German “Refugees Welcome” Activist Admits She Was Completely Wrong About Mass Migration

A narcissistic German SJW has admitted to a Polish website that she was foolish for thinking she and her associates could civilize many of the more than one million migrants and fake refugees who came to Germany from 2015 onwards (English translation here). After reading her interview in both English and Polish one gets the feeling that she herself would like to get up and leave if given the chance. Typical.

How many of these girls were raped and/or murdered six months later?

Violent attacks in Germany began to accelerate phenomenally after 2015, in large part due to the Beatles-style mania young SJWs, most of them female, have shown towards foreign intruders. Rebecca Sommer was one of the leaders of this schoolgirl stupidity and enthusiasm, which drowned out many of the atrocities the “guests” were committing against ethnic Germans.

Fittingly, in one of Germany’s most populous and richest states, Niedersachsen, the vast majority of the increase in crime has been attributed to new male migrants and “refugees.” The most recent wave constitutes just over 1% of Germany’s residents but is driving 90% of the expansion in illegal activity!

The 1000 fake refugee cock stare.

Here’s a great summary of Rebecca Sommer’s about-face:

…I had to admit to myself that when it comes to Muslim refugees, they have grown up with completely different values, into which they have been brainwashed and are indoctrinated by Islam, and have no intention of adopting our values — worse, they look at us, unbelievers with superiority and arrogance.

Help fix things or never comment on politics or immigration again

And we’re sure so many new arrivals from the Middle East will welcome this transgender person.

Either Rebecca Sommer should help clean up the mess she has contributed to or she should be laughed at and mocked for the rest of her life. Hilariously, in the interview she mentioned how the very same foreign men she was dedicating her time to helping repeatedly called her a “whore.” So much for gratitude!

Much like European colonists between the 15th and 19th centuries, Sommer presumed that she could simply assist in grafting Western culture onto non-Westerners (how “white supremacist” of her!). Except this time the transformation would be internal, within Germany, rather than occurring externally in the New World, and the “Western values” transplanted would be the leftist precepts of total, moronic tolerance. As anyone with half a brain could have foreseen, the migrants spat out what Sommer and others were trying to spoon-feed them and insisted that their culture is the more dominant, masculine one (as it indeed is).

No doubt exists that Rebecca Sommer will never be a part of ameliorating or solving the problem, so she should just retire from being a “rights activist,” along with her fellow travelers. The only rights she has successfully furthered have been the Angela Merkel and EU-mandated “rights” of many Germans and Europeans more generally to live in perpetual fear of crime and suffer increasing social, political, and cultural erosion in their own countries. Similar things can be said about other people who spearheaded the braindead campaigns to welcome ill-suited new arrivals into Germany.

Some SJWs are beginning to think the end is nigh

Sahra Wagenknecht has espoused some putrid policies over the years, but she’s starting to see the writing on the wall.

“If we don’t wake up quickly, the whole situation will end tragically.” These are the words of Sommer in assessing where Germany’s present course is likely to take it. She is not alone, as the ideological successor to East Germany’s communists, Die Linke (“The Left”), has already shifted on immigration, albeit not nearly enough. One of its leaders, Sahra Wagenkneckt, was even physically attacked for criticizing the open borders madness. Nevertheless, she and others should be doing a whole lot more to rectify the situation. For a start, they could get completely out of the way of the parties trying to really make a difference, like Alternative für Deutschland (AfD).

Just as Rebecca Sommer explains in her interview, the media and social media networks are engaged in wholesale suppression of dissenting views on immigration. In fact, to call these views dissenting is perverse. They represent the majority opinion of the German people, who are fed up with political correctness and see every major party participating in it. But can they stop it and save their country? Only time will tell.

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79 thoughts on “German “Refugees Welcome” Activist Admits She Was Completely Wrong About Mass Migration”

  1. “Either Rebecca Sommer should help clean up the mess she has contributed to or she should be laughed at and mocked for the rest of her life.”
    Another white knight telling her she and/or her life are helpful to others?
    Sorry, but there is only ONE thing this thing should do.

    1. Supports of unfettered migration also support the problems of those immigrants. Therefore, SJW’s support rape, assault, battery, theft, murder and all manners of crimes that have increased, and are directly attributable to said immigrants.
      Import shit into any environment and sooner or later you’re living in a toilet. Long live Europe and cesspool of

  2. Who would have thought a bunch of crazy, inbred savages would not reciprcate generosity. Yet everyday mpre and more leftist scum are fighting to let them in.

