The Main Purpose Of Large Corporations Is To Serve As The Spearhead Of Marxism

Large corporations are not the antithesis of Marxism—they in fact form an integral part of the Marxist program. If you are like most people you will scoff at what seems to be an obvious oxymoron as corporations have been touted as the capitalist antithesis to communism. However as we will examine capitalism and communism are not diametrically opposed, in fact they are two sides of the same coin. The Janusarial relationship of capitalism and communism is a grand Hegelian dialectic in order to confiscate, subordinate, and permanently solidify control over the people and their property of the world.

Capitalism is where a small group of owners control the means of production (capital) of a country. The term “capitalism” was coined in part by Karl Marx. When most people think of capitalism they think of the “free market,” but this is not what capitalism is. According to Marx, capitalism is a transitory stage between feudalism and socialism. Thus according to Marxism, communists need capitalists in order to implement communism.

Communism is where the state controls the means of production, and private property of a country. Thus whomever controls the state can be said to own the means of production and property of a nation. As is evident there is not much difference between capitalism and communism.

Thus Marxism is simply the way people are controlled and their assets seized. Marxism is a fluid philosophy which adapts to the most efficacious means for goal accomplishment. Marxism does not present itself honestly. Because of its duplicitous nature, Marxism is both the philosophy of corporations and communists.

The role of corporations

The modern idea of a corporation was created in England in the 17th century so that the owners of the corporation could not be sued by investors in the case the corporation failed. Essentially, corporations are legal entities that are created in order to absolve the owners of corporations from being held accountable for the actions of the corporation.

When you achieve what Karl Marx wanted are you not a Marxist?

Most people assume that large corporations work by exploiting economies of scale. Economies of scale is where the increased volume of work translates into lower cost per unit produced. However the economy of scale is largely canceled out by the top heavy, bureaucratic nature of the modern corporation.

How do corporations really work? Central bankers create fiat money which they sell for interest to governments. Central bankers then take interest payments and invest it in stocks. Profit from stocks and corporate profit are then used to buy lobbyists which in turn write laws that give competitive advantages to large corporations. Corporations in turn solicit more investments push cultural Marxism on their workforce. Corporations that get out of line are targeted by the government and foundation groups.

Won’t see this on the corporate news

This is a very simplified expose of the system, but as is evident the large corporation is far from being a bastion of the American style free market is in fact a Marxist institution. Corporations most heavily committed to Marxism, like Apple, Google, and Amazon, see their stock go up. This is why Starbucks CEO like Howard Shultz promotes Marxism—he will attract capital from central banks. This capital comes in the form of stock purchases which drive up his personal stock, thus making him a far more wealthy man. In essence the state takes your money and gives it to a small group of people who control the means of production for a country through their ownership of corporations.

Corporations are About Social Control

When the two great communist experiments in collectivization failed miserably in 1930’s Soviet Union and 1960’s China, it became apparent that hard-style communism would never work. Thus, cultural Marxism was born and the large corporation took its preeminence in the Marxist crusade to socialize the West. Corporations use soft-style control and have subjugated the public to accept women in the workplace, feminism, diversity, emasculation, and all the other social ills in the name of the “bottom line.”

When it takes this many people to manage one illegal alien is your business really about the “bottom line?”

The soft style control of the corporation has proved far more efficacious than the hard style control of the Soviet Union. Whereas in the Soviet Union, if you resisted Marxism you were either shot or sent to the gulag. Now if you resist Marxism you only loose your job, house, wife, and have to pay child support, because you don’t have a job you will go to jail and have to deal with the legal system for the rest of your life. Perhaps the Soviet way was gentler. Of course you should take consolation because your corporate boss’s hands were tied after-all, he had to do it! Well if you have to get fired for resisting Marxism how then is a corporation not a Marxist institution?

No matter who you work for or what you do you will have to attend these training’s every year.

