Female Journalist Admits She Uses Dating Apps With No Intention Of Dating

Via BBC:

How did you start your day? Coffee? Shower? Maybe you woke up early for a workout. I woke up early, too – to do some swiping.

Every morning, I lie in bed for 20 minutes, mindlessly sifting through an endless stream of smiling men patting tigers on their exotic holidays.

My days begin and end with dating apps, but the weird part is that I haven’t actually been on a date in about a year. Honestly? I’m not looking for love.

survey found nearly half of millennials like me are now using dating apps to seek out “confidence-boosting procrastination” instead of romance. I can relate to this; I’m looking for a kind of validation when I browse dating apps, not a relationship. The ‘ding’ when you match with someone you’ve swiped right to feels good. You impressed someone out there (even if they only looked at you for a millisecond). It’s a validation for your ego; knowing that the hot surfer swiped right on me gives me a little boost.

A survey recently found that among the 26 million daily matches that Tinder claim occur on the app every day, only 7% of male users and 21% of female userssend a message when we get a match. Apps are increasingly losing their original purpose, with users aimlessly swiping without intention.

Relationship coach Sara Davison says: “It has become accepted behaviour, and part of single people’s daily routine. You can do it from your sofa with no makeup, wearing your pyjamas, with no effort, and no cost to anyone. Most people are on at least two dating apps, and flicking through them has become a quick, easy mood-booster for when people are feeling low and unattractive.”

I used to be the most proactive person you could hope to meet on Tinder. Back in 2012 when it launched, I was newly single. I would message matches, making date plans within a day and meeting up the same week. At one point I was a five-dates-in-five-days type of gal. It was madly fun – but exhausting.

I had a few six-month-long relationships in that time, but dating culture began shifting around me. Subsequent years saw the rise of ghosting, breadcrumbing, and unsolicited dick pics, and I gradually lost my enthusiasm for engaging with other humans. It all got to be too depressing. And boring. And predictable.

Potential dates either asked for a tit-shot within a few messages, or would disappear just when I thought things were going really well. Or, on the increasingly rare occasions where we’d actually arranged a date, they would cancel, stand me up, or (worse) bore me all night. As everyone got used to treating each other as disposable, I did too.

I used to suddenly stop talking to people midway through a conversation, or ignore their messages. I would never treat my friends that way, but I didn’t think of these potential dates in the same way – they were just faces who occasionally made my phone screen light up. Looking back, I’m ashamed of the way I treated them.

But, though I’ve now given up on meeting anyone from a dating app, I still use several of them compulsively. I’m addicted to the magic of swiping. People-watching is always fun, and when those people are all single men you can watch from the comfort of your own home – well, that’s even more fun.

Getting the ‘ding’ when I match with someone feels like winning points in a video game. It’s a time-killer in front of the telly when I’m bored (I have woken from a trance-like state many a night, realising I’ve wasted two solid hours swiping, with no idea what just happened on Doctor Who). Every ‘ding’ also contains the possibility of a person who might actually be all those things you want: kind, smart, nice to your dog. It’s a way to daydream without any of the downsides.

When I’m idly swiping rather than going on dates, I don’t have to make any effort or try to be my best self. I never have to worry about disappointing someone, about showing up looking a bit older or a bit fatter than my profile picture suggests.

But the creeping sense that this behaviour is damaging my mental health is becoming impossible to ignore. Chartered clinical psychologist, Dr Jessamy Hibberd, agrees it’s time I address my addiction – because that’s what it is.

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123 thoughts on “Female Journalist Admits She Uses Dating Apps With No Intention Of Dating”

        1. I spent years on Tinder I can never get back. I was proudly saving sex until marriage which a lot of women saw as the ultimate challenge, so life was a constant onslaught of sluts I had no interest in. Magically I never broke down and went with a slut. A woman was after me for years, I worked for her early in my career, she was churchgoing virgin. We will marry this week. We didn‘t meet online. I just held out and kept my commodity status as the big unicorn, a male virgin with a good body. It worked.

        1. This woman should have gotten married at least ten years ago, and had three or four children by now. Sadly, in our current degenerate culture, she is squandering her life.
          Our culture is radically off track.

    1. Apparently some men still need to dye their hair blue for validation even in the zombie apocalypse. Negan get’s it right. “Idiots”.

