4 Predictions For Women And The Dating Market In The Next 20 Years

You’ve read Bang four times and honed your game over some years. What’s next? Well, for a start, take note of the changing environment around you. And changing it is. Though the material you read and practice from a book is very important, you also need to appreciate the developing trends out there.

Attracting a mate or one-time sexual partner is becoming harder and harder. Here’s why the next 20 years are going to be very tough for many, many men:

1. Women will use sugar daddy websites whilst having normal boyfriends

Not pictured: average male corporate cog used, cucked, and financially abused by a woman.

Cuckolding is bound to take on a new form over the next two decades. Many women will gladly take some (or a lot of) money on the side to have sex with a rich, usually older benefactor. At the same time, expect them to maintain a “relationship” with a man closer to their own financial level. The expanding breed of beta bux is going to be the lower middle-class chum who diligently provides for a woman, but never to the extent of her on-and-off sugar daddies.

If discovered (and, increasingly, there won’t be a need to vigorously hide these things), women are likely to resort to saying, “Well, he provided for me more than you did!” With more apocryphal and even confirmed cases of such sugar-daddying behavior, other women will duplicate the scenario.

2. More female sex trips abroad to Cuba, Cancún, Spain, and other places will happen

What lies beneath this photo?

On the surface, anticipate the ubiquitous and comparatively innocent photos of girls in bikinis jumping straight up into the air to make a star figure. Beneath it, however, will lurk the more sinister underbelly of girls traveling specifically to ride the cock carousel. Many men won’t ever have an idea of “their” woman’s sexual history or only have a chance of finally knowing about it when it’s far too late.

Away from the eyes of their boyfriends, husbands, or simply the men who pedestalize them as pristine angels, all sorts of uncouth antics and outright debauchery shall occur. If the shenanigans were to be at least partially filmed, the girls involved will have outed themselves as the furthest thing from marriage material. But as additional examples of this mindset come out, many men will nevertheless feel forced to wife them up, being bereft of other options.

3. The hollowing out of any protections for men, especially prenuptial and other agreements, will continue

…contracts meant to protect men are becoming worthless.

This process really started to accelerate after the case of Elizabeth Petrakis, who managed to convince a court that a supposedly verbal contract, impossible to verify, superseded her highly detailed prenup with her then husband. Men are scoring some victories in having their pre- or post-nups enforced, including hedge fund manager Jacob Gottlieb successfully arguing his wife should get a “mere” $1.6 million. Yet most men, and not just the multmillionaires, are either finding themselves screwed or will find themselves screwed.

“Pressured to sign” is the standard-issue cry for a woman to challenge clearly written words in a legal contract. There’s no such thing as “girl power” or “female agency” when a woman makes a money grab of this kind. Contractual concepts like unconscionable conduct, initially created to stop people from, say, getting business partners drunk to sign unfair agreements, are being warped to appeal to gold diggers keen to portray themselves as victims. Watch out.

4. An even bigger piece of the sexual pie is going to go to an even smaller number of men

There’s a term in biology called a superstimulus, an over-the-top representation of an already desired characteristic. In the case of men’s wants, think impossibly large but firm breasts and a one in a billion hip-to-waist ratio. For women, worldwide media and communications outlets mean that they are given constant examples of high-achieving, wealthy men, examples which are then used to evaluate every other man. These are the male superstimuli women have come to lust after.

With 80-90% of men on dating sites currently considered “subpar” by browsing women, another two decades of social media use and having LeBron James and Justin Bieber clones thrown at them is certain to make females even pickier. If 80% of women flock to 20% of men now, it may shift to 95% of women jumping at that same 20% of men. And the male top 5% could end up getting 80%+ of the decent females.

The whole situation should remind you of this:

Are you ready?

It’s literally a brave new world out there. Although the situation is harder than it should be, there’s no excuse for not striving and adapting.

This website and Roosh’s books, along with any other quality material you have come across, are resources you can use to be successful in the evolving sexual marketplace.

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212 thoughts on “4 Predictions For Women And The Dating Market In The Next 20 Years”

  1. Choose the right field in which to work. Meaning the one where you will be able to attain the highest income for your skill set. If in college, focus on business, law, medicine, finance, or STEM. Anything that ends in the word “Studies” is to be avoided. Careers like teaching or social work are to be avoided. Or any other career where females are in the majority.
    Money will absolutely allow a guy to overcome looks/build/social status to bang hot young girls, whether they are gold diggers, sugar babies or escorts. Is it as “cool” as being a muscular, MMA trained bad boy on a motorcycle who gets hotties for free? Of course not. But it gets the job done. And beats the hell out of being stuck with a plane Jane, fat pig, ugly-fugly, or worst of all, a sagging, wrinkled 40 year old bag with stretch marks and varicose veins.

    1. Also, consider the more lucrative trades (Plumber, Electrician, Iron Worker, etc..) over a college degree if you are good at this type of thing. Will make money much faster than most degrees (except the ones I mentioned) and no student debt. And trade expertise + business knowledge/training can be very lucrative. And cool too. Business owners get to hire hot young secretaries…

      1. Nah.
        Women are not interested in plumbers, regardless how well off they are.
        Low social status, that’s it.
        It makes no difference how logical you are.

        1. Not only high status positions, but women are also attracted to occupations with good widow benefits (military, police, firefighter).
          And yes, I am implying that that is the appeal, not because she thinks “uniforms are sexy” or that “she feel safe”.
          I find it interesting, also, that high status occupations (doctor, lawyer, finance), police, firefighter, and active military are positions where the man is out of her hair for several hours a day, several months of the year, or working all night. It makes me wonder.

        2. He’s a Sanitation engineer. Fixed it. Actually I know a chick whos a millionaire and she owns a medium sized plumming company.
          Also I have a buddy who introduces himself as a school teacher and the girlies love it.
          Having confidence and showing pride in your work goes a long way.

        3. I think the best option for young guys is to go for the trades for the stable employment and to avoiding college. But cultivate an attractive and if possible lucrative side interests and hobbies. Music, foreign language skills, technology expertise etc. A lot of online courses are being offered free of cost by prestigious universities like MIT and Stanford. Getting good at your side gigs and skills will boost your confidence, even if you don’t make money off of it.

        4. Once upon a time the low class thing applied. These days when lots of other more respectable jobs, managerial job no longer exist, replaced by computers, robots or cheap third world labour, the value of a tradesman has increased in the marketplace, especially in the eyes of women.
          Women see these guys as very masculine, plus these guys can bring in plenty of money equal to a good or better white collar job. If you have a trade and then start a larger business in the same field, managing employees or subcontractors, they can sit back and twiddle their thumbs whilst raking in the cash.

      2. Once again, you’re spot on correct in your analysis about young men pursuing the trades, Slim. So what if women turn their noses up at plumbers, pipe fitters, welders, machinists, millwrights, bricklayers, carpenters, ironworkers, boilermakers, electricians, etc. Having a trade and/or marketable skills, avoiding leftist misandryist universities (and massive student loan debt), making a decent living, having a faith base, having outside interests and/or hobbies, being healthy, having an ethical system, and being able to sleep at night hold far greater value than any morally bankrupt modern western trollops ever would! Forget them, young gentlemen, and avoid them like the plague! Even just going to work out of high school beats any worthless and nebulous piece of toilet paper from some degree mill. I once had a heated argument with a Southern Baptist minister (and I’m not a Protestant) about a young man in his church who wanted to go to an 18 month machinist program at a CC, then pursue the machinist trade. His argument was “all you’ll ever have as a machinist is a good job”. My argument was “what’s wrong with having a good job”? So a piece of paper (and thousands of $ in debt) from feminist/leftist university in gender studies, bongo drum circles, or street graffiti was the way to go in his book?

        1. Thanks Mr. Z.
          Another great thing about the trades is that the work is “hands on” and cannot be outsourced/off-shored. And I do not know of any companies sponsoring H1B plumbers…

        2. @Auto…
          Do not worry, H1B is a program for Jobs/Positions where there is “Skills/Expertise” SHORTAGE !! and I don’t think MEN who are Plumbers, Electricians, Mechanics etc., will ever want to go to other Country to do the same !!
          These professionals make “hell lot of” money in their native places, probably more than a high-paid Civil Services positions and Doctors, Lawyers etc., and more over, I hardly heard any of them (plumbers etc.) paying “Income Tax”, back in Hindustan !!
          So (I don’t know about other people, but) people from Hindustan will never come to work as Plumbers and/or will ever want to do any “Pipe fitting”, unless, of course, if this Government and Corporations announce that their Country is “LACKING or SHORTAGE” in “Skills/Expertise” in these “job areas” !!

        3. @Ravi
          I mention h1b due to being an IT consultant with 30.5 years of experience. I have seen many coworkers replaced by h1bs. I do not harbor resentment towards the individuals who participate in this program. My issues are with the US government that allows this to happen. Look at it this way. How would you feel if India was taking in Pakistani and Indonesian IT workers at significantly lower wages to replace native Indian workers (your friends) at lower wages?

        4. @Auto…
          I am pretty much aware of your “actual” point. Honestly, I do not feel much about that situation (or at least “not that much” the locals here are “feeling” !!). Again, there are several reasons:
          -Problem comes ONLY if Hindustan Government & Corporations (hereafter; HG & Cs) ACCEPT & ANNOUNCE that their Country is LACKING and/or SHORTAGE of “Skills and Expertise” and NEEDS People/Experts from other Countries !!
          -Problem ONLY comes if there are “foreign” (doesn’t matter from whatever Country or Continent) Students in Hindustan who can beat the “locals” and WIN competitions like SPELLING BEE !!
          -Problem ONLY comes if HG & Cs can find “foreign” people who are “more” HARDWORKING, EDUCATED, have “more” SKILLS, EXPERTISE, QUALIFICATIONS and are NOT “demanding” and expect everything to be handed over on a “silver plate” !!
          Also, I will almost NEVER agree with the argument that “locals” are simply “replaced” by others (especially Hindustanis) just because they work for “less” wages !! No, NEVER !!
          Before coming to this Country, I also worked in the United Kingdom and I can say that Hindustanis are being paid ON-PAR with the locals (in fact MORE than locals, in many instances) because they DESERVE and are worth IT; NOT because they work for “less” !!
          Obviously, the Managerial positions are “automatically” being “kept/reserved” for locals (even though they can easily be replaced by “others” who can OUT-PERFORM !!) . Of course, I have no problem in that and I feel its fair enough.
          I always have similar point; I do not have anything against the common people. Its all the “vested interests”, so called “elites” and the Politicians.

        5. @ Ravi
          I cannot speak for the UK, but here in the US the program is not being used to fill a “need” but rather to replace existing American workers. There are numerous documented instances, including the fairly recent one with Disney.
          By law these offerings must be posted in a public area of the company. At my current contract this is in the pantry. The wages are far below what experienced Americans receive for similar positions. And most of the positions are contracted work, where the 3rd parties, like Wipro or Tata, will receive the bulk of the money. The reps of these firms will also grease the palms of HR personal and hiring managers with parties and gifts. Ans remember, the older Americans who are laid off use the medical insurance/benefits of the corps, and usually have accrued 4/5 weeks of vacation per year. So getting them out saves the company lots of money. It is not about higher skill or working harder. IT is about $$$ here in the US.

        6. @Auto…
          I am not denying the actual point and the real concern. Yes, there are Corporations and Businesses that “misuse” rules and regulations. Their only purpose is to raise profits.
          But then, think from a Business point of view: I am able to get the “work” done with same results, standards and well within the deadlines by a “someone” with “this-amount-of-Salary”; so why should I pay “more-than-that-amount-of-Salary” to any other person (local or non-local) !!??
          Why it is that the any other person (local or non-local) do the “work” for “this-amount-of-Salary” !? Why they expect “more” !!??
          Anyway, I don’t want to say all the stuff like, for example, the H1B Program MANDATES a SET Amount of SALARY that is ON-PAR; not “less”.

      3. Also make it a point to mention prenups at first discussion on a proposal and then frequently there after (therefore there is no duress or pressure to sign, she will always know where you stand). You want a TRUTH detector for your relationshit, that will be it….you will instantly find out the truth.
        You SHOULD discuss prenups the very first time talk about marriage happens or any discussion goes to possible proposal. Any man who doesn’t utter that first before a proposal is a simping cuck in waiting.

        1. Points to remember on a Pre-Nup:
          -Get it signed well in advance of the marriage, *at least* nine months prior.
          -Hire the very best Family Law Attorney you can get your hands on. This can’t be emphasized enough. This is no time to go cheap, and you absolutely do not want a Legal Zoom/Black’s legal forms cut-and-paste job.
          -She has to hire her own attorney. Do not advise her on her choice of attorney. Do not pay for, or help her to pay for, her attorney. (Undue Influence.)
          -Both you and she meet with your respective attorneys in a neutral venue, and then get *everything* on the table at that point. Everything means exactly that. (For example, Tom Leykis intimated that his last pre-nup was 40 odd pages long, and covered such things as her relatives, appearance and so on, in addition to the usual points of infidelity, financial support, custody, etc.)
          -Do not discuss the negotiations before, during, or even after. For example, don’t discuss the negotiations after you’ve had sex. (Emotional Duress.) Do not ignore the terms of the contract at a later date. (Tacit Change to the Contract.)
          -Understand that even with a Pre-Nup, some courts may still hold that the agreement is not legally binding. (I believe that this is the case in Britain.) Thus, realize that venue shopping may take place in some divorces.
          -Even if you have nothing now, that may not be – probably will not be – the case in the future. Thus in a Pre-Nup assume the best case scenario for yourself in terms of education, career, and finances, and then proceed on that basis.
          -Oh, and even if you get married to some giggling idiot from a “Conservative Traditional Country,” the split second you set foot in the West, then all Family Law applies. So, Pre-Nup up regardless.
          Finally, ask yourself why in hell you’re even getting married. The whole article is about the Alphas getting the attractive women. In that case, why tie yourself down with a starter wife when odds are you can do better, can get – will get -hotter and younger women in the future. Better concentrate your energies on yourself – career, finances, physical well being – than strap yourself into the emotional and financial roller-coaster that marriage has become in most developed countries.
          Wanting is not the same as having. Maybe she’s your (hot) sweet and innocent little jewel now, she could well become a fire breathing harridan (or land-whale) in the future, maybe sooner than you think. (Look at what your old girlfriends have become to see what I mean.) Avoiding the marriage game altogether allows you to walk away – get away clean – when things go South, as they too often do.
          Hope this helps.
          Just a thought.

