5 Reasons Why You Should Never Date A Girl In Recovery

“Recovery” is the term most associated with people who are in current addiction treatment or who are sober but continue in some form of sobriety program. The most common of these is the Twelve-Step program associated with A.A. and N.A., though less common alternative methods exist.

After working in the medical field for four years—including six months of supervising addiction treatment—I’ve come to the firm conclusion that no man committed to his betterment and happiness should seriously consider romantic involvement with a recovering addict.

If while pursuing your routines, a chemically-conditioned waif falls into your lap with the result that you bed her, don’t stress. Men are not typically derailed by a one-night stand. It is the girl a man invests some measurable amount of his energy and resources into that ends up harming him.

However, if you are tempted to think that a formerly fiending woman may be a viable source of long-term happiness, then here is what you need to know.

1.  She Is Damaged

Not all drug use is equal, and the occasional Xanax popper, weekend boozer, or weed hound is a far cry from an all-out meth, heroin, or benzo junkie. That aside, if she has been through one or more treatment programs, then consider her damaged. Her health may make a recovery if she maintains sobriety, but there are other factors that will take longer to heal, if they even can.

She will likely have legal, financial, and emotional burdens to foist on others for some time to come. Whether you believe her condition is a legitimate “disease” or a simple cascade of bad decisions, your choice should be easy. Steer clear.

2.  She Is Psychologically Unstable

According to stats from SAMHSA, approximately one in four American women have a mental health disorder and around 13% (one in eight) actively use illicit drugs. Combine this research with the NESARC finding of 50 percent drug or alcohol dependence among women with mood and anxiety disorders.

Correlation vs causation is uncertain, but the result is the same.  Your rehab snowflake who is doing so well in her sobriety likely exists on a cocktail of anti-depressants and mood stabilizers that would make Rob Zombie a zen master.

As the gap between Western woman’s biological wiring and her social reconditioning grows wider, so will the rise in her psychological instability and therefore her dependence Big Pharma, sadly. The route taken for America’s addicts and mental health patients is rarely one of holistic therapies, lifestyle changes, and radical self-improvement, but rather a shift from legally prohibited drugs to prescribed pharmaceutical dependency: all part of a $35 billion per year addiction/psychiatry industry.

Rudimentary knowledge of pharmaceuticals and discreet intel gathering from her bathroom cabinet or open purse could be considered tools of necessity. Remember, she became an addict due to a confluence of things like trauma, neglect, and an addictive personality. Those issues don’t go away simply because the primary addiction does.

3.  She Has A History Of Sexual Indiscretion Proportionate To Her Drug Use

This is a lady who makes bad choices. A few hardcore recovery girls will confess their Wittenberg door list of junkie spears, surrendered to in search of getting a fix. It’s all in the past! More likely though, she will tell you how her addiction was a solitary issue and fail to mention that she managed to always secure goods from her dealer when the money wasn’t there. Multiply that by number of drugs of choice, places lived, and years of use and you’ll start to see the bigger picture.

Also, addiction replacement is almost guaranteed in many treatment programs where chain smoking and chain fornication become therapy. This of course presents both health concerns and also exacerbates any underlying mental health issues she already has. Bottom-feeding is never a good thing. To thine own self (especially down there) be true.

4.  She Is Socially Lost, Unreliable, And Will Detract From Your Status

Imagine the most frustrating aspects of the ten worst girls you’ve ever been with, and I’ll give you a girl in recovery that exemplifies them all. Can’t hold legitimate work? Check. Self-absorbed? Check. Flaky behavior? Check. Health issues? Check. Add to this the likelihood of garish and nonsensical tattoos, carousel proclivity, and a disrespect for men under the guise of feminist self-empowerment, and you’ll get the idea.

5.  She Will Likely Relapse And Return To Past Modes Of Operation

Think you're the one who will rescue her? Better pass.

Most research is in agreement that recovering addict relapse chances stand between 50 to 90 percent. It’s slightly higher for women than men, with a 30 percent chance at long term success by NIH stats. Her most vulnerable years for addiction will be between 25-29, which loosely coincides with her late peaks for dating, pregnancy, and establishing a career and/or family.

If you do proceed with a woman in recovery, it may go well initially, as she will be eager to please and looking for affirmation. Best-case scenario is she flakes early on or ditches you for a white knight who will support her victimhood and protected person status.

