And Then What?

Many men raised in the West are programmed to set ambitious goals for themselves. They spend months or years trying to accomplish a specific goal, thinking that once it happens, their life will unfold like a movie where they are the hero carried off on the shoulders of admirers. This doesn’t happen. The satisfaction from achieving your goal lasts only days, maybe even hours, and then life will seem no different than before. To find out what you really gain from any goal, imagine what happens after achieving it.

You want to sleep with 100 women. Imagine the process of achieving that goal, one bang at a time, until one day you do it—you sleep with your one-hundredth girl. The high is glorious. You are a real masculine man! And then what?

You still have to grind out your future bangs. Your game skill long ago passed the point of diminishing return. Your value doesn’t automatically go up in women’s eyes just because an arbitrary notch count was reached. More severely, you may damage your chemical bonding mechanism and become addicted to the thrill of banging easy sluts.

Or maybe you want to earn $1,000,000. You decide the best way to do that is through cryptocurrency. You spend hundreds of hours researching and trading. After three years, your portfolio reads $1,000,000. You cash out most of your portfolio. You buy a condo in the best part of town and also a lambo. You live in your new home and invite many friends and women, throwing epic parties, knowing that you can afford it all. And then what?

The parties get old after a while. You feel like people are using you. Your new home gave great satisfaction in the beginning, but you’ve gotten accustomed to it. You barely use the car. You buy new toys but then get bored of them after a week or two. Your wealth doesn’t provide you with a sustained boost of happiness like you expected.

Or maybe you want really big muscles. You hit the gym five times a week and load up on supplements of dubious safety. It takes a year but you become jacked. Your confidence is sky high. Other men are intimidated by you and women make compliments on your physique. And then what?

A big chunk of your life is spent in the gym or fussing over your diet to maintain an aesthetic that has little practical value. The girls you attract seem to be more shallow than before. The ego boost of intimidating men has faded, and your confidence peaked many arm sizes ago. Going to the gym has become a drag, but you’re scared of being small again.

Many men get starry-eyed over a goal, imagining how life would be so great upon achieving it, but fail to play out the movie to its completion. Unlike Hollywood, life goes on, and you come back down to a basal level of happiness, no matter how great your achievement was. This is very common with men who want to travel to shitholes to meet good women.

Imagine you visit a rough second-tier city in Colombia or Ukraine and meet a girl who is hotter than any other girl you’ve made love to before. And then what? Are you going to move to her city permanently? Are you going to bring her back to the West so she can get corrupted like the women you left behind? Are you going to move her to another location where any children you have won’t have the benefit of seeing extended family? Understand that as soon as you experience the upsides from achieving a goal, the downsides come pounding at your door so that the overall cost of a goal is balanced with its benefits.

The most ideal goal to have is one where the downside is limited due to your unique character. My current goal is to finish two new books. There is huge downside in writing books for the average person, but for me it’s upside most of the way through. Writing itself is a form of meditation that suits me, helping me understand my place and value in the world. At the same time, I’m able to help men with their own lives. Compare that to a goal of sleeping with 100 new girls starting today, which would have tremendous downside for me to accomplish because of the monumental amounts of energy and time it would take for a man who values sex far less than before. Same goes for making money beyond the level of the material comfort I now have.

You have an ability or disposition that makes your pursuit of a certain goal have a smoother “And then what?” follow-up story than other men. If that story involves high maintenance alongside time and energy costs, the goal is almost certainly not going to provide you what the happiness you seek, but if after achieving your goal, the story is followed by you doing more of what you already enjoy, even resembling a sort of play, it will be a worthy goal for you.

Banging girls, puffing up my muscles, and accumulating money is not my goal—it’s the goal thrust upon me by a dying civilization that lacks meaning. If pursued to excess, they will only send me to a dead-end. If you want to find a goal that is worth it for you, play the story of the goal in your mind all the way through, and then you’ll know.

This article was originally published on Roosh V.

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130 thoughts on “And Then What?”

  1. And then what? I’ll tell ya what…… you get a mentor…….
    and then another mentor…. and another mentor…. and before you know it you have FIVE……mentors!

    1. Tai Lopez iz Kangz n shieeet nigaaa!!
      Maybe he is Troy Francis brother that was abducted in the hospital….
      They shall arrange a meeting and join their forces….
      Together they will create Kangzzz n Shieet INC and be billionaires

      1. The American femiskank will face the wrath of Putin’s venegance for supporting that missile attack in Syria. Don’t fuck with us Russians you femiskanks!

      2. Exactly . We all fail at some point at something . You pick yourself up and keep on accomplishing goals or raising a family Or learn a skill against all odds

        1. Once you get to my age and look back, you understand that all that counts is having a young, soft and fertile woman in your bed every night. It doesn’t matter who she is, or why she’s in your bed, or even if she’s a single mom. Almost any woman will do as long as she’s under 50Kg, and less than 35 years old.
          It’s also nice to have children around you, nice if they’re yours, but in a pinch another man’s kids will do.
          Sometimes to achieve this, you will have to move to a different country, and accept a different way of life.
          Or you can cower in mom’s basement as an InCel fapping to porn for the rest of your lonely life.
          Your choice!

