36 Soy Boy Pictures That Reveal An Epidemic Of Feminized Men

There is no doubt that decreasing testosterone levels among American men are causing them to behave in childish and feminine ways. This is most clearly displayed in the “soy boy face” pose that combines the feelings of excitement and fear into one faggotized package. Here are 36 pictures that show the soy boy epidemic is here to stay.





































A wide-open mouth is more commonly seen by women when they are sucking dick, so I expect that the men above will be most susceptible to homosexuality compared to average population.

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291 thoughts on “36 Soy Boy Pictures That Reveal An Epidemic Of Feminized Men”

    We’ve seen this in white-colonized countries like the Americas and Philippines.
    Whites basically bred out the natives. The local men, for whatever reason, were unable to compete and simply stopped breeding and wandered off to die.
    Now the blacks and Mestizos and Middle Easterners are doing this to white males.
    The white female prefers the black dong or the machismo of the Muslim or Mestizo brute and the white simply does not breed. He gets a vasectomy.

    1. White male reproductive and sexual replacement is going main stream. If like the founding fathers you agree that white society is a function of white genetics then you also believe that eventually white society (eg the Western First World) will simply die-off in the longer term. If you put multiculturalism fails a simple SWAT analysis because if they are wrong the consequences are quite ‘orrible . We know almost for certain that some ethnic groups cannot even with the blueprints build a first-world society. We have seen in democratic controlled cities across the country how once they run things that the city is trashed. They also expect to make that transition from immigrants to running things.
      With all animals such as ourselves culture is that little cherry on top in terms of core personality and behaviors. With that being true if all other animals the burden of proof to suggest otherwise is on the blank-slaters and those who advocate the “culture miracle”. They have blocked all researching of our side of the debate and declared themselves winners. You see the same behaviors and group formation and group hierarchies in Anglos from Texas, to Brazil to Berlin. You also see the behaviors and character differences and family structures and issues in blacks and their groups and gangs wherever they exist across this planet.
      If we suppose a few extreme religions can affect us deeply and make us behave contrary to our core genetics I could almost imagine that this may be true but, and it is a big but, the vast majority of us just act on instinct whether in Norway or Zimbabwe or Brazil.
      When a group is banned from having any voice like white men or having any collective conscientiousness then the end is nigh. Goodbye fellas. We and our civilizations are on the way out. Demographics are changing rapidly and to our chagrin.

      1. If I see the pictures above….should we really be worried about the decline of western guys.
        Hey, if you are in your 40ies it’s not your problem!
        In Germany 86% voted for immigrant friently parties. Let them burn!

        1. They are lied to on every level. They’re jail over there if they say anything against the official narrative. Its similar to how it was under the Soviet Union. They cannot admit to that as it would require admitting some truths to even see that they cannot talk freely. When you cannot even say that which you cannot even say to admit you have limited speech freedoms then that where I draw the line between a free and non-free society. The laws are kept very ambigous to use to scare and herd them. The media is highly controlled and attempts to gas-light them on the immigrants at every stage.
          They are told that these migrants will give more to their society than they take and will prop up their pension schemes rather than date women and thereby prevent lower men from dating and rather than eventually trying to take them under the caliphate and force them by sword to convert.
          They are also told that there are no biological behavioural differences between races even when it is true that there are on every level and they have then blocked this being discussed to even admit that they cannot discuss it.
          I think the very northern Europeans weakness is that they seek to fit in so badly they will not break the Overton window so they live as sheep being herded wherever their rulers want them to go. Now they go to the slaughter. Smile.

        2. Albert for you:
          Dietrich Bonhoeffer
          Of the stupidity
          Stupidity is a more dangerous enemy of good than malice. It can be protested against evil, it can be exposed, it can be prevented if necessary by force, evil always carries the germ of self-decomposition, leaving at least one discomfort in man. We are defenseless against stupidity. Neither protests nor violence can do anything here; Reasons do not catch; Facts that contradict one’s own prejudice simply do not need to be believed – in such cases, the stupid becomes even more critical – and if they are inevitable, they can simply be set aside as meaningless isolated cases. The stupid in contrast to the evil is completely satisfied with himself; yes, he even becomes dangerous, easily attacking with aggression. Therefore, the dumb is more careful than the evil. We will never again try to convince the stupid by reasons; it is meaningless and dangerous. To know how to deal with stupidity, we must seek to understand their nature. So much is certain that it is not essentially an intellectual, but a human defect. There are intellectually extraordinarily agile people who are stupid and intellectually very heavy-handed who are anything but stupid. We make this discovery to our surprise in certain situations. One gets less the impression that stupidity is a congenital defect than that in certain circumstances people are made stupid or can be fooled. We also observe that closed and lonely people show this defect less frequently than people or groups of people who are prone or disapproved of. So stupidity may seem less of a psychological than a sociological problem. It is a special form of the influence of historical circumstances on man, a psychological accompaniment of certain external circumstances. On closer inspection, it turns out that any strong outward development of power, be it political or religious, beats a large part of people with stupidity. Yes, it looks like it’s a sociological-psychological law. The power of one needs the stupidity of others. The process is not that certain – ie intellectual – plants of man suddenly wither or fail, but that under the overwhelming impression of the development of power man’s inner independence is robbed and that this now – more or less unconsciously – renounced, to find their own behavior to the resulting life situations. That the stupid is often stubborn, must not hide the fact that he is not independent. You can almost feel it in conversation with him, that one has not even to do with himself, with him personally, but with keywords, slogans, etc. which have become powerful over him. He is in a spell, he is blinded, he is abused in his own being, maltreated. Thus becoming an instrument without will, the stupid will be capable of all evil and at the same time incapable of recognizing it as evil. Here is the danger of a diabolic abuse. As a result, people will be destroyed forever. But it is also quite clear here that not an act of instruction, but only an act of liberation, could overcome stupidity. In the process one will have to accept that a genuine inner liberation in the vast majority of cases becomes possible only after the external liberation has preceded; until then we will have to renounce all attempts to convince the stupid. Incidentally, in this state of affairs it will also be justified that in such circumstances we try in vain to know what “the people” really thinks, and why this question is at the same time superfluous for the responsible thinker and doer – always only among them given circumstances.

        3. What is your point? Is a comparison to Hitler about all you can do and you think that makes you Holy and sound smart rather than it shows that you cannot engage man to man in terms of actual arguments? Anyway I do see the Germans as stupid also. 60 years of liberal brain washing has washed away their natural in-group preference which is as needed for survival as is a fear of heights.

        4. Great comment by Albert. Wish there were more of you. We might win the fight that we are so badly losing.

        5. Here is how any man can catch himself from unwittingly becoming a soy boy:
          1. Recognize that *all* movies are SCIENCE FICTION. Anytime you watch a movie, notice that the description is listed as ‘drama’ and ‘romance’ or ‘based on a true story’ when it should be listed as SCIENCE FICTION because women are casually portrayed, not just in superhero films, but in all movies as equal to men in intelligence, poise, strength, temperance, ability, achievement etc….and then wherever you are immediately LAUGH OUT LOUD throughout the film when this deceptive fiction manifests itself, and recite aloud that ‘THIS IS *NOT* HOW ACTUAL WOMEN BEHAVE OR THINK.’
          Women are not leaders, or ‘mavericks’ (movie I am watching right now), who pioneer businesses, kill bad guys, build homes or do anything other than worm their way into male spaces with the assistance of Cultural Marxism.
          Women do not wait by their phone when ‘hubby’ goes on a business trip or by the bedside of their ailing lover, nursing him back to health. They do not accept boxes of chocolate from secret admirers or flowers from shy dorks. They do not share passionate kisses on cliffs. They do not even acknowledge anybody who is nervous around them or even respect anybody unless he is not just direct with them but forceful and unapologetic, telling her what worthless whore she is verbally and nonverbally.
          They don’t even want any of that shit about ‘romance’ because it is putrescent (to the female sense of pheromones), anticlimactic and NONE of it gets them off, which is all they care about. Everything they say about ‘wanting’ it is just a tactical ‘ladylike’ precept used to sieve alpha from beta, so she knows who to pursue and who to ignore. Instead they want to be fucked by the grittiest convicts while simulating being chained, drawn and quartered because it’s the only way to reach their ‘mysterious’ orgasm since ‘normal’ sex doesn’t do it for them. They NEED ‘toys,’ torture porn and a caravan of steady cocksmen.
          2. LISTEN to catchy female lyrics (ignore all frilly theatrics of the songs) because it is the only time women actually tell the truth about their hatred for straight-laced men and their ACTUAL wants and ‘needs.’

