US Government Accuses James Damore Of “Sexual Harassment” For Stating IQ Differences Between The Sexes

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), an independent US government agency, has accused fired Google engineer James Damore of “sexual harassment” for mentioning scientific studies about gender and IQ distribution. Damore, who wrote a now famous memo critiquing enforced gender and other diversity, filed a complaint with the NLRB but later withdrew it in favor of a lawsuit alleging systemic discrimination against (white) males at Google.

An attorney for the NLRB agreed with Google’s firing of Damore and attacked him for his scientifically uncontroversial references to women being more prone to neuroticism and showing less general interest in technology (even as infants). He was further denounced for contributing to a “hostile work environment” that supposedly caused two female candidates for engineering positions to withdraw their job applications (but how could they have handled the job if one man discussing scientific papers is enough to trigger them?). The letter makes for chilling reading and I recommend everyone look at it in its entirety.

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson summed up the situation perfectly:

Debating science = asking a girl out on a date = touching her breasts = rape

Everything feminists don’t like is sexual harassment.

As I and other ROK authors have repeatedly said, actual sexual harassment is consistently conflated with merely approaching a woman for a conversation or to ask her out on a date. Now it appears that those discussing biology and other forms of science will also be in danger of being described as sexual harassers when such talk offends women, leading to more men like Damore losing their jobs.

Associate General Counsel in the NLRB’s Division of Advice, Jayme L. Sophir (of course, a woman), wrote the following in a recently published letter:

…the statements regarding biological differences between the sexes were so harmful, discriminatory, and disruptive as to be unprotected.

Mentioning facts that do not support SJW ideology is going to get you in serious trouble in today’s political and social climate. Be warned.

IQ measurements are deeply “misogynistic,” right?


Although scientific inquiry involves debates about competing findings and theories, Damore’s memo claims were firmly rooted in proven science, much more so than his critics. Many of his assertions, especially about matters like IQ distribution between the genders, are not just assertions but established facts. Like Damore, social psychologist Roy F. Baumeister, who wrote the book Is There Anything Good About Men?, points out that men are akin to nature’s big experiment, meaning larger numbers of men exist in both the genius and mentally disabled categories. Women, by contrast, cluster in the middle for IQ distributions.

Working in senior engineering positions for Google should require high levels of intelligence and industriousness. Yet systems for hiring and cultivating the best candidates have been greatly undermined by calls for gender and racial quotas. Discussion about IQ distributions imperils the leftist narrative. Just as boys predominate in the highest SAT scores (despite generally preparing for exams far less), in an unbiased environment more men will be working in engineering positions at Google. But no, feelz over logic and facts.

Where to next?

If the position of the National Labor Relations Board regarding James Damore is repeated in other circumstances, which seems likely, we are in for some wild times indeed. The ideologies once considered radical are infecting our labor and other laws in the West. Science is deemed offensive to the powers that be, whether at Google or in the upper echelons of SJW governments like California’s. So what whacky thing is next?

Whilst some of us had high hopes for James Damore’s class action lawsuit, I am currently unconvinced that he will win. When notions like “hostile work environment” are being gerrymandered to substitute feminist feelz for objective realities, Damore is probably only preparing himself for a very time-consuming legal failure.

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59 thoughts on “US Government Accuses James Damore Of “Sexual Harassment” For Stating IQ Differences Between The Sexes”

  1. Only an SJW would pursue a career for NLRB. They could not make a living in the highly competitive business world, so the get a government job.
    It is time to stop turning over governance to paid bureaucrats. A group of citizens(armed men) should decide such matters.

      1. I tend to agree with you on the non-violent part but unfortunately it will probably come down to armed men. I suspect they, the other side, know this as well and are using anything they can find to support their position to take weapons (guns for now) away from society.

        1. In Pozzed Brazil, a murder sentence carries only 7 years, but feminists are advocating that street harassment be a criminal offence punishable by 12 to 15 years in prison where the innocent man will end up on a gore website.

        2. Brazil and the rest of South America used to be a paradise for finding Girls who respected masculine men. Now that feminist culture is getting spread to here, thanks to the US and Europe. Beautiful Brazilian Girls are starting to destroy themselves with piercings, tattoos and weird hairstyles to show how “Empowered” they are. They are also playing harder to get to show “how they dont need no man”!
          I miss Brazil and the rest of South America before Facebook, Instagram and Feminism became so mainstream that even average latina girls became entitled bitches.

      2. Bro, this is why they continue to do shit…because they know white dudes are cowards and self-obsessed libertarian “muh individuals”. Destroying peoples freedom, intentionally trying to destroy a race, destroying the culture, and putting women in a position of power over men….uh, that should be met with violence. You seem like the stereotypical cuckservative. Go back to your little corner and cry.