        2. “Once you get to my age and look back, you understand that all that counts is having a young, soft and fertile woman in your bed every night.”
          And maybe just maybe mind you have many more years than you figure to enjoy such:
          RAADfest Sparks First Telomerase Clinical Trial: Hear Dr. Bill Andrews and James Strole

        3. So John the only 2 choices are wife up a used up leftover single mom just to keep a man warm or be a chronic masturbator ? You must have been real desperate . There’s definitely more and better choices . While she’s keeping you warm at night I’m sure the non related grandkids crying in the other room is just what men want in their older years . One option that comes to mind are whores , cheaper , cleaner and no baggage especially in Asia

  2. Buying material things will almost never bring satisfaction. Renovating a house or creating something of value (a book for example) is very satisfying by contrast. Whatever you build doesn’t disappear and isn’t an abstraction like a notch count or a portfolio balance. I was actually shocked to find this out. Started making well over 6 figures and began building a canoe at roughly the same time. A canoe that took 6 months to build was far more rewarding for me than checking my account balance or banging floozies for that matter. I’m sure writing a book must feel similar. Regardless, I would suggest to build or create something this year.

    1. I look back at my time in a band as some of the most fulfilling moments of my life. The band opened for several major acts, played in front of thousands of people, and cut a record. Yeah, the record wasn’t mastered well and sounds like a bathroom recording through a dictaphone, but it was ours. We made it. I have a copy hanging on my wall, as a reminder of those days.
      I have to say, there’s nothing quite like performing in front of thousands of people. The feeling is better than sex.

      1. Haha. Same story here. Drummer. We kicked heels with some very big names. One of my old band mates has an indy label and still does. It felt really good to be part of something notably unique. I had a home recording studio as well for which a platinum artist was just “hanging out” hoping I would record him just before being signed to Sony BMG, winning 4 consecutive weekends at the Apollo and going on tour as opening act for John Legend. Man those were the days. Fortunately many of those connections still remain intact. I’ve heard it said that at some point in life, you’re literally buying your time back. If that ain’t the truth, I dunno what is. Cheers!

  3. “Many men raised in the West are programmed to set ambitious goals for themselves. They spend months or years trying to accomplish a specific goal, thinking that once it happens, their life will unfold like a movie where they are the hero carried off on the shoulders of admirers. This doesn’t happen.”
    This has been my lament for decades!
    As a kid I did everything I was told by my parents and teachers. Behaved myself. Got good grades in school. Went to college, got a degree in a good field and got a job with a prestigious company when I graduated. And what did I get in the end? Cheap booze and expensive hookers. That’s all it got me. Where the hell is my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow??? I was lied to. I was deceived. Why the hell waste your time becoming an “upstanding, upper middle class citizen” when you can be a lazy douchebag pot dealer and get hot young girls for free??? The “American Dream” is a load of bullshit.
    I suppose the only “good” thing was that going the upstanding, upper-middle class route allows me to still get hot 20 y/os for $$$ in my early 50s. And will allow me to keep doing so into my 70s if I make it that far. So not so bad in the end. The douchebags from my generation are stuck with fat, wrinkled old bags now. So at least after time, I have them beat.

    1. >Why the hell waste your time becoming an “upstanding, upper middle class citizen” when you can be a lazy douchebag pot dealer and get hot young girls for free???
      You might not make it out of prison alive or some stick up kid will kill you in a robbery gone wrong.
      For everybody that lives to tell their highschool weed dealer tales without a criminal record there are dozens locked up or dead and average suburban whites think it’s all a joke until their gangbanger connects set them up for a robbery or they inevitably get ratted out by someone.
      Don’t believe j*wish Hollywood lies that get suburban white teenagers to think they can become men by joining the sharks that’ll eat you alive in reality.
      It’s a death spiral into the prison industrial complex.
      Just don’t get suckered into marriage and experience living in 3rd world countries for a while without drawing big on your savings before doing stupid stuff like selling drugs, preferably while building an online income or gaining educational credentials.
      It’s hard to say how long it took me to fully adapt the 3rd world hustler mentality and fully disassociate from white mainstream, but a few years in the 3rd world should do the trick for anyone who isn’t an old sentimental sucker.

      1. LARRY
        People who really smoke a great deal of pot in high school cannot really make up for lost time and there is also something wrong with their thinking and memory.
        As a general rule the younger you smoke pot the most fucked up the rest of your life will be.
        If you start smoking pot at 18 like I did it may slow you down but you’ve reached early adulthood. Start smoking pot at 11 or 12 and you are fucked.
        Most high school potheads will graduate to meth or crack or heroin anyhow.

        1. and it’s getting worse with the rise of single moms living on welfare, riding the black cock carousel all day.

    2. “I was lied to. I was deceived. Why the hell waste your time becoming an “upstanding, upper middle class citizen” when you can be a lazy douchebag pot dealer and get hot young girls for free??? The “American Dream” is a load of bullshit.”

      1. Noooo Supes!!!
        Always splurge on poon!
        Expensive booze is a mirage!
        Seagrams and Smirnoff will get you where you want to go. Old Crow (my fav) will too!
        But never skimp on poon…Only the youngest and hottest will do!

        1. I agree,
          After the first bottle of booze, it doesn’t matter how much it costs, or what it tastes like, I can gag the next one down with ease. But the girls all need to be young and slim. My pals tell me the Vietnamese girls in Saigon are very tasty ….. and the Saigon Green beer is drinkable. I’ll let you know tomorrow, when I’m there with them.

