3 Things You Need To Do To Avoid Aging Into An Old Prune

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You may not know this, but your skin is the largest organ in your body. Your skin protects your other organs from exposure and is also responsible for contributing to your overall health. As a result, you need to keep it in shape, just like you need to lift weights, do cardio, and eat right in order to keep the other parts of your body in top shape.

Many people these days are aging poorly due to the fact that they don’t take care of their skin. Keeping your skin in shape will make it easier for you to attract women and stay in peak physical condition. Here are three ways you can protect your skin so you age like a fine wine…

1. Spend less time in the sun

The biggest way that people damage their skin is by spending too much time in the sun. According to the World Health Organization, sun damage is responsible for up to 90 percent of visible signs of aging in humans. Effectively, this means that most of what people think is “natural” aging is merely damage caused by sun exposure. While it is important for people to get some sun on a regular basis, doing so without protection is a bad idea and leads to sunburns, wrinkles, and other artifacts of aging.

In general, human beings need at least thirty to sixty minutes of sun exposure per day in order to remain healthy. To strike a balance between sun exposure and aging protection, whenever you leave the house, you should use protection for your skin.

When you leave the house, you should wear a hat and clothing that covers up your body, and if you’re outdoors for an extended period of time, wear sunblock with an SPF rating of at least 50. This will allow you to garner the benefits of sun exposure while minimizing the negative aspects of it.

2. Reduce your smoking and alcohol consumption

Tobacco, alcohol, and drugs may be fun to use, but excessive consumption causes skin damage and accelerated aging. According to a study, heavy drinkers were 33 to 35 percent more likely to show visible signs of aging compared to moderate drinkers of teetotalers. Similarly, another study showed that smoking one pack of cigarettes per day increases your risk of accelerated aging by 41 percent. Individuals who moderated their alcohol/tobacco intake or avoided it entirely aged much more slowly.

While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a cigar every so often or a few drinks when you’re out with friends, binge drinking and heavy smoking are destroying your skin. In order to protect yourself, cut back on your alcohol and tobacco consumption, and consider quitting entirely. Your skin will thank you.

3. Wash your face daily and use moisturizer

Facial cleansers and moisturizers are generally ignored by men because they are viewed as “girly” or feminine. However, a good quality moisturizer is nothing to be ashamed of, because it can clean your face and preserve your skin at the same time, making you look considerably younger than your age. If you start using a moisturizer today, you’ll be glad ten years down the line when you’ve slowed or halted some of the effects of aging.

Using regular soap on your face is a bad idea because its ingredients are harsh on your skin and cause damage over time. This isn’t a problem when it comes to other parts of your body, but bar soap will cause long-term damage to your face. Consider this: do you really think it’s a good idea to use the same bar of soap you use to wash your butt to wash your face?

Facial cleansers and moisturizers have other benefits as well. Beyond removing dirt on your skin and keeping it clean, facial cleansers can also soften up your facial hair, making shaving much easier and reducing the likelihood of developing ingrown hairs. Moisturizers will also re-hydrate your skin, keeping it from becoming dry while preventing inflammation. This is especially important during the winter due to the risk of developing eczema and other issues due to dry, cold air.

Daily Face Wash By Wadi Men’s Care is an all-in-one facial cleanser and pre-shave wash that is specifically designed for men. It is all-natural and organic, a sharp contrast with other facial cleansers that use chemicals that damage the skin. It goes great with the All Purpose Natural & Organic Moisturizer By Wadi Men’s Care, which has a unique formula to keep your skin looking fresh while preventing premature aging.

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Ultimately, much of what people believe is “natural” aging is entirely preventable. Limiting sun exposure, curtailing alcohol and tobacco use, and using quality face washes and moisturizers will do wonders when it comes to preserving your skin. You only get one life, so you owe to yourself to combat aging and stay the best man you can be, for as long as you can. Click here to learn more about Wadi Men’s Care grooming products while saving an automatic 25% or click here sign up to join their Men’s Care Cave for a 50% Off coupon (limited coupons available)!

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56 thoughts on “3 Things You Need To Do To Avoid Aging Into An Old Prune”

  1. True. Also take a good amount of sleep. 7+ Hours.
    And no need to talk about good nutrition, less stressful mentality and training….

    1. Avoid Toronto Cuckada like the plague. Too many feminists, fags and lesbians that drain your energy and cause you trouble for they are against men.

