The #MeToo Movement Has Ruined My Sex Life

First off—let me start by saying rape is bad—in any and all situations. There is a debate as to whether or not the #metoo movement is actually directly stopping any rapes, but that is a discussion for another place. Here we are to discuss how and why the #metoo movement is killing good sex for everyone.

I hadn’t always realized how many women wanted to be dominated when it came to sex. In my early 20’s I always felt like I needed permission to move ahead sexually with women, from the first kiss all the way to getting kinky with handcuffs. I always felt like there was a need for me to ask first, or lean in for the kiss 90% of the way and allow her to “handshake” my movement before going in. Then, something magical happened.  One summer night on a wonderful date—the skies parted and a large booming voice yelled “just do it!”

Nearly all women want to be dominated in bed

So that was exactly what I started doing, and boy, did my life change for the better. Women, I realized, nearly always wanted a man who was going to take charge and do the thinking for them when it came to potentially awkward situations or rejections. I made it my mission to take all that away for them and just go for it in a smooth and fun way that had them saying yes most of the time.

In my late 20’s, and now having just pierced my 30’s, I can safely say having been single for a lot of that time I have been out with over 100 women and when I wanted to move things forward— I did. Thinking back through the years I can think of ONE time a woman backed me off. I fumbled to take off her bra on a first date when she put her hand on my chest and said “Chill Out Romeo.” I immediately did and backed away.  We both chuckled about her hilarious line on the next date, after having had sex.

The point here is not that I’m a God to women, because I’m not.  I’m an 8 , maybe a 9 when I pay attention to my diet. Nor am I slut by any stretch—most of these women I never decided to move forward with on those dates. But when I chose to do so—I had found the key to the kingdom. Don’t think, just do what feels right, and it was working to the greatest of effect.

The Arrival of the #Metoo Movement

Then the #metoo movement came along and ruined my fun and the fun of my potential female sex partners. It did the worst thing it could have ever made me do—it made me think. Now, thinking isn’t necessarily bad, but thinking in the moment, for our purposes here, when you should be doing, is really really bad. Take it from me. The effects of which you will read about below.

So it was another first date that was going swimmingly when we began making out on my bed. We had kissed at the bar and on the way home so it was all feeling right. I could tell it was my cue was to get a condom—and I fucked up.

For years before, when I decided to do that classic and intricate swim move that is the one handed reach for a condom while still maintaining current relations with the other and a woman asked “What are you doing?” I would say, “I’m doing exactly what you want me to be doing,” and it would, as it turned out, be exactly what she had wanted.

This time, however, I thought about the remote but possible charges it could somehow later incur, and I pitifully uttered “I was going to get a condom. Is that okay?” She gave me a little frown, pushed me off of her and within the next ten minutes of us awkwardly waiting for her Uber, she had managed to call me “cute” five times.

She had wanted me to make the decision, as a man, as I had always done in the past, and what she saw instead was a weak man with no confidence. I could palpably see her look at me differently after that exchange, and needless to say we did not go for a second date. The wind was out of our sails.

The Damage Has Been Done

The point, my friends, is the #metoo movement had made me worry that if I did what I knew we both had wanted me to do, it could still be extrapolated as rape by her had she not expressly given me the “Okay, yes lets fuck” handshake. We all know that happens incredibly rarely when instead sex generally just HAPPENS, without any verbal exchange required.

Men and women are sexual beings and we instinctively should be making those decisions in the moment. And if a woman really did NOT want me to have sex with her she could always make it very clear with a solid “No I don’t want you inside of me at this very moment” or something direct and obvious to that effect. However, the #metoo movement somehow has me thinking that now I require much more clarification before moving towards sex. It has ruined the beautiful simplistic approach I once had. It will sex for all of us.

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    1. Why are you worried about being a Grammar Kosher when the feminist is waging war against men in America, Canada and Western Europe? Men will continue to be attacked, ridiculed, exiled and discriminated by the feminist until Vladimir Putin does a holy nuclear war.

        1. If my latest article(s) don’t get cleared for ROK, I’m gonna be pissed off severely.
          They are 100x better than this shit article in content, execution and grammar.

      1. I am a champion speller and a grammar nazi, yet am disappointed that this comment section ruined any chance for good dialogue on an important topic because too many autists sperged out at the cringe content rather than focusing on the bigger picture. I never even read the articles entirely for that reason. It’s not worth spending several hours writing a comment now because it will just get buried by people being triggered by this goofy author’s misstep of numerically labeling himself.

        1. Hey Weimar the cyber mob attacks us all. Many of my comments get lots of thumbs up but when I post about religion or whether or not baby boomers are to blame for everything I get ripped too. As far as scholarship goes the articles on ROK run the gamut from top of the line to barely literate. Almost everyone here is weak on history. There are reasons why my career as a history teacher was so brief. This whole neo masculine thing is a work in progress and we spend too much time ripping on each other. Meanwhile the globalists get stronger with each passing day.

        2. Flooding the boards with pointless shit, disinformation or derailing sensitive topics is a technique ((internet trolls))) often employ to keep the masses off target and walking in circles.

    2. That’s funny, I missed every single grammar mistake this time because I was actually interested in the content of the article, as I can relate, instead of concentrating on being a little bitch.

    3. Absolutely agree. Also, he could have made it part of an action against men in general, as opposed to ruining his own sex life.

        1. Never caught one in 10 years, but then I don’t have sex with dirty white women. Mind you I take so many antibiotics for cuts I get while mountain biking through the jungle, I might be catching stuff and curing it before I notice. Antibiotics cost between $1 and $2 a course from the local supermarkets, no prescriptions needed, just buy whatever you like over the counter.

  1. I remember the level chart being described in such a way that a female 8 at least gets some modeling gigs while female 9 is pretty much perfection and does not need to work while 10 is based on perfection plus individual tastes being fulfilled.
    I’m not trying to make a judgement on anyone’s individual attractiveness and think it’s petty to go into such things when not absolutely necessary but since the author has injected himself into a story about female sexuality on the general level I feel like these two ideas are now connected and need to be evaluated together accordingly.
    I would imagine that if a guy is nearly a male 9 women would be borderline raping him, not giving him consistent shit like the author is describing here (anecdotal notch counts nowithstanding).

    1. In addition to that the author has failed to demonstrate a relationship between metoo and his recent lack of luck. It reads like the metoo thing is simply crammed in there to make the article go on for longer (more filler text) and to provoke discussion. At least it accomplished the latter task.

      1. @DepressedGuy1985 I don’t understand your logic behind this “failed to demonstrate a relationship between #Metoo and his recent lack of luck”, because he is not complaining about the ability for himself to get laid. He is just complaining about how the #Metoo movement destroying the very game and interactions he use to have with women since in the back of his mind he now has to constantly think about the risks of making a move on a woman, which is now considered sexual harassment.

