Martin Shkreli Got 7 Years’ Jail For Taking $7 Million, Elizabeth Holmes Will Get None For Swindling $700 Million

Fraudster and STEM “It Girl” Elizabeth Holmes has settled a lawsuit with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for a measly $500,000. This is despite the SEC stating that Holmes lied and otherwise deceived investors to the tune of $700 million, engaging in “massive fraud.” Her company, Theranos, promised to revolutionize the blood-testing industry, yet produced continuously faulty “medical” equipment and failed to respect legally required healthcare and laboratory standards. ROK has reported on this debacle over several years already.

Funnily enough, pharmaceutical executive and all-round shitlord Martin Shkreli, despised by leftists everywhere, was jailed for seven years this month. A court ruled that Shkreli fraudulently obtained $7 million through his hedge fund activities. It’s difficult to see why Elizabeth Holmes should not be in jail, too, and serving a much, much longer sentence than seven years.

ROK proprietor Roosh, who has followed the Holmes and Theranos saga closely as well, hit the nail on the head recently:

How many people responsible for helping to screw up the mortgage industry before the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) are in jail? Virtually none, yet Martin Shkreli is in a cell right now.

Federal prosecutors can still file criminal charges against Elizabeth Holmes but, alas, we know the likelihood of that happening is infinitesimally small. The powers that be, whether in Silicon Valley or in SJW-stacked government agencies like the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), are demanding that companies have more women in STEM, no matter what the cost. Jailing Elizabeth Holmes would be a very bad look for “girl power.”

How is this woman not in prison?

Bloomberg, which regularly publishes editorials most readers of this website would equate with leftist garbage, nevertheless didn’t mince its words regarding Elizabeth Holmes’ fraud:

The lawsuit and settlement announced Wednesday by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission detailed how Holmes and her chief deputy lied for years about their technology, snookered the media, and used the publicity to get investors to hand more than $700 million to keep the closely held company afloat.

Given her relatively young age and the smaller amount of time she has spent in investor circles, her deceit is in Bernie Madoff territory. Madoff took decades to rip $65 billion from his clients; in only several years, Elizabeth Holmes effectively pilfered $700 million from misled individuals.

People hate Shkreli because he (legally) jacked up the price of a drug gay people depend on

Only a tiny minority of people understand the reasons for which Martin Shkreli was jailed. They’re only focused on how he increased the price of a drug in accordance with the law.

I wouldn’t wish HIV/AIDS on anyone, but let’s not forget that Martin Shkreli’s biggest “crime” was to jack up the price of a drug that is mostly of use to gay men with HIV/AIDS. That the move was legal meant nothing to seemingly anyone criticizing him. Unlike Elizabeth Holmes and her furtherance of the women in STEM agenda, the decision for a price rise was politically incorrect.

Martin Shkreli is nothing but a surrogate for the hatred people feel toward pharmaceutical companies in general. He is far from the first person or corporation to chase astronomical profit ratios. Many run-of-the-mill cancer treatments, for example, are developed and produced very cheaply before extremely high prices are set.

Few people have any real knowledge of the hedge fund issues which landed Martin Shkreli in a prison cell. What incites most of his detractors is that he (rather legally) pissed off gays and leftists. I have seen almost no discussion of the real merits of Shkreli’s prison sentence. Instead, the internet abounds with schadenfreude about how a man who increased the cost of a HIV/AIDS drug thoroughly deserved to be incarcerated.

Where are all the media hacks who propped this woman and her massive fraud up?

“Journalists” obsequiously covering Elizabeth Holmes have regularly stolen the playbook of “hack” newsman Glenn Thrush.

The same dumbasses who have flogged, ad nauseam, the dead horse of the “Russia investigation” and its absurd claims that Moscow stole the 2016 Presidential election for Donald Trump are responsible for glorifying the proven fraudster Elizabeth Holmes. Every outlet from CNN and The Huffington Post through publicly-funded broadcasters like PBS and NPR have waxed lyrical about Holmes’ “genius” and/or sought to pour water on the well-founded concerns she was operating a fraud factory.

Without leftist journalists obsessed with women in STEM, there would have been no crazy hype about Elizabeth Holmes, her company, and her childish predilection with mimicking the fashion choices of Steve Jobs. Insouciant liars for major media outlets gladly applauded Theranos without conducting any due diligence whatsoever. They did not scrutinize Holmes’ business claims and, more importantly, they did not investigate even close to properly when it became clear that her purported “technologies” had scam written all over them.