          The only time I also recognize women telling the truth IRL is during actual sex – they ask you stop saying/doing something that ‘annoys’ them even slightly since it turns them off because the ecstasy of female orgasm is the only thing they care about, and it already took a miracle for her to be naked, so she will not squander it with being ‘ladylike'(i.e. lying to you) when she is so close.
          The only other time women cut through the bullshit of precepts is when they are angrily dissociating themselves from somebody. I usually prompt this from them in text rage when it isn’t working out between us to find out what I did wrong and learn from it, since they won’t tell you, as they have already decided you no longer exist the very second she has no use for you. Sometimes they even unwittingly say it under their breath to a third party.
          3. Use the female ‘slide-rule’ against women just like how they use it against men: If she doesn’t give you her undivided attention at all times, excise her immediately from your life like women do to men on Tinder. Move on to the next one, and so forth. This works for me in club settings in snagging a kiss, groping, handjobs etc, but also sober settings when a woman indicates nonverbally she is bored with me…DONE bitch – phone number deleted, conversation permanently ended, nothing but dodgy one-word answers at the water cooler henceforth because she has already foreshadowed (by accident) that sex will never happen.
          I will elaborate on it in another post, probably on another article, since this post is already too long for the average attention span.

        6. SATCADIR
          Here’s an interesting fact about Midwest refugees 100 years ago when my family was leaving Munich-
          There was actually a great deal of concern in Milwaukee and Detroit about the vast numbers of Germans pouring into the Great Lake cities.
          Today, Anglo-Saxons are few and far between in places like Queens (Trump went there) or Milwaukee. The Germans simply swamped out the Anglo_Saxons.

      2. I sense that our race is being synthetically ‘n-word-ized’ because this self-destruction does not feel like natural selection since the men going sexless and childless are the most enduring and most responsible, while those siring 10 kids with 6 different women are the prison types.
        Richard Matt is a perfect example of this after he escaped from prison. The nurse was shtuping this Italian brawler while her husband also worked as the warden. So there is no getting away from hypergamy or infidelity. Women risk incarceration to sate their pussy’s foulest desires.
        Women, especially white women, go absolutely crazy for murderers and rapists. That is why they talk nonstop about ‘rape rape rape.’ Shakespeare phrased this in Hamlet as ‘the lady doth protest too much, methinks.’
        These genes do not yield productive offspring or signal strength because most of these psychopaths live short lives that end violently or institutionalized.
        I see so many white homeless derelicts and junkies everywhere now, even when they are a minority in the area. It is as if it were now the white man’s destiny to be the parasite-vagrant. Sure, there have always been worthless whites, but it just seems so synthetic in the Current Year because nonwhites and women are buttressed by every institution while white men are shunned, excommunicated and put in the back of the queue for somebody ‘historically oppressed,’ who is basically just fit into the payroll as miscellaneous overhead, compulsorily hired by government oversight, not actual value to a business.
        We are definitely being culled. Maybe we will be stronger whenever the Current Year ends? Democratically speaking, absolutely not because there is a magic number where democracy expires…when there are not enough whites. The moment all of these colored countdown clocks strike majority-minority, each white country will be declared ‘Apartheid,’ requiring UN troops to monitor elections and everyday life. Then the remaining whites will be South-Africanized.
        Either way, we are going to plummet in numbers and I think these deceptive soyboys will be around as the overlords of a nimbler white race (formerly majoritarian) because the soy face is just the camouflage of the white SJW cutthroat who is a backstabber with a dopey visage, not the meek virgin he feigns. You can tell by half of these sickening photos, where the soy boy actually sired offspring in some whitopia and has a soy girlfriend. So of all the few whites that are actually having kids, these faggots make up a sizable amount of them, sadly.
        I don’t think soy face is merely weakness, but a passive-aggressive strategy, similar to (((evolutionary group strategy))). This is ‘post-democratic’ behavior. These people are preparing for when democracy ends (censorship, gun-control, open-borders, hate speech etc) and they are acclimating us to be their slaves even before it formally happens.
        The nonwhites on here are trivializing white genocide, and white-shaming us for even protesting it because they are eager to take our place and our women.

        1. WEIMER
          SCOTT’S TALE – Scumocracy
          Scott was the local campus drug dealer I bought pot off when I was a college kid in the 90’s. He was typical:
          Scott was born to a German-American woman and a hillbilly father from Kentucky who was in jail when he came into the world.
          His mother was pot-smoking slut who wanted to FUCK ME. I kind of felt sorry for Scott who apologized to me when his Mom came on to me and said “My Mom is a pervert.”
          Scott’s family was solid, German middle-class but he was held in contempt and he and his mother were given table scraps-curiously he was her only child but they were dirt poor because she was 20 when he was born.
          Scott started smoking an ounce of pot a week at age 13; in Southeast Michigan in the late 80’s public schools were a toilet bowl of blacks beating up whites or selling them drugs.
          Scott dropped out high school at 16 and soon began committing juvenile crimes-he was put in reform school and blacks pummeled him. He came out at 17 a tattooed Nazi. Soon his body was covered in cheap tattoos, which in 1995 marked you as white trash.
          Then at age 20 he impregnated a Mexican girl. Needing to get out of the city he got some other guys to front him a pound of pot and moved 100 miles North to a college campus where he set himself up as a dealer and worked at a call center.
          He never supported his half-Mexican daughter. The cops eventually caught up with him and jailed him but an uncle left him a small inheritance and he soon got out of jail. By then, when I knew him, he was obsessed with guns and other weapons-butterfly knives especially.
          In 1998, after I knew him, he was attacked by a hulking Polish-American ex-sailor at a House Party. The huge Polack attacked him in the kitchen of stranger’s house and floored him and started stomping on his head. Scott stabbed the huge Polish sailor in the balls and ran outside. The Polish sailor GOT UP and attacked him in the street and Scott stabbed him 6 more times. The huge man lived.
          Scott went to prison this time for three years. He got out in 2001 at 28.
          He was soon arrested for possession of drugs again and jailed.
          There are a million Scotts fathering children all over America.
          The average middle-class responsible white kid like I was goes to college, works shit jobs, graduates, does not marry until his 30’s, has 1-2 children, mortgages a house, does not impregnate other women out of wedlock and his kids manage to enter society with his morals. The middle class shrinks anyhow, but they do impregnate stupid sluts to create a vast out-of-wedlock underclass.
          The poor whites are the opposite. They do not care if 5 of their kids grow up on food stamps or dog food living shit lives being molested by some white trash brute that Mom makes them call a step dad.
          The poor white trash women are all ramped-up sexually-I knew them in my youth, they do not care who blows his load in their vagina and they pump out kids endless as a result of their random carnal desires.

        2. WEIMER
          You are right about the “passive-aggressiveness”. The middle-class Soy Boy lacks the power or T-aggression to fight blacks or white trash in the street and so resorts to a kind of backstabbing to compensate.
          He pretends to gay but deep down he would rape your underage daughter to death. Secretly he hates blacks but like a white prison queer he sucks their cocks to survive.
          His SJW posturing is merely a deception.

        3. WEIMER
          I knew Guidos and they are more street smart than white trash, generally. This is why a Tony Soprano can run a city district like Fiefdom. I doubt trailer trash could actually run a mafia capable of corrupting police and public officials-also, the mafia tends to do business with Jews (Lawyers, minor local officials etc) and Jews will interact with Italians but seemingly not trailer trash.
          At any rate, Italian street guys are very cunning and quite physically strong though few are usually very tall. They are tough fighters and more fearless than Anglo Saxons.
          Matt sums up the type.
          They have a fair amount of Arab and perhaps some black blood.

        4. >because the soy face is just the camouflage of the white SJW cutthroat who is a backstabber with a dopey visage
          It’s hard to say where the severe blue pill ends (these are mostly sheltered types who definitely don’t live near the bad parts of SJW hotbeds either) and the new survival strategy starts.
          Anyone who has been around muslims and blacks knows they won’t give you a pass just because you’re a SJW and wreck your ass either way if you’re at the wrong place at the wrong time.
          Being a bland unsuspicious corporate cog definitely keeps you employed though and it’s part of the beta orbiter strategy as well.

        5. IDK
          True. The times that I have been pursued by blacks with bad intentions were from behind and totally random-they did not even see my face.
          Same with Mestizos.
          Muslims are a broad group. Persians in LA will not beat you up for no reason-in fact the Muslims in America overall are not violent or aggressive-barring the converted prison blacks whom Arabs want nothing at all to do with.
          You are not going to be attacked on the streets by Saudi Arabian students.
          Muslim violence and aggression is a European crisis but not a US one. Pakistanis in the US are not grooming girls.

      3. Out earn them, become their boss, fire them in a way they can’t collect unemployment, send them into poverty. Check mate.

        1. Develop software, algorithms, blockchain technology, and robotics to render them obsolete. Then offer it as open source tech. Bosses and managers only exist if there is someone to boss and manage. Consumerism exists only if there is someone who can consume.
          These disruptive technologies will do more than impact low wage/low skill workers. Algorithms can replace stock traders, customer service reps. Blockchain technology will render whole sectors of the legal and accounting professions obsolete. Even AI generated deep fakes could make the production of new porn pointless.
          One thing is for sure: the Western world is in no way prepared.

        2. Attention mods. This cocksucker above is NOT me. It is likely some butthurt minority or some fat incel feminst.

        3. Attention mods, neither of these posts are me. This faggots trying to make me seem like I’m someone I’m not. We all know I like black dick, its nothing new.

