Transgenderism Has Absolutely No Basis In Science

So it appears that the great transmania—“World War T“—has slightly died down from its heights around 2014, but it is still a major tenet of what we’re all supposed to believe in—observe this article complaining that heterosexual men have the nerve to not want to sleep with transgendered/non-binary people.

On a personal level, I really could not care less—if you want to shred your penis and/or put a fake penis between your legs, dress up like the opposite sex and pump hormones into yourself, that is your right, and I wish you the best. However, as a man of science, I cannot abide by the skewing and fudging of data to serve any sort of ideological purpose, which is certainly what goes on with regards to our trans friends.

Of course, we could talk about how several psychologists have attempted to publicize how different methods of treatment (ie: psychological counseling) should be sought for most people with gender dysphoria rather than arbitrarily giving them sex changes, and concurrently we can discuss how this information has been quietly swept under the rug.

Or we could also discuss how the numbers of LGBT people have skyrocketed with the millennial generation—which would seem to imply that, “Born this Way” propaganda notwithstanding, there are many factors that cause somebody to be on the LGBT spectrum which certainly include congenital factors but are not limited to them. But we’re not going to discuss these.

Instead, we can discuss how the core tenet of transgenderism is essentially undone by itself. What I mean by this is, those who advocate sex changes essentially advocate that there’s no real difference between the sexes—that gender is fluid and malleable in other words, and to think that gender is a mere binary is just idiotic troglodyte thinking. Indeed, as I have discussed in my Manthropology videos, this is a foundational pillar of modernity in and of itself.

So how does that contradict itself? Because, jokes about “identifying as (x) gender” aside, the only way one can actually transition from one gender to another is with the magic of hormone injections—liquified masculinity and femininity, to put it in the simplest terms. As most of us will recall from Biology 101, the presence of testosterone or estrogen in the body will hormonally signal for various other parts of the body to develop what are known as the secondary sexual characteristics—increased muscle mass, height, and body hair for men, and breast tissue, increased body fat in strategic areas (breasts, hips, buttocks), and lesser muscle mass for women, to name just a few.



In other words, the essence, the “juice” of manhood and womanhood, causes certain traits associated with those concepts to emerge on a person. Doesn’t that seem a bit odd? Gender is fluid and malleable, and yet there are clearly visible and definable traits associated with sex-defining hormones, and when you take those hormones and put them into the opposite sex, then you start to see some serious shit go down!

Female to male transsexuals—who are incidentally much less common than the inverse for some strange reason—notice, to their shock and horror, that in addition to the increased muscle mass and hirsuteness that comes with testosterone, they suddenly find themselves substantially hornier and, most shocking of all, have a newfound interest in mathematics, sports, and other things that are stereotypically associated with the masculine mind (but men are only interested in those things because they were socially constructed to be so in order to keep women out of math and computing, obviously.)

I don’t know why anybody would be surprised, considering that the testosterone injections FtM transsexuals obtain are dubbed “anabolic steroids” when men take them for bodybuilding purposes.

Tangentially, I also dimly recall in my middle school gym class there being a poster detailing the unpleasant side effects of steroid use; several of them were dubbed “masculinizing side effects” by the teacher when they happened to women. Perhaps that poster has been amended in the years since to say those effects aren’t so bad for women.

This exact poster as a matter of fact

So, what have we learned? That masculinizing and feminizing hormones have their names for a reason, and similarly masculinity and femininity are largely—but I will admit not ENTIRELY—a biological reality. Certainly they’re much closer to being an ironclad biological law then being the fluid and amorphous nothingness that we’re supposed to think it is.

Then again, I think our societal betters know that, as they allow hormone replacement therapy only in the ways they approve—why else would it be the case that a man cannot legally give himself testosterone to make himself more of a man, but he can take hormones that make him less of one? Again, I have no interest in taking steroids myself but it seems to me that it should be an either/or situation: either everybody can take whatever hormones they want, or nobody can.

But then again, when you realize that “goodthink science” has less to do with what’s actually scientifically accurate and more with ideology, things’ll make a little more sense.

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91 thoughts on “Transgenderism Has Absolutely No Basis In Science”

  1. In Toronto, if you don’t refer to the right gender pronoun to a tranny, that is considered a hate crime. In NYC, businesses can get sued for $250,000 if a tranny complains of discrimination. What are the similarities between Toronto and NYC? They are heavily populated by people who support a tiny piece of land in the mid-east.

      1. These Juudid lie in math. 6 million of them did not perish in any Hollow Hoax. They used the Hollow Hoax to garner sympathy for Israhell.

    1. Which form of madness will be taken seriously next?
      1) trans-illness: When you can be declared to have illnesses you merely believe that you have and get treatments for them even though objectively you don’t have them “disease is a social construct”. “Jill has transcancer and is getting radiotherapy, its no different from anybody else with cancer”.
      2) Trans-witness protection: When you believe you are persecuted and because “persecution is just a social construct” you can apply to get put in witness protection schemes with a new identity and job “Jack is being trans-hunted by the Mafia who are conspiring against him so he is on the witness protection scheme, along with the cis-persecuted”
      3) trans-dead getting death certificates: Cotard delusion is now not considered an offensive term to those who believe that they are dead and they are now issued with funerals, their will paid out, and they are registered as dead the same as the cis-dead because “life is just a social construct”

      1. When you drop the idea of a natural state of man arising from that ways by which our ancestors lived and when you , like the left, detest all the wisdom of your traditions as they so clearly do then you move to this wierd state where really disease, normal behaviour, and all morals become just arbitrary social constructs blowing in the wind.