With some girls, the worst case scenarios will be obvious: health issues, court drama, financial problems, stripper past, ex-dealers, Che Guevara tattoos etc. Such warnings would certainly harbinger the abuse, STDs, rape accusations, or mental breakdowns to come.

The scarier scenario is that she evidences few of those things and you, compelled from the depths by some buried evolutionary scarcity response, relent to your hungry beta scavenger and settle in for a long psychodrama with mediocre rewards.

Think you’re the one who will rescue her? Best to pass.

Yes, a functional society should offer a genuine assisted pathway for repenting derelicts to reform and reenter civilization’s embrace. Sadly, our current civilization with its madness, decline, and greed hosts an addiction/psychiatry industry which churns out broken women* not fit for the well-developed man.

Caveat emptor.

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99 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should Never Date A Girl In Recovery”

  1. As the saying goes: the best way to predict future behavior is to simply look at past behavior. With “recovering” addicts there could be no truer statement.

    1. rule number one that applies to all Junkies. once a junkie always a junkie and there is nothing that will change that human nature except death. you might as well talk to toilet paper balls under each arm and flush yourself down the fucking toilet as opposed to getting involved with a junkie because it’s exactly the same fucking thing. rule number 2 there’s no such thing as a former Junkie all there is is a junkie

      1. @Jensen
        Right you are. I work in corrections and can verify everything in this article. If you are a 30 yo. male or female and have been a junkie, you are finished. Our jails are full of these old party dogs and bitches who just look burned out – teeth, skin, tattoos, track marks, old scabs, the list goes on.
        Very few really, completely recover and the addiction/psychiatry services are just a revolving door of brief periods of sobriety. Been in rehab 5 times? Yeah, OK.

        1. a junkie is always one failure of personal discipline to resist the ecstacy of a drug embrace away from one more hit one more overdose and death.

    2. All women are broken and unstable, I have no reason to avoid those with drug addiction problems, in fact they are often quite slim and attractive (when young).

  2. If you want easy, no effort pussy, I’ve heard showing up at “recovery” with cigarettes and coffee is like fishing with hand grenades.

    1. quite true. but not worth the associated issues.
      I’ve never seen a segment of female population more prone to stds and rape accusations. There is little to no agency with them.. which is why they are there in the first place.

  3. Great piece. That woman pictured with #5 is not a turn on at all. Trying way too hard. Tattoos and Marijuana is a huge no no.

  4. So ya have a Recovery Girl do ya? She’s been clean a Whole Year? Wow! She’s working her “program”? Good for her! She got a job? Wonderful! She meditates and does yoga as part of her daily life improvement routine? Awesome! Run because that shit’s temporary. I took a chance on one of these Prodigal Angels, and she crashed my emotional truck in a ditch. Luckily, it didn’t cost me much of anything financially, but she pretty much destroyed any and all ability to trust or emotionally attach to a woman. She was the red pill dealer that originally put me on the path that brought me here.

    1. I could see it working if you were granted actual ownership over her.
      As in she has no right to leave, you are allowed to punish her using corporal punishment, the children are yours even if you throw her worthless ass back on the curb etc.
      The only potential problem is for abuse of that kind of trust. We would have to come up with some kind of oversight that is nearly above board. She can be granted the right to ask for her situation to be reviewed. And if anything really shady, like actual starvation or beatings that involve serious torture, or farming her out for sex, then we’d hang the male owner.

  5. The only one that can AMOG dope man is the government. Dealing with recovery girls will set you in competition with both. You will lose that battle eventually.

    1. sage words. this is at core of the underlying issue with loss of female responsibility. something Roosh has written lots about..

    Dana was an ex-crack whore and stripper who owned a shabby duplex apartment building. She had met her sugar daddy as a New York stripper and he had paid for her rehab and bought the building.
    She was 33 when I met her and was finishing up a business degree. Typical working-class Polish-American girl from Detroit, claimed her father molested her etc.
    I rented a unit and at a certain point she started smoking crack cocaine again.
    Her life went downhill in a single week. She dropped out of business school; soon she was dealing crack out of her house; one junkie dealer hid cocaine around the building.
    The week after I moved out some other junkie she was bickering with turned her into welfare for fraud. She blew Detroit for a few years for California.
    Years later, I would read in the Detroit news she had been busted for methamphetamine and fenatyl possession along with stolen property.
    Somehow, she made probation.
    Then, and I read this in the news again, she was busted (This time 45) for selling a bag of marijuana.
    This time she was put away for life.

