Bill Cosby Found Guilty Of 3 Counts Of Sexual Assault

Via Hollywood Reporter:

Bill Cosby has been found guilty of aggravated indecent assault against Andrea Constand in 2004. On Thursday, a Pennsylvania jury returned a verdict after 14 hours of deliberation and held him responsible for rape on all three counts brought by prosecutors.

The development comes in the retrial of Cosby, once the nation’s most popular entertainer with the highest-rated series on television before a downfall triggered when several dozen women came forward to accuse him of being a serial rapist.

Bill Cosby and his primary accuser

After the gulty verdict was read and jurors left the courtroom, Cosby launched an expletive-ridden tirade and called the District Attorney Kevin Steele an “asshole.” As Steele argued to revoke bail, Cosby stood up and shouted, “I’m sick of him!”

Last summer, in the first case, a different jury deadlocked and the court ultimately ruled the matter a mistrial. The underlying facts of the case remain the same. Costand, then 31, who worked in the Temple University athletic department, says Cosby became her mentor, and then one night while she was struggling to make a decision over the direction of her career, she went to Cosby’s residence and was given a glass of wine and pills. Costand recalled her vision becoming blurred, having difficulty speaking and having her legs become rubbery. She was led to lie down on a couch and says that Cosby’s hands were all over her and that he penetrated her.

Constand would later report the incident to law enforcement, who decided not to move forward with a prosecution. Afterwards, she would file a lawsuit, which would settle.

For about a decade afterwards, the allegations against Cosby receded into the background and he enjoyed his position as one of the nation’s most influential African-American ever.

But after another comedian named Hannibal Buress spoke of Cosby as a rapist at a show, it ignited a furor and then about 60 women came forward to share similar stories of being drugged and raped.

The second trial was different from the first in that this jury got a taste of the wide-ranging allegations circling Cosby.

Five women who accuse Cosby of drugging and assaulting them were allowed to testify as “prior bad acts” witnesses in an effort for prosecutors to prove the behavior was a pattern. Last time, only one of the women was allowed to take the stand.

Also new was testimony from Constand’s former Temple University colleague who claims the accuser privately admitted to framing Cosby in order to cash in — and a revelation that Cosby paid Constand nearly $3.4 million in 2006 to settle her civil claims.

The comedian did not take the stand during the trial, which saw testimony from more than two dozen witnesses. Cosby attempted to convince the jury he was out of town on the night of the incident, but the jury didn’t buy the story.

Each of the three counts carries a prison term of up to 10 years, although the judge could impose the sentencing time concurrently.

There will likely be an appeal that is grounded upon Cosby’s repeated assertions that his due process rights were violated.

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137 thoughts on “Bill Cosby Found Guilty Of 3 Counts Of Sexual Assault”

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    2. Hannibal Buress
      Talk about the pot calling the kettle black African-American.
      If I had to guess based on the past Hollywood cultrue of celbrity, drugs, and rock and roll, that Cosby is no more guilty than thousands of other men of being empowered by fame and money to push the limits of acceptable sexual behavior — no more so than many PUA/player types who push the limits with women under the influence of alcohol.
      The problem with this whole farce is that the rules of evidence fly against American jurisprudence 101, and the testimony of other women who were no party to the alleged sexual assualt is allowed as evidence of a “pattern of bad behavior,” which ultimately was enough to lead astray a herd of sheeple off a legal cliff, setting precendent for horrible verdict making that will allow any females stories of perceptions of “wrongdoing” to be admitted into a court against a man.
      I know some will scream about how a woman’s past sexual history and substance abuse are used to defend men in rape and sexual assault cases, not realizing how often such evidence is batted down In Limine as inadmissable. But, if you’re a big celebrity who’s put himself out to the public as a chacter of moral superiority, then you’ve got targets painted all over you.
      The fact that the criminal prosecution proceeded following outrage over a comedy bit summarizes how comical the entire criminal system is becoming — carnival atmosphere of kangaroo courts driven by unfettered prosecutorial zeal.
      Despite past assurances by prosecutors not to pursue criminal charges after an absurd $3 Mil settlement to the same woman (for which Cosby gave personal testimony that was the rope that hung him this second time around) they couldn’t keep to their agreement and caved to the public pressure of the mentruating mob. Not wanting to waste an opportunity for media fame and political advancement, prosecutors renigged on their prior deal and destoryed an aging icon — albeit not to me, but to the black community — the same one that really didn’t accept the whitish model of blackish that he portrayed on his television shows.
      Well, this is crystal ball for the future of men, which is increasingly criminal guilt of “bad behavior,” not which is proven beyond a reasonable doubt, but more by the perponderance of the screams of the women.

