The Great Betrayal Of Rhodesia

To modern generations, Rhodesia is just a name. Few know what it was, even fewer can find it on the map. Those who caught the Cold War might recall bits and pieces of information, little of it true or trustworthy. And yet, history of this country’s birth, struggle and demise contains a lesson that is, now more than ever, extremely valuable – especially to those still enamored with modern political games.

Humble beginnings

In 1890, a column of 380 rugged men crossed the Limpopo River and marched northwards. Their leader, a British mining tycoon Cecil Rhodes, had just received a Queen’s charter for his British South African Company to explore and govern these wild lands. Eventually, the Union Jack was planted into the ground, marking the foundation of Fort Salisbury. It took some time and plenty of fighting, negotiations and quelled uprisings, but ultimately the two local tribes – Matabele and Shona – were forced to cease their endless wars and coexist in grudging peace, while whites acquired land for farming and raising cattle.

Unlike other territories governed by the British Crown, this one was not a colony but rather private property of Cecil Rhodes and his company. Likewise, unlike British colonies, this one attracted serious, determined and hardy people rather than lowlifes, criminals and fortune-seekers. After Rhodes’ death, the territory was named in his honor. Northern and northeastern parts of it were at one point handed over to the Crown as protectorates, while Southern Rhodesia, as it became known, remained nominally independent.

Despite considering themselves to be “The Great White Tribe” and a separate people, Rhodesians, being mostly of Anglo-Saxon stock, retained fierce loyalty to Britain. When WWI broke out, 5000 men – approximately 25% of their population – volunteered to fight under the British flag.

After the war, Southern Rhodesia flourished. Its economy was well-developed and racial troubles, despite past conflicts, were nearly nonexistent. London, heartened by Rhodesians’ wartime contributions, gave them a choice: join the South African Union as its fifth province or become a self-governing territory with a “responsible government” (full privileges except for foreign policy). The referendum held in 1922 revealed that Rhodesians would rather live separately.

Dark clouds on the horizon

Idi Amin, Samora Machel, Kenneth Kaunda, Kwame Nkrumah, Jomo Kenyatta and Julius Nyerere. Dictators, terrorists and thieves – Britain was very picky when it came to choosing friends.

After World War II, when nationalist movements began to gain strength in Africa, London attempted to create a new public entity – the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. This experiment disintegrated miserably in 1963, and Southern Rhodesia got its status of a special dominion back. The federation’s former constituents were hastily given independence – all except one. Rhodesians were instead admonished for failing to sustain the stillborn state. Such was Britain’s gratitude for over 25,000 capable Rhodies volunteering to fight on its side in WWII.

In the 1950s, the process of decolonization was launched. The West’s combination of fatigue from two world wars, general lack of political will and reluctance to deal with external issues led to declarations of independence getting distributed to African colonies like hot cakes. Transition from colony to state sometimes happened in less than a month. The world welcomed the “liberation” while timidly avoiding the resulting chaos, mass murder and civil wars.

Simply put, African countries could not handle the gift of independence. In addition, the very notion of races being different was deemed unacceptable in the West. A man labeled a racist could not count on a good public career, etc. Of course, this applied only to whites – tribal warfare and genocides in nascent African countries were politely ignored.

While the West was busy prostrating itself before cannibalistic tyrants and warlords, USSR and China wasted no time in making them dance to their tune. Communist agents and ideologues actively formented uprisings and wars in Africa, exchanging arms for access to natural resources. Most African “leaders” never realized their countries’ transformation back into colonies, albeit under a different owner.

Rhodesians, who lived in a peaceful, quiet and largely problem-free country, could only look upon the unfolding events in horror. Since the end of the 19th century and until 1962, Rhodesian policemen were unarmed. Self-government was carried out with the help of tribal leaders and local administrations. Unemployment was minimal, skilled immigration high, and in terms of living standards Southern Rhodesia outpaced nearly all of Africa. Rhodesian agricultural products were highly valued worldwide – marbled beef was considered a delicacy, wines competed with South Africa’s own, and neighboring countries were supplied in abundance with maize, tea and tobacco.

Apartheid, the world’s boogeyman, never existed in Southern Rhodesia, and neither did acute racial tensions – the vast majority of blacks simply did not care that they were ruled by Whites, as long as the latter kept building schools, hospitals and providing them with work and housing. However, the so-called civilized world was not happy with this, and Britain especially so.

The fracture

Hatred that British diplomats David Owen and Harold Wilson had for the small African state bordered on pathological. To an average Rhodesian, these two were no better than Mugabe and Nkomo.

Under pressure from the Organization of African Unity (a club of cannibals if there ever was one), Britain took back its promise of independence to Rhodesia, on the grounds that it should be ruled by the black majority rather than the white minority. Rhodesia’s 40-year experience of sensible self-government, regular free elections and peaceful coexistence between races was callously ignored.

To pacify the “polite society” and the OAU, Britain was prepared to surrender Rhodesia to African dictators’ tender mercies. What it was not prepared for was the tiny country itself deciding to take the bull by the horns. In 1964, the Rhodesian Front party, led by a WWII hero Ian Smith, was elected into power. On November 11, 1965, after lengthy and unsuccessful negotiations aimed at finding a solution that suited everyone, Ian Smith unilaterally declared Rhodesia’s independence.

This move caught the West completely off-guard, and was immediately branded a “racist revolt”. British political opossums did all in their power to impose an international economic embargo on Rhodesia and fight its recognition. However, South Africa (itself a pariah state) and Portugal expressed their support for the new country and resumed their already well-established trade relations with it.

Britain’s tantrums and whining gave the communist bloc a perfect excuse to start openly funding and arming black terrorist organizations aimed at overthrowing the Rhodesian government. Robert Mugabe’s ZANU received help from China and North Korea, while Joshua Nkomo’s ZAPU was assisted and advised by USSR. The two movements, being comprised respectively of Shona and Matabele peoples, were bitter enemies, with a common goal the only thing uniting them.

The West itself had cold feet about direct military intervention against the upstart state, for two good reasons. Firstly, the Rhodesians were well-known for their fighting prowess and relentlessness – during WWII, they formed the backbone of British commandos in North Africa. Secondly, there was a threat of rebellion in Britain’s own armed forces, as family ties between Brits and Rhodesians were extremely close. Therefore, the West confined itself to denouncements, resolutions, political trickery and supplying terrorists with food and gear.

Against overwhelming odds

At first the conflict was limited to sporadic attacks, armed robberies and murders, but due to generous support from both East and West, it quickly evolved into full-scale war. Mozambique, Botswana, and Zambia eagerly provided terrorists with staging grounds for their raids on Rhodesian farms and border villages. With the help of sympathizing mass media, terrorists tried to inform everyone that a new Chimurenga was on – a war of liberation similar to the one their ancestors waged at the end of the 19th century against the “white invaders”.

Naturally, nobody cared that these same invaders had turned a barren territory into a developed land, that it was thanks to them the vast majority of local blacks had jobs, and that the main victims of this “liberation” were primarily blacks themselves – ordinary farmers, herdboys, priests and doctors.

To combat the terrorist threat, the Rhodesian Security Forces had to develop a unique fighting method, eventually becoming the most efficient military force of all that ever appeared south of the Sahara Desert. For all intents and purposes, they set an impossible standard – sometimes Rhodesian Light Infantry paratroopers flew three combat sorties a day (!), while the Selous Scouts managed to exterminate 70% of all who ever took up arms against Rhodesia over the 7 years of the unit’s existence.

