Stop Being So Thirsty On Instagram

Instagram has always been a watering hole for chump-like males. While it can be a great tool for picking up chicks, Instagram is single-handedly facilitating the rise to fame of thousands of (talentless) women.  I’m here to even a playing field that has descended into chaos. I’m here to stop the chump.

The chump is the guy who actively follows girls on Instagram. He likes all their photos. He “slides” into their DMs to tell them they’re “gorgeous.” He repeatedly comments on their pictures with rocket ship or fire emojis while having hilariously low chances of hooking up with the girls.

If you engage in this sort of chump behavior, stop it right now. If you happen to be friends with a chump, I insist you make it known to them, in no uncertain terms, that they’re hurting the common man’s chances while adding fuel to the fires of bitchdom. They must understand that it’s a zero-sum game.  Here are a few things to point out to your chump friend(s).

1. Don’t follow a girl who won’t follow you back

Don’t follow this girl

Know what you’re up against; a girl with 10k followers won’t follow back a guy with 149 followers, unless they know him personally (or actually give a shit about him). By following these sirens, as alluring as they are, you feed their narcissism and become just another casualty in the trenches of social media chumpery. Don’t be a number.

2. Use the like button wisely

If you toss a cute girl a like, go MIA for a while. Don’t feed the bird. This keeps her guessing, or at least piqued. Insta-broads are reactionary creatures, so give them space to react. Sure, some other chump, or even a real dude, could take your place but, in a market this saturated, you need to stand out. There’s no guarantee that this will get her attention, but it’ll definitely prevent you from looking like a beta-chump cuck-zombie, and feeling like one too.

3. Never comment on her photos

Don’t comment on this photo

Unless you’ve whipped up the ultimate panty dropper or are currently the face of the new Hugo Boss line, I suggest you leave the Instagram comments to her fake girlfriends. For the chump that insists on communicating their despicable horniness in this overtly pathetic way, here are three likely scenarios:

  • She’ll (coldly) respond to your comment because she thinks you’re an awkward little boy and she feels embarrassed for you.
  • She will flatly ignore the comment.
  • She will respond to someone else’s comment while ignoring yours.

Stay away from the comment section, period.

4.  Stop watching her lame Stories

To the men who view every single one of a girl’s Instagram stories, what are you accomplishing?  The app tells her who views each story. It’s as if you’re lurking in the shadows stalking her.  This removes any chance of her respecting you.  You can watch the odd story of hers, but keep yourself busy with developing yourself instead and you won’t even have time to exhibit such thirsty behavior.

5.  Don’t encourage your friends

If you have a group chat with friends of yours, don’t be the chump who posts pics of half-naked females all day long. If you have a friend who does, kindly tell him he’s a loser in that tone of voice you use when you’re joking but not joking.

A buddy of mine was notorious for this, and I honestly can’t remember the last time he hooked up with a girl. Subconsciously, he’s telling himself that these girls are above him in terms of social status and attractiveness. Also, what kind of a man posts photos of a girl for other men to drool over? It’s unbecoming of a gentleman, sounds more like a chump to me.


It’s important to remember that there is nothing masculine about salivating over a girl’s Instagram profile. Women posting t & a selfies in bikinis, lingerie, or yoga pants have found a way to steal a living largely thanks to social media chumps.

Apparel, nutrient supplement, and pretentious tea companies are some of the many businesses that are willing to sponsor women with large followings to advertise their products.  This is how the free market works. I can’t blame women for taking advantage of a capitalist system in which everyone is entitled to spend their money however they wish. The fault and responsibility falls upon the hunched shoulders of chumps. Without their attention, not as many girls would have such large and largely undeserved social media audiences. They would be forced to work normal jobs that benefit society.

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76 thoughts on “Stop Being So Thirsty On Instagram”

  1. That black girl with the huge booty in the first pic probably has a tough time properly wiping her asshole. So that which all her male instagram followers are drooling over prob smells like literal poo for the dude “lucky” enough to tap it.

  2. This might sound a bit trivial, but I’ve noticed a lot of younger people don’t have and/or close their curtains of a night anymore (when walking dog). Is this a case of social media conditioning people to forfeit their privacy outside of the social media realm? Think about it.

    1. Not sure if social media use comes into play or not.
      But the “younger people” today seem like a bunch of naive idiots. I think the SJW curriculum of the public schools combined with parental apathy is mostly too blame. These kids are very accepting of strangers as well — especially strangers who “do not look like them”. Kids from Catholic/Christian schools are more savvy as far as avoiding strangers and others.

