3 Lies That Most Men Believe About Brazilian Girls

I’m tired of continuously hearing my American friends from real life and the rest of the manosphere community making remarks of Brazil as some kind of paradise in which all women are extremely good looking, feminine, loyal and respectful towards men. I’ve decided to write this article to show the reality about the current state of Brazil.

The truth is that much of Brazilian women have being going downhill after the 90s due to feminism, Cultural Marxism and obesity rates increasing in South America.

Lie #1: Most Brazilian women are nice

No they are not. Its hard to find loyal girlfriend or wife material in Brazil as anywhere else in the world. My guess for most foreigners who get this impression from Brazil, especially Americans, is due to the warm and hospitable way Brazilians are naturally. But be careful!

Behind all of this Brazilian “friendliness and warmth” lies a superficial culture which is hard to find real deep friendships, since most Brazilian follow politically correct etiquette to avoid conflict while pretending interest in getting to know others.

Similar to the Japanese, Brazilian people have a culture to avoid conflict with strangers and colleagues at all costs even if it means pretending to agree in a subjects they don’t agree much or do something they don’t enjoy. Mix that with the Brazilian way of being friendly, making physical contact with everyone, and having good listening skills.

Most foreigners get the naive impression that Brazilians, especially women, are loving, caring, and not as cold as the ones from their homelands. The best way to hear sincerity and truths from Brazilians is to go drink with them. If you wanna get to know Brazilians true colors, especially women, get them drunk. That’s the only way they will say their opinions and  show how shallow they really are just like most American and European girls.

Lie #2: Marrying a Brazilian Girl is better than marrying an American Girl

Gringo do you want me? Hope you have some moolah in your pockets!

The truth is that, divorce rates in Brazil and the rest of Latin America are skyrocketing, just like in the USA. Most middle class Brazilian girls from cities like Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro are self-centered SJW bitches that think they are walking goddesses.

It doesn’t help either that from a young age until college they were brainwashed by left-wing teachers and professors teaching them all about “grlll power” and how Fidel Castro is some kind of super hero who fights against the evil imperialist capitalist countries and so on.

Yes you heard that right: Brazilian schools and colleges have a tendency to brainwash teens into thinking developed countries are to blame for Brazil not being able to become developed. Victim mentalities and Napoleon complexes are deeply rooted in Brazilian culture and women here are a good reflection of it. If you are already in relationship with a Brazilian girl after the first phase of the relationship, they will easily get triggered if you don’t get along with their views or plans for the future.

Brazilian women are very jealous as well if they feel you are being distant and spending too much time working or hanging out with your friends. Some of their tactics include trying to draw you away from your friends, constantly calling you at random times, showing up in places you haven’t invited them, and endless complaining about the lack of attention and affection you are not giving in to them.

When they get angry or upset with you trust me, their wrath can be worse than the one of an Anglo-Saxon girl. They will do their best to break your frame and make you feel like shit until you say you are sorry or surrender to their demands in some way or another.

Lie #3: If you wanna find a girl who isn’t a feminist, go to Brazil

AAAAARGH! I didn’t get a job as a journalist because of the patriarchy!!

Well I hate to crush your dreams, but feminism is going strong here as well. After the massive #Metoo movement in America, Brazilian feminists created the #DeixaElaTrabalhar, which means “Let Her Work!” Similarly to the #Metoo movement in America, #DeixaElaTrabalhar is an attempt which is gaining a lot of attention from the Brazilian mainstream media.

A bunch of Brazilian journalists are being crybabies about the the lack of respect and representation in the media female journalists get, especially in sport journalism. Their main tactic is to complain about misogynistic jokes in soccer.

So although your gringo card might make them more cooperative and friendly with you at first, in the long run they will end up showing their true colors. And you will find out they aren’t that different from your average good looking white American girl raised in New York, San Francisco or Chicago. It doesn’t help either that most Brazilian men have a weak frame just like men from other Western Countries.

In short, Brazilian women, especially the hot ones, are used to being catered to, having beta orbiters around them, and treating men like shit without any consequences at all. They might get impressed if you have a stronger frame than most beta males they are used to dealing with, but in the long run they will probably try to fuck you up through the justice system or spread rumors about you being an evil misogynistic male, like Toronto girls would do.

Germany? Nope, Southern Brazil, The last bastion of  Right-Wing Conservative families/girls Brazil has to offer.

The only good place to find wife material here would be in the Southern States of Brazil, such as Rio Grande do Sul, Parana, and Santa Catarina. They share a very similar culture to the southern states of America. Country girls here are conservative, religious, and really good looking. Also, it’s easy to find good-looking blondes here, due to the fact that this region received lots of immigrants from Germany, Italy, and Slavic countries. 

To sum it up, Brazil might be far from becoming a developed country like the US, Canada, England or France, but in terms of feminism and Cultural Marxism, it’s really close to its North American cousins.

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  1. at least they have a “south” where things are normal . Other countries are too screwed up to even a have a region with normal people

      1. kikikikiki you maybe right fact the alt right is refusing to agree to is only a woman who is fully saved believe in Jesus and does not want to sleep with u because u are not her husband and her God does not allow it , that is the only woman worth marrying. Good woman does not sleep with u after just meeting u. Such a woman is scarce but available in very country some more than others but that’s what you should be aiming for not to travel half way around the world to deal with feminine looking prostitute you might as well do that stuff in your home country.

        1. Exactly. However, the Church in North America is full of rebellious nominal fake Christians who live any way they like. Look for the 5% hard core in the church.

        2. When you meet them they may behave like that.
          But two kids down the road, they will have your house and assets off you in a flash.

        1. Women are such attention whores. Women will do ANYTHING to enable their innate need for dick and attention.
          No matter what is said on here by supposedly “red pilled men” or in the mainstream by simp men and feminist women, the fact of the matter is, women are little more than baby incubators, and de-facto sex objects. Everything in their genetic and psychological make-up is there to facilitate this purpose: get pregnant and have babies.
          The sooner ALL men ignore women’s words and pay attention to their actions while simultaneously using them for their intended purpose and ONLY their intended purpose; the sooner society will reset and relations between men and women will return to some semblance of complementary normality.
          This is not to say their aren’t women with other useful talents. But those talents should only be exploited AFTER they have fulfilled their true fundamental purpose.
          And ONLY when it’s a benefit to her family.