    3. Isn’t it funny how much boys and young men are discouraged from stepping out of line, when stepping FAR out of line is precisely what all the greats in any arena did? Then it gets better, in college and grad school, who are all the idols professors quote and use as examples of success? I think when you diverge from the path most followed, you get admonished if you “kinda” step out of line, but if you take it to the 10th degree for long enough, everyone starts praising you, kissing your ass, and treats you like you’re famous… and eventually, it may gain you fame. Such a bass akwards world we live in…. it really is.

      1. Yup. My aunt was a high school teacher for 40+ years. I asked her after she retired who who were the most succesful students she had. She admitted that they were troublemakers. Not all of them mind you. Some were desd and some were in prison and some were broke nobodies. But still. The few troublemakers who made it were the most successful.

    4. “Many men raised in the West…”
      Not just in the West, this applies to majority of MEN and in evey corner of this Planet! That said, I understand the context.
      “The “*merican Dream” is a load of cowshit.”
      Indeed! Words worth of GOLD !!
      By the way, I used ‘*’ because I promised NOT to use the letter/word I wanted to use, in the honor of President Mr. Donald Trump. I will call this Country as United States; until I feel “certain aspects” are back to “normal”.
      “And will allow me to keep doing so into my 70s if I make it that far.”
      I wish & pray my Lord to give you Good Health & Prosperity to make it that far, and more farther.

      You come from that age of males who could do or be something simply be following the rules.

    6. Do you use craigslist or backpage or something else? I heard the online search for PFP just got a bit more difficult…

      1. Most of the sites I used are gone. Or at leadt blocked in the US. This SESTA law sucks. I wrote an email to Trump asking hom to veto it. No dice.

        1. Just read about it, sounds frightening. You’ll have to start using mobile apps like WeChat, and BeeTalk which are places all the Asian hookers use.

        2. @ JD
          Yeah, there will always be a way.
          For now the agencies I use are still all in business. But the independents are getting hit very hard by by this. The law is asinine. Similar to holding the phone company responsible if someone calls up a hitman to commit a murder.

        3. AS,
          Presumably ‘Tinder’ will be shut down along with most of the dating sites, the women using them all appear to be whores to me.

  4. This is exactly why a lot of aging PUA’s settle down into marriage at some point. Having a wife and family is the next step of the game. It has it’s share of risks, to be sure, especially in this day and age, but the payback on investment is equally great (or sour). What counts is whether you have truly lived life to the fullest, and what you have to show for it, when all is said and done.

      1. DRAGON
        I have. That is simply because I came from such an utterly shitty place that I knew everything the media said was a lie.
        Also, I saw what happened to poor whites who had kids young and ended up at the mercy of an indifferent government.
        So I left.
        By leaving America as a young man I was able to lead a fulfilling life.
        Had I stayed in Detroit, worked for local wages, paid my taxes…I’d have sweet fuck all right now.
        The government does not care if the economy goes belly up in your region. It does not care if a projects is built down the road and all of the sudden there 3 dead a week over crack deals. It does not care if you have to send your kids to bad public schools because you were 20 when they were born. It does not care if you did not go to university.
        Realize this and you will be better off.
        Have any faith and you are fucked.

        1. DAVID
          “Saved up”
          I had zero savings when I moved to Dubai in 1999. Just a plane ticket and a friend (Who got me the job) to live with. But I worked like a mad demon in the job-for a publishing company.
          25 turning 26. It was the 90’s and McJobs were more prevalent but when I moved to Phoenix from Detroit I found that in lower-income brackets you traded the white trash and blacks for Mexicans. I had 3 bad encounters with them in Phoenix-knocked down on the sidewalk and robbed at night; pick pocketed at a bus stop and one Mexican ran into my roommate’s car because he was drunk.
          I was also hassled by the son of a pawn store owner named Zeke who was a “Beastie Boy” (Low class J whose parents had been part of the exodus of them who moved from the Bronx to Phoenix when rent went sky-high during gentrification) because of a mountain bike I sold there.
          When I moved to Dubai it was a breath of fresh air. Sure, you had to drink and fuck indoors (Everyone does) bit Cholos and Hood Rats and Trailer trash did not pollute the sidewalk. There were some organized crime elements in the Pakistani and Russian population but unless you were a pimp or something you’d never meet them.
          One Mexican-American Marine who looked like Richard Ramirez and hung around a bar I went to once used to give me dirty looks in the Dubai road off-duty. I was reminded how glad I was not be in the US Southwest around Cholos like him.
          Some US black sailors docked and went into a KFC in Dubai and were in a fight. I heard about it. Another reminder how wonderful a country with no blacks and Cholos is.
          My wage was pitiful but in America if you are from the Rustbelt you can pay a mortgage and actually be subzero after you own the house because its worse than Amityville. You could not PAY somebody to buy it.
          DO I VISIT?
          No. I think US television is stupid anyhow. There is nothing I miss-a great many of the people I went to high school or college with moved out of Michigan (Michigan exodus) and I’ve lost track of everyone.
          I visited the US in 2007. I had to because my grandmother had left a house that was worth $75,000 and we divided the cash.
          On the way out of the US I spent a week in LA meeting investors for my Dubai venture and was shocked at how bad the US had become-like a Second World country. Packs of homeless white tweakers would run around in the morning go through dumpsters like the scavengers in Escape From New York. There were loads of homeless whites who were not crazy, just unemployed. Mexicans were actually giving whites dirty looks as if were the immigrants, though nobody paid attention to the Filipinos who were taking over from them. A black guy followed me to a bus stop from behind screaming “You AIN’T NOTHING BUT A WHITE BITCH” and would have probably jumped me except that I was boarding the bus with 20 other people.
          This was all in broad daylight.
          ….I was glad to get the hell out of the United States back overseas.
          Some of my money is from the internet and some from an inheritance and my wife owns the house and survival business.
          LEAVING THE US
          1) You have to be young and have no felony criminal record/not be on probation/parole.
          2) You cannot be a junkie because it is hard to find crack cocaine or crystal in Dubai. Hashish is common and cocaine is used but if you have a monkey on your back obviously you need drugs.
          3) You cannot marry young with no job skills and have dependents.
          4) A few white trailer trash peddle as in Dubai or Asia. In Dubai you’ll meet some blonde trailer trash working the streets of the Stormy Daniels variety and a few call girls in Asia. Not many.
          You’ll never meet a Cholo or a Hoodrat or trailer trash in overseas except in some Southeastern Asian bars of the lowest variety that I would not stop to take a shit in.

