The New York Times Gets It Right About Yoga Pants

One of ROK’s key opponents in the legacy media is the New York Times. The Times has been wrong on just about every subject since it’s founding. From repeatedly insisting during the 1920s that Hitler was no threat to the Jews, to the systematic and now widely exposed coverup of Stalin’s genocides, to almost every issue today. In fact, the Times‘ current state proves Murray Gell-mann’s ironic observation a half-century ago that newspapers tend to be wildly wrong on any topic you know well, yet you believe they are perfectly correct on any topic you don’t know much about.

But one of the core requirements of intellectual honesty is to admit it when your opponent is right. And a broken clock is right two times a day, as the almost-outdated saying goes. So here at ROK, we will humbly admit that the Times has taken on one of the great issues of the day, dear to the heart of many an ROK reader, and has come out on the correct side.

Addressing a truly critical issue, as the Times is known to do, they have come out swinging and published an opinion piece this past Sunday arguing that women above 30 years old should not wear yoga pants, in the piece titled, directly enough, Why Yoga Pants Are Bad for Women. One of the key arguments that the article builds up to is…

Women can, of course, be fit and liberated. We may be able to conquer the world wearing spandex. But wouldn’t it be easier to do so in pants that don’t threaten to show every dimple and roll in every woman over 30?

Two thumbs up for the New York Times, having chosen a critical issue and come to the correct conclusion. Honor Jones, here at ROK, we will toast to you tonight, and thank you for doing your part to help convince women above 30 not to wear yoga pants. You are helping make the the country and the world a more beautiful by helping eliminate this eyesore.

Of course, the Times is still the Times, so there are other parts of the article and argument that Honor Jones got completely wrong. They are worth elucidating, while remembering that just because someone has the correct opinion on issue X, that doesn’t imply they’ll have the correct opinion on issue Y.

Jones argues that even women below 30 (and especially those above 30) ought to wear sweatpants instead of yoga pants. No, no, no. This may be a case of “the solution is worse than the problem”—like how socialism tried to solve the problem of the decadent wealth of the Russian aristocrats at the expense of the peasants, but that solution just made it worse for both groups. She comes to this conclusion due to her faulty logic. She says:

When yoga pants are the first thing grown women put on every morning, we can’t help absorbing the message that staying fit is our No. 1 purpose in life.

So, Honor Jones, what is your “number one” purpose in life? There’s an excellent argument to be made by the non-religious among us, an argument that is supported by evolution, evolutionary psychology, universal traditions, and just about every non-soy man alive, that yes, indeed, your meaning in life as a woman is to take care of your family, and that includes critically these three fitness-related components:

  1. Raising children—and many studies have demonstrated that physical fitness is a strong proxy for the ability to bear and raise physically healthy children.
  2. Looking good for your man—of which staying fit is a critical component.
  3. Taking care of yourself and your long-term health (without that, you can’t achieve #1 and #2)—of which being physically fit is a key component.

And evolution has spent millions of years building up to you, just you, to give you that mission. For evolution-believers, your mission is to understand what evolution designed your ancestors and you, to follow that and live up to your genetic inheritance. That’s respect-worthy.

And I also respect, deeply, those who disagree with this evolutionary analysis for religious reasons: you are humble before your God. And it’s curious how every religion actually comes to the exact same conclusion as as evolution does, as God fills your life with meaning: be fruitful and multiply, in one classic Biblical formulation. That is very respect-worthy.

But here’s what’s not respect-worthy: articulating what you are against, without articulating what you are for. Being for “sweatpants” is glib but sidesteps the Big Issues. When you are against a litany of complaints, but for nothing—that means you are only after power. In fact, the definition of the power grab, trying to make yourself important for your own benefit (while veiled in moralistic preaching), is taking down others without building your own palace. And this why here at ROK, we may mock our enemies and the state of society today; but we focus on learning, education, on taking responsibility and helping ourselves and our loved ones improve, first and foremost, above all.

Let me predict Honor’s response: “I am for something, I just didn’t say it here. I’m for ending the oppression of [insert preferred seemingly-oppressed-non-Asian group here, such as] the LGBTQQIAA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, and Asexual individuals as well as their Allies) community and other Democrat party supporters.” Maybe her preferred group is those who advocate abortions or schooling until you’re 40 or any one of many different possible Democrat-approved groups. And she won’t use these words, since she’ll justify it in a moral framework that demonstrates that defines her preferred groups as the morally superior people, but it will be the same point.

