Bartstool Sports Is Profiting From Pushing A Beta Male Lifestyle Onto American Men

Barstool Sports is a blog centered around watching television, drinking alcohol, and eating pizza. This faux brand of masculinity glorifies mediocrity, weakness, and decadence.

“If you like sports, if you like pizza, if you like life, today are the two days you want to be a guy” said Barstool Sports CEO David Portnoy; neck beard on full display.

According to Barstool, living your life vicariously through professional athletes on the couch is what being a man is all about.  

Meet The Staff / Beta Boys

After alt lite icon Jordan Peterson appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Barstool blogger Feitelberg took to Twitter to tell the world in a snarkish tone, “Beta is the new masculinity, Tucker”.

Self-described Beta, Feitelberg is here to remind us all how masculine he is.

Wow, I can’t wait to get his “hot take” on sports. He seems like he’s truly an expert on athletic competition. After all, who knows more about sportsball than a self-described beta?

The staff of Barstool Sports consists entirely of beta males and they’re proud of it.

This is their entire brand — a strain of faux masculinity consisting of pizza abuse, television, and various other mediocre beta activities. Their staff even admits they are partaking in the same exact recreation as women— every single day. According to Barstool staff a woman sweating profusely and mutilating her clothing is a “#BossMove”.

Wow, I can’t wait to get her “hot take” on sports and athletic competition. She’s the CEO of Barstool Sports New England. I bet she’s totally an expert. Barstool is not an edgy alternative to ESPN. Getting your “hot takes” from Erika Nardini is no different than Jemele Hill.

For bugmen across the globe, Bartstool where they get their bantz. Bugmen can also be categorized as NARPS.

Enter The NARP (Non-Athletic Regular Person)

The term NARP was popularized on American college campuses in the early 2010’s. NARP, short for Non-Athletic Regular Person, originated as a pejorative coined by college athletes to describe their not so athletic peers. Later in the 2015 era, American College Chads starting using the term as a way to describe beta males, bugmen, nerds, and GDIs.

NARPS attempt to frame mediocrity as ideal while defying healthy norms. The NARP is obsessed with sports but is in poor physical condition. The NARP believes being obsessed with sports—memorizing statistics and pointless trivia is masculine. The NARP believes if he knows about professional athletes’ careers and lives this makes him an expert on athletic competition. The NARP will critique an athlete and insult their character, all while being unable to bench press 100 lbs.

In order to prevent this beta bugman faux masculinity from spreading, I’ve redubbed Barstool Sports, NARPstool Sports—a more fitting title for their pizza-beer-television brand of faux masculinity.

Fall Of The Basic Bro

Our world is becoming so pozzed and clownish, the basic bro is degenerating into a beta male, fast. Aided by NARPstool sports culture, the basic bro finds himself in world of visual cuckoldry, alcohol, spectatorship, shitty food, and orbiting.

The basic bro completely obsessed with sportsball idolizes men on screens and gossips about their activities constantly. Without small dosages of the Red Pill, the Blue Pill basic bro becomes stupid, obese, and unhappy. As frustration continues in his life, Betas are likely to lash out emotionally against Chads. This is why sportsball fanatics burn Jerseys when a player switches teams or curses their name when they succeed or fail. At the end of the day, it’s Beta Males projecting their insecurities onto Chads in the form of deference or exaggerated disdain.

For too long, the NARP narrative has worked to besmirch masculinity in the West as vicarious spectatorship where athletes are seen as heroes and role models for no other reason other than they’re professional athletes. I love sports and admire some players but the NARP narrative turns comradery into idolatry.

I never really cared much about Barstool Sports. I thought it was lame but I was indifferent.  I was under the impression they provided a somewhat grassroots alternative to cultural Marxist monster, ESPN. I was wrong. Barstool Sports is no different than ESPN. In fact, their brand of faux masculinity is even more insidious.

There is nothing masculine about NARPStool or the subculture that surrounds it. Is there anything less masculine than sitting on the couch, watching television, and eating junk food? Narpstool Sports: alpha males need not apply.

