SPLC Targets ROK For Leftist Violence By Smearing It As A “Male Supremacist Hate Group”

It looks like the Southern Poverty Law Center, one of America’s premier ethnic shakedown organizations, is running low on donations again. This week, they announced the new edition of their “hate group” list, a record of supposed white supremacist, far-right terrorist organizations operating in the United States. Most notably, Return Of Kings has been added to the list as a “male supremacy” organization, alongside men’s rights’ group A Voice For Men:

Also, for the first time, the SPLC added two male supremacy groups to the hate group list: A Voice for Men, based in Houston, and Return of Kings, based in Washington, D.C. The vilification of women by these groups makes them no different than other groups that demean entire populations, such as the LGBT community, Muslims or Jews, based on their inherent characteristics.

This isn’t the first time that ROK publisher Roosh has been targeted by the SPLC: in 2012, he was named in one of the organization’s “Intelligence Reports,” alongside A Voice for Men and my old site In Mala Fide. Roosh later cited the experience as the final push that moved him to the dissident right.

It’s clear that the SPLC is going after AVFM and ROK in an attempt to scare liberal old biddies into giving them more money, because their attack was sloppy and poorly-handled. For example, the SPLC claims that ROK is headquartered in Washington D.C., even though it’s a website with no physical address or full-time employees.

Most hilariously, the SPLC’s dossier on alt right figure Richard Spencer confused him with Robert Spencer, the founder of Jihad Watch, suggesting they outsourced the research to a stupid intern.

Having said this, the SPLC’s attack can’t be handwaved away. Much like the Anti-Defamation League, the SPLC’s purpose in naming organizations as “hate groups” or individuals as “extremists” is designed to incite violence against them. Ever since the election of Donald Trump, the left in America has become increasingly violent, and the SPLC’s list is a dog whistle to antifa and other groups with the intent of hurting or possibly killing Roosh and other targeted individuals.

How The Southern Poverty Law Center Fuels Leftist Violence

The SPLC, ADL, and other related organizations like to masquerade as legitimate news organizations who are merely calling attention to violent, anti-government extremists, but this is as far from the truth as possible. In actuality, the SPLC functions as an intelligence-gathering operation for antifa and other violent leftists, compiling dossiers on chosen targets with the implicit message of, “It’s okay to hurt, maim, or kill these people: they’re Nazis/misogynists/homophobes, after all.”

“Hate group” lists compiled by the SPLC have been used by leftist criminals in the past to identify targets for assassination. For example, in 2013, a left-winger committed a mass shooting against the Family Research Council after seeing them named by the SPLC as an “anti-gay” group. More recently, we’ve seen leftists openly going after Republican politicians and public figures, such as the attempted assassination of House Majority Leader Steve Scalise by Bernie Sanders supporter James Hodgkinson.

This is not the first time that figures in the dissident right have been targeted in such a way. Last summer, the ADL released a hit list of alt right and alt lite figures such as Mike Cernovich, Richard Spencer, and myself, with the purpose of inciting violence against us. In response, Cernovich and several other alt lite figures launched the #ADLTerror hashtag on Twitter with the intent of bringing attention to the fact that their lives were now in danger.

Lies, Damned Lies, And Lists

Moreover, the SPLC can’t even be consistent with the criteria it uses to evaluate “hate groups.” In response to their attack on A Voice For Men, ex-feminist filmmaker Cassie Jaye (creator of the documentary The Red Pill) revealed that in 2016, the SPLC told her that AVFM didn’t fit their criteria for a group since they lacked an “official group policy,” due to the fact that AVFM was just a website and a forum. The SPLC has not yet revealed to Jaye why they changed their policy.

Regardless, it is clear that the international left is ramping up for a broader attack on the dissident right. While the alt right was the focus of much of the left’s ire last year, the movement has been weakened due to systematic deplatforming, failed stunts such as Charlottesville, and personality conflicts between its major leaders. As a result, the left now feels confident in going after sites like Return Of Kings that had previously been out of the line of fire.

Dissident right and alternative media figures should prepare themselves for an onslaught from the globalists in the coming months. With the 2018 midterm elections coming up and the Russia investigation in the U.S. unraveling, the left is looking to strike out at anyone who challenges their power or narrative. As the SPLC’s actions show, they are not above physically hurting or killing their enemies to achieve their goals.

