Painful Lessons That White Men Can Learn From The Black Community

When I read about masculinity and the place of men in our fucked-up modern society, the one issue that comes up over and over again is the disappearance of male-only spaces. You don’t need a professional sociologist to point this out for you. On everything from sports teams, to nerd-type clubs, to the very Boy Scouts of America, the girls want to play too. Fifty years ago, the all-male office was not ubiquitous, but it was by no means uncommon. Now, such a relaxing and efficient male workplace is a lawsuit or social-media shaming waiting to happen, even if the work being done is intense physical labor.

This is not only a product of official hiring policies imposed from the top down by liberal elites. Many men seeking the camaraderie of a guys’ bar night, pickup sports game, or camping trip find themselves harassed and berated by females who want to be included. Often men capitulate to the harassment rather than face the social consequences of appearing “misogynist.” If you live in America, you’ve probably all had this experience. There is a saying in Ethiopia that goes, “the hens cluck louder every year.”

What you may not know, if you’re white and middle-class, is that the disappearance of male spaces is a middle-class white phenomenon. If you’re a black male, you wonder what these social commentators are talking about. We’ve got the sacrosanct basketball court, the underground hip-hop scene, the basement chill session, and of course the rigidly hierarchical neighborhood gang. Women are not equal participants in any of these spaces; if not banned, they are relegated to the role of the mule, the sycophant, or the whore.

The cohesion of the male group and the harsh dog-eat-dog environment ensures that women, who by and large do not have the toughness and competitive edge to survive in these activities, self-select out of them. As a result, men in the black community are generally more aware of how the expectations of masculinity are socially defined for black men.

Of course, there are plenty of downsides to these all-male spaces. For one thing, these spaces lack any semblance of an intellectual culture. Instead of black men getting together to discuss philosophy or politics, their vernacular devolves into a crude half-English called ebonics which is barely sufficient to communicate basic statements and questions. This might be an ineluctable biological or cultural reality, or it might be that gatherings which rely so heavily on physicality might edge out smarter, less physical males as effectively as they do women.

Women are objects to be used by all-male groups, as many tropes from the black community reveal. Hip-hop music routinely refers to women as “bitches” or any number of denigrating names, and while the facts on the ground may be correct (a cheating slut bitch is a cheating slut bitch), the extension of this language to all women is symptomatic of black men’s inability to recognize the humanity of their women. When humans no longer recognize their fellow humans, they become bitter and useless half-men instead of flourishing members of society.

And this is what most black men are: young boys whose fathers knocked up their mothers and left, handing them over to be raised by a violent gang of their peers. When they come of age, they in turn impregnate their own baby mommas, and the cycle continues. Along the way, there are shootings, stabbings, robberies, drug trade and abuse, vandalism, illiteracy, and unemployment. The anger builds from father to son to grandson, and the sins of the fathers are visited on the children to the third and fourth generation.

So if whites are losing their male spaces, and blacks are doubling down on theirs, why isn’t the black community a thriving utopia of patriarchal law and order? Simple. While we haven’t given up our guy time, we have given up our family time. As long as women are not given and do not earn male respect, there will always be a conspicuous absence of healthy families. And if blacks are incapable of forming a family unit, the fundamental building block of a society, we’ll always be incapable of forming a neighborhood, a culture, a civilization. And without these, the male spaces we create are nothing more than animal packs. They contribute nothing constructive to the community or to the black men who join and participate in them.

If you’re reading this as a black man, remember that the family has to be reinforced by the society, and that means elevating the all-male time we spend together by making it dignified and constructive. Respect is a two-way street: no black man is going to respect some street trash ho, but no black woman is going to be any better than that unless the men in her life give her some incentive to do so.

If you’re reading this as a white man, your community has to approach the problem from the other direction. The family unit has a problem in white culture as well. “Respect” has become relativism; it has overflowed to erase the borders between men and women that serve as the foundation of respect between the genders in the first place. Whites need to re-establish male spaces to re-invent masculinity. Only then can the patriarchal family retake its natural role in society.

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181 thoughts on “Painful Lessons That White Men Can Learn From The Black Community”

  1. This article is so racist i cringed the whole time reading it. They need to up the standards for who they allow to be published.

    1. This is a “tough love” article to the black community I would say, and anything but racism. It makes very good points and astute observations.

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      1. Why waste your time explaining to that dumb bitch? If she finds racism where none exist, she isn’t going to understand reason when given.

      2. Black enterprise, education, excellence and social conservatism were powerful forces in the early half of the 20th century despite the challenges we faced. Many of us are getting that spirit back – although we are so tied to the overly indulgent left anyone who espouses those values – like Bill Cosby – is torn down. Just like the jury in his trial, I don’t know what Cosby did or did not do. But I do know he was only torn down after he spoke about the ills of the most self-destructive elements of our community. White men would be wise to heed our example, even those who are racist, because the black man is the canary in the coal mine. What we go through today, the white man goes through tomorrow. Emmett Till was lynched on a me-too. Deindustrialisation and welfarism made black men redundant after a period of relative prosperity in the community – now white women no longer need white men. Our people were ravaged by heroin addiction and over zealous policing, now white folks have one of those problems and will see more of the latter. After slavery ended, systems of debt bondage were used against us, now modern era debt bondage is a problem increasing numbers of whites face. My experience as a black man means I cannot say Trump is ‘bad for black people’. Why? Because if you have investments and a job, and aspire to have either, he could just be good for you. The best welfare in this society is a job, and in this society liberty comes from ownership. Liberals are often Janus-faced and speak with a forked tongue, and in a world dominated by white women and sissies like they are trying to bring about we will face extra prejudice as black men – as black, as men, as masculine, and as believers for those of us do. Beware SJWs bearing false gifts!

        1. I agree with some of what you say, but not all. Every man, Black or White, must be an army of one, to hell with the larger society. If enough of us do that, we can ally with each for our common cause. And we do not have to agree on everything, in order to pursue our common interests. On the nation level, I look at Russia. Say what you want about Putin, but he is an alpha male. Look at Obama, a pajama boy, look at Trump, an out of shape whatever. I am a Black Man, mid fifties. I work very hard to keep my body healthy and lean, and I have good wood. I am well educated, have a well above average IQ, and keep my mind well exercised as well. I know I’m attractive to women because any man knows how women react to them. When I look at the state of American women, I see most over 40 American women of all races to be obese disgusting slobs, who can only be attractive to a similarly disgusting male. These same women still fancy that they are attractive to hard bodied, fit males, with good wood. That’s the ultimate sense of gender entitlement. Look at Hillary Clinton, the type of disgusting slob I speak of. Look at her sense of entitlement. What great nation would follow that ? Those of us with fully developed minds who have not been brainwashed into being pajama boys, must embrace and savor our God given manliness. Be what you were created to be. Live up to your Kingliness in all aspects of your being. And when society prescribes a role for you that goes against your nature, say to society, FUCK YOU !

      3. Haha
        Its funny how you cats love to point fingers. Well since 85% of the women on welfare are white women, you should get those white men back in their homes and then take care of the fact that 90% of whites are killed by other whites. When you finish with. Talk about us.
        Numbers Don’t Lie

        1. Hey retard…whites don’t get affirmative action and job quotas. Poor whites do not get free tickets into college regardless of their test scores like blacks do. Yes, white single mothers are pretty retarded. I would sure love to see a source for that “85%” statistic for non-Hispanic whites that you seem to think is true (medicare and SS do not count, you actually have to pay into those systems to get them). Pretty sure Blacks and Hispanics take BY FAR more welfare in total than whites…oh, what’s this, proof that I am right, OMG: and a credible source from the government itself…wow.
          Also, it is funny, because according to your own logic and “facts” (even though you are blatantly wrong), the fact that whites need more welfare must be because we are victims of racial oppression and therefore we need affirmative action, lol.

        2. I just googled it and your figures are wrong as almost 20% of white men are killed by blacks and then many others are killed by other ethnicity.
          Since whites are the majority you should look at per capita welfare rates so if you look at food stamps over 30% of blacks have taken them at some point and 15% of whites and thats kinda how it goes with other forms of welfare.
          Your statistics are wrong ken.