Corporations embrace collectivization

Corporations exist to separate the ownership from accountability. This philosophy of non-accountability, yet taking credit for successes, is what permeates all aspects of corporate culture because it is the exact purpose why corporations were founded. This is in its essence Marxist as it is a philosophy where the labor is divorced from ownership and ownership controls are divorced from labor. If that sounds too heady it basically means that the corporate structure subverts the nature of ownership to become how Marxists desire ownership to be.

Corporations are essentially run by boards from the top to the bottom. This is a microcosm of the fundamental problem with corporations which is that they are legal creations designed for people to avoid responsibility. It is very rare that you will find a person actually be directly in charge of anything. Their title may say that they are, however most of their actual work is sitting around in meetings, preparing for meetings, sending emails, or enforcing one of the plethora of regulations. Thus it becomes apparent that the real purpose of many corporate employees is to take the part of the secret police.

Human Resources: here to enforce the parts of Marxism the KGB wouldn’t. WARNING: camera subtracts 60 lbs.

As was stated earlier, the free market is not capitalism. However, without an advocate for the people, the free market descends into monopoly capitalism.

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  1. The author causes thousands of headaches, trying to twist intern his way through the process of trying to say that black is white, white is not white, and black may be red? All of the negative (and mostly imaginary) things that are said about corporations, come straight from the Marxist talking points.

    1. no, they come from Anthony Sutton & the like who noticed that both the far left – marxism, communism and socialism generally – and the biggest corporations favour collectivism, statism, and general cartel like behaviour. The elites within capitalist and communist nations (and institutions) may vary ideologically, but they share an identity in being elites, in favouring statism, in favouring globalism etc. That doesn’t mean the tensions may not be real, but with marxism / communism there was always an awareness that the road is not necessarily the destination. State capitalism and state socialism are staging posts. In the meantime, the elites will dominate whichever system is in place, because that is simply what they do.
      One other thing, the elites tend to favour indebtness and latterly massive asset inflation. This erodes the concept of property, since it is increasingly harder to own property outright – real estate at least. Not the abolition of private property perhaps but turn up the dial and we would be a little further in that direction perhaps

    2. Both Marxism and Monopoly Capitalism are where a small group of elites control the means of production for a population in essence reducing everyone else to chattel. There is very little difference between them. This is why in communist countries there are lots of large corporations and in capitalist countries we have socialist bureaucratic governments. Large corporations serve the purpose of being social control mechanisms for the system because they are far more efficacious than the previous methods.

  2. Large corporations are likely to be under the control of a small elite group of cosmopolitans who don’t like Americans, whereas smaller businesses are run by regular Americans. So it would make total sense that the large corporations promote the poz.

    1. Don’t Like Americans
      These urbanites like people from NYC or the Beltway or LA just fine.
      I went to college in a rural part of the state and it is really tough to like hicks from impoverished rural areas. They’re xenophobic, cocky, dim much of the time, seem ready to do something violent but are shitting cowards when around Blacks or Hispanics outside their rural environment (How many KKK for all their whining in Alabama will fight tough street Jews on Brooklyn docks) and on and on.
      I have no love for them. The police in small cities tend to be harsher than urban police who are held in check by various organizations and the Rambo scenario is common.
      I’ve got no love for people in smaller towns or cities like that.

  3. Aside from the fact you considered Marx’s words as truth…
    The other main error in your article is assuming that the word “corporation” means an “enormous business entity who receives bailouts from taxpayers, is in bed with the government, and lobbies politicians to cheat laws in their favor.” Yes, those are bad.
    I am also incorporated. The majority of corporations in this country are small businesses with very ethical practices.

    1. I salute you and others like you that keep the wheels of small business grinding and prevent for the moment the total takeover of the American economy. However your numbers and power are eroded by time. When the moment is right you will be ground into dust by those that care not for your “very ethical practices.” The quality of ROK articles has been very uneven lately but this one is spot on.

    2. David, except if you’ve worked for the small businesses I’ve unfortunately worked for (especially the current one of 5 years tenure now) that had the ethics of a Holstein cow. Like something out of a 19th century Dickens story, or a third world banana republic.