        2. DAVID
          “Do I visit”
          No. I made all my money, what small amount I have, overseas and I could care less about watching some garbage written by Saul the cokehead in his LA apartment over bottles of Tequila.

      2. Dragon,
        I have too, for the past ten years. The beer, the girls, all a bit much for me now.
        You can’t do excess forever.

        1. JOHN
          You can get pissed and fuck slags in the UK. In my opinion the reason to live overseas is to keep clear of SJW bullshit, not pay taxes, not give a shit about anything and not see the real white trash (“Chavs”) or blacks or in the US the Mestizos.
          I do not have to sit around pissing and moaning the “J” fucked the economy and that Hollywood made my sister mudshark and have some Mulatto baby I have to help pay for because she was raised on Eminem or that some trailer trash might impeach the President because she fucked him more than a decade ago.
          None of these things matter at all. I do not have to watch my house go subzero and Hispanics walk around the public parks chopping heads off and the latest drug get the white trash hooked.
          …I’ve been well out of it, that is for sure. Missed nothing. The US slid downhill since Billy was in office for whatever reason.

        2. I`m thinking of heading down the same path as you John and some of the others here. About to hit 50. A bit cashed up, have no wife or kids and sick of the Australian Dream, which I`m sure is not to dissimilar to the American dream. Thanks for the inspiration John Dodds!!!

        3. Dragon,
          Loads of Aussies in PI and Thailand. You can find whatever you want in those two countries, but remember never to lay out a lot of money for the woman ‘upfront’. You gotta keep it ‘carrot and stick’ and PAYG.

        4. JOHN
          I find this place more civil than Philippines.
          It is a bit more expensive but Philippines is far more dangerous, dirty, desperate.
          There is more anti-Western sentiment in Philippines. Not to mention the narco-war going there now.

      3. “Everyone dies. But not everybody actually lives.”
        It’s ironic, I don’t feel proud about moving around the world, working on extraordinary projects and making a living exploiting niches in the market- they’re all just ‘things’ I had to do. I feel proud about the times I risked my life unnecessarily and for no benefit to conquer something because I wanted to.

  5. Time is the one thing we can never have again. It’s a constant struggle to determine how to best spend your time. Is work worth your time? You need money but how much? Is the gym worth your time? It is good to be strong but is it better than something else you could be doing? If any one ever figures out how men should spend their time, their hours, he will have figured out what no one else could.

    1. You fools just want to agree with whatever roosh says and thinks and will thumbs down anyone who makes a counter point . What was the point of the Rhodesia article ? It was men creating their own country where they started from the ground up . Why bother then ? What’s next ? They should have just bowed down and been lazy . What’s the point of accomplishment ? Let’s all just be soyboys and not care about mastering an art or sport or skill , because what’s next ? He’s lamenting his life and putting down people who didn’t chase pussy like he did and he ended up empty handed .

      1. Actually this comment is very Nietzche. Roosh has been saying the same BS for the past couple years: “i accomplished everything and now life is meaningless.” Sure, if your goals are to bang 100 young sluts or feminists, you will accomplish that in a decade or two. Most men set their goals a bit higher like: raise a family (18 year commitment), start a million dollar business (5-20 year commitment), convert people to christianity (lifelong commitment).
        So as Scott Adams says, goals are worthless and temporary, systems are priceless AND timeless. Give yourself a system to follow, surround yourself with people and family who love and support you. There’s more than 100 years of happiness and satisfaction awaiting at that point.

        1. david,
          I don’t agree, having done everything there comes a time when everything becomes meaningless. Thinking you can keep achieving just means you didn’t succeed in life.

        2. david
          My parents separated when I was 19. Dad married a Portuguese woman and moved there. Mum lives in our small suburban Detroit house. My brother lives in California somewhere-have not seen him since he visited me in Dubai 12 years ago. Grandparents died, property worth shit.
          What would I have to surround myself with? In the US people are always moving on.
          Friends? Few of the whites I went to college with stayed in Detroit or Michigan. They all blew the state for somewhere else.

        3. Dodds, from the numerous posts you put up on this site, I’ve concluded that you have not accomplished anything above the average, so how are you even qualified to give advice on this topic? You are fckin content, there is nothing about you that sticks out, what have you done besides pay prostitutes & smash trannies?