        3. Bro, the white homicide rate per capita is similar to Europe. Blacks have a murder rate against each other that is probably worse than Venezuela. Blacks commit 53% of murders in this country yet they only make up 13% of the population. And lets not even get into the rap statistics. Here are the 2016 crime reports, and remember, they include Hispanics with whites in the original numbers since most regions still don’t separate the two….but where you find lots of Hispanics they usually commit 2-3 times the crime. New York City is a good example

        4. @ace…are you telling me that a white woman with a college degree will get a job at a corporation over a black woman with the same degree but lower scores….HAHAHA. Your Fisher example just proves my point BTW.
          Also, this quote of yours doesn’t make much sense, “White women benefit most from affirmative action — and are among its fiercest opponents”. Are you trying to tell me that women are opponents of something that benefits them?
          Far more blacks get into college on HORRIFIC test scores. At least white women still have to make the entrance grade. “…Well since 85% of the women on welfare are white women…”. Yes, this quote right here is pretty RETARDED, and it must have come from a RETARD.

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      4. The author makes valid points. He’s an intelligent black man at the forefront of the black IQ bellcurve. If Mr Nathan finds an intelligent high end black woman who’s trad, then they’ll thrive anywhere in the world. Otherwise there are an awful lot of stupid black women out there. Most black women measure 75-95 IQ and would drag you into the toilet with the challenges of functioning in western civilization. The black/white IQ bellcurves are 20 points apart (87 vs 107).
        Many intelligent blacks at the high end of the black bell curve get politicized in leftist colleges to identify with the huge number of blacks in the mid IQ range who measure as imbecellic relative to whites and asians and intelligent blacks are encouraged to be apologist and excusist for the shortcomings of the bulk of blacks who hover around 85 IQ.
        HERE’S THE NEWS and it is that the high end intelligent blacks can’t be held responsible for the natural state of the majority of blacks integrated into western societies. The comparative low IQ measurement of the mid range blacks is incompatible with white or asian civilization. Black ‘civilization’ especially sub Saharan cultures are taylored for the geography and for a specific purpose. Let me explain:
        BLACK MAN was intended to be the keeper and custodian of the rainforest which supplies 80% of the Earth’s supply of fresh oxygen. The specific bloodlines of A haplogroup have the sickle cell trait which resists tropical diseases like malaria. They were intended FOR THE TROPICAL JUNGLE and are a precise genetic fit – the only humans who can survive and cohabitate with the pathogens without re-terraforming the rainforest into farmland. The lion isn’t king of the jungle – that’s the BLACK MAN’S JOB as custodian of the rainforest.
        THE IQ measurements don’t account that the sickle cell lines function at a cognitive peak higher than whites in the jungle – but only in the jungle. By cognitive I mean that their managerial abilities are focused on preservation of the rainforest whereas whites traditionally slash/burn/till/farm the area into eventual aridity. So is it instinct that the sickle cell lines refuse to quarry a stone or chisel a column or build a temple or farm the territory? They are obviously pre programmed genetically to perform a specific function – to dam northern and southern desertification and contain the photosynthetic engine of the rainforest – and remain naked if need be. Genius isn’t it?
        The biggest crime was to drag the sickle cell A line out of the jungle and try to domesticate them to function in white western civilization. Asians never touched the A line. They knew better. Still the Chinese have a 5000 year plan and it only tangentially involves the ‘Capoid’ dark Congoid Asiatic types.
        Again I commend the author for getting down to brass tacks with the issues regarding the greater majority of his race and that he has the wisdom to not fall into the trap that he must be responsible for them all and that he must make excuses infinitum for them to make claim and to petition western civilization for total blind inclusion.
        IT’S THE OTHER WAY AROUND – the bulk of blacks (‘A’ haplotype with sickle cell trait) shouldn’t look to the west but should instead look to the tropical jungle like it’s nirvana or black man’s valhalla. Only they can fix the balance in the jungle. Their true intelligence is in their biomanagerial interaction with the rainforest. They DO have a purpose and it is an important one.

        1. Also, as what’s true across all races, the most intelligent tend to reproduce less. In the black community, who do you think will have the most children and have the most sexual opportunities, a 35 year old ex con or a 35 year old college graduate who works in corporate america? The ex con might by 35 be a grandfather (his oldest child might be 17, 18, 19 and may have a baby of his/her own) and still be popping out more kids and with several different women (yeah, he may have a grandchild OLDER than some of his children). While the 35 year old college graduate may or may not be a father and may only father 1 or 2 children by 1 woman.
          As I’ve said before, women need an outside incentive to choose smart men (beta bucks) over more physical men (alpha fucks). Nature many times, gives you one or the other when it comes to high IQ or physicality. Look at men who are members of Mensa. Those men aren’t exactly the most physically masculine. The sweet spot for IQ tends to be average to slightly/moderately above average IQ, though these thresholds may vary by race. It’s very rare were you have a Bruce Wayne type of man that has a genius level IQ and a high amount of physical masculinity. Human beings as a whole are like the “nerds” of the animal kingdom. We are the smartest, but some of the weakest of larger sized animals. A lone female lion, who may be weak compared to a male lion could easily massacre a group of physically strong but unarmed human men. Trading smarts for brawn seems to be a trend in nature.
          There’s a lot of talk about fathers not being in the homes, but no talk about women choosing to have babies with the sort of men who are likely to be cads rather than dads

        2. I am a Black Man. The last time I took an IQ test, my IQ measured 136. I graduated HS at 16 and went to an elite university in the late 70s. During this time period, the boutique liberal Administrations at elite universities funded and encouraged Afrocentric Black Student Organizations. The leaders of the Afrocentric Black Student Organization at my university were all upper class men majoring in things like African American Studies, Sociology, General Studies, or some other fluff major. I was a STEM major. My freshmen year, the leader of the Black Student Organization had already been on campus for 4 years. My junior year, he had still not graduated. Looking back, I see that these Black student leaders were given a free hand to prey on incoming Black freshmen, and they did great harm. I remember a Black guy in my freshmen class with high SAT scores who was so indoctrinated by these Afrocentric student leaders that he spent so much time doing organization stuff, that he neglected his studies and flunked out. These so called student leaders preyed on the incoming Black freshman women, and impregnated more than a few. I see now that these were people in the middle of the Black IQ bell curve, preying on people at the high end of the Black IQ bell curve.

      5. The top 4 issues facing Black Americans
        4. The victim mentality
        3. Urban terrorism
        2. The proliferation of baby mamas
        1. Allegiance to so-called progressive policies

        1. In America, that’s true. However the problem they really face is demonstrated quite literally everywhere they habitate. But let’s examine Africa. Much like the Native American, their “civilization” is of course tribal and geared to a limited peak in terms of success. Only the introduction of the white man gave these people any chance of being more than effectively the missing link. Of course, any radical introduction of a superior cultural system will result in some culture shock, but overall it proves positive. Over time, interaction with white/Asian cultures (although limited in the latter case by intent) gives the African the false impression that they too can do the same things, much like a small child thinking he can drive because his parents make it look easy. But we see what happens: South African natives kill off the European farmer, farms turn into dustbowls and starvation commences. Economic systems cause the populace to live in poverty while the ruling family has 14 Lambos to their name each. Inner cities largely devoid of whites have zero functional ability. The list goes on… Point is, and this is simply how God made them so this isn’t really an indictment, they simply require higher-functioning races to if not rule them, at least guide them along the path.

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    2. Can’t critique the ideas presented in the article so just labels it “racist” instead. Yup, sounds like a woman to me.
      For what it matters, I’m fairly sure the article is written by a black man about his own community.

    3. Anyone that fights for their own survival will be called a racist. This word is so over-used it has lost all meaning. You don’t want to make a thoughtful rebuke so just use the R word. Welcome to the modern western world.

      1. OMG !! I know that you are fowl smelling femicunt, but, but…how could you even say this; “…raped your daughter…” !?
        You are reminding me of a popular saying in Hindustan/Sanskrit, which roughly translates to:
        “one loses DISCRETION when one’s DESTRUCTION is nigh”

        1. Ravi,
          The line you cite, “one loses DISCRETION when one’s DESTRUCTION is nigh”
          wouldn’t that also explain such events as Trump, and whites seeking to rebuild their world, now fighting against the Liberal (capital L) shills for globalism and death of cultures?

    4. Lol, this bitch let everyone know she was a female because she knows that magical pussy has sway with gynocentric society and thought it would work here.

