5 Reasons Why Generation X Is The Superior Generation

Childhood and young adulthood are allegedly the “best years of one’s life,” but I’m far more successful now. However, the party can’t go on forever. Eventually I’ll no longer be able to deny I’m over the hill. This is a great opportunity to wax nostalgic about the good old days and how everything’s terrible now. Let the immodest boasting begin.

1. Kids were active

They develop so fast these days. That’s at least a C-cup already.

For a couple of years, I walked to school uphill, often in the snow. The cold, soggy rubber boots usually left rashes on my legs. I would’ve considered global warming a big improvement! Although the way back was actually downhill (I won’t lie), that wasn’t quite a picnic. A group of older kids hid out nearby and got their jollies by chasing the younger ones. On a positive note, walking uphill and running for my life on the return trip was a decent daily aerobic routine.

Children were otherwise pretty active back then. In fact, boys were all hyperactive, but only one kid I knew got doped up for it. (Besides him, I was the next most hyper, basically a little monster.) It’s not like nowadays, with half the school on Ritalin—or even stronger stuff—to make them stop acting like kids.

My next elementary school had a huge, brand new jungle gym—I remember the truck pouring the sand! It’s gone now, probably because of lawyers. (So is the long drop tire swing in the park nearby, probably for the same reason.) Also, I got a bike, often riding miles a day. I wiped out hard many times, but only once got hit by a car.

Later, I played football a couple of years, though I wasn’t exactly the best. Still, one of my dumbest mistakes was not trying out for the high school team, the ticket to the “in” crowd. Although the coaches were just a smidge abrasive (it comes with the territory), they would’ve taught me how to lift early on, which would’ve been well worth it. Nowadays, youth athletics just ain’t what it used to be, and there are reasons.

2. We weren’t couch potatoes

He’s cranking out some reps with that bicep curl routine.

Video games didn’t mean parking on your ass for hours. Hanging out at the mall’s arcade was nearly a social event. You usually stood, blowing a quarter for a single go. (That was half the price of a loaf of bread back then!) One of my friends got Pong, the first home game console ever. I thought it was pretty neat at first, but electronic table tennis ain’t addictive, fortunately! Nowadays, folks might play Warcrack eight hours at a stretch. One of my managers actually did that at work for nearly a year.

If you actually had thirteen channels of crap to choose (paraphrasing Pink Floyd), then you were one of the “lucky few” with that newfangled cable TV. By golly, I put my wicked little science-nerd brain to work figuring out how to pirate it! Nowadays, most folks reckon their 500-channel subscription is a biological necessity, like clean drinking water. (It’s still crap.) When I was a young’un, we actually had to get up off the dadgum sofa to change the channel too!

3. Politics was better

Res ipse loquitur.

Boy howdy, they don’t make politicians like they used to! In the 1860s, there was a lawyer as President, and they called him “honest Abe”. In the 1990s, we got another lawyer President, and Slick Willie argued about what the meaning of “is” is. FDR did his damnedest to provoke them Japs, but leastaways he let them pull the job, unlike this newfangled false flag stuff.

Tricky Dick told a few fish stories, but The Lightworker told the truth only when the teleprompter operator goofed. When Gerald Ford ran for President, the joke was that he couldn’t walk in a straight line while chewing gum. When Hillary ran for President, she couldn’t walk straight even without the gum.

Theodore Roosevelt had a pair of nuts the size of cannonballs, and he was a liberal for his time. Today, he’d be drinking buddies with Pat Buchanan. Times change, or so they say. Back then, liberals actually cared about helping the disadvantaged. Nowadays, they care about keeping them agitated, They’ll promise the moon, but never make things better. And speaking of Buchanan, fellers like him were what folks meant by conservative. Now, he’s supposedly an extremist, while neutered “mainstream conservatives” are merely a controlled opposition.

4. Even Communism was better

Nowadays, they can’t even think up any decent slogans.

Commies used to be pretty dang scary! Occasionally they even had some sensible moments. Khrushchev was an improvement, and could’ve gone on the right track, but didn’t play his cards right. Brezhnev was an asshole dictator, but had his lucid moments sometimes. Gorby was too decent; you had to be an asshole dictator to keep that job. Fidel Castro knew that stogies are for smoking. Bill Clinton thinks seegars are for something entirely different.

By the time I got to college, Communism was headed straight down the crapper. There were more campus pinkos than Vegas had compulsive gamblers. However, one Viet Cong feller coulda whupped a dozen of them coffee shop radicalinskis without breaking a sweat! Comrade Lenin would’ve wept bitter tears had he lived to see them, or especially today’s gaggle of limp noodles.

Nowadays, commies are fruitcakes wearing masks, sometimes with very peculiar eating habits. They only attack when they outnumber their opponents. Still, they often get schooled about picking fights with the wrong people, or even get wedgies.