      1. He’s probably not talking about the subcontractors of large, defence industry corporations, or any government agency subcontractors, that are on paper owned by the wives of the real owners to get preferential treatment in the job award process. I’ve heard from some Russians who now work for such entities in the US, how they had seen all that before in the Soviet Union- innumerate levels of incompetent managers and political “corporate” officers. Nonetheless, probably about 70% of all American workers are employed by various small businesses.

        1. I worked for one small business being sued by 12 people simultaneously.
          The scummy small businesses don’t give a damn. They are the only people that will hire ex cons etc.

      2. ANTONIO
        Small business cannot possibly compete against bigger ones save for undercutting prices.
        It is kindergarten math-treat employees like farm animals, assume they are the sort of pond scum with criminal records on the margins of society that have no real representation anyhow, let the door revolve.
        At a certain point, bigger businesses will not be able to compete because these small businesses are not even monitored by Better Business Bureau.

        1. Better Business doesn’t do anything, they will give you a good rating simply by “joining” them and sending them several hundred dollars. Hamas, the terrorist organization, had a B+ rating with the BBB.

  4. Money is god. It is the difference between a life of heaven and a life of hell. “They” know this. Employees are slaves. The white man is the hardest to enslave and brainwash so lets just get rid of him. Fill up the ranks with muds and fags. The most likely people to assume the position of a servant. Do thy bidding!

  5. If you look at that woman’s cleavage, is it sexual harassment or am I getting laid tonight with that whore?

  6. Excellent article and analysis ! I have worked for a Fortune 500 Corporation and I now work for the government ( state level) doing the same job. There’s not a dimes worth of difference in management techniques or beauracracy or Human Resources between the two. Same cultural steering towards a “progressive society” same vitriol for working class male both black and white or Christians. Same plausible deniability by upper and middle management. Same lobbyist and cronyism and golf course deals.
    The early “hippy capitalist” Ben and Jerry’s and Apple and Starbucks and on and on are now the norm.
    God help us. Also Republicans don’t oppose big government and Democrats are not for the working class. How long is the populace going to agree to this lie as well ?
    It’s a Leviathan of Business, State and Church oppressing the people. A Peter Drucker wet dream personified.

    1. I don’t know what church is oppressing the populace, at least economically, and being we have no (nor have ever had) a state church in America. Faith traditions have lost a lot of influence in our culture, and have been swallowed up by popular culture more and more. Look at the decline and liberalization of mainline Protestantism as one example. Although I agree with some of your points, as an older man (age 60), and a man of faith, I find the steady diet of what I perceive as ageism, atheism, and nihilism on ROK, the so called manosphere, MGTOW, and even the MRM to be a bit disconcerting at times.

      1. ANTONIO
        The Catholics consolidated a bit of grassroots power on the East Coast and the Mormons in Utah. Irish Catholics in NYC are not complaining about Jews.
        But the average Old Colonial Stock Episcopalian in North Carolina or Missouri?
        His church has no money compared to the Jews in New York or the Catholics in New Jersey.

      2. The Evangelical Protestant Church has been highjacked and subverted just like all other large organizations. “Mega” churches are ran on Peter Drucker’s model for Corporate management. Prosperity preaching is all about self indulgence not self denial, contrary to the teachings of the Gospel. Mega church pastors are celebrities with book deals, conferences and seminars hardly the “humble” Christian. These church openly endorse Neocons and their foreign po!icy agendas and crony capitalism. When their leadership is caught red-handed in sexual scandal or fraud they rarely loose their positions of power even though they showed no reason why they should continue to occupy the seat. Some Mega churches simultaneously adore social justice causes linked to Marxism and many see no problem with a One World Government and/or economy as well as a hybrid One World Religion to accompany them. Interfaith and seeker movements and the “emergent” church are simply Globalism in drag. And its too ugly to be a pretty woman and too effeminate to be a man just as a real runway queen.
        So I would rethink the whole ” you can’t criticize the church thing”. Voltaire was credited with the quote, ” You can tell who your enemies are by who you’re allowed to criticize.” Why doesn’t the church defend these positions instead of shouting down dissent then ?

