5 Reasons Why America Should Become A Real Empire

In post-1960’s America, ‘Imperialism’ has become a byword among the educated. To support the idea of an Empire would be a Scarlet Letter for any academic in a university setting, and the rest of society has followed their lead. Having said this, I encourage you to hear me out. Here are five reasons why becoming an empire is the only way to make America great again.

1. It’s the next step

Rome began as a republic, too. However, that was its infant stage. In reality Rome’s greatest achievements, militarily and culturally, came to fruition during the Pax Romana, at the height of the empire.

Look at Spain: after driving out the Moors, and with no more enemies to fight within their territory, it took Colombus and later Conquistadors (true badasses) to bring about the Siglo de Oro, giving rise to the likes of Cervantes, and mobilizing the Spaniards so that they won the battle of Lepanto, saving Christendom in the process.

Likewise, the British arrived at their cultural and humanistic crescendo shortly after the Napoleonic wars, during the Victorian era. Once again, at the height of their empire.

After their conquests, the Legionaries settled Spain, the Conquistadors settled Latin America, and the Loyalists settled Canada.

On the other hand, a mad, hysterical revolution signaled the decline of the great French Empire, having negative repercussions which we are still seeing today. Which outcome is more desirable?

2. It will organize society

The literal poster child of a society that has lost its way. It’s time to take action.

There is nothing that stands still in nature: everything is either expanding or contracting. During Teddy Roosevelt’s day, America fought to spread her culture (which was the best way to defend her values). We were expanding. By sending our jobs and factories to China and Mexico and accepting mass immigration, we have begun to contract.

As this trend progresses we see the death of the American family, and the decline of an empire that never was. Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop, and a generation of pan-sexual, Facebook-addicted atheists, without the courage to state obvious facts (i.e., that ‘trangenders’ are insane people who mutilate their genitals, or that most women would be happier as housewives) is indicative of a society with no mission. Let this be our mission. It will whip us into shape, and give us an admirable purpose.

3. Republicanism is overrated

As an American I can attest that my countrymen are raised with a bias toward democratic values, treating the Constitution like a Baptist treats the Bible. I’ve got news: Democracy is not sacred truth, and the war between idealism and realism has existed as long as America.

Take the American Revolution, a period of our history which few Americans understand. The radically idealistic liberals (the Continental Congress) spent the war years begrudging help to the realists (the Continental Army), in part because they were against standing armies as a matter of principle.

In the end it wasn’t red liberalism that won America’s freedom. It was courage, suffering, Christianity, and a desire for true liberty, which can only flourish in an atmosphere of Tradition and Common Sense, where people recognize that families are the sacred fabric of society and that every man must pull his own weight. America wasn’t invented by Jefferson in 1776, but by John Smith in Jamestown, when he decreed that “He that does not work shall not eat.”

Look no further than the French Revolution, the Irish Rebellion of 1798, the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, The Spanish Civil War, etc… ad infinitum, to see the excesses of radical republicanism. Every time it’s the same old story: the crazies get control, and everything goes to hell. Not something to be making our end-all-be-all, in my opinion.

It's not called Red Liberalism for nothing.

It’s not called red liberalism for nothing.

4. It will be good for the world

Still believe that Empire can’t be a force for good? Tell that to HMS Black Joke, who captured eleven slave ships in a single year.

The Romans built roads and spread Classical civilization and philosophy, along with their language. The Spaniards took the Catholic faith to Latin America, where the Church boasts great success in promoting patriarchy today. And, as much as modern Britons seem ashamed of their former Empire, it was the British who brought an end to widow-burning in India, and the Royal Navy which was far and away the single greatest contributor to the end of the African slave trade. So much for the evils of imperialism.

Men were made to build, and men of enterprise build empires. To conquer, to construct, and to defend are as innate to men as our love of women; it is something which is truly worthwhile in and of itself. Empire is natural and inevitable. The question is what kind of empire it will be: one built on Christianity and the truth that every man’s house is his castle, or upon atheism, Islam, or tyranny. Which brings me to my last point….

5. We have no choice

I’ve got news for you: if America doesn’t step up and assert itself, somebody else will. The Chinese, the Muslims, or a newly empowered globalism will leap to fill the void which nature hates. That’s how things work in the jungle: you’re either influencing or being influenced.

Not just in America but all over the West, people are surrendering. Where Americans or Europeans should be influencing and fighting, we have laid down our arms. Whether they are giving up their daughters to be groped by immigrants in the Stockholm metro, or letting Muslim terrorists bomb our cities while we refuse to even name them, the West is on the retreat. What are we expecting to be the result of this cowardice?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my children to speak Mandarin, or eat cats. I don’t want my sons to forget about Christianity, or my daughters to be part of some Muslim’s harem. Influence or be influenced. Conquer or be conquered. Fight, and win, or die.

Empire-Building: it’s the American thing to do

They won’t be shit-hole countries for long under new management.

In a way, I can respect the humility and simplicity implied in isolationism. But I think we can all agree that after the fifty years of West-hating that have followed the Sixties, the last thing Americans need is to be more humble. At the end of the day, isolationism is an ideology, and ideologies are beta. Real men see reality as it is, and act accordingly.

