5 Venues In Thailand Every Man Must Visit

For guys having issues in their home countries—or even those just seeking new adventures—there’s perhaps no better remedy than a trip to Thailand. Unfortunately, many newbies get sucked into the pay-for-play trap or get stuck in the lackluster, mainstream tourist areas such as Khao San Road or Phuket.

As a half-Thai “Luk Khrueng” and dual citizen who has lived and worked in Bangkok, I can confidently say that Thailand is one of the best countries to enjoy females of all varieties. What I’m going to share here are some of the best venues in Thailand that you should plan your first—or next—trip around to avoid the tourist traps and maximize your gaming outcomes.

1. Royal Crown Avenue (RCA): Bangkok

While many of the tourists and backpackers are crowding Khao San Road in Bangkok for the cheap booze buckets, many of the local Thais and expats will be partying on weekends in the club and bar district known as Royal Crown Avenue (RCA). A short cab ride away from the main downtown area of Sukhumvit, the RCA district has many bars and clubs where you can find a high volume of mostly local Thai girls dressed up and out for a fun night.

Your best bet is to hit the indoor/outdoor hip-hop club called Route 66. The good thing about RCA is that most of the local Thai girls that frequent this venue are from the middle class and higher, so English will not be as much of a barrier.

The outdoor area at Route 66 is a great place to approach.

2. ARK Bar: Koh Samui

For one reason or another, Koh Samui tends to get overlooked when people plan their Thai island-hopping experience. Many focus on the Full Moon party at Koh Phagnan (which has become much more commercialized in recent years) or on the eastern coast with Koh Phi Phi.

However, Samui has yet to fail me in terms of being one of the best venues to game in all of Thailand. Many of the clubs and bars are along the beach, have a more “nightclub” feel conducive to game, and hands down the best is ARK Bar. Open seven days a week, you can hang out at the bar, dance along the pool or beach, and enjoy the high volume of both Thai and foreign girls. ARK Bar is simply a can’t miss.

Nightclub-style game on the beach at ARK Bar Samui.

3. Songkran Festival: Old City Chiang Mai

The Thai New Year in April—otherwise known as Songkran—is the biggest holiday in all of Thailand. The entire country takes a week off to drink, party, and engage in the famous “water fights” with Super Soakers. Songkran can be enjoyed anywhere in Thailand, but if you’re looking for the best place to both party and game with a high number of both Thai and foreign girls, then the city of Chiang Mai is your choice hands down.

Chiang Mai is a Thai college city by nature, and its Old Town hosts one of the most packed Songkran parties in Thailand. There are simply dozens of options, from staying in a hostel and partying all day with foreign girls you might meet to going to one of the many packed nightclubs and bars.

Just the fact that you can “approach” a girl by dousing her with a bucket of water and striking up a conversation makes Chiang Mai Songkran one of the top gaming options—both day and night—for foreign guys new to Thailand.

Both day and night game are options during Songkran in Chiang Mai.

4. Amsterdam Bar: Koh Phagnan

Many Thailand novices mistakenly assume that the best place to score on the beautiful island of Koh Phagnan is during one of the famous Full Moon parties on Had Rin beach. Even the Half Moon parties in the jungle have been gaining popularity and fame. And while it is possible to meet girls at these parties, they are often packed with many male tourists, and girls will tend to give off the “snobby backpacker” vibe.

Instead, try a better day game option in the form of Amsterdam Bar, which has one of the most beautiful sunset views on Koh Phagnan. Amsterdam Bar is situated atop a mountainside, so you’ll have to hike up a wooden staircase. At the top is an open-air area with a bar, tables, sofas, and the option to purchase joints as well. Just go to the bartender and use the word “smoke.”

The result is a lot of people hanging out, conversing, drinking, smoking, and enjoying the sunset. Girls at Amsterdam Bar tend to be more foreign, but you will find the occasional group of Thai girls. In general, girls there are in a good mood enjoying the good vibes, so it’s an easy place to approach, and even if they’re not interested, they might still chat about where you’re from, their trip in Thailand, and maybe even where they’re hanging out at night.

