Modern Women Are Enslaved Like They Always Have Been

The big myth of modern feminism is that its teachings lead to female empowerment—that women are more free in this system than in a patriarchal system where she is expected to honor her man. Not so. Women have not become more free. Women are enslaved to the government, corporations, and to pleasure in the matriarchal world they created.

Even if you argue women were enslaved to their man in patriarchal systems, which is debatable, women still have far more masters to serve in the modern feminist world they created than the one husband and with that, far few freedoms.

The repression associated with the patriarchy is also debatable because women in patriarchal systems were expected to honor the relationship through mutual sacrifice. Men had sacrifices they were expected to make (monogamy, commitment to family). There are no sacrifices governments, corporations, and simple pleasure have to make during their enslavement if women. Except maybe an HR department.


The government has grown and replaced honor of her man with a dependence on the government. The government has grown in power and size and has more freedom to exert power to do what it wants, and feminism is largely to blame.

Feminism grows the government by growing debt. Money is created when money is borrowed. When money is created, the entity that creates the money grows more powerful, as it controls that asset.

Feminism creates debt with the college degree. Degrees with limited job opportunities are granted to those who take out government loans to pay for them.

Feminism is to blame for these unpractical degrees because feminists preach that women must go to college to be equals to men. The result is not the same though. Women enter college not because they are attracted to building the skills to make money as engineers or businessmen, but because they are supposed to get a degree which shows they are equals to men.

Women borrow for college and then become slaves to their student debt. It must be paid back, and they cannot be free until it is. Women enter careers to pay off the student debt, spending their prime years (young and hottest) not marrying a great man with an engineering or business degree but instead working to pay off loans. This disincentives marriage for men, because they aren’t getting commitment from women in their prime. 

Men also become slaves to their debt, but are more likely to take a practical degree in engineering or computer science that teaches a profitable skill. Skills are profitable because society pays for them because society is benefited by the skills. Sociology of ethnic relations, while neat, is not profitable because it doesn’t teach a skill that benefits others. Yes, it is selfish to major in sociology of ethnic relations.

Feminism teaches us that women were slaves to the patriarchy. There were great sacrifices by both the man and woman in the patriarchal world.

Men used to find honor in marriage by marrying a woman in her prime beauty years. In return for her giving him her best years, he was expected to be faithful with her in her later years, when his value is up and hers down. The two had a commitment to each other, and society praised those that could maintain this commitment. She was investing in the future of the man—hopefully one that showed promise. 

Now, the feminist asks him to give up his best years for her worst, after she fucks other men during those prime years. The fucking being encouraged by feminism. And that’s not all. We further incentivize her to leave the man who puts up with her worst years by throwing alimony payments and child support to transfer his wealth to her. This forces him to be enslaved to the corporation and government tax schemes to make his payments.

Governments and corporations grow. Individual liberty is reduced. The growth of governments necessarily depends on decreased liberty for the individual because it takes more resources (tax dollars) to fund a larger government.

Feminism preaches an empowerment that’s a false empowerment. By encouraging women to work to pay down debt, men and (mostly) women become more enslaved to the growing governments instead of a mutual sacrifice from both the man and woman to commit and support each other. It’s the greatest bait and switch ever pulled. It’s bait and switch on a macroeconomic level. Global in scope. And women are not just slaves to the government…


Women become enslaved to corporations for the same reason they are enslaved to the government. They owe money. They went to school and racked up student loans that must be paid off. Companies are where people to go pay off those loans.

Women are more likely to choose a college major that results in careers that pay less than the masculine business and engineering degrees. Because these college graduates do not build the skills to succeed in high-paying professions, women are more likely to work in a job that pays less than recent business and engineering graduates.

Companies are extremely incentivized to keep women working. It’s simply more money for them. Companies can create more when they have more workers. Despite claims by feminists that companies don’t want to pay women for equal work, companies are happy to pay women for creating more profits for them. The more profits the merrier.

Obviously there are some additional expenses to companies for hiring women—healthcare costs and human resource departments, but generally companies are happy to have workers making them more money, or companies would not hire women.