        4. The old adage is correct…give a negro enough rope and he’ll hang himself. Thanks for proving to everyone here what a dumb Wakandan you are. All it takes for you brainless cockroaches to go off your usual slant of copy/pasting the same trite comment (identical to white women) before you reveal yourself. ‘muh dik’ is all you have. Haha I have been with your women. They LOVE white dick, while all you can do is pretend to take credit for all 3 black porn stars, since you’ve never had a white women…probably not even a black woman, you black beta. We all know you’re below average in size, even less than a white man. That’s why you keep collectively taking credit for ‘mandingo.’ Faggot.

      4. Albert, Whites are not on the way out if you steer your comment at the end to make a war whoop and a declaration of defiance. When you say we’re on the way out with a chagrin, that’s like writing a literary ‘O’ face at the end of the statement or comment. I used to do that out of habit. I would unwittingly write in a kosher sounding surrender statement because it seemed to flow with the transition of the writing – especially when writing about bad or foreboding news. And the ‘whites surrender’ line is all I was exposed to and it’s all I ever read in the kosher news fishwrap. It was the only tonality allowed by the ((editors)).
        Now if you ended your statement with a one-two-three punch like saying “WE WILL WE WILL WE WILL throw off our enemy (or detractors), then you see how you can summon hope and vigilence within your readership. Like if you wrap your statement up by telling whites to “BREED motherfuckers. I said BREED like rabbits. White women it’s time to ASS UUUUP and PUMP PUMP PUMP new blood into the west!!” . . . see what a difference it makes when you rally a comment at the end. It’s easy to do and that’s just what most people need to hear after being served up depressing news and statistics. Keep that in mind.

    2. “The white female prefers the black dong or the machismo of the Muslim or Mestizo brute and the white simply does not breed. He gets a vasectomy.”
      Wow. Gotta love the sociobiological observations on this site. They just keep getting better. Oh, and as for whites outbreeding native Filipinos, that’s just cute.

      1. Spanish and Americans cucked Filipinos and Spanish cucked Latin Americans.
        So what I am saying is that one race being cucked by another is nothing new in history.

        1. You are a sick faggot and a cuck who constantly obsesses about black dick and mudsharks. Fuck off to another site you disgusting faggot. Everybody here hates you.

        2. MadMan, the spanish did not breed with the filipinos. The filipinos contrary to what a ‘filipina’ will tell you (100% of them will tell you that their grandfather was spanish – and none of them can give you a name, a city in spain, a photo or anything related to their alleged grandfather being a european spaniard) more than 95% have zero spanish ancestry. Nada. Nilch. This has been proven in genetic testing of the locals. They are a mix of chinese/indo-malays. They are such a slave orientated race that they cling to the dream that they have european DNA as it makes them feel superior to the other asians and closer to their white masters of long ago (which is why they will flat back for any beta white dick they encounter). The spanish never emigrated in large numbers to the Philippines like they did to south america, and having been there 12 times I dont blame them. Its as ridiculous as Indonesians claiming that they are part dutch because the Dutch ruled there for 300 years (while the indo girls no doubt were on their knees for most of that period – As readers who have been to Indo, like me, can attest to. But then again Im not White and I still had girls on their Knees – so maybe its a national trait) or Indians claiming they are part English due to British colonial rule.

        3. Interesting. Almost like how white Americans (and lately even blacks) claim Amerindian ancestry, as if it ties them to the land or something because it is chic. It’s baffling how Asian women throw themselves at us. I’ve married and engaged gook women in front of their gook friends tell me they would never cheat, but then grab my dick out of my pants right there in public several times. They love being colonized. Tbh, I can’t believe Asian men aren’t more hostile to white men.

        4. SANJURO
          The ruling Filipino elite are so Spanish-looking they could be the cast of a Mexican telenovela.
          But Chinese merchants have moved in.

        5. WEIMER
          “Indian blood”
          The average Icelander has more Indian blood than some self-proclaimed Cherokee like Chuck Norris in Oklahoma-he was later called out over it and it was revealed that his grandparents were immigrants from Ireland-which is obvious, as he is a short blonde, blue-eyed pug-faced man.
          This is a result of SJW trendiness.
          African-Americans are mostly descended from African female slaves and French or British colonial settlers. The French in particular, intermarried with them down in former French colonies like Mississippi or Louisiana prior to the sale of the territories to British settlers.
          North America got lots of women from the UK and France and this is why we are not Mexicans.

        6. WEIMER
          White Americans are regarded as the descendants of tramps in their countries of origin. Read 4 Chan where they are referred to as “Amerimutts”.
          Europeans are a bunch of mutts anyhow and your average white is more or less a bottleneck European in Canada (French-Canadians are from the Northwest; German-Americans are from the South of Germany like Trump’s father; Irish-Americans are from Southern Ireland; Appalachians from Northern England).
          But anti-American sentiment gave rise to “Eurofag” sentiment and suddenly US whites wanted to claim they were part Indian as part of an attempt at patriotism.

        7. ^^^^^^^^^^
          “Anyways Weimar, its over man, get the fuck off ROK bitch, cuse I’m getting ready to call you out every post you and your troll accounts make. Although it’ll be a lot work too cuse you troll a fucking lot, you must not have a dayjob – too busy fucking your sister?? I’m ALL for white dudes getting their shit together, but Nazi fucks like Weimar have no place on God’s green earth.”
          JOHN DOE March 15

          Brittany Pettibone, Martin Sellner, and Lauren Southern Deported From U.K. Amid Alt Lite Drama

      2. Natives prefer the White dong. White girls do to but after gaining a fat filled innertube around her waist and aging into a man face, only the black will fuck her dumbass.

        1. If you truly believe the only white females black men can smash are fat, washed up ones I won’t waste time nor energy to awaken you from that dream, keep deluding yourself in your fantasy world. & no, I don’t like white women at all.

        2. Mr. Newton has a point. It’s not just washed-up white trash fatasses that’ll fuck black dudes. Better looking white wimmenz with serious daddy issues will as well–if only out of spite. Either way, be glad they’re taken off the market.

        3. I’m talking majority. I work in a hospital. Occasionally a black will get a good White nurse but I assure you most White women that go black are trash, the black man is usually the one downgrading. Besides seeing these fat retarded whores every day on the baby floor, studies have proven women that identify as fat, voluptous, ect. are close to 10 times more likely to go black than a fit, skinny, ect.

        4. That attitude of just ceding white women to enemy races is why our race is collapsing and theirs is climbing the evolutionary ladder. Biologically speaking, they (white women) may appear disgusting to what they could potentially become (voluptuous), but they still possess the same phenotypical/genotypical hardwire to procreate beautiful/genius offspring… and instead we are just offloading them onto lesser peoples, whose bastard offspring genetically merge into ‘technical’ hybrid vigor (benefits the nonwhite lineage), while the white lineage is lost to contamination. The foolishness of our people have me very downhearted at the moment, and I almost relish in our destruction, knowing these soy faggots and these SJW sellouts won’t outlive the Current Year either. The one consolation prize is even though the African will outlast us all, like cockroaches in nuclear holocaust, their average lifespan will return to about 34. Enjoy it, Wakandans. You aren’t making the world a better place.

    3. Something is wrong you Madman Marz. It seems you have focused on race that’s the least of your troubles. Ive taken women off of whites, blacks, Indians, muslims, etc. The strongest get to breed. I’m not concerned with what race is dying the fastest. I’m concerned that all American men are dying in general via soy and wool caps.
      Women prefer MEN. and to me, you are the type that makes excuses. You’re talking about colonized nonsense! who cares! the bitches are outside, go get them.

      1. FERNANDO
        I do not want a society like Latin America where a few Mestizos half to fly over squats and favelas in helicopters.

      2. Your view is that he should ignore an issue facing his people and only focus on if he can do well. That same logic would be considered absurd
        if used to excuse or justify any historic or current non-white discrimination: “well you are surviving the genocide quit bitchin’ “

        1. BRAZIL
          You have a load of poor mixed-race people and a tiny group of whites that fly over the Favelas in helicopters.
          When the job market shrinks to the point that welfare is no longer an option, this will happen in a minute in the US.

        2. Whites in Brazil are like 47% but like 50% is black or mixed race. If it was a small minority of whites then the country would be Haiti or South Africa already. That will happen in the next 50 years as demographics change.

        3. Absurd? Me? Willfully living an estrogen-laced lifestyle is a choice. Genocide is not. This man will not be able to save all white men, all he can do is lead them to ROK.
          It’s better he spends his energy on improving himself and being an example.
          I can tell you have small biceps.

        1. GRAPEFRUIT
          The US got increasingly Brazilified since I left in the late 90’s.
          Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore…the descent into third world horror is fairly swift.

        2. This is where we disagree. I do not want anyone coming to the US who does not already love the American culture. Before I got married, I was always balls deep in Baptist mothers while their sons were at college. Manliness and the American culture trumps race.

      3. And, BTW, Muslim isn’t a race. There are Bosnian Muslims who’ve settled in my neck of the woods. Not crazy about their theology, but they’re undeniably white Europeans. Let’s not fall into the same trap as the libtards have, i.e. “you hate Muslims cuz you’re a racist.”