Use Amsterdam Bar to get a magnificent view of the sunset, employ some day game, and potentially set up an evening cocktail rendezvous at a beach bar or two near your bungalow to seal the deal.

Try some foreigner day game for a change of pace at Amsterdam Bar.

5. Ratchada Train Night Market: Bangkok

Hands down one of the best methods and venues of approaching local Thai girls will be at any type of open air market. In fact, I know several guys how have met their wives and girlfriends by simply approaching them at a market and expressing basic interest with minimal Thai language skills.

When it comes to markets, you can either day game at an open-air market, where girls will be there primarily for shopping and hanging out with friends, or hit one of the night markets, which will have a more festive atmosphere with open-air food stalls, restaurants, bars, and even small clubs.

One of the best markets going for game these days in Bangkok is the Ratchada Train Night Market, which is right off the Thailand Cultural Center subway station. The Train Night Market is geared towards youth, with many scantily clad young Thai girls out eating and drinking alcohol. You can employ some day game tactics at night, approaching girls who are sampling food stalls, or pop into one of the many makeshift bars and clubs packed with younger local Thais.

Markets are best for those looking to game with the locals.

So if you’re planning your first trip to Thailand—or looking for something different on your next one—try some of these off-the-beaten-path venues for a unique experience, greater exposure to local Thai girls, and overall greater odds of gaming success.

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62 thoughts on “5 Venues In Thailand Every Man Must Visit”

    1. MADMAN
      Most young people came as couples when I was young and visited the first time in the late 90’s. Younger readers will not realize that even 20 years ago young women did not travel.
      I MOVED here at 40 and at that age on a modest budget I was not clubbing.
      The only white woman I screwed in Asia was a fairly tough female sailor from Missouri who’d been on a commercial vessel that docked in the Philippines.
      Truthfully, when you have had the sex you LIKE-fucking women in the anus; blowing loads deep down their throat; hoover blowjobs with human vacuum cleaners-some sloppy sex in a dark hotel room with a white tourist girl in missionary reminds you of your college days.

    2. You’d need to learn one of the Thai languages first. Generally only p4p girls in Thailand will speak English with you, or bed you without talking. Chiang Mai is a college town, but they all return to their home villages at Songkran (the hookers leave too), not much in the way of pretty local girls to throw buckets of water over, plenty of Bogans though. Chiang Mai outside of the holiday periods is packed with female students (around 6 universities, with 95% of the students female). Thailand isn’t really a destination for men who aren’t prepared to pay for sex. None of the type of girls RoK readers claim to want can speak any English or will have sex with white guys for free.

      1. JOHN
        They’re talking about meeting chirpy young Western female backpackers.
        This, for any man above 35, is not going to happen. Young Western girls who fuck on a whim will not be anymore interested in us here (Though I look younger than 45 if you looked over 28 you are not going to get laid with that lot) than in some student bar.

        1. There are many tourist in their 30′ and they are open to guys up to 50. I got some friends living there permanently and there is no shortage of women, even some Thai who are not hookers but live a slightly alternative lifestyle to the average Thai girl.

        2. Why would you even look at tourist girls in Thailand, there’s just no reason..we are not there for white girls, we are there to get AWAY from white girls.

      2. JOHN
        Western Morality
        It is curious that Western girls who have spent a weekend kneeling at a music festival or outside a pub sucking urine-tinged cocks like total slags look down on prostitutes as being morally reprehensible.

    3. As I mentioned to William below, if you are into online game than I suggest ThaiCupid as well. Sign up for the paid account and you’ll get many dates (or so my friends have said.)
      Good luck!