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92 thoughts on “SPLC Targets ROK For Leftist Violence By Smearing It As A “Male Supremacist Hate Group””

      1. If they were objective they would long ago added the asian far-right like r/hapas who call for genocide and violence daily against whites.
        Whites are without protections from any online hatred and if we stand up for ourselves we are attacked.
        The left promote identitarianism for all other groups and then ban whites. We cannot even breathe. History is not today.
        Its sick.

      2. The hate group term now applies to anybody they disagree with. SJWs are going further each year.
        Patriarchy is the natural evolutionarily ordained state of man and supported by almost every religion. Invert it you crash birthrates and your group ceases to continue: thats natural selection. This is just Marxism as always rejecting opposition.
        Modern Marxism is weird AF because it now has this huge loop-hole for religion. Weird AF. You cannot have a fair equality if religious individuals are allowed exceptions on everything through segregated schools, teaching about natural biological roles, courts, groups and workplace practices. Weird.
        OMG secular individuals learning the same stuff about gender as half of Williamsburg kids do. They see them as easy targets as they are not a protected group. There is nothing more to it than that.
        The term hate group is being rendered meaningless when its just anybody you dislike or who makes jokes.

  1. I don’t think “male supremacist” will catch on, because we already have a word for it: Islam.
    What I expect from this “hate group” designation is to be purged from leftist platforms that already hate us, such as Twitter and Facebook. Worse case is we get our domain seized like they did to the Daily Stormer. The designation will also be used by antifa to shut down any real-life events we hold. I dare them to get violent against me or my supporters. I expect it to look something like this:

    1. Haha it looks like those low-T soy boys in the Simpsons trying to chase down the jacked up football players (and thinking they’ll win).

    2. “Male supremacist.” Will not catch on and I will bet my life savings on it. As far as ANTIFA goes, ANTIFA is a fad that will quickly die. Are they not dead already? The left are nothing more than pimples that rise from the bottom and pop. They need to create a new Trojan Horse every few months or so. Right now, the only Trojan horse that still has strength is the Right Wing Femenist aka Tradthot. The Tradthot will bring us down if White Knights don’t pull their heads out of their asses.

      1. True and the only reasons why ANTIFA got started and gained momentum is because the FBI/Soros/Deep State funded it, organized the protests and armed it. I would bet that all of ANTIFA can be categorized into three groups:
        1. basement dwellers
        2. students that protested in small groups on their college campuses.
        3. the criminally insane
        None of these people have the drive or mental competence to organize large scale protests.

    3. ANTIFucks were swatted away with little effort- rather like the flies they are.
      Notice how they were all concealing their features? Probably helps them to buy into their anarchical delusions.

    4. To quote Mark Potek ceo of the splc about whites “Are we any better off than we were 50 years ago? Absolutely . . . White dominance is on the decline as the demographic white majority heads for oblivion over the course of the next 30 years”
      these guys are a fucking hate group themselves. They celebrate our deaths. There is no neutrals you merely have many different groups all fighting for their own racial dominance.
      The only group in the whole world not doing that are whites and that is why they are finished from an evolutionary perspective.

      1. Mark Potok is an annoying little bottom-feeder with one of the most punchable faces I’ve ever seen. And who the hell is this transgendered male-to-female in the one pic that apparently is an SPLC spokesman? Never seen it before.
        The SPLC is nothing more than (((their))) typical agenda: Making money, and trying to undermine their white host society.

    5. All peoples on earth have one enemy in common.
      That, once defeated, we can finally live in peace.
      You know who (((they))) are.

    6. The antifas really are wierdos. Their women were being beaten and they backed off. At the end they swaggered around and then threw some eggs. The men didn’t even help when their women were actually getting punched in the face.

      1. I think the Trump brawlers showed an incredible amount of restraint – they could have beaten the tar out of them, especially the little cunts up front who were instigating trouble. And their “men” couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag.

