Donald Trump’s Presidency Has Proved How Irrelevant Voting Really Is

Many of us on the political right were ecstatic about Donald Trump’s campaign since he represented our frustration with the worthless GOP. A massive contingent of his supporters mobilized to trigger as many leftists as possible during the presidential race. On November 8, 2016, Trump declared victory, and supporters across the US celebrated achieving the impossible.

Sixteen months later, it is clear that we vastly overestimated Trump, and the American political system itself. Not only has the President not fulfilled most of his key promises, he has done a 180-degree turn in multiple areas. Whether these flip-flops were Trump’s personal wishes or those of the deep state, they have proved that America is doomed to follow a globalist trajectory, as long as the political system remains the same.

Build The Fence

Trump’s most prominent campaign promise was the strict enforcement of immigration law, including the construction of a large wall on the Mexican border, funded by Mexico. Such a proposal was unheard of, as both parties openly supported amnesty for illegal aliens. However, as Trump progressed through his first months in office, his promises became more and more diluted. First, he said that parts of the wall would consist of fencing. Then came the revelation that Mexico had no intention of paying for it.

As for immigration enforcement in general, Trump backpedaled on DACA, and deportations did not increase by a significant percentage. While the deportation of the entire illegal immigrant population was infeasible for obvious reasons, Trump’s immigration policy so far looks like that of any other Republican.

The most recent update on the immigration situation came just a while ago, when Trump unexpectedly signed the $1.3 trillion-dollar omnibus bill that arrived at his desk. The bill was an obscenity that funded many Democrat and globalist initiatives, as well as failed to provide any funding for the wall.

Most astoundingly, however, was that Trump himself claimed that he wished DACA had been funded. For a man who was so passionate on the campaign trail, it is hard to accept that Trump willingly did an about-face on something as highly disliked by his supporters as DACA. If President Trump really wants to keep his base from deserting him, he should start off with making real commitments to change immigration law.

America Second

Another major tenet of Trump’s campaign was that of American non-interventionism. Trump’s call for détente with Russia was a far cry from most other Republicans, whom had been shilling for the military-industrial complex. Unfortunately, Trump lapsed into warmongering within a few months of his presidency.

In the beginning of April 2017, Rex Tillerson and other members of the President’s cabinet announced that regime change in Syria was no longer a key aim of theirs. Several days later, there was a “Sarin gas” attack in an Al-Qaeda opposition-controlled area of Syria, which was immediately blamed on President Assad. Without a single shred of evidence, the Trump administration began agitating for war in Syria. This hysteria ended in the firing of 49 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian Air Force base.

To many observers, including yours truly, this was a painfully obvious false flag attack. After all, why would the Syrian government have massacred civilians with nerve gas a mere days after their most powerful enemy said they had lost interest in toppling them?

Trump has also been bought out by the Saudi lobby, going as far as to commemorate the opening of a center to combat “global extremism” in the Saudi capital. This is akin to a center to promote free speech being opened in Pyongyang. In addition, Trump copied the Saudi/Israeli propaganda line to explain all the evils of the world: Iran. This despite that fact that all major terrorist attacks in the west over the past two decades have been connected either with Saudi Arabia or with an ideology that is promoted by them.

Trump also recently started filling his inner circle with neoconservatives, including John Bolton, an overzealous, Bush-era war hawk. It is very possible that a war with Iran could erupt any moment due to the hunger for war in the administration. Such a conflict would be disastrous, and would be exponentially deadlier and longer than Bush’s Iraq debacle. All of this warmongering and regime change promotion flies directly in the face of Trump’s America First platform, and represents 180-degree turn on foreign policy.

Keep America Leftist

The area in which Trump’s policies are having the least effect is American culture. This cannot be blamed on the President, but serves more as an indication of how useless the President really is when it comes to the direction of American society.

One would think that after such a shitlord is elected as president, free speech would be enhanced. Instead, the exact opposite has happened. Right-wingers have been getting no-platformed and banned across the landscape of communication. The mass hysteria following the Charlottesville incident gave corporations the excuse they needed to set off mass purges of thought criminals. Even people who stated basic facts were not safe from the thought police, as could be seen with James Damore.

So the question arises: how is a president supposed to influence culture without becoming a totalitarian? Since all the networks that dissidents utilize are controlled by corporations, they can be harassed and denied service based on their political beliefs.

Here is where the “free speech” argument runs into a problem: free speech is guaranteed by the US constitution, which concerns itself with what the government can and cannot do. Not corporations. Corporations are completely free of government interference and influence. Before the libertarian in you says “Yeah, that’s the point of capitalism!” understand that these companies operate based on the whims of their shareholders. Since American culture has become so PC and degenerate, it is now considered “trendy” to dox, harass, and threaten anyone who doesn’t agree with the diversity/feminist/Marxist agenda.

If you get banned from social media for expressing an unorthodox opinion, guess what? You can’t do shit about it. You can cry “muh free speech” all you want, but corporations are not beholden to constitutions. All of this is why, despite the election of Trump, American society will continue to shift leftwards without a major disruptive event.

Drastic Times Call For Drastic Measures

As one can see, the person who holds the office of president matters little on the political chessboard. Donald Trump is on track to be a typical Republican president, minus all of the flair that was present during his campaign. For real change, there must be a societal upheaval that uproots the diseased institutions that currently make up the country.

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119 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Presidency Has Proved How Irrelevant Voting Really Is”

  1. The elites love Trump cause they can do alot of shit and blaming him if shit goes south as a typical conservative white guy.
    the elites uses both sides as a puppets for them. they don’t really care abt you at all.
    My bet is on Russia and China.

    1. Lol, Trump is a puppet of Federal Reserve’s owners. That’s it.
      Another pawn in Jewish chess game

      1. Trump is digustingly fighting for better deals everywhere Horrible! How do the Js justify opposing him? Surely they want to live in a good Country?

