False Molestation Accusation Locks Up Brazilian Father For 13 Years

Western civilization is powerful, but as most powers, it is a double-edged sword. For the West has (very) often been generous, building and giving free stuff for people of all horizons, putting an end to a slavery that already existed long before modern times, and our technology was eagerly adopted by peoples who showed quite willing to get more stuff while working and dying less.

However, Western power has also brought globalism and degeneracy, especially in orbiting countries who will import anything made fashionable from their more influential brethren.

Brazil is just like that. In spite of its high violence rates, the country has its perks, like a strong sense of family and a high valuing of femininity in women. When you live in Brazil, dwelling into a safe place and having enough money is sufficient to live quite a good life. Yet the country did also import the worst.

Parties are ran with explicit policies against fat shaming. Libraries spill over with leftist BS, most of it translations of books from high-profile globalists like Henry Kissinger or Paul Krugman. And, of course, the local courts often follow current North American anti-male court politics.

A striking example of this made the news recently. Atercino Ferreira de Lima Filho, a 51-year-old divorced father, was recently released from prison after he was proven innocent. He spent 13 years in prison because of what is now recognized by Brazilian courts as a complete lie.

In 2002, Atercino and his spouse divorced. (The media do not tell whether she was the one willing to divorce or not, or why exactly they have split.) The couple had two children, Andrey, 8 years old, and Aline, 6. Although the divorced spouse was unable to support herself and has to rely on a female friend to give her shelter, she was awarded with both children. All three lived in the friend’s home.

Two years later, the police came to arrest Atercino at his home. The ex-wife claimed he had abused their children, who had written letters claiming they had been molested by their father. Atercino was soon declared guilty and sentenced to a whopping 27 years in prison.

Since then, Aternicino has been claiming his innocence. He never molested his sons, he said, and nothing of the sort had even happened from him. Too bad: his own testimony was treated as if it was worth nothing, and the magistrates have let him languish in the harsh environment he was locked up into.

Years later, in 2012, the older son Andrey turned 18. As soon as he became a legal adult Andrey requested the Tribunal of Justice of São Paulo to give him a new hearing as a witness and purported victim. Alas, the same magistrates who had sentenced his father turned him down because they “thought it wouldn’t be legally possible to reopen the case.”

They were wrong. Andrey proved motivated to get justice. He went to the cartório (registry office) and made a public, officially signed declaration, to say that his father did never molest him in any way. It took two years and a lot of efforts to reopen the case. Eventually, it pulled up to a much higher level of justice: the Supreme Federal Tribunal overturned the first verdict and ordered a new trial. “Facts and proofs” would be reexamined.

Since the sentence was based on testimonies alone, there was not much to reexamine without asking the protagonists. And so the new trial went on very slowly, as if a working father who had been thrown in jail out of dubious accusations was a simple abstract procedure rather than an actual human being.

Andrey, the older son

In 2015, Aline, the younger child, turned 18 and voiced the same points than her brother’s at the registry office. However, what would really speed up the process and bring justice was the implication of an NGO called Innocence Project Brazil.

It’s hard to guess, since NGOs are usually ran by globalists to carry mischievous deeds, but even an inverted clock gives the right time twice a day. Innocence Project took enough interest in the case to mobilize its own lawyers. These reexamined “facts and proof” with a keen eye. In 2016, they submitted an 829-pages long report pointing out several irregularities.

For example, a physical examination conducted during the first trial showed no evidence that the children had been sexually abused. Or the ex-wife who had accused Atercino had also claimed that her son had been abused at school, too, an accusation the judges ruled out without considering how this discarded claim should undermine the credibility of the whole accusation.

Testimonies featured noticeable discrepancies as well: when the children were interrogated, they said they father had molested them at night in the family home, whereas their mother had never seen this happen (although she still accused her ex-husband). Another testimony came from a nurse who, having babysat the children, said they were sociable and showed no sign of abuse. All these elements were neglected by judges who seemed decided to throw a father in jail.

Under the auspices of the Federal Tribunal, Andrey and Aline were at least allowed a fair hearing in August 2017. What they said then was chilling.

Both confided that their mother’s friend, at the home of which they had to dwell, had forced them to accuse their father. She compelled the children to write declaration of abuse that she had invented under the threat of beating them. Of course, this kind-of stepmother was never investigated and remained able to pull the strings during the first trial as the judges were focusing on an innocent.

Although the children had obeyed, and their father was sent to jail, she still lashed out on them. She took a sadistic pleasure at spanking them with a broom handle or forcing them to sit on uncomfortable postures. Sometimes, Andrey said, she was so violent that he had to flee the home and sleep in the streets. For some reason his mother failed to tell the police—for years. The wicked, manipulative child abuser was never processed. The media haven’t even disclosed her name.

On March 2 of this year, Atercino was released from prison. He spent 13 years locked up there and considered a pedophile. Rehabilitated by the Federal Tribunal, he left the penal institution to be welcomed not only by his Innocence Project lawyers but also by his son and daughter whom he embraced with tears. Likely exhausted, he decided not to sue his ex-wife.

Atercino right after he was freed, Andrey at his side

One can rejoice that the story ends well. No one today can accuse Atercino of having been a pedophile, as was the case for years. The freed father said he just wanted to share a beer, a pizza, and some good laughs with his sons and friends. Guess he got enough of the way of men in jail to ask for rest.

Still, this case is another sad example of female impunity. Neither the wicked, sadistic kind-of stepmother, nor the lying and cowardly mother who let her beat her own children for years, will be charged. In the Current Year, women can destroy men’s lives and never have to answer for their misdeeds whereas men and especially working fathers are assumed guilty without proof, in stark violation of the presumption of innocence principle.