      2. My two other favorite lies about Brazil:
        A) “Brazil is a cheap country to live in”, simply because the Brazilian Real currency is around 1/3 of the value a US Dollar and because Brazil is in south America, near other cheap countries to live in. EVERYTHING in Brazil cost a lot, except for extremely basic necessities (beans, rice, toilet paper, and bread – artificially cheap by government subsidies). The BR government imposes insanely high tariffs on almost all imports, sky-high VAT taxes on every product and service, and regulations that drive up costs of housing, infrastructure, electricity, and transportation unnecessarily. Everything is very expensive in Brazil. Think Singapore type costs, but with very low wages.
        B) “Brazil is freer then America”. Brazil is a police state in so many ways, it is not even funny. The police blocks roads at anytime, anywhere, for no reason other then to extor bribes and threaten citizens with false criminal accusations. Anyone can be pushed against a wall, searched, and smacked by police (legally) at anytime, for no reason at all. If arrested by police, there is a presumption of guilt, until proven innocent in court. There is no freedom of speech guaranteed by Brazilian law, in fact, thought crimes of “hate, racism, misogyny, homophobia, and intolerance” are criminally enforced and racism having no bond when arrested. Women make false rape accusations so often, Brazil runs national system of special “Delegacia de Mulhers” (women only police stations, controlled by armed police-versions of Rosie O’Donnell feminists). Brazilian courts accept coerced confessions after the suspect has been beaten (and has visible marks) of police violence. There are NO protections against search and seizure of property anywhere, at any time. There are NO self-defense laws at all. You have “duty to retreat” if you come under physical attack.
        Brazil is as free as a disorganized and corrupt version of East Germany would be, run by force by a Statzi-Gestapo style police force and government. It is a ThugOcracy, a thuggish government.
        Ps. And yes, southern Brazil is the ONLY chance you have to find a decent Brazilian girl, that is not a total whore, not a total bitch, not covered in tattoos, and not a totally out of control FemiNazi. And the chances in the south are still very small.
        But even in southern Brazil, the sheer number of quality BR girls is starting to dwindle. Brazil lived 8 years of radical leftwing Socialist rule under Lula and 5 years of Communist rule under now-impeached Presidenta Dilma. It did tremendous damage to Brazil and its people and the culture.
        This OP article is an outstanding rebuttal to the “how to find a wife in Brazil” article. 🙂 Excellent!
        My qualifications for commenting on BR: I lived for 4 years in Brazil in mid-1990s as teenager (in Rio, since my Dad worked Consulate). I am from Orlando (a/k/a/ Little Brazil North) and I deal with Brazilians all the time. I speak Portuguese fluently and understand the culture very well and have dated and hooked-up with tons of Brazilian girls. I also have 2 relatives living in Brazil and I have vested country for several weeks at a time over last 10 years.
        My .2 cents.

    1. The three most southern states of Brazil are majority unmixed white Europeans and enjoy the highest overall standards of living and lowest crime rates in the country.
      Their is a fairly substantial independence push in that region, with the locals overall very tired of the corruption, crime, and ineptitude which seeps into their lives via internal migrations of lower IQ and higher crime prone Pardos (brown folk) to the south.
      It’s pretty much South America’s equivalent of the “Republic of Cascadia” movement in North America, which would entail a new country encompassing more or less the mostly white Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, and Western parts of Montana.

    2. Once a Brazilian girl marries a gringo and gets that coveted Green Card, she’ll be dumping his ass pretty quick. Look at all the decent looking Brazilian girls in America. Notice something about them? They’re all divorced, plastic surgeried up, and partying it up in clubs while they are in their 40s. Brazilian women are NEVER meant to be wifed up.

      1. Some of yall need to LEARN what the BBC is….black men don’t have this white knight BS problem cause we understood the real nature of women aways back. Brazil chicks? Yea…hit that as, bang that hoe and then let it go.
        No greed card. No wedding. No white knight bull. Just SU bang and drop it to the side.
        Got news for some of yall too ..black men be having some of your white women when you out in Thailand or South America or Russia or whatever the hell it is. Not to marry f that just for the bang. So many white girls were like “my daddy gonna hate this…” and do it anyway lol Every woman desires a BBC to stretch her out

        1. BBC Louis:
          Go for it, brother. Fuck them white trashy whores as much as you like… until one gets angry enough at the harsh dump and calls the coppers on you. You will be in the “white man’s courts, fighting the white man’s lawyers” and believe me, we have plenty of lawyers. You can bitch about the “white courts” or “white laws” all you like. White women in America are THE privileged class above everything else, including gays, illegal aliens, and everything else. They get to kill their kids (see Andrea Yates), lie, cheat, steal, use a private server in their basement, lie to Congress, murder their husbands, etc etc. No prison for white women, they live with no consequences.
          White women put black men in prison so easily, on false rapes I am surprised why so many brothas take false ape cases to trial. They are really dumb, they run it to trial and get the max sentence instead of a massively reduced plea. 🙄 I see it ALL THE TIME and I mean every day in law school and every case as Paralegal. That Public Defender will only get you to prison.
          When that pump n dump white whore calls in a rape on you, you will go down, bro…. hard. Is a fuck worth prison?? 🙄 That is your call, homie.
          FYI: Get a false rape charge in Florida, first rape offense against any woman, carry a Quarter in DOC. No parole in Florida. You will serve the whole 25 years, brotha.
          Snowflake princess crying some “black savage” raped her in a trial and there you are saying “I didn’t do it”…. HAH! You are guaranteed a guilty verdict and max prison sentence allowed by law. I sure hope the fuck was good ’nuff for you. 🙄
          You are playing with fire pumping and dumping white hoes, but at least I warned you. White American dudes are leaving FOR A REASON. It is not for lack of easy fucks…. our women are loose as hell and they put out at lightning speed. We are leaving because these women are trash and they are damaged and they are dangerous.
          Honestly, our women are such trash in America today, no one really gives a fuck, if you (a black dude) fuck them or not. I sure don’t care because I know our women are the cum toilets of the world. Over 80% of men in America between ages 20-38 are “never married”, so we are pumping and dumping too, when we can hold our noses to our own women. But more importantly, we are LEAVING for greener pastures.
          You can stay, fuck white trash hoes, and play “false rape roulette”. Your number will be up at one point, that is how statistics and odds work, always against you. Hopefully you will take a reduced sentence rape plea and NOT run it to trial and go down for hard 25. Peace out.

