Why Human Resources Hates You (But Not Her)

Human Resources hates you and the normal, hard-working, heterosexual guy next to you, but they love the drama queen over in the next cube. They set the stage so that no positive human interaction can occur between you and the girls in your office. Never fear—a good solution to this problem exists.

A quick example: in my branch office of GloboHomo, Inc., this year’s “ethics” training was a video. The villain was a white male project manager. He comments to a girl on his team about how she could wear shorter skirts since the weather was warming up. That was it. No grabbing his cod, no proposition of anything; in fact, nothing vulgar at all.

Next, the video showed Blondie’s decision as to whether she was aggrieved enough to complain about the project manager’s behavior. (As if a real woman would waste a chance to complain about anything!) Of course, the right answer was that she had to complain about it.

In addition, a hapless fellow who just happened to be nearby and heard the conversation had an obligation to narc the guy out for the comment as well. Blondie tells a nearby wise Latina about it, and in #MeToo fashion, she concurs that they need to go to the Big Boss, since she once felt uncomfortable about something the same guy said to her.

Mr. Big Boss is a an impeccably dressed, well-mannered, articulate black man. He relates to Blondie in a sensitive and caring manner and makes sure that she feels validated in her complaint. He sets the wheels in motion to fire Mr. Manager without even talking to him, despite the offender being a technical wizard who has a great rapport with the client, would be hard to replace, and who could hurt the firm by leaving.

In short order, the manager is fired, and it is clear that the hurt feeeeeelings of women in the company involved trump any sort of rational discussion of the events. The fired manager is replaced with an obvious beta male who, while not an effective manager, presumably kept his words and eyes and limp dick to himself.

In the mandatory Two Minutes Hate discussion after the video, one millennial office gelding, whose wife won’t take his name and who intentionally lives in the ghetto to prove how multicultural he is, started equating the bad guy in the scenario to Donald Trump. The rest of the class agreed, going down a rabbit hole of anti-Trump comments. This was tolerated. My plea that the guy was getting shafted and that his firing would hurt the company was ruled out of order.

By the end of training, the lesson was clear: the firm apparently is willing to sacrifice getting the job done effectively on the altar of keeping the harpies happy. The firm was not going to tolerate banter and was not going to allow the white alpha males of the world to think that they are in charge of anything. Our competitors—who are not such pussies about things—are going to hire away our alpha talent and eat our lunch.

These are the ways that HR hates you…

1. Her Word Always Takes Precedence Over Yours

My man in the video was not allowed to defend himself. This is realistic. Men have no real voice in HR dealings. In short, you lose, especially if she gets some of her SJW girlfriends on the bandwagon. A mere comment or a look—along with the perception that you are not a SJW pussy by the females of the cube farm—is enough. This is especially if you have cavorted with one of the hotter chicks in the office but have ignored the fuglies and fatties.

2. You’re Not Allowed To Banter In The Office

If she likes it, all is fine. Until she doesn’t. Then there is no statute of limitations for what you said before she got pissed off.

Let’s be honest: working in the cube farm for Globohomo, Inc. is a soul-killing experience for the most part. Pleasant interactions with your co-workers can help make the time go by faster, but you better confine your talk to the weather and innocuous sports comments. Anything sexually tinged, even of the mildest manner, is verboten. And politics better not rear its ugly head, unless it is Trump-bashing. And yes, this means that fag jokes are out, too.

3. You Have To Snitch On Your Male Coworkers

You really do not have this option. The only safe course to avoid the wrath of HR would be to report anything that you possibly saw or heard that might be offensive to anyone. Of course, that would make you the office narc. The choice seems to be either be a narc or be ever at risk for not reporting something that a woman thinks you should have.

So, What To Do?

Presuming that you don’t want to give in and become a tranny, you need to escape from HR. The solution is leaving the cube farm for a job that allows you to be a man. Men are meant to work with other men to do something useful for the world. If you are a welder or a mechanic or something like that, you will be more likely to be around men who see things as men ought to. You can laugh and joke and have tool company calendars featuring pretty girls hung up in the workplace.

If you become an entrepreneur, then you can select your co-workers to be the people who you want. Just don’t ever hire an HR person. If you financially can’t just quit tomorrow, make a plan to escape from Alcatraz with a specific timeline of six months or less. Longer than this, and it’s really not a plan, it’s just pissing in the wind.