To which my response to her would be: “Honor, with your worldview that explicitly discourages having 3+ children in nuclear family units, your genetic lineage is going to die, you will probably have one or two kids, who will have a 50% chance of having one kid, who will have a 25% chance of having one kid… I give you three generations more, max, and your genetic lineage will have vanished from this world. Ciao, ciao, Honor, my condolences to your ancestors, who struggled and suffered only to have their legacy be erased from this world.” So long, and good riddance.

Much more about conspiracy theories and protecting your privacy.

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104 thoughts on “The New York Times Gets It Right About Yoga Pants”

  1. Female teachers in Toronto and Ontario wear spandex yoga pants to class. If you complain on the teacher, she lies to the police on you on how you either harassed her, threatened her, or talked dirty to one of her female students.
    Toronto Police says that they are not allowed to arrest a female teacher if she indecently exposes herself to students on TDSB property.

      1. Toronto is a feminist hellhole that is occupied by fags, butch dykes and trannies.
        The law which prevents Toronto Police from arresting a female teacher who exposes herself to students is an appeal made by a feminist in the 1990s that legalized female nudity in public.

        1. The horrible tragedy is that at one time, Canadian women were actually sweeter and more down to earth than American women. The song “American Woman” by The Guess Who was written because the band was disgusted with the shitty attitude of American women after they toured the States.
          What’s even more horrible is that the shitty attitude of American women back then would be almost angelic in comparison to the human vermin we have to put up with today.

        2. You sound angry. Are you off your meds? White men like you deserve to die a slow and painful death in the emergency ward. You should jump in front of a train.

    1. Tell me about it.
      My geography teacher in high school was hot as fuck, she literally showed up to class in a sports bra and yoga pants. Basically softcore porn for my young mind.
      Its such bullshit how female teachers can exploit thirsty male students for attention or even in some cases sex, and they either get treated as the victim or get a slap on the wrist at best.

      1. Which school was this? Why would she come to class in a bra? Is she a whore?!

        1. Rabbi, sports bra isn’t a regular bra, it covers half the torso, but its still slutty since it reveals the stomach and cleavage.

        2. Report her for sexual misconduct. She clearly wanted to dress that way to lure her students for sex.

        3. You shouldn’t judge a woman on how she dresses. It’s a right for women to dress however they want to defeat patriarchal oppression and misogyny of women. If she was naked in class, it’s her right.

      2. Can you fathom the shitstorm if a male teacher worse yoga pants to class. with his cock and balls clearly visible though the sheer fabric.
        it would be the end of his career in a single day.

        1. Indecent exposure is a crime. A man shouldn’t expose his tool of phallic victimization of women in front of minors. He should be publicly humiliated and forced to register as a sexual offender for indecent exposure.

        2. I don’t see a schoolboard going after an African studies teacher for showing up in nothing but war paint. We live in a society dumb enough to let gay men lead Cubscouts. Heterosexual White men will all be pushed out of their jobs to make way for protected groups if things don’t change.

      3. Did any student take a pic of her when she was exposing her STD pussy to your classmates?

        1. nah, but most of the guys flirted with her beta style, which she oddly allowed and enjoyed.

      4. Dress standards in the Anglosphere are just appalling full stop. To the point where it denotes a complete lack of common sense. It will be sub-zero and you will seem some guy walking to work in shorts, with his son in shorts with his school uniform. They are not trying to be tough – they just don’t have the sense to make a connection between clothing and temperature. Your average female in the UK or US no longer knows how to dress with style and class – merely how to dress to attract attention, usually sexual attention. That was why Jennifer Lawrence was wearing that slut-dress – as an American female she has no real understanding of colour, texture and cut. Was talking to a young woman about a project at work on Friday; pretty much only ever wears ‘yoga pants’. Every couple of minutes I’m essentially forced to cast a glance down at her very obvious c*nt mound. I mean, the fabric clung to it perfectly. Other times she’s bent down, they’ve been sheer fabric, and it has been pretty obvious that she had no panties on underneath. Millennials of both sexes don’t know how to dress properly – I’ve seen young men come to work in a professional environment in sweatpants, I bet they would wear a robe if they could. American culture basically promoted sloppy dress through denim and baseball caps, then Europeans discovered sportswear and all bets were off. Men of all colours used to wear a tie, wool, tweed, camel-hair and cord in winter, linen and cotton in the summer. Now quality affordable clothes befitting of a professional man have to be hunted down hard or bought second-hand and if you don’t have a tattoo you are a bit weird. Even Trump and Warren Buffet wear baseball caps with cheap-looking satiny ties and tailor-made suits to complete the pleb billionaire look.