      2. Yeah, gringos go for “easy” girls, putting little effort to get them, and suddenly get surprised when they were only interested on the green card

    3. Their arses are wayyy too big for me. I like slim!
      Not to mention Brazil is one of the worst countries in the world.

      1. Them check out Argentina. I can tell The difference between Argentina Women (tourists) and Brazilian women 90% of the time.
        I agree with your and other comments as Brazil has the worst of both worlds: A USA style nanny state combined with third world infrastructure.

      1. How old is that boy? Is this some sort of feminist perversion? Why has the moderator approved of these videos from the feminist pervert, but the JQ is censored and shadowbanned from the website?!

    4. “The only good place to find wife material here would be in the Southern States of Brazil, such as Rio Grande do Sul, Parana, and Santa Catarina. They share a very similar culture to the southern states of America. Country girls here are conservative, religious, and really good looking.”
      “The HIV and AIDS epidemic in Brazil is classified as stable at the national level, with a prevalence rate in the general population of 0.6%. However, HIV prevalence varies geographically, with higher levels noted in the South and Southeast of the country.”

      1. ace, you’re right. that part about southern brazil being more conservative is non-sense. plenty of degenerates in the biggest cities.
        what’s true is the looks of the girls, much better than the rest of the country. however in no way such states are 82% white, not in 2010 (last census), much less now. the recent open borders police will cause a huge transformation that people are ignoring

    5. lmao the South is even worse, filled with dumb, self centered white leftist bitches, its like traveling to western Europe.

    6. This article is 100% true and accurate to the T about Brazil! Brazil is one of the most misunderstood and complicated countries in the world, due to its lack of coherent racial and national identity. Besides love of soccer, beaches, beer, and partying, Brazilians do not have a coherent culture and country at all, contrary to foreign popular belief. The country’s regions are so different, someone from southern Brazil would feel like a foreigner in Paraiba, in northern Brazil and vice-versa. Brazilians greatly distrust each other and do not get along at all.
      Comments on each of you 3 listed lies about Brazil:
      *1) Brazilian women are NOT nice at all. People get that impression because Brazilian love to meet foreigners in their country. It is a curiosity thing. They are serial cheaters, even worse then in America. Brazilian women actively seek “post-selected men” who are married or have a girlfriend and once they seal the deal, they out the man publicly to ruin his current relationship with hiw wife/gf.
      This article discusses how Brazilian women are the biggest cheaters and liars on planet Earth: https://www.terra.com.br/vida-e-estilo/mulher/comportamento/jovem-brasileira-e-a-mais-infiel-do-mundo-diz-pesquisa,74cfc1772f9c9410VgnVCM5000009ccceb0aRCRD.html
      Brazilians do NOT trust each other at all, and they do not get along, except superficially, exactly as OP article says. That is what happens to a country where no racial identity exists and there is a lack of a coherent culture. Exception is in southern Brazil, where it is overwhelmingly European ancestry people.
      Brazilians talk trash about each other and their country constantly. But you, as foreigner, are not allowed to say the same things or make the same complaints as Brazilians make or you will be rebuffed by the Brazilian who just uttered same words moments before! 🙄
      *2) Brazilian women are THE WORST woman you can find for a wife, short of maybe a Danish woman (?). The Brazilian women cannot cook, do not know how to clear or organize things, and are insanely lazy. Most middle class and above Brazilians have “empregada” (live-in maid) in their homes, and the women do not learn even basic homemaking skills.
      They are useless in every way, except they stay fit and they fuck their men all the time to keep him tired and oblivious to her doings, including overspending, cheating (if she is bored), and sneak-moving into her man’s home without his permission. They are also insanely LAZY. Most never ever get a job and they live in their parents house until age 40 (not uncommon).
      *3) Brazil has been turned into a radical Feminist country, after 8 years of a quasi-dictatorship Socialist under President Lula and 5 years of radical Communist leadership by female Presidenta Dilma (she is a violent “reformed” Marxist guerilla from the 1970s).
      Read about Dilma here: http://www.returnofkings.com/154877/15-evil-or-incompetent-women-who-prove-that-females-are-horrible-leaders
      The women have become much fatter, they dress like crap (often flip-flops, t-shirts, and tight shorts), are COVERED in huge disgusting tattoos, and have the worst attitude nasty called “marra”. If you are into biker gangs that wear flip-flops and shorts, spit and curse all the time, and have tattoos everywhere, then you will love FlipFlopistan (a/k/a/ Brazil).
      “Marra” is a type of attitude the girls have that is the American equivalent of “ghetto moxie”, but more aggressive and even nastier.
      The laws in Brazil have planned, written, designed, and codified with a FemiNazi intent in ways you cannot even imagine. A single woman with a child can stay in an apartment and not pay rent and not be evicted for 3 years (no, I am not kidding) BY LAW. Misogyny, which is un-defined on purpose, to allow judges to punish people at will, is a felony. If misogyny and racism are combined in a “verbal offense”, it is a criminal offense not eligible for bond!! ❗
      A woman can put virtually any man in prison for AT LEAST a decade for something as small as “mental anguish or even upsetting a woman”, caused by a man under a crazy law called “Lei da Maria da Penha” (look it up, I am not kidding). Socialist President Lula signed this into law in 2006 and it is designed to target men. This is something the UN wants globally, so men can be imprisoned for no reason at all and stay in prison for decades.
      False rape allegations by women are so common and widespread, they have female-only police departments that deal only with misogyny, rape, and abuse (see #1 above). The women are legally allowed to use physical violence (and weapons) against men, and they do in public, without fear of arrest.
      Watch girls hitting, pushing, yelling at and smacking their men for merely trying to take a surf class that happens to be taught by a hot woman (it is a prank, but the people are real):
      The country is corrupt, dangerous, violent crime is everywhere, and Brazil has lost almost all of its middle and wealthy classes (they either ran away or the government impoverished them to create a more welfare dependent class).
      Throw in Feminism and the uglification of the girls and there is nothing left in Brazil… at least for me. Sad to see country in ruins. 🙁

  2. I appreciate the straight talk in this here.
    You could have bragged about your notch count, flags, and all the other nonsense. Instead you served up straight dope. Much appreciated.
    Great article.

  3. problem is also losers who cant even great a woman in the west who go down south America and get played because don’t know how to deal with a woman. While at it puzzle that some people want a loyal girlfriend just to fuck and hang out with. Reality is once she taste dick she wants more and more of even other people and if she is wife material she does not want to fuck around and spend yrs fucking you and being loyal to u without marriage. If u are looking for that u will just get old without finding it.

