How To Enjoy Life In Clown World

We appear to be living in a clown world. Men are turning themselves into women, women are turning themselves into men, and brainwashed kids, god bless ‘em, don’t know what to turn themselves into. Meanwhile, small-souled bugmen are protesting outside McDonald’s for Szechuan sauce because of a cartoon, and deranged SJWs can’t pull their eyes away from Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

Faceless corporations are pretending to be social justice revolutionaries while at the same time warping the capitalist system out of all functional recognition for their own gains. Governments and the media are no longer even trying to hide their support for cultural Marxist policies, and as community spirit across the West continues to disintegrate, more pea-brains take to social media to shout at each other and drive culture deeper into the gutter.

A Scottish man is being sent to jail for making a joke on YouTube, childish movements such as #MeToo are being presented with a sickening veneer of credibility by the mainstream media, and events like the Oscars have deteriorated into humorless virtue-signaling crusades.

Once-great Western cities have been reduced to barren corporate wastelands populated by millions of atomized, cultureless, and basically useless consumers roaming shopping malls, filling sports arenas and sitting glued to their Netflix-enabled 75” 4K TVs as they chow down on mystery foodstuffs.

The internet has people living in something akin to a permanent state of road rage as they desperately try to fill the emptiness in their lives by becoming hysterical over events that have little to no impact on them. The morbidly obese are plotting to normalize their immoral and disgraceful lifestyles in favor of sorting themselves out, and Tinder has turned the sexual marketplace into a loveless hellscape.

It’s enough to drive a good man crazy, but those who can smell the rat know that even in the clown world of 2018, life can still be better than ever. Once you know how to adapt, there’s still nothing stopping you living that idyllic 1950s-esque life, working hard, finding something or things you’re passionate about, having a loving family, and deriving nothing but peace and joy from existence.

Perhaps the first thing you need to understand to enjoy life in clown world is that it does not really exist. Yes, all the things I mentioned are happening, but they are things at the extreme ends of culture that get attention because on the internet the most outrageous stories get the most clicks. Not only do corporate media sites exploit this, but so do superficially-rational YouTubers like Stefan Molyneux. And if you think Return of Kings isn’t doing this too, you’re as bad as the SJWs (sorry Roosh).

This lowest-common-denominator media landscape leaves us with a caricatured vision of society that filmmaker Adam Curtis dubbed “hypernormalisation” in his 2016 documentary of the same name. Since the 1970s, he argued, governments and technologists have given up on the complex “real world” and built a simple “fake world” run by corporations and kept stable by politicians.

Having faced up to this reality, you must then tackle the dilemma that most people are still living in the “fake world”, which can be an isolating experience. Nonetheless, you must begin the process of blocking these people from your life. As Faceberg tweeted

Normies discarded, you can focus your efforts on rebuilding a set of inputs defined by reason, competence, honesty and respect. This will allow you to build your own culture – a cocoon of intellect, camaraderie and humour that is able to observe clown world from the outside, if it wishes to.

In the words of Terence McKenna:

Don’t watch TV, don’t read magazines, don’t even listen to NPR. Create your own roadshow. The nexus of space and time where you are now is the most immediate sector of your universe, and if you’re worrying about Michael Jackson or Bill Clinton or somebody else, then you are disempowered, you’re giving it all away to icons. This is shit-brained, this kind of thinking. That is all cultural diversion, and what is real is you and your friends and your associations, your highs, your orgasms, your hopes, your plans, your fears.

Do not take their bait. A polarized, outraged populous is “exactly what a corporatist economy wants”, argued Michael Aaron in Quillette. The message of 99% during Occupy Wall Street in 2011 was unifying. “It create[d] cohesion, cooperation, and positive validation, and it turn[ed] the spotlight on those pulling the strings behind the curtain.” Putting everything behind turning 99%-1% into 50%-50% has since served the powers that be very nicely indeed.

Understanding how rage and division is manufactured by the elites and living now in your richer and more tangible reality, you can begin creating an authentic version of yourself while removing the shell that was most likely a bullshit version shaped over many years by corporate uniformity, normie interactions and societal brainwashing.

When you become your true self, you will be surrounded by others who still have their minds intact, who don’t blame anyone or anything for their problems, but like you live an honorable and joyful life.

Before long you will find yourself reading old books, exploring history and philosophy, picking up those sports you left behind as a teenager, and finding fulfilling hobbies and nourishing sources of work. You will see the world in a new light – see the beauty of nature and the brightness of the stars and moon as your masculine spirit is reenergized. Everything will become interesting, and the future will seem bright.

Relationships with your family will be repaired, you will have a stronger bond with your girlfriend, and you will the see the humour in everything. You will not let hate fester inside, because you will know that hate only comes from people who are trying to condition you. Instead you will lead a life defined by love and harmony. You will lift weights (this is not optional), go running in the wild, and respect your body.

You won’t live with fear and resentment like those with Trump Derangement Syndrome or those who give themselves nothing to be proud of. Instead you will realize that we have created a world in which so much is great, and that there is much to be thankful for. You will feel the pain of this greatness being squandered, but you will learn to accept it and the anger will subside as your happiness flourishes.

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104 thoughts on “How To Enjoy Life In Clown World”

    One of the sad things about younger commentators is that they cannot get out of the US, West etc.
    Economically, they are trapped. Their shitty local economy, their city, their local “club” that they sit and nurse a drink in the same shitty table watching the same Mud Shark sluts year after year…no way to move to other countries, get other jobs.
    Only 20 years ago a young man could simply pack his suitcase and tell his landlords, work mates, exes to go fuck themselves and bolt overseas.
    Now Gen Y is trapped-they cannot get a job that pays the shitty cost of a cattle class airline ticket and simply leave their country, city, shit even their house.
    They are stuck in the same Zip code they were born jerking off to porn, seeing the same assholes that bullied them/they bullied in high school, experiencing nothing. What could you do when you earned a shit salary at a retail job?
    Gen X was the last fortunate generation. There were still jobs overseas-thankless perhaps, but the local populace could not do them-and money was more abundant.
    You could move to Asia or Europe or Dubai…whatever your pleasure and get the hell away from the stupid culture of your state.
    It is sad that grown men have to give a shit about the culture dreamed up by some coked up screenwriters in Los Angeles or Lesbians in New York ad agencies. It is so stupid how the US masses are controlled by some stupid media ad agencies.
    John Dodds can understand this.