    2. I’ve also worked in federal and state government offices, and in the private sector. What you wrote is the absolute truth. There is NO difference in management techniques, bureaucracy, or human resource dept. lunacy. The pay may be a little better in the private sector, the retirement plan a little more secure in the public sector, but in both public and private sectors one finds the same mindless mid-level managers, greed and power driven executives, and dutiful, head-bobbing workers who just want to put in enough hours to go home at the end of the day.

  7. Yes, what Orwell foresaw in Animal Farm has come to pass: the fusion of Communism and Crony Capitalism. One example: “Single parent Hawo Ali, 53, came to Canada from Somalia in 1992 with five children, had six more kids with her husband after she arrived. But in 1999 her husband left…” (Toronto Star). Under the Liberal’s Canada Child Benefit, women like Ali will receive $64,400 per year – tax free. Transnational corporations love the idea of this infusion of money – imagine shopping carts at Walmart and Costco overflowing with groceries, diapers and sundries. Landlords and banks love the idea of a guaranteed income stream to be carefully milked via rents and mortgages. 1,000,000 Alis = $64,000,000,000. Big money.

      1. Not when (((we))) control your printing presses, slave! We will simply print up another $20 trillion in funny money that YOU will be on the hook to repay!

  8. The (((central bankers))) are ensuring that they have a new and steady supply of the most irresponsible borrowers and spenders on Earth- Women, nigs, and fags.
    White men typically want to save up, have a normal family and not drown in debt. That’s the real reason they want us gone, because we arent as profitable. When money is slim or the economy is bad, we tend to worry and tighten up on spending.
    Now look at Shithole Cairo, for example. Everyone is broke as fuck, and many are picking through garbage. It’s a disease-infested outhouse there. But guess what? Everyone there has a smartphone and a satellite dish. Those are the kinds of financial decisions that the (((bank))) is looking for. And they can’t sail these guys over to your Western country fast enough.

    1. TURBO
      If and when Africans reach the level of sophistication that enables them to sail across the Atlantic the US is fucked.
      Thus far the Africans and Muslims entering the US are the talented elite and middle class.

      1. Too low iq. Too lazy.
        Right now, it is only the J EW that brings them here , from OUR taxdollars, in the way of foreign aid and food. That will likely end soon. Still favor deporting all. Diversity failed.

    2. TURBO
      Blacks, gays and women are actually more cynical. They accept the system and try to game it with as little pain as possible. Abstracts are really not important or conceivable to them. They shit, fuck, eat and drink/drug. That is the extent of their functionality for the most part.
      They understand that as a MASS (Democrats understand this, as do socialists) they can get by better as part of a system, whereas heterosexual white males tend to be individualists seeking some particular accomplishment.
      A black who has spent his entire life smoking crack and crashing or a gay who cuts hair and spends his weekends in marathon chem-sex session does not care.

      1. Being a scavenger is the opposite of being a Cynic. The Cynic philosophy of Diogenes was to live simply and openly. Those who are scavengers are just nihilistic.
        You can see that contention here on the site: “do I fuck sluts, or do I save civilization?” The answer: don’t fuck sluts, save civilization, and fuck the scavengers.

    3. Bingo. Combine that with the centuries-old hatred of Christians, and the timeless envy of the grace, beauty, and creativity of the Aryan, and the War on Whites is crystal clear in its intentions and motivations.
      We are at war whether you wish to believe it or not. Economic warfare always precedes physical.

    4. Whites dont make good slaves. J EWs learned this the hard way. They tried this in Europe and here in America, as well as the English colonies after they came from Holland after Longshanks evicted them all from England.
      For a host of reasons, J EWs see whites as their mortal enemies. The upside is that the internet has changed the game, we watch, publicize and learn. Hence, why the push for gun control.
      Alot of this is biblical as well. Seed of CAIN ( Jewry) etc.
      They literally worship Lucifer and their religion is satanic. Not my words-their own. See Rosenthal interview.