        1. The ONLY American politician fighting actively for the middle class and American national sovereignty is President and American patriot Donald J. Trump. Period. Yes, Trump was rolled by his shitty leftist advisers on the Omnibus, but he realizes it now and he is pretty pissed off. This is why he is firing all the Bolsheviks he was conned into appointing during his first year.
          Did you see Trump being Trump in West Virginia yesterday? He tosses his remarks and notes and talked “real Trump” about the foreign invasion, the rapes, China and Mexico ripping off our jobs….
          Watch and learn from a real American patriot, Alpha Male, in action, n00bs:

          To simply chose NOT to vote, choosing not to engage, and pretend that NOT voting/engaging will somehow help is EXACTLY what the left wants. You might as well sign up for Soros newsletter and contribute to Soros foundations. You have to vote, engage, and fight back.
          Otherwise, America will become Commiefornia!

    2. Your bets are on Russia and China on what?
      Neither rulers give a flying fuck about its population, if thats what you were talking about.

    3. Nobody wanted Trump as president, but Hillary would have been far worse. I’m betting Charlie Manson would have been elected if he had run against Hillary.
      I got banned from another forum for posting that!

      1. Biden, Sanders, O’Mally would all have very likely thrashed Trump in a head-to-head election. The key being – white, male, Democrat.
        Even Obama would probably have beaten Trump in a head-to-head.
        Just watch as the Democrats unleash the W-hite M-ale D-emocrat strategy to take on Trump

      2. Nonsense. Millions wanted Trump as President. Just his existence has created a resurgence of masculinity. The dude is as Alpha as you can be. He never apologizes, he holds frame under pressure, and he surrounds himself with hot women.
        I have been supporting “The Don” from the day I listened to his speech having breakfast on June 16, 2015.
        When Trump gets to be Trump, he is the poeple’s President. When he allow ShitLib Globalist Progressives from Obummer and “Dubya” administrations “advise him”, things go to shit.
        Ps. Anyone betting on China is insane. The day China overtakes the USA is the day the world will submit and be ruled by a Communist dictatorship. This is why Trump is actively fighting China hard. Tariffs and short term pain will mean long term GAIN for America, freedom, and the world.

      3. Dodds: Yeah, I saw that comment LOL. I didn’t know you got banned though.

  2. Trump got slightly stumped on the Omnibus bill, but he just said that the DACA deal is over, that he may use the military to close the border and build the wall, and NAFTA is in the process of being renegotiated. He is also getting really aggressive on the free trade deals. So, it is the first year, I hope he learned his lesson on that passing that bill and hopefully he is just trying to play 4d chess by acting like he is being willing to compromise, but in the end he is just putting people in their places. The John Bolton thing and his daughter “adviser” worry me more.

    1. When you know the difference between the constraints of a BUDGET Bill and an Omnibus Bill, you will see why in 30 years no president has passed a Budget Bill, and why Trump didn’t either and why the USA is in fiscal shambles.
      Omnibus allows for Executive discretion whether to pay out the funds as “requested” by Congress. A budget bill COMPELLS a President to spend the funds as they DIRECTED. An Omnibus is a Congressional funding REQUEST, not a DIRECTIVE.
      I didn’t know that until I was schooled on it when he signed it and I got all mad over it, and then realized after I was schooled about how brilliant it was. Because Congress can be MAD about what he does with it, but they cannot do anything LEGALLY to the Executive branch over it, they cant even threaten impeachment over it, or their scam will get revealed and the people will find out just how corrupt the Congress really is, and the previous 30 years of US Presidents as well.

      1. “Omnibus allows for Executive discretion whether to pay out the funds as “requested” by Congress. A budget bill COMPELLS a President to spend the funds as they DIRECTED. An Omnibus is a Congressional funding REQUEST, not a DIRECTIVE.”
        That is my understanding as well based on what I have read. I believe the wall will be built using the defense appropriation under the auspice of enhancing national security. He has already used the immigrant caravan meandering its way through Mexico toward our border as an excuse to deploy the National Guard (basically the army). The wall will be built by the US Army Corps of Engineers and funded by the DOD appropriation.

  3. The author needs to try reading, it might help him to get educated on what is really going on.

    1. I’m sorry son, we have a Zero Cuck policy in these comments. Have fun licking Bibi’s boots over at the (((Cuckservative Treehouse))).

      1. The comments section here has Cuck Tourettes Syndrome. You can play a drinking game reading the comments and take a sip anytime somebody calls someone a Cuck. You’d be wasted in 5 minutes.

        1. Yea, and it starts with libertarians like yourself David. Most of your comments on this website have been Ad Hominem attacks on others. You’re comments are bland and predictable. Calling people communists, lazy, losers, basement dwellers are the arguments of a child, and these are typically arguments that you make. I know you think you are a Spartan Warrior “muh individual” badass by calling everyone else cucked, but deep down inside you are just an intellectual retard who thinks he is smarter than everyone else.

      2. Huuum….those interesting (((codes))) again.
        Let’s go and check out
        (((Thanks))) Randall.

  4. Well, he did bring attention to the copious amounts of fake news we are fed and the deep state, which is being dismantled. Has anyone ever done that before?

    1. Fake news is being turned into a device to crush alternate news sources and sites like ROK.
      Lol the deep state is not being dismantled but expanding.

      1. Viewer trust in the media is at an all time low, same with CNN ratings. You can’t say that’s a bad thing

  5. I can’t believe that Neoconservative chickenhawk traitor John Bolton is back in power. That was a major balk on Trump’s part. How long before we hear about “weapons of mass destruction in Iran”?

  6. Author is ignorant to believe Trump is some King who can institute change at will. There is a massively corrupt political system Trump has to work with, trick, and destroy in order to get change. Julius Draper thinks that Trump is a God who with the swipe of his hand can build a Golden Wall or end global suffering The American political system has been on autopilot for decades, everything is on a globalist plan and you expect one man, who did the impossible, to change the whole system overnight. ROK has some of the dumbest writers now. GO BACK TO BUZZFEED WITH YOUR CRAP ANALYSIS!

