7 Ways I’ve Maintained My Testosterone Levels At The Upper 98th Percentile

The last time I went into the doctor for a full physical, they did a hormone test as a matter of routine.  98% of men my age has lower testosterone levels than I do.  Although I have had high testosterone since I was a teenager, I have been able to maintain these levels, where many men have not. There are several things that I do that are different than mainstream Americans and I will share them with you and why I believe this has an effect on my testosterone.

None of our food is real anymore, it’s almost like they are intentionally trying to poison you. Many of it contains endocrine disruptors which are either naturally occurring xenoestrogens, a pesticide added to the crop, or even contamination from the packaging. These can damage hormones causing mental problems, obesity, cancer, feminizing of males or masculinizing of females.

Many of the studies done on these are inconclusive because there are so many different chemicals it is difficult to find somebody not exposed to multiple ones to do a valid study on. Even the Roman Empire was thought to have declined due to phytoestrogens in silphium, a relative of the fennel plant.

1. Avoid Soy

Soyim, I don’t even.

The soy boy meme is a real phenomena. Decades ago, unfermented soy used to be considered unfit for human consumption, and there were limits on how much it could be fed to livestock. The supply quickly overshadowed the demand, because it was so cheap and easy to farm. Eventually this leads to it getting rushed through FDA approval so it could be used in human food.

Since producing massive quantities of bland, tasteless soy is cheaper and easier than a variety of real foods, most food companies turn to making foods loaded with soy as filler and excessive sugar and salt to enhance the taste.  At this point the only way to fix it is to cut all subsidies to soy, but that would mostly just mean more corn.

It used to not be allowed for use in food because we knew the negative health effects, but agribusiness funded scientific studies to say it’s good for you. If you look at the scientific studies of the health benefits of soy, you’ll see they’re just the opposites of the negative health effects of excessive testosterone. Cut all soy from your diet and replace it with nothing.

2. Avoid Coffee

Coffee beans has the phytoestrogen trigonelline, which accounts for around 1% of it’s weight. This is a chemical in the seed oils of coffee and doesn’t have anything to do with caffeine itself. Also, because coffee is so bitter, people generally add sugar and soy milk to cut its flavor down. Cut coffee from your diet and replace it with tea. I drink unsweetened cold tea. Don’t load up your tea with a bunch of sugar.

3. Avoid Corn

Whenever you think of corn, think of these hermaphroditic frogs having sex.

Corn is another food with limited nutritional benefit and is commonly used as animal feed. Corn is a grass and is sprayed with atrazine. Atrazine is infamous for turning frogs hermaphroditic, according to researchers at the University of California.

Before, we knew we got fewer males than we should have, and we got hermaphrodites. Now, we have clearly shown that many of these animals are sex-reversed males,” Hayes said. “We have animals that are females, in the sense that they behave like females: They have estrogen, lay eggs, they mate with other males. Atrazine has caused a hormonal imbalance that has made them develop into the wrong sex, in terms of their genetic constitution.

Of course these studies haven’t been limited to frogs, they have also been done on fish, reptiles, birds and even mammals. Corn is another product heavily subsidized by the government so it is added in almost all processed foods.

4. Avoid Sugar

Obviously everyone knows that sugar is just empty calories, but sugarcane is also heavily sprayed with atrazine so should be avoided for the same reasons. Instead of sugar as a sweetener, use honey, maple syrup, maple sugar or agave nectar. If you just have to have sugar, try to find an organic sugar so at least it hasn’t been sprayed with toxins.

5. Avoid Pork, Chicken And Farmed Fish

Pork is fed a diet of corn and soybeans. Pigs do not have sweat glands like humans, so they are not able to sweat out toxins like we are, meaning that pigs concentrate toxins in their fat. If you are going to all the trouble to avoid soy and corn, don’t sit here and eat pork. For the same reason that you avoid pork, also avoid chicken. Chicken are fed nothing but corn of the lowest grade. Instead of pork or chicken, eat beef, preferably grass fed.

Farmed fish are fed pelleted soy and absolute trash. Their meat has to be dyed for it to even look appetizing. Instead eat wild caught fish. Salmon, cod, crab, clams, oysters, mussels, shrimp, scallops or lobster are all good choices.