    5. The author is black, you moron! The truth is not racist. It may be unsettling, but it is still the truth.

      1. Many blogs don’t allow real problems to be addressed or admitted to. You might have statistical evidence that 88% of black children in the USA are born out of wedlock or that about 90% of biracial with black fathers are raised by single mothers but this cannot be discussed
        The MSM thinks that rather than facing the truth and admitting the issues they must deny them and try to present a false image and call them “stereotypes” . They really just show themselves to be liars on all important issues.
        The black community needs deep soul searching to try and start building famillies because all their talk of black power but since the recession black people have a much lower net worth and it is dropping each year whilst all the other groups are getting wealthier. Its about $6,000 as the average net worth for a black person and 6 figures for whites, Juz and asians measured in the USA and it keeps getting wider.
        The group that was hit hardest by liberalism as it went against family values are black people. They were the most vulnerable and get hit the hardest. They are doing better and better in Hollywood which is not the reality for 99.99% of people so is not much consolation. .the reason the black actors make such a deal of Hollywood representation is to get more parts and money for themselves and not about the wider black community.

        1. Its funny how you cats love to point fingers. Well since 85% of the women on welfare are white women, you should get those white men back in their homes and then take care of the fact that 90% of whites are killed by other whites. When you finish with. Talk about us.
          Numbers Don’t Lie

        1. Vile troll blog The New York Times
          which is a famous pro-war advocacy site famous because it “did its part to lead the nation to war” ( mediamatters )
          would could never cover this shit because its about preventing the decline of the black family they so wish to smash.

    6. I strongly support an article like this because it has the balls to push aside feelings and try to have a proper discussion in an effort to try and solve the situations (both black and white) and make the future a better place, rather than skip around the subject and not try to solve anything.
      It is so important in society to try to look at things unfiltered so that we can accurately identify the correct causes and try to apply the correct solutions. Telling white lies doesn’t help anyone when we’re dealing with subjects that affect whole communities.

    7. Yupp..
      Painful Lessons That White Men Can Learn From The Black Community
      Screw them & dump the broad ??

    8. Okay Wait, so is it a secret that black people are different to white people? is it a secret that both ethnic groups have different belief systems, behavioural habits and social norms?. If you answered no to any of the above questions, you’ll realize that this was actually meant to be constructive to both ethnic groups by pointing out flaws from both sides and presenting a solution suitable, again, to both groups. Your “racist” remark is misplaced because you’re hypersensitive about race discussions and anything that has the words “blacks” and “whites” in the same paragraph are flagged as racist to you no matter how constructive. Grow up.

    9. It was even written a black guy. People are different by race and trying to make everyone the same does not work. Races even segregate in communities because people of like minds and appearance prefer their own (i.e. little italy, chinatown)

    10. Oh, look another liberal pinhead mindlessly screeching “racist”
      It addresses real issues that are race-based.
      Liberals are nothing more than mindless tools for the elites. Screeching empty slurs based on their propaganda conditioning.

    11. Snoody liberals are incapable of acknowledging differences between races and therefore are stuck in lala land totally out of touch with reality.

    12. Yes it is racist – in exactly the same way that feminism is sexist!
      Black men can get away with having these male spaces because they are black, and therefore part of the liberals protected groups. Gay men can have all male spaces for exactly the same reason. Its only white, straight men who cannot.
      This article acknowledges this obvious fact and works through the implications.
      Whats wrong with that?

    13. ALL HAIL NEW NEO NAZI GODS AND LORD OF ALL!!!! ALL HAIL THE NEW WHITE GODS – RIGHT RIGHT?? Oh, wait, wtf…people ONLY care online? So your tellin me we can’t actually burn blackie at the stake??? Well I guess you better go back to fucking your sister then to keep the white blood line ‘untainted’ then huh??

    14. Racist is a word given to any white male with a heart beat.
      A word invented by the J EW Lenin to browbeat whites into accepting mass 3rd world immigration and discourage tribal cohesion.
      FU for using it, you cuck

  2. “Respect is a two-way street: no black man is going to respect some street trash ho, but no black woman is going to be any better than that unless the men in her life give her some incentive to do so.”
    Since American black women are the loudest, most aggressive, most anti-intellectual, most obese, gator-nosed ugly, most can’t-speak-English-properly-despite-being-here-several-hundred-years women in the world beyond the Australian Aborigines, no wonder they don’t deserve much respect. Who wants these societal eyesores and headaches.

    1. The most important part of that video is the little colored girl watching the older colored women fight. This is where she learns that the way to settle any dispute or conflict is to grab hold of the other ho’s weave and start punching. Ten years from now or less she will be featured in her own video slugging it out with another colored girl.

      1. Yea,but not much we can learn from low iq blacks. Lets be honest
        Go to any MMA gym, its thriving with white males. Same with any Power lifting gym, Crossfit to a lesser extent. Or wrestling in high school across the Midwest.
        J EWs have worked overtime to destroy the Western Civilized Family-divorce, feminism, Pill, Promiscuity, but in spite of this, we are still doing well, Interracial marriage remains low, people are still being married and having children, etc. Marriages with similar views on Faith and Money have almost 0 divorce rates according to Dave Ramsey.
        What needs to happen is to bring back slut shaming, J EW shaming, Race mixing shaming, and a newfound pride for White cultural events-today like St Patricks day for example. Or Celtic Fests, Octoberfests etc. As well as recognizing and rewarding large White Christian families and societal norms that were and are still traditional.

    2. Haha
      Its funny how you cats love to point fingers. Well since 85% of the women on welfare are white women, you should get those white men back in their homes and then take care of the fact that 90% of whites are killed by other whites. When you finish with. Talk about us

  3. There is nothing to be learned from blacks. Blacks are suffering becauae they have victim mentality. If blacks stopped acting like victims and forget about slavery which is now a concept, they wouldnt suffer now because of their leftist ideologies that they adhere to. Slavery was real but generations of blacks have not directly experienced it at all nor whites do. This topic is obselete, lets move forward. No body owes blacks anything for free. This is life, its hard, it requires strong people. Strong in sense of internal and mental sense. Blacks maybe strong from outside but are fragile and super weak from inside. Its what this website teaches men to be.

    1. Societies which freed slaves long after the USA
      Brazil – 1888
      China – 1910
      Yemen – 1960s
      Mauritania – STILL HAPPENING
      Never a peep about these things from U.S. SJW’s

      1. Being a serf in Imperial Russia was no better than slavery either, and all the industrial cities in the Soviet Union were build by slave labor, in the 1st half of the 20th century, nobody cared how many died for the supply was unlimited and they came free.

        1. J EWs ran Communism.
          Just saying. See Alexander Solzhenityzn. Gulag Archipelago- Nobel & Pulitzer Prize Winner

    2. You say there’s nothing to be learned from them and then in the next sentence you say something to be learned from them.

    3. Victim mentality is a symptom not a cause. The main issue within the African-American community is the lack of sexual discipline – particularly in the case of the women. This is at the root of many of their problems.
      The situation of black America would change overnight if the females would be a little more critical and cautious in matters of sex and procreation.
      77% black births to single moms, 49% for Hispanic immigrants
      CDC Stands Behind Report That Half Of Black Women Have Herpes

      1. Ace,
        I was going to dispute that, but maybe I can’t phrase the dispute correctly.
        Let’s try this way:
        Learned Helplessness would be the cause, the Victim Mentality the effect or symptom.
        But I’d guess when surrounded by those who have the victim mentality all the time, you learn to think the same way.
        So, a person learns the attitude, it then becomes a cause of the problem as well as a symptom.
        Your thoughts?

  4. Good article. Call me a ‘conspiracy theorist’ but I believe It is in the interest of some, to keep black, white families and communities dysfunctional and malleable.
    Oh and please ignore any TROLLS that deliberately bring irrelevant race baiting hostilities to the discussion.

    1. True, they saw the strength and power in the white community building and taking root, so the best possible way was to do anything legislatively to destroy the family unit itself. So far, the plan has worked marvelously. They knew whites wouldn’t go auto-ghetto like the simpleton black hoes in the video above, but they’re hoping they can dissolve the white community to something close to that…. which they are by targeting the weakest… the white women, and subsequently encouraging by default lifetime ROI MGTOW, and other less masculine men(boys) to become gay or trans.

    2. “and please ignore any TROLLS that deliberately bring…”
      Indeed. Let’s stop “feeding the crows” !!