If you already own a business, fire all the diversi-twats in HR, rename it to the Personnel Department, and then hire someone level headed to help recruit and hire. Then, hire for competence and attitude and leave all the political correctness to your competitors.

America was made great by strong men who didn’t sit in diversity class before they built the railroads and the skyscrapers and the heavy equipment that made the country. It is high time that the pendulum swung back from the hostage situation where the faggots and fatties of Human Resources are turning aggressive men, the best workers they have, into politically correct pussies or sending them to the unemployment office. Let us hope that Trump leads us there, and men, do what you can to help.

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75 thoughts on “Why Human Resources Hates You (But Not Her)”

  1. So the video did not include the “black dude Big Boss” and the 2 chicks doing a threesome? Well don’t worry next year it will.

    1. You are correct, sir. Edward Thatch from our very own RoK has written one of the best articles I have ever read on surviving the workplace here:

      8 Essential Rules To Surviving The Workplace

      NEVER ever engage in politics, religion, family life, your Red Pill knowledge, foreign affairs, dating life, or your own success at work. If pressed about who you are dating, say “no one right now” or “I am married, with no kids” and change subjects. If cornered “who did you vote for in ____ election?” say you did not vote because all politicians are corrupt and pretend do be a disillusioned cynic about it. If pressed on you ideology on a specific issue, say you hate politics or “I do not know enough about this issue”. If they have LexisNexus background search and find out you are registered to vote, say “really? I never registered before! I wonder if someone is using my identity” and walk away concerned and wondering what to do.
      LYING should be your friend in modern workplace. The same goes for religion or ANY other emotionally-charged controversies (war policy, immigration, etc). I can promise you, you will NOT change any minds in our hyper-polarized, atomized, tribal America.
      If asked by a woman advice (work or real life), here is a test you can do to see if she really wants your advice (on a work matter) or not. Once she asks your “opinion on this matter”, ask her “what do you think we should do about this?” If she has a laundry list of ideas on what to do, she simply wants you to agree with her ideas, so do not waste your time with her. If she has maybe 1 or 2 ideas but is not sure, she truly wants your help. Then you can engage and work with her on the matter.
      NEVER offer to or accept “mentoring” of a female, regardless of her age, weight, or ugliness. Just say you are not a great teacher, and try to get out of it. That is ASKING to be falsely accused of “sexual harassment”, which is a highly subjective, non-defined topic in our psychotic, #MeToo insanity that is 2018 America. By withholding Mentoring of a woman, you are doing the ManosPhere a huge service. Even the FemiNazi hero Ariana Huffington has said when men avoid mentoring women for fear of false accusation, it is “step backwards” for women – see: https://dalrock.wordpress.com/2018/02/07/sisters-arent-about-to-do-it-for-themselves/ Withhold mentoring and you help a fellow man get ahead and restore sanity to our decaying society.
      Do NOT post anything on FaceBook using your real name, because employer likely monitors FB now and can use it against you if you ever leave job and/or later sues them. FB is a way for them to monitor you, find your political ideology and fire you over it. If they ask “are you on FB?” simply say “not anymore, no time for it”. And besides, no co-worker wants to see you happy, male or female. This modern world for you, kind sir.
      Avoid controversy at all cost at work. “Do not get your honey where you get your money”. Be funny and pleasant whenever possible, avoid all,the banshees, but be superficial at all times. I promise you, every good intention you have to give non-work related advice will go unheeded and you will suffer for it (immediately or later down the road). It is futile. Save your masculine thoughts and wisdom for those who matter; family, friends, “special girl”, children, or some kid you are mentoring outside work. That is how you make a difference, not at work.
      My .2 cents as a 35 year old who has been around the block a few times and have a PhD from the School of Hard Knocks. I lived in 4 countries as teenager (Dad was Consulate officer) and after 6 years as Paralegal, 6 years doing business consulting, and now 1st year Law Student, I learned a thing or two. (I deal not only with legal work, but also with mostly female co-workers, nutcase fembot FemiNazi lawyers, and leftists of all kinds; the Marxists overwhelmingly control American legal system top to bottom, and as a Conservative, I learned how to thrive around my enemies while subverting quietly them when possible. The legal field is full of female staff and hardline Marxists brainwashed after 7 years of “education” in our failing colleges and Universities).
      Final thought: Work = way to pay your bills. Life/socialization = outside work. “You Gotta Keep Them Separated”, as The Offpsing band would say. 🙂