    1. Need to make a minor correction there for ya.
      “(((coked up screenwriters))) in Los Angeles and (((lesbians in new york))) ad agencies.”

    2. I don’t think it’s possible for men to enjoy clown life in the west mainly because of one think …… the women. Let’s face it, nearly every man wants an attractive wife to love, share a life and have children. But the west no longer allows that, you might be lucky enough to find the right woman, but 10-20 years later she will change, take your home and assets from you and probably never allow you to see your children again. This is the way of the new west. To find a woman that will stay with you, you need to live in a country with laws that don’t allow forcible asset transfer on divorce, a country with laws that enforce joint custody of children, and a country that doesn’t arrest men on accusation from any female. NO WHITE COUNTRY WORKS LIKE THIS. So the only way for a man to enjoy life in clown world is as an InCel or as a homosexual ……… who wants to live a life like that?

        1. WEIMER
          We have to define “mongrel”.
          To be honest, most Americans are actually bottlenecks of races-like Trump, who grew up in a heavily German and Scottish part of New York and is himself a mongrel.
          Also, all US blacks are mongrels. Mestizos are mongrels. Eastern Europeans are mongrels.
          Italians are mongrels. Spanish.

      1. JOHN
        I hear your story with almost every expat I meet. I feel lucky to have totally bottomed-out in the West and fucked off overseas when I was 25.
        What did I miss? A mortgage on a house not worth shit? Two teenage kids with more tattoos than a Merchant Marine and a lesbian daughter? Minorities running around raping senior citizens? What?
        Sure glad I pulled the fade.

      2. Madman:
        Sicilians and MANY southern Italians are mongrels. Hell yeah, they are. Scicily is an Island filled with Danny DeVitos. They are the Peruvians of Italy. Portugal, yeah, ugliest people in Europe hands down, so are southern Spaniards.
        BUT…. Northern Italians and some Central Italians are pure Italian and German stock, my friend. My Mom is northern Italian, she has reddish brown hair and green eyes. My Italian grandparents are tall, blue-eyed, and fair skinned and they are from Lombardia (Lombardy, which was Germanized during fall of Western Roman Empire in 5th century).
        Fabio, the model/romance novel dude is from Northern Italy. Does that look Mongrel to you? 🙄
        Eastern Europe, depending on the country, are almost or largely PURE Nordic blood. The Belorussians, for example, as mainly Viking blood, and they were forced-Russified in the late 19th Century only (before that, they were virtually Nordic in lineage). So are the Lithuanians and many Estonians. Many Ukrainians and Russians are also descendants of Vikings.
        You can spot the “mongrels” in EE easily. The rest are SUPER HOT Scandinavian and some Germanic stock…. so gimme a break saying all EE are “mongrels”.
        Comparing SE Asians and the ugly non-European south Americans (Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Honduras, etc) to European and SELECT southern Brazilians or Argentinians is just insane and dumb. -_-
        Come on, dude. 🙄

    3. I’m very happy to have my second citizenship now, soon to go back….didn’t think it’d turn out this way 20 years ago…. US had turned into a big prison camp, where one is enslaved among brainwashed drones/slaves and their vile corporate overlords, I don’t see how one can enjoy themselves here unless they’re set for life and can retire to a remote property where they don’t have to interact with anyone daily. To do this is a lot more expensive in the US than almost anywhere overseas (I’m not talking about “1st world countries” which are all the same now); US has high property taxes, insane building codes and other regulations (can’t really do small scale agriculture without being chocked by some “rules”, environmental restrictions, etc, while big corp is allowed to successfully poison environment without any restrictions), insanely expensive medical care, everything here is very expensive and one has to run a rat race all the time to stay afloat unless they’re sitting on millions worth of property/savings.

    1. Which guys are those?
      Well I was lucky enough to be a Gen X white with a shitty four year degree and young in the late 90’s when this still mattered and a young man could move overseas.
      These days young people want to waste their time standing around calling other men “fucking white males” on behest of Negros and Mestizos who would not cross the street to piss on them if they were on fire and would rape their ass in prison.
      Back in the 1990’s young white men got the degree and made money and moved around. Now Gen Y are seem stuck in the house they were born, jerking off to internet porn, unable to move anywhere (Or unwilling).
      It is appalling how arrested Gen Y or Z development is. At 25 they live at home in Mom’s basement. They have never worked overseas, they are trapped in the city they were born, they go to the same shitty bars.

        1. You’re implying they are on welfare while living at home. Two contradictory things. If they are living at home, my and dad are paying for them. Can’t have it both ways. That is a female tactic called cognitive-dissonance. Try again.

        2. Weimar,
          Aren’t ‘welfare’ and ‘living with your parents’ the same thing?
          In both cases you are a scrounger with someone else paying for you.

        3. Yes, but the argument he is making is that HE is subsidizing it. He would only be subsidizing it himself (assuming he is a top taxpayer) if said entitled brat is not living off mom and dad. Big difference. Parents paying vs taxpayers paying.

        4. Perhaps I should have put entitlements in quotes to point out that they don’t really live on welfare but they believe they are owed something at our expense.

      1. Today’s young men have it worse. Everywhere ‘women and minorities’ are encouraged to apply. Men are 1/3 of university students now, yet somehow create a rape culture with 1/3 of university women getting assaulted. Male-bashing is mainstream. The gov’t made a law to force young men to buy health insurance which they won’t use, or else pay fines. Even new encouraging non-traditional career paths like programming/tech camps will waive tuition for women leaving the costs on young men’s shoulders.