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111 thoughts on “Bartstool Sports Is Profiting From Pushing A Beta Male Lifestyle Onto American Men”

  1. I don’t know anything about Barstool sports but my best guess is that it’s likely run by a bunch of “Millennials” which is more or less a synonym for “Beta Male” anyhow.

    1. To each their own faggots !
      talking about other pussy men and how pathetic their lives doesnt makes you Alpha either….
      you dont have a responsibility toward a society these times… live and let live bitches.

        1. And yet you’re the one saying “you dont have a responsibility toward a society these times”.
          You’re involved with society as long as you’re breathing. If you don’t like it, you have two options. You either become a recluse stating you’ll have no part of this society or you can take it to them by not putting up with this trite and calling them out on it and spreading your own beliefs of how it ought to be.
          It’s apparent where you fall

        2. I care about survival not joing a group of idiots crying how fucked up the world is !
          Survival is the only constant thing since the beginning of humanity…. every civilization or culture will come to an end eventually.

        3. Beta males are only desired in terms of k-selection mating especially in states with overly generous welfare systems that allow women to choose single motherhood. A beta has the disadvantage that he needs a lot of money to get children where an alpha can get that for free. Beta males have never been less relevant. If you stripped away all single motherhood welfare and all child support from children sired out of wedlock then they really would triumph again

        4. That whites and Asians evolved to be betas is because there must have been times when a “good man” ( beta ) was needed over an alpha hunk. Betas are not breeding and will slowly receed as a proportion of the population and the player will predominate genetically.

        5. “good men” (betas) will hardly exist in a few hundred years in the West because they are not the ones chased for sex by the women looking to be single mums.

        6. warren
          Its true. that’s why let them be….they will be extincts soon. and another society will come along and so on…..

        7. Warren, what’s an Alpha male exactly? Some ghetto rat with a big boomslang? Any woman (mudshark, coal burner) who’d go for that isn’t worth having.

        8. The vast majority of American female musicians and actresses and other celebrities have been with these alpha blacks these days. Its a tiny minority that haven’t these days and celebrities aren’t so different from normal women of the new generation. Lets drop this “its 1% and they are the ill/fat/whatever women” thats not true anymore. Maybe in South Africa but not America. This idea its a few dregs that can be ignored is maybe only true if you are a boomer dater.

      1. (((Third world man)))
        Israel would be third world if it wasn’t being funded by the American taxpayer and German reparations.

    2. Wait a minute! Not all Millennials are like that! I’ve never been a tranny or supported homosexuality or socialism! I paid my debts! Oh sorry, I’m not a Boomer so I don’t need to sperg out and internalize playful generalizations. See, old-timers, criticism is not gonna kill ya!

    3. A betting man would guess it is run by a Joo. All these movements are. They start off as a joke that we assume no one will take seriously (Pedophilia is a sexual preference. Getting pegged is manly. Fat is beautiful), then they miraculously gain a following and we all shake our heads.
      But this movement is different. I fully support it. Let’s have all the men become betas, let’s start with beta-ifying the Muslims, see how that goes. In the meantime I’ll be eating my popcorn, watching on, while I become more attractive every day as the men around me become softer and softer.
      Fuck em. Hell, if we trolled hard enough we could convince them that the only way to fight sexual oppression is to surgically remove all your reproductive bits and I bet we could get some traction.
      Sometimes the only way to show the world how dumb they are is to let them loose, and give them enough rope to hang themselves.

  2. It is insidious how the media tries pushing these narratives to manipulate society to having these impotent creatures be labeled as ‘men’.
    If you haven’t read The Way Of Men, worth a read talking about how society is trying to get rid of men and create a matriarchy society. It’s hilarious that they are actively trying this considering women are always at each others throats for the stupidest shit.

  3. I know very little about Barstool Sports but I would bet money that at the head of this company are Jews who have never played a sport in their life and are just following out their social engineering goals to line their pockets with money.

  4. Good. Even more sluts (than usual) for us once an increasing segment of the male population becomes even more worthless in the SMV hierarchy than they already are.