        1. I think that nobody is 100% sure if Schizoprenia is a bug or a feature in-terms of our biology. It is associated with things like low birth-weight which suggests that is an abnormality.
          The delusions that make men want to be women would logically be classified within the whole band of delusions that comprise schizophrenia and the schizoid personality-type were society to have decided that it was not some chosen delusion.

        2. schizophrenia and transsexualism:

          “Gender identity disorder (GID), recently renamed gender dysphoria (GD), is a rare condition characterized by an incongruity between gender identity and biological sex. Clinical evidence suggests that schizophrenia occurs in patients with GID at rates higher than in the general population and that patients with GID may have schizophrenia-like personality traits. Conversely, patients with schizophrenia may experience alterations in gender identity and gender role perception. Neurobiological research, including brain imaging and studies of finger length ratio and handedness, suggests that both these disorders are associated with altered cerebral sexual dimorphism and changes in cerebral lateralization. ”
          “A Dutch survey of 186 psychiatrists evaluating patients with GID found that 31 (16.7%) reported seeing patients with comorbid GID and psychotic disorders, including schizophrenia”
          schizoprenia occurs in only 1% of random people but is very common in transexuals an especially in the men transitioning to dress as females. Even those without it often have similar traits but at a sub-clinical level. I think it does have a basis in science, and we already have ways and institutions where it can be treated.

      1. No. It goes like this: after the war “they” hired a guy to estimate how many Jews died in Auschwitz II – which isn’t an easy task because of the mass graves – and he came back with a figure… can’t remember it off the top of my head, something like 700K. So “they” hired another guy to reassess. He crunched the numbers and came back with a figure… again, can’t remember exactly off the top of my head, but something around 2.5 million. A bit later a Jewish guy, who was one of the 4 assigned to the Jewish Propoganda Committee (for real), wrote a book on the holocaust, and in it he stated that 6 million died, and didn’t provide references. And that’s the number that stuck. Which does annoy me, for one reason only, let’s say “only” 1 million died… do you know what a large number of people that is? I mean, fuck, did they really need to exaggerate when the numbers were already terrible?
        Anyway, there’s the history of the magical 6 million number.

  2. Just don’t tell them there is a place in the world called Transylvania. They might get a weird idea.

  3. This is mindbogglingly sick. Why the fuck would a man want to become a woman? Okay, I agree that some people suffer from gender dysphoria, no doubt. But they are a minuscule percentage of the population. Is this happening because of social trends and pressures? Has there been a biological shift in the male population due to environmental contamination, diet, chemicals and pharmaceuticals of the water and food supply causing an increase in this percentage of males with gender dysphoria? Is it the feminizing culture? feminist propaganda? A combination of all of the above?
    I am baffled.

    1. @Nick
      Don’t be baffled. The majority of these transjenners both male and female suffer from mental illness. I have seen it time and time again in the medical profession and correctional facilities where I have worked, these people are in need of mental health help. They are confused and mentally ill. Their focus becomes on changing under the mistaken belief that it will somehow make the demons disappear – it does not. Some are simply hallucinating and delusional and allowing them to mutilate themselves is just wrong. Allowing children to stop normal biological puberty is an abomination. I just can’t imagine the problems we face 10 years down the road. MADNESS!!!!!!!

  4. Maybe the steroid like hormones is going to be their poison like std’s is the gay’s poison. If you try to change the nature is coming back to bite you no way out of it.

      1. SHOCKING!
        Since December Roo$h and crew CENSORED by DELETION over 20 of my Comments including ‘Trans’ subject matter that was “milder” than this Article!
        Evidently it is now okay to discuss such things???
        What about the fact that EVERY single Article on ROK has AT LEAST ONE Transgendered Model as an accompanying Photo???
        Does Roo$h not understand this?
        Does he not know?
        Is it that the Article Authors choose the Photos?
        Is some of it Syndicated Content (not specifically chosen)??
        Very Strange.

        1. If you and your various pseudonyms were never to post here again I don’t think many people would be upset.
          And enough with the “Roo$h” thing.

  5. I’m just wondering what your sources are that claim that ftm people have an increased interest in sex, mathematics, etc? I’ve heard one account of a person saying that they had these increased interests, but I haven’t found any actual data to support it.

  6. that thing in the first pic…talk about self hating people. most just cut on themselves…but this is levels of delibrate self mutilation outside the realm of sanity.

    1. That first picture actually looks like some dude playing a joke, or some guy that lost a bet. Most trannies don’t keep their dick and get jacked like that…lol. But who knows.

  7. Gender cannot be changed unless it would be possible to change our DNA / chromosomes. But telling this to transgenders would cause an outcry and heart attacks lol.