Had this happened in the 90s, we would probably think that the trial was poorly conducted because Brazil is just another banana republic. Today, the West does not fare better. There are many swamps to be drained. Hopefully, when a sufficient number of dads have been screwed in court and children deprived of their parent, red-pilled awareness grows. May this event at least help to stimulate masculine energy and bolster a manosphere among our Portuguese-speaking brethren.

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72 thoughts on “False Molestation Accusation Locks Up Brazilian Father For 13 Years”

  1. A woman will LIE,
    That suits her agenda in the MOMENT and without a second thought.
    A small lie about her whereabouts,
    Or a BIG LIE that will see you in JAIL.
    She LIES as effortlessly about RAPE/ABUSE/DV as she does about the cost of her shoes to her hive.
    Her LIES will be believed, because vagina.
    YOU will go to JAIL because you’re a man.
    Besides, even if she does get caught in a lie,
    She will not be held accountable.
    This world PAYS her to LIE about YOU,
    To STEAL from YOU.
    When she LIES,
    The world says.
    “You Go Gurrl!”
    Why wouldn’t she lie?

    1. As I said in another post, that talks about Brazil, your guys need to stop thinking Brazil is somekind of Paradise in which Women are honest and nice with men! I hate to destroy your guys This is all a pipedream Brazil suffered under the leadership of President Lula and Dilma, they are both known for implementing failed welfare state, socialist and communist ideals that only increased the governments debt and made middle class citizens and honest entrepreneurs pay and support what Ayn Rand would call “Parasites/Second-Handers” to continue living like lazy bums.
      Its election year and things are supposed to only get worse…. Our current President Michel Temer is letting refugees from low iq nations such as Haiti, Venezuela, Middle East Countries and African countries easily into our borders and they are getting free healthcare, education and shelter. I doubt those unskilled immigrants will make prominent citizens that will contribute in helping our country develop.
      Women from big cities here are spoiled brats who think the world revolves around them and all men are supposed to be their footstools. It doesnt help either that as other Western Nations most Brazilian men allow themselves to be treated like shit most men will be happy to be their beta orbiters.
      There is a law called “Lei Maria da Penha”, that is similar to feminist laws adopted in Canada by Cuked Trudeau. This law basically works like this if a woman decides that you abused her Psychologically or Physically you will go to jail if she presses charges and sues you. In some case you can get 10-20 years(which is usually the same lenght you would get for muder). It doesnt matter if there are no testimonies or proof that you did it. Its your word against her and as always The Brazilian Government will support her in her quest to fuck your life. Now I´m against men that really abuse and beat women. However the problem is this law is abused by women, since they rarely verify the story in which she is telling. They can easily twist the story and fuck your life forever.
      The guy in this article was lucky that his family was willing to help him.
      Watch out which kind of Brazilian Girls you date guys. Make sure you marry a religous girl, from a nice family otherwise she will probably use you to get citizenship to your country and then when she gets tired of you. She will fuck you up in Brazilian Courts or Courts in your Homeland!

      1. I’m half Argentinian and I live in Argentina. I’m with an Argentinian girl who I’ve been with since our teens, and she is traditional, feminine, conservative, etc. etc…
        However, I have to agree with you, White Brazilian Patriot. While South American women are not as bad as women from Anglo countries, they are by no means traditional feminine unicorns.
        Yesterday was “International Women’s Day.” I was at the hospital with my girl for a check-up, and they were handing out flyers encouraging women to “enjoy their sexuality” and what not. This is in a HOSPITAL. They are supposed to be promoting HEALTHY practices.
        It is summer here, and it is hard to find a woman on the street who is not wearing slutty short-shorts and has her tits hanging out.
        My girl dresses conservatively but not to the point where she stands out. She wears dresses that cover her entire upper body and come down to a few inches above her knees. Nevertheless, she is BY FAR the most conservatively dressed woman anywhere we go (besides maybe old ladies).
        Sex before marriage is considered “normal” just like in the US. It is a Catholic country, but everybody loves the leftist Pope Francis (he is from here), and most people agree that the church should be okay with homosexuality, divorce, Muslim “refugees,” etc.
        So no, Argentina, Brazil, and the rest of Sourh America are not “traditional.” You want traditional? Move to the Middle East and convert to Islam. “Traditional” doesn’t exist in the (formerly) Christian world.
        PS: Before anyone starts saying that Argentina is just a shithole full of Hispanics, Argentina is 85% white. Over 60% of Argentinians are of Italian descent, and the rest mostly have Spanish (from Spain) blood. I am Italian and Basque on my mother’s side (Jewish American on my father’s), and my girl is Italian and Basque (i.e. white) as well.
        Prior to the 1950s, Argentina was the richest country in South America. Then, leftism took hold with the presidency of Juan Peron, and it was all downhill from there.

        1. I think countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Chile could´ve have become Global Super Powers. I dont know much about your country history besides that It used to be one of the richest countries in South America like Brazil. Brazil was on its way to become a Militar and economical Global SuperPower like the USA, Russia and Great Britain. Our country was having an economic boom in the 50s-60s we had our 100% Brazilian Car Factory called Gurgel, the quality of life was getting better. Our Military was developing lots of weapons and nuclear weapons(secretly), brazilians could carry guns in self-defense just like in the US and among other things. Everything was going forward and the future looked promising for our country to become an Empire.
          But then the leftist took our government and removed the power from our military and everything went downhill from there. Too many crooked politcians, corruption and state control to allow entreprenours to rise up and citizens to enjoy a good life. Too many abusive taxes, laws and infrastructure problems in most parts of Brazil.

        2. If Argentina is such a White country (lol) then why is it such a shithole?
          Argentina was basically where all European failures relocated.
          So pathetic how Argies always pimp their Whiteness.

        3. Have you ever found yourself, the son of a Jew in Argentina, having casual conversation at a cafe with the grandson or granddaughter of a Nazi war criminal?