    2. Millions of innocent men in America, Canada and the EU are wasting their lives in prison over a false accusation from a feminist thot.

    3. Millions of innocent men in America, Canada and UK are wasting their lives in prison because of a woman.

  6. Actually is does happen . I make good money and it took 20 years to get here . I’m an accomplished athlete . I feel good about by life . I didn’t sacrifice my personal goals to find unicorns in Ukraine . Sorry life didn’t unfold like you wanted it to .

  7. Roosh you’re only upset because you didn’t bang 9s and you don’t make a lot of money. Become a monk or a priest or a drifter .

  8. I love how returnofkings have completely ignored Trumps missile strikes.
    Imagine if it had been Hitlery. We would not have heard the end of it on this site. Being this hypocritical make us no different from the left.

    1. Write up an article and submit it according to RoK guidelines.
      Otherwise, STFU and stop yer bitchin’.

    2. We Russians despise you neocon warmongers! Trump has deceived us all!!!!! May Vladimir Putin teach neocon America a lesson in how to respect Russia.

      1. Just sink some burger ships.
        They won’t do shit.
        You’ll be fighting white soldiers.
        But they’ll be directed, supported, and led by dindus, women, faggots, trannies, spics, and trash.
        live a little.
        Attack now Russia.
        The world will thank you.
        Give America its Suez moment.

    3. There was an anti-trump article about 2 weeks ago.
      There was also an anti-trump blog about his first missile strike in Syria last year

  9. Time to set new goals chaps. Restoring civilization through collective effort! No? Not “alpha” enough?
    OK, this is a real challenging one for 99% of you. Ready? Try gaming and banging a girl that is over 105 pounds and has at least a (natural) C-cup. Go!!!!!!

  10. Another damm good article.
    I’ve got to get off my ass and finishing editing my article(s) for RoK.

    1. @Corinth, Absolutely. I have nothing but sympathy for the people who are “negative” & criticizing Roosh.
      Trolls now expect ROKers to take on President Trump! He knows very well what to do; in the interests of this Country & People. These trolls are not even aware of the fact that; for a Country, there is no “permanent” Enemy or Friend.

  11. As I approach my 6th decade and I would say that I am fulfilled. I did stuff, got Red Pilled , then was a PUA for a few yrs. Then married a good one, engaged in my faith, and had 3 children. The sons and daughter are all adults now , and soing well. Looking back , I would have started the self improvement a lot sooner. I became an engineer through hard studying. the trades or accounting are just as good though. the hardest part is finding a real wife. If you meet one early, It is worth locking it in. they get harder to find as time goes on. with the current state of the west, It must be a real challenge . they more you work on your faith , the more it will come to you. do faith, not churhianity. best of luck guys

  12. Thank you Roosh for all of the quality writing that you have produced over the years.
    This article is one that I can relate to, and it is a topic that needs more attention within a man’s life.
    I remember landing my first job as a software engineer last year, making more than I had ever dreamed of at 22 and doing what I love.
    Then a year later, I still enjoy my job, but then what? Will producing code for a corporation and making “bank” be all that matters when the grim reaper comes by?
    And also, where did I get these goals from? Was it from my deepest core or from a school system and a society that creepily brainwashed me for over 2 decades?
    Something to think about.
    Thank you for all that you do.

    1. Don’t be like my coworker and quit a $70k job because you dont feel “fulfilled” then go off and party with skanks and develop a drug addiction. Save your money, learn investing, entrepreneurship, other languages, minimalism, philosophy, musical instruments, etc. If you want to break free in 5 years, start slowly. I’m in a high paying career right now, but I trust no one. Im slowly building some side gigs. Ultimate plan is to have them generating full time income in 5 years. It’s not “fuck you ” money, but definitely a “fuck you” side business. Learn all that you can from co-workers too. Who knows if they’ll call you into another business in 10 years as a consultant.

      1. david
        The best way to say “fuck you” is simply to LEAVE. I have not paid US taxes in 20 years. I owe no child support, no bills, no debt, no nothing. My birthplace is fucked anyhow.
        As for developing a drug addiction you are pretty stupid-what happens to the 45 year old Tweaker who was a promising young architect or salesman when he got hooked on meth or cocaine.
        Nice resume. Age 23, college graduate and engineer. Age 28, three counts possession with intent to sell and one count DUI and one count possession of stolen property.
        Who will hire you?

  13. Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps said he always gets severe depression after the olympics. The goal is achieved and the high is gone.
    The night I finished my Master’s degree I felt warm and happy for a few hours. The next day and after, I felt nothing. However, I am in a better place now than before. Before I had constant nagging insecurity about my low status in my field. Now/after, whether legitimate or artificial, I feel like a junior master in my field; there’s a sense of competence and superiority. You get a confidence from achieving things. It doesn’t equal happiness, but it constantly gives you strength. You feel like a man.

  14. I’m sorry but this is bullshit, Roosh. For everything great I’ve read from you before but this is by far your worst article ever. I hate to put it for you.
    I realize that I need to leave this community now, it’s the right time.
    You are trying to rationalize why you’re not going to be the best version you could possibly be and live the best life that you possibly can. YOU ARE SIMPLY TOO LAZY!
    You can be SO much more and get so much more out of life and this world if you weren’t so black pilled and sceptic to everything. You have a bitter voice to most things nowadays. You got so much more potential inside you but you are writing an article explaining why you think it’s right to settle for less? I just wanna say FUCK THAT.
    I will never do that and you should get yourself together because there’ll be a day in the future where you’ll ask yourself if you could have gotten more out of life if you weren’t so lazy.
    Fuck average.