      1. Sweden should send the purple haired fags and feminists to prison to get a diversity dick. No need to flush the whole country down the tubes.

      1. Holy fuck i looked that freakshow up. What a demented individual. It confirms what i said. That things ass stays very busy with refugee cock.

  3. I’m sure her lame apologies will do wonders for the raped, acid burned, and murdered.. really, it will fix everything…/sarc.

      1. Indeed, women with freedom are worse than demons.
        Almost every woman you meet will be going to hell according to the standards of the Bible.
        They love to destroy the family unit, society and all good culture. All the while proclaiming they are doing a good work.
        May they be endlessly raped and murdered by these invaders that they fought for to come in.
        May their screams of torment of hell be a soothing sound to the righteous.
        God curse these evil wenches.

    1. …I had to admit to myself that when it comes to Muslim refugees, they have grown up with completely different values, into which they have been brainwashed and are indoctrinated by Islam, and have no intention of adopting our values — worse, they look at us, unbelievers with superiority and arrogance.
      Hence the expression (even by other sensible women who prefer not to be around feminists), “women do stupid shit.”
      What a stupid kunt! But a majority of German males need to shoulder responsibility for being utter cucks to even fathom this social EXPERIMENT.
      Fucking idiots! lol

      1. Black Picard….don’t you dare even try to blame white men for what white women have done. White men warned those kunts for 50 years not to sabotage the family and nations. What did these [email protected] do? They screamed “misogyny” and cried crocodile tears until they got their way. They used the STATE to threaten men, changed the laws and brainwashed other women to hate and vote agains their men, their nation and thier families. White women have got to be the most [email protected] women on the planet. No race of women ever had it so good and worked so hard to ensure their own debasement and downfall. All of this rests squarly on the shoulders of WHITE WOMEN. They listened to Jews and minorities and CHOSE to betray their men who tried and tried to protect them. Now…[email protected] them!!! I hope they all get ass raped and beaten by gangs of brown dicked men. DO NOT come running to the white man for help!!! I can tell you for certain, if I see a white women getting raped…Imma laugh and keep on walking. Men’s fault you say? Hardly.

        1. Just another thought. Women use men for the purposes of engaging proxy violence against others. I REFUSE to lay down my life for a woman today. I bear NO gender obligation to any woman or groups of women. I am NOT going to function as the gynocentrists’ TIN SOLIDER. We men set up walls and created barriers and exclude others for the EXPRESS reason so as to NOT have to fight in our own safe spaces. You twisted cunts, betrayed us and flung open the gates. Now when things don’t go your way, you expect us men to line up like your tin soldiers and protect you from a tactical disadvantage that will cost us men more blood and treasure? I REFUSE!!!! You broke with your solidarity to my race and gender. Suffer your beautiful equality. Suffer your beautiful diversity. Suffer your beautiful cockultural enrichment.

  4. Bring back the 3rd Reich. Although the Nazi regime may have nominally supported some Arabs in certain initiatives (e.g., Iraqis, Palestinians), they would have never dreamed of allowing Muhammedian shitskin hordes anywhere near the Fatherland.

    1. If those US Rangers knew what would happen to both Germany and the US as a direct result of defeating the 3rd Reich, they would never have bothered to scale the cliffs of Normandy beaches in the first place.

      1. If we didn’t defeat the 3rd Reich, they would have been knocking on our doorstep soon enough. Yes the eastern front was a mistake the Nazi’s made, but the Russians would have never made it to Berlin without the US. WWII was worth it for the USA. It made us the super power of the world. You really are Lost.

        1. Klaus – the winner of wars writes the prevailing history. My Father is a WWII vet, and even HE recognizes what really happened.
          I would normally tell you to pitch your programming, go back and be honest about what happened, and where the West ended up (including Germany BTW) and draw your own conclusions, as I have.
          No need for me to do that, because it’s obvious you have no intention of intellectually challenging the .gov (and .jew) narrative.
          Chains can be mental as well as physical, but I wouldn’t expect you to understand that.

