6 Types Of Filipina Girls You Can Meet In Manila

I have spent more than five years of living, working, traveling and interacting with locals predominantly in Manila. It’s almost self-evident that the types of women (and people in general) we tend to meet in our lives are a solid reflection of our own life choices, so the subject of this article might just as well have been “6 Types Of Men Who Date Local Girls In The Philippines.” Let’s get down to business…

1. The Freelance Model / Borderline Hooker

Arguably the type that most short-term tourists experience in the country. It is difficult to be any different than that if your usual choices of hangout areas are around Burgos str., Cafe Havana in Greenbelt, clubs like Royal & Time or areas like Malate. Basically the so called “tourist traps” and the areas where you can only find pay for play entertainment.

In the last few years, Tinder has also become massively infested with “freelance models” who would basically offer escort services, possibly not being entirely upfront about it. These girls are in the areas most frequented by short-term staying tourists. Confirmation bias is very strong among people frequenting these areas, who instantly gain the impression that all Filipinas are borderline hookers.

There are also the more “upscale” equivalents full of GRO’s (guest relations officers, promoters or simply places where you directly pay drinks to interact with women). I don’t see much difference in the mentality—regardless how you sugarcoat it, if you start your interaction with a woman by paying for her company, this choice certainly sets you in for similar subsequent experiences.

I don’t condone the patrons or employees of any of the venues and have visited most of them myself numerous times, but it’s important to understand what kind of experience you are likely to get there and not wonder when the woman you met in Royal asks you for cab money, allowance or whatever.

2. The Girl From The Province

There is a fair amount of girls who left their hometowns and came to Manila to look for better employment opportunities, something fairly usual for all regions where economic segregation between the urban areas and provinces is huge. Needless to say, these girls usually have likely had limited opportunities to gain income and education. They likely live in the outskirts of Manila or the provinces nearby—a good hint would be that if you ask them what their travel time to Makati is, they respond with anything more than an hour.

Most of these girls have normal day jobs, mainly in the service industry, be it bars, restaurants, hospitality, BPO or anything else. Nevertheless, dating one of them will always have several different constraints to be aware of: they are likely socially awkward (or just shy) around foreigners, completely lose any sense of confidence among white guys, and have a fairly narrow mental horizon.

It’s not impossible for them to have had a kid or two plus some extended family to feed. It is unlikely that any of them will ask you for money directly, but the difference of standard of living will still mean you’ll have to pay for everything unless you want to meet in a very local area and have Ministop meals together.

3. The Horny School Girl

I have to agree that this type does not sound bad at all on the surface, especially if you are mentally picturing petite Asian women in schoolgirl uniforms. The dating experience with them would largely depend on your own age—if you’re in your late teens or early 20’s, you might find them cute. If you are anywhere close to mid-twenties or above, you would fairly soon have the impression you went on a date with a 9-year old girl, both due to physical appearance and overall demeanor.

These girls usually attend all-girl high-schools or colleges and are kept under strict home routine by their parents, so they see online dating as an amazing rebellion adventure against the status quo and boredom. You also need to be 100% sure that they are of legal age and that their father is not going to come looking for you if they break their curfew because due to financial reasons, lots of the girls (and Filipinos in general) stay living with their families well into their 20’s (or until they get married). 

4. The Middle-Class Filipina

We are now slowly treading into the territory that short-term staying tourists don’t experience frequently. These girls are usually a good mix between traditional and modernized women. They come from good middle-class families (a class of society that is not very common in the country), have some form of financial independence, have traveled outside of the country, can afford to pay for their own transportation or own cars and live in or close to CBD’s (central business districts such as Salcedo, Legazpi, BGC, Ortigas or Eastwood).

They usually have relatives living abroad and their English is at an above-average level. I find this group of girls the most dateable out of all in the country and the one where most of my expat friends who live in the Philippines have found girlfriends among.

The reason why they are not easily accessible during a short stay is that they usually have a somewhat similar social life to their Western counterparts—they work, attend social events, have friends, etc. Some of them may work unsociable hours and it’s difficult to find an agreeable time to date.

They are also considerably more picky in their choices and generally go for younger and/or good-looking guys, foreigners or not, as they possess a rare combination of choice and a relative freedom, even if still living with their parents. They’d also much less frequently agree on insta-hookups or other PnD offers that the former three categories would eagerly sign up for, which in turn means you’d have to spend some time building up comfort with them before the date—time I recognize not everyone on a few days/weeks trip has.  

If you are well calibrated socially, have at least average looks and good logistics, you will likely be able to meet these type of girls, regardless of the duration of your stay. They are mainly frequenting areas such as Poblacion if they go out, but the best place to meet these girls would be through social circle and activities—gym classes, meetups, expat events, work hangouts etc.

5. The Rich-Daddy Girl

I think of those as a combination of the middle-class Filipina and the borderline hooker. They quickly serve as an example of how money corrupts the nature of women, as the majority of such (good-looking) girls are also often among the most active in the upscale night scene.

You can usually meet them around the bars and clubs around Burgos Circle and The Palace in BGC. They flock in groups with other rich locals, both men and women, and are mainly interested in entertainment, due to the absence of social imperative to work for their living.

I suppose the rich-daddy Filipinas aren’t much different than the kids of rich people anywhere else in the world, except that the level of attitude and entitlement you can develop in a country where most people are poor is arguably much higher. In order to lay rich-daddy girl Filipinas you need social circle, (at least some) fame and/or above average game skills. And even so, your result rate will not be particularly high.

As far as long-term dating opportunities go, many of these girls’ parents will not approve of marriage with a foreigner and would always prefer a rich local guy for a son-in-law, which adds an additional layer of pressure. All in all, I imagine that gaming these chicks is comparable to running game in upscale venues in the West. You need to be among the top 10% or your results will suffer, foreigner or not.

6. The Business Lady / Career Woman Filipina

Another thing worth mentioning about the Philippines is that on average, women are miles more dependable, organized, street-smart and even entrepreneurial than men. Therefore the phenomenon of a hard-working career lady or businesswoman is probably more widespread compared to other countries in the region. Some of them may have inherited their business or riches (from their family or husband), but there are quite a lot self-made as well.

This is another hybrid group that you are likely to experience dating only if you stay longer in the country. They rarely have time for dating website, because they are married to their jobs or business. So you either need to meet them through social circle, activities or in the rare occasion they allow themselves a night out in a club. Usually on the older side (30+, more often 35+), they are among the very few groups of real “grown-ups” you can meet in the country, being smart, sophisticated, well-traveled and socially calibrated.

On the other side, maintaining any sort of long-term relationship with a career woman can be quite a challenge anywhere in the world, in addition to all the downsides of dating, committing or impregnating older women that have been vastly discussed in the manosphere.

In summary, don’t be tricked into thinking that all Filipinia’s are hookers. Some are, but you’ll find much better quality if you stay longer than a couple of weeks.

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    1. “Hello sirrrrrrrrrr. Oh you want me to take care of your baby sirrrrrrrrrr. No problem sirrrrrrrr!”