    1. GEORGE
      An Amy Winehouse has her own money. If you can handle a rich female junkie’s drama fine.
      But your average trailer trash to lower middle class girl with a former addiction has done everything from steal cars to rim Negro’s assholes to robbing John’s at gunpoint.

      1. Stay away from toxic people , They will
        bring you down to their level and beat
        you up with their experience…
        What are you , captain save a whore ?

    2. Yes, Amy. I *DO* know you’re no good. Just another “chosen” degenerate.
      Let’s see how long this post lasts….

    I moved out without paying rent. I’d been a good tenant but once shady people were in and out of the building in her office/unit smoking heaps of crack cocaine I was gone.
    She had gang friends. I was scared because I broke lease-hardly a legal formality when a building is a crack house.
    For a month, I laid low in a motel room and when I got a new place it was in another part of the city.
    When she was turned into welfare I had no idea until I heard about it but another acquaintance of hers was convinced that I did it.
    My point is
    A) Bad girls have bad friends who will kill you if they think they’ll get a blowjob.
    B) It is not the drug but the lifestyle because Nicole Richie and Whitney Houston do not have to suck men’s cocks for money or commit felonies. But your average run-of-the-mill middle-class chick or lower middle-class chick emerges from addiction as criminally versatile-thief, burglar, liar.
    C) Addicts are fixative and obsessive personalities. She will fixate ON YOU as the guy who broke up with her.

    1. CAPTAIN
      On crack cocaine.
      Imagine you are a woman who becomes a crack addict and you have had to suck the dicks of beastly males.
      You’re going to have permanent issues after that.
      Also, crack ruins your brain. Even crack heads that have not used for years that were crackheads for 5 years have permanent serious brain damage-slurring, impulsiveness, OCD.
      Many of us go through a stage where we smoke pot in college. We all know that smart kid that took acid too many times and became a schizoid personality or fried their brains.
      Crack has a different affect.

    2. That’s why I don’t waste my time trying to save them anymore. It’s like pouring money into a paper shreder

  8. Is there any type of woman that is beneficial to date if I am a recovering Heroin addict male?
    This is a serious question. I am a recovering smack addict.
    I turned to Heroin because I was Incel in my youth, starting from my teenage years and during my 20s, and I used it for more than 10 years in order to alleviate my suffering from Involuntary Celibacy (which continued well into my 30s, my addiction not exactly helping in solving that problem…)
    Now I am 38 and in recovery.
    Any suggestion, Gents? I would really appreciate it.

    1. No, because you’ll probably have nothing to talk about unless she is in recovery and two addicts will use again together.

    2. An addiction is like being in love. If you are in recovery means that you are still in the broken heart phase of your past relationship with heroin, and it’s not wise to start anything serious with someone else. I would recommend to just fuck around, having sporadical lays when you are able to, until 4 years have passed and you are completely recovered from your previous romance. Then you should be reset and able to fall in love again with some woman. Read this article, the part where it says “it takes 4 years to mend a broken heart”. This is where I took the rationale from to give you my advice. Salut. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4240340/Proof-s-WOMEN-make-move.html#ixzz5647IiWdN

    3. Not particularly. Your life ought to be in order.
      You used it because you were depressed, because you couldn’t get a woman. I get it, we all have that biological instinct, but to make it your purpose?
      Find a higher purpose.
      Use some logic; temporary pleasure until you release, that is all there is to life? Find some woman to have sex with for some temporary hedonistic pleasure and then what? Not even seeking a wife, or to be a father of children, just to get your member wet.
      Find purpose in God, coming to Him through Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins.
      I don’t mean this Christianity you see today; almost all of it is corrupted, fully effeminate, worshiping of emotion and effeminate surrendering behavior.
      I mean that warring type, that wars against the evils of the world.
      Nevertheless when you find higher purpose, you won’t get so depressed that you become a worthless drug addict, because you can’t get your dick wet.
      Train your body too, enhance your mind. What if you became voluntarily celibate; your weakness becomes your strength?