        2. VICB3:
          This is great stuff on Prenups. I have some real life experience with Prenups as I worked as Paralegal for 6 years + doing law school now.
          I have no intention of going into Family Law, but I think maybe we can combine efforts and create an article on Prenups. Not legal advice, of course, but a crash-course on Prenups.
          I already started on the article for RoK on prenups, but you seem knowledgeable on the topic and maybe we can combine efforts? Are you an attorney? Former/current victim of an Emperor on Black Robes from a hellish Family Law court? Paralegal?
          One of the key issues that I think need to be addressed is that many men are using “I am smart, I am getting a Prenup” as an “excuse” or justification for his folly to get married in a Western country in this day and age. Modern marriage (Marriage 2.0) is simply useless, superfluous, and dangerous in modern world.
          I used to be a proponent of marriage in the past, because of my Christian faith, but also because I was successfully married for over 12 years, until became widower. But when asked if I would marry again today, my answer is unequivocal: HELL NO.
          Another issue I think is not being discussed enough is the fact that SOME people have to get married because they want to bring a foreign fiancée into their home country or they ant to legalize a foreigner already living inside the country. Or maybe they met a rich girl they’d ant to marry and she is not “prenup smart”. or they are extremely religious, like Mormons or real Christians.
          I consider myself a real Christian, and I would love to be able to get married again and to have children, but in 2018 America, that is simply NOT feasible. The risks are insanely high for me, I only have to lose if I marry again. And NO, a Prenup will not “protect me”…. it is simply a false sense of security. It helps and if the man is dead-set on marriage, he absolutely should have a Prenup drafted by a specialist lawyer, but he needs to understand it is a false sense of security. The Prenup can be thrown out by an Emperor for any reason or cannot protect the man in the future.
          This is what I want to address in my “crash course” on Prenups.
          Let me know if you want to collaborate. 🙂

        3. Ps. Since I do not know you experience in legal matters (see my reply above), there are also a couple small things I anted to add to your post about Prenups.
          1) Any man should also remember that a Prenup should be drafted inside the USA, in the State you are going to live in, by a professional lawyer who only works in this field. Yes, marrying inside USA also creates a new set of problems as well, but US courts are powerful and use brutal force to enforce their rulings, while her 3rd world country can issue whatever rulings they want, but they won’t be enforced here. If you do not have the Prenup done here, she will file divorce in US courts and you will be trapped in their jurisdiction (control).
          2) You can also demand a prenup signed in HER home country as well (as a backup plan and also get USA Prenup when she arrives), if you plan to marry outside USA, which is a HUGE mistake, for legal and immigration reasons. On Immigration front, she will be stuck in her country for months and months if you marry her there AND you are giving her country primary jurisdiction about marriage when you will be residing in USA, for example.
          I know some men foolishly think her country has “conservative fair laws”, but consider this: you are a FOREIGNER in her country. The courts/jurors in her country may want to favor her in any proceeding on these grounds alone.
          Also, many countries do not have prenuptial laws, so that could be a problem as well.
          3) You are mentioning marrying foreign girl…. the Prenup should be translated into her native language as well (I am addressing this in an article I am writing in this top for RoK).
          4) The Prenup may have to be signed twice, once in her country and another one inside USA. Here is why: if you bring her as a fiancée into USA to marry (best Immigration law path), then she will only have a few WEEKS, not months (as should be) to get Prenup done, as her fiancée visa is only good for a couple months.
          5) You forgot to mention: the signing of the Prenup should be done with her attorney present, a language translator, and VIDEO TAPED the whole thing, including discussions between her and he lawyer.
          (I am addressing this in my article as well). 😉
          Honestly, a good Prenup, with attorneys fees and all the other stuff (translator, video tape, etc will run about $7 grand on law end + all immigration related costs.
          Sure, the Prenup might save you then of thousands during your future divorce, but it may be useless if not done expertly and carefully…. and even if it is, Emperor Judge can still come up with a reason to throw it out (dismissal).
          So again…. we, in the Western world, are trapped between missing out in bringing in a decent woman from overseas and starting a family with kids and being forced to have non-marital relationships with the useless women of our countries. -_ – This dichotomy reality exists, where we, the men, live under contestant risk, since our laws are biased and corrupt, allowing Emperors to decide our fate, not contracts or civility.
          In the end, as men, we are forced to decide…. bring a great woman I met overseas and take the risks of a marriage that has over 50 chance of ending up badly…. or live alone and never marry and have kids out of wedlock (or not at all)? What a state of affairs we are in when the “foreign woman”, like any woman in our own corrupt home countries, can simply divorce rape as anytime. >_<
          Can I suggest this article for reading in this regard??? https://illimitablemen.com/2016/01/22/the-choice/
          Get a Prenup if you must marry, men, but be advised, you are taking an insane risk, regardless.

      4. Negative, bro. In our social media-hyped culture, women want a man they can brag on. A millionaire-on-paper spendthrift who has no savings, doesn’t have a dime at the end of the month but has high status, leased trinkets and can get in the VIP will pull truckloads more primo tail than a 100K/yr debt-free, home-owning electrician EVER will.

    2. @AutomaticSlim
      A career like teaching may not be ideal for a guy who wants a huge net worth at the end of the day (although pension plans are always nice), I would wholeheartedly encourage men to get into this area. Even back when I was in grade school there was still a decent lot of male teachers but from what I’m seeing nowadays, female administrations with female teachers results in female echo-chambers that our youngest generation is being subjected to. What irks me the most is the unjust treatment that some young boys get in schools for being rough and ADHD-like when in fact they are simply BEING boys. You’d be engaging in willful ignorance if you didn’t believe that boys are being feminized right from the beginning in today’s world.

      1. I would encourage more home schooling.
        Especially communal homeschooling, where the mothers of like minded families (relatives, friends, neighbors, etc..) would share the teaching duties. In this manner, the kids would be in a safe environment, taught the right values, and be with lots of friends.

        1. Homeschooling needs to be done correctly, or it can be even worse. It’s really typical to get women with high narcissistic traits using it as a way to domineer their families. Probably more common than not, actually. There really needs to be a strong element of male leadership, or I don’t see homeschooling as a great option. It turns into a personal little dictatorship for the mommy, which is enforced by the Biblical “obey your parents” rule and the modern pozzed Christian “husbands, respect your wives” rule.
          I personally knew of a situation. This guy I almost dated came from a really weird homeschool family, and his mom was very overbearing and definitely running the show. His brother actually lashed-out and killed the mom and another brother, and then shot himself.

        2. A group of men could start their own private school in an unoccupied strip mall, or in a church with empty space. They could use the Robinson Curriculum and the Saxon Math kit (Robinson does not include math.) Gary North at LewRockwell.com has written several articles on how it is a great business opportunity and retirement plan.

      2. Feminists teachers and school administrators think that every male applicant is a childmolester while the female gym teacher is sucking some 12-year-old boy’s c4wk in the locker room after gym classes.

    3. “Many women will gladly take some (or a lot of) money on the side to have sex with a rich, usually older benefactor.”
      AS and myself are willing to do the job!

      1. Additionally, low profile suburban-7 housewife-types married to financially stable, hardass-working, B-type Family Men will let a broke and jobless but clean and articulate marathon fcuker asshole beat the brakes off of it as long as she can get home in time to catch the kids and make dinner.
        She’ll never leave her secure position. She just needs to have her essential womanhood re-affirmed with no strings. This should be relegated to scientific study – I see it so much that they have a repeatable profile.

    4. One disastrous thing feminism has done is it has conditioned a great deal of women to think that being BIG and having a flabby fat bootlicious ass is “ok” because (gasp!) “there’s MORE of me to love”. Riiiiight.
      This sends a very dangerous message to young girls that they don’t have to put much effort into maintaining their bodies with good nutrition. It’s much EASIER going to the hair/nails salon SITTING, getting pampered with ZERO effort.
      Anyone on ROK noticing this trend? —>
      I’m seeing a trend where young slim decent/good looking College guys are dating women who are bigger/wider than themselves. I see them walking down the street holding hands and the first thing that comes to my mind is, “LOL, that dude is just satisfying his pussy thirst — until he FINDS a BETTER skirt.” 😉
      Now, if this is true love or attraction, then fair play; I got nothing against it. But I KNOW men. We are VISUAL creatures…physical looks matter!
      Ladies, the best way for you to attract quality eligible (alpha) males is to keep yourselves in YOUR BEST shape possible. When you look good, you FEEL good. And when you feel good from being in primo shape, you give off a vibe — a sensuality that ALL men find attractive. Well, assuming your minds aren’t poisoned with feminist nonsense. If that’s the case, you’ll still attract men but they won’t be sticking around for the long haul – just a quick dip in the pool. It’s the TRUTH! 😉
      But yet, women let themselves slide in the looks department (ie. seriously getting out of shape) and then they get depressed. What an insane planet!

      1. What about genuine chubby chasers who, if left on a desert island with 1000 beautiful women, would preferentially fuck the fat ones?
        I’m sure there’s at least a few more guys like me out there and it certainly makes the SMV calculations more complicated.

      2. Black Picard, You are exactly right in your observations. I’ve noticed what you are describing in your post a lot when occasionally out and about. Saturday night, I went out to dinner, and then decided to stop off for a drink at a local popular bar in the artsy district of my city. The place caters to a younger millennial crowd, but I don’t get hassled, I am treated well, and I get comped fairly often. I’m turning 60 in a couple of days, never married, and have no desire to deal with women if I can help it, so I just wanted a drink, then to go home. It was about 9:00 pm, and the place was packed. I found a spot in the gunfighter’s seat, and watched the crowd. In the course of an hour, while nursing a couple of vodkas, excluding 2 slender and attractive 20 something bartenders, I saw only 2 slender, attractive, and feminine looking 20 something women. Both were accompanied by meatheads. What I saw is a typical representation of women, especially millennial women, here in Kansas City. Packs of obese, clown haired, skrillex haired, tatted and pierced up 20 something women, screaming, bad skin, dressed frumpy and masculine, cursing like dockworkers, and rudely shoving and bumping into people. Then there were several rotund and mannish bull-dyke lesbian couples making out and going at one another in public. My god in heaven, this is what its come down to! I’m an old man now, so I’m out of the dating & mating game, but god help you younger guys.

      3. Never mind the gastric bypass surgery and balloons in the stomach, all the pills and hormone therapies and the massage parlors and tubes, then the magic fat melting treatments, and laser skin to perfect treatments…All require money but absolutely NO effort what so ever, no training, no self control, no food controls, just keep on going. Hell they even advertise weight loss programs where you buy their food and eat your way to lost weight (as if….).
        Pills and creams and all sorts of other non taxing remedies for being overweight and ugly and getting worse, but yet these pudding shaped princess still rack up the attitude that they are the best thing since gonorrhea…their echo chambers all tell them so. And then they cant figure it out why “goo” men RUN from them as fast as they can…because we are all gay (if you ask them). Hell no, we don’t need talking cottage cheese piles in our midst.

    5. “Is it as “cool” as being a muscular, MMA trained bad boy on a motorcycle who gets hotties for free?”
      Guys, I threw the younger years of my life becoming this, and believe me, it’s not worth it. Sure, I do get pussy for free, but I have to rely on sugar mommas to pay my bills. Don’t do this, become a REAL man and be independent, if I could do it all over again, I would have become a Doctor in medicine. I know it seems like you’re living the cuck life by going to school and getting a good career just to have your wife fuck a guy like me, but here’s the thing, you guys don’t need to be married, you guys don’t need to get cucked, and you can live a much more successful, and independent, better life than I do at the moment, because pussy gets tiring, but on the other hand, independence, a career, and stability to make your own choices does not.
      And if you learn game, you’ll be banging a shit ton of women by being the mature, intelligent, masculine man, just don’t marry them of course, or badboys on motorcycles will be filling their cunts. Because getting married to a woman, instantly brings her attraction meter towards you from HERO to ZERO

      1. @ Conquistador
        Awesome, and I mean AWESOME post sir!
        Honest and to the point. Giving the young guys here the advice they need to succeed.
        100% Correct — just because a guy has the “BUX”, no reason to become the “BETA”.
        Tag ’em and bag ’em. Use ’em and lose ’em.
        No one has to get “cucked” unless they leave themselves open for it.

      2. So wrong. Like your name “conquistador”.
        What exactly did you conquer?
        But to your points: “but on the other hand, independence, a career, and stability to make your own choices does not. ”
        Little do you understand about work. A career and independence do exclude each other 99.99% of cases. Every form of job does, but the more career is involved, the higher the salary and more of your life you have to give.
        You also do not make your own choices. The goverment makes many of them. Like force you at gun point to pay taxes. Or obey its laws. Your long education and career will bind you to the place. You cant simply walk away. You are a servant.
        Stability is another word for boredom or death. In germany there are people what enter the workforce with 20 and have an app that counts down the days until they can enter retirement. Thats the stability you dream of?
        To me you made a lot of things right, except ONE big T-Rex in the room. You seem to be unable to handle your finances. Money is one of the most important things in your life – even as a king, you have to have money.
        What stops you from making money i wonder?

    6. “If in college, focus on business, law, medicine, finance, or STEM”
      Sorry man, you are out of date. Law collapsed back in 2008. Unless you are a jew, a woman with big knockers or well connected, you aren’t getting one of the diminishing number of spots in a large firm that pays 140+k on graduation.
      Medicine is still a good bet. Finance can be, but a lot of firms are filled with foreign pajeets these days. I interviewed for some NYC firms and was shocked at the number of asian foreigners. Same thing with STEM. You face H1B competition, OPT, etc.
      Takes some balls for white males in particular to compete in those fields. Google is being sued for refusing to hire white and asian men at youtube. (More precisely, for firing a recruiter who complained about the practice).

      1. If degeneracy is any indicator you can expect everything to be about extreme and profane as this shit – I mean, shit, its about as fuckin degenerate as it gets- song definitely hits the nail on the head though, “kids eat this shit up – ticket sales have just skyrockedted up” – sex and degeneracy sales

    7. When I see comments like this I know three things about the person who wrote it: they have never 1) written a line of code, 2) done any wet lab work, 3) balanced one differential equation.
      I know plenty of STEM graduates who are not employed in field. The more hard science and technical the field, the harder it is to be employed. Civil Engineers, sure because the government shits away tons of money of worthless infrastructure projects that constantly need updated, as well as corporations building shit on speculation. Bioengineering, not so much.
      Software programmers get fucked by the H1B visa racket. And Mathematics? Go for it if you went to MIT, Stanford, or Columbia, otherwise join the liberal arts majors in the unemployment line.
      Accountants always have work, and usually pretty steady, but pay and career advancement have gone to shit (blame software.) In any of the other soft business fields any girl with a finaciance degree, nice knockers, and mean cock sucking skills will get hired over any qualified man.
      And Law? Have you researched the lost opportunity costs of going to law school? Yeah lawyers can make money, but plenty end up not making enough.

  2. This is all pretty accurate but the situation as it is trending is unsustainable. Either western men will will decide to become real men again or the barbarian invaders will slap burqas on the women of the countries they have conquered.

    1. “will slap burqas on the women…”
      So you are OK with your pussies walking bare chested, doing slut walks, wearing spandex yoga pants, deliberately & desperately showing off flesh, random kicking MEN & going un-punished, affirmative jobs etc. etc. etc.
      Way to go, manginas !!

      1. “will slap burqas on the women…”
        So you are OK with your pussies walking bare chested, doing slut walks, wearing spandex yoga pants, deliberately & desperately showing off flesh, random kicking MEN & going un-punished, affirmative jobs etc. etc. etc.
        Way to go, manginas !!
        What kind of a thoughtless comment is that? Who told you I was OK with any of those modern feminist atrocities? A remorseless patriarchy is returning. Probably after a lot of pain and suffering when western feminized society collapses. Then there will be no more “slut walks” and all the other things you mentioned. The only question is whose patriarchy is it going to be? Ours or theirs?