      1. Not bad, but you didn’t go far enough in your learning. Specifically, ***learn to drop out of law school before it is too late!*** As a conservative you’re even more vulnerable in that career field.
        If you are not killing it GPA wise at the end of your 1L year, you need to seriously re-evaluate why you are there as it won’t get better. Even if you get full time legal work, law sucks – it isn’t whatever you thought it was as a paralegal, it just isn’t. Many of those who get amazing jobs still wind up hating it. Just a warning, I know you probably won’t listen, but had to say it.

  2. The biggest transfer of gender specific power displays the western world has seen the past few decades is HR.
    24 year old girls are given the most massive of Judge’s mallets, which is the ability to deny any man a job (and therefore an income, and therefore the ability to date, maintain a relationship, have a family, feed himself, keep a roof over his head, etc.) just based upon her “feelings” about him and not because he’s qualified enough to do the job properly.

    1. Amen!! Spot on correct!! I’ve lost track of the times I’ve sat across the table from these passive/aggressive HR women (both young and old), or feminized male managers, and despite at times even being over qualified (especially later in life at 60 now), and for less than commendable jobs, have been immediately dismissed in 5-10 minutes for some asinine or vague reasons. Back in my mid-forties, I once had an interview for an Inside Sales/Estimator position for a metal fabricator (so it wasn’t some parasitic government or do nothing non-profit phoney-baloney industry). The early 20s HR girl stared out the window (during the brief and time wasting interview) like a schizophrenic on psychotropic meds in the drooling academy, grunted like an animal in response when I succinctly answered her silly and impertinent questions, then threw my resume at me and bounced it off my head, and screamed “your not qualified for this position, and you’ve wasted my time”! Wait a minute, I replied to a job posting ad, and you called me in for an interview! I leaned forward, gave her a glaring stare, picked up my resume, and walked out the door. But that didn’t end it. She followed me out into the lobby, screaming like an unhinged banshee! I got in my car, and took off. So this is what feminism and diversity has given us in the workplace!

      1. Not to be mean but you were just not her type. You looked good on paper so she called you, but to her you didn’t look good in person. Unless you said something stupid, that is what happened. It was your appearance. And maybe her man just dumped her

        1. Could be. Or more likely, she didn’t take her meds that day. Seems to be a problem with alot of young women today. But to your point, they say men are shallow and hung up on looks. The pendulum swings both ways.

        2. Or, maybe, you are a shit head with no thinking ability or commonsense and hence supporting a shit head pussy !!

        3. Even if she didn’t think he was a good fit for the job, making animal noises, throwing stuff, and screaming isn’t a proper way to behave. That’s not how you treat employees, and since he wasn’t an employee (just trying to become one), who the hell does that bimbo think she is? Her boss shouldn’t put up with those antics.
          Other than that, I really doubt the HR droid (apparently fresh out of college) was qualified to evaluate the technical skills for an estimator at a metal fabrication plant. That kind of thing should be done by the people he’d actually report to.