Hell, even cultural Marxism was a dadgum sight better. Sure, we had sneaky media propaganda telling us what to think, just like today. Still, nobody was trying their damnedest to convince us men get pregnant, ancient Britain was multiracial, gay parents are better; none of that kind of bullcorn.

5. Men and women got along better

Some folks make such dadgum fools out of themselves that they become Internet memes.

Ladies generally acted decent. There were exceptions, but nobody pretended that being snotty is “empowerment”. Nowadays, it’s harder to find ladylike gals; and they sure don’t stay single for long. There were some nutty women’s libbers back then, but we laughed at ’em. Nowadays, those harpies are running amok.

Flirting on the job was normal, not illegal. If you kept it reasonably tasteful (that means no fertilizing potted plants the wrong dadgum way, etc.), no problems. That’s how many couples got together, in fact. Starting a conversation in public was being friendly, not “street harassment“. That’s how it was done, since we didn’t have that newfangled “swipe right” stuff that ain’t what it’s cracked up to be anyhow.

Best of all, back in the 1970s, a dinner date got you places, if you get what I mean. If a gal didn’t like someone, generally she simply wouldn’t go out with him. I came of age too late for that to be helpful to me, unfortunately. Nowadays, a dinner date is more likely to be basically a job interview, and she might simply be wasting his time and money.


This feller had it right!

Despite all this boasting, my own generation is in a fallen condition compared to our grandparents. The Greatest Generation wasn’t perfect, but there’s much that they got right. What will the future hold? Hopefully Generation Z will rebel against Millennial snowflakes and become fine, outstanding folks.

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112 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Generation X Is The Superior Generation”

  1. The seven wonders of the Communism back then
    1. Everyone had a job
    2. Although everyone had a job – no one really worked
    3. Although no one really worked – the Plan was always completed 100%
    4. Although the Plan was always completed 100% – the shops were empty
    5. Although the shops were empty – everyone had everything they needed
    6. Although everyone had everything they needed – everyone was stealing
    7. Although everyone was stealing – there was enough for everyone

    1. Papa
      People forget how bad the Cold War was. Russia propped up a variety of mad dictators, created the situation with Cuban in Florida, fueled the cocaine surge of the 80’s by financing South American dictators etc.

      1. Some, like Russia historian Stephen Cohen, say that relations with Russia are worse now than they ever were in the First Cold War, and we are closer to nuclear war than ever. At least our leaders back then, like Ike, JFK, and Nixon (f*** LBJ), were rational men. Today, not so much.

      2. And Russia was a near equal super power to the US which was more bad ass then than now and the rest of the World (outside of Europe and Japan), including China was basically Third World, struggling to fend of mass hunger.

    2. We, who are of goodwill,
      led by unsuspecting,
      try for the ungrateful
      to accomplish the impossible.
      We’ve tried so little with as little as
      that we are now qualified to do almost anything with nothing.
      Writing at the wall of Prora. Eastern Germany NVA barracks

      1. Seen written on the wall at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, in 2013 too (not to mention all the occurrences in ‘Nam)… some things never change.

    3. Thanks for the shoutout 1980. I think I was born at the worst time possible. The generations before me; if you worked for it, you can have it. The generations after me; you’re not a member of the protected class… so… fuck you….. Thanks to both sides. Generation X. We got screwed out of the deal. Baby boomers enabled the feminist propaganda machine, desperate to sniff young panties. Shame on you thirsty mofo’s. Generation X, the strong. The left rose Post WW2, crybabies, unfair treatment. We got the ultimate fuck you from two sides of opportunistic parasites. We were caught in the middle. Fuck you both.

      1. F you too, you entitled wimp.
        Grow up and work/fight for what you want like my generation did, and GET OFF MY LAWN !

    4. Before generation X; don’t wish for it, work for it. Post generation X; what’s your skin color? Here ya go! White people are evil. Thanks assholes!

      1. I got news for ya : it doesn’t matter which made up “letter” generation you belong to, we’re all Rothschild serfs, fighting wars for the degenerate elites, working crap jobs to live in crap sububurbs eating crap food, keeping the hamster wheel rollin’ telling ourselves we’re better than previous generation. While this is going on, the oligarchs must been having the fun of their lives watching the rats fight over a fookin letter.

        1. ….and being fed a steady steam of propaganda through TV, Film, Music, and pop culture telling us to chase women by any means necessary, even if it means maxing out our credit cards to live a lifestyle we can’t afford, buying things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t even know.
          Do not fall into this trap, young men.

    5. Baby boomers step on the dicks of gen X. Then have the audacity to say we didn’t work hard enough. A boomer will hire a 23 year old female cum dumpster over a 35 year old white man with experience and integrity.

