Is Leftism The Carthage Of The Twenty-First Century?

For decades, every time he spoke in public, Roman statesman Cato the Elder would say at least once Carthago delenda est. Carthage must be destroyed!

What had started as a tepid strife between two antique powers, unable to share the Mediterranean Sea without constant bickering, had become a full-fledged war. Over tough years, Romans realized they would never have peace save for the total destruction of Carthage. It was long and difficult, but it was done—and the child-sacrificing, Baal-worshipping Carthaginians virtually disappeared from history.

Sometimes I wonder if leftism is not the Carthage of our times. Leftism feeds on sacrifice: it always needs to cast someone into the dreaded role of the “oppressor” or adversary of “progress” to exist. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, as orthodox Marxism, it turned the plant workers against everyone else and created the gulags. When that clearly failed, leftism was re-created as the minorities’ position.

Liberal humanism

As a Frenchman, I got both. I saw the mandatory worship of “social achievements”, mediocrity and the hatred of the bosses erected as social identity, the parasitical State-enforced privileges trumpeted as something everyone should be proud of, demonstrations with ill-painted banners and perpetual complaining dutifully attended.

But, as this kind of Marxism was declining and as my parents would favour trendier stuff, I also had a taste of neo-Marxist sneering and “culture.” At the time, I already felt more attraction towards classical culture, yet still considered the usual universe around me as rather normal.

Then I saw it. I saw how obnoxious and predatory Arabs and Africans were and how we could never speak of that. I saw untold crime on one side, and cowardice on the other. I got berated by the (female, of course) teacher in class in 2005, when dozens of thousands of Arabs and Blacks were burning cars, beating and sometimes killing people, for having said that perhaps there was a bit of anti-whiteness in what they did. I saw the creator of a fun, GTA-like online pimping game, getting doxxed by the MSM, personally threatened by SJWs, and losing his job—while leftists would act as if the feminist assault on him was obviously normal.

I met with many authoritarian female figures, some outwardly cheesy or soft, some patently stern or venomous, but all prone to arbitrariness and blackmailing. I saw cowardly male figures, and many young men growing with the secret fear of being headed to nowhere.

I saw the absolute obligation to worship or at least keep one’s head down to feminism, “antiracism”, an obsession with attacking “prejudice” while incessantly promoting the Holocaust and muh poor starving African, oppressed Afghan woman or anything else. I saw both of chaos, a mess, a milieu with no obviously good references but a lot of implicit obligations and prohibitions. In a word, anarcho-tyranny.

I saw a definition of “progress” where it meant promoting anyone but me or someone alike. A big bundle of loosely related stuff with no bridge towards us but a spiked fence. An apparently bright history of justice, fairness, success, empowerment or anything you wish with no place for us. “You’re a white male, so you don’t need that people care about you”, said once a (white) girl to whom I tried to explain what type of life so many millennial men were living.

“We liberals have more empathy”

All of this could be identified as leftism. There’s a problem, though: the notion of leftism is too wide and imprecise. Some tried to understand it as, say, opposition to spirituality, collectivism, envy, emotionalism, pathological altruism, hypersociability, or unrestrained female hypergamy, but though all these are true to some extent, none of these do cover it all. Some leftists are autistic, some are antisocial, and some scrambled to recast their caprices into parts of a divine plan.

Leftism is too multifaceted a phenomena to “find it.” It works more like a poisonous gas that never shows its true colours, you never perceive it as clearly as you would like to, but its presence is all too clear and deadening.

The problem with leftism lies in both how much it changes and how enduring it is. It is exactly as if planetarian cultists kept using it as a proxy to pull far-fetched strings, with seemingly unrelated or contradictory effects that unexplainably push us to a road where no sane mind would like to go. If you try to pinpoint leftism as “really this” or “really that”, you will tend to fall into a particular right narrative to the exclusion of others.

For example, if you’re a libertarian, you may see leftism as synonymous with collectivism, but then it will be difficult to explain the special snowflake phenomenon. Why do we have both an enormous need to follow fashions while also pretending, and genuinely trying, to be as snowflakeish as possible? Likewise, if you’re an Evangelic, you may be tempted to equate leftism with Satan, but can you then say that charities are satanic?

“We fact-check others, truth is on our side, and Trump is crazy”

Leftism has also successfully developed or picked up, at least in the past, various tools that we may put to good use. Their taking over of culture does not mean that refinement is bad per se; managerialism, so adverse to libertarians, can be used to develop and not only enslave a population; and the left’s abuse of “progress” does not mean we should reject our own accomplishments in Heideggerian fashion.

Here on ROK, I published several pieces on liberal falsehoods, psychological conditioning and unfair leftist double standards but some inner voice keeps telling me I didn’t find the heart of the monster.

For now, it may be said that leftism is a mix of neo-Marxism, where people can only have an identity as “oppressed” and where no other identity is really worthy or relevant, and of whitemaleophobia or Westernophobia. The one-world dream is dead. (Good riddance!) In its place, a weird conglomerate of semigendered Hillarykin trans-Black disabled LGBTBBQ supported by retarded boomers.

Whatever, or whoever the bottom, we know the extent of damage it did to our civilization. And we know how much it still controls pretty much everything official.

Leftism skewed the sciences. The heredity debate keeps coming back because human differences and heredity are true. Racial identities can be “deconstructed” intellectually through a tainting, accusatory narrative but they keep existing in the real world.

Leftism skewed the races: races do not exist, we hear, yet those behind the black-on-blondes porn really want to get them genetically erased, not just socially. If races do not exist, why do the globalists need to destroy them?

Leftism skewed the relationship with the hierarchy. Social classes have always existed. Even in a perfectly meritocratic society, which by the way would be unfair to inheritance, differences in natural abilities, talents, inclinations and so on would create hierarchies. Instead of accepting it as part of life, leftism problematized this normal feature of social life to promote seditious class identities and internal warfare.

Leftism skewed history. When communists eliminated the kulaks and trumpeted how they would conquer the whole world—it must happen! It’s progress. Marx said it would be unavoidable! Liberals stigmatized the legitimate reaction as “red scare.” Liberals lied by saying that for decades, no one in the West knew about the gulags, whereas these were mentioned in the 1920s.

They created atrocious double standards excusing any non-white murdering a white person, or any left-chosen thug murdering anyone else, or any totalitarian leftist slaughtering wholesale “social classes”, whereas an evil Nazi defending himself would be, well, an evil Nazi.

Evil Nazis

Leftists skewed personal relationships. They destroyed equality before the law by decreeing that some would not be held responsible for their actions and behaviors, whereas others would be much more blamed for said behaviors. They turned men into hapless, cowardly, emasculated beings, whereas women turned ugly, slutty, narcissistic and domineering.

Leftists skewed our notions of personal identity and life. In liberal make-believe utopia, everyone can do everything, but then no one is really satisfied.

Leftists turned a once prosperous, homogeneous civilization into a war zone. They turned art into a ridiculous scam. They pretended to have ideals about the world, but none of these ideals is desirable once you get out of the blue pill conditioning, and most of them can only be implemented by destroying what is.

Leftism is reckless. Whatever its current shape, it never stops. Leftists are never happy and cannot be. A leftist only exists by pinpointing, denouncing, complaining, stigmatizing. Highbrow academic problematizing is just a sophisticated way to do it. Most importantly, every wave of leftism pushes more, so it is silly to accept concessions and having everything fundamental—our identity, relationship with women, social standing, idea of ourselves, idea of history and everything else—altered by the whims of these bullies.

There is no good feminism: transgender madness only exists because our forefathers accepted all the less shitty steps that came before. If the gender pay gap lie had been rejected at its inception, the left couldn’t have used it as a bludgeon for the years to come.

In a distant future, the left may still exist in name. Leftism may still exist somewhere in the fringes. But as part of the System, of the “Cathedral”, as an imperialist point of view that pretends to be the only truth and set of references, it must be thoroughly destroyed.

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135 thoughts on “Is Leftism The Carthage Of The Twenty-First Century?”

  1. Yup. The far-left has to go, it’s the dying far-right in secular clothing. Notice how a lot of the ‘alt-right’ actually advocate far-left economics even today…
    Note: As far as OP’s “For example, if you’re a libertarian, you may see leftism as synonymous with collectivism, but then it will be difficult to explain the special snowflake phenomenon. Why do we have both an enormous need to follow fashions while also pretending, and genuinely trying, to be as snowflakeish as possible? ” please make an effort to know the material. Libertarians answered that long ago in USSR days and will tell you at their seminars. Pseudo-individualism that reinforces but does not challenge coerced collectivism is part of the problem. It’s like controlled opposition.
    Like the USSR had all kinds of colorful minorities and special exceptions SO LONG as the kleptocrat collective was re-enforced. Plus ‘individualism ‘ that defines itself in relation to the bullying collective is just another form of collectivism/pathic altruism…it is no individualism at all. Christ, Ayn Rand wrote a whole novel, ‘The Fountainhead” exploring that phenomenon of the snowflakes, far-left manipulation, etc.