        2. The US is powerful because it far,,, no one back then nor now has the resources to mobilize successfully armies through the ocean, no one!
          even the US. that’s why, it has military bases all over the world, cause without that we just got nukes. which 7 other countries also got.
          Third Reich would’ve control western Europe not a bad thing exactly plus it eventually happened through the financial instrument.
          WW2, in a nutshell, is the US saving the UK ass. Why? probably because of the Jews, and could be for something else

        3. The Russians were outside Berlin for nearly a month before the US reached it. Not only could they have defeated Germany on their own, the USA made them wait to do it.

        4. Ok, for the history illiterate morons out there (looking at you John Dodds)….The USSR was one of the most pathetic fighting forces on this earth. The USSR’s only skill was having lots of body’s to throw and a ton of land to hide in…that is it. The T-34 is a piece of shit, and most other USSR vehicles where as well. Even when outnumbered 3 and sometime 4 to one the best the USSR could do was get a 50/50 split kill ratio. Modern war (which is what ww2 was) is based on logistics, resources, and technology. Germany had technology and logistics, but they were piss poor in the resource department (which is ironically why they wanted the USSR).
          The only reason that the USSR wasn’t bent over and a**fucked was because of American and British help on the west front, and no, I am not just taking about Normandy to V-day. I am also talking about the North African campaign were Germany lost 100,000’s of some of its best troops and 10,000’s of armored vehicles. I am talking about the battle of the Atlantic where Germany had to build some of the largest concrete structures in the world (Atlantic wall and U-boat pens) and then build 1,000+ submarines, each of which probably used up more resources and wealth than probably a small panther tank division. I am also talking about the massive bombing raids on German industry, their lack of fuel (they even had to invent how to synthesize liquid fuel from coal), their lack of food, the fact that 50%+ of the Luftwaffe were based in the west to fight bombers instead of helping troops out on the eastern front. Or you could even go into how many troops Hitler had to keep in Norway, France, Greece etc as a precaution from Allied invasion.
          The USSR was a piece of shit, and the greatest travesty of that war was that Russians think they are hot shit for being on the winning side. That war was probably the greatest example of a scenario where somehow a pathetic group of retards came out on top. I mean, just take one pivotal battle, Stalingrad or Kursk, and then put all the resources and men of the North Africa Campaign there, or the 250,000 Troops stationed in Norway, or the thousands of Flak-88’s or Luftwaffe aircraft stationed in the west…and the USSR would have bent over and BRUTALLY raped in that battle, the end.

        5. Well “Klaus” (if I choose a Germanic name, people will take my word with more weight heehee), the fact of the matter is, David Irving has more proof showing Hitler was the good guy, than vice versa of the other super powers. So much so, that even those Kangaroo courts that were (((set))) to make him fail, couldn’t prove him wrong.

    2. Pfft…Hitler was an open admirer of Islam. Largely because it supported his own personal views.
      And say ‘bring back the 3rd Reich’? Difference between it and a strict Muslim nation being?

  5. Let this be a lesson to those of you leftists who haven’t experienced the negative effects of mass migration first hand. This woman was “refugees welcome,” one day and now she isn’t. What I don’t understand about the left; if you want to virtue signal, why not get involved in your community? Go be one of those Red Cross bell ringers, take photos and post them on Facebook. Or Habitat for Humanity (that’s a good one; you can clean up poor neighborhoods (you claim to care so much about)((I’m not being sarcastic, I’m being serious)). Go do something tangible that you can actually look at see a result. Standing in the street with a stupid sign, shrieking like a psychopath isn’t helping anything and it actually PROVES that you don’t want to help. Lefties; you’re supposed to be the great humanitarians of the world. Let’s see it.

    1. Why actually get off your ass to help people when you can earn shekels by attacking and stealing from white Christians through the media and government while sitting your fat liberal ass behind a computer screen?

  6. There are two types of people in this world: those who think diversity is a strengh and those who know about history. Those who advocate for refugee asylum policies are part of the first group.

    1. Is it possible, maybe, that the first group is smarter than that and knows it is working to destroy the other group?
      Something most people don’t consider.

      1. The top-level globalists have that kind of awareness and are using it to destabilize populations. So do some members of a certain influential minority that has a centuries-old grudge, and are stupid enough to believe they’ll be OK if they sink their own ship.
        As for all the other leftists, they really do think diversity is the neatest thing since sliced bread. That’s everyone from mid-level politicians down.