        1. @who…
          No, my comments are not “thoughtless” !! You outright blamed muslim MEN, for keeping their pussies within their “limits” !! You should have said it in a more “general” style.
          It’s like a “other” guy saying white people are racists and then defending himself with; I didn’t mean “all” white people !!
          Coming to about whose Patriarchy; are you not Confident about yourself and your fellow MEN !?
          Local MEN are capable & are fully aware of the First Step: showing pussies their right place.

        2. Ravi Macho you are a smart man and your postings are wise and of good value.
          You may be a good man, but you are not one of us.
          You are a foreigner in a foreign land your ancestors did NOT conquer.
          Thats what you are up to and we can not allow this to happen.
          You are part of the problem, taking advantage of the weakness of our men. I cant blame you for this, but our ancestors who conquered the world, including your Hindustan, knew very well how to treat your people and deal with your tribe.
          Maybe its time to remember

      2. what the hell are you ranting about?
        Obviously the original poster is not okay with that, you dumbass. He’s pointing out that at this rate, liberalism is going to turn into Islam at some point as the Islamic hordes overrun Europe.

        1. What kind of shit head you are !!?? You don’t seem to understand anything sensible !! You always have GRUDGE against other MEN, especially the Hindustanis !! And the GRUDGE increased with Satya Nadella and Sundar Pichai !!
          I will stop here, saying anything more to you is like; throwing stone on pile of shit !!

    2. Assuming the barbarian invaders are successfully repelled due to a wakeup call, Western society has been severely damaged. About 80 to 90% of its future workforce have been co-opted or reprogrammed with degenerate thinking.
      For starters, male cucks need to stop being thirsty dicks. Women need to return to being and wanting to be feminine in both mind and soul. And some entity —
      militias and/or ANGRY pitched forked citizens, aliens? — MUST destroy the mainstream presstitute network and cease its assets.
      The #OperationMockingbird Ziopress is kicking ass left, right and center. It is a relentless psyop that must be brought to an end for any meaningful change to occur in Western society. Just my 2 cents.

    3. This situation is un-sustainable in the long run, there is no doubt about this. The reason is simple: the math is NOT on the woman’s side and “being a blue pilled man” will not be an option in the future.
      I wrote a detailed reason as to WHY, regarding the Prenup situation, total termination of legal rights for men, please see below:

      4 Predictions For Women And The Dating Market In The Next 20 Years

      I believe that there will not be a middle ground in near future. Right now, we are not yet at the point of the OP article. YET! Being Blue Pilled is a “luxury” for weak and foolish men today, and many men still are able to “get by” being blue pilled.
      But even if we are talking 20 years as the OP article’s time frame, beginning in the very near future, men will simply not going to be ABLE TO “stay blue pilled”. All men will SEE and PERSONALLY FEEL the effects of the sexual marketplace, the unfairness at work, the grossly unfair of court system, the abuses by women, and the folly of marriage. It will be so “in your face” that unless a man is on drugs or is psychiatrically delusional, Mr. Blue Pill Beta will not be able to escape the pain he will feel. It will be everywhere.
      Consider how now, even some in the left Feminist Germany and Sweden are beginning to FEEL the impact of their open-door invitation to Muslim invaders. (see: http://www.returnofkings.com/157420/german-refugees-welcome-activist-admits-she-was-completely-wrong-about-mass-migration ). They are beginning to see and feel their folly, even if it is too late to save their country.
      One cannot deny reality, if it is too intense, and too in their face. A leftist person can be for “refugees welcome” until they get physically assaulted (or [email protected]) by a “RapeFugee” and that moment will shatter their delusion. It is “forced red pilling”.
      Many men who read RoK, Dalrock, MGTOW, etc were once blue pilled themselves. They could not continue in their ignorance, mainly because they were divorce [email protected] or because they experience so much grief from women, so they “became” Red Pilled, either by choice or by necessity.
      Being “Blue pilled” will NOT be an option for most men in future, as men operate on experience and what they perceive (see) and the reality will be too brutal, too widespread, and too “in their face” for even the most cucked Blue Pilled to continue in his folly. Men will be red pilled by force, because they will not have a choice.
      That is the reality of this situation. We have millions of women in America, well over 150 million of them. There simply are not enough Alpha males, Sugar Daddies, and WEALTH to continue this current system.
      Check out my comprehensive explanation of the legal and financial aspect of this article below, you will find it useful. 😉

  3. “Although the situation is harder than it should be, there’s no excuse for not striving and adapting.”
    I got a nice chuckle at this. If you guys want to keep wading through these butterfaced pigdogs to try and find the statistical anomaly, be my guest. I’ll be striving to adapt to my early forties retirement, somewhere sunny and warm and preferably away from most of the degeneracy.
    Early retirement > entitled, narcissistic, diseased, clinically psychotic, anti-depressant-infused pussy.

    1. Lol i agree. Ive been planning my escape now for five years. Ive had a blast studying spanish, and was shown the marvelous world of latinas in my test trips. The ultimate solution is to have decent US money, and move to a cheaper, less feminized place.

      1. I escaped to SEA 9 years ago, still having a blast. Who could have though their 50s and 60s could possibly be the best years of their life?

    2. American feminism is spreading like a cancer throughout the world even in impoverished shithole countries.

      1. It is spreading to shit holes but the scope is limited. Feminism like we see today is possible only if the society has been already rich, free and stable for a while like the West. All this destructive feminist shit is possible because we can afford this shit and the bitches are protected and safe doing this shit – at least for now. Of course it is not sustainable.

        1. Exactly. I was having a tequila in Tijuana a few months ago. I saw a woman get punched in the face by a dude. He walked off and she laid there bleeding. Nobody did shit. And this was in the tourist area

        2. When Great Depression 2.0 comes to the heavily indebted Western shores thanks to bankster capitalism, I’m sure feminism will vanish quicker than you can say “Dollar Collapse!”

        3. David:
          The result of Feminism is that men, after years of abuse, legal disenfranchisement, discrimination, and ostracization FINALLY get pissed off and they react.
          We think of Germany as a country full of Betas and cuck men. That is indeed true, but think about this. New Year’s Eve, 1,200 German women were sexually assaulted by RapeFugees in Cologne and even more in Berlin. Do you REALLY believe this can happen in the center of a major city in the open, thousands of people around, and NO ONE saw it happening?? *roll eyes*
          Of course not. The German men saw it happening and did nothing. They do not owe the German women anything, and many probably hate them.
          That is result of Feminism. The men feel no sense of connection to the women who routinely disrespect them.
          Did you see woman get knocked out in Pittsburg on video? Dudes saw it, walked by, or stopped to take selfies with her knocked out on ground. The men are tired of caring about women who disrespect them and who support (or passively allow) Feminism to occur. Why should they help or defend women who are whores and who are worthless feminists?!?
          I am glad to hear the Mexican guys are also waking up and reacting to Feminism, because it is bad there too.

      2. I sure hope it does. The low IQ, high breeding savages in India/Afriica/ME could use a decrease in their birthrates.

  4. Goebbels said that if the Nazis lost the war, the world would sink in chaos and darkness. Well, thanks Allies, for letting (((them))) flood us with feminism, pornography, mass immigration, leftism, anti-white racism, multiculturalism, promiscuity, drug abuse, mass media and the destruction of the nuclear family.

    1. The “greatest generation” won the bullets firing war but lost the entire war off the battlefield through surrender and simping.

      1. The “greatest generation” ([email protected] generation) blew it in the 60s. This was a direct result of allowing women to vote. Which,of course. was not the doing of the WW2 generation, but not keeping the females in line and influencing them to vote along family lines was a big problem. Also, many of the men went soft as well. Electing LBJ in 64 or Barry Goldwater was the death knell. And all the unconstitutional acts that LBJ ushered in. “Compassion” is the worst of all human emotions and must be suppressed at all times. It will only serve to destroy you in the end. Evidence? The effects of the 65 immigration act and the 64 and 68 civil rights acts on traditional Americans and their once great country.

        1. Brilliant comment about compassion. I felt evil for so long with my theory that charity makes things worse. Now I see it. I saw it growing up in Cleveland. I saw it traveling the world. I see it in children when you spoil them. I even see it when Im interviewing some entitled millenial. Everything was made easy for them, and they dont appreciate shit.

        2. The manpower requirements needed to fight WW2 are what put US women in the labor force.
          That’s the root of how modern US feminism took shape.
          Had the US merely sank the Japanese navy and called it a day in retaliation for Pearl Harbor, modern society would look very different. I don’t mean this in a “Man in the High Castle” sense because the US was never under serious threat of invasion from Axis powers (or the USSR, who were already winning prior to d-day and would have win the war in Europe regardless).
          Rather than the cold war, we’d have likely seen an ideologically opposed but non-beligerent USSR too focused on trying to govern Europe. Said USSR would have likely collapsed by the mid-1980’s due to overextension and tne same poor economic management that caused its collapse in the 90’s.
          Meanwhile, the US would have still prospered but without nearly as strong of a feminst movement.
          That’s not how it went down and we’re now dealing with the social repercussions of past American altruism.

      2. Typically the logical progressions is empathy comes first, then, we apply the scientific method to determine if sympathy is in order. Empathy, to walk in one’s shoes, sympathy, to typically emotionally attach oneself to another’s misfortune.
        What we quit doing is the proper full-scope 2-way empathetic review. See, because to become empathetic properly one must walk BOTH in the good and bad dealings of the person’s shoes their empathizing with, or considering empathizing with. I can say in my mind;”Damn, that had to be rough what they went through, but had I endured the same misfortune, would I NOT be expected to pick MYSELF up, dust off the pebbles, and start anew? This whole SJW craze, especially the feminism side, SKIPS the fucking empathetic judgement phase, and goes straight to sympathizing without scientifically judging the situation in any manner whatsoever.
        Thus, as stated by others here, when the whole fucking country had to pull together, and bitches had to get their asses out of the kitchen and into the factories to make bullets, tanks, and sew fatigues, they bitched about it, because after all, that’s what bitches do. Bitch. Some faggy homo men sympathized without saying; “Hey, wait a fuckin minute, thousands of men ate shrapnel while these bitching cunts made bullets in safety and the best of them sewed legs back on until they could be amputated a hour later. Who paid the REAL price?” Nope, factory work, at that changing moment in time, had now become – when performed by women – egalitarian and the worst battle fields of war.
        Needless to say, the 1920s Women’s Suffrage Act, and the Bankruptcy Act of 1933 delivered the 1-2 punch set up for all this shit to take place. “My oh my, how will we pay for these women and their high costs on society now that their husbands are in risky wars, the country is bankrupt, the government will now BE the patriarch of the family, the once nuclear family that allowed the fucking war to be won in the first place.” Gentlemen, we’ve been maximum fleeced by our own government, but you all knew that anyways.

      1. Ever notice how most widespread anti-white sentiment cones from white SJW’s?
        True, there are a few ethnic fringe groups but, for the most part, the more virulent, violent anti-white rhetoric stems from generally privileged white college kids who want attention and think being anti-white is the type of virtue signalling people of color want to hear. In reality, most people of color I know look at self-hating anti-white caucasians with a mix of bemusement, distrust and disdain.
        My time in the US armed forces — which was really the only more or less racially egalitarian environment I’ve ever experienced — taught me that most non-whites, when it comes down to it, just want a fair shake at the American dream and don’t actually hate or want to get revenge on white people.

        1. “White” SJWs who have Juudid last names and live in predominately Juudid wealthy neighbourhoods? And don’t say that you see blacks and South East Asians living in there too, because the Juudid imports Filipino nurses and nannies, and the black women have to work for the Juudid in factories until the Juudid CEO rapes some of the black women, and then a (((white))) Marxist leader will encourage the black woman to vent her anger out on the white man and not the Juudid man who raped her in his place of business!

        2. Not the case outside the USA. Examples:
          In Brazil, even though crime there is largely committed because of huge poverty, non-whites kill and shoot whites at almost universal rates, out of hatred. And. Brazil is a largely racially-mixed and tolerant society. Hate is hate, man.
          And my experience living in 4 countries over 6 year period is that black people hold a lot of hatred for other races. I saw this constantly in immigration law, where black Americans treated Latin immigrants in FL with total contempt, jealousy, and hate. hey considered the lotions “inferior”. It was an eye opener for me that so many black Americans were so incredibly racist.
          In Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) the black Africans were allowed to ethnically cleanse of whites in a genocide orchestrated by dictator Robert Mugabe. The result is their country’s economy collapse. The UN types all over the world praised/stayed silent about the whole thing.
          This is now building up in South Africa, where the Parliament there voted to steal land from white farmers, not compensate them, and kill them (just not YET). Quote:
          Mr. Malema has a long-standing commitment to land confiscation without compensation. In 2016 he told his supporters he was ‘not calling for the slaughter of white people – at least for now’.
          Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5443599/White-South-African-farmers-removed-land.html#ixzz58tQfGdiz
          South Africa will probably collapse next, just as Zimbabwe did after their racist ethnicity cleansing of all non-Africans there.

    2. THE JUUDID has become such a menace to society that if a Juddid rapes a black woman, the black woman will vent her anger on the white man living in the Rust belt though the Juudid raped her in another state.

  5. The single sole thing we has men can do to mentor our juniors is this; fully discourage ANY relationship (outside of the pay for play ones) and especially any relationship with a civil contract (marriage included) by them as their best means of SELF PROTECTION. And if they still fail to get it, reinforce the need for a prenuptial agreement that includes a section that addresses (signed under duress or pressure to sign) ideas of the courts. If the civil contract happens is is by MUTUAL FREE WILL CONSENT that the prenup is entered into as PART OF and necessary for enforcement of the rest of the civil contract and is not severable without the entire civil contract being null and void. but in this modern age, i never thought i would say this, marriage contracts / civil contracts need to be ended. they are nothing more than the conduit through which courts enforce their agendas and discretion to destroy all men’s rights making all 100% civil contracts LOSE LOSE situations for men and high risk bad investments. If you want kids, have them though surrogates or make sure you are there at the birth and get your name on it and your kids named after yours then fight that shit in court later.

  6. Two quick points.
    The article is contradictory.
    It explains that things will get harder for men….
    ‘ If 80% of women flock to 20% of men now, it may shift to 95% of women jumping at that same 20% of men. And the male top 5% could end up getting 80%+ of the decent females.
    …then it goes on to make the bizarre and contradictory claim…..
    ‘……there’s no excuse for not striving and adapting.’
    Well, yes there is….it’s called numbers.
    It’s called Maths.
    If you are say a male ‘5’, then the women you might gain sexual access to are going to be ugly, fat and unpleasant.
    That’s not ‘making excuses’, that’s ‘being able to count’ and understanding current & future sexual dynamics.
    It’s not Bad News, but it is Important News.
    These women are trash.
    These women are morally and culturally, your inferior.
    Women who wish to join modern harems to gain money to buy trinkets, are trash.
    Why on earth would you want to spend time and money (on PUA advice, for example) getting the chance to come in their virginas ?
    They don’t even like you.
    GO ABROAD if the drive to gain sexual access, or love, is so very very strong.
    It’s that simple.
    A lifetime struggle to gain fleeting sexual access to relatively ugly and promiscuous women sounds like a Hell on Earth to me.

    1. Of course. But while youre in the West, it cant hurt to use that as motivation to build your personal brand, practice game, build a business, and THEn be the sugar daddy in another country right?