    1. Yes it’s game game game and in my opinion many fake notch counts. Then just like women who complain about not finding a good man, men complain too. Hey she screwed you, what makes you think you were anything else but one of many? The dynamic between the sexes is broken. Feminist and smart phone culture is everywhere and there is nowhere on the planet to run to in search of your unicorn.

      1. Who Cares,
        AWALT, but not all legal systems are like that.
        For marriage, you need to place yourself in a country that doesn’t forcibly transfer assets from men to women, or stay single.
        ‘Husband friendly’ countries includes most of Asian, India, and the Middle East, along with some S. American countries (not Brazil).

  4. You have probably noticed – the only people who praise Brazilian girls are the ones who have never actually been to Brazil. ( I lived there for 6 months in 2010. I cab only imagine how bad the situation is now.)
    1. Brazilians girls are extremely money-oriented. Yes, a lot more than most American or western European women. Even as a “gringo” , you won’t even get a smile from them for free. You need to have a decent disposable income if you want any kind of relationship with a Brazilian girl (Whether your plan is a one night stand or possible a marriage.)
    2. Traditional and conservative? Most of them are not. Religion and traditional morals have been on the decline in Brazil for decades and. Divorce rates are very high, kids out of wedlock are the norm and most women cheat on their husbands/boyfiends, if they get a chance.
    3. The marriages between Brazilian women and foreign are even less likely to last. I met several men who sold everything in their home countries, moved to Brazil to marry the “brasileiras” of their dreams. All three of them got divorce-raped. Badly. One of them lost everything to his ex-wife. He literally had to return to his country of origin with one suitcase and the clothes on his back…and with a broken heart, obviously.
    4.Brazil is an expensive country. Bear that in mind. Nearly all essentials are a lot more expensive than in the US – housing (even in not-so-good neighborhoods), food, transportation, private medical care (you will need one). Most Brazilian towns and cities are overcrowded. polluted, crime-ridden hellholes with wealth inequality similar to India’s.
    5. Your wife want to live with you in the States? If you take her to the US, she will likely divorce you after she got the Green Card or the US passport.
    6. I disagree with the author about the three southern states. (Parana, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul) being any different as far as morals go. I think the author gives a free pass to girls from that region simply because the population in the South (particularly in SC and RGS) are predominantly the descendants of European immigrants, and genetically much less mixed than the rest of the country.
    Seriously , what’s the difference between the poor “baiana” crack addict who sells blowjobs for 20 reais near the Praca da Republica in Sao Paulo and the high-class “gaucha” escort who spends a night with some silly attorney for 1000 reais. Yes, the only difference is in the price.
    If anything , Southern girls are simply more conning and and achieve their goals easier that way.

      1. Would bang, obviously.
        But let’s not use the word “girl” so liberally. “Girl” should be strictly reserved for glowing, nubile females aged 14 – 21.
        What you linked to is a woman with fake tits, fake ass, fake lips, botox and hell knows what else. But all the plastic surgery in the world will not restore her youthful glow, which is gone forever.

      2. That girl is probably a prostitute, not just living off beta orbiters. The guy should know better than to be captain save-a-ho

    1. Always felt Brazilian girls were overrated….even many of the so called supermodels I don’t find all that attractive. Heard they make up for it with their sex ability in the bedroom but it may not be worth all the trouble.

    2. Peter:
      Yep, people praising Brazil have never been there. 🙄 That country is a raging shithole (feminism, crime, false rape accusations, expensive to live or visit, corrupt cops….)
      No, the Baiana feia (ugly girl from Northern Brazil) that gives blowjobs for R$20 vs a Gaucha gostosa that screws for R$1,000 is NOT just the price. The Gaucha will be HOTTER then the ugly Baiana. That is like saying a 1990 Ford Pinto and a 2018 Nissan 370z both get you somewhere, thye only difference is their price??? 🙄 Come on… the 370z is much cooler and better. You get what you pay for!
      I agree with you that you should not trust women. BUT… the problem is that no woman should be fully trusted, ever, anywhere (unless her name is mom or grandma). It is not just Brazil. Yes, the women in Brazil lie more, but women are hard to trust.
      In Southern Brazil (Sao Paulo is NOT southern Brazil, BTW), the girls ARE better then elsewhere in Brazil. That is just a fact.
      Are the southern Brazilian girls good enough to marry, bring to USA, and risk AT LEAST 50% of your income, assets, retirement, house, and freedom? HELL NO!!!!

  5. The author said:
    “The only good place to find wife material here would be in the Southern States of Brazil, such as Rio Grande do Sul, Parana, and Santa Catarina. They share a very similar culture to the southern states of America. Country girls here are conservative, religious, and really good looking. Also, it’s easy to find good-looking blondes here, due to the fact that this region received lots of immigrants from Germany, Italy, and Slavic countries. ”
    I assume the author has never been in the three Southern states.
    They can be just as bad (if not worse, since they are more cunning)as girls from other parts of Brazil. The author is trying to give Souther girls a free pass, simply because most of those girls are descendants ” of immigrants from Germany, Italy and Slavic countries.”
    That’s some really beta and blue pill thinking right there.
    It’s a shame since the rest of the article was spot on.

    1. @Peter Frazer I appreciate your feedback, criticism and contributions to this discussion. However I think you got my point wrong. I´ve never stated in any part of my article “that all Brazilian girls from the Southern States of Brazil are loyal, religious and feminine”.
      There are good and bad girls in Brazil just like in America and any other country in the world. This article is based on my life and dating experiences. I´ve never claimed, that I´m some kind of messiah that is delivering “the truth to the World”. I´m a farmer and travel frequently to do business and trade with other farmers from that region. I´ve had more luck finding and dating conservative, loyal and religious girls in the Southern States of Brazil than other parts of Brazil, just like when I was conducting businesses in the US and found Southern American girls more pleasant than the ones from other regions in the US.
      Are there SJW, degeneracy, cultural marxism the Southern States of Brazil and the Southern States of the US? Probably, but at least during my life experience I found those things in big cities and other regions of both countries that are more “liberal”.
      Can you find wife or LTR material in other regions of The US and Brazil besides the Southern region of both countries? Probably, but at least from my life experiences its harder due to cultural marxism being more prevalent in other regions of both countries.
      This article is all based on my life experiences. As I stated before I´m not claiming all girls from the Southern States of Brazil or the Southern region of the US are loyal, caring and religious.Its just that I´ve had more luck in finding trustworthy, caring and religious people from these regions in both countries.