The glass ceiling isn’t real. Companies are amoral, not immoral. They will maximize profits and if women are creating profit, those women will be paid, and economists have proven they are, justly. Of course, women are less likely to be the creators and the decision makers because they didn’t learn the skills in college, but the opportunity is there.

Corporations keep women enslaved by promoting the next big debt purchase. As women pay off their college debt, they are encouraged to buy cars and houses and vacations to Tahiti and graduate degrees. Women remain enslaved to the companies that allow them to pay off debt.


Women are not just slaves to the government and corporations but also to pleasure. She is a slave to the feeling of attraction she has towards a given man. This has always been the case psychologically, but not in execution. In the evil patriarchy, women were told to honor their man above all and to honor meant to support and stay committed to him.

An empowered woman under modern feminist doctrine is told to honor the pleasure she receives over honoring commitment. She is told to chase pleasure instead of honor.

We see examples of this everywhere, although the vices are cloaked in virtuous buzzwords. Women are empowered when they are promiscuous. They are careful when they date around before choosing one man. They are successful when they reach director level at her company.

What is more virtuous—these buzzwords or the rejection of chasing the status and pleasure to provide for a man and a family? Feminism says the former. Christianity, the Bible, classical books, and Buddhism all say the latter. Basically, everything that has ever been called wisdom

It is this pursuit of pleasure that is enslavement. If you crave pleasure, you are enslaved to the feeling of that pressure, and a suffering takes place in its absence. See: drug addicts. See also: the modern woman.

Through Buddhist meditation or following Biblical teaching we learn to drop our ego and our dependence on pleasure. We can choose not to seek pleasure and therefore the need to chase it. The chase can lead in disappointment and the acquiring of pleasure can lead to diminished returns, but receiving pleasure also increases the likelihood to return for more.

Pleasure necessarily feels good. When pleasure is received, it reinforces the activity and encourages the chase. There’s nothing inherently wrong with feeling good.

The problem is in the chase. There is an inherent suffering involved in chasing pleasure, and modern women suffer in spades. The suffering is in not living in the present. We want the present to be better, so we look forward to feeling better. Not only are women told to have sex with multiple people, but they are told that in conjunction with chasing a career—which they need to pay down debt. Each of these discourages men from honoring them, and the modern woman does both.

Modern feminism enslaves women to short-term pleasure seeking, careers, and growing government. True empowerment is the ability to say “no”. In the world women created, women must pay back their loans, and they must follow what’s attractive instead of valuing commitment because a dependence has been developed to both. 

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72 thoughts on “Modern Women Are Enslaved Like They Always Have Been”

  1. Feminists are corporate whores.
    For over 30 years feminists have demonized men, undermined the
    family, and ridiculed religion. Male values, family values and religious
    values have been marginalized, made fun of, dismissed as passé. In the
    vacuum created by the hemorrhage of these historically cardinal values
    corporations rushed in and flooded our brains with their core values:
    wealth, celebrity, and the “free trade” smorgasbord of things to buy. But
    since, as their root strategy, corporations design themselves to appeal to
    the endemic shopping compulsions of women, what we are left with is an
    incestuous, self-perpetuating cycle of greed. Feminists feed corporations
    and corporations feed feminists. Feminists don’t care if corporations ship
    our jobs overseas and build Third World sweatshops. They only care if
    there are equal numbers of women on the boards of directors. Feminism
    is not a grassroots movement of oppressed women. It’s a multi-billion
    dollar a year “INFORMATION INDUSTRY” that has infected our
    schools, government, factories and families with high-paid workers
    oozing an academic pus of wrong “facts”, misplaced priorities, bad ideas
    and self-righteous rhetoric.

    1. Feminists also don’t care if Bill Clinton rapes an entire school of daycare aged toddlers, but if the Average Joe only looks at a female while driving, he is on the hook for public shaming and potential violence from Antifa.