  1. My purpose for living overseas has simply been not to be around Cholos, White trash or Hood Rats that my earning power in the US would probably put me in proximity too. The culture of SJW and the post-Bush clusterfuck decline into second worldom was my main objective.
    As older guy (30 plus in the backpacking scene) Western young women are just not interested in you even if you keep in top shape. You’re old. Plain and simple. No different than trying to get laid in college bars.
    The owner of this site for example looks his 40 years and I am surprised that a man with a graying beard can get laid as easy as he does in clubs with women of clubbing age (18-25). But of course he is an “Artiste” and I am just a regular guy.
    As it happened, the economic center moved to Asia as I got older. I’m actually more employable overseas than in the US and my money goes further.
    I could not say much about the club scene and Khao San is kind of ratty. I stopped using drugs entirely in my 30’s as most guys do so I had no reason to go down there to score dope either.
    The day I hit Thailand I met a Northern Thai woman who owned property and fucked her to make sure she fell in love with the white dick and then immediately moved in and improved on her property. I sunk $60,000 into her altogether. Not much, to be honest. But we have a life together.
    My own craziest experiences were in the US as a young man.
    Some of the best blowjobs I got were strangely in Canada-the French-Canadian woman I dated would smoke pot with me after work and kneel and suck me off in public places after dark. y.

    1. Bangkok and Pattaya is full of trash from the west and the east (Indians, Pakistanis etc.).
      Chiang Mai is overrun with tourists of the SJW kind.
      You’ll have to go far of the beaten path and then you’ll be surrounded by the trashier redneck type thais who might murder you some day because their wife ran away with a farang or w/e.
      Thailand is the wrong place to run to if you want to escape from trashy people.

      1. ROB
        …Compared to the Puerto Ricans or blacks in Hunt’s Point?
        I’d feel safer walking past Paki tailors in Pattaya that is for sure.
        As for redneck villages you’ll never meet girls there anyhow.

      2. ROB
        America is has the worst Jig, Bean and white trash in the world.
        South Asian hawkers in Pattaya do not come close.

    2. “The owner of this site for example looks his 40 years and I am surprised that a man with a graying beard can get laid as easy as he does in clubs with women of clubbing age (18-25).”
      Does he? If my business was to run a website that depended on me claiming years of success in the bar scene, I’d claim that success too.

    Young man’s game:
    If you are over 35 you won’t get laid with the backpacking set. You’re just too old. And many women are going as couples.
    The Russian women are often selling it. You can see blonde Eastern European selling their bodies on the street for as low as $40.
    I guess it is possible to fuck Western girls.

  3. Great article. Thailand is ridiciously packed with normie tourists and thirsty sex buyers in their 40s, 50s and 60s, but there are still a lot of other options and specific places to avoid and focus on, Choose some of these locations and combine with ThaiCupid (best possible pics) and not long after you have a whole plethora of thin and moderately attractive to hot girls between 155-165 cm waiting in Line (heh) when you arrive.

    1. Thanks for comment, William! I did forget to mention ThaiCupid, where many of my friends have met Thai girls on. From what I understand the paid subscription version is more than worth it – especially if you’re looking to meet a local Thai girls.
      Cheers na krup!

      1. Always amazed foreign guys can’t spot Thai hookers. I guess it’s because they’ll fuck you a couple of times before asking for money. Foreign guys are easily scammed.

  4. I am considering a mongering trip there at some point. I have no issue paying for it, will be far easier and I won’t have to act like I give a shit what’s she talking about. Looks like alot of fun.

    1. Chuck,
      That’s the best attitude to come here with. You can have a different woman every night for around $50 a time.

        1. AUTOMATIC
          John is quoting the higher price. Its $30-$50.
          However, unlike most white prostitutes who are nodding out junkies who seem to hate every minute of it, Asian prostitutes are vaguely aroused by the sex.

        2. AUTOMATIC
          When I was young in the 1990’s it was still possible to get a crack whore to suck you off for $30.
          I suppose now that crack cocaine is gone the rates have gone up. You had to be young in an urban metropolis in the 80’s and 90’s.

        3. @ Madman
          I have to admit MM, I haven’t gone to a street hooker since 1994. I stick to the upscale/elite Agency & AMP girls, so not dealing with the drugs ‘n pimp girls like back in the 80s and early 90s.
          But that said, at $50 per, I could easily stop working and live off the FU fund most likely for the rest of my life. Really makes me think. But if I ever do it, I believe Philippines might be better for me than Thailand, given the English speaking and all.

        4. AUTOMATIC
          The Philippines is more similar to Mexico though not as dangerous.
          I have not lived there in 5 years so I have no idea what the place is like now.