    1. “ROK has some of the dumbest writers now.”
      Unfortunately, can’t deny it.

    2. You’re comment is the right wing equivalent to when all the leftists kept saying “you don’t understand, Obama has to clean Bushes mess, hope and change will come!”
      This article was bringing attention to the fact at how stupid people were for worshiping Trump as a god without doing any work of their own to fix the country.

      1. “when all the leftists kept saying “you don’t understand, Obama has to clean Bushes mess, hope and change will come!””
        Obama actually decided not to do all the liberal stuff his core supporters wanted. He justified bending over to accommodate some conservatism by calling attention to the importance of ‘national unity’ etc . He explicitly said / wrote that somewhere.
        At least on the stimulus, he should have pushed it through – both a larger stimulus (a Trillion dollars), and longer lasting (past 2010). He’d have had to fight harder, more bitter – but would have been grudgingly respected by Conservatives when the economy would have surged more, better and earlier.

  7. Give the guy a break!! Leftists have their foot in every door in the government. In fact, they have taken over everything.
    He is doing a bloody good job! Stop having a bitch about it like a woman!!

    1. I agree. Economy is booming. Fuck the paris agreement. ISIS is pretty much destroyed. Kim Jun is about to throw in the towel.
      Could have been much worse with you know who in office.

    2. I know. I did not even read the article because I know it is more ‘purity-spiraling’ nonsense that is magically absent in all leftist politics. I am so sick of our side being so petty about the most meaningless nonsense. Look at how the Alt-Right is imploding over NOTHING. I have wanted Donald J. Trump to be President of the United States since I heard this interview live on January 10, 2011.
      Trump winning the Republican nomination was enough for me because that alone was a miracle. Trump winning the presidential election was beyond a miracle. It was like solar eclipse.
      The high-time preference currently littering rightism is SAD! A bunch of lightweights.
      President Trump is doing as good of a job as he can. He has made every day of his presidency like the Republican Convention, which is good enough for me because he is just the first wave in a protracted war against Cultural Marxism. He is closer to Bismarck than Hitler because he is paving the way for somebody more powerful, who will have less obstacles.

  8. B-b-but muh based God emperor? Muh Trumpenführer? Muh based altright Messiah? LMAO at the Pepe-loving autists who thought Trump was going to turn America into some sort of conservative paradise. The guy’s daughter is even married to a Jew!

    1. Ha, funny but true. It’s funny reading Heartiste and Vox Day twist themselves in knots trying to rationalize every God Emperor fuck up.

      1. “Yeah he supports Israel and is turning back on all his promises, b-b-but at least the SJWs are mad!”

    2. It’s even worse that she converted to Judaism so his grandchildren are Jews. Why didn’t Jared convert to Christianity? Trump’s mentor, Roy Cohn, was a gay New York Jew. Jews everywhere around Trump. WTF is that about?

      1. “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.”
        Don’t count the god-Emperor out yet, my friends…

    3. Funny, because it was actually the alt right who was more cautious about him than the average cuckservative who was ONLY focused on MUH OIL, MUH COAL, MUH REGULATIONS, MUH TAXES. Fags like you need to grow brains. “Muh based altright Messiah” Please find me any ACTUAL Alt Right leader like Spencer, Mike Enoch, or Jared Taylor who at any point in their history was not critical or cautious of Trump at some point because of the things you just said…I am waiting. Having optimism that Trump would change things is not equivalent to saying “muh my Messiah”. Your comment is weak bro. You remind me of those MGTOW fags who go around talking shit about the Alt Right because “it ain’t about race, it is really about muh Women”, when in reality the Alt Right has been anti Feminist since the beginning. You are just another virtue signaling fag.

  9. The mass purges of heretics is actually a good thing because it exposes the Left’s puritanical endgame early. Trump getting elected triggered them into starting up before they had total control and now even the mainstream notices what hypocrites they are about freedom. Otherwise, the Left would be free to work slowly and less noticeably.

  10. Turn to Yeshua (Jesus) book of Revelation has been written we are not going to stop the destruction of the World. All we can do is get our own houses in order and gather the rest of God Sparks scattered across the Earth and awake as many ppl as possible.

  11. I can’t think of another candidate or person who would stand his ground under such undermining. Can you?

  12. “If President Trump really wants to keep his base from deserting him, he should start off with making real commitments to change immigration law.”
    With the fertility rate as low as it is (1.84) this simply isn’t going to happen. Immigration is a symptom not the cause of your problems. The fundamental problem is in – a part of – the philosophy on which the nation is build. Particularly in the radical notion that all people are fundamentally the same (which isn’t true), and specifically its effects on the sexes. Men and women are here for different purposes. Their roles should reflect this. This irrational believe has caused three main problems:
    1. low fertilily
    2. concentration of wealth and power (two male doctors would/could support two families…now a male doctor marries a female doctor and form one family…a female doctor typically doesn’t marry a male nurse or a janitor.)
    3. displacement of males from the workforce (linked to the previous points): by doubling the labor supply directly (fewer job opportunities) and indirectly undercutting them (no/little room for negotiation of salary). This is why salaries are stagnant since women entered the labor force en masse in the seventies.
    What it all boils down to is a misallocation of resources because of a error in the underlying philosophy/worldview of the nation. There is an answer to this problem but nobody dares to mention it out loud. The answer is the traditional nuclear family where the role of the women primarily is that of the wife, mother and homemaker and the role of the father is that of the provider and protector.

    1. The answer is repealing the 19th Amendment and expelling all Jews to Israel. Nothing less will have any effect at all.