    2. Dude all these girls want one of 2 things,
      Money or a green card.
      You ain’t gonna bang them for free AWALT.
      I find the flipprs to be the easiest lays, and the smallest in the world.
      Had to put a lower weight limit in the girls i saw (38Kg) because of the very real danger of not being able to ‘fit in’. Was lying in bed with a nice one (watching movies on TV) and noticed her feet were level with my knees.
      The best point being they are all good Catholic girls so there is never any problem with not using a condom.

      1. JOHN
        GREEN CARD
        My wife would not live in Detroit or become a US citizen if you paid her.
        She thinks blacks are horrid and the US is a shit hole full of mass spree killers.
        She’s right.

        1. REALITY
          Put another way-
          My Thai-Chinese wife sits and laughs at America-at our president in a situation with a trailer trash whore of the lowest order; at the mass shootings; at cops turning out to be serial killers whose training in law enforcement allowed them to go uncaught; at Black Lives Matters.
          She’d never want a Greencard, being from the relatively prosperous Chinese-Thai merchant class.
          The US has gone downhill in the last 20 years. Americans who have never traveled believe that everyone wants to immigrate and nobody does except to a few coastal bubbles that are hugely expensive.
          I’m not sure WHY the US went downhill during the Bush era but the country is just not attractive to anyone any longer.
          Asians much prefer NZ or Australia.

        2. @Madman
          Yes, the US has seen a decline in the past 20 years, but you are coming across as you are an eltist when we all know the Chinese are selfish assholes.

        3. MAVERICK
          “Chinese are selfish assholes”
          Absolutely, and if you think the Jews or East Coast Irish Catholics wield too much power and influence go to Philippines where Chinese own the economy.
          Thank goodness the Jews and old money Irish-Catholics are so entrenched in the Beltway and Fed Reserve and Wall Street that the Chinese take over the US economy or the high-caste Indians or whoever.
          White Anglo-Celtics who seem to be unable to run a decent economy even though they control the primary industries (Oil, agriculture, etc) would REALLY be fucked if the Chinese or Indians took over the US economy. Jews and Irish-Catholics are white at least.
          All of the mofos on this site who moan about Ron Jeremy and Weinstein should see what happens when Chinese take over an economy-which they sort of did in Vancouver and reduced the whites to homeless squatters the same as they did to Indonesians and Filipinos.
          As for elitism, I feel sorry for some of the poor fucked motherfuckers I grew up with who married at 23 and settled down in my rustbelt city. They have nothing but headaches now. Their kids go to shitty public schools, their economy sucks, no jobs will ever come back, their property value will never increase.
          Thank goodness I got out young. If my college girlfriend had not dumped me I might be one more asshole in my rustbelt city having to drive through throngs of black live matters protesters and eating up the shit Hollywood rams down the throats of the public about evil white men and being forced to see if the president will be impeached over a two-bit porn star.

        4. Australia and NZ are CRAZY expensive. There isn’t even any option to live cheaper in those countries.
          In the US, if you at least make big money in the coastal bubbles, you can cash in your chips and move to a much cheaper state (Idaho, Tennessee, Texas, Arizona, etc.) and be ballin’ it.

        5. Come on bud, this is a huge country. There are a third of a billion people spread over half a continent. If you think all of America is like Detroit then you need to come back on vacation and go to where normal people live. If Detroit = America then London = England and Bangkok = Thailand. That’s just ignorant.

        6. Some blacks are ok, maybe redeemable. Kanye West is trying to turn them around.
          I wish him all the luck.
          Also, JD is right. All women want something, and love between the sexes is a concept invented by the poor.

        7. REALITY
          Texas is full of Cholos and Hood Rats.
          Unless you want to live with Leatherface out in the sticks.
          That is the problem with the United States. The areas that do have blacks or Mestizos are deep in sticks.

        8. REALITY
          There is no state worth living in. I’m American and if you do not want to be around the barrio or Section 8 you end up in the trailer park.
          States in the interior like Tennessee do not attract immigrants for a reason.

        9. “…laughs at America-at our president in a situation with a trailer trash whore of the lowest order…” So WTF happened during the paradise years of the previous president? Some kind of paradise lost?
          If you don’t like BLM, shitty (union run) public schools or crappy opportunities in the rust belt, ask the fools who they voted for all those years.

        10. MM
          Yes but she’s Thai, Thais like Thailand, Filipinos can’t wait to leave the country.

        11. Sounds like your wife is just trying to impress you, I’d send her back to hole where she came from and listen to her squealing to come back

      2. @JD
        “Had to put a lower weight limit in the girls i saw (38Kg) because of the very real danger of not being able to ‘fit in’.”
        That’s what we call a “good problem”…

      3. I don’t have a thing for Filipino women. In regards to Asia, if Japan is seen as the Master Race, aren’t Filipinos considered basically the Puerto Ricans/Mexicans of Asia?

    3. true but get this, at my dads work so many white guys divorced raped by filipina wives, had 1 drinkin buddy whom was a chad but same deal and got divorced raped hard.
      eastern cultures are very money and status focus.
      dam suddenly western girls seem better, but least we got latinas
      btw incels are getting analysed

  1. 6 types of pinay ladies you can meet:
    1- generic run-of-the-mill sluts
    2- totally crazy, shabu-smoking sluts
    3- young, already fucked-up sluts
    4- their even crazier, nuttier and sluttier moms
    5- poor slumville dwelling sluts who also moonlight as babysitters, nannies, maids etc.
    (a couple of years of past work in any Gulf country is generally a giveaway for this type)
    6- the professional wannabe who works in some office in Makati, they speak good English and they prefer to slut it out with foreigners, many seem to possess a degree in business or something like that.
    There, i summed up in a few lines everything you need to know about Slutville aka the Philippines…seriously fuck that rotting, stinking tragic joke of an archipelago.

      1. Please refrain from calling MEN ‘creepy’. It’s not only hate speech, but also being “ungrateful”! Lol !!

    1. The women are really NOT that good looking. Soft 5’s are ubiquitous to the point of insanity.
      Get over back to the mainland to Vietnam instead. Same weather, better ladies, even cheaper cost of living. The ONLY drawback is much lower English skills.

    2. AJEOSHI
      “Shabu smoking and foreigners”
      Shabu was everywhere when I lived in the Philippines and saw several foreigners who got into smoking it through dating local girls whose lives were completely fucked as a result.
      One was a Korean guy who was representative for Samsung and he lost his BMW, his condo, his job and ended up living in a squat married to a squatter of 20 with 2 kids.
      One day he was hanging around “Kathy” a local shabu addict who smoked with her mother and he fucked her Mom-an ex-hooker in her mid-40’s who was the first generation of users started smoking in the 1980’s.
      The local drug dealers were pressured by cops-then completely on the take and often dealers-to give up a righteous bust.
      He was busted with it on him and had to pay a bribe of $4000. He left the Philippines penniless, in middle age.
      Joshi was a Punjabi-UK Indian who dated a bar girl. I cannot understand why foreigners date hookers who suck other men’s cocks every day; a great many of them do.
      He lost his restaurant and ended up leaving the Philippines penniless.
      Along the way he borrowed money from another foreigner and the guy wanted to kill him. He also owed three months rent. He barely got out and went to the UK.