        5. AUTOMATIC
          When I was a young man in college I remember one guy was 30 years old and the young girls were like “Eww, he is so OLD he is CREEPY”.
          I cannot fathom getting laid in a club full of 20-somethings in the United States.

        6. @ Madman
          Oh, I can fathom it, it just doesn’t happen very much, or ever…
          I’ve been to many bars/clubs/lounges with girls in their 20s…always with cash paid upfront. Once you get them partying with you in the hotel room, it will sometimes carry on for longer than the hourly rate. I have learned some things over the years…

        7. AS
          What costs $50 in Thailand, only costs $30 in the Philippines.
          But I’ve found the prettier girls in PI, are more cold than the prettier girls in TH. In Thailand they always hung around for breakfast and a second go, Filipinos are fairly keen to grab the money and run. All in all the Thai girls have always given me a far more convincing experience. I guess it depends if you’re just looking for quick sex, or a pretense of love and affection with your sex.

        8. I guess if you can’t do the math you probably aren’t the high earning type of NYC resident.
          You spend $800 at least on an excruciating 20 hour each way flight to the 3rd world where you’ll be too jet lagged to enjoy anything for 2-3 days.
          Hotels cost money too so add another $50 a night.
          Most thai women are ugly and the better looking ones charge $100+
          For $150 you can bang a (probably better looking) Asian for at least 30min in NYC as well without the need to waste 2 days just on flying back and forth.

        9. ROB
          If you do the math and your not prejudiced against Jews or P.R.s you can drive down to Hunt’s Point and get some Amy Winehouse type to do anything for $100.
          Of course you risk arrest to some degree but if you rent a motel room the cops could care less.
          For about $2500 you can have a decent time in Thailand. But as you stated, there is a lonnnng plane ride home.
          I live in Thailand because I don’t want to live in the West and my work is manageable from anywhere. I earn a pittance anyhow so I can live better in Thailand.

        10. Rob,
          Decent condo rooms in Thailand (Aircon, cableTv, wifi, ensuite) are about $15/night or $200/month. The Philippines are a bit more per night, but around the same at monthly rates.
          I already live out here, so only $120 to fly between Manila/Bangkok.

        11. JOHN ?
          Would you really rather be around a bunch of Irish-American louts who look like Mickey Rourke and Sean Penn in some NYC dive bar than a Bangkok Kareoke.
          Is the average London estate safer than the average $300 a month condo in Thailand or Philippines? Give me a break.
          Rob of course is right. If you are simply out to get a blowjob than you can walk up the Soho flats and get one for 30 quid.
          There is no reason to fly 8 hours for that.
          Insofar as morals are concerned the average slag in US or UK who suck 4 dicks a weekend at raves in toilet stalls off her face on Ecstasy or cocaine for fee is worse in my opinion than the average discreet Thai prostitute.

        12. @ Rob
          I was not referring to a vacation.
          Was thinking more as a long term/permanent exit strategy.
          BTW, most hot pros in NYC do not offer 30 min sessions. Yes, you can get girls for $150/half hr, but they will be 6s at best.

      1. i plan to check it out in the next few years, looks awesome. i love the idea of renting and not owning, a strategy i employ throughout my life.

        1. ” i love the idea of renting and not owning”
          Yeah, me too.
          For apartments as well as females.
          I do own my car though. Cheaper than leasing.

        2. When I first came to Thailand, I looked at a house to rent. This rather nice looking Thai woman (age 33) was showing me around her house and we agreed on a rental price of $200 a month. I asked her “where are you going to live?” and she replied, “I thought I could live here too, it’s another $250 for me.” So that was the deal, $450 a month for her and her house.

  5. The US is a police state now. Americans should be out in the streets with pitchforks and torches, but instead they would rather shut up, cover their ears, and put their heads in the sand.

      Look what happens in Baltimore or Detroit where there is no longer a police state. Murders rise to 400 a year. New York, back when liberal black mayors ran it, had 2000 murders in one year in the 1980’s.