    1. These neutered pseudo-males are a prime signal that there’s too much liquidity in the system right now. When we become collectively wealthy, useless “distraction/entertainment” style jobs start surfacing, and fools like these get rewarded in that culture. The culture is lazy right now, infused with estrogen and virtue-signalling marketing schemes. Next recession, non-essential “jobs” like theirs will be the first to go directly into the shitcan. Real men do work that is needed by society and survives through all economic cycles.

      1. Dude, construction and a lot of trade jobs got hammered in the early 2010’s recession. Real man jobs aren’t always safe either

        1. You have a point there @Reality…my ill wishes and disdain for the “Legion of Soy” might’ve gotten ahead of my logic for a moment. But consider this: construction/trade guys have general skills and can fix things…when the chips are down, they can find ways to remain useful and in-demand through their training…by comparison the Barstool Sports guys will almost surely be ignored. They are human detritus in the sideshow of a wealthy age.

  5. Just now after reading this did I realize the need to watch every (insert pro sport) game on sunday was just a cover for peoples insecurities. My own brother in law needs to watch every steeler game on sunday and gets pissy when he misses it. Sure I like going to games, but I don’t need to watch every single one. I have my own insecurities in life. I’ll be damned if I cover them up by idolizing athletes.
    Personally I’d rather go to the gun range on Sunday and improve on my shitty pistol skills. I love golf but more times or not I’m golfing during the masters. Why because I suck and want to get better.
    Great article, it really hit home with me on why I’ve lost contact with people I used to deem as friends. Its easy to understand why we aren’t or never were friends. I’m not some shitty couch slob in front of a TV watching NFL. Sure I’m still shitty sometimes, just not couch slob shitty. There’s a difference.

    1. I really don’t see the point in watching sport unless you play that sport, know a player face-to-face socially, or have ambitions to play that sport, otherwise it’s like masturbating to porn or Roman “bread & circuses” for dumb people.
      There is plenty of better stuff quality people can do, including improving yourself…

  6. Hollywood, the media, and advertisers brainwash Americans to be immoral, go on anti-depressants, get fat, take out student loans, go in debt, take out mortgages, get married, get divorced, go on welfare, support tyranny, and embrace wars, but maybe part of the reason the US is collapsing now is because these actions conflict with traditional American values of being moral, staying healthy, being responsible, being independent, loving freedom, and supporting peace.

    1. If there’s no cloth in the armpit they can’t see your sweat! Take that patriarchy. Her thumbnail image is the smug attractive woman who was born lucky down pat. Women live life on an easy mode most men can’t comprehend.
      Small wonder this is one of (((their))) movements. Anything to emasculate, belittle, or destroy the SWM goyim, the better. That’s all they do.

  7. Being a pussyass white dude and submitting to the black male athlete like a little bitch is the epitome of a Beta Male.

    1. Nothing scream beta submissive than wearing a jersey with another mans name on it. Its like he is GLAD to be labeled another mans property and SAYS so by wearing his name.

  8. Anyone else notice that nearly all of these mass shooters, bombers now, etc have all been pathetic little nerds/Beta Male?

    1. Not sure if that’s true anymore. That lunatic that shot up the South Texas church was the definition of a womanizer. He could compel tons of women he barely knew to send him nude pics while being married TWICE before age 26 in the Current Year.

  9. This article is brand new, the comments have just started, and already some SJWs or (((dickheads))) are here downvoting some good comments. What compels these dorks to come to this site? I highly doubt any ROKers go to their leftie/feminist sites just to engage in passive-aggressive dorkery. Would love to know what these people do for a living.

    1. “Would love to know what these people do for a living.”
      -Standing in line for welfare checks !
      -False accuse someone & settle out of the court !
      -Sell their poosy & get instant (tax free !) Ca$h ! and Bonus: Pleasure !!
      -Do “organized” marches & protests and get paid by the leftists !
      -Get jobs @affirmative action !!
      These bitches have lot of ways to earn living !!

  10. Well, swear off anyone who takes part…That was easy. Why stay friends with betas if they are going to surrender. They are beneath you and an anchor you will drag to accommodate them. So don’t.