      1. Whadayaknow,
        Cosby’ REAL problem was that he ADMITTED guilt. There it is.
        You don’t need a reasonable doubt, if you admit something.
        Even if it’s a false confession.

      2. Seriously, it was the 70’s and 80’s. Everybody was doing it. Really! Sex, Drugs, Coke-Spoons on a chain around every neck…
        Plus much of it was at the Playboy Mansion. What were the complainants expecting at these parties? Bible study?!
        There’s no doubt in my mind that they – these women* – went with him willingly, expecting some aspect of his fame and fortune to benefit them at some later date in the form of influence or money. Sex for future benefits. That’s Hollywood then and now.
        Forget the whole #metoo thing. That’s just trendy nonsense. (And it will be looked back as such in 20 or 30 years.) What *did* change was the attitude of the (pretty much leftist) Press towards him after he made his Pound Cake Speech in May 2004 during an NAACP awards ceremony in Washington, D.C. In it he pretty much laid the blame for all the problems of Black Youth on the (single mother) parents, flat out stating that – in so many words – their children’s manifest problems and anti-social tendencies were the results of their poor parenting.….0…1c.2.64.psy-ab..1.1.314.0…242.ofDUR6Jve8A
        People are often offended by unpleasant truths, and this was a case in point. Overnight, Cosby went from being a darling of the left and the press to some right-wing and reactionary Uncle Tom and out of touch fossil. They’ve been gunning for his ever since, and this conviction for something that is essentially hearsay and morning-after regret is the ultimate result.
        But this was a celebrity bust, a career making case. And just like the the McMartin Pre-School and Satanic Child Abuse hysteria of the early 80’s, every ambitious and agenda-driven prosecutor and tabloid/MSM journalist out there came to the party to make a name for themselves. And the end result is a questionable judgement from a clueless jury.
        The one real question should be this: If they felt raped, why didn’t they just come forward then and there? Why didn’t they just go to the police immediately after it happened?
        They didn’t. Because it didn’t.
        To repeat, Mr. Cosby is being crucified for his political beliefs and stating the truth about Black Parenting, nothing more. And I wish him well in the future, and hope that true justice may yet be served.
        Just a thought.
        *In the mid 1800’s these women would have been described as “Adventurists,” meaning a woman who exchanged her favours for fortune and status climbing. Ellen Pao of Silicon Valley fame – look her up, would be a relatively recent and noteworthy example to this type of female.

    3. She went to his room and drank wine = consent IMHO.
      What is a guy supposed to do when alone with a woman in his room?
      I start pulling their clothing off the moment they enter, saves any confusion as to why they are there later.

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    1. You’re always spewing nonsense & idiocy. I & the overwhelming majority of my friends have never dealt with a white woman. Once again, you accept outliers as the general reality from a media which you normally distrust & don’t even pay attention to (assuming you’re like many of us on ROK), thus you appear idiotic at the very least.

    2. MM,
      to be fair, they aren’t photos of her when he banged her.
      25 years back she could have been a 10, now she’s an average post wall.