The choice is clear: either organize our society towards aggressive expansion, or let the cultural Marxists continue their long march through the hearts and minds of America.

Want to be on the “right side of history?” Join the Empire. Join, or die.

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105 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why America Should Become A Real Empire”

    1. The NYT ran an article recently that said Trump’s immigration policies can delay the inevitable by at most 5 years, and that whites will become a minority by 2045. Perversely, the US government counts Arabs and Indians as white. I’d say its likely at that point that the old USA disintegrates.

    2. This article is a hundred years too late brother. Our civilization was built because of whites and if we leave then the civilization falls and where we next go we can rebuild. Africans or Hispanics cannot organize themselves to run the show and it will fall apart Big League. Talk of Empire is like a dying man talking of taking up mountain climbing.
      The groups looking to build empires are the Jews with Israel as a state with global diaspora tentacles that constantly takes more land as its population grows; then the Africans and Muslims want to breed up the world; then the Chinese want to own the world financially which they may do; then Muslims both Shiite ( Iran ) and Sunni ( Turkey especially ) want classical empires “caliphates “also, and with slaves to do the work.
      Russia is the only white power at this point. I know on many levels they are less powerful than America but its about how you use it rather than the hypothetical power. They still don’t have anything on some of these other countries.
      Chinas advantage is that they have changed tack and no longer listen to many White ideas after communism and seeing the social collapse from white leftist multicultural “logic” as useless as do all countries without elections that the media can then control. Elections don’t equal democracy and thats the biggest things holding us back is that we accept the system as legitimate when elites run the information rendering them almost pointless.
      In this world you either dominate, or you get dominated, balance just seems such a transitory and fleeting state. There is always that one guy in the horror movie who nearly killed the protagonist but then at that last moment he looses his nerve and goes soft. Of course he then gets blown apart later and the mistake looks silly. I think that particular role in horror movies should be called “the white man” part. Build an Empire? ROLF.. Right now they are being stacked.

      1. Hispanics are 60% white and Africa is still under colonial rule. Just stealthily organized under the United Nations NGO’s and big Corporations. Don’t believe the “Independence” propaganda

      2. Not to appear as Russia’s hater(lots of good folks there that speak common language with me, but Putins gang and its revengeism with fucked up history interpretation and bullshit propaganda), but that state is nowhere near white nor under control of whites.
        Did you forget Putins and Medvedevs jewish ancestry? Did you forget that muslims from Caucasus region are flooding big cities of Russia and pushing their own rules on the streets while Kadirov rules with psychotic fist in Chechnya and is just waiting for the right moment to flood Russia with more of his muslim extremists?
        There are more, but Ill let you do the research yourself, instead of living in this dream like state of believing that Russia got something against liberalism and degradation of classical values. Keep on dreamin, cause it aint got shit on that, its about liliPutin playing tough patriarch on TV, while stripping the country off its money and wealth for his own good.

  1. Intellectual masturbation. Should have started by defining what you mean by “an empire”
    Empire is an aggregate of nations or people ruled over by an emperor or other powerful sovereign or government. Who exactly are you planning on ruling over and how?

  2. good for the world??
    hell no… show me a country that is better off after american intervention since wwii. just one. wherever you set fott you bring chaos and disorder with you. whenever someone gets in the way of your dickheads in the pentagon you go destroy that country too. american hegemonism is the plague of the world and i pray the Chinese take over asap. show me a country that China destroyed. just one. since wwii you’ve killed a thousand man. every fucking day.
    you know no respect or good manners when it comes to treating other countries. your arrogance knows no bounds
    even if you don’t bomb a country you don’t like to smithereens you keep intervening in its internal matters. how dare you? it makes me walk on air to see your hegemony challeneged and slowly but surely taking second (and hopefully 3rd…) place in the world. good riddance to bad rubbish
    you’re right about not having any choice. we just differ on the conclusion. I think you have no choice to build an empire because you are getting fatter and fatter and stupider and stupider by the day. your economy is built on debt, it’s just a matter of time till it all blows u in your face. praying for the moment

    1. Although I agree that every country America touches turns to hell. You are indeed a little bitch

      1. “show me a country that China destroyed. just one.” – Tibet, North Korea
        “show me a country that is better off after american intervention since wwii” – South Korea, Kuwait
        There are others but I choose to do other things than do basic research for you.

    2. Based on your stated Sino-philia, I have a feeling the you are probably a little, yellow, slant/mongoloid. Guess what, Heritage White America doesn’t want anything to do with you filthy nips. Remember Nagasaki? Hiroshima? Napalming/carpet bombing Vietnam? Yeah, thought so.

    3. Real countries, and there really aren’t many of them in the world, like say Germany or Korea do quite well when the USA intervenes. The differences are stark between Russian East Germany and the West, even today. The Russia/China created North Korea is one of the most horrible countries in the world, while the American “occupied” South is prosperous. The case is different with artificial countries, with lots of innate internal strife, that are held together only by the brute force of a dictator. Had Iraq been a coherent place to begin with, it wouldn’t be as bad a place even after Hussein was removed, no matter at whose behest.

      1. The main ‘stark’ difference between eastern and western Germany is that you’re still apt to find a few Germans in the east who don’t hate themselves for being German. I’ll take the east any day.