But despite the wonders worked by its soldiers, fighting against what amounted to the entire world was extremely difficult for an unrecognized country with very limited resources. Contrary to media portrayals of him, Ian Smith was no rogue autocrat; he was open both to negotiation and the idea of reconciliation, but only on terms favorable to Rhodesia. In the endless talks that served as a backdrop to the 15-year war, his opponents never failed to take advantage of his honesty.

British diplomats’ favorite trick was to sign an agreement with Smith, ensure he kept his side of the bargain and then conveniently forget about theirs. American President Jimmy Carter was no better, refusing to acknowledge Smith at all but eagerly providing political platforms and assistance to both Mugabe and Nkomo.

Western media spared no expense in demonizing Rhodesia, either: journalists would photograph blacks sleeping in Salisbury parks during siesta and then claim they had been shot by Rhodesian soldiers. A particularly despicable bunch of presstitutes once tossed a few coins into a garbage bin in front of some black kids, who, upon attempting to retrieve them, made the world’s headlines as “children starved by the Smith regime”.

As for layers of filth heaped upon Rhodesia by humanitarian and religious organizations, they are too numerous to even begin to describe. The UN and the World Council of Churches united the entire West’s charity workers and do-gooders in an effort to feed and clothe the terrorists, who returned the favor by massacring as many Rhodesian priests, charity workers and do-gooders as they could.

Last drops of blood

Prime Minister Ian Smith at Victoria Falls, after yet another bout of pointless negotiations.

Embittered by constant betrayals from those they once viewed as friends and allies, Rhodesians grimly fought on until they no longer could. With the country’s oil reserves depleted, Ian Smith had no choice but to cave to international pressure and negotiate formation of a new government. The 1979 election resulted in Abel Muzorewa, a black bishop, becoming the new prime minister, and the country renamed to Zimbabwe-Rhodesia. Theoretically, black majority rule – the condition for lifting the economic embargo – was achieved.

The Organization of African Unity, however, was not so easily pleased, as neither Mugabe nor Nkomo were allowed to participate in the election, for the obvious reason of being terrorists. All it took was a promise to sway black American voters in Jimmy Carter’s favor and a threat of halting Nigerian oil shipments to Britain for the two superpowers to immediately come to heel. The embargo remained in place. With the “assistance” of the British government, new negotiations began, as a result of which Muzorewa’s government resigned, and at the beginning of 1980 a new election was scheduled.

The election campaign’s motto was simple – vote Mugabe or die along with your family. Terrorists ran rampant across the country, spreading the message at gunpoint. Voter intimidation was ubiquitous, but London declared the elections to be the most transparent and honest of all conducted on the African continent.

In the meantime, “international observers” from the British Commonwealth were making sure the Rhodesian army was disarmed, while politely ignoring Mugabe’s gun-toting goons. Immediately after a landslide victory, Mugabe rallied his forces and began exterminating the rival Matabele tribe, killing over 25 000 and turning many more into refugees. London let it slide.

Terminus est

The rest is history: it took the creature hailed by the entire world as a freedom fighter less than a decade to turn the Breadbasket of Africa into a basket case. White Rhodesians fled “Zimbabwe” in their entirety; of course, not a single British or American politician deigned to as much as apologize to them for what had been done to their country. The West simply carries on, fiercely proud of its policies and laws being democratic, impartial and fair… until they’re not.

Special thanks to Sergey “Tiomkin” Karamaev for providing data and historical context for this article.

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    1. Jack, stop being a troll. You do realize that many blacks got slaughtered in these events. What happened in Africa was just as much the fault of whites, probably even more so, than that of blacks. No different than what we are seeing going on in western nations today.

      1. If this article is accurate, the Brits clearly started betraying their own long ago. Disgraceful.

        1. Oh, it’s accurate. This ol’ Boomer ‘members.
          Ian Smith flew Spitfires in the Battle of Britain…and this is how they repaid him.

    2. My family had a farm out there 10-20 years back. One day a load of pickup trucks full of blacks with AK47s arrived at the farm and told them to leave on foot, and they could only take what they could carry. As they walked away the farm was burnt down. Today their formerly productive farm is just scrub land, the local natives are unemployed.

      1. So you consider raping infants and gang-raping virgins to cure AIDS as unemployed? Surely you consider lynching witch-doctors, albinos and petty thieves to be gainfully employed?

        1. How did you buy your land?
          If you’re American, it belonged to the Indians (by your reckoning)
          If you’re Australian, it belonged to the Aborigines ……. etc.
          As Proudhon says “all property is theft”, at some point in the recent past it was acquired by usurpation.

        2. The Bantu were there mainly from invasion, and they drove off the Khoisan and other Afro-Asiatic tribes that were already living there. Plus, many of them immigrated there during Apartheid because the economy was the best in all of Africa. Also, the only reason there is such a huge wealth/land discrepancy between Blacks and Whites is because blacks reproduce at such a stupid and astoundingly high rate (thanks to white technologies and farming). Another thing is, most of the land that whites settled in Africa was actually uninhabited (they were even given/bought a lot of land from black kings), you know, they didn’t push any fences over or tear up any “property rights” from blacks. Black people were also slaughtering and “conquering each other, believe it or not, whites actually stopped a lot of black death from happening in Africa.Most of the farm land in South Africa is very marginal and dry and the reason whites settled it instead of blacks was because white people knew how to farm it and ranch on it.

        3. @John
          Do you think if the Indians or the Aborigines were alive, they wouldn’t have done the same? I am just saying it was stupid of your family to have bought a land there … if you didn’t wipe/ enslaved/ or indoctrinate the population it’s, without doubt, they will view you as cancer and move to remove you.
          @wes the Great
          as I stated above land belongs to the victor wither in the Americas or in Africa. The Bantu wipe/ enslaved/ and indoctrinate, so, for now, it belongs to them … come make Africa white using the same methods it’s not logic or compromises, its power struggle.

        4. @John
          Also as you said “As Proudhon says “all property is theft”, at some point in the recent past it was acquired by usurpation.” so the cycle continued, why did it matter when it was time to steal it from your family?

        5. My white family, built their farm around the local villagers. The villagers lost nothing, but gained fresh water wells, schooling, medical care, and wages. None of the local villagers wanted us to leave. Now they have nothing.
          Just seems a shame that a productive farm that contributed to everyone is gone, for no reason. They are too old to go back now, and the children prefer life back in the UK.

        6. In every case where white people have had the opportunity to exterminate blacks, they have chosen not to do so.
          In every case where black people have had the opportunity to exterminate whites, they have *ALWAYS* chosen to do so.
          These groups can’t coexist. It’s impossible.

        7. Back in the late 90’s I worked in Kansas City with a former Rhodesian named Trevor Bond. As he told the story his family had a brick making factory in Rhodesia where he employed 30 to 40 people. One day some of Mugabe’s henchmen came around and told him Mr. Mugabe was interested in buying his house, land and factory. Once they were gone Trevor shut down the factory, sent everyone home and told his wife to pack only what she could carry. When she argued with him he told her that Mugabe’s men would be back that night and if they were still there they would be murdered. They packed up and went to South Africa that very day where they had family. It took him 6 more years to get to the states but they finally made it. He had been a member of the Rhodesian Defense Force Engineers… I always got the feeling they were’nt building bridges. When he told the story you could tell it really bothered him when he thought of it.