Elizabeth Holmes should be in jail, much more so than Martin Shkreli. But the pussy pass brigade just won’t have that and she’ll remain a free woman.

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92 thoughts on “Martin Shkreli Got 7 Years’ Jail For Taking $7 Million, Elizabeth Holmes Will Get None For Swindling $700 Million”

  1. Seven years for legally raising the price on a drug! That’s what he gets.
    Swindle $700,000,000, have a pussy pass, and get off scot-free!
    You gotta love it.

    1. If a white man gets “caught” with over US$10,000 or CAN$10,000 on his person at the airport, he faces at least 15 years imprisonment, put on a no-fly list and his cash seized for suspicious activity.

      1. That is because democracy and capitalism only apply to white men. Everybody else literally cannot handle free-market forces or personal responsibility. The Founding Fathers even codified it into law because they knew that everybody else would receive perpetual handicaps and get-out-of-jail-free cards, thereby undermining the entire governmental superstructure of checks/balances and commerce if enough of them existed. American slaves were freed and given a facsimile of the American Constitution (Liberia) and their most famous person is General Butt Naked – the cannibal warlord. So we know something else is going on with their inability.

        1. You are either completely dense or willfully ignorant. If you’re not interested in the history of other cultures/nations, fine, but don’t open your silly mouth to speak as if you’re an expert. Several African tribes/nations participated in representative democracy well before colonizers/Muslims interacted with them. The representatives would be tribal elder or men who have demonstrated remarkable courage & leadership abilities. That example you drew up regarding Liberia is retarded & flawed; African-Americans were put back into Liberia in the midst of numerous tribes who suddenly lost land & leadership roles. What the hell do you think would transpire after?? Another smart dumb ass on ROK.

        2. Lemme guess…Wakanda, Mali and Egypt, right? Haha Return of Kangz. Last time I checked, it was you Wakandans and all the other Kang’z men who were invading our countries ‘for a better life,’ not vice versa. Good try, though.

        3. I don’t use Jewish fiction as a basis for my arguments so Wakanda is out, let’s stay in reality please. I also don’t use Muslim strongholds either so Mali’s out. I am talking about indigenous populations in Ghana, Nigeria, etc. such as the Igbo tribes, etc. who have been documented by British colonizers to have been actively participating in democracy before being conquered. This is all verifiable on Google, however, but I doubt you would take the time to verify. Which is fine since I won’t take the time to do any research on the Weimer Republic or anything German based right now. Which is you don’t see me commenting on anything German or EU related; I don’t have the expertise & I avoid looking like an idiot.

        4. Sass doesn’t work when you aren’t a black female…though I understand that transvestites disproportionately populate your race, so who knows. You can pretend all you want about ‘muh democratic Africans,’ but facts are facts. Actually, that would make it even worse if they tried and failed. Machetes, cannibalism, witchcraft, animism, lynchings, ‘conflict minerals,’ cholera, gang-rape, HIV and mud huts are characteristics that define Sub-saharan Africa, not Western Civilization.
          Let’s face it, you guys still practice slavery. Somehow you guys avoided being penalized for the slave trade even though West Africans sold the African tribes they defeated into slavery to the New World, who were in effect rescued by Europeans. I know all about how if something does not interest you, no amount of money will compel you people to make any effort to research it. So you don’t have to convince me. That is why Europeans have invented practically everything and Africa built nothing above 6 feet, utilized the wheel or harnessed its limitless raw materials.

        5. Malcom D where did they have elections to parliments? Obviously most of us were thinking they were living in mud huts and hunting with sticks so that would change our views of them. I imagine you are talking about ethiopia which has long been mixed race from early Chinese migrations.

      2. All of these cash related laws are asinine and IMO unconstitutional. The fact that people are limited to doing what they want with their own money is mind boggling. It all started with the income tax and has been going downhill ever since.

        1. Border patrol and feminists don’t care about the Constitution. If it were some thug from da hood caught with over $100,000 IN CASH in a dufflebag, feminists will be the first to petition for change dot org to decriminalize carrying large sums of cash through border checkpoints which will only apply for thugs and hoodrats.