  13. We are not going to turn our country around through politics. If it is going to be done, it will be done through the media. It has never been more important to take action on breaking up the (((media monopolies))) that plague our culture. If Trump helps more conservatives to understand that all of the real power in this country comes from the (((media))) and not from politics, then it will be a good thing. It’s a lesson they sorely need to learn. The vast majority of the populace has zero interest in politics, but they spend 8 hours per day immersed in “entertainment” and other electronic media. The mass brainwashing we’ve seen in the West was only made possible by control of the media, and that is the only way the spell can be broken.

    1. True people watch hours of TV but don’t forget school. Children spend the first 8 hours of each day immersed in compulsory state run schooling unless they’re home schooled. Then comes TV after school.

      1. Excellent point, standardized testing (which is necessary to some degree), has produced a formulaic approach concerned with raising English, math, and science scores. This has resulted in more class time afforded to these subjects, with History class being co-opted as an extended ELA/ writing course. This has resulted in our kids having less critical thinking skills. Noticed how economics is not a required course in middle/ high school anymore?
        They’re even cutting down on recess, gym, and exploratory block classes (think woodshop).

        1. Public big box schooling facilities are also segregated according to 1 year age brackets. Enormous resources are spent to collect all the 10,11,12 year olds and so on from throughout the entire county and place them in separate rooms according to age. THIS FACILITATES breaking down of the generational links with their elders. Each grade level class can be propagandized at increasing levels. It is a graduated system.
          A century ago when the one rooc schoolhouse had all ages mixed, an 18 year old or even a 60 year old farmer just learning to read might sit next to a 6yo first grader and share the same reading book. Most in the class were kids, but still the wisdom of previous generations was present with the broad age mix. But with the current age segregated classrooms, a generation of kids can be completely wiped clean of knowledgs and custom which existed in the previous generation. The brainwashing is graduated in increments and the mind wipe effects on the entire populace reaches total coverage very rapidly. The political think of the citizens can be completedy altered in a span as short as a decade with the children being separated according to age and indoctrinatod with the increasing step program of propagandizing.
          Think about it. You never heard of a ‘generation gap’ a century ago. The successive generations were the same with the same identical continuing bloodlines, customs and traits. BUT NOW we have this invented concept of this mysterious ‘gap’ making the newer generation somehow dissimilar and incompatable with the previous generation and rejecting of its customs and culture. This is diabolical and all protracted to break humans down and issue them under DUBIOUS control and management – corralled and PEOPLE FARMED if you will.

      1. So you’re from Toronto & you are a J.e.w.e.s.s.? Why don’t you walk into an oven, butch?

    1. The J3w has taught local and foreign-born women in Toronto to listen to the J3wish feminist agenda. White men have no purpose in Toronto unless it’s for fighting the feminist under Russia’s guidance from Vladimir Putin.

  14. good article. Bolton’s appointment is scary. I really really hope Trump cashiers him. He’s already fired half his people, so why not fire Bolton after a week. He could say it’s because of his stupid moustache

  15. and tell roosh we love him but if this kinda shit stays on this site? then I’ll unsubscribe.
    they want us divided and you are making it worse
    and fix your damn ssl, you guys are slipping

  16. Trump is doing good. Sure, everything listed in this article is correct, no wall yet, DACA, etc. but here are some things to not forget:
    1. Tax reform
    2. Regulation reform
    3. The one the media’s not talking about… 1500+ high profile pedo’s have been arrested so far under Trump. He’s cleaning the swamp.

    1. I am not that pissed at Trump, but tax reform isn’t going to do shit and if immigration is not dealt with harshly than don’t expect your taxes to remain low. NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, matter more than immigration these days. I just hope he does what he recently said he was going to do, use the military to secure the border and build the wall.

    2. Not the biggest fan of Trump here, but I have to concede that his targeting of Amazon for increased tax revenue is good. His recent tariffs are also a step in the right direction. Next, hopefully, he will go after the rest of the big 3 in tech (Google, Apple, Facebook) as they are basically an intellectual trust/monopoly.
      Tax reform was a mixed bag, the non-existent middle class took it on the chin again.

  17. Voting is a useless errand, so long as women are allowed to do it.
    Trump should bomb Mexican cities until they caugh up the money for the wall.
    Trump talks a good game, but actions matter.

    1. It would be paid for through a renegotiated NAFTA which addresses the trade deficit. Mexico will never pay for a wall that only benefits us. I don’t understand where that narrative came from.

    1. Today’s Baby Boomer “conservatives” are indistinguishable from the liberals of yore. Dr. Pierce had it right – conservatives are useless lemmings.

      1. That is because they are all into this post-Reagan Libertarian bullshit. They all think that just lowering taxes will SOLVE everything, and that people shouldn’t worry about getting colonized by socialists because everyone should be a “muh Individual”.

    2. Kind of tough considering how many 30 year old’s live with these baby boomers.

  18. Hiring Bolton the Neocon Warmonger Israel-Firster was the last mistake I’m letting Trump get away with. It couldn’t be more obvious that he lied his way into the White House so he could diffuse white male anger and go on serving the (((chosen))) as usual. It’s all just a big scam. We know who owns this country now, there is no disputing it. The question is what are we going to do about it. Politics is yesterday. The future is war.

    1. I will be seriously considering supporting a candidate running to the right of Trump in his re-election campaign. I’ve given him one chance after another to do the right thing. We haven’t even had so much as a dog whistle in months. The ship is veering hard left and nobody seems to give a damn.

    2. “Politics is yesterday. The future is war.”
      It sounds grim but there is dark truth in it.
      Civilization is able to maintain its tenuous grip for a while but ultimately the forces of entropy tear it apart. The center cannot hold. We go through cycles where chaos and violence destroy what was built during periods of calm.
      What we are seeing is the end of the political era. The average person has no more power in our democratic republic than a serf would have under a king. Except that with a king there is a chance he’d actually be benevolent and protective of his subjects. We have the opposite today, with traitors in every high office across the land. People will increasingly begin to re-consider their aversion to fascism.