      1. MMMMh after reading your anecdote about the Korean dumbo…feel free to call me brother-in-law.

        1. AJEOSHI
          Generally, once a foreigner is known as a tweaker the local dealers he buys from rat him out to the PNP as part of their payment plan and the PNP then bust the foreigner and force him to pay $5000.
          Kim Song was the Korean and he was busted in Consulacion, Cebu where I rented a place in a subdivision. He would simply roam around smoking about $10 of shabu everyday and then approach you high off his head trying to get you to join him at a whorehouse.
          He threw a rock at a local Filipino dealer who ripped him off named Patrick and Patrick ratted him to the cops down the road and he was busted and the cops squeezed $5000 out of Kim Song and his ass was deported.
          “Heidi” was a German biker chick/whore who ran a motorcycle dealership and actually was DEALING shabu. She was busted not only with shabu but also with an automatic weapon. She did a year in jail before she was allowed to pay a bribe and be deported to Hamburg. A white woman in Filipino jail is not going to like it very much.
          Josh was a Punjabi UK restaurant owner who was turned onto shabu by his girlfriend and he lost his restaurant, borrowed money he could not pay back, blew his rent and fled back to London.
          Bruce was an American bar owner who had been a tweaker and started smoking meth again in the Philippines. Shabu-which I have tried once or twice but never got into-is laced with Taiwanese heroin residue (I knew a Chinese-Filipino dealer). Bruce got so hooked that he lost his bar, his apartment and lived in a Neepah hut. He impregnated a prostitute and left her with two twins when he returned to Florida.

        2. AJEOSHI
          The one time I tried Shabu was with a Chinese dealer/co-worker named Lim.
          I noticed it leveled off after 20 minutes and I mentioned this to him.
          “They lace it with heroin residue in Taiwan to bring you down”
          Not much heroin, but basically Shabu is a speedball.
          I never got addicted and never understood the obsession. But a few foreigners get totally hooked on Shabu and some even sell it.
          Kim was just an unbearable fucking idiot. He lived in a squat adjacent to the subdivision I rented an apartment and he had attended college in LA so he spoke English. He would accost Westerners and try to turn them on to shabu.

        3. AJEOSHI
          “Kathy’s Shabu Addict Mother”
          Kim the Korean had 2 kids with a local whose sister was named Kathy. Kathy was a shabu addict and so was her Mom. Kathy had a job at a call center.
          Kathy would try to pull guys to fuck her Mom with offers of free shabu. Her Mom was like a rabbit on Spanish Fly when she smoked “shabs” and would get pissed off and start shouting a Kathy so Kathy would go out and find some guy to fuck her Mom (Who’s name I forgot) so that her Mom would chill out.
          Kim went over one day jonesing for Shabu and fucked Kathy’s Mom.
          In the middle of it, Kathy was horny and he ended up pulling a train with Mom and daughter together.
          About a week later I saw Kathy and she tried to hustle me into going over to her house.
          Her Mom was horny again.

      2. Jesus Christ what a dump. Why would anyone choose to live or travel in such a horrible place? There’s an entire world out there to see.
        Why people spend their time in 3rd world shit holes is beyond me. Life is just too damn short.

        1. JON
          America was the closest place I came to possible injury or death not Philippines.
          In Detroit it was walking making a phone call from a seedy hotel and a black followed me out of the bar across the lobby screaming he would kill me and jumped into his car in the parking lot and followed me down the road.
          In Phoenix it was two Mexican hardcore cholos who followed me for no reason in an old Chevy in broad daylight from Wal-Mart to my apartment complex.
          In Los Angeles downtown I was walking in early afternoon out of an office where I had done some business to a bus stop and a large black simply began following saying “YOU’RE NOTHING BUT A WHITE BITCH AND I’LL KILL YOU!” until I faded in with a bunch of bus passengers boarding the bus.
          Also in Phoenix a tweaker in a shitty apartment complex I lived for only two weeks fixated on me and followed me around for a time demanding I give him money. I ignored him but for some reason he fixated on me until I moved out of the complex.
          None of this happened in the Philippines.

        2. JOMS
          Philippines is dirtier than the US but for sudden, dangerous situations on the streets Mexicans and blacks are more dangerous.
          Of note I was not in the barrio or ghetto when these street situations with blacks and Mexicans took place. And it was not the middle of the night.
          It was broad daylight in relatively neutral areas.
          Southeast Asians do not have the violence or aggression that Mexicans and blacks have.

        3. Exactly. ZERO phucking desire to visit Manila or the Philippines in general.
          From what I hear, Manila is worse than Tijuana and THAT is a phucing mean feat.

        4. No doubt.
          Life in the 3rd wolrd? No freaking thank you.
          That they will die to get TO the White West, tells you all you need to know.

      3. I just looked up “shabu”. Its Meth.
        May I ask why on Earth would anyone do this drug in the first place? I’ve seen what Meth addicts look like. They are the perfect poster children of why you should not do drugs. Especially if you’re in a place like the Philippines. I’ve been to the Philippines (Manila, Cebu, Boracay, etc.) and know what its about. I actually enjoyed the Philippines. Manila is not crazy dangerous. But you do want to have your wits about you at all times, particularly in the evening when you are out and about. To me, this means not even drinking much alcohol (one, maybe two beers) let alone ingest a drug like Meth.

    3. LMAO I in all seriousness thought this article would be a parody, with just one word as the body.

    4. “seriously fuck that rotting, stinking tragic joke of an archipelago.”
      You have no idea what you are talking about.

  2. Great article. I have met several of these categories during my brief stay in Cebu. Overall I prefer Northeast Asia but If I would stay longer time in the Philippines then I would go for middle-class girls or a 28-year-old tight career girl to bang and have dinner with.

      1. Someone should sue you or send the mafia on you bitch!

  3. “Another thing worth mentioning about the Philippines is that on average, women are miles more dependable, organized, street-smart and even entrepreneurial than men”.
    When it comes to pinoy dudes the bar is below ground level, it’s pretty much like being the best swimmer in Mongolia or something like that.

    1. AJEOSHI
      The guys with any skill or trade become overseas workers and are never seen again.
      The Filipino males that remain are the lazy ones or those that are too poor to even have gotten a welding certificate or something.

      1. >The guys with any skill or trade become overseas workers and are never seen again.
        I think they all want to come back eventually. Most end up in overseas laborer limbo where they don’t qualify for citizenship either way. They usually save up for ages until they can afford a house / condo and retirement back home and if they’re unlucky they have so many leeches in the family that they die before they can achieve this.
        The competition for jobs is fierce. It’s a 100 million people country with barely any above board economy due to all the red tape involved in running a business.
        If you don’t know someone that can get you an in or can successfully bribe your way into an overseas laborer job without getting scammed you’re pretty fucked and no work ethic in the world can get you out of this bind.
        Nobody will train you for free on anything either much like in the west these days. Supply and demand…

    2. AJEOSHI
      Filipino males “Cucks of the Universe”
      * No money.
      * Small dick
      * No education
      * Wily, but not terribly bright
      * Shabu addict
      Filipino males are fucked. The women know it.