6. Avoid Storing Or Cooking Your Food With Plastics

Many of the chemicals in plastics are endocrine disruptors, although they are trying to use less and less of them. I do not store my food in plastic, only glass, which is chemically inert. Many non-stick and modern cooking pans contain endocrine disruptors as well. Instead use cast iron cookware, which has been used for hundreds of years with no issues.

7. Avoid Mass Market Soaps, Shampoos, And Laundry Detergents

If soap is the yardstick of civilization, how does our society measure up?

Many ingredients in soaps, shampoos and detergents are also xenoestrogens. This is not something that is required to be in soap, however it is generally added to all mass market soaps. Either buy basic soaps such as Castille Soap, or go full Tyler Durden and make your own. You can easily make your own soaps in bulk once every few years.

I make laundry detergent in 5-gallon buckets. Don’t eat Tide pods, don’t even wash your clothes with them. You won’t have that chemical stink I can smell from a block away and your testosterone levels will thank you.


Think about what it would’ve been like if you weren’t slowly poisoned your entire life. Good news is you can eat and live properly now and still make a difference, have normal testosterone, and behave like a man. If your food has a label, it probably isn’t healthy, unless is is a very short list of ingredients you recognize. I don’t read many labels because I buy whole, unprocessed foods that don’t have complex nutrition labels.

Eat mostly fresh, unprocessed foods, buy vegetables that were farmed without pesticides, don’t package foods in plastic, cook over cast iron, and use basic ingredient soaps. Then you too can maintain your testosterone levels like I did.

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73 thoughts on “7 Ways I’ve Maintained My Testosterone Levels At The Upper 98th Percentile”

  1. Phenomena is plural; phenomenon is singular. Some of the authors here have missed that, obviously, since I’ve seen this grammar mistake multiple times. Please correct in the future.

  2. Funny how out didn’t even mention your age.
    And you didn’t even provide evidence of your amazing testosterone levels.
    This article is bullshit.

    1. “Zach Smith is an independent gentleman, who enjoys reading philosophy and is a connoisseur of fine whiskies, cigars and women.”
      Someone please tell me how booze and cigars are good for your health again? Maybe the author should also change his bio if he wants people to think he is credible.

      1. Good whiskey and expensive cigars are the erotic moments of boomers at independent testosterone levels.
        We then enjoy watching the desparate human mating comedy at our feet.

      2. In moderation, whiskey or clear alcohol and a cigar now and again is not harmful, period. Great way to unwind. Red Wine is also very good for you in moderation. Cuck boy
        Author was spot on in this piece overall.

    2. exactly it’s a joke. someone with naturally high testosterone skimmed over some lame-ass google searches without even reading them carefully – and presented this blabber as a health advice. without presenting any evidence whatsoever.

      1. It’s not blather, it’s all good info. But the info doesn’t substantiate the thesis.
        Genetics are a factor. And regular intense exercise will boost your T more than everything on the list combined. After a workout I feel like a gorilla.

      2. To fitness minded people, most of this is plain old common sense.
        But sense isnt very common these days for many, esp millenials.

    3. The truth is, the more you micro-manage your diet, obsess over exercise routines and “sperg” out on your pua game the more you resemble a beotch. Act on instinct, hold yourself to your inner moral compass and acknowledge when you are giving into weakness. True alphas don’t think about articles like this, they just run shite like the true men they are. Your assessment is correct.

  3. I didn’t know that coffee is also bad if it’s taken in adequate amounts on a daily basis. I have to check for other resources…
    Regarding tea…..I heard green one lower T-Levels. since its partially block the DHT compound. many doctors and nutritionists advocate drinking large proportions of green tea for weight lose and halting the male pattern baldness but this will be on the expense of lowering you DHT. fuck that lol.

  4. This is good advice and all, but what men really need is White Sharia
    We need to get rid of feminism entirely,it’s only used against us

  5. Coffee has phytoestrogens too?
    My life is RUINED!!!
    Fuck man I’m going to be looking into this all day now.

      1. “while in the Italian roast it was not present at all”
        Say no more… this is all I needed to know

  6. But, explain why guys in 3rd world countries are guilty of likely all of these, and our women leave to fuck them.
    Welfare swarths in UK and us do all these things; out of control testosterone.