      1. Not to mention, whether we like it or not, the banksters have made it clear that they WILL have their wars against Iran and N. Korea, no matter what the cost. When that goes hot there is a good chance that nukes will fly and the power grid will go down for extended periods. In that scenario, localized gangs will form under charismatic warlords and take over vast sections of the cities.

  19. Nothing matters in a modern democracy except who controls the media, and all republics eventually end up with bought politicians, since it takes money to get elected, and all the politicians care about is getting elected and staying elected.
    The largest chunk of Trump’s money came from Sheldon Adelson. The Republicans need more of it for the midterms, and all Adelson cares about is Israel, and all Israel cares about is Iran and killing Asad. If they instituted a fair play policy in the Middle East, he’d just remove his money and they’d all lose. The politicians have no real power. A politician in our society cannot even have a mistress without being hassled. No one of any ability wants to be a politician in the modern West.
    The military budget has to stay fat, because everyone–even oligarchs like Adelson–understands that force rules the world and that eventually an ambitious man will use the military to turn over this apple cart. This won’t happen, though, provided the military continues receiving massive amounts of money AND no one fucks up and gets into a war. If they actually do get into a war against an enemy that can fire back (not goat herders running around in mountains somewhere), this system we all hate will fall to pieces very quickly. Why? Because after the 20 percent or so of the military that can actually fight, and likes to fight, gets attrited, there won’t be anyone else to fight. Who would fight for this country? It was almost like this before the ‘Surge’ in Iraq. No one was enlisting, and they know a draft will cause revolution. They wiggled off the hook then, the same as they did with the crash that happened about the same time. If there’s a next time, they won’t be so lucky.
    So Trump had to sign that spending thing. He’s a part of the System. His campaign was all a show–a game. “Bubbabait”, I think they call it. After Trump, we’ll probably see “Tyronebait” again. It’s all bullshit.

    1. War, as unfortunate as it is, has the potential for ancillary benefits for the public. Take the arnaments industry, make it unionized, and reinstate the draft. Increased national unity, money for the middle/ lower class, and a recovered economy. Think America post WW2. Vietnam was the result of the lame duck media, and privitization of military arms complex.
      Of course the simple fact is that the population is mostly ineligible to serve, too much “mental illness”, obesity, drug (weed) use, and intellectual disqualification.

  20. We need a monarchy, a Catholic monarchy with a benevolent dictator. The great monarch.

    1. We need a GREAT MAN of HISTORY, a Philosopher King.
      If we dig down deep enough into Catholicism or preferably Eastern Orthodox rites we’ll find that man.

  21. all of this has been addressed in some form or another. Read Qanon on twitter, and book of Q, there are over 20,000 sealed inditements on pacer. Gitmo is undergoing a huge expansion. Major players are retiring or quitting their posts in the public and private sector. Lots going on under the radar and behind the scenes. Way to much to try to post here..Nothing is what you think it is. Big surprises coming.

    1. Yawn. Q is a CIA psy op. We’ve been hearing something big is just around the corner for more than a year now. Every move Trump makes signals that he is utterly beholden to Israel and to the Military Industrial Complex, aka the Deep State…just like every single other president we’ve ever had. The only difference this time around was the puppetmasters sensed that the timing was right for a “populist” candidate. Trump hasn’t thrown any red meat to his base, and hasn’t done anything at all to prove that he’s not taking marching orders from (((Kushner))) and Little Princess.

  22. The elites did not want him absolutely 100% categorically. The media banned all positive coverage of him across all outlets in America. Trump, The Bern and Corbyn are the first potential Western World leaders for aeons who have not been rubber stamped by the powers that be. Corbyn is smeared with proverbial faeces on the daily because the very thought of a UN Security Council State being lead by a man who is not a full-on soy-boy sheeple butt-licker is unnaceptable. That is the meta-story that is happening with the UK’s continuing antisemitism scandal. Even attending the wrong Sedar event has the man attacked for antisemitism. Its a farce that hardly even makes any semblance of any sense to any outside observers. The attack dogs do not care because the scandal is supposed to be a firing squad mafia hit rather than some genuine attempt to solve any particular issue. It is schizophrenic.
    There are real palpable fears in the elites about elections leading to some semblance of democracy at some point. I think the big fear of people electing leaders they want rather than choosing between preselected brainless front “men” like that dim as fuck person Trudeau are because well you know.. well.. we all know what happened the last time that occurred!

  23. President Schumer is certainly pleased with the state of things, you can bet your bottom dollar on that.

  24. Anyone who showed even the remotest signs of being /ourguy/ was fired by Trump within their first year on the job. But look who is still hanging around calling the shots. The Chosen ones are never far from the King’s ear.
    We need to face the facts that politics will not save us. The political future is extremely ugly. Vote rigging has been refined to an art form and you can guarantee that future elections will see more razor thin victories by far-left cultural marxist candidates. The Right’s future at the ballot box is very very grim indeed.
    Please heed my admonition, and focus your efforts on media and culture. Make your contribution.

    1. I’m not so sure of that. I think once the media and people start pushing the anti-gun agenda, like they are now, you will get alot of common sense voters, and conservatives, against the libs. The only positive thing that came out of these shootings is the increased transparency of the gun control advocates, who are so brazen they even have members writing editorials for removing the second amendment (Wall St. Journal).

  25. If you still believe democracy works you probably still believe women are the fairer sex.

  26. In this article: a Trump supporter comes to terms with how retarded his logic in voting for Trump really was.

  27. Nobody loved Trump more than me in 2016 but let’s face the music here my dudes, when it comes to every major test of Trump’s mettle, he has cucked. Sure there have been some funny jabs on Twitter, and a few small symbolic wins here and there. But look at Syria, Russia, Iran, Comey, Charlottesville, Vegas Shooting, Florida Shooting, The Wall, DACA, Obamacare, the Omnibus, on and on he has cucked left right and center whenever the media applies pressure.
    Over the past couple months the man has passionately called out for gun control, and lamented the failure to pass an amnesty bill for millions of illegals. What has he done for us?
    I’m with Ann Coulter on this one boys.