        1. When you’re poor you get very little immigrants. But these are very recent developments, I think until the 70’s West Germany was still very homogeneous. The Lebanese mafia appeared in the mid 1970s.

      2. Wasn’t it western powers that created the Iraq mess in the beginning by dividing Persia into Iraq and Iran. North Korea the worst country in the world? Who says so, (((American))) propaganda/media. Lol. No Detroit in North Korea, let me tell ya.

        1. Detroit is not America. Africans are not Americans. Detroit is a poorly maintained, rat and roach infested exhibit of what America used to be. And life in NK sucks.

        2. I think even in today’s Iran, people of Persian ethnicity are only about 48% of the population. Then again, borders have never been fixed anywhere in the world.

    4. You must be a stupid Muzzie.
      Ever Heard of Tibet? The largest province of China? It used to be a independent country until 1950. Xinjiang province, the 2nd largest province of China? It is a Muzzie province of China – basically occupied as well.

    5. Countries directly influenced since WW II, and grateful… South Korea, Kuwait, off the top of my head. Then there are others that have been influenced positively by indirect action like Taiwan, and Israel. Then if you listed humanitarian aid, to third world countries the list would grow considerably.
      Also its a bit convenient to dismiss the help America gave during and before WWII. That doesn’t count because???
      A Chinese empire is not going to be any better for the rest of the world than an American one. Its not even going to be good for the majority of Chinese. They exploit their poor more than any other developed nation, and are massively overpopulated, yet still growing.

        1. Dont worry about down votes, its chinks downvoting with their army of bots, dont be so surprised, its just too obvious seeing how many upvotes are pro-chinks comments and how disparately many downvotes have sane comments regarding chinks sucking dicks.

    6. Are you really sure you want to be ruled by Beijing? If you oppose them, they simply make you disappear…
      Confucian culture, by its very nature, is autocratic. The Emperor and his Mandarins are the only ones who have any say over anything. In this day and age, the Emperor is Xi Jinping, while the Communist Party are the Mandarins.
      For everything bad that Washington DC has done, Beijing is capable of things far beyond your worse nightmares.

  3. The American values America is exporting now is female empowement, cultural marxism and LGBTP. America already has an empire it is called the NATO

    1. Fuck the Anglocunt empire. May Putin send hundreds of nuclear missiles to the feminist-occupied territories and gay bathhouses of America.

  4. This is bullshit. When the west interferes In countries we make things worst. Iraq, Afghanistan Libya I rest my case

    1. Trump said we should have taken the oil! I think the right’s view was that we should have taken the women.
      Then at least we would have civilized the next generation of Iraqis .

      1. We could have made them into the next Kardashians! If Armenian hybrids can be so ‘civilized’, so can Iraqi hybrids. Go USA!

    2. The same people that criticise the west for interfering are the same ones to blame them for not acting quickly enough to help them.
      The west got blamed for the shit in Iraq, saying they were going to take over the oil fields. What a load of bullshit, if this was true I’d be paying less than a $1 a litre for petrol. The amount of money that gets spent trying to help all these ungrateful cunts pales in comparison to any alleged benefits.
      I’d be happy if the west left you cunts alone. Try and fix your own problems. Then when you start to get uppity blaming us for your own woes, real or imagined and we will bomb your fag asses back into the stone age. Don’t try to come to our countries you ungrateful turds…you are not welcome.

      1. No need to bomb them into stone age, most of the folks there live with stone age mentality(islam thing it appears) and outside big cities they still live in mud huts.
        There should be wall built around those shit countries, let the sort their shit out themselves, get civilized in the process and then see what good comes out of it.
        Just like all fags and pedos could be sent to remote island and let them build their rainbow country there and live in a happy shiny world of their own without messing up with straight societies.

  5. I may be a little late coming into this, but if everyone thinks that all America touches is hammered dog poo, then someone isn’t thinking. Prior to WW2 the vast majority of the known world- excepting Europe and North America, was considerably backwards, under a totalitarianism regime, or both. (Think Japan’s Rape of Nanking or their little foray across the Pacific Rim, and anything Uncle Joe did in Russia and you get the picture.) And then compare the picture in the following link. America is a good, decent and charitable country. Try not to forget our intent is pure enough- but it’s still exercised by flawed people. And the only stumbling point is leftist twits and 5th century towelheads. Both who don’t think twice of pushing you off the cliff of their murderous ideology. And I don’t recall an instance of one capitalist nation going to war with another.

  6. America already IS a de facto empire.
    And that has been its ruin; now, it’s in its decline and fall stage.
    Enjoy the decline! Kinda late now to do anything else…

    1. It’s possible to have an efficient empire, at least for a while. I blame greedy, incompetent government bureaucracy for the decline of America, but people get what they want- greedy people think the government will tax the rich and somehow make their lives better, yet the guy at the bottom of the food chain always ends up paying for everything through VAT, petrol, and lots of other taxes.

  7. So, an American Empire would encourage tradition? Doubt that. All of the countries that are currently under firm American control (Britain, France, (((Germany))), etc.) are the most degenerate. The flooding of Europe by nonwhites is in large part because of unnecessary wars started and supported by America. Every country in Europe where a “pro-American” and “pro-West” leader comes to power, degeneracy ensues (see: Ukraine, Serbia, Poland, Baltic States, etc.). Global American influence doesn’t safeguard against degeneracy. It causes it.