      1. Howard:
        You are right. This is about the odds. Try to find a decent woman (forget a wife, I mean a woman with less then 50 cocks in) NYC vs in a Mormon community in Utah. That is obvious.
        The south of Brazil is indeed better then the rest of Brazil in VERY ASPECT imaginable (better economy, safety, less crime, prettier girls, cleaner etc). The oods of finding a decent woman in Joinville vs Rio de Janiero are obvious!!!
        ALL of Brazil is affected by SJW Feminist shit and since ALL laws in Brazil are national, FemiNazi laws affect you anywhere and everywhere. It is not like the USA where if you live in Communist California, you can leave and go to Conservative Arizona and have a better life. In Brazil, laws are national.
        But overall… Brazil is a raging shithole now, it is not like it was before. Thanks for exposing it. 🙂

    2. I agree, I don’t know where he took that from, southern girls are even worse than in the other parts of Brazil.

    1. That’s what I’m saying after reading a lot of ROK articles about countries here:
      – Sweden
      – USA
      – UK
      – Brazil
      – Australia
      – Ukraine
      – Russia
      – Georgia
      – Poland
      – Thailand
      – Vietnam
      Probably other countries and areas were covered as well but I did not read yet

      1. All I read here is more criticism, the reality is that, women are all like that. You’ve got to be a dummy to still think that you’ll somehow have a happy ending.
        We’re not killers anymore, there’s plenty of men aka providers to go around.
        Once we’re valued more due to how we as lesser beings viewed life as something precious, sacred, a gift.
        Now that we are supposedly smarter, we’ve become distant. Less human I suppose.
        Bottomline you can’t bargain for genuine attraction. Female attraction has always worked the same, the past 2 million years or so….

        1. Barbatos – has hit the nail on the head. There are an overabundance of providers, allowing women’s worst hypergamy instincts to come out; they are vying for top resources, top Alpha tier men, and getting it. Normally the imbalance is resolved through wars, and other hazards men face, but today those killers have been mitigated.
          When there’s a scarcity of men, women will alter their behavior and stay in check, lest they lose resources and they and their kids die off as well. Unfortunately many millions or hundreds of millions of men will have to die, but it is inevitable and natural. Best be prepared and try to be one of the survivors.

      2. Japan get’s NOTHING but praise on this website. Not necessarily because it’s a poosy paradise destination (hot girls yes, but language barriers and the very high costs are a big drag), but because of it’s honorable culture and how they are protecting their future by not caving into cultural Marxism and diversity.
        I’ve yet to hear any genuine criticism of Taiwan either for similar reasons.

        1. * They; are NOT “…not caving into cultural marxism and diversity”.
          * They: arent the TARGET of that (instead, they have been given an another “medicine” to ensure their extinct:
          – Trauma of two (((atomic bombs)))
          – Insane work “morale” / partly slave mentality
          – Isolation
          – Triggered their suicide complex
          – Anime culture
          – Living in a cylinder or box.

      3. And people thought (((their))) push for feminism and other poisonous ideologies was only going to be inflicted on western nations.
        This shitshow is going global goyim!

        1. It is not my opinion actually I’m listing what I learned and people’s opinion on the site here. I am visiting Russia for a business trip next summer and I’ll let you know what I think after I travel there

  6. I try my best to avoid saying “NAWALT,” but for about 4-5 months I once dated a talented Brazilian 7/8 (transplant, living in a west coast US city) that didn’t conform to anything this article states. All is not lost, gentlemen.

    1. Buddy of mine been dating a Brazilian woman for years and she appears to have remained loyal despite him moving around for work.
      I have no experience in Brazil so I don’t know but my impression of South America is that there are simpler women to be found there, who still have some understanding of how family works.

      1. I’ve overall had very positive experiences with Brasileiras too. One of the few countries where I’ve had over 10 notches from a single nation, and none of those had any kind of bitter fallout down the line.
        Can’t say the same thing with some Canadian girls I’ve been with…. lemme tell ya….

        1. Ha ha, this is funny. Brazilian girls are good girls, loyal, not gold diggers, not demanding, great cooks, affectionate, kind. I should know, I pumped and dumped 10 of those awesome, good, wholesome girls. How far did that awesome loyalty go? About 2 weeks?? How loyal were you? Damn this is just too funny….
          So is the definition of a good girl one who lets you fuck them and leave, while not complaining about it? Ha, fucking, ha…..

  7. I’m from Brazil and you are 100% correct.
    Appearance can be deceiving, Brazilians are very superficial and are always looking for “status”, also cultural-marxism is rooted in all latin america but Brazil is on another level, dont be fooled thinking here is a paradise.

    1. Brazil beats the USA in just three things.
      1 ) Less morbid obesity
      2 ) More agreeable winter weather, even in the “colder” south
      3 ) Sexier beach culture
      That’s it. Everything else is a clusterfuck of higher crime, big taxes, service sector ineptitude, public sector corruption, shit roads (particularly up north), incredibly low wages despite the high cost of living, etc.

  8. Latinas are the best looking, feminine and most exciting women of the world. Period
    Wife material? Something i have learnt in my 34 years of age… is that scum, dishonest assholes, garbage people come from all ethnicities, social classes, races and nationalities. So do extraordinary, great good hearted people.

    1. “Latinas are the best looking, feminine and most exciting women of the world. Period”
      Yeah…that’s why all men want women with Caucasoid features, not 1.50 m tall burrito-like, swarthy Latinas with body hair, <90 IQ and bad teeth.
      You stupid fuck lmao, you should come here to Latin America and realize once and for all that most attractive Latinas are those that have a lot of European blood.

    2. A fit Asian woman looks good in clothes, A fit white woman looks good naked, and a fit Latina looks good in either extreme. You’ve got a point there.

    3. Chris, just what alternate universe are you living in? Beautiful caucasian women have been the world’s standard for beauty, for decades. In advertising, in beauty contests, in the prostitution racket, the modeling and entertainment industries, desired by the wealthy and powerful men of the world no matter what their own race. It is only in recent years that the ((( tribe ))) and liberals have been trying to change the dynamic by shoving non-white women down our throats. Trying to hype their beauty as being equal to that of whites. I doubt many are buying it.
      If you dig the Latinas, more power to you. I’m betting the ones you like have substantial Euro blood and not a lot of the Amerindian or mestizo

      1. Well (((they))) are not buy their own horseshit, that’s for sure.
        Jeff Epstein & is Band of Merry Merchants imported nothing but beautiful European teenagers on his Lolita Express. Thousands of them.
        Natural, attractive, fresh white teenage females are unquestionably the most precious resource in the world.