  8. It’s disgusting how much transgenderism is being promoted
    Protip: cutting of your own dick is a really bad idea,don’t fall for this scam

  9. I think this whole gender dysphoria trend is more or less a fad than will pass in about 10 years or so.
    Be prepared to see it as weird a nostalgia topic once that’s happened, with people who regretted hormone treatment etc speaking up.
    A more nefarious take is that some shadowy power wants to undermine America by curbing its population through normslizing gender confusion.
    While there’s a sound conspiracy theory logic to that idea, I think it’s a matter of there being a score of SJW posers for every one “trans” person who actually makes a surgical transition.
    The “trans” movement is, in my estimation, 10% about actual gender dysphoria and 90% a means for white people to jump in on the oppression olympics. In an amusing twist, you have straight men who identify as “trans” (undergoing no surgery or hormone treatment and maybe dressing incidentally more feminine w/skinny jeans etc), doubling down and also calling themselves “lesbian” then demanding their rights as women and their seats at the feminist table. These dudes demonize cisgendered female feminists who don’t acknowledge them as “women”, calling said feminists “terfs” (trans exclusionary radical feminists) and in some cases advocating violence against them (just google “punch a terf”).
    It’s another example of the SJW circular firing squad where factions compete to determine who’s most “oppressed” and therefore most entitled to whine about it.

    1. Very good points, LM. Without doubt, the backlash against the trans cult will appear – there are already mutterings about “trans regret”. It will become a tidal wave once the current fad passes. The tragedy in this is the “trans children”, medicated and surgically mutilated at the behest of their virtue signalling parents and pushy therapists.

      1. Trans-regret man must be fucking brutal. When you want to put that wierd phase behind you and shit but you can’t stop looking down at your mutilated butchered cock.
        Tattoos used to be that regret thing but the whole diced cock and weird hole and pissing out a straw for life and bleeding out your wounds must be some weird ass shit.
        When you put the drugs down and try to sort your life out and forget your early twenties and leave that hippie phase how do you explain that one to a chick? Next. level.

      2. Agreed. It will most likely pass once the majority actually look at the facts and realize that this trans shit is complete non-sense. “Trans-regret” is a fact; awareness is spreading.
        However – when that happens – an entirely new victim group will be created. Transsexuals will promptly demand that tax-payers subsidise their demented, degenerate, previous “life-style” choices by way of government compensation because “government didn’t protect them when they were most vulnerable”.
        And they’ll get the cash. Even a shit lawyer could easily win a case like that.

    2. Man I knew of a transsexual and everybody used to mock it. Where I was living at college only one fat women out of thousands of people could bring themselves to talk to it. It had a shitty life being laughed and mocked like elephant man. Nobody but nobody wanted to be seen talking with it. In fact it was a common forfeit to have to talk to it whilst your friends were all laughing about ten yards behind.
      Men would recoil with disgust if it sat near them for fear of being labelled a fag or even worse being labelled a friend. It walked around with its head hanging down looking pissed off. It wasn’t well shaven and with smeared make-up it looked more like a grumpy clown than anything. BTW I use “it” as a gender neutral pronoun out of respect.
      Anyway, its one helluva road to travel to make some dubious play in the oppression Olympics. Obviously its some symptom of mental illness much like homosexuality but even worse to anybody sane.
      I have to say tho that if there are dudes using this as some high level new generation PUA shit “lesbian” virgin hustle or just to mock the left by taking their premises to their fucked up logical conclusions then more power to their elbow. I know antifa is full of macktivists but if these dudes are doing that as well then I respect these trans-mackivists even more for all that they do.

    3. Hey Libertarian moron, why don’t you mind your own individual business. What does this matter to you? Just sit back and be a powerful “muh individual” and let the rest of the country around you die. Why are you on this site to begin with? BTW, I doubt this transgender thing will die out without it destroying our country countries first. Transgenderism is actually growing.
      Transgender people are actually just a warning sign of much larger problems in your society. For every tranny out there there are probably 10-20 more fucked up kids who have essentially turned into nihilistic pot head pieces of shit, and who will probably never have children, never give a fuck about family, and who will end up just as fucked up in the head as these trannies.
      But don’t worry everyone, we will lower taxes and drill for that oil, and get that sweet beautiful coal….DER DER DER.

      1. Guess what, not only will the trans and gender non-binary fad go away, leaving a bunch of sad sacks to testify their folly to the next generation, it’ll stymie feminism in the meantime.
        The SJW’ movement is an Ouroboros hate machine that will eat itself.
        What’s your solution? Go be a cannon fodder to some fascist dictator who’d leave your ass to starve on the banks of the Volga like the 6th army in 1943?

        1. Fake women will outcompete real women in sports…so radical feminism could die because of it🙄

    4. I think this “trans” thing is just an extreme form of gayness. These are attention-seekers, for whom just being gay was no longer cool enough.