    2. Heh…. almost forgot…. she wanted validation, well, here it is…….
      …… 6………………..

      1. While I applaud her introspection here’s the thing: any guy with sense is power swiping the fuck out of those dating apps. Maybe the guy will take two seconds to check the pictures and red flags.
        She is still solipsistic, those guys don’t give a fuck, if they can afford a vacation where they can pet tigers, they can afford to waste money on a dinner date with her to see if she’ll blow them.
        The main difference between swipe apps 2012 versus 2018, men have learned to play the game in a similar manner to women. Which is why the college girls now have Venmos set up to meet them. Pay before you even play.
        Rammstein was right: Sex ist ein Schlacht. Liebe ist Krieg.

    3. what those stupid cows don t nderstand, is that most of the boys don t even look at their phone while swiping frenetically right! lol

      1. What those idiots don’t understand is those men swiped right on one hundred women in the last ten minutes. The men are playing a numbers game and women are playing the validation game. Ultimately both people lose.

        1. Sergent my point is this; women create a fantasy where two hundred men (admirers) are dying to be with them. In reality, the woman has two hundred messages from men who took a quick look, said, “she’s bangable,” swiped right. They ignore the fact that a lot of these men would discard them like a piece of trash after a few bangs. Instead they live in the fantasy they created because it’s the only world they have the courage to live in.

        2. I am a female and I agree with you. Women need a lot of attention and validation and dont realise those men are saying yes to every other woman. I use a social networking.dating app and any girl who posts a pic in the rate me section gets a 10/10. The same guys write the same rates and same comments to all the girls regardless of their looks.

    4. I have a female friend who about 5 years ago casually confessed to me that she uses online dating to save money by getting a few free meals throughout the week, and sometimes even ordering extra food to bring home to her female roommate. This was the day I deleted my profile on every single dating app.

      1. Who would ever fall for that? I insist on splitting on a first date for that reason.
        I do use apps but i only go out with girls who seem very interested. I also try and see which ones will just come over without having to take them out. Those are the easiest.

    1. Why don’t you go to the kitchen, cunt? You’re on this website whining precisely because no girl would waste time on you. Cut your dick off and fuck off to the kitchen.

      1. U seem upset as if u r lonely because u seek validation from men. Telling others to kill themselves online as well. That’s straight up psycho talk. U r a menace and a danger to society. U will be dealt with accordingly

      2. Back to the kitchen? I’m not even sure if they would know what to do. Most of them can’t cook for themselves. And they’re proud of it too.

      3. Karma is the name of the b*tch that will visit you very soon and become the freeloading monkey on your back for the rest of your MISERABLE life as you sniff cat dander and litterbox stank. Enjoy your menopause! We will laugh, and God will forever mock you with the telltale hot flashes to go with the flashing red light you see when they happen as your life dissipation light goes full on crazy.

    2. nwo… I’m with you. After doing some physically hard work today, I could use a good sammich right about now.

    1. It’s good for an easy lay. No other reason. Like ordering a pizza — you can make a better one yourself, but sometimes, you have a hankerin’ for greasy Domino’s.

    2. Because if you’re good looking enough it’s extremely easy to meet girls and get laid. Key point being attractive enough.

  1. What about an actual date? This is where the woman expects the guy to pay but has no intention of further dating. I know a woman who does this. Notice I wasn’t even talking about sex.

    1. When I ask a woman out, I tell her to meet me at the Starbucks at the outdoor mall. We meet out front, I say, “Let’s go for a walk.” Cost: $0.00. No matter what happens, you leave with your dignity in tact.

    2. “A” woman?? Woow it is far more than a woman it is most of them that do that. Remember that we live in a society where women face no consequence for their actions and are perpetual victims even when they are not.

    3. I like treating a girl every now and then (once every 6 months or so). I like dressing up, acting right, opening the door, etc. I watched too many James Bond films I guess, but I enjoy the role-play. But I don’t ever go through this to get laid. I do it for me, for a change of scenery, increasing SMV (girls are always checking me out when I’m with a hot girl, just how it goes).
      So stop being a little bitch about it. If you don’t want to go out, don’t do it, especially not just so that you can get your dick wet. That’s bribery and there’s no way to come out looking suave saying, “I just spent $100 on food and listened to your fucking conversation without yawning once, so that means I get to fuck you in the ass now, right?”