      Right…right? Why is no one burning blacie at the stake…awww…sorry Sasquatch – I think people only hear what they want to hear and think its funny ONLY online – darn…I guess you can’t be a neo-Nazi god afterall – sigh – better go back to fucking your sister to keep the white blood line from being ‘tainted’ and all that ya know

  5. They don’t naturally form nuclear families. Its their nature. The data is that they do not in practise also. Large testes and the relationship between large testes amongst primates and promiscuous mating styles with low paternal investment is accepted. Testes size varies amongst the races far more than penis size.
    Because their nature is denied they are considered dead-beat dads unfairly. When you just accept that their nature is not to be a family man they you at least do not chastise them for their core nature, you then create silly standards based on the behaviours of other races which do not fit their biology.
    The women have the strength and design to do it alone is a sisterhood. Women when they choose casual relationships go for alpha studs because these children do not need fathers so much as they will have their fathers dominance and assertiveness.
    I see what we can learn from them is to not debate and just assert and that dominance and taking stuff is far above reason in the modern world. If your group pushes and makes an issue of hate crimes and discrimination then they get more stuff. Debate and reason and decoupling of ones own ethnic interests from the logic is from a previous now dead era.

    1. Regardless of whether it’s nature or nurture, history has shown that it can work if black people are given the correct incentives. Seventy years ago, the average black person was a good, church going citizen who at least pretended to want to mimic white values. Joe Louis, the 2nd black heavyweight boxing champion of the world and longest reigning heavyweight champion in boxing history (1937-1949) was thought by whites at that time to represent the majority of blacks. Quiet, humble and dignified. And he was beloved by both blacks and whites. In 1951, when a washed up and faded Joe Louis lost to Rocky Marciano, it was said that there wasn’t a dry eye in the arena and keep in mind, this was during a time when all whites were supposed to be evil, frothing at the mouth racist who wanted death to all black people for no reason other than skin color.
      In those days, blacks actually had lower out of wed lock births, even when adjusting for population size, than whites. Although crime still tended to be higher in the black community, it wasn’t glorified and being a college graduate was seen with more pride than being a drug dealer. And quiet as it’s kept, most black people didn’t feel oppressed back then, until they were convinced to feel oppressed

      1. NO, it hasnt.
        There is not 1 Black Run and majority black population anywhere on earth that is not dysfunctional, crime ridden and full of under achievement.
        Joe Louis was on a 3 fight win streak, when Marciano retired him, knocked him OUT of the Ring. GOAT. 49-0
        Defeated Joe Louis at 36, Archie Moore, Ezzard Charles, Jersey Joe Walcott.
        Retired Joe Louis, KO out of the ring, who was on a 3 fight Win streak.
        Rocky dished out many concussions, others had to have their welts surgically removed.
        Louis said Marciano could beat him in his prime himself, and Ali too.
        Marciano once gave a prime fighter brain damage with an upper cut, he also knocked 6 of PRIME rex laynes teeth out with a punch,
        He defeated a PRIME undefeated Roland la Starza twice. . His KO percentage was THE HIGHEST OF ALL TIME, 88.75%, HIGHER than FOREMANS, TYSONS, MUHAMAD ALI, FRAZIER, LISTONS, DEMPSEYS. He has only been dropped twice. Rocky didnt become pro until age 25.
        A Legit Cruiser at 185-190, he was outweighed in every fight but one. Rocky put them all on Queer Street.
        Dominated in an era where boxing was the biggest sport in the world -5 years after he started training; he knocked out the longest reigning champion of all time (Joe Louis)
        And accomplished all of this at 5’11” 188lbs with the shortest reach of any heavyweight champion.
        Average Age of Heavyweight Champ Opponents
        Discussion in ‘Classic Boxing Forum’
        Jack Dempsey – 28 years old
        Joe Louis – 27.5 years old
        Rocky Marciano – 29.8 years old
        Sonny Liston – 28.3 years old
        Muhammad Ali – 29.3 years old
        Joe Frazier – 27.6 years old
        George Foreman – 29.2 years old
        Larry Holmes – 28.5 years old
        Ken Norton – 28.7 years old
        Mike Tyson – 29.9 years old
        Evander Holyfield – 31.1 years old
        Lennox Lewis – 30.3 years old
        Riddick Bowe – 29.7 years old
        Wlad Klitschko – 32 years old
        Vitali Klitschko – 31.3 years old
        Anthony Joshua – 34.6 years old (entire resume) 31.5 years old (just top 6)
        Deontay Wilder – 35 years old

        1. Louis was ahead on the score cards and out boxing Marciano up until the end. Louis had lost his hand speed and couldn’t pull the trigger on his right hand anymore. If he could, it may have been a different story as a 27 year old Joe Louis had much quicker hands, could box just as well and had that big right hand. If Marciano had a difficult time with Louis then, he really would’ve had a hard time with Louis circa 1941. I mean, Marciano should get more credit than he gets for the win, but he didn’t beat anywhere close to the best version of Louis.

          Louis was ahead on all 3 scorecards, until he tired out, which wouldn’t have happened if Louis was closer to his prime.

        2. Also, Marciano fought in an era where the average HW was 6′ 185 pounds. I like Marciano, but let’s be honest, he isn’t beating a young Mike Tyson or a prime Lennox Lewis. No….just no…A fast, skilled 215-220 pound destroyer like Tyson was or a skilled, hard hitting 6’6 245 pound Lewis would likely wreck Rocky. I’ll admit though, he was one of the best fighters between 175-200 pounds.

  6. There’s something to this article, we’ll done.
    But a black capable of foresight and introspection is rare, at least in reality.

    1. True, considering the stigma from other blacks he certainly must face in his surrounding black peers, this must have been a tough article to properly articulate and not cannibalize his own image or self-worth. Bravo to the Author !

  7. I encourage whites and blacks going their own way, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from each other. Spot on article.

  8. Didn’t Athlone McGinnis write a solar article years ago? He called black men the canary in the coal mine and that’s where white men were headed.

  9. Interesting read. I found that years ago local black ministers taking a stand for families and their communities was the first step in turning the poverty train around. Yet since they weren’t parroting the Jesse James- oops, Jackson, line of verbal vomit they were ignored. Without fathers, encouragement towards meaningful employment, cutting off the tap of perpetual welfare, strict- and I do mean strict law enforcement, examples by which others should emulate, faith and meaningful intervention of business-based development, individual and parental control of the corruptible public education system, achievable goals as opposed to empty rhetoric.., well. You get the picture. But a drowning person desperately wants to be saved. Sneer at me and I’ll cut you loose and not shed one tear. In the end I will not take a person by the hand, lead them down to the river, hold their head underwater and suck on their ass to get them to drink.

    1. The black families that have success are very patriarchal and strict and thats how they do it in Africa. The left sees that as problematic and is particularly intent on destroying the black family more than any other because they see that as more patriarchal and they push a model for families which is further from that natural and successful state of black families than it is from the natural state of white families so they get fucked worse.

      1. The black families, at this point, are super easy targets. The entire culture of F-everything, F-whitey is already deeply ingrained. Plus, it’s as easy as this. Sell them on free shit, more entitlements. This simultaneously grants them free shit, which maintains their weakness in society, cements in their attitude that they deserve it, all the while taking directly from the whites busting ass to pay the heavy tax-levy on their incomes, thus holding them down as well. At the current stage, we need severe change, and I doubt even 3 terms from Trump doing everything right would cause more than a small dent in the problem.

        1. ALL PRAISE GROCK THE NEW NEO-NAZI GOD AND LORD OF ALL WHITE MEN! – RIGHT RIGHT??? WAIT WHAT??? Why aren’t we burning blackie at the stake??? Oh people ONLY think it’s funny online – darn – I guess you better go back to fucking your sister to keep the white blood line ‘untainted’ instead then huh.

      2. There is Nothing function in Africa with blacks.
        Function black families is an Oxymoron.
        See: Dr Albert Schweitzer.
        He spent 50 years living with them trying to help them. Nobel Prize Winner.
        His conclusion?
        The disputed Schweitzer quote is as follows :
        “I have given my life to try to alleviate the sufferings of Africa. There
        is something that all white men who have lived here like I must learn and
        know: that these individuals are a sub-race. They have neither the
        intellectual, mental, or emotional abilities to equate or to share equally
        with white men in any function of our civilization. I have given my life
        to try to bring them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but
        I have become well aware that we must retain this status: the superior and
        they the inferior. For whenever a white man seeks to live among them as
        their equals they will either destroy him or devour him. And they will
        destroy all of his work. Let white men from anywhere in the world, who
        would come to Africa, remember that you must continually retain this
        status; you the master and they the inferior like children that you would
        help or teach. Never fraternize with them as equals. Never accept them as
        your social equals or they will devour you. They will destroy you.”