  10. The impact this is going to have on womens sports is already being felt. Say your a middling mens tennis player ranked 500 in the world. whats stopping u from switching sides and becoming top 20 or 50 in the womens tourney? all u need to do is take some pills and boom, yourre in. Eventually the best players in some of these softer sports could all end up being men in drag, destroying weaker women in their fields (see the williams sisters lol). this is going to be a disaster for womens sports. if true feminism actually existed, they would be fighting this shit with everything they had.

  11. has been applying r/K theory to politics for years. In a nutshell, this model explains that all political behavior is a result pf sexual reproductive strategies which change based on the amount of ease and resource availability.
    How would it apply to trannies? Well, the incentive for men to rpetend to be women is that in a heavy respurce environment feminine signalling is rewarded, while masculine signalling is punished. The resources are high so the females need most men less than they used to and thus orient to the highest 10-20%. While the rest of the males sabotage each other in order tog et into the coveted 20%.
    Some males may decide to adopt feminine signalling in order to side step this process and gain easy access to females. Keep in mind that females need to fuck as badly as we do, amd will fuck each other or even dogs and cats if necessary. But they will not be willing to lose status among the rest of the hens by being seen fucking a low status male (the rest of us). A male pretending to be female could get close enough to s female for fucking assuming he could give he rplausible deniability.
    Remember, she really really loves to fuck. She just doesnt want it to get back to her among her peers. A full on tranny get reemed by his “boyfriend” is sure bet for keeping it quiet.
    And if we also accept the theory that male sperm can pass on genetic information to even the eggs that dpnt get fertilized, then the strategy males sense even of no direct pregnancy occurs. Because by passing along his genetic info to the eggs, in at least some form his genetic information will be continuing in the child of the man that does successfully fertilize her.
    Does it sound cold? Does it sound horrible? Well congratulations, that means that the monkey you are currently inhabiting is still leaning heavily K.
    If the above sounds lovely, it means your monkey is leaning heavily r and you have to figure out how to retrain it to lean K.

    1. Interesting points on that blog. We all know that most poor vote liberal for advantage and would switch if they were richer.
      r-selected Reproductive Strategy is basically what is happening rapidly in our societies where as we quickly evolve away from intelligence and humanity the groups with these 5 characteristics are exploding. They have these qualities genetically as to suggest its all culture is to deny genetics role and evolution and to just be intentionally dumb like the left .
      The other idea in evolutionary strategy is that when animals have stable populations that’s when they are actually struggling very severely and so now as its easy the population with the r-selected Reproductive Strategy are expanding into our excess capacity. This will happen until in like 100-200 years when with 30+ or even 50+ billion people all of humanity will live in a state of near starvation and that will stabilise population naturally.
      Put some foxes in a fox free city and they will live lives of plenty as they expand into it until they reach a point where they have shitty lives and then they will be stable. The horrific lives of wild animals is our fate in about 100-200 years as we expand into this tech and science productivity upswing which cannot keep going forever. We have expanded productivity faster than population but only so much land and food can there be so at some stage population will catch up and the lifespans of 30 will return. The groups that pursue these strategies are populating the world:
      “The five traits are, competition and risk avoidance, promiscuity, low-investment single parenting, earlier age of sexualization of young, and no loyalty to in-group. These traits are ultimately designed to maximize the numbers of offspring produced. ”
      We can all see this happening and its a bigger challenge than any man has faced before but can we stop it? I am doubtful.

      1. Its an inverted society where those that succeed in it and accumulate the coins to forfeit on death actually die out which just means that we will evolve quickly away from being able to maintain these societies. Problem is we have leaders that laugh at the idea of looking at natural selection and things like that. Before the Nazis we were very smart but the West lost and died when it stopped looking at things like that and dropped racial science which was actually more correct than most of the leftist ideologies. Major regression intellectually will have the West capitulate.

      2. William
        At least you are trying to think..l
        this is NOT Evolutionary in any form of the word.
        It is DE-Evolutionary.
        DEVO (Are We Not Men? ha 🙂 joking)
        It is the TECHNOLOGICAL oppression of true humans.
        Most Trans ‘creatures’ are victims of enabling technology.
        They absorb ideas led by MSM (technology)
        They use hormonal/cosmetic/surgical tools (technology)
        They are now affected by drugs IN UTERO (technology)
        They are Social Media protected (technology)
        You get the idea…
        It is a small, but very EVIL (((power base))) that drives the Trans notion thru bizarre and corrupt rule of law.
        Chad/Incel, Alpha/Beta, and r/ K means NOTHING when the Global Rule is Trans first and Only !
        Eventually it will be so cost-prohibitive and socially condemned to have a natural child or hetero mate that even even YOU, William, will be balls deep in a five o’clock shadowed rent princess.
        You cannot escape it.
        Welcome to Hell!

  12. The reality is that one cannot change one’s sex. One is born either a male with XY chromosomes, or a female with XX chromosomes and Barr bodies. Chromosomal sex is marked in every single cell of the body and it is impossible to change, no matter how much surgery, makeup, hormones or wardrobe is involved in altering the outward appearance.
    The reality is that transgenderism is a mental illness. One who thinks they are of the other sex is delusional and needs mental health treatment, not mutilating surgery. Anyone who hates themselves and the body Nature gave them so much that they would mutilate healthy tissue is a sick person and needs mental health treatment. Treating mental illness with mutilating surgery is something that shoudl have stopped when medical science realized that prefrontal lobotomies were not effective to treat mental problems.
    It seems the whole millennial generation that accepts transgenderism as normal has gone insane. That same generation thinks that there are 161 genders, even though humans are a dimorphic species, male and female. One suspects that all the toxins in the air, land and water, particularly the endocrine disrupting chemicals, are making the young stupid, braindead and sexually confused.