    1. Poland currently has a pro Western, patriotic, and conservative government. We can see through the degeneracy and at the same time borrow whats best from the western world. The KGB worked overtime to a great success to promote degeneracy abroad, the UK Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn was a KGB asset handled by the Slovak intelligence service.

      1. Poland may be “patriotic” and “conservative” on the surface, but in reality it is another NATO (American) satellite. Poland’s hatred of Russia, which is historically understandable, inevitably pushes them into the orbit of degeneracy. Despite being an ostensibly Catholic county, their birth rate is in the toilet, among the lowest in Europe. Just look at what happened when your “sovereign” state tried to pass a law to stop people spreading falsehoods about WWII. They were stopped by the true holders of power. If Poland goes against the leftist narrative of the EU to an unacceptable degree, they will be crushed accordingly.

        1. It’s better to be a NATO country than a “Warsaw” (Moscow) Pact country from Poland’s perspective, you have to have alliances. It’s in Russia’s interest to have the West decline economically and politically, as long as they buy their natural resources. The current leftists in the West are Soviet Russia’s children, her useful idiots, as a former KGB Putin knows the game very well to have promoted degeneracy abroad, which now has a life of it’s own, to undermine his competition while promoting nationalist ideas at home, for which there was no need when Russia was a full totalitarian country when people couldn’t make and exercise personal religion and philosophical choices. All of Poland’s woes are a consequence of the 50 yrs of communism, and the bureaucracy that mostly hasn’t changed. Poland’s birth rate is low, but for European whites it may not be higher, when Muslims and foreigners are excluded. And our government is creating financial incentives for people to have kids. The former communists, who got campaign funding form Russia in 1993 didn’t give a damn about it. This government is the first ever that is independent from both Russia and the EU to the degree circumstances allow, and they’re fighting our own swamp of traitors ready to serve Russia or the EU, depending on where more money is to be gained, like someone in his right mind is going to be openly hostile to Israel at this point in time or anytime, even Putin isn’t. As if there was a country in the world that was fully sovereign and self sufficient, we’re at least trying, despite the larger economic and geopolitical trends in motion beyond our control.

      2. Poland is still going through the same invasion just slower. In thirty years they will be at the same stage as Germany now. If you don’t define citizenship racially that will always happen in the long run.

        1. Whites were almost 20% of the world’s population in 1900, now they’re less than 6%, it will be challenging for any country, and very difficult to hold out in 50 years. But when the world goes through a serious economic grinder this time, and it may not be more than 5 years away, survival and putting food on the table will be the main issues, not some phony gay or what have you stuff.

        2. 20% I think they were over 30% in 1900 and now if you go on wikipedia and look at white people they claim they are 11%. They are predicted to fall to under 3% by 2100

        3. Japan allows like 30 in per year as refugees and they are other asians!! They will decline in populations but because they have their migration systems on point it just means more property for the rest of them to live in and more infrastructure.
          For as long as we kept are homogeneity we would have stayed a million miles ahead of asia but now I am not so sure. The countries are being pulled down by people not suited to these societies.

      3. While your points concerning the former USSR are not wrong, you’re misinterpreting the current situation. Does America and their entire NATO “bloc” hate Russia because it’s spreading worldwide degeneracy? No. It’s the exact opposite. Russia is vilified largely because they have refused to submit to the homosexual/anti-nationalistic agenda that is prevalent in practically all Western nations.

        1. This “degeneracy” thing is a side show. The American establishment wants to remove Trump from office or to “train” him to do their bidding. They had to come up with a public reason to attack him and their choices were narrowed down to Russia as the enemy du jour, China wouldn’t fly as well. This aligns with the interest of many crony capitalists the world around, when Russia defaulted in 1998, the Soros’ hedge fund alone lost $2B, http://www.nytimes.com/1998/08/27/business/international-business-soros-s-quantum-fund-losses-in-russia-put-at-2-billion.html, and that’s just one guy. There were many others who would like to have unfettered access to the Siberian natural resources without having to contend with Putin. Politics is smoke and mirrors, and business is the underlying issue, the West traded with the Soviets from the very beginning, American companies invested there, Lenin’s pal- Armand Hammer comes to mind. It’s the same thing today, overall Russia gave over $140 million to the Clinton Foundation to secure the Uranium One deal, the Swamp made this quiet trade with this supervillain Putin, Uranium One had extensive mineral exploration rights in Kazakhstan, the world’s top uranium producer, that’s Russia’s game- controlling the energy market. German business leaders are bosom buddies with Putin, all this brouhaha about values is more of a distraction. They know they can’t tell the American public the real reasons on TV and expect to garner support.