        1. Proof positive that if you get horny enough then you’ll fuck anything.
          (She claims both to be a lesbian and to have been a lesbian at the time of the encounter. The simplest explanation – “Simple” being usually the most accurate – was that she got drunk and stoned, then decided to walk on the wild side with Mr. Cosby. Afterwards, she had regrets and claimed that she was forced.
          (And of course Women don’t lie and are *always* the victim. So, an insta-millions payday to make her and her Legal Enablers shut-up and go away.
          (Which they did. Until they decided that they didn’t have to hold up their end of the bargain It’s a Woman’s Prerogative to change her mind after all, right?)
          Just a thought.

      1. Far be it for me to argue with the inestimable John Dodds, but “average” is giving that animal credit.
        Cosby used to be in good shape and was a fairly handsome dude in his day (early ’70’s). Chicks DID want to bang him.
        Bitch done set him up.

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    3. Read the posting guidelines again.
      Can we agree that this isn’t the Daily Stormer or Vanguard News Network, at least?

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  3. the article doesn’t mention that Hannibal Buress attacked Cosby after Cosby publicly told some inconvenient truth about the black community.

    1. That is very true. And why do you think that is? I would wager any bet it’s because he knew (since he’s in the industry, he hears talk) the level of hypocrisy that old black bastard was spitting. He’ll Cosby made his doe pretending to be wholesome. I would have done the same if I had known and had a captive audience. But I’m glad a black guy did it, it completely bypassed the racist bs that could have occurred if a white guy said it.

      1. Cosby said nothing wrong in relation to the AA community. He was attacking thug culture, anti-intellectualism and the overall culture of low expectations within the African-American community.

        Indeed interesting that it was a black guy that threw him under the bus. Buress is lucky his audience is largely white, otherwise his career would be over.

        1. His drugging/molesting woman was cool with ’em until he stopped toeing the party line, then he had to go.

    2. I can’t help but notice that even the most innocuous comments or observations – yours being one of them – are routinely voted down. Am I alone in thinking that ROK is being systematically targeted by one or several trolls?
      Comments or thoughts anybody?
      Just a thought.

  4. She settled for 3.4 million! How can she still take him to court?? Doesn’t she have to pay him back for breaking the settlement??

    1. Dude you’re living in The United States of Punani. Women by definition can’t break the law…they are the law.

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        1. You’re onto something. If some empowered femcunt tries to complain on a pimp for raping her for a drug debt, the thought of what happens next prevents her from even thinking of a cop. Why don’t millionaires use their wealth to hire hit men rather than shyster Jooish lawyers who are on the enemy’s side or are afraid to criticize the Angloskank whore?

    2. Civil court is not the same as criminal court. Civil court is her suing him. Criminal court carries prison and fines paid to the government.

      1. This is what I’m referring to when I mention that ROK is targeted by trolls. The above is a simple and truthful statement of fact:
        Civil Court is not the same a Criminal Court. Civil Judgements are not the same as Criminal Judgements. It’s American Legal Process 101.
        And somebody votes it down! WTF?!
        Just a thought.

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          while at it Chinese are no longer allowed to bring their own cheap labour which was the case before. They tried to use your augment that Africans fight but it did not work as there are plenty companies that run multi billion dollar investments owned by French, UK and brazil and African citizens yet their labour force is mostly African and work well.
          Chinese hate paying provident funds,medical aid and pension as required by law that’s why they used all tricks in the book to bring their own labour which they don’t anymore but they still invest in Africa because big opportunities are still plenty to those with capital

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    4. And it’s completely absurd.
      Cosby didn’t get any preferential treatment for being black, nor was he persecuted specifically for that reason, either.
      The decision rendered in the Cosby case proves that we are moving in a direction where a simple testimonial can convict a man of an alleged crime that happened decades ago.
      Many have told me that they thought he was guilty based simply on the fact that “so many women” claim that he did what he did. This illustrates a new and popular brand of illogical thinking that is becoming more pervasive in American society. 1+1 does not equal three–whether one person, or two, or two hundred people tell you it does is immaterial. The solution remains false even if “3” is a popular answer.