      2. I am going on 36 now, so I am early Millennial generation…. right…? I got married at 23, never lived with parents again.
        But in Brazil, when I lived there ages 12-16 (mid-1990s), it was NORMAL to have 30-35year old women and many men living in their parents house!!! They lived “at home” until they married).
        Now, in Brazil, it is common to see 40 year olds living in parents’ house. Just nuts how these people can do that. I would have gone insane!
        I suppose my situation (widowed, no kids, no debt, have townhouse and 2 cars, job and now doing law school using some of my savings) and fact I kept my 8 appearance at my age is highly un-common these days in America. I think that is why at church, I have these people trying to “set me up” with some woman they know.
        🙄 *sigh*
        Ps. I would NOT go live outside USA again. Did it for 6 years when my dad worked for US Consulate abroad and never again. I like clean water in tap, right to carry my gun, not have to bribe dam cops for crimes I did not even commit. No amount of sweet pussy can make up for the inconveniences of living aboard again.

      1. AUTOMATIC
        I agree with cheap hookers and booze but this is why you should live overseas.
        When I started going to Amsterdam as a young lad I started realizing what a joke the US was-why bother to buy beers for college Sorority Whores when you can get your knob polished for 40 Euros whenever you want. Smoke a joint in public.
        The US is a police state. They will never be there when a bunch of ghetto blacks follow you into a Burger King parking lot and attack you because they are on crack cocaine but will always be there when you forget to pay a parking ticket.
        Arabs will always spend 4 years online talking about blowing something up but you will get arrested for saying Negro in a twitter.
        I’m not saying Western Europe.

        1. @ MM
          Cheap booze.
          Expensive hookers.
          Important to get that combo right.
          I will skimp on many things, but not that.
          Of course I realize that “expensive” in 2nd and 3rd world countries means something very different than expensive in NY.
          I will most likely stay put until the contracts dry up. Then I will be forced to take my FU fund someplace more affordable.
          BTW, that comment I made about the hangover was for “Just Some Guys”. Hard do tell with the commenting system here.

        2. Amsterdam now is hookers charging 150 bucks for a quickie and they’re often trying to scam Johns as well.
          Downtown is pretty much a giant tourist trap.

        3. Automatic:
          Have you seen THE RULES for an Amsterdam fuck these days on Red Light district? 🙄
          You cannot finger the girl, suck nipples, kiss the girl, etc etc. It is crap. It is mechanical fucking. I rather daygame and internet local women in US and get it off free, then fly halfway around the world to pay substandard Romanian-type gypsies ugly types in Red Light. Gimme a break, dude. 🙄
          If I was going for hookers, there are plenty in Reno or EE. Amsterdam is for losers.
          BTW, my Dad is originally from NE Holland, so I know the country very well. The hookers I saw in Red Light District about 4 1/2 years ago were crap, worse then any redneck dive bar in smalltown USA. I am talking dirty ugly trash Romanian and other central Euro Gypsie trash women in Red Light.

    2. The world would fall apart if we did just kill ourselves. The Gen Y and Z aren’t interested in doing anything that isn’t the shiny thing of the day.

      1. RATMAN
        I cannot understand why Gen Y (Or Z) want to stand in the street screaming about the rights of Negros and Mestizos who would fuck their wife over their bleeding corpse or get all worked up over social justice.
        Entitlement? The white middle class are the people ending up homeless while Tyreece never works a day in his life and 5 Mud Sharks are lined up at Section 8 with his baby the same year.

        1. I was referring to the Gen Y and Z that are sitting at home in mon’s basement who refuse to go out and work. They are waiting for their entitlements. The rest of us are expected to pay for those entitlements. We’re taxed to death to make sure the entitlements are given out so the politicians can get re-elected.
          Meanwhile the elite who are so into the concept of redistribution refuse to start with their own wealth. They’d rather redistribute our wealth only.
          There’s nothing stopping them from writing a bigger check to the gov’t.

        2. I can’t understand them either (Gen X & Y). They seem to hate themselves so much. Meanwhile those they would argue for are backstabbing them at every opportunity.

      2. I’m a GenX white male. If everyone from my exact demographic just got up and left the US, it would instantly turn into the biggest shit hole no the planet. We’re in our prime career age, bearing the brunt of the majority of all paid tax. Take us out of the equation right now, everything is totally fucked.

        1. G ROCK
          America without Gen X males (36-55)
          See Detroit
          In the 1980’s Detroit was not a bad place to live. Whites held jobs and paid taxes. Mortgages were paid. Laws were obeyed. Guns were reserved for hunting or shooting a burglar. Booze and marijuana were the drugs of choice.
          Gen X went to university. This was the first generation of Polish-Americans and Southerners to do so. They realized that life in Southeast Michigan or the Rust Belt had little promise.
          Meanwhile black crime was blowing up. A generation had been born out of wedlock. Crack cocaine arrived in 1985. Guns replaced bats and fists.
          All the young whites who were employable moved out of Detroit. The only whites left were the elderly, the junkies, the low IQ breeders.
          Then black crime got so bad and thugs so ruthless that even the white junkies boarded Greyhounds to sell crack out West and the elderly sold their houses and the low IQ breeders moved to exurban trailer parks outside Detroit.
          And so all that were left were low IQ ghetto Hood Rats.
          And that is Detroit today.
          If Gen X whites left the US the blacks would no longer have welfare or Section 8 and the Mexicans would no longer have employers and the government would no longer have a bureaucracy. It would become Brazil tomorrow.
          If you think single whites could run the place go to Section 8 or welfare offices. Women are essentially slots that produce pleasurable friction, intelligent or not. They are not given to wanting change oil on cars or manage sanitation or anything else. They evolved to fuck and decorate caves and they do these well in the form of modern equivalents-sex work, actresses, artists.
          Or for that matter look at South Africa. Most of the most intelligent and qualified whites left.

    3. You want me to kill myself and afterwards you want me to do you a favor? I don’t get it.

      1. Just Some Guy, Isn’t telling someone to go kill themselves an incitement to violence. I think you just committed a hate crime. I have contacted the Police, they are on their way.
        I know you are a lesbian lurker, but stop being a fucking hypocrite.