      4. Poland currently is beeing bashed in the head by so called “allied USA”, for daring to propose a law, that would make smearing campaigns – done mostly by NY jewry and some german media – a little bit difficult.
        An “ally” who forces Poland to submit to extorition is worthless.
        While (the real) neo-nazis in Ukraine slowly rise to power, it`s far better to ditch this slave mentality Polish government has towards USrael, get to terms with Russia.
        Russia is like a cornered animal right now, trying to win as much as possible with the new deal, mostly by expanding offensive army potential.
        Russian land forces are capable of crushing entire NATO land armies, with US reinforcements as well. But it`s strange relationship with China (a perilous ally) holds them back.
        And yet, it is a vast market, exploited mostly by german, french, israeli companies. Despite “sanctions” – they can do business and earn tons of money.
        Poland is forbidden to do so.
        Like one of former foreign affairs ministers said – polish govts. love sucking us cocks.
        Thats because they consist mostly of people, who used to go to “stipends”, or “college courses” to USA, during final years of polish socialism.
        Or got money from US or Germany either way (every german political party has at least one “foundation/institute” in Poland, since early 90s)

        1. I stopped reading after “Russian land forces are capable of crushing entire NATO land armies, with US reinforcements as well. “. You clearly have absolutely no idea of the military powers in the world and their capabilities.
          Rooting for Russias land forces basing opinion on Putins cartoons about his wunder-weapons is like rooting for Hitler and his wunder-waffes that were never produced in substantial numbers to help end war in favour of mustache-man. Russia is slowly, but steadily turning into one big, fucked up clone of North Korea.

    2. I dont see much degeneracy in my country, one of the Baltic states.
      Sure, I can see politicians trying to push agenda of genderists from EU, but the society fights back and tells NO to this bullshit, you see, we are more immune to bullshit propaganda than most of western countries because we went through 50 years of constant attempts of brainwashing by russians that tried to destroy our nations, our cultures.
      Ill give you that yes, USA(Soros and other old wankers) are trying hard to push genderism and immigration agendas onto us, but so far they arent succeeding.

  8. China has banned religious names, long beards, veils and burkas in the Muslim regions of the western part of the country. Local rebellions are squashed immediately.
    Chinese foremen in African mines have been known to beat the crap out of, and even shoot at, locals that steal or get a little too belligerent. According to Mozambicans, late workers are penalized (which I assume is docked pay?), and complain that bonuses are based on performance (well….ummm…yeah).
    Maybe China taking over would not be such a bad thing.

    1. China actually says that even mine workers the Africans suck so badly and achieve nothing they usually just bring their own workers from China. Even the Israelis usuallu bring Eastern European workers even for unskilled work.
      Africans are tribesmen meant to work in small groups to hunt, not men meant to exist in large complex social hierachies. Getting them to work is difficult as they constantly take offense and are always looking to assert their ego and dominance so cannot work for another as they are just designed for these small warrior groups and not mass production factories and huge teams with complex western hierarchies.

  9. An article written by somebody who really doesn’t know his history.
    There’s a lot to be said about minding your own business, about staying out of other peoples’ fights, about standing back and watching them bash their collective heads to no purpose. (Think the Swiss here. Or Argentina, Spain and Portugal in WWII for example.)
    Empires always go bankrupt and fall apart. They cost more to maintain than they’re worth.
    (The exception is when you go into someplace and kill off all the locals, and then settle in your own people, making it all yours. Effectively what the United States did in the West during the latter half of the 19th Century.)
    The United States already *does* have a sort empire. It’s called the Continental United States. And at present, it’s infrastructures and manufacturing economies are being ignored whilst the powers that be prefer to gallivant all over the globe in an effort to be everyone’s savior. It benefits no one except political cronies and (((influential groups))) with their hands out, and has effectively bankrupted the government.
    If you think things are better, then just study up on “The Burrito Index” to see how little your money is really worth.
    Why do you think Trump got elected. (Or Obama for that matter.) The People, not too well educated to be sure as most Americans are, sense something is very very off, and they’re looking for a savior. But of course he’s not delivering, not really. The swamp is still there, and it’s still pretty much business as usual. We’re still stuck in pointless foreign adventures. Crap weapons programs that ought to have been scrapped are still alive. Governments are spending more than they have. Identity and social justice politics are still alive and well. You still have the faux controversies. And so on and so forth.
    Nothing has changed Not really. The U.S. still continues to flounder around in overseas shit holes, digging itself into trouble ever deeper.
    And as some point, unless there’s a hard 180 and fast, you can expect a massive collapse, and with the various tribes within the U.S. turning on each other in a sort of L.A. riots writ very, very large.
    Book, there’s always a book, and in this case two of them:
    The Collapse of Complex Societies By Joseph Tainter
    Reinventing Collapse: The Soviet Experience and American Prospects
    by Dmitry Orlov
    Oh, and start paying attention to the writings of The Saker, Bill Bonner, Victor Davis Hanson and Paul Craig Roberts.
    I like reading history, but I don’t want to live it.
    Just a thought.

  10. Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria….shit countries that were shit before USA got there and have returned to their shit-status now that USA has left. It doesn’t count if you only stay for ten years. We need to take them over, subjugate them to our will, replace their cultural narrative with Christianity and capitalism, and then things will get better. It’s a long-term investment, not for the faint of heart.
    And by the way, who is better equipped to do it, if not USA? No country even comes close to our navy or the rest of our military. Admittedly, we first need to get our house in order on the home front, but that is presently under way.