      1. I read one study concerning the evolution of rape in humans. Rape was once thought to be something only so-called “low status” makes reverted to, but more evidence showed that “high status” males resorted to it, too, sometimes. Often out of feelings of entitlement and in the once in a while event that the particular high status man is rejected, he has a “how dare she” kind of reaction.
        The study also showed that ironically, people (even women) were more likely to excuse rape or feel less outraged about it when a high status man did it vs a low status man.
        They ought to conduct a study measuring the reporting rates of women to the police for rape and sexual assault when they perceive the man who did it to be attractive or high status vs unattractive or low status. I’d bet money that the more attractive she perceives the man, the less likely she is to report it and the less likely she is to feel bad about it, at least for a long length of time.

    2. Smart women actually make better mothers and wives – which is logically obvious from a natural selection point of view – who wants a dumb broad to be looking after her offspring? Smart girls typcially know their motherly role and galvanize to it – its unfortunate smart girls are pushed to be engineers when its the opposite of her actual nature.

  2. Yeah, but get serious. Wages these days do not support a family unless you are a white-collar professional or a businessman. They simply don’t.
    Get married at 21? Have children? Lot’s of them?
    Upper-class whites call those type of people “rabbits”.
    Who on here can afford for his wife not work? I mean in the United States.
    I can.

    1. Good for you and congrats. Have you ever asked yourself – and I mean really stepped outside yourself and dwell on it for a solid day or 2, if you couldn’t provide for your wife to not work (pre or post kids doesn’t matter), would she without a shred of a doubt, still be there indefinitely to the end? And if you answer Yes, are you sure you’re not telling yourself that subconsciously sheltering your ego providing yourself you own confirmation bias? And are you 100% self-made, with little familial help financially or career-wise? All of these elements plays an unspoken role as to why a woman “really” stays around, just most guys aren’t willing to admit it.

    2. How many men under 35 even own homes and can literally be the bread-winner and support a wife and kids in the U.S….????? Very very few, unless the guy became a doctor or lawyer or engineer or some shit he’s lucky to be able to afford his own apartment.

      1. It’s not that difficult earn more than 75k by 26 27. You Just have to want it which most don’t. most doubt and second guess and listen to go to college get a degree and money will come. I know people with masters degrees making 60k and 40k in student loans

  3. The only thing that will pull a (young) feminist into line is giving her womb a good jizz bath. Thats what they want, most women that is. Government won’t ban contraceptives but you can.

  4. The SPLC will be on the war path now, just because of this article full of TRUTH. I still cannot understand why men will grovel to the monthly bleeding snapper. I mean, really, get a grip over the odor of hot smelly poosie at its pinkest fertility and stiff d**k syndrome long enough to use the brain for logical thought. There is only ONE blame that needs to be levelled, and its the one of ACCEPTANCE by men allowing this abomination of feminism to get to this point because of hatchet gash thirst because they will not control their instincts.. yeah yeah, launch the insults that I must be gay or something….but sadly you would be wrong, because EXPERIENCE has taught me, through two ex wives and all the female friends in the shark pit that circled me all the time, that when you are a slave to poosie thirst, you as a man are NOTHING but a sperm bank tie to the guaranteed bank account of income for them, at the greatest personal emotional and fiscal suffering….and all of that to put a erect c**k in that sacred space. frankly the utter whoreship of the female crotch on here is disturbing in its mindlessness and cognitive dissonance to that whoreship destroying mens liberty and polite civil society. It doesn’t even compare at all to a brutal wolf pack society, because it is so far from its hierarchy.

    1. It’s the men with guns who are elevating the status of the poosie. Armed police, Antifa and the local pimp or drug dealer all are using violence to maintain the monopoly of the overpriced Angloskank poosie.

      1. 6 Million, you are right on about that completely. The Angloskank pussy is worn, tattered, diseased up to the high heavens and completely worthless, it’s a wonder why any man would even consider it. But you have these bullies, like you said, Armed Police, Antifas, Pimps, Drug Dealers, but also the typical Simps of societies like Black guys who accept women with lower standards who are fatter and worthless and elevate them on the pedestal. The Beta Cucks are also enablers are are one rung below the other enemies listed. All these people are essentially parasites in society in terms of their functioning, including the Angloskanks.