  7. FlabbaNoogah has the right idea. Make as much money as possible, save as much money as possible, and stay as fit as possible. Retire to a destination where the U. S. dollar is strong. It’s not our responsibility to fix Western culture. Time to live for ourselves gentlemen.

    1. However the US empire is declining while the Farr East is economically booming? American feminism is one of the largest exports of America and Canada.

  8. is there any indication the West won’t just become like Japan which is full of adult virgins who don’t even bother with women anymore?

    1. Two completely different cases. Japan is isolated and highly homogeneous. Japanese men aren’t shunning their women because they perceive them as whores. The reason is little economic opportunity and a brutal corporate culture. Once China starts really showing her teeth the men will get back on program….or the huge surplus of men in China will do the job for them. Chinese men are already venturing out (even to Africa) because they can’t wives in China.

      1. They can’t get wives in China because the dummies abort females.
        Sex selective abortion is increasing the demand for females, and hence increasing their value.
        I doubt too many Chinese are looking for black women. Chinese are ethnocentric and don’t think highly of blacks.

  9. Dear men don’t cuck yourself to a single mom . Don’t be paying for her bastard kids and even if she has adult kids , you will still be required to allow them in your home . You will still be required to cuck to the grandkids once they are born and then you’ll wake up one day and realize you’re married to a grandma which has to be a major turnoff . It’s more respectable to pay for whores . If you want a wife move to a small town anywhere in the world . Keep the wife oppressed as the feminazis say .

    1. “you’ll wake up one day and realize you’re married to a grandma which has to be a major turnoff” <– This is the end result of most marriages. Get used to the idea or stay single for life.

  10. These four “predictions” are already in full swing. The situation as it is right now isn’t sustainable over the long run. Degenerates do not produce sufficient amounts of new people and the ones that they do produce are often of low quality: genetically (in this era often in the form of autism and other debilitating syndromes) or character wise: lazy, unmotivated, directionless and entitled folks.
    Populations that engage in these kinds of behaviors either die out and get replaced or are absorbed by a more sensible people.
    Ps. Hugh Hefner married his cheating girlfriend. Her cheating is what made him the major pimp he was.
    “Known to friends and family as simply “Hef,” in 1949, Hefner married Northwestern University student Mildred (“Millie”) Williams. They had two children: daughter Christie (b. 1952) and son David (b. 1955).Before the wedding, Mildred confessed that she had an affair while he was away in the army. He called the admission “the most devastating moment of my life.” A 2006 E! True Hollywood Story profile of Hefner revealed that Mildred allowed him to have sex with other women, out of guilt for her own infidelity and in the hope that it would preserve their marriage. The two were divorced in 1959.
    Hefner remade himself as a bon vivant and man about town, a lifestyle he promoted in his magazine and two TV shows he hosted, Playboy’s Penthouse (1959–1960) and Playboy After Dark (1969–1970). ”

    1. Ace: I agree 100%, many of these 4 points in the OP article are already well underway.
      My post about the whole thing below discusses this in detail, including the folly of using “the prenup excuse” to marry a woman KNOWING the toxic and dangerous legal environment of “Family Courts” in the West. The even bigger threat is criminal and civil in nature, not just divorce courts.
      The issue is that math and reality will EVENTUALLY come into play here. America, Canada, and the West as a whole CANNOT afford to continue this party forever. The welfare system, the Indenture Servitude of men, and this corrupt unfair system will not go on indefinitely.
      There simply are not enough rich old “Sugar Daddies” in our countries to support even 10% of the female population, so they have get easy money and have a younger Alpha on the side. The Boomer generation that enjoyed real prosperity in America for 35+ continual years created nest eggs in savings that allowed them to retire rich, even if they worked as a factory worker or civil servant. These days are long gone. The wealth that would allow the current crop of old rich “Sugar Daddy” system to flourish just will not continue for another generation anymore.
      Gen X and Millenials are saddled with tens of thousands in student loans, jobs that pay less and less, and a shrinking middle class. The Sugar Daddy plan for women just won’t work out once the Boomers and their savings and pension plans run out. The welfare system will have to do for the women, until it collapses as well. It is unsustainable as it is.
      Also, as I explain in detail below, Blue Pilled men who may be white knights or manginas right now will soon enough not going to be able to ignore the Red Pill nature of life. They are going to see and FEEL the effects of Feminism and female misconduct in their flesh.
      It is like these idiot German leftist women with “refugee welcome signs”. The moment these morons get raped on street by a RapeFugee that they “welcomed into their country” is the moment reality will hit home. It cannot be ignored anymore. They will see the light at that point. Such a reality cannot be ignored.
      Blue Pilled Men, as they continued to be used, abused, divorce raped, and cucked by Western women will not be able to ignore the pain they will feel. Think about this: how many men who were divorce raped when blue Pilled now openly educate punter generation (and their own kids) and warn them about women and marriage?? This should not surprise anymore, since “never married” rates for 18-28 year olds are 70%. This is clearly a sign that men are waking up. They are wishing up to the women and Feminism.
      That reckoning is coming, it is growing before our eyes right now. Think about just last 2-3 years, we now have huge and growing movements like Red Pill, MGTOW, AVoiceForMen, Dalrock, RoK and many other movements growing at record pace. We have books by men and female authors, like “Men on Strike” and many others. This issue is being discussed and confronted live on mainstream shows like Fox and Friends and Tucker Carlson.
      10 years ago, most men who saw a woman get punched in the face would intervene, or at least offer her help afterwards. Now… they just laugh or take selfies.
      Exhibit A: Pittsburg, PA, 2017. Black guy knocks out blonde woman on street. No one does anything, except, ignore her, rob her, laugh, and take selfies. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1jSbS65SgH8
      This is what happens after 50 years of radical Feminism. Men have had enough. Chivalry is dead, women need to either go back to being real women, so men will care once again… or the men will simply ignore them except for a quick pump n dump on a weekend. Women better get used to it, this party is gonna end much sooner and more abruptly then they think!! 😮

  11. Or maybe generation Z is as conservative as they say they will be, and there will be a reversion of this trend? It’s said history moves like a pendulum, and not a straight line. I’m hoping for the former, cause no one wins if we keep heading down this same path.

      1. why?
        The marriage rate is clearly trending down. Single motherhood is trending up.
        What will cause the situation to stabilize or plateau?
        My own predictions are for continued declines in marriage rates, with only religious people continuing to preserve marriage. Non-religious types will be content with ‘partnership’, singledom, or single parenthood.

    1. Women as a whole are playing chicken with the average age of marriage. It’s 27 now for women. If it gets too close to the age of the average closed-womb (35?), then yeah, marriage rates could fall off a cliff.
      Individual women are already living this out. Trying to maximize their ‘fun’ years, they find they are unable to transition to their ‘settle down’ years.
      It’s one thing to not be as attractive to men as they age. It’s another to not be able to viably offer them kids.

      1. Fire up Tinder, put the age range from 18-48, become horrified at that reality of the hoards of 35+ Age clown women “living the dream” of being single out there. Oh, and they’re not there for ONS or hookups and want a “real” man for a “real” relationship.

    2. Not 0%, but close to it. The richest will marry each other to keep wealth inside their own circles. Very religious conservative Christians (Mormons, Baptist, etc) will still marry, but at much lower rates. And people wanting to bring a foreign boyfriend or girlfriend will HAVE to marry them to bring them into their own countries.
      These 3 groups above represent ~ 10%-20% of total population. This “end of marriage” situation is already happening in Canada, where marriage is considered something for the rich only, a luxury. It will be a luxury in USA too, already is if you consider the statistics.
      Besides we ALREADY are at 70% “never married” rates for men between 20-34 years of age.
      The message is getting across to men: Western women CANNOT be trusted, they are mostly corrupted, overused/busted, entitled, lazy, pathological liars, and delusional. Marriage 2.0 (this current system, not original marriage) is a rigged game designed to enslave men and benefit only women. It will not continue.
      Whether marriage system will reset (in some form/legal reforms) so marriage can continue in some form as a major societal institution or whether it will largely end, we will see. But it will not continue as it is now.
      The left is promoting “Times Up” movement to further intimidate men using false accusations of rape and “sexual harassment” (however that is defined to be on a given day).
      The mistake they have made is that Time is indeed Up… for the scam women have been pushing on men. Their time is indeed up. Men are waking up at record speed and this scam the FemiNazis have been running and their party will end much sooner then they think. 😉
      Ps. Most women do not even want to BE married anyway (at least not for real). They simply want a WEDDING, they want to plan this massive party at a man’s expense, to show off to their friends they CAN get a man to commit to them, they want to be the center of attention, and then divorce rape the man a couple months later. Any takers?

  12. Why don’t people mention the interracial dynamics on the streets of America and especially Europe and how those extreme ratios cause mayhem. Women are largely the choosers in relationships whatever they try and say and we cannot pretend non Asian women want most Asian men or that black women want non black men or that Muslim women will date non-muslim women.
    If 30:1 hook up ratios with wmbf vs bmwf are observed and extreme ratios on the streets are seen and also with whites with muslims and asians why not mention this? How many Muslim men marry and date non-Muslim women to one in the reverse direction? 2 or 3 in cohabitation I guess.
    These are going mainstream is causing havoc and cross cultural dating becomes bigger each year and the genetic origins of these ratios means many cannot be evened out. Its like the flaw that multiculturalists must deny because it is so gaping and cannot be corrected. Importing women is less and less viable as a short marriage can ruin a man financially with the current legal framework.
    I think when there gets to 50+ million Muslims in Europe we can assume the female shortages for non-Muslim white men could eclipse those of China. If we see 50% of the Muslim men dating non-muslim women to 25% of the Muslim women then we will see shortages of about over 6 million amongst the young men when Muslims reaches 50 million as they will. We have seen the microcosms in areas that will eventually be everywhere. Slavic men are sexually discounted in many places worse than Asian men in America as Slavic women are the replacement women for those lost to African and Muslim men .
    These problems with modernity are what will cause the continents conversion to Islam or the far-right.
    I think that monogamy was like sexual socialism and required to motivate men to work.The left constantly deny that removing all fences around marriage will destroy it regardless of evidence. You must uphold these institutions with gusto should you wish them to be preserved.
    We will see these extreme ratios as the family is destroyed by feminists removing all walls around marriage and the family. Until tradition becomes as pushed as leftism in Universities we will see no improvements.
    The right live in world with a leftist media echo chamber and one joins the right by rationally rejecting the ideas of the left. Leftists are unaware of any of the terminal problems with their Utopian ideals and the Overton window is so placed that they usually have never even heard of the alternate viewpoints.

  13. This article describes trends, the way the wind is blowing, as I see it. A point that I think a lot of you are getting lost is is that you think by doubling down, studying STEM, making money, learning game, getting ripped, etc, that you’ll come out on top.
    You wont. Statistically speaking. The numbers are not in your favor. No matter how “alpha” you think you are, you’re not in that top 5, soon to be 2% of males. Case in point. I’m short. Even if I became super ripped and wealthy, it doesn’t take away from the fact that I’m short. Over the years I’ve learned to make up for my lack of stature with charm, but at the end of the day, to the average western woman, I’m never going to be a first choice. 2nd or 3rd at best. I blame no one, that’s just how the game is.
    All that work it takes to get a western woman; its a lot of work. The juice aint worth the squeeze. The average man will be better off at this point to learn a new language, learn a new trade where he can work anywhere, upend his life in the west and move to another (non-western) country or region with some of Roosh’s ‘bang’ books. Particularity if the population is generally poor, women in those places aren’t so picky.
    If having a woman in your life is that important to you, then your best bet may be to get your passport in order.

    1. In Toronto, $100,000 is nothing to a skank there. If a man doesn’t own a million dollar home, European sports car and also have a few million in his checking account, not one woman from Toronto will even look at him, and if he only tries to approach her, she can call the cops on him and have him charged for harassment.

      1. Toronto is a failed social experiment of the highest order.
        They have a real estate bubble that will burst so hard, it will make 2008 US housing bubble look like a pleasure cruise.
        Not only that, you have mass-scale importation of intolerant and violent Muslims and mixing that with gay parades every other weekend and radical feminism. Diversity of this kind + proximity = violence. It is a matter of when, not if.
        Toronto is a recipe for disaster.
        Ps. “Good news” is prostitution seems very widespread in Canada. I would pick a hooker over an average Canadian fem rhinoceros any day (even tough I personally disapprove of prostitution, I say it is a “trade up” compared to the average Canadian “woman”.

    2. True that making money won’t make hot young girls want you, but they will f*ck you for it. Yes, it is cooler to be wanted, but banging hot girls for $$$ is still better than settling for a 4 or 5 (or 6 if you’re lucky) who might “love” you.

    3. The problem with foreign wives is they may love America so much and convince you to move to America someday if you get one when you are overseas. Then they integrate and become part of the western woman collective, the bitching and fighting begins, and a permanent split occurs. How many times have we seen this over and over? And being an American overseas doesn’t last permanently for most —- most become desperate to come back eventually.

      1. Anyone who becomes an expat from working or relocating overseas would have to be an idiot for bringing a new wife to the We$tern $wamp (especially to the US), which is going down the toilet economically and spiritually. The bald eagle is grounded. Go East or South! Learn a new language if you have to, assimilate, get into import/export using access to your home & foreign country’s market. Just get the fcuk out of the feminist swamp!
        If an expat eventually wants to relocate back to the US, choose your new town or city wisely. Really do your homework. Socially, the US is a toxic smörgåsbord of dysfunctional feminism, PC crap, poor health/obesity, fake conservatives, idiot box programming, cuckery, intellectual genocide…well, you get the picture. Not a pretty sight. 😉

    4. I totally feel you. I was on the red pill self improvement path for so long and it resulted in 0 results. Maybe its cause im a short, unconfident ethnic, idk.
      It kind of killed my drive to live life, even for myself. I know that will be temporary because at the minimum I should try and live for myself, rather than trying to get some Western whore with a princess syndrome.
      What kind of “trades” do you recommend that are mobile across countries?

    1. Hah! Once the Muslims reach a certain % of the population, they will impose Sharia law in the region, if not the whole country. Malmo (Sweden) is a good example. The 35% Muslim population are already operating “underground” Sharia Law courts in private buildings and cops cannot go into most of the “ghettos” of the city. Soon, these Sharia Courts will come out in the open, and then be legalized under cries of “racism” or “cultural intolerance” against the cucks that run these countries. The Muslims already have their own laws in these areas like Malmo, ghettos in Belgium and France. Soon they will send representatives to their Parliament and will vote en masse/block vote for Sharia laws and Islamist candidates.
      What is so funny is that the left in these stupid Western European countries support the Islamic invasion and voted for mass immigration of violent, intolerant Muslims. Women are the backbone of ALL feminist and all leftist movements, from socialism in Brazil and Argentina to communism in China and Russia.
      As for Western Europe, do you think for 1 second that as the Muslims grow in size and % of population will ALLOW Feminism to continue?! 🙄
      LOL…. It is too delicious of a thought to think of the Swedish version of Rosie O’Donnell in a burka and a Michelle Obummer being beaten by Sharia police on sidewalk, if it was not so disturbing to have Western nations become Islamized.