    7. Terms like “male supremacist” and other such globalist claptrap is what happens when a country’s “free press” is completely hijacked — similar to all Western governments — by the BigMedia Ziopress. Nothing more, nothing less.
      Virtually ALL governments and their bureaucratic agencies (FCC, FBI, FDA…) have been hijacked. This would never happen in the Founding Father’s United States of America. Nope!
      Benjamin Franklin said, “A republic . . . if you can keep it.” We The distracted People have failed miserably. Sadly, things are going to get much much worse once the Banksters crash the economy as is expected in 2018.
      I repeat, these are DISTRACTIONS which are used by the 1% elites to get the 99% peons hating each other along racial (black vs white), religious (Muslims vs Christians) and sexual (gays vs straight, feminists vs feminine & males) lines. I don’t see American Revolution 2.0 happening. Instead, I see Civil War 2.0 where the UN/Feds will most likely be siding with the Left.
      As a black person who grew up among many cultures in middle class Canada (Silicon Valley North aka Ottawa to be specific) since age 8 — and have NEVER had any problems with any race — I am very worried for the future of Western society which has given me so many gifts (thank you for Linux/Unix, programming languages, colloidal silver, medical cannabis, the Internet, redpilled psychedelics…) in terms of education and a drive to succeed.
      I have ASSIMILATED!!!

  2. Scary shit to be sure, but what concerns me more is at what point will such blatant attacks on men get them into the streets. Seems like more individuals were rah rahing a fucking football game victory earlier this month. If there was an organized men’s march that addressed all these issues we face, I’m curious as to the turnout. Or would one Saturday get in the way of game study and lifting?

      1. Unfortunately, Canadian society has been affected by whatever ‘disease ‘ has infected or has hijacked its American masters.
        Folks we are witnessing History once again. We didn’t learn a damn thing from the Bolsheviks, WW1, or WW2 and the ‘machinations’ that ‘created’ terrible outcomes. When the economy crashes & the Dollar collapses, the shit will hit the fan for real and no one knows what will happen during this go around. But look at Venezuela to get an idea where things are heading.

        “I Haven’t Eaten Meat In 2 Months” – Venezuelan Oil Workers Are Collapsing From Hunger On The Job

  3. Just remain armed and never be afraid to protect yourself. I don’t care if it’s a grizzled 300 pound dude or a 95 pound tranny. Any human who threatens your life is subject to being put down

    1. Treading dangerous waters there…. you can’t just whip out your strap if your simply being pushed around a little bit.

      1. I referred to my life being threatened, not getting my feelings hurt. It’s “allies” like you that are partly to blame for the situation we’re in today. While liberals have banded together aggressively with total disregard for our laws, conservatives like you cower when a teeny bit of harsh language is used.

      2. Reality is right. Anyone who downvoted him is either fucking retarded or a plant.
        Get this through your heads, every last one of you. Life IS NOT a movie.
        The Antifa cunts live in a delusional world where virtue signaling is more important than training, tactics, hard work, law, food, water, etc. These people did more to elect Trump with their shitbaggery than ANYTHING the right could come up with.
        In real life, the last thing on earth you want is to have problems with Johnny Law. Johnny Law is not fucking friend. He is doing a JOB. He gets paid. He doesn’t much like you, and if he did, he’s smart enough to keep that shit to himself.
        There is a reason why we have laws, and a reason why the right is holding back as much as it has. That reason is about tactics, strategy, and most important SAFETY. You think a hospital stay is the only thing you have to worry about? What about tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees? What about becoming unemployable? What about being a target for every shitbag out there because you stupidly got your name in the news for no good fucking reason? Remember Zimmerman? That poor bastard was dead within his rights to shoot that disgusting fuck Trayvon, not only in his rights, but with tons of evidence, and look at what they put that man through.
        KNOW THE LAW.
        BE. SMART.

        1. Good call Ron. I was simply implying if an ANTIFA faggot gives you a little shove at some counter-protest BS, you can’t just respond in kind by whipping out a gun as some “my dick is bigger than yours” power display.
          It will NOT bode well for our cause and will make us look like the unhinged weirdos. When you get a concealed carry permit there are many rules we must follow to not have civilization degrade to some Darwinian dystopia. This includes not being under the influence of alcohol/drugs, and you MUST genuinely feel you are in imminent danger of being robbed, seriously injured/killed, or using your weapon to stop a robbery or serious assault in progress etc.

        2. You’re right the pot we are floating in isn’t that hot yet. Let’s just wait around staying quiet and hope they don’t bring it to boil.
          The demographics are turning to shit, we are being further disarmed physically, mentally, politically daily and (((their))) stranglehold grows ever stronger unchallenged but hey, just keep to yourself and hope it gets better, that’s how all revolutionary change got done.