    1. TRACY
      I can answer that quite easily. High-testosterone and low impulse control males with a dose of bad child abuse are either going to become athletes or villains.
      Villains are romantic with their tough-guy reputations, fearlessness, flash cash from cocaine or theft or underground economics, talent for violence is what makes the vaginas tingle hotly.

    2. I’ll tell you why
      You know what lowers T?
      What lowers T is … tadaaaa… following mainstream trends
      Think about it, posting on forums, using language that you wouldnt use in real life like “soyboys”, following justin bieber on instagram, thinkijg you have to eat right or to get ripped or to get tattoos or that you need facial surgery… you do all these things for validation, hence you act like a woman (actually like a little bitch), your body recognizes that as your status in society and shuts down y-chromosome related hormonal production.
      Racial minorities dont give a fuck, because they are as definition shunned from what’s “cool” in society, so they can eat shit, do nothing, develop a belly, but they still conserve their masculine swag and end up fuking hot jb all the time

  7. This just seems over the top. Based on his warnings, you’re better off raising your own livestock and just have no dependence on the local grocery store.
    How about just eat right and everything in moderation?

  8. I feel like eating free range chicken and organic pork is cool. There’s a huge difference in quality when compared it’s normal counterparts.

      1. fucking bullshit..pork is an excellent meat (as long as it isn’t pumped with hormones, as you love to do in ‘murica).

    1. Greeks (in Greece) eat pork more than any other meat and they are the horniest high testosterone fuckers in Europe.

    2. > I feel like eating free range chicken
      almost no such thing, in the real world
      even if you raise them yourself in your own backyard, they ain’t eating 98% insects
      which is their natural diet, when feral
      in theory, you could raise such a bird. Just be prepared to wait 4 years to get a 2-lb livestock
      and be prepared to lose 80% of them to cats and coyotes and raccoons

    1. Regarding coffee and trigonelline, it appears to be present in large quantities, in green, non-roasted beans:
      “In addition, the content of trigonelline ranged from 1.43 to 64.24 mg/10g, which gave the highest value in green coffee, then decreased rapidly, while in the Italian roast it was not present at all.”
      In other words, higher quality coffee contains less of this substance.

  9. In my experience this is all secondary to eating well and doing high intensity workouts with little cardio. Eat a lot, sport a lot, walk around with that make no prisoners personality, be ready to get into a fight, and let bitches turn you on from time to time while keeping them in check. This is all you need for high T.

    1. There’s no proof that organic is any better than anything else. Plus I bought organic tomatoes a few times. They were expensive and tasted like shit – that is they didn’t have any taste whatsoever, much worse than non-organic. Fuck this rip-off.

      1. The only organic is the stuff that you planted and harvested at your own farm.
        The supermarket “organic” is a marketing label to triple the price. Nothing more!

  10. Solid article and very helpful for men. As an interesting aside, previous generations of women in China, Japan and Korea (for hundreds of years) knew the effects of soy products on men. It used to be a common strategy for wives to feed their husbands high levels of soy when they no longer wanted sexual relations with them. The phytoestrogens in soy eventually completely destroy male libido and “feminize” male physiology (secondary sexual characteristics). There is also good evidence from studies on fish that once your hormone profile is “feminized”, then eventually your sexual preference changes also. This is a dirty little secret in modern medicine: sexual orientation is very likely at least somewhat controlled by hormone profiles, regardless of gender.
    As another interesting aside, I’ve had male patients who are transvestites, and the degree of potential physiological change from taking estrogen is astonishing. Curves, B-cup tits (that can lactate), fat redistribution, smooth hairless skin and other natural changes can all occur within 4-6 years. These trannies also tend to become exclusively passive and lose the desire to be active. Of course, modern surgical procedures and spa treatments can be the icing on the cake to enhance feminine features.

    1. there’s no proof that soy and phytoestrogens affect testosterone and libido – there’s tons of info and research on this. read my posts below too.

