wouldn’t She. The problem is CAN she? And the answer to that is most definitely YES. She can…and she will have all the encouragement to do so, regardless of how Good she is. Marriage, in a legal sense, is putting your neck on the block and hoping she doesn’t swing it based on her “upbringing” while a crowd cheers her on to cut you.
    Now think back to every argument, every time she flew off the handle for what you thought was no good reason, every cutting insult, every nagging demand, because THAT is the real woman you will have to deal with when she exercises her Prerogative to change her mind. And God have mercy on your soul if during this period she should feel “scorned”. Now, I have to ask. With all that is on the line and your neck on the chopping block, why would any man in his right mind give that crazy bitch an axe? The answer: he wouldn’t. Any man entering that agreement nowadays is not in his right mind, and has abandoned reason at that point.

    1. Oh lord, not all women are like that. A lot (perhaps 95%) are, but not all. If you haven’t dated for a few years and pushed boundaries to test character, yes you might get blindsided. Meet her family, see how she is in new environments, etc etc. There’s a reason that we date.
      Put it this way, Indians are kicking our ass when it comes to marriage and income. Do you think they sit around griping about all this? No, they are busy committing insurance fraud and pumping out ugly, unibrowed snotlings.
      Unless some of you whites and east asians manage to get out there, find a good woman and raise children well, the best ethnic groups on the planet are doomed. Yes it isn’t easy. It isn’t impossible either.

      1. I’m convinced a full, total, VIOLENT revolution is needed to ensure the race survives. The women have completely turned their collective backs on men.
        A more satanic situation I couldn’t imagine, to be honest.

      2. You’re posts are falling on deaf ears for one good reason; reality.
        Marriage is a one way street in The Current Year, not liking that will not change it.
        It’s immoral to defend marriage when you use a 95% to 5% ratio of women worth marrying.
        It’s immoral to defend marriage when you know what the Family Courts are.
        It’s immoral to defend marriage when the feminazis get stronger, more unhinged and more powerful; each year that passes.
        Here’s a thought…..
        The trad-con refusal to see what has happened in the west is what’s destroying the west.
        It cripples a logical and manly appraisal of the situation, and therefore it strangles any solutions before they become practical.

      3. NAWLT is your answer? Then you missed my point. I never said that all women are morally corrupt and are looking to screw over men. I said they all CAN , and are encouraged to do so.

    2. “Marriage, in a legal sense, is putting your neck on the block and hoping she doesn’t swing based on her ‘upbringing’ while a crowd cheers her on to cut you.”
      It’s actually worse than that. Not only are they cheering her on; they’re literally offering to give her everything you have as payment if she swings, and usually offering her most of your future earnings as well. Precisely at the time when she feels the most angry, scorned, bitter, and entitled.

  19. This really sounds all good and well, but I think it’s too high risk in our current society and culture. My parents have a great inspiring marriage but they came up in a different time. Sometimes I think marriage and a family would be cool, definitely what the fam would like but the idea of being a selfish cad for the rest of my days seems appealing as well.

  20. What’s with this talk of Christianity being the foundation of Europe? Christianity didn’t make Europe. Was it a huge influence? Yes, but Europeans going back to ancient Greece and Rome had strong marriages where infidelity was scorned, and children were raised by two heterosexual parents in a stable household. Wisdom of metaphysics, philosophy, the arts and sciences was expansive long before Christianity. I believe Europeans had a bigger influence on Christianity than vice-versa.

    1. Fair comment. As a non-christian of european descent I also have a dislike for Christianity, which (as with Hitler) I consider weak and servile. The Romans and Greeks were superior in many ways, albeit neither lasted long in the scheme of things.

      1. Dude, that is a bit too simplistic and harsh take on Christianity. Now Hitler!? come on. I am not a religious person myself, but the fact is most of Western culture, morality, law and worldview is based on Christianity or is heavily influenced by it. By this I mean the good stuff that made West Civ great before it was corrupted to its present state of affairs. The current state of affairs can even be traced to the secularization of Western culture – which in itself is inevitable even with technological change, advance of science etc. etc. My point is the real problem facing the West is not Christianity but what seems to have been replacing it – Leftism and Cultural Marxism. That is where it all went wrong. Just compare Japan with the West, the Japanese are not religious anymore, they too have discarded their traditional religions, but they did not replace it with cultural Marxism to the same extent that the West did, so the outcome there is different – at though they have serious issues too, but they are keeping them isolated and declining in peace and not being overrun by outsiders who don’t care for the their culture and civilization

        1. BTW. you need not be religious but it is not a healthy thing to reject your Christian heritage. Look what is happening in Europe, the Muzzies are taking over the churches and Cathedrals of Europe and no one cares. Some cucked clergymen are even encouraging it – not because they are bad Christians (which they are) but because they don’t value the Christian heritage of Europe and don’t mind replacing it with Muzzie shit. Breeding to get more numbers of your race alone is not a winning solution.