        1. Hah! Good luck suing the employer. Here is why: money.
          Unless YOU have the cash for an “evergreen retainer” by an attorney (usually start around $5k and must be constantly replenished as funds are used). Virtually no lawyer in USA will take such a case on “contingency basis” (Contingency basis = the lawyer only gets paid if they win case and collect on a judgment against company). Suing an employer, unless you have an incredibly good case against a major corporation that would be embarrassed by your lawsuit (all lawsuits are public), the lawyer will NOT do it Contingency fee. The dude who was unjustly fired from Google over his research paper posted online can get a Contingency lawyer because Google is deeply corrupt and the lawyer can expose Exec corruption, racism, misandry, discrimination, and corruption within Google to embarrass it enough Goggle will try to settle out of court. But a local unknown company will not settle so easily.
          Yes, maybe you have a good case against “local company A”. But “local company A” almost certainly has business liability insurance, which means they will get a free lawyer to defend company from litigation. Maybe you have a stellar case in your favor and can get an out-of-court settlement out of it, but… Do YOU have to have the money to finance the lawsuit until you either settle or go to trial and get a judgment against “local company A” and then face appeals?? It will be expensive as hell, I am talking $20k on the extreme low end. The insurance company for your employer can afford to keep lawyers funded for years, but can YOU?
          There lies the problem. This is why women can lie, defame, falsely accuse men with impunity. The men victims cannot provide the cash to sue the hoebag in civil court (since we know the lying woman almost never gets criminally prosecuted for lying in police reports). The man’s only recourse is often Civil Court, but no money = no civil lawsuit against woman = denial of justice for men.
          Most women are consumerist, and are often broke anyway, and unless she has a huge inheritance coming, rich parents (she is under 18), or she is somehow rich herself, the lawyers know they won’t see any money from a lawsuit and they do not do it Contingency fee. The “no recovery, no fee” lawyers only work in auto accidents, dog bites (homeowner with insurance), or some slip and fall-type lawsuits in a business. A wrongful termination lawsuit is not like a lawsuit by a local ambulance chaser against some idiot driver who has some coverage in his/her car insurance. Lawyers want easy wins and easy money. Thus the problem with suing a company/business.
          One reason why I am going to law school right now is to run some “men’s rights” lawsuits on the side while I work FT for some law firm. I will run the man’s case Contingency, get a good case from a man, and get some publicity for lawsuits against hoebags and start my own Men’s Rights Law Firm on the side (not Family Law, but suing women in civil court for all sports of things). I also want to sue women in civil court that cause “emotional distress” and “severe psychological damage” to men whom they lie to regarding paternity. Yes, father will still have to pay Family Court ordered scam child support, but I will try to garnish the wages of the home bag “mom”. Even if I get small amounts of cash for such work, I am still going to do it.
          As men, have to fight back in the courts, otherwise, there is almost no chance of ever righting this ship. This CAN be done through civil courts, if we have lawyers willing to work and make it happen for low money (I will have FT job anyway). And unlike some of you, I STILL think America is worth restoring and CAN be saved (and will be restored, now that we FINALLY have a reaction from MEN after 50 years of out of control FemiNazism – MGTOW, RedPill, MRA, etc). I know some of you may have given up hope, but at 35, I still have plenty of time and fight left in me. I have lived in 4 countries as a teenager and America is still awesome place to live. Yes, our women are trash, but America itself is STILL a great place to live, when you compared to Northern Arabia (Germany), the Moorish Emirate of Sweden, or Northern Pakistan (UK). Say what you wish, but unless you have actually lived aboard as long as I have, then try it and see how good we still have it here in America.

      2. Should have given her a good one in the car park when she followed you down. It’s amazing what good blast of baby batter does to calm a hysterical bimbo.

      3. Seems HR departments go out of their way to hire the most sociopathic people and the women are most definitely no exception. As a woman, I’ve also sat across the table from similar types as you encountered. They probably glory in the power they have to grant or deny one a job. In a more sensible time, they’d have been warehoused away in some institution where they keep the insane, idiotic, irrelevant, and despised.

        1. As you’ve well articulated, these HR types lord their power to grant or deny one a job, and thus a livelihood for those of us who are not of the entrepreneurial spirit, or are unemployed and may even be in dire need of employment. What it boils down to is these non-essential personnel, like HR types, are nothing more than gate keepers, plain and simple. As Beau Albrect succinctly stated, I should have interviewed with the Fabrication Manager, Sales Manager, or whoever was in charge of Sales/Estimating at the metal fabricator. Not only was the HR girl immediately dismissive, but she was clueless as a deer in headlights about the nomenclature, terminology, equipment, materials, and processes involved in the said position I interviewed for. And when I interviewed like a professional adult man, rather than groveling, or capitulating to her young woman entitlement “the sun rises and sets at my feet” mentality, that apparently triggered her. Makes me think of a story I was told. A man in my church was a Mechanical Engineer for a large consulting engineering firm in my city. They were searching for an Electrical Engineer to fill a badly needed vacancy. He was on a search committee filled by a couple of engineers, an HR girl, a bean counter, a receptionist and even a custodian. Again, to Mr. Albrecht’s point, why wasn’t the appropriate manager (i. e. Engineering Manager) interviewing candidates? They found an excellent candidate who met their criteria, but there was one problem, there had to be a consensus among all the committee members. The HR girl voted no. They rejected the qualified candidate, and went on with their lengthy and costly search. When asked why she rejected the candidate, the HR girl’s response was that “he reminded her of an ex-boyfriend who’d jilted her in college”.