        2. ” It all started with the income tax and has been going downhill ever since.”..uh, no it didn’t (“Muh individual” libertarian ALERT). First off, Martin Shkreli even mentioned that patent laws should be changed so that people like him couldn’t do what he did. I am pretty sure he said this in a Fox News interview. So, in other words, in Martins case it was nobody’s fault and the government just need to change it laws regarding generics and patents.
          “The fact that people are limited to doing what they want with their own money is mind boggling” Funny, because most of these people where not doing it with their own money. Also, can I take money and legally hire a hitman to kill someone? Can I do insider trading to make big buck? There are a lot of things you cannot do with your own money, and for good reasons. Do I think that people should be imprisoned or have their cash taken from them just from “suspicion”, absolutely not. Do I have a problem with the government being suspicious of people carrying LOTS of cash and at least investigating them in a manner that seems reasonable and not too intrusive, sure, I have no problem with that. People carrying lots of cash could be doing anything from trafficking sex slaves, drugs, sending money out of the country to avoid taxes or to hide money they gained from illegal activity, or it could be literally fake money that was printed in the jungles of Colombia.

        3. @ Wes
          What the hell is your problem???
          Poor, useless parents?
          Useless degree from college that cannot earn you any cash?
          You are really something. individualism is what made America great. Lazy White trash is just as bad as lazy black trash. Let them fall by the way so America can be great again.
          I have no use for trash!!!

        4. @Automatic Slim…White man was tribalistic as fuck when america was created…this whole white trash “muh taxation is theft”, “muh getting off the gold standard is what destroyed us” shit is so fucking retarded it is MIND BLOWING. Americas history is full of things like slavery, indentured servitude, alien and sedition acts, prohibition, wars against the Indians, tariffs, public land, miscegenation laws, and many other laws. People like you literally act like America just popped out of the ground one day because the founding fathers said “muh indivdiualism” and from that point on everything was “muh indivdualism” and only now are people trying to take your “Muh indivdualism” away with taxation and regulations. America was not the “muh individualist” country you think it was, it was a nationalistic and tribal nation, and the CONSTITUTION WAS LITERALLY CREATED TO GIVE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT MORE POWER, ESPECIALLY MORE POWER TO TAX. The libertarian idea of individualism is total garbage.
          BTW, I have 2 Engineering degrees, and yes, my parent are the stereotypical boomer fuck heads who have no clue. Automatic slim, I am sorry, but people like you are the reason this nation is actually failing. The degenerates you see out there are just the idiots filling the vacuum left over from the libertarian “muh individualism”. You want to know why white men do absolutely nothing to stop all this bullshit that is going on today? It is because they don’t give a shit and are only worried about their “muh individual” self.

    2. What is going on with chicks and deep voices. Seriously, this is looking like a science fiction movie more and more every day.

    3. Shkreli was sentenced for that. He was sentenced for basically illegally taking the money his clients had given him to invest in hedge funds and using it another way despite giving it all back to them and some even made a significant profit off of. He essentially got 7 years for a technicality.

      1. Shkreli absolutely legit earned himself a few years in the pokey. What he was doing was clearly accounting/control fraud. He *did* defraud other shareholders in his pharmaceutical venture. I thought seven years was a bit much, but please know what you’re talking about with regard to exactly what he was prosecuted for. He stole from his shareholders, OK?

    4. Shkrelli didn’t go to jail for raising the price of Daraprim (which is perfectly legal). He was sentenced for securities fraud.
      There absolutely is a lot of bias against men when it comes to sentencing but Shkrelli dug his own grave during the trial. He constantly talked shit on Twitter during the trial. He said very arrogantly that he wouldn’t be doing any jail time. He referred to the prosecutors as “junior varsity.”
      He offered up $5K to anyone that would yank out some of Hillary Clinton’s hair. As funny as it many seem, that’s not a smart move when you’re on trial. After he went in front of members of Congress, he referred to them as “imbeciles.” During the hearings, he was smirking and made it very clear that he wasn’t taking it seriously.
      He wasn’t laughing when he was sentenced to 7 years in jail. He violated Law 24: Play the Perfect Courtier. It’s never going to help you to piss off the judge and the prosecutors when you’re on trial. Even if you think it’s a joke, publicly mocking the process is only going to get you fucked harder in the end.

      1. I can’t argue with you about Shkrelli, he earned his jail time. But that Elizabeth Holmes bitch should be in jail, along with her Indian co-conspirator – Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani . And not only that, but they both should be fined something like 10 billion dollars each, guaranteeing that they both are poor for the rest of their natural lives.

        1. It is very likely that the “Indian” is the brains behind this fraud. From the name, he belongs to a community of thieves called “Sindhi’s”. All Indians are careful, when dealing with Sindhi’s. They have a proclivity to cheat in any business.