    1. What other people are barstool sports addicts..
      White knights and jocks and other female simps…
      I am so glad my path diverged years ago from the typical American male..back when I was teen…F**k I am glad I didn’t really miss anything when I went into the military and never cared or had time for the stupid diversionary beta crap people call normal these days…

  11. I’d understand why these beta males sit down and binge watch these programmes, if they contained actual proper sport for the duration of the programme. Seriously, when a footy fixture rocks up on the television screen (someone else watching the programme), all I see is 3/4 of the broadcast being dedicated to a bunch of suited blokes nattering on about some statistical shit, and only a quarter of it happens to be actual sport.

  12. I’m very sure that behind the scenes is a hook-nosed K.I.K.E and their J.E.W.-ISH ways!

    1. Comments this brazen, and with the over-the-top screen name, make me think it’s an SPLC, ADL, or JIDF operative either just trolling, or planting stuff like this here to show others what a mean old racist/anti-j#wish site this is. And so needs monitoring and making a case to shut it down.

      1. You’re exactly right. They’re designed to repel people from alt right talking points and make those who criticize or observe a Jewish connection seem ignorant and hate filled and that you should feel embarrassed by association.

  13. Nietzsche did nothing wrong.
    Replace “slave-morality” with “soy-boy morality” and his genealogy of morals still makes perfect sense.

    1. Just start calling Jews that instead of using the echo. I prefer straight laced profanity to describe the very people who are less than 1% of the world population but responsible for about 90% of all the degenerate crap in our society.

      1. ROK has already gotten a version of the SPLC’s Legion of Honor award. Might as well make it count.

  14. Check out SBR Sports Picks on YouTube. No politics, no beta cucks, just guys talking sports and gambling.

  15. Here’s the deal: Barstool used to be funny, back about 5-10 years ago. They sold themselves to some media whore company about three years ago and they have been on a downward spiral ever since. Now they are run by leftists women who push all of these agendas on the site catering to teenage girls and sorority sisters, and not to mention, effeminate men.
    What used to be an edgy satirical site back in 2011 or so has now become another “BuzzFeed” also ran. Needless to say I don’t read it anymore.

    1. The author should have provided that background.
      That said, I enjoyed the author’s writing. Talent is incorporating the words besmirch and bugmen in a single article. Very spicy. Extra flavor on this one.

  16. There is evidence this jock-sniffing subculture if finally dying. Spectator sports is a Boomer thing. The age of the average MLB fan is like 55, NFL is 47, PGA is like 67 etc. The Home Run Derby last year had 8 million viewers and 5 million were above 55.
    Keep in mind the NFL did the absolute dumbest thing they could do the past year by kneeling during the anthem because it was the only thing that could possibly offend Boomers. For what ever reason that was the final straw but the ghetto culture wasn’t lol.
    So now even the Boomers started turning off sports. That combined with cord-cutting is drastically culling the revenue of these sports, which rely on cable subscriptions.
    There are no replacements for these older fans dying off. How often do you see kids even tossing a football or a baseball anymore? This newest generation is possibly more beta in diving into video games, viral videos and social media all day long, but at least it is starving the beast of professional sports. The end is definitely in sight for the millionaire athlete and the billionaire owner.
    Look at all the layoffs for these media companies and the restaurant closings. Nobody goes to bars anymore to watch sports, so this entire culture is retracting. No more publicly-funded stadiums holding entire states hostage. Not enough people want this nonsense anymore. ‘My team’ left a few years ago when our city said no to building yet another new stadium in less than 20 years. It was the first time I rooted for ‘my team’ in 10 years…to leave.
    I played sports for 10 years growing up and memorized all the rosters and stuff, but something amazing happened when I turned 17 and one of ‘my teams’ finally won the championship…I stopped caring because it didn’t change my life…and gradually grew intolerant of people who still worshipped sports because it is hard to take seriously anymore.
    I paid attention to the NFL last year for the first time in a decade, making sure not to watch a moment. All of their star players are mid-to-late 30s. There is going to be a monumental turnover in the next few years when these guys retire. Tom Brady is going to leave a giant sucking sound like NAFTA did to American manufacturing. NASCAR is in the midst of it right now with its Dale Earnhardt Jr. retiring…every race this year has been an all-time low in viewership. Tiger Woods is having a brief renaissance that will not last, so golf is going to resume its collapse again as soon as he falls off the wagon again.
    In a cabinet full of Black Pills, at least there is one white pill in the Current Year: sportsball is deflating.