    1. Yes he has done exactly that my friend, but everyone here thought he’d be the boss, simply because he talked a certain way, and stood a certain way. It is amazing what manospherians will believe. “Game” does not trump geopolitics and statecraft guys.

  28. And he did a 180 on his promises regarding Russia too, which really grinds my gears. He has alienated Putin completely, and now we are facing off for another (((cold war))). Absolutely ridiculous. The banksters and weapons makers win as usual.

    1. Wasn’t he supposed to set everything right, ya know, cuz he had “game” and all? How could the bankers make him do anything, since he has a hot wife and is so cool? Hahahahahaha!

  29. Ok last comment, just in case one of the Trump sons are reading. To those who claim muh 4D chess, I would say that what we need right now is not chess, we need rugby. We need the kind of blunt, swift, brutish action that we saw glimpses of on the campaign trail. We need the bull-headed, slightly mean-spirited, take no prisoners Trump that we all voted for. We wanted him to do what needs to be done with his executive pen, just like Obama did. We wanted him to wield his new power like a cudgel, bludgeoning the globalists over the noggin with crushing blows of righteous populist fury. We wanted to see him shrug off the press, send his daughter home to Manhattan, and roll up his sleeves with Bannon and a few other brawlers to clean some g-damned house. We need that Trump back. No time for pussy-footing. The game has been moved up.

    1. Any president that doesn’t follow (((masters))) orders is jfk’d or publicly ruined.
      That’s what happens when you let a different group of people that despise you control your currency, media and the educational institutes that shape the minds of the next generations.
      Politicians are owned, they’re the salesman on the lot whilst the (((managers))) pull the strings.

      1. SASQUATCH
        What is surprising is that they manage to do this from a small area-the Northeast of the United States.

  30. All this is academic. Trump could call out the National Guard right now to enforce federal ICE actions in Cali, like they did in Civil Rights era, but he’s too cucked to even think of it. Latest threats on Mexico are all bluster. He’ll reverse course soon. America is fucked. Stock up on MREs and ammo.

  31. What Trump did prove is that a strong patriarchal leader who refuses to back down in the face of overwhelming odds can capture the vast majority of the White vote with a populist-nationalist message. He can harness the power of that vote all the way to the Oval Office, and he will amass an army of supporters who would go to hell for him. Now what he needs to do is stop, regroup, and focus on the fact that it’s time to harness that enormous power once again and use it in a final push to clean up the deep state, put Hillary on trial, put this Russian BS to rest, prosecute Obama’s gang of cronies who broke the law, and continue punishing the hell out of all companies who want to manufacture their sh!t outside the country and then sell it back to American workers. Plus get that wall built and bankrupt these smug coastal cities who think they can declare themselves sanctuaries.
    He is not going to get a second term, let’s get that on the table right now. And depending on how mid-terms go, he might not even enjoy a full first term. We need to act right away.

  32. Soooooooo, Trump is just another good goy after all? I mean, it’s not like there were any signs…..

  33. Democrats will push a “Revenge Candidate” that will make our blood run cold. Whoever runs will have immense monetary and media support from Hollywood/NYC/The MSM/The Tribe. If he/she/it wins against Trump expect an onslaught of payback legislation designed to send Republicans sputtering in fits of blind rage. There is a lot at stake. What can you do? Start steering the Overton Window back toward the far right, wherever you go.

  34. Only reason I am glad Trump got elected is Hillary Clinton will never be President. Otherwise, I didn’t believe his shit then. I don’t believe it now.
    Face facts folks.
    The man is a Big Apple liberal. You really think he gives a fuck about the Second Amendment, Free Speech, Immigration, or anything he runs his mouth about pertaining to America?
    As long as it doesn’t cut into his bottom line, NFG!

  35. LOL!!!! The “god Emperor.” No, no guys, he is powerful because he has game right? Because his wife is hot, that means he’s sexy and will “MAGA.” Hahahahaha, how many believed such tripe. All the less wealthy “beta” government types with their ugly wives are thumping the Trump’s rump. Homies, “game” is really not applicable to every aspect of life, in fact, it really only is to social dynamics in post-modern nightclubs mostly. Otherwise Trump wouldn’t be getting annihilated right now.

  36. Neocons and neolibs are both symptoms of the same disease, rampant corporate welfare. It’s a shame Rex Tillerson was bumped out by the administration, he was a solid pick, and had good points about Chinese influence in (mineral rich) Africa.
    Regardless, I do hear pushback from the people, typically on the internet, and I do believe they are becoming more fed up with the b.s. I believe conservatives will bump out a few liberals this november, hopefully they are not neocons.
    And if anyone is interested in 2020 look at the preliminary senate results for Elizabeth Warren (Obama era neoliberal), she is the biggest threat to the GOP at the moment, minus Sanders. If you use her as a metric for how voters feel, then libs should be nervous about their prospects.

  37. Amazing to see a man who basically used PUA tactics to become the president of the world most powerful nation.
    Knowing that he paired up with R.Kiyosaki and worked with the MLM crap of ACN should tell you that this guy is not there in your best interest.
    Better than the crazy hilton though.
    The whole american dream thing has been used since at least half of a century to sell self help seminar/ recruit in ‘MLM company.
    The only thing he cares abut sadly is his feeding his (already) enormous ego!

  38. Gee, who would have thought that a socially liberal Zionist neocon would be another shitty president?
    I knew from the beginning it was bullshit. I was just saddened at how much people who should have known better, but fell for the hype anyways. Just goes to show that politics really is a waste of a man’s energy and time.