    4. Well since we’re talking about who should kill themselves, here’s a good list:
      1. Beta soy men – look, you’re not going to fuck the girls you want to fuck, ever. You will die never knowing what it’s like to be a man, to have women want you. Just do it.
      2. 30+ Feminists – look, you’re not going to find any man who’s decent that wants you, you’re going to die alone and invisible. Just do it.
      3. Africans – look, no amount of positive discrimination will make you as smart as the white man, so just give up, you will always be slaves. Just do it.
      4. Muslims – look, your prophet was a pedo, think about that. He’s in hell, and you’re following him. Lol. Just do it.

      1. Just putting in my two cents here.
        – I am not a “soy boy”.
        – The type of girls I am attracted to have never wanted me.
        – I routinely fuck exactly the type of girls I am attracted to. It can be done. Not very difficult either.
        I may kill myself someday — but not today. And not anytime soon as far as I can tell.

        1. @ asdada
          Yeah, I know that wasn’t directed towards me. Just thought I’d give my observations on the subject. I was not being hostile there (or at least did not intend to come off that way).
          I was basically trying to make the point that even though a guy may not be “wanted”, he can still get what he wants in one way or another. “Soy boys” probably cannot, though.
          And also, if I ever find myself in depends undergarments, or dependent upon others for my day to day activities, then yeah, I will go to Home Depot for that extra strong rope.
          Wouldn’t want to live that way. Hopefully that’s a long way off.

        2. Please, don’t even joke about that. I am sick of seeing our people needlessly die these days in such shame.

        3. Steve Rogers42.
          ‘Don’t kill yourself. Pick a useful target and go out like Bobby Bacala, Sr.’
          He died to bring attention to a ‘Your Ad Here’, sign?
          Americans really have lowered their standards.

      2. It is sad that you buy into the mindset that being white makes you smarter.
        Unless you have personally done something on a grand scale – and maybe you have- then affiliating with a group based on skin pigment doesn’t grant intelligence. The pyramids are African, not Egyptian. And certainly not European. Now if you want to talk about the pathetic “black” mainstream culture in the United States, that’s something different- but still mainstream blue pill.
        It doesn’t help you to confuse the two.
        So Asdasda, have whatever opinions you want, and say whatever you want, but recognize that you are NOT taking the red pill for knowledge about black American men, you are still blue pulled on that , and believing what you see and hear on television.
        Mainstream blue pull culture is trying to destroy true men of different races, to divide us. Red pill black men and red pill white men have the same good masculine qualities.
        What news does American television have about real events in Africa? Nothing. Never. Just remember that.
        You will never see a real movie in the United States that shows anything functioning in Africa. It goes against the blue pill narrative.

        1. Well, I’m smart just because I was lucky. Every single race on earth, besides Aborigines, will have at least 1 smart person amongst them. But that doesn’t make them a smart race.
          If you want to argue that Africans are smart by observation alone, then you’re fucked, because Africa slaps that argument sideways.
          If you want to argue that Africans are smart by test results then you’re fucked as well. The average African American IQ is 85. I don’t know the average African (mainland) IQ is, but I assume it would be lower.
          There really is no room to argue with this. And that’s me not being a dick about it.

        2. I get the unity thing, but the whole world is lined up against white men, and you so-called ‘based’ blax are heaping even more negativity upon the most-hated, most beleaguered demographic of all time. Our supposed nonwhite allies are not-so-subtly taking swipes at us with even more vehemence (Thomas Sowell writing an entire book about white ‘trash’ from the North of England created ghetto black culture/crime).
          As for the white = smart, well….whites get collectively blamed for bad things, having alleged ‘privilege’….so we are going to also take credit for all of the collective good things.
          You can caterwaul at the moon, but it does not make Subsaharan Africans Pharaohs. It’s painful watching the American black create an entire religion from ahistorical Egyptology. Why on earth did you guys pick such an abstract location/empire to base your entire mythological ethnogenesis upon? It’s as nonsensical as Lords of the Rings.

        3. ASDASDA
          You’re not extremely bright. Not at all. This fact oozes out of your rambling pointless commentary.
          Given your age-30’s I think you mentioned-you are not particularly worldly or insightful.
          Sorry, but you are no brain trust.

        4. @Samuel, I agree (although not 100%) what you said, especially:
          “Mainstream blue pull culture is trying to destroy true MEN of different RACES, to DIVIDE us.”
          We already know the “real” reason: GRUDGE !!

        5. ASDASDA
          …Yeah, that must make you a genius compared to an aboriginal, she-bro.
          You have a deep near-hysterical streak; like a woman.

        6. @ Gen X-ile, much projection, you do. I’m level 10 blackpill, the only reaction I get from this site is an occasional mild smirk, and that’s never from anything you write.

      3. Asdada, you disappoint me. You forgot leftists, vegans, refugees and politicaly correct politicians in your list.
        Shame on you. ( just kidding)

      4. I am a proud African &, most likely, smarter than you. In fact, most African immigrants who come here do pretty well. They’re usually taking up space in medical schools, universities, engineering spots, etc. What do u do tho besides post numerous times on ROK? If you die, who would be negatively affected outside of your worthless family? #5 on that list starts with asda.

        1. You do realise that your education, all comes from white cultural practices? The only reason most Africans get an opportunity is through minority quotas and special hot housing to bring you up from a substandard level of learning to average.
          Most African migrants where I live, are at best retail workers or taxi drivers. At worst they are gang members or rapists. Get your education over here if you like, but go back and help your own country rather than
          staying” over here” and selfishly helping yourselves.

        2. @ Huey
          Maybe you are what you say you are and maybe not. But the fact remains tha most Africans who come here, thanks to the insidious 1965 immigration act, are like Amadou Diallo (spelling?) the watch seller. Or Obama’s aunt. People who contribute nothing, yet consume public resources. Not hating, as I am trying not to do that so much these days. Just stating facts.

        3. HUEY the IBO
          Africa sank into disrepair when the British left.
          Your women are big-assed fuck machines who produce too many children and you are too dissolute to keep your governments running and there is too much strutting around as the Main Negro in your countries changes every 30 minutes.
          You evolved to withstand Malaria with an AIDS susceptible blood type so you get HIV easier than a white gay hustler who has been taking bareback white cocks up his ass for 20 years on Rodeo Drive. A white man can fuck black prostitutes for years like I did but the first time you do you will get AIDS.
          You get hooked on drugs easier for some reason. Whites can smoke crack once or twice but when you do you are ready to suck 10 dicks in an alley way to get more.
          Now I do acknowledge that you are different than US blacks who are actually a bottleneck of West African Coastal tribes intermingled with British colonists-they do not represent Africans.