  2. This might be a stupid idea but what about inviting women out to a “perfect place” and not showing up? Or showing up and treating them like trash.
    The more men doing it the better.
    This will send a strong message to the entitled princesses, I hope.

    1. Totally. Cluster fuck them with their own selfish methods. Actually, I still have a fading hope that this entire leftist-feminist social-experiment will actually end up eating them. Completely.
      Men are waking up, slowly, but surely, but they are waking up and removing themselves from this bullshit. When critical mass hits, women are fucked. Their whole lie rests on a selfish drive for resources unearned. Even their jobs are paid for by men in the private sector. Men still sacrificing and working… for now, anyway!

      1. More and more men are waking up, but the fact of the matter is most of these pathetic excuses for men still dont fuckin get it. I cant tell you How many men ive tried to pass the red pill onto..and i get a lot of “hmmm that makes sense but but.. or “ehhh i dunno about that”. Yes the powers that be are stacked against us, but we all know that women behave the way they do because men by and large, ALLOW it. A parasite cannot exist without a host to feed off of. And the only way thst ends is if like you ssid its reaches a critical mass..which to be honest..i dont see happening anytime soon. On another note..boy am i sick of the most basic of bitches thinking they are oh so special. Maybe bc i have an affinity for latinas, but this girl, WNB.

        1. I had sex with an assimilated Latina recently and it was lousy. They look like turtles with their shells on backwards.
          If only these beta-orbiters would actually open their eyes. I can see why alphas monopolize their knowledge to create their own fiefdoms (because it is far easier than being the Red Pill Paul Revere), but my God, it would be so much easier on all of us if most guys understood this. Women would let their guard down far easier if most men behaved like Red-Pilled alphas.

  3. How can you possibly be mad about this? She made a profile but doesn’t date. Okay, so what? What is the title of this article even trying to imply?

    1. We are simply mocking this prime example of the modern degenerate woman of the anglosphere that wallows like a smug prize pig in her own shit.

    2. Read the entire ROK archive, and the entire Chateau Heartiste archive, before you speak here again. You know absolutely nothing. See you in two years.

  4. What the fuck? Honesty from a millennial woman? Sure she isn’t trying to sell something? Oh, hang on didn’t you say she is a journalist? That explains it, then. She probably sold her soul at 19, and has nothing left to offer than raw honesty. That and petting her cats.

  5. When I think of “strong,” I don’t think about a person who fishes for validation online.

      1. But Emma, that’s what I am told. I am told that women are strong, independent and smart. Even smarter than men. They don’t have to earn, this title, it’s just handed to them because they are throwing a tantrum and have a vagina. Right? You don’t have to prove anything in 2018, you just have to throw a tantrum. Am I wrong?

  6. Well….the degeneracy of women comes full circle…Like Emperor /Empress of olde lying back in ennui on their settee’s, bored of life and the power they feel they have. Seems the last refuge of newness and PURPOSE in life, aside from masturbating their day away in self entitlement is meaningless search for strangers approval, is death.
    They should opt for suicide….Please and do human kind the favor of not stealing more air and food that you don’t need. If your only validation in life is to swipe right or left, you should really consider the benefits of kicking your air addictions and abandon your skin suits..

    1. Ive noticed your comments are very anti women. Just curious what has a woman/women done to make you hate them so much?

  7. I would love to hear an argument that women are independent thinkers. I just want to hear the reasoning and examples because I’m in the mood for a laugh.

      1. Devil, where have you been?! I’m on the edge of my seat every day waiting to hear you call someone, “bagel boy.” Lol

    1. I think the concept of online dating apps is really blase and signifies a serious problem younger generations are facing when it comes to forging stable relationships and being capable of social interaction.
      For a spot of context, my relationship predates tinder and the ilk, I’ve never actually used them, though I know a lot of people who have. One big observation I’ve made through my friends who use the crap – the relationships are fleeting, and I blame the methodology behind these dating apps. What do you really do on them? Arrange a fuck, share pictures of your genitals, maybe talk dirty? It’s all shit – no depth, no rapport, no real conversation, it’s a weak foundation to build anything on.
      In contrast, when you meet someone face to face, even in a bar or whatever, you’ve got to build that rapport because that’s what keeps the conversation going and that’s whats either going to get you a lay or a date, whether you flatter, validate or simply make the person laugh. You’ve got to be engaging for it to progress further.
      I just don’t believe you can build that up from a few selfies, a name, an age and some lame bio on a screen, and that’s ultimately why most of the people I know who have used tinder have achieved maybe a few lays out of it and nothing else.
      I might well be very biased, given I’ve never given online dating the time of day, but I think you’ve got to be a very insecure or lazy, and desperate person to use them.
      Enjoy your laugh mate XD