        2. Europe is a gift that keeps on giving. I saw a Danish or Swedish show on Netflix, where 2 cops or busting crime. One is a native Dane and the other is an religious Arab Muslim Dane. In one episode, the 2 guys are going after the bad guys – a Christian cult! Just think about the profundity of this shit.

  21. “God gave us free will because he loves us and wants us to share in the joy of his creation.”
    Unless we follow what he says to the absolute tee or he’ll have us tortured forever, because he loves us.

    1. Your choice- do you want to do life with God or life without God? Because what you choose, He will grant your wish after death.
      You can have eternity with God or eternity without God. And that’s why the latter is considered so terrible. This modern, western civilisation that’s collectively turned it’s back on organised religion gives you a great preview of that eternity in all it’s rotting degeneracy, dysfunction and inhumanity.
      Regarding this idea of “following the rules”, Jesus made it perfectly clear in the New Testament what “the rules” boil down to:
      1) Love God with everything that you are
      2) Love your fellow person as if they were yourself.
      Doesn’t seem too exhausting if you ask me…

      1. Capn’ Fishy, isn’t the second rule the one that scammed the Christian world into accepting the worlds rejects to invade their countries?

        1. Some cucks will use this as defence of opening up our borders and letting masses of 3rd world, low IQ rejects into our society.
          To which I always point out that even the Kingdom of Heaven (which we should aspire to) is guarded by a narrow gate and has a vetting process to get in….

      2. Good points here and a few posts below. The uglier the world becomes the more obvious should be our recognition that life without God is an ugly thing .

  22. Fuck this dumb life ruining advice.
    Happily married is another name for “between divorces.”
    Marriage is dead, even with christians. I read the divorce rate is higher in the church anyway. Christian women believe God owes them a mansion and a red SUV for their kids.

    1. Not for Non-Asian minorities. They do not seem to care if the guy is on his way back to prison.
      Its why places like California are resembling India with massive poor populations and a tiny white minority.

      1. I was an altar boy for 5 years.
        Catholic grade school, high school, and college.
        I believe in God.
        And, due to the circumstances of my life, I absolutely believe that God does NOT believe in me.
        I’m with you JD. I’ll give my praise to God when he sends that 5′ 2″ 100lb 16 y/o perfect 10 to my door begging me to bang her nonstop for a year.

        1. AUTOMATIC
          Catholic grade schools are slightly better than public ones. I doubt your parents wanted to prepare you for the seminary.
          Jews used to send their kids to Catholic schools I attended just because of the city I grew up in.

        2. Personally I’ve been dealing with a crisis of faith. If God would allow things to be the way they are, especially with what is happening to both men and women and said dynamic between each, what kind of God is he…really?
          I lost my faith over the issue. Please, don’t waste your emotional energy ‘praying’. God doesn’t care, if he’s even there. If he does care, and allows this shit to continue, allows the suffering of men to continue, then what kind of God is he?
          If I ever see him, most of my questions will be centered around this issue.
          What I grieve, more than how women are, is my relationship with God has completely crumbled over it. I spent a significant amount of time in the past asking for his help, to deliver me from where I’m at…where we are at. The worst feeling in the world is to pray for deliverance and receive nothing but more suffering. As my prayers grew more passionate and emotional, I felt a part of me inside literally dying. It’s dead completely now.
          I feel more alone now than at any point in my life. Not because of women, but because of God….or the BS stories I was told about him, her or ‘it’.
          Faith is a very interesting concept…especially once one loses it.

        3. @Lost That some reasoning has been tried and tried before: why does God allow suffering, pain, starving, blah blah blah. The truth is that he’s not just going to reach down and change our ways. He gave us free will; men and women together. We can do whatever we like. I’ll leave this last passage that seems to make a lot of sense as of the world of late, Timothy 3:1-5, NIV, “But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God—having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with them.”

      2. JOHN
        You must have gone through an incredibly harrowing divorce as you bring it up frequently.
        Also, the UK seems radically different from the place that produced the steely-eyed Peter O’Toole and Edward Woodward though guys that sorted America out in old films.

  23. You are correct. Europeans effectively chose Christianity over Judaism, whose practitioners would later move into Europe anyhow.

  24. JOHN
    A black man? That’s terrible. No wonder you have some bitter feelings and your daughter became a Lesbian.

  25. Every men who marries or even thinks about it, is a full beta. Don’t try to sugarcoat it with your bluepill thoughts that if you marry a “virgin” (she probably took more cocks in her ass and her mouth you can even imagine), she will be a good wifeeey.
    // Another question: I see Christians here saying that they have to marry legally to not live in sin.
    Here in Germany you can marry in church without marrying legally. Isn’t that possible in USA? It’s called “Freie Trauung” here.
    Peace and don’t forget: AWALT AWALT AWALT !!!