    2. Makeup for men, a bit gay IMHO.
      Quality shaving soap, wet shave and aftershave balm is the way to go.
      I make my own shaving soap, use a Merkur Futur (clone) safety razor and currently trialing Arko aftershave balm. No entirely happy with Arko so will soon be making my own.
      You can’t beat tradition!

      1. Total Gay Millenial post.
        Common sense. Drink some Fn water, coconut oil on your skin and taken orally is great for you. Thats about it. And Wear a ball cap when outside more than a an hour. Vit D baby. Need it.

  2. Prune-like aging is due to a handful of factors, although time spent in the sun is not one of them IF proper nutrition and hydration is maintained.
    Main factors: lack of enough purified water (ie. water without chlorine and fluoride) which leads to chronic low-level dehydration; consumption of diuretics (alcohol, caffeine) which compounds dehydration; lack of vitamin C, which prevents collagen formation and negatively impacts the health of skin and blood vessels (arteries primarily); lack of B-vitamins needed for skin health (B3, B5 and B7 mainly); lack of antioxidant consumption (found mainly in fruits and veggies) to combat destructive free radicals; consumption of too many toxins (modern tobacco, food preservatives, drugs); use of too much modern soap on skin; use of modern make-up for women, which contains a variety of toxins, heavy metals and carcinogens.
    Reverse all of the above and discovery :the fountain of youth”!!

    1. I used to teach at a high school in Toronto and I’ve noticed many boys in their mid to late teens balding very rapidly as if they are old men in a retirement home. It must be the fluoride in the water and the homos molesting them causing after effects.

    2. Allister, Not disagreeing with you, but very curious what you base your opinion on, with regard to improper hydration and nutrition in other people.
      How would you have any idea what other people are eating and drinking?
      I’ve never really bought into the “anti-oxidant” viewpoint. I will be the first to admit, that my biology is a weak subject. I will also be the first to admit that logic is a strong subject. So they clash in nutrition.
      So, do you also think that dehydration can occur by drinking large amounts of non-purified water?
      The part that amuses me, is that ideaologically, I am against your viewpoint.
      But in reality, I already do all the things you advocate, and get the results you describe. Which is why I can’t disagree.

      1. Samuel,
        I’ve managed to do everything that’s considered bad for you (except smoking tobacco) and at 62 still have a full head of hair. I have no idea why other men appear to be balding at such early ages, but it doesn’t appear to be hydration or nutrition else I’d be a total baldy.

      2. I have 19 years dealing with patients and have special training in nutrition (not just the mainstream BS — such as food pyramid propaganda). Drinking non-purified water will obviously not lead to dehydration, but the negative effects of fluoride and chlorine to the mammalian body is well documented.
        Fluoride leads to calcification of glandular tissue, particularity the pineal gland of the brain, and dramatically reduces the ability for “lateral, deductive-type thinking.” This was well understood during the Nazi regime and used in the work (NOT death) camps of the WW2 era.
        Chlorine is quite toxic to tissues and readily creates fissures inside of arteries, which the body repairs primarily with cholesterol — leading to atherosclerosis over time. Cholesterol is actually an essential nutrient for the production of every cell in the body, particularly the functioning of neurons, as well as steroidal hormones such as testosterone. Cholesterol is not the bad guy at all, but makes an excellent “bandaid” for tissue damage, as well as being needed to make new cells in the injured area. The “good” and “bad” cholesterol debate (ADL vs. LDL) is complete bullshit, and just pure head games so Big Pharma can make billions of Federal Reserve notes each year.
        In terms of nutrition, the food we see in our grocery stores has never been less nutritious in the history of mankind — despite looking all shiny and colorful. A lot goes into the look and presentation of fruits and vegetables via many artificial and manipulative means, but the biochemistry doesn’t lie, nor do the taste buds of the elderly, who all claim modern fruits and veggies taste nothing like they remember as kids.
        Linus Pauling believed, for example, that North American society was suffering from chronic low-level vitamin C deficiency, which largely explained the soaring rates of cardiovascular disease and cancers in more modern times. Although very few people around us actually develop full-blown “scurvy”, the symptoms of chronically low intake is extremely telling: vascular injury (atherosclerosis), heart disease / failure, joint / muscle pain, osteoarthritis (cartilage failure), unhealthy wrinkly skin, hair loss, gingivitis, compromised immunity (related to increased risk of cancer), and a few others. Humans (as well as all higher primates) are one of the very few species in the animal kingdom who do NOT produce vitamin C internally via the adrenal glands. Zookeepers have known for decades that the average-sized monkey / higher primate needs at least 3,000 mg per day to thrive, in addition to a diet mainly of raw fruits that contain vitamin C. But I bet no more than 5% of zookeepers apply that same basic logic to themselves or their children by taking vitamin C supplements. On the other hand, Linus Pauling, for most of his adult life, ingested more than 10,000 mg of vitamin C per day (as well as other nutrients via supplementation) based on his research. But yet despite being a 2-time Nobel Laureate (in an era where that really meant something), he was routinely scorned, ridiculed and mocked by the American medical establishment. True story, gents.