  5. A lot of these women start to hit the post 30 year old wall and finally begin to realize the lies they have been sold for years. Years of partying, eating junk food, and drunken sex with strangers has finally taken its toll and mother nature is one cruel bitch who does not care about them “finding themselves”. Most of them realize they are not happy around this time but refuse to acknowledge their own errors. Instead they seek out professional help in the form of therapists and doctors, and those pussies won’t tell them the truth either. Instead they just prescribe them some form of anti-depressant cocktail drug for them to be on for the rest of their lives. To make themselves “feel better” women will then go out and buy useless crap in a never ending cycle of consumerism and debt. Until women acknowledge their own faults they won’t break the cycle.

    1. True, there’s the drugs (prescribed or illegal & booze) & consumerism route.. but some at 30 actually double-down on the very mindset and behavior that caused the damage in the first place. It’s really shocking to see so many 40yo+ women so severely lost and destroyed with no family or kids, a stable career, place to live, car, and a pet(s)…. and really no impressive accomplishments to account for in life. Basically, the worst of the resource suckers on the planet. Most probably don’t even recycle.

    2. A lot of these men start to hit the post 30 year old wall and finally begin to realize the lies they have been sold for years. Years of partying, eating junk food, and drunken sex with strangers has finally taken its toll and mother nature is one cruel bitch who does not care about them “finding themselves”. Most of them realize they are not happy around this time but refuse to acknowledge their own errors. Instead they seek out professional help in the form of therapists and doctors, and they won’t tell them the truth either. Instead they just prescribe them some form of anti-depressant cocktail drug for them to be on for the rest of their lives. To make themselves “feel better” men will then go out and buy useless crap in a never ending cycle of consumerism and debt. Until men acknowledge their own faults they won’t break the cycle.

  6. A lot of good insights here. A good read. Reminds me of some philosophical stuff I’ve read, where the ‘truth’ the world provides is secretly backward and you find out why. Well done.

  7. The problem with the west is not feminism..It is the obsession with sex.When u replace religion..u need something to fill the void.When a society becomes obsessed with sex women will always rule over men..Why?..because men enjoy sex for the feeling of it…Women can control their urges and use sex as a manipulation..In a society that worships sex and promiscuity women will always rule..No amount of game can change this evolutionary fact..So gentlemen seek to look away from hedonism..Build your character..Learn to control your urges through discipline and hard work..And you will see this female power vanish..This is the reason why traditional cultures limit access to sex.We are not prudes..We know what happens when you lift the rules.

  8. So who do you think owns all these “liberated” western bitches? Unknown to most, the West is still a patriarchy. Except that it’s a (((patriarchy))).
    If you don’t treat your women like chattel, someone else will. Nature hates a void.

    1. Exactly. Nearly every brothel owner, massage parlor owner or escort agency is owned by someone whose last name is a precious metal or faux-german, Yiddish origins.

  9. the real enslavement is trying to be something you can’t ever be. This is the engine of feminism since failure, built-in to the entire feminist project, on account of it’s imperative to ‘transcend’ or rather typically violate nature, can only be sustained by attributing that continued failure to the obstacle to female ambition namely that largely mythical source of continued oppression: the patriarchy. In fact that is a double enslavement, firstly to being something you can never be, and then to the infantalization of blaming the inevitable failure on some other responsible party

    1. The problem is, in response to these women trying to be something they cannot, they are demanding MEN, also, become something they cannot be.
      Lots of otherwise productive, successful men are alone, miserable, wondering ‘what’s wrong with me’? 50 years ago, these men would be happily married raising families. Now, they constantly work on themselves, trying to get some female interest…with no positive reinforcement or progress. Having the world constantly tell you in various ways you’re ‘not good enough’ produces some serious self-worth mental issues.
      Meanwhile, you’ve got fat, ugly assed women believing they are all entitled to chads, because the media told them so, or they got lucky and got one drunk enough in college to lay them, now they hold out…and end up with nothing…many times also alone.
      My Father is 91 and is starting to fail in health. Mom stayed married to him, but she departed earlier. Now, thank goodness for him, I’m still around and I’m going to take care of him. I, myself, and many other men and women of later generations will grow old and die, without help or anyone around who actually cares.
      Yes, people are miserable already. The future of this country, is downright depressing in the biblical sense.
      I do NOT look forward to tomorrow…at all.