        1. bosnian muzzies are the worst of all the muzzies cos they betrayed their christian heritage and sided with the ottoman invaders
          and they’re ok cos they’re ‘white’?
          fuck them and fuck you, know-nothing idiot

        2. Bosnians, Albanians, and Kosovars are mostly scum. Thieves, pickpockets, human organ traffickers, stealing cars throughout Europe and smuggling them to Turkey, etc.
          And those nations are muslim. We can thank Bush and Obama for the creation of 2 of those muslim states (Bosnia and Kosova) in southeastern Europe. They were formerly part of Serbia, and the Serbs kept them in line.

      4. Fernando, that makes you are a hypocrite. I have slept with your Latina women and their genetics do not yield health. They develop bigger beer guts than white Baby Boomer sports fans. They look like turtles walking upright with their shells on backwards. You nonwhites just want to feast on our women as unwelcome guests in our countries, while white men are concerned about our own land being commandeered by said unwelcome guests taking advantage of our hospitality and pathological altruism. At the same time calling us colonizers for even VISITING your countries. You just want to conquer us. White Genocide 101. We have a right to exist.

        1. I know you’re not talking about me. My descendant colonized latin America and I don’t call white people colonizers because I’m not an imbecile. I’ve stated that race doesn’t matter. and do you know what genetics are? There are some hideous white women and some black women have flappy wings attached to their arms. Is it a matter of race or genetics? Maybe think a bit before you assume.
          PSA ROK readers: I, Fernando, do not want to conquer the white race lol.
          what a wild accusation.
          You need to realize that Americans need to stick together. I was born here, I’m a citizen, I’m an American. My loyalty is to my family and my country and God. Don’t put your toxic assumptions on me. Go lift.

        2. Oh boy, ‘go lift.’ Already do. Choose a different cliche assumption, please. Why aren’t you feasting on your mestizo women then? Why aren’t you encouraging white men to feast on your people? -Because you won’t cuck yourself. A wise decision…something you are white-shaming us to do. You are a hypocrite. You just want to party on (conquer white women) in the Current Year, which only exists because white people are cucking…and guess what happens when the last white cucks? -The party’s over. That means you and your people will return the primitive state of Apocolypto. If ‘race doesn’t matter’….why did your parents immigrate to this white country? Why is there no immigration to nonwhite countries outside of a tiny white expat communities already living off their own retirement? Coaxing white men to be ‘race-blind’ is cosigning white genocide. You want us to sleepwalk our way into our own demise. Take some more soy, goy.

        3. Of course this site pulls my response…or puts it on hold for 24 hours. See folks, this is reparations to nonwhite people being decided by white soy boy mods pretending to not be soy boys…so much so that all they talk about is soy boys. All a great deception.

        4. You seem like a nice guy Fernando…but a lot of these ROK guys are fearful. It’s #timesup for the white Male patriarchy and they are terrified.

        5. Jennifer you better hope that you are wrong. Because white patriarchy is mild compared to what is coming after us. You will definitely be brought to heel and made to serve. Perhaps that is what you wanted all along.

        6. Oh god the dreaded ‘nice.’ Well, we know what that means and how women see you, ‘Nando. I’m no longer upset that my rebuttal was censored because nonwhites are a protected class. Thanks, Jenny, for affirming what I already knew…cunt.

        7. lmfao you went full fucking retard there. Really interesting to see the extreme “Us VS Them” mentality all you incels seems to have. Go jerk off faggot

      5. FERNACHO
        I do not live in the US and have not for 20 years. I’m glad to have gotten away from Cholos in Phoenix and blacks in Detroit.
        Miami is probably the future of the US and this is reflected in the fact that rap videos always use it as a backdrop-a big black thug rapping with a bunch of Mulatto and a few white women wiggling their asses in hot pants.
        I get laid constantly. I have for 20 years since I left the US.
        Once you have been overseas it is hard to want to sit in the clubs in the US watching skanks bump and grind against Tyreece sitting there nursing a drink.
        Maybe you get home and poke one in the mechanical position.
        I’ll stay overseas, thanks.

      6. FERNACHO
        You Criollos in Latin America have gone to great lengths to avoid intermarrying with blacks and Indians.
        Latin America is a white Supremacy lorded over by Gallegos Spanish, essentially.
        Andalusian and Canary Islander Spanish somehow ended up lower on the social tree.

      1. Look at these negros impersonating me. ALL they think about is ‘muh dik. This is why we laugh at you faggots. You don’t have prowess, you don’t have bigger dicks and you aren’t better than us at anything but dribbling a ball. You are afraid of your own shadows. You’re the ones in the theater afraid of the characters on the screen, jumping at every scene. We laugh at you groids. Go dribble a ball and pretend you built something aside from a pile of bricks.

    4. When your 9 years old zelda is as close to ‘goddess’ as they get. But shit, you gotta grow the fuck up at some point. I liked videogames as much as the next kid and shit, and in all honesty I played videogames up until high school. My generation was raised on videogames. Granted I did other shit too but the point is simply that I think these ‘men’ are trapped in childhood. Not to mention its easier to live a fantasy than real life. I think some of these dudes develop hard oneitis from videogame motifs also. Zelda is essentially the unobtainable princess. You never interact with the chick, your always just off to go save her ass for no reason.
      Men have probably always had ‘white knight’ syndrom but videogames reinforce it and keep men locked into a state of perpetual idealization. Videogames are basically a really ‘good’ substitue for real life; in other words it feeds what men instinctivly go after: accomplishment, responsability, achievment, advancement, etc. Shit is sad as hell to see in guys that have devoted hundreds if not sometimes literally 1000’s of hours on games. Because essentially videogames are a reward / pleasure system. They are a ‘puzzle’ men crave, but a distraction but from the true puzzle of life. They give men the storylines they’ve always wanted, the sense of war and adventure they always wanted, and the best part is there’s no ‘real’ failure. If you ‘lose’ a battle or something you get to just start right over. So, if you play long enough your practicually guarenteed victory. Unlike real life where some actual setbacks are inevtiable and you can never ‘reset’. Man, seriously, when your 8, 9, 10 years old zelda games are mindblowing. Your ‘doing’ everything men were created to do; go on epic ass adventures. The fact that this has transferred over into grown men says alot but mostly how the real true sense of wonder in life and society has been extinguished. What great adventures are there? Me personally I choose to go ‘inward’ and look towards morality and ethics and I think a lot of men do as well, but the sense of wonder in the real world in which we live has become commericialized and almost totally snuffed out. It use to be if you looked upon a massive mountain like Everest a man would be blown away and get and urge to conquer the mountain. Some still do but nowadays everyone is so jaded that nothing seems to truly inspire. Humanity has accomplished alot, and I think alot of millenial faggots simply don’t know what the next real conquest is or could be. Their sense of imagination and wonder is replaced with videogames, movies, and porn. Instead of conquering a wild animal they ‘conquer’ levels in a game, instead of traveling the oceans or deserts they watch ‘men’ travel to other worlds in film, instead of being totally fuckin primal and going after hotass girls they jerk off to porn. Everything has become sicksad substitute for the real thing.
      As far as the ‘soy-face’, jesus christ, its everything wrong with men rolled into one. It’s easy to point the finger but these guys are a product (literally) of their society (commercilization). I could just as easily be in their shoes, maybe. Needless to say in all honesty I think the closest I’ve ever looked to those pictures has been when I’ve been drunk off my ass. Only drunk happy assholes look this retarded normally. So, not sure what the real ‘epidemic’ here is. I’m sure soy is actually a factor in some way, but it’s also a lack of self-control thing goin on. The ‘men’ are trapped in perpetual childhood it seems and never learned control over anything, including their facial gestures. Anyways, shit is pathetic. I think some of these homo’s can be reconditioned to be the men they were suppose to be, but that’ll take years of hard work which only they can really change, no one’s going to do it for them. As a final thought I would simply add that guys that play videogames are like every other man – generally speaking – they want achievment, advancement, accomplishment, adventure – they are begging for it actually. The men that find ‘accomplishment’ in videogames have probably not been looking at ‘accomplishment’ correctly or been given the oppurtunity either. Not to say that it’s not their fault they are homo’s – not at all – but men need good solid job oppurutnities and not bullshit work to be truly fullfilled, otherwise they’ll substitue their work ethic for pseduo-achievements. Its not about having more jobs, it’s about having jobs in society which give men a sense of purpose. If no videogames or internet men would be happier – guarenteed – the internet and computer and videogames and pron subdues men’s urges ten-fold.

      1. Videogames are like alcohol. It’s okay to enjoy it once in a while, but when you are “chugging” drink after drink, than you have a god damn problem.

        1. Very well put, Angry Historian.
          Video games and sports can be enjoyed, but should never become an obsession. When you get sucked into them for hours upon hours every day, you play right into the hands of the Globalists.