  3. Low stress, exercise, lots of sex and no marriage or kids. Result very youthful and happy.

    1. Sex is the shit for staying young! Make sure it’s mostly with twentysomethings

  4. These three points + Turmeric and Omega-3’s.
    Both of those can be taken as a morning supplement (Turmeric and Fish Oil) and they have strong evidence to suggest they keep your skin firmer and more youthful looking, on top of all their other health benefits.
    Like the article states, I avoid overt sun exposure, drink minimal alcohol now, and use a good face wash in the shower along with the Turmeric and Omega-3 supplement.
    Does it work? Well I can easily pass for 28 and I’m almost 35 soon. I can’t complain.

  5. I had a number of high school classmates who worked on private yachts and so forth in their 20s. The relentless sun exposure while often being in tropical locations (and not wearing a wide brim hat) really did a number on their skin.
    By age 30, they had the crows feet and general wrinkles of your typical 45-year-old guy.

  6. Switch to a non-fluoride toothpaste.
    Throw away your mobile phone, it’s emitting cancer.
    Go in the sun, we’re vitamin D deprived. It’s all good looking young but women prefer it when you’ve got a tan. Plus… Steve McQueen. Wrinkled as fuck, the ladies loved him, he looked like a man.
    But all that’s supplimentary, the number 1 and 2 things you need to do to stay vibrant (which is really what the whole youth thing’s about), #1 minimise stress, #2 maximise using your brain and muscles.

  7. Working on farms from age 8-16 didn’t do me much good, neither did being poor. Won’t let my future offspring share the same fate.

    1. Homos, feminists and trannies enter the public school system as teachers to have sex with children. Be careful. It’s considered “hate” if you complain that a tranny forced xits phallic tool into your five-year-old son’s butt.

    2. In Sweden & Cuckada, elementary school teachers are allowed to show their artificial or simulated *gina in front of students for body positivity.

    3. Trannies are now reading pornographic books and showing their nudity to youngsters at local libraries for Pride Month. We are in the End Times.

    4. I worked on the beach for about six months for the State Park. I was muscular and tanned at 18.
      I burned a few times and got sun poison on my lips from not wearing a hat or the (!) pith helmet as was recommended.
      I’m waiting for these two factors to return at 50+ and bite me in the balls.
      Use sun protection.

    5. @ Mike, yeah but that’s also because there are practically no hot girls in the bush, they’ve gone to the city. I mean, living on a farm sounds good to me, as long as there are hot women around… which there aren’t, particularly in the bush down under, that’s why there’s a lot of bum fucking going on there, so I read.
      So that must mean that there’s not one single thing you can do, physically, that would make your life better, hey.

  8. I will not lower my alcohol consumption my will States my liver is to be buried separate with full honors

    1. My own liver will probably explode like a hand grenade.
      It’s too late now. Enjoying the decline.

    2. What an exceptional accomplishment.
      Your family will be too awe-struck to cry at your funeral.

  9. One of the biggest skin agers is in our air..
    What is the air mostly made out of?
    If you built an “oxygen” room in your home, you would stop and reverse aging.
    Truth: We are not meant to age – Time Doesn’t kill you….Getting “older” doesn’t kill you
    Time doesn’t exist, clocks do.
    It’s just that we’ve measured it takes about 70 year before the body is completely worn out from all the elements. You don’t have to “age with time”.
    Your telomeres and tachyons do not have to dissipate.
    There is good info above, but without enough oxygen in the air, we’re all essentially slowly suffocating to death.