      1. In that case just LOL @ all the pathetic white fools flying across the world to sponsor some whore who has been fucked to hell and back (and probably shat out a couple of cunny-busters in the process) by all these Filipino male losers.
        Same goes for Thailand and any other shithole sexpat destination.

    1. Hentai chicks possess on average a significantly higher IQ

        1. I suspect tentacle rape would be a much less traumatizing experience than growing up pinoy.

        2. AJEOSHI
          I dated a Spanish Mestizo woman and they and the Chinese-Filipinos are fairly well-balanced.

      1. By whom? Are you alluding that you are going to shoot someone unprovoked?

      2. pedophilia …… being attracted to females that haven’t passed through puberty.
        Plenty of schoolgirls over 15 (legal in Spain), and over 16 (legal in the UK).
        I married my wife while she was in high school, totally legal.
        She used to take our baby to school with her (while breast feeding).

  4. The so-called CBD’s in the Philippines consist of your typical South East Asian downtown architecture, basically high rises who, credit where credit is due, look a bit less sovietish and dreary than the equivalent in NE Asia, at constant risk though of being submerged and eaten out by the chaos, the garbage piles, the homeless children, the Dengue mosquitos and the general wreckage infesting the country.
    The Philippines, in terms of visual impact, appear basically similar to Thailand: shanty towns, high rise condos and some thin middle layers of very poor, very ugly and very basic accomodations that are still a couple of notches better than your typical favela made of corrugated roofing sheets.
    The difference between those 2 “countries” lies in the different ingredients ratio: I would say Thailand is 30% modernity and 70% crap. The ratio is way more skewed toward the crap part in the Phil,my guess is around 5%-95%…
    Hence even their supposedly glitzy areas are a rathouse (literally)

    1. Any man who travels to Asia is a sex tourist who hates women in his home country. You’re afraid of us because we are superior to slum IQ Filipinas who only love you because they see you as a cash cow. We should ban every man in Canada and the States from travelling to Thailand and The Philippines.

      1. I only respond to trolls of below average intelligence (the smarter ones , i don’t dignify them as they should know better) so consider yourself flattered.
        1- I’m neither American nor Canadian (Thanks God !!!!!)
        2- I travelled to the Philippines only for business, not interested in mating randomly in general, let alone with those specimens.
        3- I’m married to a North East Asian woman (S.Korean): generally speaking a far better breed, look-wise, education-wise and even from a financial point of view than your typical N. American skank, particularly the millennial bums.
        In general Korean women can drink, swear and kick under the table the aforementioned typical North American skank without a flinch.

        1. If I could not live in Southeast Asia I would be suicidal-
          If you are poor white in the US you are living in Africa crossed with Tijuana anyhow-there is no way to get away from Mestizos and blacks if you earn under $30,000 a year unless you want to live next door to “Leatherface” in the total sticks.
          And if you are wealthy you end up in Tel Aviv and have to wear the PC mask all the time.
          Fuck me, Asians are a far more pleasant minority to be around.

      2. Funny how you pretend to care for the girls when you’re just scared of the competition.

        1. @Rollov
          Ha, bingo! I was waiting for someone to point that out. It seems so obvious that I’m constantly amazed how few people pick up on what really is motivating such wymyn.

        2. RW (Redneck World)
          I’m not a Jew and anybody who is not from a Podunk city in the US interior like you whose Dad voted for Bush because he was stupid is a Jew to you.
          But I would rather be a Jew with a family who has a bit of money and a college degree than a hick in a shitass city or town.

      3. Robyn,
        I don’t hate white women in my home country, they just aren’t available to me (I’m 62) at a price and age I can afford. Paid $750,000 for my last white wife (my house) and that isn’t a price I can keep paying. My Thai wife (age 24) only cost $3,000.
        Value for money is important if you have to earn it yourself.

        1. JOHN
          In my case I barely paid a dime. My wife owns the house and when we met I agreed on spending $1000 a month. She also owned land and a vehicle.
          Thai-Chinese are slightly better off than the pure Thais, I have noticed.
          Anyhow, I live way out in the middle of nowhere in the North of the country though I keep an apartment in Bangkok.
          I feel very fortunate not to have lived in the US, that is for sure.

        2. It’s very much in doubt you have a young wife. Besides, what do you say to those on the Alt Right who believe that race mixing is anti-West and anti-white?

        3. TAG,
          I’ve had 4 white kids, now one half Asian now 6 years old that can pass for white. The white race is finished, but my DNA will live on. I’m not sure why you would doubt I have a young wife, they are easy enough to get in Asia. I’m banging women in their 20s and early 30s on the side all the time, it’s the norm out here and nobody cares.

        4. You got the yellow fever, your kids will be ugly and mentally ill and wait until her family moves in or needs $.
          No thx, race traitor

        5. With $750,000 you could have built an Asian harem in Manila.
          I wish I could move there or Thailand!

      4. ROBYN
        Ban white men from living in Southeast Asia? If I had to live in the US and put up with white women and their expectations to get pussy I would kill myself.
        Not to mention being around blacks and Mexicans.

        1. MM,
          If I had to live in the US and put up with white women and their expectations, I would probably kill them …. but never myself.

      5. But why do you have sex with your friend’s dog you filthy whore?! Fucking lowlife Joo.

      6. Robyn, you would have to ban men from leaving the country period. IF you ban Thailand or Phillipines they would just go to other countries like Eastern Europe. If you ban men from leaving the US then they kill themselves rather than being with women like you.

    2. Aje,
      You’re right, but the flippers are the cheapest women in the world at 1,500 pesos ($25) for all night with a girl from a club.

      1. @ JD
        All night???
        Now that is a BARGAIN!
        With what I spend a week here in NYC, that’s 50+ nights!!!
        Holy Crap!!!
        Where do they rate on 0-10 though?
        And age?
        I am a strict follower of the 7-29 rule.

        1. AS,
          18 plus if you want to avoid trouble, I was finding plenty between 25 and 34 for 1,500 pesos. In one hotel club last year there was a really pretty woman aged 33, at least an 8, who wanted me to take her up to a room, she wanted 1,500 pesos including the hotel room. Many of the legit family hotels and resorts in the Philippines seem to have clubs full of hookers inside the hotel, a strange place. You won’t find many girls aged 30+ working the clubs, they tend to only employ the younger women.
          Just got back from Vietnam, you’d love Saigon. The prettiest girls working the TOP clubs want $40-$50 for an hour or two, and some of those were stunning.

        2. @JD
          7 -29 rule.
          7 or higher in looks.
          29 or younger in age.
          I’m not interested in Gary Glitter bate… don’t need those problems…

        3. AS,
          The occasional older woman doesn’t hurt. Just planted my flag with a 46yo Viet woman, she was very talented for a 6. But spoiled it by going totally insane when I didn’t want to see her again. I gave her 1M Dong ($40) for the whole afternoon (5 hours). She was the waitress at my local restaurant in Saigon. No children well on her way to being a cat lady.