      2. Behind every feminist law in Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Peru and Argentina, is a feminist from Canada or USA. Globalists are paying these student activists from University of Toronto, York University, Ryerson University, Harvard University, Yale University, CUNY, and those lefty universities in Commiefornia to spread feminist agenda to foreign countries.

      3. I used to think Brazil was a good country which is developing until I met my Brazilian roommate. We talked about girls, football, police and everything and to my surprise it was the Same corruption, same bureaucracy, very centralized like all developing countries. Got to know an Americanized Brazilian girl she was a small town girl at first but then turned SJW after just 6 months in the city. Brazilians are very nice people though

        1. Smalltown/Country Girls are usually nice, religious and respectful until they move to a big city on their own. There they usually met some spoiled self centered girls that teach them all about partying, treating men like shit and riding the cock carrousel.
          I think any girl can become a Self Centered slut. It doesnt matter that she was raised in the country with a very religious family if she goes to an environmment where this kind of behaviour is common and accepted they will become SJW feminist bitches.
          I think ROK even made an article about this sometime ago.

        2. MEI, she ALREADY had SWJ mentality inculcated in her from birth in Brazil. The country teaches Marxism in schools, the media is radical left, and the culture is Feminist to the core. She was already poisoned by the left from day 1 and never had a chance.
          The girl simply, began to SPEAK OUT more about her SWJ crap once she left her conservative Brazilian small town (probably in southern Brazil). Brazilian culture is hard left Feminist all around.
          This is, among many other reasons, why Brazilian women make horrible LTR girlfriends and wives.

      4. I’m curious as to your usn.
        Are you a European white man who’s family moved to Brazil or are you a light skinned mestizo in Brazil like the Gracie family (with an Irish name)

        1. @Spaghetty monster if you are talking to me:
          I was born in Brazil. However I´m white as snow lol. I´m not considered a mestizo, since no one from my family has an Indian or African Background in our family tree. We all have European roots.
          I´m considered “White” in my country and probably a White Latino everywhere else. I´m the 3-4th generation of my family here. My lineage is comprised of Portuguese and Italian people. The first generation of my family were Portuguese and Italian Farmers who settled here after WW1.

      5. Brazil is a leftist hellhole, the testing ground for Global elites to test our policies before imposing them in the West. I am writing an article for RoK on this subject you will be surprised to see how Brazil is used to test messaging and enforcement of their femi-globalist attacks on freedom, men, and prosperity.
        In any case, Brazil is a hard-life country. Feminism is codified into law now. They have “Delegacia de Mulheres” (women police departments), and I have described this before in the “Find a wife in Brazil” article comments as Rosie O’Donnell-minded cops armed and ready to beat up or shoot to death any man who is accused of anything.
        Brazil has false rape laws basically encouraging women to falsely accuse men. They have “common law marriage”, which allows your live-in girlfriend (or semi-live in), to go to court with her friends and say she lived with you more then 179 days and then divorce you for 1/2 your shit. They have feminism and Marxism codified into their laws, not just “bad judicial decision” situation as we have in USA.
        The courts are corrupt, the cops are corrupt, the government from top to local is corrupt. Nothing happens without bribes and cops even rob people and demand cash in exchange NOT to file false charges against you. Brazilian media (except for one station, the Silvio Santos TV station) are controlled by people who make CNN look moderate and fair. 🙄
        President Lula was from PT, the hard-left Socialist party and he ran the country for 8 years with majorities in Congress and widespread popular support from women and the “ethnic minorities” in tow. He implement mass welfare, removal of any rights for employers (making employees, “the oppressed poor”, as he called them) sue and destroy employers and small businesses. He raised taxes on middle class, passed insane legislation allow crazy crap, like
        After him, Presidenta Dilma, a former violent Communist guerrilla (a more radical version the Obummer’s Weather Underground terrorist pal Bill Ayers) took over the country and continued the Marxist takeover of Brazil. While destroying the economy and sending the middle class and the rich to flee the country, they imposed “government sanctioned feminism” nationally.
        One example, you rent your apt to a woman with a young child (single mother). You cannot kick them out, even if they ruin your apt and do not pay rent for 5 years. That is a law there. A woman and a child(ren) cannot be removed from your property. It is like in France if you go on vacation for a week and come back and a “migrant family” invades your home, they have “adverse possession” of your home. -_- In Brazil, people can walk into your property (i.e. Farm or land) and claim “posse” (that means, they are openly taking over the property and making a claim). They become “posseiro”, meaning “adverse possession of property (legal theft, just like what is about to happen in South Africa to farmers and what happened in Zimbabwe).
        Currently, Brazil is probably at Sweden levels in radical FemiNazism and Marxist laws, mixed with unfairness, poverty, and a population that has zero morals, lie constantly, and do not trust each other. It is FemiNazism and Marxism on steroids.It is hell. It makes American divorce rape seem like a pleasure cruise, I kid you not. 😮
        False rape allegations in Brazil are common, way more common then in USA. Cops will come after a false rape call goes out, and threaten arrest unless you can give them $1,000 USD or more cash, on the spot. Women get TAUGHT IN SCHOOL to falsely accuse men to gain leverage against them, they are taught they can “defend themselves” against men by beating them up (in public), they are given pamphlets with Feminist laws in school and govt buildings. They are taught that women rule Brazil, they have laws on their side.
        This is why this poor man had his life ruined and spent 13 years in prison. The women are immune to criminal prosecution, basically. At least in USA, when a woman murders, she gets a slap in the wrist. In Brazil, the woman gets nothing, not even arrested.
        Also in Brazil, you are GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT. The exception is government politicians, which have immunity while in office. *sigh* 🙄 Everyone else that gets arrested I’d deemed guilty (by law!!), unlike in USA that there is a presumption of innocence, even for men. There is no protection from self incrimination (i.e. Miranda rights) in Brazil. There are no protections/laws against random searches and seizures by police on street on in your home, car, business, etc. Cops literally push random people against a wall and search them, routinely block whole streets and do a “Blitz” street blockade to extort money from citizens, etc. There is no freedom of speech in Brazil, if you say something negative about a politician without hard evidence, you can be ARRESTED! Write something the government does not like, go to jail (ask Roosh, they threatened him too). There is no self-defense laws in Brazil, none. You can be arrested for “crimes of your heart” (having “racist thoughts” or “misogyny” (how they determine it? You are guilty unless you can prove you are not). You can go to court and show judge you are beaten and bruised by COPS to coerce a signed confession from you in police station (Delegacia), and STILL, you are guilty and that confession is valid. The only defense from going to jail in Brazil unfairly is if you are under 18 years of age. “Minors” can never be tried as adults, even if they rape and murder Iand they do, and no jail for “di menor”).
        Brazil is a legal hellhole. Everything about the country’s legal system is unfair, it is DESIGNED TO BE UNFAIR.
        As bad as US system of laws can be, it is infinitely better then in Western Europe or Brazil. My heart feel for this poor man walking free after 13 years of prison in Brazil (Brazilian prison are hell on earth, rent movie “Carandiru” on Netflix and see what I mean).
        But he is one of the few “lucky ones”, most men in prison in Brazil for rape and child abuse are innocent and never get out alive. :-/