  14. It’s only getting worse with #Me_Too. Many more American and Canadian women are also militant feminist, bisexual and they walk nude at Slutwalks. Is this the type of woman would you ever want as a wife?Someone who hates men like you? Why waste your life studying in a feminist campus which feels like a padded cell? Why even waste 4 or 5 years in college to be discriminated in the job market which prefers women? Why bother with the feminist empire?
    My friends, the King of the King of the King of the world is Jesus. Jesus Christ will show you the way.
    Don’t study in a feminist institution, and instead study in the skilled trades. Why would you care if an Angloskank judges you for your trade career? The empowered Western woman is GONE. She is a liability to society. She is only good for using her retirement savings to be scammed by Thunderc8ck in Nigeria. Good for her.

    1. Most men innately don’t want sluts, but the PUA industry and MGTOW don’t exist because of one or two guys who have a difficult time getting laid. There has to be a sizable amount of guys who can’t get laid for these things to exist. Think about it, some PUA coaches make full time livings doing what they do.
      Now I’m not knocking MGTOW, but it should be renamed “MEN SENT THEIR OWN WAY”. While it’s true that some of the men in MGTOW may have had a false rape charge put on them or got dragged through the mud in divorce alimony or child support, many of them have been sent their own way by women finding them unattractive for one reason or another. I read an article where 15 year old boys are identifying as “MGTOW”. What life experience could they possibly have? I can see a 40 year old man who’s been through a nasty divorce going MGTOW, but a 15 year old boy?
      MGTOW is a cope for most men. Rather than admit that they’re unattractive for some reason to the majority of women, they tell themselves that they don’t want to deal with women anyway because of made up reason X. No hormone driven 15 year old boy is purposely avoiding girls and I promise you that it isn’t the popular, athletic “Chads” getting BJ’s in school from the cheerleaders that are going MGTOW. More like the dorky, awkward 15 year olds. I guarantee that say in 10-15 years, if he’s more physically developed and socially confident, wins the lottery or something changes where he can bang lots of prime, young women….he’ll quickly forget about MGTOW in a NY minute.

      1. Maybe if men stop desperately trying to chase and clown dance for women and submit to their demands, they may reconsider their behavior in a lonely hard world where men have checked out carrying them.
        Or we can keep blaming men for not being ‘attractive’ enough for our modern princess.

        1. Amen.
          I demand a tall man, but I’m 5’2.
          I demand a fit man, but I’m a size 16.
          I demand an educated man, but I’m a cosmetology drop-out.
          I am a short, fat, uneducated, tattooed, slob of a woman with at least one out of wedlock bastard child and 227 feet of cock on the odometer…. but MY man needs to be amazing and rich and handome and well-traveled and have a great job and a nice car and a big house that he owns, and then he needs to spend all his time telling ME what a special, amazing, and wonderful person I am!

      2. You’re right, MGTOW is definitely a response.
        I was with a female friend of 38 years old today. She’s really successful, but she broke down crying at brunch saying she hadn’t found someone in time to have kids…
        However she certainly fucked around in her twenties, traveled the world, and then wasted probably a decade being the mistress of an ultra rich guy, who obviously was never going to marry her.
        In the end, it’s her choice to “hold out for a better opportunity” that screwed her. American women forget that their value goes down with age, not up. So yes, they are sending men their own way. But that’s the way primate behavior worked originally. The alphas banged all the females and the betas got the scraps. Patriarchal societies leveled the playing field for a while by guaranteeing a good woman for a good man…
        …but now it’s the females with the power and they still fuck themselves in the end hahahahaha

        1. Men and woman prioritize things differently. Men typically prioritize sex over relationships while with women it’s vice versa. Women will typically want a relationship with a man they’re screwing. And it’s not that men never want relationships or women never want sex, but it’s just the order of importance. Many women get jaded because men will have sex with them, but won’t commit to them. In this modern scenario most men are losers, but so are most women.
          Go to a Barnes and Nobles and you’ll see many books geared towards women about how to find the perfect man or how to find a husband as their are PUA’s geared towards teaching men how to get sex. Notice that the PUA’s aren’t there to help guys find “relationships”, but sex. And notice that there aren’t books geared towards women about how to make a man want to have sex with you. And surprise, surprise the age demographic those books are geared to are women in their mid 20’s to mid 40’s.
          The way things used to be, both sexes compromised their sexual strategies and both genders won in the end.

        2. David, MGTOW is more of a symptom, not a solution per se. It is one necessary step towards righting this ship and fixing radical feminism.
          But I got news for you: Your 38 year old friend will likely die alone, unhappy, and bitter, unless she lowers her standard considerably and starts writing local prison inmates soon, hoping they will marry her someday. :-/
          It is a matter of time until your friend begins to blame ALL men for her life choices. She will blame the non-existent patriarchy, double standards, or misogyny, or the rape culture…. or Trump if all else fails. 🙄 She will blame everyone and everything, EXCEPT the real culprit: herself and the Feminist culture that lied to her that she can “have it all”. 🙄
          I know she thinks she has “a lot to offer” with her “well-travelled, good job” background. 🙄 But men simply do not care about that. We are visual creatures, we want a woman who is attractive, pleasant, and can be a good friend/wife/lover/mother.
          When I heard you call her “well-traveled”, my first thought was “global carrousel rider”. “Good job” makes me think of one of the many annoying CareerCunts I have had the displeasure of having to work with over the years, and thus why she is STILL never married at 38! She probably does not even have the basic skills needed to have a LTR, munch less marry.
          But this is all beside the point: her standards are probably insanely high, as her SMV has plummeted considerably at 35. But she is a woman and that fact simply does not compute and the hamster will keep that fact away from her… forever. 🙄

      3. MGTOW is not a cope for ugly men. It is a symptom of the problem, not the solution. It will help bring about a solution, ultimately.
        Most men do NOT like or want a slut. The problem is we are moving into a situation where the overwhelming # of women are whores of the lowest caliber and highest notch count. Slutiness is a Feminist idea that has been widespread in our society, not for the benefit of men, but for the “empowerment” of women. In the end, like ALL leftist ideas, it hurts women and destroys them in the end.
        I know several good looking dudes 23-31 age range that simply date girls 1-3 points BELOW them because they consider having a woman or even FINDING a woman to be a lot of work and a waste of time. They want to date the first girl who will “be their girlfriend”, so they have can say they “have a girlfriend” checked off their list and see them as little as possible. I have had guys tell me their women complain they never want to hang out. 🙄 They are more interested in video games, cars, alcohol, weed, vacations, free time, paintball, or guns then women.
        I have heard this from friends that have kids too, their kids are not wanting to spend time with women at all. They have no patience for women and their shit at all. One of my friends, allowed his brother-in-law come to bring his GF over while he was away and would come back really late. He thought in-law would bang the girl, but nope. he called his pothead friends and they were gaming on xBox as girl sat there angrily.
        This is where this is going man. The women are just too much trouble and not worth it.
        MGTOW is a symptom, trust me. It is not the final fix.

        1. Feminists can turn even the horniest amongst us into limp noodles with their disgusting masculinity, attitudes, and faces. If they are fat, nasty, and covered in tattoos, that is just the icing on the cake. lol
          But furthermore, thanks to FemiNazism and the beatification of society for so many years, many 15-year old “soyboys” of today’s have super low test levels anyway. They were raised similarly to the cucks “men” of Scandinavia. They have low self-confidence and were trained from birth to be “Big Bang Theory” type betas. I see this across the board, all races, and all income groups.
          No surprise that so many boys simply do not care about girls. If they have low test, WHY would they want to interact with women, who are complicated, problematic, and many times, annoying? It makes no sense. If these kids can live without the desire for the wet hole, why would they want to bother with girls?
          I know it makes no sense to us, but these young Millenia “males” have too many distractions (iPad, phones, social media, etc), too little testosterone, and no patience (or social skills) to interact with or deal with women.
          The interesting thing I was recently told by a middle school teacher I know here, she told me in her 4 daily classes, she notices that maybe 1 or 2 boys in her classes are ones showing any interest in all the girls. The rest are all talking to each other about video games, skateboarding, science, laser tag, and paintball. They have no interest in girls and many even refuse to answer girls coherently when girls talk to them.
          Basically, the adult fathers today that raise Alpha sons (heck, even Beta-lite sons) will give his offspring tremendous success with girls his own age (at least in school age period). hey have little competition for sure. 😮
          BTW, I live in an area that is mostly middle – upper middle classes, and few rich people, 98% white suburban town of 70,000. I asked this teacher if this was a racial thing and she said no, the 2 boys chasing the girls were white. But this teacher is a Commierfornia transplant and she said she saw exact same trends in Cali too, in “diverse” schools.
          Go figure. 🙄

  15. Focus on yourself, your hobbies, and your interests. When you want your “need” fulfilled, hire an escort or get a Sugar Baby. Not really hard to do and not a lot of money. Then send her on her way.

    1. Good points – just don’t ever, under any circumstances, tell anyone about it. Better to let them speculate that you might be gay or jerk endlessly to porn then give people real knowledge of that behavior.

      1. I can see it now:
        “Gay Men’s Club – No Girls Allowed”
        Except it’s a brothel full of Colombian and Asian chicks.

  16. Sex. Courtship. Status.
    That’s all that matters to either gender.
    Either “compromise” and be a part of the conservative culture, or let it be a “free for all” and join the liberal culture.
    Have a good time while trying to play both sides though.

  17. Which brings me to my next point. More and more men will overlook or justify the past sexual history if they manage to get a girlfriend or wife 40 years old or younger who’s in semi good shape and halfway decent looking. Why? Because more and more men are desperate for sex and will open their wallets and hearts to the first woman of the above description who’ll open her legs for him. And to a desperate man, wifing her up, regardless of her past means regular or semi-regular sex.

    1. Good points but the attractive/semi-attractive leg-opener with a past sexual history will want a return on her investment eventually. For me, it involved a girl with extreme emotional disorders and who was extremely manipulative.

      1. Yeah she will. And that’s where the growing number of desperate men come into play. See, no matter what men say, they can’t just write off women because their biology won’t let them. And hiring hookers might be good for a short term fling, say a trip to Vegas with the boys, but doing it as a lifestyle won’t be good for you psychologically (especially if you’re a younger man, say under 40) because men like the chase and men (like women in a way) want to feel desired by the opposite sex or at least create the illusion that they are. Settling for paying prostitutes all of the time kind of throws it in your face that you aren’t desired by the opposite sex.
        So men that aren’t used to having options with women will take a 39 year old, semi attractive and of a reasonable weight woman regardless of her sexual history and the fact that she’s a single mom of 3 kids. One, she’s a regular release of his sexual needs and two, it makes him feel wanted by the opposite sex, even if she is mainly there for the beta bucks. She provides the illusion that she’s there for him which is good for him psychologically.
        Many men today are overlooking women’s sexual past not because they are so enlightened and for female empowerment, but out of necessity.

  18. Number 2 is misleading. As the population grows and information becomes available more of every behavior will occur as people realize they can actually get things done easily. All the women who can afford to go to sexual vacations and are inclined to do so – be it because they are lonely and not in a relationship or their man doesn’t do his job and it is a job, like in any contract there are minimum responsibilities to be met, or she married for money and doesn’t find him attractive sexually as well as many other reasons – go on sex vacations.
    That said, this is not limited to trips overseas. Any person that is not in a committed (You can only be in a committed relationship with yourself for there’s no one that can hold you accountable if you are careful enough.) relationship will have coitus outside the area of influence of the other. When your girlfriend goes to a bar/club with her friends, “girls night out”, the likelihood she will be with another person (Hasn’t it been proven that women tend to be bisexual at a greater percentage than men?) is very good. So, if your wife, girlfriend, “significant other” (Doesn’t this imply that you are not significant or that there is an “insignificant other” in the relationship?) goes out with her “girlfriends” often, sooner or later, there will be some coitus happening without you, it’s only a matter of time and how attractive she is as well as how she behaves when she’s “drunk” and how much sex you have with her.
    Name any behavior and, as long as it is “legal” – the law against it is not enforced, if it there is a law against it – and there will be more of it next month, next year, whatever – as long as people can afford it and it can be done.
    As for number four, no. With the proliferation of pedophiles/gays and beta males/hyper aggressive males there will be more women for “normal” men. If you are not a hipster or effeminate guy without being “hyper” aggressive you will have more opportunities. “Decent” women who want a relationship avoid the effeminate guys and the stupid guys with fifteen tattoos/muscle bound biker guys. All you need to do is act on the opportunity, just say hello and listen to her responses. I see many men who are a point or two below a woman who are not wealthy. In fact many women date men that are not particularly attractive, say a five or so, because they feel more secure that way.

    1. That’s all the more reason not to get involved with a slut if you can avoid it. Women who have had 3 or more partners (I’m assuming this means of the opposite sex) are more likely to cheat on you, no matter how “alpha” you are. They’ll either cheat on you with another “alpha” or even with a beta if he’s providing the bucks.
      Also, in modern western society, the age of first marriage has been drastically raised in the past 50 or so years. It’s now acceptable for an 18 year old girl to be a single mom, experiment with lesbianism etc but society will blow a gasket if she talks about getting married, instead telling her she’s too young and she needs to be having “fun” and not ruin her life by getting married so young. I attended a funeral this past Saturday for a woman who was 85 years old. Her and her husband were married 70 years until her death, she was barely 15 when she married him. Back then, that was socially acceptable. And it’s safe to say, her husband was likely the only man she ever was with. Now, women are encouraged to put off marriage until 25-40, but they aren’t discouraged from jumping from relationship to relationship and being sexually active. So a 40 year old woman entering her first marriage will likely have been with several men, even if it was in the context of a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.
      Normal people, man or woman, aren’t going to be celibate until 25-40 when they hit puberty at about 14 years old. That’s unrealistic. So the ground is ripe for female promiscuity. The only way to solve it would be to go back to early marriage for females.

  19. Fuck these stupid bitches and take their fucking money: become a PIMP!
    I see no other way out of this BS of Feminine Imperative.
    Fuck being a high earner corporate boss.
    Fuck being a ripped fuckboy.
    Let them women fuck us AND give us their money.
    BE PIMPS, GENTS. Enough of the pussy-whipped BS.

  20. Feminism would be a worthwhile endeavor if women didn’t over value themselves after getting lots of cock , thinking they are worth more after obtaining a career , and inflating their egos after multitudes of beta orbiters call them beautiful . Then again these are woman and they have no logic so let them wither away and be angry .

    The black man needs none of this to get sex. He gets laid for nothing at all. In fact some women pay him.
    White men pay all they have but the black man gets laid for free by white women.
    Think about why.

    1. White loses to muslims and black from multiculturalism. It is a dead loss for him. White men voting for immigration? Turkeys. Christmas. Much.

      1. Any white man who is not openly against immigration is a cuck. I mean its like asking for your own sexual options to be reduced. Its not rascist its just logical and actually its evil that white men are called out for this.

        1. Look at cohabitation figures across europe where they exist and you see white men have their options cut down in many countries and this is increasing each year.
          Interracial dating started as a curiosity but now its so skewed its become a major problem. As it scales it screws some groups of men out of chances to have families by its extreme ratios.