      2. The author said the #METOO movement made him pause and think, rather than react on instinct.
        Seriously, maybe I’m in a bad mood, but fuck people are getting dumber at an exponential rate. Not just on this site, everywhere. Reading the comments in the newspaper today made me want to punch the screen.

    2. @ DepressedGuy1985
      My thoughts exactly. Though I read the article, the author describing himself as a 9 and a alpha male in his bio was a bit cringeworthy. Being a “9” is more then physical appearance, it is alot about your frame. If you are worried about some internet hashtag when it comes to getting laid then your frame isn’t very solid at all.

      1. Nah, I’m a solid 8 or 9, and I perfectly relate. I can get a lot of pussy, and this #metoo movement has made me second-guess a lot, not on whether she wants to fuck, but what are the odds that she’ll fuck me over, and is she really hot enough to be worth the hassle. End result: I’m a fuck-load pickier today than this time last year.

        1. i feel u bro im 6’4 in decent shape and about a 7/8 in the face department but worried ill get #metooed out of spite or some shit and ruin my career

    3. Almost all models are 7s and 8s, and some 6s. The catch es being thin and tall. that´s all. The only difference between a hot woman and a super model is just the height.

      1. In fact many female models look like prebuscent boys. It’s not my thing at all. I like women with asses and tits.

        1. Yes, models look boyish because designers are gay and prefer the look of boys over women.
          “I ain’t calling him gay, but I bet he’d rather hear a fat boy fart than a pretty girl sing.”

      2. That’s only true of catwalk models. There are 3 categories: catwalk (tall, thin), fashion (hot) commercial (cute/interesting).
        But even with catwalk models, if you’re talking the ones at Paris Fashion Week, sure, they’re mostly freaks. But the ones that open new stores or clothing lines are stunning. Every 3 months I’d get a new batch of Russian and East European models move into the block across from mine and they’d do a few catwalks in shopping centres and do some fashion shoots. I’d try pick them up in the bars or day game, and occasionally I was successful, just had to get past the madame first who always accompanied them.
        Plus I was a model too, years back, I’ve been surrounded by model pussy, and I can tell you, you’re so wrong about the average girl being better. So, so wrong.

        1. Sorry, I don’t give out specific information on the internet.
          But the difference between a good agency and a bad one is not THAT related to how hot their models are (the female ones, that is), it’s more down to how much work they can bring in, who their regular clients are, etc.
          I’ve met models from the shittiest agency in my area who were hot, and I’ve met international models who weren’t.
          If you want to get into modelling for the money, as a man, forget about it, I only joined for access to better pussy, and it worked out well for me.

    4. A 9 male?, seen that, women literally give them the number and ask directly to be fucked. zero shit test. women are worst than men in the harassment, they touch without permission, cat call in the street and flirt. There is a video in response of “walking in the street of NY as women” but they respond with “walking in the street of NY as a hot guy” and women were more vulgar than men with the male actor/model.

      1. Yep a male 9 simply does not struggle for pussy. A male 9 is actually a huge beneficiary of modernity in terms of getting laid with women’s out of control hypergamy and the 80/20 rule etc.
        Actually when we talk about modern women being sloots it’s not because average men are fuking them. It’s the chads 8+ running through all that vagina.

      1. I’m a 3 or 4 (at best).
        And I’ve been saying that for a very long time.
        So there.
        My wallet is a 9, though…

        1. I was a 5 most of my life, slumped down to a 3 at 50, worked my way up to a 7 at 60+ ……. but not much competition at my age, most of the guys have really let themselves go.

        2. @ JD
          Oh, I’m in decent shape for my age.
          Exercise regularly.
          But all the workouts in the world ain’t gonna overcome genetics.

    5. I mean the guy’s picture is up there….its clear he isn’t close to a 9. Certainly not even the 8 her claims to be when his “off his diet”. If this dude is a 9, im a 15.
      Also who reaches for a condom when your making out? I at least wait until i have a chick completely naked before i just assume sex is imminent. A kiss makes you reach for a condom??? That sounds like the move of a amatuer not seasoned pro.

      1. @ Kevin, agreed. He’s not a nine… if you rate him using male standards. But he may be a nine in real life, you never know.
        As for reaching for a condom, I never bother, I just go down first, make her cum, then go to slip it in, and if she doesn’t protest then fuck the condom. I know, I know, STD’s, well, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And HIV doesn’t kill you, hell, it doesn’t even exist. But that’s a whole rabbit hole.

    6. I mean the guy’s picture is up there….its clear he isn’t close to a 9. Certainly not even the 8 her claims to be when his “off his diet”. If this dude is a 9, im a 15.
      Also who reaches for a condom when your making out? I at least wait until i have a chick completely naked before i just assume sex is imminent. A kiss makes you reach for a condom??? That sounds like the move of a amatuer not seasoned pro.

    7. I delve into certain topics far deeper than the average person because I think you don’t need to delve deep into other topics such as the attraction ranking because it bogs down your time… I have never subscribed to the 1-10 scale because it is too opaque to be definitive amongst more than one person ranking somebody, whereas there is lessing fretting about from a simpler scale of ‘hot, not, or somewhere in between.’
      I didn’t realize it until I was typing this, but this too seems to fall into the Bell Curve/Pareto distribution because most women are average looking.

      1. I agree with you about the looks scale, too many times I find myself attracted to a girl for a weird reason, like the shape of her nose, or cheeks, or teeth, or spark, or something, even if I’d otherwise class her as average.
        There’s definitely a scale for sex appeal. With men it’s very obviously true. Celebrities have universally high sex appeal and male feminists have universally low sex appeal. Like wise it’s extremely obvious with women. Young, healthy, fertile women are universally considered fuckable. And old, fat, post-menopausal women are unfuckable. Universally. Since the dawn of time. Till the end of time. And then some.

        1. But does that not fit the sleeker scale I just mentioned? ‘Hot, not….or somewhere in between?’ Once a woman expires from hotness, she gradually shifts to average and then ‘not.’

        2. @ Weimer, well when I rate the girlfriends of people at work or friends, or even people in the street, I don’t have a binary scale of Hot or Not. Not even close. Attraction isn’t binary, there’s a sliding scale.
          Feels dumb writing this as a reply, I thought this was self evident.

        3. I guess it’s just too complicated a subject or I’m just not articulating it well enough. I did not say binary. I said there is a huge gray area of ‘somewhere in between’ where it is like take it or leave it sex, whereas the ‘nots’ are no-go zones, and the ‘hots’ are absolutely even if married.

      2. Yeh i think you’re kinda right. A woman will only see you as either hot or ugly, especially for one night stands. No in-between.