        1. @Christian
          Unfortunately I have to agree with everything you said Chris. As ironic as it may sound for me to be saying this, since my username has “Patriotic “. I dont think its gonna get any better here in the near future. Most of the Population here is too naive thanks to public schools here and even most private ones, that are so trash that would make K-12 Schools and Common-Core adopted in your country´s public schools look like the holy grail. I´m very ashamed of the current situation in my country and how its mostly a joke of Country around the World, since people use terms like “Brazilification” to describe strong economic disparities between classes and multiculturalism gone wrong. The only good things I have to say about my country is The Southern Brazil and maybe some small towns in the state of Minas Gerais, where people are more hospitable and you might be able to find some nice girls that are not so indoctrinated by feminism or marxist ideals.
          Most of the Brazilian Academia Elite and Mainstream Media is made of left-wing “intelectuals” who brainwashes the masses into seeing Fidel Castro as a hero against the “evil” Imperialist Corporate Countries such as The US, UK and France. They like to indocrinate students that those countries are to blame for Brazil not being able to become a Developed Country. They love to sell those bullshit stories to students from High School to College. I know that because for almost my entire life I went to private Schools and College here. I´m just happy that I had the chance to finish High School in the US so I didnt got so indocrinated by Marxism and bullshit ideologies that High School teachers in Brazil teach to kids and teenagers.
          I guess it might be a cultural problem… Most people here love to point fingers and blame others for their problems or misfortunes nobody wants to admit that it might be their own fault. Everyone here wants to do the “Jeitinho Brasileiro”, which is basically finding “shortcuts in life” to reach a goal; without having to work or study hard for it. You probably heard about it since I read in some of your posts that you lived here for some years. We used to be able to carry guns for self-defense and be able to buy them in common stores like Walmart or Gun Stores. But then in 2003 “‘Lei do Desarmamento” happened, thanks to stupid President Lula and his communist party. The Mainstream Media which is mostly comprised of “Globo”, which is like “Fox” in your country. Helped to Brainwash the population into convincing them that giving up their right to carry guns for self defense was actually a good thing.
          Our Military here dont get much respect as well after they lost power in 1985, since then they have become a joke and a shadow of their former selves. Now a days they are mostly used for showing off or to exert the State will, like the police. Here kids love to disrespect men who served in the army here thanks to the left indocrinating them that the military and the police is evil. Unlike in your country where Veterans are very well respected.
          I wish I could write a big post talking about all of this in detail. But my time is limited. Be just thankful that atleast you dont have to live here forever, since you have US Citizenship and your currency USD is way stronger than mine. This Country is a Left-Wing experiment gone terribly wrong.
          Your Americans love to bash your own Country. But as a Foreigner, who lived in the Southern States of America. I will tell you this I just love everything about the Country Life/Culture there. My years living there were just the best. Americans from the Southern States are some of the most educated, hard working, hospitable, patriot and organized people that I´ve met in my life. I envy you man! Wish I could go back there! There isnt a single day that I dont have nostalgic memories of my days living there and dating Southern Girls. My first real GF/LTR was with an American Coutry Girl I think I still have some oneitis for her, due to her being a really nice conservative girl that respect men and knew her right place. I think it will be pretty hard to find someone like her here in Brazil, maybe in the Southern States of Brazil I might find one. Maybe one day I might be able to move back to your country or an even better one. But my weak currency makes it hard. I was majoring in a STEM field there in your country I only had 2 years left to graduate. But had to go back to here in 2014 thanks to my business and my family´s business losing profits, due to The Brazilian Economic Depression that started in 2014 which also made our currency become very weak if compared to the USD. I had to go back to help save our business and finish my major here.
          I think the only chance of Brazil getting better is if “Bolsonaro”, which is basically Brazilian Trump, gets elected this year. Hopefully he will keep his word and his promises. But I´m very skeptical about all politicians in my country, since most of them dont keep up their promises and just think about themselves and their greed.
          Anyways enjoy the freedoms your country allow you to have man you have way more than many Brazilians will ever dream of, even middle class and rich ones, due to our bad reputaiton around the world, street violence, dishonest entrepreneurs/politicans, fucked up economy, abusive taxes, laws and weak currency. I´m currently saving to move and realocate my business to the Southern part of Brazil, which is the only part that is way more civilized.

      6. White Brazilian is 100% correct, not one ounce of exaggeration, as bad as it sounds. Brazilian laws are a combination of Marxism and FemiNazism all in one.
        The laws in Brazil are designed to be unfair on purpose, I kid you not. This is by design, not accident.
        Brazilian legal system makes American courts seem fair and reasonable, I kid you not.