    3. Philippines has Spanish architecture and a Latin feel to its architecture and names. Colon Street, Ramos avenue.
      The wealthy Filipinos are Spanish Mestizos from the landowning class-it is the same system as Latin America with some Mestizos in Haciendas (Known as “Hacienderos” in the Philippines).
      Chinese Filipinos, basically Fuji province emigrants, invented the gated subdivision. I lived in one.

      1. From what I gather the Ching Chongs in South East Asia occupy a relatively similar spot as Ashkenazi Jews in pre- WW2 Europe: a tiny, disproportionately wealthy and extremely insular ethnic minority best described by the mutual hatred and contempt between them and their host nations.
        The relaitonship seems particularly sullen in Indonesia, where everything is magnified by a growing islamist movement.

        1. AJEOSHI
          I’d say the Chinese in the Philippines are more like a mafia family in New Jersey. They’ll threaten you.

    1. He should have ran you over instead of the actual innocents, which were a few. The rest were Anglocunts and femwhores who hated on men.

  5. Always go for the obvious hookers in places like the Phils because you’ll get what you expect (sex) for your money. No point paying for dinner, drinks, taxi, etc. and not getting sex, is there? Go for the sure thing with classy pros or semi-pros because they’ll try harder, be more reliable and have more experience with foreigners. Plus, you’re much less likely to hear any sob stories about their families or get shaken down by said families.
    The only thing it comes down to is price. What’s your budget and what value do you put on pussy? How long do you want to spend with someone who is relatively immature and lacks intellect? Always choose your favorite body type first, then cute face, then personality because your goal is to bang them in a semi-dark room, not wine and dine them while discussing the finer points of politics and international business.

    1. I’ve enjoyed Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam.
      China was a bit too strange for me to really enjoy.
      Never felt threatened or in danger anywhere (but I’m a big guy and don’t look like a potential victim). They all have their good points and a few different bad points. Vietnam is by far the cheapest place except for hooker prices (flight $75).
      Philippines has cheapest hooker prices, but is expensive to get to (flight $140).
      Gangsters are everywhere in the world, I’ve learnt to avoid or befriend them.

    2. Only losers go for sex in brothels. The thought, smell and picture of it is revolting and disgusts me as much as some J ews and low lifes here promoting it. I went to one accidentally in the Dominican in the middle of the town square thinking it was a bar and not speaking Spaninsh, and promptly walked out. Not paying for sex. Not that desperate. Im reasonably good looking, not afraid to approach women and get as much sex as I need.

      1. RW,
        Try getting as much sex as you want when over age 40 …………
        No need to go to a brothel, at 60+ they approach me.

        1. JOHN
          I’m 44 and would feel bloody stupid sitting in some club with 20-somethings trying to get laid.

        2. I can get pretty much as much sex as I want, am now late 40s, look 20s right here in the states.
          I Still bench 120# dumb bells for reps. The girls might not be 10s, but they sure as hell are solid 6/7/8s. Im married now tho, so my hook up days are over, largely a waste of time. I prefer quality, not quantity with a meaningful woman in my life.
          Ive traveled to the 3rd world and hate it….Smells, worries of disease-water borne especially, scams, rip offs and depressing culture does nothing for me.

      2. Redneck World
        …you live in a city where people have sex with their cousins until they are 50 years old.
        …you sit in the same shitty bars and clubs hoping some local skank will let you fuck her in the missionary position when she is drunk and stinking of booze.
        I have porno-style sex with hot dusky beauties while you jerk off to Jews like Ron Jeremy fucking skinny white blondes from Flyover cities in the Podunk US interior in Jew-owned studios.

        1. No. I dont live in Israel where people have sex with their cousins until 50.
          Im in a nice Midwestern City with too many negros and J EWs for my liking and cant wait to be in the country or out West.
          I get sex from my wife 3-4xs a week-hot italian with a great body still, and we have 3 great kids, all achieving high honors.
          Been to the 3rd world, its full of degenerate Xpats and lowers mostly, who lower their standards to the depressing way of life. If they had any standards and success, they wouldnt be there….
          And I dont watch J EW Porn, I make my own porn with my wife whenever I want. Shalom

  6. Philippines aka the infrastrcture of a bad area in Monrovia, Liberia, the level of personal safety of San Pedro Sula and the morals of a typical trailer park…great place, truly.

    1. AJEOSHI
      I was robbed 3 x in the Philippines and once threatened by a Chinese-Filipino whom I fired at the behest of my Chinese business partner.
      The first robbery was a home invasion while I was asleep. I made a police report and the company reimbursed me.
      The second robbery was a pick pocketing on a Jeepnee. The last time I rode on one.
      The third time was a street robbery by a wild-eyed shabu addict and his buddy. I handed the money over that time.
      I’d say most street crimes are a result of shabu.
      When it came around in 1983 or so it did to Filipinos what crack did to the black ghetto.

      1. Regarding Korean women: they’re in general not difficult at all. They like to put up a somewhat relatively innocent and conservative image but they definitely DO love to party and consume alcohol in astonishing quantities. My wife keeps telling me her country after 1997 has become, in her own words, “a den for shitty little street punks and whores”.
        About Pinoy street crime: it is the only place that i’m aware of in the Far East where they need metal detectors in malls or any other area with a modicum of wealth.

        1. AJEOSHI
          I lived in Cebu Philippines for 3 years:
          My scariest experience was when the Chinese-Filipino threatened to kill me for firing him. He was a loser but Chinese-Filipinos are essentially a nation-within-a-nation with a great deal of power-they will back one another up, to a degree. Mostly they operate as family cartels and if you fuck with one you end up taking on the entire “association” of them.
          Luckily, I had good Chinese-Filipino friends and I went to them and they made the Chinoy fuck off.
          “Street Crime”
          Generally this involves shabu addicts. Anyhow you won’t get robbed in a squat. most break-ins occur when you rent an apartment in a local area outside of a gated subdivision.
          By and large pickpocketing happens on Jeepneys.
          I was strong-armed robbed at a gas station and just handed my wallet over on that occasion.
          The only other trouble I got into was walking past a bunch of Muslims living in a squat near my subdivision. It was nighttime and they were drunk and chased me for no reason.
          In my experience the worst Filipinos are the Muslims and they are often migrants to the Central Philippines who live in squats. The local Cebuano are Hispanicized Mestizo Catholics and are pretty decent people.

        2. Madman.
          All you have to do when confronted (extremely rare as that may be) or find yourself in a situation where muslim males are eyeing you up for being on their turf in phils, indo or elsewhere is walk right up to them, put your right hand out to the one of the main guys, smile and say ‘as salamu alaykum’. Trust me it works.

    2. AJEOSHI
      You make a good point-
      1) Like a trailer park, the drug of choice is Crystal Meth. However, Oxy seems to have replaced it to a large degree.
      2) The crimes are the same. Stolen property, fraud, cons, burglary.
      3) Same corrupt police.
      4) Same shitty temp living areas. A squat and a trailer park look similar.
      5) Same out-of-wedlock births and single mothers searching for a Beta male to support them.

  7. Just move to California and you can get all the Filipino poontang you could ever want. Only problem is that they are easy to get in bed and are boring in bed then to get rid of them from your life can be a nightmare. Just a very persistent race of people.