      1. One of the reasons I wanted to quit dope is because I would like to start my own family and become a Patriarch. I realised it will never happen, unless I quit.
        Indeed I hope for a rebirth of the true Christian faith in Europe.
        I found the Alt Right as God-send.
        It helped me to rediscover my White, Christian, and Masculine identity, whose duty to his ancestors is to carry on their family name into the future with his children.
        Thank you for your words, SlipperySammy.

    4. It depends on a few things.
      You claim you were a heroin user for over 10-years…
      I don’t know where you live. However, regular heroin use (unless you are a supplier) usually requires large amount of money. That’s why so many addicts result to crime just to feed their habit. It is unclear whether you went that far or nor. If you are looking for a serious relationship (and you should ) at some point you are going to have to disclose your past to your partner (if for nothing else, consider the risks of infections that surround intravenal heroin use. (Possible criminal convictions, possible health issues you acquired after years of drugs use – she will find out at some point)
      There is no set advice on what kind of girl you should or should not go for. More importantly: you have to address the psychological issues that made you use drugs in the first place. Plus analyze the time you wasted on drugs…and what would you like to achieve realistically in the future.
      Just ensure you have fully recovered both mentally and physically.Once you are there you will be able to answer those questions yourself.

      1. I live in Hungary, I am ethnic Hungarian. I did cheat, lie and steal to feed my habit.
        I consider myself lucky because my tests show no infections and I was never in prison. I was “functioning addict”… for the time being, until I wasn`t any more, and besides, now I know it is a contradiction in terms and means fuck all on the long run…
        Thank you for your advice, Frank Burnham, it is appreaciated.

    5. >type of woman that is beneficial to date if I am a recovering Heroin addict male
      A born again thumper determined to turn the other cheek?

    6. Involuntary celibacy is an epidemic in this country. Theres nothing wrong with you bro. Its weird hearing men here say all women are sluts, but they find this site because they need help with their game…. so the women are sluts, just with certain guys?
      I recommend all average, introvert guys consider paying for sex. Its normal in 190 countries. It will save you money and heartache. Youll develop confidence in the bedroom and she might even treat you like a man.
      At the same time, give yourself a goal of approaching more women casually, eating clean, hitting the gym 3x a week, and most importantly, find positve male relationships.
      You might find that meeting your other emotional, intellectual, and physical needs will curb the cravings for relapsing or getting depressed, or worse, expecting a relationship to pull you through.

      1. I lost my virginity to a prostitute, and used to frequent hookers during my incel youth years. I do not have anxiety in the bedroom, but approach anxiety is the root of all evil, that was killing me.
        All I want now is to get my money back, and fuck women who desire me.
        I live in Hungary, I am a Hungarian. Incel epidemic is not contained in the good old USA, it is an epidemic throughout Western society, wherever Feminism rears its ugly head, Eastern Europe included.
        Thank you for your advice, David.

        1. I agree man. I had a hard time meeting women even in barcelona. Lesbians were everywhere, but regular girls were standoffish. Feminism is teaching them to hate men. Maybe you can save some money and visit latin america. The women their still desire men and treat them with respect.
          In terms of finding a woman who ” desires” you, I dont think it happens in the western world. Maybe in a bar or drunken club experience, but any sober western girl is simply looking for a sugar daddy, or a popular guy to improve their status. Im not sure if you can call that desire.

    7. wariorhun- I have a cousin in recovery. Not for heroin, but for booze and cocaine. He went sober and has stayed so, by going born-again. Did not get married until his 40s. He has now been divorced twice. It did not ruin him, and still has hope for the future.
      He use to be an engineer and is now a teacher. And knew game long before anyone here, which contributed to his addictions, at least in his view. As a jock he could not accept his age, which contributed to his addictions due to pain issues. His last knee operation nearly killed him, so he’s hung up the athletics.
      Given all this, I admire his willingness to go back for more. I’ve been told he can be ridged and controlling. But in my view, in a good way, in terms of staying on the straight and narrow.

    8. Don’t listen to these morons.
      Statistics he damned. Our society breeds damaged people, and not a single reply in this chronology of idiocy proves otherwise. Recovering addicts tend to be of two varieties: Low self esteem types or people of strength borne of a successful fight out of hell. So whilst the bitches glathering on in these comments masturbate their egos in lieu of a penis, forget their judgement and ask yourself this: “Will I be stronger than those who have no demons, or will I let those whose lack of adversity define them hold me back.”
      Choose Plan- A and you will find what no one jabbering here will ever have, and they will hate you for it.
      Let them. It’s all they have.