    6. Boomers have the audacity to tell you, you didn’t work hard enough, meanwhile, they are mezmorized by young pussy. Sniff sniff. Boomers elevate young females for a chance to get nothing more than a teasing smile.

    7. 8. Although there was enough for everyone – everyone was hungry and at a thin, healthy, size;)

  2. OK, I didn’t “walk”, I rode a bicycle. but it was still uphill both ways with short down hill glides in the last half mile each way. I don’t regret it. the rest of the article is all too true. I miss the good ole days when stuff was normal. this bizarre world of freaks running the shows, is just demoralizing in all its glory being debauchery. Yep, sure do miss normal.

      Versace was probably one of Andrew’s customers and at any rate had AIDS and spread his dick pathogens to thousands of male prostitutes. His sister was a cocaine addict. He continued to deny having HIV after infecting his lovers.
      Cunanan was seen by the public not as a tragic result of homophobia but simply as another meth psychosis gone mad.
      Watching the show I could not help but muse that Andrew himself saw the future and THIS was his motivation-Andrew did it because 20 years later society would be degraded enough for him to be an anti-hero.

      1. “Watching the show I could not help but muse that Andrew himself saw the future and THIS was his motivation-Andrew did it because 20 years later society would be degraded enough for him to be an anti-hero”
        That’s a very interesting take on the case, I cringe at the thought who society in 2040 will manage to rehabilitate.

        1. Look at Rocco Seffredi. The guy is Italy’s most cherished citizen in the US.
          What does he do. He walks around ratty apartments making Slavic hookers lick his asshole.
          The guy is just stupid. Yet he is celebrated in America.

      2. Rocco is a cult celebrity in Italy, he’s literally considered a maitre-a-penser and he’s regularly featured in mass-market consumer products advertising and in prime time MSM shows.

    2. I planted trees and bailed hay until I thought I was going to die, when I graduated high school, I was told I was an evil oppressive white male. Gen X.

  3. Lol, all generations post WWII suck, no reason to analyse who has the lowest quality.
    Yes, the trend shows that the newer generations are worse than gen x.
    Look at the bright side, at least the crappy attitudes of the future generations will complement their skin.

    1. How about the generation that got sent to Europe to fight so that the Jews could not only be saved, but also get a state of their own (funded by taxpayers) and get to ruin the ideological foundation of the West? Bunch of cucks.

    2. Exactly my thoughts while I was reading this. Gen X women act like just like these dumb little snowflakes out there now because they can get on a social media account and get orbiters/attention that way. The nature of women hasn’t changed with generations, men who accept their child like behavior is why there has been a decline.

    3. Lol, true, some of us were literally months away from getting a piece of the pie we deserved until some horny boomer had to step on a dick just to get a smile from a 23 year old girl.

    1. ROD
      I’ll argue that the height of “fuck it” hedonism and amorality was the end of the 70’s and early 80’s-last days of Disco.
      I was only 8 years old in 1981 but things were really kind of out of control until Reagan was elected.

      1. Madman i call the late 70s (culturally a prodrome of the 80s really) and the following era an age of wild innocence.
        True, there was lots of violence, decadence, drugs, etc. but still there was a modicum of optimism and joy left in our societies. In a comment that didn’t live through moderation I wrote that the 80s was the last time a White Western male had the chance to both have fun and build a solid and relatively secure life.
        The 90s for me were when our current, horrendous society really emerged in all its fetid splendour. It was at the dawn of the grunge era that whacko liberalism and third worldism reached escape velocity and never looked back.
        In the previous decade it was pure degeneracy yes but it was still a White Western type of degeneracy.

        1. AJ
          In those days gays and drugs were accepted as things people went to specific places to do-that is why we called the porn district the Red Light Area. The porn was not in children’s view all day.
          The CRUISING scene was horrendous (Watch the Pacino film) but it was not in the public realm.
          I agree that PC ushered in by the early 90’s.

        2. True, even the cheesy hair bands dressed like bitches in a mockery sense, NOT meaning they were trans bitches or androgynous, it was all an obvious ploy to get…. more pussy. I remember when the grunge era hit, while some of the music I liked I thought to myself;”All this music is depressing, where’d all the fun go ?”

      2. At the same time we had a huge heroin epidemic in Italy, i lost count of how many people I’ve seen OD’ing in public parks during my childhood.
        Yes it sucked for many people, but , guess I was sheltered enough by my parents, for me the 80s meant mostly Moncler jackets and Armani jeans, my dad taking me around the world during his business trips, my first holidays in the US to visit my aunt and uncle, Motley Crue and Duran Duran albums, Wall Street (the movie), spending summer afternoons hanging out with my friends in huge brightly lit arcade rooms or in the dark corners of some downtown movie theater smooching and groping the school slut…I guess it’s easy to wax poetic about your childhood/early teens.