      4. If you were going to get treated like that anyway, you should have given that cunt a piece of your mind – in front of everyone in response to her berating you.

    2. A 40-something male immigrant to Canada told me that he was appalled to see that 22-year-old university thots are given administrative duties, while he, a 40-year-old man, is viewed as if he’s uneducated, classless and illiterate. Before you Alt-white manginas come to say that the 40-year-old immigrant was a non-English speaker, he actually migrated from Switzerland via United Kingdom, so his English was above the Canadian standard, and he speaks 4 different languages fluently! What does the 22-year-old Toronto woman know how to speak? Gold-digger or elementary school English to relate to that 5-year-old student that Toronto women love to groom and statutory rape.

      1. that’s only cause he was white
        because if he was not white, he would have special treatment
        they have lots of high-up jobs that are strictly for women and minorities
        and lots and lots of regular jobs for them

      2. Toronto is no place for the white man. If an Ethiopian man hits you in your head with an intent to kill you, the feminist attorney general or the lesbian Judge will say that you, the white man is to blame and it’s because of slavery in the year 1444.
        White men are slowly dying off in Toronto from opiate overdoses and fenatyl overdoses, or plain old suicides in their apartments when the rent is due.
        Toronto is hell for the white men.

      3. What is his job? Swiss people speaking multiple languages don’t tend to hold low status position and usually have stiff upper class manners. Monolingual Swiss people are usually the ones working the trades etc.

    3. That’s the precise moment when, instead of heading out the door, you head straight to the President’s office, march past his secretary, go up to him, look him in the eye, and straightaway ask ” What exactly is this shit?” And then describe to him exactly what just happened.
      (Depending on the State you’re in – in California it’s illegal – it’s always a good idea to have a micro-recorder of some sort switched on to document the exchange covertly.
      You’ll probably find that he’s just as shocked and appalled as you are.
      From there, play it as you wish. Either way, you’ve let the ultimate decision maker know that you have a backbone.
      Just a thought.

      1. You have the recorder going anyway – whether it is legal or not. Take the fucking risk, so what – a misdemeanor recording charge isn’t a big deal.
        Then you post that recorded shit on YouTube with a full description of what went down. Once it’s in the public sphere it’s a lot harder for a judge to suppress it (first amendment kool aid working in your favor).

  3. Fellas I’ve stated it before and I’ll do the same now: don’t flirt with the girls at work. Just don’t do it. There will be nothing good in it for you, long-term.
    It’s ok to say “Good Morning… Good Afternoon… How about that great local sports team!…,” but that’s about it. Keep in mind that you’ll be baited into certain questions (many coming from women), like whether or not you find someone attractive. Many will try to play matchmaker with you and the other gals. Just avoid it with a simple, “Sorry, I don’t mix my personal life with work.”
    And politics? “Yeah I prefer not to discuss political issues here.”
    Do you know what REALLY chaps these people’s asses? Seeing you live well. Knowing that your banging women, that you are anti-SJW, that you are living happy… this kills them. And it makes them even more delusional and strident in their insanity.
    Go to work to earn a paycheck … and leave it at that.

      1. Anything is possible.
        But most firms are looking to avoid litigation and dismissing an employee for *failing* to fuck another employee or discuss politics is likely beyond the pale even in this toxic environment.

    1. In Toronto, the HR fembots automatically know if you’re Red Pill or not because 95% of the gay population in Canada are in Toronto.

  4. If there’s anything HR girls hate more than sexual harassment, it’s a calm and quiet office with no drama.

    1. I have no doubt it’s real. HR, commercials, advertising, Hollywood movies, magazines, ‘educational’ videos they are all the same.
      Dumb misogynistic racist offensive white male corrected by oppressed female or strong handsome smooth talking intelligent minority man or hyper SJW self hating white man.

  5. That is why women in the office are failing to keep the pace competing with men, the productivity of women in the office drop to the floor because men are to afraid to even look at them directly in the face, men avoid them in the office, and stop helping them for fear of losing their jobs, so no more help from Mr Nice guy who was doing 15% of your job. And they wonder why they earn less.

  6. I can assure you gents the HR taliban targets anyone who does not fall in line, including females. Myself, I could write a book on HR twats and having to live in Vaginastan. The best is when the HR lesbian shows up. I just love being oppositional.