  9. Truth. The modern multinational corporation is all about having a staff of disposable vanilla robots without personalities, without opinions that don’t fit the party line, a happy kumbaja of smiling disposable worker bees ready to sacrifice themselves for the bottom line while (((they))) make the profits and you barely make ends meet for yourself, let alone having children.
    Multinationals are the last step of dehumanization that only promotes double faced psychopaths who are able to milk the most out of subordinates without giving anything of value in return.

    1. ROB
      I’ve met the 1% from a distance overseas. Bumped into a yacht owner here or there.
      They are pleasant enough, like Trump or Gate’s kids, but they do not care at all about people working their asses off somewhere in Missouri in their poultry factory.
      Maybe they show up to NYC corporate headquarters once a month.
      But mostly, they drink and screw in the South of France.
      All of them have dual passports. They know that at some point the US might collapse. They will not care as they can easily afford to live in Nice without having to work.

      1. France is in steady decline as well. I doubt the Cote d’azur or Monaco will exist in it’s current form 100 years with the 1% enabled muslim migration.
        I heard New Zealand is all the rage. Plenty of space, few 3rd world immigrants.

        1. ROB
          It is and they are selling citizenship for like $1,000,000. The tech millionaires of Gen Y have all purchased citizenship.
          Middle-class whites like myself left Detroit, why should they feel any different about NZ? It is the rich man’s version of white flight.
          I’m here to tell you that the old Polish immigrants who were stuck in Detroit because the house they spent 50 years to pay off was worth nothing and their daughter was a crack whore and the other son ran off to California and joined the Navy and was never heard from again were totally forgotten and ignored as their neighborhood collapsed around them.
          More or less techies with money feel the same and the white working poor in the US interior waiting around for the 1% to do something will not get shit. Those folks will bolt off to New Zealand as I bolted off to Asia and not want to watch or hear a thing about it.
          The same thing happened in South Africa. The Boers of Old Dutch Colonial stuck were stuck; the British South Africans fucked off to London or Australia as fast as they could and the blacks ran the country down the tube.
          Maybe the techies are part of the liberal elite who pushed for policies that make the poor white in the US interior suffer but they do not give a fuck when they are drinking wine in New Zealand. Trust me, I know a few.
          In fact, though I am extremely cut rate, I am the same.
          I do not give a fuck about Southeast Michigan or the rust belt. It is shit. It will get worse, actually. The blacks will run it down the tubes.
          White working class Americans assume that everyone possesses their patriotism.
          The 1% with cashola will be down in NZ fucking $1000 a night Australian high-end escorts up the ass on a balcony with a nice view. He won’t give the poor white a second thought.