        1. Ajeoshi
          You bring me back to the old days of drug czars who were Sicilians.
          Then in the 1980’s heroin went out of style, seen as a “ghetto drug” and crack cocaine became popular.
          South Americans replaced the Italian-Americans as the drug kingpins because Italians no longer controlled the popular drug.
          Without heroin the mafia was reduced to a few crews like Sopranos.

        2. Administering narcotics straight into your own veins is a very ghetto thing to do. Just like sucking or sniffing noxious fumes from aerosol spray. Unfortunately, like everything else white people do, it has become dominated by whites to the extreme, so much so that is almost a white destiny to die from such afflictions these days. Nonwhites simply live lives of leisure, not needing to abuse hard drugs or commit suicide like whites because the same artificial market forces are not directed at them like they are bearing down on the average white male. Nonwhites look at whites and laugh. ‘Crazy white people be fighting each other again.’ Low-time preference is the true privilege…not needing to fight over high-time preference abstractions, but instead over materialism like killing passersby for pocket change, fake jewelry and ‘dissing’ (aggravated slights).

        3. Reply to Madman Marz.. born in 74 here, I worked subcontracting construction work in the mid-90s for the Sicilian son of a guy who got popped in the pizza ring drug bust. His dad got nailed with a fucking pallet of bricks of powdered drugs. Yes, a pallet. Didn’t find out until I brought his name up around my dad who knew about it. Crazy shit.

        4. and let’s not forget that the biggest drug smuggler was and still is the US governement. Vietnam, Afgahnistan, etc, you name it.

      3. Lol funny thing is a similar power transition happened even within the ranks of the Italian criminal underworld with the rise of Napoli and Calabria families, who quickly understood the market potential of coke establishing solid business alliances with the Latin cartels, at the expense of the Sicilians, whose mainstay was heroin and who found themselves quickly reduced to little more than local folklore.

      4. I was 7 in 81.. I genuinely enjoyed my childhood, the good and the bad. I dealt with more adversity by age 11 than most 18 year olds will ever see in today’s generation. We rode bikes, BMX bikes and did seriously dangerous shit. A few I rode with went onto ride professionally, one was in the first 3-4 X-games. Everyone had something they were known for. Why? Because WE ACTUALLY PHYSICALLY DID SOMETHING. Shit, at 12 I was in a huge neighborhood fight, we’re talking all out war with weapons (no guns) – bats, chains, steel pipes… and that was middle-middle class suburbia, fighting the outcast kids from the lower-middle class families with loser parents. We’d tell our parents we were going to ride some jumps, instead we’d ride 13 miles each direction into downtown major metropolis and be back by dinner… I knew what a crack head, hooker, pimp, drug dealer, needle junkie and police beat down meant before I was 13 and never did a minute of time behind bars or arrested. These fools today have no reality-anchor. No balance of existence, only feeble weakness and trend-following. Oh congrats, you ran the half marathon with a meh time for what? To go drink craft beer afterwards, post selfies, and get a “13.1” sticker you dweebish faggot. Paleez. Shit plays like the 5th deck of blackjack.

  4. This ‘generation’ thing is just a newer way to divide the white race even further, just like ‘education level’ and class. No other race is compared to itself like this with synthetic categories.

    1. WEIMER
      …There is an old Stallone film called “Rhinestone” about a NYC Italian cabby hired by Dolly Parton as a singer in Tennessee. The locals ask him if he “combs his hair with a pork chop”. The urban rural divide between whites is actually racial. The ethnics-some not-so-white-and Anglo whites in the US interior are different races over which the ethnics hold power in the media, Wall Street, DC politics etc (Not just Jews, either).
      …One would think the internet would actually bring the urban and rural populations closer but there is more division.
      …White trash are pretty unlovable. They are uneducated, unworldly, act like blacks, get hooked on stupid drugs, mud shark. It is hard for suburban or urban whites to love them.