        2. Women from other cultures with traditional feminine vakues moving here and selecting American men as partners doesn’t sound like it narrows options for American men.
          If you assume a reduction in selection due to first world women flocking to immigrant men of lower socio-economic status, then I think you assume wrongly. It’s generally the other way around since females are hypergamous by nature.
          There is enough “game in x foreign country” literature from Roosh and others to support the claim that leaving the anglosphere is advantageous for first world men. Same applies to bringing the dating pool here.

    2. Lol, you say you’re from Detroit but you have no fuking idea. Sure, some black alphas are cleaning house, but a good majority are thirsty starving motherfukers relishing any obese nasty scraps they can get their hands on.

    3. Yeah. It’s actually depressing we still have so many guys, even on Red Pill sites, who think getting richer will cure all their romantic problems. If there was ever a time when women rewarded successful, hard working men with hot sex and years of loyalty, it was ancient history before most of us were even born.
      Only older women and single mamas are super interested in your career, and even they will cuck you to the moon if your attitude is wrong and you can’t provide them with the drama and emotional stimulation they crave.

  22. #1 is true for HB 7+ rated women aged 18-24 — Sugar Babies hit the wall early in their avocation and have a diminishing marginal return at ages 25 and over. True, less attractive/older SB’s can still operate but they have to settle for lower “allowances” and/or deal with older/less attractive/more demanding sugar daddies. These girls usually cuck some lazy Chad (an industrious Chad being on his way financially in a career) during their sugar days whom they’ll drop for a betabux (but probably bang Chad in the side) once their sugar careers are over.
    #2 is true for HB 8+ rated women also in the 18-24 year old bracket and the same rules as above apply. Tagthesponsor instagram model scenarios aside, the majority are day rate sugar babies taking modest trips to mid-range destinations (ie, an SB from Chicago gets a paid weekend in Cancun, etc).
    #3 Agreed, we need a true 14th Amendment movement led by men in the U.S.
    #4. No shit. Overcoming this obstacle was the point of the whole PUA movement.

  23. The picture at the top – taken in Eastern Europe? The chicks are hot, they’re wearing heels, and the two dudes look like young Euros. Oh, and everybody is white. Much of California used to look a lot like this about three decades ago.

    1. That image is getting a bit worn-out on ROK…at least the 4th or 5th article I’ve seen them use it in. ROK stock photo vault needs some replenishing!

    2. MUCH of California? I take it you haven’t realized that Mexifornia has existed longer than 3 decades ago? I doubt *most* of California at any point had a majority of Whites walking around. 3 decades ago I still remember too many Mexicans

  24. Good article, but the example of the prenup is flawed – you can’t put it in front of her four days before the wedding, have her sign it and expect it to not be seen as coerced when you need the prenup to protect you in a divorce proceeding. This guy either didn’t talk to his lawyer or ignored the advice he was given and paid the price. Prenups can still work IF properly executed.

    1. You discuss prenups the very first time talk about marriage happens or any discussion goes to possible proposal. Any man who doesn’t utter that first before a proposal is a simping cuck in waiting. You want to know where she stands on your relationshit…you will instantly find out the truth.

  25. David, I really enjoy your articles. They are always well thought-out and original. I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries lately about dating/ marriage marketplaces abroad, and I’ve noticed that other countries don’t have the amount of female careerism that we have in the U.S. Even though feminism is prevalent in other countries, there is a certain level of traditional gender roles that we don’t have here.
    My personal theory about this is that the U.S. can afford to fund the female career structure, due to the fiat system: if something doesn’t work, we will just keep on throwing money into it in hopes that it one day does (until, of course, that fateful day the Dollar loses its value). I wonder what effect crypto-currency will have on the sexual/ marriage marketplaces and culture, once heads toward replacing the Dollar. Maybe you have some insight on this, or this angle was already taken into consideration when you wrote this article. My gut instinct is that currencies are never really constructed with the notion of egalitarian fairness, and that Bitcoin was made to enhance the Tech Domain.
    So, internet-based oligarchs/ harems makes sense. But culturally, you might see the U.S. back-peddling toward traditional gender roles again. If someone wanted to put more thought into this and write an article on it, “tha’d be greeaat…”

    1. Once the Juuden corrupts a woman over a period of years, there is no turning back. Even a benevolent leader like @d0lf h1tl3r couldn’t reverse the Juuden out of the Juus. He had to deport them, but the Juuden used passive suicide to increase the death counts to claim 6 million of these shysters died under @d0lf. This is a lie. 6 million Juus did not die in WW2. I don’t care what you, the Juu, thinks of me, but I’m stating facts.

  26. Wanna know how the dating will look in 10 years have a look at Japan – Cashed up Japanese women have been paying Bali’s “Kuta boys” for years now, working in porn / protitution is becoming normalised for even high value women, ex porn stars are now trying to cover or delete their pasts to gain normal employment should they seek it or when they want to “settle down”, more men are turning to pump and dump rather then committed relationships, more are walking away full stop.

    1. They may indulge in the odd fling with a Kuta monkey but no way in Hell she’s gonna marry him.
      The eternal rules still apply…no money ,no honey.

  27. Damn, this thread has a lot of sad-sack MGTOWish stories about long dry spells and giving up, defeatism, etc. Never forget how most women looking for money hide their own skeletons and frequently bunch of broke-ass friends and it’s more about their trust issues; women don’t make rational decisions and they front a lot, do a lot of pretending — they excel at intense psychological manipulation of weak-minded men. It is possible to go thrashing and shitlording through it with a proverbial machete if you have a little skill and accomplishment in your back pocket. Most female BS is a facade — they just want you to knock it down and let them know you know what’s up. Total head game. I continue to pursue, seduce and bang 8s, 9s and 10s and most of them are insecure, horny at heart, and easily malleable to the classical “old ways” of masculine dominance they have evolved to admire, even the ones who claim some aspects of western feminist traits (mostly it’s a put-on, a shell). I’m not seeing the devastating social landscape many here are describing; I’m getting selected by high SMV females — in bloody California no less — and I’m not in some ratified status. I don’t have any secret weapon, I don’t have million$ lying around (I do well enough), not really classic Adonis features (I am fit/strong and likely an “8” in their eyes, maybe 9), and I’m able to generate rapport with women across the spectrum; it’s not that hard really. Guys it’s not as bad out there as it seems. A little capability and determination fixes shit…get to work and TAKE it. All is not lost… ever forward.

    1. >I do well enough [money-wise], I am fit/strong and likely an “8” in their eyes, maybe 9
      >I’m getting selected by high SMV females
      By your own admission, you are top 20%, maybe top 5%. So of course you are rolling in pussy. You get acesss to the top 20% or 5% SMV women by virtue of your own high SMV, plus you can slum it with lower tier women, if you choose, since the lower tier women are patiently waiting for a chance with top tier men like you rather than accepting men at their own level as mates. “Reserve army of unemployed” women of lower SMV keeps top tier bitches in line in sexual economy same as unemployed workers and hungry immigrants keeps wage slaves in line in regular economy.
      You are a perfect example of point 4: it’s a winners-take-all sexual economy now and will be more so in the future (until the government goes broke and stops subsidizing women, so that women once again have to choose ordinary men as mates).
      We can’t all be top 20% much less top 5% in SMV like you. You are clearly not top 5% in common sense and basic arithmetic skills if you can’t see this.

      1. Well said. Fancy a guy who rates himself a 9/10 brow beating a 5/10 or below that high SMV pussy is easy, just have a little determination is incredibly ignorant and patronizing.
        Further, the bar has been risen for men where the quality is dropping rapidly for women. What would have been considered a 6 or 7/10 man two decades ago would now be lucky to make 5 on a woman’s radar.
        However, a woman valued 5/10 two decades earlier would now probably be considered a 7/10 in todays market.

    2. Your self-confidence is what they are going for, and it is shown in this comment. The other commenters’ lack of confidence is what women absolutely fucking hate. It’s a vicious spiral with us dudes though because it is really hard (almost impossible) to stay confident in the face of rejection. Women don’t have to worry about it because most men don’t give two shits about their self-confidence. But with women they feed on that like a vampire, so if you exude confidence they go after you like a moth after a flame. That’s why so many women date assholes. They don’t like asshole behavior, they like confidence, and most assholes are weirdly self-confident. That’s all there is to it but people are trying to turn it into rocket science. Talk to them, ask some questions, ask more questions, smile, crack some jokes…damn it’s not that hard. And if they don’t like you? Fuck em. There are literally billions of women on the planet. Most of them are sitting around like losers just WAITING for someone to even ask them out.

      1. Eh, the tired old PUA confidence is like a Jedi mind trick on women schtick.
        If you give women tingles visually or with your power through money and status you can do almost no wrong in her eyes so confidence exudes naturally.
        If you ain’t bringing those tingles though you’re just an annoying arrogant creepy asshole she laughs about with her girlfriends or chad later.

        1. I’m not talking about using stupid autistic PUA schemes. I’m talking about being confident and good looking. Why is this fucking brain surgery for you guys?
          Of course women like a guy with money. Big fucking deal. I also like women that look like Scarlett Johannsen. And? It’s not like I can’t have a fantastic time with a 7.
          You want women to think you’re cool? Then be fucking cool. There’s nothing stopping you but your own hangups. You can’t make yourself taller (yet), but damn near everything else about you is malleable. So get into something more interesting than sportsball or video games, lose some weight (or gain some weight) until you look marginally attractive, start dressing like a fucking man and not a 12 year old, and then stand amazed at how women are actually ATTRACTED to you and you don’t have to pretend to use some Jedi mind trick to get them to fuck you. Jesus.

        2. @Sasquatch (awesome name btw)
          How am i contradicting myself? Not trying to win any points here I’m just curious. I’ve never really had a ton of trouble with women and I’m not even that great looking. I’d say I’m better than average only because I’ve kept in shape and I put some effort into my appearance (wear clothes that fit, decent haircut, walk tall, try to have a pleasant demeanor). Money-wise I’m not even into the six figure range.
          In my opinion women are not that complicated. They are duplicitous and evil don’t get me wrong. But anyone who thinks that the top 5% of guys are slaying it and everyone else is sleeping in a cold bed every night is just wrong. That’s as misguided as women saying “Men only want women who look like an Instagram model” or some stupid shit. They’re just trying to make themselves feel better.

        3. @the jom
          You stated confidence was key. Then you backtracked and included good looks, dress for status and admitted women go gaga for money.
          Some of what you say is correct and I’m genuinely happy that it seems to be working out for you. Keep it up.
          In my experience having improved my physical appearance the last few years the red-pill has never been more clearer. Women are some shallow bitches and everything we’ve been taught is wrong. I’m having ex girlfriends now who are married or with boyfriends propositioning me with sex. Bumbling beta encounters with women that would have an average guy blown out of the water still work for me simply because the woman thinks I’m hot. I see better looking guys than I doing the same to the girls in my dating SMV pool. Average women don’t want average looking guys, even super confident ones. Above average men are smashing average looking women (not marrying). Most sluts today are getting railed out by men of higher quality than them. I target very average girls sometimes for pump n dumps simply because I like feeling like a Chad that can do whatever the fuck he wants with her that she would never let a loyal average guy who would give her the world if given the chance. These are the same women that probably drag ‘confident’ average guys they sometimes settle with temporarily through the mud.
          So when I see guys saying just be confident and cool when they are in the top 20% of attractive males I laugh and mock them as they generally have no idea how the other 80% live outside the castle.

  28. The problem with this great article is that it misses some key trends that are already in-motion or already in-effect right now or they simply cannot happen as the OP describes!
    Here is why:
    1a) The use of Sugar Daddies while having a “regular boyfriend” assumes that women will even want to have a boyfriend while being sweetened by some old rich dude. She will probably whore herself on her free time and get pumped and dumped by hundreds of Alpha dudes instead. I doubt a Sugar Baby will want a regular boyfriend on the side. She is a whore to begin with!
    And yes, I agree, she will not hide her Sugar Daddy from any other man (the women in West ALREADY don’t hide this stuff anymore, just check FB and you will see).
    1b) Also, as the Western economies continue to decline and the middle class continue to vanish, the former “trust fund babies” (Millennials who live Hipster lifestyles in cities while doing nothing at all) will be the last in their family to enjoy the cash. The money will eventually run out and their kids will almost certainly NOT have the luxury their parents enjoyed. That is because wealth creation will be almost entirely concentrated at the very top.
    This phenomenon is called the “Brazilification of the Economy”. Just look at Brazil and you will understand the term. That means there is a colossal poor class (80%+ of population), the middle class is decimated (or vanishes completely), and the rich become insanely rich (FB’s Suckerberg, Apple CEO-types, etc). This is the Socialist model they have tested successfully (to the detriment of THE PEOPLE) in Brazil. The ultra-rich pay off politicians, judges, and media to keep everyone under their thumb, and the poor class becomes huge and a massive government-dependent entitlement-dependent voting block.
    This is why the left (Hillary, Barry Hussein, etc) and the globalists (Bushes, Soros, Lindsay Graham, etc) continue to push mass unlimited immigration, billions in foreign aid from USA to other countries dictators, and these “trade deals” that export jobs AND transfer our wealth to other countries. This is all by design, folks. I only know of 1 man fighting this Brazilification of America vigorously, and that is President Donald J. Trump.
    The RESULT of this impoverishing of the West will be that the number of “rich old Sugar Daddies” will be HIGHLY LIMITED and will dwindle even more as time goes by. The Baby Boomers who have enjoyed the Golden Age of America (mid-1940s to late 1960s) will die off and will their wealth will vanish as well.
    This is why shopping malls are failing. It is not the Internet alone; it is lack of MEN who work their butts off to finance a family (and wife) that spends HIS money at the mall.
    In a country with over 150 million women, they simply CANNOT find enough “Sugar” to fund their decadent materialistic lifestyles. There are not enough highly-paid Beta males and rich old guys to finance this many blood-sucking women.
    2) Sex tourism is already huge all over Western world and the AngloSphere. I personally think that female sex tourism will DECLINE with time, as women will simply look for Alpha fux locally, since they won’t have “rich parents” to finance their lifestyle. Right now, most sex tourists are spoiled middle class (and above) white girls, whose cuck daddy pays for her sex tourism trips. Most college grad females have no decent paying job (Starbucks barista is the common one lately) and are saddled with massive student loan debt. Because the # of Sugar Daddies is simply too limited in such a big country, women will have to “make do” with locals they can bang and the occasional trip aboard for sex tourism.
    3) Prenuptial/Postnuptial agreements are simply a false sense of security. It is a dumb reason for idiot men that want to get married to justify such a terrible deal. Here is why (from a 6-year experience paralegal and 1st year law student):
    3a) Family law judges are “Emperors in Black Robes”. They have almost unlimited, unchecked power. They routinely disregard Statutory Law passed by the Legislature and ignore Appellate court decisions. They have ZERO accountability and they are overwhelming (85%+) Feminists or hard-leftists. There is no jury in Family Court (regarding divorce, child support, custody, etc). That one judge will decide your fate, as appeals are costly and hard to win.
    If Emperor Judge had a bad breakfast burrito and is in a bad mood, she/he could literally order you to hand your house, car, and 90% of your income to the woman on a whim. Refuse and you go to jail on the spot. Let you appeal that over the years while you see all you have worked for be destroyed as you are in and out of jail and while lawyers eat up all your money.
    3b) A prenup is a false sense of security, but you still should get one if a man absolutely wants to get married. ANY man getting married (if he is dumb enough to these days) SHOULD get a great family law specialized lawyer to draft the prenup, but understand that:
    -A prenup can be thrown out by Emperor Judge on a whim for reasons as absurd as being “unconscionable” (unfair, too on-sided) or “signed under pressure”. That is why you should have woman be VIDEO TAPED with her knowledge before signing in front of a notary, and the man’s lawyer should ask her before signing “are you under nay drugs? did you drink alcohol last 2 days? Do you know you MUST consult your own attorney before signing?” and etc.
    -Prenup is only valid for assets you have TODAY. All future asset appreciation (including home value increase, property purchased during marriage, money you inherit during marriage, retirement account deposits and retirement account value increases, etc) are NOT covered by the Prenup, as these are “future events”. You can TRY to remedy this with a PostNuptual agreement for future earnings, but that is hard to get, as SHE will not want to sign it. Or she will file for divorce preemptively.
    “Prenuptual child visitation agreements” (yes, this exists, but many States do not recognize them) and future child support payments are going to be decided by Emperor Judge during your crucifixion… I mean “divorce hearing”. Child support has “guidelines” but Judge decides whatever pops oin their head that day.
    3c) I also want to add that other critical legal rights for men will continue to erode as well, including “due process” (the right to a fair hearing, to present evidence, to confront accusers, etc) will also diminish or vanish. Any woman accusing the man of anything, including, but not limited to: sexual harassment (whatever that means that day), false [email protected], violence, etc will continue to increasingly be deemed “believable” and “unquestionable”, since a woman is accusing the man.
    These rights to due process and protections from malicious criminal protections will continue to vanish as more California-style “Yes Means Yes” type insane [email protected] laws will continue to be made in leftwing States (and Federally, if we do not watch out!).
    4) Agree 100%, the top guys will get even more women as the middle class becomes poor/vanishes, the top guys will game a very large % of the women. This has always been the case.
    **Final thoughts: I think that, at least as far as the USA is concerned, unless we have drastic legal changes to Family Laws regarding child support/custody, divorce, and severe restraints on “judicial autonomy”, religious people (Christians, Mormons, etc), marriage will be something for the very richest and people wanting to marry a foreigner only.
    Also, if criminal laws are not changed, you could see all men regularly record all sexual encounters, wear concealed bodycams to record all male-female workplace interactions, and all conversations with any woman in private will have to be on camera, preserved for life (since we now have accusations from 20 years before being made). You may also begin to see more “jury nullification” of false accusations against men by men who will become increasingly more Red Pilled.
    Finally, I believe that there will not be a middle ground in near future. Men will simply not going to be able to “stay blue pilled” because all men will SEE and experience the effects of the sexual marketplace, the unfairness at work, unfairness of court system, and the folly of marriage.
    My .2 cents, folks.