    1. Persistent except with anything even remotely related to the concept of “getting your shit together”

    2. You nailed it; totally accurate. And “boring” is the word. Before reading any of this, I posted a similar profile of the kind you describe; afterward, I backed up and saw your comment. Laughing in agreement ensued…

  8. “Another thing worth mentioning about the Philippines is that on average, women are miles more dependable, organized, street-smart and even entrepreneurial than men”.
    So, basically it’s a matriarchy. At least that explains why more than half of the kids born are illegitimate (52%), highest growth rate of HIV/Aids infections in the region and a rapidly declining birth rate

    1. ACE
      Filipinos are very similar to blacks in some ways and Mexicans in others.
      Below the middle-class about 75% of births will be out-of-wedlock.
      Chinese-Filipinos are a bit different and they generally marry foreigners who are middle-class. Spanish Mestizos will be married to Hispanics or Mediterraneans if they are married to foreigners.

      1. I can confirm that’s the case for Italy: Italian men are, generally speaking, largerly immune from the yellow fever that gripped the Germanic world and its derivatives. Most eyetees seem to prefer latinas, particularly Cubans and Brazilians. The only East Asian group you see them with in significant numbers are the pinay.

        1. AJEOSHI
          Rich Spanish Filipinos will import Spanish women to marry. The 5% Filipino population that is rich is essentially pure white. It is the same system is Latin America.
          Middle-class and upper-class Filipinos are generally 12% Spanish up to 50%.
          Filipinos that own land are the great-grandchildren of Spanish colonists who left the Philippines in 1898 and the Americans seeking local educated Filipinos to run the country established ties with them.

        2. AJEOSHI
          Rich Filipinos speak Spanish, makes sense.
          Philippines is basically a Hispanic country.

      2. They are a Sub race of people and no self respecting white guy wants anything to do with them. As a J ew you can do what you want.

  9. The birth rate is unfotunately by a wide margin the highest in East Asia.

    1. East Asia? Philippines isn’t part of East Asia but of Southeast Asia. It is relatively high (although not by a wide margin) but it is also rapidly declining. Per 2015 it stands at 2.94….Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos have roughly the same numbers.
      In 2000 it was 3.81
      This stat combined with the other numbers suggests that the country is heading in a problematic direction. In short: more degeneracy – weakening of family bonds, more casual relations, more illegitimate children, high (youth)crime, more substance abuse….widening gap between rich and poor, more unstable political situation…ah you know the riddle.

      1. ace
        Philippines was always the jewel of corruption and crime and poverty in Southeast Asia.
        A) It was colonized by Spain. The Mestizos now own the land.
        B) Chinese merchants own 90% of the commercial economy. Latin America does not have Chinese so the Indians are only coping with one market-dominant minority.
        C) The Chinese introduced shabu which really blighted the country like crack in the US ghetto but for much longer.

  10. Everybody looks down on Filipinas, is it because they have lowest standard when it come to sex?
    You could be 85 yo on deathbed dying from syphilis and you wont have problem getting gf or wife thats 50+ years younger
    Downside is that these women are dumb as, i dated a few and these people cant seem to think at all, even if they finish some school they lack in mental department.
    No intellectual curiosity, creativity, you cant discuss anything philosophical, poor knowledge about geopolitics or anything really. To me its a boner killer.
    American men seem to like them.
    Not long ago i asked one religious filipina how come they are Catholics and not Muslims or Buddhas like the rest of Asia, she thought it was like that since beginning of the world. They just dont question anything, no wonder a few spanish ships colonised them

    1. DAVID
      Philippines is an example of what will happen in Africa and maybe the US when it is a Mestizo hellhole.
      Chinese come in and take over the economy.

    2. “No intellectual curiosity, creativity, you cant discuss anything philosophical, poor knowledge about geopolitics or anything really. To me its a boner killer”
      Intellectual honesty force me to admit the phenomena you described are a plague in rich Asian countries as well. magnified by the typical nuveau riche arrogance.
      Ask the average Joe/Jane in HK/Singapore/Korea/Japan (Taiwan seems a partial exception from that point of view: way better level of education) about world affairs and all they do is regurgitating some vaguely victimistic tropes about their historical grievances only to invariably end up reaffirming how their contry is the best in the world because of this and that.
      Most of their cultural productions seem to focus on the glorification of the righteous gangster way or, on the other hand, on innocent cute girl meet pretty somewhat rebellious boy type of stories.
      They spend money like there’s no tomorrow, even people of modest means do that, to pile up on fashion items and prestige trips abroad where they take the chance…to shop some more.
      Most of their discussions are centered around money in general and the real estate market in particular.
      Most women are downright rude, particularly to their men and families (so much for Confucian values). Most men do not seem to do much of anything with their, admittedly scarce, free time except playing games, drinking themselves to oblivion or simply vegetating.
      North East Asia is great for many things, but it’s a cultural desert.

      1. AJEOSHI
        Chinese seem mostly interested in money. They will treat employees like farm animals and are cold and rude to everyone else. Filial piety exists but it is mostly a social safety net.
        I’m married to a Thai-Chinese but generally Chinese are an unlovely bunch.
        There is a reason why their are anti-Chinese riots in Indonesia and Filipinos dislike them as well.

        1. Been dating a 26 y/o Chinese girl here in Abu Dhabi. 41 years younger than me.
          You described her well. She was embarrassingly rude in public and was maxed out on her credit cards. she had no friends due to being so self-centered. Her filippina roommate wouldn’t talk to her.
          She was tight and made some lovely happy woman sounds. She smelled great!
          I can definitely predict war between China and US now.

      2. Aj,
        All I want is sex, cultural discussion is a crock of shit with anyone.
        Nothing wrong with sex, drinking beer and playing games.
        You can keep your pretensions.

        1. John I understand and to a certain degree second that, but you don’t live there you just travel and have fun in those places: it makes a world of differences.
          I’ve chosen to move to the area in 2012, I had a great time, did really super good for myself, i’m grateful for that to the point that, provided they don’t kick me out, I have no intention of moving back to the chololandia of Europe (aka Italy).
          Said so materialism for the sake of it, Goddamn k-pop blasted from every screen (and they do have tons of screens), scores of petulant college-age bitches screeching inanities on their expensive phones with a very high-pitched voices, drunk troglodytical salarymen, even more troglodytical chinese tourists can be tiresome

        2. JOHN
          I’d rather be doing that in Southeast Asia than my own city, to be honest.
          Curb crawling? Busted, fine, embarrassment.
          Made an off color racial remark? Lose everything. In Southeast Asia you can saw what you want.
          And for the Americans who complain that Jews are ruining their lives…well, you’ll never see one out here. Ditto blacks, white trash, Mexicans.
          Who the fuck wants to put up with that shit?

  11. I dated a Filipina that looked a lot like #4, with smaller tits. She was a piece of trash (party girl), but the sex was good.