  7. Great article, and very true. Since women don’t apply for:
    Construction jobs
    Sanitation jobs
    Landscaping jobs
    Math, Science, Engineering, IT or Tech Jobs
    … then they are given all the cushy, well paying office jobs. For some reason, you have a lady with ZERO technical expertise, making decisions about who is more qualified? Based on what? Which guy made her tingle more? Which guy adds some diversity to the team? What time of the month it is?
    One other thing that irks me, is a lot of male business owners love hiring women. Like suddenly in his 50s, he’s gonna build a “harem.” But instead of them being adoring, feminine lovers who meet his needs, they’re all conniving, self serving, crazy hens who loathe him and will fill his team with trashy, talentless, losers based on political correct criteria.

    1. Had one of these guys at my last job as an upper manager. The f*cking pussy got rid of me and hired some broad right out of college who couldn’t do my job to take my place.

      1. Wow that’s f*cked. I foresee a future where young men will end up in poverty unless they join some militia or radical fringe group like Jehovah Witnesses.

    2. @ David
      You nailed it…they are not qualified but there they go re-writing all the criteria (into an unbalanced, biased equation). It’s a dirty pyramid and its unfair (and not the whiny selfish version of “unfair,” but the real kind). When we operate purely from a Bell Curve-based meritocratic view, we can almost instantly sense when someone got handed a job they do not deserve. It is then my obligation to game the conversation and deceive them to my own advantage, for they have broken the trust.

      1. Had something salient to the discussion to add, but kept getting “Forbidden” when I clicked to post.
        What gives? Anybody know?

  8. Lol at the picture of Trump. Hes is a limp dick himself. His inability to maintain an errection is what broke up his first marriage with Ivana. Yeah, it’s true, women love to gossip. Word on the street is that Trump is a flaccid little bitch in the bedroom.

    1. Seriously? his medical report is public. Blood pressure is fine. Not on any meds that would cause that.. And he can afford the best ED meds on earth. Has fathered a lot of children. That plus the girls who claim to have been his mistresses, they tell a far different tale

  9. Actually a hot 24 year old girl has a rough time with HR as well. Unless she plays the men are pigs game, most woman hate her. Most of HR is made up of overweight ugly woman. And they really hate her.

    1. Oh, I’ve encountered them in HR and elsewhere. They tend to hate me because I’m a well-dressed and a petite 5’1″ @ 99 lbs. while they’re slovenly and obese and could offend filth itself!

  10. Good article and some insightful points. The workplace is getting more and more toxic, and more and more gynocentric. Not new news to most men on here. The writer’s point on the diversity/sensitivity training resonates with me. To supplement my income from my not so great day job, I teach 2 evenings a week as an adjunct in a welding program at a local community college. I’ve been forced to take mandatory sensitivity and diversity training at the school. The classes are self-directed, and I’ve wasted hours of my weekends on my laptop, and these are hours I’ll never get back! The courses are written by social science PHDs from schools like NYU, Columbia, Berkeley, UTA, Duke, UCLA, etc., so strike one, the most leftist universities in the country. Contributors include NOW, Take Back the Night, ACORN, Southern Poverty Law Center, ACLU, etc., so strike two, leftist/feminist advocacy groups. But the real egregious part of this looney cluster show are the exercises after each session. The perpetrators are mostly white males. The victims are mostly women and Muslims, save for a token black or homosexual. If you answer the questions wrong, a box with a picture of a plump middle age HR broad (one black, one white) pops up on the screen, wagging their finger, and in capital letters scolds you for your insensitivity and answering the question wrong. After several attempts, it kicks you off the site, and reports you to the diversity gestapo at the school. I have all the answers recorded now, as it’s the same dopey mandatory training you are forced to go through every semester. Now, instead of four hours, I bust it out in 20-30 minutes with the right touchy-feely Kumbaya answers. The sad part is 99.9% of the instructors in the vocational programs (welding, machinist, electrician, millwright, plumbing, heavy equipment mechanics, etc.) are traditionalist/conservative males forced to endure this foolishness.