      2. “Is it possible, maybe, that the first group is smarter than that and knows it is working to destroy the other group?”
        Exactly! It’s an NWO/Bankster/Zio agenda to OVERWHELM Western society with ‘aliens’ who are the LEAST likely to ASSIMILATE. It’s as plain and obvious as the nose on your face. Now this dangerously naive SJW Sommer is regretting it:

        When asked how well migrants have assimilated into a Westernized society over the years, Sommer had this to say:
        Many still do not work and barely speak German. They stay in their groups… Others have been criminals. Or they have radicalized. Or later it comes to light that they were ISIS fighters… Of course there are exceptions, they work, they speak German, but the so-called ‘head scarf’ – the perception of themselves as a Muslim, as something better… remains in the majority after all.

        source: German Feminist SJW Rebecca Sommer Reveals “It’s NEARLY Too Late For Germany”, Speaks Candidly On German Immigration
        The planners for this refugee agenda can be found in cushy offices in Washington DC, New York, Brussels, London and Tel Aviv – all paid for with useless fiat US Dollars. This nonsense will stop when the Great Depression 2.0 arrives on Western shores where the 99% dumbed down peons will suffer for their mass ignorance due to letting these unelected psychopaths implement policies in THEIR NAME.

  7. The primary culprits for the mass immigration are the (((global bankers.)))
    Their enablers are the nasty feminists who want their undeserved position in the sexual marketplace.
    This still blows the minds of Western white men, but it’s 101 for the coloreds.

  8. I knew this was going to happen in Germany by letting the terrorist in their country. Hopefully they wake up more and start expelling this shithorde and, god bless our president that is not letting these shithole country people from coming In. I know if the shithorde tried to do that here we will fight back and show them were not as cucked like the European men.

    1. Why don’t you start by blocking the Central and South American swine passing through your land into ours? And for that matter…..stay in your own fucking country…..but leave the tacos. And some of your hotter light skinned bitches. But the rest of you…gotta go.

  9. 90% of the time they don’t want to physically do anything. Their protests are about socializing, virtue signaling, calling their dads old-fashioned, and getting the feels. I’ve never once heard a woman admit she was wrong. Things must be really bad for her to publicly admit it. I’m surprised she didn’t say it’s the racist white guys that forced the innocent “refugees “ choose barbarism.

    1. White women are generally worthless, they don’t have real jobs, they don’t make anything, they don’t contribute to a countries economy. They just take, take, take.

    2. I think Sommers got raped a few times. I read she was “accosted” several times by immigrants. But I’m betting she let these animals in her home (she talks about her garden). They referred to her as a “white slut” while in her garden. Then, either on a case by case basis or in a group…she was most certainly raped. She didn’t report it obviously. But she must have been raped several times for her to wake up. She is realizing what her liberal community is going to look like going forward, FREE of all the evil white men and the evil white liberty those men gave her. Which is why she wants to flee to Poland for her retirement. She wants to live behind the safe conservative WHITE WALL. I say NO!!! No country should allow this cancer to spread itself. These women need to be placed on a NO ENTRANCE LIST and banned from travel to white Christian countries. Let her enjoy her rapes. Let her be afraid to leave her house. Let he be afraid all the rest of the days of her miserable life.

  10. She called for the gates to be flung open and welcomed the barbarians to her city.
    Lifetime of Penance to go before she can even consider Redemption.
    Can’t imagine the shame and disgust felt by masculine German men on a daily basis (if there are indeed any left).

    1. As if you screwaroos are any better. You get cucked on the daily by Muslims controlling your beaches and cockslapping your shelas across their libtarded lips. The feminists and their Jew masters put the white aussie’s shrimp on the barby ages ago.

  11. While many get their education from Hollywood celebrities while eating Tide Pods, actual History is being forgotten. However, what are the actual values being promoted? Anger, hatred, and division between races, sexes, and political affiliations. The more the masses are divided, the more the elite can control each group efficiently. Divide and conquer is the oldest trick in the book.

  12. Should men, especially white men, who the Left has vilified for so long and in so many ways, including with government bullying, ever help such women if being attacked by the very people they flooded their own countries with- especially if non-white men?
    Why of course! You see, in spite of the “welcome to the 21st century tough talk,” men are still expected to go by the old rules.
    And aging Baby Boomers just can’t seem to understand the insane contradictions here.