    1. Good points on the snowflake phenomenon. I’m always amazed at how easily traditionalist and conservatives shoot barbs at Libertarian ideas and principals when the very basis of political and social “right wing philosophy” is based on Libertarianism.
      Libertarian: everyone should be free to do as they please as long as they don’t infringe on others freedom…
      Conservative: freedom for everyone as long as you conform to our ideas!

      1. Libertarianism is a coward ideology whose main supporters are potheads and rich baby boomer assholes who don’t two flying fucks about this country. It is an ideology that was started in the 1950s, and it has gone full retard since then. Most neocon cocksuckers are libertarian economically, which is why they are fucking obsessed with tax cuts. Libertarianism is a cancer of the west and it is the reason we have so many de-tribalized, uncaring, dumbass white men wondering around like demoralized faggots….meanwhile colored people are flooding in and repopulating our countries, and they will push our country full Marxist. THE END. You libertarians realize that you will never win, right? You are not getting rid of the government, you will not save america, and most of you are just white trash with nice teeth.

        1. Potheads and assholes.
          Why do most libertarians make more money as salary earners than, say, right-wing types Wes?
          If you took a survey you would find that the Alt-Right makes less money than libertarians.

        2. Make more money…lol…they don’t make more money, in fact some of the richest people on earth are full blown socialists. You have zero statistics to back your shit up, BTW. No, most libertarians are simple minded idiots who just work, and they are lucky to be in this country (created by white tribalism and generations of patriotic tax paying citizens) so that they actually can make money, and many of them are country rednecks who just inherited land…that is it. There is nothing special about libertarians, and they merely exist like most other morons in this country. Libertarians are stupid as fuck, and your comment you haven’t proven anything. You are just throwing catch phrase that mean nothing and are backed up by nothing (stereotypical libertarian).

        3. Wes the Great- Yes. The only thing I needed to know to not vote for Gary Johnson was he wants amnesty.

        4. WES
          True, socialists make a great deal more money than the Cleetus Bob Ray the Republican who wants to cut med care to the dying.
          Republicans preach individualism when they are the poor stupid rural whites than need welfare and financial assistance second only to the blacks.
          …And no I do not give a shit if a white prole moron like the ones I grew up with in Detroit runs the usual gamut of getting hooked on some stupid latest drug craze (Where are all the tweakers I knew in my 20’s in the 1990’s now?) and have kids out-of-wedlock and wrack up some minor charges and one day they are 30 with no money to move out of their shitty city in Podunk USA and want everyone else to assist them because they are so unskilled a fucking jungle Indian can take their job and the Negros are fucking their mud shark daughters…
          My guess is that Democrats, love them or hate them, have about a 5 point IQ advantage over Republicans. Sure the Mexicans and blacks are always Democrats but so are the Asians and Jews on the other side of the bell curve which brings the IQ up to about 105 or 110.
          Republicans tend to attract dirt-poor US interior hicks who can be convinced to vote for some alcoholic bum like George Bush because he claims to have found religion…support bankrupting wars…whatever.

      2. “everyone should be free to do as they please as long as they don’t infringe on others freedom” We already had that nation you stupid F. However, considering that we don’t all live in magical individual bubbles, it is usually the case that people constantly infringe on each other which is why we have police, a justice department, regulation, etc etc. Oh, and this idea that the rich will “self regulate” is total horseshit. Also, the reasons nations formed in the first place is because people who work together accomplish more and create a higher quality of life for everyone. You are a moron, and like a typical libertarian you just have these pathetic catch phrases that are just subjective bullshit like, “muh, I just believe in freedom”, “muh, government evil”….no different than the nutcase communists saying “muh, I just believe in equality”.

        1. WES
          Yeah, you want my ass to bleed for all the stupid fucks I knew in the Rust Belt back in 1994, 1995 or whatever who were having kids when were 20 (I’m 44) because they were stupid GED graduates or dumb white trash like my pot dealer Scott and all the other white rednecks I knew who figured that if they had kids at 21 in 1995 the fairy fucking godmother would provide for them.
          Needless to say if you even had a single semester at a Diploma mill you could see that the future was not going to be this case.
          But anyhow I blew town without knocking a chick up or getting probation and managed to flee a completely hopeless rust belt situation and a great many of the hicks, crusties, white trash, hood rats did not.
          “Man, I’m gonna have a kid” they told me back in 1995. I nodded in faux-admiration, knowing how fucked they were going to be in a rustbelt economy that was collapsing even back then.
          Meanwhile, my suitcase was packed.
          20 years later these assholes are all stuck in their economically pointless rustbelt cities in the same shitty “sports bars” where they have been drinking the same watered-down fucking beer since $1.00 pitchers were being sold in 97 are still there waiting for some fairy fucking godmother to clean the water up like Flint Michigan.
          The Asians, Jews, Hispanics congregated around tech, finance, service-sector labor do not give a shit at all and you cannot expect them to.

      3. Even Milton Friedman believed in a negative income tax to help the poor, aka, wealth redistribution. So in other words, the an most libertarians “cherish” as one of their great leaders believed in welfare, all he wanted to do was simplify it in the form of negative taxes to simplify it.

      4. “All kinds of people today call themselves “libertarians,” especially something calling itself the New Right, which consists of hippies who are anarchists instead of leftist collectivists; but anarchists are collectivists. Capitalism is the one system that requires absolute objective law, yet libertarians combine capitalism and anarchism. That’s worse than anything the New Left has proposed. It’s a mockery of philosophy and ideology. They sling slogans and try to ride on two bandwagons. They want to be hippies, but don’t want to preach collectivism because those jobs are already taken. But anarchism is a logical outgrowth of the anti-intellectual side of collectivism. I could deal with a Marxist with a greater chance of reaching some kind of understanding, and with much greater respect. Anarchists are the scum of the intellectual world of the Left, which has given them up. So the Right picks up another leftist discard. That’s the libertarian movement. ” Ayn Rand

      5. Oh look, coward faggot libertarians are down voting my responses without a single logical response….imagine that. LOL, I quoted Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman and yet these white trash inbred retards still don’t have anything to say. BTW, why are you libertarian faggots on this site anyways, shouldn’t you be watching Glenn Beck?

        1. Wes, you are a true statesman and all statesmen are collectivist as a matter of principle. You also said:
          “the reasons nations formed in the first place is because people who work together accomplish more and create a higher quality of life for everyone.”
          One for all and all for one!
          The higher quality of life you speak of, btw, is in contrast to slavery/feudalism, but not true freedom, which is the real goal.

        2. WES THE GREAT
          Libertarian former Democrat response…
          When I was young in 1995 (21 years old) all the white trash that sold me pot and working class Polacks and hillbilly hicks were having kids.
          “Man, I’m going to have a kid” they told me.
          “Whoah” I would say in faux-macho admiration, thinking how fucked they were because anybody who took a single Econ class in 1994 in any diploma mill knew that the entire economic fabric of the states was disintegrating.
          All I could think of was getting the fuck out. My suitcase was packed. The day I graduated from college, I was gone.
          These stupid fucked motherfuckers kids are probably the ones posting on this site about how fucked they are.
          And I agree. And if they actually believe that the East Coast money around Beltway gives a shit they can look at the Water crisis in Flint which demonstrated that nobody gave a shit about people stupid enough to be trapped in an economically irrelevant city.
          All the working middle class whites I knew as a young man in Michigan are now totally fucked-a single fucking job will never come back to Rust Belt. The Jews on the East Coast and Asians on the West will never give a flying single fuck about the woes of Anglo-Celtics in crumbling Michigan and Ohio communities who fucked Mary Jane Rottencrotch and are stuck there without the liberty to fuck off.
          When these cities become as bad as India-and Detroit and Flint are close-and people are taking shits on the road because there is no longer a city or state budget for sewage…it won’t matter anymore than it matters to someone in Missouri that Indians have to drink the same water someone is squatted shitting into upstream on the Ganges River.
          As a younger man (Now I am 44) I knew all these stupid fucks. The macho white trash gear heads who impregnated the local tough-talking sluts and the redneck pot dealers and the blacks they hated…now in their 40’s they are totally fucked.

        3. WES and RPSP
          So why DON’T YOU LEAVE like I did? Just fuck off overseas and get the hell away from it?
          Instead of having SJW fat Lesbian feminazis run your life why not live in Southeast Asia and get blowjobs and great sex from dusky beauties?
          Why the fuck do you put up with the shit, then?
          I am from a rustbelt state. It is fucking awful. But I do not have to give a bloody shit about it any longer.
          Just walk away.
          It is what I did.