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      1. Not sure if you’re replying to me. If so, I was just ridiculing the fucking OTT racist posts here. This is one case where it’s just totally unnecessary. Cosby being black isn’t the issue here, it’s him having an immense amount of pussy power and what he did with that. You know, the whole Spiderman quote.

        1. ASDASDA
          Why would someone who has clearly never set foot on US soil as you have not be informed on this.

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  7. It’s easy, too easy now, to jump on this guy like a flock of vultures on a dying animal.
    Even though Bill Cosby did bad things in his private life, he inspired thousands of people as an entertainer, carrying a positive message.
    I never liked “The Cosby Show”, but it did some good.
    All those purely racist comments we can read in this thread are disappointing.

    1. The trailer trash and blacks who complain about Jews have yet to experience the Chinese as their “market-dominant minority”.

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    3. I dunno, it’s not to the same degree, but it’s like a priest being arrested for rape. We held Cosby to higher standards because those were the standards he portrayed and publicly supported, so I feel the harsher blowback is sort of justified.
      You can’t play all high and mighty your whole public life and do dark shit behind the scenes.

  8. strange this result came in like a day or so after Barbara Bush died. Sounds like Cosby wasn’t a very nice guy, but still drugging and raping the wife of the director of the CIA and member of one of the most powerful powerful in the world? Did Cosby not read about Bohemian Grove? Prescott Bush’s ties to financing the nazis, and a lot of other dodgy stuff? How brazen a rapist do you have to be to think you can get away with that, but – for a pretty long time – actually do so? Of course it might not be true, but if it isn’t why would the allegation even emerge. She was Barbara Bush. Why would she make up something like that? Bizarre world

      1. Good find. I actually remember hearing about that. Not proven, but she does indeed bear an uncanny resemblance to Crowley
        Do we have any reason to believe she continued in the way of thelema and sex magic, Bo Grove aside. I suppose becoming president is fairly ‘thelemic’

        1. No, truthfully, pretty much all my info that I know about her has been searched since she died, I never really paid attention to her before.
          Having said that, since we’re now learning just how satanic some VIPs in our society are (including some politicians), I seriously doubt the blood relation to the modern day father of Satanism played no part.

        2. asdasda
          it’s certainly not official or approved, but the resemblance is there. It’s like Trudeau and his dad Fidel: no one would believe it if you couldn’t see the facial resemblance. Still people can look similar and not be related.
          If Crowley was her dad, what would that mean? I’m really not sure. Crowley was a self-promoter, who loved to scandalise people. He was also a bit of blabbermouth, rather than someone who could be relied upon to keep secrets, let alone sit to do so at the top of the pyramid so to speak. On other hand his place at the head of the occult table seems to have been very real. This is the man who revealed sex magick to the world much to the annoyance of the OTO, whose secrets he was revealing. He was rumoured to have been a British intelligence agent, and – apparently – claimed to have been involved in the sinking of the Lusitania. As such, the swagger aside, it’s quite possible there is some kind of continuity here, both with respect to the intelligence angle (Crowley, (( maybe Prescott ?)) to Bush Snr), and of course the occult (OTO – Bohemian Grove). But what of Barbara? I’m not aware of anything that actually implicates here in any way with either except by association. Maybe it’s simply a question of lineage / blood. She might not even be an occultist. Either way I’m not quite sure Cosby realised what he was getting himself if indeed he did what was alleged

  9. This is a political trial. Crazed far-left women are using the accusations working together to take down any US figure and disorient the public. Some years ago I talked with a libertarian leader who said Cosby and anyone rich and pro-US and eventually any guy with a pair was next. This was in 1997 or so.
    Both OJ and Cosby were firm anti-communists who did a lot for racial harmony so the far-left couldn’t forgive them and has to obliterate their memory and of those like them so they can push their divisive narrative. Their anti-communism is what got them in trouble. They’ve both been convicted in sham trials short on verifiable facts . Over 60 accusations look impressive until you realize they never went to trial, and they’re far-left feminazis working together plus the usual attention-seekers.
    How many local cases we don’t hear about of local figures getting unsubstantiated rape accusations in divorce, work, college kangaroo courts, etc. ? At the same time, the far-left demands no confrontation of witnesses, blind ‘believe the accuser,’ etc. They openly say they’re against rights, reason, and autonomous figures, etc. and want to do away with juries as they’re doing in the UK. Socialist India just passed the death penalty for any unverifiable accusation of child rape and are calling to make all rape a death penalty offense, again on ‘she-said’ alone.
    Wake up!

