Massive Everything-Must-Go Sale At The ROK T-Shirt Shop

Due to my sister’s death, I need to reduce my work load for the near term, focus on my core business, and simplify my life in general. One of the first things to go is the ROK t-shirt shop, which is intensive in labor without providing enough income to reduce dependency on advertisements. I’m selling all existing stock and closing up the store.

Return Of Kings T-shirt on sale for $16

Our flagship t-shirt is 35% off. The shirt is made in the USA out of 100% premium cotton. Click here for details.

Uncle Roosh T-Shirt on sale for $12

The Uncle Roosh t-shirt is 52% off. This shirt is a requirement if you ever want to pose in front of a military tank. Click here for details.

Bumper sticker and magnet combo pack for $2

Get the ROK bumper sticker and Roosh-head refrigerator magnet for only $2. This is 71% off the normal price. Click here for details.

The sale will go on as long as supplies last and then I will close the shop. This is your last opportunity to get the above products.

Click Here To Visit The ROK Store

37 thoughts on “Massive Everything-Must-Go Sale At The ROK T-Shirt Shop”

  1. Don’t sport an ROK bumper sticker if you live in some SJW hovel like Toronto, San Francisco, Austin, Melbourne, Portland, Vancouver, Seattle, etc.
    They don’t like free speech over there, and won’t treat auto vandalism as a crime.
    Otherwise, shitlord away my friends.

    1. The Juu and the feminist have legalized crime for “anti-hate”. What will these k,i,k,e,s and fembots do when a militia from Siberia plugs their corpses with premium Vladimir Putin? What the fuck are they going to do? Vladimir Putin is not afraid to send an entire fleet of missiles to teach the Juu and the feminist a lesson.

    2. Same reason I never put a Trump sticker on my car… I live in liberal hell and don’t need my brand new car fucked with.

      1. PAPER their cars with these bumper stickers, esp. if they have Hillary shit on their car.
        I love passing them on the road, these $hillery people. I point to them and laff, or I just shake my head at them, so they can see they are pathetic.
        Their reactions? Priceless.

  2. Business is going well, huh?
    ..Having to offload all stock at a cut-price is truly a sign of good times!

    1. If the J3w wasn’t sabotaging Roosh’s reputation, he would’ve been rich as Ben Shapiro or J3w mouthpiece Jordan Peterson who refuses to admit that the J3ws played a vital role in the extermination of Cristian in Soviet Russia and Ukraine. Fucking lowlife J3ws caused this!

  3. I grabbed 2 shirts for my 14 year old son to wear to junior high. Anything to trigger the liberals in what used to be their safe spaces. I also recently grabbed bang for him also. He was excited to use the strawberry method on some cuties he likes at school.
    Thanks to Roosh my kids gonna bang your hot, honor student, with a roosh shirt on.
    I have enjoyed your writing for years Roosh, thanks for putting yourself out there. I am sorry to hear about your families recent loss. Be well.

    1. Only thing that’ll happen for your kid is someone (deservedly)!knocking him the fuck out.

      1. Doubtful, he has been red pilled by his dark triad dad since birth. He is as smooth as silk, smartest kid I have ever met and every body loves him. The fact that he read bang, off my bookshelf is hilarious. He said “Dad you read the lamest books, except the one titled bang.” A lot more than I can say about your inbred fucking retarded kid eating soy cakes and listening to his mom getting fucked by a real man in the other room.

      2. Blame your own Criollo leaders for giving Indios and Mestizos table scraps in their own white supremacy, Mestizo.
        Your illegal immigration is the result of your own racial problems.

      3. Big Dick
        Your own race-stratified society is responsible for sending Indians through the US border and why do we want a Mestizo-stratified slum run by an Adalusian/Arab syndicate.

      4. Mexican – The only way Justin’s kid will be knocked out would be by dirty beaners in their typical 3 or 4 against 1 “bravery.”

      5. I hope your only using that imaginary big dick of yours on your own short, squat, ugly mestizo womans

      6. LOL Illegal, you know, I got your online signature, dumbass.
        I make one call, it’s over for you. Be smart, stop posting. Doxx can happen to you.
        Stay Scared, brah.

    2. Hold on, wouldn’t that make your kid 12 years old if he’s starting junior high? Why is he reading bang?
      I smell trolls.
      That big dock illegal or whatever is clearly a troll too.

  4. Good God, I am just now learning about your sister Roosh. I can’t imagine how awful that is. I recall you posting once about how you counseled the young girl regarding how she should conduct herself in the relationship world. What a terrible shame. May she Rest In Peace.

    1. What kind of person down votes a condolence to person who just experienced the death of a family member?

  5. May she rest in peace and may you went through all this eventually coming out for all the fight in the world. Gbu daryush

  6. Simplifying one’s life and gaining perspective are good things. The death of a loved one often provides an opportunity for this.
    I left a 90k/yr. corporate job, after almost 20 years in, when I found out my father had colon cancer. He’s fighting and holding on, but I found that I couldn’t do it, anymore. I detested the corporate culture (female dominated) and disliked the work, toward the end. It was time.

  7. Roosh – I would like to express my condolences for the loss of your sister last month. Here’s wishing you and your family comfort during such a difficult time.
    – T-Rex

    1. LOL you lil’ bitch, why are you following this blog then? Uncle Roosh living in your head rent-free?

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