    2. You know where I find black men with their heads on straight like the author? The older, 40-60+ yo black guys who used to lift at my gym. Every one of them, for the most part, had their heads on straight. Just their presence in the gym exuded examples of hard work to maintain a proper life. I was friends with them all too.

  10. “And if blacks are incapable of forming a family unit, the fundamental building block of a society, we’ll always be incapable of forming a neighborhood, a culture, a civilization.”
    Things were far better before LBJ’s big social experiment.

    1. Not really.
      Lesson for the day? Haiti
      Haiti was once the Richest land in the Western Hemisphere.
      Run and colonized by the French, it was a great nation. Fast forward a few decades, when blacks- mostly servants and some others who worked in the Sugar cane fields, same as today, decided to revolt and kill off every white man , woman and child. And then to kill every mulatto as a reminder of a white Haiti and then the nation devolves into a cesspool of dysfunction, and then the The poorest land in the Western Hemisphere.
      Crime, under achievement, dysfunction…..its a black Thang.

  11. Yes please!! Don’t take my evil white money to raise your children that you created. What I never get is that black women were raised in this country and were certainly made aware of birth control and condoms at the local pharmacy. Cut off the welfare patriarchy and enforce a two child limit.

    1. I’ve literally had black women who live at my apartment complex laughing at me when I leave and come home from work, taunting the fact I’m giving them their free ride.. of course, they’re doing it in ebonics so they assume I don’t know WTF they’re saying about me, but my clean cut appearance and professional demeanor doesn’t reveal I’ve safely dealt with blacks in some of the worst hoods in the nation, and I’m not a cop, just very street wise from years spent on both sides of the tracks.

      1. Similar experience here !! Don’t know the reason but, black women (two young & one middle aged) often laugh at me & murmur among themselves !!
        I am damn sure my appearance is professional & formal. Of course, I (obviously!) don’t give a shit about them !!

        1. ALL HAIL RAVI THE NEW NEO NAZI GOD AND LORD OF ALL!!!! WEIMAR’S SECOND HAND MAN – WEIMARS FAVOURITE LYING BOT – ALL HAIL THE NEW WHITE GOD RAVI NEO NAZI KING AND LORD OF ALL WHITE MEN – RIGHT?? Oh, wait, wtf…people ONLY care online? So your tellin me we can’t actually burn blackie at the stake??? Well I guess you better go back to fucking your sister then to keep the white blood line untainted then huh??

      2. Black women are the most evil women I’ve noticed. Hefty, mean, loud, ect. Even shitty Western hogs seem like ladies by comparison. Every black here knows the house negress type, I’ve seen it by working with them and how they are bitches to everyone except boss man. Black men have my sympathies in this regard. Western White hoes are trashy as any, I’m just not seeing the same level of malice a black bitch exibits.

  12. From the moment the Democrats began their “War Against Poverty” in the 1960, the Blacks started losing the ground they gained from the end of the Civil War to this specific moment.
    That’s sad, because they were catching up with White People in all the aspects of life. Marriages and families were even more stable among Blacks.
    When it becomes too easy to collect a Social Security Check, you end up with nuclear families led by a single mother who raises kids she got from multiple fathers.
    What happened to the Black Community is a canary in a coal mine that gives us a perfect example of what happens when a society become socialist.

    1. Interesting, because Norway and Japan have FAR more socialism and just as much feminism and yet they are incredibly rich and successful nations, with MUCH lower crime rates, and with FAR better academic outcomes….I wonder why? I wonder why Sweden is going to shit? I wonder why even though countries like Sweden implement even more hardcore feminism and socialism, that white dudes don’t just go around and act like retarded thugs, fail academically, and go out and commit more rape and murder? I wonder why blacks seemed to be doing a lot better under apartheid regimes, but now have gone the completely opposite way of doing better? Why do blacks exhibit the same behaviors and tendencies even in conservative and family oriented cultures with no welfare?
      Point is, the family is important and Blacks did a hell of a lot better under it (and so would everyone else), but it still does address many other politically incorrect issues…issues that are very important when looking at demographics and immigration. BTW, not only do blacks vote 90% for most of this liberal leftist bullshit, but Black criminality and behaviors were not that much different back then either….there is a reason there were lots of lynchings, and there was a reason why whites implemented segregation. Here is an interesting list for you to look over, it is all sourced from the Library of Congress:

      1. Sweden and Japan are homogeneous nations – which makes a huge difference (night and day, really) and staves off some of the more deleterious aspects of hard socialism and feminism. Perhaps just as importantly, too, is that the higher socio-economic statuses of the male relegates the effects of their welfare states to well below what that effect is among Blacks in the States. Toss in female hypergamy and its androcentric analog, the male dominance heirarchy, into that already roiling cauldron and you get the clusterfuck that is the American Black community. Thanks, LBJ (I think it was him) and the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964. Black males make far less money on average than the welfare state can provide, so the effects of it are catastrophic to the family. White men make maybe slightly less than double what the welfare state provides women, so hypergamy has not yet completely driven the man out of the home. But it seems to be on the horizon, and maybe 95% of the ills in society are due to the fact that we have given children with tits (women, collectively) the ability to extravert their feelings and chaotic desires into the political spectrum.

    2. Blacks have never been functional.
      The only thing that kept them in line pre 1960s, were the high numbers of KKK membership, whom they feared. It was mostly a defensive organization, started up post Civil War, when remote farm families were being attacked, killed, stolen from and it had to be stopped. There was no ‘911’ to call then.
      General Grant was furious at all of it. Reconstruction they called it. Carpet Baggers (J EWs) that came from the North, put negros into positions of power, as well as themselves, taking advantage of every situation and enriching themselves. General Grant then issued an Edict expelling all J EWs from the South. That edict was overridden only by President Lincoln.
      Fascinating history youll never really learn unless you seek out truths. The Civil war was not about slavery at all- not 1 other nation warred over it, of dozens. It was about appointing an all powerful Federal Govt. in DC to usher in the treason we see today, rather than a Union of States, Republic.
      I digress. Back to the KKK. There were all of about 3500 black criminals hanged in their history. Thats less than get killed in a year of shootings in the Hoods. Its all a joke. Integration has failed white people by every measure.
      Diversity is so natural, it needed to be forced on us with National Guard soldiers pointing their rifles at our grandparents….

  13. ‘And this is what most black men are: young boys whose fathers knocked up their mothers and left, handing them over to be raised by a violent gang of their peers. When they come of age, they in turn impregnate their own baby mommas, and the cycle continues. Along the way, there are shootings, stabbings, robberies, drug trade and abuse, vandalism, illiteracy, and unemployment. The anger builds from father to son to grandson, and the sins of the fathers are visited on the children.’
    A man totally ignoring female agency, writing as though women have no choice in who’s penis is inside their vigina.
    Then writing as though that woman’s daughter has no choice about who’s penis is inside her vigina, either.
    Wouldn’t read anything that dishonest or stupid on ‘Return of Kings’ I’ll tell you that!
    Oh, and he neglected the word’s ‘Government’ and ‘Welfare’ as well.

    1. @wind
      From the Tissue you use to wipe your ass to Tampon to the Device you used to type; almost everything is Invented, Innovated and Pioneered by MEN.
      …and you talk about “female agency” !! What a disgrace !! Shame on you, bitch !!

  14. ‘And this is what most black men are: young boys whose fathers knocked up their mothers and left, handing them over to be raised by a violent gang of their peers. When they come of age, they in turn impregnate their own baby mommas, and the cycle continues. Along the way, there are shootings, stabbings, robberies, drug trade and abuse, vandalism, illiteracy, and unemployment. The anger builds from father to son to grandson, and the sins of the fathers are visited on the children.’
    A man totally ignoring female agency, writing as though women have no choice in who’s penis is inside their vagina.
    Then writing as though that woman’s daughter has no choice about who’s penis is inside her vagina, either.
    Wouldn’t read anything that dishonest or stupid on ‘Return of Kings’ I’ll tell you that!
    Oh, and he neglected the word’s ‘Government’ and ‘Welfare’ as well.
    Stupid, but strange.