    1. This article isn’t so much about how much energy you put in to something it’s about where to focus your energy. I think Roosh’s point is that now is the best time to start focusing your energy on the truly significant rather than the quick pleasures we normally seek. Goals can be artificial and meaningless. Focus your energy on more meaningful endeavors.

  15. This article is cope.
    Unless you cut off your balls or your T levels drop substantially for some reason, you’ll always want to bang prime pussy whether you’re 40, 50 or 60+. Pussy is like food. As long as you’re healthy you’ll have a big appetite.
    Fuck the lambos and yachts and jets and labels and parties and whatever else the vulgar plebs dream of. Big money buys freedom, great food, top health care and no-nonsense, bareback access to prime Hegre-quality Slavic slave pussy until you die.

  16. It is all in Ecclesiastes. No matter which walk of life you come from, religious or not, believer or not, there isno denying that the truth of
    Man’s soul is the search for meaning and eternal truth despite the apparent ephemerality of it all.

    1. It was mainly J3ws who were funding protests against his World Tour and RoK meetups….Roosh is already a target for the J3ws so he might as well join Russia and learn how to send missiles into Tel Aviv or the headquarters of NOW in America.

      1. I agree . I’m too much of a pussy to fight in a war but maybe he feels like sacrificing himself might bring justice

  17. Marry a Russian woman, and vow to fight the feminist to her death as the feminist lays in defeat in a molten fireball.

  18. Feminists in your country have no love for you my friend….I appeal to all American, Canadian, Briton, French, Spaniard, Germanic and Nordic comrade to support Russia in her fight to eliminate a godless American society. Russia is always going to provide you with plentiful and beautiful women. Russia is home to the largest oil reserves on the continent, and our women are very loyal. Please support Russia, and if you are in the US army, please tell your stupid President to stop sending hundreds of missiles into Syria. If any of us are hurt by an American missile or by a Soros-funded feminist group, our soldiers will teach America and the entire godless New World a lesson! Vladimir Putin is very merciful this time, but he will lose his temper because of you American morons!!!!

    1. DIMITRI
      So that we our women can sell their bodies on the roads of Dubai to Arabs for $50?
      Yeah, Russia’s a great place. It even poisons its spies on sovereign soil.
      I wish I could move there tomorrow.

  19. Me? I have wife and daughter already. All i need to do now is preparing my kid and every other fellow and their kids in my country to repel the radical sjws which have started to show their teeth here.
    Maybe i will start a MRA advocacy group, starting with a website and forum in our local language. I want to build the awareness far before it’s too late. Will update you later on that effort, wish me luck.

  20. Probably the best advice you can give any young fellow.
    And this is probably Roosh’s best article.
    The way it was told to me when I would young is “there is no station”. This meant that all too often that scene popular in film was you arrive at the station and there’s a big homecoming and you live happily ever after.
    There is no living happily ever after. From the context of a book or film there is, because it’s merely a bracket in time. Tolkien I think hated this because his epilogues were more detailed.
    For life though. Roosh is right. And anybody over 30 can agree. We have achieved major goals, only to find out that nothing really matters after all. In fact you may even find that achieving one goal could bring in an entire new host of issues and calamity.
    Why even have a goal then? Well if that’s your feeling now, then welcome to Generation X. Boomers, ever on their hamster wheels of mindless consumerism, called us slackers. We saw the emptiness of their rat race. “Is that it?” we wondered.
    But what do you do then, become a NEET aimless slug playing video games and live under a layer of Cheetos dust?
    Have real goals. Goals with more than a material point or intangible “cred” in mind. Roosh explained it himself: writing is a form of meditation. The writing alone is the goal. I have done the same thing with my own projects and objectives. Learn to make the activity the goal and don’t focus on the end point.
    And what I can add to this is the following: when going after a goal, putting in too much effort makes the perception of achievement impossible. That is if you put in 150 percent effort, an 80 percent success rate is almost half the return on effort, and feels like a failure. Ever meet a severely burned out person who had things and accomplishments you could only dream of and wonder what that persons problem was? Well that’s it. So don’t go putting in monumental efforts that waste you. Put in long term deliberate and well planned effort and do not ever think you will have an “arrive at the station” moment about it. In due time you can accomplish extraordinary things where the effort itself was the fun part and second nature and others will marvel at your achievements.

      “Welcome to Generation X” What do you think this is 1993 and you are 19 or 20 and the eighties just ended bro?
      Sounds like something Ethan Hawke would have said curled up in front of the X-Files with a bag of stale Cheetos in REALITY BITES.
      Sorry bro, but cynicism and slackers went out of style when Bush stole the election back in 2000.
      The 90’s are over.
      Everything that Gen X was skeptical of has now taken over the world. Rap and Hip Hop replaced the Sublime and Matchbox 20; everyone under 30 is a porn addict; nobody leaves home at 18 to rebel against their parents because McJobs are gone; the goatee and the leather trench coat are totally passe.
      The economy that supported Ethan Hawke has vanished. Today he’d be 45 and feeling fortunate to work in a cubicle farm.

