Weak Female Murders Her “Emotional Support” Hamster, Sues Airline For “Emotional Distress”

We’ve heard of women hamstering before, but one American woman has hamstered about murdering her “emotional support” hamster. Swift Airlines wouldn’t let her take it onboard a plane, so she elected to drown the hamster by flushing it down a toilet in Baltimore. Instead of taking responsibility for her actions, Belen Aldecosea has decided to sue Swift for “emotional distress” and try to become famous.

The 21-year-old is claiming she had no choice but to murder her hamster before a flight to Florida, particularly as she alleges that a Swift employee recommended she kill the rodent named Pebbles. ROK is awaiting confirmation as to whether Belen Aldecosea would jump off the Brooklyn Bridge if a Swift employee told her to.

Would you bang?

One positive from this bizarre story is that Aldecosea’s female privilege, which would normally spare her from the public ridicule she deserves, is yet to kick in and probably won’t. PETA is currently up her ass like men up a Brazilian porn star. That said, her vagina will probably come in handy when white knight prosecutors almost certainly decline to file charges of animal cruelty against her.

Whilst Swift Airlines has admitted that it gave incorrect initial information to Aldecosea about being able to take Pebbles with her, this is beside the point. If an organization provides me with false assurances that I can take my pet somewhere, I don’t decide to murder it when I cannot bring it with me.

How could she possibly fly without her “emotional support” hamster?

An “emotional support” peacock.

Underscoring the stupidity and attention-seeking of Aldecosea is the fact that, in the end, she managed to later fly without her emotional support hamster. Unlike someone with a legitimate need for an assistance animal, like a blind person, she appears to be all about the attention and feelz. Moreover, even for a mollycoddled young woman unused to personal responsibility, her decision to subsequently go public with talk of legal action is painfully autist.

There is a broader issue at play, especially if we momentarily forget the murder of Pebbles. Very recently, some sort of female artist unsuccessfully sought to bring her “emotional support” peacock onto a flight. Thankfully, she didn’t murder Dexter the bird afterwards. Part of the problem with situations like these is that well-intentioned legislation to prevent discrimination against, say, blind people has been co-opted by social loonies and the mentally ill to try and get animals more associated with Noah’s Ark than aviation onto aeroplanes. I don’t know the specifics of each jurisdiction, yet it is very frequently illegal for airline staff to ask for documentation about purported “service animals.”

People like Aldecosea and many others reliant on “emotional support animals” are a risk to aviation safety

What comes first, the safety of hundreds of people on a plane or the dubious need for an “emotional support” animal?

I can appreciate, in limited circumstances, that someone with, for example, autism requires an emotional support dog. Of course, I can definitely understand a blind person bringing their guide dog onboard. But serious questions need to be asked about the mental stability of many people demanding that their “emotional support” peacocks, hamsters, and armadillos come onto aircraft with them.

In addition to the risks the animals themselves pose (and the mess when they use the floor or a seat as a toilet), something as minor as run-of-the-mill air turbulence could potentially trigger the unbalanced passengers (medically or otherwise) using these animals. Whatever sympathy you may have for their mental and psychological illnesses, they are undoubtedly volatile individuals, people who in many cases are going to be risks to flights.

This is an extreme case, but it’s emblematic of pampered females around the world

We should be happy that pet-murdering women like this bint Belen Aldecosea aren’t so numerous in the world. But let’s not kid ourselves and think her behavior is not significantly influenced by a social environment that teaches women they are never fully responsible for what they do. Only a minority of girls will blame an airline for them murdering an animal, though plenty of others will blame their husband when they cheat on him, condone criminal offending by saying they are victims of “abuse,” and concoct a myriad of other excuses to explain away their antics.

Belen Aldecosea’s principal mistake was that she underestimated society’s continuing disdain for the torture and killing of animals. It is unsurprising, however, that at least some girls in her position want to get a payday from their own psychopathy, screaming “emotional distress” and bellowing for a six or seven-figure settlement with a corporation. It works for women who engage in consensual workplace sexual relations and then maintain they were sexually assaulted, so Aldecosea might be forgiven for thinking it can work for her, too. Knowing the US system of civil litigation, a non-remote chance remains that she’ll eventually be compensated for her terrible cruelty towards an animal.