        1. Those female co-workers you have are walking lawsuits. Feminists never advocate for women working in sweatshops and factories to dress like whores becoz not many, or no wealthy feminist or privilege class of women work in dead-end jobs which are reserved for the poor.

      5. Your geography teacher should call the cops on you next class for hate speech against women.

        1. But that does justify a faggot like yourself to post death threats on here to others who criticize the feminist dress code?

    2. Everyone tells me (RoK, TNMM, etc) that Toronto is a failed social experience, from immigration to real estate bubble to leading the Brazilification of the Canadian economy).
      Hope that city collapses. Good riddance.

      1. Toronto is built in such a way that it’s an open air prison. It costs over C$20 to travel out of the city boundaries, and buses don’t run regularly out of Toronto.

    3. But as soon as she walks outside the school property, she is vigilant and accsing innocent men of seksual harassment?

  2. I’m sorry but This article is complete convoluted trash that fails to make a point and is desperate to rationalize the enemy that would love nothing more than to castrate ROK members.

  3. While I only half agree with the conclusion here: that only women under 30 should only wear yoga pants – why not simply just say only HOT women should wear yoga pants…? Sound obvious enough>?
    By the way – if the article is trying to prove a point why not show pics of girls who ARE NOT hot wearing yoga pants….? Wouldn’t that make more logical sense?
    Besides I like a hottie in yoga pants as much as the next guy, but it is a social eyesore regardless of who the bitch is – I don’t give a fuck how hot she is, get some fucking clothes on – if she’s not B lining it straight to the gym and back home than she might as well have slut written across her forehead…
    Some girls try to be sneaky about it and wear them more like leggings and under skirts and shit, which is fine generally speaking, but in reality this is just another example of the tramp stamp culture men have allowed

    1. Female teachers wear spandex that you can see their underwear, or lack thereof, especially in Toronto.

    2. Women view their sexuality the way men view power. Because their sexuality IS power. If you take the rules off the table, their competitive nature will run wild and they will do everything to gain the attention of the top 5% of men. This is not because they are bad, it is a survival trait. To them, sexual attention is life, it is water, it is food, it is air.
      Patriarchal societies that place rules and bounds keep everything fair and orderly. when the patriarchy is gone (which it is) then you are in an uncivilized state, at which point the women turn feral (which they already have).
      Understand: women are slaves to their emotion. Whatever emotion they feel, that is their reality. It doesn’t matter how smart, or brave, or wealthy or good looking, or kind, or whatever, she is an absolute slave to her feelings.
      Thought experiment: when was the last time you ever heard a man wonder about what he was feeling? When does a woman NOT wonder what she is feeling? For her, feeling is everything. This is the real reason why women must never, ever be allowed power. It doesn’t mean there aren’t good women. A good woman realizes this is how she is made and tries to latch on to a good male that understands how to treat her so she can be most effective.
      But in terms of setting the tone, or leading the way – never. Totally incapable. She is subject to the whim and mood of herself and everyone around her.

      1. Yeah, recently I have been thinking that the reason why so many women major in psychology is not to “understand people” as they claim, but to understand themselves.

    3. I love who men on this site STILL try to claim they’re not misogynistic… see above. Christ on a bike.

  4. No, the times is even wrong here. Look at this quote
    Women can, of course, be fit and liberated. We may be able to conquer the world wearing spandex. But wouldn’t it be easier to do so in pants that don’t threaten to show every dimple and roll in every woman over 30
    Basically it’s arguing that ugly women shouldn’t have to compete with the attention whoring of younger, fitter women. There isn’t any decency here, there isn’t a moment of “hey guys, we can’t just be about our bodies, what about personality, what about finding a serious pair-bond based on mutual respect and trust?” (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA)
    Oh hell no. This is just more shameless whining. “Waaaaaah! I can’t attention whore as easily as the younger women can and it’s not faaaaiiiiir!!! Waaaaaaaahhhh!!!”
    Trust me on this, if these rotten souled harpies in the shape of human women could, they would be walking around butt naked after having smeared their yeast infested vaginal excretions all over themselves in order to get a moment of attention of an alpha male.
    And that’s the only attention they want, btw. You who are not in the top 5% of males are barely considered human by these animals. And if you are not in the top 20% then you aren’t even that.
    No. This will continue until the only men left are the ones who understand that women need to be owned.