      2. For an eye-opening history of Africa and the consequences of the post WWII independence movement, refer to the series of ‘Black History Month’ articles over at the Occidental Dissent website. Link to articles is here:
        History is always gray of course, but the takeaway is that Africa, esp. Modern Africa was far better off overall under European Rule.
        (And yes, I know about King Leopold and the Congo, and the Germans in East Africa. Note that I wrote “overall,” not “absolutely.”)
        The articles touch on things that even I didn’t know about, e.g. the wholesale mass slaughter of *all* Arabs in Zanzibar post-independence, something like 75,000 men, women and children.
        At any rate, they are absolutely germane to this discussion, and you won’t be wasting your time by giving them a read.
        Hope this helps.
        Just a thought.

        1. P.S. Also get a copy of John Reader’s Africa: A Biography of the Continent for a balanced overview of things.

        2. Even then bro, look into King Leopold…he is one of the most lied about figures in human history. Not only did he nor any other white kill Africans personally (maybe some executions for crime or something), but in the end when they found out what Africans were doing to each other (from Christian missionaries) they banned slavery. He cut cut ties to the Arabs in the east, and even started the Congo-Arab war which effectively ended slavery in the region. All the numbers they throw out there about the deaths of Africans are TOTALLY EXAGGERATED, they literally have no idea, and even if they did 90% of those deaths were from disease and/or caused by other blacks.

    1. And what did you contribute to mankind?
      Being White? Well, you were born that way.
      Have you achieved anything else since your birth?

        1. Sorry , its not 100% true , majority of modern development is impossible without the concept of zero and westerners did not discovered zero they borrowed it from the Eastern cultures.

        2. @Dev, it is waste of time arguing with “few” people here! Majority of Concepts, Ideas, Knowledge, Sciences are derived from the East, especially the Hindustan.
          But the moment these “few” people get any chance, their first comment will be “people in Hindustan shit on streets” !!
          It might be out of context but may be the likes of Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai, Ajay Bhatt etc., increased “pain” in the arse for the already “but hurt” people, “few” people, that is!

        3. Uh oh, Ravi. Normally I like you, but I suspect that you are doing your own Hindu dindu revisionism. The ‘0’ does not equate to splitting the atom. We wuz Raj?

        4. Dev and Ravi,
          And what did your lot do with invention?
          Your people are still living in mud huts, while the white man took your ideas and built on them to develop a modern civilization.
          Ever been to India, it’s a dirty, diseased shit hole packed with poor dirty starving people.

  1. rok loves any thing that denigrates blacks,true black leadership and the black race has so far been abysmal,but remember that we Africans had to adjust to systems we weren’t used to and poorly equipped to handle,soon the era of these leaders will pass and a new set of leaders who are the youths of today will emerge and transform Africa like never before seen,Africans were the last race to be exposed to civilisation due to the location of the continent,which makes other races feel we are hopeless,but i assure the westerners that the african youth has seen and our eyes have opened,African will surely stop being the continent looked down upon.

      1. Africa will rise i assure you,u have not seen it all from africans,our time will come,the youths are not as gullible as the elders where that allowed the lands to be taken away from them,africa will prosper.we will also plant our seeds in your women,the white goddess.lool

        1. No offence Linky , but your continent now belongs to the Chinks – same way as Europe now belongs to the yids/muzzrat, we’ve all been fucked over

        2. “Africa will rise i assure you”
          Not without outside help from actual civilized nations with advanced technology. They’re still hunting witches and eating albinos to “cure” themselves of AIDS for Christ sake.

      1. Good find. What the west did to Rhodesia and South Africa is tragic. Undermining the race that gets things done in favor of the race that is many thousands of years behind on the evolutionary scale and wrecks everything that it touches.

    1. We will start praising blacks when we start seeing RESULTS.
      Whites and Japanese, Koreans, Taiwanese, etc. deliver results. Try and keep up.

        1. I speak an objective truth and you respond with an appeal to emotion + ad hominem fallacy combo. tsk tsk tsk… typical.

      1. whites have no loyalty look you gettting finnished in your own homelands cant even find a decent woman to start a family with

        1. @Keith, you nailed it !!
          The whole world know that these people are getting screwed by their own and yet “few” people instantly jump on to blame others !!
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          Damn it! This topic will never end! Just like the Jealousy, Enviousness and GRUDGE of these “few” people!
          *Others: includes evey other People/MEN, especially the Hindustanis!
          Somehow these “few” people are insecure, nervous and harboring hatred & GRUDGE against the [email protected] It is clearly because of the Competition! If indeed these “few” people are “superior” (my foot!), Why couldn’t they outperform “others” !?
          All said, I will always be ready to help & take the side of real MEN; regardless of the Race, Color, Religion etc.
          It is better to not give an excuse to the femicunts, leftists & those dirty four channels !!
          PS: I am a Hindu & Brown and I 100% support the President, Mr. Donald TRUMP (even if He kicks me out !!)

    2. Just for a start, could you tell us who controls Africa’s natural resources?
      Keep dreaming, my friend. That will never happen.

      1. the leaders of africa as well as the foreign thieves.take it from me,we the youths are wiser,when these wicked rulers give up,,Africa will begin to prosper

        1. You have a point.
          I met countless of African graduates in western Europe and the US. If they ever get to leadership positions in their respective countries, those countries will see a better future.
          There is hope for Africa.

        2. never let the yids in – never forget the most truthful saying of all time – with jews you lose – your pride, your homeland, your economy – everything .

        3. Africans lived for centuries with diamond under their feet and were to stupid to mine the, took the white man to educate you dumbfucks

        4. @linky, I am NOT fully supporting you, as the topic is quite complicated. But one thing I (and anyone with common sense!) can say is;
          Africa/Africans have always been invaded, exploited, subjected to mass conversions etc., etc.,
          But again, anything is possible & was deemed ethical in those times; when the concept of “survival of the fittest” comes into picture.
          One thing I can never digest is; denigrating entire race. Does not matter whether it’s Black or Brown or White/Pale or Yellow or whatever-color !!
          Anyway, its a fact that west always played the “divide and rule” games. The English coming to Hindustan posing as “merchants” and used the dirty games… and the rest is History!

        5. Your ‘brain drain’ isn’t really that impressive. African ‘doctors’ are very subpar. Just because they come from Nigerian ‘prince’ families and can afford American universities over the average American does not equate to being better or even equal to the talent, aptitude or ability of the average American. Your African education does not even translate to out society. You would have to be retrained through medical school and even undergrad to get your medical license certified. The false narrative you Afrocentrists give about having more Nigerian doctors than all of Europe is adorable. Why is it that the ones that stayed have not been able to cure cholera?

    3. I truly wish for blacks everywhere to go to Africa. Leave us all alone once and for all. Same goes for asians, hispanics, muslums, and whites that hate western culture. Leave us alone.

      1. Don’t know about others but I am saying this being an Asian:
        First you “Cough” out ALL the Wealth, Scriptures, Knowledge, Sciences etc., thats been robbed off, and then talk your gibberish !!