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57 thoughts on “Weak Female Murders Her “Emotional Support” Hamster, Sues Airline For “Emotional Distress””

  1. Even I dont understand why she did this, she could’ve just simply walked out and said no. I mean come on how crazy is this bitch. Apparently the animal didn’t go down easily either and she had to flush several times as it struggled to escape, what a sociopath. I see these are the women who get married first. She starts with a rodent, next itll be her own baby, really….

    1. I read this story and was horrified. The very least she could have done was to leave it with airport lost and found and give them 40 bucks to take it to an animal shelter to find a new home.
      I adopted a cat to keep my other cat company and she was sweet but hated my other cat. Since the other cat had been my best buddy for 10 years, I decided to rehome her and gave her to a no kill shelter AND a hundred dollars for them to do the job right. I then checked up on her 2 weeks later and talked to the shelter worker who said that she was an easy rehome.

  2. You see, the white American woman is a lowlife devil! She murdered that hamster on her own will and accord, and blames somebody else for her crimes? THAT DEVIL!
    I’m calling all of you Blacks, Hispanics and Native Indians to separate from the white man and his white whore counterpart, because GOD will send blazing fire to burn and roast these white devils!
    The white American woman shows no remorse when she flushes her own newborn baby down the toilet! GOD! I’m calling on you to send blazing fire to burn these white devils into roasted meat!!!!

    1. I think God is tormenting us whites enough with so many non-whites in our countries, adversely impacting our quality of life.
      There’s a good reason I and other white guys were at a local gun range today, practicing. The very safety of we and our families is jeopardized by your presence in our countries and neighborhoods.

      1. If you live in the US you are a buffoon, moonlighting as a human with average intelligence. This nation was built from the sweat & labor of numerous races; the West mainly by forced Chinese labor & Mexican labor; the South largely through forced Black labor & later by Mexican labor, etc.; the Northeast by Caucasian labor (indentured servitude & free) & a mix of Black labor, etc. So how does an idiot like you declare the US a “white nation”. And, yea, it’s good that betas like you & your friends went to the gun range because women like you are unable to defend yourself using purely physical means.

        1. You sound tense and irritated, chimpie. Maybe a nice banana would calm you down. Then go see the Black Panther movie about how you could be kangz and sheeit.
          Produced by a white guy, BTW.

        2. Chimpie Newton: Some of you non-whites really need to stop deluding yourselves about how much you contributed to the building of America. Black cotton-picking was only a tiny, tiny part of the making of this country. The blacks, small number of Chinese, and Latinos were just cheap, docile labor. All the cotton would have been picked, railroads built, skyscrapers would have gone up, etc., with or without you.
          Whites built all the greatness of Europe by themselves, and would have done it here.
          And taking shots at my intelligence, being “beta,” and not being able to defend myself physically shows that you know nothing about me.
          87% of whites murdered in this country occur at the hand of knuckledraggers. Yeah, my comrades and myself are armed not cuz we can’t fight, but cuz your side uses weapons themselves, or multiple numbers of attackers. Happened twice in my neighborhood, in broad daylight, in 2 years. I just love diversity.

        3. Perhaps one of the most enraging things about slavery of Africans is that they produced wealth for a minority of the stereotypical “privileged white male oppressors” at the expense of everyone else. After all, many poor whites who didn’t own slaves who grew cotton or tobacco had to earn less to compete with the large slave-run plantations.
          The same goes for Mexicans except that they come here to work for a few years before going onto welfare and getting free education and healthcare for themselves and their children.
          The Chinese were hardly forced labor since they were voluntary immigrants, after all.
          It’s amusing that the left turns a blind eye to capitalist oppression of modern immigrants because they’re getting votes out of the deal.

  3. This girl’s not quite ready for adulthood, or reality. She should lose in court, assuming logic and rationality will prevail. But there will always be 1000s of desperate fools waiting to validate shitty, emotionally-inept females like this. Filed under: “Mental patients and the thirsty betas who love them.”

  4. Young man in Florida shoots 17 kids. Woman kills one hamster. Which news will this garbage of a website cover and blame all members of the gender?
    Oh, obviously, the killing of the hamster.