    1. “We may be able to conquer the world wearing spandex.”
      Yep, looks like a delusional loon wrote one thing that we may agree with, but it’s a conclusion drawn from woeful wrong and whiny premises. The times: Still wrong and will remain so.
      By the way something, this article will achieve nothing except to draw fire from the self-righteous femitards and be held up as proof of “internalized misogyny!” and the Carlos Slim Blog will be printing a mewling, obsequious apology. Basically, what a waste of time.

    2. I like your style Ron!
      Just understand – the alpha having all the women is the natural order of things.
      When your write: “That women need to be owned” – thats exactly what ALL women dream of. Be owned by a strong alpha male.
      The more women compete for the attention of the top 5% of males, the better for society, said alpha males AND mother nature.
      Nature never intended for the average guy to have many children. For nature women equals sex, equals children – the average guy is best left to inceldom or fab+porn or any other of the modern shit like gayfucker or trannydom.
      Thats all good and fine for these guys – do not have any soft feelings for the lot, because they most certainly do not have any for you. Dont believe me? Look at the antifa fags and think again.
      If you are reading this and you are here at ROK you have at the very minimum made the first step to self improvement and you are on the road (if you keep walking) to become an alpha male yourself.
      Your former beta buddies will NOT stay your friends. The moment your improve enough you will have to find yourself new friends. If you are after true friends, other alphas are your only choice.
      Now read my advice again. Now you understand.

      1. I was thinking about this. Technology has changed even which males are considered “alpha.” IN the old caveman days, the biggest, toughest dude with leadership qualities was alpha. Then, as civilization became more complex, it was the guy with some military strategy and wise leadership.
        Eventually societies became really different with farming, permanent societies, technology, etc. The past thousand years or so, many men are considered alpha because of their family wealth, careers, and success. So evolution has been cheated now for quite some time.

      2. @Maldek
        Agreed with nearly everything you wrote except this line:
        the better for society
        One of the reasons why Africa is such an absolute shithole is because the Africans do not give a rat’s ass about their fellow males. There is no concept of protecting each other’s backs, or right and wrong, etc. Because no male has any integrity, past the strong taking from the weak, everything is based on blood relations. There are regions where the genetics are completely messed up because you would regularly have one strongman killing off all the males in his area and impregnating all the women (this isn’t an exaggeration).
        One of the reasons Europe has been such a success (at least until recently), is because the Christians instituted a patriarchal system that limited the number of wives a man could have, and at the same time both protected the marital (female ownership) rights of other men and instituted massive slut shaming to keep the women in line.
        Think of it this way: the alpha is the tip of the spear, and the betas are the shaft of the spear. No betas = no engineers, no doctors, no sewage workers, no plumbers, no electricians, no carpenters, etc. If you want to see what a hyper-alpha society will look like, then take a drive out to Compton, or Harlem.

      3. @Maldek
        Just to be clear. I actually did agree with everything else you wrote. The average beta of today is a two faced piece of moldy faggotized shit who will stab you in the back as soon as look at you. My point of disagreement is that this is a good thing.

        1. ron and david your replies are of good quality and you did think about the matter a lot.
          So I would like to point out a few things for further food of thought.
          Europe: It was not christian faith that made europe great – it was both the long, cold winther AND the nearly constant wars europe had for many centuries. War, the father of all things and winther (in the old days they used to say “20 winthers old” not “20 years” because it was not easy to survive.
          This let only the best survive and sire children. Again and again and again. Until in the 16th and 17th century the military might of europe was great enough to basicly conquer the rest of the world.
          The africans, like the people here in south america suffer the same fate – every dumbhead survives. If they fuck up, they can still eat banans or maniok. AND have 10 children who also eat bananas and maniok.
          Thats why the blacks (and some hispanics) are so fat or fatten so fast when they get into civilisation; they have no concept of storage or building reserves. They never had to invent it in the first place.
          But back on topic. Genetics are mostly a social thing. Inbreeding is overrated by about 1000%. The old kings and nobles did inbreed for 100s of years (ever wondered why the oldest pyramids are also the biggest and best when king would marry his daughters for well 1000s of years?) and there was very little drawback. What we learn today about “inbreeding” is mostly social engineering, like feminism is or the global warming” scam. A lot of things we take for granted is not as it seems at first glance.
          You may test this yourself if you breed dogs.
          Here is a good link to get started:

          Dogs are not humans but the difference is not that big and for dogs you will find more honesty – in particular when it comes to “selective breeding” and why we have different types of dogs.
          Honorable mention goes to “line-breeding” and its relation to what the old kings in egypt did back in the say of pyramids. Nothing new in this world.
          Something to think about

      4. One problem I’ve always thought of is this:
        Let’s say you have a tribe of 20, 10 men and 10 women. If all 10 women go for the top 20 percent (in this case, the top 2 men) and have 1 child by each of them. So every child has the same father or the same mother. Wouldn’t this cause inbreeding, eventually? Where on the other hand, if every woman paired off and had children with one man, then you’d have 10 new bloodlines and wouldn’t need to inbreed? It seems like many women going for and being impregnated by the same few men in the long run, would not be good.
        I mean, we all know the consequences of inbreeding. I do think that’s why or one reason why beta male genes have survived, genetic diversity. If everyone of the next generation have only their half brothers and half sisters to breed with, it’ll cause a lot of inbreeding which will actually cause the genes to become weaker.
        They say one reason for much of the inbreeding in the middle east is that a few men monopolize many of the women.

    1. I like women with big feet they are good to sniff, lick and worship.
      If a Woman has a good looking face, feet and boobs she is perfect for me.

    2. @Dancilley
      Because they are wearing flip-flops which are only intended to briefly wear at the beach. Big fat ham hock beast feet that can’t fit into a regular shoe. Swollen buttery balloons flowing over “flats”. No, not a structured flat, a flat purchased because they are cheap and expand to allow the blubbery ham hock room to expand. Feet that look like an 80 yo. person with congestive heart failure.
      Here’s a tip guys. Want to know what a land whale should look like? Look at her feet. Big fat orca with a size six foot? She should have a tiny body to go with her tiny feet.

    3. Yes, overnight the geniuses here at ROK CENSORED my Comments about it, but nearly every other Article on ROK features a trannie in the first or second photo.
      Why is this so common?
      Who is doing this?
      Where do the often non-specific photos come from?
      Is it syndicated or licensed imagery.. or just “fair-use” rip-off?
      Looking carefully the ‘entity’ in the photo has a Kanji tattoo on the leg that looks dangerously like ‘Bimajo- near Toransu’ which meas ‘radical new-half woman’!
      Despite the big feet, narrow hips, small ass, and massive brow it’s the absolutely HUGE tracheal channel that induces nausea.
      While it is possible to smooth down an ‘Adam’s Apple’ it is NOT possible to reduce the ‘male windpipe’ which allows for greater air volume to the lungs. (Add (((large nose as increased air intake))) as well.)
      There has to be a reason why Roo$h allows certain concepts but IMMEDIATELY panics when tranz issues come up. Its either he’s afraid of it or he refuses to comprehend how incredibly common it is!
      The New York Times is NOT your friend.
      It is as Left-Wing retarded as is most of New York itself!

  5. I loved the feet and soles of the girl in the picture. I would love to bang her and later kiss and suck those pretty feet.
    There is nothing more hot than a good looking woman who takes really good care of her feet.

    1. Guys why he is getting downvoted?
      There is nothing wrong in appreciating other parts of the human body.
      Just because he is into feet doesnt make him a loser!

      1. Downvoted him again just because of this whiny assed post. LMAODid you really not realize when you were rushing to his defense that the only person to suggest his disgusting fetish makes him a loser was you?

    2. Sure thing buddy. Let us know when you catch your rainbow skittles fart projector. Picture proof or it didn’t happen.

    3. “There is nothing more hot than a good looking woman who takes really good care of her feet.”
      lay off the crack pipe. Rod Serling died years ago, and they never released the episode titled ” Unicorn Traps for Beginners.”

  6. Yoga pants scientifically speaking causes vaginosis because of the moisture and tightness. I dislike how women lie to themselves and society and say they pants because it’s comfortable, I say it’s because they want attention. And they lie about it. It’s become so trendy I see middle age mom’s, Grand Master and girls from young Jr.hi on. What happened to modesty. It’s a real problem and schools and when the enforcement dress code the get blowback. Overweight woman feel they can wear yoga pants I am fat and I wear baggy shirts. Also how can tight fabric be so comfortable why stop at yoga pants and just wear a bathing suit. I would imagine it’s like baseball pants and those wear tight and uncomfortable as a player. Narciasim abounds with these women. Woman also fame pose on IG with a photo off say something they made but then have there breast exposed in the photo. Women like about yoga pants. Yoga pants for yoga I thought. What’s next ballet lieatards.Men let’s start a trend with cod peices. Lol

    1. The modern woman’s pussy stinks along with their attitudes? No surprising to me!

  7. I see ooooold grannys trying to be “hip” by wearing these tights. Barf! Lumpy blobs should be arrested. Even worse in my opinion are very young girls in them. like pre teen, like 2nd graders for shits sake. Their parents should be arrested! Dont they know about rape? Sad it is. The devils playground we live in.