        1. It’s funny you should mention that. I was actually talking about men ranking women. But the dichotomy you speak of is 100 percent accurate. Tinder is the perfect extrapolation of the female mind when it comes to this dichotomy: swipe left or right. You either exist for her to pursue or you do not exist at all. ‘Alpha’ (above her) or ‘beta’ (beneath her).

    8. 100% Accurate. On female standards: A male 9 would be tall, handsome, and rich… and funny, and smart, and philanthropic, and generous, and courageous, and have a soft side, and have a dark side, and love dogs, and has never been married, and loves women over 35, and has a 10 inch wanker…
      Considering women surveyed believe 80% of men are ugly, most of us would fall into the 5 category at best. Fame and fortune would be needed to carry us to the 7-10 range.

      1. Funny how substandard people like you who don’t believe in equality balk at the idea that you’re not up to women’s standards. Irony much? 😂

    9. You’re right. This guy is a poser and a huge faggot to boot. I lost 20 ml of testosterone trying to read his drivel.

  2. In one way, perhaps the only way, radical feminists are correct when they tell you that modern culture is highly patriarchal, down to the way we think.
    Women want to be dominated and fucked without their say. But the patriarchal brainwashing tells them it’s illogical and something inherently wrong to be dominated without will (typical male reasoning, projected on totally psychologically different species).

  3. This whole article is childish. It sounds like the author has been fucking teenie boppers — not actual, grown women that can actually decide if they want to fuck or not.
    The point i’m trying to make here, is, i’m not gonna fuck with a girl who needs her precious “Daddy” role. I’m simply gonna ask her to fuck, and that’s it. I’m not gonna “make the first move” and try to read her mind. I’m just gonna ask if she wants to fuck. If that makes me a weak man, because I didn’t fulfill what she secretly wanted by simply “taking what I wanted” instead of asking? Bitch gotta go. I fuck grown women who need a dick, not children who can’t make up their minds.

  4. Metoo has certain made the office envirment even more 1984ish over the last year. You’re nuts if you don’t have a little healthy paranoia in every interaction with a female coworker, I know I am. The atmosphere is present in Europe too in the office setting. Something has to give.

    1. Vladimir Putin is watching this feminist totalitarianism from his office and he’s not afraid to press a Red Button to cleanse the planet of feminist #MeToo garbage.

      1. Do you think that after the expulsion of Russian diplomats across NATO will Putin react to this? Russia is one country for feminists not to fuck with. Russian soldiers will be brutal in the fight against these red haired fish lipped SJWs in America of Gay and Cuckada.

    1. At least you admit you are incel. Unlike the rest of these pantywaists like this author who calls himself a 9/10 “alpha” who has never even seen a pussy outside of a 5th grade anatomy diagram.

  5. “I’m an 8 , maybe a 9 (…)”
    Well, a successfull billionaire sportsman rockstar enterpreneur, writing an article for this humble site.
    Thank you very much, how lucky we are.
    Anyway, how`s your sex life ?

    1. hahaha exactly lol. Sportsman threw me off a little bit. Like professional fly-fisherman or target sharp-shooter?

  6. >OP describes himself as a 9.
    >believes #metoo affects him
    #metoo is a global feminazi attack on ugly men.

    1. Ya, that is why Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp almost got taken to the cleaners by their significant other. All men are attacked these days bro, the only difference is that good looking men are actually allowed to fuck the pussy (multiple times in some cases) before they get blamed for sexual harassment.

  7. Always go for anal, and ignore protests of “it hurts” and “I’ve never done it”.
    She’ll chase you for dominant sex, then you can joke about their monumental #metoo.
    Not sarc

  8. Avoid women who
    >are young or immature enough that they are actually influenced by celebrities who tweet about the guy that grabbed their ass while they were trying to manipulate their way up the entertainment industry food-chain. Normal, mature women know the game and will ignore this obvious attempt to create a false crisis when this is just the exchange of power for sex that women and men knowingly participate in.
    >have BPD. Learn the signs.
    >take women’s studies
    >are obvious lunatics, feminists, activists.
    If you exclude these categories, I still think that the average girl wants to fuck and be dominated in bed. You have to be a little more careful and on guard but it really should not make you live a life of incel. That’s what this giant psyop is trying to accomplish – make you believe that the average girl will accuse you. It’s all a bunch of (((tricks))).

    1. @DB
      The BPD thing should be mandatory study for all males. Paul Elam covers this in his videos quite well.
      I worked at one time in an all female prison and the BPD was soooooo blatantly obvious. It is almost a genetic trait. Assume most women have it and act accordingly.

      1. BPD is also pervasive in male prisons and considering that men make up the majority of the prison system perhaps you should stop pointing the finger.

  9. I can’t even rule out the possibility that this article is written by a guy posing as a “bro” who is trying to get us to agree that the sexual marketplace is more of a minefield than it is. You never know in this day and age who the hell internet personalities really are. There are limited hangouts who write 10 articles that seem to support the cause but their 11th is a psyop. I’m not accusing this particular author, I’m just making the point that these things are being done by disinfo agents in general and that it’s nearly impossible to distinguish them from real bros. Hence the need to think for yourself.

  10. The poundmetoo movement will ruin many, many sex lives. This might actually be the intent, to lay the groundwork for more “men are evil” bullshit.

    1. Approaching women is considered a hate crime in England, and accusations of staring at nude women is considered sexual assault in (((Toronto))). What will these feminists accuse Vladimir Putin of when he send a nuclear missile on their way at their #metoo rallies?

  11. Personally, I cannot understand why people feel an insatiable need to apply labels to themselves FOR OTHERS…
    Why do people have to prove their identity? I don’t have to, I give examples some times to give my comments depth and background, but I’m just a guy other than that. F**K all the rest of the crap. Either accept my comments as being written by a guy or don’t. I give less than a f**k.

  12. Author calls himself alpha which is pathetic enough, but the fact that he thinks he is a 9 is simply retarded.
    Tbh you are a solid 6. Not even close to a 9.

    1. He’s likely a self-absorbed millenial uniqueflake that believe he is god’a gift to women (and the rest of us for sharing his non-sensical bullshit. I don’t bash people blindly but flakes claiming they’re all that really doesn’t pass.

  13. Lots of funny spots in this article but I just died here:
    “The point here is not that I’m a God to women, because I’m not. I’m an 8 , maybe a 9…..”
    So he’s not a god to women, except that he is. HAHAHAHA!

    1. Reminds me of when an acquaintance mentioned Jonah Falcon’s penis being 14 inches, and then some other blagging cunt pipes up saying “Wow! Makes mine feel tiny as it’s only 10 inches”.
      So insecure about his 10 incher he is, that he always insists on pissing in the stalls.