  2. Losing 13 years of your life is hardly a happy end.
    One can only hope they don’t force him pay the ex further down the road and that he can enjoy his children for the rest of his life.

    1. The other monstrous abuse here besides the taking away 13 prime years of a man’s life is the fact that the man’s innocent children were forced by their own mom to carry out this injustice on their dad. Imagine the feelings of guilt and shame and what not they have to live with for the rest of their lives, in spite of being innocent.

  3. The unconscionable irreparable damage caused by women and their SHAMELESS DELIBERATE LYING AND FALSE ACCUSATIONS…..sorry< I will never be able to get past that because I was personally vilified and had to clear my name multiple times from scheming vile vagina owners…..AWALT..you cannot prove to me otherwise….Don’t care don’t want to hear it…if it has a vagina, its sole function is to lie and scheme to destroy men. Its never a matter of if, but it is always a matter of when, how and how bad..

    1. Neal, your words always resonate with me. I turned 60 today, and was asked why I never married (I thank god daily for this). The guy I got into a debate with is my age, and his claim was that a man is worth nothing without a woman, and a woman’s validation. Mangina alert! To your point of being vilified for false abuse charges. I personally know men who’ve endured this. A personal friend of mine is now in his 50s, a strong Christian man, a successful roofing contractor, and was blind-sided when he went to his county sheriff’s department to apply for a purchase permit for a handgun in the state of Missouri, and was subsequently denied the permit as unbeknown to him, his ex-wife had filed abuse charges against him claiming he’d molested his then 8 year old daughter. Already divorce raped, he had to legally challenge the pending charges, only to have his psycho hairdresser ex-wife recant the day of the court date, and drop the charges. Another man I knew, also in his 50s, also a devout Christian man, and a decorated Kansas State Trooper with over 20 years of exemplary service, was charged with abuse by his ex-wife who claimed he’d molested his 12 and 14 year old daughters. This guy went bankrupt after being wiped out in legal fees, was suspended from duty, and nearly lost his job and career. His ex-wife also dropped the charges at the last minute. Even as a single man, all it takes is for a woman to denounce you, or say you make her “uncomfortable”, and your livelihood, reputation, and freedom are on the table. An attorney in my church told me this is a common ploy pulled by women to extract the man from his lawful domicile, and thus lose control of his children and assets. He told me that about 80% of the false abuse charges are dismissed due to insufficient evidence, or the woman dropping them at the last minute.

      1. the sick thing is, i owe my life to my kids who were 8 and 4 at the time for ensuring i had a cleared name. the authorities always questioned them away from me without my knowledge and they consistently told them i had never ever done anything to them ever. had my ex had had her way, her family would have brainwashed them into saying stuff that would not outright say otherwise but say things that left doubt. but they were also medically cleared as well without my knowledge or consent. My kids dont realize that they saved their own lives and mine because their mom had not successfully taught them to lie. time after time department after department and agency grilled them. Those bitches in my exes family almost fucked me good and as such ill never trust another bleeding hatchet gash ever again for anything. They did this, modern feminism did this, they are lying vile cunts that deserve no quarter and no trust no civility.

        1. @ ravi macho, i got real lucky they accepted the words of young minors to clear me. you all are telling stories where men got fucked hard by women as if the investigators didnt ask the kids what happened or they didnt believe them if the kids defended their dads. yeah i got lucky like a leprechaun shit good luck on me..

        2. Neal, something I can’t wrap my head around is the state of Kansas (where I reside) will arrest and jail men for non-payment of alimony and/or child support (ok, rightfully so), but they WILL NOT arrest or jail a woman for non-payment of alimony and/or child support when ordered by the court. Case in point, years ago, I worked as a welder with another guy who was also a welder. His wife was promoted to a loan officer at a heavy hitter bank, and she decided to monkey branch. He had 2 sons, then 14 and 16. The mother wanted nothing to do with her sons. He was awarded child support, but after 5 years, he never saw a dime. He went back to the court, but eventually became frustrated, and his finances were drained. The judges would not issue warrants for her arrest, despite a clear violation of a court order. A friend of mine was a Sous Chef. His wife had a high paying managerial job with a major hotel chain. He had a then 5 year old daughter. His wife wanted to “find herself”, so she walked away, and wanted nothing to do with her daughter. He was awarded child support by the court, but he never saw a dime. No warrants for her arrest, no garnishment of wages, nothing! He went back to the court, and it was dismissed by a mangina judge. What I find “unnatural” is women wanting nothing to do with their children…???? This clearly violates natural law, and the nurturing of children. When young women pop out—out of wedlock children here in Kansas City, then throw their newborn infants into trash dumpsters, I guess it shouldn’t shock an old man like me how far into depravity modern western women can fall. But why the courts give women endless vagina passes, and won’t go after women for non/compliance of court ordered child support and/or alimony, is beyond me. I’m not an arm chair attorney, but do you have any insight into this?

        3. @ antonio… I don’t know why the courts refuse to uphold their own judgements but it’s a reflection of how absolutely criminal the gynocentric society has become. maybe it’s a case of where the children need to get their own attorney and Sue the mother for the child support… maybe a “Friend of the Court” also needs to get involved, but in most cases that Friend of the Court is usually always scared to helping women screw men and never the other way around.

        4. What Antonio says is because women are being used as a political tool, and also because many males are giving themselves the moral role of a protector by treating women as victims. It is a primitive way of competing against other males for status.
          This is what happens when the inferior-males are empowered with money, laws, technology, fame, etc. It is also the result sharing things with women, equality, the vote, etc.