  8. Are prepared to trade your soul/sanity for a piece of pussy?
    Because that’s the deal nowadays.
    I am not.
    Looks like Roosh has checked out too.
    Men on strike.
    Leave women on the dry.
    That’s the only way.
    Game enforces women’s emancipation.

    1. It seems like men would abandon their dignity for it. Sleeping with 200 pound women. Dealing with nonstop nagging and yipping. All for a piece of pussy. It makes me think of this song from Snoop.

  9. A little fragile ego lifting huh? What a shock. When you ignore a woman seeking attention then you will see how they react. Stage 10 clinger.

  10. The Futurama program actually had some great ideas waaaay ahead of their time. Namely the Suicide booths right on the street like the telephone booths of old. At least the Netherlands are exploring the idea of quick and simple suicide machines…Now to roll them out and encourage their use.

  11. Fits in with Roosh’s theory as to why game is going downhill even in Eastern Europe. Validation is form of sex to a woman. Give them a phone, some validation, and you can forget your game. They don’t have to bother meeting you.

  12. I pretend I’m a high roller on seeking arrangement . I get them in my car or at her place . I pay her with funny money from eBay . I win they get mad and make threats . I laugh

    1. Until you con one of the pro whores on there who cares about a prostitution rap less than you care about a counterfeiting rap. Or her pimp cares. And maybe the district attorney throws out her case but keeps yours, because. Or you just meet a modern ho who loses her mind and thinks it’s rape after the fact.

      1. Remember modern day women are independent and empowered they don’t need pimps . Also most on sa are students thinking there are rich men everywhere

  13. Enter specimen #1: The Basic Bitch
    Traits include:
    -Taking retarded selfies
    -Getting black out drunk
    -Hitting the wall and realizing it much to late
    -Dieing a slow, depressing life, surrounded by many cats while on a cocktail of anti-depressant medications

    1. The last line is precious. So far I haven’t met a woman who isn’t dining on anti-depressants, but then again in a world where Feminists DEMAND to work and “equality” all of a sudden realized its actually work they HAVE to do, right down to getting laid. Suddenly they miss being able to be ennui and “served” by men. Well, nothing like a vagina owner to mess up everything for their desires and tingles down “there”…. Great post. Thanks!

  14. First of all, the claim that “7% of male users and 21% of female users” message matches is Bullshit.
    Maybe 1-2% of girls I match message me first.
    Of the remaining 98-99%, I message probably 95% (the ones that I never message, it’s because I swiped in error)
    Only about half of the girls I message ever reply.
    I live in a left-leaning city of about 300k people.
    Girls want pages of banter before giving a number or agreeing to meet, it’s kinda retarded.

    1. The want to get the full tingles effect before they indulge actually having to meet up and put out, providing at first sight you marginally meet their mental picture attractiveness to bang.
      Personally, for me, its waaaay to much effort for the reward of it all going right and actually happen.. Too bad, there is my “ennui” showing..they aren’t worth the effort or time of day.

  15. Guys can play the same game, and much more profitably. A guy who accepts IOI’s as a compliment and then doesn’t bother to approach avoids the expense of dating and then the risks of false rape accusations, expense of marriage and divorce raping, expense of children, etc. Whereas all these things the man avoids represent a big gain for women. Just walk away from this shit sandwich society is offering. Main thing holding men back from withdrawal is fear of shaming by self-proclaimed alphas as RVF and elsewhere who declare the proof of a man’s worthiness as a man is his notch count and quality of these notches on the HB scale, and who taunt you with warnings that your genes won’t be perpetuated and that for every man who withdraws, 10 thirsty Captain Saveahoes jump into the gap so your withdrawal is futile, etc, etc. Learn to ignore these voices: they are the real enemy. Stop worrying about the fate of humanity if you withdraw. Worry about yourself. It’s your life, your one and only life. (And if you really want to enjoy slim and beautiful young women, just accumulate money and move to SEA when you retire.)