  14. The author is just trying to communicate that he has never had trouble getting with women, but now every interaction must be weighed to avoid the very real spectre of a false harassment or rape accusation.
    Yet you’re obsessing about him rating himself as an 8 or 9. C’mon guys. Man-up.

    1. Staring at a woman is considered rape in (((Toronto))). Hundreds of partially nude harpies in Canada falsely accuse innocent men of sexual assault for staring. I’m surprised that no one in Canada went postal on those liars.

  15. So he’s an 8 or 9 and thinks that doesn’t make a HUGE difference in attractive females accepting aggressive advances???
    Try that looking like quasimoto and see what happens next…

    1. Yeh a 4 or 5 would never have got his foot in the door let alone have the luxury of getting away with being sexually assertive.

  16. The feminist of the West has waged war on men. Vladimir Putin will be our only hope. Please don’t be angry at Russia if they are forced to show the feminist who is boss.

  17. Feminists have waged war on men in the West. Russia offers beautiful and feminine women. Take your pick, a feminist shit hole society called Trudeau, Hilary Clinton or Theresa May, Merkel, Macron and Soros, or Russia.

  18. You sound like a needy bitch.
    “Wah my sex life is ruined now I can’t trick women into liking me through game wah.”
    I thought real men didn’t complain or were needy according to this site.

  19. And those whom orchestrated this movement are reading this article and thinking, SCORE! I think you have two choices. Ignore them and be unafraid of prison and loosing your lifestyle, or stop seeing women. The only true free decision is to ignore them. Tell yourself, prison is the worst thing that can happen and you could go there and make it. You might even come out of prison better, like fluent in several languages or with a PhD, who knows.

    1. You’re infinitely more likely to come out of prison with a reamed-out butthole and some tattoos.

  20. “I’m an 8 , maybe a 9 when I pay attention to my diet” – if judging by profile picture here on ROK, youre anything but, sorry :D!
    And blaming #metoo movement for chickening, seriously?

    1. You’re a homosexual if you rate the attractiveness of another man. Putin would teach you homos a lesson by shoving a nuclear missile rocket into your Uranus you homo!

      1. So now we’ve established that posters “Pavlov” and “SixMillion?” are the same goofball.

  21. “The point here is not that I’m a God to women, because I’m not. I’m an 8 , maybe a 9 when I pay attention to my diet. Nor am I slut by any stretch…”
    This reveals your equalist egalitarian mindset. First of all men can’t be sluts. Sex works very differently for heterosexual men than for heterosexual women. To men sex is an act of conquering to women it’s an act of submission. Because of this both the physical as well as the psychological affects are totally different; healthy women for instance get emotionally attached quickly…which is why casual sex is so damaging to women…her ability to bond becomes weaker as she engages in this practice. Secondly, mens attractiveness isn’t situated in large part in their physique. More importantly is the way you carry yourself and the size of your wallet; signs of protection and provision. Physical beauty is way less important to women than it is for men.

  22. Oh Lord, the comments are just hillarious….
    Anyways, alpha or not he has a point. The #metoo movement is making people think but not necessarily the right people nor in the right way!
    The flaws I see with this movement is:
    1) men are not part of this conversation. Again alpha or not, straight or gay, men are victims of abuse and rape too. It isn’t a women’s problem!
    1 in 4 women are raped but the numbers for men are 1 in 6, think about that for a second. When it comes to emotional abuse men score higher than women!
    2) what is inappropriate and what is not, when does it stop being playful fun and turn into rape or harassment?
    That line is being blurred because the conversation is one sided when it needs to be open. Assuming that someone has bad intentions doesn’t mean that they HAVE bad intentions.
    3) due to this one sided convo all men are becoming perpetrators and all should pay the price for the actions of the few rotten apples!
    I do not believe that all man are evil, I actually think that all men are good until they show me the opposite. It has happened but its very rear, in fact so that I would assume that 1 in 1.000.000. is that person you need to look out for but the same goes for my assumption of women!
    4) the most innocent things are being painted as abusive and or criminal behaviour on the guys part and freeing the woman of all responsible for her partaking.
    It is wrong of a woman to put the blame on her lack of being honest to the guy and to herself.
    In most of the extream cases I’ve seen linked to this movement it’s a simple NOT go home with the guy they barely knew after a night of drinking and flirting and don’t get undressed! Say [email protected]#$ No! If you don’t want to have sex and stop making yourself the [email protected]#$ victime!
    No man has ever fought me on my NO!
    It’s not like any of you turn into Hulk if told NO to sex even after hours of teasing and you got royal blue balls!
    IF that happens, well then it is rape!
    But lets make one thing ckear, a woman laughing and getting undressed and saying “hihihi I don’t know” at the same time they pull the guy in closer is not a NO and it’s not on the guy to say “I think we should stop” since the woman is sending very misconceiving information to the guy.
    It seems to me that lack of communications and sex education is the real problem combined with victim idolisation.

  23. It’s all on the women. That twit should have realized that her sistahs have put the onus on her to spell it out ahead of time, and no stupid childish sassy s#!t. Date or no date. It ‘s all on the woman. Sex or no sex. It’s all on the woman. Baby or no baby. It’s all on the woman. Stop fretting about a snotty wench who can’t get with her own program. Move on.

    1. The same fucking feminist cunts would falsely accuse Vladimir Putin of #metoo if they had the chance, but Putin will put those feminist cunts 6 feet under! Mother Russia is not to be fucked with feminists!

  24. Vladimir Putin will strike fear into the hearts and minds of every #metoo cat lady who ever existed in US of Gays, Cuckada and United Cuckistan. Vladimir Putin is not a man to be fucked with you red haired, fish lipped cunts. Vladimir Putin will teach you #metoo a lesson if you dare fuck with the Mother Russian Bear.

  25. My ex-gf would not have sex with me. It didn’t ‘feel’ right to her, coincidentally, she still had feelings for her ex. However, after about four months into the relationship, she basically wanted to have sex, but was worried that I would fall for her if we had sex. She was essentially a coddled sub. She wanted me to take control and just ‘do it’ while at the same time afraid of sex because it was sometimes painful for her and worried about hurting my feelings she was pretty incapable of emotional attachment. After we broke up, we remained ‘friends’ and she straight up told me I should have just fucked her. Then maybe we’d be together. Women are kinda crazy. They’ll rationalize anything they want. And yes, never ask a woman permission. I once had a woman ridicule me for not making out with her the same night my mom was in the hospital. They’re entitled brats.