        5. Neal, another thing that puzzles me about child support is what women do with the money they receive? I had a friend who was a union Ironworker. Made good money. He paid a king’s ransom in child support monthly to his ex-wife for 2 young sons. He noticed that when he picked up his sons for weekend visitations, that their toes were portruding through their tennis shoes, that they had torn and tattered jeans, and they appeared to be malnourished. He inquired as to what she did with the child support money. Come to find out, she, and her live in boyfriend, were spending the money on vacations, restaurants, buying ATVs, shopping sprees, and some of it was going up their noses. Plus, the creeper perv boyfriend was fondling his 2 young sons, and mommy did nothing about it. He went back to the court, to child protective services, and to the cops, but got nowhere with the dismissive, misandrist, and gynocentric dope-show. I’m a single man, so I can’t even imagine what it’s like for a father to stand there, and helplessly watch this aberrant behavior going on to his young sons, nor how he could restrain himself. I also don’t get why there appears to be little to no accountability with child support payments? Child support should be just that, support for children from divorces, and not supporting the acquisition of toys, and the careless and irresponsible lifestyles of women, and their live in boyfriends and/or girlfriends.

        6. @antonio, the court will never stipulate to the receiver of the child support as to how it is spent so as you can guess when women get it they go and rather than spending it supporting their kids they often times spend it on themselves, it truly is unconscionable that the court would defend or rather fail to stipulate that the money could only be used for the children. it is also not uncommon that after the divorce the female will go out and hook up with some other person that has no consideration at all for the kids and in many cases is also a pervert. I agree with your take about how you’re confused that any man could stand by while his kids are victimized by the ex-wife’s new love interest but your identification of the gynocentric conditions that will protect the female from prosecution while she enables the kids to be abused. I agree it is truly sickening that the court would do so little to actually protect the kids and instead mandate and defend the person who will likely get the kids sexually abused

      2. The False Charges ploy – “He’s been molesting the kids” – is what I have come to refer to as “Going Nuke.” You’re automatically guilty until proven innocent (if that happens), and even after the charges are dismissed you remain tainted – “Well, you know, there must have been *something* going on.” In short, damned one way or another.
        Other than not getting married at all, it’s difficult to avoid the kids in a married with kids relationship. However, dating a single mother with kids is something different. The simple advice is just to not do it. Sooner or later you’ll have a fight – all couples do – and it’s so very easy for her to “Go Nuke” on you to get even. And there goes your freedom, reputation, and income. So just don’t do it.
        Changing the subject, I’m curious to know if the judge(s) and prosecutors in the Brazilian case were female. (And thus perhaps embracing radical and man hating feminism.) If so, that could explain a lot of the exculpatory evidence being declared inadmissible. Likewise the dilatory response of the court system when new evidence was presented.
        Regardless, the poor guy was very much a victim of both toxic politics and a toxic legal system.
        Just a thought.

      3. Antonio:
        It is NOT just Kansas that will not jail women for non-payment of child support ordered by the State’s family courts. It is ALL States, unless you happen to have a Conservative (or a rarely fair) State Family Court Judge who will enforce his own Order for child support payment against the woman. The cops can only enforce the Order from the judge or if you can have the State agency that enforces child support come after the woman.
        The reason is the Duluth Model. I am surprised more people do not know about this. Police departments train using this “policing and enforcement model” whereas in ANY “domestic dispute” (domestic violence, domestic disturbance, court order, etc), the man ALWAYS goes to jail, no matter what.
        Let’s say you are a soy boy mangina, you weight 145lbs and your wife/live-in girlfriend weights 210lbs and takes male steroids and is competing on female Ms. Olympia next month. The cops get called by a neighbor who hears “an argument” or whatever (typically how DV police situation gets started). By the time cops arrive, she opens the door wearing brass knuckles and she does not have a single scratch on her, while the man lays on the floor beaten almost to death and covered in blood.
        The cops will call up ambulance, while filing out the police report. She will 99.99% chance NOT get arrested and when you wake up in hospital will have a “summons” to appear in criminal court to be charged for DV.
        I know this seems crazy, but she will claim “Self defense” and unless the man can provide overwhelming evidence of his innocence (i.e. A video showing while incidence), he will go to jail and/or be convicted of Domestic Violence. That is as bad as being convicted of a sex crime as far as civil rights are concerned!!!
        This is the Duluth model. It is a system where women can do whatever they want in domestic situations, while men get arrested. Here are a couple examples (including one from a FB webpage featuring women’s stories about how they physically abused men and brag about it, with photos):
        You can research this, it is well known in legal community (I was Paralegal for 6 years, I saw this regularly in DV cases. There was only 1 case where I worked on where woman went to jail, was this giant 350lbs American black woman who beat up her 150lbs soyboy Jamaican husband and tied both his hands to the railing on their apt complex’s stairs using wire straps. When the cops arrived, our client was tied up, covered in bruises CRYING. The woman charged towards the cops and demanded the “piece of shit gets arrested” and the cops complied! They threw HER on the ground and arrested her for DV. The cops were black, BTW, which probably explains why they arrested her (black men deal with these huge disgusting vile aggressive ghetto women and they KNOW what time it is). Had the cops being white, Hispanic, Asian, etc, the real victim (the man) would have been arrested under Duluth model.
        Probably one of the few ways you as a man, can defend yourself during a DV situation with a woman (if incident is not recorded), is to tell cops she attacked you when you revealed to her you are gay. That may give you minority status and hopefully not get you to jail. If cops ask “do you have somewhere you can go tonight?”, that means they MAY be giving you a way out, you leave premises right there and then and she stays in your shared residence (she is unlikely to be arrested due to Duluth).
        Research “Duluth Model” for policing in domestic violence disputes and you will see what I mean. This is not by accident! 😮
        Ps. There are only 2 ways we can help nullify some of the Duluth model abuse of men system (since our legislatures are filled with cowards afraid of upsetting female voters):
        1) Men hire civil lawyers (no “contingency fee” situations, he will have to pay hourly attorney rate work) to SUE the living hell outta women in civil court for such harms done to him and take everything from women, including her future wages; or
        2) Men need to do “jury nullification”, which is to vote “not guilty” in criminal court proceedings when it is a “he said, she said” situation where man is being accused. The goal is to use the Jury system to nullify the abuse of men in court, and that can be done in civil cases and criminal cases. Sadly, this will NOT work in divorce courts, since in USA, these are “administrative courts” and the Judge is an Emperor in Black Robes.
        Short of these two “solutions” (well, more like band-aids on the huge problem of legal abuse of men problem).
        Truly, we need legislative reform, we need cops and prosecutors who are willing to arrest women when they commit crimes against men, we need lawyers to do “contingency fee” cases to sue women for abuse (no win, no fee), we need men to vote in large numbers and demand pro-men candidates, we need male conservative judges and lawyers, we need to NEVER to get married and NEVER live with any woman (not living together, no DV), we need awareness for men of these issues, and we need cameras and tape recorders everywhere when dealing with any woman, whether at home, in car, on phone, or at work.
        State Laws regarding recording calls and wearing bodycam:
        I am a huge fan of concealed body cams that you can push “record” from inside your pocket whenever dealing with a woman in a one-on one situation at work (not alerting the harpy of the recording). I have developed a system when I talk to female co-workers one-on-one, I press rec before we start talking, and keep the chat, even if it is just “can you send this fax” or whatever. Why? Because if it ever comes to a he-said, she-said later on, I can ask “when was the alleged Harris sent happened?” And pulls out the recordings for that whole day and hand them over. If I am questioned whether I only recorded that day, I can I can hand digital COPIES of all the recordings of every interaction we have, showing I record EVERYTHING and keep it all for life, making the false woman accuser back off. Keep all recordings for life, thanks to #MeToo allowing bitches from making false accusations 40 years later. I know this is not a happy situation, but I do it, because I am in law school, 6 years as Paralegal dealing with women in law offices, and I KNOW how this shit legal system works.