      1. Slim, I’ve seen this phenomenon as well with the young folks today. I’m miffed as well. One of my nieces in Minneapolis (I’m originally from there, but not of there!) is married with a seven year old, and a four year old. Both boys. Liberal “Moscow on the River” (Minneapolis) (Peoples Republic of Minnesota) is a sanctuary for Somalian refugees. Their seven year old started coming home from public school cursing like a dockworker, calling his mother the B word, dropping the F bomb frequently, talking about Bs and whores, and would smack his father and little brother in the groin and scream “got ya Mother F—-ER”! Despite their best efforts at disciplining him, come to find out, these little black heathens were teaching him this anti-social and aberrant behavior. They immediately pulled him out of the liberal yak-yak bin public school, and enrolled him in a strict evangelical Christian school. Now he wears a little tie and a uniform to school, sings songs about Jesus, speaks like a Caucasian little boy should, and acts like a well behaved little gentleman.

        1. Sorry man, but the fact that he was able to be currupted so easily says more about your sister and brother in law than the hellians at his public school.
          That said, good move on them moving him asap

    2. I notice this too. I find it very strange.
      Makes it easy for criminals to scope out their homes.
      Easy for peepers to look in.
      It is very naive.
      Maybe deep down they hope others will look at them? Maybe there are fat women who will walk around naked “pretending” they forgot the curtains were open, getting off of this?
      This Church woman I grew up with, we talk time to time. She mentioned on the phone precisely this. Oh I need to buy curtains for my new place, I hope no one sees me when I walk out of the shower.
      Very crazy woman.

      1. Agree wholeheartedly! I have a rental property across the street. Owner rents to med students. Clean, quiet, seldom home tenants. That part is great (had another rental property on the other side of my house where tenants cooked and distributed meth). 20 somethings. Constantly leave curtains open. One young man had big screen televisions, computers, and all sorts of electronics equipment in full view of the street and sidewalk. Place looked like a Best Buy showroom. Thieves were scoping it out. He took his dog and left for the Thanksgiving holiday, leaving the curtains yet again still open. Sometime on Thanksgiving eve, the place was burglarized and picked clean. As my late father wisely preached to me “out of sight, out of mind”.

        1. May i ask, what age did you get into real estate? Any drawbacks as landlord/property manager? Which market are you in?
          I’m in socal now, but I always thought my hometown in CLE would be better for buy and hold… and i wouldn’t need a million dollars to get started.

  3. What’s the point of that? Is ths one of those suicide girl things? If you want porn, go look at porn; if you want a girl, go out in public and fail a few times first. I don’t endorse porn, but I think this is basically the same thing. Bimbos showing off. Only here, they’re trying to retain …what? Dignity? Their intentions are clear, use their looks for something besides a husband. …these girls make money on instagram somehow?

  4. Never understood this instagram following business.
    If sluts want to post slutty pictures of themselves that is fine. As long as they are pleasant to look at. But follow them? And compliment them? Wants the point, unless they are going to bang you for it.
    BTW, the girl in #3. The only comment I would ever leave for her is “lose some weight off of that big fat ass of yours”.

    1. It’s like the idiots who get happy when they get 2 girls to kiss. And they’re literally chanting counting the seconds. Don’t be those losers.

    2. There’s some hypocrisy to it. Every girl and woman I know takes a selfie, then posts some kind of motivational quote. They continue to do so, married or single, knowing very well the people who follow them are just dudes jerking off to their pictures.
      There’s a website called tagyoursponsor where this dude acts like a rich sheik. He gets the women to agree, on video, that they’ll have sex with him and his relatives for different sums of money. Then he posts it online haha! Amazing work

    3. Spoken like a man who’s body probably looks like a total shit and wants an anorexic woman by his side to make him look better.

  5. I need to get off Insta gram. I use it as a means to lure back ex girlfriends. So far I’m 1/2. It’s a damn waste if time. There are plenty of other girls out there who are competitively as hot, and if wasn’t so distracted by my phone I’d probably focus on nailing the cutie at the gym instead of thinking “she’s alright, but this instaho is hotter”
    On a side note I like dropping some shade in the comments here and there.

  6. First world problems again. You see, I love the news from Syria or Iraq, or any other third world country. You gringos live an easy life, so you get bored. These social media are just a waste of time, go get money. Use the time to be rich and if you want real girls, come to Brazil, Colombia, Russia and just be happy.
    Stop wasting time and complaining about boring girls, feminists, fat girls and everything else..