      2. The (((tribe))) have been inflating and promoting white women like dangling meat to a hungry dog to non-white men for decades. At the same time they have been belittling and emasculating the white man.
        Miscegenation is the goal and (((tribal))) leaders have been quoted trying to implement such plans since the 1930’s.

        1. The result has been white women are the ‘prize’ to the non-white male.
          The white male no longer has the respect of his white female as her head is in the clouds and has a smorgasbord if thirsty men looking to clown dance for her.

        2. HEY SAS
          I’m not part of the tribe but the reason Irish-Catholics in New York City or Armenians in LA are not complaining about this while the trailer trash in Kansas cannot send girls out to LA porn factories to do Bukkake young enough is the following-
          Americans of Old Colonial stock have not ethnic pride. Italians and Jews themselves and Armenians on the West Coast have some semblance of community standards while the hicks in the US interior have zero.
          Old Colonial stock Americans in the rural flyover get hooked on drugs, want to imitate black thugs, have kids out of wedlock, molest them.
          Colleen O’Brien out of Boston does not have these problems.
          Sure, a great many Irish and Jewish and every other kind of girl gets into porn but it is the Yeoman Anglo in the Flyover who is screwed by everyone.

        3. Hayvanstancis are most than the worst Jew or criminal barbarian murderer . What are you talking about ?

    4. I am only taking exception to your absurd claim that Latinas are the “best looking” women in the world. In terms of femininity and excitement, they could very well have the edge. But best looking? Be serious.

  9. This brazilian chick at work is by far the hottest around there but her attention whoring and blatant manipulation games with the men she wants to play, is sky high. She really thinks she’s some sort of miracle and her attitude in general really muddles her (great) physical features. I stay away from her games, and it seems she wants me more because of it (awalt gents).

    1. @Andy G, well said.
      “She really thinks she’s some sort of miracle…”
      Doesn’t she cough, sneeze, release stinky farts, piss, poop … !? And she is some sort of “miracle” !!
      I guess we can’t blame the pussies, as you can see in other comments, “manginas & pussy maniacs” calling pussies as “precious resources” !!

      1. Ravi Macho, I don’t think you can argue against that eggs are precious, sperm is abundant. That’s what people mean when they say that. Young fertile women are a rare resource and indeed “precious” in the sense of a precious metal, not precious snowflake.
        That’s why you have this epidemic of hungry thirsty males vying for female attention and access. In a sense it is a natural response and a strategy they think will work (Be a provider and acquiesce to her demands). It won’t but they don’t know that.
        The ratio of reproductive aged males (16-60) is much higher than reproductive-aged females (16-30), and catastrophically worse if you narrow it to prime nubile age(16-24). That has led to the ugly behaviors more prevalent today. For women it’s unrestrained hypergamy, for men it’s pathetic acquiesce.

        1. Agreed. But I sincerely believe that if we MEN follow standards, doesn’t “pedestal” females (Its a fact that females CRAVE sex as much as the MEN, females MASTURBATE, females THINK & FANTASIZE about being dominated by MEN etc. etc.), they can be shown their right place.
          Its high time to STOP giving them entitlement and undue credit for the ability of popping out our SUCCESSORS (not possible without 2 people !!). Honestly, that ability is 100% NATURAL, OBVIOUS and MUNDANE !!
          That is only possible with MEN being UNITED.

  10. Married a girl from Manaus, Amazonas. (Get out of a Rio) Dated dozens of women from the U.S. From the party girl to the church girl to online dating to coworkers, waitresses, girls in the navy and army, friends of friends, and the first and only Brazil girl blew them all away. This isn’t to say I was a player or anything just to demonstrate there is some statistical truth to the quality of brazilian women to u.s. Women.
    My wife has had a green card for coming up on two years, works, cooks dinner and cleans the house, and agrees with me on being alt right and anti feminist and the JQ.
    She also doesn’t like immature and feminine men.
    That being said, I wouldn’t recommend going “wife hunting” in Brazil or any other country intentionally. I met my wife at airbnb and we clicked. Experiences will vary.
    Good luck gents.

  11. “…some kind of paradise in which all women are extremely good looking, feminine, loyal and respectful towards men.”
    Not just Brazil, majority fuckin females of evey Country, Culture, Religion & Race are the “same”; unfeminine, arrogant, whorish, slutty, opportunistic and ungrateful !!

  12. Brazilian here, sorry to say there is NOWHERE in Bra(($))il where there is not the hiddenhand of Marxist theories propagated through the education system through the influence of Paulo Freire who was a HARD LEFT, GRAMSKI-pupil and the effects have been absolutely devestating since then. The entire fucking country is a corrupt, degenerate, amoral hell hole disguised as a “vibrant” and “emerging” global to-be-power. Yeah fucking right, don’t sip the globalist kool-aid in believing that “diversity” is beautiful and “tolerance” creates better societies. Come on down with that mentality and watch as your ass gets duct-taped and thrown in a random sedan and kidnapped as you leave your hotel/airport/hostel/mall/etc.. that’s if you don’t just get got with a “Bala perdida” in RJ or a nasty drip dick STI after finding your “one” at some fuckin boate in and large town. Brazilian bitches are the most evil and malicious of all in my experience after having been with women on my travels to Asia, Europe and North America. I truly believe because of the emphasis on “sensuality” and “seduction” traits emphasized by Brazilian mother’s on their daughters (and by pop culture btw), Brazilian women are trained to be hypergamous, promiscuous and opportunistic vampires who will chew up men and shit them out all the while encouraged by the unholy triad of Catholicism (every single is forgiveable, just pray it away), big media and pop/smartphone culture. DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE. NOT ALL BRAZILIANS ARE “BAD BITCHES” OR “PAWGS” or whatever. Obesity is exploding here hovering way over 20% total pop, Marxist/feminist/slw/misandrist messages are perpetuated through many cultures and encouraged by the weak beta lotharios that are your “topic homem brasileiro”. I live in brasilia, the capital, been to the South and though the quality of women is higher aesthetically there, the mental schema is the same across the board.
    Adultery is a joke here, literally, a joke, mentioned in passing, laughing mid-bite with a mouth full of food at the fucking dinner table in the majority of Brazilian homes during any random meal. The national (read : DEFINING) national holiday is a fucking ode the baccanal culture in courtesian Europe for God sake where “experimenting” trans/gay/orgy sex is considered a normal part of the CARNAval experience. The national past time is sport fucking/sex tourism/prostitution/stepping out on your spouse. Think about it. Don’t take my word for it, come on down at your own fucking behest. Lol. Boa sorte…