    1. Personally I don’t just blame the ‘millenial’ generation. Obviously younger people are more susceptible to bs as they have a little to a lot less basis for comparison but I’ve seen older people supporting this bs too and I think it actually *comes* from the slightly older generation. A lot of the millennial generation and the generation before are just following it like sheep because that’s what they’ve always been encouraged to do. They are only encouraged to question the narratives that the mainsteam media and powerful interests e.g the LGBT and feminist groups that have influence in the main stream media want them to question and *only* in the way they want them to question it, if they step out of line they are labeled small minded, bigots, dinosaurs, no understanding of science etc. In my view it’s actually the opposite, those that dare to question usually un challenged dogmas, despite the powers that be trying to make it a taboo to so, provided it’s done logically and their questioning is guided by available evidence, are the more open minded ones and it’s the people ramming this pseudo science down everyone’s throat that at least appear to be the one’s with not much regard for scientific fact…

      1. Well, it is the millennials who are pushing for universities to use whatever pronouns transgenders want. It is millennials pushing universities and legislators to make it a criminals or punishable offense to refer to a transsexual with the correct pronoun. It is millennials who celebrate every form of “queerness” and perversion. It is millennials who are advocating that men who think they are women be allowed access to women’s spas, bathrooms, sports, etc. It is the millennials who fall for the transsexual “me so oppressed” BS.
        Old psychiatrists and psychologists tell us that transsexuality does not really exist, that it is a modern invetion, that in the old days there was male transvestites, who were mostly homosexual males, but who knew they were males and did not want to cut their dicks off.
        While millennials did not invent transsexual surgery, they are the first generation to have embraced transgenders and to look at transgenderism as normal. It is not, it is profoundly sick.

      2. The Bristol Student Union has proposed and supported a blanket ban on any feminist or thinker or scholar who questions the notion that gender is innate and that “identifying as a woman” makes a person female.
        The same is going on in universities all over the USA. Student unions and student organizations are passing all sorts of rules to punish those who espouse the factual reality that humans come in two sexes, that sex is a biological reality, that sex is not assigned at but noted as a physical feature, that it is impossible to change sex. It seems to me that millennials are little fascists who want to prevent science and sane people from challenging their twisted transgender ideology.

  13. When the alphabet soup non-issues are taken seriously, when there are some who actually believe it, this means that the civilization has made an absolute peak and has nowhere else to go but down. When the economy begins to turn down, which is not more than 5 years away, life will become a struggle and real issues will come to the forefront, all this garbage will go out the window, not that the propaganda will stop, but hardly anybody will want to pay attention to this crap when he doesn’t know when the next meal is coming from and things come crashing down all at once. The Hellenic civilization collapsed amongst rampant homosexuality.

    1. You haven’t lived in Wiemar Germany my friend…When Germans were starving and begging for meals on the streets of Berlin, the Juudid were living a life of affluence, and they used the media to promote the idea that they were a persecuted class of people.
      Under Soviet Rule, while millions of farmers were being buried in shallow graves and Ukrainians were dying of hunger, anti-semetism was a capital offence punishable by death.
      The Juudid are behind these feminism, transgenderism and gay rights agenda. They must be stopped before they rule over the world with an iron foot.

      1. The Weimar Republic was born out of the communist revolution in Germany in 1918, backed by the Soviet Union. The eventual German response was Hitler, who went after the culprits, unlike in Russia where peasants eagerly looted the estates of the rich, and turned against their Czar. Without popular support the Bolsheviks wouldn’t have gotten anywhere. I said the propaganda will not stop, but Americans are not like Russians, they elected Trump even though he’s rich, they’re dissatisfied but won’t go for the leftist narrative. By the way, about 37% of whites voted Democrat, not a small percentage, yet they chose “Hitler”, not “Lenin”.

        1. The majority of the wealthy in USA, Canada, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico and a few other Caribbean countries like Jamaica are J00z. In Brazil, the majority of billionaires are J00z. In Jamaica, J00z like Sean Paul are the few who make millions of dollars a year. The J00z are making themselves a target. While no one cares about Sephardi Jooz like Sean Paul, it’s the American dual citizen J00z who are part of the problem.

        2. The J00z in America and Is-it-real? attempted to murder Hugo Chavez countless times because Hugo Chavez supported Iran and he was against J00z who comprise of only 0.01% of the population in Venezuela, but hold over 35% of the country’s wealthy population. The J00z first cried ‘auntie semi tism” on Chavez to DC bureaucrats, but after Chavez seized some of the assets of J00ish owned businesses and nationalized the oil industry, the J00z declared war on Chavez. That is why Venezuela is collapsing faster than usual. There are still a few, around 100 J00z in Venezuela who live inside villas while the locals have to find over 300,000 Bolivars to buy a loaf of bread, if there is any.