        1. Sounds like you need to go back to your beloved homeland as well. You people just don’t get it. You come into our country and criticize its natural citizens. That’s like going to someone’s house and telling them the furniture sucks, the drapes are tacky, and their kids are miscreants. Just go back to your country, we were just fine and hit our peak in the late 50’s before the floodgates were opened to the third world. You don’t see whites of western-European descent running around the rest of the planet crying “racism” and “bigotry” in other countries. Just go home and live among your own kind. I guaran-damn-tee you’ll be a million times happier.

      2. @Go Home,
        First you need to GTFO of this Country, lol! I know there is no point in talking about the Red/Native INDIANS !! Saying anything more to your kind of “few” people suffering with GRUDGE is like; throwing stone on “pile of shit”.

      3. You had plenty of time for development in Germany during the 20th century and look at what happened there. Pinning your total strategy on the idea of being the so called ‘master race’ led to your ruin. I submit that if you were ‘left alone’ the same thing would happen again.

    4. You don’t really believe that do you? I mean for a people that were millennia behind Europe and East Asia I very much doubt that your next generation will do much more than suck up every last bit of aid that the West can give you. Your population is out of control and contributes absolutely nothing to the civilized world.

    5. Sure, sure. It’ll be Time for Africa any day now.
      Smith’s Rhodesia was betrayed by Britain, One of the first instances of the decline of the old British spirit- until its death under Thatcher in the early 80s.

    6. Well, it’s always good to see an optimist. I think most here will believe that when they see it.

    7. Dude, you lived there for 50,000 years before the white man, and not one of you ever thought to throw a saddle on a zebra.

    8. I tend to disagree with you on most points of a sanely ruled and administered Africa by the black population therein.
      I see in America cities , towns and the like that are majority black and one and all has rampant crime and corruption. It seems the tribal nature is endemic still… and sadly perpetuated by the black and white politicos that make themselves the leaders/supporters of this clannish like ignorance. Soon the South African whites will exit Africa and it will again be a dark continent ruled by tribal violence and corruption. The muslim element on the continent is of no better score in same regards.

    9. All I can say is culture is downstream from Race and IQ and politics is downstream from culture. There is a reason why Africans did not utilize the wheel till the late 19th century.

  2. Top quality article, thank you very much.
    Just another proof from modern history that western elite compromises from a bunch of (((traitors))), especially Britain – the bastard of Europe.

  3. Africa will rise i assure you,u have not seen it all from africans,our time will come,the youths are not as gullible as the elders where that allowed the lands to be taken away from them,africa will prosper.we will also plant our seeds in your women,the white goddess.lool

  4. The local blacks got pissed off because the Rhodesians took all their pretty blonde white wimminz wit dem. Shiet….

    1. You know that most White Zimbabweans stay unharmed after 1980 (up until 2000). They were given citizenship and could keep their land and other property? They also received Zimbabwean citizenship. They only ones who left Zimbabwe in 1980 were the ones who had been involve din the killings of civilians…Had the misfortune to meet some of that kind of old “White Rhodesians” in South Africa. Most of them saw Black Africans as less than human being…
      ON average, apart from Mugabe and his cronies, most Black Zimbabweans are some of the least racist people you can find. Of course, you actually need to meet a few of them to understand that.
      Also, I don’t know what the hell makes you think all Black African men are after White women. It appears most of them are actually happy with their own kind.

      1. And you know that after 2000 they LOST their land right? You kind of conveniently left out that smoking gun to try and buoy your lame argument.

        1. You realize that Mugabe has been outed?
          All the Zimbabweans that have lest the country since 2000 are welcome back now.

      1. linky,
        No need to worry that anyone will worship your women.
        Like everyone else in the world, you want white women.
        I can’t understand why, I think they are worthless.

  5. Sheesh, one thought ROK finished posting this sort of articles.
    You guys should stop belittling Africans constantly.
    Racism is not part of the red pill wisdom. Racism is as blue pill and beta as it possibly can get.

    1. The uncomfortable truth is as red pill as you can get, and turning the other cheek as blue pill and beta as fuck. The uncomfortable truth is Africa is a giant cesspit of disaster, mediocrity, strife, malnutrition, etc. and NONE of it is whiteys fault.
      It’s like Trumps “Haiti is a shithole” remark. It’s objectively true while uncomfortable to hear for leftist kidults raised on “all cultures are equal” and overdrive political correctness.

      1. Nobody was talking about “turning the other cheek”.
        But ROK’s obsession with belittling anything that they perceive as non-White is getting really silly now..

        1. Incorrect. We love Latina and East Asian poosy.
          Also the East Asians do a pretty good job of upholding high civilization and largely get praise on this website.

      2. Reality
        A rhetorical question:
        Have you actually ever been to the African continent? (other than a tourist trip to Egypt or Morocco)

        1. I’ve been over loads of it, total corrupt shithole.
          They’d sell you their daughters, but the women are so ugly there are no buyers.

      3. Reality
        If you have really been to those countries (which I doubt very much) it is sad you remained so biased towards the people of Africa.

      4. The differences with blacks aint one of cultural. They have different genetic group hierarchies and you see that in every black gang in the world as an example. They don’t form chains of command and usually disobey orders so they are genetically tribal and cannot create complex modern societies.
        They create chaos within Western countries but there is a number of them that can be controlled, but beyond a certain level they just run wild as you see in some cities over here like Dettroit.

    2. “Racism is as blue pill and beta as it possibly can get.”
      I don’t think that faggier words have ever been written on this site.

    3. Race realism is one of the last steps of the Redpill journey. It starts with uncovering the truth about females and it ends with the harsh and unyielding truth about human nature…warts and all.

    4. @Peter, well said. Racism is nothing but; false ego, envy and inferiority complex. In fact, I never encountered Racism but GRUDGE !!
      I am also surprised to see these kind of “shittycles” here! History and Facts are already fabricated by the west, to their “convenience”!

    5. Racism is a social construct.People are genetically programmed to reject Diversity as an ingroup survival measure.It is normal and natural.

  6. Great article. The white Rhodesians put up a good fight but in the end could not win against all the international forces arrayed against them.
    The white Rhodesians and South Africans should be an inspiration to all whites with even a small sense of ethnic pride. If the white traitors, (((liberals))), and many non-whites get their wish and whites eventually disappear from this planet, it will be a darker place in more ways than one.

    1. Left out the fact the Smith’s cronies murdered thousands of Zimbabwean civilians in the 1970s.
      Why do you think those guys ran to South Africa in 1980 when their regime collapsed, while most White Zimbabweans stayed and were left alone after 1980?

      1. Strange is it not: I went on a holiday to SA in 2010 and met plenty of white Rhodesians.
        They all painted a different picture than you. The country was just basically going down the shambles.
        And these Rhodesians were A LOT less racist than I was.

      2. It wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns anyone who served in the Rhodesian army and their family were often targeted for reprisals violent crime went through the roof overnight. Mugabe was an even worse nightmare for whites, especially farmers and then it went full circle because it was only the white farmers who produced anything. As soon as the blacks took over a newly vacated farm the first thing tbey did is sell everything that wasn’t nailed down livestock, machinery, farming implements, tools, right up to the tin on the roof of the buildings. Farming was too hard work for most blacks!

      1. It’s already happening, my friend. Google up Erik (Blackwater) Prince and the full-service resource exploration/security/air freight operation he runs for the Chinese in Africa.