      1. Yes, the pussy pass, because of zombie Chivalry BS.
        When legal remedy is no longer seen to occur, like here for the sow and Indian, it’ll only be a matter of time before a rich scammed investor wants satisfaction and arranges for a hit, to make a public example, of them.

  2. women have long been above the law. The study below suggests that men get an average of 63% more time for the same crimes and that was after the fact they were far less likely to be charged at all.
    Do progressives care to have this changed? Surely equality of outcomes if for us to get affirmative action on jail sentences where we start giving them huge sentences to even it all up for all the years they got away with crimes!

    1. feminists and prison ‘reformers’ (including male prison reformers’ believe prison should be exclusively for men. They don’t women in jail at all.

      1. I work in the prison system and I can confirm that women are treated differently. Whenever I have some self righteous blabbering drone spouting off on about how women need this and that and need to be treated differently, I point out that most male prisoners were raised by a matriarchal figure, ie. a female mother or grandmother. I also point out that men are subjected to childhood sexual abuse usually from mommy’s “special friend”.
        Someone had the marvelous idea of having a conference about black prisoners. It was titled, “Nevertheless, she persisted”. I took a marker and wrote above the “she” part “he” in big letters. As if no males exist in the prison system(s).

        1. Why would you ever work in a prison? You are also behind bars doing the same time the criminals are doing, only getting paid for it.

        2. @William (& others)
          Sorry, I could only reply to you via my own post.
          I work in corrections because it is easier now than slugging my lady nuts off in say a nursing home or med/surg. unit – really it is. Go into work, do the job and leave. Best thing is there is no family members to deal with and only “as needed” contact with inmates.
          As for women working in male or female prisons because of wanting “access to violent men/women for sex”, you couldn’t be more wrong. Not saying it never happens, even with male nurses and C.O.’s, however the majority people I work with wouldn’t touch them and their HIV, Hep C filth nonsense.

      2. That is because feminism is objectively irrational, complete, misandry, as revealed by vicious earlier feminist manifestos including male slavery and even male extermination, before ‘moderate’ feminists decided to camouflage this core and use gradual, cold to hot, frog-boiling strategy.
        The fatal flaw with feminism is that Matriarchies (e.g. Amazons) are doomed to collapse due to male rebellion, incompetence, and/or competition with more competent/stronger balanced/Patriarchal competitors, as was amusingly demonstrated more recently by a reality TV show with men and women on separate islands.

    2. Yet approaching a woman or making her feel uneasy is a criminal offence in Canada, UK and soon to be enforced mercilessly in Portugal, Spain and France.

      1. Men could always ignore all women for trade, and other non-sexual/non-family activities, to starve them of resources and attention, then watch them meltdown.
        I am considering how to raise enough capital and remove attachments, so that I can leave the UK for a saner country.

    1. Using a Taurus, S&W or AR-15 you ask? She swindled millions of dollars almost a billion dollars and serves no jail time! Women in America fuck and abuse young boys and get no jail time and free taxpayer funded counselling for her “disorder”.

        1. Sometimes I honestly think that the Russian bots who support Putin nuking the entire West to have a valid point.

    2. “She” has an Adam’s apple and her shoulders look like a man’s stature and size! It’s a tranny or a woman using male hormones!!!

      1. Just looked at scores and scores of pictures of her and she seems to always have her throat totally covered with various black turtlenecks etc.So glad you pointed that out.Definitely seems to be something to that.She also has a very strange shape for a supposed woman.

    3. WB?
      Sober: not on your life.
      Drunk: borderline.
      Drunk and depressed: fine, ok then, I can cry in the shower afterwards.

  3. Hollywood, the media, and advertisers brainwash Americans to be immoral, go on anti-depressants, get fat, take out student loans, go in debt, take out mortgages, get married, get divorced, go on welfare, support tyranny, and embrace wars, but maybe part of the reason the US is collapsing now is because these actions conflict with traditional American values of being moral, staying healthy, being responsible, being independent, loving freedom, and supporting peace.

  4. The Theranos Board of Trusties was a who’s who of power players, including Kissinger. Holme’s pussy pass is underwritten by the need to keep those men free of bad publicity.
    Wonder what the prison sentence would be for astronomically inflating the price of cats?

  5. Empowered women should be treated like those minority thugs who go on violent robberies and assaults against men because empowered women and thugs rarely get punished in the leftist criminal justice system, but if I only write an article that is satirical, I get charged for hate speech and forced to serve over five years in prison for hate crimes against minorities, jooz, women, etc.
    Empowered women and thugs are common because empowered women rely on thugs and pimps for their drug addiction.