  8. The average woman is just as likely to listen to some Jew York Times op-ed piece as I am. Fatass housefrau’s are the reason why the yoga pants industry exists. As long as the fabric maintains structural integrity they’ll find a way to force their girth inside them. Furthermore, unless every presenter from the MemriTV highlight reel starts pulling off their shoes and chasing them around calling them indecent whores they won’t stop wearing them either. As for me, I never turn down a nice healthy leer at some squat thots’ donk.

  9. Too many boner inducing photos, need to call up a ho to alleviate the issue. Gee, thanks a lot, T. Deever. Fantastic and well written article though.

    1. Ya “her” ass, feet and fake boobs make everything suspect. God puts trannies into the hellfire. They aren’t Kosher like you Amerowhores!

  10. Yoga pants, how women feign decency and any through clothing that hides nothing including their desire to run around naked showing off their poosies.
    BTW “ladies” your “pants” show off every nasty periodic monthly stain and ooze spot plus dingle/dangle berry too, but who is keeping tabs because you don’t care what you show and gross out anyone else around you and we don’t care you look like complete nasty sluts showing off all your best bits coated in leftovers…and you wonder why dogs hump you legs and sniff your rotten crotches ass incessantly as they lick their own asses. Cheers! Here is to the chastity that you don’t have at all with your mooseknuckle and camel toe collections.

    1. Ameriskanks have reduced themselves to the level of animals. Even a dog is more worthy than a modern feminist whore.

  11. Yoga?.
    MEN should call them sexual-pants, or PORN-pants, or harassment-pants.
    And repeat those phrases in all articles, make all men conscious about this:
    Our society is based on pretending that women are not acting like animals.
    An important man in the past said that women are savages, he was called a misogynist, of course, but it is undeniable now that he was right. The “woman” concept is a lie, an invention. They wear shorts, and bikinis, but how would they look without shaving?, how many hairy freaks(ugly monkeys) exist out there, how their bodies would look if they had to get their own food, build their own houses, how would they look without men’s technology, without dentists, without pretty clothes, without the “concept of beauty” that men have idealized derived from their sexuality, empathy and art, that women desperately try to imitate to so compete against each other, for male-choice.
    This is an interesting topic: the true appearance of women’s bodies without modifications, because hormones do not have the result many men think they have.

  12. I know fellow women who wear yoga pants and jackets practically everywhere. They buy the Lululemon brand. It’s expensive! I think that is one reason why they buy it and want to show it off. (“Look at me, I can afford Lululemon.”) I saw those clothes and felt the fabric. It’s synthetic and designed to cool you down, not to keep you warm. (Women like to feel warm and snuggly.) It’s also scratchy. (Women with sensitive skin prefer soft cotton.) The best kinds of clothes are those that allow you freedom of movement, they feel comfy and look good at the same time. For me, it’s a pair of blue jeans, a white V-neck T-shirt and a jacket I can tie around my waist. I think that a fit figure, good posture and positive attitude beat all the fashion fads.
    P.S. Yoga is not special any more. If you want to impress, enroll in martial arts.

  13. Is everyone on this site an autistic virgin? Why in the fuck would anyone discourage women from wearing skin tight pants? Jesus I feel like I fell down the rabbit hole. Yes there are some ugly women out there that you’ll have to ignore as they waddle around in their ridiculous clothes. Who cares? I ignore them already. On a daily basis I get to see at least a half dozen fit women (outside of the gym) wearing yoga pants. In the gym, every decent looking woman is wearing yoga pants and a tight shirt or sports bra, and I fucking love it. My girlfriend wears them when hanging out in the house and looks absolutely bombastic in them. Why the hell would I encourage women to cover up and stop showing off their bodies?
    Damn guys get your priorities straight.

    1. The author of this article completely misses the point. Maybe intentionally. It’s about fat feminist old dykes not wanting to compete with other women’s attractiveness in yoga pants essentially.