      2. “Videogames are like alcohol. It’s okay to enjoy it once in a while” – any alcoholic will tell you only complete abstinence is the answer. What grown ass man sits around playing videos? If its not with your kids shits embarrassing as all fuck. I don’t think George Clooney or Brad Pitt are the most ‘alpha’ men ever by any means, but if you can’t picture them doing whatever the activity is (in this case playing videogames) than its safe to say you probably shouldn’t as well. Clooney and Pitt may not be real ‘alpha’s but society and women still have certain expectations of ‘masculine’ standards. If you wanna get laid at least presenting ‘those traits’ will give you some leg room. We could rewrite all society expectations like the lib-elite and say playing videogames and jerking off to porn is ‘SO ALPHA’, but that would be dumb as fuck now don’t you think?
        Point is simply that Pitt and Clooney (while both are essentially just wearing alpha masks) give us a good enough idea of how to be socially presentable in some way shape or form. Millennials are fuckin retards because no one cares about their social appearance anymore. People go to the store in their workout clothes, people wearing slippers and pajama pants, for fucks sake, pajama pants! The homeless dress better. For fucks sake put some decent clothes on. If your going to the gym go to the fuckin gym, but this isn’t Cali beach or Hawaii, put some fuckin clothes on. Millennials think they’ve been given permission to do whatever the fuck they want. Conduct yourself with some dignity, for fucks sake, most Americans are an embarrassment. Even poor blacks 100 years ago wore suits because they didn’t want to give the impression of an impoverished slave.
        Even if they were poor they found a way to be socially normal. Just being socially normal is ‘alpha’ in todays society as far as I’m concerned, which shows just how low the standards have plunged. Normally I don’t even care about appearances, and it honestly has not much to do with clothing, the fact of the matter is that men don’t conduct themselves with any sort of personal pride or dignity. You could wear a t-shirt and jeans and if you have some personal pride and simply love yourself you’ll come off like an A-list alpha, but if you hate yourself you’ll look worse than the homeless. Point being that the clothing isn’t what matters as much as the self-worth which the man has. But still, a lot of men and women could practice some simple self-respect and dress better. I use clothing as an example because usually giving someone a nice haircut and good set of decent new clothes will change a persons attitude about themselves completely. Its not always the case, but generally speaking I think so.
        Also as far as beards go, I would say don’t wear one unless it ‘speaks to you’ – i.e. unless its a part of your actual identity. And that may sound strange to hear, but a lot of ‘men’ wear beards when its clear they’re doing it as a fashion statement or to simply be trendy. The beard is an extension of yourself, its not a hat you just put on and take off. A lot of the ‘soy’ guys have strange facial hair. While not everyman can grow a full beard it should still be worn with a bit of pride. A long, full, thick beard is the equivalent of a women with long gorgeous hair. The beard shows your health (most of the time) and it should be worn with a bit of dignity, even if its a short beard.
        Women with long great heads of hair who carry themselves with a bit of humility (the opposite of how men need to act) are the sexiest women around. Any girl with a long great head of hair will have 10x the admiration – not that they need it – but its highly attractive. The point being is that for men to have a great beard (or even a simple scruffy one) it needs to be worn with a bit of pride. I would almost guarantee everyman on here would agree that a girl with long glowing hair and who is pleasant and acts with humility is close to being a ‘goddess’ or ‘unicorn’ for most men. Now, consider the opposite. If a man carries himself with a bit of pride (not too much – subtle) and has a beard and acts cool, calm, and collected what does that signal to the girl – its everything she wants. Alpha behavior doesn’t come over night though. Like a beard it takes a long time to develop. No different than any other virtue or trait. If all you wore was a beard how could you still walk the walk and talk the talk? Could you still act alpha? If you could stroll around in the nude with only a beard and feel cool calm and collected in the nude with women than you are probably close to if not an ‘alpha’ in some way. Guys get caught up on the alpha / beta thing a bit much I think, but needless to say it is a good indicator for how to act. And think about just THAT for a second; HOW TO ACT. No one seems to know ‘how to act’ in society nowadays. 100 years ago you KNEW what was socially normal and what was taboo – nowadays millennials think they can do and ACT however they want. Its a disgrace. I think they only real way to change all of this is going to be for ‘red-pill’ aware guys to have lots of kids and for them to raise them right, that’s really the only way your going to reverse a lot of this faggot behavior.

        1. GUEST
          Brad Pitt made his name playing disheveled stoners and greasy trailer park trash and grimy Irish gypsies.
          See TRUE ROMANCE.
          He brought the goatee and the grunge look into popularity in the early 90’s and did away with the Izod wearing Ivy League look of Tom Cruise and other heartthrobs of the day.
          Pitt is a curious example.
          As for Clooney, he tended to play middle-class and middle-management types anyhow.

        2. Its how they act and dress outside of movies was the point. Their percieved as ‘alpha’ by appaerance alone. Not to mention but Pitt was more ore less responsible for men needing a sixpack in movies. After Fight Club if a guy had to take off his shirt in a movie he almsot alway now needs a sixpack. Pitts characters are strange and normally not ‘normal’ types, he basically encapsulated the mindset of the modern ‘rebel’ – similar if not the exact same as the Beatles in their hippie years. The Beatles were clean cut, respectable muscians, then when all shit hit the fan and they became hippies so did everyone else. People copy cultural trends. I can’t remember the movie but a very simple example is there was an old movie which showed one of the main Hollywood movie stars at the time wearing a white t-shirt. During that time only men wore suits on screen, they didn’t prance around in only a t-shirt. After that movie t-shirt sales skyrocketed. Point is simply that people mimicry movies believing what they see is somehow ‘superior’ to what is biologically normal. Clooney and Pitt dress ‘well’ because they can afford it, but also because their image is their income and they know it is – probably. You bring up a good point bout Pitt, which is his roles. There’s an irony going on with his characters which society relishes; namely that a goodlooking guy like Pitt plays scumbags. Scumbags in real life aren’t goodlooking guys generally speaking. Well, some rich ones are, but the poor losers generally are not. Its a reverse gender ‘femme fatale’ – namely that the goodlooking guy has a questionable past, is ‘dark’ and ‘gloomy’, and can seduce women also. Girls eat that shit up because its a fantasy, not reality. Outside of movies Pitt dresses ‘alpha’ and same with Clooney.

        3. Latest soy boy fashion is to shave their head and grow a bread– even though they’re 27- 28 or so. Not faux male pattern baldness or trying to imitate Patrick Stuart, etc. but straight-up Mr. Clean-style baldness plus a beard. It’s strange-looking in young guys who naturally have a full head of hair, especially when their head has five o’clock shadow. (Nor do they realize us old folk– I’m 48, getting ready to draw Social Security and break my hip to them– notice that,)

    5. There should be a new phrase for when a white man gets a vast increase of soyness and gives up on masculinity. Getting “nintendo switched”.

      1. He also talks up j3wish dongs and believes only J3wish people are above criticism and tries to demoralize every other race.

        1. SASQUATCH
          I’m not a Jew but I’ve been around them in Detroit and Phoenix and if “Beastie Boys” are running the US than we are a stupid cucked race indeed.
          In that case, we deserve to be phased out.
          The fact that Whites and not Arab-Americans or Asians constantly bleat about their behavior and money supply being controlled by the JOOOZE reflects that a) either they are assigning blame to Amy Winehouse and Ron in the Brooklyn ghetto or b) they are really stupid and Asians and Arab-Americans (Whom one would think the J-Man would actually want to destroy) are more cunning…or both.
          Whites in the Flyover and South just ain’t that bright, in my opinion, on average. The white ethnics on either coast may hold their own because they are more street smart but the Anglo in the middle of the country and Canada is just a gullible soft fool. There is nothing more to be stated.
          …And this is why you see white women from Evangelical Old Colonial English/Dutch stock in Missouri or Alabama waiting in Section 8 with a Mulatto baby and not the daughter of Chinese immigrants.
          It is the same reason the Mexican has gotten the Anglo in the sticks and exurbs hooked on drug after another-cocaine, then meth, then heroin.

        2. ROK please ban trolls like this boy. They contribute nothing with their low IQs and only muddy up the comment section. This keeps happening but could be nipped in the butt better. I get Roosh is busy with travel but many comment sections have been soiled by a few bad apples. Just ban the tards on the spot, then delete their cum/dong spam. The comments are great here otherwise.

      2. DAN
        Go to your nearest club, Dan-you will see the white women encircling the tall muscular black male even though he is always near-penniless and has no prospects in life.
        They want his baby because Section 8 will pay for it out of your taxes.

      1. Your ‘white knight’ nationalism is not the solution. At this point, a multicultural patriarchy would function better at preserving white birthrates than the ethno-matriachy you propose. Women are not leaders. They are sole cause of the Current Year. They are the vehicle of the (((enemy))). So I am done worshipping women, especially white women. They should be sold to Libyans en masse on the open slave market for their treachery.

        1. I’m not promoting ethno-matriarchy; I’m just pointing out, that not all is really lost (at least from the RenTri articles “Easter – the Resurrection of European Man” and “Mach Dich Frei – Freeing Your Mind From the Words You Speak and Think” anyway).
          In fact, does the distribution of the following flyers count as “white knight nationalism”? If not, I would love to do so: http://www.renegadetribune.com/flyers-expose-white-genocide-south-africa/

        2. That bitch Sinead is an anti-male penis-envying cunt. I would rather see the white race die off than be led by women, especially miscegenation driftwood like her.

    6. White men are a big part of the problem of the rape epidemic …there are a few exceptions. Justin Trudeau is one
      ..very very popular in Toronto. But no one who respects women should be upset when white Male patriarchy and the reign of misogynistic white men comes to an end finally. #timesup

      1. It’s comments like these that almost make me wish for a hasty Islamic takeover.
        Il grow a beard and prey on a magic rug a few times a day. Anglo femkunts like yourself will be skull dragged back to the kitchen and become nothing more than jihad slaves and reproductive machines.