      1. You really don’t like the rural folk. As much I like to pretend there is no such thing as white trash, there really is. But like all of our unfortunate subcultures and fissures within the white race, they all somehow coalesce. If not for rural white trash, the Second Amendment would be gone and we would never have another Republican again. Driving down South is kind of breathtaking because it’s amazing how people that look like us can live in such filth surrounded by blacks (since segregation never really existed in the South aside from a few water foundations and counters). But after a while I realized that THIS is how the white race was preserved down there unlike any colonial other plantation settlement that was washed away in miscegenation.
        These people live around blacks inescapably. But they created an entire dueling culture as European sustenance: camouflage, hunting, boating, country music etc. Blacks by and large do not share those interests.
        If you drive North to any city, the whites, blacks, Asians and Jews are separated like water and oil, with the snobbish white urbanites embracing cultural marxism and the soy boy facade as a group-evolutionary strategy, not unlike Judaism.
        I think this sums up the end of Apartheid: Anglo urbanites (protected in uncontested citadels) vs rural Boers (unprotected aside from gun culture). So democratizing South Africa (monopolizing the black super majority) would bypass the urban Anglos (SJWs), leaving the armed Boer farmers easy prey.
        I see the end of Apartheid as the continuation of the Boer War, with Anglos using what goddamn Europeans do so cunningly: asymmetric warfare, like politics (which is basically white-on-white violence, since nonwhites are not naturally democratic because of low-time reference).
        White people attack each other indirectly through the ‘Great Game’ rather than through street-level tit-for-tat like nonwhites. They (usually leftists) use nonwhites (Cultural Marxism) to triangulate their violence against white rightists indirectly, kind of like an eternal theater of Cold War. Totally passive-aggressive.
        Jews do an even more sinister version of this indirect passive-aggressive ‘Great Game,’ where they are essentially like the operators in Taking of Pelham 1-2-3, making different goyim trains crash into each other. You can see this in professional sports being owned largely by Jews despite there being no Jewish athletes, with Jewish commissioners presiding over the entire league.

      2. This is true, just depends on how rural-ghetto you’re talkin. I know of many small villages/towns in the midwest where things are so ghetto, so run-down, you’d think not a person in the area even went to work or cared to. They use their “ruralness” as an excuse for not amounting to anything. I see it at least once a week driving through for work.

    2. Inter-generational hostilities are rampant even in North East Asia, at least in the Greater China sphere and S. Korea (I’m not super acquainted with Jap society)…might be a high IQ thing.
      I got a comment censored probably because I used a less than flattering word for our beloved Bantu brothers…c’mon ROK you can do better than that

      1. Japanese fell prey to post-80’s angst far more than the US because that was the decade the bubble burst.
        A generation of people in their teens and twenties dropped out. There was no longer a roaring economy for them to join.
        They did not reproduce. They got old living in 90’s decadence. Today there are not that many Japanese Gen Y. Nobody was being born in the 1990’s.

        1. This seems to confirm the common say that Korea is Japan 2.0, doing the same crap one generaton later with updated software and hardware. The economy has begun to stagnate, nobody reproduce and lots of youngies seem content with wasting their life with idiotic entertainment, the only difference is that instead of anime and porno here and now it’s k-pop and Player Unkown’s Battleground.

        2. I don’t know much about the Japanese herbivore/dry-fish thing, but if it’s similar to MGTOW, then it’s smart. America was essentially built on MGTOW from its colonial days (indentured-servitude in the Chesapeake colony) to the Early Republic (yeoman/subsistence farming, Jeffersonian minimalism, militant individualism). This (((Bernaysian))) ‘consumerism’ did not exist until the ‘Roaring Twenties.’ Even this mass-production industrialism predated it without needing to be coupled to it. Capitalism never required this concept of ‘credit’ or perpetual barter. Every good purchased from a single transaction was built to last. Then everything became plastic in the ‘disposable economy.’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaCHH5D74Fs
          Milk and everything else used to come in glass jars, diapers used to be cloth etc. Not saying that plastics are inefficient, but eventually this flatlining of runaway consumerism America has become dependent upon will rationalize itself, which we are seeing with financial contraction, since nonwhites are very cheap and regularly engage in black market activities to dodge taxes, misusing throwaway consumables as the durables of yesteryear. An influx of diversity will only hasten this. Society was never solely about economics until (((Edward buttinsky Bernays))) came along, and it will revert back to being defined by its genetics when America once again becomes a nonwhite wasteland.
          Then the cycle will repeat itself…Mercantilism will return to America when its inhabits became as low-IQ as the Amerindians, with China being the new recipient of raw materials since they need not worry about political-correctness (the European shock collar).
          Being averse to becoming a thankless salaryman of Japan is wise, but never leaving your bedroom is perhaps an even worse fate. The generation Jap gap seems to be more about creativity than dedication because both seem zealous in their singular endeavor…and both even drop dead from how disciplined they are at their craft: working or vidya nonstop without food, sleep or even looking away for days until a brain hemorrhage occurs.
          Besides going postal, the biggest FU a man can give society is to hoard all of his talent, resources/utility/productivity and disposability, while refusing to participate or cooperate with ‘civic duty’ and financial ruin (marriage/divorce, careerism, consumerism, mortgage, student loan debt). No Chad is going to come along and fill every void. There simply isn’t enough of him to go around to sustain society. Sure, he may sire one little brat with most old maids, but the replacement level plummets by more than 50 percent, leaving society in a death spiral with the overburdened beta producers crumbling underfoot without being able to retire or be replaced.

        3. Gen Y was raised on very poor music, poor style, leftist ideology and a nihilistic mindset. I still cringe when I see ex grungeheads in their late 30s wearing soundgarden shirts.