  12. Fuck the Philippines and fuck their disgusting, degenerate people.

    1. Filipinos are part-Mexican my proud Aztec warrior-some of their vocabulary has Aztec words.
      The Galleon trade drew thousands of Mestizos across the Pacific into Central and Southern Philippines.
      Mestizos unlike Spanish were regarded by the colonial rulers as another form of Indio so they had know privileges and merely integrated into the gene pool.
      Unlike your Aztec ancestors the Filipinos did pull as many trains with their white Spanish overlords so they are not as Mestizo as you are BUT the average Filipino is about 13% Hispanic with perhaps 6% American Indian.

      1. What’s your point? The only reason you’re defending them is because they shamelessly and unconditionally kiss ass to white people just for the chance to smell their farts. At least Latinos work to get a piece of the American Dream and don’t resort to spreading their cheeks for white people.

        1. The mexicans in my town all seem to pay for their groceries with WIC. Is that the mexican version of the “American Dream”?

        2. CHOLO
          Actually you Indians are sort of like some kind of dumb cousins of Asians.

        3. Some beaner contractors did a job for me recently and fucked it up pretty good. Now a couple of white dudes who know what they’re doing have to come and unfuck the beaner work.

      2. Absolute nonsense. I understand you like the phils and the women but that doesnt mean you should trumpet their slave induced denialism. Yes there are practically pure European blood families like the elite Ayalas but they are an extreme minority. Even stanford conducted a study and the filipinos tested out at not even 1% european. Ive visited 12 times and they all rabbit the same shit my grandfather was spanish blah blah. They are indo-malay-chinese and they look it. Stop being a bloody flag waver for them just because of some ass.

        1. sanjuro
          I knew an Ayala in Cebu and I will run it down for you.
          No Spanish blood whatsoever. Pure Malay-Polynesian.
          Those that own their land are usually the great-great-great grandchildren of Spanish who left the land to their various mistresses. These folks are 8% or something.
          Nearly pure Spanish.
          There are various tiers. The poorest are hardly wealthier than Filipinos. The richest, depending upon their family cartel, are billionaires. The Philippines produces a tremendous number of Chinese billionaires.

  13. I married a Filipina last year. She is from a province of Cebu and is 18 years younger than me. Here’s my experience so far…
    1. Yes, you do need to send money back home to the family. The good news is that, thanks to a high exchange rate, a $150 a month will do wonders for the average family.
    2. My wife was a virgin until I deflowered her at 23 (try finding that in the USA).
    3. Most of her friends are Filipinas. Currently, she works at a daycare and has some American friends, but when she is at home she spends most of her time talking to her friends back home. She has no interest in the bar/club scene.
    4. Divorce is highly discouraged in the Philippines. My wife’s family would never tell her to divorce me unless I was abusing her or cheating.
    5. Casual sex/hookup culture exists in the Philippines, but is FAR RARER than in the U.S.
    6. The author is right. Your best bet for finding a life partner is to get a girl from the province.

    1. No thx. no yellow fever or half breeds for me….
      Ill find a young American European girl in Church with who I agree On Faith and Money budgeting and divorce rate is a mere 10% when one does, says Dave Ramsey.

  14. “Southeast Asia is a dump”
    The reason American retirees who are living on $1000 a month Social Security checks end up in Asia is because you can live a fuckload better there than in the US on the same money.

    1. Vid is relevant: Hobo with $1000 of social security living in the streets of LA. Obviously always take hobo stories with a huge grain of salt cause lots of them are addicts fishing for pity, however $1000 barely get you a place in Compton so this is realistic.

      1. LARRY
        I live like a king on $1000 a month in Thailand.
        I’ve known ghetto blacks that lived in the Philippines on $400 a month. They explained to me that the Philippines is actually safer and cleaner than the ghetto.
        Dayrel, an ex Navy cook stated “ain’t no bullets and no crack”.
        The US has internal third worlds as bad as anything.

      2. LARRY
        That’s America for you and nobody can wave their flag at me.
        I’ve known many younger trailer trash who move to the Philippines because for $1000 a month you can live pretty decently. Gated subdivision, electronics, sex partner, food, good booze, cheap hi-grade marijuana if that is your thing.
        In the US you might as well rob a bank and go to prison if you are elderly and working class. You’ll eat three times a day and have a bed. Manson retired better off than these folks.

  15. I once had a brief stint with a first-gen Americanized (Californian) Filipino girl in her late 20s who was a combination of #5 and #6…a book-smart airhead, if you ever knew the kind. Despite being burning hot and horny-acting, behind closed doors she was an underwhelming prude. It was all display, some sort of muddled, candy-coated desire to be “wanted” far more than actually getting what she wants. Her friends also seemed slightly afraid of cock, in general, though 100% hetero and signaling as such. It was like she saved all the creativity for the concert venues and, yes — the high-end night clubs [cliche points achieved, ding-ding]. She was also the kind that pretends to be “amazed” when some creep makes a move on her on the dace floor, and constantly wants you to come do something about it. Four bangs and out…

    1. The real reason to live in the Philippines, like anywhere else in Southeast Asia, is that Negros and Trailer Trash and Mexican Cholos are too stupid to get a passport and move overseas but a working middle class white man like me can obtain a passport.
      Also, the influence of Andrew Dice Clay cannot be felt there-those people are fairly happy to live in America as it seems to be a place they are more or less running.

  16. Look at the first picture of those girls. They present themselves as innocent, but they all have shark eyes. You can trúst the Philippines for one thing: to screw you over.

  17. Three types of guys that bang or marry filipinas:
    – Crusty old boomers
    – Low income christfags with average looks
    – Mid income blacks led to the pines by ex military boomers
    There aren’t six types cause flippers are largely considered to be undesirable as the country is basically a giant slum with flips essentially being the less violent Africans of Asia.
    Wikipedia link is relevant: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Negrito

    1. Larry,
      The expat forums are full of guys like you, been to Thailand, been disappointed, then do nothing but badmouth the local women. You gotta realize AWALT, there is no such thing as true love with a woman of any race or nationality. You have to manage them and the assets you allow them access, essentially PAYG and don’t fall in love and lose control. Don’t blame them for your false expectations.

      1. JOHN
        In my experience the guys who get fucked are middle-class whites from the suburbs who moved to Asia in middle age. These guys just went overseas to late in life to learn the ropes like young backpacker types as I once was who moved overseas on a shoestring and are foreign street smart. I sometimes shudder at their stupidity and of course they GET FUCKED.
        If you move to Asia simply to meet women it is a mistake. You move to Asia because you cannot stand life in your country any longer.
        I met my wife when I was under-40 and I can tell you that no older guy is going to marry a woman 30 years younger than him that passionately loves him.
        I married a woman of 30 when I was 39 from the merchant Chinese community (Because I was not about to support her family) and we have two kids and she is locked in with me but even as a now 44 year old I can tell you that it is STUPID for some guy who was 20 years old back when the Led Zeppelin was ruling the airwaves to actually BELIEVE that some 20 year old will love him.

        1. “If you move to Asia simply to meet women it is a mistake. You move to Asia because you cannot stand life in your country any longer.”
          Amen, Brother

    2. LARRY
      “Ghetto Blacks”
      Its a good point. The ghetto blacks I knew in Philippines were there because for $200 you can have a much nicer house and live in a nicer neighborhood than the ghetto. It is safer, anyhow.
      4) Fleeing child support. This is a big one.
      5) Pull a disability scam and live like a king. Mike was this Polish guy I knew from Chicago who claimed to have injured his back-but the amount of fucking he did indicated nothing wrong with vertebrae. The government paid for his pleasure.
      6) Guys like me who just cannot stand to live in the United States no matter what.