    9. hey warriorhun,
      good question. definitely dont date on your current level because it will only bring your down further. best advice, take the next 3-5 yrs and focus on radical self improvement. fitness, money, mindset. if it means you have to ignore women for a couple years it will be worth it for the improvement in quality you will be able to pull. a fit, healthy 43 yr old with some cash is younger than a 28-38 yr old druggie with no prospects in life. Look at DiCaprio. Do you think he stresses out about hitting 40? Dude is in his pussy prime.

  9. Well, what about men in recovery? Specifically men who are in recovery and red pulled. Should good girls stay away?

    1. evolutionary biology has created stark contrasts between how men and women can live and what they can get away with. A man’s mistakes if he owns them and reclaims his life can ultimately empower him and raise his SMV considerably.
      Not so with women, no matter how much they may kick, scream, & cry unfair.
      A woman’s SMV and social worth is not based on how close she got to the devil and found virtue in the end. It is based on how virtuous she was raised and stayed. Women have become convinced that they want the life of men and are now full into paying the price.

  10. My sis was a pretty highly-acclaimed detox nurse working with everyone from rich and famous, down to felons from the state penal system. She told me recidivism rates for addicts are surprisingly high, with alcoholics being some of the worst.

    1. Alcohol is legal in most of North America and almost the whole of Europe…despite the fact it is very addictive, it is damaging to more than one organ of the human body and it has been linked to multiple types of cancer. Just stay away from it.

    2. Ergo, why pour billion$ of dollar$ into the “opiate epidemic”? Let it all burn down. No reason to allow someone into rehab nine times. If you didn’t learn the first one or two then you are just wasting time and money with the recidivism bullshit.
      Trying to rehab 30 year old, no teeth, no education, fried brain, no job junkies is a complete waste of money. Yeah, yeah, I know, but, but, but……..

      1. The opium epidemic is a business model, and an excellent one at that…if you’re evil.
        But this happens because we allow it.
        And while we are here, wasn’t opium addiction a much greater problem especially in cities in America and Britain in the last century? Also, isn’t China the only one that really ended their problem? I’m asking, because I don’t know. So much of our so-called history is just bullshit.

    1. A book. There’s always a book.
      Reference the title Drinking: A Love Story, by Caroline Knapp.
      Thumbnail: Covers the topic of alcoholism and drug addiction in women. Interesting point highlighted in the book is that molestation, anorexia/bulimia and drug/alcohol abuse all go hand in hand. When you have one, you pretty much get all the rest.
      (That’s something I’ve personally encountered more than a few times. I could tell you stories of some of the jaw-dropping personal Hells I’ve seen. The “Perfect” and “Christian” families are always the worst.)
      Hope this helps.
      Just a thought.

  11. I forget where the quote originated but I reall the phrase “if you look for a damsel in distress you only end up with a distressed damsel”

  12. Quite the conundrum: she SHOULD recover, of course. But no one is supposed to go near her because she ‘was’ an addict (damage has been done of course). But then, what is the point of recovering if you are to be avoided? It’s really a tough situation. As for the dealers; Duterte has the solution.

    1. Of course her prospects are better if she recovers. Esp if she finds god/ church, she can likely get picked up by christian beta with money and settle financially after a few years. This article was written for men seeking optimal good in their lives. Best long term move for society is that recovering women discover how men of value want nothing to do with them.

  13. The same thing is generally true about criminals and con-men as well. I know a guy from my childhood who ended up living as a conman his entire life. He died three years ago while still perpetrating his latest con (he died of natural causes – not foul play). Like I said before, the leopard does not change its spots.

  14. A cunt in recovery is actually more toxic, less fulfilling, and more problematic that the wretched, vapid single mother.

  15. When I was a younger man, I had a friend who hung out at AA and NA meetings to pickup women. These lost souls were damaged goods. But by the grace of god go I not! This guy was no catch himself, but each to his own. Not my cup of tea.

  16. I picked up a girl at a bus stop once. She was so stupid (head injury she told me) but quite attractive. Great body and a nympho to boot. Moved in with me for a month. Great time i dont regret. She prob woulda brought me down if i had anything to lose, but i didnt.