    1. The only way that would ever work would be if you did what the Romans would have done: Kill every last man, woman and child in the place, and then settle your own people in their stead by offering free land and building towns.
      (More or less exactly what happened in the American West in the latter part of the 19th Century:
      Empire Express: Building the First Transcontinental Railroad
      by David Haward Bain )
      Afghanistan would make a pretty good “New Colorado.” Looks just like it in fact. Arable land. Minerals. Snowy mountains. The skiing is probably pretty good.
      Except…well, this isn’t the 1895, and the whole Scramble for Empire thing is soooo last Century. And there’s that whole genocide thing with all the bad press. Plus…
      Not viable inasmuch as Russia, China, Pakistan, India and Iran would raise a stink. It’s their sphere of influence after all. Plus some of them have nukes, and aren’t afraid to use them if they feel threatened. (Esp. the Russians. And they’re very good at what they do.)
      Better just to leave and concentrate on your energy and treasure on dealing with your problems at home. Patch the holes in your own rood instead of worrying about their Better just to buckle down and concentrate of making things that other people in other countries – meaning regular people, the people standing on the street, and not a military – want to buy. Win-win deals instead of win-lose zero-sum deals, instead of grand-theft writ large empire building.
      Learn from the Japanese: You can make more money selling TVs instead of Tanks.
      Just a thought.

      1. Would you suggest the same attitude to Putin as well – stay home and patch own issues before teaching the world and its neighbors how to live?
        If americans stay out of Europe, its going to be shit mess with Putins attempts to occupy ex-soviet states that were once under ruskis rule.

    That statement is as fantastic as Lief Ericson’s short-lived dream of taking Maine away from the Micmac.
    When the black Navy would dock in Dubai and go into the damn KFC and even the Arabs detested them.
    Nobody wants a bunch of America’s social problems in their own countries.
    Most men who leave their own country have discreditable reasons to leave anyhow.
    Only a bunch of third world trash want to live in America and nobody from Australia for example wants to trade their citizenship to be American.
    I DON’T WANT TO LIVE THERE. You think I want to go outside my house and see a bunch of Cholos and Blacks from the barracks near my beloved pristine country?
    I won’t go within 40 miles of a US military base. I’ve seen a few on R&R and the way they act makes me sick.
    One time I saw a Mexican marine in Dubai on the road-he was a shitbag Embassy Guard who disliked me because I was a civilian making more money and I drove past and he flashed a crazy Richard Ramirez grin.
    I thanked the Dear Lord that more beans like him did not enlist and come over to Dubai. He made me sick to see him on the road scuffing around off the base and off duty.
    The US cannot even successfully colonize the US.
    The shithead who wrote this article obviously lives in some bubble in some Irish-American typical blue-collar Dennis Leary fantasyland.
    All we would do is run up more trillions of dollars.

  12. America’s chance at the Days of Empire are gone. We had a shot at a 1000 year empire right after WWII but instead we wanted to pretend like the Russians were our friends and if we just treat them nice and let them enslave some Eastern Europeans that really don’t matter and pretend like the Brits and French still were relevant and have a 40% of politicians that secretly think communism might not be so bad yeah we could have had an empire.
    Instead we just “played nice” and got fucked over like every nice guy ever does in the world. It took 50 years to “officially” beat communism just to then realize 20 years later the virus had snuck through the backdoor and infected every major institution in the United States.
    There is nothing left here. Just remnants of what some racist white dudes put together that oppressed women and minorities for centuries. Manifest Destiny fulfilled, great cities, infrastructure that can take you coast to coast in hours, all of that is just racist garbage. Apparently liberals have convinced the youth of today we would all be better off cutting off our genitals and living in huts because you know everything is racist…

  13. This is one of the most misguided articles I’ve ever read on here. You think spreading this shitty, man hating, White hating, miserable fem-centric culture to the rest of what’s left of the world is a good thing?

  14. And yet none of these empires exist anymore. Imperalism is incredibly costly to maintain and leaves a nations millitary far to spread out to form effective defenses.

  15. I’m repeating what others here have already said multiple times, but America needs to end. It has brought destruction and decadence to every people that it has ruled over (Dixie, Western Europe, etc). We’re at the heart of cultural Marxism/feminism/degeneracy/open borders.

  16. Even as a Republican, I think that Trump won’t do anything.
    But I still think there is still hope for 2020…

  17. LOL. The entire history of western civilization is man’s fight to throw off tyrannical leadership. While it sometimes happened through a determinative war (see: American Revolution), it more often happened gradually, through a series of small victories (see: England, starting with the Magna Carta, leading up to the current figurehead monarchy).
    It’s funny that so many redpillers get trapped into thinking they want a return to absolute monarchy… something which we fought for 1,000 years to get rid of. You don’t want a return to kings with the absolute power of life or death over their citizens. What you SHOULD want is a return to the United States circa 1810, minus the slavery – a country ruled by the patriarchy, perhaps with voting limited to landowners, such that anyone who worked hard could eventually become a landowner.
    You don’t want a king or emperor. Even if you get one or two “good” ones, there’s always a mad despot coming down the pike soon.

  18. Maybe you should first put your own women back to their place before you start running around bossing everybody else?
    If you can control and rule over your own women at the home front, than maybe you have a calling in the wider world.
    But not before.