    2. I’m a white guy and I have been stopped and searched multiple times in Bangkok. You’re a rich white n*gger over there, ripe for the pickings. Just because thai people are generally quite reserved it doesn’t mean that they like you and the police likes to shake down foreigners and immigration likes to treat foreigners in a condescending manner just like they do with migrants from neighboring countries. Give a thai some power or money and their true feelings will come out.

  6. First came to Thai in ’96…been here (on and off) ever since
    Thai females have gone downhill in 3 ways in recent years
    1.Massive lesbian percentage (although w/o the politics associated w/ it.)
    2.Obesity and general fatness….very rare a decade ago
    3. Very drab style of dressing and generally dumb/empty .
    (Ok…this one has been true forever but I started noticing in recent years)
    Thailand was never good for game…the crown goes to another country in the region which will remain undisclosed.

  7. RCA is played out.
    Also thai women are garbage. They’re either hookers, have the intellect of a 5 year old or are raging narcissistic 3rd world queens. Bangkok is overpriced as well.
    There is a reason why all you see in Thailand is bottom of the barrel people from western countries. Like attracts like…

    1. ROB
      …Pakistani tailors or Indian salesman in Pattaya are more palatable than Hoodrats and Cholos if you had to chose between living cheaply in Pattaya or living cheaply in Detroit or the Bronx. Your PR’s in NYC are FUCKING AWFUL.
      South Asian won’t do you any harm. Would you rather walk past them or blacks.
      SJW tourists in Chang Mai. Who gives a shit? What are those fairies going to do or say. Mostly they go there to smoke Thai stick. I prefer them to the white trash of Alabama or West VA or Arizona. What are they going to do? Steal your air?
      Thai rednecks. You’ll find them in bars. And there are no Thai whores in villages anyhow.

      1. If you’re really that bad off that you can’t avoid the worst of the worst in a western country and have no way to elevate your financial status by legit or not so legit means, then you might indeed be better off in Thailand.
        I have been in Asia long enough to know I never want to go back to these primitive people again or ever dick an Asian again. To me it amounts to slow death in an irrelevant 3rd world country. I’d rather do a couple years prison in a nordic country for a white collar crime before muslims become a significant percentage of prisoners there than living in Thailand indefinitely but that’s just me…

        1. ROB
          If you happen to be Indian, which you might be, than you probably prefer Eastern European hookers because they are white. If so, you can go to Dubai and some are as cheap as $50 a throw. I personally find Natashas to be big-boned and graceless and rather masculine-looking with big pussies.
          For $300 a month you can get a top apartment in Bangkok with a security guard and a gate.
          In the US you will live in a crack house-type apartment.
          Blacks and Mestizos are far more aggressive than Asians. That is not to say you cannot get swarmed and get your ass kicked but this will not be broad daylight-you’ll have to be wandering into seriously low (And I mean would use the toilet low) local bars with Thai guys who look seriously shady.
          Thais are primitive but smaller and less vicious that hulking black thugs or machete-swinging Richard Ramirez Mestizos. So for me it is preferable.
          As for the South Asians in Pattaya or Bangkok who hawk shit or Sikhs who loaf around Pratunam I do not really go near Indians so I don’t care. They won’t bother you anyhow, they’re nothing. Most of them are illegals stuck in some subsistence slave contract with Thai-born Sikhs.
          Having said that, I would not live in Muslim South Thailand.

    2. That assumption is based on that there are only a few categories of females, but a city of 15 million have more to offer than whores. There are still a significant share and number of regular girls in Bangkok and other places that want a good-looking guy between 25-40, not 50+-year-old sex tourists. They want a lover, whether for short term or long term.
      We may visit the same places but in a way we live in different universa. Are there hookers that offer me their bodies? Sure, but there are other types as well. If you go to a club in Southeast Asia, and even in Northeast Asia, there will be 10-30% that are hookers, but that will still leave guys with a lot of normal girls to focus on. The exact same scenario has played out for me in Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Bali, Hong Kong, Taipei, Cebu and so on. There are some hookers there, but you still find a cute 6-8 that you bang at the end of the night.
      If a guy between 20-38 cannot get laid in those places there’s something wrong with him, not the environment.