    1. Should Russia declare India as an enemy? American feminism is rampant in India. Currycels and I.R.T.s are increasing in India. Over 50 million single men in India are currycels. This spells disaster. Either the currycels end up joining a militia, or they go E.R. on femcunts.

      1. In fact, the fact that India held in high esteem that men were much more valuable negates your argument right there. In your case, you just hate women.
        American feminism has not had a chance to influence India on that level.
        It is known that incest is prevalent there.
        India was meant to be the all male country it wished to be. Lord knows India expressed heavy preference for sons over daughters.
        It’s only because of the matter of dowry, that India has its issues now.

  10. “…she went to Cosby’s residence and was given a glass of wine and pills.”
    Stop playing dumb. Going to an unrelated man’s house – alone – is a clear invitation to have sex – even more so when alcohol is at play. If you don’t want to don’t go, or at least go accompanied. Plenty of neutral places where you can meet: office, cafe, pub, library, park etc. Cosby should be charged though, not for having sex, but for having sex with such an ugly wo/man.

    1. The feeling of penetrating another man’s a-hole with your member is a great feeling and Ill never go back to being straight again.

        1. ASDASDA
          My friends were my money-backers and business associates who allowed me to earn the money when I was your age to shake my head in pity at sad bastards like you who live at home in your 30’s and jerk off to porn or go to the same shitty “club” once a week and watch the same old slags ignoring you.
          I have worked all over the world and experienced porno-style sex with every race of woman-many prostitutes of course, but I was not stuck in my parents house like you at the age of 30 +.

        1. Really? You’re accusing me of calling you gay? Go on, find the quote. Meanwhile, weren’t you speculating that you believe I must be a woman just recently?
          Oooh, is this a soft coming out for you, Gen X-ile? Are you leaving breadcrumbs for us?

  11. I think he’s innocent and a grave injustice has just occurred. Prior to the accusations, Bill was outspoken about how the Black community acted. He was very critical of Blacks and by critical he said things like, gasp, work, raise your kids, be a father. I suspect this angered the liberal community and he was taken out. If I’m right this is so wrong on so many levels. So what about the 50 or so accusers? Answer: see mass hysteria, ref Salem Witch Trials. Also reference feminism and the broader liberal apparatus. Ends justify means and omlets can’t be made without broken eggs ET al. Feminists don’t care about innocence, he’s guilty for just being a man and a successful one too. The time is coming. Cosby is yet another indication of the real systemic oppression occurring today. It’s inevitable that men will react and we are. ROK may only seem small today, but, trust me, it’s not a matter of ideas or dissemination…if you are beat with a stick you will notice and you will react. That is the situation. What feminism has proven is that there can be no “equitable” stasis between men and women. There is only dominant and subservient. This is just nature and there is no hope of changing. Feminism gained in popularity because it promised equality. It has resulted in tryanny. There are now two choices female tryanny or patriarchy. The latter isn’t prone to hysteria and western patriarchy is the most egalitarian, fair and noble system ever. Not to mention it’s incredibly successful in all aspects, notably, economics. But the hope for equality is done and it was not men or conservatives that proved this, it’s feminism and liberals.

    1. I believe he actually admitted his misdoings in court; the question in the case was whether or not it constituted sexual assault, or was consensual. And the judge made the decision that it was (sexual assault), and was not (consensual). I’m not happy to see it happen to him, but unfortunately, I think he ultimately deserves it. The way his defense team attempted to smear his accusers was pretty disgusting, too, although most lawyers disgust me.