    1. Haha:
      Assuming you are for real:
      1) The Florida shooting isn’t exactly being ignored overall, is it? If anyone wants to hear about it, just turn on the television set, or pick up any newspaper or magazine.
      2) The point here is that, while I was in the animal rights movement, feminists were eager to accuse men of almost all animal abuse. But when a woman does something like this suddenly…the silence is deafening.
      3) It is a known fact, even by the FBI, that cruelty to animals often leads to human victims. If this woman ever has a baby and is “triggered,” what do you think will likely happen?

  5. Would you bang?
    Hell no. Those eyes are crazy and scary. I’d rather go out and daygame.
    More fun, feels good, and I can definitely do better than that psycho piece of shit.

  6. Flushing your cute pet down the toilet – classic psychopathic behavior. This bitch will leave a trail of destruction as she waltzes through life flashing her pussy and her pussy pass

  7. If she is let off the hook by any feminist or leftist groups, including the media, it shows that the animal rights groups should never have aligned themselves with the left- that largely happened in the 1990s.
    People may say it’s no big deal because it was just an animal, but if she ever has a baby and something “stresses her out,” what may well happen to that baby?
    I’m honestly starting to wonder if women like this weren’t made or encouraged in order to be unleashed upon society as social weapons of mass destruction. What else can someone like this leave behind her but misery and ruin? Somehow, I doubt this is the first rotten thing she has done.

  8. It was Spirit Airlines, not Swift who is fact-checking these articles? I do not agree to any animal on a plane unless you’re blind this whole “emotional support” animals on planes has gotten out of control. They use to go under the cabin but no one does that nor check their unruly loud ass barking dog to a pet sitter anymore either. Not only do we have loud kids but also annoying high pitch barking dogs on planes some people in life need to be strangled.

  9. Men are such pussies these days and will just white knight and justify this shit. If you look at the College students or the high school students protesting for gun control there is a trend of soy boy and masculine women who shave their heads and are fat. We need to take over culturally. The altright are recruiting with flyers, memes and ways to reach the young crowd. What did the anti feminist crowd do other than whining online? we need to do the same it is time to recruit young students to our side.

  10. One of the most toxic behaviors – cruelty – stems from a total lack of empathy, concern or compassion for others. We see it every day online and in the media – people being devastatingly unkind and hurtful to others just because they can.

  11. She probably feels more sorry for the hamster than any abortions she’s had or will have in the future. American girls are that schizoid.

  12. Munchheusen by proxy, she will have kids that will be afflicted by it. why? because its a female only disease and its done for one reason..female attention whoring.

  13. killing and torturing animals is the validation acts that proves to herself that she can do it and get away with it, plus validates the act.

  14. If you’re crazy enough that you need your “Mister Bigglesworth” (a la Doctor Evil) to “cope with” flying, then you’re clearly nuts and should be on the no fly list because you’re a danger
    That being said she killed a fucking rat, stop calling it “murder”

  15. Her only purpose to killing puddles was to be “famous”. She had to think it through. Kill the rodent, cry and complain and maybe Hollywood or YouTube will come knocking. She has her face now in the media and obviously she partially got what she wanted. Rodentcide was just a means to her mentally deranged end.
    As for proof of need an animal with you, just print off a certificate on-line for a few bucks. This is just one instance of our demented society slowly circling the toilet like puddles did.

  16. Ok, on the seeing eye dog, and probably the autism dog as well, they are service animals. They are working dogs trained to do a specific task and generally behave in unfamiliar situations. Also they are dogs and only dogs. If it’s not a dog it’s not a service animal.
    This was an “emotional support animal” that has no training, and certificates can be purchased on the internet. It is mostly a scam to avoid pet transport fees on airlines.

  17. That’s how they end up surviving down there and growing really huge and coming back up all mutated and eating unsuspecting toilet users.
    Anyway I suspect a con. Claim the airline made her do it, then sue them.
    Or a cheapskate. A new hamster can be bought for $20 while missing her flight and having to get another one would’ve cost hundreds. Be honest you can’t tell one hamster from another.

  18. Jesus Christ. I have a guinea pig who I would say gives me a lot of emotional support. I’m autistic so I would say he gives me emotional support… which means i would NEVER kill him! What the hell is wrong with this woman, she is a sociopath! and a liar, making people who really do have emotional support pets look bad…

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