  7. yes i have been preaching this forever. sad part is this mentality will only reach <10% of men, and what you really need is overwhelming majority buy-in for it to have any effect on changing the mentality of women. i’ve gone out w a few girls w/ about 15k+ followers, and every fucking pic they post they get dudes from all over the globe thirsting like its armageddon. so gone are the days when u can just play it cool and withhold attention b/c she now has an endless supply from the 15k+ other guys that will like and comment on her every pic.

    1. Too true—all of this (but also a ready abundance of real life beta orbiters, masquerading as platonic “friends”) lowers the value of male attention. The gorgeous women can afford to overprice themselves—if they have any common sense in choosing a fairly quality man they may land on their feet, and get married to a provider who will be willing to put up with her ego. Less attractive women? If they don’t cash in their chips early that entitled attitude starts to repell future spouses once they enter their late 20s and beyond.

  8. Gonna sum this article for you guys in one sentence:
    Why the heck are you on instagram?
    I can think of a (really) 1000 things I rather do with my limited heart beats than spend it gloryfying an instashloot.

  9. If you really have trouble staying off instagram, remember this: her breath probably smells like digested shawarma. If that doesn’t do it, nothing else will.

  10. And for that last image, you Euroweenies can go fuck yourselves. Take your soccer ball and shove it up your effeminate asses.

  11. Before u engage in any behavior, u should ask yourself, what’s in it for me. What is the end goal, how am I benefiting from this type of behaviour. This is something I wish every SJW would ask themselves, who are in the most need of self reflection.

  12. IMO Instagram offers a decent central repository for photographers, designers and architects. So if you love Brutalist/Bauhaus architecture (as I do), Insta is a wonderful resource for stuff like this:

    Since they exist/promote from within the real world, those are the only ones I tend to visit — where inventiveness, creativity and “visual impact” is part of someone’s profession or life’s pursuit. The airheads and media whores bragging about their strapless size 20 dress and filtered ass shots are a complete waste of time, and not really a part of the real world.

  13. Ah yes the i am too cool for you internet sluts on IG. If she uses emojis to respond or gives 1 word answers, that is a big enough warning sign. Don’t get cucked

  14. Good article. I totally agree, we need to stop feeding into women’s egotistical obsession with themselves. I have used facebook , instagram, and almost all of the dating sites to get laid. I will admit, it is dangerous for a man. It’s a nonstop reminder that beautiful looking women want nothing to do with the average guy. Actually, even a girl who is chubby and kinda “cute” wants nothing to do with an average guy.
    Women are using filters to make themselves look perfect. They’re getting all of their needs met through social media (attention, words of affirmation, respect, etc) while men get nothing but pushed further into the dirt.
    That’s why our whole generation is lost. American Women don’t realize that male companionship is important until they’re all 38 year old beat up plates of roast beef. I say men should just pull back. Save our money, start businesses, fuck the occasional slut, and stick to our boundaries. We’ve already been milked to the bone like batteries for the poor, welfair recipients we don’t even know. Now we have to wife up some miserable hag and pay her bills? Fuck that.

  15. I have a business profile and an instagram profile. Most of these girls who follow me just follow me to promote their account and not to like me. I always ignore it and not follow them back. I only follow accounts of friends and related profiles

  16. ALL Social Media is facing EXTREME censorship in USA… Legislative action, UN initiatives, and global governmental reaction to the FAKE Parkland Psy-Op seek to criminalize every SM comment, view, and click. Since Facebook OWNS Instagram and Twitter, and now that Snapchat is on the chopping block, you will have no escape from incessant surveillance and data mining relative to your life. Stay away. Let it collapse.

  17. Stop feeding the monster you stupid fuks. Below average to average pussy is running around today like it’s all that.
    Stop white knighting and complimenting fat girls. Stop following this trend of worshipping big baboon assed women. It’s been conditioned into your mind that’s a stepping stone to accepting obese land whales.
    Look how black men use it as a coping mechanism with their enormous obesity rates in their women. If a brother got his shit together or a celebrity he’s with a tight peach assed white/black/brown girl. Every time.

  18. The ultimate in BETA moves. Frequents social media, social media apps… Thirsty beta cucks will attention whore femmes in their milieu just like the femmes do. Sickening really. Go cut your cocks off, you don’t deserve them.