      2. Yes, 6, you are on the mark!
        The USA is often described as the new Babylon to be destroyed by an Abrahamic God in burning fire and floods.
        In actuality the USA is EXACTLY the Weimar Republic Revisited.
        1- The Weimar Berlin Cabaret world of decadence is the US LGBTQP of today
        2- The Weimar Bi-flation is what America has today (inflation + currency fall)
        3- The Weimar Rep and USA both were/are overrun by (((Bankers, Speculators, and Market Monopolists)))
        4- The Weimar Aryans were told to fight for Germany then blamed for Judenic Nazi race crimes they did not enact. US Today = ‘white privilege’.
        5- The Weimar inflation was intentional and culminated in Mercantilists destroying their own property with ghetto hooligans and successfully transferring ALL their illicit wealth to foreign banks. Just like the fading USA today.
        6- The Weimar Aryans were told to surrender all weapons and entered WWII under Nazi-Juudid control UN-armed. USA Today = #NoGuns
        7- The Weimer Newpapers, Radio and Stage were Judenic monopolies and drove Germany into imperialism as WW2. US MSM = can you guess?
        8- The ENTIRE Weimar age Juden population in Europe and Russia was just over 3 million… YET 800,000 of those moved to Israel, over 2 million emigrated to N America (including 4,700 Nazi scientists). and over 1 million in ‘diaspora’ to other nations …but somehow 6 million were ‘exterminated’???? USA Today = Citizens whose families claim ‘survivor’ affiliated status receive free Healthcare, Bank Reparations, Tax Free Status, and are allowed DUAL Citizenship.
        9- Weimar Officials, Hitler’s ENTIRE Staff, Nazi Party Commanding Officers & Hi Level Soldiers, Soviet/Bolshevik leaders including Lenon, Trotsky, and Stalin were ALL Juden, some Jesuit-trained and British educated. The USA today = EVERY major politician is, or is ‘married’ to, a Juudid Freemason TG!
        10- Concentration Camps were used for the containment of German Aryans (White Christians), Eastern Europeans, Russians, and American soldiers. They were starved, experimented upon, diseased or shot, then bulldozed into mass graves across Poland. The USA in 2018/2019= Now it’s YOUR Turn!

        1. The J00z were very smart to dilute the German genepool because to the average Hispanic or Afro, J00z are considered no different than whites to them. That’s why you have these Al Sharpton and Black Hebrewlites spouting anti-white racism against us white men while you never see them yell at a J00, because before Al Sharpton or the ISUPK say A…the J00z will have them arrested for ‘hate crimes’ like Auntie Semi Tism.

  14. The Juudid are the ones promoting transgenderism….How many Juudid families in Rosedale or Bridle Path of Toronto, or in Brooklyn, or in St. Petersburg Florida have trannies in their extended families living inside their mansions? Ask yourself that question.
    Why does the Juudid encourage SJW garbage in the public schools while the Juudid send their children to private schools under Juudid religious values?
    Why does the Juudid exploit blacks and women and also brainwash them to hate the average white man? When a Juudid-owned business in Canada was responsible for hundreds of workplace casualties in five years, why didn’t the black female immigrants complain on the Juudid, but instead joined a Juudid infiltrated Marxist organization to spew hate on white men?

    1. Hey 6, Ready to be Censored?
      Let’s see how long these REALITIES will stay before CENSORSHIP…
      1- The Entire Jude Population of 1929 Europe + Russia was just over 3 million
      2- Hitler funded and founded Israel with the support of Britain
      3- Hitler and his ENTIRE Staff were Juden
      4- Transgendered ‘things’ (not fully M/F) were a part of the ruling Ancient world
      5- Since we STILL live in Babylon Egypt those ‘things’ have control over us now
      6- There is NO politician or leader in the world that is NOT TG or ‘married’ to one
      7- There is NOT ONE real white girl in the American Top 40 pop charts today
      8- Every Actress who wins an Oscar is Transgendered
      9- Every Feminist wielding political power is Transgendered
      10- Every ‘female’ on the US-Canadian Olympic Teams is Transgendered
      11- Nearly Every Actress on Primetime TV is Transgendered
      12- Nearly Every NewsReader on TV is Transgendered
      Roo$h is scared of taking on this issue in many ways.. And while he allows an Article like this he, and most people in general, have trouble accepting that all the above is possible!
      Our world is ‘messed up beyond fixing’ because no one understands how global power works.
      The source of it all us the (((pretenders))) who are transgendered!

      1. The Jooz used explo$ives on Ern$t Zundel’s Toronto home because he published “Did 6 million really die?” in Toronto back in the 1980s. The police there acted indifferent and actually did nothing despite evidence pointing towards certain J00z. This is no different than Jooi$h feminists assaulting men and police doing nothing until the man is accused of assault or harassment for responding to the aggressive feminist.

    2. So basically the J00z want to destroy our Western civilization while they become richer and stabler in their Khazar culture?