        4. For everyone here, you do notice that not a single one of these libertarians has a SINGLE logical response to me. I literally posted a video of the libertarian godfather Milton Friedman talking about negative income taxes for the poor, and then the the libertarian goddess Ayn Rand talking shit about their own movement calling them hippie retards…..yet they still have nothing to say. COWARDS, run to your third world shitholes you fucking COWARDS. Abandon ship!!!!!!!

        5. Madman….”So why DON’T YOU LEAVE like I did?” Why would I leave? Run to what country? Did the country you ran too have gun rights? Can you work and make the same amount of money in those countries? Do you actually have more individual freedoms in that country? Are those countries libertarian “government-less” countries. No, what most baby boomers and gen-x faggot libertarians did is they used the massive wealth discrepancy between our first world nation (which is solely due to generations of patriotic tax paying citizens) and then they move to third world shitholes where their money goes a lot farther, and then they buy pussy. Kind of pathetic.

      6. Libertarians are cowards who capitulated to the flood of third world morons coming into this nation. Every libertarian meet-up looks like a KKK rally without the hoods, but instead of standing up for this country and returning to the nationalistic days of past the libertarians just want to destroy government and disappear into their magical little individual bubbles. Libertarianism is a pathetic response to diversity, feminism, and multiculturalism; it is essentially a “I give up, just leave me alone” type response to the world we live in. FUCKING PATHETIC. Libertarians are also the faggot right wingers who continue to worship women and feminism, they “don’t care about race”, they don’t care about borders, they don’t care about anything but themselves. Libertarians are a failing pile of garbage who will never win, they will never destroy the government, and they will never succeed. They are merely a cancer in the right wing that prevents an actual patriotic response to the mass colonization of our nation by third world morons.

        1. Libertarian movements are interestingly enough run by (((them))) too….just go to Turning Point USA, lol, they have a special “subsidized” (right, I laughed at that one) trip to Israel so that the good goys can see the ethno-state of the Jews and meet the land of their magical rulers. Ben Shapiro, Glenn Beck, Prager, the weasel Charlie Kirk…all nutcases. You can also see that they are going after young people too, stereotypical of cult-like groups.

        2. Hey GOY libertarians, did you know that you could get a free and subsidized trip to Israel on the Turning Point USA website…ya, I wonder why that is. Remember, be good goys, destroy your race, don’t ever get nationalistic, and don’t preserve your people….it is all about being an individual goy, stay inside your house Goy and be a good little individual….pretend that your little AR-15 is going to defeat the hordes of minorities flooding into your country, keep pretending that someday the government will be destroyed….yes, good goys.

    2. Every white country throughout Europe, North America and Oceania needs to adopt National Socialism, even if for a few decades. Jews push far-left politics and neoconservatism, which in reality is an offshoot of Trotskyism mixed in with neolibertarian economics and given the appearance of conservatism, or more accurately cuckservatism.
      VertigoPolitix – CM:

      1. Dude, you don’t have to call it national socialism…you are going to get nowhere calling it that. On top of that, it is probably not wise to get too socialist, which national socialists were too socialist. No, what we need to do is just be nationalistic people who believe in a mixed economy, and who are willing to help those a little less fortunate. No need to get too crazy, all we really need to do is return to the mindset of the 1950’s, with maybe a few exceptions (you know, Jim Crow laws, over the top religious laws, etc).

  2. The white race is dead except on the internet and bla bla we will recover and regain bla bla and the killer is not ((white)) or black but is actually white.

    1. I DO actually blame a great deal of white people, and especially white women, for the quick decay of white demographics. Media manipulation by the (((tribe))) can only have so much of an effect.
      All over wealthy white countries (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, USA, Ireland etc.) the white women seem to be obsessed with travelling and banging chad thundercock through as many different countries as possible up to age 33, are obsessed with idea of children being some kind of crimp on their “lifestyle” (cuz muh Instagram likes ya know!), and they only want to “settle down” when it’s already far too late.
      White men then accordingly have to go the Latina or Asian route and create interracial chillins’ because their bitches be cray cray.

        1. many congratulations to the Pewdiepie on his recent engagement. may the succ which first brought them together never get headaches.

      1. Reality- Women are never to blame. Women are incapable of making sound choices without the strict supervision of another man. Without this supervision, they are attracted and influenced by shiny car keys (ya know, whatever looks or sounds good at the time i.e. sad music on TV, a movie or whatever their low T SJW professor (who hasn’t been laid in over a year) is bitchin about.

        1. PREACH.
          On of the hardest Red Pills to swallow is this very fact. Everything IS indeed the man’s fault. Because in the end men relinquished thier authority and power to the women.
          A woman can only do what a man ALLOWS her to.
          From the home to the Halls of government, men enable the bad behavior of their woman.

        2. I get that women get persuaded to do things that are bad not knowing the brevity of it. I get that they are susceptible to groupthink morality.
          However, I disagree with your premise. The most difficult red pill truth for a lot of guys to swallow is that women are really capable of being evil. They have the free will and capacity to be evil people, and most are. Often, they enjoy and relish in the feeling of evil. To deny this is a deeply subconsciously beta instinct that “something so adorable could never be evil”.
          It’s also very difficult to accept that people are evil. It’s difficult to accept that, like your dog or cat, people only appreciate you for what you can give them. Even your own mother.

        3. “Women can’t help it”
          Women can help it. They’re given the choice to do bad things or good things. They choose the bad thing, often for the reason of its being bad. They enjoy that it’s bad. They know they’re killing babies, and yet so many of them do it.
          Remember that, for whatever reason, there is a much higher ratio of men than women in jail. It’s rare for a woman to be disciplined for her particular actions of evil.
          People falsely think that there must be some terrible backstory when a woman gets thrown in jail. Most women are drowning in undeserved pity. For a woman to escape the pity matrix and actually go to jail, she must be extremely evil. It’s not that this woman is a victim of the system, it’s the opposite: a woman getting thrown into jail is the last healthy function of a system that is a victim of womanhood.

        4. A man will choose an action that’s evil, in hopes that some good will come of it.
          A woman will choose an action that’s evil, because she enjoys evil and the feeling it gives her.

        5. This isn’t actually true, as men we can only do what the law allows us to do (unless you like prison). I had no part in making the current gynocentric laws, and have no choice but to comply while in western countries. The only real choices for white men are to comply or leave the country. I chose to leave the country.

      2. We got gamed. We whites got taken advantage of while we were snoozing. SNOOZING!! Just like the sleeping Mexicans got taken advantage of on a fateful spring day in 1836 during the battle of San Jacinto. The Texian General SAM HOUSTON, a man with BALLS OF FIRE knew when to strike – during SIESTA time in the afternoon when Mexicans generally pass out and nap. Maybe it was pattern behaviour or maybe genetic with the new boom race of mestizo being mixed with bloolines originating from time zones half a day apart. Half way through the day the melatonin kicks in and “THONK” . . out like a light. Makes sense. Anyways Santa Anna’s sleeping Mexican army was defeated in a mere 18 munites. The original Texians remind me of the original Rhodesians.
        YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE. Westerners were effectively put to sleep by the material comforts of the industrial revolution. And a few women, jewesses included went operating rogue and unnoticed. 1875 – that’s when women began lobbying to raise the consent age to allow for higher education of females. 1st wave feminism was born, hatched from the mildew and crag. Feminism began as an itch in the musty spore ridden stale underwear of the original jewess gurus.
        Suddenly the luxury and creature comforts of the industrial boom fuelled the fire in women’s panties and in their minds. Of course they wanted more and the spiral downward descent of western man to cannon fodder and pussy whip work mule began.
        WAKE UP and shake the sleep off western man.

      3. White men who have never travelled east or stationed in the military go looking for eastern women because of the depictions of beautiful Asian eye candy in the internet dating apps. A few of the guys in the states I’ve known with Asian brides were nothing like what you see in the advertizements. Some were chunky with ruddy complexions and others were small, dark/olive and nowhere near like the sexy pics in the ads. It was like comparing the picture of a BK Whopper to looking at the real thing they threw together for you as you unwrap the paper on it. Asian dating apps promise you this:!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/gallery_320/korea-kim-min-jeong.jpg
        And deliver results closer to this:

        1. Most of the Asian women I’ve banged look like option 1.
          Dunno about dating apps, I’ve never used one, plenty of ‘option 1’ available to choose in person while in Thailand/Philippines/Vietnam. Not keen on Korean women they all seem to have big heads, long bodies and short legs when you see them in the flesh.

  3. This IS what happens when you tolerate homosexuals, niggrs, jews and all the other sub-human perverts to run wild. These mongrels belong in a mass grave with a bullet to the neck. Mass killings and genocides need to be happen now! Feminist can also be sent to the death camps or used as human sex dolls to be discarded once used up.

      1. (((Steely Dan))) is an obvious subversive here, yet we’ve got idiots upvoting him. Hope before long we get back to having mods here who block these losers. Do you hear me, Roosh?