        4. @ Huey, there’s a 95% chance you’re not smarter than me, statistically speaking, not that that matters to this argument, as pretty much any race has people 4 standard deviations from the norm.
          Africans take up space at tertiary education thanks to sports scholarships, and positive discrimination. Must feel good, walking around with the Harvard kids, knowing that they’re all smarter than you. Zero negative side effects to positive discrimination there.
          You ask what I do? Well, one thing I do is try to leave as few internet footprints as possible.
          If I died I think mainly all the girls who haven’t had a chance to ride my cock would be the ones missing me the most. And for you, I assume your crack dealer would shed a tear and that’s about it, right?

      5. > 1. Beta soy men – look, you’re not going to fuck the girls you want to fuck, ever. You will die never knowing what it’s like to be a man, to have women want you. Just do it.
        Hate to break it to you, but women are nation destroyers and what they desire are good looking rapists and psychopaths. Unless you’re one of these you’re deluding yourself that you’re more than a convenient simp provider until the day said guy shows up.
        If you want to look at a nation of take it all alphas just look at Africa. They’ll never have functioning societies in a zillion years.

        1. There have been plenty of alpha tribes through history, the Vikings, to name one. But if you’re only looking at modern day alpha countries, well I’ll have to give the title to Iceland right now, of the white countries, since they have the strongmen competitors coming out of there; else Russia, since they also are going for traditional values. Of course, the title for the non-white countries goes to Samoa, they’re giants.

        2. Iceland is as feminist a nation one could ever possibly hope to find. They have strongmen? So do Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Big deal. Samoa has giants? That makes them alpha? I will grant you that Margaret Mead got it all wrong about life there. They still have to export their best people for them to have a chance. There is very little if any “alpha” sub groups let alone societies today. In fact even under the best of circumstances very few individual men qualify.

    5. And leave America to weak, low T, “males” like yourself? Who will win against the invader and breed with your women once the moslems try to take over? Weak men make hard times, hard times make strong (Gen X) men.

  2. In before some asswipe claiming red-pill says STFU don’t complain just work harder, the elites are elite because they work harder. Man up! and get back on that plantation double time. Women are only horrible because you are not manning up and working harder, blah blah blah

    1. Worked for me and everyone in my professional network. I never even went to college. Start your own business, incorporate yourself, take advantage of the greatest tax cuts in history while GEOTUS gives us one last hurrah.

  3. One of the simpliest things you can do as a man to feel a sense of freedom is to enjoy nature on a simple level. Spending a weekend in the mountains climbing a summit, or hiking a trail along a river does wonders for the mind. The natural peace, quiet, and sense of accomplishment you can get from these activities ignites a primal urge where you are able to tune in to your surroundings and tune out the other bs.

    1. Maverick,
      It’s what I do every other day, but it won’t get you a woman.
      Not to mention hiking in the mountains and jungle alone is a little dangerous.

  4. Upscale hookers and cheap booze.
    That’s my answer.
    Certainly not suggesting it for everyone else, though.

    1. Automatic
      All young men should spend a few years employed in other countries.
      This probably is less possible now (Despite globalization) because being an American and having a 4 year degree means less than it did in 1999.
      But you have no perspective when you live in the same city your entire life hanging around the same clubs watching the same skanks pricktease for beers, no perspective on the world.
      There’s several reasons-
      1) You won’t get busted for getting a hooker. In Missouri or wherever the mafia can own strip clubs and traffic 18 year old girls but getting blown by a hooker on Craigslist is a felony. Meanwhile cops are getting their cocks sucked at strip clubs.
      2) Life is not a Hollywood movie dreamed up by Jews doing coke in Hollywood. You’d learn that overseas.
      3) Silly SJW.
      4) Less stupid laws.
      5) No she-boons or Cholos or trailer trash.
      6) You do not have to give a shit about IZ-RE-ALL

      1. @MM
        Sounds like good advice for the younger guys. Even the military might (might) be a good idea if they get sent overseas AND learn something useful, like Navy Nuclear program, or some other high tech area. Joining up to peel potatoes and clean toilets seems like a waste, though.
        But for me, at my age, it is probably a last resort if I can no longer find work here. I might be able to find work in a tech support center in the Philippines. But anywhere else, I would be running out the clock on the FU fund. But like JD often says, only need to plan for 20 years.

        1. AUTOMATIC
          My Amazing Liberation
          1) You have to be young, single, no dependents, no mortgage.
          2) I did drugs when I was younger-pot and hallucinogens-but you cannot be a junkie because you cannot get a fix overseas and do not want to do jail time for possession of meth in the Philippines.
          3) You cannot be a felon; you need a passport and to be able to leave the state.
          4) Eventually you become a non-citizen. I am no longer a resident of any state so I cannot get welfare etc.
          5) If your state, city or region really sucks ass you have nothing to lose anyhow-what is the difference between going out to LA or Oregon from Detroit and sleeping in your car to living cheap in Southeast Asia? It is safer in Southeast Asia.

        2. >I might be able to find work in a tech support center in the Philippines.
          Hate to break it to you but these folks top out at 500 bucks a month.
          That can afford you a basic living in a shoebox which is better than sleeping in a car or sharing an apartment with random people at age 30 to 40 but it’s still subsidence living.

        3. IDK
          True about salaries in the Philippines. You have to be in a niche profession or have some income in order to live in the Philippines or anywhere in Southeast Asia.
          But as you say, it is better than many people’s situations in the West.
          I shared apartments with shitbag nutcase white trash, crusties, frat boys, Cholos…sorry, but a shoebox is better in a foreign country.
          Also, for all the talk of dangers, the Philippines is safer. You are more at risk in Chicago or Detroit.

        4. Idk,
          Buying my wife a 3 bedroom house, 90% home loan repayments over 25 years are $200 a month. It ain’t that expensive out here.