      2. I mean there’s always a young-vs-old divide in every society, but this American generation thing did not exist until the 1990s when Tom Brokaw wrote a dumb book called ‘Greatest Generation’ and coined all of this nonsense. I’ve given Boomers some shit on here, but at the end of the day (aside from a few political/extracurricular trivialities) I have more in common with a white Boomer than I do with another demographic in my own ‘generation.’ Dodds and I probably get along better than any two posters here.

        1. WEIMER
          I think it started in the late 60’s. Look at the DEATH WISH films-there are really the fear of the middle-aged (Bronson) of young hippies.
          Goldblum sums this up-“DON’T JIVE MOTHER! YOU KNOW WHAT WE WANT!”

        2. Marz
          Again, that’s a young-vs-old divide. Hippies were just a small subset of white people not wanting to be drafted into the meat-grinder of Vietnam. Perfectly understandable, but still yet another white subculture nonetheless, which no other race seems to have either (aside from tiny cults).

        3. WEIMER
          One interesting thing about the DEATH WISH films is how the freaks of society eventually became mainstream film heroes-
          Denzel Washington grinning mirthlessly with the crowbar in his hand.
          Fishburne all sweaty on Bronson’s bed as the big Irish lummox Thomas F Duffy (The dad in Varsity Blues and a bunch of TV shows) is pulling his penis out for a blowjob from the Mexican made…”Alright now, quietly, do it nice lady”
          Jeff Goldblum as the Jewish street freak with his long hair and lanky disgusting body in leather jacket and jeans.
          Alex from Bill & Ted “THEY KILLED THE GIGGLER”

    3. Say what you wish but the self-hating leftist white trash deserve to be divided from normal white people. And if I remember correctly aren’t poor and middle class Brazilians segregated from each other? Even Korea has a North and South.

      1. Korea has a north and south because the Washington wants it that way. Otherwise, they probably would have reunited long ago.

    …Gen Y who held ANY kind of bachelor’s degree could get a degree in the 1990’s.
    For example I was able to move to Dubai and get a job because they loved Americans in 1999 and I had a bachelor’s degree. Never happen today.
    …Gen Y women clearly do not have any traditional instincts…they all line up to be concubines of a Chad and do threesomes while normal males jack off in their basement to porn.
    …Gen Y have to live at home. FRIENDS was fairly accurate (Though the actors were 5-10 years too old back then for the role).
    …There are NO JOBS in the ghetto anymore. In the 90’s white America was not supporting the entire ghetto. The ghetto no longer has an economy.
    …Mexicans had not taken over the blue-collar jobs. Whites were till roofers, electricians, plasterers, bricklayers etc.
    …There was more money in the economy for start-up. Banks loaned money. Young people could get mortgages. Today nobody can mortgage a house. Cue everyone living at home.
    …The internet had not stripped the economy of 40% of its jobs. Retail and fast food are pretty shitty career choices.
    …Porn was still something people had to buy in video stores.
    …Gen X women fucked around a bit but were not as gloriously proud of it. They were not uploading cell pics of themselves sucking dicks.
    …Mudsharking was still somewhat unacceptable. White trash were mudsharks.
    …People were not have kids out-of-wedlock. Marriage was still the norm.
    …The government was not all-powerful and Republicans not vilified.
    …There was a surplus economy. George Bush trashed the economy-this cannot be laid on Bill Clinton.

  6. NUKE
    The white liberals don’t want to live in the US interior/exurbs/small cities anyhow. They want to suck one another’s cocks above gay clothing stores in California or NYC.
    Similarly, the ethnic whites do not want to live outside of the cities either. If you lived in Missouri or Alabama you’d meet few Jews, Italians, Arabs etc.
    The reality is that the urban population imposes their media, Wall street, politics on people in Missouri who want nothing to do with it.

  7. In a YT New Wave Retro Wave video comments section somebody said the 80s were an analogic era dreaming of a digital world.
    I think it was also Andrew Anglin *, who said that in the 80s the future was still holding the promise of a utopian future made of intelligent machines, mile-high skyscaper cities and interstellar travel only to end up with n___ers ranting on Twitter.
    One of the things I love the most about North East Asia is that it seems culturally fairly stuck in the 80’s: it’s still a preppy, clean-cut world here, where beauty, success, dressing up and striving for academic perfection are still unabashedly celebrated.
    The obese, the grotesque, the disease-ridden definitely do exist around here but they DO NOT set society agenda.
    * Say what you want about him (and i’m 1/4 tribe so i should be pretty far away from his world view) but sometimes he nails it like nobody else.

    1. AJ
      The popularizing of the anti-hero actually started with Jews and Italians.
      Prior to Pacino and Hoffman the hero was always some Clint Eastwood type.
      After Hoffman the type changed to the asshole tough guy or loner-Richard Gere, Robert De Niro etc.