    1. Yeah, but he doesn’t represent Russia-at-large any more than the transgenders and flamers here represent most men in America.

  15. Well what you mostly referenced to is sex. I don’t know if you noticed but they stealthy began referring to trannies as transgender rather than transexual over the past 15 years to make it easier to fight the rebuttal you can’t change your sex. So in a way they’re right that gender is a social construct but there still an argument that it’s constructed that way because society works better and is more beautiful when everyone adheres expectations. And for people that believe in God the reason is more obvious.

    1. When they changed the word SEX for GENDER,was when all of this chaos seemed to have started..
      GENDER IS ONLY LANGUAGE FOR SEX…for example, spanish, French German etc has GENDER for nouns
      Only in english, in europe, that we just have THE

  16. Perhaps you’re right, but, in the end, what does it matter. Just because you’re morally opposed to something doesn’t mean you can make someone else stop. Liberals would consider your beliefs wrong, but you get to have them. And vice versa. When it comes down to it, I personally don’t believe in being trans, but I don’t particularly care if you do. C’est la vie.

    1. What you say is true. I mean, people are free to have their own religious or hokey new age beliefs…. so long as they’re not hurting anyone else. And there’s the kicker.

  17. It’s scary how similar the molecules for testosterone and estrogen are. Just a couple of piddly atoms can make all the difference.

  18. I’ve seen trannies all my life. If you see a ho on the stroll at 3 am on a rainy night, its a tranny. Being a streetwalking, AIDS possessed STD mill is considered ‘Hot’ by this crowd. All about drugs and nasty and dirty sex. Then the victim whine about not being Afronauts or whatever. The only difference now is that (((They))) are trying to get white kids into it.
    Does say alot about the decline of morals in the white community though. 20 years ago this was just a n**ger and joo thing. The groups that resist the (((media))) indoc will be the winners in this game.
    Food for thought, if anyone goes to mainland China he best be careful who he calls ‘Comrade’. Unless it’s an pensioner Red Guard type, you’ve just called him a f*ggot, which is unlikely to work out well in a unabashedly anti-gay culture. Wonder if this ethic has any correlation between China’s rise and the West’s fall? Hmmmm

  19. Trans brings together all the most corrosive elements of Western civilisation – the destruction of patriarchy, the feminisation of thought which prioritises emotion and the subjective above objective reality, white entitlement culture, child abuse and the supremacy of consumer choice. The sick irony is that the least spiritual people in the planet suddenly start talking about ‘being born in the wrong body’ and ‘assigned male at birth’ as if to say a higher power made a mistake. On top of this, as women have retreated from their role to look feminine and pretty, homosexuals move into the space as transgender, and then become as demanding and irrational as the worst real woman. This phoney SJW coalition gives them extra power. The feminist and the invert are no friend of the naturally red pilled black man, Muslim or migrant. But they use his name and his challenges to get back at their white fathers and brothers.

    1. Ive noticed silly women giving up dresses and other pretty clothing around the early 90s
      I’ve gotten married in ’89..
      and used to see us wear a lot mire dresses back then which came slightly below the knees..
      Jewelry was also mire common.
      Now, all many women do today is ruin themselves with ink.
      It’s easier painting over graffiti than removing body graffiti

  20. I think this issue has gone too far. You have to concede that “they” have outright denied reality. Moreover, it’s “they” who are censoring and burning books. This never works and usually leads to a more swift demise of the group pushing all this shit. There is no way around the fact that cross dressers must force people to go along. When bruce jenner came out the headline was “call me…” that’s a command and telling people what to do is NOT a right. And it’s not right either. Sure people are free to be or say or believe whatever but I and all of you are equally free to do he same. So, a freak wants to pretend be the other sex, fine, but I will not agree to call him by anything other than his appropriate sex. It’s my right. And if we can’t do that than we are not free. It’s that simple. And that’s why the left is so fucking in the wrong here and why they’ll lose.

  21. The female to male demographic is alive and well in our rural area. They are the only ones, actually in middle and HS. My daughter in school wants to quit because of them. And because school is a joke. My only reasoning behind this, why there are f–>m and not the reverse is because at this age, the gay pussy male stigma pecking order is still rather strong.

  22. Another thing I’m noticing, it seems we are becoming tribalistic. The recent Black Panther movie shows us that Blacks ultimately want to be around and are for other Blacks. I think that’s great. What that does, though, is invalidate a huge part of the progressive ideology, namely the part about inclusivity. This is a welcomed development even though it’s yet to be seen how far it unfolds. What I’ve come to realize is we need boundaries in our society. Not literal although a wall on the border is good. Rather, we need stand up for our rights of free associatation. And, frankly, the less government intrusion into our lives the more we’ll naturally segregate. Doesn’t mean we need to segregate people like with Jim Crow etc., but allow people to freely choose their friends. This matters to cross dressers because we should NOT be forced to interact with such people. Why? Because they are lunatics, among many other things. And if we are left to make our own choices people would not choose to be around these people. So, I see more exclusivity occurring oddly led by he left. Let it be.