    1. If they are hiring fembots in those fields, society is going to HELL! Jesus Christ will correct this puzzy Bubble!

  11. Good article, but Trump isn’t gonna lead us there — he is scandal-plagued and drowning in feminist ire on a daily basis. Plus he’s too old for what’s “now.” We maybe need a different hero for this topic, or in my case it’s “no hero required.”
    Flak jacket required these days, sure — but if you do good work, you can be polite/professional/gentleman while taking no shit whatsoever, and I mean not even 5 seconds of anyone’s BS. For example, I will “mansplain” as long as the message is accurate and backed by reputation. If you’re skilled enough and become difficult to replace, you can subtly let everyone know you WILL take every risk and leave the company if some uppity SJW troublemaker gets on your bad side. Remember, there are currently 6+ million job openings in America right now (BLS data, and the figure is probably higher) — it’s not an employer’s market these days.

    Ignore all humiliating PC pseudo-behaviors and ass-kissing….there’s not enough money in the world to sell your soul to that. Most people at work know I’m “not a nice guy” and they kinda love the resonating truth in it. Ultimately I think most people can parse smarmy compliance behaviors, and hate it.

    1. You got it wrong. The fucking femicuntism can NEVER “drown” the Wave & Power of Donald Trump.
      Welcome to the *** Trumpism ***

  12. I was on a volunteer fire department who had virtually all department logistical decisions run through the female training captain. She was a Yale graduate / former obese / former yoga teacher, and the epitomé of an SJW. As a firefighter, she was useless, 100% lead from the rear mentality. For instance, I requested approval on swift water rescue training a couple of months before a series of 1000 year floods hit our district. At the time she asked me “how do you see this training actually benefiting the department?” After not getting approved and standing next to her on a swift water rescue call (which required calling in the neighboring department) my answer was a massive shit-eating grin.
    This smug bitch was the omnipotent HR cum managerial department of the department, her word was the final word. If you think that the masculine trades are safe, think again. You’ll have the chance to rue the irony of working in a blue collar field for a woman educated at a white collar institution who utterly disdains blue collar men.

    1. It sounds like the fembots are acting like Slave Masters while the men do all of the hard work for the company.

    1. But why do some of us get angry when black men call our white women feminist hoes? White women have started this war on us because of the Juice. Do you know that the Juice is a parasite who corrupts white women to become sluts, whores and man-hating feminists who would spread open her legs for an illiterate refugee on top of a trash heap in Italy.

  13. Why can a Western modern slut come to work partially naked on Pride day?
    Why can a homose*ual faggot show his/her/xits penis in front of a little boy or girl?
    Why can a feminist claim that her breasts and pussy aren’t sexual, but if I complain that she’s naked with children at Pride day, I’m the one accused of sexual harassment?
    Why the hell is everything costly that the white man is getting poorer by the day because his jobs are being taken away by immigration and feminist affirmative action?
    When will the white man stand up, pray to God, avoid these modern whores, and find Jesus Christ?
    Do you know that Jesus Christ will appear soon, and he will slaughter every homo, lesbian, transgender, femiwhore and impure woman off the face of the earth? God cares for you white man. The white modern American woman is going to answer to God for what she did using feminism to her fellow man.
    God will save you my fellow white man. The Juice will not.

    1. Most woman are just tools here as well. It’s other men and the enemy who hoisted this in us. And we’ve been beaten… for now.

  14. All men, sell all your overpriced assets at once. Downsize your home to the smallest as possible. Get your monthly bills down to nada, then quit your corporate job and start your own business.
    Or, keep the job but start your own business anyway and don’t do the job. Wait till they fire you and take what you can from them in the process. Only do this if you work for a large corporation of course. Don’t do it to small privately owned companies.
    Point being, live a simple life earning your own way in life, with an income you can’t get fired from and then live your own life like the man you are on your own terms.
    If you read this and say, “not all men can afford to do that,” and you think of yourself as one of those men whom can’t, you deserve o be a slave.