    2. AJ
      I don’t think working-class Jews, whom I grew up with in Detroit, are terribly in love with gays or blacks.
      I’m not Jewish at all by the way. Nor do I love them or am I a “shrill”.
      But don’t tell me that Ronald Goldman loved it that OJ killed a mudshark and got away with it because it suited his Zionist agenda. Please…

      1. Maybe not the one also being murdered but I’m sure many a (((Goldman))) loved that OJ killed a goy bitch and walked.

    3. Man, those retro wave tracks are disturbing. I was a teen in the 80s and listening to new retro stuff is like having false memories or a parallel reality that never existed. It sounds like the 80s but without the essence. Also I have noticed in a lot of the comments, that people miss this era a lot. Despite the rampant leftist ideology we’ve been fed for decades, people intuitively know that something is not right.

      1. It’s also a case of you had to be there. Watching Raiders of the Lost Ark online in 2018 for the first time cannot match the essence of having been there in 1981 to see it.

    1. It was in the pipe for a long time. Our masters just unleashed it at the right time. The rise of consumerism was ideal to put wymen in the work force.

  8. Baby boomers are men who, nearing retirement, said f it. Might as well get some attention from young feminists. YOLO, f the following generations.

  9. Generation X; respect your elders. Okay, we will. Two years later. Helicopter parents, shut up, my 3year old is talking, let’s give him a participation trophy.

  10. 6. We were good at bullying fat kids and fags.
    7. We fought with fists and not knives or weapons.
    8. We had a childhood without the internet or mobile phones, so we learned to entertain ourselves.
    9. We had 90’s ecstasy.

    1. asdasda
      90’s E’s. “E’s” were not popular in the United States until the mid-90’s although they boomed in the UK half a decade earlier. And US ecstasy was always cut with a load of meth.
      People in the ghetto always fought with knives and guns. Watch the Sean Penn juvenile jail saga BAD BOYS.

    2. You forgot the crack explosion and a violent crime rate double what it is now… while on a field trip in high school (big city America) in the mid-’80s you had an odds-on chance of seeing someone get killed. No therapists, no safe spaces– just “life in the big city” (don’t sling dope, kids).

  11. I will give ONE thing to the Boomers…they were way better parents overall than Gen X.
    Most of my friends’ kids are horribly undisciplined and rude and are allowed to have violent tantrums in public places.

  12. It dosen’t matter which generation you were born in. If you are here it means you share the same beliefs and we have to work from there. The old days are not coming back and there is no way we should keep arguing which generation is the greatest it is useless. We need to reverse the rot and that is it!!

    1. Yeah, but we need to drum into every millenial’s head just how much the rest of the world hates them to the core, it’s the only way to hopefully make them one day do a 180. They’re sheep, we need to let them know the rest of the herd is going the other way.

      1. Whether you like it or not they are the future who will take over society and most of them are not kids anymore. So, an article like this talking about growing up as a gen x is past its time. What we need to do is to make the millennials more masculine and recruit them to our side so we can have a better society for the future and fight for something as a group. Hating and shaming them is not going to change them and only going to divide us for the benefit of the (((elitists))). You only see libtards shaming old people who vote Republicans because eventually the old voters will end soon. Us attacking the young generation and alienating them is only going to drive them to libtardism and sjwism more

      2. Generalizing about millennials is sort of like generalizing about America based upon how people who live in NYC, DC, and Los Angeles act like.
        I have nieces and nephews who are millennials and they’re just as good kids as I remember or even moreso. Keep in mind that many “American” millennials aren’t even “American” but rather come from a different culture totally alien to America, good or bad.
        Even so, I do recall back in the 80’s there was a lot of “white knitting” going on and many young men wanted to get laid and, even worse, it worked. Consider the author saying how buying a woman dinner got a guy laid back then. A lot of get X women acted like ho’s back then and the men were just as much white knight cucks back then as now. One friend of mine who just turned 51 lived under a bridge after his girlfriend kicked him out of his own place and he still believed in feminism and leftism because that’s what he believed in his whole life.

  13. “FDR did his damnedest to provoke them Japs, but leastaways he let them pull the job, unlike this newfangled false flag stuff.” You do realize that FDR was aware that the japanese were coming to fuck up pearl harbor, and he did nothing about it. Not even a warning. What a great guy lmfao

    1. He did do something about it… sent away all the top ships on the eve of the attack. Kind of like how the Pentagon had its resources moved to the other side of the building. Really makes you think. We have the Japanese cables from WWII, when will Assange leak the 9/11 cables?