    1. No, this is not the message that Black Panther is trying to send. Wakanda is a traditional country just like Japan, and, just like Japan, the people of Wakanda are xenophobes, they want their traditions to remain, they want their country to stay as it is, and not get invaded by the madness of the west and I completely agree with them. Western countries have been completely stripped of their traditions and are becoming more and more leftist. Since the very beginning of the movie I was on the side of those that didn’t want the secret of Wakanda’s power to be leaked out to the public. Because, once a country reveals its power, we all know what happens, a ton of different cultures enter the country and like the plague, they take over the country and the country’s traditions disappear completely. You can see this phenomenon happening with Canada already and Sweden too. According to Black Pidgeon Speaks, the entire west will undergo that terrible phenomenon and the US will soon have the same problem. Most people get Black Panther wrong, the people of Wakanda are not racist, they do not hates whites, they dislike strangers, the movie has nothing to do with race.

  23. The really weird part, are the gays who agree with this piece. Plenty of gays think trannies are off their rockers too.
    On the other hand, I wonder if gender confusion, and homosexuality, has anything to do with past lives interfering with present time. Or reincarnation.
    That is, is it true we have past lives? That most of us do not recall, but influence us in this life? I find it hard to believe gays and trannies do not entertain such thoughts. But it could explain why they insist, they were born that way. Unfortunately, a spiritual explanation is not science. And the left hates religious or spiritual topics more than ever. And of course it useless to mention this to Christians, since they are hostile to reincarnation, insisting it’s a false belief, or worse.
    My question is, if gender is a figment of the imagination, as trannies say, why do they need sex change operations?

  24. Look, I get what you are saying but just like Ben Shapiro, you people do not really offer a solution to people who suffer from this disease. Some call it a personality disorder, and since like you say, transgenderism has no basis in science, then it probably is, but people with this disorder cannot be cured, they are convinced that they are in the wrong body, and this delusion is probably even worst because it is now encouraged and accepted by our modern western society. There have been gay men since the beginning of time, but there has not been a lot of transgender people in the history of time on Earth, this phenomenon has only started to emerge in the past few decades and there is no cure. What do you recommend? I see everybody judging and criticizing other people for their own decisions but what do you recommend? What would you do if you had this disease, this personality disorder? What used to be my sister used to be so happy and good with her own body when we lived in Europe, but not long after we came back to Canada, she became a dude, or as politically correct people say, this person was always a guy but a guy in a girl’s body. I see a pattern emerging, I think that when you are exposed to madness and crazy idea very frequently, you can catch this disease, you can start to question your own gender identity and maybe even your own sexuality, especially if you move from a traditional country to a multicultural country. In traditional countries, transgender people are basically non existant. One could compare this phenomenon to when feminine traditional women from poor countries get married to a rich westerner and move to a rich country, the women start to adapt to the country they are living it and, like a chameleon, assimilate themselves to the local women, all their great qualities that made them different and a perfect wife are taken away and replaced by the worst of the worst character traits once they come into contact with feminism and its prominent presence in the country in question. Which is why, men who want a traditional wife who is feminine unlike the masculine women of the west, should marry women from countries like Thailand but then remain in Thailand and avoid bringing them back into their country of origin. As a final note, notice how traditional countries like Japan or even Switzerland are very calm countries, the nature is beautiful and the streets are very quiet, there are not many manifestations, feminists are nowhere to be found and the environment is perfectly pure, then, when you leave the country and move to the US or Canada, you can see a big difference.

    1. Actually, there are treatments for delusional disorders and various mental illnesses. So-called transgenders who think they are in the wrong body are delusional. They need treatment to learn to love themselves and the marvelous body Nature gave
      Surgery is not a proper treatment for mental disorders. That is why medicine stopped doing prefrontal lobotomies. Unfortunately, now, when a dude has the mental disorder or delusion of thinking he is a woman, greedy doctors and Big Pharm are eager to cut off his dick and to keep him dependent on expensive drugs and medical treatment for life. And after “transitioning,” trannies are not happy and still have an astronomical suicide rate.
      Better to treat them with reality therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, or any of the effective therapies.
      What there is no treatment for is trans-regret. Once the penis is chopped off, there is no putting it back.

  25. Honestly, I think a big part of the rise of the transgender movement is a rebellion against perceived opposition. It’s been proven that if one doesn’t agree with their parent’s sociopolitical views, the most likely thing they will do is believe in the complete opposite. If a boy who was more effeminate grew up in a household where he was strictly taught that showing compassion is weak, weakness is for girls, etc. he would internalize this. Either by shoving his kindness down or by deciding that he must be a woman if he is more sensitive and likes a certain feminine habit (e.g. cooking.) These children would be especially vulnerable with the publicity of gender dysphoria. I truly believe that is the root of this movement, and that children who were improperly raised with too-lax, very liberal parents decided to join in on the fun. This issue, like most, must be addressed in childhood. Teaching your children the validity of gender roles while allowing their individual traits to shine would shrink the number of transgendered people to those who truly are mentally ill, in my opinion, at least. Of course, in the end, you may judge other’s lifestyles as you see fit, but remain respectful. (Also, how did the Holocaust come up in this conversation??)

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