  17. This describes everything I would never want to be as a man or as a human. Agenda? Well, its very obvious that “they” only push mediocrity on males and only uplifting “role models” to females. It’s social engineering and it makes me sick! We aren’t rats to be controlled. I grew up as a varsity athlete and eventually became a Marine officer. Following the advice of barstools leads to accomplishing NOTHING and becoming a loser. Eating pizza, watching tv and drinking is a precise path to mediocrity. I know that feminists want this because they can’t compete against fully motivated men. Stunted, drunk and fat men on the other hand makes it easier for woman. And for what? So a slut woman can gloat about being an investment banking associate (even though she’s a diversity hire) at a bar or club? It’s ego and this is just evil. I hate those pussies at barstool.

  18. This is something I’ve been wanting to write an article on, I won’t say much here, since I’ve already began to write about it, but it’s along with the same idea of yours, in which today, men are being taught faux masculinity.
    “Grow a beard, fart, take abuse from women without lashing back, buy unnecessary “manly” things to make you manlier, act silly and stupid because boys will be boys, etc”
    A strong, stoic, man with drive, is more masculine than the idiot who followed the (((modern))) masculine checklist.

    1. Stoicism is a tough one because most men are already unemotional and have no way to express any angst. Instead that angst often expresses itself in homicide, suicide and overdose.

  19. The way of the (((man))) is the way of the beta male.
    From childhood, (((they))) are raised by domineering mothers and weak fathers. (((Their culture))) is one of matriarchy where (((the mother’s))) status of (((chosenhood))) is passed on to her (((spawn))).
    The child then grows up soft, and beta in tendencies. Ever hear the term “Nice ((())) boy”? Well, basically for hundreds of years they have had to cope with being low T, weak willed, and being dominated by women.
    (((They))) want a world where men are weak because this is the psychological state they are in since birth. This is why feminism, “muh strong women”, and fat acceptance are becoming a part of our culture. (((Their culture))) celebrates male weakness and they want nothing more than everyone else else to adopt this.
    (((Their culture))) is where beta males originated as the rule as opposed to the exception.

    1. You are dead on. Not many of these faggy blue-pillers realize this. (((Their))) obsession with emasculating white males comes from the fact that they are totally emasculated themselves, cucked by their own women, and burning up with envy at the masculine and desirable white male. This is also where their negro-worship originates. They live vicariously through the negro to compensate for their sexual and physical inadequacies, and they see the negro as the ultimate expression of manliness with his brutish ignorance. (((They))) are weak and feminine, almost exactly like women, which is why they are hoodwinked by the negro display of phony masculinity – just like low IQ women are.

      1. The J3w is no dumby. It is calculating and conniving. It observes the value of the black in destroying its centuries old hated enemy the white man and understands how to manipulate it to fruition. The J3w does not take to the sword and confront its enemy head on. It schemes, it plots, it divides, it poisons and it sacrifices others to do its dirty work.
        When the white man is no more or beyond resurrection the use for black pawns will cease. I pitty the black souls and different peoples of the world who do not wake to their new unscrupulous, sociopathic J3wish overlords when they attain their Talmudic prophecy of world domination and enslavement of the non J3w Goyim.

    2. Never underestimate those that wish to destroy you. The (((man))) has done very well for (((himself))) and attained much power pretending to be very weak and non threatening.