    1. Yes that’s right…… the next shipment of free T-shirts from western donation boxes should be coming next week!

        1. linky, Monday: “we sell those tshirts and make good money from them.”
          Roosh V, Wednesday: “the ROK t-shirt shop… is intensive in labor without providing enough income to reduce dependency on advertisements.”
          I mean, I’ve seen many comebacks in my life, but this…

    2. The biggest issue for Africa seems that you guys are experiencing a population boom.
      Your continent’s population is projected to quadruple from 1 billion to 4 billion over this century.
      How you guys are going to feed 4 billion people while in the process of reaching first-world status seems like a daunting task.
      Even if the youth have more knowledge and intelligence than previous generations, that is still a very steep uphill battle.
      Most likely other countries will have to intervene at some point and prevent a mass starvation.

      1. The population explosion is happening BECAUSE of western medicine and charity. Stop the charity, and law of the jungle demographics will balance everything out over time.

        1. yeah,stop the charity,charity that only gets to a few hands,my sister works in a charity owned by americans,she and all the women working with her have become filthy rich through it,the so called charity thing is largely a scam on you guys especially in nigeria

        2. some african countries are experiencing growth but dont survive on donations even zimbawe the country with subject matter its budget is completely funded by the zimbabwean tax payer

      2. you are judging based on what is currently on ground in the present african situation,but what you guys dnt realize is that,africa is still largely untapped to an extent,in nigeria,agriculture as been neglected over the years due to oil boom,so up till very recently we imported most of our stable foods especially rice,hunger in most african countries has been due largely to war,with people not being able to farm,agriculture is reviving especially in nigeria were it has been neglected for a long while,once we go back fully to it,we would largely be able to feed the booming population,there are still other untapped sources of wealth that the ruling class as neglected,which would be utilised in the future,tthe only reason while africa is poor is because the ruling class are wicked and foolish,but there is great indignation against them their time is gradually coming to an end.

        1. Africans dont blame white for their ills,mayb the southafricans or blackamericans do,but not most africans,instead african greatly appreciate white for the great contributions to modern life,infact in most african countries white men are reverred,,but it has always gotten to your heads then you guys start feeling all mighty,and start spewing shit against africans,well it will end in your lifetimes

        1. Hopefully they will head to Europe through Libya! At least of they because slaves or organ donors they will be of some use!

      3. Truth the media refuses to to realise ande even cheap insults here is that most african countries espeacilly those in the south of the south they fund their own budgets and dont rely on donors and their own populations are growing still. Some some even export food suplus food to other african countries or europe Yet when you see news BBC ALL THEY TALK ABOUT IS WAR
        Yet I an african not even wealthy I have never heard a gun sound except in movies up until I was 25, parents working normal jobs yet able to go to college and study what I want and and get a job in africa and my childrens life will even be much better. Progress is slow to some but its happening today african gdp 2.5trillion and soon in less than 15yrs its will more than double

      4. @Clark, now that’s a decent, honest, practical and matured opinion.
        ROK will remain Number ONE in the Manosphere not just because of the Articles, but because of MEN like you posting insightful, impartial, emotion-free and thought provoking comments, opinions, arguments and experiences.
        Way to go, MAN!

      5. Only Clark Kent himself could accomplish that mission.
        Mortal men have tried intervening to prevent a mass starvation in Africa before (Somalia) and been massacred for their well-meaning efforts.
        And the whole overpopulation problem in Africa was caused by the “Green Revolution” of crop production, whereby the West enabled the population of Africa to grow beyond normal sustainable limits.

    3. Worse days are ahead. They are breeding rapidly and much of their food comes from catching wild animals as bush meat and they have shown no ability to run farms whatsoever and their population will soon be 4* larger. As they get more cheap Western products one inevitably is the gun so a bit of development turns them straight up gangster.

  7. Key African economies and their respective goverments will start to aquire more wealth than most European counterparts by 2050. Using the very same Western concepts of free markets, light regulation, independent judiciaries, robust public services and technology. Except this time they’ll be a little smarter and a little more westernised.
    Africans were stupid, now a little smarter and soon to hand over the ‘stupid mantle’ to someone else = proof that evolution works.

    1. What planet are you on? Israeli and Chinese firms go in their they say that they argue too much to even perform manual labour so they bring their own labourers. I worked in a factory and all the black workers did nothing but fight. I think that person is too stupid to even see the reality of what they are like. And evolution to change their core behaviours would not have in 50 years.

      1. Slow progress my friend. The gist of what I’m saying upon analysis you will find, is more or less accurate. Africans haven’t greatly contributed to the progress of humanity in terms of technology or other forms of advancement but they may yet achieve that. Even if they wont, they’ll most definitely improve their sitiation.

  8. The lesson for you white people. You shouldn’t have never gone to Africa. Africa is a shit hole.


    1. the price of freedom is sacrifice,sacrifice your your descedants,this is what africans need to learn,not always wishing to go back to their oppressors

      1. he is not a zimabwean there is no zimabwean in his right mind wishes that. even zimabweans working in SA holiday time they go back to zim even some just leave SA ALTOGETHER AND BACK IN ZIM

    2. Zimabweans native zimabweans by that I mean zezuru rozvi karanga manica they dont want to be south african they go there and still come back home.
      U say you are in zim tell me how was it in 2008 and how was it in 2003 and how is it now? I will answer that its getting better thats the ovaral picture.It even reflects its self on zimra collections every yr they collect more taxes

  10. A great example of how even in the 1960s, America and England were fundamentally against the white race.

    1. Because that was when The Tribe really started consolidating their post-war power, and escalating their Quiet War against their naive and generous Christian hosts.

    1. Uh uh. Berbers, Arabs, Copts and Egyptians are not sub-Saharan Africans. The Sahara/Sahel was historically considered more arduous than the Mediterranean…So it was considered closer to Europe at times than the rest of the shithole part of Africa.

  11. Look at the (((people))), (((money))) and the (((media))) that backed the ‘black’ communist organization that took power.
    All this white/black name calling and blaming is pointless if you don’t dig to the root of the problem.
    A few troll comments and you are all divided and conquered. Distracted from the true evil at play.

  12. I used to work with the last CO of Greys Scouts, many years after he retired. They were a mounted infantry unit during the war. One of the few where the blacks and the whites fought together in the same unit. The war there just goes to show that regardless of your bravery, military prowess and ability – if your politics isn’t squared away you will lose. Lesson to us waiting for the next phase to happen in the west.

  13. my granduncle was one of freedom fighters. He was one of the generals of the seven generals that led to our grandfather was the regional commander in the fight white boys had superior weapons (guns and early bombs) while Africans had iron shields, spears and arrows and they won.our women stood with us they risked death to bring food to the fighters that were in the battle ground. ( many of our women killed many of our Europeans) unlike your women who are busy facilitating and supporting your downfall.The British,French,Italians, spanish and even Germans did not give up their rich colonies because of tropical diseases or fatigue after world war 2 or any other reason in your little brain .Losing was never an option for us.The European boys fought for their insatiable greed and their imaginary superior complex while we fought for a much more noble course ,for our families and our descendants’ future(which we eventually acquired).To make it simple for you to understand the cucks had no chance at all.A cuck and a whining wimp cannot stand against an African alpha.The boys knew this but their greed was no match to their destined total defeat and an oncoming sure death.all the tribes in my country are well fed and do not need your help.In my entire life I have never lacked anything so all the guilt ridden ‘humanitarians’ fuck off.betas and cucks will never contain or lead alpha men who can actually control their women.That is the reason why Africa will remain to be for real Africans(100% sure) and occupy where you live ,if we want to.I have read how you cucks talk about single parenthood in African- American families. you should know in Africa divorce rates are way below 1%.The family unit is intact because am yet to see a single divorce in my entire life.your women are only loyal to the feminazis and the black cock.Your are too suicidal you don’t even need my help!You are a cuck,a wimp and a perfect beta.That is the reason why you like throwing your weight and ego around.sorry but I cannot save you from mother nature.Mugabe,Kenyatta,Nkrumah, Winnie Mandela,Biko are our cucks do not understand a thing about freedom.We are the people building Africa. hail Africa

    1. You savages return to neolithic status the moment white people leave. You aren’t superior… A few THOUSAND white boys ran that shithole for 90 years.. It took MILLIONS of you with white money to force them out. What a joke.