    1. Escorts dont like you. They are using you for money. Atleast if a regular girl is giving you the time of day she must like you and isnt a prositute. You need to get your priorities straight.

  16. Lots of inexperienced men in these comments it seems….
    1. Thousand cock stare
    2. She’s a woman, ergo, lying.
    3. She’s getting fucked regularly, by guys or by toys.
    No millennial female under 150 lbs with a job wants a serious relationship in ANYTHING western nation. That’s why it’s dubbed “cock carousel”. It’s a ride they don’t plan to get off until the last minute.
    And again, being creatures without foresight and introspection, is always too late.
    May her lonely years with cats endure.

    1. Yep 6 pack chads and George Clooney look-a-likes running up notches have no doubt emptied loads in her and made her feel ‘special’ and ‘high valued’.
      Only temporarily though before they move onto the next deluded $lut.
      Like a drug she will be addicted to the high. When coming down, after the man who is well above her moves on, her pain will be projected on to beta male punching bags that would have treated them like queens. “why are men so awful” “all men only want sex and use women” “guys are immature and don’t appreciate a good woman” blah blah blah.

  17. Well, I have ONSs with women without having any intention of going into a relationship with them, so I guess it’s fair.

  18. THis honestly sounds as coping to ignore the fact that every woman on tinder is getting laid on a regular basis with the hottest guys on there, riding the cock carousel like never before in history, having the best loudest hard sex with the strongest orgasms in their lives, all while WE men of god are missing out. It’s just normal to be able to protect one’s own ego by thinking that women are actually good girls and don’t do that BUT TRUST ME, EVERY WOMAN IS LIKE THAT, they are having sex while we are all still virgins and hoping for a better world thanks to trump where we can get married again. And they are doing all that without us knowing about it. THe secret society is real.

  19. They get mad when we bore them. But when people like Roosh try to teach men how to entertain women and show them a good time, they’re labeled as rapist. Then women give advice that doesn’t work. Game (from men that know what works) would have been the cure, but society has demonized it. Sad.

    1. When women play the game, men (especially on that website) despise them for that, calling them sluts, whores, depraved, liberated… Men get mad at them when they reject their game and they despise them when they actually respond to the game.

  20. ” It’s a time-killer in front of the telly when I’m bored (I have woken from a trance-like state many a night, realising I’ve wasted two solid hours swiping, with no idea what just happened on Doctor Who).”
    Literally getting high of internet attention. This chick wasted her youth on BS…is going to waste her early thirties…and will get frustrated and angry at 35+: blaming men for her fucked up station in life.

    1. If more of this vibe/message got out there, could it even stem the tide, reverse the fad? Fade it a little? Seems they are foredoomed to realize the ultimate price long after it has been paid in precious time. I’ve persuaded some females (family and non-) to cut it down for similar reasons you describe; basic work/home/social diplomacy type stuff. I just made it sound like a cool option so they’d receive it well. Afterward, roughly 50% decided not to default into femme-spiting me with sharply-increased phone swiping…and IMO, if>then>goto>awalt, that is all you can really hope for from most American women, the way they are now socially programmed. The other 50% passive-aggressively know I’m right, will even give me the courtesy when I’m around, but still secretly hate anyone who would remind them of their favorite denial fantasies in life. So the experiment hasn’t been completely futile. You can really only try this when your reputation precedes you with a woman. The smart ones know they want a path out of, as you said:
      — “frustrated and angry at 35+: blaming men for her fucked up station in life.”

  21. I had to crush some idiot’s inflated sense of ego on a free dating site last night. This pretty Dominican-Creole female responded to my initial message with texts about nothing of substance, sent an unsolicited photo of her midsection while in her panties & a top, & continued to flirt. When I asked for her # she ignored the whole question & continued with the games until I called her a simple, validation seeking bitch who has failed to realize the reason for dating apps & dragged a simple decision of whether or not to provide her # into this endless convo & that I in no way wanted to chat or befriend her. In shock, she replied that she was interested in me or she wouldn’t have replied & that I’ve showed my true colors. I said you’re damn right bitch & deleted my account. No virtual reality can substitute for the real world, these broads live miserable lives & need this matrix we have allowed to thrive.