  10. Government laws lead to more crime. If only murder and theft were illegal, obeying the law would be easy, but no one respects the law when everything is illegal.
    Most of the problems of today would be solved by embracing what worked in the past.
    People were born in the past without birth certificates.
    People could travel without passports.
    People can learn how to drive without driver licenses.
    Business that don’t have business licenses will go bankrupt if they provide bad service.
    People won’t starve if they don’t have food stamps.
    People can find cheap doctors in the world without Obamacare.
    People won’t have a vested interest in driving dangerously if there are no liability insurance laws.
    Would crime rise if everything was legal?
    Why do you need the government? Can’t you talk to people who bother you? Could you sue someone? Could you just move away?
    A free country that went to war with a evil dictatorship should not become a police state. Thieves cannot take the moral high ground and criticize robbers.
    The USA is an immoral bankrupt warmongering police state now.
    Americans have learned nothing from history.
    Americans have no rights anymore and the US is no longer a democracy.
    Americans think every problem should be solved by decree and force now, but every solution causes another problem.
    Americans think the government is made up of holy men. Americans think anyone becomes a saint when they wear a costume, badge, and a gun.
    The solution for problems should be what worked in the past.
    Americans say that rent control should be used to reduce high rents instead of reducing regulations.
    When regulations lead to a bad economy, Americans think that the homeless to should be put in jail and businesses should be given bailouts.
    Instead of allowing people to feed the homeless, Americans think feeding the homeless should be outlawed.
    Instead of getting rid of welfare that encourages girls to marry the state instead of a man and leads to broken families, Americans think food stamps should be expanded.
    Instead of getting rid of minimum wages that cripple the ability of the USA to compete on the world market, Americans think the US should increase the minimum wage and start a trade war by enacting tariffs.
    When food stamps lead to increased debt, Americans think that taxes should be raised.
    Americans think the only way to attend college is to have student loans, but student loans raise the cost of tuition.
    Instead of ending wars that lead to terrorism, tyranny, debt, and refugees, Americans think that the wars should be increased.
    China used to encourage people to have kids, but after China became overpopulated, China had an one-child policy.
    The USA is supposed to be a free country. The reason the Americans fought the British was because Americans wanted to be free.
    When our overlords make a decree, they always sell it as a minor temporary law that only affects Muslims, junkies, sex offenders, homosexuals, illegal immigrants, or blacks. The 1% doesn’t mention that the law will become permanent and more draconian.
    No one cares if owning cows are illegal, yoga pants are illegal, teen driving is illegal, or smoking is illegal. The problem is what happens when your job is banned, the government steals your house, tortures your family, or sends you to the concentration camps.
    Are you just going to take it?
    The elites are trying today to make Americans dependent children by outlawing everything and giving them food stamps. Once Americans are weakened and the US Ponzi economy implodes, the ruling class will then send the 99% off to the gulags to be starved and killed.
    Governments are not kind. Governments have killed millions of people in Nazi concentration camps, Soviet gulags, the Chinese Great Leap Forward, and the Cambodian killing fields.
    Liberty is not something that only benefits other people, but not you. Freedom benefits everyone.
    Tyranny is not something that only punishes other people, but not you. Tyranny punishes everyone.
    Freedom is good.
    Tyranny is bad.
    This is no joke.
    History repeats and the signs are everywhere.
    Anyone who supports the government is just a tool of the elites.
    Wake up.

    You are correct and I was not sad to spend all of my adult life after 25 overseas.
    Despite everything, the US gets dirtier and poorer overall. If you had left in 1999 and returned in 2007 you’d observe this.

      The really sad thing is that on a very basic level, everybody in the commentator section is in the same sinking boat.
      There is John, who like me is simply glad to be out of dodge.
      There are the young guys who came of age a bit too late to earn enough money to bolt.
      But we all agree.
      It is all common sense.

    1. Communism/capitalism, Republicans/democrats it matters not. The proles will be destracted and divided whilst the real (((power))) continues to enslave and dominate mankind unhindered.

  12. You nailed Marxism, but you’re confusing capitalism with crony capitalism. One of the primary reasons why corporations serve socialist interests is because we’re living in a capitalist + communist lite economy in which the government provides welfare that freeloaders blow on useless crap that corporations provide while in turn, corps receive protection from the government (too big to fail). This is the antithesis of capitalism where Darwin and natural selection guarantee that no one or no corporate entity is too big to fail.

    1. Jizm- A point I wish I made in the article is that capitalism will always become crony capitalism as those with the most capital will be able to buy out the competition and manipulate the market in their favor. The natural lifecycle of capitalism will always end with monopoly capitalism and Marxism. This is why I believe in order to have free markets we need an advocate for the people. In the past this was the Church which is why both the capitalists and the communist fought so hard done the separation of Church and State.

      1. Too bad the Middle Ages are too little studied from an objective view point. How many understand the Ancient Guild system? How many understand Medieval Europe was the first civilization that did away with slavery? Or that Medieval Europe was actually far more technologically innovative than the ‘sophisticated’ Roman Empire? Look at the iron plow shear, the clock, the water wheel, printing. Why? Because they changed their philosophy from that of the bureaucratic, decadent, and corruption ridden Western Empire.

    2. Communism and Capitalism are 2 sides of the same jew coin, run by central bank, fiat debt money, inflated and its usury forced on the people.

      1. Right on brother ! And Usury was once disdained and held in contempt by most of the world’s religions. That is until they subverted them and infiltrated them.