    2. Mugabe,Kenyatta,Nkrumah, Winnie Mandela,Biko are a bunch of self-centered dictators that after they took Rhodesia they turned it into a third-world shithole. You cant deny that little we wuz kangzz.
      If anything your blacks would be having a much dignity, opportunities, money and education if Rhodesia was still ruled by Ian Smith and his family. But your racial pride makes you blind about those facts. Rhodesia was far more developed and advanced than any other nation in South Africa. They were pioneers in engineering advanced weapons and vehicles that later on inspired US Military and Britain to copy.
      What is the point of winning if you will turned Rhodesia into a shithole full of poverty, diseases and crappy quality of life and economy?
      Go back to your hut with your family living under a hut in extreme povery, low quality of life, education and contradicting AIDS, while your “beloved” dictator takes a dump on a toilet made of golden in his big mansion.

      1. “Mugabe,Kenyatta,Nkrumah, Winnie Mandela,Biko“
        You’re not looking at the (((white))) chosenites In the background that have elevated these people as frontmen for their evil work. Get smarter and look deeper white man or your days are numbered.

    3. The only reason why the Black African divorce rate is so low is because you haven’t got white working tax payers creating a welfare system for you freeloading savages.
      But of cause we won’t mention the black HIV rate in Africa because that blows your “muh solid African Families” and “muh loyal African Wife Queenz” BS narrative totally TF away. Truth is you African men are running around like mongrel dogs sticking it in every African woman like stray bitches in season regardless if she’s married with children or not. Your perceived moral superiority doesn’t stack up to facts there Toto!

    4. If someone like Mugabe is a hero to you native Africans it’s no wonder you keep failing every time. Mugabe was a corrupt murdering POS who did more damage to you black native Zimbabweans than whites ever did or ever could.

  14. Make no mistake: the fate of Rhodesia and South Africa is the same fate that is planned by the (((traitors among us))), the (((leaders of the West))), for the USA and the European Union… if we let them cuck all of us…

  15. Western men are paper tigers. AKA the original welfare queens. It’s all big talk until the government subsidies run out. This explains why they are currently being bullied by their women.
    So much for racial superiority.

  16. As a child I read about, and kept up with, the war in Rhodesia as best as I could. To make a long story short, Rhodesia was sold out by the West. With proper resources the government in Salisbury would have won that war. Russia, China, North Korea, etc., supported guerilla fronts that NEVER won on the military front. They could not get it done in spite of all the outside help they received from whites and Asians.
    Hell, I would say from the embargo UK and USA helped them to.
    Kissinger persuaded South Africa to end aid to Rhodesia. Communist sympathizers came to power in Portugal and that country stopped supporting Rhodesia. And the guerillas murdered women and children of every race in Rhodesia.
    Black power?
    When whitey finances and arms it.
    Don’t believe me?
    Look at black lives matter!
    George Soros (a rich whitey with no life) bankrolls that outfit.
    I like the article. For the space allotted, it is comprehensive. We could on and on about Rhodesia’s contributions to UK in both world wars. But why should we? UK didn’t appreciate it anyway.
    Now, UK and USA are reaping what they sow for all the treachery and backstabbing their diplomats have done for decades (centuries).

    1. EDWARD
      “Reaping what they sow”
      They don’t.
      Working class whites get the price tag. Their daughters are “groomed” or turned into crack whores. The difference is that in Africa there is nowhere for whites to run, while a Polish-American kid can simply get in an old car and haul ass out West far away from Detroit.
      Low class Brits are in the same situation-the upper-class Brits have always felt contempt for them and they live in upscale areas. So when these people’s daughters are kidnapped and groomed it does not bother them. The middle-class whites in the US feel the same way when a 16 year old lower class white girl attending public school starts hanging around blacks and becomes a dick-sucking crack whore who rims the anuses of old white truckers to support Tyreece’s lifestyle.
      No matter to the upper class. They send their kids to private or Catholic schools that cost money so their kids do not mix with the Bix Noods. Mostly it is geographic. The poor whites are in proximity of Bix Noods while the upper-class whites are 30 miles away in neighborhoods where the cheapest house is $300,000.

      1. Every article I read here, I’m wondering how you’re going to work Detroit into a comment. Well done, very creative use.

        1. DAVID
          Here’s the funny thing, I left the place when I was 25.
          But when we talk about economics in a post-industrial society (Ghost town) or “taking stands” (Fighting 1,000 blacks will not make it a prettier place nor bring clean water to Flint) or racism (The whites left or were killed although some Arabs remain in the outskirts armed to the teeth) or white pride (Skilled middle-class whites leave or anyone with initiative and dick-sucking crack whores stay) or street-fighting (BAD BOYS inspired more than one white boy to slip surprise cans into the nearest schoolbag and wind up staring at GOING to a place like Sean Penn was sent to) or what happens to white women who mud shark to be trendy (Gang raped by crack dealers) or how society will look when it is Brazilified (Abandoned white women at the welfare office) or the rest of it, Detroit comes to mind.
          I’m not being creative, it is just the be all example.
          That is my own limited perspective though.

    2. (((white people))) armed them. (((George Soros)))
      How many actual white people are allowed to evangelize in Israel? NONE. In fact there are (((price tag))) attacks, not on Muslims, but on CHRISTIANS. Why are all the (((white people))) who finance all this caring allowed to make aliyah?

  17. “A man labeled a racist could not count on a good public career, etc. Of course, this applied only to …”
    “However, the so-called civilized world was not happy with this …”
    “This move caught the West completely off-guard, and was immediately branded a racist …”
    “a perfect excuse to start openly funding and arming terrorist organizations aimed …”
    “eagerly provided terrorists with staging grounds for their raids …”
    “Western media spared no expense in demonizing …”
    “The West simply carries on, fiercely proud of its policies and laws being democratic, impartial and fair… until they’re not.”
    You reap what you sow. As simple as that!

      1. Edward, Thank you. Let me be more clear. I did not say it in a negative or sarcastic tone! We all know that its the reality! If I did any harm or wrong, the Supreme Being will NOT spare me !! If not today, some other day, but eventually I have to face the consequences!
        I am really concerned (and honestly, “scared” !!) about all this. How easy it became to “pitch” against the otherwise UNITED MEN !!
        Pitch the ALL other MEN against the white MEN! You see, we are (knowingly or unknowingly) making it quite “effortless” for the femicunts, leftists & elites !!

    1. RAVI
      I’m a Gora who spent the same amount of time you have been alive (16 years?) in and out of India.
      Indians wanted Goa and to get the Portuguese out, so same thing. Long after the British were gone Portugal hung on to Goa until 1967.