      1. I disagree strongly. However, “serious scientific investigations” of soy’s impact on masculinity and libido will not be forthcoming from North American sources because of the social ramifications, which would then lead to massive class action suits and the transformation of North American agriculture — ain’t gonna happen. Same reasons why North American investigators won’t admit to the dangers of cell phone use (strongly linked to brain tumors and other side effects by scientists in northern European countries). Ditto microwave oven use (excellent research by Russian sources) and proven contamination and side effects of vaccines (Italian and other European scientists).

  11. Don’t jack off to porn, and don’t drink soy products. Give up drinking large quantities of beer, and get below 15% body fat.
    the rest is just that, the rest.

  12. there’s no proof that soy affects your testosterone.
    and you may want to try soy milk at least once (unsweetened, of a reliable brand like Silk). you’ll find out that it will make you hornier AND raise the quality of your orgasms. make your own conclusions.

    1. Soy is a rich source of isoflavones, substances that mimic the effects of the female hormone estrogen, need more be said or is the conclusion not obvious? Soy is popular because it supposedly reduces prostate cancer, but correlation supposedly is that you have to lose something to gain something; in other words you live longer because you have less of a chance of getting prostate cancer, but you sacrifice higher potential testosterone in the process.
      Some correlations seem obvious enough and I wouldn’t mind more studies being done on this sort of thing. For example take the hypothesis that Japanese / Asian men live longer than White men because of their diet. Isn’t this already backed by science? Western diets are high in fatty meats and cholesterol, while Japanese / Asian diets are higher in soy and fish.
      You can make a correlation with almost anything is you try hard enough, but the point is Asian men have less facial / body hair than Western men, are smaller in size, and die less from prostate cancer. Almost all Asian countries have significantly lower deaths from prostate cancer than the rest of the world. Generally speaking I would suspect that their diet is the main factor, though thats just speculation.
      Correlation obviously isn’t always causation, but it seems somewhat clear (in my opionion anyways) that diets high in soy appear to decrease the core ingredient in men (whether its testostrone or somehting else), but it also appears to make sense that too much ‘T’ could potentially cause a mutation and lead to prostate cancer.
      The basic hypothesis is simply that soy appears to suppress masculinity, but also appears to reduce prostate cancer. Obviously genetics determine a lot of what makes a man a man, but hundreds and hundreds of years of soy and you end up with more suspressed ‘masculinity’; i.e. less hair, smaller bodies, etc. Depending on how ‘masculnity’ is defined you could say Asian men are the least so, but they also live the longest. To me the correlation of high ‘T’ with age appears to be significant. Women across the board live longer than men, for lots of reaosns, but one could be the factor that they have less ‘T’ in their bodies. ‘T’ is like fuel and propels men forward. I think the mutation of prostate cancer is probably from ‘T’ levels in some way shape or form.
      “In the early 1940s, researchers Charles Brenton Huggins and Clarence Hodges discovered that when men’s testosterone production dropped, their prostate cancer stopped growing. The researchers also found that giving testosterone to men with prostate cancer made their cancer grow. They concluded that testosterone promotes prostate cancer growth.
      As further evidence, one of the main treatments for prostate cancer — hormone therapy — slows cancer growth by lowering testosterone levels in the body. The belief that testosterone fuels prostate cancer growth has led many doctors to avoid prescribing testosterone therapy for men who have a history of prostate cancer.
      In recent years, research has challenged the link between testosterone and prostate cancer. Some studies have contradicted it, finding a higher risk of prostate cancer among men with low testosterone levels.”
      So if you follow that line of reasoning and also look at the diets involved, it sort of implies that higher testosterone = shorter lifes expectancy but higher ‘masculine’ traits. Although the mutation to prostate cancer is probably mostly genetic it seems there’s convincing evidence to suggest ‘T’ is a link in some regards.
      The more ‘T’ you have the shorter your life, but the brighter a flame you burn.

      1. your initial conclusion is already flawed.
        the fact that “soy is a rich source of isoflavones, substances that mimic the effects of the female hormone estrogen” doesn’t mean anything.
        for decades it was claimed that high-cholesterol foods will increase your blood cholesterol level. but recently they found out that it’s not true: dietary cholesterol has virtually no effect on our blood cholesterol.
        so whatever soy contains, there’s no proof that it affects your testosterone level.