    1. Not me, if I saw a white girl (who wasn’t a family member) being attacked, I’d quietly walk away while muttering ‘you go girrrrrrrl’.

    2. Allanon – It’s the standard bullshit maxim that women have rattling around their heads. [Equality for women, chivalry for men] How they square this cognitive dissonance in their minds is an example of female logic. What is good for me… good for me. Then reality refuses to conform. For example. Millions of women pour into the workforce lowering wages and booting millions of men out higher pay work. Then in typical “what’s good for me…is good for me” dissonant logic, women lament that there are fewer men with resources to plunder…er I mean marry. The shear lack of self-consciousnesses is astounding. In the case of immigrants, women expect equality with white men, but expect white men to serve the special interests of white women’s safety. I would serve the special interest of a child’s safety. Why? Because a child does not most spitefully claim to be my equal. Equal but Special is also part of the self-centered hypocritical female pattern of dissonant logic. I was as a white man was being beat up on a public bus by a Muslim, how many white women would come to my aid? ZERO. I rest my case. A white women does not ally herself to a white man, by any relationship metric other than if he is a resource provider and she has to protect her plow horse. Other than that white women feel they owe white men nothing. If he is getting his ass kicked, well, in her eyes, it serves him right for being so beta. She would spit on him. But if a white woman is getting her ass kicked, every white man is supposed to be triggered into action because she claims a Special Privilege? Why is it not her fault for being so beta? If she claims equality, they she must operate by the standard of equality. No man is guaranteed safety. A no woman should expect a guarantee from any man to provide her safety. “I’m a girl”. Is no longer any excuse for being lazy or weak. I’m a girl is not an excuse men should pay any attention to.

  13. For people to integrate there must be something to integrate into: a community and a set of well defined norms and values. The western world lacks both. There is little community and even less shared values. Germany (Europe at large) is a geographic location with a population of millions of individuals…who sometimes gather (to break the routine of daily boredom) to drink massive amounts of cheap alcohol and have casual relations (Wiesn). Importing populations that are exactly the opposite (highly tribal/communal + clearly defined conservative norms and values) is bound to create tension. Exactly because of the lack of well defined rolls and expectations in the host country these new folks tend to adhere more strongly to traditional values – this is why the kids of migrants are sometimes even more conservative than there parents who migrated. A well defined community is going to cause identity problems for individuals that have weakly defined and ever changing identities – the receiving ‘group’. Causing the rise of populist and identitarian movements. It’s not a coincidence many of these movements directly of indirect reference identity in their brand name:
    Génération identitaire
    Front National (“national” being France in this case)
    Alternative für Deutschland
    The rise of these movements promotes more tension and isolationism and ironically intensifies the proces they say they’re opposing.

    1. “For people to integrate there must be something to integrate into: a community and a set of well defined norms and values. The western world lacks both. There is little community and even less shared values. … A well defined community is going to cause identity problems for individuals that have weakly defined and ever changing identities – the receiving ‘group’. Causing the rise of populist and identitarian movements. … The rise of these movements promotes more tension and isolationism and ironically intensifies the process they say they’re opposing.”
      Stripping the Europoid communities of both a community and a set of well defined norms and values, and then pitting criminals from well defined communities against the Europoids, goes to show how evil Racial Marxism really is.
      Besides, what’s the use of starting a new life if you don’t want to improve your moral quality?

      1. I mean, stripping the Europoids of both a community and a set of well defined norms and values, and then pitting criminals from well defined communities against the Europoids, goes to show how evil Racial Marxism really is.

  14. Import the problem, implement a police state to fix the problem. Most westerners are totally oblivious to this (((game))) that is being played. Must give credit to White America for organising and not giving up their right to own firearms.

  15. There is actually going to be a REAL genicide in Germany and it’s going to be the ethnic White Germans in the ‘ovens’. The irony is that it was plotted by (((you know who)))
    Well, good luck to the rootless, divided multi race masses living under (((their))) tyranny when the white man is no more.