  5. Great article. There is a lot of noise that is meaningless. In order to find your true self and to enjoy life ignore the noise. Do not engage in meaningless conversations with unintelligent. Pursue things that are meaningful and joyful.

    1. “Do not engage in meaningless conversations with the unintelligent.”
      You are right. Avoid African-Americans and you cut out a lot of the “noise” in life and things become more joyful and meaningful.

      1. JOEY
        Depending on your state and city and income it is hard to avoid them.
        The Polish old timers in Detroit have it the absolute complete worst…Unlike the WASPS who fled Detroit or the Appalachians who went back down South these poor Polish emigres were stuck in their mortgaged houses worth shit at the end of their lives.
        Working poor and middle class whites have no choices in life-they can live in remote towns with zero jobs or in exurbs and outer rings of cities where blacks are a fact of life. The jobs they get are in fast food and retail and service like bus driving and you cannot avoid the groids.
        As a Detroit native I can tell you that keeping silent does not help because the worst attacks from blacks are real random-some cracked-out black just lunges out behind like OJ did on Ronnie and Nicole and attacks because he wants to see a white bleed. No motive. You are ambushed with no reaction time. If there is ground between you and them IT HELPS but blacks can run fast on a sprint.
        Mestizos are an even more dangerous type in some ways. They can be anywhere. Blacks lack the initiative to really leave the ghetto but Mexicans do.
        This is in the US.

        1. It does amaze me at times that they are “only” supposed to be 13% of the US population. They make up well over 30% of the population of most cities east of the Mississippi (like seriously…. what’s the difference between 50% black Atlanta and 40% black Cincinnati?).
          As for Mestizos, they are popping up everywhere and are even moving into the last whitopias that exist in the continental US (Portland, Eugene, Salem, Spokane, and Boise in the Pacific Northwest).
          They just can’t live without us.

        2. You & Joe are both idiots &/or crazed buffoons. You, retard #1, are stuck in the 80s. The crack epidemic so scarred blacks in the US that it’s severely looked down upon in any black community. Only blacks in the lower outliers do crack; that is not a common drug in any black community by any means. The large majority of crack users, however, are Caucasian, just like the large majority of opoid users. I see them all over the public transit in Detroit, LA, NY, etc. asking for spare change & trying to sound “black” so they’ll fit in & not get destroyed in the streets. Marz is an idiot; those random black attacks he speaks of are a rarity; The very same MSM you all love to hate broadcasts these attacks & you idiots suddenly forget the hatred because MSM suits your prejudices.

        3. HUEY
          Obviously your mother was a mud shark and your father an absentee black man who grew up dependent upon Section 8 so I understand your sensitivity.
          Poor whites were ravaged by meth. Which also reflects their stupidity and Tweakers in the 90’s were as ravaged by meth as ghetto blacks by crack.
          There is no public transit in Detroit, I am from there. There is nothing. It is a wasteland. Clearly you have not been there.
          Blacks do not have to be “cracked-out” to attack whites; the MSM usually reports white-on-black violence and this is equally cowardly and despicable because usually it takes 3 whites to bring down one black while the average black male-over 6 foot and 200 pounds-can inflict serious injury or fatality on whites in a single sudden outburst of street violence.
          Mestizos are equally awful.
          This said, the white trailer trash are only a step above them.

        4. HUEY
          There is no public transit in Detroit.
          Junkies try to sound black because blacks are often junkies.
          I agree they get “destroyed” by random black violence in urban or exurban settings smoking crack all day on the street. If you hang around black areas doing drugs with no car you will be killed by blacks.

    2. Good luck with that….the idiots, the corporate fascism, the increasing costs of living will find you anywhere in the US, no escape here. They’ll find you in the store, in the doctor’s office, etc, in the form of laws and regulations and ridiculous increasing demands on people and increasing prices.

  6. This is a refreshing take on how to view our current environment, or rather the apparent clown world we live in. It emphasizes the importance of not allowing Special Interests to manipulate us. When I occasionally tune in to one of the Big 4 “World News” broadcasts, more and more it looks like an absurd caricature. The hyper-sincere anchor hypes up each story like it’s the end of days, the field reporters even worse, all impeccably dressed in the latest New York flashy suits, it’s like Hunger Games, and they do look like clowns.
    It’s good to remind ourselves that essentially all power structures are trying to manipulate us one way or the other. We have to find our own path, but I still think we need to prepare for the worst, as it has happened and is happening in other parts of the world.
    It’s hard to develop strength in numbers (an in group) to protect ourselves while keeping in mind outside forces are trying to disrupt that and even manipulate what we consider an insider. This includes the anti-Jooze, pro/anti-Islam, pro/anti-Black and pro-Illegal/anti-White. Of course each side will point out the worst flaws in those out groups, but keep in mind they are trying to manipulate how you think of them.

    1. I agree, it is really creepy. I stopped watching network (or even cable) news a few years ago and every now and then I pop back over to it to see if I’m missing anything. Every single time I do that I am reminded how absurd it is. Every day is “the end of days” and because they are in a vacuum, they all feel like they need to out-do one another. So they just get more and more ridiculous.

  7. Speaking of Hollywood and the Oscars..
    Have you ever wondered why some female actresses and even oscar winners look so ugly or so weird..? So weird that they almost look a guy?
    For example: Meryl Streep, Hillary Swank, Sigourney Weaver, Jennifer Aniston, Helen Mirren,Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts, Julianne Moore or
    especially the last Oscar winner “Frances McDormand” in 2018..
    Its because they ARE not female! They are guys! Yes, you hear me right.They are trannies!
    A lot of female Hollywoods stars are trannies in disquise..
    Even the “better looking!: Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidmann, Sharon Stone, Michelle Pfeiffer, Megan Fox.They are trannies too!
    Do you have erotic thoughts on Jennifer Lawrence? Do you get a boner when you see her on the screen? Forget it..its a tranny too.
    You dont believe it?
    Look at this video.

    Meanwhile there are more and more videos on youtube about transvestigation.
    This channel from MrE might be the best about it.
    Forget watching Hollywood movies.Its a disgusting gay and transgender propaganda.