    3. LARRY
      Why would I want to live in Detroit as oppose to Asia? I’m working middle-class and could live in a better neighborhood but there are still crack-crazed apes everywhere. The Polacks and Hillbillies are not much better.
      Move to a rural area? Did that in college. Small towns in Michigan are full of rednecks in creepy old wooden houses and these cities are run like police states by corrupt cops.

      1. Rednecks? You sound like an elitist white hating J EW. No, you ARE an an elitist, degenerate J EW

        1. RW
          Jews are not the ones living in old DEGENERATING wooden houses in DEGENERATING local economies watching their sister or daughter or ex DEGENERATE into a mudshark or DEGENERATING into a Wigger like Eminem-acting white working class males who DEGENERATE into hard drug abuse and DEGENERATE into cons and DEGENERATE into GED/high school dropouts with no skill…
          The degenerate is not the Jew living in Manhattan with a white collar profession driving an Audi.
          I’m not a Jew but the US interior has degenerated.

        2. RW
          This is a word losers use to criticize more successful people.

    4. As a Black man with standards, I stay away from Filipinas.
      I do have Yellow Fever (not LBFM fever), but I find them unattractive physically, culturally, and intellectually. Most Black men that I know that get with Filipinas get them as surrogates to the higher class Chinese, Japanese, or Korean women that they really want (which unfortunately for us, we really don’t have access to), or due to their phenotypical proximity to Black women. Just a substitute because we can’t get what we really want.
      I’d rather be miserable and alone than miserable with a woman I’m not attracted to in the least.

      1. In China you just need business sense, a good amount of money and a cut throat mentality like some actual Africans (Nigerians come closest).
        Koreans are bat shit crazy (looking at you Lily… https://www.youtube.com/user/lilylee55 ) and the country is crap, Japanese are attainable but unless you join the Nigerian hustlers you’ll struggle to make a living in salaryman drone land.
        Chinese women are fairly reliable but generally absolutely awful in bed with a low sex drive.
        Grass is always greener on the other side I guess…

        1. “the country is crap,”
          Dude try living in Italy and then let me know, comparing to Seoul Milano (notice: the supposedly wealthier part of the country) has a distinct Kurdistan village feeling.
          Last time i was home for a holiday was last summer, after a 4 years absence: when i landed back in Incheon i wanted to kiss the tarmac.
          Korea is far from perfect but comparing to those inner EU shitholes is like heaven.

        2. I have never been to Milan so I can’t tell @Ajeoshi
          I have been to Seoul recently and I found it to be dull and overpriced, although safe and reasonably clean (Japan is much cleaner though). I could never imagine myself working together with aggressive foreigner hating Korean guys. I think you’re running your own biz so I guess you’re ok.

        3. Yes you have valid points: I run my own group here (and i bring foreign investors to the country) so they treat me with the due respect, some people are way more exposed to troglodytical local raging alcoholics than i am. It helps that i have good Korean language skills, i steer clear of dumps like Hongdae and Itaewon and my wife is not the typical US Army/ESL teacher groupie.
          You are right about Japan being cleaner, Korea is in general a country with superb trash management services, what they still lack is widespread first world-tier civism: basically when they get drunk (every day) they throw shit around with complete non-chalance, not to mention the ubiquitous stink of piss and vomit around bars.
          Dull and overpriced: well there are 2 schools of thoughts here, some people think Seoul is the most fun place in the world, a 24 hours a day hypersonic assault on the senses for a fraction of the cost of other comparable megalopolises. Others, like you, think it’s boring and expensive.
          I personally think the truth lies somewhat in the middle: it’s very cheap and fun in terms of a youth-oriented lifestyle (local booze, cigs, food, clubs, renting in small jutaek apartments, casual clothes etc. cost next to nothing), it is somewhat kinda expensive, I would say comparable to Italy/Spain, and boring if you plan to settle down and raise a family.

        4. “Chinese women are fairly reliable but generally absolutely awful in bed with a low sex drive.”
          Undoubtedly true when it comes to HK women. Very few people there seem to be married, or even in a relationship or even just hooking-up.
          They just work, eat outside late at night in local, admittedly superb and cheap, eateries, sleep a few hours in their shoebox apartments, shop on the week-ends and nothing else.

        5. I’ve been to China twice. Had a decent time on both occasions. My issue was indeed not being a man of means, status, or power. I tried to carry myself in a polite manner as well, which garnered the attention of some of the female course consultants at my school, but probably made me come off as weak.
          Using some tactics from 50th Law, 48 Laws of Power, and other Machiavellian literature helped me to get what I wanted out there, but coming back to America, the girl that I thought was the “perfect woman” for me “turned” into a typical slutty piece of shit. Her sex drive was anything but low. I noticed that she seemed heavily enthused about watching shows like “Shameless” and other Western female-targeted bullshit. I may try China again in another year or so, depending on how my investments, employment situation, and global events pan out.
          Never been to Korea. I find Korean women to have a natural wild streak which is a turn on to bang, but not to settle down with. I also believe that as a Black man, I have the least access to them, despite Lily Lee’s videos. She actually comes off as a woman that regrets her decision, which gives more fuel to the fire of Asian women not getting with Black men. I don’t know if South Korea is crap though; two of my former coworkers in China, a Black American and Chinese New Zealander visited and said that they liked it. Maybe not having to use a VPN is what they liked…
          Japan was OK, but I preferred China, which gave me more opportunities, was less expensive, and believe it or not, more inviting than Japan.

      2. Observations of my 12 visits to phils a few years back
        1) girls there, although they prefer and worship white dick (not surprising as I saw an huge poster of a white skinned filipino-european looking model with his shirt off – the headline of the poster was ‘White is the new sexy’ – I shit you not, i think it was for some skin cream or tablet – Most filipinas take the amino acid gluthathione tabs to stop themselves getting tanned, they dont carry all those umbrelas for the rain ) they will still go with brown, black men. Ironically, even though its the easiest country to laid for the White male – whatever you look like, it is also the easiest if you are a brown/black male. They seem to be the least predjudiced out of all the asians to black/brown people who are not of their own racial stock.
        2) The general population is the ugliest amongst all the south-east asians, HOWEVER, phils has the highest percentage of attractive women. In contrast, the general population of Thailand are not as ugly, but there are fewer attractive women then phils.

  18. Flip a nas I banged a couple of them chicks they ain’t nothin to right home about

  19. Filipina girls are so overrated among westerners. They’re mostly of poor origins and 70% unattractive. Yes they may have better qualities than Chinese, but doesn’t make them any special than Thai and Vietnamese except they have mixed genes due to being invaded hunderds of years ago by the west troops.
    Oh and they’re gold diggers. I live in SEA and watch how they hang out with old farts 3 times their ages to marry them for a better nationality and quality of life. If you look for a sugar babe then why going 20,000 miles away from home?

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