  6. Holmes’s scam was apparently a project of the Deep State that didn’t work out. Her father is a career bureaucrat in the U.S. State Department, and somehow he got supporting characters from a Tom Clancy novel to give his daughter’s company credibility by serving on its board of directors, like Henry Kissinger and some former Defense Secretaries , along with President Trump’s current Defense Secretary, Jim Mattis.
    Also don’t overlook the fact that she deliberately dressed like a female version of Steve Jobs to try to fool people into thinking she was competent.
    As Steve Sailer points out, our elites believe their own propaganda about equality and anyone-can-become-anything, so they act on the idea that there must be all this overlooked female, nonwhite and transgender talent out there. Whereas in the real world, white men tend to wind up running things because they are just more competent than other demographics on average, not because they enjoy irrational and unearned social advantages.

  7. There is a very specific reason why she and any other woman her age will never see prison regardless of their crimes. Two months ago I was standing in line at the self-checkout in Walmart with a big bag of cereal, two boxes of eggs, bread and ground turkey packages.. All of it was slipping from my arms and I had to adjust every couple of seconds. Probably two minutes longer and I would’ve dropped it all. So what happened next? A Baby Boomer lady intervened, pulled me out of line and opened up the manual checkout. I said, ‘Wow, I feel like a pregnant woman. I’ve never been treated so well.’
    She said, ‘I didn’t want you to lose your eggs.’
    So this female privilege is 100 percent because of her fertility. That Bell Curve of a woman’s usefulness. Whereas women virtually experience the ‘Logan’s Run/The Giver’ of societal apathy the moment they appear infertile. Nobody even gives them a double-take after that because their magical power to create life disappears.
    Science is almost proving the reason for this: Their pussies become not only dried up, but literally so toxic that performing oral sex is giving men throat cancer. Almost like the flower blossoms, wilts and then turns to poison ivy. She who once giveth life, now taketh life away.

      1. I work in an office more then enough hot +30yo childless, unmarried “intellectuals”.
        Wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire.

  8. Elizabeth Holmes has a disturbingly deep voice. It is absolutely no secret that men do longer times than women even in horrific murder cases.
    This scammer was described as a female Bernie Madoff. What is so incredibly ironic is how the media were on their knees to ass sniff her and pay homage to female empowerment, entrepreneurshit, blah, blah, blah.
    Every week there is another female teacher being caught having sexual relations with a male (or female) student. Just back track and see what the sentence was – absolutely nothing compared to a male predator. Try pointing this out to feminazis and watch them foam at the mouth.

    1. But Roosh writes a satirical article, and Soros, Kissinger and everyone who supported Elizabeth Holmes wanted Roosh dead and his supporters to face total outrage from the feminist.

    2. As a bail bondsman, it is absolutely sickening to see how right you are in a Daily. Fucking. Basis.

  9. This bitch is a total sociopath.
    She stacked her company’s board with very powerful men. All men. And lied to them all every time they met.
    She regularly went on public forums like TED talks.
    She regularly went on forums and shared the podium spotlight with very powerful people like Bill Clinton and Henry Kissinger and proclaimed her lies to all.
    She deliberately and repeatedly fooled her investors with a bogus product that she knew did not work. conning themout of $700,000,00
    She claimed in official documents that the company made $100,000,000 when she knew they made only $100,000
    She did this over a period of more than a decade. Total conscienceless, fearless empathy-less, psychopath.

    1. This bitch is a total sociopath.
      She stacked her company’s board with very powerful men. All men. And lied to them all every time they met.
      She regularly went on public forums like TED talks and lied.
      She regularly went on forums and shared the podium spotlight with very powerful people like Bill Clinton and Henry Kissinger and proclaimed her lies to all.
      She deliberately and repeatedly fooled her investors with a bogus product that she knew did not work, conning them out of $700,000,000
      She claimed in official documents that the company made $100,000,000 when she knew they made only $100,000
      She did this over a period of more than a decade. She is a completely conscienceless, fearless, empathy-less psychopath.

      1. Look, she is a kind of bangable blonde, young woman. She was probably keeping all men around her distracted with “certain” skills of hers…

        1. And the award for the comment that most angered the lurking white knight beta phags and the nazi feminists goes to you.

  10. And white men will unite together and form a cohesive tribe to defeat this evil…oh wait, we are libertarian so “MUH INDIVIDUALISM.” I know, lets let the Church take care of it.