    1. Clint Eastwood was married twice. If you study his history you will find he was anything but a full beta. So that’s the end of your theory.

        1. He killed himself when he came down with Lewy body dementia and realized he was going to spend the rest of his life forgetting his name and talkkng to full scale hallucinations of talking elk.

      1. Ward,
        She’s only gonna be hot the first 2-3 years, then she will become ordinary, and later saggy. Not that you’ll be having much sex after she’s popped two kids.

        1. I’ve already seen this not to be true even with 4 kids. I wasn’t making a prediction earlier; I was stating a reality. I see other married couples where this appears to be true. I understand your marriage didn’t work out well; I really believe in prenups as the state and courts are already involved in marriage. We need a written contract so each party knows what they stand to lose in a divorce.

        2. Ward,
          You stand to lose everything, she stands to lose nothing. That’s just the way western divorce works. If you have a prenup, she’ll just claim you sexually abused the kids, to try and break the prenup, and you’ll never see them again.

  26. Very few ( possibly < 10% althought exact data I forget ) cohabitations last even 2 years even with children. Even if almost 40-50% of marriages fail then logically you should still consider marriage.
    Even if you understand the nature of women ( entitlement syndrome, little reflective capability, lie unknowingly, hypergamous, manipulative, highly conditional fleeting love ) the odds are still in favor of it. That’s the paradox of the red pill.

  27. I loved the excitement of fucking the hottest, younger women (21-27) I could.
    Then I found a decent, also younger (she’s 32, I’m 42) woman who shares my values and has high status and value and I married her. Having a stable partner in life is also great, as was being a bachelor. I see no issue with lifetime bachelorhood but I prefer what I have.
    Aaaand once in a while we go out and bring another girl home for a little 3-way fun. Just to keep it exciting.
    Happiness has lots of paths.

  28. Men we got to find a traditional girl and get them when they are 18 then we can mold them into the woman we want them to be.

  29. Nice article, but I’m calling bullshit on one statistic: that Ashley Madison was indicative of female proclivity to cheat.
    Sure, Ashley Madison didn’t have many female members, but that isn’t because women do not want to cheat, all that indicated was that isn’t how they go about cheating.
    Women are far more indirect at setting the table for cheating – reputation is everything and their slut defense hamster has to put themselves into a situation where they can later say “it just happened!” to themselves or, if caught, to their partner. Creating a profile on a dating site meant for cheaters is hardly the most indirect method of setting up a cheat opportunity.

  30. I believe Louis L’Amour was right when he said the measure of a man is his willingness to take on responsibility. We need good masculine men having families. If prenups are necessary, do it. I’m proud to say I married a hot wife and she is hotter and sexier now in her early 40s. Good genetics no doubt, but if a woman stays in shape and does what she can to look good, it is a weak man that cannot get excited by the woman you married who might not look as beautiful as before but who has worked to stay in shape and be healthy.
    We all are going to get older. Being married has many benefits (e.g. more sex), and I know the marriage horror stories too, but, it is the best way to maintain a civilized vigorous society.

    1. WARD
      The scary thing is that in another 25 years we are going to have a good load of women of my Generation (Born in the 70’s) who were bi-sexual no-dependent lifelong single women (Leftists, Goths, Man-haters, party girls).
      They are not going to do what John or other older guys do and start over in Southeast Asia.
      After a lifetime of holding down jobs at the “Co-op” for menial wages and waiting for the Marxist revolution and sitting in coffee shops like it was 1995 and FRIENDS was on the TV…they are going to be elderly.
      What will they do?

    2. The goal posts are always changing.
      There is nothing preventing even
      the most perfect marriage from having
      that one undiscovered flaw eventually
      ruining a marriage very very quickly.
      I’ve personally seen a marriage of 40
      years degrade and end in a half a year.
      Past experience is no guarantee of continuity.

  31. Mein Fuhrer did God’s work to expel the Jooos from Germany. The Joooos are nothing but vermin and a cancer.

  32. I want to point out that at most 25% of first time marriages end in divorce. Among Christians it is around 17-20%. The serial marriers/divorcers pump the number way up.
    I’m sure some struggle through, but in my circle of friends/associates that doesn’t appear true. They do seem happy. Our society does affect expectations though and materialism affects women very much. Women are allowed to fantasize about other men/actors and demean their husbands too readily. Men are demonized if they do the same thing. Because the state gets too involved in marriages, I believe prenups should simply be used more often; since the state and courts already have a say at least husbands and wives should be able to influence and/or determine outcomes. Crazy (or personality change) and abuse should be the first two issues addressed.

  33. I must confess, in this egalitarian age I believe in same sex marriage.
    Been having the same sex with the same woman, and no one else, for 42 years of marriage. Its a great program and I am going to stick with it !

  34. Good article here. It’s about time we get back to family values. The divorce rate is pretty high now, which scares a lot of people away from marriage. That can be fixed by changing the law to remove financial incentives.

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