        1. Democracy functions to give the disaffected false avenues like little marches and actually therefore stop any violent dissident groups as they set siloed by sentiments like “go protest”.
          Really dissident magazines that cannot accept credit cards are almost banned so they cannot compete politically. . ad networks or governments couldn’t discriminate against these groups if they organized as religions easily and they could even avoid tax. Governments are giving these groups no other avenues as they are the only loopholes for dissent by way of hate speech, and even discrimination from other firms like banks.
          All political systems will probably end in failure for the same reasons that all political careers end in failure: flak accumulates as shit invariably happens. Democracy is more discredited by the day. If it destroys Europe like it screwed up in the Islamic world it will hardly be the holy system it is today.

      3. An armed society is a non-violent one. It is only when you give one side all the arms that violence starts to happen. The Google memo is another reason women should not enter the work place. They do not seek equality or merit but power at any means.

        1. Rooshes view is that women shouldn’t be educated – and thats valid – but what about banning contraception in the West until all countries, races and religions can agree to expand at the same rate?
          Banning all contraception including condoms would be a game changer. Just an Idea to think about.

  2. Jayme L Sophi(r/ ist) wrote the letter to his female boss. He knew what he had to say before he’d given the matter a moments thought

    1. Yes, the memo started with a foregone conclusion, then built up phony rhetoric to support it. Goal-seeking.
      This really reflects the entire basis of today’s commie ideology:
      “…the statements regarding biological differences … were so harmful, discriminatory, and disruptive as to be unprotected.”
      …in other words the truth must be criminalized as “hate speech” because the multicult utopia cannot function if people speak scientific fact. When truth is the enemy… pure (((satanic))) evil.

      1. what is of interest in these cases that correct speech, based on a kind of legalism trumps any kind of fact. The implication of this are potentially without limit. By this lawyer’s reasoning white is black and black is white if that is necessary for someone not to be ‘discriminated against’

  3. Fighting women and corporations in court today is completely futile. Anyone who goes to court hoping for justice is a fool.

    1. What recourse does a man have in today’s Anglofeminist legal environment? Can one identify as a Muslim and accuse the scantily clad female co-worker of violating his religious principles, or do feminists have more victim points over Muslim refugees from Burma?

      1. Law is not like science! It really is not in any way objective. Different judges see things in different ways. Coincidentally their logic always follows their own personal convictions on every issue lol.
        If somehow a loophole allowed you to kill or something it would just be ignored with some fancy language being used to pontificate and sound smart. Law really masquerades as something that is far less subjective and far less reflective of the biases of those who apply it than any lawyer would admit.
        Victim points really matter in the minds of the lawyers.

  4. Holy St. James Damore is a martyr. The “equality of outcomes” progressives are really very dangerous.
    When you then don’t get the 50:50 split you then cannot blame internal factors but instead must find an oppressor which seems to always be the white man who is the eternal enemy of the left.
    the truth would completely invalidate their entire movements of angry radicalized women and “minority ” “peoples”.
    It is not applied to preferred groups. Do Juifs have to stick being 2% of University students?

  5. James Damore should be the one to launch a politically unbiased search engine that is pro-intellectual and gives unbiased results.
    He is the one who should do it.

    1. My wild guess is that a kickstarter drive or a similar internet campaign to secure funding might exceed all expectations and previous records, especially if more disillusioned Google employees joined in.

  6. The Feminazis continue to do the elites bidding. They destroyed relations between sexes and Obama destroyed race relations. At some point there is going to be a major push back. And when that happens, shit is going to hit everywhere.

    1. Roosh was the straw that broke the camel’s back because after the Roosh outrage, men are afraid of meeting up in groups because of being called names and libel. Feminists have successfully petitioned Jamaica to BAN an American Pastor because he preached that women should be housewives. Jamaica is turning feminist.

      1. It will happen everywhere. And we will see a feminist tyranny. I know some or many are laughing at my statement, but time to wake up. This has been unfolding for 50-60 years now, if not longer. Women do not feel and care for society like we do. They are vicious, that’s why nature made them pretty for 10-15 years of their life and weak. Human existence is protected by her two obvious faults.

  7. Men are smarter than women. And what’s the counter argument?; women would have invented everything but they couldn’t because they were oppressed? Lol

    1. There you go, making sense and stuff; we can’t have that now. The counter-argument is that you’re pointing out the SJWs’ gross hypocrisy and the fact that they wouldn’t last two weeks without mankind’s grid/inventions/agriculture/oversight/etc etc etc, which is now a form of legally actionable sexual harassment. SNAFU World.

    2. That is the feminist’s argument. According to femihystory, primitive men took most of the food for themselves, which is why they’re bigger and stronger than women. With their superior strength, men then hoarded the rest of the resources and high status positions, thereby cursing women to child rearing.