    1. I’ve been pretty black-pilled lately about this too. The only collective white male identity in America was/is ‘the Southern man’ for various circumstances (white citizen councils etc). It is evocative. We all know what he is and what he looks like. Sadly, that is not the ideal elsewhere.
      We are not allowed to have a collective identity that is pandered to like every other demographic, no matter how minuscule. So unfortunately there will never be a majority or even a significant majority of ‘woke’ white men. But what we can do, since we will never overwhelm the system, is to undermine the system. We don’t need a majority or even a significant minority to do it, just as a table only needs part of one leg to be broken off to never function correctly again.
      Since we are the foundation, the sinews and the cannon fodder…all it takes is negligence. Just enough of us to aggressively withdraw and watch the superstructure of Cultural Marxism collapse under its own weight without even white men to repair it and keep it running like usual. We already have a few instances of this running simultaneously (MGTOW, nationalists, NEETs etc). Eventually there will be a chemical reaction.

  11. The difference here is that he literally STOLE the $7mn to go into his own pocket. Her fraud was such that her investors were misled about the progress her company was making, but the money was just being pissed away through the burn rate of the company. In the end she will be dead broke, if she can even afford to pay the $500,000 fine. This is why Shkreli was a criminal matter and Holmes was a civil matter.

    1. Hey dumbass….lying about profits, lying about your product, and swindling investors is about as ILLEGAL AS IT COMES. She still had to settle 500,000 dollars to the SEC because SHE BROKE THE LAW!!!!!!

    2. Reallyyyyyyy!!!!
      Perhaps you should send a note to Bernie Madoff with everyone’s money c/o Butner Federal Correctional Facility in North Carolina. I’m sure the Bern would be glad to know this.

  12. What strikes me is how much the “system” really wanted this to happen. Look at the backers and board members, all major elites, even some generals I believe. It goes to show you can’t force innovation and entrepreneurship. There is this perverse obsession with some people to elevate women. Then again, we know this all too well and behind holmes was not a company but ideology and more than anything that’s why this failed. This incident exposes the forces behind pushing up woman to try to find “equality”. It’s related to google and the whole memo situation…we now know it’s not about merit but identity and ideology.

  13. The was touted as the first self made female billionaire until it was discovered that was not. Epic gender equality fail!
    So now we are back to the normal situation of there being ZERO female self-made billionaires

  14. The Justice Department is still investigating her as is the Cali prosecutors she might yet catch criminal charges.

  15. People, that is what you get when doing business with a woman.And she probably did not intended to swindle people, she was just stupid as women often are, and she over extended herself, her brain capacity.It’s like you have an idea to create a perpetuum mobile that actually works, of course it cannot be done, but you market some product as such, and idiots fall for it, invest in that, aaaaand it flops.Now you were stupid and really did belive in your product, again, because you are stupid ,not because fraudulent intentions.The question is, should one be jailed for stupid ideas that one puts on the market.I say no.Investors should be smart with their money, and if not, tough luck, be careful where you put your money.

  16. Soon the chick will be the CEO in Pfizer/Abbott/Amgen and next thing you know they will disburse free HIV/AIDS medicines fully subsidized, on your expense, of course…

  17. Nothing new. Some bitch shot her boyfriend in the face with a Desert Eagle, point blank and on purpose, and got 180 days in jail.

  18. While at first glance Shkreli and Elizabeth Holmes seem similar there’s actually quite a bit of difference which explains a lot. (Read the Bloomberg article on this but here is an excerpt):
    “But Holmes, unlike Shkreli, does not seem to have a lavish collection of Picassos and Wu-Tang Clan albums to liquidate to pay a fine. Unlike most people who run nine-digit frauds, she never took much money out: The SEC notes that she “was paid a salary of approximately $200,000 to $390,000 per year between 2013 and 2015” and “has never sold any of her Theranos stock.” Forbes once estimated Holmes’s net worth at $4.5 billion, but essentially all of that was in stock that is now probably worthless. 7 In a very real sense she was the biggest victim of her own fraud.”
    Shkreli got more than he deserved because he is an arrogant entitled douche bag. When you seem to be giving the legal system the middle finger they invariably make you pay. So in short not a great example of the pussy pass.

  19. I think if he just kept low during that case, he wouldn’t be in jail. He really messed up with that stupid bounty joke on Hilary. It sucks because he doesn’t deserve that sentence, but given his background he should have known the domino effect that bounty and his arrogance was going to have.

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