    1. Girl or boy SHUT THE FUCK UP and let the men talk and quit saying your fake news around here. We real men don’t care what you got to say. Go to your fake news sites and say that. One last thing your the pedofile that likes the little boys and also go back to your safe space cause I love to trigger little bitch boys or girls to their safe spaces .

  15. I kept saying it over and over again..
    FEMINISM is the Western WHITE WOMANS AGENDA to screw over ALL men to turn men into nothing more than physical and financial slaves to their feelings desires and consumer desires.
    Feminism is an UGLY WHITE WOMANS project with all sorts of WHITE MEN SIMPS CUCKS AND WHITE KNIGHTS enabling them.

  16. Same here in Brazil. There’s no place for masculine men, if you are white and have education and are from middle class.
    In the Jiu Jitsu club, most of them are blacks or mulatos. That’s where I have to train and they are good people. At the same time, the white boys are online gaming and watching porn alone at home.

    1. I thought jj Is for wealthier and richer ppl in Brazil aka lighter skin folks living outside the favelas?

        1. ALL HAIL MGRAPE!! THE NEW NEO-NAZI KING AND LORD OF ALL WHITE MEN!!! ALL HAIL NEO NAZIS!!! Oh wait what? Why aren’t we burning blackie at the stake??? Your tellin me people ONLY think its funny online??? I guess you better go back to fucking your sister then to keep the white blood line untainted then huh?

  17. Species are intrinsic to their own nature. No excuses required. Some arnt capable of thinking farther than muh dik & chicken nuggets. Some can create electricity & nano technology. No magic formula will change that. Loved that bit about ebonics though, friggn hilarious. The collective english language has degenerated so much over 200 years it is pathetic. Borderline mental retardation. How far we have fallen.

  18. What sickens the most is seeing white females hooking up with a race known to beat their young to death over the last cupcake n’sheet.

  19. Speak for yourself brother. All the black guys I know talk about philosophy, politics and economics and we take care of our families.

    1. Obviously there are going to be exceptions. The statistics paint a very clear picture (and it isn’t even remotely good). Almost 80% of African-American children are born to single mothers.

  20. I’m black and this article was so on point the intellectual types do get pushed out of the the black society or at the very bottom.Even the college educated women tend to seek out the thugs. I wouldn’t call this tough love, I’m refilled so this is just facts and the crazy thing is the only black men who would even read this article is the ones like me.

      1. Thugs, some of whom may have been a primitive warrior tribe’s best warrior 20,000 years ago are a liability to a modern, 21st century western society and may be “low status” in this modern context because of how we measure status (career, amount of money earned, education level) in a modern, high tech western society. We don’t measure status in regard to physicality (with the exception being a star pro athlete) or the ability to fight or fearlessness. Though in an ancient, primitive society, those would be exactly the things status is based on. In the bible, King Saul became jealous of David when the young women sand ‘Saul has KILLED his thousands but David his tens of thousands”. Nothing turns young women on like returning from battle covered in your enemies blood.
        Women’s attraction triggers are from that ancient, barbaric time. And this isn’t just black women either. This seems to be true, to varying degrees, for women of all races. Your average in her prime/near her prime young woman will be more eager to sleep with a man after seeing him win a fist fight or at least put up a good effort rather than him solving a calculus equation or earning an engineering degree, which for the purpose of sexual attraction, they don’t care about.
        Your engineering degree may get a woman to marry you out of logical consideration for your earning capacity, but it doesn’t get her to want to marry you out of sheer biological, sexual lust like she would a tough, street fighter.

    1. True….I read an article about this girl, black girl, who got a full ride scholarship to this prestigious, east coast university. Could’ve done anything, went anywhere. You’d think that she’d be with a guy doing something similar to what she’s doing, right? Wrong.
      She was dating a street thug who convinced her to set up this low level weed dealer so he could rob him. Well, during the robbery, her boyfriend shot and killed the guy. She claims that she didn’t know he was going to kill the guy, but she was slapped with a murder charge as well.
      Another black girl from a middle class family who seemed to be doing all of the right things in life until she started sleeping with a drug dealer almost a decade older than her. She ended up with 24 years in prison. This was from 1994

  21. I heard that the blacks have huge cocks, but that could be a myth, I’ve never investigated further.

  22. Lemme step out on a limb here. Western, (English) settlers came to North America. Bringing with them a defined and establish culture, language, foundation of moral, (Religious) principles and made due. Seeking only to practice their faith and create a new life for themselves. Please don’t get me going on the manner how they pushed the Indians off the cliff. Anthropologically speaking, it was inevitable. (I have Native American ancestry and hold no grudge.) But soon after the enslaved blacks arrived. They were not well liked, not well treated, but their learned the language, were ultimately absorbed and became Americans after a bloody insurrection lead by a Republican Administration- you’re welcome. Then the Germans came. They were not well liked, not well treated, but their learned the language, were ultimately absorbed and became Americans. Then the Italians came, ditto. Then the Irish, then the Scandinavians, the Poles, the Chinese, the folks from Latin America and Asians. Take your damn pick. Yet since the blacks have been here for nearly as long as the Europeans who didn’t get the memo? America ISN’T a country of immigrants. It’s a country of CITIZENS.
    If you’re not on the program why stay? So you can come here and pull off the welfare teat you didn’t contribute on? And rebel against the system that doesn’t need your shit in the first place. Where does that level of arrogance come from? Oh, right. Leftist Democrats and a Nation that is on the fast track that caused the fall of Rome.
    History Lesson: Allowing the non-natives who breed to overtake the natives who won’t, bread and games for the perpetual and exploding classes of poor, refusing to manage immigration to allow defined and non-negotiable assimilation, unchecked violence in the streets, a massively corrupted political class, money over morals, the systematic destruction of faith, and bending a knee to your violent enemies.
    Trust me, I’m an optimist. But tiptoeing around this ideology the Left keeps dishing up is like sugarcoating a turd. It’ll look nice and smell pretty. But inside it’s still a piece of shit.
    And that’s not America. And everyone knows it.

  23. The very first comment on this article illustrates the importance of males hashing out America’s societal problems without female presence or input. She “cringed” the whole time she read the “racist” article. Then a bunch of pile-on fembots participated in batting away the logic, an action that is imprinted in their DNA. No wonder we face so many challenges in the US, we have let the irrational side of the equation have far too much influence.

  24. Great article. Thanks for that perspective from the other side. You are not only identifying what needs to be done – but you are showing a way to think our way there – along a masculine road. Great perspective. Don’t believe the other crazy “racist” comments in here. We need more views from across the social landscape.

  25. Re: Ebonics
    English actually hasn’t degenerated in terms of ebonics. Ebonics just stayed in its 16th century format and due to segregation hasn’t evolved up American English standards. Truth be told there was a time Whites spoke that way as well. Actually if you go down to some Coastal Plain towns in the South like Charleston, old White people talk that way too.
    Anyway I like the article and the author is awesome. Great work.

    1. I do wonder because the sort of sentence structures do change in all black populations whether speaking french in Mali to those speaking English in the Caribbean or Nigeria and they always changes according to similar patterns with a strong emphasis to an ever-changing new lingo of fashionable words, in-group words, and simple curt sentance structures and reduction in grammatical constructs.
      I think that verbal IQ is so important because we think largely in a verbal way so strength of ones talking really is a strong tell in terms of the analytical strength of one’s cognitive faculties. The fact they everywhere tend to take language in such different directions really is very strong proof of a very different genetic way of thinking and of cognitive faculties. There is a clear direction that they in isolation always take languages as with Nigerian, American or Caribbean English dialects that they have created.
      Probably the linguistic part of the brain they have is markedly different to non-blacks which is why when isolated they usually take language in these directions although, this being a racial thang, it is banned from being studied.

  26. The reason for the lack of white, male only spaces is purely due to the fear that we’ll get together and form a revolution. It’s a valid fear.

    1. Nope. It’s the absence of backbone. Europeans (Northern Europeans in particular) have been Beta cucks since time immemorial. The Roman Church for a period of time changed that, but after a while the old sentiment came back…during the Reformation and the spread of Protestantism. This subservience probably is the outcome of chronic female shortage. Colder environments produce smaller families and thus fewer daughters. In cockfests men have to cater to women to have access to the vagin and the womb.
      European gender relations have always been very different from the rest of the world.