  14. Generation X cynicism
    Gen X never had any purpose. The economy was decent in the 90’s but by the time people born in the 70’s came of age the Yuppie years of the mid-to-late 80’s were over.
    We were teenagers in high school when Nirvana and grunge sang about the meaninglessness of life and although this faded with the economic prosperity of the mid-to-late 90’s the cynicism and decadence stayed with us.
    Watch GO or HUMAN TRAFFIC.
    We were TOO OLD for Iraq and the nationalism of post-2001. By then we were in our late 20’s. Gen Y was swept up in that.
    In a sense Gen X was a generation undefined by anything.

    1. No.
      The older members, such as yours truly, can tell Millenials about the “before time” while not being geezers (yet).
      The Internet in the modern sense of the word, political correctness, etc…we were around before it took effect. Yet we are more recent too.

  15. i wish i could put my hopes
    into Generation Z
    but they are not gifted.
    They know how to make mistakes.
    Yes, they are as mature as GySgt Hartman
    but as imprecise and unlucky as Pvt. Gomer Pyle.

    1. J WRIGHT
      Disagree, Gen Z lives at home until they are 30. How could they not live at home?
      They have no economy.

  16. I’d to hike 2 miles to high school and back everyday. Fun in winter during the occasional blizzard which never really bothered me. It was the freezing rain and wind that sh*t me. But we didn’t have video games or big screen TV’s, we had the forests and when we were 12 we joined the Army Cadets which was great fun. Kids today get it easy.

  17. Generation Z is the crypto era
    Generation Z can have an economy of its own if they get in crypto early
    the key is unorthodox education aka unschool homeschool independent study free learning
    then Generation Z will have some hope of uplift whats remaining of the western civilization

    1. togo
      The government will monitor and seize that as surely as they closed Neo-Nazi sites or Facebook.
      Or they can outlaw it like the “dark net”.
      Paying with credit cards is the governments attempt to monitor and track people.

  18. crypto is here to stay whether u like it or not
    to denounce it is not wise and non-participation will bring u financial ruin
    anti-crypto is analogous to china close door policy of 1600-1800s soon to be forced opened shocked waken by a digital tidal wave version of the Opium War

    1. …anything but paper or gold is a load of symbols easily manipulated.
      Show me anybody who wants their bank savings converted to Bitcoin.
      It won’t be me…

  19. Another thing that shows yesterday was better: mature ladies were just old, the press did not give them unwarranted self importance just for being born in earlier days.
    The young man/older woman relationship was virtually not existing, and the few instances thereof were frowned upon.
    But as a corollary this also meant that if you were a healthy 20-something you had no competitors to fuck a 40-50 years broad.

    1. po
      Disagree-in the 1990’s prostitutes were more likely to be in their 30’s or 40’s.
      Young girls are much more sexually precocious today than 20 years ago.

    2. po
      In the 1990’s to experience porno-style professional insane sex you had to fuck 40, 45, 50 year old women or date a young woman for six months.
      Older women would take it up the ass, give brilliant blowjobs and other things that 20 year old girls in college did not know how to do in the 1990’s.
      But life has changed.

    1. It seems to be more a case of bad programming. At times I can comment, it does appear, but immediately upon returning it’s gone- yet a reply remains. So it may not be censorship at all.

    1. Often the Baby Boomers. You must keep in mind how much bigger that generation is, and that many of them had kids later in life. Millenials born of Boomers tend to be more liberal, while those of Generation Xers tend to be more conservative.

  20. As many here know, I am one of the older members of Generation X and as those same folks here know I do not approve of bashing Millenials.
    The why is simple: Millenials grew up in worse times. The economy was already terrible, third, fourth, and even fifth wave feminism was in progress, the mass media was more debauched and deceptive than ever, drugging children for so-called “ADD/ADHD” and other made-up diseases was common, the idea that boys and girls were the same (except where negative aspects were concerned) and there are more than two “genders,” the police-state mentality especially from the Left…
    That says it all, and I only listed part of it.
    And again, as I have said before: unless this site is made up of Generation Xers there must be plenty of “red-pilled,” fed-up Millenials here- here IN SPITE of the dreadful level of brainwashing Generation X never had to deal with.
    So don’t sell Millenials short.

  21. “Back then, liberals actually cared about helping the disadvantaged.”
    Come on, as an Xer, I never believed that back then and I sure as hell don’t believe it now.

    1. Both sides did in their ways. Naturally there were those just “virtue signalling” but there were some liberals who did (e.g. those who joined the Peace Corp.). The difference was that conservatives, usually through religious institutions (churches) would do so in direct tangible ways: charitable hospitals, soup kitchens, second-hand clothing places, etc. Usually more of a hands-on way, but some liberals did this too. We are not talking about SJWs in these cases.
      But those were saner times, too.

  22. Generation X– no dang good since the punk rock episode of Quincy M.E. (as described by Baby Boomers)!

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