  4. ((Steely Dan)) nice idea with the feminist sex doll theory. SJW anyway fantasy about rape. Ultimately many of them need to die and execution is the only way to solve our current problem.

  5. Leftism is a disease, and to continue the Carthage analology, they have won their Cannae.
    Whether or not we can find our Scipio to defeat Hannibal in Trump is debatable.
    Most importantly, remember that after Zama, Scipio tried to use mild, conciliatory terms with Carthage. For all his military genius, this was Scipio’s only strategic mistake: the Third Punic War happened and Rome had to utterly crush Carthage.
    If the analogy holds true, there can be no conciliation with Leftism. We have to destroy it utterly before Hannibal’s armies roam the Italian peninsula and turn all our institutions against us.

    1. “turn all our institutions against us” what institutions are you talking about that are not controlled by the left?.
      The constitution already is against white people with laws like affirmative action woman quotas, and recently a Christian couple sued for 180000 for refusing to sell wedding cake. to two crazy females while at it anyone can get fired in America for voicing their concerns which are not aligned to the left.
      moral of the story battle is already lost. The left will never admit to anything no matter how wrong they get how hurt they get all blame will be put on conservatives.
      Only after battle of Armageddon will things balance out

      1. Sitting and ‘waiting’ for armageddon would be unbearable if you think about it. Could you really sit and ‘wait’ as a spectator as the enemy pummels your culture and tribe and feasts on your family’s bones. There’s a ‘snapping out of it’ point where the sleepy sheepy goes away and it’s BALLS ON FIRE.

        “FEELS GOOD WHOOH!” Everything naturally feels better when your balls are ON FIRE. In fact pummelling the enemy even FEELS GOOD when your balls are on fire.

        1. Some cunt muscle… (((Steely Dan))) I suspect… is now posting bullshit using my screen name. The guys who have been here a while (Automatic Slim, Ed Easterling, Madman Marz, etc) know me and how I write.
          And my avatar doesn’t change.

      2. The Constitution isn’t against anyone. If anything it is the last bastation of this countries legal charter empowering the people against the Gov. Don’t conflate laws and ordinances with the charter of our country.
        Frankly I’m amazed the pwoers that be haven’t gotten rid if it all together.

        1. Pretty sure the constituion gives the government all of its powers, including the power to tax, which has nothing to do with empowering people to “fight government”. So I am not sure what you are talking about. Your rights protect you from OTHER INDIVIDUALS, and the governments job is to make sure that those rights are enforced (aka, protect you from other individuals). Just because women, Jews, and minorities took over our government and are ruining it doesn’t mean the government is the problem and we just need to “fight it” with the Constitution. The problem is with libertarian idiots like yourself who de-tribalized our nation and allowed idiots to take over our government, and who make the right wing un-electable to the average voter.
          Bro, you need to stop reading all the pseudo-intellectual bullshit on libertarian websites. You sound that nutcase Glenn Beck.

        2. Yet again, libertarian coward down voting me without a single response. Enlighten me you faggot cowards>

        3. “Your rights protect you from OTHER INDIVIDUALS, and the governments job is to make sure that those rights are enforced (aka, protect you from other individuals).”
          Because snowflakes like Wes are too cowardly to protect themselves.

        4. HAHAHA…ya, I would like to see a brave badass like you fight a rich person who can afford to buy his own small army. Like a typical libertarian, you think you are some sort of spartan warrior badass. I gaurentee you that when shit hits the fan the first people you would call would be the police. Also, this is not just about protecting yourselves from violence, but also protecting yourself in the court of law against a number of F-d up things that could happen to you.

    2. I hope the author and everyone else do realize that accusing the enemy of child/human sacrifice is the oldest trick in the book of empire building. Yesterday it was Sadaam pulling the plug on baby incubators, today it’s Syria gassing their children.

  6. For once some common sense. While the “Final Solution” will never happen again, genocide will. People will rally to the call and liberals, homos, hood rat niggrs will be killed like the trash they are. I can’t wait to throw those trash bags full of black babies into the dumpster lol.

      1. This isn’t the real me, dude. It’s an imposter who is probably the main troll on this site, (((Steely Dan))).
        Always look at the avatar.

    1. No white man needs to kill a black (save in self-defence cases, of course).
      Just let blacks alone and they start killing each other. Black-on-black violence is not my problem. White genocide is.

      1. Except this isn’t the 1990’s anymore, blacks have moved out to the ‘burbs for the section 8 and other handouts. When this war gets started, it will be in your own backyard. It won’t because half of all whites (especially babyboomers, women, and millenials) are liberals!
        They’ve already WON! The JBIC’s (Jews Babyboomers In Charge) crossed every T and dotted every I this time around. It would take an unforeseeable, unfathomable amount of force to reverse 50 years of what transpired.

  7. Well said. Leftists must be utterly decimated and scattered to the wind. There can be no peace, coexistence, or further toleration of this utter deviant mass of human cancer. We must destroy them, and lucky for us every combat vet (including myself) is on our side, and can’t wait to stick a bayonet into the chest of a white-guilt ridden soy-boy (or transgender?)!!

    1. Why kill a soy-boy when you could kill a feminist?
      Your choice of enemy demonstrates ‘White Knight’ syndrome.
      Other men are not your enemy.

        1. JOHN
          White men who move overseas belong to a Third Culture, if you will.
          None of these stupid poor fucked fucks who were born to Yuppie parents in the Thatcher-Bush-Majors era can understand this. They live at home when they are 25.
          Porn has emasculated them, the economy has trapped them in situations where they cannot move across the street from the house they grew up in, globalization has actually turned them into townies like 10th century peasants who lived 10 miles from their birthplace for their entire lifespan.
          You probably left home at 18. By 25 you probably owned or mortgaged a house.
          These fuckers are still playing video games and jerking off to porn with their mates at an age when you had a wife and kids.

        2. WES
          Confessions of an Expat
          “Selfish libertarians”
          My working middle class response is that these fucked assholes stuck with two kids they conceived with a local girl and failed at 23 or 25 to realize the curtailment of their horizon are now complaining that people like me don’t give a shit that they have to send their kids to shitty public schools and they live in rustbelt regions where their property is worth shit because of economics and Negros.
          I feel very fortunate that I simply fucked off at 25.
          Today I enjoy a life in the tropics and have experienced sex with hundreds of exotic women and do not have to care that my daughter will watch some crap on TV dreamed up by a Jew on coke in LA and want to go get pregnant by a mudshark.
          I shake my head at the enstupidification that occurred since I beat a hasty exit from the US to Dubai in the late 90’s.
          Assholes who had kids at 25 and got stuck in the shitty economy of lousy regions like my own can go fuck themselves.
          Not my fault they got married at 25 and toiled in shit jobs and divorced and have shit while I enjoyed a life overseas.
          Better them than me and I do not have to worry about rape charges by SJW’s or the Jews or MS-13 or Groids.
          I avoided it all. And it was wonderful. I’m glad I got out.

        These younger Gen Y posters are exhibiting some anger towards us because we were born at a time when it was possible for a man to make enough money to choose to fuck off to another country and enjoy life.
        You see John, the 28 year old posters on this site have never had the option of traveling or living overseas because they cannot even afford to move out of home-they were born into a capsizing post-industrial economy and came of age during the a horrendous global recession and now face an entire adult lifetime of menial employment.
        So they seethe with jealousy at guys like you and I who would be average for our own generation but had a far greater wealth of choices than they have.
        They are never going to be able to move out of the house or at least the towns or cities they were born in. They are going to sit in the same bars and clubs watching the same local slags that are rated as “fit birds” getting shitty drunk. They are never going to have the option of doing anything but looking at porn. They’ll never travel anywhere.
        So they feel anger and envy at us. I don’t blame them, in fact.
        If I were 28 and living at home and could not travel and would never earn any decent money and had to live in the same house I was born and had no chance of getting laid except with ugly slags at some club or wanking to porn I would feel the same way.

        1. MM,
          I don’t understand their anger towards other men, if they can speak English, then can get a teaching job in Vietnam/China/Korea and live with a slim Asian lady. Met a 45yo guy from Norway could hardly speak English, but working as an English teacher in Vietnam (earning $20/hour), married to a pretty slim 30yo Viet woman. Guys, you don’t need to live in the gynocracy that is the west, you just need the air fare to Asia. There is no need for anger towards other white men. We all need to stand as one against white feminists and refuse them our money and work ethic.