    1. Neo: What you said is 100% true, dude. Thanks for background on Brazilian FemiNazism. I did not know where it came from.
      *Brazilian girls cheat non-stop. I know that. They think “ficar” (to stay with a guy, meaning making out) with some other guy is not cheating! LOL 🙄
      (The article above ^^^ says Brazilian woman is most unfaith in world)
      *Obesity is a national crisis: http://www.cnn.com/2014/07/09/health/beating-the-bulge-brazil-obesity/index.html –> That was 4 years ago, last time I heard it is worst then this now.
      *A lot of Brazilian men are becoming weak Betas. The women HIT guys all the time, in public too!!! You even see on TV, guys getting slapped on the face for LOOKING at some other girl for even one second. It is like the women own the men there.
      Check out this video of girls pushing, smacking, and yelling at their boyfriends in public over trivial reasons:
      Brazil changed completely when I lived there 4 years in mid-1990s. I was an American teenager at the time and country was NOT so Feminist and not even nearly as radical. Collor was President then, I think, and he was a moderate that wanted to modernize Brazil. And they impeached him and year later, Communist PT took over and implemented national Feminism of the worst kind.
      Goodbye Brazil. I am sorry things got so bad there. 🙁

      1. Christiancool, great comments buddy. It’s almost like you’ve been here before. Lol. I am afraid to say the good old days are gone bro, no more garotas de ipanema left. If they do exist they got mad STIs, are smartphone addicts, probably leftist and therefore unfit for monogamous heterosexual lifestyles and are at a notch count rivaling Roosh’s lol. Walking petri dishes. While they scream #deixaelatrabalhar and pop off filtered selfies and gyrate to degenerate funk noise, normal men turn gay or worse. The trans acceptance has reached critical levels and will not cease to accelerate further enriching the diversity of this wonderful and colorful and tolerant land. It’s all over bro, since 1500. Too late. Brazil was founded on EXPLOITATION of rubber and gold by the genetically inferior, lazy nd culturally debaucherous portuguguese court, as a refuge from Napoleans incursions towards Iberia, while the (sadly – formerly) GREAT USA was founded by the stronger, taller, hardy, idealist british, seeking a new life and land to live the lives they feel GOD would have them live. Cultural Marxism has sadly infiltrated both countries ethos however, and I see no turning back.

  13. Sorry but I have heard the horror stories about Brazilian crime and violence-this makes sense because they are the product of blacks and jungle Indians.
    One fool I know was slashed on the beach with a knife in Rio just sitting there.
    It is the ghetto X 10 because there is no welfare.
    To my way of thinking the AVERAGE Brazilian is a simian looking Zambizo (Mixture of Mestizo and black) that looks rather prehistoric.
    Clearly, the white girls of German and Portuguese descent will not be interested in a foreigner-their parents arrange marriages for strategic reasons within their ethnic communities.
    So you are stuck with a Zambizo.

    1. The purpose of this article was to show to ROK readers, that Brazilian girls arent that different from American girls and other white girls from developed countries. This is the reason for the picture of the Danish white girl next to the Brazilian one.

  14. You gringos live in a fantasy world.
    There are many types of “Brazilian girls”. There are the ones who you should not marry, others you should marry.
    The feminist ideology is in the middle, urban class. But many “feminists” here don’t give a shit at all to any ideology type. They say they are feminists just to look good in the leftist society. They won’t scream at you, or burn clothes in the street.
    But most of Brazilian lands are full of country people. They live in small, medium cities or in the country. These people don’t care at all about ideology.
    Generally, women here are hot. There are many hot women around the world, but here you see many colors and races. So, a gringo come from U.S and marry a red district girl and after that he types to RoK that Brazilian women are sluts.
    In the end of the day, the problem are the men, not the women. Gringos think the money can buy a woman heart. They lack the experience and cleverness to hand any girl. They can only think in a very linear way. “I pay, I have the girl”.

  15. And there’s more. It is very difficult for a non Brazilian understand our culture and our language. So, when a Brazilian read about a foreigner opinion, we give a good laugh. The analisys we see here are very shallow.
    If you really wanna know about Brazil, you need to come and live here.
    Come to know about our women. As I see in the comment session, you talk about Brazilian girls as you write about American girls.
    If you’re looking for sex, here you will find. But if you are looking for a good wife, here you will find.
    But don’t expect to be a pathetic sissy emasculated fat asshole and find the “girl”.

  16. in the southern, girls are better looking than the rest of the country. much better looking by the way.
    but the attitudes arent much different. at least in any urban area

  17. Im a Brazilian from Rio and despite the whole female independence / feminist cultural influence we have around here nowadays, most Brazilian women want to find a sucker who is willing to pay shit for them while they live their lives of futility, infidelity and lack of responsabilities. Alpha fucks / beta bucks all the way around here, don’t be fooled.

    1. Als:
      Feminism ruins ANYTHING, anywhere in the world. Brazil, after 8 years with Lula and 5 years with Dilma (a Communist revolutionary cunt). Feminism is the most powerful tool of national disunity and social destruction.
      I laugh at #DeixaElaTrabalhar because most Brazilian women do NOT WANT TO WORK. That is a false thing, like the “Rape crisis” in America’s #MeToo fraud. It is to create panic and distrust and divide country.
      It is so Feminist in Brazil that Denmark seems like a reasonable conservative country. The laws in Brazil are written with open intent to be feminist. Even in worst leftist American States, like California, laws are written to be equal, but enforced differently.
      They instituted and nationalized radical feminism. I hope Dilma follows Lula and goes to prison too. She and Lula RUINED the Brazilian economy for a generation.