  15. Had this cube farm job for 6 years-ish from 2010-2016. Rose the ranks across Canada at the “big green insurance company”. Was making about $50 an hour and moved across the country to build my career. Got called into HR a couple times for BS like this, half black half white man still didn’t get me out of being sequestered from BS reasons like this. I remember my then manager told me in 2012 to “Not get into an elevator with a woman alone”, that was his advice into my foray into middle management, I nodded in agreement, I had been MGTOW for 4 years at that point. I’m glad I got out 2 years ago, I saw where it was all heading.
    I remember times where chicks would rub ther hard nips against my arms in the break room in an “oops” fashion, and so many other examples I cant even go into. I learned a lot, nailed a lot of chicks from the office, and got out in time apparently.
    There were all kinds of hits to my masculinity working there that it took years of deprogramming to regain. Not being able to speak in front of a crowd of 30 people without being nervous, confident etc. When years before in school I could easily talk in front of orchestras of people on any subject for 15 minutes. It really has a negative impact on your masculinity being surrounded by 96% estrogen. The money etc isint worth any of it, as there is no guarantee you wont be fired for being “Too Masculine” etc.
    Now I am part of the “Gig economy”. Sure I dont make as much money, but my outgoing has been reduced considerably, my masculinity returned (Grew my balls back) I gym, eat right, sleep right, always a smile on my face for the most part, nothing holds me back from speaking my piece when need be, getting laid, approaching women, confidence at a all time high and dont have to use alcohol or illicit drugs to cope anymore.
    No J O B is worth your life and health and happiness. That environment is death for men. I have no kids, no marriage, by design because I needed a escape hatch possibility for the future, and it looks like I used it just in time. Im working towards a Masters degree now, to help men exclusively. That’s my dream. You all can do the same, and I hope you do.

  16. To all the Trump (read: Masculine) haters; you will rot right in here, the planet Earth !!
    *** Donald TRUMP, 45th & 46th President of the UNITED States ***

  17. >If you become an entrepreneur, then you can select your co-workers to be the people who you want.
    I hate to break it to you but these days it’s incredibly hard to start and run a company that is more profitable than a solid job where you can employ people as well. Statistically the majority of new companies fail.
    We’re in late stage capitalism now where everything is increasingly consolidating on a global scale and the means to production are in the hands of a few.
    Tech offers a shot for some but not everything has the skills and determination to run a successful bootstrapped SaaS business. Any outside funded startup will inevitably go down the diversity lane and you’re the cuck CEO that could be replaced at a whim by investors, so you don’t even own your own company.

    1. Unless you keep it under a certain amount of employees, I think the magic number in the US is 10, but dont quote me on it. Then you can hire whoever you want.

  18. Im sorry, but I do not consider myself to be a resource, resources can become surplus to requiements, you know that, right? Is that what you are? Man?

  19. Regarding that top picture…
    Me to the boss: “Guess I’m out of here.”
    Boss: “Why do you say that?”
    Me: “Check by my cubicle.”
    Boss checks and sees that she’s on the floor with several missing teeth.

  20. This article is very spot on. Back in the days hiring was done on the basis of your skills. The persons who did the hiring were of course people of knowledge.
    Nowadays some dumb slut is in charge and I still get angry when I think of the times I didn’t get a job, because some dumb cumslut thought I wasn’t qualified enough.
    Also, what’s up with males hiring women, because they want to be around women? I’ve seen this so many times. Women who get hired because of their looks and the ugly fat manager suddenly thinks he’s the cool guy now.

    1. Very true, sir!! I’ve worked for toxic employers where male managers and male owners thought they were the late Hugh Hefner, hired, and retained “eye candy” women who literally could not pour urine out of a boot if you wrote the instructions on the heel. With these vapid, broken, and morally bankrupt women came a host of problems (single mommies, workplace drama, baby daddy drama, excessive absenteeism, excessive tardiness, the “world revolves around me” mentality, sloth, pawning off work on colleagues, extramarital affairs at the workplace, nepotism, etc.). One employer had a president who hired and surrounded himself with such women. Endless daily drama, unproductivity, and turmoil. They continuely had someone in their crosshairs to take down and terminate (myself included). They had an opening for an Accounts Payable Clerk. A young woman applied. She was a pastor’s wife, conservative and demure, and she had the necessary qualifications and experience required for the position. President Erect Penis, and his frat boy management team, rejected her, and instead hired a former webcam model and ex-stripper. This woman was straight up the mistress of Satan himself! Cursed like a dockworker, insubordinate, lazy, entitled, etc. Even the whoremongering management team couldn’t take it, so they terminated her in 2 weeks. They called the pastor’s wife, who they had flippantly rejected, and offered her the job. For reasons unknown, she accepted (I personally would not be sloppy seconds for such unprofessional types). She proved to be a good employee. Go figure.

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