      1. The jury of twelve men and women made the decision that Cosby was guilty and that he committed sexual assault on the victim. THe judge did NOT make the decision, the 12 jurors who sat through the trial and heard all the evidence made rendered the verdict.

    2. While I agree that in a merit base society patriarchy would be the natural outcome. However I thing you fail others fail to observe is that if the Men in power truly desired it, they could end this feminist nonsense tomorrow.

  12. I saw something on one of the network morning talk shows this morning where they had people from both sides screaming at each other like unruly children.
    The theme seemed to be; if you think Cosby is innocent you’re sexist and if you think he’s guilty you’re racist. It was hilarious and sad at the same time.

    1. The left is breaking up due to its own internal contradictions. All its special “isms” and interest groups are incompatible with one another. This is why we will win — bigly.
      Then we just gotta make sure we never let ’em up off the mat again.

    1. He Should have given her a “Cosby Sweater”(eat a big bowl of fruit loops & vomit it all over ones chest)😦

  13. I do not have enough information- RELIABLE information- to give an opinion here about Bill Cosby.
    But I do about the so-called “Rape Shield Laws.”
    If you consider what exactly they are, you will suddenly realize why the judicial system was so eager to put them in place: in a way most sinister they actually place the burden of proof upon the accused. Now she only has to claim she was raped, and since the defense’s hands are at least partially tied (much depends on the judge), it’s now a case of “prove you DIDN’T.”
    That should be discussed more too.

  14. Wealthy and famous men don’t have to resort to rape unless they have abysmal game. That is unless they legitimately enjoy raping. Either way, women trying to “make it” in Hollywood have known the score since the 1920’s. Hell, Nancy Reagan was the bj queen! Look it up.

  15. The reason Cosby did not testify is that he is guilty. Come on, he admitted in deposition testimony that he obtained and used Quaaludes to use in his sexual exploits and some 60 women are willing to testify under oath and the penalties of perjury that he raped or sexually assaulted them. This use of Quaaludes by sexual predators was common in the 1970s, it was common in Hugh Hefner’s Playboy circles. When women are attracted to a man, they are happy to have sex and there is no need to drug them.
    Real men do not need to rape.
    Cosby got what he deserved, way too late.

    1. Nobody used Quaaludes as a sexual “predator ” aid. In the 70s and 80s offering Quaaludes was litteraly the same as offering a bitch a drink. Many asked for it. That was standard fare for a good party at the time.
      What gets me is the selective memory everyone has about that fact now. And Bill Cosby’s admission of guilt was litteraly admitting to offering women drugs and taking them himself.
      Can’t wait till 30 years from now they are stringing guys up over giving bitches beer. I bet you’ll be right there screaming rape.

      1. DIAS
        True, nobody under 55 remembers when Ludes were everywhere.
        “People on Ludes should not drive”….

        1. I do. Just a kid then, but even I heard about it- and this was long before the Internet in the modern sense of the word and when the media still had restraint.
          Apparently women never offered drugs. And were stupid enough to take them. Because G.I. Jane is also the eternal victim.

      2. I recall a (((girl))) at my small Cali college circa 1976, who was known as “The Quaalude Queen”.
        And not in a derogatory manner, just a fact.

  16. All that fame and money, and the high-SMV women still steer clear when you act like a perv and look like you got bludgeoned with the Ugly Stick. “Heh-heh-heh, that’s nice, Bill” — as they’re edging toward the door. I have little doubt that Cosby felt he needed to go the extra mile to coerce even the low- and mid-grade women into bed. The Black Homer Simpson thing played well on a Hollywood script, though. That said, he also got trapped in the viral vortex of #MeToo…another one bites the dust.

    1. If this is true then why are so many women attracted to celebrities with violent “thug” reputations?

    2. Gotta disagree. Young Cos was not a bad looking guy, at all, and as a former track and football star at Temple U., he had physical presence. Watch some of his bantering dialogue with Robert Culp in clips from the old “I Spy” show — I doubt that he was ever tongue-tied or awkward around the poonani.
      So, I kinda doubt that a guy with his skills and status had to do much roofieing in Cali in the 70’s.