        3. Reality is soft and so are you. Stop acting like a liberal by filling in the gaps of your understanding with your own thoughts. Go back and read what was said. “Threatening my life” NOT hurting my feelings, not shoving me, not spitting on me etc. Again, with “allies” like yourselves it’s really no wonder why we are in this position. We all have jobs and people who love and depend on us and none of us are implying on jeopardizing that. But for the two of you to react in such a surrendering way by the mere mention of protecting yourself when your lives are in danger, then we clearly have more work to do around here.

        4. In Canada, a feminist tranny can stick a knife into your stomach, but if she complains that you were harassing her or making her feel uncomfortable, the Toronto Police will press charges against you, while you’re bleeding from a stab wound. These Antifa faggots don’t obey the law, so why should a man get stabbed in fear of persecution from the Police agents? What does a man who is going to die from a stab wound have to lose by defending his life from death or serious harm?

      3. The fact that these clowns try to disguise their appearance is enough to convince me of their bad intentions, if they start encroaching onto your personal space. Use reasonable force to stop/remove the problem.

      4. While I view groups like Antifa as “flatulence in a whirlwind”, Ron is 100% correct in his statement about Johnny Law. As a man who’s lived 60 years now, and has seen our society unravel in my lifetime, I can tell you unequivocally that Johnny Law is no friend to the citizenry. My late father, who was a hardworking Tool & Diemaker, and a pious and devout Christian, used to say “the only difference between law enforcement and the criminals is that the criminals are sociopaths who work outside the law, and law enforcement are sociopaths who work within the law”. I don’t go to protest rallies, get into shoving matches or fisticuffs with the likes of Antifa, and beyond the miscreatants I’m forced to work with at a scrap yard, go to great extents to avoid problematic and lawless people. But its a sad state of affairs when I fear repercussions from Johnny Law more than I fear imminent threats from criminals.

        1. wise words.
          Johnny Law is like the dog who keeps the sheep in check.
          The farmer will reward Johnny for good work and will reward him at times because he is his most loyal pet.
          On his farm, the farmer makes all the laws and all the rules.
          If you dont like these rules you can not change them and you can not complain to the dogs that they shouldnt enforce them.
          They will. It is their job.
          What you can do is escape the farm and live at the other side of the fence. Life on the other side has more freedom but also more responsibility and danger.
          No dogs will protect you from the wolf.
          No farmer will take care of you when you are sick or give you free food on a rainy day.
          A cozy life has its prize but so does freedom.

    1. Alabama is a strange state. It’s home of the SPLC in Montgomery, one of the most anti-liberty and anti-free speech shanking operations in the world, and yet also the home of the Mises Institute in Auburn. One of the most pro-liberty, pro-free speech, and anti-cultural Marxist organizations in the world.
      It’s home to a slice of our hell and a slice of our heaven.

      1. The Mises Institute isn’t a serious organization. The people who run it don’t believe their own propaganda, because they have digitized works by Mises, Hayek, Rothbard, etc., and they give these ebooks away for “free” over the internet to anyone who clicks for a download, even though you would have to pay for the digital versions from online booksellers at prices discovered through the market.
        In other words, the Mises Institute disregards price signals when it comes to allocating rationally the use of scarce resources, and it runs the risk of causing economic chaos every time it gives away one of these ebooks.

        1. All of those authors are deceased and could have stipulated in their will to have their works as widely available and as cheaply as possible if it would advance their ideas and causes.
          The Institute has a book shop where you can purchase print editions at full price if that is your desire, since it takes physical resources and labor to create these tangible books.
          That’s what the free market is. CHOICES, and how you choose to spend your money or not depending on your choice.

  4. The SPLC shows up on the sidewalks to ask for handouts from a compliant liberal majority in this coastal US city (basically they come to preach to the choir and gather reinforcements). In one of their campaigns, they were trying to re-write the standard-issue US history books for all public schools…they want to replace the existing history books with THEIR version of history. This is 100% real — they said so themselves. That’s the extent of their “education outreach.” They don’t like the way history turned out so they want to re-write it.

    Beyond that, the SPLC’s magnifies the same thing you see in a LOT of SJWs these days:
    It’s not “equality” they’re after — they want special privileges and they want it to be THEIR turn to be the oppressor.