    2. Psychopathy, all women; an adaptation evolved from their parasitic existence.
      Men can’t tolerate the thought that women are psychopathic.
      Fathers and husbands even less.
      Check PCL-R, that checklist describes women perfectly. Psychopathy.

    3. Most allegations are usually lies but if even a quarter are true the tough thing is trying to sort between them. Four witness rule is a good clear idea and would be multicultural looking to learn from the beauty of the Islamic faith whilst creating clarity as well as discouraging degenerate behavior and this blue-ball epidemic resulting from recanted consent. These rules are going to come through at some stage anyway so why not take this sensible rule today? Great idea.

  4. When the wife is going to divorce you it’s time to end her right then and there. Sadly disposing of a body is much simpler than going through the kangaroo courts.

      1. the modern gynocentric society has gotten so bad and it’s getting worse that pretty soon that’s the truth it’s going to go that way men will be better off taking that path

      2. Actually if you go big you stand a better chance of avoiding jail. In the 2008 recession the politicians and their bankster allies stole billions from the american people. Hardly any of them spent a night in jail. Steal a dollar from 7/11 and ita 20 years with Big Bubba and a permanent criminal record.

    1. The “North American anti-male court politics”, as stated by this author, is not really an American phenomenon. In Polish communist courts, and that’s what they still are, that has been the case since the judiciary has been captured by corrupt by nature leftists backed by the strength of the Red Army. Feminist judges, especially the old, bitter and childless, hand out sentences just for the fun of it, this was very accurately captured in a 1995 movie titled Tato (Daddy) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0114626/ Judges literally own the justice system here, there are no checks on them.

  5. Brazilian here:
    This is revolting in so many levels, our justice system never works propery unless when applied to screw the hard working family father it seems. Recently an elderly man was arrested because he managed to disarm two thugs who were robbing his house and kll them: https://cgn.inf.br/noticia/105975/idoso-que-ajudou-filho-a-matar-bandidos-esta-preso
    It is a common adage here that crime pays off because usually when you get caught due to armed robbery, you get to spend a few nights in jail and is then set free by some judge with absurd claims, or simply because our jail system cannot afford to keep you.
    It is also hard to think about what this man had to endure in prison, our inmates are not kind to those accused of child molestation, I only hope this man has managed to stay safe during all these years.
    I read the article about finding a woman in Brazil, what I have to say is, do not get illuded by the beautiful woman (most of them are degenerate filthy anyways) this place is indeed a shithole and a dangerous one at that.
    My city (Rio de Janeiro) is openly run by drug dealers at this point they walk in broad daylight bearing high caliber rifles through the streets, the common man however is forbidden by the socialist gov’ment to have even a small pistol. I wish I could take my family somewhere else. Not to mention we have to give 60% of our total income in taxes to the guv’ment, yet, most people here claim for a bigger gov since a lot of them live as parasites of the state.

    1. Do what I will do John. Go to the Southern Part of Brazil! Its the only part that people still have some sense and we have less low-iq people. Since most people from there were originally skilled immigrants from Germany, Italy and other European nations. Also Women there are way more good looking than your typical egocentric tan skinned Brazilian Girls from São Paulo, Belo Horizonte or Rio de Janeiro;that think they are walking Goddesses.

      1. Sao Paulo was where a few Canadian feminists went to incite a SlutWalk rally. I’ve heard that they paid at least 150 reais per protester to march in the Slutwalk. It wasn’t organic and it was a Soros type of “protest”.

        1. There is always a Jzchew behind every feminist and gay rights march overseas.

    2. Brazil is the #1 in Bestgore prison cringe. At least in Canada and USA, accused men can request a safe cell so that he doesn’t get beaten or raped in prison.

  6. This is one of the many reasons why I don’t want to get married and have kids…. I wonder if this guy got raped or beaten in prison for being a sex offender.