    2. Ravi, for someone who claims to not care about race, and claims to be ‘colorblind’… you sure have a deep disdain for the white man. I’d wager it is just as disdainful as any African here. You live in a white country, the land of your colonizers… I’d expect you to be a little more grateful.
      See why we white men ALSO need to have ethno-nationalism? It’s called self-preservation AND self-defense. You guys got your land back from the white colonists. Now our lands are being permanently invaded by hateful Third Worlders who want to feast on our women and children…oh yeah, and kill us white men.

      1. Is it not you people who make those laws that are hurting you ? devorce rape etc and even this mass immigration is hurting africa as someone as soon as they get their engeneering degree or medicine they are head hunted by some european hr outfit as an african I hate the mass immigraton as it does not help anyone in the end

        1. If you only you people would just put forth a little effort. We did not do that. Certain (((elites))) enact these laws even when we win elections. How is it that I can tell the difference between a Papuan New Guinea and an African, but you can’t tell the difference between a European and a (((chosen one)))?

      2. @Weimer, Sorry, there is absolutely no NEED for me to be “grateful” to the white/pale MAN; you don’t deserve IT !!. By the way, I am NOT living a white/pale country. I am living in the Country of Red/Native INDIANS, Part of Mexico and Part of Japan.
        Again this topic is way too complex. The oldest Religion, Culture and Tradition and Civilization.
        We “burn”, you “bury” !!
        GOD carries “trident”, Satan carries “trident” !!
        By the way, Nobody is “feasting” on your arrogant, bitchy, whorish, slutty and MALE hating putrefied pussies !! First you need to control your pussies and make them to “respect” you! and then lets talk !!
        PS: My reply is ONLY to the “few” people who somehow believe that they are superior; Conveniently ignoring the “facts”.
        As a real MAN and Human being, I am always grateful to EVERYONE (read: MEN) who ever Contributed to this World/Humanity. But somebody “claiming” ALL the credit and posing a superior !? GTFO !!

      3. Yeah so what if white people invented everything… doesn’t mean shit as this whole life is an illusion… go back to living in the matrix aspiring to have mindless sex, snort white powder and engage in hedonistic actions that will get you no where. No offence, but your life has probably been shit… maybe you’re mother was a whore…or your dad was dirt poor…or you just failed school,,no need to spread hate.. after all your ancestors accomplished great things while you pretty much accomplished nothing

    Progressives never seem to reap what they sow. They have the money and the cunning not to.
    When Rambo was wandering the highways in 1981 getting hassled by police the former hippies-turned Disco Kings-turned-Yuppies were white collar workers who owned a house.
    When Pakistanis groom little Susie in some crumbling British former mill town or industrial hub you can be sure that a lawyer like Blair is living far away and sending his kid to private school.
    The older white people stuck in Detroit are not the progressives who wanted freedom or even the racist Appalachians who eventually moved down South once more-they are Polish.
    The seller doesn’t pay the price tag.
    Most of this is geography and earning power. If you are a better-off white you can raise your kids 30 miles from a ghetto, send them to private schools, raise them in leafy suburbs.
    Poor whites will rely to some, though less, of a degree

  19. Great article. Very informative. I can imagine reading some SJW huffpo article framing it as a bunch of old white people keeping the locals africans down. In reality, it sounds like a free market and small government allowed everyone to work together, regardless of race, and build a nice colony… Until the big government got involved.

    1. “In reality, it sounds like a free market and small government allowed everyone to work together, regardless of race, and build a nice colony”…oh here comes the libertarian BS, always trying to insert their ideology into everything…OMG, something good happened somewhere, it must be because they implemented [insert personal ideology]….bro, stop being a fucking faggot. The whites in that country were highly tribal and loyal, they had military conscription, they essentially had universal healthcare, I doubt ANY OF THEM PREACHED “MUH INDIVIDUALISM” because that would be suicide in that country. It was the faggot “muh individuals” in western white countries, people obsessed over their own personal interests, that allowed the hostile Black take over and the deaths of 10,000s of whites. Libertarianism is a crock of shit, especially when your country is facing a massive decline. Feminists, Marxists could all be EASILY destroyed if the 10s of million of heavily armed whites in this country actually got together and formed a cohesive front….but we have a bunch of fucking retards who deny anything is wrong, they just leave (aka run away) when shit gets bad (just like you were mentioning in previous posts)…ya. The average libertarian doesn’t have a fucking clue how society actually works.

  20. I haven’t read the article yet, but I’d like to say that if you dare line up with sunglasses in any serious army you’re sergeant will fuck you with a sandpaper condom.

      1. It’s almost like they were so busy killing commies right and left that they didn’t give too many $#!ts about parade-ground spit-‘n-polish.

  21. “In reality, it sounds like a free market and small government allowed everyone to work together, regardless of race, and build a nice colony”…oh here comes the libertarian BS, always trying to insert their ideology into everything…OMG, something good happened somewhere, it must be because they implemented [insert personal ideology]….bro, stop being a fucking faggot. The whites in that country were highly tribal and loyal, they had military conscription, they essentially had universal healthcare, I doubt ANY OF THEM PREACHED “MUH INDIVIDUALISM” because that would be suicide in that country. It was the faggot “muh individuals” in western white countries, people obsessed over their own personal interests, that allowed the hostile Black take over and the deaths of 10,000s of whites. Libertarianism is a crock of shit, especially when your country is facing a massive decline. Feminists, Marxists could all be EASILY destroyed if the 10s of million of heavily armed whites in this country actually got together and formed a cohesive front….but we have a bunch of fucking retards who deny anything is wrong, they just leave (aka run away) when shit gets bad (just like you were mentioning in previous posts)…ya. The average libertarian doesn’t have a fucking clue how society actually works.

    1. Cool story bro.
      So your argument is only certain races will succeed, regardless of economic systems and government? How did how did a socialist economy work out for the soviet union? Plenty of brilliant whites over there, starved, out of toilet paper, stunted into poverty for decades.
      I’m not saying all races are the same. I’m saying even a group of idiots can build a decent society with capitalism and small government. Singapore, Australia (descendants of criminals) are examples.

      1. @david…It was a great story, thank you.
        “So your argument is only certain races will succeed, regardless of economic systems and government?” It is not either or, and yes government systems do matter. What is your point? “How did how did a socialist economy work out for the soviet union?” You mean communist economy right? Norway is a socialist country that has a higher quality of life than we in this country have. Ya, the race, demographic, and culture of a nation matter more so than the government system until you get to extreme like communism and anarchy.
        You went from “So your argument is only certain races will succeed..” to this “I’m not saying all races are the same”…wow. Anyways, no, a nation of decentralized dumbasss will never build interstate highways, will never create first world infrastructure, will never “educate” themselves, and will never succeed. Bro, just look at Africa when it was colonized by highly organized whites. The reasons those country did better was because the country and the government were run by whites, not because they didn’t have any government. Getting rid of government in Africa would just destroy the place completely.

      2. david there is an intellectual hierachy of whites where slavs are at the very bottom and are hardly able to even think. Any random anglosaxon or celt as is largely the population of Australia is far more intellectually advanced.

      3. Not really and not true.
        The only whites that starved WERE Starved because FOOD was stolen from them- Irish by the Catholics and Ukrainians By the Jewish Bolsheviks.