    1. Ocean Son, correct. Everyone wants to be king. Those who say they do not, are only trying to disarm you.

    1. First they came for the Milo and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a homosexual.
      Then they came for the Daily Stormer, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Nazi.
      Then they came for Return Of Kings, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a PUA
      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  5. Progressive utopians like the Semitic-Parasitic Law Center don’t believe their own propaganda about the equality of the sexes, because you never hear any of these people worry that some woman has the potential to become Literally Hitler. We all assume implicitly that only a gifted white man could have the goods to pull this off.

  6. Let’s call the likes of SPLC or ADL what they actually are: LOBBIES.
    I’m sure these criminal organizations, despite what they claim, are funded with taxes paid by the citizens in all the countries they exist (it doesn’t matter Europe or North America).

      1. With people like those, it’s not wise to hold back.
        I mean, the ADL was founded to turn Leo Frank, a Jew who raped and killed a 14 year old girl, into a martyr.
        Almost 100 years later, these organizations turned Michael Brown, a black teenager who stole a box of cigars and forcefully shoved a clerk, into a martyr.
        In the name of tolerance, thugs and criminals are considered martyrs.
        And it’s not just North America. In my country, Spain, there is an organization, Movimiento contra la Intolerancia, whose president, Esteban Ibarra, has been accused of having been part of FRAP (a radical far left organization with a military branch). To this day, Ibarra has nethier admitted it nor proven these accusations wrong. Fishy, if you ask me.
        Understand now why punches should not be pulled with these people?

        1. From memory I don’t believe it was ever proven either way whether Leo Frank was innocent or guilty, although the consensus appears that his death was a some kind of blood libel. The problem is that for both ‘anti-semites’ and the ADL set up to counter them innocence or guilt of a crime doesn’t matter. Frank also appears to have been a leader of the Atlanta B’nai B’rith – so the ADLs positions here would have been a no-brainer – but equally he might have blamed for that reasons as well
          As you say the ADL functions somewhat as a lobby group, at least insofar as countering anti-semitism / preventing ‘definition’ is concerned. As such it cannot be expected to function impartially, or with the best interests of the whole of society in mind. The SPLC is a different matter as far as I’m concerned because it pretends to tackle extremism objectively and for the benefit of all people, yet focuses almost exclusively on ‘right wing’ groups or individuals – some of them like Ben Carson who are pretty inoffensive by any normal standard, and this reflects the fundamentally left wing ideology at its centre

    1. This is the issue. The thought of defending oneself from a serious and life threatening stab wound committed by an Antifa member or feminist is taboo. Men should note that police in Canada (Toronto Police & SPVM), and State police in California and NYC don’t care if a man is stabbed to death by Antifa once namecalling like Roosh V supporter, white supremacist, racist, sexist, etc are used to justify such a killing.

  7. Much like other organizations (Disney, etc.) the SPLC is now in the hands of the Satantic overlords.

  8. I would say the SPLC is more of a liability than a help to the broader left coalition. Whether they are paid up card carrying marxists or not they are still associated with the far left and far left ideology and this has been the case from the very beginning – consider the background given in this link http://ryansorba.blogspot.co.uk/2017/05/is-southern-poverty-law-center-marxist.html. Since we don’t live in McCarthyist America etc. that wouldn’t matter so much except there is every reason to believe that organizations and lobby groups like this have functioned as an extension of state apparatus, effectively having been consulted as “expert” NGOs on issues of extremism and hate politics that the mainstream media and even branches of the state can rely upon. It seems that further to being implicated in the effective incitement of the terrorist acts against the family resource centre the FBI removed them from their approved resource list a few years back, but what doesn’t appear to have changed is the shared ideology that these organizations seem to share with the deep state, including those in the FBI who must have thought associating with a hard leftist was a good idea. You don’t have to sympathise with any kind of right-wing extremism (or even be bothered with men’s issues) to recognize that both the hard left and the deep state / wider political machine use the policing of anti-extremism as as major means of social control for everyone i.e. the target of organization is never genuinely real extremists (who almost always politically useful) but the ordinary folk in the middle whose minds have to be steer away from wrong ideas to ‘tolerance’ etc. Tolerance / Anti-hate speech in particular is the mechanism whereby the left protects the managed change it undemocratically foists upon all people without a mandate or consent.
    Given the political partiality shown by the FBI etc in favouring Clinton and the democratic party, the Trump administration should really take this opportunity to work towards root and branch investigation of the FBI and similar institutions as to how a branch of the federal government could end up working closely with an institution known to have links with far left subversives.