  7. allegations by women of child molestation is the lying whores golden trouble for any man ticket. Beware men, that stinking sntach is not worth your life. rent a whore and walk away.

  8. Divorce brings out the worst side of human nature people will be out to destroy you and will use any means necessary to accomplish it. Unless you abolish marriage or abolish divorce there is no other way to fix this.


    1. In Brazil, you have women who are upper class liars, but get away with everything because her pu$$y is considered the golden ticket to Brazil, and you have favela whores who lie, and cause dozens of innocent men to be gunned down or beheaded in broad daylight.

      1. These whores will keep their boot firmly pressed to our necks for as long as we have no control over our own fertility. If we get artificial wombs working nobody will want a child with a woman to share the problems. They are too manipulative and devious and treat us like we are expendable wallets regarding our offspring, if they even let us breed. They then think that they can all breed with some other race and literally genocide us and that we are then the bad ones because we take issue with this when by our nature we would be at war over these issues.
        Patriarchy is needed for ensuring that a group can sire offspring and will not die unless artificial wombs become cheap and available. Women would find the whole dynamics change for men and we have options to have lives without them as they have to get sperm donors.

    2. Women are not ever held responsible for their actions and we must march demanding that we end the “jail gap” where its not the case that 50% of prisoners are women since gender is a “social construct”.

  10. Scary stuff. The world really isn’t fair, and justice is rarely met.
    I hope there really is a kingdom of heaven and our time here on earth is just a big shit-test to see if we are worthy.

    1. The economy is doing great! Look at those skyscrapers that are popping up all over the world in nearly every major city that is known for breeding international feminists and LGBT!/S.

  11. Many men who are hurt by women one way or another, do not retaliate.
    Men have certain instincts related to women that sites like this(ROK) will never expose, but that are the reason why society today is so biased and blind.
    Even in forums like this, the absolute truth about women is partially protected.

      Take away all the guns from the WHITE MAN, and he is TOAST.

    2. @not subscribed, why bother….
      Enligthen us then “not subscribed, why bother…”
      I guess all Women suffer from Narcissistic Sociopathic personality disorder and we stupid men will always be used as their pawns.

  12. Am I the only one that thinks, these injustices should be punishable by public execution of all parties involved? At the very least, lock them up for 13 years.

  13. (((They))) are alive and well in the Brazilian Jewdiciary. The dark side of the Monroe Doctrine is ZOG infilitration

  14. A couple of takeaways:
    1. Women are children. The South Park episode where all the kids claimed their parents “molestered” them to escape their rules comes to mìnd.
    2. Landing your father in prison over a false claim has, I assume, scarred these kids for life with self-forgiveness being damn near impossible. The courts don’t care about the children they emotionally and physically hurt through indirect actions.

  15. And some of you advocate dating and even marrying single moms . Imagine what these women are capable of when you’re around children not of your own blood ?

    1. It doesn’t make any difference to mom, if there are kids in the house, at the end of the relationship, she will accuse you.

  16. The author of the article was confused, the victim of these false accusations only spent 1 year in prison, the 15 years that the news mentions were trying to prove their innocence, but in freedom.

    1. The news of the case:https: //g1.globo.com/sp/sao-paulo/noticia/justica-de-sp-manda-soltar-homem-que-foi-condenado-injustamente-por-abusar-sexualmente-dos-filhos.ghtml

  17. Fellow red pill brothers do I got a story for y’all. Well my wife told me that in her job a 16 year old girl was messing around with a 35year old man. And her mom and step dad found out about the relationship and told her to stop seeing the guy. But the cunt instead ran away and the parents found her in her coworkers apartment. Then a week later she runs away again with the 35 year old guy and he puts her in a hotel. The cops get called from her parents to report the girl missing because they can’t find her. So the cops go and ask the 35 yr old guy about her whereabouts and he said that he didn’t know and the cops told him that if he really does know to tell them or he would get In trouble so he tells the cops that she is In a hotel he paid. The cops went to go get her. Obviously the cunt was pissed and she was since u came looking for me and since the cops are here she told the cops that her step dad sexually abused her. They arrest the step dad, and the mom was to the cunt that why did she do this to her and support. Then now they gave her a lie detector test and it came out she lied about the abuse. And her step dad got released from jail and fled the country. Now the cunt is alone with a guardian and no family.

  18. Does this site do partial bans or something where there is a limit to comments per article? I have gotten ‘forbidden’ several times now when I try to respond in the midst of a deep conversation. Really puzzling.

    1. Certain words trigger the flagging and bots to censor. Words like J3w, Z10nist, etc are flagged for moderation. Roosh is scared of the J3ws. I’m not. Why do I fear a lowlife rat like a J3w? The A.D.L. can eat sh1t and die under a rock for all I care. Fuck the J3ws.

      1. Well that’s unfortunate. Seeing as how I singlehandedly flipped the consensus of the white knight nationalists at Alt-Right.com on the WQ before it went to shit from hacking last month, it might be more difficult here just because of that. Every time I’m warming up with a good comment, this anticlimactic ‘forbidden’ c0ck-blocks me from converting dozens of simps, so I have to stash away the comment for another day on a related article yet to be published.

    2. The same thing happened to me. I dared to use the (((Dreaded Word)) – and not in any sort of directly discriminatory way; it was about the consequences of affinity hiring – and got “Forbidden” when I tried to post.
      I don’t think that it’s the website blocking you. Instead it’s probably the comment software that ROK had to settle for (in a hurry) when Disqus canceled their services.
      Hope this helps.
      Just a thought.

      1. Yeah, thanks. It makes sense because I tried on several devices and was forbidden. I have been banned and muted so many times in so many places that I am virtually shut out of the internet, at least on my current devices, so I’m a little wary. Luckily I saved my comments and have them hoarded that I’ll have to post on a new article to get more eyeballs since the old articles have expired now.

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