      1. all of that is very true. It is a consequence of being lied to continuously. Expectations are geared towards creating an impossible world, and unsurprisingly that world becomes impossible – or at least very challenging – to live in. Every generation has to adapt though. To what, I’m not sure, but it’s generally a case of having to. Your father is fortunate.

    1. Disqus is overrated. You have to create an account when you want to write a comment (if you are not allowed to comment as guest).
      I prefer the current comment system ROK has.

    2. Because the country of Queerkanda didn’t exist and Fagbranium wasn’t on the Periodic Table when this site started. WGAF about Disquis or any other platform?

  10. Feminism has done nothing for women, only turning them into obese cat ladies with a hair dyed with a ridiculous colour.

  11. Best article Ive seen on RoK. Suggestion to Ian – you should edit this and work to develop it further. You have raw gold here.
    Specifically, get rid of the typo errors, imrpove the grammer so it flows better. But more importantly, take the ideas and develop the, further. What you have created is too good to leave as it is.

  12. In the 50s a simple car mechanic was able to:
    1) Get married with a decent woman
    2) Have lots of children
    3) Maintain his entire family alone
    4) Buy a house
    5) Go on holiday with his family
    6) Have a fulfilling life
    7) Be happy
    8) Be optimistic
    9) Be proud of his family, his work, his place in society, and his country
    Today, a person with a PhD is able to:
    Well, guys, I think you know it already

    1. 10) Also still spend time with the fellas in male-only activities like sports, hunting, hobbies – all the while not worry that his wife was fucking the milk man while away. Nope, equality rules.. except wait, 99% of guys weren’t cheating on their wives in stable times anyways. The feminist watches movies where the 1% alpha bangs 10 mistresses, and POOF – applies that fiction to all reality as truth. The truth is, the true nature of women can NO LONGER be HIDDEN. And feminists can’t stand that at all. It’s backfiring on them with proof everywhere now.

      1. Great replay. Thanks for taking your time.
        It looks that you are very angry about the situation.
        If this could be of any help I want to let you know that you are not alone.
        There are millions of angry and disappointed guys.

    2. Angry Harry put a thesis that empowered office women are to blame for the decline in standard of living in the West, along with global warming because of more cars on the street, and more energy required to light up houses for women.
      In the most feminist city in North America, Toronto, condos cost over $500,000 for a 1-bedroom located in a far off part of the city.

      1. Our Holy land is under pressure by American & Canadian femienists.

  13. Let women spend their prime however the fuck they want to spend their prime and stop spewing this bullshit.
    How about women who spent their prime slaving for a man who in the meantime fulfilled all his career goals, then dumps them for a younger, hotter woman?
    Not too tempting. At least a career stays put.
    What would you choose between earning your own bread and depending on the whims of another? Oh, wait, earning your own bread. Why would any woman be supposed to be dumber than that?

    1. In normal situations women don’t need to be smarter than men to survive. They only need to be prettier and more attractive.
      If women waste their best asset on bad guys it’s a wonder that so many over thirty women are miserable and need medications for psychic disorders?

    2. They can and do spend their prime doing whatever they want. Their bad decisions turn them into used up skanks that no self-respecting man would marry and have children with. They’re not exactly living happily ever after. Pointing out the error of their ways is not “spewing bullshit.”

    3. This is typical feminist drivel. They say if a man behaves badly, a woman should have every right to do the same. All it does is degrade themselves as a person.
      Guess what, most men don’t condone bad, selfish behaviourfrom other men.
      Bad behavior is bad no matter who does it. 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

    4. I’m 45 and single and all the over 35 year old former skanks want to be a part of my success a part of my half million dollar home and my freedom . Funny how they even tell me that they used to “eat men alive “ when they were younger and now they’ve “matured” reality is their power diminished and it’s hard for them to nail down a guy . The other reality is that I’m fucking her until I find another . Good luck ms empowered !