  9. All I gotta say is silly lil’ “Rooshie” over at “Roosh V” finally got all “antsy” enough to want to “ban me” lol.
    Can read that poor sukkah; like a “book”.
    No wonder he don’t want me around lol (but I’ll let him know lol).
    Yeah… Poor guy, poor guy…
    ~ Bro. Jed

  10. Fuck the SPLC they don’t do shit but accuse falsely and try to expose people like Roosh out. Roosh I got your back man of any body that wants to mess with you.

    1. Antifa and feminists were smearing men who were perceived to be sympathizers to Roosh, Daily Stormer or any other perceived component of the manosphere. We have to be careful because these feminists can slander us online, and we wouldn’t know until some Antifa punk sends a knife through our stomach or chest while calling us names. Police aren’t going to care if Antifa kills some of us because police are not a man’s friend in America or Canada.

    2. Bravo. Yes, we ALL are with Roosh and are ready to face any kind of difficulties & troubles.
      We cannot let real MEN being targeted by shit heads !!

  11. The other avenue they are also going down is saying that any voice against Leftist DNC platforms are russian Bots. I was lumped into this group even though I’ve never even had contact with Russia. I wonder how many other so called bots are just alt-right accounts on twitter etc

  12. If the SPLC considers ROK a “hate site” then you might want to send them a nicely worded letter/Email thanking them for the compliment, and assure them, ROK will maintain its’ high standard of excellence. It means you are doing some thing right. Remember, Truth sounds like hate to those who hate the Truth. Of course telling the SPLC they can go fuck themselves is an option. But I suspect you guys have too much class for that kind of a reply.

    Anyone who has any association with the SPLC whatsoever should hang themselves.
    Oop, was the hateful?

    1. SPLC doesn’t want to “argue,” in a civil manner, about anything. They prefer slander, public shaming, and virtue signaling.
      They will never, ever, ever, ever send one of their representatives to take on ANY right-leaning person in any kind of civil, public debate. Nor will they acknowledge that there is quite a bit of difference between the Alt Right, Alt Light, Libertarians, Social Conservatives, etc.
      It doesn’t matter whether you are Roosh, Ben Shapiro, Adam Carrolla, Tom Leykis, Tom Sowell… it makes no difference. You’re just a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, Islamophobe, deplorable.
      The GOOD news is that organization such as this one are finding more ways to alienate otherwise decent people.

  14. With a calculated sequence of accusations on their part, we’ve lost a lot of ground over the years, and they’ve barged onto it by setting our people against ourselves. Too distracted to see their moves, too busy tearing each other apart over inconsequential illusions of richeousness. Our backs are up against a cliff. How many more will fall over the edge? When the males of a species stop fighting the enemy, the whole heard goes extinct.

  15. “Stay away from drug addicted females?”
    “Travel Tips?”
    “Pornography destroys its female participants?”
    What is so offensive that Mr. Roosh has advocated?

  16. So if ROK is a male supremacist website, it follows that Feminism is a female supremacist movement. Of course this is unfair and proves the SPLC is a leftist organization.
    I like the site because u guys offer an alternative perspective and I find it to be a welcome respite to all of the misandry in today’s media. I may not agree with every position I see here, but I believe in the free exchange of ideas. Keep fighting guys, don’t let this discourage u.

  17. I for one welcome leftist violence. I highly doubt that these pussies will venture into my neck of the woods, but if they do, they won’t be venturing out of it.

  18. “Things” are worse today then they were 10 years ago. Definitely worse than 20 years ago and so on. Do you remember when we didn’t know what everybody else thought about every little thing? We didn’t know the opinions of random people in every station of life. And we didn’t care. We were content to know that people had different opinions and perspectives of life and unless we engaged them directly we wouldn’t know much else. Take my word for it, there is nothing naive in my statement it’s just a lamentation. We had the benefit of living in one world and the misfortune of living in a time to see it transform in to hell. It’s all relative I know and it’s nothing new. It sucks to leave this world to our kids. I have engaged you so now I have it coming. Oh yeah, of course SPLC is pure shit. I’ll go to hell now.

      Twenty years when the internet was in its infancy, you really had no idea thought.
      You did not care either.

  19. SPLC has always had a fence around their wonderful ‘center’ to protect themselves from all that ‘duh-versity’ they profess to love so much.