  20. One thing I’ve been noticing about ROK lately is how emotional everyone has gotten. There used to be these great dispassionate intellectual debates about things like philosophy, religion, art, etc. Now it seems more like a group of chicks looking to extract the most possible drama from everything.
    Then there was the fake trollish racist invasion who are apparently trying to make ROK fit their straw man version of what ROK is so they can stir the pot or possibly write this semester’s sociology paper.
    Off to go feed my chickens…

    1. Vader this is what 1860 felt like in the USA. Or maybe 1788 in France.
      Two sides, emotions running high, open hatred and talk of violence.
      It won’t be long now before the gloves come off.
      I feed my chickens in the morning.
      Best Wishes.

      1. I think that is more of a Russian wet dream than reality. There is no real unified ideology like pro or anti slavery at play. One of the things ai always find entertaining about foreign attempts at creating social friction in the US is the complete lack of understanding of how US society operates. All it takes is 1 external attack to almosy completely unify this country’s people.

    2. I’m sure you’re referring to somebody like me, and in my defense, the stable dynamics you crave and are nostalgic for are immutable in the Current Year, as is Roosh’s business model, as is the man-o-sphere, and so on.
      #MeToo changed society out of nowhere didn’t it? Nothing is constant. Adapt or die. Remain relevant or become irrelevant.

      1. I don’t think MeToo did very much in the real world. Sure, Twitter goes crazy, but is there a real impact outside of the liberal urbanite’s keyboard? No, nothing that wasn’t there already. Internet activism is activism for lazy people.

        1. I agree. I don’t think their mindless, false ego & ungrateful horseshit acts alike the “hash tags campaign” has any influence in the real world.

  21. There is going to be a war in the US. Soon. CAn’t you feel it?
    Liberals and Conservatives look at a thing and perceive two totally different things.
    IE there is an object in the driveway: I, the conservative, call it a motorcycle because I see tires, an exhaust pipe, and an oil leak. The liberal calls it a horse because he sees hair, ears, and a pile of dung behind it.
    The lib sees what he thinks he sees, as do I. And neither of us will be convinced that what we see is not what we believe it to be.
    Who is right? And how can two people or groups of people who have perceptions so at odds ever agree over anything again?
    I say they can’t and the issue of whether that hypothetical thing in the driveway is called a horse or a motorcycle will be decided by violence. The winners will declare what it is and those who disagree will be dead or vanquished.And it will be only what the dominant power says it is from then on. Period. The US Civil War is an example of this; one side thought states had rights over the central government, and the other thought the central government was in charge. 600,000 or more soldiers died to prove the Yankees correct. To this day, their view from 1861 still prevails.
    That’s a civil war in a nutshell, and that’s where we’re headed. Best pick your side and get ready.

    1. There will be no Civil War 2 in America despite the best attempts at psyops by Russians and Chinese alike. Sorry

    2. Of course there is going to be a civil war. It will happen the second they try to enforce the semi-automatic confiscation laws, which are coming, just one or two more false flag, coordinated attacks which occur on the exact same days, times and locations as scheduled emergency drills. Take the last 3, the Texas bomber, Florida shooter and Vegas Massacre, all occurred in the correct time, place and date as scheduled drills. Hmmm.
      But if that doesn’t come they’ve got 5G coming (before testing the health risks), and they are rewriting the Bill of Rights to include “fast internet access” as a right. i.e. it will be a violation of American rights to protest 5G.

  22. ROK your headline on the main page reads “BARTSTOOL” isn’t that something a fictional yellow cartoon character created my Matt Groening passes when he’s sitting on the crapper ?

  23. Among whites at least, alphas have most of the sex (and all of the great sex), but who eventually picks up the leftovers and actually reproduce?
    It`s in fact the betas. I mean the “serious” betas. Contraceptives and abortions make sure alphas are not reproducing as much. At least where I`m from(Norway) this is the case. The only men with kids seem to be (except non-white males) uber-betas walking around with their strollers.

    1. Humans are, in fact a beta favored species. We shed our claws, fur, sharp teeth, and large musculature, trading it in for culture and teamwork. A single huge alpha working alone is no match for 20 betas working together. Now kodiak bears, that is an alpha dominated species. If we were truly an alpha dominated species, most males would be more alpha-like. Blame the girls, it has to be what they wanted.