        1. Yes that is true but once you hit a certain age that’s all you need once in a while . I got accustomed to life without a wife . The women over 35 I meet are emotional messes because they have no man to talk to

    5. Sadly currently men can only breed with women so we sorta have had to hold them.
      When we can actually breed without them ( and thats in the reach of regular dudes ) then we will drop them and not be beholden to them.
      Since we need them for our surival telling us not to control them is like telling panda to quit bamboo.

  14. Feminism is cancer and pray for its collapse. I just ignore the cunts and not listen to their bullshit. And love to see them cringe when they get owned and triggered. Fuck feminism and their cancerous philosophy.

    1. Except that the Federal Reserve wouldn’t stop printing US dollars out of thin air to artificially maintain the Pussy Monopoly in America and the West.

    2. Feminism will collapse 100%! Natural selection never ceases and the ideology that stops the group having children is doomed. Feminist societies will collapse in 2 to 3 generations let alone 200 generations or so. Feminists are actually so stupid they aren’t stopping patriarchal groups breed readily!
      Replace male leaders with a natural inclination to mate-guard ( anti-immigration ) with women who have a natural inclination to cuc-old ( we know ) and the thing will crash even faster as the society will raise another groups children and be dead super speed. Feminism a crazy invertion of the natural order.

  15. I consider ANY woman NOT in stable relationship of some sort, by 28-30yo to automatically be a feminist… an entire planet of dumb ass, gullible, weak, worthless women. You can’t tell me for 1 sec. any of these hoeish cunts are happy, and now they’re everywhere in droves. Any dating site or app will prove my theory. Ooopsie dooopsie cunts, now you’re old and no honorable man wants your broken ass.
    Now it’s time to pay the soul piper with your empty life, a facade for the true prison you’ve created for yourself, that you can never, ever break free from and will die in…. alone, even if “with” another. Certainly you’ll find a brainless cuck soy-fag who’ll spend life by your side, he’s just the gate that slams your feminist prison cell shut for good.
    My last LTR very, slowly, emerged with feminist qualities. She just couldn’t hide them any longer. All the boxes she checked. Fair skin, blue eyes, redhead, stable, successful, respected in our circles and community. Shit, we’re even both direct descendants from early American settlers who founded this nation. Except, 1, fuckin, problem. Hidden Liberalism in thick-skinned mask. So I dumped that hoe, and was sure to tell her precisely why. – Feminism, destroys nations, and the driving force that founds prosperity.

    1. “My last LTR very, slowly, emerged with feminist qualities. She just couldn’t hide them any longer. All the boxes she checked. Fair skin, blue eyes, redhead,”
      I thought those were boxes for feminist lol for me they are. How many blondes stand against a social order? Look at Sweden its the definition of group think!

  16. Let’s not overlook the fact that having convinced women to pursue careers, the workforce was essentially doubled. Supply and demand dictates that a rapid adjustment in salaries and pricing of goods, services, and real estate ensued, so that two incomes are now required to finance a household. Not to mention newer expenses like cable TV, internet access, cell phones, etc., which conspire to keep the masses working ever harder.

    1. In Canada, mass immigration drives down wages that MDs and Phds struggle to find general labor work for a one month contract. Adding to feminist laws such as Affirmative action, the job market in Canada is dire for young men living in Canada.
      Canada is fvcked because they imported money launderers from Asia and the Middle East to artificially increase the cost of housing in cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Young men will have to find a way to leave the cities of feminist decay, because in no way does it make any mathematical logic for fellow young men to struggle to work for $15/hr, but his rent is over $1,500 a month in a basement, because of Chinese money launderers overpricing everything in Canada.
      In Canada, if a foreign money launderer from China arrives in Canada with a suitcase of a million dollars cash, and the RCMP finds out, the Chinese money launderer only has to pay a $100 fine and he gets his suitcase back with his million.

  17. Good points. I once did a project for a graduate class where I talked about money. One focus of my presentation was how we have very different standards today than when I was a kid in the 70’s. One car, one phone, one television. Fast food places were few and we rarely went to them. I had to ask my mom what a visa card was and she said that it was for rich people!