  39. I can see how it all looks on the surface. I read other stuff as well. All of it is good and some of was written by non-Trump followers. I’d call them behind the scenes policy analyst.
    – Saudi Arabia & Trump. KSA has a new leader. He wants his country in the 21st century and KSA has made a shit load of westernized improvements in the last year and barely anyone noticed. The days of the religious mullahs are over. KSA will be cleaning up the middle east and the place won’t look the same in a few years.
    – McMaster finished his specialty. Now Bolton comes in to do his Specialty. When he’s done Trump will let him go for another. Trump likes specialists in all lines of business.
    – North Korea, in case you haven’t noticed, is effectively done. Likely he saw the ‘Rod of God’ and the nuke program is gone. Kim is now willing to sit at the table. Trump didn’t take any of his shit like the last Presidents.
    – Russia. Fuck Russia. They are weak as fuck as a country and they know it. Search around for the coal power naval ship on Youtube. Laughable. Remember when Putin used to strut around like the alpha? Check his body language around Trump. Don’t get me wrong. I got nothing against Russia or Russians. Many are tough fuckers. But, Trump decimated 300 Russian mercs trying to fuck with American troops in the middle east. The other 200 were injured. They were mercs because Putin wanted plausible deniability. Whatever, they got their asses handed to them. Many people have no conceivable idea how powerful the U.S. Military is compared to the world. A few years ago, under Obama, it was estimated to be able to take on 10 western countries at once.
    – The Wall. I think people had the expectation that shit would go up on day one and Mexico was just gonna write a check. Reasonable people knew that wouldn’t happen. But what did? First, illegal crossings went way down. Catch & release gone. ICE rounding up. Don’t think so? Why is every liberal enclave scrambling to pass laws to ensure they can be a sanctuary city? Cause shit is real and ICE is rounding invaders up. Mexico is paying in other ways. Guess who tops the watch list of dangerous countries to visit? Is it real or smoke and mirrors? Selective news releases? The pain of tourism dollars not going south because ‘it’s too dangerous’. Shit my employer cancelled our annual trip to Cancun because they were shitting thier pants. So now I get to go to Vegas instead where I am more likely to be robbed by a dindu.
    – DACA is caca. Trump dangled DACA to prove a point. Democrats didn’t give a shit about illegals. He just needed a way to show them Democrats didn’t give a shit. He won’t give citizenship to them. It will be a carrot dangling and most will fail the test and be deported. For example; setting condition like being self supportive. No GOV benefits. No welfare. No food stamps etc. Commit a crime, instant deportation. Apply to be citizen after 10 years of outstanding behavior.
    – OMNIBUS: I consider it a trick by Trump. Obama’s bread and butter was OMNIBUS Bills because he never had to be accountable for the money. It had suggestions but he could spend it as he liked. Trump will too. You really need to read the whole thing or at least find the Cliff Notes done by others. There is some deep shit installed in it regarding prosecutions coming up.
    – Economy is way up and jobs are returning. We could go back to Obama or Hillary if you think that would be a winning play?
    – Faceberg, Goolag, Twatter, and Amazon et. al. are on notice. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see indictments after the OIG is done with the Demon-crats
    Longer than I wanted to be. Be sure, behind the scenes excellent strategies are being played out. Trump likes to boast and thump his chest about certain things. He knows how to put on a show. Behind the scenes the real stuff is happening and it’s not being leaked. You have to read between lines. Watch the plays. I was in the dark with regard to most of it until someone was kind enough to show me some of it. All started making perfect sense. I believe in Trump. I really can’t say I did in the beginning. I only knew him as a successful business man that scored hot women. He certainly fooled me.

  40. @Brian
    Holy God. I guess it’s true; there really IS no delusion like Self-delusion.
    I didn’t vote for Trump; I voted for Not Hillary. I haven’t voted since 2000 after the horror show that was Bush Jr. Prior to the Boy Wonder I believed that the rot and corruption I saw oozing all around me was just a result of da eeeeevil Democrats having wrested control of the world from the Righteous Republicans. Bush Jr. demonstrated to me that these criminals are all in collusion with one another.
    If you were alive and paying attention during the Waco murders and the Bush mis-administration the only defense that can be advanced for failure to understand the reality of our situation is stupidity.
    So I came out after 16 years of cynical retirement to vote for Trump. Because I couldn’t face eight years of listening to Hillary screeching while knowing I hadn’t even gone through the motions of trying to prevent it, and I assumed that was exactly what our Masters had in store for us. My vote was purely symbolic and was solely for my own peace of mind; I had no real illusions that anything would be fixed or changed. And if I was wrong and the guy was sincere, well and good!
    And so I sat back and awaited developments. What happened? Goldman Sachs swarmed the administration within seconds. Ivanka and her Chosenite man were clearly wielding immense influence (that influence of two unelected and unaccountable vampires is the only genuine example of 4 D chess in evidence, by the way.) Lots of ass licking at the Wailing wall. Not one word about our phony currency or the tentac!es that keep shoving it up our asses.
    Now you’ve got the elimination of all the MAGA gang in favor of John ‘Strangle A Baby For The Jews’ Bolton, along with the Neocon crowd pleaser, antagonizing Russia.
    And there’s people still spinning their dynamos at 6,000,000 RPM to delude themselves that all is well. You’ll see, non-Believers!! Hahahahaha!
    Part of the appeal, I think, is imagining that one is a mysterious Insider with Secret Knowledge. Later, relatives and friends will gasp–GASP, I SAY!– at how they were Right All Along. It’s all just an adolescent daydream where they, the Secret Squirrel Q Agents, will FINALLY get to play lead role in their very own spy movie.
    This site talks all this bullshit about ‘Game’. Snort! Why don ‘t you focus instead on developing character traits like humility and facing the ugly truth? Are you unable to look at events going on around you and drawing the glaringly obvious inferrences? Nothing will change as long as people continue to believe that the ability to natter on about the minutiae of the mechanics of government is mistaken for the ability to extrapolate anything meaningful to the big picture.
    I voted for him too. But I wasn’t dumb enough to take what he said at face value, and now that he has repeatedly shat in our faces I have no doubt he’s part of the Machine he pretends to decry. And so the search for real answers goes on.
    Please catch up already.