  24. I like playing sports and I enjoy watching them as well. The strategy, gamesmanship, and sportsmanship are worth the experience, particularly at the collegiate and professional levels.
    I really enjoy discussing the X’s and O’s of football. That’s what the game is all about. But I gave up watching the pregame shows long ago because the discussion on these programs has little to do with the actual sport and everything to do with entertaining the “casual fan,” including the large and growing female demographic.
    I have attended NFL games going back to the 1980s. Contrary to popular belief the league did have it’s share of female fans back in those days, albeit a fairly small percentage. However, they did not attempt to “invade” a male space back then. There was plenty of beer drinking and cursing in the stadium. Pregame shows like “The NFL Today” featured X’s and O’s from Irv Cross, and football (gambling) predictions from Jimmy the Greek. There was no “social justice” involved. It was a football league.
    Today? Pregame shows discuss who the athletes are dating, what they are Tweeting, and the tragedy of being an uber-millionaire with a head injury. Stadiums have “family friendly” policies which make a day at the ballgame only slightly better than a day at the office. And don’t forget to wear whatever color is en vogue for whatever the “cause” of the day is… something usually related to women’s health or an imaginary social problem or leftist cause.

  25. I always thought it was a bit beta or just plain straight out faggy for a guy to wear a sports jersey with another guy’s name on it. NARP’s have just clarified that for me as being true.

  26. It is part of the typical American Millenial sport culture. Craft beer in a bar with a bunch of betas and masculine screaming women who are friendzoning them all for a college team or a professional team which hates them. The sports culture in Europe especially the East is much more superior. The Ultras fan groups which attend games are very creative and fight police and other groups.

  27. The faux masculinity shit is so fucking faggy it’s unbelievable. I’m tired of this “safe masculinity” non-sense. As Victor Pride put it, “there’s no enlightened masculinity, there’s just being a faggot.”
    Yes try this pizza, try this beer, and now sit for hours on end screaming at your television set at millionaires. The eternal Boomer strikes again. Everywhere I go there’s always some obnoxious televisions playing “the game”. Did you see last night’s game? No, I didn’t. I didn’t care to see whether my group of disheveled felons beat your group of junkies, drunk drivers, and rapists. I just don’t care.
    Heaven forbid one of these guys picks up a weight. Throws around a baseball, football, or basketball. Or gets off his fat ass. We wouldn’t want that. Let us inundate you with silly bullshit.
    And for all those people saying, “What they do in the privacy of their own homes doesn’t blah blah blah…” Find another website. This is one for masculine commentary and improvement. Don’t like it, go to the Good Men Project. The toleration of weakness and apathy leads to its acceptance.

  28. I thought that blogging about being the most outraged and basic byatch eeeevvvaaaaaarrrr was solely female territory. Do the feminists know these soy-phags are trying to take this away from them?

  29. “Saturdays are for the boys” was cool for two about two weeks until it became evident that it was just another lubricant for consumerism and infantile behavior.

  30. Maybe I’m not “alpha” but I sure as hell ain’t gonna participate in fantasy sports, be some jock sniffer sports fanatic or worshiper of any celebrity from any entertainment industry. The NFL has clearly morphed into a Cap Com (capitalist commie) cess pool. Very very different from the league of my youth.
    Hell just throw some chicken feed from the co op on the ground for today’s cluck cucks engaging in bar stool sports

  31. Barstool used to be much more edgy and offensive to SJWs and leftist pussies prior to Venture Capitalist (((Peter Chernin))) offering them a series B round of funding.
    The comment section is still pretty right wing. The typical readers are upper middle class, frat bros from New England who hate PC, grew up playing hockey and regularly call Feitelberg, among other bloggers, a liberal pussy in the comment section.

  32. Never heard of these bartstool sports people. Don’t watch espn either, they stopped being about entertainment and decided to preach sjw nonsense.
    Mocking such antics is a tactic – ridicule is very powerful in derailing a movement

  33. This is exactly why I dropped sports fandom years ago. Never mind the fact that the major leagues shove PC down your throat at every turn. Grew up going to NHL games, it was a big part of my childhood, but even now hockey is too PC to be enjoyable anymore.

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