        1. At first White Sharia was just a meme, but now I want it. If becoming a Muslim is all it takes to roll back even some of the Current Year, hand me a Quran. I’m sick to death of this shit.

      2. See, (((feminism))) is about cosigning white genocide, not ’empowering’ society. Just admit that you hate your daddy and your brother and every guy you have ever dated out of jealousy. Just go date a black guy already. We don’t want you, fatty. Not our fault you can’t do anything to keep yourself in shape. Have another cupcake and some boxed wine to go along with that lonely pussy between you legs and the two purring at your feet right now. It’s the only company you’ll ever have at this point.

      3. That’s ok. White male patriarchy will be replaced by Islamic male patriarchy. Essentially, scarlet As will be replaced by women getting stoned by their own dads for adultery. Enjoy your white privilege while you can Miss.

      4. @ Jennifer
        Why do you keep posting here?
        You obviously have an “SJW” mindset and must know that most on this site will either ignore or disagree with you. But even beyond the contrary viewpoint, your opinions are ludicrous. “White men” are the problem in your mind? Go live in Nigeria, or India, or Afganistan, or Saudi Arabia or any other non-First world country then. In fact, go spend some time in South Korea (a great, fellow 1st world country, BTW) and see how your life as a “Strong, Independent woman” goes. The only thing keeping you safe from all you abhor is the remnants of the “white male patriarchy”.
        Why they do it, I’ll never know.

        1. AS
          Well said, without white men, Jennifer would be raped every day by non-white men. She probably hates white men because they stand in the way of her daily rape fantasy.

      5. There is no rape epidemic. There is a media blitz on rape, but rape levels in western countries are about the lowest the world has ever seen in the history of humanity. Look it up.

      6. Lady the thing is white men are about the least patriachal and that is why the women are free to moan publicly . Try dating an Arab or even an East Asian or a Russian or look to Othodox Jews in Brooklyn and say white men are the most patriarchal. These Hispanics consider me weak because I don’t beat my girlfriend! Actually they are generally the most modern and that is the problem they have really upon themselves. The white women is being fanned into anger against white men when most of the rest of the world tradition didn’t change hardly at all.

        1. And since you wanted to know about rape that is more a black crime than shootings are. Blacks can do the crime and its covered up yet white men get blamed for crimes they statistically rarely commit. Look at rape figures in the few black countries that keep records like South Africa and then reply to me.

      7. When you come beggin’ for help, “I’ll look down and say ‘No’”.

      8. I wanna get fucked by muslims to, nuthin beats black dong though. Zulu cum 4tw!

    7. @madMAN,
      As always, you got it absolutely WRONG !!
      It is actually MASCULINITY DYING OFF
      Do not heed to the fucking Media, Leftists and Entitled (((white))) Pussies.
      The fact is:
      ** MEN are not interested in “replacing” other MEN and/or RACE **
      You need to support the President MR. TRUMP and contribute to ** MAGA **

        1. If it is any thing like what-you-said, it is from your very own race/people.
          As the saying goes; you reap what you sow !!
          No real (other) MEN are interested in the “local” Arrogant, Slutty, Whorish, Bitchy, Cunning, Unfeminine and Ungrateful pussies !!

        2. You don’t sound very sympathetic, which is indifferent at best. Not very unitary of you in regards to the plight of white men.

        3. RAVI
          Your anger at white women is the South Indian small-dicked reaction of black-assed wholly-haired Dravidian males from Tamil Nadu or Kochi.
          Most of your interest in whites comes from being so far out of the caste system run by North Indians that you cannot be shit in your own society…unless of course South Indian became its own country.
          So you obsess about white women like the ancient Dravidians black-assed natives who wanted to screw the Aryan women from the Caspian Sea or Ukraine who were pale and at the top of the caste system they imposed to keep you at the bottom of India’s tree.

      1. RAVI
        The Brahmin actually had it right when they came down from the Caspian Sea or Ukraine and Aryanized the Dravidians…and no I am not trying to hijack the Aryan heritage of North Indian Brahmins here because they were Slavs and I am not a Slav.
        But they dealt with the Dravidians in a very good way.
        A Southie Tamil? like yourself probably resents the North Indians but I think they were wise in the way that they set up their society.

        1. Modern Ukrainians were most evenly mixed with WHG, Anatolian farmer, and Yakut(more broadly Aryan). Lithuanians(Balts) and Scandinavians have the most Yakut DNA.

    8. You need to watch less porn.
      Also, The most popular interracial relationship is white man and asian women. Thats In US and the world. Rampant immigration has changed the ethnic makeup of the US, NOT interracial relations from white women. Dumbass

      1. DAVID
        As late as 1990 very few white women were Mud Sharks. They knew it was a ticket to constant battering, infidelity, Section 8, legal problems, coke whoredom.
        Having the baby of a black thug is a relatively recent phenomenon.
        Not to say that out-of-wedlock slutdom is great with any race.

      2. dude you keep saying this when it is wrong. That is by marriage only not by cohabitation or by impregnations. I wonder if its just an SJW thing to try make whites think its all going well like when they say diversity is your strength or that immigrants add more than they take. The dating apps don’t reveal all their data and once once did and that put asian men above blacks which is obviously wrong.

      3. Dude David you are an ignorant bich. Obviously you are some uneducated dirtbag! STFU with your advice niggr

    9. White’s also created Hong Kong & Singapore – which both are doing quite well. It’s probably because the natives have a higher IQ level.

    10. Ill fcuk these gay soy boys in the arse! Then Ill beat the sheet outta them cut those bichs up yo. Bite off their ear and sheet

    11. Everyone should take this comment seriously. I’m around the porn industry and the companies who are putting out interracial porn have weaponized it. It gets more aggressive and subjugationist every day. Go back and watch “American Beauty” with Kevin Spacey and ibserve all the propaganda in it! Go on any top porn site and search “black new world order.” Or google the term and click on images and read the memes. They’re trying to cuck caucasians and breed them out because in a cultural Marxist secular theocratic technocracy, heavily armed white Christian males are the hardest demographic to control. And who runs these porn companies? Not blacks but JINOs (Jews in name only) who hate gentiles. I’ll just let that all simr for a bit and happy web searching —

  2. You can always find plenty of pictures of douchey-looking guys if you look hard enough.

    1. as one of the few sites that dares to speak out against mainstream narratives there is often many good points here.

    2. NOODLE
      “Look hard enough”
      I no longer have to live in the US but you do not need to look hard.

    3. In any case, pic #5 is a chick.
      I don’t see the “soy boy” thing with the guys in pic #14. What am I missing there?
      Justin Trudeau is the ultimate cuck & soy boy.
      The white loser with the fugly black chick and mildly-retarded half-breed child is frightening.
      The four homoes in pic #29 represent the very worst of the male species.

    1. Look hard at “muh mixed keed” #23, that’s the next gen. Very sad indeed.

  3. They all look like deranged monkeys showing their teeth, as if to put forth a false image of how billybadass they are. I posted in another comment about why I put distance between myself and others of humanity, need I say more that it is fully justified?
    Between rabid soy boys and the female trash, it has to start registering that an awakened body doesn’t wander amongst the zombied hordes of betas and morons unless you absolutely have too. there is no stinking fish smelling gash that is that important enough to me, good looking enough to me, or close enough to sane from the insane border, to go looking for a one to dip the fishing pole into.

    1. https://www.bingDOTcom/images/search?q=monkeys+showing+their+teeth&qpvt=monkeys+showing+their+teeth&FORM=IGRE
      These soy creatures are not “smiling”…they are signaling.
      “The evolution of smiles is opaque and, as with many evolutionary accounts of social behavior, fraught with just-soism. Among human babies, however, the ‘tooth-baring’ smile is associated less with friendship than with fright–which, one might argue, is related to the tooth-baring threats of baboons. On the other hand, a non-toothy, not-so-broad-but-open-lipped smile is associated with pleasure in human infants. Somehow we seem to have taken the fright-threat sort of smile and extended it to strangers as a presumably friendly smile. Maybe it is not as innocent as it seems.
      “All cultures recognize a variety of mouth gestures as indexes of inner emotional states. As in our own culture, however, smiles come in many varieties, not all of them interpreted as friendly.”
      “In the primate threat, the lips are curled back and the teeth are apart–you are ready to bite. But if the teeth are pressed together and the lips are relaxed, then clearly you are not prepared to do any damage. These displays are combined with other facial features, such as what you do with your eyes, to express a whole range of feelings. In a lot of human smiling, it is something you do in public, but it does not reflect true ‘friendly’ feelings–think of politicians smiling for photographers.
      “What is especially interesting is that you do not have to learn to do any of this–it is preprogrammed behavior.”
      Don’t take much to figure out what they are signaling.

    1. Interestingly enough, the first time I noticed this pose was with Muhammed Ali back in the ’70’s. I think he did it to mime surprise…as much as you could ever guess what was going on in his haid.

  4. I think the author’s right, it’s a dick-suck face. Like a signal to other men that their mouth is a dick friendly zone.