      1. I for one do NOT want to see females in yoga pants that don’t have the right body for them. I don’t want to see fat dingle berries dirty g strings cottage cheese anything or any where. I especially don’t want to see them on ugly chicks or those with tats and other white trash layers of all sorts of sport bras and non sport strap tops…I also don’t want to see bodies that have no business at all being in short cut off jean shorts.
        So here is my manifesto. The fat ass trash needs to stay the hell out of clothes THEY KNOW BETTER TO NOT WEAR because it is vomit inducing and offensive and quite frankly I don’t give a ratsass if it is sexist and fat shaming. or ageist. If you can’t wear it and make it look awesome, stay out of it. if you don’t like public ridicule you just deserve, don’t invite it. Dress like a skanky hoe, get the recognition. If you aren’t 7/3 ratio and weight proportionate to age and height and don’t look like a bag of dog vomit in the face…don’t try to be something you are aren’t. Too simple. Where I live, the trash and trashy are all that the stereotypes have right. The lovelies, are very rare, so you can imagine the frights are all too common and cringeworthy.

        1. my bad… the .7 ratio for womens measurements Breast hip to waist….a TRIM Hourglass figure with a pleasant symmetrical undefiled face (no tats or piercings).
          but also so many other things that factor into attractiveness.
          If I took and posted pics of what women locally think is attractive, you would need airsick bags. If I went to the county fair and got a cross section of the natives and the imports to this area and showed you what the hot mess looks like, you’d have your own hot messes. It is not good viewing certainly no viewing pleasure..In fact the People of Walmart series is very accurate. Be surrounded by unattractive acting sows….you then greatly appreciate the times you are among truly pretty awe inspiring girls (until they wreck it by opening their mouths and showing their true vapid colors).

        2. Women have a right to dress however they want. You can’t stop them from wearing yoga pants. You should be ashamed of yourself for misogynistic hate speech. Why don’t you jump in front of a train and save yourself from public shaming? I will write an article at my campus newspaper to encourage those in the fight against misogyny to make your lives miserable and unpredictable that you will regret posting online hate against women.

  14. My wife wears pretty dresses or skirts, and that’s exactly the way I like for her to dress. She’s perfectly capable of wrangling 4 boys all day while looking feminine.

  15. Ha, another “waaah waaah” NYT article courtesy of some cheese-ass feminist. “I look like a post-wall blubber monster in Yoga pants, therefore no one should wear them!!!” But she is right in eschewing spandex for another reason: Camel toe.

  16. I had an AHA moment this morning while standing in line at Starbucks. All that there was in the store was fat women and virtue signaling yoga pants wearing ones complaining about their diet choices being restricted while complaining about the length of their morning workout to burn off “500 calories” and they had not a drop of sweat on them in their exercise outfits. But then they were ordering mega sugar and syrup deluxe coffees at about 1000 calories while talking loudly (in an attention whoring way) about their vapid lives. But the whole picture of these obese women and then the yoga pants wearing ones supposedly just in from a “workout”…not to mention the fat yoga pants wearing lady…..but the clientele that I see…and the conversations they have….are truly “eye opening”. Snap shot in time of society…was shocking contradictions.

    1. Why don’t you jump in front of a train or tell me where you live so that you will die in your sleep in a house fire?

      1. really…a death threat.for little ole how sad this all that shameless feminist scum can rise to. Try Pamprin, itll take the edge of your pms but sadly will do nothing for your mental illness.

      2. You’re a faggot from South Asia attending a feminist cuntiversity in Canada, so I’ll doubt that you scumlife Tamils or IRT will have the balls to trespass on a gun owner’s property in a state where stand your ground is illegal. You’re looking for trouble if you keep on threatening the wrong man and using death threats to burn him alive in his own property. We as Americans will use any means to defend ourselves. You fucktard get lost!

  17. Will the author of this misogynistic and sexist article please jump in front of a train?

    1. it must be tough to be so starved for the attention you crave and never seem to get it fulfilled except by the derision and shame you so richly deserve for your behavior and whoring about. what a foul pitiful nasty creature you are. how do you ever stand the next dawn as the sun comes up on the promise of another day on your deserved SJW agony and self indulgence unrequited. i could write such a lovely novel of your self induced suffering as you so envy the world of women around you who have not defiled themselves with ink and pierced cheap steel, have not scarred their lovely .7 ratio bodies with disgusting ill drawn ink blots, who have lithe trim bodies of perfect blemish free skin…oh how you must suffer such incredible angst of your never measuring up to even a barely 3. my heart bleeds a thick black cold dead blood for your self inflicted pain because reality is so far from your grasp. sigh….the poetry of the moments…

    2. but wait is that not the devils own gouhlish laughter of acceptance of your oath to trade your soul to rebel against the “patriarchy” that oppresses you? your free bleeding sacrifice is appreciated by his comrades in hell, they prepare fine arrangements for you.