    1. Unfortunately, I have learned that women see men as robots that function on command. They expect your cock to be ready when they are, but also expect you to back off when they have other plans, but still be ready to go ‘if’ they call you up from the bench. If you ‘malfunction’ in any way (physically or emotionally or do anything that ‘ruins’ her fantasy) she never again sees you as worthy of sex. You really have to capitalize on it immediately or it will never happen. It’s like purchasing a big fudge Sunday on a sweltering day when you have the stomach flu… It will not wait to melt for you to get better.
      But what you can do to maintain this mentality and always be ready is never ever let a woman ‘be your friend.’ You must excise her from your life the second she indicates she will not have sex with you… or else her presence in your life just becomes a descending loss. Women will have sex with a man they are attracted to immediately, regardless of circumstances, because they are aware of this melting ice cream ‘clock’ too that is their quixotic libido. After that, she archives you as permanently beta and puts you into orbit.

    2. that’s bullshit man. that’s just her way of getting you to blame yourself so she gets off the hook for feeling shitty. women always feel shitty after a breakup but in their minds if you can either volunteer to take the blame, or they can morally justify (by their own standard) putting it on you- then they have absolutely no conscience about it at all. women have absolutely no integrity. that’s why they always expect men to have it. they are entirely emotional, situational ethically minded creatures who look for any excuse to violate what they know to be wrong. in other words- killing puppies is wrong because they are cute. but killing trump would be great because they despise him. but in reality- trump is a human being who should be valued- even if you don’t like him, while killing puppies would be distasteful- it is no less a sin than killing a chicken- and we have a holocaust of chickens. the point is- your ex knows she fucked up. it was 100% her fault, and instead of learning from it she wants to reinforce her behavior by indulging in the fantasy that it was your fault- thereby allowing her to repeat the cycle over and over with other men. why? because it is familiar. it’s unhealthy- and deep down she knows it but can’t face it because she still lives in the past.

  26. The authors on here are horrible, I think Roosh has given up. This guy just wrote an essay on how he has to think now before acting. WE ALL DO!!!! It is SO OBVIOUS how the #metoo power grab has ruined everything. Think about it… the best sex in the world is not worth the anxiety of fearing a harassment or rape charge or actually getting hit with one. If you want to fuck a girl, make sure to take snapshots of her social media, your texts, how you met, etc. This will prove that she is in fact an unsavory woman and her bullshit claim won’t hold up in court.

    1. BlackPiller:
      I do not think the authors on RoK are horrible. Roosh has posted last week that he is in process of moving back to the USA from Eastern Europe after being away for like 7 years! I have moved between 3 countries in 6 year period (due to my dad working Consulate abroad) and it is a nightmare to move from/to overseas. May just be timing issue. I would NOT so quickly disparage the whole site based on 1 article that
      Honestly, after becoming widowed at age 35 after 12 year great marriage (where my wife helped me achieve more then I could on my own), RoK has been a lifesaver for me. I cannot say enough GOOD things about this site, because thanks to the info here, I have managed to reset my mindset and actually game women now the way they want to be gamed: as a cocky player that doesn’t give two fucks about her. It works wonders and I feel zero anxiety being back in the “single market” today thanks to the info here. I saved money, time, and aggravations that I would have experienced if I had tried to meet girls and treat them as I did back when I was 23. Thanks to RoK and the Red Pilled community online, I calibrated my game and everything is going well.
      So please, be mindful that doing a “circular firing squad” on fellow men who are simply trying to help other men is unhelpful and unproductive.
      After being out of dating market 12 whole years, everything has changed for the worse so I have had to adjust my game considerably. It is like I woke up from a hybernation sleep in the movie “Passengers” and the whole was completely changed. When I was in HS (graduated class 1999), “asshole game” or “player game” were unnecessary and most girls did not go for it. Girls wanted to be treated wlel (I know that sounds crazy, but that was the reality of the situation). Sure, I was cocky and confident and jacked, but there was a “healthy” aspect to spending time dating a girl. Being labeled a player in most small town or suburban American HS was the “kiss of death” for dudes wanting the sweet, nice, feminine girls our country used to produce in large numbers. False rape accusations were very rare. Dating was something that everyone (men and women) both enjoyed considerably, and it helped men and women to develop skills (including compromise, forgiveness, personal development, and pair-bonding, for example) that are needed for LTR/marriage later in life.
      When you consider the hook-up mentality of today, instant-gratification, and a total lack of pair-bonding between men and women, it explains a lot why Western societies are in total and complete free-fall decline. The terrible quality of our women today is both a result of Feminism and also why dating has basically vanished completely. The dudes simply do not want to put any effort for such low quality women. -_-
      #MeToo is simply another step forward in the FemiNazi war on men. It DEFINITELY has created a fear that ANY woman can ruin your life at anytime, for any reason.
      But that IS the point of crap like #MeToo or “yes Means Yes” laws (as in California today). The goal was to oppress men, create an atmosphere of fear, and allow women to abuse men.
      This #MeToo hysteria is not any different then the divorce laws; it is designed to oppress men, to make married men afraid in their own marriage, to steal from men, and to enslave them financially to the woman for years. #MeToo simply seeks to send men to prison and create a culture of suspicion and fear, while divorce/child support laws seek to financially enslave men.
      I can tell you with 100% certainty that a false accusation of ANY crime does more damage then most think. Many people (incorrectly) think that an arrest only will not hurt them! HAH! 🙄 The instant you are booked for ANY criminal arrest, your mugshot, DOB, full name, your home, address, last 4 of your SS#, and the charges against you are. Anyone with $2 bucks can buy a “background check” in numerous websites online in seconds, using your name only.
      The arrest (not conviction) will create numerous problems for you for life, such as:
      *Denial of gun purchase during NICS check;
      *Questions during job interviews “so Mr. Smith, I see here you got arrested for domestic violence in [date]. When do you think it is ok to hit a woman?” 🙄
      *Confiscation of ALL your guns at time of arrest; will need lawyer to get them back!
      *Complications getting a concealed carry permit;
      *Denial of licenses for real estate, medicine, nursing, law, Trade occupation, CDL, etc (the process is to deny license until you can provide fingerprint-based FBI background check, clearing you of arrest-related charges); the process can take MONTHS!
      *Cost of tens of thousands of Dollars in attorney fees (if you go with free Public Defender, you will likely plea guilty to SOMETHING, to close case and not beat the charges. This is why we call them “Public Pretenders”, they pretend to defend you.
      *Cost of bonding out of jail post arrest. The average sexual assault bond is about $20k, if you have collateral (say a house) to put as security!!!
      *Trouble renting an apartment;
      *Many other consequences.
      That is a simple arrest, even if charges are dropped next day!! ❗ The arrest record show up in these “background check websites” for life (even if judge orders your criminal arrest record sealed, the website already have the info on arrest).
      So… NO, the best sex in the world CANNOT make up for even an arrest. It does not matter if you have all the proof she is a whore and sex was consensual. The arrest for rape (false accusation) is enough to wreck your life.
      That is why #MeToo and TimsUp is so dangerous. That is why California passed “yes Means Yes” law, where ALL sex is deemed rape until proven otherwise in court (or deemed “not rape” iof woman does not say anything).
      This is like the French Revolution style of criminal system. An accusation ruins your life if you are lucky, the Guillotine if unlucky! 😡 The false rape laws in the West makes the NDVK/Cheka Soviet police seem like a bunch of friendly cats.
      Keep the evidence, record all sexual encounters, but know that it can all go tits up. Risk-reward i the calculation we all need to make. But attacking RoK or the writers is simply not useful. :-/

      1. Christian Cool- I feel bad for you buddy, you are 35 living with your dad and reading advice of kids ten years younger than you, and you are actually saying it helps you. I guess if it helps its good. Maybe it will even help you get laid at a frat party at 35 since most of the authors on this site are kids. Keep it cool Christian.