  19. I just can’t believe what I read in this article… Normally I am opposed to many aspects of the mentality of men who gather on this site, but this article is actually great. I wholeheartedly agree.
    And I can tell you that from a woman’s perspective, a man who does that is not relationship material (even if he claims he is). I speak from experience, my ex did that stuff and always blamed me for being “irrational” when it bothered me. He ended up cheating on me. (I assume many men here would applaud that.)
    The strangest part is, I wouldn’t mind my man watching porn (if he’s not addicted), I think men see porn as something impersonal. But putting likes on some woman’s picture, even though it’s less overtly sexual than porn…ugh… I see it as “I want her notice me”
    Along the same line, I think that women who have such instagram profiles are not relationship material either.
    And according to psychology, men are “voyeurs” and women are “exhibitionists” in gender relations. While you can’t beat that entirely (a man will notice a hot woman, a woman will want to look hot, even if they are happily married), but if someone is ACTIVELY looking for that kind of validation outside of the relationship, it’s a bad sign.
    And if your partner is doing it, just RUN!

  20. This article is very good and teaches us not to be thirsty for the instathots. I don’t have any social network site.

  21. Real story (no kidding). I was following a girl on instagram, that she wasn’t following me back. After reading the #1 of this article, I unfollowed her. Thanks Mike!

  22. Thank you for this piece. While it has been argued that the price of sexual access to a woman has been decreased in comparison to times when a greater share of women remained virgins until marriage, we are only in recent years coming to realize that the price of male attention and provisioning has also decreased. Social media doesn’t help at all—it’s perhaps the most powerful vehicle for female attention whoring, and male orbiting, that’s been created.
    As men we need to develop the self respect to realize that our time, attention, and provisioning has a price tag. That price (at minimum) entails sexual access to a given woman, but honestly it should require more than that—no woman deserves long term provisioning from a quality man if he cannot feel reasonably sure that she will pair bond with him (i.e. low partner count), is of a requisite level of attractiveness, and is a genuinely principled and trustworthy person. Even then, with the divorce laws being what they are …
    Men are by and large the more exciting gender. This truth is only conceiled when you are a young man, and existing in your hormone infused haze. The site of an attractive woman in her prime generates enough excitement for you that it’s easy to forget that most women are vapid, unoriginal, and prone to group think. Men are (on average) funnier, more innovative, and more likely to take risks. Of course #notallmen, but the generality holds.
    Genuine male-female “friendships” are largely pointless, unless you have successfully found a high quality woman to spend your life with. While playful banter with women, especially if you are gaming them, is a necessity, it’s better to seek out quality male friends for companionship—genuinely thoughtful men of accomplishment. You develop your male identity through cultivating high quality friendships with quality men (in part something your father should have provided for you as well). Roosh has talked about the paucity of male spaces before, and this is definitely something that men lack in the West. It’s not about being “safe” from women, or trying to engage in the mutual emoting many women engage in when they are together (though sometimes men can do that). It’s almost as if men have forgotten how to genuinely socialize with each other—we’re more likely to be the innovators and thought leaders, compared to women. Men bond when there is a mutual problem being worked on: whether it’s winning a game, or working on a project. I would like to see male groups form with similar focuses applied to skill building across the range of human activity—as long as the focus is on improving our lives as men.

  23. Everyone here sounds like an old fart. “Darn young people and their social media”. Does the neo-masculine movement only focus on the past and traditions? Nothing wrong with following some girl you’re never going to meet IRL anyway. Nothing wrong with porn either. Neo-masculinity has to be more about the future if it wants to attract younger men to the movement. Basically everything I read about culture on here says we should go back to how it was in the past. If you can’t adapt to the modern world, you’re gonna go extinct.

  24. What a dumb useless article! Why would any man even be on Instagram or any social media. Never have been myself and never will, and I’m banging hot women half my age. This article seems totally directed at the wrong audience, which hopefully at this point, isn’t doing any of the dumb shit that the author is saying men shouldn’t do. Fuck social media. Get outside, trash your TV, turn off your phone.

  25. My dude, never like a woman’s photo on instagram unless it’s someone you know in real life. The whole problem of the bottomless well of female validation on social media stems from men doing this. All men are doing are feeding women’s egos and making it harder for them to recognize themselves as mere mortals with the same pussy 3.5 billion other people have. It’s so counter-intuitive

  26. You’re so right. I didn’t realize I was emasculating myself trying to ‘slide into the DMs’ and feeding their egos and destroying my own self worth. They wouldn’t respond or would give generic polite responses because they know how many respond. I am not even being patronizing but you put it so bluntly. It is one thing hitting up a girl you know who follows you back and it leads wherever. Another following a chick using photoshop and angles and 100k followers who responds with a like or ‘thnx sweetie’.

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