  18. “Richard Joseph” is a Sri Lankan, Bengali, IRT or Tamil masquerading as a white man:

  19. Why the fuck is my comment going under moderation, but Google Image search : “Richard Joseph campus University Western Canada or America” and you will see him. He’s a blue pill feminist who hates MRAs and other men in the manosphere.

  20. I don’t like seeing old biddys in yoga pants! In fact, I don’t like seeing old biddys, period, and especially when they are obtuse and think they are still on the princess pedestal, and try dressing like 21 year old club trollops. It’s asinine! I stopped off for a drink tonight at a popular bar after going out to dinner at a well known Mexican joint that offers healthier vegan entrees and lent friendly entrees in my city. This bar caters to a millennial crowd, but I’m never hassled there, always treated well, and comped a lot. I turn 60 this week, and thankfully never married, so my time has come and gone with the women thing, and that’s just fine by me. But what in god’s name is going on with these young millennial women? There had to have been 300+ people there, and sitting in the gunfighter’s seat, nursing a couple vodkas over the course of an hour, I saw only 2 slender attractive young women, accompanied by high value appearing young men (save for 2 slender and attractive young female bartenders employed there). I saw packs of obese, clown haired, skrillex haired, tatted up, and uglier than sin young women. This is typical in my area. How on earth do young men handle this and tolerate this today? Man, I’m glad the women thing is in my rear view mirror now.

    1. I know, right? Living in a horror movie and you CANT FIGHT BACK AGAINST THE UGLY AS HELL DISFIGURED ZOMBIE HORDES OF SCUM…
      No sleeping nightmare is worse than the one where you are artificially kept from fighting back at all. So the waking nightmare is so much more mentally traumatic.

  21. I see, this is a great site for virgins, incels, and woman-haters, much overlap with these groups

  22. Yoga pants are for exercise. The idea of wearing them to work makes me cringe. I heard an interview of a woman who called catcalls dehumanizing. If you walk around leaving nothing to the imagination you are setting yourself up for catcalls.
    I also agree that dress codes in the US are apalling. I work in a church environment so all the employees are pretty well covered, but in most other places I see more than I ever wanted to.

  23. Oh it’s gonna get worse.
    it’s already past the point of no return.
    As less men give a damn about them
    they will be going fully nude, especially
    the fat disgusting and post-wall ones.

  24. What am i, a 34 year old woman, supposed to wear to the gym? Ps i have awesome legs and bum am an australian sz 6 american sz 2

  25. Here’s a place I disagree with you both. What you don’t appreciate is that too much of a focus on ‘fitness’ is also a disease of this society especially among the affluent and sterile, it’s been taken to a neurosis. As a man I see so many of these barren toned copycat blonds so drab. A woman ought be lush not fat not with rollys (which is usually a symptom of poor nutrition not poor fitness) but with some curves besides her carbon copy ass. The obsession with fitness as provided by the gym is babylonian neurotic weakness in men and women. You try to take away everything that is unique about a woman. You sound hateful and bitter rather than interested in peoples’ betterment with anemic shit like that looking for dumb blond biddys with a nysc membership.

  26. And another thing while I think of it now that i see all these sad comments- the mark of a man is mercy and self containment. There ARE a lot of sad older women, and men. Getting older and not having your soul and physical self not correlate nor hope to correlate ever again is a mental prison not everyone can handle gracefully. I agree there is too much in your face attitude in this ‘society’ among bitter old broads but same goes for a lot of incels here. Sit down. There are also a lot of superior genetics having older ladies with little blemishes on them much superior to conformist young neurotics on the treadmill but not ever enjoying their health.

  27. Yoga pant’s are for whores,atleast females are trying to get skinny again
    No fat Chicks

  28. Dental Cruelty
    A hint of mirth went ‘cross her face
    As I cried out in pain.
    “It wouldn’t be safe,” she curtly said,
    “To inject more novocaine.
    “Just clinch those large aggressive fists.
    I’ve no doubt that you’ll make it.
    As much as you men can dish it out,
    I’m sure that you can take it.”
    Just my luck I had to go
    Where on that day apprenticed,
    The bane of all things masculine,
    Irene, the feminist dentist.

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