  22. The story of Rhodesia is yet another fine example of how a small outnumbered force of organized white men with limited resources could halt and decimate large forces of African soldiers battle after battle.
    Battle outcomes in the various conflicts of the Rhodesia war would demonstrate that Rhodesian forces had kill/death ratios of 1 Rhodesian soldier to near 120 African soldiers. the Rhodesian light scouts called Selous Scouts were some of the most competent special forces units ever assembled. Imagine a hardened fighter with unparalleled bush craft and survival skills out in the field, self-sufficient for weeks at a time.
    They are plenty of excellent books about the Rhodesian conflict available.

    1. keep deceiving yourselves,with automatic guns against few rusted weapons of the africans,why wouldnt there be large death tolls on the part of the africans,whites have never africans or any other race fought on equal guys were lucky u had better guns .cowards

      1. Better guns, Better tactics, Better training, Better organization, Better motivation, Better genetics.
        Maybe if Africans invented ocean-faring or gun powder or astronomy or libraries you could have ruled the world too.
        But you didn’t, and you’re pissed about it. Human history is an ongoing story of conquest. That Africans couldn’t conquer anything but each other with rocks and sticks triggers you.
        The African population’s history is one of failure, forever deemed the losers in all things human and meaningful.
        But hey, at least you have ghetto rap and dank weed to make you feel better!

      2. African technology is limited to picking up sticks . so they get out thought. They are only considered humans because the West is highly corrupted.

      3. Cool story bro
        “Battle of Mogadishu 1993”
        120 American soldiers with small arms, no armor or heavy weapons on an unfamiliar battlefield
        5000 screaming savages with small arms, heavy weapons, overwhelming force, constant resupply, local and battlefield knowledge
        US = 18 dead and 70 wounded
        Savages = 500 dead and 1000 wounded

  23. Hitlers methods were wrong,
    but he was absolutely right about that:
    Certain parts of the intellectual jewish elite have only one goal:
    The elimination of the white race!
    Nothing but a Holocaust against white people!
    Rhodesia is a nice example…
    (Who created communism, all men are equal, white guilt etc, etc, etc…?)

  24. Man, I am glad Kiron is back. A great additional article for a subject that is being avoided nowadays. Well done.

  25. It sickens me that all the white people want to tell immigrants to the US to go home. All whites should go back to Europe then too and give the US back to native americans

  26. While the Rhodesians were the lesser of two evils–the results of Maoist insurgency speak for themselves–they were definitely racist, even if they wouldn’t necessarily think of themselves that way. There was definitely de jure segregation, as well as de facto private sector segregation. They had a technically racially blind voting system–idea being the blacks weren’t ready to govern themselves, but eventually would be–but certainly were not taking pains to gradually uplift them. They taxed black areas and poured the money into areas where only whites could live, for example.
    I think it’d be better if this subject was treated more honestly–it’s a bunch of sympathetic guys with a more or less analogous way of life kinda shitting on a backward people with some pretty interesting military ingenuity. Don’t know if doing more would’ve kept the black majority from moving towards communism, but, given the massive gap in understanding and going-nowhere prospects, I can’t really blame them for fighting, either–can’t really fault the Rhodesians from trying to preserve a fairly successful country, for that matter. It’s a complicated shit-show and not some one-sided thing is all I’m saying.

  27. The same really happen to Poland with partitions by Germany, Russia and Austria (with UK role also) – and reason was also similar – majority of population were not loyal citizens but semi-slaved peasants.
    Looks like all those countries for their merciless imperialism will get long deserved payment from history and God.
    I do not think Chinese ever forgot or forgave ‘white devils’ treatment on own soil and they will collect retribution in whole.

    1. Poland had degenerated from within, the neighboring countries with strong centralized governments saw the weakness and moved in. The central government (king) was weak with no real executive power. Cosmopolitan elites ran the country, they got to keep their estates when the flags changed, while the aristocrats who opposed the conquering powers got their wealth seized, ended up exiled to Siberia or emigrated to France, Switzerland, Italy and elsewhere. Russian peasants had it a lot worse than polish peasants yet Russia came out on top.

  28. This was one of the better and more concise historical summaries of Rhodesia’s demise…well done – I wish I could say the same about some of the postings! 🙁

  29. Good post. When your country goes from bread basket (“heaven-on-earth”) to one of the worst countries in the world (shit-hole or “hell”), then there’s obviously something seriously wrong with democracy. The majority may be the most (people), but they are not right simply because they’re a majority. It sounds more like an idiocracy. Let the smartest people rule the country. And if they are white – so be it! Besides, the anti-white racism in South Africa nowadays is insanely bad. E.g. 2 kids want to study medicine. The white one got a 95% grade in high school (a genius). The black kid got 75% (this is a average student). But due to racist laws the white genius is declined while the black 75% kid is chosen to become a doctor. The same anti-white racism (“affirmative action”) will happen in European countries once the black “refugees” form a large enough group of blacks together. Its already happening in Brazil as well (with a 10% black minority).

    1. Biel,
      In the UK the ‘inferior’ black boy has been the choice for doctor since 1975.
      SA is behind the times.

      1. I did not know. That is terrible. With Lauren Southern’s ban from that country along with this anti-white racism, there is something seriously wrong with how people vote over there. Obviously they get bombarded with leftist propaganda daily. But maybe they’d be better off under the monarchy.
        Of course we have a lot of other racism in S.A. also e.g. in the job market companies have to employ mostly blacks, although whites are generally much better educated. Sport quotas. Black economic empowerment and white disempowerment. Government land-theft, corruption, anti-white hate speech (e.g. “kill the boers”), highest murder rate next to Syria (which is also a war-zone like S.A.).
        Anyway, good luck. We both need it.

  30. All those terrorists weren’t just trained by Russia, all the operations were planned and directed by Russia just like in Angola for example. They would often use East German military personnel as a proxy, as was customary like when they made it look like Poland was the primary aggressor when they invaded Czechoslovakia in 1968.

  31. Simple economics. Ask Cui Bono and we note who benefits. (((Them))) of course, but as a structural economist it is obvious that there are some important notes here. The cost of doing business in post colonial Apefrica is quite low, at least for a multi-national. Pay off the local strongman and the raw materials are pennies on the dollar. When the Boers or White Rhodesians were in power the cost of doing business was considerably higher; a middle class was supported. Blood Diamonds are an example of the benefits of Black Rule; an expensive item for damn near nothing. If a white middle class existed a fair market value would make for higher costs.
    We can see this locally in the West. And if the local populace can be replaced with third world untermensch our corporate overlords will pull the same thing as happened in Rhodesia for the same reason.

  32. This Was a great article it’s a shame Rhodesia didn’t survive the bush war now the black terrorists are destroying America

  33. The lie about “eastern cultures” aka Arab bringing the concept of zero to the “white folk” is a very popular lie. The ones people think originated the concept from actually borrowed it from earlier founders, also of “eastern origin”aka Jews. Nice attempt at misdirection though.

  34. Why would anyone be surprised by the viciousness and ruthlessness of the British Empire? Sending Cossacks families to extermination post WW 2,giving over Rhodesia to Marxist Mugabe,washing hands like Pilate over the Indian partition,shipping grain out of famine Ireland,concentration camps for Boer civilians,exterminating the Aborigines and on and on,all while proclaiming how noble they are.

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