      1. I am well aware that its sounds crazy..But unfortunately it true..When they get older,it gets more and more obvious.Thats why they use so much plastic surgery.But they cannot stop it.

    1. Couple points, Marco. Yes, there is a real phenomenon of trannies in (((Hollyweird))), just like there is of closeted gays. There are occult reasons for this, as many families involved with the movie / TV / music / publishing businesses are literal (((Satanists))) and believe a variety of esoteric things. Sacrificing a child via murder or forced transgenderism is quite common, I believe, within these circles.
      Keep in mind putting a male child or teenager on female hormones has quite dramatic results within a few years in terms of sculpting the body and growing curves. Hormone use will produce A-cup tits, plumper asses, more body fat and softer skin. Long-term hormone use also changes sexual orientation, which is a dirty little secret that the mainstream medical community refuses to knowledge.
      However, hormone use has it’s limitations, so many advanced surgical procedures are also used, including removing ribs and injecting fillers, etc. Fake tits and asses are extremely commonplace nowadays, for both natural-born women and trannies, which should be obvious.
      The best tool to use is examining shoulder to hip ratio, and far too many actresses in Hollyweird have shoulder widths that put them in the 1 percentile when compared to normal females. However, keep in mind that many adult female-born actresses and models take growth hormone, testosterone and other hormones / chemicals as an anti-aging program — which can produce slightly larger shoulder widths (due to increased muscle mass), the “lantern jaw” effect, increased aggression and greater overall vasculature (due to less body fat). Madonna is a great example of this, but there are many others.

      1. Thats exact! Its very very hard to believe this when you hear it for the first time.Its another kind of red pill.
        Hollywood is a big deception.They have the best camera-men, make-up artists, light technicians, costume dresser, hair dresser and even talented guys who can act like a woman.
        One month ago i spotted a tranny within 2 seconds in a bus, cause i was sitting near to it.But if you only see a person on a little two dimesional screen you can be fooled very easily.

        1. Yes, it is difficult to process at first — mainly because most guys think these trannies are hot and have probably wanked off to them. Thus, there minds shut down when they here the trannie claims.
          A good example of “cognitive dissonance” is Michelle Obama. The claims of her being a trannie initially sounded ludicrous to me, but “her” various body dimensions and ratios are literally off the charts for women. If she was born a woman, then she’s truly a freak of nature. No other highly photographed female media figure in the world has her male-like dimensions. Then of course, there’s the video footage of her dancing with Ellen Degenerate and there is CLEARLY a smallish cock or some type of prosthesis dancing around in the front of her pants.
          Then, there’s the comedienne Joan Rivers announcing to the world that Barack is gay and Michelle is a trannie, and most in Hollywood knows it — most thought she was joking naturally, but then she was dead a few weeks later, causing some to rethink her claims.
          Then, there’s a least one recorded Freudian slip of Barack referring to Michelle as Michael while giving a speech. I don’t know about you, but we have a Michelle in my family and NOBODY has ever accidentally referred to her Michael.
          What’s of interest to me is how many of the trannies in Hollywood are conscious of it? Obviously, if they still have a cock, then they know and continue acting the role. But how many might have had their cocks cut off while younger and have had their minds manipulated? How many Hollyweird men were born female?
          As an aside, I’ve had a few trannies as patients and seen them close up and talked with them at length about their efforts at transitioning. A couple in particular, both in their early 20s and on female hormones for 6-7 years, are incredible examples of how hormones, laser treatments, fillers, botox, modern makeup, nose surgery, tit implants and enhanced asses can create a truly feminine (and pretty!) creature. The two main things that give them away are their voices and hands (and sometimes Adam’s apple if they started hormones late). Shoulder-to-hip ratio is also important, but can be muted by hormone patches from an early age.

        2. @ AC
          “Michelle” works out with 35 lb dumbbells! How many actual females can do that. And “she” probably does not even take steroids.

      2. Here you can see the latest oscar winner for best actress…:
        Its Frances McDormand (Frank McDormand)

        If you think thats only an ugly weird woman you are wrong. In reality its a nasty perverted disgusting dude…yikes!

        1. Ever heard of Monessen Pa? Look up the Monessen Pa high school yearbook for the class of 1975. You can do similar research on all the other “trannies” you mentioned. Maybe you should go back to looking for clues on the grassy knoll.

  8. Holy Captain Kangaroo!!
    The picture of the clowns.. I know those guys, that’s from the Mexico city clown meetup. I know this bcuz I banged the organizers daughter while she was in full clown gear and then went to the meetup, this pic is from around 2007.