  18. The old traditions weren’t to punish women but for society to function and made by wise men over generations. There will be no society in the future since these femicunts destroyed the traditional heritage and way of life for nothing. They are too damned stupid to see how birth rates play out in the long run.
    And they reckon when the worlds African and Muslim its gonna be so much better or did they not think that far? Israel will have their expansionist state taking over the Middle East and what not. Europe and their fucking idiocy will be the new third world and hardly remembered. They had to look long term and be cynical and see what was in front of them rather than refuse to see beyond that which there told was the official line.
    Imagine if all the races were completely different!! This was believed before the whole subject was banned from being studied further! Its not that we can prove otherwise just that we can ban further study and say that there are small amounts of doubt. We can then present that as though the evidence is that there are none, and then even deny that race exists, even though we know that we have hardly ever studied it and that to do so is really banned.

    1. Whites problem is that they like to believe the official line and cannot stand against a social order. That is why they became so advanced because they worked together so well. That is also why they are destroyed.

  19. I recall back in about 2014 and the whole “women against feminism” thing, many women were waking up to the fact that thru 50 years of “empowerment”, they’d killed the goose that laid the golden egg. Instead of marrying a good man and assisting his rise in status thru her own carefully-laid social networking, she was now competing with him (and other women) for an ever-decreasing slice of the pie. They realized Teh Evil Patriarchy(tm) wasn’t such a bad deal after all, and they wanted back.
    Of course nowadays, many of these same women have discovered there’s more money (and dick) to be had in wearing something sexy and making Youtube vids about how much feminism reeks. We call them Tradthots.
    One step forward, two steps back…..

  20. It isn’t that they’re enslaved or except for some cultures ever have been. The problem is that they constantly complain and nag no matter what their condition or situation.

  21. Roosh has some really bad writers for his website, including some Jewish ones. The worst thing is to write up an article on the premise of “Women being enslaved” to further empower their victim narrative. Women are definitely NOT enslaved, they have been liberated and given everything they wanted even at the cost of their femininity, and THEY willingly consented to and made those choices. Cucked out Men like the writer of this article will easily capitulate at the behest of a powerful woman anytime and every time. We need Men who are willing to assert their will. Women created this monster, and they will have to deal with it themselves. No Man is going to come to their rescue in the coming chaos. WAKE THE HELL UP.

  22. “Through Buddhist meditation…”
    Is it ! really !?? Buddhist meditation !!??
    What is Buddhism !? Who founded Buddhism !? Who was Buddha or Gautama or Siddhartha !? What was his “religion” when he was “born” !? Where/Which place he was “born” !??

    1. It’s very funny that those in the psych industry tell men to take these New Age bullshit in the face of an ongoing Gender war and police state. As if closing your eyes and saying some unknown language will stop a femiwhore or armed cop from murdering you in cold blood in the name of feminism.

  23. Why are men let off the hook? Modern men have reaped a ton of benefits from feminism, the largest being that they know longer have to be the primary breadwinners. As a woman, you’re expected to contribute to the household as well as still doing most cooking, cleaning , child-rearing duties……

    1. Right from the “ass wipes” to “smartphones”; 99.99% of what you use for your very existence, amenities, entertainment, medical, education, technology (to name a few !!) are Invented, Innovated and Pioneered by MEN.
      …and according to you modern MEN reaped “a ton” of benefits !!??
      What a disgraceful, shameless, pathetic and ungrateful creature you are !!

    2. Feminists have driven down wages while causing asset bubbles in real estate. MGTOW men are falling behind because the cost of living keeps increasing in countries like America, Canada, UK and most of the European Union.

      1. If you are falling behind then it is your own fault. owning property leading to financial freedom is easy to do. it just takes will and determination

        1. My grandparents were forced out of their homes in Frankfurt to work in death camps at Auschwitz.

  24. What we need to remember when we bitch and moan about feminism is that men allowed it to take hold. MEN gave women the right to vote. Credit where credit is due, people. Women have taken it to the level that it is now, but men could have stopped it before it got started.

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