      1. Thanks guys. 🙂 I will gladly write more if you guys are interested in legalistic aspects of marriage, prenups, immigration law (I worked mainly criminals and immi law over 6 years as Paralegal, but I also helped drafting divorce settlements and I also did initial Work Comp filings. As a Paralegal, I worked 40-60h week many times and the benefit was developing extensive experience in legal issues.
        One question I get a lot from friends who are considering marrying a local imported foreign girl (or want to go get one from overseas) is about immigration law, of course. I also get tons of questions about self-defense, and criminal law.
        My background: I am 1st year law student, and therefore I cannot give “legal advice” to specific cases, but I have a wealth of experience dealing with cases and many legal case examples. 🙂
        I have a BA in accounting, 2 minors in small bus admin and economics. I also have a AS degree in Paralegal studies. I have been working FT and going school PT on and off since I was 19 and I am going on 35 now. I live in Rockies right now where I am attending law school, but I am from central FL. I also lived in 4 countries between ages 12-16, as my dad worked fro Consulate. I speak fluent Portuguese and almost fluent Spanish. I also understand basic Italian, since my grandparents are from Northern Italy. Lol
        Ok… too much info… lol
        Thanks for the thumbs up on my post. 🙂

    1. ”Agree 100%, the top guys will get even more women as the middle class becomes poor/vanishes, the top guys will game a very large % of the women. This has always been the case.”
      And this, on the long run, will lead to… INBREEDING!!!

      1. Avenger, the point I was trying to make is that the top guys get the best women is and will always be the case. The top guys, however, want top women as well, so looking at the % of the total population, let’s speculate that 5%-10% of men are “top notch Alphas”, rich/cool/fit/power/etc. These guys will simply go after the top 5%-10% of the women as well. Top guys are not going to “go slummin’ ” for bottom feeder women. Trump gets Melania… Brad Pitt gets Angelina; and so forth. The top of the male human species gets the top of the female species. FACT.
        That leaves 90%+ of the male population and 90%+ of the female population leftover. Inbreeding will simply NOT be a concern when you have such a large group leftover. 🙂
        The other point was that the OP article speculates that in 20-years time, the use of old, rich Sugar Daddies will increase and become commonplace. But that defies common sense and defies the laws of math and economics.
        As the Western middle class continues to slowly diminish, wealth distribution (and the so called “income disparity gap”) will continue to expand. This means a small group of a few thousand (in a country for 330 million people) will control absurd amounts of wealth (think: Amazon’s Bezos, FB’s Suckerberg, Microsoft’s Gates, etc). The top wealth will grow insanely high as the Middle Class, the backbone of America, continues to slowly drift down into poverty status or barely make it, even if they stay Middle Class.
        Throw in divorce that steals and breaks up wealth creation, then you have a Middle Class situation who will have small retirement savings and very little post-tax disposable incomes.
        The “Sugar Daddy” phenomena of today arose in large #’s because the “old rich guys” are from the Baby Boomer generation, which enjoyed an insanely wealthy period of American prosperity. They grew up when America reigned supreme, we controlled almost 24% of the PLANET’s total wealth. Many of today’s Sugar Daddies were middle class men, who worked in GM factories and were paid $80/h and did tons of OT. Because Europe and Asia was in ruin, American workers and unionized factories paid tons of cash to its workers.
        These men who saved their money and invested in stocks and private retirement plans, became “rich” for today’s standards. I know this situation very well, because my stepdad’s father worked for a Ford factory in Indiana decades ago and retired with $700k in savings! 😮 He was a cheap guy, however, not a Sugar Daddy, but we found out about his hidden wealth after he died (yeah, he was one of those old guys).
        But the Boomer generation squandered America’s prosperity and wealth. They went Hippie, they joined hard-left militant groups like Weather Underground, they supported Socialist groups (SDS, CP USA), created a mass welfare system to support their own lifestyles, they created foreign aid, and worst of all: they enabled/supported and created Feminism. In time, America went from 35 years of unbridled prosperity to the 1970s period of recession, ending with Reagan’s recovery in the 1980s. The problem is that the now-permanent welfare system + Feminism sapped America of its power and we now go from boom-to-bust “prosperity cycles”. Real wealth is hard to create now, something frugal middle class men could easily achieve before.
        Even a “well paid” factory worker today are getting around $25/h, maybe $35/h if highly specialized. Compared that to $80/h for my stepdad’s father (during a period when everything was cheaper) and you see WHY the Sugar Daddy system cannot and will not continue.
        This is simple math. The % of men who will have the cash to be “Sugar daddies” in his old age will dwindle. The richest guys do not need to be Sugar Daddies, they get women using their cars, status, or power. That was my other criticism of the OP article.
        To leave on a positive note: right now, it feels like the Middle Class is rallying again, but that is because of the good economy and a revival of sorts in manufacturing and due to top-notch leadership we have in WH. Jobs are beginning to pay more, and the economy is on the rebound.
        How long will that last? Will the left take-over in Nov 2018 elections? Or will middle class get a good decade to recover and rebuild?
        I am not sure, but I highly doubt we will ever recover ENOUGH to create the next generation of “rich old Sugar Daddies”. That is for certain.

  29. Proof of this… I did matchmaking and was getting set up with women by a female matchmaker, who put women in my league. I graduated top of my class, went to Uni on scholarship, own my own home at 32, and broke six figures 4 years ago. My matchmaker was telling me to be open to a second date if I vaguely liked the person, so that I could maximize my chances of a followup date. As such, I agreed to see 3 of the 5 women I was matched with.
    None of the women thought I was worth a second date. Shortest one was an hour, with a woman who worked 80 hour weeks, spent half the time on the phone, and left early on a Friday to go do work. The best date was what I would have considered an amazing match, but she was wary because she perceived me as eager for a relationship and wouldn’t even exchange phone numbers! Even when paying for matchmaking women don’t like it when guys pursue them for a relationship! At this point, I’ve decided the proper thing to do is sex and fun… they’re damaged goods.

    1. Even more evidence… my married friend has a girlfriend, and hooks up regularly with women on the side at parties. He doesn’t realize he’s using game… he’s internalized it before PUA was a thing. But part of his game is to admit to women he’s unhappily married and has a girlfriend. He was telling me about a former girlfriend who chatted him up on Fb one day. He went over to help her move some furniture, they got to fooling around, and he felt ‘weird’ for the first time, because he felt like he was cheating on his girlfriend. Women like this cheating shit and they’re rationalize it any way they want.

    2. Johny, they just weren’t ready for your BetaBux, yet. Not saying you’re a beta, but perhaps this is how they framed you in their minds. Give ’em 10 years — when they’re single moms, thrice divorced, pudgy, and broke — then they’ll come a knockin’. Then, you can have Poindexter’s Revenge (Tom Leykis). Fuck and chuck, as you see fit. Only select the best among them.

    3. YUP! Then those same women scream they can’t find ‘a good man’.
      The cartoon with Superman naked and sleeping next to the woman who’s sitting on the bed thinking ‘Is this the best I can do?” comes to mind.

  30. You are assuming the world will still be at peace in 20 years without considering the actual demo changes pushed into the West.

      1. Fair point.
        I should have been more specific and mention no major military conflicts active involving several countries at once.
        I’m fairly sure we’ll see another big war in the next 20 to 30 years, you can’t simply push for population replacement through immigration without expecting a massive conflict at some point.
        The people native to the invaded countries won’t take it for that long and the welfare money won’t last for that long either.
        Conflict is unfortunately inevitable.

  31. Honest-to-God, open harems will definitely be a thing, again, for the 5% of top men. The next 10% will get table scraps.
    Once Ex-Machina-level sexbots (sans homicidal tendencies, of course), or Joi AI/virtual partners (Blade Runner 2049) hit the market, it’ll be what the remaining 85% of men are forced into.
    Of course, the level of reality you get will be dependent on how much money you can throw at it. Ex Machina will be marketed to more wealthy betas. Joi type products will be marketed more toward omegas with no money or desire for physical contact.

    1. Harems already exist. Open in the sense that the women don’t associate with each other, but they all screw the same guy and know he’s taken. And that the other men around are single but not ‘good enough’ or are available and therefore not desired.
      One of my friends was hosting a party at his parents house. I rented the second floor at the time and had a good space. He is married, and has a girlfriend, and was going through a divorce so he slept in the back guest room. So I turn in a bit early, around midnight, and they stay up til five am. My friend likes one of the women and says to the married one… I like her, you can’t sleep with her. He says… ‘I’m not going to sleep with her! I have a girlfriend… and like you even have a chance.’ She ended up overhearing this and insisted that she sleep in the same bed as the married friend. He claims they didn’t fool around but he has intimate knowledge of her abs and tattoos at this point. I tell him the next day, you’re never meeting any of my girlfriends. You’ll just coopt my relationship. He gets pissed and says he’s not like that… I don’t know if these people even know what they’re doing anymore.

  32. SO many really great alliterative commenters. I love reading some of these posts. thank you for your talents and entertainment!

    1. TV really sucks, but I get all the best bed time reading material now from comment sections alone.

  33. I’m assuming these are worldwide trends, but perhaps social pressure in Asian societies will suppress hyperagamy and divorce rape.

  34. Something not mentioned a lot here is men learning SALES.
    It isn’t skilled like a trade but it makes you good money once you learn how to do it properly.
    The problem with trades is they are time for dollars. Realistically you can’t build great net worth being a grunt. Leveraging resources and people has always been better.

  35. Escorts are the best route for us men over 40. Just travel overseas to South America, Thailand, Eastern Europe, enjoy good food and cheap escorts.
    Dating is not worth it anymore. Marriage is a land mine and more risky than playing Russian Roulette. I am surprised Roosh does not advocate escorts for older men where game does not work.

  36. I agree with the four statements made in the article and of course there will come a lot worse things.
    Still, ROK will keep on posting articles with titles like “how to find a good wife”. People who seriously think about this do not understand female nature.

  37. Help. I graduated law school and undergrad with over 300K in debt. Close to 30 hating my life right now. I am wrong gender meaning not a woman, not lgbtq and am the white devil according to CNN. What is there to look forward to in the next 20 years?

    1. Lost, I am a 35 (going on 36) 1st year law student myself. I was Paralegal for 6 years and I know the work very well. Depending on where you live, working as a lawyer is hell. NYC, for example. My cousin is married to a guy who is a lawyer (he went to subpar law school, and never did 3rd year externships), so he has been unable to find an attorney position for last 8 years! he has worked in plumbing, clerical work at law office…. not law. Now he is totally unemployed… in NYC! 🙁
      My undergrad, I spent $16k only at non-profit college (that was after I got an AAS in Paralegal studies and an AA general ed in comm college – very cheap). I already repaid my undergrad (UG) student loans over 1.5 year period working FT and OT like crazy. I refused to start law school and roll over the debt (and continually accusing interest, even if they suspended the payments).
      WHERE did you go to UG and Law school? We structured my law school loans to $89k including interest for next 4 years (I am PT night program student, they do this at DU Law), 4 year program. Did you go to Pepperdine law or something? 😮
      Have you considered moving to new city? How about doing other type of law? What are you doing right now? Trying to change careers now will not be easy, but will be harder as time goes by anyway…..

    2. I struggle with this almost daily. My only salvation is I’m caring for my elderly Father, who was actually a decent Father to me, so I’m doing my part for him at this point.
      After he’s gone – I’m probably gone. Gone as in hopefully not in the US anymore, and hopefully not ‘gone’ from the planet.
      I don’t see much to look forward to, either, as I, too, am the White devil man who CNN tells the lemmings is at fault for every evil the world knows.

  38. This is a great article, I live in Los Angeles, the mecca of evil and degeneracy. I have a 6 figure paying job which I have worked at for 5 years after accumulating massive debt both at law school and undergrad. I drive a new BMW, live in a brand new condo in the center of the city, and I have other tools with which to “peacock”. I am a former college athlete so I am tall with good build. However, I still have to pay for pussy from sites like seeking arrangement because my competition is the hollywood hills, where all the multi millionaires and celebs live. After a club, thats where all the pussy goes- hoping to have leo dicaprio nut in their face and tell the story for decades. I am not making any of this up, it is an extremely horrid existence and I have years of experience showing how LA is degeneracy on steroids- and I’m talking designer steroids, not the shit you get online 😉 This is just a vast analogy of how bleak the future is and how women will only be attracted to a smaller and smaller percentage of men. This is affirmation of this article and the current social norms. We must take action, stick together. Stop liking and following women on IG and perpetuating the degeneracy. What if we stopped? What if we had a hashtag #ihitthattoo.. to show how much of sluts women have become. Sadly, this hypothetical will never come to fruition because there are a large number of wealthy, desperate, horny old men(in a city like LA) that will be willing to shell out minimum 2k for a subpar damaged female. If we can eliminate white knights, we eliminate pussy monetization.