  19. The US can become isolationist again and be just fine from a resource (thanks to fracking) and international security standpoint (due to being literally the only naval power left in the world).
    Latin Immigration isn’t the issue culturally; however undocumented immigrants living outside of legal protections in the US is a big problem because it makes them reluctant to report crime or criminals in their neighborhoods.
    I’m baffled at why, other than racial insecurity, right wingers are so bent out of shape about people from a traditionalist, mostly patrarchical culture moving to the US. Hell, give ‘em citizenship and a vote and it’s a right wing govt for the foreseeable future. I’d venture immigration is the only issue that makes Latinos ever vote Dem/lib.
    Were America to go Imperial, it might reform the planet in its own image but do we really want overpopulated parts of the world demanding US standard of living? How would we govern? It’d be SJW identity politics, niche issues, insurrections times 7 billion.
    There’s a reason all Empires have historically failed.

    1. “other than racial insecurity” Hah, you just don’t get it. Maybe one day you will when you look around your trashed, dangerous, depressive neighborhood. No one will care about you, in fact, you will be hated. Your libertarian dream will be a nightmare as the racial groups living around you will have formed teams/networks to work against you and serve themselves. You will have no say, you will have no power. Just a beta bitch supplicating in fear to those who knew the importance of tribe. Equality and anti-racism only exists in the white mans world on the white mans shoulders.

      1. Bullshit. This isn’t Weimar Germany that had to get its steel from Sweden or its Oil from Russia.
        America is the only reason the rest of the world has been relatively at peace since the end of WW2. This is because the US Navy protects trade routes on other countries’ behalf and provides the US global military reach. No other country has that right now nor would they have the resources to catch up to the US in the next century.
        Immigrants to the US have zero impact on its advantages in resources and its military might.
        Illegal immigrants only cause a problem in as much as they are:
        Easy victims of crime because they mostly deal in cash (paid off the books and don’t have bank accounts) and because they’re too scared of deportation to go to the police.
        Culturally, most immigrants whodon’t need a boat to get to America can sit down with a midwestern Republican family and agree on most issues (except maybe immigration).
        Also, the fucking baby boomers are about to retire en masse and their spoiled kids the millennials aren’t producing shit, won’t work blue collar jobs, and God forbid one of them ever enlists. Who the fuck do you think is going to do the grunt work here? The 45 year old gen X’ers in middle management?
        Look at SJW’s who don’t know what fucking gender they are and whine about “safe spaces,” they’re mostly middle class, white college students. That bullshit isn’t being imported, it’s homegrown.
        The answer isn’t to go try to govern some shithole halfway across the globe — it’s focusing domestically, being pragmatic about our labor force and not pretending we just lost WWI.

        1. “Culturally, most immigrants whodon’t need a boat to get to America can sit down with a midwestern Republican family and agree on most issues (except maybe immigration).”
          Can you provide a single shred of evidence that proves that claim? That’s a typical cuckservative talking point that one expects to hear from the likes of Jeb Bush. “Hispanics are natural republicans.” It’s a big lie.

        2. @Ion Antonescu
          It’s Reagan you’re calling “cuckservative” because that was his quote originally, not Jeb’s.
          Here are some stats on how Latino voters stand on the conservative/liberal scale. Most are moderate to conservative:
          Latinos went against Trump for obvious reasons (disparaging remarks and the wall). Obviously, a hard right white supremecist stance would further put them off.
          On that note, reading the comments section, I get the feeling MRA has been infiltrated by some 1488’er’s — maybe that’s why you picked a username based on a lameass Rumanian fascist whose army got itself stomped by the Soviets (Rumanian mausers, never been fired and only dropped once) and was convicted of war crimes.
          Here’s an article from ROK on why that sucks:

          9 Reasons Nazism Should Be Kept Out Of The Masculine Right

  20. I’ve been advocating this for years. America should not shy from it’s Imperial Responsibility. As the successor to the British Empire, it is our moral duty to take up the mantle of Empire for the good of Americans and the world.

    1. Is fast food, MTV, Hollywood and wars for Israel your idea of a great Empire? No wonder there is so much anti-american sentiment going around. Then again, actual americans don’t run the U.S government. Tight spot for you guys.

      1. MR KELLEY
        Anti-Americanism goes around because Brits and other whites feel as if they live in piss ant trivial countries where the cost of living is high.
        Other countries have Fast Food franchises but they do not catch on. Other countries produce films. But nobody wants to watch government-funded pigslop from Canada or New Zealand and the budgets are lower.
        Jews have nowhere near the power and influence in the US government that is thought or they would have voted for Hillary Clinton.

        1. You forgot to explain why white women across the west shake their arses around at nightclubs like lowly coons. Too much Belgian influence maybe?

  21. One basic issue not discussed here is how to make “empire” pay for itself. Right now, our interventionist foreign policy is a “loss center” to the U.S. tax payers. How does the author of this piece propose to turn it into a “profit center”?

    1. American elites are not working for the good of the country. They should prop up friendly dictators abroad, who would give American companies business contracts, buy American weapons, and maintain order and stability in exchange for military support when necessary. You’d want those countries to be prosperous and do well, this should be a mutually beneficial arrangement so that most of their people would be happy and like Americans. The Iranian Shah was an American stooge, but Iran wasn’t a hopeless case like Afghanistan or Iraq (where destabilization was most likely the goal), but a functioning country, so it could be done. With first world countries, they should work out simple and just free trade deals to benefit everybody.