  22. Unless youre wheelchair bound and paralised like Hawking was, why cant you go out, meet new people? People are so lazy these days and spoiled, they want to put no effort into life yet reap all the benefits hard work gives.

  23. She’s not even that attractive.
    Her basically admitting that she does it for the boost shows how narcissistic she is because she will get attention from this article.

  24. Why would a woman date in the same way that a man does? What are her motives for doing so? Although she may be quickly sexual, these are not sexual in nature.
    These are:
    – Money
    – Revenge
    – Power
    I am afraid we have no real pleasure in getting to know you or “pleasuring” you. “Different strokes for different folks,” as the saying goes. However, my dearest friends will inform you that I love any job I am well-paid for!
    Rarely, a woman is able to achieve orgasm. In which case, she will get one (1) from an Alpha Chad. If she is orgasmically-inclined she will date in whichever way the Chad prefers to date, as this Chad is her particular orgasmic source. Although I would not repeat the eighth grade for anything, I sometimes vividly recollect being violently slammed into a locker by a certain bully. Incidentally, this is probably why I hate men, and I would add, with a passion.
    On a given dating website, you should be able to get a woman in exchange for money, power, or her own subjective sense of revenge. (I would never advise a daughter of mine to sleep with a man out of vengeance toward a former lover, when she could use her productive talents in more beneficial ways, such as putting out for married law school professors and/or blowing a Supreme Court Justice to kingdom cum). Knowing this, there is no reason to complain about your lack of success with dating websites and apps. Furthermore, there is certainly no reason to complain about the quality of partner obtained from such a website or app. Unfortunately, you chose to enter into this contract, and there is nothing that I can do to help you.
    I hope this helped.
    Lisa Silversnatch, JK.

  25. Every1 knew this and it explains why fatties strut around like they are the hottest thing since lasagna. They crop their pictures and guys hit on them w/o realizing they are land whales. But I’m beginning to realize, many women live in fantasy world’s of their own creation.

  26. In real life they’re unapproachable because god forbid you detract their attention from their phones. You have to litterally tap them on the shoulders sometimes to even get their attention. Ao what do you do? You move online where she will be able to “notice” you. So you get online and realize she’a just there for kicks and free meals. What is a man to do?

  27. Well I kind os suspect some men might do that as well, being ever emasculated and all. It’s so sad, like a giant black hole sucking more and more people and accelerating every seconds.
    The social environment and technology have failed tremendously in providing a healthy mate-seeking drive for its members. DISASTROUS.

  28. lets be fair in our commentary here.
    i read the original article in full. its actually good. its precise in its depiction of the times we all live in, both men and women. sure the author is fucked in the head. but so are a lot of people, me included. i fuck lots of different girls endlessly and aimlessly. i often dont use a condom. its never about the sex. its about the ego boost after having made another conquest. its a boring and repetitive game, but when you live w/o any real purpose this is what you end up filling your time with (im looking @ you, troy francis). im fucked up, the authors fucked up, we’re [most of us] fucked up.
    so, women go on apps for validation. thats not news. dont act surprised. but also… dont cast stones. theres two sides to everything and men are just as “culpable.” women go on apps for attention… but men go on apps to fuck these very women. one motive isnt better than or more morally superior to the other. so many whiny readers in the comment section berating women for whats essentially a biological/evolutionary imperative. women want validation, thats how its been, thats how it always will be. the difference is that now theres actually a scorecard (instagram, tinder matches, etc.) from which to judge and derive their value. what abt men’s imperative? its the very reason we continue to populate these apps: we just want our goddamn nut. and i wouldnt say thats any more upstanding than wanting a validating ‘ding’ on your phone.

  29. hey guys..go to instagram and check mizzsimpson account..mizzsimpson is her account name and you’ll definitely see the real ego-boosting….i never see anything like this…she’s a fat, busty, male-hater, single mom bitch….believe me…you’ll amazed.