        2. JOHN
          There is a reason why young black and Muslim males are fucking all the women of their generation. They are dickless, hairy-palmed 30 year old schoolboy adolescents. This is why they have become “cucks” so to speak and white girls have opted to bang like outhouse doors in the wind with blacks and Pakis and greaseballs.
          These poor fucked fuckers here 20-35 who were born from 1988 to 2000 are 30 year old adolescents who live at home.
          The days when a young man moved to Dubai alone when he was 25 like me or young Englishmen emigrated to the US or Australia on their own at 22 are long-gone.
          These are hairy-palmed eunuchs we are talking to on this site.
          Most of them would go into hysterics if they had to miss Mum’s meals for a week.
          In our day 18 year old kids went to Amsterdam and fucked prostitutes to lose their virginity.
          These days they all get around and have circle jerks in the cellar of the house they were born.
          So they cannot conceive of life outside their house and city where they were born.
          They would rather sit in the same house they were born and go to the same club they have been drinking since they were 18 and watch the same local slags rated as “a fit bird”

        3. NOBODY
          Tyreece or Abdullah who live away from home and have an on-the-edge lifestyle.
          …Or Travis or Jens the pale, skinny metro-sexual who lives at home and plays videogames when he is 25?
          Of course white women want the masculine bold male. In the past this is why Cherokee women and Aztec women fucked English sailors and Spanish soldiers and abandoned Native males to jerk off in Teepees or Pueblos.
          Today, similarly, the white women are attracted to the buzz of masculine males on the edge.
          Asians and Jews of course are tech nerds and white-collar workers who either enter arranged marriages or have the criteria to get laid.
          The white woman is a slut-disrespected by black, Hispanic, Muslim and Jewish women as a gullible fuck-toy for their males to use as a blow-up doll.

        4. LOL, so we have an entire generation of selfish libertain cocksuckers who could give two flying fucks about anything but themselves, who allowed the mass invasion of our country, who continue fucking us over with their libertarin retard economics, and who continue to go around telling us how “lazy” we are an how we shouldn’t “blame” people who are actually responsible for the predicament we are in.
          “So they seethe with jealousy at guys like you and I who would be average for our own generation but had a far greater wealth of choices than they have.” That is not jealousy, that is resentment towards a worthless generations of white people who literally let our nation go to shit. Most baby boomers and gen-xers I have met are worthless, lost, pathetic individuals who wouldn’t have made shit for money if they had been born in the day and age we were born into.

        5. WES
          “Selfish libertarian cocksuckers”
          What, I am supposed to feel bad that you met some woman in 1987 and got married and toiled in a region with a declining industry and cannot get out?
          What do you want me to do?
          I shake my head at the people I knew as a young man who had kids in the 90’s.

        6. Wes,
          I didn’t ‘allow’ anything, nobody asked me.
          I was oppressed by the white government in my country same as you.
          MGTOW is the only reasonable answer, do not support white women in any way. Do not help them, do not contribute to your white government.
          Work the minimum you need to survive.

        7. Marz
          Before you said you were currently living in Amsterdam and unmarried. Now you are married to a gook in Southeast Asia?

        8. WEIMER
          I never married a woman in Holland. I’ve only used prostitutes there. In fact I have not been in Amsterdam in a decade.

        9. MARZ
          I am not fooled by this nog troll impersonating you as he did to me earlier. It’s just your storylines seem to contradict each other. Maybe I have misread it. Right now your interpretation of the ‘millennial woes’ (not the Scottish faggot) those of us face seems to be a little different now. Like you are taking glee in it whereas before you lamented it, and now claiming superiority to it. If you’re age is what you said it was, it was a completely different era. There was no NAFTA or entrenched Cultural Marxism. Everybody could literally buy an actual house in the early 1990s off a MacDonald’s salary.
          I don’t think you realize how terrible young women have become because you don’t have to deal with them. I just had to deal with a literal crying child (some high school THOT who has never been told no by anybody) trying to give me orders, and I had to put an end to it with finesse. You are lucky that this dynamic did not exist for you.
          Some places I go to work, the women could not be any friendlier (I have a stack of phone numbers they leave me without even asking for it), and then the other places I go they couldn’t be more cold (having such territorial disrespect for me that is like some mini-MeToo at my every move or non-move), I guess because teen girls have a different sexual dynamic that does not apply to their older (warning-track THOTs and post-wall THOTs) peers a la 50 shades. It’s more just about fleeting popularity, not mystique, talent, wealth etc that older THOTs are into.
          I don’t watch porn anymore, but it seems like a better option that the garbage out there today. Every time I fuck one of these THOTs a wave of paranoia hangs over me like I contracted something or something bad will happen (alleged pregnancy, false accusation or cyber stalking). It’s one thing to be an Incel virgin, but it’s another thing to be somebody just exhausted by the Current Year. I wonder how many legit alphas have sidelined themselves?

    2. My father did not go fight communism in Southeast Asia just to have them overrun america. I’m saving up for a helicopter.

  8. Pathetic part is, a “revolution” (which I’m not going to bet on ever happening) isn’t even needed.
    Simply don’t waste money or time on them. Shun the mainstream media, and LET THEM (and the advertisers) KNOW WHY!!! Once they realize how much money they are losing and why, watch what happens.
    Folks, why do you think Marvel Comics went totally SJW? Because those were the only ones they ever heard from. Me, I did not see the last few Star Wars movies, something I never thought would happen in 1983.
    Rome won only because they actually did something.

    1. When do you plan to leave a better comment you fucking faggot. Wow you are so witty and intelligent. I cum on your face you fucking gypsy faggot lover

        1. @Real Blue Eyed Devil:
          I know, captain tough guy here is for God knows what reason using a couple of fake names.

  9. Europe has already been conquered by the Saracen invaders maybe Poland and hungry can soldier on we will see

    1. Masculine cucks less masculine. Poles are still masculine and haven’t been cucked in Europe. Slavic and Maygar holdouts will need to take on the rest of the (((world))) eventually, unless the West smartens up.

  10. André du Pôle,
    Le problème avec la “Gogauche” (je la décris ainsi) commence dans le système scolaire et dans les médias. J’ai été prof durant 10 ans dans le système scolaire québécois et je sais trop bien à quel point celui-ci a la tête qui penche à gauche.
    Idem pour les médias (et là j’ai été animateur radio durant six ans), où des médias nationaux comme Radio-Canada sont gogauches aussi.
    Nous avons vraiment beaucoup de travail à faire pour “vaincre Carthage” mais cela commence dans l’éducation des gens, des jeunes surtout, et je ne pense pas à ici à un endoctrinement. Je crois plutôt tout simplement que si nous faisons en sorte que les jeunes développent une réelle pensée critique, ils seront plus en mesure de faire la part des choses, mais pour cela, il faut un système scolaire et des médias qui sont objectifs dans leur approche, ce qui n’est pas le cas en ce moment.
    Je ne te force à rien mon ami, mais je crois que nous avons du travail à faire dans le monde francophone. Tes excellents textes diffusés ici auraient leur place dans un ROK francophone. On pourrait y voir, si cela te chante. Tu me peux contacter à cette fin si le coeur t’en dit.
    P.A. Beaulieu

  11. “I’ll do such and such to blacks”
    The average poster here, and there are exceptions, would be beaten up by 9 out of 10 blacks from any US urban center. Their fast-twitch musculature is equaled only by their feral ruthlessness.
    If any of you walked past a Sec 8 and someone shouted to “white bitch” their balls would shrivel in fear.
    It is all well and good to call other whites “cucks” but to be on the streets of Detroit or Flint or Compton when a 6’3 black comes at you is a different matter.
    Mestizos and blacks think whites are faggot pussies, Jews and Asians think they are fools, Italians think they are hicks.

    1. I am not trying to counter-signal your claim or pretend to be a keyboard warrior, but I can give you specific examples of how not true that is, at least or me. I think some of my first posts were about my trip to Mardi Gras. I had not one but six young jealous blacks c0ck-blocking me, and I took exception and had all of them suddenly posturing me with their Will.I.AM fade…. and what happened after I called their bluff and started calling them bitches who don’t get pussy like I do? They started slowly following me after spanning the entire narrow street. That is how they attack. Never one-on-one.
      They indirectly threatened me with ‘the police’ (ironic, huh?) after they saw I wasn’t backing down. They are cowards. I could see the fear in their half-hearted intimidation, which whites fall for because of propaganda.It’s like that scene from Kingpin…’9 times out of ten I would’ve been running the other way.’
      They backed down and stopped running their mouths when I asked them with a raised voice, ‘What the fuck are you gonna do? Yeah, that’s what I thought.’
      I am not really a fighter because I have not had to be in many fights, for various reasons. But I can tell you with absolutely certainty that no matter where you are, blacks are terrified of ‘crazy white boy.’ Just like they are afraid of scary movies they have to talk their way through in the theater. Just like they are afraid of water (showers, swimming, ice skating). Most of the time they aren’t taller than the average white guy.
      Every time I am at Mardi Gras, it is ALWAYS white boys getting arrested for fisticuffs. I think blacks settle their disputes with drive-bys these days rather than with punches, whereas whites have reassumed this brawling thing, which seldom turns deadly. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen a black fight. They just resort to sneaky gunplay.

      1. They are just like Mexicans, dumb and feral….they only fight in packs, and they always throw blindsides and fight dirty. A lot of frat boys these days do the same thing. A lot of times they will pull out weapons too.