  22. Vladimir Putin will usher in an Orthodox Christian empire after he nukes every nest of homo, feminist and tranny in the West.

    1. ANON
      Maybe we can have a gangster-run plutocracy like Russia and women from Iowa will peddle ass on the roads of Dubai for $50 a throw.
      Good future there.

  23. American military is nothing more than a proxy Mafioso gangster for Israeli Zio interests. The country itself is a cash cow to be milked dry by J3ws. Its progressive culture to sell harmful propaganda and mind-poison worldwide to herd the cattle to Kosher slaughter.

  24. Britain didn’t end Widow burning & the white christian race is an ideologically enslaved viral plague on the world.

  25. Someone has not been paying attention. It is impossible to have an empire and keep the borders of the nation at the centre of that empire hermetically sealed. The nations that never had global empires are generally the most homogeneous, post-imperial nations are multicultural. Every recent military adventure or debt-imperialist move of the hubristic West has simply resulted in mass movement of peoples towards the West. This piece sums up the irony of the Western project – the constant search for commodities and power beyond the West’s own borders destroys the racial identity you hold dear. Imperialism is the ancestor of globalism, destroying the beautiful diversity of humanity, spreading war, resentment, want and misery, and replacing it with a materialist, spiritually empty, gynocentric monoculture. Revive a Western imperial project by all means – but only if you are prepared for the demographic boomerang.

    1. I think if you have an ethnostate with whites only laws its really quite easy. If you seen walking down the street and not white you get arrested.

  26. This is the best article I’ve seen on ROK in months. It’s nice to see someone else gets it. Our local problems with the religion of peace could be over with in days if they temporarily lost police protection. And the “kingdom” wouldn’t last a week against the U.S. military. Once the snake loses it’s head and all the oil money that comes with it, the world is a very different place. The U.S. is still incredibly powerful–if we would have the balls to use that power.

  27. This is retarded. This isn’t the days of British colonialism. The US becoming a monopoly is impossible. Fat boy in N. Korea quite possibly has his hand over the red button pointing at us. Even if we decided to become an empire the U.N. and other countries could possibly hold up trade agreements, and the majority of this country are already fighting Trumps attempts at nationalism. We can’t just bully other countries into doing whatever we want because “we are America fuck you”. We have been comprimising with other countries for decades.
    We aren’t even amongst the top ten richest countries, and still owe the Chinese millions. Even pushing democratic voting in the middle East is causing bloodshed today. The solution isn’t isolation and imposing our will. I believe we need new laws and regulations to weed out those who come to this country spreading destruction. We are growing further apart as a nation, going manifest Destiny on the world is only gonna make it worst.

  28. Is this meant to be satire ie pisstaking dogshit like Hitlary Clinton?
    Or is it some imbecile who’s trying to be serious?
    Either way, all it does is discredit red pill culture.
    Maybe it was written by a dungaree wearing dyke?
    Anyway, what utter garbage.

  29. So some fucktard has a plan to get America hated and finally nuked.
    Wow, I’ve seen some crap on this blog. This is as bad as anything.

  30. And some of these morons wonder why Sept 11 happened?
    An utterly scummy individual who deserves to die a painful death for advocating the terrorisation of innocent people and nations.
    Glad to see the era of American dominance and tyranny is coming to an end.
    Hopefully idiots like this will get on the receiving end of some of their own “medicine”.

  31. Sun Tzu “Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.”
    That’s why all these Muslims are able to position themselves in police, government, building of new mosques, accumulate wealth illegally, etc…The old Anglos in power allow them to acquire these positions to get them thinking that Americans are weak by allowing them to acquire small-medium level positions of power that was formerly given to some retired white male babyboomer 20 some years ago…When Trump announces the purge and extradition of Muslims from the US when they completely go nutzo, they will be very easy to spot.

  32. Unfortunately, Amerika is run by ‘the Tribe’ which does not have our best interest at heart. ((The Tribe)) here needs to be rounded up and stuffed into ovens.
    I would not mind a return to some white colonization of Africa; we could certainly do a better job than the Africans.

  33. empire?? get your heads out of your asses
    united states, as you know them, are coming to the long-deserved end
    you had your time, did too much damage to the world, and now the world is actually getting rid of you!

  34. Really??? Chinese Eat cat? When the fuck has ROK become a hotbed for racialism? These types of divisive rhetoric aiming at separating men from each other… You fucking piece of shit

  35. This site has always been full of idiotic shit, but this sure takes a piece of the cake.
    You will never be an empire. Your country’s very name and image is too corny to be taken that seriously. Your leadership is rotten beyond repair. Your take on religion is weak and without true conviction, an annoyance to Wodan. I could go on.
    That said, I love the USA. I know many great Americans who I would not hesitate to call friends. You don’t need to be a gigantic powerhouse and I highly doubt the world would benefit much from such a thing. There are many prosperous countries who have no need to become “empires”. There is no reason the USA cannot be one of them.
    We don’t need your delusional ideas of empire.

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