        1. BlackPiller:
          I am not 35 living with my dad. I lived with my dad when I was a kid. I left USA almost age 10 and came back the week before my 16th birthday. My father worked for US Consulate, so we moved 3 countries (Brazil, Argentina, and southern Spain). I am fluent in 3 languages.
          I live alone (with a cat, no kids, no roommates), and in my own paid for house. I was married 12 years and widowed now.
          I do not care about the age of whose advice I read about. Some of the younger guys experienced different quality of women then I did when I was 10-15 years ago. I experienced quality American women in “middle America”. (Read my post above). I like reading about their experiences because I compare notes, dude. When I daygame during high school and college, the girls were nice, clean, and many were sweet and feminine.
          The younger generation experienced nasty, bitchy cunts from day 1. How did they deal with that? How do they asshole game them (something I am not good at; I am good at cocky game, confidence and gab). That is why I read ALL different ideas and take in consideration all opinions and ideas. 🙂
          Because I am going on 36 now and I am honestly trying to figure out what to do from this point on, in terms of dating. Part of me wants to go back to pre-22 year old world and look for quality girls to LTR, but not marry (and that is because of my Christian background). I have always preferred relationships to hook-ups. But truth be told, I have been red-pilling myself for so long now (even before becoming single again) to know that I am probably gonna be stuck with hook-ups/short-term dating and if I want a kid later on, to have one with an LTR girl that does not live with me. It is a frustrating as hell to know the quality of women in my own country has deteriorated to this point. I am actually considering taking some time and heading to Ukraine to clear my head…. ❓
          One thing is for sure… I seriously doubt I will get married again because it is such a bad deal for men in general. My experience marrying the right woman when I was 23 was a “miracle” to say the least. My late wife helped me make gains in my own life and I will always be eternally grateful for. But despite my experience being a good one, I have become rabidly anti-marriage because I worked 6 years as Paralegal and doing Law School now. I have seen and dealt with enough cases to become anti-marriage and my work has re-informed my strong views on closed borders and the need for large-scale deportations. I know this seem contradictory to have had a great marriage, but at same time, have become anti-marriage.
          In any case….
          My point is: I see a lot of attacks on writers, many in a circular firing-squad style, where men simply trying to share their experiences with each other get mocked, attacked, and derided for simply offering THEIR opinion and advice.
          Women, they fight as an organized unit, all shooting in same direction. They coordinate and work together. Men, we are disorganized, we attack each other, instead of developing workable, coordinated attack against the REAL ENEMY, which are FemiNazis and their supporters and apologists. OK??? 😉
          That is my point. If men worked together, we could have a coherent message to actually organize an effective front to effect political, legal, and social change to actually FIX problems, like courts that routinely abuse and discriminate against men, false rape accusations, and divorce rape. Otherwise, we fight alone, each doing their own thing. game is individual, it helps on an individual level. We need a coherent strategy to work together, as the fems do, to effect real change.
          Ps. I do not frat parties. Never have, do not want to start now going on 36. I am NOT going after some stupid-ass law student leftist bitches. They are the dumbest creatures ever. Most of them are there because their rich daddy or mommy went to school here and gave cash donations to school (legacy bitches). Worst part is, I have to tiptoe dealing with these fem-morons because if I piss off one of them bitches too much, later in life, I could be trying a case in front of this same incompetent bitch, who got a job as a local Judge because of parents connections or political donations. It is sickening. I despite these dumbass law student bitches too much. So nah, I am good. -_-
          Ps2. BTW, I daygame, friend. I have done it since I was 16. I would hit on cashier girls at Publix (grocery store chain), at school, mall, everywhere. I learned to daygame and kiss well with Brazilian women, during a time when Americans were cool there and girls made out like crazy.
          Daygame is the way to go. I usually approach 8-10 girls a day, many at store/supermarket. It is a numbers game. It works. I get 6-8 range girls 28-35 with no problems. But these are simply women I would NEVER ever LTR, much less marry. Their quality is insanely inferior to what I have experienced since high school.
          I am sorry you are going for the Black Pill. I am not quite there yet. 🙂 I am sorry you have given up hope. But continuing the circular-firing squad helps no one.

  27. He’s too busy stroking his own ego by proclaiming himself to be an “alpha male” to pay attention to little things like grammar.

  28. Joseph William, the game is still the same but you failed the shit test. If a woman accused me of rape if tell everyone! In fact broadcast it, tell my employer, my family and get her was in front of the police to write the damn report.
    Mind you I’m ape-ing Patrice Oneals confidence.

  29. “First off—let me start by saying rape is bad—in any and all situations”
    Dreadful way to begin an article.
    BTW metoo feminists have ruined your sex life because that’s what they were aiming for. Feminism aims to eliminate or constrain all heterosexual sex, except under conditions where it is compelling as eating tofu or something. It’s sabotage and you’ve written and article announcing that they’ve been successful

  30. Why overthink things? I don’t give a shit what people in NYC or Hollywood are doing and neither should any normal man. The #metoo movement is stupid on it’s face.
    If a woman is on your bed and making out with you then she is DTF. I have never in my life had a woman turn me down when in that situation other than my FIRST girlfriend, and we were both virgins and like 15 years old. C’mon guys stop reading the news so much and just get out there and meet some women. They want to fuck nearly as much as we do.

    1. Once more into the breach?
      Or are you saying over the top! Do you apes want to live forever? That Is What I Hear.