  17. Not really rape when a man pays your expenses (and more) each month and when a man drugs a woman and has sex with her AND she comes back again and again. The women involved in all this were just prostitutes.

  18. Top 10 Reasons we might be continually entering different Parallel Universes:
    1) Attractive 25-29 year old white female teachers back in the 1990’s-early 2000’s would typically only have sex with older men (3 or more years older) or their husband. Today, they’re having sex with younger and younger immature males.
    2) One or two days out of the entire week, there are no chemtrails and crisp, clear blue skies. Then, the other 5 days out of the week, the sky is covered in them. Most eyewitness reports have only seen chemtrails as far back as 1999.
    3) Kim Jong Un close to firing a nuke to now a peace man.
    4) US Economy almost hitting record lows bouncing right back to record highs.
    5) Trump adopting globalist policies (signing H-2B visa bill and bombing Syria) to adopting nationalist policies (securing our borders, getting rid of TPP, lower taxes)
    6) Lawsuits, scandals, prosecutions against the Trump administration to NOTHING!
    7) People in general being normal, nice and pleasant to another day turning angry, manipulative, or deceiving.
    8) George Soros disappearing to coming right back.
    9) Almost every parallel universe has attacks on whites in some form. It seems to be getting worse as the situation in Europe and S. Africa heats up.
    10) White Babyboomers and Millenials at war with one another, on social media platforms.

      1. Anything that has been digitally transferred is more then capable of being manipulated. Ever heard of photoshop? I’ve watched countless home video footage pre-1999 and plane spotting from that era. Not a single chemtrail did I see! NOT ONE! You should also be at least in your late 30’s or 40’s to remember what the old sky once looked like most of the entire week.

        1. I remember chemtrails from the 70s.
          Although I always thought it was water droplets formed when the wings disturbed the air.

        2. As for video footage, I suspect the contrast ranges of the camera are too limited to show the trails. Only film and eyes would be sensitive enough to show them.

        3. This comment is for John: Those trails you saw in the ’70’s dissipated much faster and in less then a minute. Also, most planes today use high bypass turbofans that ARE INCAPABLE OF PRODUCING CONTRAILS!
          So, anyone with a degree in common sense should be asking WHAT THE F#@% AM I SEEING COVERING THE ENTIRE SKY? These trails linger for up to an hour, producing artificial cloud coverage and then spreading with the wind currents.

  19. Bill was considered the hottest, sexiest black man in america for decades. The “dad” routine was much later. In the 60s and 70s he was hot and all the little white girls wanted a taste. I would not be surprised if his notch count was more like 10,000 women. No joke. He was touring for decades at hotels in vegas and thus accessible to girls. He was one of the most powerful guys to hollywood.
    So out of all those women, it’s a statistical guarantee that 60 of them would be totally nut cakes who would accuse a sofa of rape.
    What’s more important is that the US wanted to lynch a conservative black man and he was targeted for lynching.

  20. Anytime they want to convict a rich black man they also pack the jury with mostly or all whites surprised how no one here mentioned that.

  21. HIs due process rights WERE violated. Didn’t the huge media circus basically strip away his 6th amendment rights? There’s no way that jury was impartial during this trail. Even taking away the race issue, he was already considered guilty in the court of public opinion.

  22. Bill Cosby was a marked man the instant he left the Black, Liberal plantation and began speaking out against the fatherless, black culture that infests the gov’t run housing and society in general. I wonder how long Kanye stays a free man now that he is supporting Trump?

  23. Who gives a fuck. Cosby is the man! Just watched Ghost Dad and Leonard Part 6 in his honor. Hilarious shit. Rape on, muh brutha

  24. I can’t understand why Cosby didn’t drug himself to screw Andrea Constand. I’d have to be out to tap that.

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