        1. WES
          Frat boys planning on grad school don’t want to kill someone in a drive-by and be a sex toy in jail.

        2. “Frat boys planning on grad school ” Most frat boys don’t plan on grad school, most frats fight in packs and are dirty motherfuckers. Most frat boys joined frat just so they could party, get laid, and be a degenerate. I have actually been in fights with faggots like this and they pull out their guns and other shit all the time.

        3. WES
          I never rushed a frat because my Dad only paid my tuition and I had to work to make ends meet.
          But I knew Frat guys and they are mostly white boys from middle-class homes who are not going to be doing “drivebys” at tailgating parties.

      2. “But I can tell you with absolutely certainty that no matter where you are, blacks are terrified of ‘crazy white boy.’”
        You’ve not walked the streets of a typical low-income inner city. I would give it two days until you wound in a dumpster in the back of an ally, or at best, a bloody mess in the middle of the street.
        “I am not really a fighter because I have not had to be in many fights, for various reasons.”
        Never mind, this explains everything.

        1. LOL right on cue….wannabe keyboard commander negro. I have lived in this city, darkie. I think YOU wouldn’t last 2 days around your people. ‘Various reasons’ means I am a muscular, tall, intimidating-looking guy you dumb black bitch, so you little bitches only bother me to BEG for money. That’s where you belong…on your knees begging da evil white man.

    Genetically French-Canadians in Quebec and Sicilian-Americans in New Jersey and German-Americans in Milwaukee are not different than a white Parisian or a Roman or a Frankfurter.
    Yet Muslims run riot over them.
    Try being an Arab in New Jersey and fucking with Guidos like Christopher or Ralphie.
    No way would Quebecois let Arabs run riot over them in Canada like they do in France.
    Try raping a German-American girl in a Queens NY or Milwaukee swimming pool with a load of Trumps or Jeffrey Dahmers around.
    Why is it that whites in Europe are different than whites in North America?
    Is it because the tough and heartiest peasant stock from Breton France came to Quebec? Is it that Germans in Milwaukee or Queens, New York were the tough motherfuckers from the peasant South of Germany who immigrated? The Swedes of Minnesota from peasant stock?
    What makes North American whites more intimidating to Muslims than Europeans?

    1. Dude, there is nothing special about whites in America, and if anything our nation is a ground zero for pretty much all the degenerate shit in the world. Germany still has its balls cut off and is still pretty much occupied, and most European nations are just trying to be like America. I have a feeling Europeans will wake up much sooner because at least they are tribal/nationalistic people. I have a feeling Europeans will just explode one day in pent up rage. In this country we have a bunch of dumb fuck libertarians who would rather just hide somewhere and jerk off, or try to tell nigs and Mexicans about the free market, than save their country. Remember, wasn’t this the country armed to the teeth with guns to prevent the stupid bullshit that is going on today from happening? Well, where are all the militias? This country is so white trash and de-tribalized it is no wonder women rule it along with third world people.

      1. WES
        British make wonderful sailors and colonists but they are less proficient at competing against the cunning and dishonesty of Jews and Asians in the coastal bubbles who come from ancient civilizations rooted in corruption, bribery, parasitism etc.
        Every other race-Latinos (Including Italians on the East Coast), Jews, Asians, Nigerians-are wonderful at the bribery and blackmail and loopholes. So they thrive in the East and West Coast cities where decisions are made and wealth is hoarded.

        1. Jews bested Brits., too many dealings with Jews and now once proud Britainia is a sullied whore. Don’t go round with the Jew is the lesson. Colonial Brits. wore the pants with India, China, Malaysia, Burma, Nigeria, ect.

    2. Madman Marz,
      If you are referring to Italian-Americans in New Jersey, their ethnic identity has been on decline since the late 1980s. The series “Sopranos” , as entertaining as it was, had a pretty outdated picture of Italian-Americans in the 1990s/2000s. If you visit Newark today, the people you find with Italian surnames will be doctors, dentist, attorneys, judges, dentis, accountants etc and they will be living in a reasonably decent parts of town (If Newark has any of that at all). A second-generation or third-generation Italian-American rarely needs to rely on the Cosa Nostra (“Our Thing”) for protection or to make a living.
      This was one of the main reasons of the Cosa Nostra’ (CN’s)s decline, not the RICO statutes and the witness protection programs.
      As a consequence, the CN was used to known for peaceful co-operation instead of confrontation when it came Russian organized groups in the 1990s (need I say more) , with Albanians (they are small in numbers but well-organized and tough as hell) and Nigerians (no1 in scams with connections all over the world) in the 2000s and with the Mexican Cartels (nearly 90% of the illegal drugs comes to the US via Mexico) in the 2010s.
      The ethnic identity of the non-WASP ethnic “White” groups has been rapidly disappearing since the late 1980s…

  13. ROK has the fucking dumbest commentators now! Bunch of aholes acting like PUA gods. Self-righteous arrogant fuckheads. ROK has become a fucking joke.

    1. I know my posts are getting annoying because of the windiness and combativeness, so eventually I will stop commenting here because I have said almost everything I needed to say, and I will leave this place as I found it…a virtue-signaling circle jerk of one-liners that get 83 thumbs up. I just find all of that passé. Every website turns into that echo-chamber of uniformity eventually. It has its usefulness because everybody needs a safe space. Not my cup of tea though.
      I dissect things after close observation, careful hypotheses and tested analyses, which takes extra words, because I want guys (regardless of their race) to evocatively envision exactly what I see, and take what they can from it. I would say I’ve been pretty fair because, although I have biases (like everybody else), I dissect all groups and peoples. Believe it or not, I use a lot of my free time preparing my comments to be readable because I want people to learn so they do not suffer what I did for so long.
      I do not really hate anybody anymore because, having studied all of these various peoples, I oscillate between admiration for their slyness and disdain for their treachery. You can’t really hate people if you understand them, even if you don’t agree with them.
      The people I am hardest on are women (specifically white women). The next group I target is white leftism. The next are cuck0lds (white conservatives). Then the next is (((managerial people))). THEN I pick apart the garden-variety amalgamation of Third Worlders, nonwhites and degenerates. So I go after my own kind far more than I target the ‘downtrodden’ (lol).
      Just because I don’t want my race to disappear, doesn’t make me evil or even incorrect in my predictions. I have never killed or raped anybody, and do not even call for deportations, violence or ‘[email protected]’ Yet somehow my anonymous online commentary equates to mythical gas chambers and hypothetical crimes of 20th century dictators.
      Sorry, critics, it doesn’t.
      But that is exactly what happens when too many ‘undemocratic’ demographics eclipse the host population. Your freedoms disappear in favor of their tribal fiefdoms and warlord kleptocracies. Democracy and capitalism are meant for those of high-time preference, not those with narrow time-horizons because it is a simple numbers game.
      How difficult is this to understand?
      That is why some of them flee to our liberty paradises (to escape their own people and live as a ‘oppressed minorities’ amongst us), and the rest of them invade our liberty paradises to conquer us as the second act. The first group will NEVER counter-signal the second group because of shared tribalism. So they are nothing more than a vanguard to this conquest, regardless of their ‘based’ status: that’s how they get you – lowering your guard by softening up the indigenous staging-ground in opposition to all of this.
      So free speech has been reduced to ‘hate speech’ if a white hetero male does not use newspeak (cuck preamble) for even tame opinions that have been branded ‘politically-incorrect’ (opposition to this hostile takeover).
      ‘Not that I agree with this (alleged ‘white [email protected]’s’ opinion), but…’
      Nobody else is required to do this but us. It ALWAYS starts off small and amorphous (‘H0locaust denial’), but then quickly spreads to forbidden words (just like in Harry Potter) that only certain groups are allowed to say, which they can choose to be offended by, while dualistically using that same ‘offensive’ word as an innocuous endearment, literally every other sentence. Lol even making millions off this ‘terrible’ word as the hook in every ‘song.’
      It has spread like wildfire ever since to include ‘tone, context and insinuation.’
      So these people are either faking their ‘outrage’ by other people’s usage, or faking their tolerance in their liberal usage said word when they themselves use it. You can’t just wax and wane from the duality of hypersensitivity and endearment.
      This ‘totalitarian anarchy’ has spread to other phrases, words and associations near and dear to every other ‘oppressed person’ living leisurely lifestyles in First World countries.
      Eventually white men will not be allowed to say anything unless it is prescreened to appeal to the delicate sensibilities of everybody else. Fact.
      Tbh, I’m surprised I lasted as long as I did on this site. Pretty good run. Goddamn it, even this gets ‘forbidden.’

      1. Fuck ypu Weimar Repubican all you do is talk shit on ROK faggt. Just another beta soy boy on the interwebs.

        1. There is John Doe (aka only nog in history claiming that title) impersonating white men again. See, you guys can only follow us. Go dribble a ball or stutter words and pretend it’s rhyming poetry.