      1. >If a guy between 20-38 cannot get laid in those places there’s something wrong with him, not the environment.
        Getting laid whether paid or for free is not the problem. The problem is thai people are so low IQ and anti intellectual that doing hookers is pretty much the only thing a self respecting man can do.
        I don’t wear flip flops, I dress properly, chasing 3rd world monkeys who speak a language that largely consists out of long drawn vowels commonly used by severely mentally retarded people in the west is certainly beneath me.
        I don’t consider women to be equals to men ever but in Russia or the Ukraine we can at least have a decent conversation and while their views and opinions are ultimately irrelevant to me, it doesn’t make me feel like I’m chasing hired help.
        >There are still a significant share and number of regular girls in Bangkok and other places that want a good-looking guy between 25-40, not 50+-year-old sex tourists. They want a lover, whether for short term or long term.
        I have been living in Thong Lo where the rich thais hang out who sometimes have studied abroad etc. and trust me they’re barely above their lesser IQ counterparts + they often consider themselves above foreigners as they associate them with the trashpackers and blue collar grandpas and girls who do foreigners as hookers.

        1. ROB
          You make a point. I was 40 when I met my 30 year old Chinese-Thai wife but a disgusting 60 year old Aussie or LA hick is not going to meet a decent female in Thailand.
          Or Korea, or Japan or anywhere else.

        2. ROB
          Eastern European dangers.
          To me the Russian and Slavic males are an ominous lot. Even the Polish-Americans I knew in Detroit (Skinheads granted) were not people you wanted to be around unless you were from that neighborhood and were their color and knew them.
          I don’t think I would want to go into Ukrainian or Russian low bars full of guys that looked like Charles Bronson on a vodka bender any more than I would want to hang around low bars in Thailand.

        3. Jeez, another racist …….
          A woman’s IQ doesn’t matter, I don’t wanna socialize with them (unless I’m blind drunk) and I have no interest in Thai men. As for the IQ of my half breed children (in case you were thinking of asking), I’m 140+, so if I breed with a 95, they should average out at 120 …… which is probably higher than you.

  8. CRIME in ASIA
    1. Asians are not as aggressive as Mexican Indians or Blacks. You won’t be attacked much of ANYWHERE in broad daylight like you will be in by Cholos in the Southwest or blacks in Detroit.
    2. Would Asian people in America go into some bar full of rednecks that looked like Leatherface’s extended family? No? Should you in Asia? No.
    3. Losers and thugs everywhere are usually broke and live in rundown places. Would Chinese tourists visit Detroit or Pittsburgh or the worst parts of Central West Virginia?
    4. If you rent in Thailand your apartment will have a security guard and a gate pass.
    5. If you are so into crack or meth that you cannot be away from it for a 10 day vacation it is not worth doing 5 years in a Thailand prison. If you have ANY criminal or general anti-social tendencies you should not be overseas.
    6. Thailand and the Philippines are too different countries. One is Indo-Chinese, the other Hispanic Malays. Philippines even before the drug was was way more violent than Thailand. Filipinos have natural criminal tendencies.

    1. MM,
      Been here nearly 10 years, gotta say I’m having a great time in Thailand and the Philippines. No urge to move on at all. I’ve lived with 3 Thai women and 1 Filipino women (I’m a serial monogamist) along with a horde of one nighters, they’ve all been great experiences.

  9. CAREFUL with Route 66. Great place, many hot chicks, I pulled one from there last year and the cunt stole my (replica) watch. So I just went to Nana plaza and bought a new one… still worth it.

    1. Good work Max! Many say Route is “played out” and yes it has been around a while but still a great place to strike up conversation in the outdoor area.

  10. Thank you, everyone, for the comments and conversation! Some of you have actually lived in Thailand much longer than I have, so it’s good to hear from you. My goal was to provide an array of places to visit, no matter your taste in women.
    Despite its flaws, Thailand is a fantastic and unique place that has something for everyone. If you can’t have fun there then you might as well give up on life haha

  11. Wow, talk about racist. madman marz has done nothing but talk about minorities in the US as if many white peoples shit doesn’t stink either here. I always found it comical when I ran across a white supremacist in Korea, talking about how he hated minorities but is in another country having sex with Asian women instead of Caucasian ones.

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