  5. Women look more masculine these days-short spiky hair and tattoos and piercings.

  6. lol @ the token black cuck at #25
    makes me feel better to know that not all cucks are white 😛

    1. You’ll be surprised at the amount of nonwhite cucks there actually are out there. It’s scary

        1. Different percentages by race. Western White cucks annoy me more but East Asians seem more cucked in the West. A lot of White guys I know are worried about their half-Asian sons, Asian women complain about their beta Asian husbands. The most well known and sucessful Asian guy, I know personally, has been cucked by his wife.

  7. Christ — I couldn’t make it through — scrolled to the comments section.

  8. Endocrin disrupters, altrazen, birthcontrol In your water will turn the goys gay.

    1. The invention of the smartphone–or more precisely the smartphone camera–with its ability to broadcast idiocy throughout social media brought out the absolute worst in people.

  9. Hi.
    It looks like picture 21 is some guy shouting after winning some award.doesnt look quite the same as those other unfortunates trying to be women.

  10. Picture 23
    That looks like a retard baby. I feel sorry for it. He starts life disadvantaged, then he has to deal with a blue pilled soy father and a fat mother with poor impulse control.

  11. I knew you were vain Roosh, but not to this degree: “…I expect that the men above [with a wide open mouth] will be most susceptible to homosexuality compared to average population…” Shit man, how do you come up with this assery? Is it something you’ve had to work at or does it just come naturally to you?

    1. Now, now, I’m sure that somewhere out there is a peer-reviewed study that correlates the width of a man’s open mouth with his proclivity to engage in fellatio. I’m just too busy to look for it right now.

  12. I disagree with #8. Though it’s a video game, it’s a roar of triumph. 100 entered, 99 fell, and he is the last man standing.

  13. Am I the only one here who didn’t make it past number 20?
    Too much funny and cringe and disgust at the same time.
    What the fuck is wrong with no. 15? That guy’s mouth is bigger than Bobbi Starr’s?!

    1. I know. Its the natural c**ks**cking tongue positioning in most all of the pics that is more disturbing. The tongue being forward to cover the teeth is actually a gag reflex if you pay attention to the p0rn stars.

  14. What is up with the open mouth? Look at pictures of Steve McQueen , Clint Eastwood, Paul Newman the mouth always closed and barely a smile. Serious faces for serious men . These pictures make my flesh crawl…

    1. Paul Newman was a closet phag, BTW. It’s not common knowledge, but it’s true.

  15. Great Article. I love this website! I’m going to make a similar website to this for my fellow black brethren. Return of Kangs! LMAO. All jokes aside, there is a serious war on men. They really want us to be fruitcakes. Stay the course gents!

  16. Damn, number 15 is truly a hair rising sight.
    P.S. my deepest condolences for your loss

  17. Is this open mouthed pose really a “thing” now? It not only looks soy, it looks plain stupid and undignified.

  18. Please tell me number 23 is a late April fools joke, what the hell is that little critter ?

  19. I’d suspect most of these men are gay. I’m not saying that men haven’t become more effeminate in the past couple of generations but these guys are fucking queer as hell. So let’s not lump us all in together.

    1. even gays in the 60s and 70s were more manly than this faggots. Remember, before the sissy stereotype of gay man, there was the 80s macho gay stereotype YMCA style. They were men having sex with men, not a pair of fagot humping each other having flaccid orgasms and being penetrated by plastic phallic objects. A gay man is a well a man with a sexual preference for other men. Not a queer imitation of women behavior.

      1. I noticed the same thing a while back while watching Modern Family. Forget that the whole show is a big ironic display of stereotypes (the dumb dad, the try hard mom, the slut older sister, the feminist middle sister, the autistic moron younger son, the Latinas spitfire single mom who’s totally NOT after a green card, her chubby son who’s condemned to an eternity in the friendzone,etc.) But the gay couple, they’re both the queer effeminate fag stereotypes. And that’s pretty much across the board. At least with the Village People they look like they would beat your ass if you called them queers to their face.

  20. These fucking faces are ridiculous. No one should ever pose like that. Man or woman. All Liberals i assume

  21. Laughed hard at no man’s soy. Thanks Roosh.
    Also fellow Americans, watch out your food be careful. They are poisoning you on purpose to reduce your level of T.

    1. Not to mention, that most non-Indo-Europeans are could be conditioned to think, that the epidemic of feminization won’t happen to their children, and will vehemently deny that it’s happening once it does.

  22. 14 just looks like dumb smiles; I would not be too quick to brand them as soy boys, given the rest of the picture. 30, unfortunately, is appropriate and thoroughly pathetic. It’s like the fake Hillary poster- “my wife’s boyfriend votes Trump.”

  23. 90% of men are expendable anyway. In the past they used to work the mines, serve as cannon fodder, till the fields. Now robots are doing that shit and the expendables are busy playing Zelda, making soy faces, orbiting females and pissing away their baby boomer parents’ nest egg.
    What else could they have to live for anyway? No tribal or cultural identity. No masculine ethos. No life-affirming religion. Therefore no need or sense to start a family.
    What’s the alternative? Running affiliate programs, expating to some shithole country to “DHV” and bang low-IQ peasants and shit-posting on ROK?
    Sure, I’m dramatizing here a bit. But we’re all lost just the same.

    1. The fact that most of us have not been killed off as per usual, is why they hate us. We aren’t supposed to be alive right now. Women want less men around so they can live in a world of lothario cocksmen rather than simp sycophants and beta providers. There fact that we have survived this conditioning makes us an enemy. Never give in to soy. Soylent Green was not an accident.

      1. WEIMER
        In a natural state or less-advanced society women are essentially 2-3 orifices that provide pleasurable friction when a penis is inserted into them.
        It is not just males who were cattle for most of history.
        Society would collapse as soon as the oil needed to be changed without white or Asian males. Mestizos have enough white blood to sort of run a backwater like Latin America but that is all.
        As for Expatting, most of the faggots who put it down would not last 2 weeks abroad because they grew up in the same neighborhood they were born and would be homesick like 9 year olds at a Sleepaway camp. They would be unable to support themselves overseas.

      At 44 I’m glad I moved overseas and did not spend my life in the US.
      I did not miss out on jackshit since I left when Bill Clinton was president. The country went downhill when Bush was elected-not that it was any great shakes when Billy was getting blown in the White House.
      Also, you cannot be an expat if you are a total fucking loser-this is why ghetto blacks and Cholos are not overrunning the Dubai prison system. Ditto trailer trash. You have to have some intelligence.
      As for “pissing away Boomer’s nest eggs” well, it is better than the blacks and Mestizos who are pissing away the tax money of the entire population on fatherless bastards. You don’t see a load of middle-class whites with their hands out in the US because they fathered illegitimate bastard kids with 6 women-possibly this is because they are now Soy’ed up to the max.

      “Expating and shit-posting”
      Your post screams of unworldiness. You’ve never been employed outside your state or your province in your life, bro. You know nothing of anywhere but your backyard.
      You go to the same clubs whose stools have supported your ass since you turned 18 or 21 and watch the skanks get younger and younger on the dance floor-unless you are yourself a girl, which you might be.
      You could not afford to move across the street much less support yourself overseas. You lack the credentials or the initiative or for that matter the meager funds.
      So you are stuck in the vicinity of your birthplace with no perspective on anything.
      By the way, it is MUCH harder to live overseas and support yourself there than most of you think. The majority of you would last about 2 weeks despite your complaining about how fucked the West is. All of you are Gen Y or Gen X middle-class kids who would begin to feel homesick for Mother’s basement.

      1. >By the way, it is MUCH harder to live overseas and support yourself there than most of you think.
        Funny enough via low paid remote jobs that Filipinos with fluent English work, a normal life for non STEM degree guys is easier to achieve in the 3rd world than in the west.
        Your own apartment on some customer support job in the west and ever getting laid ? Fuggetaboudit
        In the Philippines you’re actually lower middle class with jobs like that.

    4. Train and make ready to emulate your namesake. Soon you will have a sense of purpose.
      If you know what I’m NOT sayin’…

  24. You forgot to mention, that in chimps open mouth is a sign of being submissive. Look the face of those guys they are terrified, that is the look of fear. that is an unconscious thing they do to signal that they are not threatening in any way and to cement their place in the hierarchy, the bottom of the bottom of beta males, gamma males?

    1. I beg to differ. Look at Marc Maron. The beard, the tears, bitch cadence, the fake glasses and plaid…all camouflage to draw in prey. Many of these guys are all bloodthirsty, backstabbing sharks. It’s a passive-aggressive form of cutthroat. To look as pathetic and unthreatening as possible before they strike their adversary. Just like the unassuming hippie pot dealer. Vicious just beneath the surface. The white race is composed of Great Santinis one-upping each other.

  25. Those soldiers in 14 don’t look like soyboys. They could beat the shit out of all the guys on this list.

  26. Since we have been effectively stripped of our standards of how to be human (at least from the angle of Gods and Buddhas), this recent epidemic has got to be one of the most cringe-worthy parts of everyday life.
    Not to mention, that the “soy boys” could also be rendered unable to understand the heavenly messages, that the Creator will reveal to save people.
    The book Zhuan Falun by Li Hongzhi could be an example of a heavenly message.