    1. There is NOT ONE White, Christian man on its admin staff of hundreds.
    2. It is FOREIGN financed, banked, endowed, and controlled.
    3. It commands assets OVER $1 billion but pays ZERO taxes
    4. It purports LGBT-child rights OVER Constitutional Rights
    5. It claims immunity from prosecution but can sue, harass, condemn, anyone it wants
    6. It utilizes the Anti-Speech Movement not only on University campuses but now on the internet to smear any website, including ROK, that does not agree with its dangerous ideology.

  21. I am coining a new term for this.
    Social Terrorism
    Social terrorism is the use of social networks and media to silence and intimidate dissenters. The difference between trolling and social terrorism is that social terrorists are backed by institutional power. A troll can harass and annoy you. A social terrorist can cost you your job, bring violence upon you or even threaten your life with few consequences because to their connection to the institutional power. Most social terrorists are from the left due to their connection with and control of the mainstream online institutions.
    Examples of social terrorism:
    Blanket Deplatforming
    Use of watchlists
    Calls for violence often couched in irony.

  22. The Southern Poverty Law Center is a domestic terrorist organization. You don’t have to have saggy pants or a Quran to be a terrorist. These guys are proof it can just as easily come from thuggish lawyers in suits.
    What is terrorism? It’s the use of violence or intimidation to achieve a political end. The SPLC certainly uses intimidation in the form of this “hate group” label to silence political enemies, with the ADMITTED GOAL of eventually shutting them down.
    They’ve also inspired at least 2 violent terrorist attacks as Matt pointed out, committed by Floyd Lee Corkins and the Bernie Sanders supporter who shot Steve Scalise.
    A few more of their crimes include labeling Maajid Nawaz and Aayan Hirsi Ali “anti-Muslim exremists”. Ali is a Somali born refugee and ex-Muslim who underwent FGM as a child, had to flee to Amsterdam, and finally made it to America after her friend and colleague Theo Van Gogh was murdered on the streets of Holland.
    Nawaz is STILL A MUSLIM who runs a counter extremist think-tank. A Pakistani born Muslim, who joined a terrorist organization, went to prison for 4 years, and came out reformed is an “anti-Muslim extremist”? Really now? After what these two have been through, the SPLC putting a fatwa on their heads is criminal. These two examples are particularly egregious, and the SPLC should be tried for inciting violence.
    This group wants you to believe a few dozen white supremacist groups hiding in a log cabin in Oregon with some shotguns are more of a terrorist threat than Antifa or BLM, who are destroying cars and business, and throwing Molotov cocktails at major colleges in response to conservative speakers or legally justifiable police shootings.
    Among other things they also labeled Dr. Ben Carson an “extremist” and had to apologize for lumping this SURGEON in with murderers and terrorists, refused to name Antifa a hate group, and have been accused of stashing millions in off shore accounts. A huge red flag. This is one of the most corrupt, despicable organizations of the 21st century.

  23. Ah the biggest pack of fake victims on the planet are yet again bawling about all the horrible globalists that are going to assault them to death! Someday it’ll finally happen! Man won’t that be a kick in the ass, “and then they came for those dipshit bigoted idiots and we had to save them because that’s what you do, and then they didn’t thank us at all or reevaluate their horrible behavior or anything. In fact, they tried to blame it on us then went right back to sobbing about how mean women are…”

  24. Looks like Rooshvforum is on someone’s shitlist as well.
    ROK was always blocked for me by EE’s (UK data provider) shitty content filters that automatically block porn sites, gun sites, lt-right sites etc. and you can only opt out by giving them credit card info, but now rooshvforum.com also shows as “non-responsive” when I try to view it using my mobile data plan (on Wifi it works fine).
    There is a deliberate concentrated effort here to block non-sjw platform

  25. I heard about this a couple of days ago, along with A Voice For Men Roosh is being labeled a male supremacist group. I wonder though, if the SPLC will create a list for female supremacist group, as many of them do fall under this category. On an unrelated note I also would love to see named the Freedom from Religion Foundation be name as a n anti-Christian hate group. Perhas then I will think of them as unbiased as before they did this crap.

  26. The sad part is leftist don’t even really care all that much or really give a shit on a collective basis for what they believe – to them its all a personal power play to make them feel like they have some kind of superiority – its all just doublespeak dribble as usual from the left – they redefine whatever words they want to suit them and their ever distorted emotional outbursts – pathetic.

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