    1. I remember learning in biochemistry how molecular processes in the body harvest energy from oxygen. It is very efficient, but not perfectly efficient. Free radicals are an inevitable byproduct of respiration. These reactive molecules damage your bodily tissue, destroying your material body over time.
      I don’t doubt that humans can live longer and more healthy. But our bodies are not immortal, and were never meant to be.
      If you’re good, you can pry information out of a wide variety of foreigners.
      I had an Iranian tell me in all seriousness about the existence of ancient giants in Iran. A Sikh told me about a warrior who literally wrestled a lion to death, and though these things might be difficult for bugmen to believe, I believe what these people told me in those earnest moments. Due to all the toxins and immorality in our civilizations the human race has undergone astounding deterioration and degeneration. The greatness of past ages seems wildly absurd to us here in the Kali Yuga.

    1. You make a good point. There are men who actually, up to point, look even more masculine and tougher to women when they have a few “crows feet” or some tough skin…Sean Connery is another example..But these guys have other qualities that many men don’t have- strong jaw, large bones, etc. traits known to be very desirable to many women.

    2. Clint Eastwood is a fucking actor; a faker that is.
      And a dumb goy like you confused the facade for the reality.
      Don’t like what I say?
      Then tell me, what exactly has Clint Eastwood done that is so masculine??? That is, apart from motioning through scripted fictitious scenarios.

      1. @ TotalJewBannedByRoosh, you’re having a go at Clint Eastwood being an actor? Really? Coming from a Jew? Who plague the silver screen? Most of whom are faggots and kiddy fuckers? Okay…

      2. The most unmasculine thing a man can do is argue like a beotch with strangers online.

        1. Why’s that?
          Coz you said so?
          Ohh man, did I hurt your feels with that Eastwood comment?
          What you gonna do about it; bitch and whine like an unmanly unmasculine soyboy beta fag little bitch?

        2. Making fun of the nonsensical, IQ deprived, basement dwellers on the other hand is pure manliness. 🙂

  10. I knew a man when I was growing up, that actually died at 101 and the only reason was that he fell off a ladder painting the outside of his house!! But wait, there’s more. He hardly had a wrinkle on his face, so smooth was it and he told me that he had eaten at least one hot dog for the last 80 years of his life, with mustard only..lol Just thought I’d share this strange to my mind at least, story.

  11. Are we a woman’s magazine now?
    Ohh no! I’m gonna get older, and other’s will be able to tell!
    Lol, why worry about the inevitable?
    Ur polishing brass on the titanic.
    Sure you should not smoke or drink, but appearance is the last reason among many worse reasons to stop.
    If you like the perfection of the youthful form, then clean up your soul so that one day you’ll stop being reincarnated into perishable material bodies.

  12. Oil based soap will moisturize the skin all day. Retin A for exfoliation and skon benefits. Astralagus based nutrients for Telomere preservation.

  13. Good skin is one of the top attracting features a man can possess. As always, its a fine line (pun intend) between rugged good and way overboard.

  14. Bullshit.
    Sun (in moderation) is very important.
    The picture of the smoker is using a vaping device. Nicotine within small to moderate doses from non-toxic sources (not smoking) such as vaping or gum protects against diseases such as Alzheimers and Parkinsons, and in general is a nootropic that preserves brain function. ALCOHOL in moderation is also hugely important, one glass of red wine is far more healthy than none. Actually, it takes over-drinking (4+) to equal the lack of benefits of nothing at all.
    Washing your face with chemicals is a HUGELY bad idea. A man should not be using ANYTHING foreign on his face, and on his body only be using pure natural soups, such as Lard, or pure Olive/Coconut Oil soap. The most that should be done is a fine brash to remove dead skin (used perhaps once per week).
    Other than that, keeping young is WHAT YOU EAT (whole foods, LCHF), and WHAT YOU DO (exercise, lifting). Actually this is probably 90+% of staying young (a part from really bad shit like smoking, or plain God-given generics).
    Sponsorship posts are fine, but not these lies and this misinformation.

  15. “You may not know this, but your skin is the largest organ in your body.“
    No! Really! Largest!
    I think what is more likely is that the author just learned this. It’s amazing what’s on the back of the hand lotion bottles and what you learn while taking a power dump. BTW, you skin is on your body, not in it.

    1. Well, that’s not really true for me. I think, technically, my dick is my largest organ, in mass.

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