    2. Agreed. Or they want to even MORE than we do because of all the betas out there that ended in failed evenings.

  31. the problem of youth. still have it in your head that pussy is the greatest thing ever. sure it’s good. but your hand or fleshlight still gets the job done. with less headache. the fundamental gripe this guy is making is… that women are simply becoming more trouble than they are worth. listen to his story. what kind of person is in the middle of spreading their legs, and then all of a sudden decides they don’t want sex? the decision to have sex was clearly already made. unless the guy says something like ‘am i in? i can’t tell’ it hurts nobody to just go with it and even if the guy is a dweeb, he might surprise you. american girls are simply totally destroyed of any REAL value to men. time and money is better spent on vacations in other countries looking for girls who would love to marry an american man. it is statistically more profitable. women also go to shit as they age. so their intrinsic value decreases as well. the whole ‘marry your best friend’ thing is GREAT… but there needs to be underlying memories of uncontrollable urges to penetrate her to use a foundation. if you weren’t attracted to your grandma as a young man, why would you be attracted to a grandma as an old man? i personally think the goal of every man should be to marry his high school sweetheart…. have a great life together where you produce enough money that after she kicks the bucket you can spend the remaining days banging expensive- hot- young girls who care more about money than age.

    1. Jim:
      When I was 17-23 age range, I was on Vitamin “S” a lot of the time. My test levels were so insanely high, I was in a state of stress for female relief all the time. This was before Tinder, so I would daygame non-stop, almost like a FT job. It yielded tons of results, because I simply did not care if I got nuke-rejected, I would walk up to next girl down the grocery store, mall, school, etc and start running game again, like nothing ever happened. The numbers game worked in my favor over time. Back then. the pussy was a NEED, not a want. Once I got off the Vitamin S, the insane need for the wet hole came under control, so I could enjoy pounding it while calibrating my own desire for it, thus, controlling my own life better. The test levels were still high, but controllable.
      Marriage is not a safe and stable situation anymore. Do not get married after age 27; definitely do NOT get marry the first time if you (or her) is over 30. Marriage in your 20s is an attempt at a life together; marriage after 30 is a financial merger. Financial mergers end the moment she is “not haaaaaapy”. Then she will take 1/2, even if she came in with no money of her own.
      And yes, if you marry a woman, she is declining investment as she ages, unless you truly luck out and marry a traditional Christian woman that can actually help you, as a man, to achieve more in your career and build up serious cash and success. I benefited from having such a woman in my life, she worked and allowed me to work PT and do school at night. I was able to accomplish incredible things for being 35 years old, both financially, but also in education and socially. But I know such a woman is extremely hard to find in modern world.
      Despite having an extremely successful marriage, I do NOT recommend marriage anymore, because it has become an unstable and dangerous institution in modern America. The whole marriage system has become a huge trap for men, create to enslave and destroy men. I know this seems contradictory, but my experience is the 1%, while 99% of men will be hurt by marriage. If you want to have a kid, do it while she has her own house and try to work it out. Child support may be forced upon you if you cannot work it out with woman, but it is better to only pay child support, then pay child support AND be forced to give her at least 1/2 your stuff + years of alimony so she can bang dudes at your expense, in your former house. 😡
      Bottom line: Cost-benefit analysis says to avoid women when possible, get relief when needed from them, and nicely and slowly ghost your way out. Keep it nice as you move on, so rape accusations are less likely. The women of modern America have become waaaaaaaaaaaaay more trouble then they are worth! Having a woman in your life today = massive expenses, risk of false accusation/prison, almost no rewards/benefits.
      May the odds of evading false rape charges always be in your favor………..

  32. This was a great article. Women love a man to be a man.
    At 35, I’ve been on dates with hundreds of women in the last 17 years. It’s not really an accomplishment. I wasted so much money, when I should have just met them for a drink. Now I’ve probably hooked up with somewhere between 35-50. Not all hotties. And that includes when I was on tour with a band, traveling the world, and now having a decent career. I’ve watched American women go from fun, excited, and feminine… to spiteful, crabby, and masculine in just that short period of time. That’s probably why I’ll eventually move to another part of the world.
    Men go the opposite direction. They start off timid and pessimistic. Then they become confident and powerful. If you look at the #meetoo shit, those women are all alpha females over the age of 30.
    So go to the college towns, and hook up with a younger, naive woman that won’t even remember your name next week. She’s exploring her sexual liberation to prove how wise and independent she is. Or hit up a hooker and give her a fake name.

    1. “Or hit up a hooker and give her a fake name.”
      I use my real name.
      I used fake names when I started out and through my early to mid 20s. “A. Banks” was my favorite one to use. But for the last 25 years or so I just don’t give a damn. So real name it is.

    2. David, I know the feeling exactly! I was married 12 years before becoming widowed and even though I am just 35 years old, I feel as if I woke up in a new millennia after just 12 year being off dating market. 😮
      Whether I am talking my Junior year of HS in small city in Kentucky or my Sr. year in my city high school in Central Florida, we had TONS of genuinely nice and sweet girls to choose from. TONS! I am a solid 8, have always been, and I dated 7-9s on a regular basis from my high school. The girls were nice, mostly fit, very feminine. I have had several girls invite me over to their place and they would cook (simple things) and we would watch a movie in her living room and make out and all and then I would bail before her folks got home and we would date in school.
      Sure, there were a handful of “school whores”, but we all knew who they were and no one would mess with these, except for a quick hook-up. But there was a huge supply of nice girls in my school, even in community college, you could hit-up girls in class and as the girls got older/post-high school, some were more willing to let me take them out for a bang at the parking lot (I managed to in my Camaro many times). 😆
      Now, you go to a high school in an upper middle class/wealthy suburb or even a high school in a rural middle-class area, and the women are mostly entitled, bitchy, and aggressive cunts. Forget college, by the time they graduate high school, the girls have become disgusting and nasty whores, in an almost Hillary Clinton minded-style of nasty. College women today are not hot and sexy as you see in movies. Many become “Activists” and become radicalized FemiNazis in a matter of months in even small colleges. The few Sorority girls that are truly hot only hook-up with Frat boys and they are a limited supply and a high-demand commodity (which turns them into even more of royal cunts in no time at all). :-/
      Funny thing David, you are talking about wasting money on dates. Personally, I LIKED paying for “basic dates” (with girls that were actually interested) because dating was sorta mating dance. Listening to each other’s stories and trying to figure out the girl out and all that, drinking a milkshake, laughing, and then going back to the car to make out… then after a couple dates, we would sneak into my place after a couple dates for a bang or hers if her parents were away. 😉
      But the QUALITY of the girls was incredibly good. The fact that today, in 2018, our women have dropped so far in quality is a foreboding sign for our country and our culture.
      By the way, this may sound like the 1950s to those from NY or CA… but nah, this was 1999 “middle America” high school (I was class ’99)! 😮 This is how much the country has changed for the worse. These days, I barely trust the girls from my church, forget the ones form Tinder, for example. They are worthless whores, whose only value is to be pumped hard and dumped nicely that same night (to avoid a false rape claim).
      I will say this (which will likely attract much scorn today, especially from the under 30 crowd): This whole dating thing was a VERY healthy thing for both men and women. Yes, I could have laid many more women then I did in high school and college, but I often preferred relationships then quick hook-ups. That is because the quality of the girls I was with was extremely high. Rven my 7s were sweet and sentimental, which made me even more attracted to them.
      In fact, many of the girls I got together with would not put out ONS that easily back then and I had aggressive game (before “game” was even a thing). I have been on the “Vitamin S” on and off since I was 17, so I was jacked and very very forward with the girls (I had to be, I was always desperate for a lay due to super high test). Most girls wanted a relationship before they put out, especially the virgins (yes, we had actual 17 year old female virgins in my HS, not that many, but we had a few). But it was worth it.
      This dating thing was a great way to learn how to develop the “give and take” that is needed to have an LTR relationship with any quality woman. The reason LTRs have become impossible today is because of the hook-up culture, which have created a scenario where most modern men and women do not have any “relationship skills” and they do not have the ability to deal with a relationship that last more then a couple weeks, save a 2-hour-long hook-up from Tinder.
      To those who do not know what “dating” is, check out the movie “Grease” when Danny and Sandy at the Diner scene. That is what a date was. It was fun and it did not cost me that much and I enjoyed it very much. It was awesome to be able to eat out a girl that had such a low notch count, she was clean and HPV/STD free. It was great to kiss a girl and not have to constantly worry if she had herpes in her lips and if she has any flare-ups…. or whether she will infect my dick with gonorrhea from her throat after a blowjob. It was awesome to give your girlfriend some cheap flowers I got earlier that day only to have her reward me with a passionate night of sex.
      The interesting thing was that dating also taught men to take charge and lead the relationship. The guy had to call the girl, set the date (to a place he had reservations for already, so he made the decision), get his shit together for the date (clear car with plenty of gas, a back-up plan if dinner/activity that night went sideways, condoms, breath mints, etc). The man made all the decisions, the woman came along for the ride. The man initiated everything. The woman, in return would dress really nice, she would clean up to a T, so you could feast on her taco without any bad odors… she would sometimes bring something she made to snack on before we did ___ activity (like cookies she made at home, or whatever). It was kissing with passion, making out like crazy, truly enjoyable bangs with clean, feminine women. You felt like a real man and she felt like a real woman and it was truly a great time.
      Wow…. I feel nostalgic now. :-/ I also feel old. 35 now feels like 90! WTF happened…. 🙁