      1. I lol’d at the original comment and your reply.
        In some ways the 90’s were definitely better. The world was smaller and safer; technology was still felt new. It hadn’t taken over human relationships yet. I remember ditching my cell phone for several years in the late 90’s because it was too expensive. It was cool to be all suspicious of the US government. Everyone was into alien conspiracy stuff.
        Production cars were hitting 270-300 horsepower for the first time since the 60’s. Wynona Ryder was still a young hottie and goatees were the full beards of today. Star Wars was 3 movies. Fun times.

      The 90’s are back. Get out the Sublime album and that Beavis and Butthead acid going around. Put the shellfish necklace back on!

  21. A man always fights for something and has an objective whether it is more wealth or buying old cars and restoring them. Failure is when you are on your butt watching doctor philth on TV without having any purpose in life. There is always something you can get better at and there is always something to do

      Since Gen Y and Gen Zero have no sex life besides jerking off to their mobile phones in the toilet because they have to live at home when they are 25 what is there to talk about on Dr. Phil.
      “My blowup fuck doll deflated”

  22. Write a book, build a bridge, invent a product, fly a jet, paint a painting, raise a family.
    Build things. That’s all that will be left when you are dust.

  23. I got the graduate degree, I got the successful business, I got the money… and through all that my greatest success joy is my family. There is nothing to accomplish when my little boy bounces all over me, just enjoy watching him grow. Just the joy of being present.

    1. Thank you for a wise comment. Family is your greatest treasure. When I listen to old folks, they never gloat about their career or the wealth they accumulated. All they ever talk about is their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. That’s their pride and joy. I feel sorry for people who choose to remain single…they will be painfully alone when they get old. Money can’t buy everything…paying for a nurse is not the same as having your kids and grandkids around you. But first you have to raise a family in order to have it later. It’s the single greatest investment in your life.

  24. This is what happens when you live in a hyper – individualistic society predicated on nothing other than carnal desire: only the most base and materialistic “succeed”, the rest of us have to be peer pressured out of bed in the morning coz we know nothing anyone does really has any substance any more.
    Of course, some gas lighters like to persist banging their heads against the wall. But the more this decadent civilization fails, the more it will become painfully apparent to even the most blue pilled normie how much of a failure our liberal values have been.
    Fuck this shit.
    Give me fascism back, coz soon you’ll be choosing that or communism. (((World communism))) that is. The only reason you’re allowed a meagre piece of property is to keep ur skin the game. When the time is up it will be taken from you.

    1. BANNED
      Fascism in North America.
      Blacks and Mexicans and East Coast Jews, Italians and Asians on the West Coast will not go along with fascism.
      Good luck there.
      They don’t give a shit about the Bill of Rights or the 13 amendments or pilgrims or that nonsense.
      They came to North America to put cash in their pockets.

    2. BANNED
      Yep, I was glad to get the hell of North America (Or the continent entirely) and I am grateful I do not have to give a shit about BLM protesters blocking my morning car.
      That is how I feel about things.

  25. I think what Roosh is hitting at is a deeper “what does it all mean” question, one that I have seen pop up many times on other alt-right PUA styled blogs and forums.
    When I was in my 20’s and first learned game I thought the party was never going to end. Each day just melded into the last and each year ticked by. There felt little difference between being 24 and 29. This lasted until my early 30’s when time started to catch up with me.
    The same was true of working out. Around 27 I was in the best shape of my life. I would strut the shore like I owned the entire beach I felt so good about how I looked. Again, this was all fine until my early 30’s.
    I was doing great professionally. Had a successful side consulting business and was a C-Suite exec of a mid sized firm, one of the youngest ever.
    Then I turned 33 and got into a car accident. It wasn’t my fault but that still doesn’t mean you don’t get injured. I was in and out of the hospital and in rehab for a year. I lost my job, savings were depleted, the settlement my lawyer was able to reach with the uninsured driver barely covered my medical bills, I fell out of shape, and just I had treated most women in my phone a occasional play things they suddenly has no interest in me when they learned I was pretty much laid up. A few would like to come over and play “nurse” for a few weeks until that got boring for them.
    I returned to work about a year later. Gone was the C-Suite job (it was necessary so I had to be replaced) so instead I got a mid manager job in the warehouse. That was a gut punch. I was still not supposed to go to the gym and the most exercise I was permitted was about an hour walk a day. Numbers in my phone had all gone stale and I just couldn’t fine the self confidence I used to have to get out there and get more.
    In short, the high was completely gone. I was living in this made of world of constant adrenaline highs. It was depressing enough so that I lost another year to outright clinical depression.
    35 was the watershed year. If I was ever going to fully recover I had to figure out what life was all about. Health, fitness, education, professional success, and social success all were important, but “what else” was there. My final thoughts were there are two ways you can leave a legacy:
    1. Through children properly raised and educated.
    2. Through public works and writings that survive your time on this planet.
    As for #1 I never really wanted children. In fact I used to think that people who had them were stupid. But, we on the alt-right, especially, can’t sit around and mock “breeders” in one article then complain about declining populations in the next. You get it one way or another. I still don’t have any children (or at least any that I know about) but the thought of having one has been more prevalent in my active thinking.
    #2 is the one I have been working on. I serve on a few community organization boards, volunteer some of my time, and even have been taking a shot at writing some short stories. I don’t think I will ever publish anything that will go national but even if I get a small print on demand release it will give my future relatives (or even children) something to remember me by.
    I think that is largely what Roosh was hitting on. Imagine you are an in the early 1800’s and are told that there is a huge unexplored land between where you stand and there might even be an ocean on the other side. You are curious so you set out. Finally on your journey your hike a tall mountain and once you get to the top you think you will see that ocean. But, all you see is more wilderness and more mountains. That is life. Once you climb and defeat one mountain there will always be another one obscuring your view to your ultimate destination.