  9. The collapse of the USA is shocking. How can Americans sleep now?
    What should Americans do? What will happen? How do you prepare? How do you resist tyranny?
    We have four boxes with which to defend our freedom: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box. Americans are running out of options. The elites have taken control of the government, media, and the corporations. The 1% will not stop until everyone is enslaved or dead.
    The US, like China, is a police state where no one has rights and anyone can be tortured, arrested, killed, or have their property stolen by the state at any time. Most people prefer to ignore it and pretend everything is fine, though.
    Americans are too lazy and scared to protest, but even if 10 million Americans protested in Washington, our overlords would use water cannons, tear gas, torture, guns, and prisons to crush it.
    Americans could use guerrilla warfare and snipers to attack the government and elites, but the government could use the guns, fighter jets, helicopters, drones, aircraft carriers, tanks, and nuclear bombs that the American taxpayers paid for against the rebels.
    Americans, like the Soviets, could just give up, drop out, pretend to work, stop paying taxes, and start disobeying the law and the whole rigged system could collapse.
    Another option to escape tyranny as conditions worsen is for Americans to just lay low, become stateless and nameless, and wander the world as nomads.
    Part of the reason Americans are not resisting now is that they are defeated, degraded, divided, and distracted. Why go out and risk getting arrested and killed fighting tyranny when they have weed, beer, food stamps, A/C, and TV? Young people don’t care about freedom because they think living in a police state is normal and old people don’t care because they will be dead soon. Only middle-aged people who know what freedom was like and might be still alive for another 30-40 years seem to care.
    The USA has crossed the line, but knowing when the revolution starts is difficult because the growth of the police state has been gradual.
    Until the government closes churches or burns books, or you get beaten by the police or your friend is shot by the FBI, Americans may not really believe that they live in a police state.
    The ruling class and the media have studied history well and have slowly chipped away freedom over the past 50 years. The media plays Americans like a fiddle. The elites can manipulate Americans to give up their freedom easily.
    All the government needs to do to get Americans to give up their guns is to use a real or staged shooting and non-stop 24/7 news coverage about the dangers of guns and play slanted stories about the success of gun laws in Australia or Japan to get Americans to register their guns this year and then use another shooting next year to convince Americans to accept gun confiscation and microchip implants.
    If the elites want to make Americans give up their freedom then they take the worst case and use endless stories maximizing the dangers of a tragedy and minimizing and ignoring the arguments for liberty.
    If the 1% wants all men to register as sex offenders, the media will use a horrifying story about a white man who raped and killed a 7 year old girl.
    The ruling class can print any amount of money to fund high salaries or give benefits to pay cops and soldiers to arrest or fire on Americans. The elites can lower standards so that low IQ people, felons, illegal immigrants, and tattooed people can join the military or become police officers. The 1% can use the UN to round up Americans if they can’t recruit enough cops and soldiers.
    The media may soon use stories about mandatory Ebola quarantines or a Russian invasion to brainwash Americans to go to government concentration camps willingly.
    The water and electricity still works and government checks are still good now, but when the US Ponzi economy crashes, riots break out, food runs out, and a civil war and WWIII starts, Americans will wish that they had planned and prepared better.
    Americans need to be like the founding fathers now and do everything they can to fight for freedom. Nothing is more important than freedom. Everyone is born for a reason.
    The US economy will collapse and Americans will go to the concentration camps, the question is when?
    Those who do not learn from the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat them.

  10. @ automaticslim Have you contributed any articles to ROK? Consider doing so, I think you have a lot to offer our readership. Just tell your story if nothing else.

    1. @CoachellaValleyFinalSolution
      No I have not.
      Luke suggested the same to me a while back.
      I’ll give it some more thought.

  11. Alot folk bitching and moaning about how they are the victim of “white racism” how about this: at one time the blacks were victims of racism look at them now, the Italians, same thing. Our white ancestors conquered continents. The Vikings terrified the world for almost 1000 yrs the Romans conquered the known world. It is in us! But some choose to blame society, others choose to find solace in video games, the internet, and anime. So I tell you this, saddle up your horse and put your nose to the grindstone.There are plenty of jobs in manufacturing that pay 1000 a week but they are not glamorous generate income and escape the sinking ship that is the USA!

    1. Escape to where tho? Most of the world is garbage and whatever quality of life people have in lesser countries only lasts as you have plenty of savings or foreign income.

  12. White men fully deserve what they’re getting.
    13 years ago it was 2005, my first year in a prestigious and very multi-racial college (aren’t they all?).
    I immediately realized the importance of sticking together as White men and forming strong groups; it’s what Asians, faggots, jews, and other minorities were doing.
    But what were my fellow white men interested in doing?
    Getting drunk and other stupid frat bullshit, individualistic hedonism, dabbling in pointless sports, and competing with each other over petty bullshit.
    since none of these things mattered to me I was the pariah burning out on the side. Work as hard as you want (I did), but when you have no communal purpose to answer to you just crash and burn into a low-functioning depressed loner watching ur civilization crash.
    I dropped out, worked shitty jobs and it took me years to get a semblance of normality back into my life. Now that things are alright for once, lo and behold, my former college “friends” are coming back to me at 31, ridden with that same debilitating anomie I struggled so hard with in my younger years.
    Nihilism and hedonism didn’t turn out to be such a good idea. Now they need real friendship and bonding.
    But what can I do? I’m an adult now; I got a sick girlfriend very dependant on me. I can’t give them what I could’ve given them as a 21 yo. Their selfishness is why I failed early in life. It would have been nice to have friendships predicated on values other than binge drinking. But what the fuck does it matter now? I’m older now, other matters are shaping my life.
    I deeply regret my wasted youth, but it’s become normal for men of my generation.

    1. I ditched all of my so-called lifelong friends after they would somehow swoop in and cock-block me, even when I was 2 hours away at school and they were wasting away, huddled together in some flophouse smoking pot (or rather, being smoked by pot) 24/7. It just keep happening so often that once I was dealing with tragedy in my family and they wouldn’t let up on it, I fired back and burned all my bridges in an email and a series of texts. I had such inexperience with women at the time, and they would alway manage to ruin it for me at the last moment. I resent them for it to this day, and am not sure I would ever actually call somebody my ‘friend’ ever again, even though I ‘hang out’ with people from time to time. I am getting a bunch of experience in my years since school that I wish I would’ve gotten much earlier like I should have and wonder how much better my life would be. I have so much better of a time being alone now than always being around ‘friends’ in a living room or a basement watching them all play vidya and smoking pot. Such a waste of time. I wish I could’ve had a girlfriend back then and gotten it all out of the way.

  13. I grew up in a German small town, a 15 min drive away to two mid sized cities, where my mother savagely divorce raped my father, so whatever idyllic married life you’re looking for you likely will not find.
    People left in the countryside are mostly mildly retarded and deeply suspicious of city slickers. There are plenty of intrigues and back stabbing going on, so they’re not exactly the kind hearted people some city dwellers make them out to be.
    I wouldn’t even know where to go either way as my home country has no real rural areas like in the US and everything is steadily populated with redistributed rapefugees.
    I shall remain a rootless, childless city dweller, enjoying simple hedonistic pleasures until the day of the rope, which may or may not come.

    1. IDK
      To truly find German country people you would have met in, say, Kallstadt 100 years ago you have to go to Wisconsin or Minnesota.
      There you will meet the real deal. Real earthy German country people.
      Sadly, some are like Dahmer.

  14. Talk for you, tinder has given me a harem without ene. It’s what happens when you are 6’3 rippes with MM face LOL

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