    1. Terrific comment. Trump governs exactly as if he were elected by the citizens of Israel, rather than the patriotic middle Americans who put him in office. It’s truly disgusting to witness, made worse by all these cucked conservatives who insist that there will be a ray of sunshine right around the corner.
      Trump has done absolutely nothing to please his supporters even though he’s had hundreds of chances to. Instead he has bent over backward to make sure The Tribe is happy and that’s about it.
      Having his daughter and son-in-law serve as unaccountable advisors is really a slap in the face. It’s absolutely inexcusable. A man like him should know better. We never heard anything about this on the campaign trail, it was just sprung on the public out of nowhere. Hey guys! By the way, my SQUID son in law is going to be calling all the shots in the middle east even though he’s barely out of college…hope you don’t mind!
      LOL. Conservatives better wake up because they are being totally co-opted by one of the best conmen the world has ever seen. Anyone who is this friendly to the Jewz cannot possibly be a friend of Western Gentiles. A choice must be made.

    2. Down With The Bander Log
      “This site talks all this bullshit about ‘game’. Snort! Why don’t you focus on developing character traits like humility and facing the ugly truth?”
      Hell yes! I like it very much.

  41. I give Trump the benefit of my doubt. Examining his traits so far I can see he have strong ideals inside, the brutish outside is the way he deal with harsh reality of current situation.
    He is very good strategist and able to elaborate them into detailed tactical plan. Knowing the adverse situation of course he cannot let others let alone his enemies to realize it He must always appears unpredictable to outwit his adversaries.
    He know and can judge people deeply and having hard time to trust them. That’s why earlier he put his closest relatives and friends very near to him in the white house in hoping that they could understand him to support him. But being effective and brutish leader he can do the most harsh decisions and easily rid those closest people when things could not work as he expected.
    People always fail to understand wizard. I see he has the potential to be one. Just give him the benefit of your doubt too.

  42. Reasons Trump being president is the best thing since sliced bread.
    1.) It keeps liberals focused, as long as they are going after him 24/7 they will have less time for other bullshit.
    2.) Every time “Trump” is said out loud, a liberal has an aneurysm.
    3.) Since Trump is president Hillary is not president.

  43. Under the Trump administration we have (partial list):
    The lowest Black unemployment in American history
    The lowest Latino unemployment in American history
    Overall unemployment at 17-year low
    Largest sustained jobs growth in 35 years,
    Highest stock market in American history
    Illegal immigration down 68%*
    Billions from other countries invested in America
    Climbing GDP*
    Consumer confidence highest level in 18 years
    Paycheck bonuses for 80% of American employees
    Unprecedented tax cuts
    Renegotiating NAFTA to better favor America
    Withdrawal from TPP
    Destroying ISIS’s middle eastern caliphate
    Compelling members of NATO to pay their fair share and ease the financial burden of the US
    Looks good to me and we’re still early in his presidency.
    *at the time of writing

  44. I ‘m not sure if anyone will still be checking these comments but I decided to say a few more words.
    It’s not just Trump. We haven’t had a genuine leader in this country since Lincoln. I don’t think Abe was the populist Warrior Poet our ridiculous ‘History’ books have painted him to be, but at least he appears to have had a goal of promoting the public welfare for the citizenry.
    Since then, we’ve had s string of venal whores serving alien interests and laughing at the credulous zombie slaves who just can’t figure it out, and who perennially assure one another that NEXT TIME they’re gonna vote the bastards OUT!
    What is needed is some hammer blow–some mental neutron bomb–that will get Men to examine the system itself. You are perhaps already familiar with the saying, “I don’t know who discovered water, but it certainly wasn’t a fish”.
    The attention of the fish must be drawn to the water as a preparation for effecting real change.
    And I will say at once that I don’t pretend to have the answers. Once a critical mass of Men recognize the invisible assumptions that imprison us all we can start having profitable discussions that will not hinge upon evaluating the merits of the puppets who promise us change while furiously adding iron rivets to the sinking status quo that is going to drown us all.
    Ambrose Bierce was an American writer and cynic, a soldier in the Civil War who has been more or less expunged from collective memory. I doubt this is accidental; Bierce was, and is, extremely subversive to the Beast System currently flexing its talons all across the Globe as it prepares for the coming blood bath.
    If you are a Man of the West, Bierce is part of your legacy. If you are interested, I urge you to begin with ‘The Ashes of The Beacon’, available to read for free here
    It is written as a monograph from the year 4930, detailing the stupidities that destroyed ‘the Connected States of America’. Savagely funny and uncompromisingly honest, you will marvel at how clearly he saw, in 1909, exactly where we were headed. Bierce will challenge your assumptions; he certainly made me examine platitudes I’d been vomiting up for a lifetime.
    I also recommend ‘Our Enemy, The State’, by Albert Jay Nock available from Amazon. Nock was a writer of extreme clarity who demonstrates the hollow vacuity of herds of our sacred cows, e.g. the desirability of universal literacy. His ‘Memoirs Of A Superfluous Man’ will bring you to tears when you realize the peace and innocence that post modernism has destroyed. Eternal hatred for the Communist scum! Nock didn’t say that, but probably only because he didn’t live long enough to see the effect of that wicked, anti-Human doctrine.
    Finally, you may want to read ‘A Canticle For Leibowitz’. Because I think part of this discussion should include ideas about preserving our civilization during the Darkness that appears to be swallowing the West.

  45. Donald John Trump is a true alpha. To believe less is to know little. God bless our patriot commander.

  46. “We haven’t had a genuine leader in this country since Lincoln.”
    “What is needed is some hammer blow–some mental neutron bomb–that will get Men to examine the system itself.”
    President Trump

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