  27. LOL. Yeah you white folks are really an endangered species!! Shut the fuck up and start busting nuts in as many of your white cunts as you can if you really fear for your kind.

    1. Wow, I sense genuine sincerity. It sounds like you don’t want the white race to die. If only even a percentage of nonwhites actually cared about the white race…

    2. JOE DOE
      That’s what trailer trash does, bro. I do not want to have 4 kids at Section 8 I cannot pay for.

  28. LOL. Yeah you white folks are really an endangered species!! Shut the f*** up and start busting nuts in as many of your white c*nts as you can if you really fear for your kind.

    1. Aha you gave yourself away, negro. You promised to troll each one of my comments when I triggered you last time. The black virgin strikes again pretending to be me. I defeated last time without trying and even got you to disown your blackness. Now you are even pretending to be the most anonymous name ‘John Doe.’ You are the most insecure Wakandan in history.

  29. Too sad to look at them all. I got through about 10. It’s a fucking sad, sad world where “men” aren’t men anymore. German men are expected to sit when they piss. WTF happened to them? They were powerful at a time when they had a great leader. Now they are cucked.

    1. >German men are expected to sit when they piss. WTF happened to them? They were powerful at a time
      Dat time tested jewish magic brah…

      1. “Wimp” in German actually translates to “You have to sit to piss”

  30. Damn Roosh. Why you do this to us?
    I’m kidding.
    But after enduring those pictures, I want to be permanently IV’ed to a fifty-five gallon drum of industrial strength testosterone.
    God forbid that I ever degenerate to their level.

    1. just remember, every time you skip a workout, another man smiles with his mouth gaping open while bending his wrists.

  31. Its pretty sad how in picture #3 the actual homo on the right looks more straight than the guy on the left.
    Seriously though Roosh, thanks for this. This list is the best pre workout motivation for me compared to the picture of me in my fat days.

  32. LOL. In number 3, the openly gay actor on the right looks less feminized than the soyboy on the left

    1. They are so fucking thin and frail, I just want to break their backs over my knee.

  33. Got to admit, I didn’t understand/get the whole excited, open-mouth thing. Just struck me as stupid….and….well……to be quite frank………gay asf.

  34. 3. Imagine looking less manly than the gay man in the photo
    Lol at the subtle nod in 32.

  35. Yes Roosh, it’s so logical and rational to judge 150 million men with just 36 photos.
    Fucking idiot.

    1. just some (gay) guy:
      You’re still hangin’ around here, you little phag? I expect that you’re one of these soibois in the above pix.

  36. Wil Wheaton actually kind of makes me hope that we whites WILL die off, and fast.
    Why can’t ISIS capture & behead THAT fucking faggot? They always went for nice journalists, with careers and families. Fuck that. Take Wil Wheaton. Not only would I watch a Wil Wheaton beheading video, I’d beat off to it.

  37. Roosh is just scared to see men with open mouths because his mind goes straight to them sucking him off, and that hampers his attempt at repressing his homosexuality. It’s a combination of that and him hating to see anyone expressing joy. He wants everyone to be as miserable as he is.

    1. AMY
      You fantasize about SUCKING ROOSH OFF because he is one masculine and fearless Mo Fo.
      Deep in your loins you want to be penetrated by a tall, dark, rugged looking stud and then your SJW instincts lead you to self-hatred you project like a Fag Hag.

  38. What I’m the hell’s wrongs with #14 you’ve got a British Soldier & an American Soldier chilling? Loving that Rebel flag on the American guy! 🤠🤠🤠

  39. The opening and closing paragraphs was something of the funniest shit I’ve read on RoK in a while.

    That is what Cholos and Hood Rats do.
    I have two kids and I can send them to college. I sure as shit do not want six at Section 8.

  41. Well, when actor Jim Parsons is more masculine than the rest of the soy boys shown in the 36 pics, there is a problem…

  42. I don’t get it. I went to the Clint Eastwood School of Photography. I just scowl at the camera.

  43. while seeing each picture, i felt a feeling of violence growing inside me.
    Is it a sane reaction if you want to punch each guy from those pictures in their stupid faces ?

    1. Oh, shit yeah, faraways. You hit it on the head.
      I call it the Gollum Effect: when you’re faced with a truly pathetic individual who is also a conniving weasel. Either you feel sorry for Gollum (like Frodo) or you have nothing but hate for him (like Sam) and you want to stove his head in for him.
      Most sane people would go with the latter.

  44. Wow the race bait is real on that site, our jew masters must be rubbing their hands right now.
    Yes I see tons of feminized guys everywhere but I also see more and more guys signing up at my old school gym. These guys you don’t wanna mess with them. RoK is acting like the MSM always showing the dark side, we need positive examples to inspire the lads. From times to times it’d be nice to show the other side of the coin, which is a legion of young and strong guys not buying into leftist ideology.

  45. These are the guys are such hypocrits. They are the kind that will complain about being “bullied” Yet they absolutely REFUSE to stop being punchable.

  46. I have yet to make soy boy face other way but to feel it out.
    My standard smile is slasher-smile 🙂

  47. How else are you going to get all that cock in your mouth unless you practice?

  48. Is it just me who found those faces similar to the Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun music video?

  49. All of them have a punchable face.
    I thought that mouth wide open face was some new idiocy spread by social networks but, no, it seems it is a spontaneous phenomenon.

  50. The one that stuck out to me most is if you look at pic #30 which is of a Reddit post the caption is something like “I had a vasectomy and my wife’s boyfriend suprised me with this” -a Nintendo switch. Not sure what’s most wrong about this. Is it that a young male had a vasectomy Which gives him no chance to procreate(although we’re probably better off without the spawn of his beta/cuck genetics) assuming he currently has no kids? Or is it that he is knowingly being cucked by his wife and is on gift-giving terms with the man who fucks the woman he took vows before God with? Or is it the fact that he’s so obsessed with video games that not being able to procreate and being cucked doesn’t bother him? After America is conquered by islamists, those looking for answers should refer to this article as to why American males lost to the islamists

  51. Goddamn it moderators. Ban this negro who is impersonating me. You have the ip addresses. I bet it is the only negro ‘John Doe’ that ever existed. You can tell by the cliche short answers and copy/paste ‘jokes.’ The negro is a subhuman, solely concerned with muh dik. Too afraid to post longer trolling for fear of revealing his low simian grammatical errors.

  52. Sorry Roosh but your not much more masculine then any of these Soyboys. You’re frame is pretty weak. Need to gain some lbs. Yeah these guys have goofy smiles on display, but otherwise I fail to see the difference? How are #14 Soyboys? They look like they could kick your ass.

  53. Ah white guys are doing this pose now. These stupid faces in photos have been popular for Asians since the 90s at least. My husband is Asian and would pose like that, when we started dating. I used to ask him to “look normal” in photos. Wander trough photo albums of SE Asian families and there are the silly faces time after time. Even more masculine big blokes like my husband would do the pose. Maybe its because when you can’t have a family meal without posing for 10 group shots you try to make it entertaining, who knows…
    Not a flattering look on Asians and as now proved, not on Americans either.

  54. Breed, Breed, Breed, and more Breeding. Funny if I wasn’t sharing the same planet as you guys. I asked myself: are human smarter than yeast? After reading this, with all about “superior genectis” or “one race outbreeds the other”, the answer is NO. And by the way last time I checked Testosterone is a Cholesterol derivative. You know the same lipids that can clog your arteries.

  55. That’s just disgusting…I want to punch them in the face with all I’ve got. Nothing more to be said.

  56. I cannot even remotely describe what is going on in these pictures. I really have no baseline at all; I’m completely fucking befuddled…I’m not even fascinated about this cultural phenomenon, it’s repulsive.
    These people just have a repellant air about them normally (the unkempt hair & beard, the pasty pallor, complete lack of development of jawline bone structure that comes from lifting/doing hard work) but when accompanied by the Soylent Grin they become positively repugnant.
    I was disgusted right off the bat with Pic # 1, was seriously nauseous by #10 (#11 was no surprise though, Colbert is the Queen of the SoiBois) and only after a few more I had to scroll to the comments or I would have vomited.

  57. Your hate and misunderstanding lead to your dissatisfaction, not the people pictured. Fix yourself instead of whining like a baby about other people not fitting your outdated standard. Look to a real man like Marcus Aurelius for how to live your life, not children whining on the internet.

  58. You wanna suck your own d!ck?
    Now THAT’S narcissism.
    Someone should write a book.
    Oh, Joseph Conrad did.

  59. going off the majority of these comments, it looks like “muh dik” really is the scourge of your existences lol. at least I blend in as a minority, it must suck (pun intended) that you white boys are relegated to giving your best “bbc face” to functioning in mainstream society.

  60. Ok…#23 is just too much. 🤣🤣
    I haven’t laughed that hard in years, the whole picture just screams “this is the future America!!”

  61. What’s wrong with the Nintendo Switch? Looks like a Sony fanboy wrote this article

  62. wow these are all pretty frightening, but did you catch number 30? His wife’s boyfriend gave him some presents for his vasectomy??? Jeez how pathetic can you get, neutered and a cuckhold.

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