  13. So did big Government allow for large corporations to exists, via cronyism/corruption/lobbyists/”rigging the game”.
    Or did large and wealthy corporations appear first so to speak, and then succeed in expanding Government in order to gain more control?
    In other words. Did the State cause the problem, or did large corporations start the whole thing by buying Government?
    I realize there is a sort of feedback loop here, but the question is really at what end should you start in order to tackle the problem. I agree 100 percent that crony capitalism and Marxism are one and the same.
    You see no real initiative from Trump, for example, to cut the size of Government. Taxes yes, but not Government itself. (This only means more inflation and debt.) In my opinion the easiest would be to actually shrink the State, but that means electing someone like Ron/Rand Paul, which seems very unlikely at the moment!

    1. Both large corporations and government are owned by the same people and have been from the beginning. Sometimes this group(s) accepts new members if a great tycoon or political animal comes on the scene, but the philosophy stays the same. The real issue is the separation of Church and state which has deprived society of her advocate: the Church.
      Politics will always be a trap because it is a rigged game. It is not worth participating in above the local level.

    2. Ron Paul is a Pussy. He had The Stage in front of the world, was asked about 911 and cucked. All he had to do was say he supported an independent investigation.

  14. Karl Marx’s “10 Planks” to seize power and destroy freedom:
    Abolition of Property in Land and Application of all Rents of Land to Public Purpose.
    A Heavy Progressive or Graduated Income Tax.
    Abolition of All Rights of Inheritance.
    Confiscation of the Property of All Emigrants and Rebels.
    Centralization of Credit in the Hands of the State, by Means of a National Bank with State Capital and an Exclusive Monopoly.
    Centralization of the Means of Communication and Transport in the Hands of the State.
    Extension of Factories and Instruments of Production Owned by the State, the Bringing Into Cultivation of Waste Lands, and the Improvement of the Soil Generally in Accordance with a Common Plan.
    Equal Liability of All to Labor. Establishment of Industrial Armies, Especially for Agriculture.
    Combination of Agriculture with Manufacturing Industries; Gradual Abolition of the Distinction Between Town and Country by a More Equable Distribution of the Population over the Country.
    Free Education for All Children in Public Schools. Abolition of Children’s Factory Labor in it’s Present Form. Combination of Education with Industrial Production.

  15. The trades are great right now.
    Drywallers making $24 an hour. Or drive a truck and make 60k average in my Midwest state. After 1 year, get a local route, home nightly.
    HVAC, electrical, and welding are also great, for internet-cyber security, networking, and cloud related are very big.
    Lots to do, STAY OUT of corporations- youll be diversified to death. Its a Slow death. been there, done it, barely survived.

  16. My brief stint in a large multi-national corporation was my first and will be my last. I saw corruption, addiction, and things that one might consider “Orwellian”. Bureaucracy and inefficiency, there were more chiefs than Indians. A lot of fake / phony managers with no appreciable skills who would take credit for your work but be the first to throw you under the bus if there was a problem. When there came a push to deliver a bump in the stock price (presumably) cost cutting filters down past the managers and onto workers, meaning your expected to produce the same, if not more, with less and less available time. But most of all there was no guidance, no direction, no real leadership. Just an expectation of conformity and compliance. Well that didn’t suit me as I didn’t play along, and well I guess that didn’t suit them either. Much happier working in a small business now. Half of my former colleagues left the same corporation within 8 months of my departure, including a couple key employees. I got a letter from a lawyer alleging solicitation of their staff after which I laughed my ass off. Solicitation to do what? I’m a tech.
    That’s how I knew they were up shit creek

  17. All u need is a couple of left wing oligarchs and u can skew the system to your liking. Take a look at the media conglomerates, each controlled by one person who sits atop a monolithic structure. His media spouts leftism, then his companies adopt these policies. It creates a feedback loop that is self perpetuating. If we can break down the monopolies, we can prevent Marxism from destroyed us.

  18. Fascism is what America has become.
    The governing elite and corporate elite are the same people. Between them they are gobbling up all the power in society.
    Whether you feed big government or big business you’re feeding a two-headed monster.
    Bigness is the enemy. Support small business whenever you can.

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