  26. I have an answer to the “…and then what?” question. It wont be popular and likely will not seem like sage advice or wisdom, but here goes.
    The finish line, the goal reached and the inevitable (and yes it is inevitable, for ALL people), the “….and then what?” is not the reaching of the goal per se, but crossing the threshold and the REFLECTING upon the trials and journey to get there.
    In the end the goal will have already moved on to another hilltop or milepost, but what MATTERS is the reflection upon the journey to get there and what VALUE we place on that journey to ourselves as we contemplate on it. Its not , as cliché at it sounds, “the meaning of life” answer, but what should be the “what is next?” challenge we set for ourselves, and I will preface the next thing I say with WE ARE ALL AFRAID OF OUR OWN INEVITABLE DEATH, because it is a great unknown and there is no guide for what comes after, so our frame of reference dwells on the living and about what our lives value is to ourselves.
    We always seems to dwell on the here an now physical world that is finite. BUT I suggest that that unknown ALWAYS turns into a NEW adventure for all of us as we pass on, the final push off the cliff of fear into the unknown we have no choice but to face.
    Our comfort in life comes from reaching our goals and milestones as being seen as our personal success or failure in “life”, but you cannot even measure those two things without looking back on how you got there, so yes, self reflection and putting it all into perspective and reviewing the journey and trials…..and then taking that turn around moment after doing so and asking”…and then what?” is the whole point.
    Be stuck in idle or move forward and onto something else. We are not made to be static creatures a with a set destiny and finite end, and its that uncertainty that scares the living sh** out of people. We like simple, we like definite answers, but unknowns always scare us, at least those who fear change and challenge. “…and then what?” is nothing more than the challenge we all have for the next goal or mile post, for those who conquer their own fear of the unknown, first.

  27. My goal is to turn my 5 acre farm into a piece of art; a way to produce pork, fruit and vegetables for my community and make it look beautiful at the same time. I hope that when people see it, it makes them want to try small scale farming too. It will take me the next 5 years to build everything the way it needs to, plant the trees, bushes, finish fencing and outbuildings, etc. After that my goal shifts to maintenance, and community outreach, like teaching others, growing and selling trees and bushes to my neighbors, etc. This goal will last me the rest of my life.

  28. Roosh, I have never commented before and am new to this blog. But you seem to be in a period of introspection and rightfully so. Condolences on your loss.
    Reading these redpill blogs, I see the truth I could never verbalize but knew deep down. Thank you for that contribution. However, it seems to be a step in an evolution. You are making progress and have built something of value for many and have paid a price for success. Maybe a little more than you thought at first. But you have created value for others and yourself. You are on the right track and will find the next step.
    Many will have criticize, but the old system that values Honor, Courage, Loyalty, Selflessness, etc… are correct in the proper context and with the right tribe.
    You will find your new purpose and your next steps in that evolution.

  29. Roosh,
    You are trapped between worlds.
    The sexual revolution has been the devils bargain for you. On the one hand you were one of the lucky ones who had natural game. You got to plow your manhood into a wide variety of women, something that would have been very difficult to do before sex was free.
    On the other hand…you got to plow your manhood into a wide variety of women. As you yourself wrote, there can be some unintended consequences, like losing your ability to bond with one woman.
    Which is what you want isn’t it? You have wanted mutually contradictory things, you want to plow, and you want the bond.
    You know the bond would have given meaning to the accomplishments, children to raise would have given meaning to all the earnings.
    You are the perfect candidate for meditation. You must create a new center with a new purpose. Do you know Osho? Osho is the right person for you. Start with ‘From sex to superconsciousness’.

  30. This is not a new post by Roosh but it illustrates what we all may finally realize (those not forever stuck in adolescence) our hard-coded deepest goal is. Most men will never feel satisfied or complete, not just until they reproduce, but until their children reproduce. This phenomenon has been studied in women, and probably applies to men as well. Banging chicks satisfies one part of our reason for being. Making big bucks (i.e. measure of your ability to provide for current and future generations) is another partial satisfier. But none of those on their own can fulfill our deepest ingrained ,DNA-encoded reason for existence.
    So all the bros here who complain about Jooze and Third-World POC need to get out there and get busy, otherwise you might just wake up one day after banging your three-hundredth Thai hooker, realizing your life was a waste, and commit suicide.

  31. Roosh man, I am reading you for years. You are just depressed due to all that has happened. Seek some counseling. You have change life of so many man for the better, do not let this situation get down to you.
    You have accomplished everything possible in the domain of pick-up and understood self improvement to the core. Now its time to move to a new level and use your knowledge to get a decent wife, start a family and stabilise your career. The reason people do it still know is not because we are slaves and brainwashed but because humanity worked through its long history based on trial and error and we found this to be the best system.
    Good luck man.

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