      1. Yeah …
        Pay no mind to the europeans who conquered all of North, Central, and South America, bred with the native women, and forced them to learn a new language and religion. 500 years later, their descendants are still crying about it.
        And a couple hundred years after that, more white europeans in America invented electricity, steal, the car, the plane, the train, the telephone, radio, television, the microchip…
        And the most common inter-racial relationship in the world is white man with an asian woman…
        What Cucks, those Europeans.

        1. David are you sure that white man asian women is the most common IR relationship by cohabitation and hookups also? Yes in one country America it by marriage is thh most common but that’s about as far as it goes.

      2. Whilst I don’t dispute that European men are cuckish or they cannot assert themselves above a social order and defy social convention on issues. This means that in multiculturalism they all parrot the lines that gender/race are non-existant in spite of that obviously being false, in nazism they nobody opposed it, and in communism they acted that way. If there was a dictatorship of the flying spaghetti monster they would all argue and fight in favor of the colander and none dare poke their head above the parapet and defy the social contract.
        1) hajnal line was possibly linked to the state of socioeconomic development because much of the slavic areas have since also dropped their birth rates and so has Ireland and Portugal and the thing quickly went.
        2) There was in their evolutionary history not a chronic shortage of females but chronic excess. This is because the men went out to hunt mammoths in groups ( they are very cooperative people to survive far north ) and the women stayed inside the camps. There is more to it than that but the people feminized which is why traits like blonde hair, blue eyes, red hair as women fought to secure men as so many were dying and the investment of a mans care meant your children would do better. These traits were novel and attracted men’s attentions and that is the origins of the higher levels of beauty seen in European women than other women. That is the standard line on that.

  27. There used to be strong black families in the USA. In the 1950s and 60s, most black children were born into intact families. In 1960, for example, only 5% of black children were born out of wedlock. Now, some 70% of black children are born out of wedlock.
    What happened? In part, onerous drug laws and racist drug law enforcement starting with the era of Ronald Reagan put huge numbers of young black men in prison, leaving them with records and making them unemployable and unable to support families.
    Without strong and decent individuals and families, societies degenerate and fall apart.

    1. Fairly obvious is that they have largest testes by far and the difference is much bigger than differences in phallus size between races. Testes size variations has been shown amongst all primates to link to levels of paternal investment and mating style ie small ones are usually for more monogamous primates.
      They had the higher vulnerability to liberal decay and you see Africans when they arrive they have strong families and can do well. See them in Liberal Paris two generations later and they are struggling worse than in America. The have the biggest vulnerability to liberal laws encouraging out of wedlock families such as credits for single moms so they are the ones hit hardest by degeneracy. Being raised poor by a single mother will always put you on the back foot.

    2. Its far more than 70% its recently hit like 88% or something and many of those born in wedlock are born into the least stable classes of marriage such as black male white female marriages so many breakdown very quickly. 70% is now considered the good ol’ days.

    3. You cannot blame the left but blame the groups like the right who actually tried to uphold marriage. The left deny the states laws even affect the inentive structure of welfare and government spending generally. There is a huge trade-off for putting single-moms on welfare in that its like feeding vermin and wondering why it keeps getting worse. Oh you give them apartments and wonder why every chick is now on it lol.

      1. They are creating this problem and it isn’t easy to solve as the society breeds into welfare. Once you start it the welfare class breed out rapidly and then they have been selected for doing well on welfare and the society cannot revert back without forming favellas.

        1. How long it can keep going before your society completely breaks down is tough to determine but the earlier its reversed the better especially as a weak dysfunctional country will be crushed in the clashes to come. It will fall behind in all regards and Asia and even Russia will then truly crush and dominate the West and even extinguish it should they so desire.
          Small IQ distributional differences have thick differences in the tails of the graphs and the same is true for military technologies as thats the luxury the struggling society doesn’t have. Russia can really dominate in the longer term, and America will be the nation with all of the sanctions for minor transgressions. The sanctions are placed on the weaker economic power rather than based on some objective right or wrong measure and so America has never been targeted when they do crazy things but should their society fail they will be targeted mercilessly.

  28. Lol. The responses were funny. But nah what i meant was not all black men are illiterate morons ive met many who are educated and conduct themselves with dignity and class. I knew what i was getting into by outing myself as a female on here and you did not disappoint. ☺

    1. Anonymousfemale, so the entire point of your post was to create drama?
      How unusual.
      Any particularly salient or thought provoking concepts you wished to share?
      How unusual.
      Is it entirely unexpected that feeding the trolls that wait here to discredit all intelligent or worthwhile posts results in more trolls making posts?
      How unusual.

      1. Thats the funny thing when the left always act as though the right is the group without heed of reason and who don’t think beyond base instincts when we see the white leftists as crazily niave and far too trusting and usually the less logical and more emptional people who will cede ground and principles for popularity.
        They really push few cogent arguments and live in this intense leftist echochambers ( right isn’t like this since we live in leftist social paradigm and see their decay daily ) where they didn’t even know the right had arguments.

  29. As a white working class male, I say to hell with the stupid blacks and middle class white cucks. You know (((who))) plays these two groups like a flute. Just stand back and let both implode.

  30. Great article. One point the author missed is this:
    Welfare creates crime and poverty by incentivizing young women to become single mothers. Then welfare rewards these young women to have more and more babies and raise them in the most dangerous parts of the country.
    Even if a guy in the inner city really wanted to be a good dad, the woman is incentivized to push him away because she “earns ” more EBT as a single mom.
    And theirin lies the ” poor yet somehow stuck-up woman” phenomenon so present in black women’s attitude. They know they can just pop out a kid and live comfortably on the tax payer’s dime. So there’s no way in hell she’ll even think about being a good woman to a man. She doesnt need him. Thrn she’ll raise her son and resent him, because he’s just a meal ticket. He hits the streets young looking for somewhere to belong…

    1. Lots of welfare in Norway, Japan, Korea, Iceland, etc….and it doesn’t seem to be making them poor and criminal, actually the complete opposite (mind you some small and manageable problems with birthrates/feminism). It is only when amazing diversity gets into the welfare machine that it goes completely NUTS. Helping an average family of 4 with some healthcare, or giving them some food stamps, while the father and maybe even the mother have full time jobs is not the end of the world and does not lead to poverty and criminality. No, it is our countries decline down ideological shitholes, our open borders, our diversity, the cucking of white men, and the rampant forms of feminism that are making our welfare system go to complete shit. Not to mention the baby boomers doing everything within their power to make sure they are not affected by government cuts (even though they are a big problem with debt in this country).

  31. Although black culture is an effeminate matriarchy, one thing black men (or at least the alpha Tyrones) did right, that we whites have foolishly ridiculed with cliche jokes about absentee fatherhood, is keeping their women in check, insofar as hooking up. They have provided a template that white men should follow in how to treat women. That is how they have been able to encroach on white women. No matter how violent, uncouth or unintelligent they are, it does not affect their notch count – in fact, it makes women want them even more.
    However, I do suspect that black men suffer an even greater disproportion of the Pareto distribution than whites because there are many black men who have sired dozens of children, meaning many others are left out. That is another thing whites should learn, or relearn – making impregnating women a notch on your belt. At least it would stave off white genocide for a while. That is why Africans, though doomed to neolithic primitiveness, will outlive us all like cockroaches in a nuclear holocaust. Their secret is interchangeably referring to women/girls as bitches and hoes to keep them humble and beneath them.

    1. I see your point, but then why do more and more black men do their own version of MGTOW, and are staying far away from black women, let alone, women in general, (i.e. white women), especially the more assimilated professional and/or working class black men? I’ve been around for awhile now, and I’ve spent the past 11 years working my day job in the urban core of Kansas City. The thugs I work with, or am forced to deal with daily, refer to the their black matriarchal culture as “mama”… “mama this and mama that”, or “auntie”….”auntie this and auntie that”. The ill treatment of their women, from what I’m seeing, doesn’t seem to subjugate the garden variety hood rat/street mammy, which may or may not be one of the reasons more and more black men are steering clear of black women altogether.

    2. really excellent point. And yes Africa is the home of the incel because they have the most extreme ratios around dating where very few hoover up most of the action and that is part of the reason why they will always chase women from other races.