  18. You guys come here trying to get an easy lay and are surprised when you only find gold digging hoes? Who would have guessed the girl that blowed you in the club is a hoe? I’m not sorry for you. Also Brazil is a huge country, you can find tons of marriable girls in the northeast or the countryside. But chances are the author never left the liberal upper class neighborhoods in the big cities, and were not interested on morriage oriented brown girls

    1. Brasileiro91:
      Wait… find Marriable Brazilian girls in NorthEast (as in “Nordeste”)??? Paraiba girls are the worst man and they are ugly!!! Tudo Canhao! (cannon girls = extremely ugly)
      The “marriage oriented brown girls” are ugly as fuck. Are you talking about girls from Paraiba or Fortaleza??? Feia para caralho. -_-
      I say if you want to find a marriageable wife in Brazil (which is insanely hard), go to Southern Brazil, not north!!!

  19. Whew! Just got back from Brazil! The author is spot on. The feminist fungus has spread all over the place. In 1985 I first visited Rio. Wonderful people, fun, inexpensive, sophisticated in a purely Brazilian way. Heaven on earth. Problems? Sure, but who cared. The girls were out of this world, lovely, sweet, friendly.
    Now? The girls were not at all friendly (I am older and not looking for anything but their entire attitude was sour, even to customers in a store like me – unheard of before). The whole place is depressed it seems. No teason to go back.

    1. That’s because you and I crossed over into a parallel universe at some point after 2005 or so…Its called the Mandela Effect, sir!

  20. It’s a YMMV situation. If you come in with open eyes, critical thinking skills and some experience, you’ll be OK.
    Westerners still can’t come in thinking that being white makes you the Great White Hope in the Third World. You still have to bring something to the table. Whether it’s money, charisma, or best of all, the whole package, you still have a SMV to deal with yourself, but as a visitor, your self-assessment skills are not necessarily accurate. Likewise, if you don’t date a gata with the whole package herself, you just end up with a LBFM and some lost time. Without saying that one must wife up any woman who lets you access the lukewarm hole between her legs, if the woman doesn’t put a premium on her pussy and isn’t a genuinely fine person with a moral and religious foundation and parents who are still married themselves, there’s no future there, just like any other woman.
    What is interesting to me is that readers try to be shocked that they are bad at judging good women from the piranhas. If you’re a shitty character judge, you’re going to have a bad time. If you’re upset that the club girl with amazing bedroom skills didn’t turn out to be the reincarnation of June Cleaver, you’re an ass anyhow. 3rd world women have Game too, and they win by sinking the hook in you.
    The only complaint I have about my Brazilian wife is that explosive latina temper the author talks about. Granted we are no longer the young newlyweds we once were, but if they can survive habituation into American culture, they often enough excel- if you form a nuclear family and are a good patriarch that they respect AND love, that is. Force them to integrate, and you’ll be surprised how quickly they suddenly develop strong opinions about the capital gains tax and entitlement reform.

  21. Meh, I disagree. Although there is a lot of truth to this article, it is highly exaggerated and fails to say how much better Brazil is than the U.S and Western Europe in terms of finding quality. Seriously, you think Brazi is bad? Spend time in third or second tier midwest U.S, you’ll wanna blow your head off. At least people are generally happy and warm in Brazil. Not to mention the parties there are amazing, and day game opportunities are off the charts.
    Are there growing leftist movements in Brazil that are perverting the youth? Yes. Are Brazilian women, in general, ideal LTR material in comparison to other countries such as Russia? No. Are there an abundance of sexy females that don’t subscribe to wacky leftist, western ideology, YES. Can you date those women if you aren’t a total pushover? Yes. Just because it requires some game and effort doesn’t mean it’s bad.. Jesus.
    I have spent years in Brazil, and there are plenty of good women. To make it seem that they are uncommon is disingenuous and bitter. I’d be willing to bet the dude that wrote this has no game, IDGAF how good his ‘online reputation’ is. There should be no motivation to write an article like this in a first-tier city in Brazil: there’s just soo much to go around. Also, finding women like this in the south of Brazil is possible, although the south is very westernized. Your best bet is probably the northeast. If you do look for it in the south, try small third-tier cities in the interior of the states.
    Just because some fat 50-year-old slob from the U.S that can’t even dress or shower properly can’t pull in Brazil, doesn’t mean that well put together men in their 20’s and 30’s can’t make something out of it. It’s not Thailand or Cambodia, and thank god it isn’t.

    1. Very well said. I didn’t find the women in Salvador very pretty, to be fair, too much bad African genetics for my western taste- too many generations of guided breeding among women from the slave days, which is good for child survival rates but just not attractive…but in smaller trade-oriented cities in the northeast, like Vitoria Da Conquista or Iguai, I found the women to be more attractive and humble on average than the average in Rio or Sao Paolo. I think the high number of women with Indio and a touch of Mediterranean blood makes for a great combination.
      That being said, the rise in divorce rates across all of Brazil is startling and sad.

  22. I cannot comment on whether this article is right or wrong, because I have never hooked up with any Latina women ever in my entire life. When I was in S. Florida, most seemed comfortable with their own kind.
    I doubt there will be much German blood left in this small section of Brazil after another generation. That line is busy with a Mestizo or Mulatto guy as I type this right now!
    Most the Brazilian men in S. Florida are international businessmen types that resemble Antonio Banderas from 20 years ago.

  23. “developed countries are to blame for Brazil not being able to become developed”
    Instead telling them they are largely low IQ r-selection mutts lacking self-control and long-term strategy, which is reason why their country will be forever Turd World shithole in every way imaginable.

  24. So true and most Brazilian women I have met here in southern California are bitches not friendly at all and they only date other Brazilian men why?
    Also a lot of Brazilians in general are rude jerks. I had an asshole boss who was Brazilian and he was the biggest fucking micro-managing dickhead on the planet!
    Come on guys, foreign women are not somehow magically better than American women. Once they come to the USA they are just as bad in many cases or they change for the worse.

  25. You know, after reading the comments below, and reading the article. I can agree with the point above, but the comments below are full of bullshit.
    Ive been living in brazil, and theres one thing i can say for sure.
    sure women here are more feminine. they take care of their looks, generally drink less than their american or uk counterparts. dont smoke. dont swear as much.
    work out more often. etc
    I swear half the guys on this website are just looking for excuses for their pussyless lifestyles.
    come to brazil. learn the language. ask girls on dates. escalate sexually. You WILL get laid.
    Look at the girls family. if she goes to clubs. AVOID HER.
    women here are no different than anywhere in the world.
    The difference here is that brazilian are not as educated as you, and if you have a fucking brain, you can have a pretty good deal.

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