      2. WR- Great post and I can echo the sentiments almost exactly.
        For the real MM – Your view of tough whites is outmoded. I grew up in Chicago around tough ethnics (some were Jews!) and Appalachian hillbillies who migrated north. They no longer exist. The younger generations are watered down, pussified, in the suburbs, hipsters, or minority gang banger wannabes. In some pockets of the small town midwest or south you MIGHT find a few whites that have not surrendered to the culture.
        For the Author – Why do you persist in this whipping up of inter generational warfare? Maybe your French baby boomers are cheese eating Macron voters who like to watch as their women are poached by third world savages. My generation voted for Trump. You will never get that through your thick skull.
        Lastly again for WR. I like your hierarchy of enemies. I wish us men would quit being fake warriors and end this petty squabbling. We are all losing this war to the modern day Carthaginians. Losing it in a rout.

        1. WHO CARES
          Sean Penn in BAD BOYS summed up tough whites when I was young. HENRY PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER summed up Appalachian migrants in Chicago. They were tough. Blacks congregated in South Chicago because they wanted know part of them.

      3. I had a reply here and it appears that it has been scrubbed. There was nothing wrong with my post, it just seems that part of it offended somebody in authority. I just wanted to for the most part agree with WR, disagree with MM on tough whites, they are few and far between now, especially in urban areas. I’ll leave out the part that made someone feel the need to delete my entire post that I actually spent a good deal of time on.

        1. WHO CARES
          Watch 1982’s BAD BOYS with Sean Penn as the Irish lug or HENRY PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER about migrant hillbillies.
          There were tough whites in the 1980’s in Chicago.

        2. MM I remember well the hillbillies of Uptown Chicago in the 1960’s and 70’s. Some of the best pals I ever had and they were almost to a man combative and fearless.

  14. DARTH
    The black has the aggression and feral instincts to control the streets and the Jew has the cunning to control the money supply, media, judiciary system and the Italians possess the cunning to corrupt or bribe them.
    The Anglo-Celtic yeoman in the Flyover has none of this. He simply sits in suburban cul-de-sacs or rural towns nobody has heard of laboring in unremarkable professions that provide the infrastructure and taxes for other races to get rich off of him as a consumer-the blacks play the children’s games he watches and buys jerseys for, the Jews get paid to stick their 10 inch Hebrew peckers into blonde molested trailer trash like Stormy Daniels, the Mexican hooks him on pot and then coke and then meth, the Asian is imported to fire him from his own tech industry, the Hispanic displaces him from the service sector.
    He fights the pointless wars that America has lost since WWII and toils to create primary industries so that the other races can be enriched and dispossess him to the US interior like the Native Americans before him.
    I speak deep Hydrogen Truth bombs.

  15. JOHN
    Doesn’t this seem tiresome-how these poor bastards express a total helplessness at the hands of SJW’s and cannot get laid?
    When you move from the West and you no longer give a shit it all seems so small and pitiful.

    1. MM,
      We are living the life most of the posters on this forum can only dream of.
      I don’t begrudge them their down votes, they don’t have a lot to live for.

      1. JOHN,
        Stop with your incessant bullshit. You are so full of fucking shit its ridiculous please take your black ass baxk home muthafucker.

        1. JOHN
          Resentment again. Most of these lads on this board are 25 years old and have never been out of their Mum’s house much less to another country. They are too timid and feminized by being raised by a divorced man-hating Mum to touch a woman their age so they jerk off to porn all day. They hate their neighborhood and they cannot leave and have nowhere to go and nothing to do. When they go to a local club the same slags they’ve known since primary school are buying drinks for big black studs whose babies they will raise on the taxpayer’s dole out.
          As Wes pointed out they are resentful that so many white men ages 40-65 are now fucking off overseas to “tropical pastures” and do not give a toss about the travails affecting those fucked stupid bastards who had no choice but to hang around.
          Some of it is a lack of opportunity and some of it is a lack of initiative.
          You and I get more sex in a week than they will in a decade or a lifetime; we do not have to care if Hollywood is ramming crap down the throats of public because everyday is a cinematic adventure for us of discovery in an exotic world; we can get drunk for $3.
          They are living in their shitty post-industrial cities and towns feeling used by the 1% and tormented by SJW.
          You and I do not have to give a shit.
          That is resentment.

        2. (((Steely Dan))).. you’re not even doing a good job trying to impersonate and write like me and MM

      2. JOHN
        “Amy Winehouse and Saul Horowitz control my thoughts and my life-I cannot MOVE from the house I was born because they meet at Bat Mitzvahs to control my universe!”
        “I cannot stop jerking off to porn like hairy-palmed 13 year old who found some old mags in a trashcan…”
        “White slags are getting impregnated by black wide boys who are gone before they zip their trousers up and the taxes on my earnings go up”
        “My wife divorced me and my 12 year old daughter was unprotected and groomed by Pakistani shitbags hanging around on the street”
        “The Human Resources officer is an Irish Catholic who fired me for telling a Paddy Joke”
        ….It all seems so stupid and laughable when you are over here like us.
        I wonder what it is like for Gen Y. They cannot leave the house they were born, much less travel the world.
        25 years old and still living with their parents, unable to even move out of their house.
        Must be awful.

      3. JOHN
        Most of these guys cannot even leave home at the age of 25. Never traveled in their life, closest they came to an Asian beauty was a wank mag, go to the same club every Thursday and watch the same slags spilling beer, Pakistani scumfucks grooming his sister for prostitution…
        The life of a Gen Y is shit.

    The Eurofag is not different than the average middle-class white American in the suburbs.
    He is metrosexual and pale. He lives at home. He plays videogames. His drug of choice is marijuana and beer, both depressives that mellow him more. He plays gay sports. He jerks off to porn 4 times a day so he could not get an erection with a woman who was blowing him because he is spent.
    The Pakistani or Black American or Mestizo lives in the street. He has been on his own since he was 12. His sports are brutal and gladiatorial. He is muscular although he does not have a health club membership. He rapes rather than watching porn. He has no respect for white women whatsoever. He is sexist.
    White girls of age 12 want to have his baby.