    1. I frankly do not know how anyone can live in California these days, even if making good money. Homeless all over doing drugs on streets, living in middle of city and blocking off square miles of streets; feces and drug needles everywhere; high crime; high taxes; “Yes means Yes” laws making all sex into rape, unless proven otherwise; illegal aliens killing people and being protected by the state and local politicians; high cost of living; women who are total whores, feminist, and drug-addicted degenerates. It is hell, it is a 3rd world country. 4 years ago, I was in San Bernardino county, Lemoore, and Fresno for 3 days for work and I began to become depressed just SEEING all this for this short time.
      California is what America’s future can be like if we do not get our country back in order, continue mass immigration, and Democrat policies.
      If you get outta there (unless ou have taken that Black pill already given up), you will find a different country for the most part, compared to that 3rd world hellhole you live in. You can still enjoy a much healthier lifestyle with plenty of “middle America” women giving you plenty of attention. A guy in good shape with a Beamer can do much better and live much better outside MexiFornia.
      My .2 cents on that, sir.

  39. My thought is “hypergamy” is a misnomer, a “guys” term. Hypergamy from a guys perspective is piling up the credits and assets to stand out from the other guys. Its an objective he tries to work at every hour of every day; wealth, strength, social value. A pile of sand.
    But women don’t create or add value, and hate it when they have to do so. Women sort their options from their “best” choice. Whether in LA, small town US, or Papau New Guinea, the woman sorts the available pairing options and from what’s she finds, chooses their their best perceived pairing.
    With an increase in woman’s options, the “standard” raises. A guy’s competition will be not only celebrities, photo-shopped Tinder profiles, sports figures, her male boss, moneyed douche bags who hit on her. Next will be that new 6’2″ VR dildo-doll with cheesy lines cut from the latest TV drama. No mortal guy is going to get picked, real pairings will be few and fleeting.
    When a women needs to pair up for a real life issue, like income to help raise the kid, real-life guys will be needed and available. But women in the future will float away into a perceived virtual haze of whatever corporate marketing decides to be her best pairing of value and pleasure. A virtual Cancun, virtual approaches at a fancy restaurant, virtual living spaces. Women will pick the blue pill, the matrix, by choice.

  40. Men need to find new outlets for their hormones and passions and ignore women. Yes, I said ignore. Shame them, don’t give them attention. NO expensive dates. For me, music is such an outlet. I can play for hours and relax and it is less expensive than pussy.

    1. JCD:
      That is what MGTOW is!!! Men “control their desires” for women and go their own way and focus on other stuff. I wrote a comment above that I know a middle school teacher who told me 7th and 8th grader boys are more interested in video games, social media, text messages, iPhones, and paintball then the girls in her class (see my comment above for details). This is shifting the balance of power, albeit slowly, towards men. Boys are going MGTOW because 1) they have too many distractions to focus on women; 2) they already live in a feminized world, growing up with lower estrogen and; 3) women are a pain and the boys have too many outlets to relieve themselves (distractions, online HD porn, etc). How this will all shake out in the long run, who knows?!? But the fact that young men are reducing their interest in girls as early as middle school can be a sign of a trend. (?)
      But one thing is for sure. The paradigm of men-women relations in USA will change drastically in the next 3-5 years. The sheer number of men going “red pill”, MGTOW, and other MRA’s is too great to be ignored. It will have a direct impact on male-female relations in America, because it is a supply-demand situation and the more men join one of these movements, the closer we get to reset of this unsustainable system of we have today.
      While I personally do NOT think MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) is an ultimate solution, but it certainly IS part of the solution. The more men that MGTOW, the more men OVERALL will gain power and bargaining in the sexual and marriage marketplace. Supply and demand.
      Women control sexual access; men control commitment. That is and will always be the basic dynamic. Just consider the “marriage marketplace” today. Men who are willing to take that huge risk have a clear advantage in that small niche market with women that want to marry. You have a huge surplus of former carrousel riders now actively looking for a man to marry (and even some decent Christian girls, not virgins, but not carousel riders either).
      For fun, I was looking at ChristianCafe dating site and the # of women seeking “marriage” or “serious relationships only”) in my age group (ages 28-38) is HUGE, much bigger then the # men. Has to be due to men, even Christian men, are pulling out of marriage market.
      For some reason (and I think the reason is the “Epiphany Phase” many women go through at some point, often between ages of 28-31, according to extensive research of Rational Male/Rollo and Dalrock), along with the fact that their SMV is diminishing fast while their prospects of “being alone forever” increase drastically, these carousel; riders begin to seek a Beta to marry. hey know by now an Alpha will not wife them up, so they are ready to “settle down”. Marrying a foolish Beta ensures their financial security, so the patsy Beta can fund their hedonistic lifestyle into an old age.
      Also, look at marriage rates and trends. 70% of men ages 20-34 are now “never married”. 70%!!! I expect the trends to continue, as men become Red Pilled (voluntarily or involuntarily as a result of years of Feminist abuse in courts, work, etc) and avoid marriage and relationships with broken Western women like the plague.
      Life, reality, the world is controlled by a simple law of nature that is no different then say… gravity: “supply and demand”. Supply and demand is almost completely immutable. A supply of women and short supply of men = shift power towards men. That happened in places like Belarus, Germany, and all over the USSR after WWII. Germany in 1945, there was almost a complete lack of males ages 15-55 because of mass drafting of men, war deaths, and Stalin’s death march of Germans by the tens of thousands. The result: the American GI’s enjoyed a surplus of single women for decades after war.
      Make no mistake about it. Men are waking the hell up all over America, and that is good news. Even Tucker Carlson is now doing a study and special program features on man’s rights, the reason young men are “failing” in USA, and more. Tucker is doing a whole month-long series on men in America, the death of traditional family, men pulling out of workforce, college, and marriage completely.
      Check out outstanding this video on the subject with Dr. Jordan Peterson, it is excellent: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qrC8_PnR6g4

  41. Predictions on social trends are difficult at best.
    Could be that MORE men will get laid easier if the economies of the U.S. and Canada go south in a big way…just out of pure necessity as all those retail/HR/office jobs go bye-bye and women are forced to shack up just to survive as the social spending will decrease, too.
    Economic collapse might even…(shock)…bring back marriage and family as an economic defense against extreme poverty.
    Who knows?

  42. Well foreign men are 100000x thirstier than American men. Take men of India they are the biggest cucks in their gynocentric culture. Same for Asian men. The ticking time bomb of too few females in China has consequences. Same for too many men and not enough females in many parts of the USA. We need a major world war to cleanse the filth on the planet and reduce male population so that the gender balance is back to normal and feminism fails.

  43. Something I have noticed in just the last 5 years – the hot chicks have gone from being stuck-up bitches to succinctly sweet, while the fatties have gone from succinctly sweet to bitches. But overall, the women have gotten fatter and fatter. Why? -Because women no longer have any incentive to maintain a presentable figure since their resources and status are being met by the simp statist matriarchy that will bail them out in welfare and the deputized white knights in blue, leaving them free to pursue their actual wants unrestricted: bad boys.
    The only effort women need to do is just add another glob of makeup, another layer of spray tan and throw on some spanks, and the beta-orbiters will flock like never before.
    The thirst is real. Unlike anything I have ever seen.
    I was in New Orleans a few weeks ago. I had just gotten a handjob from two overweight women to completion in an ally. Many passersby taping it. They even let me take a few selfies for my boss who let me off for a week on the condition that I get evidence for my public handjobs.
    Then we walked into a bar and one of them buys me a drink (Never buy them a drink), and suddenly we are surrounded by simps. The fatter one starts a conversation with one and informs him that she has just given me a handjob, and not only is he not repulsed by it…he runs to buy them both drinks.
    Even worse (for him), she puts her hand back in my pants while he is at the bar. Then I bring my attention to the other one and she does the same thing complimenting my size. Then she runs to the bathroom and I depart to my next adventure.
    Some really strange, animalistic thing I witnessed was how they had begged me to cum all over them. As soon I did right into their hands (was not easy in public during a downpour), one of them runs her hand right through her hair immediately afterwards, not to impress me because it was so nondescript, but something instinctual like that crude video of the porn star explaining hypergamy (how she wants a man’s cum all over her if he is above her, but retches at the thought of even acknowledging a man beneath her).
    I asked her if she just moussed her hair with it like Something About Mary and she hesitated and said yeah. Then in the bar when she was handling my dick again she ran her hand straight to her lips, again not to impress me, but like how a cat rubs its gums against your hand, I guess. Really weird shit.
    Of course I had to ask if either had been with black men (because that is pretty much all I witnessed like never before on Bourbon), and they both said no. The really fat one even said she was ‘technically a virgin.’

    1. It is incredible how fat and ugly women have gone from pleasant to total bitches. They have become completely unbearable and their value is less of even cows and rabid street dogs. When I was in high school (and I am 35, not that old), the ugly/fat girls were super nice, you welcomed them into your social circles, even if no one wanted to bang them. Some guys even “pity danced” with them at prom/Homecoming, so they felt better, and they rewarded the guys with intel, an actual friend, hall passes, etc. 🙂
      In return, the fat or ugly girls would help the guys get with some girls they knew, provide intel on girls you liked, etc (this wears before FB/Tinder/InstaGram, we needed real-life intel on certain girls sometimes).
      Now the fat ones are nasty as hell. Cannot even say “good morning” at work, as that sets them off into a rage or straight into HR to complain. -_-
      As for hot girls becoming kinda nice…. I am not seeing this trend in either the Rockies where I am attending law school or back home in Central FL. They seem the same, stuck-up and in need to be negged and gamed hard before a pump n dump.
      Where do you live again, that you are seeing this trend of hot girls going even a little nice?

    2. Hot girls have become absolute bitches IMO. No sweetness and in fact have developed a passive aggression that makes them insufferable.
      Especially to guys they perceive as sub Chad. I have dealt with girls that are considered 9s and I tell you I would much rather deal with a 6 with a nice attitude that treats me like a king instead of a constantly bitchy and hard to manage whore that sees me as beneath her. Shit like game and maintaining frame works to an extent but your human energy will be sapped from having to always keep her in check. If you want to maintain a trophy and show off your girl, feel free to fuck a 9. But unless you are done robust 6’+, blue eyed muscular sumbitch you WILL be fighting an uphill battle.
      I don’t consider high maintenance girls to be LTR material and most men shouldn’t either. Pump and dump to say you did it but don’t think she is worthy of more than that.
      Truth is if you are a sub Chad, you CAN game women above your looks to fuck you, but good luck enjoying a relationship with them. It can give you a heart attack and most guys I know can attest to this fact.
      I personally prefer a woman I don’t have to tame especially in the West where women have most of the legal advantages.

  44. Making money though is going to be a lot more difficult. A good book about this is The End of Work by J Livingston.
    Technology will be doing most of the jobs. Even specialized fields will need few to work so they will take only the brightest with the most talent. Rich will be getting a lot more rich and middle class will be reduced to the poor class.
    Social turmoil is inescapable now. The biggest moral question will be is it right for the rich to have all the wealth. The Left will become a lot more powerful than they are even now.
    But according to Livingston, once the turmoil settles out there will be another kind of boom.
    We are not going to be around for that though.
    The best one can do is erase your debts and live frugally.

  45. uh…Dating market will end with the end of dating.
    That’s not even up for debate, it’s gonna happen.
    Men don’t want them for anything. Not even
    to save the human race from extinction.
    Even death is better than dating them.

  46. The latin lover trip thing is pretty old in Germany.
    Barely legal girls have been doing it on daddys dime right after graduating highschool since the 90s.
    Nevermind that most Spanish dudes are just as whipped as Germans, but you got to keep the fantasy alive…
    Above average German girls generally aren’t virgins anymore by 16 and have had their first foreign chad by 20 for sure. What you get is bitter manhating used goods.

  47. I think on number 3 you may be wrong. Women are now starting a movement to stop men from being financially raped but it’s not the rapers who are leading it, it’s actually the new spouses of the raped men who are because they see their “fair share” of the financial pie going to a woman no longer in the man’s life and detracting from theirs.

  48. Being a girl who has been swept up by the media and the infiltration of globalist ideologies through education her whole life, I can honestly say that I’ve been red-pilled recently. I won’t lie, the truth? It hurts. Maybe that’s just the natural emotional nature of my true femininity coming out. Human nature is hard to accept, but it would be foolish not to. As Jordan Peterson states, be careful when treading into the realms of knowledge. You might not know what you stumble upon, and you might find yourself taking on a great load of responsibility at a quick rate. You are now the type of men that I would love to start a life with, but it’s tragic because that will never happen. I was living in a delusional, reckless world before: I’ve been with 7 guys in my lifetime, I stooped to the level of getting a tattoo on my back, partied a bit, I take anti-depressants and mood stabilizers. Luckily my looks are decent I guess, but with my eating habits I’m certainly not healthy, so that doesn’t really mean much. Essentially, I’ve reduced myself to dirty scum, even if I have been red pilled. I can’t compete with high quality females. It’s too late for me. I’ve accepted it, though, and am not too worried because I am pursuing a Nursing degree and will be able to comfortably provide for myself for the rest of my life. It’s not ideal, and quite a lonely future, but that’s just the reality of things. That being said, I would appreciate if you guys clarified something for me. I seem to be reading two different things: Some alpha males seem to despise their do-nothing stay at home wives and wish they would contribute more, and some seem to prefer stay at home wives as long as they are doing their jobs efficiently taking care of the kids and keeping the house clean. Which is it?

  49. Being a girl who has been swept up by the media and the infiltration of globalist ideologies through education her whole life, I can honestly say that I’ve been red-pilled recently. I won’t lie, the truth? It hurts. Maybe that’s just the natural emotional nature of my true femininity coming out. Human nature is hard to accept, but it would be foolish not to. As Jordan Peterson states, be careful when treading into the realms of knowledge. You might not know what you stumble upon, and you might find yourself taking on a great load of responsibility at a quick rate. You are now the type of men that I would love to start a life with, but it’s tragic because that will never happen. I was living in a delusional, reckless world before: I’ve been with 7 guys in my lifetime, I stooped to the level of getting a tattoo on my back, partied a bit, I take anti-depressants and mood stabilizers. Luckily my looks are decent I guess, but with my eating habits I’m certainly not healthy, so that doesn’t really mean much. Essentially, I’ve reduced myself to dirty scum, even if I have been red pilled. I can’t compete with high quality females. It’s too late for me. I’ve accepted it, though, and am not too worried because I am pursuing a Nursing degree and will be able to comfortably provide for myself for the rest of my life. It’s not ideal, and quite a lonely future, but that’s just the reality of things. That being said, I would appreciate if you guys clarified something for me. I seem to be reading two different things: Some alpha males seem to despise their do-nothing stay at home wives and wish they would contribute more, and some seem to prefer stay at home wives as long as they are doing their jobs efficiently taking care of the kids and keeping the house clean. Which is it?

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