  16. It’s ok it’s ok so what if my daughters are sucking off negros and my neighborhood is full of mestizo’s and global riff raft that would off me in a moments notice if the lights went off. just imagine we could have been speaking German. America! Fuck yeh! We beat Germany, they made lamp shades and bars of soap didn’t ya grandad shot down the red Barron he was a hero I’ve watched movies all my life depicting fuk ye America as hero’s and poor j3ws as sweet innocent victims. We did the right thing in ww2 yep you betcha can’t tell me no different. /facepalm

  17. Whenever I read this kind of gibberish I think of the conversations I have with my compatriots. Unless one has interacted with Haji in his native environment it is difficult for the civilized mind to comprehend. One can read Capt. Burton’s writings, or fiction such as Conrad, but until you have seen a young boy come crying into an aid station with rectal prolapse, or had to drown out the screams while said boy was experiencing the cause of said prolapse, it is difficult to comprehend that ‘culture’ that the Eurofools are engaging. Sending said boy back to complete his indoctrination, after the medics sew him up is something that gives one pause when considering the ethics and morals of our ‘Allies’. That incident where the SF SGT got railroaded after he lost it was and is the tip of a rather brown and red stained iceberg

  18. they have grown up with completely different values, into which they have been brainwashed and are indoctrinated by Islam, and have no intention of adopting our values — worse, they look at us, unbelievers with superiority and arrogance.
    No shit! That’s what we’ve been trying to tell you.

  19. Look on the bright side here. A few leftists are starting to admit they made mistakes, and even tell the truth about it. I’d call that a positive development. In the past, they’ve always pretended their nutty policies failed because other people are mean-spirited, and doubled down on their mistakes.
    Indeed, this chica was a useful idiot, but hopefully other useful idiots will start to listen.

  20. Europe is already neck deep in shit, there is no place left where the “refugees” have not invaded. It’s a matter of time before these savages start inbreeding and populate their host countries and force them to adopt Sheria or whatever barbarian culture they bring with them.
    Instead of importing quality immigrants, Europe takes in scum, which even their own brothers (Middle East countries) do not want.
    Europe needs a Trump’s, someone with a back bone to send all the rodents back to the holes where they came from.

    1. It’s too late for that already. We’ll be seeing a civil war in many of the enriched countries sooner rather than later.

      1. The gates cannot be closed once opened to this migration that is for sure. To start turning around the boats or shipping the boat people straight back requires the whole human rights convention which is the constitution to be revoked which won’t happen.

  21. nobody serious thinks that European civilization will survive more than a couple of generations. Some level of xenophobia is completely natural and just allows your group to persist.
    The easiest time to stop migration is before you get them. Soon there will be Muslims threatening to resign at every newspaper and in every political party if it discriminates against Islamic migration. Muslims with power in businesses will pull their advertising from newspapers that want to stop migration and the nations will collapse.
    There is no nice way to say to them “we love you but please we don’t want any more of you to come, you great citizens” and that is where the problems will arise and why they will not be able to shut the gates. It will then be a guaranteed way to lose a voting block by stopping them coming.
    Thats why it will keep increasing until these nations are Islamic majority. The idea that you can open and then shut the gates is a fallacy. I have not seen that done before . It is just is so difficult.

  22. Come on guys its 2018 do you really believe that these women( and their pathetic male allies) will clean up the mess they created – they will do what they have always done run to another country and expect men to clean up the mess.

  23. There is no conspiracy – it’s just about the bottom line. The Swedes and Germans are tribalistic, racist motherfuckers but they are addicted to the good life and in this world the colour of money will always prevail over the colour of skin. Western economies are structured that they need cheap labour and new consumers to keep sustaining growth. Your addiction to economic growth put women in the workplace, now they don’t have babies, don’t want to have sex with you either, so you need brown folks to create new consumers and new workers who will wipe your ass when your children have dumped you in a care home. Hence the doors open to refugees. The simple truth is white societies have sacrificed everything on the altar of money, and have destroyed other countries doing it, they are now destroying themselves by letting in a more virile, patriarchal, family-oriented culture that has their number and holds them in contempt. The Muslim refugee might not have all the all the shiny toys your average white man has, but he has respect and command of his woman and his children and the blessing of his God. That means he’s a damn sight happier than your average white guy. That’s what you never get. Your culture is entirely based on materialism – but materialism is not a road to progress. Materialism is rendering you obsolete – how can that be progress?

  24. Bring back the Final Solution for these people, including the SJWs like that cuck with that retarded sign.

  25. Is this the first time a SJW female admit that she was wrong??? You mean she didn’t use the, “It’s not my fault,” routine?


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