  17. The problem resides mostly in the diagnostics. You critics of SJWs (modern-day scalawags) misdiagnose leftists as ‘utopians.’ You are taking their misdirection bait, and they are thus sidestepping the spotlight of their crimes. White leftists are the definition of realism (beyond Red-Pilled). They are the absolute phoniest creatures that ever lived and nobody calls them out on it because of the brilliant equilibrium they have found (on the margins of human nature) manipulating society, while nondescriptly concealing it with these passive-aggressive fake personas: Soy boys, beta males, cuck0lds and male feminists.
    Their role is concomitant, but still separate and a backseat to the role (((managerial people))) play, yet still very important nonetheless.
    There is no ‘naivety, white guilt, self-loathing’ or any of that (aside from the apolitical overdose/suicide/mass-murder thing), just like there is no ‘self-loathing J3w.’ These people know exactly what they are doing. There are simply too many ‘inconceivable’ variables that express this disingenuousness (living in all-white areas/neighborhoods/cities/states), sending their kids to ‘safe schools’ (private academy lotteries), listening to implicit white music (EDM, folk, indie) that nonwhites would never listen to, and performing upscale white activities (tennis, golf, horseback riding, croquet, badminton, social registers, debutant balls etc)…all the while forcing harmful government programs and diversity upon every other white group.
    That is why every block in every gay district is more voluntarily segregated in every way ([email protected], [email protected], hippie, Musl!m, Asian etc) than any business during Jim Cr0w or any prison. It’s like a confederacy that is not even enforced, yet still expresses its differences like oil on water.
    They carve out enclaves in the cities (gentrification), where cops need not patrol because there are often barriers that separate the [email protected] ghettos from the whitopias, while (((cosmopolitans))) almost never actually live in the city proper or the suburbs, but on the exurbs.
    It’s not a ‘conspiracy,’ but more an osmosis of likeminded whites, who do the unthinkable and deign themselves in performance art (virtue-signaling, voting etc), when in reality these hucksters drive home from clown-world into the safety of SWPL land (bourgeois bohemians – ‘bobos), where nonwhites and underclass whites are economically redlined out of existence: gentrification, ‘Blue states,’ and other implicit white leftist subcultures (hipsters, hippies, yuppies) that insulate themselves from the poz they administer to Red States via elections, media and education to weaken the structural integrity of the patriarchy (poor white majority/homogeneity), so they can ascend into the managerial role of an aristocracy, off the coattails/sidelocks of [email protected]
    They are just as cunning as ((([email protected]))) because they adopt a Crypto-J3wish group-evolutionary survival strategy that closely mimics Zi0nism. M0rmonism is a different version of this Crypto-J3wry that insulates (sanctioned sanctuary) these unrequited protégés of International J3wry from poz.
    But here is how they think on the individual level, despite their pretend plaudits for collectivism:
    Take for instance, NYC governor Bill ‘De Blasio.’ He is a 6’5” giant of a Germanic man. That alone could get him into high places, but no…it’s simply isn’t enough to sate him. He wants to not just gain power, but consolidate and expand it. That requires zero-sum transactions.
    That is what white leftism is all about: market share, territorialism, and constructing barriers-to-entry gatekeepers.
    In other words, they seek to build, maintain or winnow a new aristocracy. (The eternal Pareto Principle strikes again.) They are like white warlords (Bezos, Gates, Buffet, Musk) because they are distinct from (((entrepreneurs))) (Zuckerberg, Soros and too many others to name) because they parlay their monopolization of commerce/technology into Zi0nism, whereas these Gentile warlords are simply individualist monopolists that will ally themselves to any ideology or demographic if it means capturing more market shares for their empires.
    De Blasio designed his entire public persona – adopting the vowel-suffixed Italian surname of his mother deep into life to sound more authentically New York and gain access (simony), as per Tammany Hall ethnic fiefdoms: Irish police chief/fire chief, Italian garbage collecting etc. He married (sexless union) a [email protected] lesb!an (political beard), only publically revealing his Afro son (status symbol) at the optimal moment during the mayoral election to appeal to the East New York/South Bronx constituency…and it worked.
    But De Blasio is a rare exception because most leftists will not dedicate (sacrifice) their lives to this fake persona to such a degree. Some will just adopt an African child as a charitable statement to their lavish wealth and mistreat it (Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie), while most others will simply give pithy lip service (virtue-signaling nonwhites/counter-signaling whiteness), in addition to the discipline of building up a tolerance to anti-white crime that directly targets them (never even acknowledging it).
    THIS is their version of individualism. They would rather live as Pharaohs presiding over a supermajority nonwhite empire (like South Africa) than blend into the white ethnocracy.
    This is exactly how Charles Manson envisaged Helter-Skelter: kick-start a race war, wait it out from an armored compound, and emerge as the shadow government assuming power over the primitive nonwhites, who won the internecine conflict against the formidable majoritarian underclass whites, whom white leftists scorn.
    These people are doing Helter-Skelter in a ‘long-march-through-the-institutions,’ but the closer they seem to get to final victory, the more erratic their low-time preference becomes, especially with temporary setbacks (2016 election).
    Leftists are good at what they do because they practice brinkmanship. They are willing to sacrifice part of the body politic (Southern Strategy, rural vs urbanite, worker vs welfare/professional classes) if it means Cultural Marxism can be advanced everywhere else. They are giving the ultimate shit-test to each other and society in finding and stretching the average demarcation coordinates of people – that equilibrium between the ‘incorruptible line’ (since everybody ‘has a price’ where they WILL sellout and ‘adjust’ just their beliefs/principles) and the official ‘no quarter’ immune-response/gag-reflex (since everybody has a line they will not personally cross no matter what, regardless of societal conformity).
    Leftists are like frat boys hazing unwitting pledges into bizarre acts to find the depths of loyalty, conformity and dedication, but more importantly, to find the layperson’s breaking point.
    They find this sweet spot in this societal Bell-Curve disposition and live on these margins, while everybody else is oblivious because there is no ‘insider trading’ (discussion of this devious strategy, just like ‘game’ and ‘Fight Club’). That is why these people profit so mightily despite pretending to beg to be taxed more, and get away with refusing to shop at underclass supermarkets (‘I am boycotting Walmart until they provide healthcare to their workers!’) and eschew prole foodstuffs (MacDonald’s) because they do not want to be around diversity or proletarian whites, and will pay even more to whittle away at emerging groups seeking to join their elitist class.
    The very few nonwhites (‘talented tenth’) that break through the Darwinian economic redlining white leftists have erected in their coastal utopias and Midwestern enclaves are so uncharacteristic of diversity because they have been so deracinated of their blackness/brownness/yellowness in order to financially survive that they ironically behave ‘whiter’ than the bourgeois bohemians themselves and all the other trust-fund ‘red diaper-doper babies’ of this wannabe aristocracy.

    1. WEIMER
      Part of this the fact that working poor whites are often stupid. They want to be Eminem and stand around acting like 40 year old black jailbirds.
      The women are often mudsharks.

    2. Why dont you write articles on ROK JRR Tokien instead of crying on the comments like anyone gives a fuck lol.

      1. John ‘The Black’ Doe strikes again. You follow and read my comments, which happened to be above your simian reading comprehension, so of course you’re going to be upset. It was hilarious how you published a book at every comment without proof-reading and exposed yourself. Now you’re doing these small jaunts trying to conceal. Cat’s out of the bag, nigga.

    3. WEIMER
      That’s because working middle-class whites are gullible and stupid.
      If you went to ground zero of Madison Avenue or Sherman Oaks you would not see Irish-Catholics in NYC or Japanese Americans in LA who believed a word of the shit. Nor Jews.
      Nobody pointed a gun at the “Wannabes” as we called them in the 90’s and working class whites I knew who imitated blacks and got hooked on crack and believed whatever was rammed down their throats and had kids at age 20 who had to go to shitty public schools.
      Having grown up in Detroit with working class whites like Insane Clown Posse and Eminem I know them well and my sympathy is limited.

      1. They weren’t always like this though. But I have only noticed in the last 6 months that whites will dominate whatever there is to ‘compete’ in (good and bad). They will bigger N!663r$ than the actual ones. Whites just have to compete at everything, even into the abstract. I think you have to segregate or else whites will be influenced by it. Eminem became the top black man, as did Bill Clinton. It’s really only whites that abandon and disown themselves (aside from South Koreans in South Korea). No other people do the poseur thing where they become Native Americans or whatever. They have been adopted into tribes since the British colonies because their middle class life (in every incarnation of history) becomes too stale for their sensibilities. Only our women go slumming and willingly become concubines to men beneath them. It’s maddening.

  18. I personally think that hundreds of articles in this site already deconstruct with surgical precision what are the problems with the lefts, the feminists, the illegal immigrants. Everybody hhere had been red-pilled to their bloods and spines.
    What are you going to do about those problems guys?
    I know people here mostly tend to consider the female of the species as mostly feeling and emotional driven. But I have to say sometime feeling and emotion could drive some bigger punch to problems more than manly-too-rational school of thoughts.
    I’d say these women have developed some balls, whether you like them or not:
    Defend Europe Alps Mission

    Defend Europe Mediterranean Pirate Mission

    1. You make some good points. RoK is an echo chamber like every other site, and the Alt-Right appears to finally be at its much-anticipated demise. But as androgynous, masculine and unfeminine women have become, they do not have the ‘balls’ (courage) you have assigned them. But I am ready to let women defend their gynocentric utopias with their own militias because I certainly won’t at this point, and I actively encourage others not to either.
      These colored savages are providing the necessary downward market pressure that we have been disallowed to express. These woodland creatures and women will lose in the end anyway. I can’t think of a more fitting punishment that awaits women than to let them lay in their own mess.

  19. and the left own all the banks and all the media.
    yes, the tribe is leftist to non-members.
    How leftist you may ask?
    On another forum;
    someone who is
    outwardly 100%
    pro-2nd Amendment
    is leaping to defend
    Coward County
    Sheriff Scott Israel
    with his life
    just because i
    pointed out
    the tribe he
    belongs to.

    1. J WRIGHT
      If they were replaced by the Chinese or Cuban whites then Cleetus Bob Billy in Deer’s Dick Tennessee would be even more fucked.

  20. I know it may seem doom and gloom with these SJW faggots and feminist cunts constantly doubling down on their delusional bullshit as well as the powers that be in politics,Hollywood,and the MSM pandering to their nonsense.
    But despite all that their are steps we as men can take to counterback and navigate through all this so we can live our lives as we damn well please which is why guys like Roosh V, the creator of this site, wrote books on Game to improve our chances of getting with women whether its casual sex or a long term relationship, Aaron Clarey’s financial advice he gives in his books and on his blog Asshole Consulting for making better decisions with our money instead of wasting it on bullshit we don’t need like useless college degrees and unlimited amounts of IKEA furniture but instead investing it in things that will bring some joy to our lives in the long run,hitting the gym and start pumping the weights and training in MMA to improve mental and physical toughness as well as keeping our testosterone up, and a ebook I highly recommend The Principles That Governs Social Interaction that will improve our chances of building friendships with our fellow men and put women in check when they decide to act like cunts which ironically will make your woman fall deeply in love with you more despite what your typical bitchy feminist or soyboy cuck would say on the contrary.
    This is only a sample of the advice that folks in the manosphere has to offer in order to improve not only ourselves but the people around us that we care for and hold dear but in the end its up to us to take that information and put it to practical use too get the results we want. Its a hell of a lot better solution than spamming the comment section whining about how unfair everything is like the MRAs and MGTOWS constantly do. That is a loser’s mentality not a winner.

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