    1. Soy protein is for the dogs. Why justify soy protein unless you don’t eat meat? Sounds like an argument for a vegetarian who has limited ways to get cruical protein. Protein is essential to the body, soy-protein is most commonly found in soy milk. Dranking soy milk to get protein to compensate is like mixing water with wine. In other words youre not getting all of the essential nutrients. Plus your dranking an unessecary amount of soy which your body doesn’t need. Give up the veggy lifestyle and eat good quality meat or lots of eggs.

        1. Soy only really became popular because it’s cheap and was suppose to have a bunch of ‘health benefits’. You got the ocd crowd of vegetarians who don’t eat meat for spiritual or health reasons thinking that meat is toxic and garbage in some way. and alot of meat is. I avoid meat which isn’t organic. But to try to compensate soy-protein thinking you don’t need to eat meat is to make yourself sickly and weak. There’s good reaosn to avoid lots of commerical meat, the vast majority in fact, but at the same time your body needs it, so you better only find and eat the high quality stuff.

      1. i don’t care about soy protein. i consume enough of normal protein.
        i drink soy milk (unsweetened) because it’s recommended for prostate health, and because it increases my horniness and improves my orgasms (consistently). a friend of mine who recently started drinking soy milk reports exactly the same effects.

  13. Soy boy is a meme, not science. The soy – low test connection is more of a bro science thing (just like the supposed negative effects of aspartame, like IQ and cancer, despite of what the ECSTA study from December 2013 says, http://www.efsa.europa.eu/en/press/news/131210) than anything substantial. Perhaps it has got to do with that those who look like typical soy boys are more likely to be fat or skinny fat politically correct vegetarians or vegans, rather than soy being the major root cause of their phenotypes.
    Then some use confirmation biased anecdotes as evidence. I like that guys explore lots of angles in this regard, but we must think critically about own conceptions and, occasionally, distortions. It also seems a bit far-fetched with the corn-fed chicken link.

    1. Yeah I generally agree, but I think some of the assumption(s) ‘might’ carry some weight. Chicken is a staple of the human diet, so its worth watching out what kind of chicken you eat because there’s a lot of garbage chicken brands. I would say alot of this ‘science’ is based on drawing simple conclusions; e.g. you’re eatting what the animal has been eatting.

      1. so you believe that soy grows boobs? do you know then why all blacks have huge dicks? that’s because they eat watermelons like there’s no tomorrow. the power of Internet.

  14. This is bro science.
    There is no scientific study behind your arguments. Even soy has contradicting studies but I avoid it just to be sure.
    To increase testosterone you need to:
    1. Lift
    2. Consume good fats
    3. Vitamin D
    4. Zinc
    All these have been proven scientifically. What works for you and your genes does not make it a valid point for others to follow

  15. I replaced shampoo with ajax dishwashing liquid.
    The dirt cheap 2 bucks for a giant bottle yellow lemony stuff.
    Works great!
    Didn’t do it for the cost or anything like that. But it’s one of the few things that don’t REAK like a womans product.
    All shampoos have to smell like something? Fuck that.
    Slightly lemony. That’s fine.

  16. While I don’t advocate eating pork (I even held an Old Testament kosher diet for a while), heritage pork or iberico pork est exclusively acorn/hazelnuts. I do from time to time cook and eat Lardo cured from iberico or heritage pork. This hdl saturated fat is the same stuff that boosts testosterone. Much like omega fatty acids found in wild caught fish.

  17. “Men have not yet learned how to be feral. And I think the manosphere is going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Men are not going to be the patriarcal societies that they once were in the last century. Manosphere is going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Men to make. They are now going into a feral mode, and Manosphere will be resented because of its leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Men will not survive.”

  18. Your Pops drove a Ford POS (station wagon or hatchback) or a Chevy Caprice Classic 30 years ago and had more testosterone and a higher sperm count then some sawed off, thick skulled dude age 25-45 with seven tattoos riding in a brand new black Dodge Ram Cummins diesel in the year 2018. Now that’s interesting!

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