      1. Nice look-back, @ChristianCool…uncanny how much this echoed my own HS and college experiences. It’s not just about sheer notch count, it’s about standards and consistently high quality, high-SMV notch count. No matter the age, you’re now too used to the “good stuff” to settle for leftovers and damaged goods, and here’s to staying that way. The dry spells are longer but the type of women you are nostalgic for do still exist. Clearly, you’ll keep screening out the rare ones that refuse to meld with 3rd-wave feminism, for starters.
        One small correction, though — oral/lip herpes (cold sores) is more of a social disease than sexually-transmitted one (unlike genital herpes)…about 60% of the population gets cold sores. It’s much more innocent — little kids get it from drinking out of their aunt’s cup at Christmas, or shared utensils in high school…point is, you can contract it from a respectable girl who is a virgin.

  33. Balony you have banged 100 women.
    Lets say Mr Average you started at 15 and am now 30. That puts you at 6.67 women per year.
    Either your lying, are a rock star pick up artist or are unable to satisfy a women beyond a one night stand.
    I’m guessing with your bad grammar and tiny hurt ego (Reading from the comments section) that you are delusional.

    1. Not here to defend the author, but why is a mere 100 bangs so hard to comprehend? Ever know a dude who could bring A-game selectivity and knock out 3 *quality* lays in a long weekend of “sport fucking” at age 21 because he’s a pussy magnet and women can’t seem to avoid the gravity of his hot streak? With 52 weekends in a year, it doesn’t take too many like that to start racking up numbers. You can get up to 100 by age 25, easy, and it tends to happens to men who don’t even have that planned out as a goal in the first place. Good/respectable girls + bad/slutty girls arrive on the scene at the same time, they’re hungry, and suddenly it’s like compounding interest — the intended can sense your will/ability to bang, and getting laid leads to yet MORE getting laid (momentum of power is real). Notch count can accelerate unexpectedly.

      1. In SEA girls charge around $25-$50 a shag. The only limit to your ‘notch count’ is your endurance. A 45yo pal of mine did around 400 in one year, I was with him at the start of most nights out, no bragging I saw many of them the next morning. It got so bad we would be walking along the road and girls would come up and say ‘Hi’, and he would turn to me and ask ‘did I fuck her?’. You guys living in the West have no real idea about the availability of pussy in the rest of the world.

    2. I’m not necessarily proud of it – but it is truth. And women rarely ask for a spelling test before sex.

  34. “Nor am I slut by any stretch”
    A lesbian is writing articles on ROK? That’s novel.
    In the event that this is not the case, only women can be “sluts”. A man can be a “philanderer”, a “lothario”, or even a gauche “manwhore”, but he cannot be a “slut”.
    This SJW redefinition of the term “slut”, when did it start?

  35. In football, there’s always a risk of serious injury, but you can’t think about it all the time. You’re more likely to be seriously injured when you overthink it. Similarly here, there is always a risk of a crazy chick crying rape, but if you dwell on it it probably increases the likelihood…because your indecisiveness will turn her off to you.

  36. Hey, Zach Braff, just remember; language is a virus from outer space. At least for Marxists it is. Which is exactly what the #METOO movement is for. Shake it off.

  37. Dude, if you can’t tell if a woman want’s to have sex or not…
    Men with problems with #MeToo, are just rapey dudes. No one that actually is good with women has any problem with this movement. Like if the thought goes through your head that if you initiate sex with a woman she may say you raped her. Then, you probably shouldn’t be with that woman. Just Sayin’.

  38. I just realized that my current place of residence does not have this #meetwo malarkey. Greece may be failing, but at least people can still fuck (if they are not whining about their national situation, that is) like humans and not have to live like some asexual, androgynous mass of same-looking people, emotionless, walking in perfect rhythm with one another, talking like robots and asking permission to even look at each other.

    1. Yeah, it’s not really in Southern Europe much in my experience. In fact, the only occasions where it’s been brought up, the were women angry at the the #metoo women for being slutty and then expecting people to care.

  39. Are you identifying as a woman? No? then don’t self-name yourself ‘slut’ is not you, ‘stud’ perhaps.

  40. You do not know who a woman is on the first date.
    Therefore, you cannot even ‘like’ her, though you may be attracted to her breasts and/or buttocks.
    So, what you are saying is the ‘culture’ of having sex (with a rubber barrier) with women you do not know, with women you do not even know enough to like; is dead.
    Romeo is no Einstein.
    Let’s hope this process further leads to the non-reproduction of males like this and the females they consort with.
    No-one will miss any of you, as I think you are beginning to realise.

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