  17. 6. Addicts have more contact with law enforcement, and you won’t be tempted to visit her in when she’s in jail due to a probation violation. Drug users are bad news.

      This is very true. When I sort of dated a stripper, she always had cocaine on her. Felony weight.
      When the crack whore who owned the apartment building defrauded welfare they tried to contact me as a witness.
      I had to move to a hotel for a month to avoid being a part of the investigation though I knew she was defrauding welfare.

  18. #6: She’ll drink too much on the 1st date, blow & fuck you (maybe even outside).
    On the 2nd “date”, she’ll drink too much, act weird, get mad & fuck you numerous times (maybe in a hotel room).
    On the 3rd “date”, she’ll say she’s trying to quit drinking, have one beer, say she isn’t feeling very well & just kiss you before leaving you with blue balls.

  19. All women junkies (“recovering” or not) are sluts, since destructive behaviors and poor self control always come in clusters. As this site has emphasized time and again, wifing up a slut will end in tears.. yours primarily.
    Besides, the only recovering junkies worth a damn are those on the hard stuff. Those in for soft stuff like prescription pills, pot or coke are just pitiful and useless. But those chicks on the harder stuff, at least their lack of impulse control makes them adventurous and demons in bed. Unfortunately it also makes them candidates for HIV and hep-C. Best avoided, but ALWAYS use protection.

  20. I dated a girl who used coke because her dad gave it to her. What the fuck is up with that? Who gives his daughter cocaine?
    Just like the article says, people in on drugs, the heavy users, are unreliable head cases you should avoid at all costs. Even if your boyfriend or girlfriend uses them occasionally, you
    aa should avoid that person at all costs.
    Luckily there was a happy ending for the girl I mentioned. She got cleaned up and moved out of her home town. Last I heard she was studying chemical engineering at UT Austin. And judging from the latest pictures I’ve seen of her, she looks fit and healthy; a solid 8 or 9 depending on your preferences.
    But still, the secret desire for going back to the old habit will always be there. Ladies and gentlemen, avoid men and women in recovery for substance abuse at all fucking costs. Don’t even do a one night stand with one.

    1. The reason she is studying chemical engineering is because she wants to learn how to cook her own drugs… 🙂

    2. “UT Austin”.. yeah say no more. Another leftist hellhole where your friend probably got in on a special “recovering women in STEM” scholarship or something. Still its good she cleaned up her act.

  21. IMHO, cigarette smoking should be considered a red flag too. It’s some kind of coping thing, indicating likely sex abuse. At least in women. If not that, it’s just plainly a bad habit. Keep it on your list even if you rank it a minor thing.

  22. Other articles the author toyed with before submitting this one:
    5 reasons not to put your arm in a Hay Baler.
    The surprising testosterone lowering effects of hanging out with effeminate men.
    Why a nightclub bartender may not make for a good wife.

  23. this is a fantastic article. speaking as a 57 year old that has grown up and lived a majority of my life wondering if I was the only one that saw how fucked up women could be the insights presented here are ‘gold’ (in addition great writing style). thank you for this contribution.

    1. Any women reading this great article needs to substitute the word “women” for “men”. Ladies, there is more to RoK then thumbs down and making silly comments.

      1. CinderElla- Yes. Go to any women’s website or magazine, and read about male abusers, and what the signs are. Then just substitute ‘male abuser’ with ‘girlfriend’ or ‘wife’, and you’ll get the idea in no time. I’m not saying it’s exactly the same, not everything is turned up to 11, but the principles are illustrative.

      2. Silly comments and thumbs down is all I’ve seen women do here. To be fair the silly Erin is superior to a purely negative creature who disempowers her own husband like Annika, Youtube: Roosh BakedAlaska.

      3. you are correct. Women need their own movement to reclaim objective sense, classical virtues, and femininity. Third wave feminism and # mee too nonsense it is not. Most men here are seeking agency and empowerment through their own efforts and not state or social media reliance.

  24. The rooms of AA and NA are dominated by third wave feminists. If you ever have an urge to trigger feminists and beta male white knights, go to your local meeting, mention Donal Trump, and watch the fur fly. Trust me I’ve done it before.

    1. True only where the same thing would happen at a coffee house, grocery store, library, or any other public venue. There are just as many AA meetings where you have Trump supporters, and they are legion.
      Allow me to rephrase. Utterly false.

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