  30. Going into Tinder/Match/etc is like crawling in to a shithole filled with two-dimensional phonies. The digital carousel…novel format, but nothing new under the sun. Bunch of whores (real whores and frigid attention whores alike) — pick one; I pick none of their ilk. Same as it ever was. I’m also guilty of validating my status in what some might call “shallow” ways — sometimes I make women want me, then give them nothing. I steal their mojo; they were begging for a lesson, and were usually too much of a risk for a ONS or regular dating to pursue beyond the surface-y shit. If that’s a flaw, oh well, then I’m flawed. If you’re a soft-hearted dummy who’s led around by his dick, “looking for love in all the wrong places,” then my only critique is that you might find out the hard way about venereal disease and faithless cunts. I really think nothing has changed since Ancient Rome or Egypt, etc.

  31. There are many comments here and on ROK in general about men having sex with many women (=why it is good and how to do that successfully), and women having sex with many men (=why it is bad and how it contributes to the decline of western societies). It seems that a strong part of the movement is about condemning some behaviors for women while encouraging it for men. Since sex requires both basically, isn’t it stupid ? Why men who sleep around isn’t a bad influence to western societies the same as women who sleep around ? Both of them are gaming, having fun, having meaningless sex, risking unwanted pregnancies, preventing conception, sometimes breaking families, cheating, divorcing, sleeping with married/divorced people or deceiving virgin ones, and most of the time both of them think they still deserve to settle down with a pure untouched and faithful mate at the end of the game. Why that double standard should be needed for a sane society ? I guess I’m missing something important, if someone has an answer I’m listening

  32. …….It has become accepted behaviour, and part of single people’s daily routine. You can do it from your sofa with no makeup, wearing your pyjamas, with no effort, and no cost to anyone. Most people are on at least two dating apps, and flicking through them has become a quick, easy mood-booster for when people are feeling low and unattractive”.
    Two key words there…LOW and UNATTRACTIVE. What most of these creatures trully KNOW they are deep down when all is said and done. I actually have a nut hairs worth of sympathy for them oddly enough, as they trully know no peace. As a man, be fit..be attractive..be smart…ooze confidence..make good decisions..basically be on your A game always. Always know that you are better than them (because we are) and know that we ALWAYS will have the last laugh.

  33. There are many comments on ROK about men having sex with lots of women (why it is good and how to do that successfully) and about women having sex with lots of men (why it is bad and how it contributes to the decline of western societies). It seems that a part of the movement is about condemning women for behaviors that men are encouraged to have. Since it requires both to do that, isn’t it doomed to failure ? Why men who sleep around isn’t a bad influence to western societies the same as women who sleep around ? Both of them are gaming, having fun, acting upon lust (sometimes breaking families: cheating, divorcing, sleeping with married/divorced people or deceiving young virgin ones) both of them are risking unwanted pregnancies or preventing conception. Some are convinced that they still deserve to settle down with a pure untouched and faithful mate at the end of the game (if I got some ROK articles about finding a “nice girl” after years of “gaming” right). Why it is bad for women and good for men ? Why the double standard should be needed for a sane society in the masculinist view ? Why criticise women because they reject good “gaming” from men and at the same time despising them and calling them sluts when they actually respond to the game ? What is the good behavior to have for a woman ? If someone has answers..

  34. You know, I thought that this article would upset me, but it doesn’t. We of the ROK community have recognized the noticeable drop in the quality of women in our society, but what we too often ignore is how garbage most men are. The author speaks on the behavior of men to simply seek our casual sex, or at least sex-talk, if not just seek validation in the same way that women do.
    Therefore, I can’t blame her for not taking either the app or the dating scene seriously anymore. Even among the “red-pilled” guys that read this site, how many of you are actually the type of men that deserve a good moral woman? If you’ve sent a dick pick, live in your parents basement, or are otherwise just a complaining little b who feels outcast, you have no reason to demand anything better than what we have. And it’s sad.

  35. No fucking way is she an under 35 millennial. When I first saw her photo I thought hmm low 40s. She’s 37 at best masquerading as a 32yo. If she is 32 then shes already crashed head first into the wall.

  36. Well, well. It seems this is the exact same article I’d mentioned in the comments in one of Boy Francis crayonworks; ‘game is about incremental…’
    She admits what we all know.

  37. Chicks like this are vapid and toxic misandrous whores who will regret their sociopathy once theyre 40 and alone

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