      1. Jizm,
        This is easily debunked.
        Depriving them of food would have no effect on later generations size. Only that persons size.
        Modern women are STILL smaller than men, despite excellent nutrition.
        As had been known for decades, average height has been increasing due to better nutrition being almost universal, and longer lives. Especially among infants.
        These are not evolution. Its just a matter technology allowing far more people to reach the maximum natural growth and to live long enough to achieve.
        Ah, the feminazi left. Anything to justify their hatred

      2. they require no real evidence threshold for this, but for all the proof racial science ( now banned from further work ) they seem to have this extreme unreachable threshold. wierd.

      3. Then the two sexes would have been equal in size back then- how then could men have done this? Because they were more clever, which implies superiority?

  8. Google in cahoots — fucking RIGGED. Man, when I read stuff like this…hard to tolerate the level of social engineering that’s going on here. This country is an unrecognizable shell of its former self. It’s as if every smart white guy’s identity HAS to be undermined in America. I used to believe there was no such “agenda,” but now I’d be a fool not to see it. The natural order of things is apparently no longer allowed to take its course in America. Depressing.

    Damore should go forward with his lawsuit anyway, just to keep this topic in the spotlight and hopefully foment a well-deserved backlash.

    Some days it seems like ROK’s motto should be:
    “All the stuff you never wanted to hear, but need to hear anyway.”
    Good work, David G. Brown — keep it up!

    1. What could be used as a template that shows the grotesque stupidity of the left, is the fact that everything they do is unsustainable and destructive.
      Dehumanizing and destroying the backbone of society will only result in it’s failure. The whining parasites and hamsters will be the most helpless without us.

  9. What is this NLRB shit? Fucking communists. A government organ is accusing and trying to shame and destroy an individual citizen for writing an internal memo! This shit is not funny, guys, we are at war here.

    1. this is how Ohater managed to screw things up so badly in only 8 years. He simply skipped the entire law making process and weaponized all the govt agencies against us.

  10. All the more reason to avoid marriage, fuck sluts and save your money.
    Feminists are girls raised by father’s who thought “my daughter will be different than her mother because I’ll raise her right.” Wrong. She grows up watching you get shit on. Your wife calls you a deadbeat to your kids while you’re at work slaving away for the family.
    Marrying one of these crazies could cost you $100k, 15 years of your life, and worse, your kids are feminazis and blue-pilled cucks. My dad’s experiencing that now. Let the american female cesspool dry up. Let them all die alone with their cats. Save money, invest, travel, learn languages, bang sluts, retire with freedom and peace. If you need a mission, there are plenty of good causes out there. “Contributing” to this fucked up society by having kids here should not be remotely considered as a mission.

  11. you know the cognitive dissonance is impossibly bad when people refuse to realize that we are headed to a sigular point in time that society will be completely overtaken by powers that will enslave man such that there is only one ending, and men WILL NOT ACCEPT THE LOGICAL CONCLUSION AND DECISION POINT…BE ENSLAVED OR FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE.

    1. After decades of NOW and feminism?
      Then Baby Boomer feminists must leave now. Obviously they are losers and complete failures.

  12. Check this talk,
    “Scientists and sociologists have known for decades that boys are fairer than girls, and by far. As with the science supporting climate change, confirmation of masculine weakness is capable of inspiring stubborn cases of denial […] Boys are less hearty in vitro, suffering higher miscarriage rates, along with higher mortality into infancy and on through to old age […] In the 1750s on, U.S. records show, baby boys died at a rate 10 percent higher than girls. Come the 1970s, the gap opened to more than 30 percent. Today it stands around 20 percent. Boys are more sensitive than girls. Boys do cry more, are more anxious, have a harder time regulating emotion, care less about objects in their environment, are more likely to suffer developmental disorders and genetic defects, and are more susceptible to malnutrition and disease. For boys, parental unavailability and insensitivity have a greater effect on attachment to a caregiver […]”

  13. “Working in senior engineering positions for Google should require high levels of intelligence and industriousness. Yet systems for hiring and cultivating the best candidates have been greatly undermined by calls for gender and racial quotas. Discussion about IQ distributions imperils the leftist narrative. Just as boys predominate in the highest SAT scores (despite generally preparing for exams far less), in an unbiased environment more men will be working in engineering positions at Google. But no, feelz over logic and facts.”
    The good news is that this evil company will cause its own downfall. Facts will bite them in the ass.

  14. The problem here is: what if they get their way?
    O.K, the “Diversity Police” win. Then what?
    Reality does not care about political correctness. How can a business do anything but decline if not crash and burn, because firing men will not magically make women better at something- maybe the opposite. A computer is not going to make allowances for one’s sex; badly written code will still come up with an error message.
    Don’t these people realize this YET?

  15. Also- America is more than 22 TRILLION dollars in debt; our infrastructure is collapsing especially in places like where I am.
    If everything does finally collapse modern women are going to be in for a very unpleasant reality check, since they have made enemies of the people they would need the most.

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