      1. No, I don’t think that’s it at all. It could be in Europe, but in America miscegenation is a specific war weapon because black WOMEN dispatch their own men to sire mulattos with white women. They see it as white + nonwhite = nonwhite. So they have a welfare queen (de facto homemaker) black baby mama from which to always pivot back to, while they are free to pursue white women to cuck white men in the race war. They also feed them drugs, in addition to hooking white men on the heavy shit. They are full-time race warriors.
        I have seen this at the beach. Thank goodness I had my guitar and I was able to charm both of them enough to leave the beach from the black couple. They drove me to a bar and bought be drinks, and I ended up kissing both at the same time even though one of them had just puked, and both of them lived with their boyfriends.
        So the black men getting white women, are getting their own women, while the black incel is getting nobody because if he cannot get black women, he cannot get any other women.

  32. Keep fighting the good fight Doc Nate. When there are more brown and black men willing to support the right we’ll collectively have a fighting chance. This is a common fight against Marxist bullshit–feminist and otherwise. The liberal elites pray upon desperation, so they create it.

  33. The balance in the writer’s key points, and the way this article broke the ice…wish this approach would go mainstream. We’ve seen the odds and the evidence, today is no different — we honestly cannot be made purely “equal” in a flawed social experiment, but have to figure out what to do about social cohesion for the benefit of all society. IN the end, nothing is equal, and nothing is fair. No man is an island, and we have to take few steps back in this race/gender war side of life, to mroe fully address something in a clear and non-polarized way. The author has done it. One of ROK’s best of 2018 so far.

    No one wants to give an inch so here we are, stuck in a fake “melting pot” — more like a MOSAIC, with everyone defending their own little tiles. Some of it has been said before, it’s not a huge mystery, but this consolidates and updates the thinking, crystallized from the social chaos that is USA in the 21st century. This kind of stuff needs to get out there — something rare that black/white/etc can look up to together as a matter of core, innate values (and how they have been systematically DEvalued).

    Article helped take the edge off my cynicism of late. Though I am an absolutely relentless individual, I’m struggling at times to stay fully engaged with — and open-minded toward — modern society while simultaneously being given 1000 reasons not to do so. If you’re a thinking man, it can be draining sometimes, trying to plow through and get shit done without compromise. I think it’s people like us that keep the whole world in gear. Ever forward…

  34. Worthless article. Another lame attempt by black men to claim superiority over white men. Keep this up apes- you are creating more white nationalist males than you can even dream about!

  35. I wouldn’t call it racist, so to speak, as there is a bit of truth to the generational effects of the absence of the father. However, I don’t completely agree with this, as a black man myself. Ebonics, whether people want to believe it or not, is real. This article condescendingly states it as being barely sufficient to communicate, which isn’t true. I have had plenty of deep and well meaning conversations without the proper usage of certain words, probably because other black people understand this well. Also, I wish the article would state why there are absent fathers. Many of these men don’t just leave, they are imprisoned. Talk about the system, and no I am not claiming a full on victim-hood status. I understand the black community has many faults! Black men don’t want to claim superiority over white men, or any other race for that matter. From what I’ve seen growing up is that black men have more problems to worry about just stepping outside than comparing ourselves to our white brothers. I have no qualms with y’all.

  36. Like to point out that women in the hood have no desire for sychophants and suck ups, and have their own things to do. If a man wants to hang around them while doing female things he loses respect with the ho’s. Bitches is ho’s is the mantra, and as any male coming up in the inner city knows, the dream of most girls is a county check and child support. Black men pretty much figure out that nice girls are to marry and freaks are only for freakin. The problem is that those county mamas raise up some seriously disturbed boys. It doesn’t matter what color a male is, if his (and the rest of the neighborhood, they always do) moms is making it with all the other bucks, it makes for homicidal tendencies. Charlie Manson’s mother was a prostitute, an example that comes to mind.
    The real losers of the Black community breakdown are the males, with their victims being collateral damage from the ‘War on Poverty’. By turning the men and women of the Hood against each other, it guarantees a chaos that can be exploited by (((others)))

  37. The top 4 issues facing Black Americans
    4. The victim mentality
    3. Urban terrorism
    2. The proliferation of baby mamas
    1. Allegiance to so-called progressive policies

  38. That is along the lines what I have been thinking for some time – all alpha male culture is no civilized culture … it is simply barbarian nomad culture that is void of male cooperation.
    It occurs to me, that to create a social hierarchy that is a basis of civilization you need also a lot of beta and delta males who would be working under few alpha males leadership – and to have them in that role you need a family unit – a place where beta or delta may feel like an alpha.

  39. Let me see….I’m 5’9,” so basketball was basically a pipe dream.I have a 160 IQ,so why would I have wanted to be in a gang? (When I was younger;I’m four months from my 65th birthday,though I’ve got boyish good looks.) Hip-hop is largely retarded,and the “chill” scene is for the dull normal.(By the way,I LOVE the “Emmett Till was a victim of #MeToo” post.PURE GENIUS,BOY!!!!!!!!)

  40. Black women think themselves better than black men,even the land whales you see waddling down most city and suburban streets.(Remember Orca-excuse me-OPRAH,with “The Colour Purple,”where every black chap was a potential or actual rapist.) I’d club Beyoncé,Mel B. (former Spice Girl),Lupita Nyongo,Halle Berry,etc.,every day of the week,and twice on Sunday,but Octavia Spencer,Gabourey Sidibe,Mo’Nique and these other fat broads,NEVER!!!!!!!!

  41. Kelly,you and the rest of the dull-normal,Trump-loving white trash are slowly dying off,so my great-niece and great-nephews won’t have to worry about you in about 30 years!!!!!!

  42. This is a joke surely!
    The black community ya know, like this applies to all black people and only black people. Do Africans behave like this? Or blacks from other parts of the world. The type of people that talk this nonsense are either Uncle Tom’s tryna make white friends, or white people who haven’t achieved much and seek to criticize blacks to make them feel better about their pitiful existence. This is like me going into the backwoods and saying white people need to stop cannibalizing people and having intercourse with their pet animals and cousins.

  43. When it comes to intelligence, white people are a little bit above Africans and Arabs. Just because some whites were able to achieve great things, doesn’t mean a whole race or breed of people is smart. The majority of white people are very simple people.

  44. In the South, white males have their male only bastions, such as the hunting club and other male clubs. I belong to a couple of such clubs that do not allow women, except for one function a year.
    @ Ace, you are very correct that white women are now reaping the benefits of AA. A black male co-worker observed that “about the time a black man could get somewhere, they made white women a minority”. I laughed and replied “Welcome to my world!”

  45. Couldn’t get through the article. But what I do know is that there are a lot of black men that HATE black women. Once the state started offering the welfare, black women took full advantage of it. On top of that, they decided to start breeding with hip-hop rap drug thugs, havin’ dat baby, and collectin that welfare. Meanwhile, black guys that are intelligent with good values that want a black wife and kids, get neglected by black women. There are a lot of good black men out there that would love nothing more than to have a black wife, black kids, and a black family and live a good full life. But they have been denied that because of the LBJ “great society” (put forth by joos) that was an intentional attack on Christianity to destroy family and marriage. Obviously blacks were first in line. White trash females came next. Also, in a grand scheme, it literally steals money from good working people by proxy via taxes, to pay low IQ white and black whores to reproduce. These low IQ white and black whores produce low IQ kids. They low IQ degenerate population explodes. All paid for by the gentiles. Blame the joos. They did this to society on purpose because they are the agents of satan.

  46. Depedistalization.
    Listen to Bruno Mars, Ed sheeran, Shawn Mendez. Their lyrics elevate women above themselves.
    Now listen to Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Eazy E, Snoop (1st album), Old dirty bastard. Every female is called bitch and/or ho.
    It puts you in frame of mind that unless a particular female proves herself to be better than a bitch or how, you’ve got every reason to treat her like one.
    It’s really unfortunate that white music genres don’t do this so explicitly

  47. But where did this originate? Impregnating bitches? Studs.Bucks.Men leaving the women by being sold? Then massa sleeps with the bitch , not by choice ,and then she’s a ho.Then the pattern repeats itself with the offspring you mention.Millineals won’t question your assertions because they don’t know history.And its not only black youth nowadays its all youth.We need to have a tough love talk with others about the opiod crises,school shootings,social media etc.Who is listening to this music?

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